1945 - 2012 The Life of Rev Moon (Father)
and the Fulfillment of True Parents

Saturday November 9, 2013
Los Angeles, California

1945-1960: Becoming a perfected man and inheriting Jesus’s position

In 1945, Reverend Moon began his mission work. He first worked in South Korea, where he contacted many spiritualist groups. At that time, he had not yet proclaimed the Divine Principle, therefore he could not speak even one word of the Divine Principle. He just spoke about the Bible—New Testament, Old Testament—and tried very hard to persuade people to follow him. Some testified to him, but they did not follow him.

In 1946, Heavenly Father told Reverend Moon to go to North Korea because Reverend Moon could not find his supporting group in South Korea. He went to North Korea and arrived in Pyongyang on June 6, 1946. There he also tried to contact spiritualist groups, but he failed in North Korea again.

He met Mrs. Heo, a spiritualist group leader, and her husband, and talked with them, but they did not follow him. He met them in the jail of the Pyongyang Taedong security police station where Father stayed for 100 days. He could not directly meet the spiritualist group leader because she was in the women’s prison, but he met her husband who was sent into the same prison as Father. He talked with the husband, who said that he would follow his wife.

It was a very dangerous time, but finally Reverend Moon wrote a message to Mrs. Heo on a small piece of paper and had it sent to her. It said, “You pray and find out who I am. Deny everything and get released.” When she read this and prayed, she understood somewhat that Father was not an ordinary person but a special person, but she did not follow him because Father said, “Deny everything.” This meant for her to deny her doctrines. She had been accused because of her mission work, and communists wanted to send her to trial. She saw two choices: One was to follow the Bible, and the other to follow Father. If she was to follow Father, she had to give up the Bible. She decided that following the Bible was a safer option than following Father, and because of that she didn’t listen to Father. They were all killed in the jail, and because the paper was found Father was beaten almost to death and thrown out of the station. Miraculously, Father was revived and could continue, but because of these failures he then had to go through the course of three tests.

The First Test: To be testified as the Messiah

Jesus, when he was rejected by his people and Judaism faced three temptations from Satan. In the same way, Father had to go through the course of three tests. The first course was to find and go to the woman who was called the “wife of God.” Her name was Mrs. Pak and Father went to her house and served her and her family as servant of servants. He could not sleep in the room; he slept in the barn and did all kinds of manual work. I had a friend from Pyongyang whose house was near Mrs. Pak’s house, and he had seen Father at that time and said he looked very healthy and handsome. Why would such a person come to this house and serve like a slave? No one could understand that. They called him all kinds of bad names, and someone even cursed him, but Father did not pay attention to them and just served the family with all his heart and body.

We know the eight-stage elevation program from the Divine Principle: From servant of servants’ place to servants’ place, going up to first son’s place, to illegitimate son’s place and real son’s place, etc. up all  eight stages. Mrs. Pak gave a testimony to Father, saying, “You are the Prime Minister of God’s Kingdom,” and this was the sixth place. She later said, “You are like Jesus. You’re a man like Jesus.” The seventh. And the final testimony was, “You are the man of God’s substantial object.” By this he reached the eighth, highest place. Then Father said to her, “Now that you have testified to me, now and from now on, you have to follow me.” However, she had been filled with the Holy Spirit when she gave a good testimony to Father, but when she came back to her own consciousness she couldn’t understand what she had said and she did not follow him. Therefore, Father had to leave her place, but he succeeded in that his position was testified by the spirit world that he was the son of God and in the position of the Messiah, and so he passed the first of the course of three tests.

The Second Test: To obtain the seal of God

The second test took place in the spirit world. Father went to the spirit world and he said that for 43 days he fought there with God’s truth. There, all the great saints and even God was present. Father’s insistence and conviction was that the most important things in the providence of restoration are the change of blood lineage, change of heart and change of ownership.

