Rev. Dr. D. Michael Hentrich, Sr.

The Second Blessing

Okay, Welcome back for our second session. We're going to be talking today about the second blessing; and, the second blessing, of course to multiply. And the question is, when we read the Book of Genesis and see that God gave three blessings to people ... (By the way, traditional Christian people don't really recognize three blessings in the Bible. In the Hebrew it was just one long string of characters. So, we added all the punctuation; but, in the Bible it says 'be fruitful and multiply,' It's a small thing; but, most Christian people don't see three blessings. We see that; and, some other people do. )

So, God said to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and so forth. So, the question is, 'What did God mean by multiply?' I mean, what was He talking about 'multiply?' I mean, we might normally say that that means having children. Yeah, that's true. What I'm wondering about this recently. I've been reflecting about this, if God would have bothered to mean something like this 'have children.' Because, every living creature that God created, including bacteria and cells, all make offspring.

So, did God mean multiply children? Of course, but maybe the meaning here is more than that; because, He said 'be fruitful and multiply.' I really began to think that that is actually the point of what is different from other living creatures. Every living creature multiplies offspring. Maybe God didn't need to say that to Adam and Eve. I think that God may have been meaning to multiply something else. Another words, multiply Himself. Because the first blessing is to become like God. So, 'be fruitful and multiply' may have meant from God's Mind, to multiply Himself, multiply God. I think that's what He was probably meaning by that statement. And so, that's more than just having babies that need diapers and crawl around.

That means multiply God in everything in our life, everything we're about, everything we touch, everything we create. Multiply God in our relationships, in our family, in our society, in our world, everything. I think maybe that's what God had in mind.

But in terms of society, in terms of the family, we have here, of course, the four position foundation, which is how we multiply God in the family, right. And we know that there are many kinds of love here. Father called this 'the school of love,' right? ;the school of love' And it's absolutely ...

How many kinds of love are there in this school of love, the four-position foundation called the family? Well, there are twelve different kinds of love that we can experience and share in this school of love, at least. Actually, there are many more than that. Twelve. I think Father implied pretty clearly that this is the twelve gates to Heaven that people talk about.

So, there's:

1. God's love for the man
2. and the man's love for God;

3. God's love for the woman
4. and the woman's love for God;

5. the man's love for the woman
6, and the woman's love for the man

(and then you put the baby in there)

7. God's love for the child
8. the child's love for God

9. The child's love for the father
10. The father's love for the child;

11. The child's love for the mother
12. The mother's love for the child








and then there's 12 dimensions that love can be experienced. Now, that's the full potential of human development. It comes from that nuclear family design, right? Twelve dimensions of love.

And of course, when I meet homosexual people, sometimes they confront me on the campus or wherever. They might say, 'Well, Rev. Moon, He hates gay people, right?' And I always say, "Of course, NOT. That's just crazy. He loves everybody.' And then they'd say, 'Well, what is it then?' And I would always explain this simple chart here of the four-position foundation school of love, and how we have a certain human potential.

And if any of these positions is missing or changed; like, if you take God out of this school of love, your ability to develop your potential as a human being is limited. It's restricted with less potential. Then, you would only develop six kinds of love in your life.

If there are no children in this family; but, your devoutly religious, believing in God and all that, still your potential to develop your human self is limited to develop into God's Image and so forth.

So, I explain to them that a homosexual relationship just limits the potential for your human development more than it would otherwise. And they always just say to me, 'Oh.' There's no judgment in it. There's no accusation in it. It's not a negative statement. It's just logical.

And when I was a CARP leader at one college a long time ago and I walked onto the campus to be the leader for the first time, I was confronted by this war going on between the religious student group organizations and the gay community. And they were writing editorials in the student newspaper back and forth to each other, fighting each other.

The gay people were saying, 'Well, we love. We are all about love. What can you say about that? You have no room to say anything about that.' And the religious student leaders came to me and said, Oh, we're just dying. We don't know what to do. We can't fight this. we can't win this argument.'

And so I thought, 'Well, this is my call. This is my calling.' So, I wrote an editorial to the student newspaper; and, I just explained this right here, the four-position foundation. I said just what I told you. It's just simply allows us to develop our full potential. And the war was over, Boom, finished. There were no more editorials. The battle was over.

And religious student group leaders came to me and said, 'Oh, wow you're just amazing. You just won the war.' And I thought, wow, just one little tiny point out of the Principle, Divine Principle, you know. It's so powerful. You do not have to be shy. You can be strong and bold and stand up and shout. We have to get up off the couch and shout. The Principle. The world is dying for it. It's begging for it. So much of the problems in the wold are spirit world crying out to us to witness, get out there and tell people the truth; because, they want to hear it and they need it.

In fact, there was one brother who used to live here in Denver. He lives in Ohio now. Anyway, he was the most active witnessing person I've ever met. He would witness to any person and anybody, anything that was warm and breathing. He would witness to it. He was on a long airplane flight, probably to Korea; and, he told the story about how he was sitting next to a young lady.
She was probably around 20 or whatever. Of course, he decided to witness to her.

So, he pulled out his napkin or note paper or whatever and started drawing.
He told her about the four-positioned foundation, the school of love. He explained all that to her. And when he got done explaining all that to her, and getting to know her a little better, he found out that she's lesbian, lesbian. But when he finished explaining this about the four-positioned foundation, do you know what she said to him? She said, 'I would give anything to have that.'

Now, every lesbian is not going to feel that way or say that; but, it just shows you the power of the Principle. People just want to be happy. They want to be happy. They want to be fulfilled. They're looking for this. They're hungry for this. They're starving for this. We have to tell them.

And see, God made us in the physical realm so that He could separate His Masculinity and Femininity. See, God has a problem. God has a big problem; and, the problem for God is that He's One. He's a Singularity. He's a Oneness. All of His Qualities are in One, Oneness. It's like if you put red food coloring and yellow food coloring in a glass of water, you have orange. You can't get the red and the yellow out any more. It's orange. It's not red and yellow any more.

So, in God, He's got all these Qualities; but, it's in His Oneness, His Singularity. So, God cannot experience. See, the key word is 'experience.' God cannot experience the relationship of love between His Masculinity and Femininity until He separates them out and has them give and take with each other. So, God is Hungry, Desperate ... Father said that God is in a war of attrition. It's for His own fulfillment that He created us; because He can't experience these things by Himself. He needs you.

He can't experience having children and grand children by Himself. He can't experience having a wife or a husband by Himself. We're critically essential to God. That's why He can't give up. He can't give up trying to restore us, even after millions of years.

But see, this school of love is not just the flat diagram on the screen here. One, two, three four. It's not just like that. Actually, there's an inner and outer. Father explained that the children from young to old, oldest child to the youngest child, that provides the front and back.

So, this is three dimensional from front to back, oldest to youngest; and so, as these people relate with each other, they relate to each other always from a different perspective, a different angle, or they're talking about or relating with some different object or some different subject, topic, or whatever it is. So, it's relating up, relating down, relating this way or that way. It's like a dance spinning around the dance floor.

And so, if you were to plot that on a computer, a three-dimensional plotting, you know, diagram that, those interactions between each position, then eventually, you would plot your points and end up creating a sphere, a globe of all these relationships of inner and outer and up and down. The man treats the wife like a wife, or like a daughter, or like a mother, right? So there's different angles and different perspectives; and, if you plot all these things on a graph, you'll end up with a sphere of all these dimensions of relationships you can experience. It's infinite. There's no limit; and it's always different, everything is different.

It's not only just this three-dimensionally either, front to back. Actually, it's actually limitless; because, the man he goes out of the school of love and he goes into the workplace. He becomes a bus driver or he becomes a school teacher or whatever he does and he bring the personality and heart, character of God, out there into society. And so, everybody around him, his students or the people on the bus, they all feel, 'Oh... he's so wonderful. He's like my father. I can feel God's Spirit through him.' and so forth.

And so, he's bringing God out into society and infecting society with that Spirit and character and heart and personality of God; and, the woman does the same thing. She goes out and maybe she has a job or a business or maybe she's shopping or maybe she's helping families or whatever she's doing, she's bringing the heart and personality and Spirit of God as a woman, as a mother, as a daughter, as a wife, out into the society. And she's infecting society with that; and so, people are experiencing here and thinking, 'Oh, she's so wonderful. She's like my mother. I can feel God's Spirit through her.' and, they want to be with her.

