Presented by Rev. Dr. Michael Hendrich, Sr.
Transcribed by Airenae Culvy


And here is Mother carrying the torch, representing both of Them now (both True Parents), doing the work, Blessing the Blessings, speaking to the world. Here She's speaking in Madison Square Garden again, just like Father did years ago to a full house. God Bless Them!


So, the question is, 'Really? I mean, is it possible? How can They be the Messiah. Come on, it's too big, right? Too big. Who can believe that? It's just too big, right?

See, when I started out, I was talking about young people who didn't know Father until He was old; and this is a real problem. Because, even when I gave much longer explanations of Their (True Parents') Life Course... I mean, some people go for three days with it, right? But still young people would come to me who were skeptical. And they'd say, 'Well, yeah, but you know, other people were in Heungnam Prison and other people lived in shacks and other people suffered with torture and, do you really believe that He's the Messiah?' Even after all explanation ten times more than this. 'Why do you believe that?'

So, I realized, you know, a lot of times you'll ask someone, 'Why do you believe in Rev. Moon?' especially to a young person, but also older people. And you'll say, 'Well, He fought communism, and He came up with this theology, and He started all these projects.' But, you know, that's not it! That's the problem. That's the problem for these skeptical young people. See, it's not what He's done.

Father said, 'If Jesus had never opened his mouth, never kicked over the tables for the money changers, never did any miracles, never confronted the scribes and pharisees, never did anything, but he married John's sister and had his lineage and had his family, we'd have been living in the Kingdom of Heaven before the time that Islam arose. It (Islam) would never have arisen.

So, the point is that it is not what Jesus did that makes him the Messiah. The point is that it's who he is. It's not what he did; it's who he is. And the same thing for True Parents. It's not what They've done. The young people. the skeptical people are right. It's not what he's done that makes him the Messiah.
No, that's not the right viewpoint. I don't think so. IT'S WHO HE IS. It's just WHO HE IS.

Jesus had very little anything, hardly anything when he went to the spirit world ... to show for his life-course mission. He had to come back forty days and re-inspire his disciples to get them going, get them out of their fear of being killed. But there's a billion Christians out there now because of who he is, not what he did.


And the same thing for True Parents. Now we have Adam AND Eve. We have Father AND Mother! IT'S WHO THEY ARE! It's Who They Are. And human history will change dramatically one hundred and eighty degrees; because THEY EXIST; because of Who They Are.

So, if it's not clear yet for some people, I understand that. On the other hand, we've only really hit the highlights. Even in our twelve days, some of us went to Mr. Sudo's one hundred and twenty day workshop. We still didn't cover everything there was to learn.

So, if it's still not clear Who They Are, then my suggestion to you is to grab the shovel and dig. Dig. I've been digging for forty three years. I'm a skeptic? ... not a skeptic, I'm a critical thinker. I want a practical understanding of everything. That's my half German side. I need to understand it. So, I've been digging. My shovel's pretty worn.


Dig through the Cheong Seong Gyeong. Dig through the Books. Dig wherever you want to dig. You'll find more than you're looking for. I did. So, keep digging; and maybe you'll find the assurance or the confirmation that you're looking for.

But see, looking back into the rearview mirror just doesn't do it for some people. That was my experience in Cheong Pyeong. So, I want to take a little bit different approach. I want to look forward instead.

I wrote a little booklet. Rev. Ki Hoon Kim likes it. It's got twenty different areas where True Parents are going to change humanity, the course of humanity, change human history. I'm not going to go through all twenty-eight points but the point is that I want to look forward instead of backwards.

I want to put ourselves one hundred and fifty years forward when the scholars and the historians look back at Rev. & Mrs. Moon, The True Parents; and I believe they're going to know for sure clearly, they're going to announce, proclaim to the world, 'They were the Ones. They were The Ones. They were the Messiah. They were The Return of Christ!' Why?
Because of how the world changed.



You know, Jesus called God 'our Father.' He was the first one to ever say such a thing; and it changed the world.

Well, for example, True Parents brought us the realization of what true manhood and true womanhood really is. We haven't had a clue. The world is totally lost with that. You go to a Muslim world, Muslim culture. They have their idea of a man and a woman. You go to a Hindu culture, it's different. You go to a Buddhist culture, it's different. You go to an African culture, it's different. It's different wherever you go.

We don't really know what it is to be a man or a woman, especially not a true man or woman without any fallen nature. Nobody even has a clue. Nobody is even thinking about that.
Nobody even has a concept; and yet we have a model, we have a model of that Adam and Eve without that fallen nature, who are showing us what an original man or woman are supposed to be.


I mean, like it or not the the world is going to be absolutely revolutionized by that, when they figure out what they're looking at. Absolutely. There's no question about it. It's not a religious question. It's revolutionary.

