Presented by Rev. Dr. Michael Hendrich, Sr.
Transcribed by Airenae Culvy


Origin of man -

And the thing about Marxism that is really striking, I mean traditional orthodox Marxist ideology that Marx came up with, is that it's just the mirror reflection of the Principle in so many ways. It's just amazing when you look at it. It's a worldview and Divine Principle is a worldview. It explains how man came to be. It explains about creation and God, a little bit of social theory and social theory and historical explanation of the purpose of history ... And Marxism has all that too. You know, there aren't too many worldviews out there. Marxism and The Principle, already it gives you a clue what the dark side is doing here.

So, Marx came up with the idea about the origin of man. Man came from somewhere. Yeah, just like the Principle said, right? No. Man didn't come from God. No. No. Marx said that there were these apes. And they were hanging around; and all of a sudden one of the apes picked up a stick or a stone or something. And he was banging on something else with it and realized ... He had a realization, an epiphany that, 'Gosh, I can do something with this stick, you know. It's a tool. I could do something with this stick. I could break something with it.' And Marx said that because he realized that he had a tool in his hand then he had to develop language, this ape did, so that he could talk about the tool. And then as he worked with it, he had to develop his brain so that he could think about the tool and new ways to use the tool.

So, Marx said that man was created by labor. That what created man. It wasn't God. It was labor. And so that's the ideological justification for the place like Heung Nam Prison, a labor camp. I was just reading yesterday about these three Koreans who came back from North Korea. They were put in a labor camp, a labor camp, to work them to death ... It's really just an excuse to work them to death. But their excuse ideologically is 'You're not a good communist; and so we're going to give you more labor so that you can become more (communistically) human.'

Dialectical materialism

Dialectic ... Dialectic is where you have a thesis and an antithesis, an idea and an opposite idea and out of the conflict of those two ideas, the budding together of those two ideas comes a new thing, a synthesis. Well, that works pretty neatly in conversation, you know, debate. But Marx said that's how everything works. There's always something here and something there and they're in conflict. They fight together and out of that conflict comes something new. That's how everything progresses, through conflict. It's not harmony and balance, unity and union like the Principle says. No. It's conflict.

Do you see what's going on here. It's really just a mirror reflection of the Principle. It's really amazing. And so he said that everything develops this way; and that's why they had to ideological justification that when they wanted to go into a country and convert it to Marxism and make it a communist country, they would go in and they would incite violence pitting one group against another and breed hatred, hatred. You hate him and he hates you; and out of that is going to come some progress. That's what they believe. Progress by hate and violence. I mean, heh heh ... Can we see what's going on there? It's just a mirror reflection of the Principle...

And here's Marx's example. He used this example, he did. And here's this cute little chick. How cute can you get? And Marx sait that this is a perfect example of dialectical materialism. See this chick here? He's oppressed by that shell. That shell is oppressing that chick. And he's got to engage in violent revolution to throw that shell off and get out of there and have his freedom. And that's what all us workers have to do the same, go out and throw off all those governors and all those rich business men of our oppression so that we can have our freedom, violent revolution. That's what we need, just like this chick.

No appreciation for the, heh heh heh heh, service of that shell to protect the chick while it was an embryo growing inside the shell. No, we don't think about that, what a valuable thing that shell is. And he even talked about an earthworm. He gave the example of an earthworm. He said at one end of the earthworm is the mouth and at the other end of the earthworm is the anus, where the food comes out. He said the ends of the earthworm are in conflict with each other. Really? Okay.

And he saw nations coming the same way. He didn't see nations coming together and cooperating with harmony and trade agreements and working together to make something better. No. No. No. It's conflict that makes nations go forward. We need to breed conflict. One nation against the other and so on, just the opposite of Principle.

The economic theory

And the economic theory. I don't know in North Korea if they still use this. Obviously in China and in Russia too they've thrown it out as well as a lot of Eastern European countries; but the traditional orthodox Marxist theory is so wild, right? For example, a wristwatch... If you go to Walmart and look at the wristwatches, you're going to pick one out that you like by the way it looks, the way it feels, you like the color and the clerk said it keeps good time and yeah ... So you buy this one instead of that one because it's got some better features. Well, that's not how it works according to Marx. No. That's the exploited way, under capitalistic exploitation. And profit is evil. Even today, in some businesses they say profit is evil. I'm telling you Marxism is being taught today in American public schools

Anyway, Marxist economic theory goes like this: That watch, let's say it had $2.00 worth of materials in it and it took two hours of labor for somebody to make that watch. So, $5 an hour, that's $10 of labor and $2 for material, so that watch, the labor and the material, the labor hours and the materials add up to $12. So, the price of that watch is $12. That's it. Two hours of $5 labor and $2 worth of material. That's the price of the watch, $12. It doesn't matter if the watch is pretty. It doesn't matter what color it is. It doesn't matter if it fits your wrist. And it doesn't even matter if it keeps good time. It's $12. That's it; because it's labor value that makes the price of the thing.