I remember one time I was fundraising in a small town somewhere, a very tiny little town, country town. And I was going down the street; and, there was this woman. She was not dressed in any special way at all, a very humble, country woman in humble clothes, not particularly beautiful or attractive or anything like that. But, there were many children around her, like five or six children around her, playing and laughing and having a good time. And I thought, 'Wow, this woman's children, they sure love her.' And then I heard a woman across the street calling to her child, who was one of a couple of these children. And I realized that these were not her children. They live somewhere else; but, they really love this woman and want to be with this woman. And I just learned from that. I thought, 'Wow, love is so powerful. You know, it can really make you the center of life, a magnet to draw people to you. It was a good experience.

So the point is, this school of love is actually boundless. I mean, there are grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts, nieces, cousins, nephews, and it goes out. It gets a lot bigger, the tribe. And so, society is built on this; and, that's what it's all about. And it's a remarkable thing; and, we'll talk more about it later.


So, why should we get married. I don't know how it is in the Philippines; but, in America, it's really horrible. Marriage seems like an old-fashioned idea. It's really way beyond an epidemic, way beyond that. I mean, people just live together. They just assume ... It's unbelievable how much people have abandoned marriage; and, even when they do get married, it's usually two or three times or whatever. It doesn't last; and, of course people want to avoid that.
'Why should we bother to get married? Who wants to go through the divorce. Let's just live together. It's, it's starting at a young age. It's just unbelievable. So, why should people get married? I'm sure the question will come to us; and, we need an answer. Why should we get married?

Father told us, 'The reason we get married is because, through marriage, we become like God, we more completely resemble God.' So, what' the difference between just living together? Well, that's not commitment there. It says in the Bible, 'The two shall become one.' 'The woman will cleave to her husband and the two shall become one.' There's a commitment there; in fact, it's eternal. God is eternal. Life is eternal. Love is eternal. I mean, if love isn't forever, then what's forever for? Remember the song on the radio?

So, we have to resemble God. It's not just, 'Let's live together; and, see how it goes ... be roommates.' That's what people are doing. They're being roommates, sleep together and be roommates, but it's not really becoming one. They're not really investing in each other, not really claiming each other, not really becoming one. That's marriage; and, the Blessing is beyond that, right?

So, God is One. We're not really creating something in the image of God if we're just living together. That's not doing it. We're still independent. We're still myself. I can walk out any time. That's the declaration that we're making by living together, by not getting married. 'I don't want to go through a divorce; and, it may not work out. So, I want to be able to walk out any time; and, no bad feelings. We'll just try again (with someone else).' That's not becoming one at all.

Here's what Father said about it:

"Because of widespread free marriage in modern Western society, particularly the United States, it is becoming more difficult to form true families. The number of people who fail in family life is increasing day by day, so that in the not too distant future, the majority of people will not have families at all. When that happens, American society will become increasingly loveless. I can tell you with conviction that, in the end, it will become a hell-like society, dominated by anxiety and fear because of mistrust."
CSG 1st ed., p. 1255, 1988. 10. 23

I mean, that's where we are already. Even if you go to a Catholic school. Twenty-five years ago I did this. I was in ... my children went to a Catholic school when they were young; and, the teacher asked them, 'How many of you have a mom and a dad?' I was shocked. Maybe half. That's a religious school.

So, this marriage, we talk about the high ideals, how wonderful and glorious this marriage is; but, you know, maybe many people's marriages are really warm and loving ... I'm sure, in the Philippines there are better families than in America; because, I just have a sense although I've never been in the Philippines, from meeting Philippine people, that you have beautiful families with a lot of warmth and love and warmth of caring for each other. It's a beautiful thing. I'm dying to go there and feel it.

But you know, many families are cold and dysfunctional and lifeless and hurting and dry. So, what are we talking about ... this 'school of love' this 'family.' If we present this to some people, they'll have a big dilemma. They'll have a big conflict in their mind; because, that wasn't their experience. They didn't experience a school of love. They experienced hell, or something very lacking. Their mother has problems. Their father is gone. He has problems. He's drunk. He doesn't have a job; and, there's fighting all the time. That's their experience of family; so, they may look at this and think, 'I don't know what you're talking about.'

So, the problem is that this family is like a machine. God created this machine. It's a beautiful machine; and, it's supposed to work beautifully. But, 'Wow,' you know, it needs high-octane love. It needs the best kind of gas to put in the tank. Otherwise, it doesn't run well. It should be a Mazerati; but, it's a junker. You can't just put any kind of gas in there. Some cars, you have to put premium gas in. It won't run good on regular gas. You can't put water in the gas tank of your car. It won't run. And the same thing ...

We talk about 'love.' What is love. The word love (doesn't) means anything (much), anymore. 'I love my hat.' 'I love my cat.' 'I love my car.' Well the kind of love we're talking about here is high-octane love. It's the highest form of the word 'love.' It's not just anything we throw in the gas tank. That doesn't make it run.

Father said,

"Those who never experience a spouse's love who never experience a parent's love, or a sibling's love, or the love coming from a child, are unable to get close to God. That is why the Unification Church emphasizes the importance of the Four Great Realms of Heart. "
CSG p. 2442

Wow, 'unable to get close to God.' 'unable to get close to God.' Wow. So, the four great realms of heart, this is a fantastic part of the Principle. If you're talking to somebody, you know, you want to meet young people and you're trying to talk to them about True Parents and the Principle. Maybe you meet somebody who doesn't believe in God, devils and angels. Well, this is a great place to start talking about the Principle, The Four Great Realms of Heart; because, you don't have to talk about God, devils and angels here. And even people who believe in sociology and psychology, and they don't believe in spirit world, they can relate to this. And they'll say, 'Wow. I like that. That's what I'm all about,' and 'Yeah, that's true,' and 'Tell me more.'

So, in The Four Great Realms of Heart, we have the first realm of heart, which is the child's realm of heart; and, God intended that small babies, like my grand-daughter, soak up the love of God, purely and fully, from their father and their mother and really experience God's personality and heart from their parents, and really just soak it up.

So, that's supposed to be their experience. And so, they soak and soak the love of God through mom and dad; and, then they grow more and they become a social being. They have siblings. They have playmates. they have friends and they want to have relationship with them. It goes out beyond the family, even through the teenage years.

And the thing is that this experience of love and heart and personality in this siblings realm of heart, friends and playmates and buddies as teenagers is built upon the foundation of the child realm of heart. So, if the child had a deep profound experience of God's love purely, one hundred percent, then as a sibling, as a playmate, as a child, as a friend, they would grow up pure and innocent, with a deep profound love that just keeps growing.

Because all their friends and siblings and playmates are supposed to be growing up in the same situation from parents who are like God; you don't have to worry about what kind of friends you have. You don't have to worry about gang members, punks, and people who are bullying people. You don't have to worry about any of that because they're growing up sharing this pure love they learned as an infant and building upon that with each other.

Father said that in the ideal world, the people should be so pure and innocent that, even if there is a teenage boy and girl naked and wrapped up together i a blanket, nothing would happen. They wouldn't even think its anything strange, so pure and innocent.

Well, we're a long way from that; but, that's how it was supposed to be; and then, this kind of boy and this kind of girl come together when they're married and Blessed. I mean, 'Wow!' How about you girls, sisters? Wouldn't you like to have a guy like that who is just pure love, built up pure and innocent like that? How about you guys? Wouldn't you love to have a woman like that, who's just a package of love, pure and innocent and grown up one hundred percent there for you? I mean, who in the world could walk away from somebody like that? Who in the world could divorce somebody like that? Couldn't even conceive of it. That's why Father said the word 'divorce' shouldn't even be in the dictionary. There shouldn't even be such a word; because, that's not the world we should have gown up in.

See, that conjugal love of husband and wife should have been built upon the love that came from the cradle and was shared as pure and innocent friends and playmates and buddies and now they're husband and wife and the masculine and the feminine come together and 'Boom!' And then they develop their love even more... the masculine and feminine coming together. And it just explodes and mushrooms and multiplies expedentially.

And, 'Wow!' then what happens is that little Johnny comes along. 'Wow!' Right? So now there's a new baby; and, the magic here is that it all starts over again. Now we have little Johnny. He's in the child's realm of heart; and, it all starts over again. So, this is a loop. It's a loop. It's an endless circle. There's no beginning; and, there no end. It just keep going round and round over and over again. There's no way to stop it. There's no way to get out of it. This endless loop.

