Chapter 1 True Parents
Section 1. The Identity and Role of the True Parents ... 137
Section 2. The Emergence of the True Parents ...144
Section 3. Proclamation of the True Parents and the Three Great Subject Partners Principle ...154

Chapter 2 True Parents and the Messiah
Section 1. The Hope of Humankind ...163
Section 2. The Second Coming of Jesus and the True Parents ...169
Section 3. The Messiah Becomes the True Parents ...175
Section 4. True Parents and Family Salvation ...180

CHAPTER 3 True Parents and Rebirth
Section 1. The Path of Rebirth and Restoration ... 184
Section 2. Our Rebirth and Change of Lineage ...190
Section 3. Restoration of the Right of the Eldest Son, the Right of the Parents and the Right of the King ...198

CHAPTER 4 True Parents and True Children
Section 1. The Life Course of the True Parents ... 208
Section 2. The Responsibility and Authority of the True Parents ...215
Section 3. True Love, True Life and True Lineage ... 220
Section 4. The Way of a True Child ... 224
Section 5. Learning and Inheriting the True Parents' Heart ...226

CHAPTER 5 Inheriting the Victory of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind
Section 1. The True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind ...232
Section 2. Representative Families of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind ...238
Section 3. Inheriting the True Parents' Realm of Victory ...242
Section 4. Inheriting the True Parents' Tradition ... 245
Section 5. Inheriting the Teachings of the True Parents ...250


CHAPTER 1: True Parents

Section 1.The Identity and Role of the True Parents

1 Where did I begin? I began with a title, True Parents, which is truly amazing in itself. I am pursuing God’s Will. True Parents are the standard representing the ideal purpose and the point of its realization. When Adam and Eve realize the ideal of love and stand as the Parents in God’s direct dominion, God’s Will is fulfilled and the ideal of creation is completed. Please understand how remarkable it is that I have come to the earth and established the name True Parents. For fallen people, the name True Parents is the most blessed among names. This discovery has greater value than recovering a lost nation, or gaining the world itself. This name has a value greater than anything in heaven or on earth. (127-221, 1983.05.08)

The meaning of the title “True Parents”

2 For God’s Will to be realized, Parents need to comenot fallen parents, but True Parents. You cannot just accidentally stumble upon the words True Parents. This is something that did not emerge in history until now. Its impact will be far beyond that of a revolution. It is a momentous event, akin to a miracle. The reason we can use the title True Parents, especially the word “true” is because they emerged possessing a love that surpasses the love of the countless parents that have come and gone, a love that has never before seen expression. This is the standard they represent, and that is why we can use the name True Parents. (067-225, 1973.06.27)

3 Our Unification Church members habitually speak the words “True Parents.” These are simple words, but truly amazing words. In all history, no book has contained these words. This is a term that we Unification Church members alone know and use. Christians have known throughout their history of two thousand years that the first ancestors fell. Given this, they should have known from the outset that fallen parents are bad and false parents, and that parents who have not fallen are good and true parents. And yet Christian doctrine has not clarified this issue. This is because humankind has had to wait for this time, when this insight could be revealed. Even if, in the past, there were those who thought of the term True Parents, they would have had no basis to understand what was behind it. That comes only through understanding the vast and profound contents of the Unification Principle. Therefore, no one else has authentically been able to utter the simple words “True Parents.” (201-060, 1990.03.01)

4 That which is true reaches the whole world; it is absolute throughout history. It encompasses the past, present and future. Therefore, that which is true is the fruit of history, the center of the current age and the starting point of the future. That is the significance of the True Parents, who have emerged in the Unification Church. They are the Parents of humankind. They have emerged in accordance with God’s Will. A true family is a family that has inherited the will of the True Parents and a true tribe is a tribe that makes True Parents its center. Knowing this, please become true people. A true person is one who loves the nation, loves the world and loves God. (35-342, 1970.11.01)

5 God can give you the best gift in the world. It is to make each of you an ancestor of humankind, a true mother or true father. There is nothing higher. Even being a cabinet minister or the president of a nation does not match that. This is the greatest gift God can give you. When there are True Parents, there will naturally emerge true children, true families, true tribes, true nations and a true world. This is the importance of the name True Parents. (125-117, 1983.03.14)

6 What can we clearly understand from the term True Parents? The Fall of the first human ancestors occurred as a result of an illicit sexual relationship; this resulted in our lineage having nothing to do with God or the True Parents, through whom God intended to manifest the ideal of creation. That is, we inherited the wrong bloodline. For this reason, the term True Parents signifies two things in relation to God’s Will. First, all people in history, including our first ancestors, will separate from the false lineage. Second, a new love, life and lineage will begin, connected with God and based on a new original root. (201-061, 1990.03.01)

7 Everything begins with the True Parents: the ideal history, a new culture, love, life, family, nation and world—in other words, the heavenly kingdom of God’s love. The name True Parents is not just something you can casually talk about based on your own understanding. It represents a position that countless people, sacrificed as offerings through their blood, are crying out to reach. (67-227, 1973.06.27)

8 Both God and Satan fear the name True Parents. True Parents know that their words will judge their followers who, like all human beings, are in the fallen realm. Why does Satan fear the name True Parents? It is because when people believe and follow True Parents words, everything Satan has will come to destruction. Therefore Satan always tries to block the way of the True Parents and hopes they will come to grief and ruin. (65-277, 1973.01.01)

9 We can achieve oneness with God in heart only through True Parents. Through True Parents, the original lineage and original character will begin, language will return to its original starting point, our daily lives will return to their original form, the original nation will be established and the original world will be realized. True Parents are the core encapsulation of everything. True Parents are the ones who can determine everything. This is why we need to inherit their thought in its entirety. We will have to inherit everything from them: their heart, character, and their views on life, on the nation and on the world. Otherwise, we cannot stand in the central position. (28-248, 1970.01.22)

10 If we had had unfallen parents, we could have attended God as our Father- He would have been our vertical Father in true love. This is a great discovery. In relation to God, who is the vertical Parent, Adam and Eve were supposed to stand at a perfect ninety- degree angle. They were to have become the True Parents of humankind by attaining perfection centered on original true love. When the horizontal parents' love, life and lineage are united with God’s love, life and lineage, then heaven and earth are united in virtue. This harmonious union gives birth to each one of us. (198-303, 1990.02.05)

11 God assumed the form of Adam and Eve because He needed a body through which He could become the ancestor of humankind. Adam and Eve were created with an inner mind, a spirit self, and an external body. The mind and the body have to unite. How can they unite? The mind is vertical, and the Creator, God, is the True Parent based on vertical true love. Adam and Eve, who are like the Creator's body, are the True Parents based on horizontal true love. The vertical True Parent, the Creator, becomes one with the horizontal True Parents, Adam and Eve, based on love. (223-237, 1991.11.10)

12 True love between the vertical True Parent and the horizontal True Parents always takes the shortest route at the highest speed. Thus, God’s true love descends to earth vertically, over the shortest distance. Love between a man and woman, likewise, moves in a horizontal line, traveling the shortest distance. When vertical true love meets horizontal true love, that intersecting point inevitably forms a ninety-degree angle. Those two lines of love cannot intersect without forming a ninety-degree angle. Since God is our vertical True Parent based on true love, He is very close to each one of us. Thus, once we welcome the perfected human ancestors, namely Adam and Eve, as our True Parents, we meet at the intersecting point between God’s vertical true love and the True Parents horizontal love, which forms a ninety-degree angle. (201-212, 1990.04.09)

The past, the present and the future

13 When you pray you say, “We are the fruit of six thousand years of history;” but how are you the fruit of six thousand years? You are simply your parent’s children. Yet since you are connected to True Parents, you can be a fruit of history and a starting point of the future. Thus, your hope is not in the future, but in the True Parents. The world will become one based on everyone's unity with the True Parents. (30-237, 1970.03.23)

14 When you unite with True Parents, the nation, the tribe and the family can emerge. True Parents embody in substance all the glory and values of heaven and earth. Would you exchange True Parents for all the money in the world? Can you purchase them with your life? You are now living in a different time. Wherever you go, you should attend True Parents. Beginning with your sons and daughters, your descendants should do the same in the generations to come. (30-237, 1970.03.23)

15 True Parents are the core, the center, who can determine the standard of value of all that is in motion in heaven and on earth. I am saying that they are the measure of value that is the hope of all beings. This is true because God is such a being. He is the origin of the Principle, the center of all ages and eras, and the owner of the future. He seeks to harvest the fruit of history. True Parents are the central headquarters in which God dwells. (30-237, 1970.03.23)

16 What will be at the core of history, the present era and the future? It is the true man and true woman. They should be the center of a global teaching that bears the fruit of history with respect to history, connects this age to all ages with respect to the present, and creates the forthcoming era with respect to the future. The viewpoint and motivation of that true man and woman would be to live a meaningful life for the sake of the world. Their loving each other would also be for the sake of the world, and their having sons and daughters would spur them to love the world more. (25-147, 1969.10.03)

17 True Parents are the central figures who judge history, govern the present time, and pioneer the future. To receive True Parents has been the desire of all people throughout history. True Parents come to this earth to represent God's Will. Then what is it that they are meant to accomplish? They fight against Satan’s world and attain dominion over all things. They destroy Satan, who governs the human world, and they attain an absolute position from which they govern even the myriads in the spirit world. This is the mission of the True Parents. That is why God has been paving the way by which He can send them to earth and restore a world wherein all things of creation, humankind and Heaven are united. (13-281, 1964.04.12)

18 Due to the Fall of the first ancestors we lost the hometown, the nation and the world. Furthermore we lost God and even God’s love. True Parents are the starting point to regain all these essential and magnificent things. What is the purpose and desire of God, who has led His providence throughout history to this day? It is to find the True Parents, and thus He has been leading the history of indemnity since the Fall. It is for this same purpose that countless Christians have been longing in hope, waiting for the day of the Second Coming. For this purpose many religions are also longing for this day. Thinking of this, True Parents’ birth on earth is a fearsome yet marvelous event. (67-227, 1973.06.27)

19 Study of the providential ages leads us to understand that the providence of restoration is completed in the Last Days. As the Last Days approach, religions move closer to realizing their purpose, which is the coming of the Parents—not any parents, but the True Parents. As the Divine Principle teaches, True Parents are those who have realized the ideal of oneness based on God’s love. They have fulfilled their responsibility by passing through the realm of indirect dominion based on their accomplishments according to the Principle, and into the realm of direct dominion. They are the first parents in history to establish the ideal of oneness in love between God and humankind. God’s ideal of love finally begins to settle on earth through the True Parents' family. (143-076, 1986.03.16)

20 What was God’s ultimate purpose in guiding the history of restoration? It was the advent of the True Parents. True Parents are required to represent a true family. A true family is required to represent a true tribe, a true tribe to represent a true people, a true people to represent a true nation, and a true nation to represent a true world. In this way history will advance. If we look at this process the other way around, a nation should be sacrificed to represent the world, a people should be sacrificed to represent the nation, a tribe to represent the people, a family to represent the tribe, and a representative person should be sacrificed for the family. This process culminates with the True Parents. (25-017, 1969.09.21)

21 We are living a life fraught with struggle between good and evil. Then, when will this fleeting, temporary life transform into a permanent, eternal life? At what point in time will this transformation occur on the national and world levels? Where do these issues originate? All problems came about due to the Fall of Adam and Eve, who became the false parents. Consequently, problems of the heart, of lineage, of character, of language, and the problems of daily life arose, as well as problems affecting nations and the world. Then how can we fulfill our desire to resolve these accumulated problems all at once? It requires a true standard. But this is not to be found within the tribe, society or nation, or even within the world. Because the origin of all problems is the false parents, only a connection with the True Parents can lead us to a solution. (28-247, 1970.01.22)

22 Even if all the parents of the billions of human beings were to resurrect this instant, not one of them would manifest the glory of True Parents. Even if all the ancestors of millions of generations were to come back to life and sing praises over the glory of their resurrection, the song and the glory still would not be free from the fallen realm. What of the name True Parents, which we use in the Unification Church? Although your current situation may be miserable, you can be proud of these words. Their value exceeds your value, and even that of hundreds of millions of ancestors bringing victory throughout the earth, proclaiming liberation for all people, singing songs of praise and shouting of glory. Meeting the True Parents will start you on the path to meeting God, and meeting the Unification Church will start you on the path to God’s kingdom, the homeland that True Parents desire to see in the near future. (138-106, 1986.01.19)

True Parents are the Savior and returning Lord

23 The Messiah is in the position of Adam who has perfected God’s love. He comes with the qualifications of the original Father. Therefore he will choose a woman in the position of the Mother, and based on the foundation of God’s original love, they will secure the rights of ownership for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. Centering on true love, the Messiah claims the right of ownership from individuals, families, tribes, citizens and nations, and then returns it to nations, citizens, families and individuals. (129-194, 1983.11.05)

24 If the original love of the Messiah had been established from the individual to the nation, and if it had spread to Rome and to the world, there would be no need today for the concept of the returning Lord. But there is no country on earth that has passed through such a course. Even the countless Christian churches do not belong to the realm of ownership according to God’s principles of love. In short, the heavenly kingdom does not exist on earth. When we consider this, how great and amazing is the name True Parents! It is only through them that we can lay the foundation, pierce through the fallen domain of Satan’s world, and go up from there. (129-194, 1983.11.05)

25 What is the purpose of the Second Advent? It is the coming of the True Parents. The returning Lord and his bride are the True Parents. The Messiah means the True Parents, who are the final destination of human history. One united world can come about only when all people, who are wandering about like orphans without a nation, come to the True Parents. That is how the world becomes one home. In this world of True Parents there is no devil. This is the viewpoint of the Principle. When the True Parents appear, Satan will ultimately have to withdraw. God wants the True Parents to appear on earth and defeat Satan. God wants to lay that foundation. (202-348, 1990.05.27)

26 True Parents must emerge in history. The one who carries out this historic mission is the Savior and the Messiah. What does he save? Not our physical bodies by making them last forever. Rather, he enables us to fulfill our hope for ideal love. To achieve this, the Messiah must come as the True Parents. Christianity teaches that Jesus is the Messiah and Savior. What does he need to do in order to come as the True Parents? We know he cannot do it alone. He comes as a man representing the True Father. This is why Jesus said that he was the only begotten Son of God. When the only begotten Son comes, it will not suffice if he is alone. There has to be the only begotten Daughter. The only begotten Son and Daughter would love and marry each other, at the place where all can rejoice with God. Upon their marriage, God, the vertical Parent, would rejoice, and the only begotten Son and Daughter would rejoice as the bride and bridegroom. Then, as the horizontal Parents, they would give birth to children on earth. (58-218, 1972.06.11)

27 The returning Lord of whom Christians speak is he who comes with the hope of establishing the most victorious of all families. Then, where is his beginning point in life? It is not based in the family, but in all of heaven and earth. Wherever he goes, that place will represent heaven and earth; everything he does will have historic value. All his footsteps, from the smallest to the greatest, will bear value higher than anything else in history, and will remain eternally. Even something as small as a piece of paper that he used will remain as a historic artifact. Everything related to him will have the value of the world and the cosmos. (027-015, 1969.11.15)

28 Study of the world’s religions reveals archangel-type religions and Eve- type religions. But Adam must emerge before Eve. In Christianity he is called the returning Lord. Who is the returning Lord? Jesus Christ was the second Adam, who came due to the failure of the first Adam; the returning Lord comes as the third Adam. Adam is the man who was supposed to become the true ancestor of humankind. Yet as a result of the Fall, the first Adam became our false ancestor instead. Jesus came in place of Adam, as the new ancestor, but could not completely fulfill that purpose. Christianity is the fruit of that incomplete ancestry. Because a clear ancestral line did not emerge because Jesus was unable to establish the bond of the bridegroom and the bride on earth, the Parents did not come. Without establishing the position of Parents, how could Jesus become the ancestor of humankind? Lacking any alternative, Jesus became the Parent in a spiritual sense. (50-060, 1971.10.31)

Section 2. The Emergence of the True Parents

1 Throughout history, men and women were brought together. However, their connection should have taken place at a single starting point, with the True Parents at the center, and history should have begun with the True Parents as its origin. In other words, if history had begun correctly through Adam and Eve, it would have resulted in a world of eternal goodness. Because history became twisted, its origin has to be re-created. This entails dealing with the history that has transpired thus far. To straighten out this history, one man and one woman, as a couple, should become the True Parents. Without them, the human race cannot pass into a new age in history. This is what the Unification Church actually has to do. My responsibility in guiding the Unification Church is to secure the position of the True Parents. This is an important mission that no one has thought of until now. (25-024, 1969.09.21)

Preparing the way for the True Parents

2 What was God’s desire before the Fall of Adam and Eve? It was that Adam and Eve give rise to a true bloodline, centered on the original True Parent, which was to grow into a tribe, people, nation and world. Thereby, God desired to establish the kingdom of heaven as the ideal of His creation. But the human Fall shattered the ideal for the Parents and for the children. In the end, the world became the way it is today. No one living on earth has ever had blood ties with True Parents. Hence, given the current state of the world, no one can directly relate to God. The returning Lord is the one who comes as the True Parents. Therefore, the six-thousand-year history has been God’s work to restore the lost standard of the True Parents, that is, the standard of perfected Adam and Eve. (15-328, 1965.12.07)

3 According to the principle of restoration through indemnity, the Parents must emerge without fail. How good it would have been if Jesus, a pure bridegroom, had found a pure bride! However, Jesus came on a foundation whereby the stages of formation, growth and completion were not completed during the course of restoration through indemnity; hence, he had to lay a foundation of victory by fulfilling all these stages. In order to create a foundation of victory, both internally and externally, first he had to redeem the sin of fallen Eve, by taking the opposite course. For this, Jesus needed to prepare a room for the bridegroom and to find a bride, but he could not. Hence, Jesus fasted for forty days. This became a source of bitter sorrow for God and for Jesus. The hope and purpose of Jesus’ coming was to save humankind, but due to his death on the cross that task could not be completely fulfilled. Therefore Jesus has to come to earth again. When Jesus returns, what does he need to do first? Rather than meet with his disciples, it is to find his bride. Christianity is this bride who has been waiting for the coming of the bridegroom. (16-182, 1966.03.22)

4 In order for True Parents to come, there should be the foundation of true sons and daughters; likewise, in order for true sons and daughters to come, there should be the foundation of true servants. This is why God has worked in the history of restoration for us to receive the era of the parents after we have gone through the era of the servant and that of the children. People in spirit world have helped us as we passed through and restored the era of the servant, the era of the adopted son and the era of the children, and moved up to the era of the parents. Externally, until the global foundation beyond the national level is established, True Parents cannot come to the earth. (13-281, 1964.04.12)

5 After the two-thousand-year history of the providence through the times of Noah and Abraham, God established the people of Israel through Jacob. He then had this people form a nation. To achieve this, an individual had to confront Satan on behalf of God from the position of a servant and be victorious. Then an individual had to confront Satan and bring victory on behalf of God from the position of an adopted son, and then from the position of a child of His direct lineage. Without this, we could not receive True Parents. This is why providential history has followed the long course from the Old Testament Age through the New Testament Age to the present day. By restoring the position of the servant and the position of the adopted son, God restored the position of the child of direct lineage. This means God could establish the position of the True Parents, which was His purpose in sending the Messiah to earth, only after laying the foundation for that victory. (13-281, 1964.04.12)

6 Jesus, who came two thousand years ago, had to gain victory by fighting as a servant and as an adopted son, and then become a son of God’s direct lineage. This was Jesus' position. After having him go through the positions of the adopted son and son of direct lineage, on the foundation of the people of Israel, he was to establish the position of the True Parents. This was the purpose for which God sent Jesus, and the mission for which Jesus came. However, because Jesus died on the cross, he could not achieve complete victory. Therefore, with the spirit world as the base, God has been pioneering the foundation for True Parents. To this day, He has not yet secured the positions of the individual, family, people and nation. He has had to take a long, roundabout way to establish the individual, family, people and nation that are related to His Will. (13-282, 1964.04.12)

7 As we welcome this global era, God will by all means send the Lord, His promised bridegroom, who will choose his bride and lay the foundation for true victory. God has fought for six thousand years to this day in order to establish the position of True Parents, the original purpose of creation. It is no exaggeration to say that the purpose of the six-thousand-year history of the providence of restoration has been to establish the True Parents. True Parents represent the six thousand years of all providential history. Their absence was the sorrow, pain and tragedy of humanity. (13-282, 1964.04.12)

8 We can look at human history as one history of restoring the position of True Parents. Without this, there can be no true children, and without true children, there can be no true family, no true tribe, no true people, no true nation, and no true world or cosmos. God has toiled for six thousand years to establish this standard. Jesus came to earth two thousand years ago as the first person to manifest the glory of the True Parents. But, since he was the fruit of history, it was not enough that he succeed in this only on one level. He had to carry out the mission not only of the Son but also of the Parents. (13-283, 1964.04.12)

9 On this earth, physically and spiritually, Jesus had to go through the course of restoring the positions of the Son and of the Parents. He had to fulfill his responsibility in both positions to establish the starting point of oneness with God. Only then would Israel have had the foundation for the individual, family, people and nation. Had this come to pass, the standard of the True Parents would have been established, both physically and spiritually. However, the people’s disbelief in Jesus rendered this impossible. In accordance with the Principle of Creation, True Parents are to be blessed by God both physically and spiritually. Yet Jesus was unable to become the True Parent due to the disbelief of the people. Hence, even after he passed into the spirit world, Jesus has been preparing the foundation for people to attend the True Parents. What does this mean? This means that the Lord of the Second Advent should restore the position of the Parents, spiritually and physically. (13-283, 1964.04.12)

10 Since Jesus' death and resurrection, he has been working in the spirit world, not on earth; hence, all Christians have been relating to him as a spiritual Parent. Thus, just as Jesus needed to inherit the blessing from John the Baptist, the Lord who returns to the earth has to inherit Jesus' spiritual foundation, which was achieved on the levels of the individual, family, nation and world. The Lord had to go through that in order to establish the foundation for the True Parents on earth. (13-284, 1964.04.12)

11 To attain the position of the Parents, Jesus, as the bridegroom, had to have His bride. Jesus and his bride, as the ancestors who have nothing to do with the Fall, should have been the True Parents of humanity. Jesus was in the position of the True Father. Yet in order for him to stand as the True Father of humanity on earth, he needed someone in the position of the True Mother. Jesus completed his mission as a son, but he could not find a bride who could become the True Mother. That is why he left the earth, remaining only a spiritual Parent. The resurrected Jesus, as the bridegroom, represents heaven. The Holy Spirit, as his bride, represents the earth. In this way, Jesus and the Holy Spirit established the standard of the spiritual parents. Originally, the husband-wife relationship should take place on the horizontal plane in their substantial bodies. This is the purpose Jesus was originally meant to fulfill. However, since this purpose was fulfilled only spiritually, the spirit world and the physical world could not become one. Thus Jesus, who ascended to heaven as the bridegroom and the Holy Spirit who descended to the earth as the bride have been working together to unite the spiritual and physical worlds. (12-226, 1963.05.15)

12 Had Adam and Eve gone through their childhood and reached maturity in the springtime of their lives, God would have blessed them in marriage. God was meant to wed them at that point in their lives, yet He was unable to do so. Christians refer to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. This term appears in the Revelation to John, the last book of the Bible. What is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb? Adam and Eve, who should have been wed by God six thousand years ago, instead lived together centered on Satan and thus became the evil ancestors. To rectify this, God has to find a new bridegroom and bride in the Last Days and prepare a supper to celebrate their marriage. That is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Through this supper, the True Parents will be born. (23-163, 1969.05.18)

13 Because it is time in history to hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, the world has been changing ever since the Second World War. The United Nations has emerged and changes are taking place throughout the world. After the First World War, the victorious nations abused and ruled three vanquished nations as they wished, but that is not what happened after the Second World War. After the Second World War, the victorious nations liberated the defeated nations. That is because it was time for the Parents to come. The numerous member states of the United Nations are brother nations. Whether big or small, they are all siblings. Hence, through the United Nations all nations should have equal authority, like siblings within one household. The True Parents have to come to the United Nations as flag-bearers of peace. (23-163, 1969.05.18)

14 True Parents are the standard of the ideal world. Thus, their work must begin. True Parents come to connect the people of the world in one heart, to teach what is good and what is evil. They come as the Parents to set a new tradition. In so doing, they will form a new kinship and see the world begin anew. To do this, the Lord will create a new family. This is the returning Lord to whom Christianity refers. (23-164, 1969.05.18)

The background of True Parents' birth

15 As a condition for the returning Lord to be born, there should have been a nation. Yet at the time I was born, the Korean people had no nation. The Lord of the Second Advent had to come, but he had no nation. That is why an independence movement arose in Korea. At the time, there was a nationwide movement in all eight provinces of Korea to recover our nation. This was a confrontation with Satan. I was conceived during that time and born in the first lunar month of the year 1920. Heaven's providence was realized on the foundation of those who shed their blood for the patriotic cause, and on the foundation of the provisional nation that was formed in 1919 through the March First Independence Movement. (229-315, 1992.04.13)

16 Because Eve fell at the age of sixteen, Yu Gwan-soon fought as a sixteen-year- old unmarried woman against the enemy Satan’s nation, Japan, in order to establish Heavens nation. Japan represents a female position. Yu Gwan-soon fought for the independence of her country, Korea. Because its sovereignty had been lost, a conditional foundation had to be established to build God’s nation. On that conditional foundation I was born. I was born into a patriotic family and as I matured, I participated in the independence movement. In history, Eve violated Adam, whereas Yu Gwan-soon, a sixteen-year-old girl, became a sacrifice fighting against Satan’s empire. It is an amazing fact that, on the foundation of her unwavering heart and spirit not to submit, a gate could open for Adam to pave the way forward. Women should inherit Yu Gwan-soon’s way of thinking. She suffered death, but because she was steadfast in her determination not to surrender, she set a condition for me to be born. (236-248, 1992.11.08)

17 Jesus was to have walked a seven-year course from the age of thirty-three, and then attain the position of parent as desired by God. He was then to attain the standard of restoring all things, thereby concluding and completely fulfilling God’s Will by the age of forty. This was the mission that Jesus was to complete. However, he died on the cross, and God’s original Will remained to be fulfilled. Thereupon, the True Parent, the Lord who is to return, has to take responsibility for setting both internal and external conditions to fight Satan; thus, he had to go through a forty-year preparation period, a period of struggle. Although externally it was a forty- year period of preparation, internally it was a period of strife. By laying the spiritual foundation for victory, finally he established the groundwork for the substantial foundation, spiritual and physical, on earth. (13-287, 1964.04.12)

18 You as individuals have not prepared a proper foundation for victory. But through your relationship with the True Parents, by making conditions to unite with them, you can establish the basis for victory on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. That is a seven-year course. Thus, if you establish the national level of victory through your relationship with True Parents, God can finally begin to take dominion over the creation of all things. By having dominion over the creation of all things and establishing Heavens family, God can establish one sovereignty, one people and one land, unshakeable in heaven and on earth. From that moment, when God can begin a Sabbath rest for all eternity, His judgment will commence. (13-290, 1964.04.12)

19 Because the Unification Church has taken responsibility for and upheld God’s Will on behalf of Heaven and True Parents, we have undergone many ordeals. By going through this process, you need to separate yourself from Satan’s world. Further, you should set the standard of true children by which to judge Satan’s world, adopting the model of True Parents' victory. Unless we reach this standard on the levels of tribe, people and nation, we cannot realize God's original Will for True Parents on earth. You who are fighting on my side during this period are representatives of True Parents on the levels of the individual, family, people and nation. As such, you have to take responsibility and fight, not only in Korea but also on the world stage. (13-287, 1964.04.12)

20 You may not know how much I have invested for the sake of the world. How many tears have I shed, how much sweat and blood have I spilled, and how many times have I sighed? My efforts were not just to feed myself or to make myself successful. They were to liberate the earthly world, the spirit world and God. My work is not based on a concept; it has such a historical background. Since I formed a substantial foundation for the ideal in this world, on the actual world stage, I have reached a level where the nations of the world can solemnly bow before me. (210-364, 1990.12.27)

The qualifications to be True Parents

21 When the true son and true daughter join in union for the first time, centering on the True Parent, the horizontal love between a man and a woman and the vertical God come together. This is an historic point, a fountain of explosive love. Then God, who has been striving to realize this ideal of original love, will appear. This fountain was lost because of the Fall. God’s vertical love encounters the husband and wife’s true love perpendicularly at the center, the place of the True Parents, the place that God hoped to see when He created Adam and Eve. In order to be in the position of the True Parents, they should first be a true son and a true daughter, a good man and a good woman. It is to establish the position where a man and woman representing east and west join together, harmonize with all of God’s feelings and thoughts, and have not one shred of guilt. (145-139, 1986.05.01)

22 The position of True Parents, where Adam and Eve have merged into complete oneness centered on God, is free from Satan’s accusation. The True Parents, who are the original starting point, can emerge only when they rise above the completion stage, where there is nothing that Satan can accuse. This is the origin of True Parents from the viewpoint of the Divine Principle. (25-030, 1969.09.21)

23 God worked for six thousand years to prepare the foundation for the coming of True Parents and to have them attain victory during their lifetime. However, the believers on earth failed to unite with Jesus as the spiritual Parent and follow his instructions. As a result, they could not bequeath the spiritual foundation that Jesus had prepared to the returning Lord. Therefore, in order to become the True Father, the returning Lord has to face tests on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world in the spiritual realm. If he fails to prevail and establish a standard of internal victory, a standard of substantial victory cannot be established on earth. Therefore, the Lord inevitably has to wage an internal battle. (13-284, 1964.04.12)

24 The new world begins through the True Parents laying a new foundation on earth. New children, new tribes, new peoples, new nations, a new world and a new cosmos are to emerge through True Parents. This is the hope of God’s dispensation on earth. It is the purpose for which Jesus must come again. However, all this cannot happen in one day. Jesus first has to succeed on multiple paths, as servant of servants, servant, adopted son and son. The foundation that was laid over the course of six thousand years was lost, so the Lord who is to come has to establish the standard of victory by recovering the entire six thousand years during the course of his life. Unless he establishes a true standard of victory by which he can judge history, he cannot emerge with his bride as the True Parents on earth. (17-127, 1966.12.11)

25 I believe that I have devoted myself in prayer more than anyone ever has; I have shed more tears than anyone; and I have repented more than anyone. Also, in terms of passion, I think I surpass everyone. Nevertheless, why am I walking a path that today’s Christians oppose? It is because I have no doubt that my way is correct. No matter how many times I examine and analyze this path, I find there is no question of its veracity. I am convinced that history will work out according to these principles. (17-127, 1966.12.11)

26 A new history begins from the new Parents. History cannot begin anew before the appearance of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Thus, True Parents must emerge and after they fight and defeat him, Satan must recognize the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Before they emerge, the re-creation of heaven and earth is not feasible. With the appearance of these Parents, and once the new heaven and earth are created, a new history can commence. Sons and daughters who have grown up with God will live every aspect of their lives in accordance with God’s Will and possess a new heart, the heart that God desired to see in Adam and Eve at the time of the Creation. Thereby, they will stand in place of Adam and Eve and fulfill what God desired Adam and Eve to fulfill. (17-128, 1966.12.11)