He also, among many other things, talked to Jesus. Jesus had talked about his second coming, which confused people. Jesus said he was coming, but actually, another person was to come, so, in one respect, this statement can be seen as a mistake. Because of that there was confusion among Christians.

Father also talked to Confucius. According to Father, Confucius did not know God or understand that God is a God of character, and God’s character is the origin of human character. He only vaguely used the word, “heaven” instead of “God.”

All saints came against Father, and even God said, “This guy, who served Mrs. Pak’s house as servant of servants, this guy says such things.” Even God came against Father because Adam had betrayed God, therefore to indemnify that, God took this position, but Father did not bend his conviction. He was firm and strong, and finally, God said, “This Sun Myung Moon is right!” This was the seal of God and this is what Father meant when he said, “I came with the seal of God.”

The Third Test: To inherit Jesus’ mission

The third test course was for Father to succeed the mission of Jesus. Where did Jesus finish his life? He finished his life on top of the cross. Therefore, Father had to go to the cross. Where was that? A place worse to endure than a cross, that was a Communist country's hard labor camp, a place where they killed people, didn’t feed laborers enough and overworked them. People gradually die in this environment.

Father went, worked and suffered in the Heungnam labor camp for two years, seven months and twenty days. How could he survive there? The people who were there with Father and released at the time of Father’s release gave their testimony that they never saw Father sleeping. Did Father not sleep? He slept, but later than anybody else, and got up earlier than anybody else. Therefore, nobody could see Father sleeping. Not only that, he received three citations for being a model prisoner and model laborer. Even though it was Satan’s work, he did his best in doing his duty.

He also always kept his dignity as the son of God. Prisoners received water rationed for drinking, and Father kept some water aside and with wet paper always washed his body at night before going to sleep. Heaven had to be moved by such a life.

The reason why Jesus died was because he lost twelve disciples. If the twelve disciples had followed him to the end, Jesus would not have died. For Father to be released from the hard labor camp, he had to restore twelve disciples in the prison.

Today, we are living in a free world. We are free to talk, read and do anything we like, but how difficult it is, still, to witness to people. In prison, however, you cannot talk, especially about God. You cannot give each other something to read. Without speaking, how can you witness to people and find your disciples? There’s no other way than moving the spirit world. The spirit world helped Father. They worked and chose people, and through dreams talked to them about Father. By this Father could have twelve disciples in the prison and could be safely released. In 1950, when United Nations forces went up to North Korea, they first went to Heungnam. Thus on October 14, the day Father was to be executed, Father was, instead, released.

After he was released from prison, Father came back to Pyongyang on foot where he visited all his members who had been following Father before he went to prison. He visited them and talked to them, saying they should come with him, but no one followed him anymore. Later I heard from one of those members, who said, “Father never spoke any word of Divine Principle. If Father had spoke of and taught Divine Principle at that time, we would not have gone away from him.”

When Father left Pyongyang to go to South Korea, he came with Won Pil Kim and Mr. Chong Hwa Pak, who had leg problems. He put Mr. Pak on a bicycle and took him all the way to South Korea. After he came to South Korea, from May 11, 1951 to May 10, 1952, for one year, Father wrote the original text of the Divine Principle. Then the next year, starting in July 1953, he began to preach his new words. 1953 was the year during which Father was 33 years of age, exactly the age at which Jesus left this world.

1960-1981: Father and Mother became True Parents and began the work of salvation through the Blessing

Father’s first mission was to become a perfected man and to succeed, as Messiah, Jesus’s position. He did this in North Korea and then came down to South Korea. In 1960 he began his next mission after receiving the Holy Marriage Blessing from Heavenly Father.

First Adam and first Eve fell. And Jesus, the second Adam, died because he could not find second Eve. If Jesus had found second Eve, he would have received God’s blessing and his course would have been completely changed. Father came as the third Adam, and succeeded as Adam.