You may remember or maybe not, but we used to have answering machines for our telephone. It had a little cassette tape in it; and, the tape was looped so that the same recording would play over and over and over again. Now we have the digital music on our cell phone and you can hit 'repeat;' and, it just keeps repeating, repeating ... This is repeating. It's a loop. There's no way to get out of the loop. It supposed to perpetuate itself over and over and over again ...

But the problem is, because of the Fall, this became rotten and damaged and kinda sick So, the problem is the children's realm of heart ... I mean, parents are loving. Parents have love, virtue; but you know, it's not full. It's not complete. It's not God's personality there completely; and, when a child gets to be two and three years old, it gets to notice that things aren't the way they should be. The original mind knows. There's something missing here. Something's not quite all that it should be. And everybody else's families are the same.

And so, when this child, this small infant that's been soaking up seventy-five percent of God's heart and personality, goes out and plays with siblings and playmates and friends and buddies ... 'Well, it's not so perfect. People treat each other badly, abuse each other, bullying each other, hurting each other, they don't know how to direct their hearts, selfishness coming in there ... And people have boyfriends and girlfriends and they get scarred and hurt, incest and every other kind of unbelievable stuff is going on, right?

So this poor kid's growing up as a teenager, surrounded by pornography and drugs and free sex and every other thing. Then if they're really high-spirited, they might want to get married; and then what? 'Lot's of luck.' You know? ha ha ... What are you bringing to the table? What's she bringing to the table? You know, scars and damage and bruises and hurt feelings, concepts; and, you know, it's a mess. Then what happens? Little Johnny comes along. Oh, poor kid. I mean, sometimes the parents don't even want the child. Sometimes they kill it. Abortion.

Every day, I'm reading news about horrendous things people are doing. I don't even want to talk about it. It gets so depressing. Anyway, that's the world we live in. But the problem is, the problem is it's an endless loop. It's the loop. It's a repeat cycle. How are you going to stop it? It just keeps going around and around over and over again. Little Johnny just keeps getting born into these broken people, family, relationships, not even a dad around, don't even know what a dad is. It's ... It's horrendous. It's horrendous It just makes you cry. It just makes you sob.

And it's an endless loop. How are you going to break this cycle? How are you going to stop this thing. It just keeps going around over and over again. Little Johnny is born again. It just keeps happening over and over and over again. It's a nightmare.

And if you explain this to a sociologist That's what I'm all about. I'm learning how to help this situation. And you made a friend. Maybe they don't believe in God, devils and angel's; but, hey, now you've got their attention. And you can start having a dialogue with them. Maybe you can tell them about the four realms of heart






So, let me ask you a question. Well, I'm not having a dialogue with you; so, it's a rhetorical question since we're in a webinar situation; but, my question is, 'What does the fallen world (means fallen people ... I'm not looking for good things) What does the fallen world think makes a good subject person. Another words, a boss, a leader?


Sometimes people have strange ideas about what makes a good leader, or boss or supervisor or manager. Maybe you have a business, a construction business; and, you want to make a lot of money. So, you want to hire somebody who's going to get it done. Or, maybe you sell life insurance or whatever it is you sell; and, you want to find somebody who's going to make that successful. So, my question is, 'In the fallen world, what do people sometimes look for in that subject person, that boss, that leader, that supervisor?

Sometimes people have strange ideas in the fallen world. They're looking for somebody who's really macho, who's really domineering, who is cold and calculating and forceful and gets things done. He doesn't get involved in people's lives; and, he doesn't care what other people think. He does things his own way, and, you know all these kinds of things. There's all kinds of things like that. He knows it all. He climbs on other people's back whenever he has to to get ahead and bosses people around. He's intimidating, forceful, demanding, right?

That's some of the qualities that the fallen world sometimes thinks make a good, successful leader; but, if we think about Jesus, for example, what kind of leader was he? How did he get people to follow him? It was very different, right? What's the classic example in Jesus's life of how he won the hearts of people to follow him? I mean, Father explained that love flows downhill, from the high to the low. He said, 'If you want people to follow you or love you or receive something from you, you put yourself below them, serve them.

So, what did Jesus do? He washed people's feet; and, many churches do that as a symbol. And it still, today, brings people to tears. It's an interesting thing. People are so moved by somebody washing their feet. It's like ... How could you do such a dirty thing. It seems like such an extreme demonstration of heart and love. I mean, to me it's a small thing; but, it really moves people. But, the point is that Jesus was a servant leader. He was a servant leader. He said, 'The greatest among you is the one who serves.' And that's Father. He lived the same life. Mother too.

When Father was in prison, what did He do? He slept by the jar where people went to the bathroom. He got splashed sometimes. Nobody wanted to sleep there. When He was in Danbury Prison in America, He did all the dirty work that nobody wanted to do, cleaned the tables, whatever He could find that nobody wanted to do. He was a servant leader.


So, I made a term. I don't know if it's a good term or correct or what; but, I call it an "objective subject." We should be an objective kind of subject. It means a servant leader, something like that. So, let me ask you this, "What do people in the fallen world think makes a good object person?"

An object person means the person under the subject: the worker, the student, the follower. What makes a good object person. If you're building a building or a company, what kind of person do you look for to be your client or your worker (from the perspective of the fallen world), in the fallen world. I'm not looking for good answers. I'm looking for what the fallen world thinks sometimes. The fallen world may thing, 'Oh, I want somebody who just doesn't ask any questions. I'm looking for somebody who doesn't think for themselves. I'm looking for somebody who is not assertive. They're not going to challenge me about anything I want to do. They're just going to be a mindless person.'

I used to work with a guy when I was a financial advisor for a big company; and, he told me, he said, 'If I have a client who asks me a lot of questions, I don't want them. I'll give them to you. I just want people who do what I tell them to do; and, don't ask any questions. I want ... (mindless people, basically).' That's what he wanted. That's an 'object person.'

Or, some people, they want somebody who's always waiting to be told what to do.' That sounds like us, Moonies. 'Oh, what's the next campaign? What's the next direction? What are we supposed to be doing now? Is there something going on?' I mean, sitting around waiting until we get the next directions from above, as if we didn't get enough directions already. We were told what needs to be done, right? Why are we sitting around waiting for another direction?

Uh, (reading) 'No mind of their own, easily convinced, weak and fearful, never assert themselves, a total zero person, even a minus.' That's what some people think being an object means; but, this is so sick. This is so dumb.

Let's take an example. Let's say you're Bill Gates; and, he's still running Microsoft. He's working so hard every day; and, he comes in every day with his sunrise tennis shoes on. He's always going out to the golf course; and, he's always talking to these big shots, these movers and shakers, important people. They're always discussing new strategies, new ideas, new policies for marketing, whatever it is, new ideas; and, he's just morning till night pushing himself to run this multi-billion-dollar company, right?

He's just busy all morning and night; and, he has this personal secretary. And she sits in front of his big office. She doesn't just screen his phone calls and his appointments; but she's there to help him. And so, she looks at the calendar; and, she realizes that in ten days it's Mr. Gates' wedding anniversary. She knows that he's not going to remember. So, she calls up Mrs. Gates and says, "I know you're wedding anniversary is coming up; so, buy a new dress and get your hair done. And on that morning, we'll send a limo over there to pick you up; and, I'll take care of everything.' So, then she calls the best restaurant in town and makes reservations. She gets a big bouquet of flowers to be delivered to the office and put on his desk. She gets his suit cleaned and pressed and hanging on the door in his office in his closet of his office and everything ready, right?

So, Mr. Gates walks in that morning (of the anniversary) and he's running to grab his to-do list from her desk, 'What do I have to do today? Who do I have to see?' and she says, 'Well, Mr. Gates, by the way, today is your wedding anniversary.' And he just drops in the chair and can't believe that he forgot. 'I forgot, uh ... now what?' And she says, 'No worries, Mr. Gates, everything prepared. The restaurant and reservations are made, the limo is downstairs, your wife is in it. She's all ready to go with her new dress and go her hair done. Flowers are on your desk; and, you suit is cleaned and pressed and hanging on the back of your door. You're ready to go.'

How would Mr. Gates feel about this object person in his life? Is she trying to run his life? Is she trying to dominate him? Is she trying to muscle in on his decision making? No! What's she doing? She's anticipating his needs. She's incredible. She's trying to help him be more successful in his life. Wow! What a great object, right? She's not sitting around waiting for someone to tell her what to do. She's not mindless.