27 True Parents have to overcome all of history. They need to attain such a qualification and overcome the fallen world. They should pave the path for the future. In fact, that is what they have been doing to this day. They deserve respect and honor from others. You should recognize their qualifications. At least some among you should be able to recognize them. That is how you can receive the Blessing from them. Then as husband and wife, you will not fight with each other. How can you fight if you know that what I am telling you about the True Parents is true? (52-098, 1971.12.23)

28 In order to be True Parents, they have to love the world of Cain. The Cain world is the world of the firstborn son, the world of the fallen son. Therefore, unless the True Parents make the condition of giving the love of Heaven fully despite the opposition of this world, they cannot restore Satan’s world. The firstborn son should be loved first. Since Satan is in the position of the first son in principle, he can say, “If God wants to love Abel, He needs to make the condition of loving the first son first. Without showing me such love, there is no way for Him to love the second son.” This is within the Principle. The way of the mother, Eve, is to unite Cain and Abel and bring them to Adam. Without doing so, no matter how much the mother wants to give universal love, she cannot. That is the position she is in. (124-074, 1983.01.23)

29 The Messiah can come only based on the foundation of restoring the lineage through indemnity. In other words, even though the Messiah is born in Satan’s world, in which all people are born with Satan’s lineage, he should be born in an environment that Satan cannot accuse. If he were born in an environment that Satan could accuse, that would contravene the Principle of Creation. Originally, God created Adam and Eve with the support of the archangel, who bowed down to them and presented no opposition. In the same way, in accordance with the Divine Principle, in order for Jesus to be born on earth and emerge as the Messiah, there had to be no condition for Satan’s accusation, even from the time Jesus was in his mother’s womb. (55-296, 1972.05.09)

30 In order for the True Parents to emerge on earth, they should overcome the realm of Satan’s accusation. They cannot appear in a position that Satan can accuse. What kind of being is Satan? He is a spiritual being. Thus, only a person who can stand in the position to subjugate the spiritual Satan can become the True Parent. In order to subjugate Satan, hundreds of billions of people in the spirit world, centered on tens of millions of believers and countless good ancestors, have to unite with this central figure. Without establishing the foundation of victory over Satan’s realm and bringing joy and glory on that decisive foundation, he cannot establish the position of the True Parents on earth. (43-146, 1971.04.29)

The significance of the appearance of True Parents

31 What is the focal point of human desire throughout history, in the current age and for the future? It is a true family with true love at its center. All people throughout history have hoped for a true family. It is the center of hope for this age and the starting point of hope for the future. In other words, it is the fruit of history, the resurrection of history. It is the center of the entire world and the principled beginning point of the future. A true person and that true person’s family can emerge only as the fulfillment of all the hope felt throughout history. The bridegroom comes as a true person with the purpose of having a true family. A true family is formed when the bride becomes one with the bridegroom. (44-132, 1971.05.06)

32 Once the True Parents appear, the purpose of a true person can be fulfilled and a true family established. The title True Parents can be praised eternally—from the past, to the present, and into the future. The fact that the True Parents have appeared on earth, that they are here, is the most joyful gospel of all gospels. In this world where the power of evil has brought about a realm of death and the loss of any sense of direction, people have turned to wickedness. True Parents' appearance in such a world is the fruit of God’s six thousand years of toil. This achievement is not just for the nation of Korea in the present day. Amid the aimless wanderings of countless people, True Parents have emerged as the central model to show the human race its destination and its direction. (44-132, 1971.05.06)

33 The appearance of the name True Parents means that the ideal world of God’s creation indicates the emergence of the eternal heavenly kingdom of the future, which should have begun in the Garden of Eden. This is a historic event, needed at this time and in the future. From the perspective of all ages, the past, the present and the future, the emergence of the name of True Parents means that the center of the universe has appeared on earth. From here history starts anew, is straightened out, and bears fruit. Because history bears fruit from this point on, this is where the past resurrects, the world is unified and put in order, and with this one world as the origin, the kingdom of heaven, which is totally new, is realized. That is why I say that the True Parents must come to the earth. (44-133, 1971.05.06)

34 Throughout the ages in history until now, the hopes of humankind have resided in the future. In other words, we have thought of hope as something belonging only to the future. Thus when we were asked where we were headed, the answer was that we were going toward one world that would be realized in the future. Looking to the future, we have been seeking one world. Therefore, if there is any way for the True Parents to be received by false humankind, everyone will rejoice. This is because the hope of humanity is to meet the True Parents. As True Parents are humanity’s highest hope, their coming marks the moment when the tradition for all time will be determined. True Parents' appearance is the starting point of history s completion, as opposed to just the longing for that completion. In other words, it is not the beginning point of hope, but the fulfillment of hope. (44-133, 1971.05.06)

35 The path God has to go requires that He anchor His ideal on earth. In order to do so, all beings on earth should have the original mindset, but for that we need True Parents. If the True Parents do not appear, humankind will inevitably experience a miserable history. But once they come and make all the necessary conditions for their work by straightening out the history of misery and establishing a proper framework, from that point, the history of True Parents and of true children will begin. However, it cannot begin until the True Parents set the right conditions; neither can the history of true children or a true world. This is because only when the history of True Parents and true children proceed along the right course will it become the history of a true nation and a true world. (25-059, 1969.09.28)

36 When True Parents liberated their own ancestors, they became the True Parents of their family and True Parents of their tribe. Based upon this, they have to become the True Parents of their nation, the True Parents of the world and the True Parents of the cosmos. The cosmic level True Parent is God. The Lord comes as the True Parents on the levels of the world, the nation, the tribe and the family. The True Parents receive God’s direct lineage. Hence, they are the son and daughter of God, who can go to the kingdom of heaven. They can freely give birth to their own sons and daughters. They are the same as Adam and Eve at the time of the Creation. I have already paved the paths that establish the True Parents at the levels of the family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos, but you do not need to do all of that. All you need to do is to be the true parents at the family level. (335-301, 2000.10.07)

37 Throughout history, people have hoped for the True Parents, who transcend history. History until now has looked toward the future, meaning that people pinned their hopes on the future. However, hope in the Unification Church is not pinned on the future but on the past. The past I am referring to is not the past that existed long ago. Rather, it represents a reality transcending time and spacethe fruit of the past, the center of the present and the beginning point of the future. It is the center that integrates the whole. That is why I am saying that it transcends history. (30-236, 1970.03.23)

Section 3. Proclamation of the True Parents and the Three Great Subject Partners Principle

1 Any one of you can become a representative of the world if you wish to. What you have to do is to love the world as God does and love the people of your nation as God does. Do that with the love and heart that God had when He created His own home in heaven and on earth. You each must start with yourself, working hard with blood, sweat and tears, to pass through the process of re-creation. Starting with yourself, each of you should reorganize your clan and connect it to the great way of Heaven. As descendants of the Fall, your mission is to indemnify history. Even though I have walked my path while persecuted and alone, I have risen beyond the national level to the world level. Thus, I need to proclaim the True Parents to the world. When the proclamation of the real True Parents is completed, all of the devils wickedness has to retreat. If you hold on to his wickedness, you will be shattered; lightning will strike you. The spirit world will not leave you alone. (202-107, 1990.05.06)

The conditions needed to proclaim True Parents

2 I proclaimed the restoration of the right of the eldest son in 1988, based on that year’s Olympic Games. I proclaimed the restoration of the right of the Parents and the right of kingship, and the settlement of the right of king-ship both in the heavenly world and the earthly world. What should I do next? The nations of this world have no true owner. Their current owner is Satan. The devils of Satan’s bloodline are the owners. Under the false parent the world has a false climate. In the midst of all this I proclaimed the True Parents. (202-177, 1990.05.20)

3 Despite worldwide opposition, I planted the flag of individual victory and family victory, and laid the foundation to send more than 25,000 families out as tribal messiahs in 150 nations so they could succeed on the levels of the tribe, people and nation. No one can disregard this accomplishment. The Messiah is on the earth, where he will succeed and, centering on his bloodline, the offspring of heaven will grow up and inherit the kingship. When that is in place, Satan cannot oppose me. Satan came into existence because the True Parents had not been proclaimed. That took place at the completion level of the growth stage. Yet the proclamation of the True Parents occurs at the completion level of the completion stage, when True Parents emerge and fulfill their portion of responsibility. They are to realize an ideal family of love after passing through the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle and arriving at the realm of God’s direct dominion. Therefore, the devil cannot appear once the True Parents have been proclaimed. I must fight the devil and bring him to natural surrender on earth; on that victorious foundation the True Parents will be proclaimed and Satan will no longer be able to appear. (224-057, 1991.11.21)

4 Before I proclaimed the True Parents, how much did I suffer? How many times was I cursed? And how many times did I go to prison? I have been imprisoned as many as six times. I declared the coming of True Parents after all these hardships. Therefore, you may consider me the most pitiful king of kings in the world, but I do not feel sorry for myself, even in my dreams. Parents with children who have gone wrong should shed tears. They should feel anguish. Heaven punishes those who try to avoid shedding tears or feeling such anguish. The reason I make you church members shed tears is to reduce the tears that have to be shed by your countrymen. • (211-162, 1990.12.30)

5 I have experienced prison life in four nations. My prison life represents the four directions of north, south, east and west. In all, I went to prison six times; the number is six. Six is Satan’s number. I had to go through all that in order to create a realm of liberation. Even as I was being persecuted to that degree, I did not remain in the realm of accusation. In fact, I crushed that realm under my feet and waved the flag of victory, and I am now proclaiming the True Parents before heaven and earth. (305-034, 1998.03.29)

6 In this failed world, with vicious fighting everywhere, I have declared the True Parents. In order to proclaim True Parents throughout the world, I have had to accomplish my mission as the True Parents at all stages: the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. I have had to reach the point where God Himself could acknowledge True Parents and where True Parents themselves could acknowledge True Parents. This announcement is truly historic. (202-168, 1990.05.20)

7 We must proclaim the coming of the True Parents. There is no gospel greater than this in all of history. On earth, there is no happier news than this. There is no greater standard of peace. The True Parents, who come in the Last Days, are the embodiments of the ideal. You too should live as true parents; only then can you build the palace of true love on the foundation of true love. (245-151, 1993.02.28)

8 The Unification Church has proclaimed the coming of the True Parents. If Adam and Eve had not fallen in the Garden of Eden, God would have become the True Parent. Adam and Eve would also have become the True Parents. With God as the vertical True Parent and Adam and Eve as the horizontal True Parents, vertical and horizontal True Parents would have been united. From this perspective, all four directions would have come into balance. (202-166, 1990.05.20)

9 How is it that I could proclaim the True Parents? The democratic and communist worlds represent the brothers Abel and Cain. These two worlds are like two sons, but are fighting each other. I have reconciled them, and I now stand in a position that both can accept. On that foundation, I could finally come to Korea with the authority of the Parent and proclaim Mother and myself as the True Parents to the whole nation. (204-188, 1990.07.08)

10 You should understand why I have suffered. If this were for my own country, I would have had no reason to do so. I am going this way for the sake of the world and for Heaven's nation. Korea has done all kinds of things against me over the past forty years. Nonetheless, I carried all the burdens of the Korean people on behalf of my parents, my brothers and sisters, and all of those who are even remotely related to me. Then, after meeting all the conditions, I came to Korea and blessed this country. That is why I proclaimed True Parents in Korea. (204-187, 1990.07.08)

11 The devil killed the true ancestor of humankind. The first Adam became God’s enemy due to the Fall. Afterwards, the one who came as the second Adam was Jesus, the Messiah. However, human beings, who were supposed to be God’s sons and daughters, killed this Messiah who came as the Savior. How serious is the sin of imprisoning and killing the one who was to establish True Parents! Those who did this cannot escape responsibility. (219-335, 1991.10.13)

12 The people of Israel wandered for two thousand years. Look back at their history. The swords of their enemies shed the blood of many, while others were trampled by horses. They died amid resentment and cursing, disappearing like the morning dew. Barely surviving two thousand years of suffering, they were finally liberated with the support of America. The devil killed the first parents. His sons and daughters killed the second True Parent. Throughout the world, they have mobilized ideologies and systems to kill the third True Parent, yet amazingly, he has survived all perils and hardships and has proclaimed the way of the True Parents on earth. How God has longed for this! (219-335, 1991.10.13)

True Father's view of True Mother

13 To this day, my wife and I have led our lives upholding our calling according to Heaven's desire. I am proud that we have done so and would like to share this with all the people of the Republic of Korea and everyone throughout the world. None of you can imagine the thorny path that my wife and I have walked. We have invested painstaking efforts, working in America, the Soviet Union, China, Japan and other parts of the world, to rescue all humankind from this world of evil and sin and to lay a foundation for the reunification of the Korean peninsula. Now that the entire foundation has been firmly built, it is time to reveal it to our people. The Korean people, with whom we share the same blood, have not understood us, and the persecution and sorrow we have faced at their hands over the past decades has been difficult to bear. It was not only governments that persecuted both me and the Unification Church, but even some Christians slandered me out of malice. Despite these difficult circumstances, my wife and I have united fully in true love for the completion of God’s Will and have found our way through every difficulty. Today people in more than 160 nations attend us as the True Parents, and their numbers increase every day. (231-007, 1992.05.11)

14 Mother had to become a true mother, a true wife and a true daughter. To complete even one of these three missions is difficult, but Mother has completed them all. In serving her husband, she served from the position of a daughter and a younger sister. After that, she served me as the man with the highest title in the entire world. It was only then that she could become the True Mother. Also, she had to be a mother by giving birth to sons and daughters. She had to give birth to children with the potential to excel on a global scale, which she did; every one of our children is intellectually gifted. They have outstanding intellectual capacity to offer the world or any aspect of society. If they have not demonstrated these qualities yet, it is due to their lack of effort. In terms of inborn talent and ability, each of them is very blessed, as I have been. They have the potential to accomplish anything they wish. (232-307, 1992.07.10)

15 Mother is by nature an introspective and quiet person, but she has learned to be observant about her surroundings and has become increasingly active. This is a result of the training she has received since she met me. She is indeed a quiet and well-mannered woman. Before our wedding, when she visited Cheongpa-dong, she would always come and go on the same path. I observed her behavior carefully. She took the same path the first time she came and again the second time she came. In those days I was looking for a woman who could become the Mother and I was giving the matter much consideration. When I saw how Mother chose to walk along the same path each time, I said to myself, “She is the one.” Also I was pleased with her name, Hak Ja Han (韓鶴子).Her surname, Han, refers both to the study of the Chinese classics and to a feeling of bitter sorrow. Her name suggests a scholar researching deeply about God. I thought that if a woman could become a scholar of bitter sorrow, she could certainly become God’s partner. I liked Mother’s surname and her given name. Because of her background, I trained her and she has come to where she is today. So I am proclaiming her victory as the True Mother. As a representative of all women, she has crossed the mountain of bitter sorrow. That is why I am proclaiming her to be the root of all mothers. (232-307, 1992.07.10)

16 We have to change the lineage and ownership. Originally, Adam should have become the owner before Satan claimed ownership, and when Adam became the owner, God would have become the owner. But God has not yet become the owner because Adam has not become the owner. In order to recover the ownership that Eve lost, I must go out to the world and straighten everything out. That is, I must regain and return ownership to God. Yet ownership cannot come to me directly; it has to come through my children and through Mother. This is to go in reverse; that is how restoration is done. Henceforth, Eve should not stand behind; she should stand beside me. That is why I have Mother stand next to me. Men should stand behind Father and attend him, and women should stand behind Mother and attend her. After solidly laying the foundation for husband and wife to become one, we held the assembly to proclaim the liberation of women. (229-155, 1992.04.11)

17 To this day, no one has known Mother. I invested myself in her through three stages, formation, growth and completion. Because it is time to seek sons and daughters in the perfected world devoid of the Fall, you can proclaim clearly that the True Father is Sun Myung Moon and the True Mother is Hak Ja Han. If you do not do so, the spirit world will not be able to work with you. Even if you boldly proclaim this to the world, no one will oppose you. That is so only because of the Parents victory. (229-156, 1992.04.11)

Changes after the proclamation of True Parents

18 Now that the True Parents are proclaimed on earth, the realm of the major religions can be liberated and saved, which is to say that the realm of the major religions will eventually disappear. In the course of the providence of salvation, spirits could come down to earth mainly through the providential religions: Judaism, Christianity and the Unification Church. I have gone beyond the world level and now I have returned to my homeland, proclaiming the True Parents on the national level. This is noteworthy in the history of the universe. There is no one in the world who doesn’t know who I am. We have tribal messiahs; they are like branches that connect to the national level, upon which is built the global foundation. And then, once they connect the vertical standard, which is True Parents, to the nation, everything will be completed. (204-309, 1990.07.11)

19 Now that we have proclaimed the True Parents, from a providential viewpoint we enter an age when we have to restore the standards appropriate for the right of the eldest son, the right of the parents and the right of the king. Therefore the most important thing for us to do is to live according to God’s Principle and laws. In order to realize the ideal of creation, we have to live according to the Principle of Creation. The Principle of Creation is not something vague that is needed just for the providence of salvation. The Principle of Creation will continue when the world that God purposed is realized; everyone will follow the way of God’s Principle. So I remind you that your portion of responsibility remains. The realm of the human portion of responsibility needed protection before the Fall, and it needs even greater protection today in this fallen world. (212-203, 1991.01.06)

20 Even though God’s providence of restoration continued throughout history, over countless years since the creation, the ideal standard was not established. Upon my arrival, the Unification Church was established and made it possible to reveal the truth. As a result I have announced the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. This is a historic event. Yet it is more than an event; it will serve as the starting point for the building of a new world culture. What is the new world culture? It is the fulfillment of the promise God made to humanity at the time of creation. It is neither the age of the providence of restoration nor the age of the providence of salvation; rather, it is the time to build the world of the ideal of creation. God thought of the words True Parents before human beings did. The appearance of the True Parents is God’s ideal of creation. The core of the ideal that God intended from the beginning is found in these words. Thus Heaven cannot sit still. We are entering the age of worldwide transformation. (248-189, 1993.09.30)

21 What will happen as a result of the proclamation of True Parents? In the spirit world, the good spirits that have served God and the evil spirits centered on Satan will clearly divide. When you center on True Parents, you stand in the position of perfected Adam and Eve, whom the archangel should always protect, nurture and help. Not just help; when you stand in the realm of perfected Adam, the archangel has to serve you as his real master in keeping with the ideal of love. This is the stage in which you give the commands. You will rise to this position. This is why we can say that this world is coming to an end. Everything in Satan’s world that started with the love of the false parents will come to an end, and there will be a new world centered on the new love of True Parents. With this as fertilizer, a new world will spring up. Thus you should follow a new lifestyle. New love brings forth new life. This new love is the love of True Parents. (202-274, 1990.05.25)

22 You should be grateful. What should you be grateful for? For being liberated from Satan. True Parents liberated you from Satan’s lifestyle and Satan’s lineage. Lifestyle is grounded in culture and accompanied by habits. Lifestyles differ according to cultural background. The British lifestyle accords with British culture and the American lifestyle accords with American culture. Living environments differ. You should be liberated from your living environment. The next issue is lineage. These three liberations—from lifestyle, living environment, and lineage—will take place and naturally give rise to a holistic culture. What do you do after you are liberated? Since you are liberated from Satan, you will go to God. If you are liberated from Satan, everything that was chained to him, the false parent, will be released as well. Therefore you will return to the heart of your parents, who have been freed. Once you return, you should not maintain the habits and lifestyle of Satan’s world. You should thoroughly cleanse yourselves. (202-275, 1990.05.25)

23 You should grasp the era you are in. The proclamation of True Parents will bring an end to Satan, the parent of the fallen lineage. True Parents have fought against Satan’s world. The democratic and communist worlds are on the verge of collapse. Thus once I proclaim True Parents, on the condition of that victory, Satan's world will fall. The end of Satan’s world means that we will be liberated from Satan. We have lived thus far within the realm of Satan’s culture and lifestyle. However, what I am saying is that we are now being liberated from Satan’s world, Satan’s lifestyle and Satan’s lineage. After being liberated from Satan, we need to return to God. (202-276, 1990.05.25)

True Parents are the center of the three great subject partners principle

24 The word “religion”(宗教) refers to the “ground” () and “teaching” (). It is the ultimate teaching. Religion is like the floor of a house. In order to have a house, we need a floor, and religion is that fundamental teaching. The final conclusion of that teaching is the True Parent, True Teacher and True Owner, which is God. On this earth there are false parents, false teachers and false owners. Because the True Parents have not existed, false parents, false teachers and false owners, fixated on false love, have come into being. We need to reverse that and attend the True Parents, True Teachers and True Owners instead. These three are one—namely, God. By knowing God, we come to understand the foundational teaching that can become the root, trunk and branches of all teachings. (324-135, 2000.06.18)

25 According to the “three great subject partners principle” You should each become a true parent, true teacher and true owner. The root of the three great subject partner idea is true love. True love means to invest more than 100 percent, invest again, and then invest still more. You should become a parent, teacher and owner with this view. The root is one. Therefore, with the true parent at the center, the teacher should come to the right side and the owner to the left. These titles always stand together. You do not necessarily become a true parent just by giving birth to sons and daughters. You have to invest in them and raise them well. (205-021, 1990.07.15)

26 Even the president of a university should return home as a parent in the evening, and the president of a nation, who commands cabinet members, should go home to his or her family as a parent. This is because parents are the center of the family. A school should take the position of a parent, and so should an owner. Though everyone goes out into the world, in the end they return to their parents. You do not need to return home when you live in the place where you can attend your parents. That is the way it is when true love is the central focus. This is the basis for the saying that the king, the teacher and the parents are one. I am now teaching you truth, so I am the teacher of teachers. (215-081, 1991.02.06)

27 The core teaching embodied in the three great subject partners principle is the True Parents. Why are True Parents the core? It is because there is only one vertical standard by which to form the perpendicular relationship: true love. True love has one perpendicular relationship, so it is the foundation for the representative family, which is the point where the True Parents and God meet. Thus those great teachers or sovereigns who are models of parental love seek to create the environment of the heavenly kingdom, which is impervious to Satan. Since the false love of the devil cannot invade there, a realm of liberation will unfold, and the kingdom of heaven will be formed as a new realm on earth. (213-124, 1991.01.16)

CHAPTER 2: True Parents and the Messiah

Section 1.The Hope of Humankind

1 There have never been true parents in all of history. Because there were only false parents on the earth, there were no true parents in the heavenly world either. God is called the Parent of humankind, but what position is God in? For God Himself to become a true parent, He must have true children. If He does not, He cannot be a true parent. Therefore, when we look at God’s own position, we see that even though He created us, He could not take the position of the True God, the one who created us. In other words, because the first human ancestors fell, God could not become the True God. If human beings had attained perfection, the true family of humankind with True Parents at the center would have emerged, and together with this true family, the true tribe, true people, true nation and true world would have emerged. If this had happened, people would have had blood ties to the True God and would have inherited the heart of the True God. Being related by blood to the True God, they would have formed the people of the True God. Based on that one people, one nation under God’s direct governance would have been established. (83-038, 1976.02.05)

True Parents are the hope of history

2 Because we are fallen people, we are an extended family that has lost its true parents. Since we lost our true parents, we could not become true children. Even though the highest ideals of goodness that God intended to establish at the time of creation—true parents and true children—all broke down, God has vowed that He will bring true parents into being, even if a course of historical hardship is necessary, even if He has to endure endless hardship and suffering. At the same time, God is working to restore true children, true husbands and wives, true siblings, true nations, the true world, true humankind, and the true cosmos. God did not work by coming into the hearts of fallen people from the outset; He started working from a distance. First He connected to fallen people through all things and then through His true Son. Now He intends to come into the heart of each individual to become the Father of heart. This is the final goal of the providence of restoration. (10-126, 1960.09.18)

3 The history of the fallen world shows us that the parents born into this world are fallen parents. Fallen parents have created a fallen world. We live in a world connected to false parents. It has nothing to do with the world of the original ideal that God had envisioned and the True Parents envision. Countless people have lived and died during the world’s long history, but not one could proudly proclaim to the universe, “I am so happy that I was born as a human being! I have succeeded in all aspects of being human.” (137-081, 1985.12.24)

4 The hope of all people in history has been to receive and attend the True Parents. God founded the nation of Israel and the religion of Judaism so that they could receive the Messiah. The Messiah is the True Parent. God created Christianity and Christian culture to receive the Lord at his Second Coming. The returning Lord comes as the True Parent and the third Adam. (51-354, 1971.12.05)

5 What is the hope that we should nurture? We should hope that we can genuinely attend the True Parents who come to the earth on behalf of Heaven. We should not want to attend the True Parents only after they are victorious, when all people look up to them and respect them. We should want to attend them while they are passing through their sorrowful course. Your ancestors feel deep sorrow because they could not attend the True Parents during their course of suffering. It is the hope of all humankind to truly serve the True Parents. Therefore you should become true, filial sons and daughters, willing to serve the True Parents in miserable circumstances rather than in glorious ones. (13-291, 1964.04.12)

6 At the time of the True Parents, advent, the nations of the world were relating to each other as brothers and sisters. At the end of the Second World War, the victorious nations liberated the nations that they defeated. The former, in the position of the older brother, had defeated the latter, in the position of their younger brother. Then these victorious nations blessed the nations in the younger brother’s position. Had they not, the victorious nations would have been held accountable by the Heavenly Parent. That is why this unprecedented historical phenomenon took place. History has been yearning for the encounter with the True Parents. Religions came about for the sake of that encounter. Furthermore, all the nations of the world are looking for the True Parents. Thus, religions and nations emerged with the mission to prepare the way for the True Parents. (51-354, 1971.12.05)

7 The True Parents are the symbol of all hope, the symbol of absolute hope for fallen people. They are the fruit of history, the center of all ages and the center of all the nations of the world. The True Parents are the starting point of a future that connects to the ideal world. What have our ancestors wished for throughout the ages in history? If the world were united, whom would it wish to find? It would wish to find the True Parents. In other words, it would wish to relate with the True Parents eternally. (35-237, 1970.10.19)

8 No one in history was able to call out the name “True Parents.” They never even conceived of it. But today you are in the glorious position of being able to call their name, know them and attend them. So you are in a happier and nobler position than anyone in history: Many people throughout history toiled and made tremendous sacrifices to lay the foundation for the victory of the True Parents at their coming, and to this day they are still toiling. Considering this, you should know that the words “True Parents” that we speak today signify the greatest blessing for humanity. It is because the True Parents are the ones who bring healing to the chaos of history; they are the starting point of our advancement toward a new world; they are laying the internal conditions that can subjugate Satan; and by conquering Satan, the being that has ruled the external world, they are establishing the center that will liberate God. Therefore you should first be thankful for this amazing grace by which you can live together with the True Parents, receiving and carrying out their instructions. (43-144, 1971.04.29)

9 The True Parents represent the greatest hope and the greatest foundation of victory in history. As they are the central point of hope in history, all people must seek them. The place of historical hope is neither a nation nor the world. Outwardly it may appear to be a nation or the world, but you cannot solve the external world’s problems by working through the external world alone. The purpose of God’s providence is to save the world, and in order to do so, He must send good parents to the earth to create a perfect foundation. Without that foundation there is no way to create a perfect nation or to save the world. Therefore, the overall hope of history is neither a nation nor the world; it is the True Parents. In this context, people can have neither their own ethnic views nor their own worldviews. Ethnic views should emerge only after the True Parents' lineage has been bequeathed to humankind. Tribes and peoples should be organized after inheriting their lineage, and then the world can be restored to God. Without True Parents, none of these is possible. Without receiving the True Parents, nothing can work. (55-153, 1972.05.07)

10 What has history been searching for? What have all ages been searching for? What should the future search for? It is True Parents. Unless everything is connected to them, we cannot find the standard for real happiness in the course of history or in the universe. As for love, originally its vertical and horizontal foundations, centering on God and human beings, both have to be the same. Ever since these foundations were separated, fallen humankind has yearned to make them one again. Therefore, Christianity seeks the relationship of the bridegroom and the bride centering on Jesus. (26-199, 1969.10.25)

11 We are seeking our purpose now, not a thousand years in the future. The purpose we have found now is one that even our future descendants will look back to. That purpose is the True Parents. The True Parents belong to the past, and also to the present and the future. They are eternal. Based on this understanding, you should not only welcome True Parents in the coming world; you should yearn to attend True Parents in the present. Although you are living in the present era, you should also become the fruit of the past and the origin of the future. The three eras—past, present and future-must become one. Living in the present era, you should become a person who can unite the past that is behind you and the future that is to unfold. By what means will they be united? It is by True Parents’ love. With whom should they be united? It is with their sons and daughters. Who are these sons and daughters? They are those who make True Parents love their center, like the sons and daughters who would have been born of Adam and Eve had they not fallen. They would have come forth from Adam and Eve as the sons and daughters of Heaven. Hence, when you become a son or daughter of the True Parents, you will be connected to the love of the three ages. Even though you are fallen people, you must retrace the course of history and regain that position. (26-200, 1969.10.25)

12 If we understood that our original parents, the parents of original nature, were dead, and found a way to bring those parents back to life, we would have to offer indescribable devotions without words to pioneer that path. Even if we felt wronged and humiliated, with our heartstrings rent and broken by the sorrows of Heaven, we would want to offer unchanging loyalty for their sake. We must prepare the way so that our parents can revive. It is our duty as filial sons and daughters. It is our responsibility. We must pioneer this way without caring whether we live or die. We shouldn’t care about the good things in the world or be dismayed by the bad things, even if the world persecutes us and we have to go the path of death. We must cleave to the way of loyalty and filial piety in order to pioneer this way. (20-123, 1968.05.01)

Becoming a son or daughter of the True Parents

13 Today we are attending True Parents in this world where we live. However, this earth is inhabited not only by True Parents' sons and daughters but also by the children of fallen parents. Originally, all people were to have been God’s beloved children, descended from the flesh and blood of True Parents, but due to the Fall they became fallen sons and daughters instead. So the Savior must come again as the Lord of the Second Advent in order to rectify and clear away all the wrongdoing stemming from our first ancestors. (210-360, 1990.12.27)

14 Jesus was to be the True Parent who had nothing to do with the Fall. He came with the mission of the True Parent. Since Adam and Eve, our first ancestors, fell and created a fallen lineage, they could not become one with God in the original ideal world of His desire, the world that had never experienced the Fall. They could not become the True Parents who give birth to sons and daughters of God’s direct lineage. Instead they had a relationship with Satan and became his minions, giving birth to children who are spiritually dead. All humankind today is descended from those false parents. You must therefore deny the lineage of the false parents and receive the True Parents. (14-280, 1965.01.03)

15 The Fall sowed the false love, false life and false lineage of the devil. People have the love, the life, and the lineage they received from their ancestors. Each is a fruit of the love, life and lineage inherited from his or her ancestors through history. Because we received Satan’s love, Satan’s life, and Satan’s blood, each of us stands as an enemy of God. Peace on earth cannot come about until we disengage from, disown and discard our connection to Satan. That is why I have brought the ideal of the True Parents. The True Parents are fighting to completely eliminate this false love and completely clean away the evil elements that obstruct the work for peace, so that individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations can be separated from Satan. (217-185, 1991.05.27)

