Presented by Rev. Dr. Michael Hendrich, Sr.
Transcribed by Airenae Culvy


(caption: IRFF - International Relief Friendship Foundation)

Relief. Helping the poor people with medicine counsel, supplies, food, whatever they need, schools, clinics.


(caption: WFWP Women's Federation for World Peace - Volunteers build housing in Paraguay. Free Medical Clinic in Kenya. Sisters in Ethiopia. - World relief projects for peace in 185 nations - helping the people of families to help them help themselves.)

Kenya, Ethiopia ... The Women's Federation for World Peace, doing all kinds of things, building little factories with old sewing machines, teaching widows from the war how to sew clothes so they could make a living and survive. Doing great things.


(caption: Women's Federation for World Peace International - "The Sun of Mozambique Secondary School" - Jr. High 420 students, High School 180, total 600 -
Guinea-Bissau: "School of Hope" - 40 Women Students
Uganda : "Katwe Parents Kindergarten & Primary School" - 204 Students
Rwanda - "New Hope Technical Institute" - 139 Students
Kenya "Handow Secondary School, Marakusi" - 204 Students
Equatorial Guinea: "Notoko School" & "Motoko Shiroma Kindergarten" - 200 Pupils
Mongolia : Yargui Mothers and Children Education - 51 Students
Uganda : "Kinzinda Parents' Vocational School - 480 Students


 (caption: Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon visiting the WFWP School in Mozambique)

Here's Mother on site.


(caption: Women of Peace - Jerusalem 2004 - ...Building Peace through Hearing and Reconciliation and Doing Service ...

Bridge of Peace, bringing people from enemy cultures together, making lifelong friends out of them. How beautiful.
Brought people to tears. We need more of that. Who's doing all this stuff/ The boy from Korea, called by Jesus.


 (caption: Interfaith Activity - Assembly of the World's Religions - August 24 -31, 1992 - Seoul, Korea - "Religion and the Creation of World Peace" - IRFWP )

Assembling of the leaders of the world's religions. Look at this. Jesus wanted to do this kind of thing. Look at that. All the religions represented there, talking about God and how to bring peace. That should be their job; but who's bringing them together? Father and Mother.


(caption: Banner - Peace Under One God - Jerusalem Peace Walk - 22nd September 2003 - ACLC - World CARP - USP - IEA - Peace Academy - PPI - ... and many other organizations of Father and Mother's founding inspiration... )

And this lady in the middle here in this white gown. She was on every pilgrimage we had here in the Middle East. We went there dozens of times, walking through the streets, meeting with the Palestinians, meeting with the Jews. She had her own Christian following, Christian ? Let's say Spiritual following. She does. Her name's Betty. And she has an internet talk show about every Wednesday, I think it is, to her people.

I don't know how many people she has. They have this little talk show and she wanted to devote a talk show a while back to Nelsen Mandela. He had just died; and they did not even have his funeral yet. And she wanted to devote her show to Nelsen Mandela.

But as she started her show, she started to relate with the spiritual person who gets revelations and messages from the spirit world, communicated immediately with Nelson Mandela and Nelson Mandela said, 'Better, I don't need your help. When I got here to the spirit world, the first person I met was Rev. Moon And the whole half-hour show she devoted to Father, what He's doing in the spirit world, running around and gathering all these leaders. She named them. The whole show was about Father (although she's not a Moonie.)


(caption: True World Fish Processing Plant in Kodiak, Alaska)

Fish companies, learning how to make dried powdered fish that we can keep for years to help nourish starving people.

 (caption: 2003 Peace Cup Korea INFC)


(caption: Asian Cup Winners the Il Wha Soccer Team 'Chonna' )

Presentation55How can we make peace with sports, sweat together, play together, laugh together, fight together, learn to be brothers.


It's not a new idea from Father but His idea of how to do it was new. Some day it will happen. The more I thought about it over the years, I realized that it has nothing to do with the highway. The highway is just an excuse. Nobody's going to drive from New York to London. gonna wear a whole set of tires out and how much gas? How long is that going to take?


The point is that on each side of this highway system that goes all over the world, there's four to five miles of politically neutral zone. That's the novelness of it. That's the novelty of it. On either side of the highway is this politically neutral zone. You don't need a passport. You don't need a visa. And it's a conduit. It's a bloodstream. It's an artery so that people of the whole world can mix together; and it can eventually create a situation where the whole world becomes one culture, one family of man under God. Brilliant! Some day it will happen.

Some rich business man in Russia said he's going to build the Bering Strait bridge or tunnel. Well, we'll see.


(caption: Julia (Hoon Sook) Moon is the General Directer of the Universal BalletPresentation65

The Kingdom of Heaven (on earth) through performing arts, all kinds of performing arts.


(caption: The New York Symphony Orchestra)

You know, a lot of these kinds of projects don't exist anymore. We have the reason that we don't have the money, we don't have the budget. Well, I'm telling you, I want all these young people to look at these things, projects. We have books full of these projects. Father started them all. They need to be going on. If you're inspired by one of these projects, if it really grabs you, then make a goal for your life, 'I want to grow up, I want to master, I want to be a leader in that area and I'm going to start that project up and and carry it on after the work of our Father.


 (caption: The Korean Folk Ballet)


(caption: The Little Angels of Korea)

The Little Angels, world famous. Takes your breath away, especially in person, just takes your breath away.


(caption: Ishin Hospital, Tokyo)



 (caption Unification Theological Seminary - Barrytown, New York) Schools, UTS in Barrytown.


 (caption: Bridgeport University, Connecticut)

Bridgeport University, just got a new president yesterday. It is highly acclaimed as being one of the broadest kind of diverse colleges around. Well, it's going to go a long way, we hope, in the future.


(caption: Sun Moon University, Asan City)

Sun Moon University...I taught a couple couple of workshops there, magnificent campus.


(caption: The Hyo Jeong Palace Museum at Cheong Pyeong)

And The Palace. He went from a cardboard shack next to a cemetery to this. Who is this man? He's not normal. Mother is not normal either... kind of figure that out... The King of Kings (and Queen of Queens), representatives of all the world coming to pay their tribute



(caption: of robes representatives bearing gifts) and opening this Palace, a Palace for God ... and His Family.

Now, you might say, 'Well, this family is full of trouble.'
Yeah, well, guess what ... Satan is ripping and tearing, determined, desperate, at the price of his life to stop this family; because he knows that when this family figures it out and gets their act together, he's done.

There's no stopping them (true family). The world will definitely be transformed by this family, by the descendants of this family. There is no question about it. They just need to figure out who they are and where they're going and what they're doing and where they came from. They will. It would have been the same story if Jesus had had a family like this. Same story, because Satan is Satan and that's his job.

So, this family is incredibly special, no matter what confusion they have, no matter what mistakes they've made.



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