You know, I coined a term for this. I don't know whether it's right or not; but, it's 'SUBJECTIVE OBJECT.' Maybe, it should be 'assertive object' or something like that, I don't know. But the idea is 'being in there,' part of the team, doing your part, not just sitting around waiting to be told what to do. That's not a good object.

So, what really makes me upset and angry ... (I don't know how it is in the Phillipines) is, I mean, we have twelve years of education in which third graders are given sex education and all the way with giving them condoms and everything; but, we haven't given any thought, not one minute of thought to teaching about how to learn how to become an effective heavenly subject or an effective heavenly object in our relationship.

I mean, where do we relate that, where do we need those skills anyway? Where do we need those values? Just everywhere. We need it: in our friendships; we need it in our families; we need it in our marriages; we need it in our hobbies; we need it in our jobs, professions; we need it in everything we do in life; we need that in our relationship with God; just everything, everything is a relationship. So, learning how to be a heavenly, virtuous, divine subject and a virtuous, heavenly, divine object is everything, right? But we haven't even thought about addressing that in our education system.

See, we could make the best schools in the world. People would be dying to get into our schools. We could make schools that would just blow everybody away, if we apply The Principle, teach The Principle in our schooling. We need to have schools. We can't just keep throwing our Blessed children out into the paper shredder and throwing them away as we've been doing, throwing them away to the college campuses which are Satan's playground, where they have their own private bedroom, no mom and dad around and surrounded by free sex. I mean, when are we going to stop doing this? What's the survival rate? It's close to zero; and, we just keep doing it. That's the definition of insanity, doing something that doesn't work and you keep doing it. We really need to wake up here. We just can't afford to keep throwing away our Blessed children like this.


So, what does the fallen world think, fallen world, I'm not talking about good things here, what does the fallen world think it means to be a 'man?' And so, when I'm doing a live, in-person seminar, I always ask the sisters, 'Okay, sisters, you tell me. What does the fallen world think it means to be a man?' And of course we always come up with these things about being so macho, and you know, men don't cry, men don't cry. And sometimes they look down on women. It's terrible, terrible, treat them like dirt, some slave, you know, bare footed and chained, chained to the bed. They treat them like slaves, chained to the bed or the kitchen... You make the babies and the food. It's terrible how some men treat women.

We hear every once in a while about a case in a Muslim culture where a boy will throw acid in the face of his sister; because, he found her in her room trying to learn how to read a book. You know, some Muslim cultures are like that. It's just unbelievable. The arrogance, the chauvinism of men, you know. But, it's a real dilemma; because, where do men learn to be men? Do we learn it from our culture of fallen fathers? If we're lucky. I mean, some fathers are better than others. Some are wonderful. Some are not.

And, the fact is, at least in America, most children grow up without a father at all as an example. So, how do they learn to be a man, from their mother? And mom's gone to work. She's trying to put food on the table. So where do they learn, from their friends, from their rock stars, from the Hollywood stars, from the gang members down the street? I mean, where do we learn to be men? It's a real problem.

One time my son came home to visit; and, he said, 'You guys never have any fun. Let's watch a movie.' Okay, good. So he got this movie; and, we all sat around. And he got this movie; and, it's called, 'Pursuit of Happiness.' You might have seen it. It's a great movie.

My son was sitting there enjoying the whole thing; and, I was crying my eyes out in the back of the room. I mean, I just felt like it's the story of my life. I didn't get rich in the end like he did; but, you know this guy is trying to be a man. He's trying to be successful. I can hardly talk about it without crying right now. He didn't know how to be a successful, business man. He didn't know how to be a great husband. He didn't know how to be a great father. Who taught him? Where's he going to learn? What's he going to do? Is he going to become a woman? He doesn't have that option.

Finally, his wife gave up on him and walked out; and, he's sitting in this train car with his son under his arm and no place to live, totally homeless. It's really something. What does it mean to be a man? We don't know. We're totally out to lunch. We don't know. So, thank God for True Father, for showing us what a man is supposed to be without fallen nature. We don't even have that example. We don't have that concept even, in the fallen world.

A man without fallen nature, perfected in heart and mind in God's image: we need that example. Jesus was that example; but, we don't know what he was like. We have no idea. We have a fantasy. People don't love Jesus: they love their concept of Jesus. If they met the real Jesus, they might not like him. He was tough. He was strong. He killed a fig tree. He knocked over tables in the temple. He wasn't a wimpy guy walking around holding babies all the time. I'm sure he cursed sometimes, spit ... you know. People might not even like him if they met the real Jesus. What does it mean to be a man?


Then the last question is ... I always ask the boys, 'What does the fallen world think it means to be a woman?' Well, this is, wow ... She's gotta be hot. She's gotta be gorgeous. She's gotta be a fashion model, blonde hair and blue eyes, doesn't talk too much, likes sex and likes to play games, a gamer, likes video games, and ah ... not too smart, doesn't talk too much, gives me my space so I can go be with the boys and doesn't try to run my life, whatever. This is what some people think. It's horrible.

And then, mothers ... There's some cultures, in America at least, I observe that Hispanic mother, it's very common for them to teach their daughters that as soon as they have some skin to show it and be as showy as possible. That's how they teach them to dress. They think that's what it means to be a woman, show off that flesh. Boy, that's what you gotta do.

Then, the Muslim culture is just the opposite. You don't show anything. I was in Israel one time; and, I'll never forget it. Next to the Aloxa Mosque there, the Muslim holy site. There's a sidewalk going around it; and, there were these two women walking down the sidewalk. And they had this hat with the wooden board under it, you know, like when you graduate from college, this square board and then black cloth hanging down to the ground. And they didn't even have holes for their eyes. They were looking through the cloth. So, they were these two black boxes walking down, moving down the sidewalk. And I thought, 'Oh, my God. God's daughters are in there.' It's just really something else.

That's the fallen world. It's something else... We have so many concepts about what it means to be a man or a woman. We have no idea. Now we have men trying to be women, women trying to be men. We have how many genders now? It's just craziness. It's just crazy. Thank God for True Parents ! That's what the world needs, right?

So, we went to a lot of big conferences that are held twice a year on marriage and family, marriage relationships. The Christian people develop these things and its marvelous. And we bought a lot of CDs and books and we bought a lot of literature and we brought it home and we brought it back to the church. We have a library of this stuff. It's sitting there getting dusty. Nobody even looks at it. It's just something else. But, it's a lot of good insight, a lot of good wisdomI. Every time I used to play it I used to sit back when I'd play it for guests; and, I thought, 'Boy, I'm doing everything wrong. This is so great. How to communicate. How to listen well. How to repeat back to the person you are talking with... What did they say to you, so they understand that you understand what they said, and so on, communication skills, things like that, really good stuff.

We used have public meetings about that every week and invite people to come and learn about marriage and family, watch a video from one of these conferences,and just talk about it, read some of Father's Words. It's a wonderful thing. We ought to do that again, maybe.

Anyway, I realized that that is not really the bottom line, most fundamental way to fix our marriages and families and relationships... It's not. Because even if you learn really good communication skills, you become a good communicator, you listen well, you learn how to speak correctly, you don't use the 'I' word but use the 'we' words: 'me,' 'us,' 'our' instead of 'me,' 'my,' and 'mine' and learn how to be a great communicator; actually, I realized (something) ...

I realized that, if we are OUT OF POSITION FROM WHICH TO RELATE TO EACH OTHER, (which doesn't mean your physical position, which doesn't mean your title) which means your internal, your attitude, your concept, your thinking... If you're out of position in relation to your wife, husband, children, God, then you might become a good communicator; but, you're just communicating your garbage in a better way, you know? If you're out of position from which to relate, even if you can relate better, you're still damaging with your stuff.

For example, ('your stuff' might be:) wrong attitudes, concepts, prejudices, fallen natures, emotional scars, wrong thinking. For example, a girl might have had three or four boyfriends; and, she might have been sexually active. She might have been hurt by these men; because they used her (for sex) and then dumped her. And now she's going to get married. She find a good person. She's going to get Blessed; but, she has all these scars. So, she's bringing that to the table. How's she going to really give herself to her husband? There's going to be some effect from those scars to damage ... She's out of position.

She's been knocked out of position from which to relate because of her damage. Maybe she was also the victim of incest? This is a big rampant problem in America, right? The daughter was sexually abused by the father, or the uncle or somebody ... So, now she's going to have a husband. It's going to have an effect on her marriage, right? She's out of position from which to love her husband.