Finding Third Eve and becoming True Parents

His first mission as third Adam was to find third Eve, and Father succeeded. When Mother first came to Cheong pa-dong in 1958, I was there, in the fire room on the ground floor of the church. She was a small, young lady, a high school student. She was younger than Father by 23 years. In 1960, when she was chosen, Father was 40 years old, and Mother was seventeen.

She was in a school girls’ uniform, so she seemed plain, but when Father saw her he immediately knew who she was and prayed to Heavenly Father, “Father, I am so grateful that you sent Hak Ja Han to Korea.” Father had a special prayer to God of great thanks. Mother was chosen as third Eve and Father could receive the Heavenly Blessing in marriage in 1960.

Salvation through The Blessing

After this, Father's salvation work immediately started. Before that he had just been preaching, not giving salvation. What is true salvation? True salvation is to change Satan’s blood lineage to God’s blood lineage. If this is true, Jesus gave new words and elevated his followers’ position somewhat, but he could not change their blood lineage.

Father’s Blessing was April 11, 1960, and after five days, on April 16, he blessed three couples in holy matrimony. This was the beginning of true salvation of earthly men and women. In the next year, 1961, he blessed 33 couples; in 1962, he blessed 72 couples, and in 1963 he blessed 124 couples.

After that he stopped the blessing ceremonies, because in those days they all became church center leaders, and by Blessing them the center leader numbers decreased by half as husband and wife went to live together. Because of that, they had to postpone the next Blessing. The next Blessing took place in 1968, and that was a Blessing of 433 couples.

1981-2000: Ancestor liberation toward Satan’s surrender and the realm of the fourth Adam

The Holy Marriage Blessing went on, and that was the blessing salvation of people on Earth, but where are more people living: on the Earth or in the spirit world? There are so many more people in the spirit world you cannot compare. Now, on this Earth, there are 7.5 billion people. How many are in the spirit world? Can you imagine? More than a trillion.

How old is the history of homo sapiens? Many archaeologists do surveys all around the world and have found the same bones as our modern humans that date back to 35,000 years ago. From this, we can understand that human history is more than 35,000 years old.

Today, biology developed to a very high level and the study of genes and DNA is highly advanced. From the evolution of genes, they now found that human history could be at least 50,000 years old. How many generations is that? Can you imagine? 1800 generations. Then how many people are in the spirit world?

Now, in Africa, for example, how many children are born? Sometimes ten to twelve in a family. Of course they don’t have a good medical system and they cannot feed them well, therefore, many children die. However, if they die, they are still alive in the spirit world. Once man is born, spirit man never disappears. They go to the spirit world. Therefore, an unbelievable number of people are living in the spirit world. Therefore Father’s concern is much more to the spirit world and the salvation of spirit men and women.

Ancestor liberation

Now, how can Father save spirits? There was no one who did anything about this before in the world. Father was the first one, and he began the salvation of spirits in the spirit world in 1997, in America. That was a time when we were Blessing 40 million couples throughout the world.

November 29, 1997: this was the day when the first Blessing Ceremony for people in the spirit world took place.

Father blessed, together with 40 million couples, five great saints and three devils. Did you know that? Five great saints, who are they? Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad, and Socrates. And who are the three devils? Stalin, Hitler, and one more.

Stalin, how many people did he kill? More than 50 million. How about Hitler? Father blessed all those terrible killers with great saints. Why did he do that? Because he wanted to shock all the spirits in the spirit world. By giving The Blessing to those devils, now other evil spirits and everyone in the spirit world quiver. If those evil guys can be blessed then why not even us, who did not do as many bad things as they did? If they were to receive The Blessing, why not us? Everyone came to have hope for The Blessing. This was Father’s strategy: to shake up the spirit world. Satan built a wall between Satan’s side and God’s side. No one could go over this wall, but this Blessing of these three devil men was like making small holes in the wall. If a small hole is made in a dam, what will happen? As time goes by, gradually, the dam begins to collapse.

Father held many assemblies and gave many declarations and proclamations. Why did he do so many things? Today I will show you how Father gradually prepared, through those declarations and proclamations, for the salvation of spirits in the spirit world.

