Chapter 1. The True Human Beings that God Created 
Section 1. True Human Beings Are the Embodiments of God ... 363
Section 2. The Mind and Body of a True Person ...368
Section 3. The Purpose of Our Creation and the Three Great Blessings ... 378
Section 4. Our Value in Unity with God ... 384
Section 5. Our Position in the Created World ... 387

Chapter 2. Our Portion of Responsibility and the Fall  
Section 1. Our Growth and Portion of Responsibility ...390
Section 2. The Human Fall ... 402
Section 3. The Results of the Fall ... 414

Chapter 3. The Path of Restoration toward God's Original Ideal
Section 1. Restoration through Indemnity ... 423
Section 2. The Path of Restoration through the Blessing ... 431
Section 3. The Life True Person ... 437

Chapter 4. The Life Course of True Men and Women    
Section 1. The Way of Our Original Nature ... 447
Section 2. The Path to Individual Perfection ... 451
Section 3. True Love between Man and Woman and True Marriage ...456
Section 4. The Path of a Life of True Love ... 466


CHAPTER 1 The True Human Beings that God Created

Section 1. True Human Beings Are the Embodiments of God

1 All things have form, but God, as an incorporeal being, has no form. In terms of size, He can be infinitely large or infinitely small. All things of creation have substantial bodies, however. If God were to manifest or exhibit Himself in one particular pattern or form, He would not be able to directly govern them. For this reason, in order to be the Lord of the substantial world of creation, God must manifest His form and character through a substantial being. God should have dominion over all created beings, those on earth and those in the infinite spirit world. In order to govern incorporeal substantial beings, including the archangels, as well as the beings with their myriad forms in the corporeal substantial world, God needs central beings that manifest His complete image. This is why God created Adam and Eve. (35-157, 1970.10.13)

Why God created human beings

2 Why did God create human beings? He created them because of love. God did not create just to make some kind of artwork. He began the creation because of love. For this reason, love precedes existence. God made the model of love as the standard, and then created. From this ideal model, God created a man and a woman and the entire created world. (161-327, 1987.03.08)

3 Why did God, the Absolute Being, create men and women? It was not for money, knowledge or power. It was for love. The only way God can feel love is through His partners, human beings. From this point of view, we can say that God is the Father and human beings are His sons and daughters. This relationship is the axis. If God and human beings had been connected through this axis, they would have become one in love. Then absolutely nothing could sever their relationship. (137-057, 1985.12.18)

4 What do you think was Gods purpose in creating human beings? Simply put, even though God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, He did not want to be alone. Hence, God created the cosmos as an environment for human beings, and on that foundation He created human beings to be His partners of absolute love. Because God created human beings as His children, He wanted them, as His object partners, to be better and greater than He is. Even in this world, don’t people want their children to live better than they do and become better than they are? This tradition of parents’ love is a blessing that God bestowed on human beings. God’s purpose of creation was to experience joy in seeing men and women, His children, grow to perfect themselves in spirit, blessing them in marriage, and having them bear the fruit of true love, true life and true lineage by multiplying true children, creating true families, and building and living in the eternal, ideal kingdom of heaven. (474-162, 2004.10.30)

5 God began creating heaven and earth and all things in order to develop the world of His object partners. Specifically, God wanted to create others like Himself as His counterparts. That is why God invested Himself. God intended to evolve from being a God who is not seen to being a God who is seen. The work of creation requires investing, which consumes energy. How much did God invest Himself in creating? He completely poured out His true life, true love and true ideal. Therefore, the situation before God created and the situation afterward were different. Before He began creating, God was thinking of Himself, but after He began creating, He lived completely for the sake of His counterparts. That is why we too exist not for ourselves but for our counterparts. The words “love” and “ideal” exist only when we live for our object partner. Hence the basis of an ideal existence is to live for the sake of our counterparts. It can never be based on living for ourselves. (69-082, 1973.10.20)

6 Why did God create human beings? It was not just so He could watch His sons and daughters live their lives. When I deeply pondered this question, I concluded that He created us in order to share love with us. God’s purpose in creating us is love. Love is the foundation upon which God created life. God did not generate love after first creating life. In other words, life germinated because love began to grow in God’s heart. Since life sprang from that love, its result should come about by means of that love. Since the beginning was love, the end must also be love. This is why we human beings are miserable when there is no love in our lives. When we talk about love we do not talk about ourselves, because love occurs through mutual relationships. Love can arise only through a relationship between subject and object partners. (57-022, 1972.05.21)

7 God’s last step in realizing His purpose of creation was to assume a form. The incorporeal God cannot govern the physical world directly, so to be the Father and Mother of all humankind, God has to manifest in physical form. He has to embody Himself in the physical forms of human beings, so that when these human beings relate to one another as subject partners and object partners and are stimulated through their sensory organs, He also will experience that stimulation. (025-343, 1969.10.12)