I heard (Bill Leigh gave the example and Tom Ward) that back in I think it was the 1930s, they wanted to make a lot of gloves for the people's hands in Russia or Siberia or Ukraine, somewhere where it was really cold. So they measured a whole lot of people's hands. They measured, right? They measured the thumb and the fingers. And they came up with an average hand size. Statistics, right? And they made kajillians of gloves that fit very few people; because who has an average hand? But it doesn't matter because the gloves are $5.00; because of the labor value that went into it. It doesn't matter if it fits anybody. So, you can see how crazy this is and why countries kind of ran away from this.

I heard (and I can't co‏nfirm this but) there was a debate in Japan, maybe between CARP students and Marxist students ... And it got really hot over there. People were beat up and killed. Maybe between the Marxist campus organization and the CARP organization and other freedom groups. And they had these discussions on the campus. And the communist people would discuss with the CARP students or whoever it was. And the free market people said to the communists, 'Well, you say that the whole world is going to be communist, but we know that you don't really use Marxist economic theory to set your prices. You look at market economy prices. You look at what the price is at Walmart in the United States and you just backtrack and recalculate the price to fit the market place in the market economy. That's what you're doing, really. You know that we know that. So, if the whole world becomes communist, how are you going to set the prices for things?

And I guess the Marxist student was more honest than he should have been and he said, 'Well, we're going to keep one country capitalist so that we can figure out the prices. I don't know if that's a true story or not. Maybe it was just a joke in the presentation.

Anti-family -
It breeds exploitation
Anti- God

Of course, they're against capitalism and even against the family. Is this a mirror reflection of the Principle or what? Marxist doesn't say that the family is a school of love. Oh, no. The family is competition for the government. Not only that, the family breeds exploitation. It teaches the husband to exploit the wife and the parents to exploit the children. It's the breeding ground of exploitation. We've got to get rid of the family. No. We don't like it. I mean, is this the dark side or what? And of course, it's against God.

So, how's this playing out today in contemporary society? The war is really hot, distracting people away from God's providence, getting people's minds and hearts in some other place so that God and True Parents can't use them. What's going on today? Is there really a war; or is it just Dr. Michael? He's such a radical, old fashioned right-wing Moonie. I don't know ... I don't think he ... He's stupid.

Ridicule religions

porn industry/human trafficking
drug culture
Legalized abortion (60 million killed)
Condom hand outs in schools

Separation of church and state
Prayer out of the schools
Christianity out of public
God off the money
Christmas out of public
Godless evolution
Legalized abortion (60 million killed)
Condom hand outs in schools
Christianity out of public
God off the money
Christmas out of public
Godless evolution


Well, look at all the moral relevatism. 'Don't trust your parents and all that religious stuff. You decide what's true. Everybody should make up their own definition of what's right and wrong.' That's what the schools are teaching people. They ridicule religions, especially Christianity The porn industry, human trafficking. It's all good; it just depends on the circumstances and which side you're on. Drug culture. Sexual revolution, right? I should have put the porn industry under that.

Secular humanism and the separation of church and state. That's not what the government had in mind at all. They had a prayer room in the capitol building. They started every day with prayer. They were trying to keep the government out of the church; but somehow we let people completely spin it around 180 degrees. Now it's 'Get the church out of the government.' That never was the idea. And prayer out of the schools. Yep. Unless you're a Muslim. Then, we'll give you a room where you can prayer five times a day. We don't want to interupt your life. And legalized abortion for any reason whatsoever. 'I just don't want this kid.' And we killed 60 million babies since 1973. Well, since 1973, we lost a hundred million people because a lot of those people would have had babies by now grown up. Condoms. Hand out those condoms in schools, right? Get free from religion. We don't want to see that in our face. Get God off the money too. By the way, we don't want to hear about Christmas. You have to find a Christian radio station nowadays. You hear about Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer; but you won't hear about Christmas unless you find a Christian radio station. They'll probably get rid of those one of these days too. And the Godless evolution. Evolution, that explains the whole reality. Darwinian evolution, survival of the fittest and random, accidental mutation.