December 1, 1997, two days later, Father declared the opening of the gates to the Blessing for people in the spirit world. What happened then in the spirit world? Everybody shouted, “Now, a new time is coming!” For them, a good time was coming.

May 15, 1998 was the declaration for the opening of Hell and the opening of the Kingdom of God. Many members know what Father did, but we did not know how this act connected with spiritual salvation. We heard, “Oh, Father is doing something strange.” That was what we thought, but actually Father followed a precise strategy by which he would make such declarations.

June 13, 1998 the 360 Million Couples’ Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony was held throughout the world. At the same time, Father proclaimed the Unification Blessing Ceremony of people in the spirit world with people on Earth. Now, when a woman is here on earth and a man is passed away, for example, Father could bless this living person and dead person together as a couple. Father opened the way for spirit beings and physical beings to receive The Blessing.

February 12, 1999, Father began the ancestor liberation ceremony at the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center. He opened the training center for this purpose. The first seven generations in one’s direct blood lineage could be liberated, and after that liberation for older generations continued. Father told us to liberate and bless up to ten generations. Now it has changed to 420 generations.

How many generations did you liberate? How many generations did you bless? Why is this important? You have to understand this. Now, there are so many people—more than maybe several trillion, we don’t know—in the spirit world. Therefore, when Father hadn't yet begun this, the entire spirit world was dark. No one, except Jesus, was of God’s blood lineage. After Father began the Blessing Ceremonies and our Blessed Couples went to the spirit world, they were also of God’s side and part of God’s blood lineage. How many were there? A very small number, while Satan’s side had several trillion. Therefore, the spirit world was completely dark.

If you read Father’s words, Father says many times: the time will come when Heaven gives disease and medicine together. Do you understand what this means? The spirit world works and gives disease and also gives medicine to cure. The time will come when, if people do not listen to Father’s message, the spirit world will give them disease, and when they repent they will receive the cure. Such things did not happen yet. Why? Because the spirit world is completely dominated by Satan’s side. When God’s side of the spirit world occupies more than half of the spirit world, the good spirit world can dominate this whole world.

What do we have to do? All of us Blessed Couples, do we have to go to Cheongpyeong and do ancestor liberation and ancestor Blessing, or not? We have to do that. Our members, especially old members, do not know this. When we say, “Did you go to Cheongpyeong?” they say, “Oh, Cheongpyeong is doing this to make money.” This is not so.

How many good spirits do we have in the spirit world? Since 1999, we have been doing this ancestor liberation, and this year in October we had a special festival in Cheongpyeong. How many do we have now? 480 billion good spirits. Still, it’s not much. This number should be increased rapidly. How?

When we finish liberating 210 generations, how many will that be? When you liberated your ancestors and Blessed 210 generations— your husband’s side going four lines, the wife’s side going four lines, and together making eight lines—how many will there be? Less than 4000. With each number, can we reach up to 480 billion people? No. There are not only our ancestors in our life. There are many evil spirits around us, at home, in the neighborhood, on the streets, everywhere. They also need to get liberated and go to the spirit world and get education.

Spirit world education

When I made the Cheon Seong Gyeong, I asked my colleagues to find Father’s words when he said he wanted to establish an education institute in the spirit world. To have ancestor liberation, there must be an education institute in the spirit world. Otherwise we cannot do this.

Up until the time that Father established one, do you think Satan allowed the establishment of education institutes in the spirit world? No. If that was established and spirits got an education, then what would happen to Satan? He would lose his power; therefore he never allowed the establishment of an education institute in the spirit world.