16 You do not know the innumerable sacrifices Christianity has made in order to build its current worldwide foundation. The miserable screams of those who were sacrificed and offered on the altar of martyrdom permeate Christian history; they have been heard in every corner of the world. We should know that these bloody altars still exist. That historical sorrow is right in front of our eyes, and it is our solemn task to resolve it. We must liberate God. What a wretched history Christianity has suffered, from its inception until now! We must liberate it. America and Christianity have been caring for all humanity as the subject-partner nation and the subject-partner religion representing the cosmos. But now they must not only do that but also receive the right of the victorious prince—the right of the eldest son—for generations and generations to come. (210-361, 1990.12.27)

17 What is the desire of all people? What are their ideals, their hopes? Which of them is their culmination? Which of them do you think comes first? The greatest hope a person can have is to become a son or daughter of God, and next is to be a son or daughter who receives God’s love. After that, it is to inherit all that belongs to God. There is nothing greater than these. The hope of each person is to become a child of God, to become a son or daughter who receives God’s love, and to inherit all that belongs to God. (91-242, 1977.02.23)

18 What is happiness? We human beings lost our parents, and have been orphans for six thousand years; hence happiness is to find our parents for the first time. What could be more joyful than this? We follow a religion in order to find such parents. The parents we believed to be lost for eternity can actually come back to life. If our parents can be brought back to life, we would do whatever it takes to bring them back. Would money be an obstacle on the way of finding our parents? Would our relatives be a problem? Would our nation or the world pose a problem? Nothing would stand in the way. We should put everything aside and offer all our devotion and effort toward finding our Parents. (20-122, 1985.05.01)

19 God lost His beloved true son and daughter, whom He wanted to love to the fullest. From the viewpoint of the man-woman relationship, the God-centered husband and wife were lost. From the viewpoint of the child, the true parents were lost. By a single fallen act, God lost these three. How can these three types of love be recovered simultaneously through the principle of restoration through indemnity? How can a standard that God can approve of be established? These are the issues. First, the standard of a true son and daughter who can be loved by God must be restored. When the son and daughter who have gone through that process come of age, they should unite as husband and wife with God5s love at their center. Then they must give birth to good children in order to form the four- position foundation that God desires and that can bring Him joy. (22-204, 1969.02.04)

20 The hope of all humankind is to meet the True Parents. This encounter with the True Parents is the fruit of history, the center of this age and the foundation for the future. You who are engrafted to them will become their branches. Up to this point, all the hopes of the ages in history have focused on the future, but the opportunity to connect with True Parents during your lifetime happens only once in eternity. This is a precious chance that comes only once. Your ancestors did not have it; nor will your descendants. Your hopes do not lie anywhere else. You are to become the devoted sons and daughters of the True Parents. In the future, the True Parents will hold the position of the King of kings on earth. That is why the place where you meet True Parents is the center where all hopes come to fruition, be it the hope of humanity, the hope of history or the hope of the present era. Your hopes do not lie elsewhere. (46-168, 1971.08.13)

21 What is the desire of all people today? It is to meet the True Parents, and after that to welcome one global nation. From whom would your future descendants want to be descended? Your sons and daughters would want to be born through the lineage of True Parents. I am saying that the True Parents will become the starting point of a new future. Those who can fully love True Parents can rightly claim that they completely love history. They are the ones who truly love the world and who are worthy to love their descendants in the future. Therefore you should be grateful to receive love from True Parents, even if you have to sacrifice your life. Then you will be worthy to inherit True Parents’ love. (35-237, 1970.10.19)

22 Though we human beings were created by God, we are unable to act as His sons and daughters. The first reason for this is that God is prevented from freely loving us as His own sons and daughters. Since God cannot love us in that way, we cannot receive love as God’s sons and daughters. The second reason is that we are unable to marry as God’s beloved sons and daughters. The third reason is that we are unable to form heavenly families with God’s love at the center. If human beings had been able to fulfill these three, they would not have become as miserable as they are today. Therefore people must seek the place where in the end all will be reunited and where all will abide. The nations of the world must find the original homeland, the numerous peoples of the world must find their original hometowns, and the numerous tribes must find their original parents. This has been the objective of God’s providence to the present day. (21-042, 1968.09.01)

23 Salvation means returning to one’s original state. Then, there should be some standard that determines what it means to be restored to one’s original state. What is that standard? The human race is made up of both men and women. Therefore, the first standard of restoration is not only to become a son or daughter of God. After going through the role of a child, we should form a husband-wife relationship and become true parents so that we can establish a new lineage. This is the purpose for which God created us and the standard from which our history can begin anew. Therefore the problem is not one particular nation, people or tribe. The problem is also not a specific son or daughter. The problem is that we absolutely need True Parents. The greatest problem for God is to find and establish the True Parents, who are the manifestation of God in the flesh. The greatest problem and purpose for humanity is how to meet the True Parents whom God establishes. (025-173, 1969.10.04)

Section 2. The Second Coming of Jesus and the True Parents

1 Your ancestors were born of false parents, but they can find salvation by helping their descendants in this age, when the perfected True Parents are on the earth. You must resemble the True Parents. The position of your ancestors in the spirit world changes as you live for the sake of others and dedicate your lives to the True Parents. The Messiah comes in the Last Days and educates the entire fallen generation of his time. The perfected True Parents come to rebuild all that was built before on this earth and in the spirit world by descendants of the false parents. They can rebuild it when you unite with them in accordance with God’s original idea. To do this, Cain must follow Abel, the second son. The spirit world, in the position of the first son, must follow the earthly world—the next generation- in the position of the second son. Thus Christianity came forth from Jesus, the second Son. (293-210, 1998.05.26)

2 The Bible says, I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end:’Rev. 22:13) It means that due to the Fall, God was unable to fulfill His purpose as expressed in the Book of Genesis, but He will complete His purpose, as is written in the Book of Revelation. Jesus came to earth as what kind of person? Because Adam fell, Jesus had to come as the perfected Adam, one with God’s love and untouched by the Fall. That is why 1 Corinthians 15:45 teaches, “The first man, Adam, became a living being; the last Adam became a life-giving spirit.” The Bible indicates Jesus is a second Adam. The family as planned by God cannot come about without the positions of the true son and daughter, true husband and wife, and true parents. Therefore this family must appear on earth. (54-108, 1972.03.20)

3 Where can fallen people seek out the basis of original true love? It begins with the True God and the True Parents. From there, people will create harmony with one another, with the True God as their center. What does the Bible teach? The essence of what is needed to fulfill God's Will is taught in the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments. The core of God’s hope and humankinds hope is the ideal world of love, the kingdom of heaven. The Bible teaches the direct path to the kingdom of heaven. The key point is that although God already existed, there were no True Parents. So the True Parents had to be recovered. The decisive providential fact is that Jesus came as the bridegroom to find his bride. They are what all the world’s religions have been seeking. The conclusion of the Bible is the bridegroom and the bride. Once they are restored, they will recover the original garden of love. (134-173, 1985.04.07)

4 In Genesis it is written that there were two trees in the Garden of Eden; one was the tree of life and the other the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What do those trees symbolize? They symbolize the true man and the true woman whom God must recover. Because those who were to become the True Father and the True Mother were lost, they came to be symbolized by those trees. The Bible teaches many things in such a symbolic way. When God led the Israelites out of Egypt, a pillar of fire and a pillar of cloud appeared before them, with the pillar of cloud leading them by day and the pillar of fire by night. What did those pillars symbolize? They symbolized a man and a woman, symbolically showing that in the Last Days the True Parents would come and that the people of Israel would follow them faithfully. Those who did not follow the pillar of fire and pillar of cloud perished. (134-173, 1985.04.07)

5 When the Israelites returned to Canaan after the course of forty years, it was in order to attend the Messiah. Their course returning to Canaan was to guide them in serving the Messiah, who would come as the True Parents in order to realize the kingdom of heaven on earth and the world of God’s ideal. However, since God foresaw that the Israelites might all fall away in the wilderness, He gave them the two tablets of stone, which symbolically represented the Messiah. They were placed in the Ark of the Covenant. If the Israelites could uphold the tablets with absolute faith, this would be a condition for them to serve the Messiah absolutely when he came. In this way God showed them that they could begin the founding of the kingdom of heaven. Thus, God set up a symbolic messiah for their training. This was the idea behind the Tabernacle. It was symbolic preparation for the coming of the Messiah. (134-174, 1985.04.07)

6 What happens in the Last Days? Heaven and earth are turned upside down. This means that the natural order is changed. To say that the natural order is changed does not mean that the sky is split in two or that the round Earth is made flat. It means that the person arriving later becomes the ancestor and the person arriving first becomes the descendant from the standpoint of God’s Will. In the Last Days, the true ancestors of humankind emerge for the first time in six thousand years. All people must receive the flesh and blood of the True Parents in order for the proper relationships to be established. That is why Jesus said, “Before Abraham was, I am!” John 8:58). What did Jesus mean when he said he existed before Abraham? Jesus was supposed to establish the True Parents, and there cannot be more than one set of True Parents. There cannot be more than one original ancestor of humankind. Since Jesus came as the original ancestor to inaugurate the True Parents of humankind, from the viewpoint of God’s Will he was “before Abraham.” (156-231, 1966.05.25)

The Second Coming and the True Parents

7 God’s purpose in creating human beings was not to fulfill some fanciful idea of a spiritual nation. It was so that during their lives on earth, people would shed their sweat working on the land, form families and tribes, then a people and a nation. That nation would have been the kingdom of heaven that God hoped to see and that could receive God’s love. The original purpose of creation was for people to set up this kind of nation and receive God’s love. It was not God’s wish to have a spiritual nation without any foundation on earth. Nor was it God’s intention that the Lord who returns should descend to the earth on a cloud and build a fantasy nation. The purpose of the Lord’s coming is to use the earth as his foothold. He will find his bride who can fully receive God’s love, and carry out the work of recovering all that was lost six thousand years ago through the Fall—through which our first forbears were unable to become the true ancestors and instead became false ones. (22-083, 1969.01.26)

8 God sent Jesus as the True Father of humankind He was a true man, and the fruit of four thousand years of His effort to establish relationships of love. If one true woman had emerged among the people of Israel, and had she loved Jesus, the True Father, from the position of the True Mother, the people of Israel would not have remained a pitiable people; they would not have become like orphans. Having begun as a people, from then on they would have risen to the world level. But instead they expelled Jesus, and thus they lost the one man who had come as the Son of God, who embodied God’s love and whose purpose was to bond all people to God in love. Because this one man departed this earth without completing his purpose, he must return to complete it. (22-085, 1969.01.26)

9 There is one issue remaining that we must surely resolve. What is this one issue? It is God’s love. His love does not come from the false parents but manifests on earth through the True Parents. In order for there to be True Parents, first there must be a True Father. The person who comes to the earth with the character of that father, representing God’s love, is the central person in whom religious people today place their faith. That is, he is the Lord of the Second Advent. (22-086, 1969.01.26)

10 What is the concept of the Second Coming? It refers to the concept that the Messiah is the True Father through whom everyone must inherit a new lineage. In order to create a new lineage, the Messiah must come as the True Father and win over Satan's world. Then, together with Eve, the True Mother, the Messiah must establish a worldwide foundation that Satan cannot invade. Further, he and the True Mother must engraft sons and daughters horizontally to the True Parents by uniting them as husbands and wives to make families. This is the meaning of the marriage Blessing given in the Unification Church. The lineage of Unification Church members originates from God. That is why if Satan’s world opposes us, it will have to pay reparations for the damage they cause. (169-038, 1987.10.04)

11 The idea of the Second Coming is the idea of True Parents. It refers to our bond with the True Parents and the change of our lineage through the True Parents. However, one man or woman alone cannot accomplish this change of lineage. Not only must we make a vertical relationship with them; we also must replace our existing horizontal bonds. This means things must be turned upside down. This is because we must make connections based on the True Parents heart. (172-056, 1988.01.07)

12 Unification Church members may think they have no relationship with Christianity, but that is absolutely wrong. The Old Testament Age was supposed to be the time for the restoration of Adam and Eve as the True Parents. The New Testament Age was also a time for the restoration of the True Parents, as is the Completed Testament Age. God’s purpose to restore the True Parents has always been the same. The Messiah is the True Parents. Therefore the essence or purpose of Christianity, Judaism and the Unification Church is the same. Then what is different? Judaism was to receive the Messiah, the True Parents, on the national level, and then expand to the world. What about Christianity? Christianity was to receive the Messiah, the True Parents, on a global foundation after Jesus departed this world. What is the Completed Testament Age? It is on the cosmic level. Its goal is to have even the spirit world receive the True Parents. It is on a different dimension. We have to make this distinction clear. (131-131, 1984.04.29)

13 Before the heavenly kingdom emerges, a heavenly people must come forth. What must be done for this heavenly people to arise? A people does not come into being all of a sudden. A special clan must first emerge, and this clan must arouse its people. This clan must arise from an extended family of close relatives. For these close relatives to come forth, one family must emerge as their center. For this family to appear there must be children, and for children to appear there must be parents. For the parents to appear there must be one man who can represent everything in heaven. He is the Messiah. If he is to become a parent, he must find a partner and unite with her. This is the teaching of Christianity about what will happen in the Last Days. Centered on Jesus, over the past two thousand years what had been turned upside-down has been spiritually restored on the global foundation of Christianity. This is spiritual Christianity. Now at this time, when Christianity receives the Messiah, its mission will be fulfilled. (66-277, 1973.05.16)

The mission of the Messiah

14 The greatest of all religions will be the one that establishes the logic of love and insists on the complete rejection of the fallen world. That accomplished, this religion must infuse its churches with positive love to bring about a greater world. An ideal world can then emerge. What kind of church is the Unification Church? It is the church where God can taste a love He never experienced before with human beings. It is the church with the mission to implant the root of God’s love in people and in our world, something that has never been accomplished before. (140-028, 1986.02.01)

15 The lord of goodness and the lord of evil are fighting each other. They are waging a battle of good and evil over human beings. Who will end this battle? Neither God nor Satan can end it. Who can bring to an end the fight between the evil god and the good God? Neither God nor Satan can. Only a true person can end the battle. That person must be the lord of love—the one who begins from true love, possesses true love and can be followed by all people. Otherwise he would not be a true person, nor could he end the fight between God and Satan. Then who can resolve this fight? For this task, God has sent a representative entrusted with His mainstream teaching. This is the Messiahs teaching. (136-220, 1985.12.29)

16 What will the Messiah do when he comes? In all of history, God never had a nation. The Messiah comes as the commander-in-chief in the fight to restore one nation to God, a nation with sovereignty, territory and people. Then, on that foundation, the Messiah will fight to restore the entire world—all the realms that expanded horizontally from the fallen ancestors—to God. This is the mission of the Messiah. To subjugate Satan, it is not enough just to recover one nation. Since Satan has global sovereignty, he must be stripped of his sovereignty throughout the world. Only then will the realm of liberation unfold on the earth. God created the Garden of Eden as a garden of freedom and peace. If any shadow of Satan’s opposition remains anywhere on earth, the ideal of that garden will not be realized. The kingdom of heaven on earth will be completed only when every shadow of Satan’s antagonism has disappeared from the earth. (57-130, 1972.05.29)

17 The task of the Messiah on the individual level is to subjugate Satan and eradicate his lineage, thereby paving the way to individual victory. He then must pave the way to victory for the family, nation and world. This is the path the Messiah must walk. First, he must pave the way for individuals; second, for families; third, for nations; and fourth, for the world. After the Messiah wins the individual victory, even if Satan mobilizes the entire world—even if the nations of the democratic world join in Satan’s attack on the Messiah—he must fight against them all and win. He must win on the family level and then on the worldwide level. In other words, he must gain victory in a one-on-one fight, just as Jacob did when he prevailed over the angel. Then he leads an all-out attack against Satan’s world. Now the time has come for this. To accomplish it, a representative nation is needed at the forefront. That nation is Korea. (54-198, 1972.03.24)

18 What kind of person is the coming Lord? He is a man who must bring Satan to surrender, and then win over myriads of spiritual beings, the numerous spiritual leaders of the different religions, and the leaders of every walk of life who abide in the realms of the spirit world. One by one he must win them over. As he guides them with his godly character and true love, they will come to understand the true reality of religion and the universe, and they will surrender. This will happen because all beings in this universe desire to be absorbed into the realm of the Lord of Love on earth, who is higher than they are. Once he wins them over through true love, he should inherit all their authority. He should receive the inheritance of a unifying authority. This is the responsibility the Messiah must fulfill on earth. (100-019, 1978.10.04)

19 There are spiritually oriented people today who brag as if they are something special in this world. However, they do not understand how to resolve the fundamental problems in the fallen realm. They are just offering devotions and biding their time. That is not enough. Victory must be gained first over Satan’s realm, then over all the realms of the spirit world. That is not a visible world; it is invisible. Without fighting and defeating Satan in the invisible world, there is no way for us to go forward in the spirit world. In fact, we would not even be able to properly enter the spirit world, due to his incessant interruptions; and even if we could, we would not be able to win the battle. So we need to gain victory over Satan’s realm. Then in the spirit world we need to win over all faiths, from the least up to the highest of the mainstream religions, including Christianity. This means we must inherit everything from these religions. When we have fought all these battles at every level we will receive God’s official recognition of our victory in heaven and on earth. He will say to us, “You are the victors over Satan and over the evil spirit world.” Then, with His words written on our banner, we can begin to take action here on earth. That work remains to be done. (100-019, 1978.10.04)

Section 3. The Messiah Becomes the True Parents

1 Today fallen people are wandering about, searching for a philosophy of hope and for the one point through which they can return to God. Their ultimate purpose is to find the one person who can rejoice, communicate and harmonize with heaven and earth and manifest the glory of Heaven. This one person is the one who will substantiate the purpose of our faith, hope and love. I believe that you have already learned through the Principle of Restoration that everything—including the indemnity conditions needed to build the foundation of faith and to rid oneself of fallen nature—is based on faith. In order to rid us of our fallen nature, however, we need the Messiah, who is the substantiation of hope. The time of hope we have been waiting for is when the Messiah comes. The Messiah is the very being for whom our faith and our hope is purposed. When this purpose is realized through the Messiah, what is the only thing that will remain to be fulfilled? Love. This love comes through becoming perfect embodiments of faith and hope. The Messiah is the one who comes as the representative of that love. (13-141, 1964.01.01)

The Messiah comes as the fruit of faith, hope and love

2 People are yearning for the time when the impossible can become possible. Facing the impossible in their lives, fallen people wander in search of the right person—the person who can realize the purpose of their faith, hope and love. Therefore in order to proclaim our faith, we need a person who is the substantiation of faith. To proclaim our hope, we need a person who is the substantiation of hope. To proclaim our love, we need a person who is the substantiation of love. The one who is the substantiation of faith, hope and love is a true person who was born without any ties to the Fall, the one who has no relationship to the world of the Fall. It is through him that heaven and earth will be set straight, through him that Heavens glory will begin for the first time, and through him that the love between the Father and His son will truly commence. Also through him, based on substantiating the father-son relationship, there will come a husband-wife relationship, and from that husband and wife a family will emerge. In this way a new heaven and earth will begin. (13-141, 1964.01.01)

3 The coming Messiah is the substantiation of faith, hope and love. To qualify as the substantiation of faith, he must achieve victory in a global-level struggle based on faith. The title of Messiah cannot be attained without that result. In order to become the substantiation of hope, he must achieve victory in a global struggle based on hope. The same sort of victory is needed to become the substantiation of love. What is the purpose of seeking to fulfill faith, hope and love in our lives of faith? Some might have faith to save themselves as individuals. Others might have faith to save their own families. Going one step further, some might seek to be the substantiation of faith for the sake of their tribe, nation, the world or heaven and earth. It is harder to save a family than an individual, harder to save a tribe than a family and harder to save a people than a tribe. The larger the level, the more difficult salvation becomes. (13-142, 1964.01.01)

4 What kind of person is the coming Messiah? He stands as the substantiation of faith, hope and love for the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. Only when he stands in this position can the unfulfilled faith, hope and love in human history finally bear fruit. Otherwise neither faith nor hope nor love can bear fruit. His words are not just those of one individual. It is the same for you too when you speak with convictionyour words will influence world history. (13-143, 1964.01.01)

Understanding the Messiah and the process of engrafting

5 God established religions in order to save the fallen world. The world had become Satan’s territory. The Bible refers to wild olive trees, which are the olive trees under Satan’s husbandry. Religions try to cultivate olive orchards that God can manage as He likes. Wild olive orchards are cultivated by Satan according to his desire, so God has no control over them. Through religion, however, God tries to bring Satan’s orchards under His management. God expands the orchards under His control until He has a foundation that surpasses the global realm of Satan, the realm of evil olive trees. To do this, God created the various cultural spheres based on religion. (134-010, 1985.01.01)

6 Satan’s realm already exists in the form of nations; hence, God needs a nation that He can lead for His providence. He also needs a man to come in the position of the Parent of this nation. This was the vision in Jesus' mind when he came as the Messiah to the people of Israel. If the first human beings had not fallen but become True Parents, then centered on them all humankind would have simply entered the kingdom of heaven. All people would have gone straight to heaven and become citizens of the kingdom, living in the heavenly palace. However, because of the Fall, all this was lost and instead the human race was plunged into hell. To correct this, God will send the true olive tree to the orchard of wild olive trees. But first, as the Owner preparing for the time when the True Parents will come, He established the realm of religion. This realm of religion is not yet composed of true olive trees. Still, among the orchards of wild olive trees on this planet Earth, there is a realm of wild olive trees that is, at least, within God’s jurisdiction. Hence, when the true olive tree appears, they can be cut and the work of engrafting can begin. (227-074, 1992.02.10)

7 God created the world, but Satan stole it from him; that has been God’s situation to this day. However, God ultimately cannot lose; thus His plan is to send one true olive tree to the earth to serve as a model. However, the true olive tree, the Messiah, should not come alone. Because Satan’s world formed societies and nations centering on couples, the Messiah cannot bear fruit as the true olive tree if he comes alone. The Messiah needs his bride and they must become one; then he can bear fruit as the true olive tree. To fulfill this, Jesus came to the earth as the bridegroom to find his bride and then cultivate an orchard of true olive trees. He was supposed to lead the movement to cut all the wild olive trees of Satan’s world and engraft them. God created the environment for this engrafting to be done all at once through Judaism, the chosen people of Israel; they were the sphere of tribes under His management. (134-011, 1985.01.01)

8 Six thousand years ago, centered on the vertical and horizontal love of both sets of parents—God, the vertical Parent and the first human beings, the horizontal parents—humankind was supposed to make a joyful beginning. But Satan invaded that original starting point. What was lost then should now be taken back; hence, you must become the sons and daughters of True Parents. Since you are wild olive trees, you need to receive a branch of the true olive tree and receive the engrafting. God intends that religions do the work of engrafting. That is why engrafting is a teaching of Christianity. The marriage feast of the bride and bridegroom must occur on earth. (58-219, 1972.06.11)

9 Satan tries to drag all human beings off to hell. But from among them, God separates people out one by one. These people were all wild olive trees in Satan’s world, but God cultivates some to become wild olive trees on Heavens side. God made them olive trees on His side, and raised them to lead the world. This is the democratic world, which is based on Christianity. When the world on Satan’s side weakens and the Christian cultural sphere is well established, the Lord will return, cut the wild olive trees all at once, engraft to them completely, make them one, and turn them around. (201-129, 1990.03.27)

10 The True Parents are the Lords who correct the lineage. They know the secret of how to do that. When the first parents fell they became the false parents, but the True Parents know how to deal with this problem and revive them by giving them an injection of life—that is, by establishing the standard of true love, true life and true lineage, and then connecting that standard to them, replacing the false love, life and lineage. Thus they turn from false back into true. In reversing the situation, however, True Parents cannot give rebirth to all families at once. They will engraft themselves to those families branch by branch. In order to engraft to a wild olive tree family, there needs to be a model true olive tree family. When a shoot from the model olive tree family is engrafted and three years have passed, each wild olive tree family can bear the fruits of a true family. I am saying that I will engraft a shoot of the True Parents to the mothers and fathers from false, wild olive tree families and transform them into families of True Parents’ sons and daughters. (317-203, 2000.02.26)

The foundation to receive the Messiah

11 As a result of the Fall, this world became Satan’s. Hence, in this world there are any number of individuals, families, tribes, and nations on Satan’s side. But that is not so for Heavens side. There are individuals on Heavens side, but no families, tribes, peoples or nations that have reached Heavens standard. Hence, it is crucial that the Messiah as an individual has a foundation upon which to win over families, tribes and nations. Without it, there will be no way for ordinary people to rise to that standard. God prepared a realm within which individuals and families could rise together with the Messiah when he came to the earth. The people of Israel constituted that realm. They believed they were the chosen people. But the nation of Israel did not rise to that standard. It could not achieve that level. It is as if the chosen people are straddling the line; yet it is their hope to cross that line. If they do not, it is a serious problem. And yet, no matter how they try, they cannot succeed in it by themselves. (54-186, 1972.03.24)

12 When the Messiah comes to the people of Israel, if they unite with him with the determination to die for him and together with him, then Satan cannot pull them away no matter how hard he may try. Then individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations will engraft and will be raised up at the same time. So there must be the principle of a chosen people in this world. Based on this people whom God chooses, He needs to form a nation. The existence of the term “chosen people” is itself evidence of God’s existence. From the perspective of this principle, a prophecy that the Messiah will be sent is evidence of God’s existence. (54-187, 1972.03.24)

13 Why do we need the Messiah? First, because of the Fall we have false parents. Our first parents, who were supposed to unite with God, were lost. The Messiah is the one who brings the position of Parents who are able to become one with God to us. Second, we need the Messiah to give us a second birth. We have Satan’s blood in our veins, so the Messiah must extract that blood from us, removing us from the position of Satan’s sons and daughters. He gives us this second birth by engrafting to us. Third, the Messiah makes Satan surrender, by means of us. In other words, the Messiah comes in order to qualify us to judge him and return him to the position of servant. (54-187, 1972.03.24)

14 What will happen in the Last Days? The cosmos-centered way of thinking will appear. It teaches us how to relate to God. People are ignorant of God and His existence, and hence they do not know how to deal with their situation in the Last Days. Also, they do not know what will happen at that time. The person Heaven sends to deal with this, when the time comes and the environment is prepared, is the Messiah, the Savior. The Savior is not just a historical, global, great teacher. Most of all, he is our Father. God is our internal Father and the coming Savior is our external Father. (153-024, 1963.10.18)

Section 4. True Parents and Family Salvation

1 Because the first ancestors, Adam and Eve, fell at the completion level of the growth stage, all human beings lost their original parents. In other words, although God intended to establish our first ancestors as the True Parents, that did not happen. God wanted a family that could bring Him joy, but He had no such family. The four-position foundation with God at the center never materialized. Instead, fallen descendants were born in fallen families. They all fell into a realm of evil in which they had no direct relationship with God. Therefore God has been toiling to find a family with whom He can relate both inwardly and outwardly. This is the history of the providence of restoration. (44-278, 1971.05.24)

The providence to restore the family

2 Fallen humankind must meet God's Son, who is outside the realm of Satan's accusation. The human race as a whole has no parents in the true sense. All of you have fallen parents, but you were unable to have parents who had attained perfection in accordance with Heaven's Will. Once God has His Son and Daughter, He needs them to restore the Parents whom He can love, and then for those Parents to form a family. God will seek out that family. Where the Parents’ family is, there is God’s love. That is where we will meet with God. (114-029, 1981.05.14)

3 We on the earth today must find our brothers and sisters, our father and mother, and our own home in our original hometown. There, parents dwell centered on God’s love. The love these parents give their family is well received by their sons and daughters. In that environment everything is in harmony and everything goes well. There, people sing songs of love. This hometown will expand horizontally to form a people. But first the family must be recovered through religion, because Adam lost the family. (114-030, 1981.05.14)

4 Before Adam and Eve fell they were like the substantial bodies of God. Had they become internally one with God and externally one with each other, the family they formed would have been God’s family. The sons and daughters born to that family would have been God’s sons and daughters. However, Satan violated Eve and ultimately caused Adam to fall as well. At the age of sixteen, while they were still immature and knew nothing about love, Satan invaded them. Satan made an unprincipled love relationship and entered the place where God should have dwelled. Then who was the father of Adam and Eve? It was Satan. That is why the Bible records that Jesus said, “You are from your father the devil” and called people a “brood of vipers.” (John 8:44; Matt. 12:34) John the Baptist called them the same thing. The serpent mentioned in the Bible is the ancestor of the human race. (22-281, 1969.05.04)

5 God’s work of re-creation is to recover the lost family of Adam in the realm of Satan’s world. It is to create a victorious family that will never perish, but will withstand Satan’s strongest opposition. God is trying to create a family that will live in His palace, with His true life and true love at its center. That is the highest goal of the providence of salvation. The purpose of the history of the providence of salvation until today has been to find that perfect family. Jesus could not do this at his coming. Originally, Jesus was supposed to create a perfect family and govern the nation. Then he was to enter Rome and bring it to God. Had he done that, he would have united the world. Then he could have returned to his hometown. (234-294, 1992.08.27)

6 What has God been looking for? He does not seek a subject partner; rather He seeks ideal object partners. He looks for those who resemble Him and reflect the inner and outer aspects of the world He created. The result of this search, and the new starting point, is the family. Nothing can represent the universe better than the family. Unity with one’s parents is the meeting point of past and present. In our families, with each of us at the center, we can love the past by loving our parents, love the present by loving our spouse and love the future by loving our children. To deeply experience the love of three generations is to connect the past, the present and the future. The family is the core body where these three kinds of love are concentrated. (30-080, 1970.03.17)

7 Throughout history up to the present day, individuals have modeled themselves on other individuals. Societies change, modeling themselves on more developed societies. Many people, and many nations, have tried to do this. However, there has not been a family that people have tried to emulate. In the history of the world, there has been no such family to this day. Nor has there been a teaching that guides people to emulate a certain family. There have been many assertions about emulating certain nations or individuals, but no such assertions about families. Then what is the problem that still remains? It is not that we need an individual or a nation to worship, but that we need a family that everyone can revere. It is only that kind of family that can found a new world and bring eternal happiness to the universe. If we settle down with such a family, it will become the basis for our happiness as well. (30-081, 1970.03.17)

The age of family salvation

8 What has God sought to establish through His providence of restoration over six thousand years? It is the family. Before establishing a nation, a tribe or a church, God sought to establish the family. More specifically, He sought to find partners through whom to establish His family. That family is indispensable for forming a nation. It is the basis of everything. Jesus, who came on the foundation of four thousand years of history, also needed to form a family. But he could not find his Eve, who would have been the basis of their family. In other words, he was unable to find his bride. And although he did find three disciples as his spiritual sons, they, in the position of Cain, had no opportunity to serve the sons and daughters of his direct lineage. Instead, these Cain-type disciples opposed him on the family level, and Jesus as the resurrected Lord could not reach the standard to restore that. Jesus family was to have represented the three stages of formation, growth and completion. To restore that requires the three eras of Adam, Jesus and the Second Coming. This lack of a family foundation was a major reason that Jesus had to die on the cross. (22-304, 1969.05.04)