What if you have a concept? What if you think all women are weak? All women are weak and dumb, stupid or something. Well, you never met my wife. That's for sure. She's not weak at all. But, the point is that, if you think that way about women, how are you going to have a deep, profound relationship with your wife? She might not be like that at all; but, you have this concept.

What if you think all bosses, all company bosses are abusive, greedy, self-centered people? How are you going to have a meaningful, rich, (rewarding) experience working at a company, if that's what you think? You're out of position from which to have a relationship with that person? You're not in a position to have a rich relationship with that person, right?

What if you think that all men are strange and scary? If you think that all men are strange and scary, how can you really appreciate your husband, their embrace? How can you really understand him (to love)?

What if you think that all men really want is sex and toys? How can you really appreciate him (or any man)? Maybe he (your husband) is not like that at all. If you carry that concept out there, it may have a very negative effect. You may destroy your marriage; because. you're out of position from which to relate.

What if you think that all of your problems are somebody else's fault? "It's your fault. I'm not happy because of you.' 'It's because of the church.' 'It's because of the president.' 'It's because of the True Family.' 'It's because of the members.' 'It's you.' 'I'm not happy because of you.' You know, if you think like that, you'll never be happy; because, you're out of position from which to relate.

So, you could go on and on ... What if you think nature is there to exploit, rob and pillage? You can't have a rich relationship with nature if you think that way. You're out of position from which to relate.

So, what is the right position from which to relate all the time? There is one right position from which to relate with somebody; and, if you develop those communication skills after you get in the right position with somebody, then you're going to really have something that's going to sing beautifully. The machine's going to run like a sewing machine, beautifully. If you get in position first, from which to relate.

We talked about the four-position foundation, the triple-objective purpose, every subject has three objects; but, the point is the quality , the quality of each position. Are you really in position from which to relate as a subject, as an object? Are you really in position, or not?

So, what we need to do is we need to SEE GOD IN AND BEHIND OTHER PEOPLE AND IN NATURE. That's what we need to do. We need to see God in there. That's what we need to do.

For example, we did this when we were on fundraising teams, right? We went out and we had a fundraising team captain. Maybe you've done this. And you know, yeah, maybe the team captain pulls up to an area, you've got your product, and he says, 'Here! Go over here and fund raise. And make your big goal. I know you have a big goal today.' And you think, 'I'm not going there. That's a dumpy area. I'm not going to make anything there. Take me somewhere else. You're stupid.' Is that what we do? No. We bite our tongue; and, we say, 'Oh, God must be working through this idiot, this stupid person. So, I will have faith that God is working through him. And if I go there in faith, I'm going to crush out and make my goal.

How many times have we done that? We've done that over and over again. We've experienced the miracle. Who put God into that relationship? You did. You put God in there. You looking for God working through that idiot who's your team leader. From an external point of view, he's stupid; but, it doesn't matter. God's working through him because your faith put Him there. Your faith put God there. I'm having faith that God is speaking to me through this person. So, I'm going to go out; and, God's going to work in my life. It's because I have faith that God is working through this person.

Father said that your central figure can be a tree stump or a rock or even Satan himself. It doesn't matter. It's how you relate to them.

I went to an STF, a big meeting near here a few years ago. It's called GPA now, right? And they ... I was delivering something to the leader up there. I can't remember what; but anyway, I was only there for a short time. And I thought, 'Well, maybe I'll stay and watch one session here, (since it might be more worth my while that I drove this far to come up here...) So, I sat near the stage and was listening. And the session that they had was very interesting.

All the STF members were there; and, the leader said, 'Well, can you trust your parents to match you?' And I thought, 'Wow, what a great topic. I want to sit here and listen to this.' And I can never forget all my life that a couple stood up, one seventeen-year-old man stood up, seventeen or eighteen... Blew me away! He stood up and he said, 'Hey, I can't trust my parents to match me; but, it has nothing to do with my parents.' He said, 'I'm making conditions. I'm fasting. I'm praying. I'm doing conditions so that God will work through my parents to find the right person for me. I'm taking responsibility for this. It has nothing to do with my parents.' And I thought, 'Wow!' 'Wow!' 'You know, this young man gets it.' He's putting God in the relationship. It has nothing to do with his parents. Wow! I was blown away. He got it.

A lot of older members don't get it, even after ten, twenty, thirty years. So, there's a right position to be in for every relationship. And the right position is this one: TRUE LOVE. That's always the right position.from which to relate, always.

Father said that He could look into a rock for a thousand years and not be bored. How long does it take you to get bored, about five minutes? A thousand years, Father could look into a rock and not get bored. Why? Because He's looking at it with true love. His thinking, His mind is all about the history of this rock, and what God went through to make it and on and on and on ...

Father said:

"You should have the attitude that you will raise her like your younger sister, love her like your wife, and serve her like your mother. In loving her, you should start by loving her as a younger sister, and only then love her as your wife; in all, you should love her like your younger sister, elder sister, bride, and mother. Only then can we restore God's unfulfilled love, lost through the Fall.
CSG `st ed. p. 286

Sometimes couples have come to me asking for advice; and, they're obviously ready for divorce. And, they just can't appreciate each other or tolerate each other's shortcomings. And sometimes in the worst situations I spoke to them very strongly; and, I said, .'Stop thinking about this person as your wife or husband. Stop it right now. You have to completely brainwash your self to think that this is my son, or this is my daughter. And if you really take that to heart; then, go back and think about all the stuff that you can't stand, to deal with it from a whole different perspective,'

Sometimes life doesn't turn out the way we expect it to, right? .Especially, like (for example), Father gave us very difficult matches in the first generation, very providential matches. My wife said she'd never in a million years be married to somebody like me. Heh, heh ... And, sometimes problems comes up in our future families; but hey, things need to be worked out and restored.

(captioned chart)
(12 dimensions of relationships in the four-position foundation)


(If not in position to be the object and subject of love for the other; then, marriage skills we develop can only make us more proficient with getting across our own limitations and fallen things, for example:)





God didn't promise us a bed of roses, right? But, I love this saying... I think it's anonymous. There are different versions of it; but, I love it:

"I asked God for strength and He gave me difficulties (instead) to make me strong;

I asked for wisdom and God gave me problems to solve.

I asked God for prosperity and God gave me brawn and brain to work. (brawn means muscle);

I asked for courage and God gave me dangers to overcome;

I asked for patience and God placed me in situations where I was forced to wait;

I asked for love and God gave me troubled people to help;

I asked for favors and God gave me opportunities.

I received nothing I wanted; but, I received everything that I needed.

(It's really good stuff)

(I so hope that all world family can have access to this ... Let's attend all of this webinar together, more and more to know the revealed truth of the age ... to live to grow with the difference while we still have our physical life and while True Parents are still on earth guiding us directly ... Glory ! *)*)/<3 )

Air's transcript - (fourth night including intro)
Rev. Dr. Michael D. Hentrichs, Sr.

So, I have a question for you:


You might think it's the first blessing that we talked about yesterday; to become like God. Well, yeah, that's true; but actually, that's only half way. What really makes us like God actually is the second blessing, Because, the masculine and the feminine comes together; and, it becomes more in the image of God. That's twelve dimensions of love there. It's not like an individual at all, no comparison. The school of love and the family is what really makes us like God, right? The first blessing is just preparation., .I mean, you can only go so far as an individual.

So, our cousins, the angels ... We have to reflect ... They lived for billions of years ... Lucifer had been alive for billions of years since before the creation of the physical universe; yet, he was not perfect and couldn't perfect himself. Why is that? Why is it that the angels could have lived for billions of years and still couldn't perfect themselves? Well, we're going to talk about this on two different levels; and, today we're going to talk about it on this level:


One big reason the angels couldn't perfect that they didn't have the school of love.


Show me an angel that has a father. Well, God is their Father but there is not angel that has a mother; there is no angel that has a wife; there's no angel that has a child that they raised of their own. There's no angel that has uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews and cousins. There's no angel that has a brother or a sister. Its totally alien to them. They have no experience of that. They are individual, task-oriented creatures. That's what they are, individual, task-oriented creatures. They don't have the direct experience of family. So ...because God did not have a form or a body, He could not personally raise Adam and Eve.


(God had to raise Adam and Eve through angels,) As a consequence of this .. THEREFORE, HUMANS HAVE BECOME SO ANGELIC.