However, in 1984, Heung Jin Nim [the second son of Father and Mother Moon] died, and when Father sent him to the spirit world, he said, “I am sending Heung Jin instead of Father.” In 1989, Dae Mo Nim, mother of True Mother, passed away, and Father also gave her a mission: “You go to the spirit world in place of Mother.” In the spirit world, from that time, Father and Mother’s representatives began to work there. Jeongseong (devotional offering), prayer work, they did all kinds of things. Other members, Blessed Couples, who went to the spirit world, also worked with them, and all this combined with Father’s work here allowed Father to establish an education institute in the spirit world. This was actually revolutionary work. Until Father came, there was no institute.

Because of this, Divine Principle must be updated accordingly. We say in the resurrection theory that all the spirits want to come down on Earth to us, and on our spiritual foundation they can get resurrection. Is that right, for spirits to get resurrection, to have the physical foundation of men on Earth? That is written in the Divine Principle, but is that right? They would have to listen to the Divine Principle and practice it. For them to get resurrection they would have to come down, and when we listen to the Divine Principle they would have to come and listen with us. However, after education is established in the spirit world, they can learn the Divine Principle in the spirit world. Which is easier, to hear directly from the spirit world or to come down and listen to it? Which is more difficult? We cannot compare it: in the spirit world it is much easier.

When we witness to people, is it easy for you to witness to people and to bring them to our church? They deny there is a God. They don’t know God exists. They don’t know that the spirit world exists. They don’t know they have their own spirit man inside their physical body. They don’t know that. It is very difficult to make them understand and bring them to our church. But in the spirit world, do they know of God’s existence? Of course they know. They are living in the spirit world, so there is no need to explain that. They know everything, so it’s very easy to bring people. Not only that: on this Earth people say, “Oh I have to eat, I have to wear clothes, have a house and a job to pay my living costs. I have to feed my children and educate them, so I cannot come.” This is what they say. In the spirit world, you don’t have to eat. You don’t need to worry about clothing. You don’t have to have a house. No job is needed. Everything is there already. For them, is it easy or difficult to come? Very easy. Therefore, witnessing in the spirit world is much easier than witnessing on the Earth.

Therefore, Father is putting more emphasis on salvation of spirits in the spirit world. To help Father’s plan, what do we have to do? We can cooperate with Father, go to Cheongpyeong and participate in the ancestor liberation and ancestor blessing ceremonies.

To receive The Blessing, we have to receive the Holy Wine Ceremony and the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony. By drinking holy wine we can change the blood lineage. But holy wine does not exist in the spirit world. Holy wine is only present on the Earth because Father made it to save people on Earth, those who have a physical body. Therefore, in order to receive The Blessing, all the spirits have to come down to Earth after they receive the 100-day training in the spirit world. We go to Cheongpyeong to hold The Blessing Ceremony for those in the spirit world. They come and we hold their Holy Wine Ceremony cups for them to drink there, spiritually. In this way, they can receive The Blessing. They have to come down and through us they can be blessed and have their blood lineage changed. Therefore, we are very important. This is most important, and if all members do it, the spirit world will change quickly.

Several years ago, Father asked Hoon Mo Nim [Hyo Nam Kim, the physical representative of Dae Mo Nim], “How is ancestor liberation going?” Hoon Mo Nim could not lie to Father. She couldn’t answer right away and took some time, so Father knew the answer and was very angry. At that time he told us we have to bless up to 210 generations. He did not state so directly a number before because he understood that all the members knew the importance of the ancestor liberation and ancestor blessing ceremony. Father thought that because, after hard work and much sacrifice, he could establish a spiritual education center in the spirit world and have the ancestor liberation and blessing ceremony, that all members understood this as well. However when he found that they did not, he was so sad.

From that time on, whenever he went to America from Korea, he asked all the leaders to come to the airport. Even from the airport, he was emphatic that “all the members do this.” One thing I cannot understand is, even though Father said that, no official letter was sent out. I never saw it. This is our situation now. Father was so sad. We have to go along with Father.