9 Jesus came to recover the family. The work of salvation is the work of restoration. Humankind is sick, and those who are sick need to be healed. Jesus came to save fallen people. Since the family was lost, salvation means to restore the lost family. It is not possible to find that which is lost without returning to the original place. To repeat, why must we restore the family? It is because the original family was lost. Humanity is sick and in need of healing. People are fallen and must be restored. (23-034, 1969.05.11)

10 Today’s religions uphold individual salvation as their standard, but the religion that the whole world can appreciate and that God will establish in the new age must be a religion that can save families. Even if only the husband is saved, if his wife follows him, she will automatically enter the kingdom of heaven with him. Likewise, if the wife pays all the necessary indemnity for her family, then her husband will go wherever she goes. In other words, a man who believes his wife’s words to the point that he would put his life on the line to follow her will go to the kingdom of heaven. Also, a woman who absolutely obeys her husband's words will go to the kingdom of heaven. (33-296, 1970.08.21)

11 Unless we recover the family centered on God, we cannot recover a nation or the world. When Jesus came to the earth, he was meant to establish a family that God could love unreservedly. In other words, that one man came as the bridegroom. Had he found his bride, then from that point true parents, true husbands and wives and true brothers and sisters would have emerged. Because Jesus could not fulfill this during his time on earth, he prophesied that he would come again to fulfill it. This was the prophecy of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, the wedding of the bridegroom and his bride. Only when we have a God-centered family can we restore a tribe, restore a people and restore the world. That is why the family is the issue. This means that the bridegroom and the bride must meet. (070-330, 1974.03.10)

12 How will history unfold? The Lord, the bridegroom, will come and meet his bride. This will bring forth the era of the religious realm of the bridegroom and the bride. This can be viewed as the religion of the True Parents, but it is not really a religion. When this happens, what we know as religion will disappear. We will receive salvation by attending the True Parents. This means that the age of salvation through attendance is coming. Therefore True Parents' words should become the root of our words. All True Parents' feelings, physical and emotional, should become our feelings. True Parents' lifestyle should become the basis for the tradition of our own families; that is, it should become our family culture. (50-061, 1971.10.31)

13 We have already entered the era of the True Parents, so we do not need to focus on witnessing to others. We have to witness to ourselves. We have to save ourselves; we have to save our families. Our married couples must be saved and our sons and daughters must be saved. You are the fruits of the entire providence of history. You are its fruits. Until today, human beings have been unable to gather such fruit. There are lots of trees— many denominations—but none of them has been able to gather such fruit. It is in the Unification Church that such fruit is harvested for the first time. (260-122, 1994.04.28)

CHAPTER 3: True Parents and Rebirth

Section 1.The Path of Rebirth and Restoration

1 When we look into the origin of the Fall, we discover that it began with misdirected love. The Fall occurred when human beings, who were intended to embody God and receive His love, instead came to embody Satan. Had Adam and Eve become temples of God by becoming one with Him, and become husband and wife as originally intended, since they would have been united with God both spiritually and physically, they would have given birth to God-centered sons and daughters. Yet in John 8:44 Jesus indicated that Satan is the father and ancestor of the human race. The fact that our ancestors fell means that human beings ultimately became Satan’s temples. This means they came to embody Satan and gave birth to Satan’s sons and daughters. This was the Fall. The Fall was that Adam and Eve, going against God’s desire, paired with Satan and engaged in love relations that were corrupt and immoral. (72-122, 1974.06.02)

Human beings need rebirth and restoration

2 What is God’s plan for achieving His desire to save humankind? No matter how much God wants to save us from the realm of the Fall, He cannot do it by Himself. God must send another Adam and Eve to this earth as the True Parents. They must have nothing to do with the Fall and reach a higher level than the first Adam and Eve. Then God must have these True Parents go through the course of labor to give rebirth to all humankind. In this way, God will bring human beings to exist without any relationship with Satan and be eternally free from his accusation, so that God alone can have dominion over them. Human beings have original sin. Unless they are born again, they cannot be freed from that state and brought to a state of sinlessness. (22-240, 1969.05.04)

3 When I say you must be born again, it does not mean you need to go through another birth from the flesh and blood of parents who are the descendants of the fallen Adam and Eve. It means you must be reborn through the flesh and blood of the Parents who have no connection to the Fall. Otherwise, you cannot return to God. The root of sin originated with Adam and Eve. Unless you break this bond and attain the qualification of having been born without a connection to original sin, you cannot return to God’s side. (22-240, 1969.05.04)

4 When you came into this world, all of you were born with the enemy’s blood in you. You were born into the bloodline of Satan, and you bear his mark, the mark of a traitor in front of God. In the old days in Korea, when a king put to death an enemy of the throne, he would execute that enemy’s entire household, including all relatives to the seventh degree of kinship. In light of this, since you were born with the blood of the enemy, you cannot protest even if your flesh is repeatedly thrown to the vultures. Be grateful that has not happened to you. Nevertheless, having been born with the enemy’s blood, we have to extract this blood and eliminate it. That is why God has worked through religion, encouraging people to fast, to be meek and humble, and to lead an ascetic life. (17-182, 1966.12.18)

5 We were originally created as God's children. Therefore, it is our original nature to pursue a standard as high and expansive as heaven and earth. Because of the Fall, however, God could not bestow such great blessings on us. We desire to rule the world; it is our inborn nature, an innate desire. Although, due to the Fall of the first ancestors, we were born in the position of thieves, betrayers and traitors, the original mind we were endowed with at the time of creation still inclines toward Heaven. This has not been taken away from us. That is why we still desire to become the highest and the greatest beings in the universe. Religion, however, teaches us to rid ourselves of Satan’s lust and anger. These are in the body; therefore religions encourage us to fast. It is a way to sever our connection to Satan’s blood. If you have not fasted at least seven days for Heaven, when you arrive in the other world you will not be able to register in the kingdom there. (17-182, 1966.12.18)

6 Jesus comes again to restore people to God’s lineage. For this, he first sets up the foundation for restoration and then begins the work of restoration. We discovered that our birth into this world made us citizens in Satan’s world. Therefore, we must be born again to be restored as God’s children. But to be reborn we must find and again go into a mother’s womb, and then come out. Rebirth means to be born a second time. (17-181, 1966.12.18)

7 For a child to be born, the seed of life originates in the man and then goes through the woman. Where does the change of lineage occur? It is within the woman’s womb. That is why churches appeared that proclaimed that the Lord would return through a mother’s womb. In other words, conditions were continually established through history for human beings to return to the starting point. Although life is conceived in the womb, it cannot be conceived by itself. There must be a woman to conceive and a man to impregnate her. Ultimately, God has to accomplish His work centering on one family. In view of complete restoration, the seed of the baby, which lay dormant in a man’s body—in his bones, flesh and blood—must journey from that starting point to the woman’s womb. First, however, that man has to achieve unity with God based on His love. If that is not done, no condition will suffice to establish the foundation for the total change of lineage. (35-162, 1970.10.13)

8 In order to go the way of complete restoration, your tainted blood must be purified. Your body received Satan’s blood. However, here is the question: rather than understanding it conceptually, based on the Divine Principle lectures you heard, do you truly feel that your body is the enemy of God, the enemy of humanity, and the enemy of history? Do you sense that the blood of the traitor entered your body and is still coursing through it? Furthermore, do you feel that your eyes are Satan’s eyes, and that your mouth, hands, feet and your entire body are Satan’s? That is why Christianity tells you to wash away your sins. It means you must purify yourselves. (72-123, 1974.06.02)

9 If our bodies had not become the dens of sin through Satan’s bloodline, God’s work of restoration could have been done in an instant. Originally, God was supposed to be our Father. However, since we were born as Satan’s children, it is extremely difficult for us to feel that God is our Father. If we compare Satan to the North Pole, then God is the South Pole. The hardest thing in the world is for us to separate from the lineage we inherited. It means we have to find a way to know God, whom we did not know as our Heavenly Father, better than we know our own father. Unless we do this, we cannot return to God’s kingdom in accordance with the providence of salvation. That is why salvation has been the most difficult task of history. It is the reason why the all-knowing and almighty God has not been able to complete the work of salvation even after six thousand biblical years. (72-124, 1974.06.02)

Rebirth through change of lineage

10 Our first ancestors became the false parents, weaving together the false love, false life and false lineage that have remained within us to the present day. That is why the True Parents must come. The True Parents intimately know the Heavenly Parent. They know the secrets of Heaven’s world and the secrets of Satan’s world. They come to restore God’s kingship by giving the Blessing to the people of both worlds. In order to restore God’s kingship, True Parents must put an end to the fight between God and Satan. Who else has the authority to do this? Only the coming of the True Parents can stop the fight. This is because those seeds were sown by the false parents. (357-202, 2001.10.30)

11 What the Unification Church promotes is the family. It is a new family with the True Parents at the center. You who begin anew as sons and daughters within this new family system must clean up your past. Regardless of your different lineage and background, if you want to take after the True Parents, you must first be engrafted. To do this, you must complete your own path of indemnity. What started with the false parents must be settled through the True Parents. That is why we must be engrafted by the True Parents. Because Adam became a false parent instead of a true parent, God has been continuously seeking the True Parents. In this era of the Second Coming, the bridegroom, the bride and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb are all for the purpose of recovering the True Parents. (24-203, 1969.08.10)

12 The Completed Testament Age is the age of marriage. As the result of the Fall, God was not able to bless Adam and Eve in marriage. Therefore, the Lord of the Second Advent, the True Parents, must come and wed men and women on God’s behalf. You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven alone. Only couples can enter. Even Jesus has been dwelling only in paradise, as he said in the Bible. (Luke 24:43) That is why he must receive the Blessing, and likewise all the other religious founders must also be wed by the True Parents. You, too, can be saved only when you allow True Parents to cut your wild olive tree and sever you from the false lineage, allowing True Parents' lineage to be engrafted onto you. In the future, once all humankind has received this engrafting, religion will cease to exist. (344-031, 2001.02.26)

We must love God absolutely

13 God created human beings according to His original ideal, with the desire to connect with them through His true love. Unless you feel such a profound love toward God that you don’t care about losing your life, you cannot overcome life-and-death circumstances. Therefore, a perfect religion does not start from affirmation but from denial—from complete denial, even of life itself. Without going through such a position of total denial, you cannot stand in front of Satan with a clear conscience. This has been the position of those who have pursued a life of faith. (35-161, 1970.10.13)

14 Human beings fell due to their disbelief in God. To reverse this we must believe in the Savior and follow him. In so doing, we need to prepare a home filled with love. This means we must become one with the returning Jesus, substantially unite with him as bridegrooms and brides, and then all three should unite in heart. This is the process that humankind must go through to be restored. Thereupon the state originally desired by God at the time of the creation—the place where God, True Parents and true children come together—will become a reality on earth. It is where a new heaven and a new earth will begin. Everything in the world thus far is the result of leaving God. Therefore we need to go through the course of indemnity. Given the current situation of humanity, we Unification Church members are in a critical position. We must do our work well in order to save the people of Korea and the world. Our sacrifices up to this point were to build the altar on the level of the Korean people. Henceforth, we need to move forward once more and become sacrificial offerings on the world level. These are the two missions we must fulfill. (015-263, 1965.10.17)

15 What did Jesus mean when he said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.” He meant that we should be absolutely public. To be public from an absolute perspective means there is no “I.” It means we represent the whole and treat the whole as our subject partner. This fallen world belongs to Satan’s realm. Therefore, we should attend God as our absolute subject partner, the central being who represents the whole. Again, we must have no concept of “I.” If we do, the condition for the satanic realms ownership over us will remain. From the point of absolutely denying ourselves, we need to create oneness between all material things and our mind and body, with the absolute Subject Partner as our center. Then we should make offerings. (110-012, 1980.11.08)

16 Jesus told Nicodemus, “No one can see the kingdom of God without being born again.” (John 3:3) This means you must totally deny the life that you have lived thus far—your entire personal history. Even if you have justifiable excuses or notable accomplishments, still you must deny yourselves. As fallen people, you cannot escape the realm of the Fall without going through this course. You lived your life thus far as people who were dead; hence it must be denied entirely. (6-278, 1959.06.07)

We have to enter the world that is based on True Parents' heart

17 Even though you have received the Blessing, you should delay cultivating your relationship with your spouse. First you must yearn for True Parents. You should feel that without them there is neither day nor night, that your existence is worthless. Your heart of love and adoration for True Parents should consume every part of your life. Only then can you be called the sons and daughters of Heaven. Only after you have led this type of life should you finally receive your husband or wife. Otherwise, how can you possibly receive him or her? Before anything else, you should yearn for True Parents with all your heart. You will not receive salvation unless you attend True Parents with the attitude that they are the source of your life, the entirety of your hope, and the beginning point of all your ideals and happiness. You must have conviction enough to say, “I am a son (or daughter) of True Parents, and I will unite with them for eternity.” This kind of devotion must transcend even the awareness of your own existence. This is the kind of firm conviction you must have. (30-238, 1970.03.23)

18 You cannot fully attend True Parents if you are by yourself. Whether you are a man or a woman, you need your partner. If you are single, you should get energy from the one who comes in the position of Adam. In that state, you first must offer something to Adam, the Parent; then you can receive and inherit True Parents' love and connect it to your descendants through your lineage. You can pass on the valuable content of this love through your lineage. Hence you can serve God and the Parents through such a foundation of love. It is on the standard of the value of this relationship based on your lineage that you can attend True Parents. Otherwise, you cannot attend them. (35-239, 1970.10.19)

19 What was the beginning point of your life of faith when you joined the Unification Church? It started with a vivid realization about yourself, that you are God’s child and that you must make effort to restore yourself to the position of a child who is centered on God’s love. If you receive God’s love but are not proud of God’s Word and do not have the conviction to proclaim it to the whole universe, you cannot stand as a son or daughter of God. You gain the authority of a son or daughter of God by standing on the foundation of God’s authority. With the authority of God’s sons and daughters, you must be able to walk boldly through Satan’s strongholds, no matter what happens. You must go the course of subjugating Satan, who violated Adam and Eve. Unless you bring Satan to surrender, you cannot reach the standard for receiving God’s Blessing. (22-205, 1969.02.04)

20 To become a filial child, you must know your parents' heart. After joining the Unification Church, if you truly want to know me, you must enter the world of my heart. There is no great secret for this. If you leaders and members have such a connection of heart with me that when you are walking the streets witnessing you break down in tears several times a day, your churches will blossom abundantly. (093-065, 1977.05.01)

21 Have you blessed families of the Unification Church fulfilled your duties? Since you failed to establish a victorious foundation, if I were to leave you alone, your families would all go in separate directions. However, as your representative I have paved your way, so now you need to live with the sincerest heart, offering all your devotion. This means you need to become one with me in heart. To attain such oneness, you must transcend distance, your environment, even history. You should have the same heart as mine, a heart that strives to shorten all the ages and eras of restoration. You should be sad when I am sad. You should breathe with me as one; when I exhale you should inhale, keeping to my tempo. If you lead your life in this way, you can build a victorious foundation. Therefore, consider your family as a special altar and pray without ceasing as you move forward. (100-286, 1978.10.22)

Section 2. Our Rebirth and Change of Lineage

1 In Adam's family there were brothers, Cain and Abel. Cain was the first son. Love has one principle, not two. Are there two principles of love? In the Divine Principle, we talk about unprincipled love. The Fall means that Adam and Eve engaged in unprincipled love. Based on love people should unite as one, not divide as two. Suppose someone has one hundred sons; all those sons should form one brotherhood, not two. However, if some of them practice unprincipled love, then to whom do those brothers belong? They belong to Satan. That is how it is. (36-248, 1970.12.06)

The change of lineage through Cain and Abel

2 In Adam’s family, Cain represented Satan’s side and Abel God’s side. Adam should have been in God’s position, but was he? He was not. The order of love was reversed. Originally God should have been the one to possess the fruits of love, but the archangel snatched them away: Therefore, a course was required to restore someone to the position to receive God’s love, and it was Abel who was placed in that position. In the course of the history of restoration, those whom God called and loved were not first sons but second sons. Thus we read in the Bible that at the time of the Exodus, even in Egypt the firstborn sons were killed. In other words, the second son is providentially on Heaven's side while the first son is on Satan’s side. We have to get rid of the blood of Satan, meaning we need to cut off from the bloodline of Satan. However, should God just kill Cain? He should not. Therefore He pursues the work of engrafting. That is, in order that all people might come to have God’s viewpoint and practice His philosophy of life, God sends one person with that philosophy, who provides engrafting. This is the concept of the Messiah. (36-248, 1970.12.06)

3 The history of the providence of restoration is that of bringing the first son to surrender to the second son. This was the goal in the instances of Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob, Perez and Zerah, and Joseph and his eleven brothers. It was also the case for the Israelites in relation to the nations of the world, and for Jesus the Son of God in relation to the people of the world. God does not want to destroy the first son by striking him. He wants to make him surrender, by judging the first son after he has first struck the second son. The original, heavenly way was turned upside down, and it needs to be set aright. Hence, even though the older brother should be born first, God worked in such a way that the younger brother was born first, supplanting his older brother. This is also why when Jacob blessed Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Manasseh, he crossed his arms and placed his left hand on the older son's head and his right hand on the younger son's head. No one in heaven and earth has known why Jacob did this, until now. (017-180, 1966.12.18)

4 "For what purpose do we need the Messiah? It is for the purpose of salvation. Salvation begins at the point where we come in contact with God’s love. Yet even though we need to return there, we keep on propagating the lineage of Satan. The whole of humanity is disconnected from God’s lineage. "This is the exact opposite of God’s love. This position must be restored through indemnity. To make this indemnity requires the removal of original sin, but removing the original sin involves the fundamental issue of lineage. This is something fallen human beings can never resolve on their own. That is why we need the Messiah." (035-159, 1970.10.13)

5 Why is Jesus the Messiah? It is because he was born as the historic first fruit of the change of lineage, as was never before seen in history. He is the Son who inherited God’s life and lineage, based on His love. He represents the new seed of life. That is who Jesus is. That is why we call him God’s only begotten Son. He was the begotten Son because he was born as the representative son who inherited God's love and life, from a lineage that had been purified over the course of human history. This makes Jesus different from all the other religious founders in the course of history. Jesus was born as the fruit of the course of changing the lineage, the first person to be born completely centered on the living God. That is why he is the Messiah. He was born in that position; that makes him the representative of the changed lineage. That is why the Messiah is the central person for giving new life to humankind. It took a period of four thousand years according to biblical reckoning, from the time of the Fall until the appearance of Jesus two thousand years ago, to make it possible for a representative of the changed lineage to come for the first time. This was the Messiah. (224-276, 1991.12.15)

6 Who is the coming Messiah? Since fallen parents appeared, there must arise parents who have nothing to do with the Fall. In order to become such parents, they must set the condition of loving even the devil, Satan from the same position as God. Otherwise, there is no way to enter the kingdom of heaven. This has been a secret of the spirit world to this day, and a trap of sorrow placed between the human world and the heavenly world. No one has understood this. But now that I have revealed this, Satan's world will face its time of great misfortune. (136-167, 1985.12.22)

7 Jesus came as the Messiah in the position of a parent, but first he had to fight with the archangel. He fought, saying, “I am the one and only Son of God.” The only Son of God means that he was the first man to receive God’s love as a son. As God’s one and only Son, he was to find God’s one and only Daughter, and together they were to attain the perfection that the first Adam and Eve should have attained had there been no Fall. Jesus was the only Son of God. He came as the Messiah. The Messiah is the one who recovers the lost parents by attaining the qualification of True Parents, and who revives people by engrafting the lineage of the Parents. This is why Christians say that no one can go to the kingdom of heaven without being born again. (136-168, 1985.12.22)

8 What kind of person was Jesus? God created heaven and earth over a period of six days. In five days He created all things, and on the sixth day He created Adam. Jesus is like Adam. He is the second Adam, the Adam who came subsequently. This means that he is the original Adam who has nothing to do with the Fall. In the beginning God first created Adam, and then, centered on Adam, He created Eve. Therefore the second Adam was to establish the next Eve. But he could not do so. Again, who was responsible to find and raise up the original Eve? It was the first Adam. However, because Adam could not fulfill this responsibility when Eve fell, the second Adam had to find and establish such an Eve whom the first Adam had lost. There is no exception to the principle of indemnity. (017-190, 1966.12.18)

God’s work of rebirth through Jesus and the Holy Spirit

9 Originally the earth should have treated heaven as her husband, and heaven should have treated the earth as his wife. And this couple should have communed face to face on an equal level. Yet due to the Fall heaven and earth were split apart. Both came under Satan’s dominion. To this day God has been leading Christianity toward tearing down the barrier between heaven and earth. Christianity teaches that you cannot be saved unless you receive the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit refers to the mother spirit. The Fall was first committed by a woman. As sin was initiated by someone who was to become a mother, someone in the position of a mother must correct this. That is why the spiritual Mother, the Holy Spirit, must come to earth and go through the labor of childbirth. False children were born on this earth due to the fall of the first ancestors. Hence, the spiritual True Father and spiritual True Mother must come together with the heart of love for each other, push their way through the enemy s barriers, strip Satan of his authority, and enter the state in which they can receive the essence of love. Only then can all people be spiritually reborn. There is no way for us to be born into a new life without the love between the spiritual Mother and spiritual Father. Resurrection and rebirth in Christianity refer to being born again through these spiritual parents. (023-042, 1969.05.11)

10 Who was Jesus and why did he come? He came with the mission to become the True Parent of humankind, the True Father. Had Adam not fallen, he would have received God’s Blessing and become the True Father of humankind, and Eve would have become the True Mother. However, due to the Fall Adam lost the Blessing. In order to restore it, God prepared through a long history of four thousand years and then sent Jesus. He sent Jesus with the mission to become the True Father. To restore God’s Blessing, Jesus had to inherit the fruit of this providential history and stand in Adams position; he had to win a woman standing in the position of Eve who had been the object of Satan’s accusations, and he had to subjugate all the satanic forces that were blocking this Eve. He had to do this in addition to taking all aspects of society back from Satan. This is why Jesus indicated that he was the bridegroom. Jesus was striving to find Eve on earth. (017-190, 1966.12.18)

11 Human beings are born from a mother s womb as descendants of the Fall. Hence, to enter into new life, they need to be embraced by the Mothers love. This is the love of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Mother spirit. With love this Mother spirit uplifts and embraces Jesus, who is the spiritual Father. The Holy Spirit yearns for Jesus, and the energy that flows from the power of her love for him is something you can experience. When you receive the Holy Spirit, it comes to you as a fire. With such an experience, new life can arise within you. It means that you have experienced the feelings of love between the father and the mother in the mother's womb. Unless you feel this sensation of love, you cannot be born into new life. I am saying that there can be no birth of new life without love. This is what is called rebirth in Christianity. (035-225, 1970.10.19)

12 The coming Lord is the True Father, so you must enter the loins of the True Father. Fallen people cannot be born again unless they set the condition of entering the True Father. That is why fallen people have sought to enter the loins of Jesus, who is a man. They do this because they have received the grace of the mother spirit who attends Jesus as her bridegroom. However, people cannot literally enter Jesus’ loins. Instead, they must be one with him through their heart of love. With the heart of love it is possible to get there. Christians who believe in Jesus can enter his body with the help of the Holy Spirit, the Mother spirit. Because Jesus did not marry, his spirit is like that of a bachelor. Christians who believe in Jesus want to find a way to enter the returning Lord in the position of baby seeds within the returning Jesus. Then, once they enter his loins, they must be born again through the restored new Mother. This is the way; they can be reborn substantially. (035-226, 1970.10.19)

13 According to the original standard, Christians need to take the position of the sons and daughters of Jesus, born from his flesh and blood. This means that they should enter the position like that of the seeds of sons and daughters that Adam had within him before he fell. Therefore, Christians must take the position of sons and daughters born from the father's flesh and blood—Jesus’ flesh and blood. In order to do so, based on the condition of unity of love with Jesus, they must be born through the Mother, the Holy Spirit. I am saying they must be born again. Can there be rebirth only through the Father? Can there be rebirth only through the Mother? Because no man and woman have been able to become the substantial True Mother and True Father, no one could establish the ideal family of love, which is the Will and God’s ideal of creation. In order for this purpose to be achieved, Adam has to come again in the position of the bridegroom, receive his bride, and attain oneness with God’s love. If a man in the position of Adam who has never fallen in the Garden of Eden attains perfection and becomes one with Eve through love, nothing can make that person fall. People have been longing for that day. (114-028, 1981.05.14)

14 What does it mean to say that we believe in Jesus? Jesus, as a man, is the original Adam untouched by the Fall. In the end, he is to be the Father, both physically and spiritually. Unless we become one with this Father, we have no way to be born again. Christianity is the religion that teaches people to yearn for Jesus and to love in a way that is deeply in touch with his love. It teaches us to long for Jesus and welcome him as the bridegroom. The teaching that we are to welcome Jesus as our bridegroom has two purposes: one is that we can become like baby seeds that enter his bone and flesh; the other is that we can conditionally pass through the womb of the Mother, who is in the bride's position. (035-164, 1970.10.13)

15 According to the original ideal, people should not be born with their spirit self separated from their physical self. Owing to Jesus death on the cross, believers can attain rebirth spiritually, though not physically. Therefore, Jesus must surely come again. Jesus went to the spirit world and when he comes backwhen the True Parents come—those who believe in Jesus need to reject this world. They need to set the condition of rebirth through the True Parents—through the womb of True Mother from the loins of True Father. If they do not, they will have no way to gain eternal life. In other words, before you receive the Mother you must enter the body of the unfallen True Father as the seeds of his baby sons and daughters, and stay there until you are born through the Mother. That is why people cry, “Lord! Lord!” and try to enter the Lords body. In fact, Jesus has been doing this work in spirit. Hence, when Jesus comes again, those who enter him spiritually as baby seeds and who have become one with Jesus flesh can then be born through the True Mother. This is the way to complete restoration. This is how people can remove Satan’s blood completely and stand in the restored position for the first time. (092-291, 1977.04.18)

16 Christianity is a religion that has been looking toward the spirit world, a spiritual kingdom of heaven with Jesus and the Holy Spirit as the spiritual Parents at its center. However, to build the original kingdom of heaven, Adam and Eve have to turn around everything that was lost on earth and attain a standard of spiritual victory not only on the vertical plane but also on the horizontal plane. Unless we realize on earth a world in which True Mother and True Father can give and receive love on the corporeal plane, we cannot fundamentally rectify what went wrong. That is why I say that the Lord who comes again must come to the earth in the flesh. (023-043, 1969.05.11)

True Parents and the path of rebirth

17 God created human beings because of love. He should have been the Owner of Adam and Eve's love, the Owner of their life and the Owner of their lineage. Yet the love, life and lineage that should have belonged to God all were snatched away. Salvation means to restore a sick person to the state he was in before he took ill. The work of the Lord at his Second Advent is to change the lineage of humankind. This can be done when God, Adam, and Eve become one body. Had the vertical relationship between the vertical God and the first human beings been established, the horizontal relationship between east and west—between Adam and Eve who have nothing to do with the Fall—would have been formed at the shortest distance in accordance with the original principle of true love. Vertical and horizontal lines that meet at a ninety-degree angle make for the shortest distance. Our first ancestors in their horizontal relationship were supposed to unite at a ninety-degree angle to the vertical God, and then they were supposed to form a sphere of ideal love centering on relationships of front and rear. Their failure to do this was the Fall. (198-119, 1990.01.25)

18 God cannot change human beings lineage. There is no one who can do it other than the True Parents. God cannot be a friend to the false parents. He is the vertical Parent, so He cannot stand in a horizontal, physical position. Before He can do that, whatever mistakes that were made on the horizontal plane must be restored on the horizontal plane. To make an analogy, if there is a hole in something made of leather, then leather must be used to mend it; you cannot mend the hole with some other kind of material. It was the false parents who made the hole, so it must be filled by True Parents. Unless the True Parents go through a course of suffering, the hole will not be filled. God by Himself cannot just do it. If He could, He would have done it long ago. (337-272, 2000.10.27)

19 We need True Parents in order to dismantle the foundation of Satan’s love, life and lineage. How did man and woman fall into such a position? They fell by their reproductive organs. In the original sense, the reproductive organs are the palaces of love. But what happened to that palace of love? The human reproductive organ is such a precious thing—the palace of love, life and lineage—but due to the Fall it became full of filth. From God’s original viewpoint it should not be something filthy, but something sacred. It is the most precious thing. Life, love and lineage are connected there. This is the holiness that Satan defiled. (218-178, 1991.07.28)

20 The True Parents are what we truly need. What started from the false parents must be restarted by the True Parents. The false parents received false life and false lineage through false love. This must be reversed. We need to inherit true life and true lineage with the love of the True Parents as the center. In the past, we inherited the wrong seed of life, and now we need to inherit the original seed. We cannot inherit this without the True Parents. Therefore the Messiah must come again upon the earth and implant his seeds—the True Parents seeds of new life—and engraft them to us so we can return to the original position as true olive trees. God is really our Parent. Can you imagine how close He is to us? Our vertical Parent, God, fulfills ideal love through the horizontal parents, True Parents. (218-224, 1991.07.29)

21 True Parents are the Adam and Eve who did not fall. God is the first generation, True Parents are the second generation, and blessed families are engrafted into the realm of the third generation. Now that you wild olive trees have received a graft from the true olive tree, you need to make much effort to become true olive trees. Your most urgent priority and responsibility is to purify yourselves internally and externally in order to cultivate true love, true life and true lineage. You must feel that the True Parents are your own parents and that you are their direct lineage. By fulfilling your duties you must become completely one with True Parents, attending them as their filial sons and daughters. Then you must serve the nation, and also heaven and earth, as patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters. (361-259, 2001.11.26)

22 You must enter a relationship of love with Adam and Eve centering on their first love for each other. Only then can you be born again, from the loins of True Father and the womb of True Mother, and form a bond of eternal life with them. You cannot pay the full indemnity for this without going through the Principle of Restoration. Whether you realize it or not, that is why you have been loving me centered on the Will, and why your hearts seek to move in the same direction I move, in concert with my feelings. You are setting the condition to be engrafted with the True Parents, from their bone marrow to your heart, so that you can be born again from the ones in the position of the original Adam and Eve, through the womb of True Mother. Without doing so, you cannot be restored. You have to be restored through True Mother. And by connecting with my sons and daughters from the time when they were babies in True Mothers actual womb, you are restoring the Cain-Abel relationship. (026-311, 1969.11.10)

23 You who were born again as children through True Mother’s womb are in the position of Cain; hence you have to love not only True Mother but also the babies born from her actual womb. By uniting with them, you have to make the condition of heart that you have participated at the same rank as their twin siblings. Then you should take the position to serve and attend them. That is the only way you can prevent conflict between the two seeds in her womb. To prevent repeating the Fall based on such conflict, you must work the opposite way; this is how you can be restored. God has been conducting this work without your being aware of it. (035-228, 1970.10.19)