And communism was heralded as 'scientific socialism.' That's what it is. It's scientific. Well, let me tell you, as far as Darwin evolution, random acts of mutation, and a scientific socialism, that's all based on 200-year-old science, or at least 150-year-old science. And today's science is coming down real strongly on the side of the Principle and the truth and God. We don't have to be embarrassed or ashamed or shy at all. These people are going to have no place to go. They already don't but they're holding on to this whole thing with white knuckles. They're holding onto this lie; and they're trying to keep promoting it in the college campuses; because nobody's standing up and shouting and screaming. I mean, there's 'Pray to You' (not sure what he said). They're really good. There needs to be a lot more of that; because today's science is squarely disproving Darwinian evolution and random acts of mutation. It cannot possibly explain many things we're finding today with modern science, cannot.

I'm going to show you a little video clip here. Now, this video clip is about the work of one biochemist; and he was an agnostic person who never really thought about it. He said that he just thought that Darwin's evolution theory was probably true. He just didn't really have time to think about it. But in his research he came to find something called .. . He was one of the many people who started to find things called 'molecular machines.' And these things cannot be explained by Darwinian evolution, can't, cannot. And it's pretty inspiring stuff; so I want to show you a little video clip of this guy's work and one of these molecular machines.

(Narrative of that video clip)

(Shows a guy diving backward off a cliff) 'For thousands of years humans have invented ways to propel themselves through air and water; but long before humans invented their propulsion system, nature invented its own methods of moving through a space. Not only can fish and other aquatic creatures but with organisms so tiny that they cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Perhaps the most amazing propulsion system on our entire planet is one that exists in bacteria. It's called the 'flagellum,' a miniature organism driven by a motor with many distinct mechanical parts made of proteins. The flagellum's motor resembles a human-designed rotary engine. It has a universal joint, bushings, a stator and a rotor. It has a drive shaft, and even its own clutch and breaking system. In some bacteria, the flagellum motor has been clocked at a hundred thousand revolutions per minute. The motor is bi-directional and can shift from forward to reverse almost instantaneously.

Some scientists suggest that it operates at nearly 100 percent efficiency. All of this is done on a microscopic scale that is hard to imagine. The diameter of the flagellum motor is no more than five millionths of a centimeter. The bacteria flagellum is one of many molecular machines that scientists have discovered in that last several decades, including energy producing turbines, information copying machines and even robotic walkers.

The bacteria flagellum is literally an outboard motor that bacteria use to swim. It uses a little piece that spins round and around and around and pushes against the water just like a propeller does in an ordinary outboard motor of a boat in our every day world. And the propeller is attached to a drive shaft, which is attached to a motor which has clamps holding it in place and dozens of pieces that are required for it to do its job. It's just a fantastic example of what science has discovered; and that is molecular machines.

Natural selection selects or favors variations that confer a functional advantage on the system. Many of the simpler versions you could imagine on the bacterial flagellum motor perform no function at all. So, imagine trying to build a flagellum motor adding parts one by one until you finally get to the complete system. You're going to encounter configurations of parts that confer no function and with which the motor simply will not work, at which point the evolutionary process will terminate, will cease to exist because the system conferring no function will not be preserved to pass on to the next generation.

end of clip ... So, what's he saying here? He's saying that this little machine here... I mean, this is the skin of a cell (heh, heh, heh, it just incredible) and what he's saying is that evolution happens supposedly when there's something that works but it doesn't work all that well, then by random, accidental mutation something a little better comes along. And because it works better, it multiplies and the weaker version of it dies off.

Then, by some accidental, random mutation, another improvement happens to come along. And then the weaker version again dies off and things improve by this process, right? That's what evolution is all about. And he's saying that either this thing works or it doesn't. It's a complex mechanism here. You can't ... It doesn't evolve. If you imagine a simpler version of this, it won't work at all. So, this is pretty neat stuff, I think. I showed this to our Sunday school class; and they just loved it.

Okay, so much for scientific atheism and scientific atheistic evolution. The dark side is really frantic, frantic. The whole world goes to war.