8 Why do you think God needed Adam and Eve? God had two purposes in mind. First, He wanted to realize the ideal of love. Second, being incorporeal, God wished to manifest Himself in a form. Adam and Eve were to be the base and core through which the incorporeal God could assume form and establish a relationship with the corporeal world. If you could look at the perfected Adam and Eve in the spirit world, Adam and Eve would be like God’s body and God would be like Adam and Eve’s mind. Like the mind, God is invisible. God’s purpose in creating Adam and Eve was so that each of them would be a complete person, like the mind and the body of the substantial world. As a result, as perfected people in the spirit world, each of them would be a unified human being. (092-147, 1977.04.01)

9 When God and human beings become one through love, Adam’s body and God’s body—the God embodied in Adam—become one, and Adam’s mind and God’s mind become one. It is likewise with Eve. Then God can fully feel the image of Adam and the image of Eve. This is the basis from which the principle of origin, division and union begins. The origin is divided and then comes together. What is the purpose of division? The first reason is so that God can be in the position to perfect His love through His object partners of love, who have bodies. His love is not perfected as a vertical relationship of above and below, but through beings in a horizontal relationship. In the same way that the mind is vertical and the body is horizontal, God also has mind and body. His body being one with Adam’s body and His mind being one with Adam’s mind, and likewise with Eve, God finds His substantial self through a substantial man or woman who are united in mind and body. The invisible God exists with internal character and external form, but His existence is on the level of a mind. That is why, to become one with the physical world, God created Adam and Eve. (294-243, 1998.08.05)

10 Why did God create Adam and Eve? God, being formless, cannot have direct dominion over the world of substance. The invisible God cannot directly govern the visible world of creation, the universe. This is the reason God needs to assume a body. Furthermore, it is in a body that God can experience love. This is why He created human beings—Adam and Eve. When God incarnates in them and experiences love through them, God is stimulated internally and externally. As long as God is only existing on the level of a mind, He will not be able to experience stimulation without a physical counterpart. (166-232, 1987.06.07)

11 God exists as a being without form, and as such He cannot feel stimulation when relating to the universe of forms. He can try to stimulate Himself, but no matter how much He does, as long as it is only in His mind, which is incorporeal, He is unable to feel stimulated. There cannot be stimulation between things that are the same. However, when two contrasting things come together, such as warm and cold ocean currents, spectacular reactions can take place. God longed for that kind of stimulation. He needed something that would be stimulating and alive, yet at some distance from Him. That is why God in the plus position created His partners in the minus position. (141-038, 1986.02.16)

12 The Principle of Creation explains why God created by dividing His dual characteristics. If we view God as complete, then we can view Adam and Eve each as half of God. Adam is half of God, and Eve is half of God. It is so since God divided Himself in creating them. What is the purpose of having each substantial being be half of God? An individual alone cannot make a family, much less a nation or the kingdom of heaven. There must be two halves, Adam and Eve, who become one through love. (380-047, 2002.06.04)

Human beings are the temples of God

13 What would have happened if the first ancestors, Adam and Eve, had not fallen? They would have attained oneness with God. Then they would have inherited from Him the great task of creation and shared His joy in completing it. Standing in the same position, they would have rejoiced together after completing the creation together. Such would have been the relationship between God and humankind. If the original human beings had had nothing to do with the Fall, they would have become God’s temples. Had Adam and Eve not fallen, then when they married and became the human ancestors, God would have entered their minds and dwelt there. Having entered their minds, God would have become their center, and Adam and Eve would have become as God’s body. That is why Jesus said, “I am in the Father and the Father is in me.” (John 14:10) He meant that he was one body with God. Yet that was supposed to have been the case with Adam and Eve. Jesus did not fall. If likewise Adam and Eve had matured and received the Holy Marriage Blessing with God as their center, they would have become one in the realm of His direct love. God would have been the center of this realm. Had this happened, human beings would have become the embodiments of God, His substantial bodies. (54-064, 1972.03.11)

14 Adam is God’s body in substantial form. First Corinthians 3:16 states, “Do you not know that you are God’s temple?” What is a temple? A temple is God’s dwelling place. Originally, the place in our hearts where love blossoms should be the holy of holies, where God comes to dwell. That is why God was striving to build the temple of universal love in Adam’s heart and, from the power of the love generated there, bring the flower of love into bloom. It was for this purpose that God created Adam and Eve and blessed them to create a family that would eventually fill the whole world. (121-113, 1982.10.24)

15 In the Garden of Eden God created all things, and then He created the first ancestors as their lords. When He created human beings, He did not do so for amusement or as a hobby. The hard work and devotion that God invested in creating human beings and establishing them as the center of all created things cannot be described in words. God utterly devoted Himself to create His sons and daughters. He put forth all His effort. He gave all His heart and soul and the essence of His life. He totally poured out all His love and affection. He created human beings as His ultimate creations, to exist in a relationship with Him that no force could ever undo or sever. God created them like this so that through them He would find peace. It is through them that He will one day feel the full range of intimate affection and happiness. (20-207, 1968.06.09)