24 You were able to enter the loins of True Father because you have been one in heart with him. But you were not just to remain as a baby seed within True Father; you also had to be born again through True Mother’s womb. For this purpose I established True Mother through the Holy Wedding I conducted in 1960. Based on this, you had to feel from True Mother the grace and love that you had felt when you were within the body of True Father, and out of that love, you loved and attended her. As much as you loved me, it was through that emotional connection to True Mother and your bond of love with her that your rebirth was finally made possible. (035-227, 1970.10.19)

25 Why do Unification Church members want to follow me around all the time, day and night? Why are they so much in love with me that they create a commotion? Why do they abandon even their own mothers, fathers and spouses? They do it because they have no way to be born again unless they connect to me with the heart of sons and daughters who were born through my body. Likewise, they must set the condition of having loved True Mother even before their birth. Have you ever thought of this, even in your dreams? When I came to understand this truth I carved it deep in my heart, even as I devoted my entire life for the fulfillment of the Will. (092-292, 1977.04.18)

Section 3. Restoration of the Right of the Eldest Son, the Right of the Parents and the Right of the King

1 A son is the fruit of love. God is a being of the Principle, and according to the Principle the firstborn son should be God’s son and the second-born son should also be God’s son. However after the Fall, the firstborn son came to be on Satan’s side and the second-born son on God’s side. These unprincipled positions emerged. In order to be in accordance with the Principle, the firstborn son and the second-born son should both be on Heavens side. Hence, the first son to be born should be on God’s side. For the firstborn son to be on Satan’s side goes against the Principle. Therefore, for the God of the Principle to save fallen people, He must first love the son who was born first, but he is on Satan’s side. So that he can be a son whom God can love, he must be brought to the position of the firstborn son on God’s side. (58-045, 1972.06.06)

2 Adams sons Cain and Abel were the fruits of love from the Fall, so they were in the position where both God and Satan could have dominion. Therefore, Cain and Abel were divided to Satan’s side and God’s side, respectively. The first son Cain represented the first love relationship, which was between the archangel and Eve. Thus he stood on Satan’s side. The second love relationship was between Eve and Adam, so the second son Abel stood on God’s side as a representative of that love. Originally Adam was supposed to stand on God’s side and govern the archangel with the right of dominion over him based on God’s love. This would have secured the principled order by natural law. From the perspective of the Principle of Creation, God was in the position to claim Adam. However because Adam fell, Satan was able to claim Adam based on his love. What did God have to do to recover Adam to Heavens side? The archangel, who should have been under Adam’s dominion, governed Adam instead; therefore to restore the original positions, the archangel had to be governed by Adam. This meant that Cain, who stood on Satan’s side, had to submit to Abel, reversing the dominion. Without submitting, Cain could not be restored. (22-247, 1969.05.04)

3 In order to be fundamentally restored from the fallen state, you must be born again. In order to be born again, you must start from the body of the Father before he married, the Father who has nothing to do with the Fall. God’s work has been to restore, first, the right of the eldest son, second, the right of parents, third, the right of the king, and finally, the right of the royal family. To this end, the lineage must be changed. That is why Rebekah’s sons fought over the birthright, and why the sons of Tamar switched positions inside her womb. It is from this lineage that the chosen people, the Israelites, arose. God continued working in this way to separate out the pure lineage until Jesus came through Mary to establish these rights on the national level. Then God continued this effort up to the present, the age of the Lords return. God has been working to purify the lineage. To raise that process to the national level and to enable Jesus to stand as the Son under God’s dominion, Jesus was conceived and born through Mary’s womb. That is why it is said that he is God’s only begotten Son. (235-234, 1992.09.20)

Restoring the right of the eldest son

4 When was the lineage leading up to Jesus changed? This is the question. When we look at his lineage from the perspective of the Cain-Abel relationship, what happened? The change of lineage had to take place in the womb of a mother. The fact that the son on Satan’s side was born first violated Heavens law; this had to be changed in the mother’s womb. Therefore, God’s work through Cain and Abel was to have the younger brother restore the right of eldest son. How was it done? It was by reversing their positions after birth. Hence, even for all humankind, after their birth their positions have to be reversed; with their levels gradually narrowing down from the world, nation, people and so on, until the positions were reversed on the closest level-for instance the twins, Esau and Jacob. It was easier to reverse the positions through twins. (139-300, 1986.01.31)

5 We have to establish the rights of both the elder and younger sons on God’s side and go beyond the realm of the Fall; only then can we stand for the first time in the original world that has nothing to do with the Fall. This is the original ideal of creation. As God is absolute, His ideal also remains absolute. In order to achieve the original ideal, at some point in history we must go through a course of restoration through indemnity. (134-306, 1985.08.16)

6 How difficult it is to restore the right of the eldest son! Countless religious people were sacrificed for this purpose. Christianity underwent dreadful persecution under the Roman Empire for four hundred years, and much blood was shed in order to subjugate the domain of Satan’s world. In Rome, the early Christians built deep and extensive caves called the Catacombs. There they buried the corpses of their ancestors underneath their altars and lived inhaling those odors day and night. They lived under such conditions because they believed it was for God’s will. Otherwise, who could do such a thing? Under normal standards, no one could. Imagine how much God has suffered. You have no idea how much effort He has made throughout history. (140-205, 1986.02.09)

7 Each of you has been called to establish a clan in which you can claim the right of the eldest son. In order for your clan to receive blessings, they must first support your right as the eldest son; then they can receive the blessings that you would like to bestow upon them. The right of the eldest son is not for you yourself. You must connect it to the vertical heavenly world centered on the coming Lord. You cannot do this through only the horizontal, physical world. Since I came to know this path, it was inevitable that I would set up the logic of living for the sake of others. We were born for the sake of others. Man was born for the sake of woman, and vice-versa. You must not have the concept of “myself.” (136-131, 1985.12.22)

8 To reach God, we need to pass through seven levels, from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. When we have fulfilled restoration through each of these seven levels, we can reach the position of the original eldest son who has nothing to do with the Fall. Adam and Eve were the first son and first daughter. The first son and daughter were to go through the realm of indirect dominion and connect to the realm of direct dominion while receiving the love God has for His elder child, rather than the love He has for His younger children. Therefore, the position and right of the elder child must be restored at each level as we go up. This is the battle I have been fighting. (138-135, 1986.01.19)

9 Because Adam and Eve fell and lost their relationship with God, there was no way for Cain or Abel to unite vertically with God either. Since fallen Adam and Eve had no standard by which to make a vertical relationship with God, their failure had to be restored through Cain and Abel. Adam and Eve having lost this vertical standard, for us to recover the right of God’s legitimate children, what we require is True Parents, who establish the vertical relationship, and their children who will become totally one with these Parents. These are the two conditions that are needed. We cannot ascend to this level in the position of adopted children. Unless we stand in the position of their legitimate children who have nothing to do with the Fall, we cannot become one with God and rise to the standard of perfection. Therefore, we must pass through that stage. Even if we say we are God’s children, or that Cain and Abel have become one, until the foundation of the True Parents who are untouched by the Fall is achieved, there is no way for us to rise vertically. That is why God had to set up the standard of True Parents. (55-137, 1972.05.07)

10 As in the time of Cain and Abel, the brothers Esau and Jacob fought—but in the womb. At that time, Rebekah wondered why her two children were fighting in her womb, and she prayed to God about this. God told her, “Two nations are in your womb... and the elder shall serve the younger.” (Gen. 25:23) They had to go through such a fight in order that the position of the elder son could be restored by the younger son. (139-303, 1986.01.31)

11 Esau and Jacob, the older and younger brothers, were born as twins so they could completely understand each other’s hearts. In the case of twins, when the younger brother is sad the older brother also is sad. That is how they connect to each other. Through these twins, who were so close to each other, God carried out the providence of restoration. The person who had to accomplish this restoration was the mother. After the Fall, Eve as a mother gave birth to Cain, so this time a mother had to carry out the process of restoration through mother-son cooperation. Here the mother worked with Jacob to take the, birthright, the right of the eldest son from Esau by deceiving Isaac. (139-301, 1986.01.31)

12 The right of the eldest son is recovered through mother-son cooperation. When the older brother Esau returned from hunting, he sold his right as the firstborn son to Jacob for bread and lentil stew. This set the condition for Jacob to restore the right to be the eldest son. Because Esau sold his birthright to Jacob, Esau had to surrender to him in reality. If he had not sold his birthright, Jacob and Rebekah would not have been entitled to take it by deceit. It could not have happened without such a condition. This is how Jacob could have the opportunity to be given the name “Israel.” In other words, for the first time the right of the eldest son was restored, and this marked the emergence of the realm of Israel. The right of the eldest son was changed through twin brothers, but it had not yet been changed within the womb. Then what happened? The fourth son of Jacob was Judah. Judah had three sons, and his first daughter-in-law was a woman named Tamar. Tamar knew the value of the lineage blessed by God. Therefore, she was willing to do whatever was necessary to inherit that lineage. (139-301, 1986.01.31)

13 Tamar conceived two children, and they struggled in her womb. When she prayed to God, God answered Tamar as He had answered Rebekah the mother of Esau and Jacob, which was by saying: “Two nations are in your womb... and the elder shall serve the younger (Gen. 25:23) In the same way, Perez and Zerah were born to set the condition of two clans struggling in the womb with the purpose that the older would serve the younger. During their birth, the older brother Zerah’s hand came out first. The midwife tied a red string to it. His was a symbol representing future generations and was a forewarning that communism would appear among his descendants. However, Perez recovered the right of the elder by pushing his older brother aside in order to be born first. This was the first time the second son restored the first son’s position in the womb. He was given the name Perez, meaning “he who made a breech at birth” while pushing his brother out of the way. In this way, God worked with Rebekah and Tamar through a course of struggle to change the lineage. Finally, within the womb, the first son was made the second son and the second son was made the first son. The right of the eldest son began from that point in the history of the Israelites. From then on, God could help them at any time. Whenever anyone attempted to destroy them, Heaven struck back. The history of Israel records that that God mercilessly struck any Gentile nation that tried to destroy the Israelites. (139-303, 1986.01.31)

Restoring the right of the eldest son

14 In order to be victorious, you must go out and restore the right of the eldest son. The firstborn son must ultimately attend the second son, the younger brother, as though he were his older brother; he must come to the point where he can say, “I will receive all blessings through you.” In this way, the first son willingly comes down to the position of the second son, and the second son, with the first sons blessing, ascends to take the position of the eldest son. Only when the firstborn son says, “You go up instead of me” and supports the second son, is it possible to move from the tribal-level right of the eldest son to the people-level right of the eldest son. This is how you can ascend step by step. Only when the first son supports you can you go up. You cannot go up by yourself. Because of this principle, you must fulfill the standard of restoring the right of the eldest son. Otherwise, God’s dispensation cannot succeed. This is the secret of religious history. That is why, in order to go the way of a true religion, you must leave your home. This is the origin of the words, “You must leave your country and your home, renounce the world and become an ascetic.” (138-204, 1986.01.21)

15 Cain represents Satan’s side, the position of the older brother. Abel represents God’s side, the position of the younger brother. There is the battle between the two of them. God should love the firstborn son first and the younger son next. But the firstborn son Cain stands on Satan’s side. He belongs to Satan’s side. In order to save him, God appointed Abel to restore the right of the eldest son. This he cannot achieve by force; it requires him to move people with love. Restoration is achieved by melting people’s hearts with love. If you cannot be someone who loves others, if you cannot win their hearts and turn them around, you will not be in a position to truly love your own sons and daughters. Since God is the absolute God, from the viewpoint of His ideal of creation it is the firstborn son who should be loved first, not the second child. (140-038, 1986.02.01)

16 The question is whether I have loved Satan’s world even more than I love my wife and children. I must not love my wife and children and neglect Satan’s world. God has to love Cain first before loving the Abel realm, and He should not love Abel more than Cain. He has to love the firstborn son more. The problem is that the firstborn son went over to Satan’s side. That is why the history of salvation has been so prolonged. Satan’s lineage has been continually passed down through the bloodline from generation to generation. Because of this, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven unless we love the firstborn son and give him rebirth, and unless all people on God’s side stand in that position of loving him. This is why the providence of salvation has been prolonged till now. (140-039, 1986.02.01)

17 In the history of restoration through indemnity, what is the secret to restore the right of the eldest son? Satan claims: “God, You are the perfect God. Therefore the Adam and Eve You are seeking are also perfect. If they had not fallen, then according to the standard of the Principle, Adam and Eve would have loved me as the original archangel. I fell and now stand for evil; nevertheless, if You and they truly represent goodness and righteousness, then You, and they, have to demonstrate that you love me regardless. Without making this condition, You cannot be God to me in the real sense.” This is the issue at hand. (131-183, 1984.05.01)

18 Once the restoration of the eldest son is achieved on the individual level, we have to go on to achieve it on the family level. To do so, we must go to the frontline where Satan has his people persecute us and even try to kill us. We must win them over with love, and then teach them everything we know. When they realize that our tradition is good and they are moved by us in heart, they should be able to repent with tears, willingly, and pledge to give their lives as an offering for humankind’s sake. There is no other way to obtain the right of blessing from the Cain world. (131-184, 1984.05.01)

19 Without love, you cannot win over Satan. Even God has to stand in the position where He can rightly say that He loves the fallen archangel. You are God’s sons and daughters. Therefore, for your family to enter the kingdom of heaven, you also have to stand on the condition that you have loved Satan. That is, you need to set the condition that you went out to struggle with Satan’s world and won over it with love. You must be able to claim, “I did not crush my enemies; instead I brought them to surrender with love. In this way I restored the right of the eldest son.” (141-202, 1986.02.22)

20 Instead of beating His enemy to death, God makes the condition of loving him. Accordingly, He has to make the condition of loving His enemy Satan more than the one who stands in the position of Adam. If you overcome even while being persecuted again and again, persevering with tears, blood and sweat until your enemy naturally surrenders to you and you bring him back to God’s love, then you can be blessed. It is only then that Satan will let you go. You need to receive official approval: “You have now become a child qualified to go to the kingdom of heaven.” Who must sign your certificate? Satan must sign it After Satan signs it, you will sign it, and then True Parents need to sign it. You can go to God only after getting True Parents, signatures. That is the kingdom of heaven. (141-202, 1986.02.22)

21 Once I set the condition of having loved Satan on the world level, he cannot take away those who follow me. Then Cain and Abel will switch positions. Up to the present, the Abel realm has been pushed to the corner. However from now on, Satan’s kingdom in heaven and on earth will collapse in my presence. In the presence of the man who centers on love and who has gained the right of the eldest son of the heavenly kingdom, Satan has no choice but to retreat. He can do nothing to defend himself. If he fights back, he will be totally shattered in defeat. This is the view of the Principle. (139-278, 1986.01.31)

Restoration of the right of parents

22 To this day, it has been hard for me to recover the family and hard to recover the church. It has been hard to set the direction for Christianity and hard to bring the free world and the communist world back from their paths of ruin. Yet I restored the right of the eldest son. Had Adam not fallen at the outset, he himself would have had the right of the eldest son. Also, Adam would have become the True Parent, and he would have become the King of kings. (211-343, 1991.01.01)

23 The first human beings lost the right of the eldest son and daughter due to the Fall. They lost the elder children’s right to inherit the great foundational work of heaven and earth. They lost it all because of the devil. Moreover, they were to have attended the Heavenly Parent, the Creator of heaven and earth, as His eternal blood kin imbued with His love, life and lineage. But Adam lost the authority to become the True Parent. If the Fall had not occurred, there would have been one culture, Adams culture. There would have been one clan, Adams clan. They would have established one kingship. (211-343, 1991.01.01)

24 In order to restore the right of the eldest son, I had to conduct the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages. After that came the era of Heavenly Parentism, which is the era to restore the right of the parents. Now we have entered the time of the True Parents. Since Cain and Abel became one on the world level, the True Parents could emerge on the world stage. What is the right of the parents? Neither Adam nor Jesus could attain that right. Yet now, in my time, the parents’ right of Adam, the parents’ right of Jesus, and the parents’ right of the Lord of the Second Advent—the rights of these three generations of parents—have all been fulfilled. I am saying that in my time, the parents’ right was established for Adam, Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent. (199-096, 1990.02.15)

25 Why do you need things such as indemnity? Why is restoration of the right of the parents necessary, along with the right of the eldest son and the right of the king? It is because humankind is connected to Satan’s love, life and lineage. This is the key problem. What originally should have begun from God actually began from the devil. The devil used something as amazing as love to begin his work. Love is the reason the universe was created. Love is the basis for the creation and the source of all created beings. Satan took over this fundamental root, however. This fundamental root that Satan turned upside down needs to be restored to its proper position. (206-237, 1990.10.14)

26 God’s ideal of creation is to build His kingdom on earth and in heaven in the name of the True Parents. Without their name, the kingdom of heaven cannot come, either on earth or in heaven. We might ask why, since Jesus is God’s beloved eldest Son, he would say he would be in paradise rather than in the kingdom of heaven. People don’t know the answer. The kingdom of heaven, both on earth and in heaven, can be built only based on True Parents being established and on the foundation of their love. Even after they go to the spirit world, the True Parents, not anyone else, are the central people for bringing unity to the kingdom. Jesus could not become the True Parent; that is why he is in paradise. (131-184, 1984.05.01)

27 Because restoration is such a grueling task, God has been suffering throughout history, facing countless prolongations of His work until now. If it were not so difficult, why would Almighty God have to toil like that? If He could teach human beings everything they needed to do, He would have already done so long ago. However, Adam in his day did not know the answer; therefore Adam today has to take responsibility and discover the answer. I had to go throughout heaven and earth and discover everything. To find those answers, how many tears did I have to shed? Adam was expelled from the garden in tears; so how many tears do I, as todays Adam, have to shed in the course of restoration? In that sense, I can be called the king of tears. You should know that, representing history, I sought the way of truth and for that I shed many tears. I survived tremendous ordeals, having my flesh torn and shedding my blood. You must realize you are attending me, the representative of all humankind, a wonderful True Parent. We are now facing the final summit we have to climb. Along with the standard of restoring the right of the parents, I should establish the right of the younger son. Having restored the right of the eldest son and the right of the parents, I have to restore that. Then I have to restore one more thing—the right of kingship, and bring oneness around that kingship. It will be done once True Mother and one of my younger sons build the foundation of mother-child cooperation. That will be the last phase of my work. (222-242, 1991.11.03)

Restoration of the right of the king

28 Originally, the perfection of Adam meant the perfection of the Father of the kingdom, and the perfection of Eve meant the perfection of the Mother of the kingdom. Once they had become the heads of their family, the right of the King of the kingdom would have emerged, beginning from the family level. Then, Adam and Eve would have become the King and the Queen on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. The time has come when we can transcend the national level; we can now stamp out the sovereignty of Satan’s world and establish the sovereignty of Heaven's world. That day is March 27, 1990, the thirty- first Parents, Day. (201-132, 1990.03.27)

29 I endured a seven-year course to overcome worldwide persecution for the sake of the family. I went the way of the cross to liberate the family. I endured and overcame because I must become the king of the families. From the viewpoint of the ideal of creation, in his family, Adam was to have become the king of the first sons, the king of all parents, and the king of all families. Providentially, this was the responsibility entrusted to Adam. Within his one family, God tried to set up an ideal standard for the entire kingdom of heaven and engrave it as the template for families in the kingdom of heaven. However, because this family failed, ail was lost. This means that everything— from Adam, the first generation, to today, thousands of generations later— has all turned into nothing. The True Parents came as the Lords representing God to re-establish everything that the false parents had reduced to nothing. Therefore, after establishing the True Parents, I had to set up the foundation for the Blessing, which would connect humankind to true life centered on God's true love, change the lineage of humankind, and make the perfect model of Adams family that has no relationship with Satan. (304-062, 1999.09.10)

30 What does Heavenly Parentism mean? First, it means the restoration of the rights of the two brothers—the elder and the younger; second, it means the restoration of the right of the parents; and third, it means the restoration of the right of the king. In the democratic world there is no concept of a king. The democratic world is based on the concept of brotherhood. Everyone is considered to be brothers and sisters on an equal level. The problem with brotherhood is that people in the democratic world fight with each other, ever struggling, “This is mine and that is yours.” Democracy includes the notion of conflict. The ruling and opposition parties fight. Each is struggling to gain the right of the king. Isn’t the presidency just another form of kingship? Presidents are replaced after serving their term in office; however they often misuse their power and things do not go well. However, if a king emerged who was absolutely centered on God, things would be different. A world of absolute peace would then come. (205-174, 1990.09.01)

31 The democratic political system is a system in which siblings struggle. To stop their fighting, we need to rise to the position where we can represent the True Parents to them. Siblings can all unite around the True Parents. The world of peace starts from such unity. There is no other way. People need to find the True Parents, and then everything else follows—true children, the true nation and true peace. There is no other way. (205-189, 1990.09.01)

32 We need to unite based on Heavenly Parentism, the basis of which is Godism. Ultimately, True Parents are the king and queen of the family. A family comes together with other families and naturally forms a tribe. A king of the tribe will then emerge. Next the tribe comes together with other tribes to form a people, and then a king of that people emerges. The same will happen on the levels of the nation, world and cosmos. All these kings, being centered on True Parents, are connected all the way up to God. So God becomes the King of kings. (205-189, 1990.09.01)

CHAPTER: 4 True Parents and True Children

Section 1.The Life Course of the True Parents

1 You cannot imagine how many tears were shed, unseen and unnoticed, before the True Parents came. I’m not talking about a few moments of weeping. If you were aware that this struggle was not only in the past but has continued until today, you would not be able to speak of it without shedding tears. You should find that same degree of resolve within your own heart. You should not be complacent about having sinned in the past and continuing to sin in the present. You are fallen people, so to return to God you need to shed tears of repentance, followed by tears of gratitude. Without going through this process to be restored to God, you cannot enter the heavenly kingdom. No matter who you are, you should have that kind of heart. Then you will truly be the kind of people whom God welcomes. (55-163, 1972.05.07)

The course to start the providence

2 I was born during the most miserable time in Korean history. The March First Independence Movement had started the previous year and was spreading. It had been a lean harvest that year. This made it a most difficult period for the people of Korea. Many people lost their lives during the March First Independence Movement. Not only were we going through some lean years, we were also facing an internal national crisis. People died one after another. Moreover, during my twenties there was not a single day that I did not go hungry. During that period we had nothing. We missed all the things we had known. Because my great uncle fought for our country's independence, our extended family faced such severe repression that we were completely torn apart. Our family was all destroyed. We faced civil unrest, national strife and family upheaval. (125-185, 1983.03.20)

3 When I was sixteen by Korean age, I had an extraordinary experience. On Easter morning I was offering a long and tearful prayer when Jesus Christ appeared and revealed many things to me. Jesus spoke to me of profound and amazing truths. He told me that God was in deep sorrow due to the suffering of humankind, and he requested that I take on a special role for God’s work on earth. So many things happened in the wake of this. I would pore over the Bible while I continued my school- work. I continued receiving profound messages from Jesus that most people would have found hard to understand. I was arrested and put in prison on a number of occasions for teaching people those things. I was incarcerated in a North Korean death camp for almost three years. In that camp people often died within a few months. Yet God protected me for nearly three years, allowing me to survive even amid such terrible suffering. (134-145, 1985.02.02)

4 I was in the same position as Jesus, who was abandoned by his own people; therefore I could not witness to my own family or try to influence them. I did not talk about the Divine Principle to my brothers, my parents or any of my relatives. Instead I went out alone into the world at large to find people. Now that I have restored people outside my family, blessed them and formed a tribe, I can witness to my own relatives and bring them along with me. (52-196, 1971.12.29)

5 There was no one whom I could lean on, not my parents, friends or teachers. I did not have a comfortable environment. All I had was a lonely heart. All alone, I faced a heaven and earth that seemed so bleak. Nevertheless I pulled myself together and summoned the heart to call out to my Father. As I shed tears, the wind blew; that wind became my friend. The sunlight rising from the east became my friend, with whom I shared my heart. The lowly soil at my feet became my friend, as did everything in nature that I saw around me. If you ever experience such a heart, you will discover a new self. I found new value there, and based on that, you too will find a new self within you. Welling up in your heart you will feel a new determination to make a new relationship with God. With such resolve and heart, I prayed, bowing down before God. This is not something that only I had to do; you too must pray in order to release God from His bitter sorrow. You are called to shed sweat and blood for Heaven, even if it means sacrificing not only yourselves but your entire tribe and people as well. (150-170, 1960.09.04)

6 I have been wandering everywhere in search of a people that could receive God’s blessing and a land that could receive God’s blessing. That search took me to prison. It was a miserable path that left me bloodied; a path on which I often risked my life. The land of the enemy was so vast; it was like an open sea. Looking up, I saw nothing but endless sky. I had no friends, no companions and no comrades-in-arms. I even had to distance myself from my parents. But I did not despair. I was keenly aware of the path Noah had walked as he lamented and suffered, the historical path of the Israelites who collapsed in the wilderness, and the miserable historical courses of Jesus' disciples who pressed forward for the sake of Heaven, even to the point of being crucified upside down. Nevertheless, I chose to go that path. Since there had been no one up to that point who could take responsibility for this world, I felt I had no choice but to set out on this perilous road. (12-332, 1963.08.11)

The course of suffering and victory

7 My life has been filled with misery. I have to recover the birthright of the eldest son, and for this I have to go out and fight until I win before I can return home. But I do not fight with my fists. I have to sacrifice myself, even to the point of vomiting blood. By walking this tortuous path soaked with my blood and tears—the path of loving my enemies—I have to transform the realm of Cain into the realm of the eldest son on Heavens side. I must then ascend from the younger son position to the eldest son position. That means I must bring them to the point where they offer themselves to work with me—not only themselves, but their property as well, and even their nation. Unless they do, I cannot recover the position of the eldest son. In doing this, I must pass through eight stages. (120-340, 1982.10.20)

8 How many levels must you pass through in the course of history to reach the level of the True Parents? The first step is to be a true servant of servants. In that position some of you will have to bear the cross. If you think you cannot bear it, the True Parents can never appear. Even among sinners, there have to be “true sinners,” who want to change. You have to go that way and build bridges to the True Parents. I am the representative of love who began from the most miserable place in the world and overcame everything. In order to do this, I had to shoulder the cross of love. In this way I built a bridge. Step by step I had to rise from being a true servant to the position of a true adopted son, then a true son, a true Cain and eventually a true Abel. This is the path I have followed. I have been building bridges from stage to stage by walking that way of suffering, surviving the struggle and emerging triumphant. So whenever you see a pitiable person on the street, remember that I was in that situation. Even though I was indignant when I was being stomped on, kicked and tortured by communist interrogators, I never prayed, “Heavenly Father, strike these enemies with a thunderbolt and slaughter them all.” Although my body was bleeding, I was praying for them to receive blessing. (116-114, 1981.12.27)

9 When I began my seven-year course immediately after Korea’s liberation from Japan, and as I looked at the fortune of the nation during those seven years, I was seriously concerned. I knew that God would be with Korea if it did well; otherwise He would not. If Christians had united with me during that seven-year course, we could have worked together successfully. If that had happened, the Unification Church would have expanded throughout the world within that seven-year period. The Communist Party in North Korea and communist parties throughout the world would all have been gone long ago. I was supposed to make a family- level foundation during those seven years. This was the hope of history, the hope of humankind and the hope of all religious seekers. (17-133, 1966.12.11)

10 If Christianity had received me in 1945, I would have united the world in seven years. Through the Blessing I would have opened the gates of both earth and heaven and realized the kingdom of heaven. But as I sought to restore the nation, Christianity, together with the rest of the world, opposed me. Moreover, as I sought to embrace the world, the earthly and spiritual realms united to oppose me. Nevertheless, I must bless all humankind by overcoming even this persecution, using a hidden method that I am keeping secret on behalf of God. All people must receive the Blessing in the end, becoming absolute couples who abide by the ideals of absolute sex. (305-164, 1998.06.13)

11 If the Christian leaders had listened to me after Korea gained its independence, I would have prepared the groundwork for the salvation of the world within seven years, investing my total effort. I knew clearly where the world was heading. I knew it was headed to ruin if it kept on its present course. Would I have walked this stony path for forty years had I not known that? It has been an exhausting and rugged path, one that neither my mother, nor my father, nor my brother could understand; indeed no one at all could understand it. Because they were already in Satan’s realm, I did not even try to make them understand. At that point I was kicked out into the wilderness. I was like a useless stone thrown into a corner. Who could have known that this discarded stone would become a rock of vital importance to the Lord God? (167-032, 1987.06.14)

12 God is the King who created heaven and earth, yet due to the Fall of the parents, Adam and Eve, He lost His authority. Ever since God lost His authority to Satan, He has been unable to exercise His royal authority even once. God must be crowned, but He cannot crown Himself. It must be done by the True Parents. If the True Parents do not do it, no one can. The right of kingship is the original standard by which God created heaven and earth. Once this kingship has been achieved, the family can be restored, followed by the tribe, people, nation and world; this will usher in the age of God’s kingship on earth. This is a process, so we should not talk about heaven and earth being restored all at once. Human beings and the archangel together overturned God’s kingship. Nonetheless the True Parents came, eliminated Satan, and established the standard by which to complete God’s providence. They abolished hell both in the spiritual and earthly realms, and standing in the position of the unfallen True Parents, they enabled God to stand in His rightful position of royal authority. (339-087, 2000.12.07)

Restoration course of blood and tears

13 I do not have a teacher. Even God could not be my teacher. If God had been my teacher, then all people of prayer would also have been my teachers. How did I become the Teacher? I made myself into the Teacher. How did I become the True Parent? I made myself into the True Parent. How did I become the True Owner? I made myself into the Owner. This is re-creation. If God could have done it for me, He would have done it immediately. (316-261, 2000.02.15)

14 I once prayed for seventeen hours straight. I often prayed for more than twelve hours, staying up all night in the process. I prayed until my cotton- padded pants were so soaked with the tears of my bitter weeping that I could wring water from them. The Unification Movement was not built with games and laughter. I built it by going the way of truth, with blood, sweat and tears, wringing my own flesh and spilling my own blood. I came to know the standard, I fulfilled it, and I built a victorious foundation. Only because I know it is correct, having confirmed it through my own experimentation, am I teaching it to you. I am not saying I will become the True Parent; I already have. That is why I could proclaim True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. Now is the time to firmly secure the Completed Testament Age. We are in a time when nothing in this world can invade that. (257-308, 1994.03.16)

15 How can I sleep soundly while Unification Church members receive persecution throughout the world? How many times have I been unable to eat or sleep? After learning that a missionary had been sentenced to death by a communist regime, would it have been right for me to sleep or to eat well? Even though I had never met him, he had heard my words from a distance, across many national borders, and said while offering his life, ''Father, please be victorious! I am crossing over first.” How do you think I felt at the core of my being—in my bone marrow and flesh- when I was told that he had spoken those last words? I was deeply sorrowful that we did not yet have a nation. Who could ever fathom that God would have to suffer this much? (365-326, 2002.01.14)

16 Until I was thirty years old there was not a day that I did not go hungry. It was not for lack of money or food. I deliberately ate only two meals a day. Until I was thirty, I did not buy clothes for myself. This was because I knew I was responsible for saving the world’s poor. Even when I had nothing to eat and could not afford to wear good clothes, I prayed that God would save the hungry and liberate the poor, who could not wear good clothes. Such prayers reach Heaven directly. (276-099, 1996.02.04)