Father gave a speech a long time ago in Denver. It was the last time He was here; and, right in the middle of His speech He stopped. He stopped right in the middle of His speech. He said, 'Do you know why God looks so mean and nasty and ugly in the Old Testament writings of the Bible? And my ears went up. I thought, 'What? Father's going to answer this age-old mystery. I mean, nobody knows the answer to that. If you go into a Christian Bible book store, you'll see a lot of Bibles that don't even have the Old Testament in it; because, God looks so mean and nasty and ugly, They do't know what to do with that. If He doesn't look like the God that Jesus talked about; then, they just leave out The Old Testament. They might put Psalms and Proverbs in there, that's all, the nice stuff ...So, why? Father's going to answer the question now. He just stopped in the middle of His speech. He's going to answer this question why God looks so mean and nasty and ugly in The Old Testament.

Father said that the reason is that God had to work through angels all the time. He didn't have a Son or Daughter (as He does now) to express Himself through and manage His Providence. Therefore, everything God communicated to man took on the flavor of the angel who communicated it. It had the angel spin. It had the angel flavor. It was shaped how the angels think.

For example, Abraham, he was going to kill his son on the altar, right? What did the angel say to him? 'Stop. Don't lay a hand on the lad. Now I know that you fear God, fear God, fear God.' Well, that's angel talk. What if Jesus had stopped him? He (Jesus) probably would have said, 'Now I know you love God.' But, it's a servant talking about his master. It's a fear relationship. You fear God. You fear God. We're not supposed to fear God.

(Air's note: It's something way different isn't it ... The absence of love is fear ... Thank you if you let me share that ... When Father was asked if there was anything that He feared (even He didn't fear going back again to unimaginable indignity and torture cruelties ...Father walked into the obedience of that danger and occurrence again and again... He thought of it as the way to advance the liberation of God's Joy ... and Mother has the same thinking foremost before every obstacle ... ) Father answered that there was one thing He feared , ever ' losing the Love of God. ' That was the only one thing utterly intolerable to be feared ...)

Anyway, it's angel talk; and so, human beings ... because God used angels to manage His Providence and manage us fallen people (He didn't have a true son or daughter to work through, unlike now) because of that, we human beings have become so angelic. We have become angelic people.

Only God is holy and good. That's what people think, right? God's holy and good. We can't be. We're dirty rags. We're sinful people. We're nothing. We're dirt. 'Only God is holy and good.' Well, that's not supposed to be the way it is. We're supposed to be little gods, even the Bible says so.



We're supposed to be just as holy and good as God; but, the perspective of the angels (is different) (Angels say, 'Oh, our heavenly Master.' but, that's what some Christian ministers also think. I asked some Christian ministers one time. 'What do you think about Jesus saying 'You, therefore, must be perfect as Your Heavenly father is perfect?' Some of these Christian ministers said to me, 'Well, Jesus didn't really mean that.' What do you mean he didn't mean that? They just don't believe in it. They can't see it. Where is it? 'it's impossible. We can't be perfect.' That's an angelic perspective. That's not a human Adamic perspective. We're supposed to be perfect like God; but, we haven't seen it; and, we're influenced by the angelic realm. (The angelic realm says,) 'No, it's impossible.'


We're so individualistic. I don't know about your country but, in America, people are radically individualistic. Even after they get married, 'Well, we'll be fine if you give me my freedom, and if I can hang out with the boys three nights a week or five nights a week and have my big, fancy truck with my thousand-dollar wheels on it, if I can have my stuff then we'll be fine, as long as you don't have any problems.' We're so individualistic. We so can't let go of ourselves and embrace the other person and become one. We're radically individualistic. It's so angelic, not human.


This is an obvious one, right? .People get married ... It's epidemic in America, so many young people who are living together, they get married even, (but they say) 'No kids.' They don't want to have kids. 'Well, the world is bad; and, we don't want to have kids in this bad world.' Well, I know that's a good reason for doing a bad thing; but, it's not even human. It's not even human! To get married and not have kids ... It's not even human.


Parents should just be friends, fathers and mothers ... 'Oh, we want to be closer to our kids than other people; so, we're just going to have them call us 'Jane' and 'Tom,' instead of 'mother' and 'father.' We'll be closer that way. It's all the same. It's all horizontal. There's no vertical. It's so angelic.


Here's an obvious one: Be celibate. If you want to get close to God, you should be like a priest or a monk or a nun; and just be an individual. The Bible even says that after you die and you go to heaven, you'll be individuals, like angels. You'll be like angels. That's what it says. 'Be celibate, no wife or sexual relationship if you really want to be close to God. It's so angelic. I know there's a reason for it because of the fall; but, the point is that it is angelic.


God is apart from us. He's out there somewhere. I already talked about that. It's very angelic. He (God) is supposed to be living inside of me. It's different than for an angel.


That's not true. In 1976 ... The second time I saw Father was in 1976, God's Day, in Belvedere; and, He was very emotional. He talked about how God had come to Him, after He and Mother were Blessed in 1960 and said to Him, "I'm going to destroy the world.' Wow! Like in the days of Noah but not by flood. I was eight years old at that time. I know in 1960 what was going on. I mean, Cuba had Russian missiles with war heads on them aimed at the United States. That's only 80 miles away. We couldn't do anything about it. And every day, every day, everybody thought, 'Is today the last day? Today, somebody's going to push the button; and, we're all going to go up in smoke?' Every day we all thought like this. Every public building, every school, hospital, every big building was a bomb shelter; and, in the basement were these barrels lining the hallway and with crackers, so you could live for a week . People were building bomb shelters in their back yards. Every day we expected to go up in smoke. I know what was going on in 1960. It would have been so easy.

But, Father said to God, "No! Don't do it. I will take responsibility. Just give me time. Whew! ... Wow! That's what a Son can do. A Son can do that, you see. Another words, we are not just God's objects like a servant, like an angel. The Son of God, Daughter of God, can go to God and say, "Chill out. Go sit down over there and I'll take care of it. I'm in charge here now. I'll take care of this Providence of Restoration. You've been fighting with this long enough. Just go relax." That's what Father and Mother do... Wow! ...


Valuing people by their works? What have you done today? Did you work hard? Did you do a hundred things at the factory? Did you make the nice chrome and paint job on your car, fix a nice wheels? That's how good you are? It's all about what you did? Our value doesn't come by what we do, it's who we are. That's so angelic.


Are we a piece of creation, like a mosquito or a tree; or, are we lords of creation? We don't know.


Truth-centered. This is a big one. We're all centered up here (points to head)... concepts, right? dogmas, doctrines, religious teachings ... What do you believe about God? If you believe the wrong way, you're going to hell.. This is so angelic. It's here (points to heart). It's here in our heart. Heart-centered, Adamic people are heart-centered. It doesn't mean they don't know everything. The point is that it is not up here (points to head) as if the highest value is what you know, what you think. I mean, the God Who created this whole universe, what does He care what you think? Unless it keeps you from loving more, unless it keeps you from loving, then it's important what you think. But otherwise, who cares?

Whether you sprinkle or you Baptize by going under the water ... Who cares? What day you worship and what name you call God ... Who cares? (How deep and wide and giving and sensitive for Heaven Parent first and for others is your heart life?)



Even my Christian brothers and sisters who think they're God's children, they'll say they're God's children; but, when I listen to their description of being God's child. It sounds like a pet. Well, I go to church, I do my first communion; I did my sacraments and my wish papers and I liberated my ancestors and I do my keong baes and I do my hoon dok hae; therefore, I'm going to Heaven. I get my bone. I get my bone, like a pet, right? You do these tricks; and, you get your bone. I know these things have an impact; but, the whole thing is about transformation of myself, transformation of my heart, my character, my personality, my spirit to become resonating with God. That's what it's all about. It's not you do these tricks and you get your bone.

And some forms of worship are really angelic, you know. 'Oh, Master, Oh God, spare me; and, have mercy upon me and ... It's so angelic, some of this stuff. And Jesus should get married ... How dirty ... What in the world. There was a nun in South America, I saw it in the news a few weeks ago, she was threatened to kill her; because, she said that maybe Mary had sexual relations with Joseph and had other children. She said 'maybe.' I mean, it's clear in the Bible. It's clear all over the place that Jesus had brothers and sisters; but, they don't want to admit it because Mary should be the ever virgin Mother of God, right?

Jesus should get married? How dirty. How horrible. It's impossible. Some people think that Jesus wasn't even male He was just neuter. So angelic, It's just all this angelic stuff.


We're not responsible. No, I'm not responsible. Hey, the woman made me do it. The serpent made me do it.