They clarified the purpose of life. The purpose of life... Ask a hundred and fifty people on the street what is the purpose of life. You'll get a hundred and twenty different answers. Yeah, be happy. Have fun; but what does that mean?


i mean, why are we here? That's the purpose of life. That's the question. Why are we alive? Why do we have this life? People start thinking about it of my age. People haven't got a clue ... 'Well, maybe it's a test. Well maybe, I don't know, we're supposed to suffer and see whether we accept Jesus or not.' People haven's got a clue.

And Father showed us


that it's the three blessings. It's clear. It's simple; but it's profound. Unbelievable. When the world grabs hold of that, when we get it out there and the world gets a hold of it, it's going to revolutionize culture everywhere. People will know what they're doing, where they need to go and where they're coming from, what they need to accomplish.

I mean, a completely different culture will arise from that, from just knowing the purpose of life. It's won't take on quickly. I'm not stupid. It's going to take centuries; BUT it'll happen. IT WILL HAPPEN (A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CULTURE).

HOW TO DEAL WITH SIN? I hear some members, especially older members saying, 'Well, Father discovered the solution to original sin.' Well you know, let's think about that. That's not a complete statement. He (Father) didn't just discover the solution to original sin; He gave us a toolbox for all kinds of sin.

Yeah, original sin, that's heavy lifting; and, thank you so much for that, giving us a way out of the original sin and helping empower us to get out of the midway position; but He (Father) also showed us how to resolve personal sin, collective sin and ancestral sin.

Who's doing that? Nobody. People don't even know how to recognize collective sin. Ancestral sin? maybe some people in the East, not in the West, but it's not really sin (to them). We have a corner on this market. How to heal personal sin even... People don't know. We've got the tools. We've got the mechanism. We've got the mechanics. We've got the strategy. We've got what we need.

You can't find it anywhere. it's revolutionary. It's going to revolutionize religion. When people see the results of it, it's going to revolutionize everybody. It just takes time, two or three hundred years, you watch!

Unbelievable! Any one of these things is going to revolutionize the future of humanity, any one of them. That's what I'm talking about. Perfection for all people, without being an aesthetic monk or something. I mean perfection for the bank president, the politician, the professor, you know. The baker, the garbage man, the homemaker, the janitor at school, perfection for everybody. It doesn't matter who you are.

Anybody can become perfect. They don't need to give up their humanity and go meditate on a rock somewhere. This is revolutionary, absolutely revolutionary. People are going to be banging, pounding on the door to get in here when they realize what we've got.

How to reach perfection ... perfected relationship with God and one another with perfected love and heart without having to become a monk. I mean, if you don't think that's going to change humanity, holy smokes.


Redefining the nature and personality of God. Father just blew that out of the park. I mean, Jesus said, 'God is our Father.' Well, that was profound enough, right? It made a big wave. It made a wave that influenced the entire history of humanity. God is our Father. That's what Christianity is all about.

But Father redefined God in dozens of ways. He made a crystal clear window into the reality of God. He this and this and this and this and not this and this and this. It's unbelievable ... It's unbelievable! Just clock forward two or three hundred years and just imagine what that's going to do when people figure it out.

We've got to get off the couch and let people know. The problem is that they don't know and they're not going to know until we tell them. But when they get a hold of it, it's going to ignite a wildfire. It's going to ignite a reformation like the world's never even dreamed of.

Redefining God. And this is going to save the atheists and the marxists too because they think God is so ugly and fearsome and angry and fallen and bigoted that they don't want anything to do with Him. But when they realize how warm and fuzzy He is, how loving He is, how forgiving He is and how kind He is and how lovable He is, it's going to let them out of their prison and liberate them to embrace the Living God. It's huge. It is HUGE. It's huge.

We're the ones promoting the end of religion. You know, the atheists, they hate religion. They're trying to get rid of it themselves; but we're working on it too. We're saying, 'Hey, we want to make a world where we don't need it anymore.' What great news to everybody, those negative people anyway, who think religion has been a bad influence on the world. We've got a lot of things to repent for; but the thing is that we're working for the end of it.

Who's doing that? Is the Pope doing that? Is the Dali Lama doing that? Is Rick Warren doing that? Nobody's doing that. It's revolutionary, totally revolutionary. Who ever heard of it? We're trying to put ourselves out of business, trying to make a world where we don't even need it anymore, don't need religion. Whaa... You can really open the door for people. This just really gets their attention.


You know I was an industrial design major in college. I mean, that's my gift. That's my talent. I could have been famous at it, or whatever; but in that kind of field you have one foot in the art world and one foot in the engineering world. And the point is that, at one point, I had to take a philosophy class; and I wasn't happy about that. I had already had some philosophy. I didn't want any more of it. I was sick and tired of it.