17 We are called to bear a great cross. Our individual and family ordeals have been but preparation to build a tribal foundation. You should not think that the path we are called to go will be easier simply because we no longer face persecution or trials as before. Our scope is greater now. If in the past we bore our cross while sitting down, from now on we must bear it while walking. If in the past we bore our cross with our eyes fixed only on one point, from now on we have to look in every direction—east, west, north and south—as we go forward. I must attend to the path that God takes, and you must attend to the path I take. I am walking a more difficult path than you are, and God who is leading me is walking an even more difficult path than I am. (13-232, 1964.03.22)

18 God wants to give all good things to His sons and daughters, and His sons and daughters want to possess all the precious things God has. Likewise, I want to give you everything, and you also want to possess all the good things I have. Such is family with True Parents at its center. We all desire this. I try to give you all good things on behalf of God and you, in turn, want to receive them. This is a basic principle. I am guiding you along this path because I know this principle. (127-329, 1983.05.22)

The course of seeking the True Parents

19 How can you find yourself? The center of your being must be connected to God and True Parents by true love, true life and true lineage. God is the vertical Parent and True Parents are the horizontal Parents. Perfect love settles in the place where the two become one. When you as two become one so as to settle the vertical love of God and the horizontal love of True Parents, then your true value is manifested. That is where you can settle as well. We then can expand it to the family, tribe, people, nation and world. (421-263, 2003.10.18)

20 In the beginning God created Eve through Adam. Therefore, the True Father creates the True Mother. This is recreation. After surmounting the eight stages—individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God—we, True Father and True Mother, came to stand side by side as God’s true son and daughter. I am saying that the two of us stand at the same level. It was not God who made this possible, but True Father. The Declaration and Celebration of True Parents' Cosmic Victory was held on that basis. You must fully inherit the model of the True Parents. The mission of the True Father and True Mother is to clean up the world of evil begun by Adam and Eve, the false parents. Hence, if you become one with the True Parents through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, Satan cannot interfere. (310-292, 1999.07.27)

21 With our Heavenly Parent at the center, Adam and Eve were supposed to have inherited true love, true life and true lineage. Then all humankind would have become as one tree. However, they became the opposite, like a dead tree. The True Father and True Mother must come to remedy this; and from them true sons and daughters also must come. Then based on the True Parents' blood kin, we must organize tribes, peoples and nations, complete the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, and move forward to liberate the universe. (355-099, 2001.10.04)

22 The original position should have been perfected in Adam’s family, but it was lost due to the Fall. To restore this, everything must be put back together in reverse order. Therefore True Mother must stand as the representative of the world. For this, True Father is placing all the women of the world in the position of Eve, the position representing True Mother. Just as there was mother- son cooperation in providential history, True Parents, who came on behalf of God, will teach you sisters, who stand in the position representing True Mother, how to unite in the mother-son relationship. This mother-son cooperation must be carried out according to the eight stages of love. Through becoming one we can turn around this world, in which the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal God has struggled with Satan. (332-229, 2000.09.23)

23 I must do all the necessary preparatory work for Mother before I go to the spirit world. There is much work to be done. Do not wish for me to live more than one hundred years. You do not know how much work needs to be done in the spirit world. I have to go there and reorganize its structure. Originally I was supposed to receive the key to the gates of the kingdom of heaven and open them. This is symbolic and conditional. I am saying there are huge issues at hand. (316-212, 2000.02.12)

24 In the era of the realm of the Fourth Adam, I have to put my children forward. You too should do the same. You men have to raise your wives and put them forward to build a foundation for your extended family. If they cannot, you should do it through your children. To stake your claim as an outpost you must first prepare your sons and daughters; once your sons and daughters are united, their mother must stand with them. The Messiah's thought, the teaching of the True Parents, is that God can establish Heaven's tradition for the sons and daughters through the mother. Through this we will stake our claim to the tradition of a heavenly nation. This is not a tradition for the family, but a tradition for the nation. The family exists for the sake of the nation. All families represent the nation. Unless families make sacrifices, Heavens nation will not emerge. Blessed families must sacrifice in order to see that nation arise. (324-029, 2000.06.04)

25 How will everything be connected to the Heavenly Parent and the True Parents? All the family members are divided and scattered. Families in that condition have to be brought into unity, and for that they must unite with the mother. This is the course of restoration. The sons and daughters must become one with the mother and then one with the father. Thereafter they are to be connected to the Lord of the Second Advent, the True Parents. After that connection is made, the question is how to restore everything. Restoration happens when father and mother and sons and daughters become one. Then God will be present. That is where the kingdom of heaven on earth begins. (315-050, 2000.01.25)

26 True Mother must re-create the sons, Cain and Abel, and create a realm of unity with them. She needs to connect everything to the tradition and standard lifestyle, beyond the nation to the world level, to live in the kingdom of heaven. To do this, she must create oneness with her children, educate the Cain world, and reach the level of God’s nation. Only when we reach the level of God’s nation can we restore the right of the eldest son, the right of the parents and the right of the king. Therefore, True Mother is in a position of leadership and must be an example in all things. She is in the position of the subject partner, and she has to govern the environment. Mother is in the subject partner position, not me. We must relieve the bitter sorrow of Jesus and bring Mother, who at this time is positioned as the bride at the national level, up to the world level. (330-103, 2000.08.13)

Section 2. The Responsibility and Authority of the True Parents

1 Due to the Fall, humanity is sick. The only doctor that can cure this illness is God. There have been numerous religions throughout history, but the founders of those religions were just messengers. As messengers, they could only prepare medicine according to the methods shown to them by Heaven, and then deliver it. How will humanity finally be saved? Even if people take that medicine, and even if they improve, it does not mean they are cured. In the end, they must go through a process in total alignment with God’s instructions. Unless they do so, the providence of salvation cannot be completed. (115-124, 1981.11.08)

Salvation in the spirit world and in the physical world

2 When the Messiah comes to humankind, he brings a teaching of equality. God is fair; hence the Messiah who is sent by God to save all fallen people treats everyone fairly. He comes with a purpose that is fair to everyone, to create the environment in which all people are equal. Thus, anyone who unites with him can be his disciple. What path does the Messiah follow? He walks the path from the bottom of hell in the human world up to the most glorious realms. This means there is no place he will not go, putting his life on the line to save each person. (091-278, 1977.02.27)

3 Looking back through history, we see that there have been many prophets and saints. They may have accomplished some kind of outward unity, but as they could not attain mind-body unity, they inevitably encountered fundamental limitations. Now, however, the True Parents have come to earth with God’s true love. By establishing the True Family, they are bringing about an ideal society. They have formed the mainstream realm for God’s providence of salvation. True Parents are the mediators who engraft all people to God. We cannot go to God without the True Parents. True Parents are the ones who show us the only path by which we can be saved from the realm of the Fall. (271-063, 1995.08.20)

4 True Parents came with the right of kingship over the spirit world and the physical world. In order for this right of kingship to take effect in the spirit world, they had to lay the foundation of unity there—a foundation at the formation level of the growth stage. Otherwise the spirit world could not participate in True Parents' work on earth, where they fulfilled the standard of perfection. That is why True Parents had to make these preparations. The spirit world was supposed to have been united and connected to the earthly foundation based on the love of True Parents, but everything was blocked. But now that Jesus and my son Heung-jin have become one, the barriers are being removed and Jesus, through Heung-jin, can come down and communicate with True Parents’ family on earth. (140-054, 1986.02.01)

Cleaning up Satan’s world

5 The world is in confusion, and the source of this confusion is the family; Families are breaking down and teenagers are being corrupted. This is the world-level fruit of Adam and Eve, who in their youth caused the breakdown of Adam's family in the Garden of Eden. God could not do anything about this. Those who are working for the providential will cannot stop this; not even Satan can. Then who will resolve this problem? Adam and Eve were the ones who sinned. As the false parents, they brought about false love, false life and false lineage. Therefore True Parents must come and uncover all of Satan’s secrets and the secrets of the spirit world. With this knowledge they must inherit everything from both worlds— the democratic world and the communist world —and embrace everyone from both the right wing and the left wing. Jesus could not bring such opposites together, so division and conflict remain to this day. To bring them into unity, True Parents must embrace the democratic world and the communist world, that is, idealism and materialism. (280-257, 1997.01.02)

6 From the viewpoint of God’s providence, the realm of victory between Cain and Abel must be attained in the Last Days, centered on Eve. In alignment with God, the victorious side must absorb Satan’s side. When that happens, the family, tribe, people and nation based on the perfected Adam can emerge. Once the left and right are both pulled to God’s side by Adam, Satan’s world will disappear. This should have happened immediately after the Second World War. Great Britain, an island nation, represented Eve. Under the leadership of Great Britain, the positions of Abel and the archangel were set up. The United States, the nation born of Great Britain, was in Abel’s position. France, a former enemy of England, was in the position of the archangel. Eve, Abel and the archangel were united representing God’s side. In opposition to them, Japan, also an island nation, represented Eve on Satan’s side. Germany was the Abel nation on Satan’s side, and Italy was in the role of the archangel. The Second World War thus saw a global division and a battle between the two camps. The Allied nations’ historic victory brought about a unified world centered on God; at that time the realm of religion had unified the world. (235-014, 1992.08.24)

7 If we do not know history clearly, we cannot clearly perceive God's providence. The fact that after the Second World War the Eve nation, Abel nation and archangel nation on Satan’s side became nations on God's side is a sign of the Last Days. These are the end times. Yet although the Cain and Abel nations had united, they still inherited the lineage of Satan. Their lineage still had to be completely restored through indemnity in order for them to return to God. In order for Eve, Cain and Abel to become a daughter and sons on God’s side, they must dean up everything on Satan’s side and inherit the seed of new life centered on true love. The one in the flesh who bequeaths that seed of new life is none other than the Lord of the Second Advent, the Savior and True Parents. (235-014, 1992.08.24)

8 In order for the True Parents to stand in that position, everything throughout heaven and earth that has been overturned by Adam, the false parent, has to be put right. Any condition by which Satan could accuse needs to be completely corrected. Because I am striving to achieve that, Satan has mobilized the world to attack me all along the way. He led the world to attack me as an individual, to attack my family and to attack my tribe. Even though Satan blocked the path I took as an individual and as a family, and continued to block my way as I walked the path of the tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos, through my own effort I have removed all these obstacles. (210-244, 1990.12.23)

9 The purpose of the providence of salvation is for God and the Messiah, the True Parents, to unite and liberate the world. You now stand at the very edge of destruction. If you take just one more step you will fall off, so you had better turn around. To do so, you need to have a love greater than Satan’s temptation; that is the only way to liquidate his claim against you. How can you liberate God and True Parents? God has been carrying out His work of re-creation to this day. Re-creation is carried out by investing and forgetting, then investing and forgetting again, in true love. Wherever I go, Satan’s walls collapse. The walls around individuals, the walls around families, the walls around tribes, around peoples, around nations and the world are all collapsing. Why? The right of the eldest son has been restored. The right of the king is being restored. These are the positions that originally belonged to Adam. (216-231, 1991.04.01)

10 Representing humankind, the True Parents are opening the gates of hell and the gates of the kingdom of heaven and building a highway going straight to the kingdom of heaven. The highway to the kingdom of heaven was the original foundation and blessing that God gave to His children, Adam and Eve. However, people who are in the spirit world do not want to hear the screams of those in hell or see the complicated spiritual environments in hell or paradise or anywhere else. All they want to see is an environment that is linked to God’s kingdom. Who will resolve this? The True Parents will. True Parents are expanding us into a true family, true tribe and the true nation. As a true nation, true world and true cosmos emerge, everything on earth and in heaven that resulted from the Fall will collapse. (293-305, 1998.06.07)

The liberation of God

11 During the forty years since the True Parents Holy Wedding, we have paid the indemnity for four thousand years of history and opened a new age. We have opened a realm of blessing for all people, so that they may abide within the realm of liberation. The worst problems now are related to youth and to the breakdown of families. There is no sovereign, no teacher, no one to solve these problems except the True Parents, I have the special authority to do so. I have resolved all the hidden resentments accumulated in history, in the spirit world and on earth. I have paid indemnity for everything and attained victory, so when you determine to become one with me through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, day and night, centered on true love, you can rise. God has authorized the True Parents to form a lineage of true love, a clan of true love and a people of true love. Therefore you blessed families are more precious than anyone else in history. This is how the True Parents pass down heaven's treasures to each family. (320-155, 2000.04.02)

12 How will you settle Satan's claim against you? How will you liberate God and True Parents? Throughout history much indemnity has been paid. By carrying out your mission as tribal messiahs, you can liberate God and True Parents. The nation, world and cosmos are all connected to you in this. Originally you should have gone through the course of a tribal messiah, a national messiah, a world messiah and a cosmic messiah in order to connect to God. These things have all been done by the True Parents; you have only your mission as a tribal messiah. (216-235, 1991.04.01)

13 Why am I your Father? Are you of my seed? I am the True Father who can connect you to God’s original love. What was the Fall? The parents who should have been your true ancestors failed to connect you to God’s love. Your own parents also cannot do this. But True Parents have the special authority to connect you to God's love. Under the circumstances, is it righteous or evil to ignore the words of your own parents and listen instead to the words of True Parents? With True Parents you are listening to the principles of the cosmos, so it is righteous to listen to them. (118-148, 1982.05.23)

14 The Marriage of the Lamb takes place in the Completed Testament Age. That marriage did not happen during the Old Testament Age, and although it was supposed to happen in the New Testament Age, it was postponed. What was postponed is completed when the Lord of the Second Advent comes in the Last Days and holds the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. It is through this marriage that we are to arrive at perfection. We can call this era the global era of perfection through marriage. In this era, when people become one with God and attain perfection through marriage, they can enter the kingdom of heaven. Hence, it is on earth that the kingdom of heaven will emerge. Due to the Fall, two paths were formed, so we must find the right path. We must make it possible for the people of the world to enter the kingdom of heaven. The way to the kingdom of heaven has been blocked ever since the Fall. That kingdom has been empty for thousands of years. But through the Blessing, the kingdom of heaven will be filled in an instant. The people of the world will realize one united world with a culture of freedom. (293-318, 1998.06.07)

15 What is the mission of the Unification Church? It is not to look forward to a time of hope, as Christians do. Our mission is to move forward centered on the substantial people who fulfill that hope. They are the True Parents, and they are our standard. The True Parents must be the link between God, the earth and the spirit world. They must connect not only with God and with all the people on the earth, but also with the angelic world. In this way they must establish the authority of God, to directly govern the universe, and at the same time become the center that guides the universe to pursue God’s one purpose. Then God’s purpose and His great work of creation will be accomplished. (28-011, 1970.01.01)

Section 3. True Love, True Life and True Lineage

1 The words True Parents did not come into existence only after the Fall. God’s ideal of creation was to begin with True Parents. However, due to the Fall, the lineage was changed. It became precisely the opposite of what was intended. Nations today are also different from the original nation that would have emerged if the Fall had not occurred. In the original plan, there would have been no religion. Religions and nations and all such things stemming from the fallen lineage have nothing to do with me. In this sense, only the ideal of the True Parents, which God had in mind before the Creation, is absolute. Only that thought is connected to God’s love, life and lineage. The concepts, ideas and relationships you have, which came about after the Fall, have no connection to the True Parents, who are unrelated to the Fall. Therefore, you need to cleanly cut off from all these fallen things, as if they were your enemies. (491-144, 2005.03.18)

The embodiment of love, life and truth

2 God has been working to appoint a central figure who could realize His desire, the kingdom of heaven. That person, whom God designates on earth, first receives God’s truth, life and love. He then can become the embodiment of these. God has worked throughout the long course of history to establish one person who could achieve the standard for humankind based on these three criteria. If we cannot meet the central figure who comes on God’s behalf, who as His embodiment has integrity of mind and body, then we can have no relationship with the kingdom of heaven that God is trying to establish. Nor can we build the kingdom of heaven desired by all people on earth, even by all of creation. (2-130, 1957.03.17)

3 The one person who stands in the central position, possessing the genuine truth, life and love that God can relate to, will become the center of hope for all things of creation and the core of God’s hope. Created beings will naturally want to be with him. If he speaks God’s truth from that standard, he will be able to testify to the life of God, demonstrate the love of God, and manifest the truth of God as His very substance. That is the meaning behind Jesus’ saying, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” (2-129, 1957.03.17)

4 You were born originally to continue the history of the original lineage through the love of God and True Parents. When you discover this self, you will find the True Parents and their love as well. Since you originated from God’s love, when you find yourself, you will discover the two original images of love— God and True Parents—already planted within you. They are implanted there as the root. You cannot pull yourself out of God or out of True Parents. Since you are one of their branches, you cannot deny that you are that branch. For example, if you look at a plant's cells, they are all alike, whether they are from a leaf or the root. These days, plants can be multiplied by cloning cells. It is the same principle. Leaves contain elements of the root and of all other parts. In the same way, God’s love and True Parents’ love are at the core of their dominion over the universe. Their love is the eternal standard, making them the ultimate subject partners. This is why they govern everything through love. (202-283, 1990.05.25)

5 Restoration through indemnity entails recovering the state of innocence that was lost. Two groups appeared in order to unite what was separated into Cain and Abel, centered on the mother. The mother and father on Satan’s side fought with the mother and father on Heaven's side. The means to settle this was the Second World War. That is how the world formed one global realm. Originally God’s love was to have been connected to True Parents’ love, God’s life to True Parents’ life, and God’s lineage to True Parents' lineage. However, these connections were not made. Humankind abandoned that standard. Satan planted his root next to it, seized everything and sprouted his shoots. Those shoots need to be severed. There, with the new True Parents at the center, the connection must be made once again, establishing the realm of resurrection of the tree of life. To accomplish this, everything of Satan’s must be cut off and human beings must be engrafted to the original standard. (199-132, 1990.02.16)

6 When it is said that Jesus is coining again, it means Christ is coming as the True Parent of humankind. That is, he comes as the original root of true life and true lineage founded on true love, in oneness with God. Through him all people need to return to the true lineage and make the condition of reconnecting and engrafting to the true lineage. In other words, the returning Jesus must reconnect humankind to God’s lineage. Unless he elevates their value to a status equal to his own, by connecting them to God’s love, life and lineage, he cannot attain the goal of the kingdom of heaven. Those who can enter the kingdom of heaven are the sons and daughters of the original unfallen Adam and Eve—their descendants who are one with God through lineage. People today with the defect of a fallen lineage cannot enter the heavenly kingdom if this connection is not made. (224-279, 1991.12.15)

7 When the Lord of the Second Advent, the Savior, comes to this earth, he is the Lord. He is the Savior of love and life. Because love, life and lineage all went off track, he comes as the Savior of true love, true life and true lineage. Those things of the original world were lost, and they must be recovered. The effort to recover them through human history forms the history of True Parents' tradition. (191-245, 1989.06.25)

8 Who will end the battle between God and Satan? The True Parents will do that. How? With true love. Their true love brings Satan to surrender. Then God and restored Lucifer will embrace each other and praise the True Parents. Through the principle of True Parents' true love, God is liberated, Satan is liberated and the gates of hell are abolished. Then the bright sunlight of the kingdom of heaven's new love will permeate hell, bringing a revolution in the spirit world. (317-213, 2000.02.26)

9 The True Parents are the manifestation of true love. The True Parents are the individuals in the central position who set the standard of absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love. This love requires a certain standard on the part of the partner. Everyone and everything needs a partner. Small things need small partners, and in their own small way they form spheres based on subject and object partnerships. Big things also form spheres based on subject and object partnerships in their own big way. In this way they grow into something even larger. God is the essence, so He forms a sphere that extends from the beginning to the end. The entire universe fits within the realm of His love. (317-271, 2000.02.28)

10 True Parents are the parents whose lineage is woven together with God’s love and life. That is why they are called the True Parents. From this point on, people who do not know the True Parents will not be able to realize their full potential as human beings. The True Parents are the pioneers who can perfect God’s love and make God into the Lord of love. Without the True Parents, God’s plan to perfect love can never be fulfilled. (459-071, 2004.07.10)

Changing to the lineage of true love

11 When the lineage was stained, it became contaminated. You must understand how difficult it is to cleanse a lineage that has been defiled. Also, since the lineage was stained, God could not freely relate to the people in this world, as they had become the children of His enemy. Therefore, it took tens of thousands of years to completely turn a good number of people around through religion. (332-304, 2000.09.24)

12 Due to the false parents in the earthly world, the heavenly world came to be divided into paradise, the middle spirit world and hell, and the phenomenon of division also occurred on earth. During the Old Testament Age came the promise that the Messiah would be sent to put the earthly world in order. During the New Testament Age, Jesus was to have built the kingdom of heaven on earth, on the family level first. Had he done so, the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world could have begun as well. However, because Jesus was unable to fulfill this, the task was delayed until this global era. At the time of the Second Coming, the True Parents, based on the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, stand in the position of having resolved the fundamental problem that arose at the beginning of history, through having indemnified everything. Therefore, the true lineage centered on True Parents’ love can be passed down and engrafted. The Blessing is the engrafting of this lineage on the family level. Only families may enter the kingdom of heaven, so those families who are engrafted in this way can, with that fruit of being engrafted, enter the kingdom of heaven. By that engrafting, what had been the fruit of wild olive trees becomes the fruit of true olive trees. (295-127, 1998.08.19)

13 If you accomplish your portion of responsibility you will connect only to God’s true love, true life and true lineage, and by this you will establish the tradition of the True Parents. To become true parents you have to change your lineage. To do so, you wild olive trees need to receive a graft from the true olive tree. This engrafting is done through the Unification Church Blessing. (482-187, 2005.01.12)

14 Until now, a perfect family with God at the center could not be established, and the eight stages—including the tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos—could not be unified. Cain’s killing of Abel and the persecution of Seth have not been resolved. That is why the Savior, Messiah, Lord of the Second Advent and True Parents are necessary. The True Parents can resolve all this, and based on their true love, life and lineage, they can begin the family untouched by the Fall. This is the beginning of the family king, the beginning of the tribal king, and the beginning of God’s kingship over the people, the nation, the world and all of heaven and earth. Thus the whole world becomes one sovereignty of love, with God’s throne at the center. (488-245, 2005.02.23)

15 Believing in a religion does not make you a true person. If the Fall had not occurred, there would be no need for religion. Holy and pure sons and daughters would simply be born through the use of the reproductive organs. They are where true love comes from. That is where true life and the true sons and daughters of the true lineage—the liberated sons and daughters whom Satan cannot accuse—come from. The reproductive organs are the palace of true love, true life and true lineage. They are the most precious things. If they disappeared, heaven and earth would disappear. Without them, God’s ideal, God’s family and God’s Will could not be achieved. They are the source of the perfection of everything. (216-218, 1991.04.01)

16 Unification Church members live together with True Parents and with God. They are born again through the love of True Parents. That connection of love is eternal and cannot be severed. You can never forget their love, even on the day you die. When parents die, they take their heart of love for their sons and daughters with them. It is the same with husbands and wives. When we die, we do not forget those we love. Love goes beyond death and is connected to eternity. This is why you men and women who have inherited the realm of life through True Parents’ love cannot forget the True Parents, who are the root of love. If they are the root and you are the trunk, your sons and daughters are the buds. When they grow in number, they will expand to form a tribe, a people and a nation. (218-128, 1991.07.14)

Section 4. The Way of a True Child

1 The six-thousand-year history of the providence of restoration is the history of restoring the parents and then restoring the children. In the course of restoration, the parents and children have the same responsibility. True Parents have to walk the way of the cross through seven stages—the individual, the family, the tribe, the people, the nation, the world and the cosmos. You as their children must also walk the way of the cross through these seven stages. There may be a difference in the time period or a difference between who walks ahead and who follows behind, but the substance of the indemnity conditions is the same. (13-308, 1964.04.12)

The course to restore true children

2 What kind of people will be chosen as true parents, true children and true husbands and wives when we enter the age of heavenly fortune? They will be people who understand human emotions, understand God’s heart, and have experienced the universal suffering that is deep in God’s heart. They will have felt God’s love such that they can call God their Father. Throughout six thousand years of history, human beings could not resolve the matter of their vertical relationship with God; nor could they resolve the issues in their horizontal relationships with each other. People have sought to resolve these issues through religion. In the Last Days we must surmount all such peaks and walls as we encounter them. (3-294, 1958.01.19)

3 To stand before the True Parents as true children, children must go through a course of restoration on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. Through the completion of both the parents’ course and the children’s course of restoration on all these levels, the model of victorious and united parents and children is established. Only after this can we finally conclude national-level restoration and make a fresh start toward the world stage. (13-289, 1964.04.12)

4 There must be a family that bears the cross. Only when such a family emerges can all the families of the 30 million Korean people be restored. Therefore, all the family members of the Unification tribe must endure hardships on behalf of the Korean people. You must become the pillars of Korean society. You each have an individual indemnity course, but I must walk a family-level indemnity course. Moreover, when I bear a tribal-level cross, you must bear family-level crosses. I am walking one step ahead of you. (33-256, 1970.08.16)

5 Once my family has fulfilled its responsibility as Abel on the family level, you also will need to fulfill your responsibility as Abel on the family level. In this way we must expand outward, with the kingdom of heaven as our goal. However, the base where God can rest is not yet prepared. There will always be fighting, and Satan can come and go from every direction. So when can we settle down? This is the difficult task ahead of us. You must offer your utmost devotion to resolve this. (17-321, 1967.04.10)

6 When the Abel family is victorious and restores a family in the Cain position, that Cain-position family will have to stand in the Abel position in front of many other families. Then those who were victorious in the first Abel s position can rest. The Cain people who inherit the position of Abel on God’s side will take their place. These people in turn must win over those in the position of Cain in Satan’s world. The people who inherit the position of Abel and then win over Cain gain victory as Abel. Then they too can rest, passing on their position to new representatives. This is how restoration through indemnity proceeds. (17-318, 1967.04.10)

7 As of now, while blessed families are going through a course to restore the Korean people, True Parents should be going through a course to restore the world. In other words, they should be one step ahead. Unless you blessed families attain victory on the national level, True Parents cannot walk the course of worldwide restoration. This is why you must inherit the responsibility to restore the Korean people, so that True Parents can walk the worldwide course. Until your death, or until the deep sorrow of this people is removed, you must shoulder the responsibility to restore them. (13-293, 1964.04.12)

We must protect True Parents’ family

8 As individuals, you need to protect yourselves from Satan. On the front line between Satan and God, you who are standing on God’s side have to protect yourselves by establishing a victorious foundation such that Satan cannot attack you. Your families need a foundation of victory in Satan’s world, and on that foundation you need to protect the Lord’s family. Likewise, protecting the individuals in Jesus, tribe requires many diverse peoples to constitute a realm of protection. Those peoples need to stand on a foundation of victory in Satan’s world and then create a realm of protection for the tribe on Jesus' side. (52-228, 1972.01.01)

9 Cain’s family exists for Abel’s family, Cain’s tribe exists for Abel’s tribe, Cain’s people exist for Abel’s people and Cain’s nation exists for Abel’s nation. It is only when such concepts are firmly established that a realm of protection emerges for the first time. With the attitude that you will take responsibility for difficult situations, you can attain the realm of rest, in other words, the kingdom of heaven. (52-235, 1972.01.01)

10 Today both the left wing and the right wing are on the verge of collapse. Who brought things to this point? God and True Parents did. You families who have become one with True Parents have inherited True Parents’ path, so you should be bold and strong wherever you are in the world. Then, just as God and this universe protect me, they will protect your families, and winning the heart of a nation will be no problem. You should stand at the forefront with me. You should not retreat. You should advance directly toward true love. (201-129, 1990.03.27)

11 Wherever you go, you should proudly identify yourself as a Unification Church member. “We belong to True Parents. We are True Parents sons and daughters.” Please do not fight; to fight is to accept Satan. You should go around proclaiming, “We are the number one children of God!” Then Satan will not be able to accuse you. You should carry such conviction firmly within you. (201-129, 1990.03.27)

12 Jesus came to earth embodying Heaven’s dignity. Heaven and earth had been split apart, and had Jesus brought heaven and earth together, he could have formed a national realm of victory for the first time in Satan’s world—in the spirit world and the physical world. Had he succeeded in establishing that realm, it would have been a realm where Satan could not reign. Had he given God a nation that could not be invaded by Satan, there God could have rested at the center with His tribe, or among His people. Unless a nation fights and wins, God cannot rest as the head of a tribe. Unless a tribe fights and wins, God cannot rest as the head of a family. For this reason, unless God has a national realm of victory, He cannot have a people’s realm of rest, and unless He has a people’s realm of victory, He cannot have a tribal realm of rest. Likewise, if God does not gain victory in the tribe, then the family realm of rest cannot emerge, and without the family level of victory, the individual realm of rest cannot be attained. (51-035, 1971.11.04)

Section 5. Learning and Inheriting the True Parents' Heart

1 When we go to school, we have to pass examinations. We can advance only after passing them. It is the same with the heavenly kingdom: unless you inherit the realm of True Parents’ heart, you cannot go there. (268-195, 1995.04.01)

2 The True Parents inherited God’s Will and you inherit True Parents will. You should never lose the concept of tradition. What is that tradition? Since we are born into the lineage of the enemy Satan, we must first cut off from the lineage of this enemy and be restored to the lineage of God and True Parents. To accomplish this, we must become one in heart with God. Based on that oneness of heart, we need to connect with Heaven's lineage, become the branches and leaves of the tree whose root is God, and become the embodiments of God's love. We must establish an absolute standard on earth by which to subjugate Satan. Only then will God’s work of restoration move forward. God never gives up on His work of restoration. Even if you are unable to complete your mission, God will not give up on this earth. (13-297, 1964.04.12)

Attaining oneness through heart

3 In each age, from Adam's family to the present time, known as the Last Days, God wanted to come to our ancestors and bequeath to them the heart of His great works. The ideal of the Second Coming, which is the desire of all heaven and earth and all of humankind, is that someone embodying God’s heart emerges and succeeds in connecting all people to God’s heart. This is the concept of the True Parents. Therefore, you cannot receive Heaven's blessing or inheritance unless you stand with True Parents as your center and completely inherit their heart and will. You must attend them as your own parents and share in their liberation, as well as their feelings, whether joy or bitter pain. (151-042, 1962.04.19)

4 I must inherit the heart connected to all the providential victories from the time of Adam to the time of Jesus. This is the substance of history for which I have been battling to this day. The ideal of the Second Coming, which is the Will to set up the True Parents, is to connect history from Adam to the Last Days and then manifest it in heaven and on earth. If you cannot feel True Parents’ ideal or grasp their will, you cannot receive God’s blessing. Each of us, to the present day, has been a traitor in front of history and an unforgivable sinner. Therefore, you have to dissolve God’s lamentation and bitter sorrow, and prepare an environment in which to attend the True Parents. Then God will forge a bond between you and the substantial Parents, His embodiments. True Parents inherit God’s work, and you inherit True Parents’ work. You must know the sad content of True Parents’ heart and of providential history. You can advance to the position to receive the Blessing only when you achieve oneness with True Parents. (11-342, 1962.04.19)