16 God is the Father of human beings, and human beings are His sons and daughters. God created them by investing the core of His being. Truly, He gave the bone of His bone, the flesh of His flesh, and His very marrow. Thus it is that when people pull on God, He cannot help but be pulled along. Conversely, when God pulls them, they cannot help but be pulled along. God created human beings in such a way that they would share His essence and purpose within their relationships. Human beings were created to receive God’s praise. The stories and poems that He would write to praise them would be the greatest stories and poems ever written, far surpassing those of any writer or poet in this world. The object of this praise would not be God, nor would it be any of the creatures He had made. That praise would belong to human beings, the epitome of all creations. (20-207, 1968.06.09)

17 What kind of status should human beings have in relation to God, the subject partner, which would allow them to both govern and be governed by love? Human beings are not meant to receive God’s love merely in the position of His disciples. If God had daughters and sons, people would not want to be merely daughters-in-law and sons-in-law; their goal would be to go one step higher—to become His sons and daughters. People do not want any position other than that. God wants us to establish just such a relationship—a parent-child relationship— with Him. The ultimate truth of the universe is that human beings must recover this position. No one has struggled harder than I to understand this truth. I went into a mystical state and asked, “What is the highest truth of the universe, which all people are seeking?” The answer I received was the relationship of parent and child. (54-087, 1972.03.20)

18 Human beings are meant to be the partners of the absolute God. Through absolute love, God and human beings are meant to become as one body. If Adam and Eve had become one body with God in this way, the sons and daughters born to Adam and Eve would have been not only the children of Adam and Eve, they also would have been God’s children. If this had happened, God’s family, tribe, people, nation and world would have all been realized, substantiating God’s lineage. Since the links between them would be rooted in God’s eternal love, no one would be able to separate them. Such was to be the kingdom of God’s lineage, founded in God’s love. It was to have been the kingdom of heaven on earth. (54-065, 1972.03.11)

19 God is the Absolute Being; that Absolute Being is our Father; and that Father is the Sovereign of the cosmos. In other words, from the perspective of the world, God is the sovereign Lord and the center of heaven, but when viewed from our perspective as human beings, God is our Father. How awesome is our Father! The word “Father” signifies that God is the closest being to all people in the spirit world; therefore He can unite them all. It signifies that God is the closest being to all people in the physical world; therefore He can unite them all. It signifies that God is the closest being to me; therefore He can bring unity between Himself and me. There is nothing more intimate than the word “Father,” whether in the spirit world or in the physical world. (30-055, 1970.03.15)

Section 2. The Mind and Body of a True Person

1 The world of creation has two axes: a visible axis and an invisible axis. They form a dual structure. The visible axis and the invisible axis rotate around the subject partner at their center, which also rotates along with the two axes. The give-and-receive action between mind and body works in this manner. All beings exist according to this principle. These two axes exist even in the fallen world, but to restore that world we have to repair them. In human beings, the center of the body is the mind. Since the body is connected to the mind with the mind as its center, the body should rotate around the mind. The body should move according to the commands of the mind. When the mind directs the body to go east the body should go east, and when the mind tells the body to go west the body should go west. (136-014, 1985.12.20)

Mind and body in relationship

2 What is the mind? It is that part of us that received love from the vertical Father, the Creator. The body is that part of us that received love from our horizontal parents. Therefore, the mind is the vertical “I” and the body is the horizontal “I.” Their relationship is one of subject partner and object partner. When the circumstances are such that our mind and body are united, horizontal and vertical unity finally takes place within us. With love, the vertical plus and the horizontal minus make a ninety- degree angle as they meet at the ideal and central point of unity. Nothing exists at that central point, but all power flows through it. Power jumps and dives into it; there is no resistance whatsoever. Everything there whirls about like a typhoon that nothing can stop. It is God who made the center in this way; He is truly the King of wisdom. The center exists in a vacuum state. When a vacuum is created, the pulling power becomes hundreds of times stronger, so everything is naturally pulled in. Its pulling power is so strong that it can swallow whatever it encounters, even a big mountain. (229-324, 1992.04.13)

3 The mind is the vertical master because it has inherited God’s lineage. The body is the horizontal master; it is the self that received the lineage of the perfected Adam. Thus, there are two masters in each of us. One is the master that inherited God’s vertical lineage, but it does not suffice to have only God’s lineage. We need a horizontal line that intersects with the vertical line of God’s lineage. That intersection is the center where the directions of east, west, north and south can meet. Each of those horizontal lines connects to the vertical line at a ninety-degree angle. When each line extends an equal distance from that perpendicular vertical line to the east, west, north and south, together they form a sphere. (302-156, 1999.06.13)

4 Looking at the mind and the body, the mind is the subject partner, in the plus position, and the body is the object partner, in the minus position. Even so, they fight each other. How did they come to fight? It is because the body became another plus. The body should be eternally the object partner before the mind, but it took over the position of subject partner. That was the Fall. (61-330, 1972.09.03)