So, the conclusion of all this is that we have a family. Even if it's a dysfunctional, it's a broken family, it's not functioning great, my mother has problems, my dad is drunk and doesn't have a job and he's a deadbeat dad and he's not even around, whatever it is, my brothers and sister are out to lunch, we have a family.
It's a gift. It's our school of love. The angels are so jealous. I'm sure that the fallen angels are just ripping and tearing especially at Blessed family. They hate the family; but, once we take dominion, once we create God-centered families, God's Love-filled families, the angels will naturally take their place and serve us; because, we will be demonstrating our superiority as God's children.

But as long as the family is ripped and torn apart and destroyed, the angels can dominate us like this. So, we need to cherish our family, no matter what shape it's in.


So, my last point is this: Father said that He gave us back our center. What does that mean? God is the Center. God is our Center. And God is Love; so, one way of interpreting this 'God is our Center and Father gave us back our Center,' is how the two shall become as one in the Genesis story. I'm just reflecting on this so many times. A man and a woman will meet each other. They'll be head over heals 'You're my soulmate'. 'I was born for you.' And, oh, they love each other so much. They just know that they're meant for each other. They're so much in love; and, five or six years later they get a divorce. And it's always a mystery to me. I think, 'What in the world? I thought you guys were born for each other? What happened? 'Well, I didn't know her.' 'I didn't know him.' Or, 'It turned out to be something different than I expected.'

Well then, what were they in love with, if they didn't know the person? Were they in love with their concept of the person? Were they in love with being in love? What is it? And I realized that actually the fallen world is always just barraging us with input from Facebook, from emails, from friends, from relatives, from movies, from magazines, from pornographies, from everywhere emerging us 24/7 with stuff that's not from God. And so, they marry each other. They're deeply in love. But he's influenced by this stuff every day, all day. She's influenced by this stuff every day, all day. And so, they could grow in any direction, 360 degrees, right? So, he can be bumped this way, and bumped that way, bumped this way and bumped that way in his spiritual path, his development every day by every input that comes into him; and, the same thing for her.

So, if they're bumped this way and that way again and again by all this input coming in every day from the fallen world; then, what is the possibility of them converging together and becoming one? It's almost zero, almost zero. But because Father gave us a common vision, a common understanding of the real, living God, Who really exists, this is the goal of our spiritual development.

He's fixing his goal on the real, living God, as True Parents have shown it to us. She is fixing her goal on becoming like the real, living God, as we understand from True Parents. Then, they have a common vision, a common goal of the real, living God. Then, as they keep their focus on that, their goal on that, and as they keep their mind and heart on that and they read their Hoon Dok Hae every day and they grow, their spiritual lives over the years will come closer and bring them closer and closer together and become one converging on that common Center that Father gave us. It's so huge. It's so incredibly ... It's so important. I mean, when people outside find out about this, they'll be lined up, banging on the door, wanting to get in here. It's big. This is big. Our common Center.

How can we have eternal marriage. This is it. We're converging on the real, living God. Wow! ... That's how we become one. It's really awesome.


Okay, if God came to you and said, "I need to save humanity;' and, if you understood all the stuff we've just been talking about for the last ninety minutes about family and everything, if God came to you and said, "Save humanity.' Then, what kind of a movement, social movement would you make. It would be a movement about true love; but, true love though what, through true love what? Probably you would make it a movement of true love through true love families, right? That how you would make it.

And that true love through true families would be modeled after what, true what? True Parents, I mean, right? What else is there? I'm a logical, half German person. What else is there? There's no other way. I mean, so, what does that mean? That means we must be in the right place. We must be in the right place.

Okay, so, if you have any questions, I'll try to unmute you. I'm sorry I went a little over time again. I'm really sorry I keep doing that. And I'll see ... I'll turn on your camera too if I can. Yeah. So, you have to turn ... There you go ...

(applause) (can see the young, happy, shining audience ... they wave)

So, if you have a comment or question, I can see you or you can raise your hand or whatever; but, and if you want to write to me later, that's fine too. And here we are. I can't believe what I'm seeing here. It's so wonderful.

(one girl raises her hand)

Rev. Hendrich (RH) Hi, yes ...

(one girl raises her hand),and comes closer to the camera 'Can you hear me, Sir

RH: Yes.

Good evening, Sir. I'm ... (says her name) ... by the way.

RH: You don't have to call me Sir. ... That's my dad.

Okay. ... I have a question about angels ... I love the new concepts of what is angelic about us (I think she said...There's an echo ) ... God as our lord and master, etc. ... How can we share this with our brothers and sisters who are sill struggling to accept ... especially those who are Christians ... How could we possibly open their minds ... ?

RH: Yeah, I mean you could make it fun, make a T shirt that says, 'We're so angelic.' or something like that ... and when people say, 'Hey, what is that on your T shirt? What does that mean?' and you can say, 'Yeah, let's talk about it. I'll explain to you.' And you know, you need to make it popular. Write something in the student publication or make a little flyer to hand out; or, just something ... a teaser, some introductory statement so that you can.sit down and explain. Because you have to explain it. You have to explain it.

I guess for me, Sir, today is really amazing; because, actually knowing that we are angelic, which can also lead to Chapter 2 something ... I think that being angelic leads to a new approach for us to share the Principle.

RH: Yeah. one of the beauties of the Principle is that you can start anywhere in the Book, and then teach the rest of it. You can start on the first page, the last page, you can start in the middle. When I teach Christian people, I always start with Chapter 2. So, you can start here with the four great realms of heart or you can start talking about how angelic we are; and from there, you can talk about all the rest of the Principle. It's great.

And, uh Sir, now is February, right? So, a few days from now it will be Valentine's Day; so, we are in the month of love. So, I'm thinking how to share this to young people, especially those who are ... for example,

RH: No. It's very good. If I were you, I would go and find a small school somewhere, private school, public school where they're open minded and go there and say, 'Look, we want to start a new movement. We want to start something called the 'True Love Valentine's Day Celebration.' We want to promote a higher kind of love than what we've been celebrating; and, let's make a big deal about it. Let's have a poetry contest and let's have a song-writing contest and we'll get the kids involved. We'll have a parade down the street; and, we'll have a play in the school.

RH: And you bring in the TV Station and the radio station and they do coverage about it. It goes all over the Phillipines and it becomes a new social thing, so unique 'True-Love Valentine's Day.' Let's do it; and, the parents will love it. And they'll have to invite you to teach about it. They'll have to have you teach about it; and, you can teach the teachers. You'll become a really important person all of a sudden with this social movement.

RH: And the radio stations can sell advertising about it. They can go around to the businesses and say, 'Yeah, we have this promotion for True-Love Valentine's Day. You want to buy some advertising for it? 'Yeah, okay sure.' And they'll love it and they'll promote it for you because they're making money with it. And just make it a social movement. This is what the gay and communist people do. We have to do the same thing they do but do it better. We have to do it better.

That's awesome, Sir. That's awesome. Thank you.

RH: Alright. So, is it ... Are we done? or somebody else has a question ... Yes

Good evening, Sir. I'm ... My question is (...I think he said about the angels, if we were to be obliterated, why not the angels ... and about the angels not having female angels and not having female spouses as is common throughout the rest of creation, male and female, stamen & pistol ... )

RH: Yeah, it's a good question. I thought about it a lot; and, I don't really know but I have my opinion or my suspicion. Here's my opinion: (the audience is smiling and acknowledging and interested)

RH: ('and tomorrow we're going to talk more about why angels couldn't become perfect; and, we're going to hit a much deeper and more profound reason than what we talked about today') but, in any case, angels have not been able to become perfect in billions of years. So, if God created female angels for them, what would they do with them? They'd make a bigger mess than we have here on the earth; because, we don't have perfect love to share with their female counterparts. .So, my suspicion is that God reserved that, the female angels for them (and by the way, angels can look female if they want to. They can change their appearance any time, as so many of them do, but they're not (female)) But, the point is, I think, ... I mean, Father said that if Adam and Eve had perfected their love, then in the seventh generation of their descendants, God would have created female angels. That means to me that the male angels would have learned perfection of love and heart from the humans, in seven generations. Then, they would have been qualified to have a spouse.

RH: So, that means to me, then, that they (the angels) are not qualified to have a spouse. What are they going to do with a spouse? They're going to make a huge mess of things. So, I think that God had a plan for the angels to learn true love; and, the only place that they could learn it was from the humans. And then, He would immediately give the their spouses when they're qualified to have them.