5 From a historical viewpoint, unless you become representatives of True Parents in front of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus, and in front of all of heaven and earth, you cannot stand in the position to receive God’s blessing. A man is a second self of Father and a woman is a second self of Mother. This term “second self” means a person whose heart is drenched with the tears, sorrows and complexities of history. Therefore you should indemnify the tears, sorrows and complex situations of history. You are in no position to say, “I am such-and-such a person, why don’t You bless me?” You have to engraft to True Parents’ heart, their persons and their words, whether in the past, the present or the future. Don’t do less than your elders have done in representing the True Parents. If your elders cannot fulfill their responsibility, you must pledge to fulfill theirs in addition to your own. If you make such a pledge, you can certainly receive the same blessings as they do. You have to be determined that you will remain worthy until the end, even though you were unworthy in the past. Focusing on your individual purpose is not permissible. You cannot receive blessings unless you represent the True Parents. (11-342, 1962.04.19)

6 Only when you have the right heart can you become brave warriors of heaven. Without that heart, this cannot be achieved. Without that heart, you cannot have the right character. If you do not have good character based on heart, you cannot find the truth based on heart, and without that, you cannot find the ideal. What is your ideal? It is the True Parents. The Unification Church is the place where you can serve and attend the True Parents, the central figures whom history has been seeking and whom this era requires. They are the new beginning point of the future, and by attending them you will inherit from them the position of true parents as well. Accordingly, you will become the fruit of history and the center of history. You will be the origin, the ancestors of the future. This can only come about when you establish a relationship with the True Parents and unite your heart with theirs. If you have offered prayers with such a heart, you will not feel ashamed. (26-199, 1969.10.25)

7 Where does God’s heart connect with True Parents’ heart? How can the vertical heart connect horizontally? The horizontal realm of heart begins when God and a human being become one and reach perfection. What is the standard of perfection? In the course of growing to the age of seventeen or eighteen, you ascend from the bottom of the four-position foundation to the middle horizontal line. Then in the realm of heart, you are bound to expand your relationships into the horizontal world, necessarily centering on the True Parents. If the vertical heart and the horizontal heart are not harmonized, the axis of heart is not established. The realm of God’s heart based on the vertical standard is absolute; in the Divine Principle we call this the realm of God’s direct dominion. Satan cannot invade this absolute realm. The direct dominion expands from the realm of heart. (171-010, 1987.12.05)

8 The question is how you can deeply experience True Parents’ heart and God's love, and how you can enter into the state of their heart. For this, you have to become like Adam and Eve had they not fallen, free from Satan’s accusation. How then can you be liberated from Satan’s world? You have to win in the battle with Satan. How hard will you have to work and how much will you have to suffer to achieve this? Jacob and Moses were each deceived ten times. Jesus Christ was also deceived. It was the same with me. You must overcome this as well; then you will come to know God’s heart and come to know the True Parents’ heart. Without such experiences you will never know their hearts. If you lack such experiences, Satan will never leave you alone. Unless you triumph over Satan, you will never be able to know True Parents’ heart or God’s heart. (125-206, 1983.03.20)

9 You must know God’s sorrow; you must also know that the more sorrowful God becomes, the more He yearns to bless you. You who are on the path of restoration must first attend the True Parents and then use that connection to deal with matters in the spirit world. God’s heart is to bequeath heaven and earth to you, to bequeath the universe to you and to bequeath all of humanity to you. Therefore, you must fulfill your mission as true sons and daughters who act on behalf of God and the True Parents. In doing so, you will prepare a glorious foundation to become true children who can be recognized by God and can be called His loyal subjects. (12-285, 1963.07.26)

10 In understanding the True Parents’ heart, the important matter is how to feel that you are one with them. You will not reach that point until you have defeated Satan. It cannot happen otherwise. That is why I established a spiritual power plant and transmission towers. I built them from the individual level to the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and even up to God. What remains is for the power lines of the heart to be hung upon them. It is not God or I who will hang them; it is you who must do so. (125-207, 1983.03.20)

Inheriting True Parents' heart

11 If the True Parents do not appear, neither can true children. As long as no true person existed on earth, the True Parents could not appear. So the Unification Church is saying, “Let us acknowledge that we need True Parents, and let us find and attend them.” We are saying we should be sons and daughters of True Parents. When we become their sons and daughters, we can inherit what they have. The True Parents right of inheritance includes heaven and earth, and even God. We too should inherit even God. If there were no owners of heaven and earth, heaven and earth would have no value. We have to be people who can fully uplift the value of heaven and earth and ascribe value to them for eternity. We also need to meet the One who can officially recognize that. That being is God. Thus we should gain True Parents’ right of inheritance. (24-323, 1969.09.14)

12 The True Parents are the hope of God and the hope of humankind. They have been eagerly anticipated by heaven and earth. They have come to the earth to resolve our bitter history and to inherit the great work of God’s heart. You must inherit the heart of the True Parents. In order to inherit their heart, you must experience at least some part of God’s sorrow as well as True Parents sorrow, even if you cannot fully understand it. In order to claim the earth anew, you naturally must understand the hard work being done by Heaven. If you cannot fully understand it, you must at least grasp some aspect of the heart and of the grief of the True Parents who have worked hard on earth. (151-043, 1962.04.19)

13 If you want to receive God’s love and possess it as your own, you must base it on God’s life. Otherwise you cannot receive His love. Once you have His life within you, you can feel His grace. Without becoming people who are connected to God’s life, you cannot convey God's love to others. That is why you need to receive grace. Grace is revealed in visions or dreams. You should be able to cry in yearning for True Parents, who are the very embodiments of God. You must long to see them over and over again. You must want to serve them, even by preparing a humble bowl of rice or a glass of water and offering it to them. You must have such sincere desire for them that you cannot help but shed tears in yearning. If you have that heart, you will become one with my heart. You will breathe together with me. In so doing, you will come to know the standard of my character, how it was authored by my past life course, and what is in its background. Furthermore, you will be able to inherit these things and take them on as your own. (38-075, 1971.01.01)

14 Even if I have to face death, I must fulfill my responsibility by dealing with the totality of events and situations that took place in the background of history. This is the course of my destiny, so I have to move forward no matter what it takes. I cannot back down. What should your attitude be as people who must inherit that spirit from True Parents? Up to now you have lived as you liked. However, from now on you have to take it as your lifelong destiny to inherit my foundation and protect it. You all have the mission to guard it, even at the risk of your lives. (229-041, 1992.04.09)

15 The road you are traveling does not end with receiving the Blessing. After you receive the Blessing, if you are thankful to Heaven you will receive even more blessings. Yet you should not just be grateful as an individual; more importantly, you should never forget that you receive the Blessing on behalf of your tribe, your people and all the people of the world. At the same time, you should know that with the Blessing you have also inherited the responsibility that True Parents are carrying out on earth. (13-293, 1964.04.12)

16 You need to inherit the realm of True Parents victory. As individuals you should have nothing to be ashamed of in front of heaven, earth and True Parents. Therefore you should live with absolute love, absolute obedience and absolute faith. You should lead a life of devotion and sacrifice for True Parents, based on total oneness of heart that makes you willing to offer everything you have. With that heart, you should strive to give more love to them and to others than you receive from them. Only when you live this way can True Parents be liberated. God’s realm of liberation can only emerge when society becomes a place where people love one another more than the True Parents love humankind. You need to become sons and daughters of True Parents whom they can praise; their beloved sons and daughters in whom they can rejoice. Then the joyful realm of liberation can emerge. You should not forget that you stand upholding the original mainstream of tradition, in which you must fulfill your duties as patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters of heart. (266-290, 1995.01.01)

CHAPTER 5: Inheriting the Victory of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

Section 1.The True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

1 The True Parents are the Parents of Heaven and Earth while God is the Parent of the Cosmos. The Parents of Heaven and Earth are on the earth for one generation. Their life ends after one generation. The cosmos is God’s home; it is eternal. The Chinese characters for cosmos (天宙) include a home () and two () people (). The character representing the top knot () signifies being comfortable. Since it is in the character for home (), it signifies a house where two people can live freely. So the cosmos is a house where two people can live together freely. That is why we say that the cosmos-centered ideology is Godism. From now on, you have to understand the difference between the Parent of the Cosmos and the Parents of Heaven and Earth. When we say “Parents of Heaven and Earth” we are referring to the two perfected people who represent God in substantial form and who stand in the central position for all matters of this world. (403-030, 2003.01.19)

The Parent of the Cosmos and the Parents of Heaven and Earth

2 The Parent of the Cosmos is God. The cosmos here refers to God’s home. The spirit world is God’s home, and the earth is also God’s home. The Parents of Heaven and Earth stand on this earth in the position to be the True Parents of this fallen world. With the Holy Wedding Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Holy Wedding Ceremony of the Parent of the Cosmos, both have joined in virtuous union. This ushers in the time when the two worlds, the spirit world and the earthly world, come together as one and can be offered as a fruit to Heaven at the Enthronement Ceremony of the Parent of the Cosmos and the Parents of Heaven and Earth. (402-269, 2003.01.16)

3 What is the difference between God and True Parents? God is the deity, and True Parents are human beings. When the deity and these human beings unite, together they become the nucleus and the center of a world where fountains of love flow unceasingly like a mountain spring and the sun shines for eternity. When such a world comes, the spirit world and the earthly world will be liberated, and in unity they will form one ideal kingdom. (561-194, 2007.04.24)

4 The Parent of the Cosmos and the Parents of Heaven and Earth bear fruit in human beings. Even God cannot achieve the purpose of love on His own. Being incorporeal, there is no way for God to bring His sons and daughters, who live in the world of substance, to the kingdom of heaven and make them its citizens. Without assuming a form, He cannot do it. (422-266, 2003.10.25)

5 We call our Heavenly Parent the Parent of the Cosmos, and we call True Parents on earth the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Everything could have been completed in Adam’s family if the Parent of the Cosmos and the Parents of Heaven and Earth had become one at that time. Then all could have been joined in ties of true love, true life and true lineage and all would have settled in Adam's family. Adam's family was supposed to have been the beginning point of the world and the starting-point of God’s blessing for the world. That one family was to be the owner that would have opened the gate to God’s nation, which is the kingdom of heaven. By inheriting the tradition of that family, people would have become sons and daughters within the realm of the royal family and would have gone directly to the kingdom. They would not have needed religion, the Savior, the Messiah, the Lord at his Second Advent or the True Parents. They would already have been able to serve the Heavenly Parent in the palace of the heavenly kingdom. (404-167, 2003.01.31)

The Era after the Coming of Heaven and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

6 The most important words in the Unification Church are the Parent of the Cosmos, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. God’s ideal is not to become the Parent of the Cosmos or the Parents of Heaven and Earth; it is to manifest as the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. That has been the ideal and hope of God’s creation. Among these parents, we need the Parent of the Cosmos and the Parents of Heaven and Earth, but we need the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind even more. Yet until now no one has ever known such parents. Because Adam and Eve could not attain perfection as human beings, they could not perfect God, nor could they perfect themselves as the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Even God cannot find love on His own. Likewise, the Parents of Heaven and Earth cannot experience love without having partners of love. However, with God standing in the position of the mind and True Parents standing in the position of the body, you stand in the position of God’s grandchildren, the third generation. Hence, these two sets of parents bear fruit in you, and you become the seeds that can be harvested and stored in the heavenly kingdom. Therefore, the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind are the most precious. (422-257, 2003.10.25)

7 Had human beings not fallen, God would have become manifest in the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. God would have entered directly into the people's hearts. He would have become embodied in them; and then when the two people loved each other as husband and wife and had children, God would have become the real Parent of that family. Until now, people have not had the opportunity to attend God as their Parent in this way. Nevertheless, the ideal of creation is that God would be embodied in His children, create a family with them, and then expand that family into a people, nation, world and cosmos. Yet, due to the human Fall, God was unable to become embodied and He was unable to bear children and bequeath everything to them. Being unable to give birth to children in the flesh, He could not become the Parent with form. (423-009, 2003.10.25)

8 In the end, everything must be perfected on the earth. Both God and True Parents have to reach perfection on earth. Had that occurred in the beginning, the individuals of that original family on earth would have represented the world. Likewise, this family had to expand to a tribe, a people and a nation that would represent the world, and so on up to the cosmos. These needed to emerge on earth. With the fulfillment of all these, everyone would have entered the kingdom of heaven, to abide therein. This is the viewpoint from the ideal of creation. However, that world never came into existence. God, who is the Parent of the Cosmos, and human beings, who were supposed to become the Parents of Heaven and Earth, were split apart. Still, in the end they have to unite and become the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. That is the ultimate hope. God attains perfection on earth, not in the spirit world. The incorporeal God has to attain perfection in a substantial body. (425-039, 2003.11.08)

9 The Old Testament Age was the time for recovering all the lost things of creation, based on offering sacrifices. The New Testament Age was the time for bringing all people, Cain and Abel, together. The era of the Second Coming is the time when the Heavenly Father and the earthly Father and Mother become one as the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Thus, the era of the Second Coming is the time for receiving in your families the lineage of the Parent of the Cosmos, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. It is the era of the new heaven and new earth, when, under these Parents’ authority, there is no room whatsoever for Satan to accuse or invade. This means that the age is changing from the Era before the Coming of Heaven to the Era after the Coming of Heaven. I have come to this overall conclusion, through which everything is made clear. (467-041, 2004.09.02)

10 In order for the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind to arise, one man and one woman, each with mind- body unity, must become one and settle as a family. When the time comes that they do this, then the era of liberation is at hand. It will be the era of complete freedom, when God’s lineage can be spread throughout the world. Now, with True Parents having reached the top of the world level, even the era of complete freedom has been established. Hence, a new heaven and new earth is upon us, as the Era before the Coming of Heaven comes to a close and the Era after the Coming of Heaven begins. With the arrival of a new heaven and a new earth centered on God, we see the emergence of the King of Peace. (467-104, 2004.09.02)

11 The Era before the Coming of Heaven has passed, and the Era after the Coming of Heaven is approaching. Therefore, we need to recover not only the Day of the Victory of the Number Ten Combining Two Halves (Ssang Hab Shib Seung II), but also the year of victory. Satan willfully took possession of not only the day but also the year, and controlled them. But with the power of the Parent of the Cosmos, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, I did what the incorporeal God was unable to do and what Jesus was prevented from doing during his time in the flesh. By means of the physical body I have enabled God's sons and daughters to be brought into the world—the children of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. The families that have received the Blessing are the beginning point of this. Without blessed families, God cannot have His tribe, nation or world. (455-309, 2004.06.26)

12 You are no longer sinners. You have been freed from the sin of the Fall, and you have even come to the liberated nation, Cheon II Guk. But even in the nation of Cheon II Guk some are still convicts on death row. I have to liberate even those who are serving life sentences, people who would otherwise be in hell for eternity. That is why I proclaimed the age of complete freedom. The Day of the Victory of the Number Ten Combining Two Halves was the turning point between the Era before the Coming of Heaven and the Era after the Coming of Heaven. It signaled the time when a new heaven and new earth could begin. Based on that day, God could recover all that He had lost, including the day and the year. He opened up days and years in which all the wealth of the world, all material things and all people, everything that had been lost in past days and years, could be recovered in the new era of the new heaven and new earth. (456-215, 2004.06.29)

13 God Himself needs to live in the family, embodied in people who are having sons and daughters. That is the kingdom of heaven. Centering on the family in which God dwells, the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world are one world, not two. Anything that is not of the kingdom will fade away. It will be repulsed. These elements must be completely eradicated. Once that is done, everything will be governed by a new law. Therefore, we need to remove everything that is of the Era before the Coming of Heaven and make things new for the Era after the Coming of Heaven. That single family of unity will expand to a people, and that people will create a newly restructured nation in heaven. It will be God’s nation and our original homeland. (461-123, 2004.07.20)

14 With the coming of the True Parents, we have entered an era that transcends religion, transcends nationality and transcends history. It is the era when True Parents take dominion. Their dominion connects the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age; moreover it unites heaven and earth. This is how the Parent of the Cosmos and the Parents of Heaven and Earth will govern in this era. Earth was far distant from the high spiritual realm of heaven, and no relationship could be built between them. They could not even form a relationship with each other. But today is the time when that relationship can be built. That is what made possible the starting point of the True Parent of the Cosmos and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth as the King and Queen of the Blessed Families of Peace and Unity. (417-280, 2003.09.11)

The responsibility of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

15 Human beings are meant to be the embodiments of God. Becoming one in spirit and body, they are to live in the kingdom of love on earth and then pass on to the heavenly world where they will live as members of the household of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Such is the eternal kingdom of heaven. The most wondrous of God’s creations occur when, as the Parent of the Cosmos, He becomes as one body not only with the Parents of Heaven and Earth, but also with the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. A straight line between heaven and earth does not produce the wonders of God’s creation. They come into being at the meeting of three points—Heaven, earth and human beings. Can they be produced by the Parent of the Cosmos alone? Can they be produced by the Parents of Heaven and Earth alone? They require the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. That is why to establish the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, the Parents had to go through three resurrections. They needed to go over the three mountain passes, resurrecting to the level of a form spirit, the level of a life spirit and the level of a divine spirit in order for the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind to land on the earth. In terms of celestial bodies, they should not merely be moons; they must be stars, emitting light. (436-139, 2004.02.07)

16 You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven without attaining the qualification to become parents of heaven, earth and humankind. As parents of heaven, earth and humankind, you will be in the position of the third creators. You will give the Blessing to your sons and daughters. They are the sons and daughters of God, the incorporeal Parent of Adam and Eve who are God in substance. They are the sons and daughters of the True Parents, the substantial Adam and Eve. If I am considered the first generation, then you are the second generation and your sons and daughters are the third generation. You have to unite these three generations together on the horizontal plane. If you do not make this happen, it is a problem, and you will not be able to arrive at the position of a parent of heaven, earth and humankind. After the Parent of the Cosmos and the Parents of Heaven and Earth come the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Finally, at that point, even God becomes a person. The Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind settle in love based on the perfection of man and woman. (429-137, 2003.12.25)

17 The Unification Church teaches about the Parent of the Cosmos, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Through these three stages, sons and daughters are born through the physical bodies of human beings of good character, who are the substance in the flesh of these three sets of Parents. The incorporeal God, who is the Parent of the Cosmos and the being with both genders in harmony, cannot give birth to sons and daughters. Hence, God and the Parents of Heaven and Earth need to become one, and then convey their oneness to those in the position of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Then they can rightly give birth to children and have a family. In light of this, whoever among you does not raise their own sons and daughters to go to the kingdom of heaven, also cannot enter the kingdom. (475-060, 2004.11.07)

18 The incorporeal God, the God of the Cosmos, and the corporeal God, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, together make the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. This must occur so that you can receive the inheritance on earth through the lineage they bequeath to you. They are the Ancestors of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, and you are in the position of their representative. Unless you receive that inheritance, you yourself cannot become parents of heaven, earth and humankind. Once you become those parents, the place you enter together with your sons and daughters is the kingdom of heaven. (436-138, 2004.02.07)

19 The Parent of the Cosmos, as a deity who has no form, is the Lord of the incorporeal world, and the Parents of Heaven and Earth, the perfected Adam and Eve, are the Lords of the earth. However, neither the Parent of the Cosmos nor the Parents of Heaven and Earth have yet been able to settle on the earth. It is the task of human beings to connect the Heavenly Parent with the Earthly Parents, so that they may settle as Lords. Only then can the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind settle on the earth. Yet because the Parent of the Cosmos and the Parents of Heaven and Earth were not able to settle, it was not done. God can settle only when He enters the body of Adam, enters the body of Eve, and gives birth to sons and daughters through these Parents, who embody God in substance. Until God thus establishes three generations, He cannot be present on the earth. God can settle only when the Lord of the Second Advent has secured the positions of three generations of Fathers, representing the person of God the Father, the Father of human beings, and the Father of the spirit world and the physical world. (447-056, 2004.04.30)

20 The titles Parent of the Cosmos, Parents of Heaven and Earth, and Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind signify the conclusion of history. If you do not serve the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, then you are serving neither the Parent of the body nor the Parent of the mind, who is God. However much you say there are people in the spirit world and Jesus is in paradise, unless they attend the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, who are united with the Parent of the Cosmos and the Parents of Heaven and Earth, they have nothing to do with the world of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. The words “Second Coming” refer to this. (455-214, 2004.06.24)

Section 2. Representative Families of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

1 We need to become husbands and wives who have blood ties to the family of the Parents of the Cosmos, of Heaven and Earth, and of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. We need to build families that God and the entire universe can cherish; then our families can become the origin of the liberated kingdom of heaven that has nothing to do with the Fall of Adam and Eve. That is the law. We are meant to reach that position, and even go beyond it. (471-228, 2004.10.03)

2 Who are the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind? The first Creator is God, the second creators are the True Parents, Adam and Eve, and the third creators are the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. However, due to the Fall, God was not able to have His own grandsons and granddaughters. Hence, there were no third creators and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind could not come into being. You should recognize that you are to represent that position. The Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind are important. You have to become a family embodying these Parents. This is how you can find your place during the era of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and make it your era. Then you can prepare yourself for the era of the kingship of peace in God's homeland and proclaim the era for entering the kingdom of heaven. (430-275, 2004.01.04)

A blessed family of three generations

3 True Parents refer to the perfect couple that represents Adam and Eve as God created them, having nothing to do with the Fall. The first generation is God, the second generation is the True Parents and the third generation is the blessed families. These are three generations. Among them there are no national barriers or anything of that kind. There is no such thing as false love, false life, false lineage, no vain titles, or anything of that sort. (363-215, 2001.12.25)

4 In order for God, who has no form, to take on substantial form, He absolutely invested His absolute faith and absolute love into the making of His ideal partners, the very best object partners for His love. When His partner embraces his wife, or her husband, together they become substantial parents of heaven, earth and humankind. Then finally, God will be fully embodied in them. This will inaugurate the era when they can perform the functions of governing both the spirit world and the physical world as their owners. Then, even God must follow these owners who have physical form. All evil spirits must obey them and the angelic world must obey them. Further, you also need to advance to the position of parents of heaven, earth and humankind In order to bequeath this position to you, so that you in your families might become parents of heaven, earth and humankind, who represent the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Parent of the Cosmos, I proclaimed God’s Homeland and the Era of the Kingdom of Peace in the Era of Cheon II Guk. You need to become parents of heaven, earth and humankind. For this, three generations have to unite. In this way God, the invisible, harmonized being of dual characteristics who mainly appeared as a masculine being, will be able to assume form as male and female. It was for this purpose that God invested His whole self in the creation of Adam and Eve. (436-137, 2004.02.07)

5 You are the central families who received the Blessing. Since you blessed central families represent the True Parents, just as I said when I prayed to God, all the saints and divine sons and daughters in the spirit world have to listen to you. Because you received the Blessing from True Parents and attended True Parents on earth, you are owners. That is how it is structured in the spirit world. Hence, once you enter that world you can go straight up! There is already a ladder set up for you. (373-019, 2002.03.24)

6 Recognize that you are meant to inherit the kingship of the Parent of the Cosmos, the kingship of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the kingship of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. You are also meant to build families of filial children of God and loyal citizens of the heavenly kingdom, families that represent the right of the eldest son. In this way you become families that can securely bequeath the kingship of three ages to future generations. Your families should represent the past, present and future and become families of princes and princesses in the era of the three kingships. Each of you should declare, “I will build a family of filial children of God and loyal citizens of the heavenly kingdom, representing the royal authority that I received as an inheritance in the era of the kingship of the Parent of the Cosmos, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.” You need to understand that each blessed family is their representative and has inherited this authority in the era of the three kingships. (442-048, 2004.03.08)

7 You blessed central families are to be the central beings. Therefore, by living the way that God, who is spirit, wants you to live—the way True Parents, who are the embodiments of God, want you to live—living on their behalf, you should be able to establish the law for individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations that will become the law of the heavenly kingdom. You are living in the era when the love of the Parent of the Cosmos, of the Parents of Heaven and Earth and of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind becomes the real authority. You must become so united with God that you have that full authority, and exercise it on behalf of God and True Parents. You have to become one with God. After becoming one with the Central Being, you will flip over, landing on the ground with Him in total oneness. Then, the Parent of the Cosmos, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and you as parents of heaven, earth and humankind will become one, inside and out. When you reach that level you can receive your inheritance from God, and from then on your nations and the world will unite through the Blessing. (434-120, 2004.01.30)

8 As the substantial fruit of God’s love, you should live with the mindset that you are God’s eternal sons and daughters who represent the heavenly kingdom, and who are its distinguished leaders. You should bear in mind that you can partake in the glorious authority of a prince or princess who attends God without encountering any restrictions from the earth. You can become one of the distinguished leaders who will govern the world when it is united as one nation. Shouldn’t you put your whole heart and mind toward attaining that position? If you cannot do that, you will only be able to gaze upon the palace from the outside, unable to cross over its threshold, even for tens of thousands of years. (456-262, 2004.06.30)

Embodiments of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

9 You should aspire to become embodiments of God, embodiments of the True Parents and embodiments of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. In fact, all these Parents want you, their embodiments, to be better than they are. It is now time for you to surmount obstacles without passing through a course of indemnity as I did. Even though you may not own material possessions, all you need is absolute faith in True Parents, having the standard of absolute faith that they fought to establish throughout their lives. You need absolute faith to recover the realm of absolute love. Therefore, you have to become people of absolute faith. Actually, you need to have absolute faith while you are alive on earth, which is virtually hell; that is why you must invest and forget, invest and forget, invest and forget. This is how the Parents of Heaven and Earth, who are in the substantial realm centered on the incorporeal Parent of the Cosmos, became His object partners. Also, this is how the Parents of Heaven and Earth and Humankind established their virtuous union, by which heaven and earth were made complete. (434-123, 2004.01.30)

10 If you want to serve the Will, you must inherit everything that the Parent of the Cosmos, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind achieved. Parents do not want their children, who represent them for the Will, to be less than they are. Just as a husband who loves his wife does not want her to be less than he is, and a loving wife feels the same toward her husband, we want the people who will represent us in our work for the Will to be better than ourselves. For this reason, if we have a son or daughter who is better than we are, we are pleased to bequeath our inheritance to him or her. (423-268, 2003.11.02)

11 The providence of restoration unfolded through the three stages of the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age. Now that we are in an age of liberation and complete freedom, we are building an infinite world of liberation where all sons and daughters are actually free from any trace of sin, both in spirit and flesh. It is the ideal world where we are destined to live. Therefore, the Parent of the Cosmos, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind come to the earth in the person of the Lord of the Second Advent. Coming as a man in the flesh, He finally secures, on behalf of God and in place of the perfected Adam, the substantial realm of love. That substantial realm of love is the family. If you cannot secure your family by having sons and daughters, then your love will not be expressed through future generations. No matter how much a husband and wife love each other, if they have no children, their lineage ends there. (458-330, 2004.07.11)

Section 3. Inheriting the True Parents’ Realm of Victory

1 Until True Parents emerged on earth, God could never have His own direct children in the spirit world. Through me, the children whom God originally intended could be born for the first time. I am saying that through me, God's royal family could come into being. Therefore, you should take pride in it. It is we who are to connect all nations to the original Garden of Eden. I laid the victorious foundation transcending heaven and earth. The True Parents built such a foundation and they are trying to bequeath their achievements to true children. (218-200, 1991.07.28)

True Parents' realm of victory

2 The realm of True Parents' victory refers to the scope of their victory in the battle against Satan. It means that the True Parents are completely victorious on the individual level and on the family level. Further, they brought victory on the levels of the tribe, people, nation and world. It was indeed a challenging course; by no means was it easy. However, I overcame every difficulty and won the victory. I offered to Heaven the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God, which brought about the miracle of liberating even God. True Parents, with true love, forgave even the failed communist nations and embraced them, while leading the providence forward. (421-017, 2003.10.15)

3 The fact that True Parents established the realm of victory means that they recovered all that Satan kept in his possession, including all providential individuals who were lost. Because Eve was lost, Adam also was lost. However, now that Adam has been recovered, it is time to recover the women of the world. That is why, for their recovery, on April 10, 1992, I placed Mother in the forefront and developed a movement for the liberation of women. We are entering the age of the Mother. This is the age of the Mother. (266-247, 1995.01.01)

4 When we say that the True Parents are victorious, we mean that everything that was lost due to the false parents has been recovered: the True Son, the True Daughter, and the True Husband and Wife. The True Parents are the root from which will arise one humanity, where all are related as blood kin. From that True Husband and Wife will come only good descendants, continuing for countless generations. (266-252, 1995.01.01)

5 The realm of True Parents' victory is not limited to them as individuals. It leaves a mark on the history of the universe. You have to inherit this. In order to do so, you have to recover what Adam and Eve lost by their failure to have absolute faith and absolute love, and you have to clean up the stain in the lineage. You can accomplish this within the realm of victory that I have prepared; all you need to do is follow the original track, climbing up the eight stages beginning on the individual level, then starting again at the bottom on the family level and climbing up again, and so on. Then you should be able to go about your life freely. From a two-dimensional viewpoint, God and human beings have been separated at opposite poles. Hence, True Parents had to go and bring God back into the family. I surmounted all eight stages both vertically and horizontally and broke free from the realm of Satan’s accusation. Therefore, I can now freely attend God in the family and also on the national level. (266-284, 1995.01.01)

6 What grounds do I have to take pride in the name True Parents? I established the realm of internal heart that, through love, breaks down all barriers and opens gates in every field and on all levels, horizontally and vertically, throughout history. This victorious foundation should not just be something that I alone can rejoice over; it should be cause for heaven and earth, history, and all ages to rejoice. Only when there is rejoicing to this extent can we truly rejoice. We should not rejoice over our individual victories while ignoring the past ages of history. What we accomplish should be cherished as a victory that all people - people in the past, present and future—equally can rejoice over. (174-190, 1988.02.28)

7 The family of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience is responsible for changing the lineage, changing the ownership and then forming the proper Cain and Abel relationship in the realm of heart. That family determined to bring victory and was victorious. On this condition, as True Parents, we could proclaim, “True Parents and the Completed Testament Age,” and “Settlement of the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age.” Because we, True Parents, are settled on the family level, the families of the world can give us recognition as their subject partner. With that, they can inherit True Parents’ realm of victory. Then by that formula we can expand our foundation through the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation based on the realm of the four- position foundation of Adam and Eve. This expansion does not occur all at once, but gradually. The center and destination of this national level foundation is the world. The nation is the starting point for reaching out to the world. (270-152, 1995.05.29)

8 You must praise True Parents and love True Parents. The era has come for the settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. True Parents' settlement allows you to inherit their victorious realm. Now that they are settled, they can give the Blessing throughout the world. This is how the world can be settled. In fact, True Parents have bequeathed everything to you. You, representing fallen humankind, should be grateful for this. You should be able to praise True Parents and love True Parents. Since the Parents from Heaven gave you the Blessing, took pride in you, loved you and served you, now in return you should praise and take pride in the Parents from Heaven. This is how you can alleviate the sadness of Heaven's family. (281-282, 1997.03.09)