Satan’s nation surrenders

Education has been established and we began ancestor liberation, and on March 21, 1999, Satan surrendered. This is a historical event. In the spirit world, Lucifer and Satan is no more. His subordinates, however, continue doing the same thing. After Kim Il Sung died, Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong Un continued on the same path as their ancestor. Satan, first of all Satans, went away, but still the followers are working hard. Therefore, we need to make a new revolution to make the number of good spirits exceed the number of evil spirits. This is our time.

After Satan’s nation surrendered, Father gave another declaration: the Declaration of the Cosmic Realm of Unification and Liberation by our True Parents. You know 9/9 day? September 9, 1999 (9/9/99, and also 9:09:09). Plus, Father’s age was 79. Every time Father does something, change comes to the spiritual world and physical world. This 9/9 day came and the wall between Heaven and Earth began to crumble, so now it is free to travel between this world and the spirit world. This time has come.

The next day, September 10, 1999, he announced three ten day. This is the day when numbers from one to ten were dedicated to God’s side and the Old Testament, New Testament and Complete Testament ages were completely indemnified and restored. Everything was cleansed.

Did you hear that Father failed something when he did his work? Did you ever hear that? No, you didn’t. I was always with Father and I never heard that, but in his words, he said he failed once. You know when that was? It’s in the Cheon Seong Gyeong. After 1960, Father began a seven-year course, three times. It ended in 1981, but he did not say anything about that and he declared the beginning of the Completed Testament Age in 1993. Why did he not say anything in 1981? Actually, that time period was a failure. At that time, God expected things from us but we could not reach that, and in 1984, Heung Jin Nim passed away and the same year, Father went to Danbury prison. We had to repent at that time, because we were not united with True Parents. Do you remember? Older members may remember.

Did you hear about the “wilderness age”? The wilderness age came. Why did it come? When Moses failed, when his followers did not unite with him, a wilderness age came. See? In Father’s time, Father went through South America and had a very terrible time there. He had to go through all kinds of hardships to indemnify that.

The realm of the fourth Adam

After Satan surrendered and 9/9 day and three ten day came, Father declared another one: the Declaration of the Day of Blessing and Liberation for the Whole Cosmos, October 23, 1999. In 1999 he did many things. You know why? It was the end of the 20th century. The next year, a new century was to begin, so he wanted to finish as much as possible and made many proclamations in 1999. Satan’s surrender came in 1999 along with many things.

On October 24, 1999, Father declared the coming of the realm of the fourth Adam. You remember that? Father became fourth Adam. Up to a third Adam, first Adam failed, second Adam failed and with third Adam there was also some failure, therefore all those things were cleansed so Father could stand in the position of fourth Adam. Fourth Adam has nothing to do with failure.

Father’s position changed to fourth Adam, and then on November 7, 1999, Cheongpyeong training center added a new building and on December 12, 1999 ancestor blessing ceremonies began. This was almost at the end of 1999. Through ancestor blessing, spirits come completely to God’s side, because with Satan’s blood lineage they are still under the dominion of Satan but when their blood lineage changes to God’s side through The Blessing, they come under the dominion of God. This is why ancestor blessing is so important. By this, spirit’s blood lineage can change.

2000-2012: Returning the cosmos to God

The next year, June 29, 2000, was the Declaration of the Return of the Cosmos to God. By this, now God can have the whole cosmos back.

January 13, 2001 was the Coronation for the Kingship of God. For God to become king, he needs people not only on the Earth but in the spirit world to be His people. Through the change of blood lineage God came to have His people in the spirit world. First there were very few: Jesus and Blessed Couples who passed away; but because of the ancestor blessing the number of spirits of God’s blood lineage began to increase rapidly. Therefore in 2001 God could restore His Kingship. By reading about the Coronation of God’s Kingship Ceremony, we can understand how Father precisely designed his providence. If you don’t know this, thinking, “Oh, Father’s just doing something,” then you cannot connect, you cannot understand the meaning. Whenever Father does something, there is always deep significance there.