5 God’s love is vertical, but there must also be horizontal love. Who can possess this horizontal love? The ones in the position to possess it are the true ancestors who have nothing to do with the Fall, who reach perfection and who align themselves with true love. If the human ancestors had become one with God’s love in this way, then each of us would have been born through that love. In addition, our minds and bodies would have resembled God’s mind and body, even as they resembled the mind and body of our father and mother, Adam and Eve. This is how it would have been for us. (178-244, 1988.06.05)

6 The mind is the vertical “I” and the body is the horizontal “I.” The vertical Parent and my horizontal parents created me together. Had there been no Fall, I would have inherited true love, true life and true lineage from them. That is how I was supposed to come into being. I was meant to be brought into this world when they united in true love. Therefore, I was meant to be a center of the universe and a representative of Heavenly Parent’s love, a central manifestation of the formula for horizontal love, and a central being of true love formed through the union of horizontal and vertical love. That is who I was meant to be. (217-153, 1991.05.19)

7 Looking at ourselves, our mind represents the vertical aspect and our body the horizontal aspect. We use the expression, “a mind that is upright and straight.” Upright means the mind is correct vertically and horizontally. When it stands vertically it is correct, and when it extends itself horizontally it is correct. When it stands vertically it is correct, and when it extends itself horizontally it is correct. To the mind, which we consider to be vertical, the body is horizontal. Hence, if the mind and body reciprocate well according to the desires of the mind, the mind is at peace. In that case, we grow well. Physical suffering is painful, but the suffering of the mind is worse. That is because the vertical is central. (178-274, 1988.06.08)

8 The mind and body are in different positions. The mind is vertical and the body is horizontal. Yet unless they are united, unless they are made level, we cannot form a perpendicular that is aligned with the direction of God’s essential, absolute love. There can be only one perpendicular, not two. So we have to do our best to unite our minds and bodies with our minds as the center, especially in our life of faith. (178-045, 1988.06.01)

9 Each person has a mind and a body. The mind represents a person’s vertical aspect and the body his or her horizontal aspect. When you remark, “That person is upright,” you say it with the horizontal in mind. To arrive at such an opinion, you did not look at that person solely from a vertical perspective. Inevitably you considered his or her horizontal standard. Believers in Buddhism, for example, try to comprehend the nature of the mind through meditation, but they have not yet discovered what the mind truly is. In fact, it is simple. The mind is the vertical “I” and the body is the horizontal “I”. I am perfected as a human being when the vertical “I” and the horizontal “I” unite. What is the center that enables the horizontal and the vertical to unite? There must be an essence by which the two can resonate with each other and unite in a state of perfection. Neither money nor knowledge nor power can create this resonance. The only thing that can bring it forth is God’s true love. (226-075, 1992.02.02)

10 The body represents the horizontal and the mind the vertical. The vertical and the horizontal have to meet at a ninety-degree angle within you. When four ninety-degree angles are combined, they make 360 degrees. Unless this happens within you, you cannot be a perfect person. That is why you have to become one centering on the vertical, the mind. To attain unity of mind and body, the body should not be the center. The mind should not vacillate or change under the body’s influence. You need to control your body, the horizontal, in order to unite completely with your mind, the vertical. When you have done that, you must find the “I” who abides in complete mind-body unity, where they form a ninety-degree angle. You will find that real “I” only when you grow to perfection and experience conjugal love for the first time. In order for a person living in the east to look west and for a person living in the west to look east, they have to attain maturity. (168-196, 1987.09.20)

11 The mind that takes after the principle of heaven and earth represents the vertical aspect of a human being. That is why we consider that the mind should be high and lofty. Although a mind can be considered broad, within the concept of being broad-minded is also the concept of height. So your mind should be both broad and high. An upright mind should consist of a perpendicular connection reaching to the highest point in heaven and all the way to the ends of the earth. In the world of things in motion, the spherical realm of the great universe, at every point on a plane there can be only one perpendicular. If there is a perpendicular that is desired by all beings in the creation as their ideal, it has to be one. That is true love. That perpendicular, namely, true love, cannot be two. This is so anywhere in the universe. Whether someone is from the East or the West, whether living in the past, the present or the future, there is only one perpendicular of true love. Since God is also connected to that perpendicular, and the action of love takes place at that one point, the ideal that God desires is connected with the realm that arises from the perpendicular. However, this axis, this point of perpendicularity, has not yet been formed on this earth. (177-327, 1988.05.22)

12 We often use the expression “He has an upright mind.” Upright means standing straight in a line perpendicular to the ground. We do not use such an expression for a tree that is leaning over. Thus, for a person to have an upright mind means that his or her mind stands straight. That is why human beings walk with an upright posture. A person can be spiritually upright only when his or her mind is vertical. Hence, we have to make the mind completely vertical. Then our body becomes a horizontal line. When we establish the vertical and horizontal within ourselves, the force of the vertical that pulls inward and the force of the horizontal that expands outward are in balance and manifest as centripetal and centrifugal forces. (299-073, 1999.02.04)