But I looked through the catalogue and they had a class called 'The Philosophy of Beauty.' And I thought, 'Wow, that's for me. That's the class I want to take. I want to know what beauty is. Let's go.' So, I sat in the class; and the first day the professor came in and he said to everybody, 'Well, nobody agrees about what beauty is. So, if you write a good paper, you'll get an 'A' from me.'

And I thought, 'What a waste of time, again. But he's right. If you go on google, you'll find out. There's no agreement. There's dozens of theories about what beauty is. But you open the Unification Thought book and read the theory of beauty if you can get through it; and it is incredible.

It's so incredible. It's so revolutionary. It's mind boggling, based on the family. And it moved me so much that I summarized it, made it plain English; and I went around my state where I was serving at the time, typed up a copy of this thing, staped it together and went to find all the professors that I could find who were teaching a class like that.

I found this one professor. He had really thick glasses. He was almost blind. He had this big thick contraption so that he could read books. You know, they didn't have computers at that time. And I gave it to him. I said, 'Here sir, could you read this and I'll come back in a month and see what you thought of it.' And he took it.

I came back a month later; and he greeted me at the door and said, 'Where did you get this?' Just like that, 'Where did you get this?' It just blew him away. He knew all the great philosophere, Socrates and Aristotle and Plato and everybody. He knew all the great philosophies out there; but he said, 'Where did you get this?' Blew him away. We don't know what we got. We don't know what we've got.


I'm not going through all the 28 things, don't worry. Change in the blood lineage. There's some hints about it in the Bible you know; but nobody's noticed it. Jesus said, 'You are of your father, the devil; and your desire is to do your father's will.' Your father and my Father, we're of different lineage.

The Bible says that we're adopted. St. Paul says we're adopted children of Christ, right? Children of God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We're adopted. Father said, 'That means we're not of the same lineage. We're adopted.' Baptism, Holy Communion, it's all about lineage. We didn't know. We didn't notice. (He shakes his head)

Who can fix that? Who can fix that? Only new Parents can fix that lineage problem. We're not adopted. We're engrafted. It's different. It's revolutionary. For the first time, we have people who can get out of the midway position, eventually. Never in the history of humanity could we have that. How revolutionary is that?


Who has the answer, 'What's good and evil?' Now the schools are telling the kids, 'Forget about all this religious stuff and all this mumbo jumbo your parents taught you. You decide for yourself.' That's probably a reason for all the violence we're having right now in society.

'You decide for yourself what your morals are and your ethics, your values. Don't listen to these other people.' That's where it's going. That's what Satan is doin. That's what's Satan's trick, distracting people away from the providence.

But it's making a good opportunity. Here's Father standing up and saying, 'It's right here, as clear as crystal, good and evil. If it's for someone else's benefit, even at your own expense, it's good. If it's for your benefit, especially at someone else's expense, it's not good.' Clear. Or you can go deeper and say motivation, direction and purpose; but it's very clear.


Philosophy classes are beating around the bush. I took philosophy classes. Over and over again, they can't figure it out. They just can't hit the center where the Principle goes right in the middle and answers the question. It's revolutionary.


Is there anybody in the world who believes in God and knows His broken heart? Nobody, but nobody, not like Father, not like Mother. Nobody. There's nobody. It's revolutionary, totally revolutionary. That alone is going to change the history of humanity because it gives me value.

More suicides in South Korea than any other country of the world, I hear. People don't know the value of their lives. People are blowing other people away because they want their tennis shoes or sun glasses. We don't know what the value of life is. When you learn God's broken heart, you start to realize a lot of things including the value of our life.

It's enormous, enormous. We're in for a renaissance and a revolution and a reformation that the world hasn't even begun to imagine; and you're going to lead it, your children will lead it.


Who ever heard of it, absolute sex? I mean, we are using and abusing sex every which way except the way that God intended, every way, every imaginable way. I don't think we've left any stone unturned. We've got it figured out how to ... We are using and abusing sex every way God had in mind, the coming together of His pure, unadulterated perfected Heart as a pure masculine and feminine coming together and such an ecstatic experience with God in the middle of it.

Who could imagine, can't even imagine. Father said, 'If you could get a glimse of the kingdom of heaven, your knees would collapse; because it's so different than anything you've ever imagined or experienced.' He said, 'Fallen humanity can't even imagine the kingdom of heaven, can't, cannot.

How revolutionary they are .. I only did a few, but any one of those things is going to change the history, the course of humanity, going forward, going forward. So, if looking in the rearview mirror doesn't do it for you, maybe looking through the windshield at the future. Put yourself in the windshield and look back.

What do you think people are going to say? Of course, we've got to get off the couch. I mean, nothing is going to happen without us opening our mouths, you know? But it will happen. Spirit world is not going to let us sit on it too long. So, the world's going to change.

So, if it's not clear yet Who Rev. & Mrs. Moon are, well, I don't know what to do for you. But dig. If you dig, the answer will come. I think you'll figure it out. They're definitely the new Adam and Eve to lead the way to the future!

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