Father’s most important mission was to restore Adam and Eve. Because of the Fall of Adam and Eve, Adam and Eve were lost and Satan came into existence, and Adam and Eve’s children all became Satan’s people, of his blood lineage. What Father had to do was restore Adam and Eve’s original position back to God and restore the people who were multiplied by fallen Adam and Eve. That was the main thing Father had to do, and Father succeeded. True Parents became third Adam and Eve and began restoring men and women on Earth and spirit men and women in the spirit world. Because Father opened this way, as time passes, the numbers will increase. It was so important to make the way for all people to be saved by our Father.

Up to this you understand easily, but there is another aspect of this important mission you don’t understand. What was God’s desire when He created Adam and Eve? Only to multiply children and establish God’s Kingdom on Earth and in Heaven? Do you think that was all? There is more. Most importantly, God is an invisible God, but wants to be a visible God. God wants to have substantial form, because as invisible God He cannot be the Parent of the whole universe effectively. God knew that, therefore the reason for which He created Adam and Eve was to take their form as His form and His body. This was the most important thing. Father put emphasis on this in his work.

In 2010 and 2011, Father repeated the same thing all the time. You know what that was? “Assembly for the settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, who, as God’s embodiment, proclaim the word.” We had this meeting on July, 8 2010 in Korea, July 24, 2010 in the USA, 2010, August 23, 2010 in Israel, with the same text, November 22, 2010 in New York, November 27, 2010 in Las Vegas and December 4, 2010 in Seoul, Korea, all with the same title. Whenever he did Hoon Dok Hwe, he always read this text. Why did he repeat it? He never did such a thing in the past. This is so important.

Here I am holding a copy of the lecture text Father used when he spoke. This has big letters because Father’s eyes were not so good, but he made a copy of this and gave it to all in attendance. Why did he do that? He never did this before.

In 2011, he did the same assembly with the same title, but in this second one he put “cosmic,” meaning the spirit world and physical world together. “Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, Who, as God’s Embodiment, Proclaim the Word.” Whenever he did Hoon Dok Hwe in the morning in Korea, which was every morning, he read this address each time. On True Parents’ Day, True Children’s Day, he also did the same thing. He loved this message so much. We published two books: one is the Cheon Seong Gyeong (Heaven's Holy Scripture) and the other is Peace Scripture. Peace Scripture is the collection of Father’s speeches, but we did not put this address in Peace Scripture. We put this speech in the Cheon Seong Gyeong, because this is a special one. There is such a deep meaning in this text.

On March 5, 2011 in Las Vegas and April 24, 2011 in Incheon, Korea, he used this same text, and this is not final. In this book, he added onto the last page. His original text ended on page 73—but on the next page, 74, he added, by hand, that the providential final purpose was achieved. It was July 3, 2011 by the heavenly calendar, so this was almost September. This was not the last addition. Again, on page 75, he wrote a declaration sentence: “Greatest Victory Memorial Day of Cheon Il Guk.” He never said this before. Why did he say this? Here, he said True Parents and True God became one.

Now I will read this, on page 74. It’s written in Korean but I'll translate into English. “The final purpose of the providence has been achieved.1. Perfected, 2. Concluded, and 3. Completed,” he repeated this three times here, and said, “Reign of tranquility and prosperity is completed. Year two of the heavenly foundation, third day of the seventh month by the heavenly calendar, 2011. The age of Hoon Dok Hwe is completed and perfected.” Many members read this but they don’t know what it means. What do you think “the age of Hoon Dok Hwe is completed and perfected” means? This means that by doing Hoon Dok Hwe, we can make our spirit selves grow to perfection. It means that, because God created Man with His words, we fail with the loss of God’s words. By reading God’s words daily, our spirit man can grow and finally can become perfected. By this you can understand the importance of Hoon Dok Hwe. This declaration here is a signed contract between Heavenly Father and Father, not just a declaration. When Father said this, God’s guarantee was behind it. Father is not just saying it, but it is approved by Heavenly Father and Heavenly Father guaranteed this. Therefore if we do Hoon Dok Hwe as Father is emphasizing, results will come. Is it easy to get rid of all the fallen, evil and self-centered nature? It is very difficult. However by doing Hoon Dok Hwe, we can do it easily.