13 We each have both a mind and a body. When the mind and body are united, we do not feel distress. But when the mind and body are disunited, when they are not balanced horizontally, we feel inner torment. The problem arises when either the mind or the body is too overpowering, creating an imbalance. When the mind and body are balanced in horizontal alignment, however, we do not feel anxiety. Also, when the mind and body are aligned with the perpendicular, things begin to move. A lively motion ensues, and we feel joy. That is why everything should be aligned with the perpendicular. The horizontal and the vertical must always be in harmony, joining on the perpendicular. (212-293, 1991.01.08)

14 The kingdom of heaven begins from the love of a man and a woman. The original kingdom of heaven is where the horizontal line unites with the vertical line at the center, based on God’s love. With God present, a loving man and a loving woman become a core within the love of God, and their minds and bodies together form a perfect sphere. There, the mind is the vertical self and the body is the horizontal self. Also, the vertical mind is God, and the horizontal body is True Parents. The two are united as one. (217-150, 1991.05.19)

15 The mind is invisible and vertical. The body is visible and horizontal. The family is the microcosm of the great universe. The spirit world exists within human beings. A spirit dwells within us; that is the mind. The invisible mind and the visible body represent the world. Even though they may travel all over the place, as long as they do not leave their orbit around the center of true love, they can form an ideal person. Further, when the invisible mind and the visible body become one with true love at their core, that person will become an ideal man or an ideal woman, a perfect individual. (217-150, 1991.05.19)

The mind is the second God

16 Among ten friends, if one of them says, “Live for me,” the others will flee. However, if one of the ten is willing to give up his or her life for the other nine friends, he or she will become their leader. That is why if you live for the sake of others you will not perish. Rather, you will become the owner, the teacher and the parent. God is not far away; He is within you. The mind within you is your master. When you are tempted to do something wrong, your mind speaks up and says, “Don’t do it.” It interposes itself wherever you are and seeks to become the master. Wherever you are it instructs you, like your mother and your teacher. (201-075, 1990.03.01)

17 Your conscience or higher mind is your second God. God is your first God, in the plus position to your mind. Your mind, in the minus position to God, is your second God. You need to understand this. Again, the mind is your second God. That second God, the mind, is always with you. It relates to you from deep in your conscience, from within the depths of love, life and lineage. It is ever cleansing and removing anything impure, resolving your inner problems and guiding you to a higher place in life. By doing so, your original conscience is also lifted up. The force of this conscience governs your physical self. This force and the physical self are naturally perfected when they unite and become one, as plus and minus. Thus, your conscience is your second God. It is your center, from which arises a powerful force that governs you all the time. (254-238, 1994.02.13)

18 Your higher mind does not need a teacher. It is already your second God. Rather than follow a teacher, you should follow your higher mind. What is the nature of this mind? When you wake up alone at daybreak, and it is so quiet, and you do not hear even the squeak of a mouse or the buzz of a fly, you think to yourself, “I should do such and such good deeds today’’ Then your mind will tell you, “Good! Good! Go ahead and do them!” On the other hand, if you harbor evil ideas in your mind, it will chide you and say, “Don’t you dare!” That is the way it is. Your mind is well aware of what is good and bad. (138-125, 1986.01.19)

19 Your mind is your watchman. It protects you night and day. It tells you over and over again, “Do good deeds! Do good deeds!” without letting you rest. Have you ever imagined how exhausted your mind is? From the day you began to think for yourself, from the day you acquired the intellectual capacity to analyze situations in society, your conscience has always been following you around and telling you what to do. It will keep doing so until you die. It tells you to take after God, the saints, patriots and children who practice filial piety. It commands you to resemble them all. It keeps telling your body, “My body, you need to resemble me!” (179-312, 1988.08.14)

20 We never knew we had such a wonderful teacher within us. The original mind within you has the aspect of a great mother and father. The teachings of such mothers and fathers never contradict this mind. You should learn to obey whenever this mind counsels you, just as you would your mother or father. Thus far the formula that could serve as the origin of a moral order and bring our whole environment into accord with that order has not appeared. Therefore your original mind must serve as your teacher, as your parent and as God. No teacher can teach that mind. (207-267, 1990.11.11)

21 The original mind guides you better than God does. It existed even before you did. As a guide, this mind or conscience is better than your parents, better than your king, better even than God. It is that precious. When you are about to do something wrong, it does not say, “Hurry up and do it!” No, if you are about to do something perverse, it says, “Don’t do it, you rascal!” Therefore, you absolutely need to listen to your conscience. Once you make it a habit, you and your conscience will be in constant dialogue. (338-139, 2000.10.29)

22 When you pray, you have to do it focusing on your original mind. How often do you act in the way this mind desires? No matter how much you call upon God, it is of no use if you ignore your original mind. You can connect with God only once you are united with your original mind. This is why your thinking should always be rooted in this mind. Always ask your original mind for answers. Instead of asking your parents, ask your eternal conscience. Your conscience will tell you before your parents do. You can leave your parents, but you cannot leave your mind. You can leave your teachers, but you cannot leave your mind. You can leave your lord, but you cannot leave your mind. It is a great sin to ignore your original mind, which lives in attendance to these three subject partners. Doing so is to ignore your parents, your teachers and God, the Lord of the universe. To ignore your original mind is to ignore these three as well. (306-225, 1998.09.23)