9 Adam's family was lost, and that lost family expanded worldwide; hence, True Parents must restore everything worldwide. Since things became as they are due to the love, life and lineage of the false parents, it is the True Parents who must bring every individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and the entire world back to God's side. The false parents turned all these things totally upside down. Thus, it is not only the family that True Parents must restore. They have to restore every level in heaven and on earth through indemnity. Specifically, they have to reorganize every level based on their family, and straighten out all eight stages. In other words, although due to the false parents it was the family that was lost to God, True Parents cannot return to God after straightening out only the family level. They can resolve all the problems at that level only by bringing victory at all levels in the cosmos. (439-027, 2004.02.19)

10 At this time I am making many proclamations, such as the “Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth,” the “Settlement of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the End of Indemnity” and so forth. There is no other way than this, since True Parents have to pave the path to the liberation that God originally intended. To do so, I had to level mountains and build a global foundation. Without such actual accomplishments, my wife and I could not have become the True Parents. Nor could I have become the Messiah and the returning Lord. (289-064, 1997.12.30)

The path to inheriting True Parents’ realm of victory

11 The settlement of the Completed Testament Age means that we who center on the True Parents' family have become one large family in the plus position. All human beings are in the minus position. With True Parents’ family in the plus position, all other families are its counterparts. If they unite as one with True Parents' family by taking the position of a perfect minus, they will all rise to the same position as the True Parents' family. This is the formula for recovering the universe. Three main conditions are required for this to happen. First, the lineage must be changed. Second, the right of ownership must be changed. Finally, the realm of heart must be changed. The realm of heart includes three stages: the individual, family and tribe. The stages in this realm form one set that cannot be divided up. Therefore, as tribal messiahs you must connect these three stages of heart into one. Based on this foundation, you can then move up to the level of the nation. (268-080, 1995.03.05)

12 God’s ideal of creation is based on love that partakes of His chief attributes: absolute love, unique love, unchanging love and eternal love. Based on such love, you can maintain your purity. This means that coming from a fallen lineage, you need to maintain your purity—to take the completely correct position for true love and true life. On the foundation of purity you can change your lineage. After that, you can experience pure love. You receive your inheritance after settling as a family of filial children; and then you expand the scope of your family to become a family of patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters, uniting the world on the horizontal plane. Then you will inherit the authority of victory which is as sweet as a fragrant flower. (410-055, 2003.06.30)

13 In order to become the eldest son, and to inherit the right of the eldest son, you have to be better than Satan. You have to represent God in all areas and stand in the position to take responsibility in accordance with God’s rules and principles. The person who loves God the most receives the prize. Because of this principle, it is possible for God to carry out the providence of restoration. Inheritance is received based on love, and it is in accordance with this principle that you can claim back the birthright of the eldest son. As sons and daughters on Heaven's side, you must be more filial to your parents than the sons and daughters of Satan’s world. As people on Heaven’s side, you must love your family, your nation, the world and all humankind more than the people of Satan’s world do. You must be better in all aspects. They have to give you their inheritance voluntarily; you cannot take it by force. (102-182, 1978.12.24)

Section 4. Inheriting the True Parents' Tradition

1 As a consequence of the seeds that were sown by the Fall in the Garden of Eden, various phenomena of the harvest of their fruit will arise around the world. Now is that time. Since this world cannot continue as it is, the time has come to reap the fruit of the Fall. This world became the way it is because it inherited a tradition that deviated from God due to its relationship with the fallen parents. Therefore, True Parents must come and establish a new teaching. Should it be based on the current ways of the world or the cosmos? No, it should be based on true families. Unless the teaching of true family appears, the teaching for a new world cannot emerge. The representative of this true family teaching must be God’s true son. He should be the internal heir who inherits everything related to God’s heart. He should also be God’s external heir, who inherits the ownership of all things. In other words, he should be a man who can inherit God’s heart, God’s body and all things. Only such a son can be God’s representative. Only when that son comes will God’s kingdom finally be realized. (21-049, 1968.09.01)

True Parents' tradition

2 How will history unfold? When True Parents’ tradition is established, True Parents’ actual way of life will remain in history as the standard for all traditions for all eternity. Suppose we continue on for one thousand years from this point. People will not be moving forward looking to the future; rather, they will move forward looking back one thousand years, modeling their lives on things as they are in this present time. Until today, fallen people have sought to unify the world, but once the True Parents emerge and are recognized as the central persons of the world, all people will totally emulate the tradition of the True Parents and uphold them as the center. As time goes by, the domain based on that center will continue to expand. Indeed, True Parents family is the foundation representing the tradition of a future that people hope to see. The purpose of God’s history of six thousand years has been to create True Parents’ family. Why are people going through straggles at the present time? It is so they can meet True Parents’ family. (44-134, 1971.05.06)

3 What is True Parents’ love? In the Garden of Eden the first human beings failed to become the true ancestors and could not establish the tradition of original love. Therefore, at some point in time the Messiah must come, and in the position of the True Parents he has to establish this tradition of love from the level of the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation and world. When it is realized on the level that transcends peoples of all ethnicities, the kingdom of heaven will be established on earth. It will be God’s museum. Thus far, individuals and families have been disconnected from God. Hence, what I am trying to do at this time is to connect them to the whole, and to God, and establish the proper tradition of love centered on the family. To prepare such an amazing foundation is the mission of the True Parents, and to uphold and actualize that purpose is the mission of the Unification Church. (107-161, 1980.04.20)

4 You can become an owner only when you act with the heart of a parent and the body of a servant. This is how God has been working to fulfill the Will. Hence, you too can fulfill it only if you have the heart of the Father and shed your tears, sweat and blood. In order to become a true leader, you need to receive true leadership training. You need to inherit True Parents’ way of tears, sweat and blood, which is the way of Heaven. You too have to shed tears, sweat and blood; then you will leave it behind as your tradition. (11-155, 1961.05.18)

5 What is the tradition of God and True Parents? First, it is to live for the sake of others. Second, it is to invest, invest and forget. Third, it is to pray and offer devotion to fulfill the Will. It is a goal that you cannot accomplish by yourself. Why do you need to pray? It is because you need to receive the help of God, your subject partner, and to have Heaven with you and supporting you. Why do you need to offer devotion? It is to enable you to prepare the path and accept any circumstances that you might face. Prayer is to create a bond with God, the subject partner, and devotion is to expand your horizontal relationships. (219-216, 1991.08.29)

6 What kind of family is True Parents' family? Their family is the fruit of history, the center of this age and the starting point of the future. So, in the future, when the world we live in becomes the kingdom of heaven that we’ve hoped for, every aspect of True Parents’ lives will serve as the tradition. They will become the mother’s womb of the ideal nation. They will be the starting-point for building the ideal world. Therefore, based on the vertical connection to True Parents, you as their children should always establish a realm of three generations together with True Parents. The vertical three generations are God, the True Parents and you. Horizontally, three generations are True Parents, True Children and you. Heaven and earth will not be united unless these three generations are formed and perfected. (44-169, 1971.05.06)

7 The tradition, education and practice that we talk about refer to tradition and education under True Parents. All you need to do is follow in True Parents' footsteps and inherit all the victories that they won in their battles against Satan. True Parents are going to gather the offerings of all believers and offer them all to God on the altar. They will do so without discriminating among their sons and daughters or among the things of creation. Further, they will do so without distinguishing between the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age, having liberated them all from Satan’s accusation. They will offer God the UN and the entire world united together. Then, True Parents can inherit the world from God, at which point their right of ownership will begin. (417-124, 2003.09.05)

8 For the past six thousand years, the purpose of God’s work has been to establish True Parents’ family. Why has humanity been struggling to this day? It is in order to connect to True Parents and their family. In the future as well, our descendants will exist in order to produce descendants for the True Parents. They do not need to create a nation for True Parents or make a world for True Parents, because once True Parents emerge and receive public recognition, True Parents’ nation and world will come into being naturally. To support True Parents you should make descendants for them. It is not a matter of making a nation for them. At this time, what is most ideal for you is to live with True Parents at the center of your life. In the future, when heaven and earth will be governed under the authority of True Parents, you will not be just ordinary citizens who come and go. You will carry the tradition that was woven centering on True Parents, which will remain forever in history. There can be no greater tradition than this. (44-134, 1971.05.06)

9 Had Adam and Eve not fallen, human history would have originated with True Parents. Their words would have become their descendants’ words, their way of life would have become their descendants’ way of life, and the environmental conditions they experienced would have become their descendants’ reality. In this way, history would have started from True Parents. (26-280, 1969.11.10)

Inheriting True Parents' tradition

10 Fathers and mothers want to bequeath everything they have to their beloved sons and daughters. Parents and children who follow the tradition of love come to stand in positions of equal value; hence the parents can bequeath the whole universe to their children with their minds at ease. That is why parents want to have children of filial piety. Who are children of filial piety? They are those who participate in their parents’ eternal love. They are the ones who will carry on the tradition of bequeathing love. (140-235, 1986.02.12)

11 Who do you want as the leader of your family? What kind of person would the father, the grandmother and the entire family want to have as the heir? They would want the one who loves the most. If the grandfather loves the whole family the most, the family members will report to him rather than to the father. This is natural. Thus, the person who becomes the leader of a household is the one who serves the others with the most loving heart. The one who serves others the most, with a heart of love, will inherit the tradition of that family and imbue it with love. You should understand that only such people will belong to the line of inheritance that continues for eternity. (141-292, 1986.03.02)

12 In order to inherit God’s providence in its entirety, we have to be faithful to His providential tradition. And not only should we be faithful to the tradition, we should take responsibility for it. After taking responsibility, we should transform society. Heavenly Father’s tradition needs to be passed on to everyone. If the social environment is not in accord with His tradition, then we must fight to change whatever is contrary to it. Otherwise, there will be no progress. (152-197, 1963.05.10)

13 In order to inherit a historical connection with God and True Parents and fulfill the responsibility of pioneers in this era, you need to receive the pure tradition of God’s providence of restoration, assume responsibility for the existing circumstances of your life, and fight to build the foundation for a new ideal in the future. (152-198, 1963.05.10)

14 The heavenly kingdom is the place where people who lived for the sake of others go. They are those who invested themselves for the world and cultivated relationships with its people. They journeyed throughout the world to embrace its peoples, to serve God and strive to realize the ideal. They will be the owners of the heavenly kingdom. You should take pride in doing these things. You should be able to take pride in your mother and father, your wife or husband, your sons and daughters, and your siblings. Then, you need to extend this tradition and apply it to the nation; you need to extend this formula to the world and to heaven and earth. If you become such people, then wherever you go you will have the right of equal participation, the right of equal position and the right of inheritance. (175-139, 1988.04.10)

15 The victory I bequeath to you is the family-level realm of victory. What kind of family am I talking about? It is a family that represents the world. The family that fulfills a messianic mission is one that represents the world, embracing and taking care of all matters and traveling back and forth freely among all people. I want your family to become such a family. When all five races want to find their way into your family, when they try to create relationships with your family, you should not block them or say that only certain people may come in. It is a principle that if you are connected to the central point of heart, your heart will expand in all four directions. Power and action emanate from that central point in all directions without exception. That center is the True Family. Accordingly, the True Family must be at the core of your family for it to realize the kingdom of heaven. (100-309, 1978.10.22)

16 The family is the base for finding the homeland and hometown and settling there. How should you live in such a family? You should connect to True Father and live with him, immersed in his tears. Then you will weep for the sake of your nations and your families. You need to recover your families. How can you do that? It is by upholding the tradition of tears, the tradition of sweat, the tradition of blood, the tradition of water running from the nose, and the tradition of investing your whole self. That is how you should bequeath unchanging purity, an unstained lineage, pure love and a pure approach to sexual relations to the second and third generations, and on to countless generations of your lineage. Above and below, front and back, left and right—all directions must all be cleansed. Only then can you bequeath the pure love of an unstained lineage. You have to pass through the gate of pure sexual relations in order to plant pure seeds of true love, true life and true lineage. (484-084, 2005.01.20)

17 You need to suffer for the Will more than others do. If you do, everyone will follow you. Who has suffered for the church? Who has sacrificed their own family and relatives for the church? Who is suffering more and is therefore closer to the tradition of heart? When someone of the lowest rank prays night and day for the Will and sheds blood and sweat while striving to realize the spirit of love, whether that person is a woman or a man, Heaven will make a new history through that person. In the Unification Church that kind of tradition is already established. The question as to which of my sons or daughters will become my heir will be decided on the basis of which of them suffers the most for the Will and fulfills his or her filial duty. It is the same for each of you. It is the same in the family and the same in the church. Everyone must follow this tradition. (113-147, 1981.05.01)

Section 5. Inheriting the Teachings of the True Parents

1 The question is not how to unify the world, but how to unify yourself. Within each of you, your mind and body are divided and are fighting every day. To resolve this problem, you need God’s word. Living by the word, you should resemble God’s character and heart. You have to reach the point where God likes it when you love yourself, and where God would lift you up and give you His recognition. You have to arrive at the point where God recognizes the things you say as true. In order to become such people in reality, the most urgent matter is to create the realm of unity with others in your daily life and to become a person who has mind-body unity within yourself. How can you know whether you have become a person with mind-body unity? Go out and spread the word with utmost devotion. When you do so, you will realize that God is always with you through your connection to the Word. (27-337, 1970.01.01)

The value of the Divine Principle and Father’s words

2 We are connected to God through the Word. If the Word did not exist, we could not be connected to God. If it were not for the Word, we could not find the way to connect with Him. Hence, unless there are people who actually spread the Word, nothing will happen. God’s purpose in connecting to us as human beings is to enable us to connect to His love. Those who convey the Word that connects people to God may be people on earth, but the Word they convey is from God. It is through that Word that people are made new. (27-337, 1970.01.01)

3 The Fall happened because of a failure to uphold God’s Word. Therefore, as we seek to follow this path, which is centered on God’s Word, we are to be a group that pledges to absolutely uphold God’s Word. What kinds of people rely on God’s Word? They are the most public, living for the sake of the world and for all humankind, living for the sake of God. When God looks at them, He wants them to stand with Him in an ideal relationship, not content to remain merely in their current relationship with Him. Moreover, God wants them to go beyond their present situation and move forward toward their place in God’s ideal. They are people who live for God’s ideal, for God’s tomorrow and for the tomorrow of all humanity. Imagine how difficult that is! Nevertheless, I am saying that we should become a group of people who build the world of the future. When we become such people, then whenever God thinks of the future, He will think of me and of the Unification Church; and whenever people think of tomorrow, they will think about the Unification Church and think about me. We can arrive at this outcome. (88-304, 1976.10.03)

4 God is calling us with His Word. Therefore, we need to follow as His Word directs us. By what route can we meet each other as true parents and true children? It is through true words, the Word given by our Heavenly Parent. You cannot become such children unless you know the Parent’s word. If it is true that the Parent God’s Word is absolute and true, you will not feel tired even if you listen to that same word for a thousand or ten thousand years. The Parent God’s Word has no end. You have to search for that word. It is not enough to find words that fit the constraints you impose with your own logic. The Parent's Word teaches not only the greatest principles but also gives life to those who listen. It gives you life no matter how many times you hear it, even if you listen repeatedly for all eternity. (10-131, 1960.09.18)

5 The words of loving parents are eternal; they transcend time and space. It is even more so with God’s Word; it transcends history, transcends ages and eras; transcends ideologies and transcends philosophies. It is more precious than the words of any human being. His Word, whether you listen to it or read it, at night or during the day, flows endlessly into your heart. (10-132, 1960.09.18)

6 The words that Jesus spoke to the Jewish people, and all the things he showed them, were not based on his own desire. They were related to the Will of Heaven. Jesus represented the providential Will of God. However, within the realm of the Fall, a clash arose between Jesus and the people who were meant to relate with God’s Will through him. When God’s Word appears in the fallen world it can transform an individual when it appears to an individual; it can transform a people when it appears to a people; it can transform the world when it appears in the world. The Jewish people did not know that Jesus was the manifestation of God’s Word that could transform heaven and earth. (001-230, 1956.11.11)

7 I am the owner of the Word. I became the owner of the Word because I have lived according to the Word. The first human beings did not become the owners of the Word and therefore they failed to become True Parents; hence someone else had to become the True Parents and embody the Word. Mother and I did that, and then we offered its fruit before God. This is why we can all advance into the era of liberation and complete freedom and realize the ideal of God’s purpose of creation. (524-252, 2006.04.15)

8 No one can erase the words I have spoken. When I listen again to the words that I spoke fifty years ago, I bow down out of respect for those words. When I spoke in those days, I did so with such seriousness. I had the urgent determination that even though I could die that day, I would leave my words for future generations. Even though I might be dead and gone, I knew that my words were so profound and significant that with them people in the future would be able to lead the world. When you read the volumes of my sermons, you should be moved to the degree that you come to that realization. You should have spiritual experiences. You may enjoy playing and dancing and such, but to be enraptured by my words and grow spiritually through them is a blessing among all blessings for you, your ancestors in the spirit world, and your descendants in the earthly world. (309-190, 1999.05.01)

9 If the content of many newspapers is saved on a computer drive, you will be able to read it even a thousand or ten thousand years from now. Likewise, if we store all my words on CDs, billions of people in every corner of the globe will be able to use computers to listen to it. We are now living in such an era. Therefore, you cannot hide falsehoods. There is no longer anywhere to hide them. As the words of Heaven—the words of Heaven's love—shine brightly throughout the world, the forces of darkness will eventually self-destruct. They will have to flee further and further away. Once the light begins to shine, darkness can no longer rule in the realms bathed in that light. (342-022, 2001.01.09)

10 A thousand years from now, will the words that I spoke as the founder of the Unification Church have disappeared? Whenever I think about it, I realize that this is a serious matter. My words must not remain only within your hearts; they must flow and become medicinal waters—not just spring waterso that everyone can drink those waters, even one thousand years from now. I want people to be able to point to my words with pride, recognizing that they are a universal remedy, a medicine that can cure all ailments. For this, I am offering sincere devotion in the hope that my words will last forever as life-giving words. (340-064, 2000.12.23)

11 The truth of the Unification Church is not only a truth that was revealed through struggles in its own history. It is the truth that existed even before the Creation. It is God’s ideal of creation to establish a true family, a true tribe, a true people, a true nation and a true world based on the relationship with True Parents. This truth revealed in the Divine Principle also contains the details of what was done in the history of God’s providence of restoration in order to realize God’s ideal. (30-318, 1970.04.06)

12 The True Parents are the ancestors of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute wisdom. It was with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute wisdom that I discovered the words of the Divine Principle. Therefore, whether we stand in front of God, Satan or history, no one can deny their validity; all must affirm it. The Divine Principle is indeed a strong shield; it has such power. (277-152, 1996.04.07)

13 The Unification Principle connects everything by the laws of nature. That is why it is called the Principle. It is Heaven's Principle. That is to say, it is the eternally unchanging Principle. The Principle is not a doctrine. It is not a doctrine of the Unification Church. It is not a doctrine taught by True Parents. A doctrine is something by which fallen people seek out Heaven, but what do people who live together with God have to do with a doctrine? The Principle is Heaven's law. (301-034, 1999.04.16)

14 My words are such that you will not understand them right away. However, if you read the books that contain my words many times, you will come to understand them without fail. I have a mind that can see the whole picture. By distinguishing, comparing and contrasting everything in this wide world, I have rearranged all knowledge based on the standard of a new tradition, which is called the Divine Principle. With it, I have established a philosophical system that completely restructures the entire spectrum of knowledge in all major fields. It will require thousands or even tens of thousands of scholars to recognize the full value of the Divine Principle. In the Divine Principle, the Unification Church possesses a formidable weapon. (228-149, 1992.03.27)

15 My teachings embody an understanding that will forever remain at the top as the central teaching, even if in the course of history the Unification Church disappears. Even if you fail to fulfill it, others will do so at some point. A time will come when many nations will compete to fulfill my teachings. When that happens, your situation will be the opposite of what it is today. Those who were first will be last, and those who were last will be first. Everything will be turned upside down. Those of you who miss this opportunity will not be remembered in history. (390-314, 2002.08.16)

16 In the course of seeking the True Parents, have you really felt the value of True Parents’ words? They are the teachings that enable you to connect with eternal value. If you have never felt their value, it would not matter if True Father came and told you personally how truly valuable his words are, still you would not be able to recognize their value. In order to clearly understand the value of these words of truth, you need to pray. People on earth must seek out True Father's teachings, for they are words of truth. They are words that move the heart of Jesus and words that move the heart of God, who has carried out His providence for six thousand years. More - over, when those words appear on the earth, they will reveal the ups and downs of that six thousand-year history. They will reveal God’s anger, ill treatment and bitterness. For these reasons, True Father's words cannot help but move God’s heart. (10-133, 1960.09.18)

17 God’s Word does not establish rules; its purpose is to give us life and fulfill His plan. There are many religious doctrines and ideologies on the earth today that advocate truth, but there are no teachings that truly bring peace to our mind and body, even when we practice them; nor are there teachings in which we can be deeply immersed for eternity. If God’s Word enables the love of God, the source of life in the universe, to move within our mind and body, then surely with God’s true Word we can fundamentally resolve the claims of all ideologies and doctrines. (3-327, 1958.02.02)

18 You need to establish a tradition based on the Word and develop a character that will enable you to attain oneness with the Word. In the Last Days there are three judgments: the first is judgment by the Word, the second is judgment of character, and the third is judgment of heart. This is the absolute standard; it is already established. The Fall occurred when the first human beings could not unite with God’s Word. Adam and Eve should have taken God’s commandment not to eat the fruit as absolute and thus established the right tradition. But they did not do so, and consequently fell. Therefore, those people who walked the course of restoration had to establish the tradition of uniting with the Word, which prefigured the ultimate truth that appears in the end times. In heaven such a tradition has been already established, but it has not yet been established for people on earth. If this tradition is not established, then there is a possibility that, like Christianity, the Unification Church will split into many denominations. (21-326, 1969.01.01)

19 The critical issue is to establish the tradition that brings us into oneness with the Word. You should not be separate from the Word. You should be people who cultivate yourselves based on the Word and move forward based on the Word. You have to establish a tradition based on the Word by taking it as the absolute standard. For this, you need to be tuned to my mind and heart as it was when I introduced the Word. You study the Word so that you can believe in the Word, yet your standard of understanding is not yet perfect. There is a time-honored standard in background to the Word, and you have to meet that standard. For this, you need to establish a tradition of deeply penetrating the Word. (21-327, 1969.01.01)

True Parents' sermons are a treasure

20 How many volumes of my sermons have been published? Up to now, you have not been interested in the books of my sermons. From God’s viewpoint, no matter how many books you may find in a library, they are of little use compared to the books of my sermons. Think about the fact that there are a huge number of volumes of my sermons. The contents of these books are to save the sons and daughters of this world. The volumes of my sermons are still first editions. If you buy them, they will become your pride from generation to generation. If you think about this from God’s viewpoint, they are the most valuable of all books. There will never be a second set of True Parents. For eternity, and absolutely, there will be only one set of True Parents. You need to learn what kind of person I am. I do not think you know how deep, high and broad I am. Yet you can know my character through the volumes of my sermons. These books are like a lighthouse giving out light in the darkness of night. (309-167, 1999.05.01)

21 Many volumes of my sermons have been published. I read them every morning during hoondokhae. Now we do not need any more large-scale rallies. I have already taught you everything you need to do. I have even spoken in detail about tribal messiahship. These are not ideas I came up with as I developed the church. I had already made a detailed plan for teaching them in advance, and I have been teaching you on that basis. That is one thing that is to my credit. Many things I have said may have sounded like idle fancy, but I have already substantiated them in my own life. Once you own the volumes of my sermons, preparing your own sermons and similar talks will be no problem. Those books are a vast treasure. All the money in the world cannot compare with the value of those words. (192-110, 1989.07.03)

22 I usually rise at 3:30 in the morning. When I get up, I read from the books of my sermons that I delivered in the past. Their content is awe-inspiring. Since it was I who spoke those words, I know all of the content; yet when I read them I still become tearful. People who hear such precious words and then just drift away will have a hard time forgiving themselves. These sermons are more precious than your homes, more precious than your land. (269-318, 1995.05.01)

23 How many books of my sermons have you read thus far? This is a serious matter. The more you read, the more you will shine and the greater your value will become. You have to know everything I have taught. Even a king who makes his nation great, understands the world and knows the truth, will find the books of my sermons to be a treasure. Even now, I am reading and studying my words. I have to straighten out every point before I die. If there are any mistakes, I must correct them. It will be a problem if there are any errors. (228-148, 1992.03.27)

24 How many books of my sermons have been published so far? If you have the opportunity to share some of the sermons from these books, you will find many parts that move people to weep rivers of tears. Even now, I read the books of my sermons for two hours every day. While reading one of the prayers that I gave several decades ago, I found a part where I mentioned about the fulfillment of the Completed Testament Age even then! This is something that I have been talking about recently, so when I came to that point in the prayer I felt something that resonated to my bones. How amazing these prayers are. This is not a matter of personal pride. These prayers are full of inspirations, which when I reflect upon them, are stimulating to me even now. They are like a huge chest full of treasure. (260-220, 1994.05.19)

25 Now you do not need to give sermons of your own. Rather than making your own sermon to preach, find a title from among my sermons that is appropriate to the occasion and use that sermon in a manner that fits your circumstances. Create a separate book of your own with sermon titles and three-line summaries of each sermon. Then, whenever you need to speak, all you need to do is to decide the title that you would like to give your sermon on and find a portion of my sermon that matches what you want to say in your sermon. When you feel that you need to speak about some specific topic, read from the books of my sermons those that are relevant to that topic and then give your sermon. Also, even for your prayer, use the words that I prayed. There is nothing Heaven likes more than that. This is how you should always give sermons. (212-119, 1991.01.02)

Disseminate and practice the Word

26 My words have substance that will last for eternity. They are teachings that can enable us to transcend life’s circumstances. Evil circumstances in your life cannot devour teachings that are true. True teachings cannot be restrained by anything in the evil world. Through these words, people should constantly motivate themselves to overcome their evil environment. But because people these days are not doing this, Christianity worldwide has entered a state of confusion. True Father comes with a loving heart for his children. Since that is so, should there not be a place where he can convey his true words to his beloved children? You have to find that place—the Unification Church—where he speaks those true words. When you find that place and listen to him, even if you listen to him a thousand times, you will still find his words refreshing. Those words have meaning that is linked to eternity, with the true value of goodness. Unless you connect to those words, which have such true value, you cannot become his true children. (10-132, 1960.09.18)

27 The flavor of True Father’s words will never become bland, even if you hear them repeatedly for a thousand years. The same words will comfort you when you are sad and delight you when you are happy. My words can be your wonderful object partners; you can relate to them according to your state of mind and the emotions that you are experiencing in your life. Such is their value. (10-141, 1960.09.18)

28 The number of church members will increase in proportion to how often you convey the words of the Divine Principle. Another issue is how sincere you are in conveying the Divine Principle. You must share it with your utmost sincerity; there is no other way. Human beings were created through the Word. Since they lost the Word, they must be re-created through the Word. The Word has three main elementsthe word of God's love, the word of God’s life and the word of God’s lineage. Simply, they are love, life and lineage. When you convey the Word to others, they should feel love welling in their hearts, life surging in their hearts, and lineage changing in their hearts. People need to shed their skin three times, at the formation, growth and completion levels, in order to reach maturity. (198-030, 1990.01.20)

29 You must convey my teachings throughout the world. With the arrival of the Completed Testament Age, I am conveying a new message. When I made the new proclamation of the Completed Testament Age to the entire world, I also bestowed my words in the form of the scripture of the Completed Testament. That is why I am telling you to read and study it. You must unite with these words. Before you can become one with me, you must become one with my words. (291-217, 1998.03.13)

30 A person who cannot understand my words as they should be understood will be judged by them. Even though our earthly lives will end, I have to leave behind my words for the benefit of the unending line of our descendants. As long as our destiny to complete God’s providence of restoration remains unaccomplished, our descendants will have to work based on my words. We must observe and protect these precious words. God has been anticipating the day when all the peoples of the world will bow before these words. God has been enduring a history of great suffering and hardship until now in order to bring all people to surrender to these words of truth. (64-256, 1972.11.12)

31 God gives His words of love to Satan’s world. Then, out of Satan’s world, people should come forth who have absolute faith in God’s Word. This means there should be a group of people who believe in God’s Word absolutely, unlike Adam, who did not. They need to do things that will bring God to trust them more than He trusted the archangel, who betrayed God when he caused Adam and Eve to lose their faith in the Word. On the condition that they listen to God’s Word, He can snatch their bodies from Satan’s realm. He has to recover their bodies so they can come to Him. (53-040, 1972.02.06)

32 After joining the Unification Church, it is not enough for you to know the words of truth you learned from the Divine Principle merely in your head. Even as you know these teachings intellectually, you must also feel them in your heart. Once you truly know the teachings with both your mind and your heart, you will not hesitate to take action and fight Satan because you will want to fulfill the purpose of those teachings. Moreover, you will never be able to speak ill of True Father or reverse your thinking and take a position that could betray Heaven. (3-099, 1957.10.04)

33 You eat every day and the food still tastes good. Likewise, you can eat spiritual food that connects you to the truth every day, and it will still taste good. I am saying that words of life are satisfying, even if you hear them every day. People who enjoy listening to the words of the Divine Principle until the day they die will certainly not go to hell. You may think, “I already know all these things!” but you know them only in your head, which has nothing to do with the realm of heart. The more you listen to these words, the more Heaven’s realm of life will come and help you. (239-145, 1992.11.24)

34 The word is the substance that nurtures our life. It is a grave mistake to think that just because you attended a twenty-one-day workshop and a forty- day workshop, you are now a member in good standing of the Unification Church. You have to continue studying the Divine Principle book. The experiences and insights that come to you when you treasure the Divine Principle in your heart will become your personal testimony, which later you can share at any time. At those times, you will be able to convey the grace that you received from the Divine Principle. (261-257, 1994.06.20)

35 All of you now living in the Last Days are to become the ancestors of the Third Israel. You need to understand: the final teaching will be God’s words of love. Therefore, you should not keep God’s Word as God’s Word and yourselves as yourselves, having nothing to do with each other. You are to become the visible, substantial embodiments of God's Word of love. God’s innermost heart has to become your innermost heart. In other words, you need to become the embodiments of the original heart of God. All of you need to carry out the mission of a second creator who can disseminate the Word of God. That is to say, you must become propagators of the Word, propagators of life, and propagators of the substance of God. In this way, you will become one with God centering on love; then you can attend God eternally. This is the standard of the Third Israel Only in this manner can you plant the Word, the substance and the life. (3-331, 1958.02.02)

36 You should not become people who follow my teachings blindly. First you should study my teachings, and next you should become their embodiment with the character of a subject partner. This means you have to become a subject partner who is imbued with the Word and who has attained the character to create spiritual children. However, when I look at people in the Unification Church who are studying the Divine Principle, I see many who have not attained that standard of heart and character, but who only work and act based on their knowledge of the Divine Principle. This will not do. Having studied my words, you should be able to express them as your own words. You should speak about the Divine Principle, but not as something that you were taught by some teacher. Rather, you should speak from the perspective of having a living relationship with it in your own flesh and bones. Although people may initially connect to you through your teaching the Divine Principle, unless you can speak with the authority of an original subject partner, you will end up having no relationship with them. Thus you have to perfect your character and become the substance of the Word yourself. (19-133, 1968.01.01)

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