The Providential Causes of the World Wars

World Wars External Causes -
Conflicts in Politics, Economics, Ideology

World Wars Internal Causes -
God's Providence of Restoration

We see ... I know there are external causes for the world wars, economic causes, politics, they're fighting over land. I understand all that. But somehow there's a spiritual cause behind all of it. And that also tells us some good news. And the good news in that, after talking about the parallels of history and all this stuff over and over and over again many times, I realized that this is good news for us; because many times in those parallels of history the world looked really dark. And there were so many bad things going on. And I'm sure people were wondering, 'What in the world? Is God really with us or not?' But, all the time God had a plan working behind the scenes.

So the point is, no matter what's going on, don't get too consumed and distracted by all the bad things going on in society; because God is working behind the scenes to advance His providence. You need to focus on that. We need to be making beautiful, shining examples of what family is; because let me tell you, Father said something in the garage of Belvedere years and years ago back in the 70s that really blew me away, many times He did but this time too...

He (True Father) said, 'Do you know why society is getting so unPrincipled and collapsing and looking so ugly and dirty and bad?' He said, 'Do you know why?' And of course my ears were up and I said, 'Why? Why?' And Father said, 'Because society has to look at you people as their Abel. They have to look up to you, admire you, look up to you and learn from you.' And Father said, 'If your level of life was up here, then they could just automatically look up to you and follow you and respect you and learn from you.' But Father said, 'Because your level is way down here (and He put His hand down by His knees),' He said, 'society has to go down below you, so that they can look up at you, respect you, admire you, learn from you and follow you.' Boy, that was like getting hit in the face with a truck.

But anyway, the point is that we shouldn't get too distracted by all the horrible things going on in society around us to forget that there's a plan going on We need to be the lighthouse in the storm; because if we don't have beautiful, happy, prosperous Blessed families out there as the storm rages all around us so that people say, 'Wow, you know that family down the street, they're so nice. They have a little get together every Wednesday night at their home. They have tea and cookies; and they talk about marriage and family and kids. I wonder what church they go to. Boy, this is ...' If we don't become those lighthouses in the storm, then the storm has no purpose. What's the purpose of the storm?

So, we need to focus on our mission and our God here and not get too wrapped up in all the bad things that are going on, and then not do our part. So, World War I comes along:

The First World War (1914-1918) 17 million

Summary of the providence in the First World War

ABEL - Democracies vs
CAIN - authoritarian states

ABEL - Imperialists on God's side
CAIN - Imperialists on Satan's side

ABEL - Upholders of Christianity
CAIN - Persecutors of Christianity

ABEL - Britain, U.S., France
CAIN - Germany, Australia, Turkey

You know, World War I ended in 1918. You know, it just happened ... What happened after 1918? FATHER WAS CONCEIVED AND BORN. This was one of the major conditions for Father to be conceived and born. The whole world went to war over that. We don't realize how much ... We don't realize how important Adam is to God; and we don't realize how important Adam is to the dark side. The whole world went to war over this one man. We just don't get it.

Seventeen million people died in that war, not just the soldiers but disease and starvation and all that kind of stuff, because of one man. One man is coming. He's going to change the world. He's going to put an end to this dark side's rule over humanity, eventually. The dark side is willing to risk it all putting the whole world to war over that. Well, the Abel side won, thank God.

World War II ... around the time of MOTHER'S BIRTH and around the time when FATHER STARTED HIS PUBLIC MISSION and, whatever, Satan is just not giving up. He's just frantic.

The Second World War (1939 - 1945) 80 million died

God's side (Democracy - U.S., Britain, France) - won

Satan's side (Fascism - Germany, Japan, Italy) - defeated

1. Fulfilled growth-stage indemnity condition to restore the three blessings.

2. Fulfilled indemnity condition to restore second blessing.

3. Established growth-stage foundation to restore God's sovereignty.

New heaven and new earth under SECOND ADVENT

Growth stage of the dispensation of SECOND ADVENT

The whole world goes to war again, the whole world. When has the whole world been at war? ONLY NOW BECAUSE OF ADAM'S COMING AND EVE TOO. Eighty million people died in World War II, including starvation and disease and all the peripheral, collaterol damage, eighty million people. Now you're talking 9700 million people; and it's not over. How important these people are to God? How important these people are to Satan? We just don't get it.