23 You should set aside some time to experience the joy of being with your original mind. It may seem to others as if you are all alone, but in fact you are becoming a friend to this mind. Sit down in a tranquil place and meditate. Enter a state of deep prayer. Then you will enter a world deep within, a world that no one else can know. You need to have such experiences. (133-182, 1984.07.10)

24 Your original mind is your lord. It is your teacher. Because a mind gives birth to a body that resembles it, your mind is the root of your body. For this reason, the mind represents your mother and father on the horizontal plane. The original mind represents parents, teachers and owners. (222-157, 1991.11.03)

25 Have you ever considered the value of your original mind, how precious it is? Whenever your body seeks to do something wrong, this mind admonishes it not to and tries to block its way. But too often the body ignores, abuses, and tramples on the mind and does as it pleases. Your mind is interior to your body. It gives of itself time and again to fulfill its duties as your subject partner, your comrade amid hardships, and your teacher until your death. (217-092, 1991.05.04)

26 When you glance at someone, your mind can immediately sense what kind of person he or she is. Before you get to know him or her well, your mind already knows. That is why I declare that the teacher closest to you is your own mind. Hence, you should not torment it or cause it sorrow. If you do, you will sadden the Teacher and Lord of the universe. Your original mind is the lord of your life. When you grieve this mind, you bring sorrow to the lord of your life. Instead, you should follow a path that will cause your mind to rejoice. (133-181, 1984.07.10)

27 Your original mind precedes your parents and teachers. That is because your mind is with you for eternity, while your parents, teachers and lords are not. That is why the mind has such great value. Hence, before you ask your parents a question, you need to discuss it with your original mind. Then you may not even need to ask your parents. Because this mind is directly connected to God, when you go into a state of resonance with it, your body attains the same frequency and you get the right answer. For instance, if you ask your original mind, “Should I meet such and such a person tomorrow?” you will feel either joy or uneasiness in your mind. Your mind knows whether it is good or bad to meet that person. If it is not good, your mind will prompt you to withdraw. (306-224, 1998.09.23)

28 When you search for what is true, your body must absolutely obey your mind. When your mind and body become one, connected at an uncompromised ninety-degree angle linking heaven and earth and centered on God, you will know everything wherever you go—north, south, east or west, up or down. You will also naturally connect to the spirit world. You will know even things that you were never taught. How do you think I came to know all the secrets of heaven and earth? It is because I entered that state. When I reached the state where my mind and body resonated with true love, everything became clear. I could understand all the fundamental issues of God, the spirit world and history. God’s original desire, according to the Principle of Creation, is that we live an ideal life in an environment that enables us to relate and bond with one another in true love. Therefore, once I entered that state, I had access to everything. If I called upon any among humanity’s forebears in the spirit world, they would immediately appear so I could ask them questions. (199-372, 1990.02.21)

The way of mind-body unity

29 If your body does something wrong, even late into the night, your conscience will stay awake and say, “Stop it, you rascal!” More than that, if you even think about doing something wrong, you immediately feel pangs of conscience. Through your conscience, the God you thought was dead, and your teachers and parents who seemed to have died within you, come back to life. Hence, you are left with little choice but to follow your conscience. You may wonder whether the conscience and the body were fighting even before the Fall, but the answer is no. No one even now can say that God’s conscience and body are fighting each other. Our struggles persist only because we failed to become true sons and daughters of such a God; our root has changed. This is a simple truth, but even the saints and sages of history did not understand it. You do not know how much I struggled over this matter. That is why I say, “Before trying to govern the universe, you must first govern yourself’ If you don’t, your body is the enemy of the universe. (518-011, 2006.02.14)

30 Throughout our lives, we each have within ourselves a most precious teacher. Nevertheless, we frequently mistreat, abuse and trample on it. That teacher is none other than our conscience. It always speaks to us in its efforts to help us and tries to connect us to true love. Like our parents, it encourages us to become good and unselfish, and it guides us to act according to God’s desire. However, within each of us there is a rebel that goes against the voice of the conscience. That rebel is our body. (201-208, 1990.04.09)

31 In the fallen world you recognize who your parents are, who your teachers are and who your leaders are, but as a human being you have a master whom you often do not recognize, namely your conscience. The conscience has planted within us the idea of God, who is the original root of parents, teachers and owners. I was really surprised when I discovered this. The culmination of everything I was looking for, the hidden home within me, was my own conscience. I said to myself, “I cannot hold God accountable for anything. I have to hold myself accountable to follow my conscience and fulfill my mission. Therefore, there is no situation in which I can ask someone else to take responsibility. I must take responsibility myself.” This is the stance I take. Because I take this stance, God cannot help but love me. (307-325, 1998.11.21)