RH: And so, it's the same thing: 'Be fruitful and multiply (Angels can't multiply; but, they couldn't be fruitful even, without our help) So, I think, my opinion, is that God reserved that for the right time. And I think that now Father can do that, now that they have had a chance to learn true love. But I don't know, we'll see.

Thank you so much.

(And another boy came up to ask a question) Hi.

RH: Hi Oh this is great. We could go on all night ...

My name is ... (I didn't hear the question well at all , sorry ... can guess the question by the answer maybe )

RH: Well, this really isn't about religion at all. God did not intend to create religion. I mean, religion was only created as a remedial process for people who are fallen. God never intended to make churches and Bibles and preachers and religion ... but

But, Sir, if ... (something about how to talk to an Atheist I think ...)

RH: Well, it's tough. I would not go out and look for an Atheist while witnessing. I mean, because they usually have generations of resentment and problem with God. But, sometimes they're not so thick skinned. Sometimes they're ready; and, the medicine for everything is true love. True love is the medicine for everything. There's no sickness or problem that isn't cured by true love.

RH: So, every human being, as the Principle says, is looking for happiness and fulfillment; and so, if we can show them happiness. They can respond; because, they have an original mind. They'll respond to that.

RH: Just before I went to Korea a few years ago, I was on the campus; and, this man came up to me. It was the first and only time in my life that I was confronted by a rabid atheist. He was just foaming at the mouth; and, he was so emotional and upset.and angry. And I had my little table with some literature and stuff; and, I called him over to me and said, 'What is the problem here?'

RH: And he said, 'It's easier to believe that there's no God than it is to believe there is a God. There can't be a God.' And I said, 'Why do you say that?' And he said, 'Look at the world. It's horrible. How could there be a God and the world is so horrible? I said, 'The problem is that you have a false premise.' He said, 'What's that?' I said, 'The false premise is that you think God is involved in this terrible world.' He said, 'He's not?' I said, 'No, He's not. It's not His fault. We made it like this.' And he was just so shaken to the core. He never thought that maybe we're responsible for this; and, it's not God. And it planted a seed ...

RH: He went away, ran away or whatever; but, I was just trying to plant a seed in his mind that maybe he's got the wrong perspective, you know? that maybe God's not responsible for all this horrible stuff in the world, we are. And so, I think we have to put ourselves in their place and realize where they're coming from and why do they feel the way they do, and try to unravel that, unpeel it like an artichoke. And find out ... Treat them like your son; and, think, 'How is it that this my son is so against God? He doesn't realize that God is a warm and fuzzy God. He's so against God; and, try to get in and unravel that.

RH: That's what led me to write a book called, 'The Humanist God.' My son really likes it. He thinks it's got a lot of potential for people inside the church and outside the church. So anyway, also I promised all of you ... I have some of your email addresses, but I want to give you all a graduation certificate, when we graduate this webinar as well as a personalized copy of any one of the books that I wrote, just as something to remember our webinar by. And so, I'll need to get your email addresses from you so that I can give that to you after we're done.

RH: But anyway, that book is maybe a beginning point for somebody who you don't have any idea how to reach them. Consider that book for that and for yourself or consider it just for ideas. It's a problem of love. Everything is a problem of love.

(Another brother has a question ... He says, 'Good morning our beloved church teacher.' My name is ... I just am only asking some suggestion. I struggle with how to help other members ... and when our topic is second blessing and we all know that we are looking forward to the second blessing ... It's a problem in the Philippines that many brothers (members) think that they can choose someone for them self from outside the church and get the holy blessing of the church. What is your suggestion how to encourage those members not to commit that kind of thinking? (I think is what he asked)

RH: Yeah that's a big problem; and, it;s a complex thing involves more than one thing. They really need a deeper understanding of the Principle and Who True Parents are fundamentally.. If you wanted to try to point to any one specific, detailed thing, you know, there's a reason why True Parents did a matching or why They authorized our parents to match us. Now I understand that in the Philippines that maybe your parents are not members, or maybe they can't match you or you're not first generation, like me, so it's a different situation. But the point is that the matching was not just to find a spouse.

RH: I mean, you could go on or all these websites. They have good methods and everything; but, the point is that Father wanted to be involved in that and even choose that person, not just to find the right kind of spouse; but to help us to remove the 'It's all about me' thinking from your marriage, as much as possible. Because if you have your shopping list ... 'I want this kind of woman ... I want this kind of guy ... and you go find your own, then it's all about you. And it's all the same thing as the fallen world is doing. It's nothing different. But see the blessing is supposed to be about something much bigger than that. It's not about me. My wife and I never would have married each other if it was just about us; but, we're living for something much bigger. And that's what it's all about. And if you don't want to buy into that, fine. Go get married somewhere.

You know, I'm so angry and so tired of seeing people misuse the Blessing and trash the Blessing and walk away from the Blessing and treat it like garbage. I can't stand it anymore. So, when people talk to me about getting Blessed, but they want to do it their own way. Any more, if it's about the right time and the right place and the right feeling with them, I just tell them, 'Look, forget about the Blessing. You go somewhere and you find someone and you go marry and you do what you want to do, okay, but don't trash the Blessing. And later on, if you feel you're really right for each other and you have some kinds or whatever and you want to get Blessed, then you come back and maybe we can teach the Principle and you can get Blessed. But don't treat the Blessing like that, okay? It's not just marriage. It's not just, 'Okay, we'll see how it goes.' That's not the Blessing If you don't want to buy into what the Blessing is all about, then fine. God Bless you. Go somewhere and get married and have a good life. You're just not ready for the Blessing. I don't think we should try to stuff a round peg into a square hole whether they are ready or not, I don't know.

I mean, we can give them the holy wine and help them make good conditions and everything like that; but, the Blessing is precious and if we don't treat it as precious and hold it as precious, our children and grandchildren won't realize that it's precious. They'll think, 'Oh, it's just our way of getting married, that's all.' It's not. It's much more than that. We have to treat it like gold, like precious gems. And we have to show them. We have to impress upon our children and grandchildren that this is God's Marriage. This is eternal. This has nothing to do with what's going on out there. This is completely different. And we need to have schools to teach children from first grade up what the Blessing is all about, so that, when they go to the Blessing, they'll know exactly what they're doing.

RH: You know, when I went home to visit my family, my parents a few years ago, it was Christmas time and I was standing in our Catholic Church where I grew up. And the church was packed, you know, standing room only. All these people crowded in there standing next to me of all ages. And they were all happy, happy. They knew what they were doing there; and, they were into it. And I felt like, 'Wow, this is so wonderful. But I thought, 'Why isn't our church like this?' And of course I grew up there in that church, in that town and I know why. And I said to myself, 'I know why it's like this. They have a Catholic primary school, a Catholic secondary school, a Catholic college. They grew up in it. They understand exactly what they're there for. It's their life.'

And we need to do that. Every religious culture, whether it's Christianity or Judaism, Islam or Buddhism or whatever it is, Confuscienism, the only way they really took off in society (They had a very difficult start); but when they raised their children in schools in society, in the culture then they took off. And we have to figure that out too. We can't keep throwing our Blessed children away like this. We need to provide an environment for them, where they're not surrounded by drugs and free sex and all the stuff that Satan wants to throw at them, so they can grow up and become heavenly sons and daughters of God. You cannot do that in the fallen world. You just can't do it. And we just keep trying and wanting to believe .. . We're just lazy, that's all. We just want to believe that it's going to work out. It's too hard to make a school. Well, excuse me, we're paying the price. We gotta stop doing that.

RH: I'm sorry, I don't know if I answered your question or not.


Another question was about the spirit world and Rev. Hentrich said to please wait for that lecture coming up.

Another question is about the process of the Fall. Is being a mature angel having a mature heart? (I think she said)

RH: We are going to talk about this tomorrow. Angels have a different potential in the environment that they are in: and, that's why humans could add to that. Yeah, we're going to talk about that; so, that will become clear. But, he was not perfect. He was not even perfect as an angel; and, he was certainly not perfected to the level that a human being could be perfected. We have a higher ... I mean, Father said that , before the Fall, human beings could reach perfection by the age of 23, right? 22,23, 24 ... Well, an angel couldn't do that for billions of years. So, there's something different about that situation. And so, we'll talk about that tomorrow or the next day. Anyway, angels ... It's wrong to say that they were perfect. They were mature as much as they could be; but, that was not anywhere near where it needed to be to raise Adam and Eve. And we're going to talk about this; so, let's talk about it later. It's very good, very good topic. You're ahead of me. I appreciate it.



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