How about Noah? He (God) was willing to take the lives of everybody in the world just to get one family going, to stand on their own two feet so He could get the providence started. Father told us a number of times, 'I would sacrifice the whole world for you people.' I means for us; we're not even Blessed people. We were just young people. We weren't even matched and Blessed yet. He (Father) said He'd sacrifice the whole world for us. God told Father, remember I told you that God told Father in 1960, 'I'm going to destroy the world.' I don't think we realize how important these people are. They're not just somebody.

The Third World War, is there going to be one? There is absolutely going to be one; because Cain and Abel have to come together, have to resolve this thing.

The Third World War

Is the Third World War inevitable?

God's side - world Democracy - God's unified world

Satan's side - world Communism - Communist unified world

First and second wars divide

Third war - unity (armed ideologically)

Is it going to be just ideological? Well, maybe. We hope so; but if it's not, it will be hot. It will be bloody. It will be ugly. But the thing is that God is not playing around here and neither is Satan's side. And whatever it takes, it's going to happen. And you know, Father wanted to make it a nice, internal ideological, revolitionary war. But He (Father) also told us, 'You cannot win the world on a whiteboard or a powerpoint.' He (Father) told us. He's very practical. He said, 'You've got to have a nation somewhere. You've got to show the example. People have to taste it. People are not looking for the Divine Principle. They don't care about that.' He said, 'We've got to have an example somewhere, where people are living a Principled life so that people can look at that and say 'Hey, what's going on there?'

I told you about this before, right? 'What's going on there. Show us how we can have that kind of society. Wow!' We've got to show the example, just like the lighthouse of the storm are the Blessed families on the block of homechurch. We've got to show the world. We've got to have a strategy. Father had a strategy. Father was a strategic thinker. You know, we've got to overcome the exploding population of the world here. We can't just go and meet somebody once every six months and they become a member and feel good about it. That's not doing the job.

You know, Father's strategy (He had many strategies), the first strategy, the big one was the shortcut, the United Nations. If Father were to be able to be in the United Nations as a representative of Korea, He could have been sitting next to incredible world leaders, religious spiritual leaders at the time, incredible people. And Father would have eventually led them, taught them and raise them up; and Father would have been in a position to teach and have the whole world in His hands. But that didn't happen.

So then, Father tried to unite Christianity so that Christianity could be the army to overcome the exploding world populationg and then embrace the Muslims and embrace the Buddhists and embrace the Confuscians and embrace the Atheists of the world. It's a strategy ... And that didn't work.

And then Father tried to make social organizations, organize the Pacific Rim group of nations. And He (Father) tried to make a Peace U.N., a Women's U.N., anything ... He needed a strategy. God gave the internet. Maybe that's part of it. Of course that can be part of it. We need a huge tidal wave of influence in this world. You can't just teach a few people and think that you're getting somewhere.

Do you know how the population is growing? EVERY WEEK THERE ARE 1.6 MILLION MORE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, every week ... So how are we doing? Every week there's another 1.6 million people. We need a strategy. Well, how about homechurch? That could do it. Homechurch could do it if everybody in your homechurch area takes serious responsibility to go out and make their own homechurch area; and there's a geometric progression to it, right?

Well, how about tribal messiahship? It's not a whole lot different, right? Well, Mother said in Las Vegas just a few weeks ago She said, 'Blessing the 430 is not the idea, you know. Those 430 have to Bless their own 430.' Another words, Mother knows what the score is here. We need a geometric progression. We've got to beat this exploding population.

If we don't do that, you know what God is going to have to do, don't you? God will have no choice but to drastically reduce the population of the choice. He (GodParent) is not going to give up now and walk away from it after all this. You think so? This is serious business, not a game. It could happen by disease. It could happen by a nuclear war. It could happen by a lot of ways. We've got lots of ways today to reduce the world population down to a small number. If we don't figure this out and make a strategy that can win, God will have no choice.

So, here's how the wars stack up. It's kind of neat. See this little chart. Adam, Eve and the Archangel kind of personalities among the Cain and Abel nations. Pretty neat. You all know that.



False Adam (Kaiser Wilhelm) - Adam - Germany - U.S.

Pan Germanism - Eve - Turkey - Great Britain

World Hegemony - Archangel - Austria/Hungary - France & Russia



False Jesus (Hitler) - Adam - Germany - U.S.

Aryan Race - Eve - Japan - Great Britain

World Conquest - Archangel - Italy - France


False Second Coming (Stalin) - Adam - North Korea - South Korea

Aryan Race - Eve - China - Japan

World Conquest - Archangel - Rusian - U.S.




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