32 The revolution of the conscience is an internal revolution. It requires us to obey absolutely the voice of our conscience. All of you still face the internal struggle between your conscience, which prompts you to do good, and your physical desires, which tempt you to do evil. In order to end this shameful internal struggle, you have to understand clearly the position and action of your conscience. Your conscience knows everything you do and everything you think. You cannot add or subtract anything; nothing can be hidden from it. It knows before your teacher does and before your parents do. It knows even before God does. When you disobey your conscience, you feel conscience-stricken. Then dust sticks to your spirit, and stains and scars appear. Such scars are a heavy burden that you take with you to the spirit world, where they can never be erased. Therefore I tell you, you need to control your physical mind with a revolutionary determination and be guided by your conscience, until the day you go before God without any speck, with a clean and clear spirit. (474-182, 2004.10.30)

33 Originally the mind and body were meant to be inseparable, in total oneness. The human mind was supposed to be God’s mind and the human body was supposed to hold it as a container. However, due to the Fall, human beings turned their bodies over to the devil and have been his servants ever since. The human conscience is that aspect of the mind that represents God. It does not exist for itself but for the sake of God’s righteousness. It constantly seeks the direction of goodness. The body rebels against this. It seeks only physical comfort. It is selfish and instinctively follows carnal desires. The conscience chastises the body and tries to make it conform to the mind. This is why bitter conflict and struggle occur within oneself. (219-118, 1991.08.27)

34 All religions teach their adherents to strike the body. Religion is the training ground where we learn to control our body and its physical desires with the mind. It is the training ground where we cultivate ourselves to become original people in accordance with the ideal of creation. No one, though, can conquer the body without welcoming God into him or herself. Only with the power of God's true love and truth can the mind become the subject partner, take command of the body as its object partner, and realize the ideal of oneness with God. The result is the human perfection that all religions speak of. (219-118, 1991.08.27)

35 When you have attained oneness in true love, you can attain a perfect score as a person of precious value. Mind- body unity refers to the state in which the physical self resonates in harmony with the conscience. When you strike one prong of a tuning fork, the other prong vibrates at the same frequency. Similarly, when you strike the conscience with true love, the physical self resonates with it. Conversely, when you strike the physical self with true love, the conscience resonates with it. In that state, you do not need any moral education. Once you find that center in yourself, you will know everything without being taught. (223-356, 1991.11.20)

36 Looking at human beings, we can see that the mind and body are at war. This struggle did not start today, in the current age; it began with our first ancestors. As is recorded in the Bible, it began just after the Fall of Adam and Eve. Has there ever been any saint or sage in history who could say, “Model yourself after me, as a representative of human history, for my mind and body are not in conflict; I have realized their complete unity”? The mind is important, and the body is important, but most important of all is that you attain the realm where the mind and body are united. That is vital. Even if the entire world were united, if you had not attained unity between your mind and body, you would be disconsolate. A person torn by this sorrowful struggle would not find a place in the united world, but would be rejected. He or she would be repelled. So before we strive to unite the world, before we strive to achieve the ideal vision of a new world, we have to discover within ourselves the ability to resolve the conflict between mind and body and set them in harmony. (142-325, 1986.03.14)

37 Unification Church members must accomplish mind-body unity under any circumstances. Those who cannot achieve mind-body unity within their lifetime should not muse about love and the ideal; if they do, it is shameful. It is also going against heavenly fortune. The path of new hope opens only to those who wish for it after having achieved perfect mind-body unity. If you stagnate in your current condition, the path of new hope that leads to the kingdom of God will not open up before you. (205-047, 1990.07.07)

38 Human beings were originally created to live with God’s true love within their minds and bodies, and to resonate with His love directly. The mind was to resonate with God centered on true love, and the body was to resonate with the mind. The origin of true unity, a state in which the mind and body are not in conflict, begins when we inherit and experience God’s true love just as it is. The human ideal of mind-body unity can be realized when we completely possess God’s true love. When our mind and body are united based on true love, the ideal of true freedom and peace can begin.' On the foundation of mind-body unity, there will emerge free and peaceful individuals, free and peaceful families, tribes, peoples, nations, and a world of peace and freedom. (234-271, 1992.08.26)

Section 3. The Purpose of Our Creation and the Three Great Blessings

1 When God created heaven and earth, He did so with absolute faith and absolute love, based on the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal ideal. As God spoke, everything came into being. It was all in accordance with what God said. Everything was one with God based on absolute faith. The reason God created was to find the partners whom He desired. The invisible God, the God without form, wanted partners of love who would be His visible manifestations, and having form they would be His representatives in the world of form. God would have become embodied in them. This was God’s first purpose of creation. It is the same with regard to the spirit world. Although God is incorporeal, God can become the Father and King in the spirit world as well, once His ideal of creation is fulfilled through human beings with form, Adam and Eve. That will occur when Adam and Eve, who have bodies, and their sons and daughters, who have bodies, come to the spirit world. It would be impossible for God to do this without assuming form. Then, what form would that be? God’s face will be none other than the faces of Adam and Eve, who will have reached perfection and become one in conjugal union after receiving God’s Blessing. Adam and Eve are the partners of God’s love. (286-015, 1997.07.01)