The next page, page 75, says: “Proclamation—the Memorial Day of the Greatest Victory of Cheon Il Guk (God’s Heavenly Kingdom).”That was November 17-18, 2011, between two days. This is by the heavenly calendar; therefore this is almost the end of 2011, the last part of December. Father worked so hard to bring this day. Because of this he came to Las Vegas and then New York and back to Korea to do it again. It is unhealthy for old men to fly long distances. With the time lag, your body loses control, but Father did it anyway. He knew that, and I think he also already knew he didn’t have much time left of his life. Therefore he was so hasty and busy and worked so hard.

Here he wrote, “The record of the eternal victory is completed. It is finalized in perfection and completion. Aju.” This is what Father said. He signed here, dated, and added a very important final note, “The oneness of the True Parents and True God is complete. God is perfected, concluded and completed. Aju.” He wrote here, “God is perfected.” By who is God perfected? By True Parents. Father said that God, too, is growing. If God has no physical or spiritual body, then what grows? God’s heart grows because of all the things God faces. God’s heart becomes bigger and bigger. God is now perfected; what does this mean? God wish was to have substantial form, and now the wish is fulfilled. Father said God was perfected, by True Parents. Was there anybody who made God perfect before in history? No, never. Never before, never after. Father is the only one who could do this.

Here you understand the importance of the unity of Father and Mother. If Father and Mother are not united, how can they ride with God? Can they ride with God? No. Now with Father in the spirit world, where will he come? Where will he come down to when he comes to Earth? To Mother. You have to understand that. Without Mother, Father cannot become True Parents. Who is most important to Father? Mother is the most important being. The unity between Father and Mother is so important. Therefore, they have equal value. If there is no Mother, there’s no Father. If there is no Father, there’s no Mother. They are equal. Some people say that Mother is lower than Father. No. If you admit that, you are saying that women must be much lower than men, but at the same time you insist on equality between men and women. In God there is male and female; they are equal. Without one, the other cannot sustain. Therefore, when I explain the importance of Mother, I say that in God there is a Mother God and Father God. If you understand all of this, the only true explanation is that as the oneness between True Parents and God is completed, Father must come to Mother, no exception.

2012, the next year, was the final meeting: “Assembly to Inherit and Accomplish the Opening of the Age of the Victory, Liberation and Completion of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.” In Japan they had the “Cosmic Assembly to Declare the Age of the Victory, Liberation and Completion of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.” In Japan and Korea, we did this, including six locations in Japan, March 6, 2012.

How great are our True Parents? You can understand that now. In history there was no one who did this much work, even if you compare the work of Jesus to that of True Parents. Jesus could not bring a single person to God’s blood lineage. Jesus could not do anything like that. He elevated people somewhat and many went to paradise with Jesus, but they were still of Satan’s blood lineage. God could not control them. They could not enter God’s dominion. We Blessed Families are of God’s blood lineage. Therefore, even if we do something wrong, we don’t go to Satan’s side. We remain in God’s dominion. There is a difference. Satan cannot take us to his side, because the blood lineage is completely different. Father made this possible for us.

We have many difficulties here around us. Do they matter so much, do you think? Because Father finished his mission, there is nothing to worry about. Many sad things happen, and of course we regret them and hope for them not to happen, but even though they happen, the providence still goes forward. Time passes. All the people on Earth and the spirits in the spirit world will undoubtedly come back to God’s side. This year, I had an interview with Segye Ilbo, and said that we in this century—all men and women on Earth—we will see the great day of change come. Everyone will witness with their eyes the great change of God and the providence come on Earth and in the spirit world.

So, is our future bright or what? Bright, right? I hope we all can do our part and share this glory and honor with our True Parents.

Transcribed by J. Caron.