The creation of human beings as the object partners of God's joy

2 God’s purpose of creation is joy. He created human beings and the world so He could feel joy. Yet joy is not something you can feel alone. To experience joy, you absolutely need an object partner; there must be a pair. When beings establish a reciprocal base and then begin giving and receiving as subject and object partners, they can feel joy. The greatest joy comes from a reciprocal relationship based on love. That is why God created human beings to become His object partners. He wanted to feel eternal joy by giving and receiving love endlessly with them as His object partners. That was His purpose of creation. In order to realize this purpose of creation, God created Adam and Eve. Suppose Adam and Eve had become God’s perfect object partners with whom He could rejoice in a reciprocal relationship of love, and then had multiplied children of goodness. They would have made a family of goodness and then expanded into a society of goodness. That society would have developed into a nation of goodness, and that nation would have developed into a world of goodness populated with Adam’s family and relatives. It would have been the world of joy, where God’s goodness and love were fulfilled. (100-241, 1978.10.19)

3 God can work as Father and Mother after He enters into the dwelling place of Adam and Eve, which He can do because He does not have form. Thus, the reason why God created heaven and earth is to love, through human beings as His incarnations. God had three purposes for creating human beings. The first was to experience love. The second was to assume a body. The third was to become the Father of humankind. (102-189, 1978.12.24)

4 God created all things of creation in the cosmos and put human beings in the position to have dominion over them. This gave Him great hope. He looked upon Adam and Eve as the personifications of that hope, based on His purpose for the creation. After Adam and Eve had grown to maturity, God intended to dwell within them. He wanted to enter their minds. Not only that, He wanted to establish residence in the deepest part of their hearts. His purpose in creating human beings was to plant His heart in the deepest part of their hearts. (11-090, 1961.02.12)

5 Originally, the first human ancestors should have become completely one with God based on His heart and love. God created the cosmos to complete His purpose of heart. Hence, centering on love, He has to bequeath all the creation to the objects of His heart—His beloved son and daughter, Adam and Eve. God created all the things of creation not for Himself but for Adam and Eve. Thus, His joy arises not from Himself but through Adam and Eve. Parents in the world rejoice when they see that their children are happy. In the same way, God’s joy would arise from the joy of His object partners. (15-244, 1965.10.17)

6 God did not create Adam and Eve just to look at them. He wanted to experience joy. Experiencing joy comes from love. So the starting point of creation is love. The starting point of all existence is love. It is from God’s love that human beings came into existence; not only human beings but also all animals came into existence from God’s love. All living things were given life because of God’s love. If human beings have nothing with which to reciprocate with God, if they do not enthusiastically chime in and jump on board, they cannot be true partners of love with the absolute God. (48-220, 1971.09.19)

7 God is the First Cause of the universe and the Creator of everything under the sun. He is also the beloved Father of humankind. He made everything in the creation in order to fulfill His special Will and purpose, the realization of love. God is the origin of true love. Yet despite God’s omnipotence, He cannot feel the joy of love by Himself. He needs an object partner to love and wants to receive love freely given in return. That would be from His partners, and for this He created man and woman in the highest position. This is the reason our lives have purpose. That purpose requires us to attain maturity and establish a relationship of eternal true love with God. This is the fundamental Principle, through which we can find peace with God. (166-131, 1972.06.01)

8 In whom is the purpose of creation fulfilled, and through whom does God’s Will bear fruit? It is surely through perfected human beings—perfected Adam and Eve—and the mutual relationship they would have with God. Hence, the purpose of creation is realized when Adam and Eve reach perfection. When Adam and Eve reach perfection, the four- position foundation can be realized. That is the Principle. The purpose of creation is fulfilled when God, Adam and Eve complete the four-position foundation. Hence, God’s Will is not only for God Himself; human beings absolutely need it as well. In the end, everything depends on Adam and Eve and whether they perfect themselves according to God’s Will. The fulfillment of the Will starts there. Hence, the Will cannot be separated from human beings perfecting themselves as individuals. (091-268, 1977.02.27)

9 The ideal world of creation is the ideal loving family. In that family there is oneness between God and His son and daughter, Adam and Eve, and when Adam and Eve become parents there is oneness between them and their children—all centered on God’s love. Therefore, in the ideal world of creation, first of all there should be God. Then there should be true sons and daughters who are centered on God’s love. Next there should be true husbands and wives. Finally there should emerge true parents who bear true sons and daughters. We need to recover all these different types of love relationships in order to enter the ideal world of creation. Otherwise, we cannot enter there. We ought to be born amid God’s love, perfect ourselves amid God’s love, and become husband and wife amid God’s love. After that we ought to have sons and daughters amid God’s love. (80-269, 1975.11.02)

Loyalty and filial piety as duties to God

10 There is no one on earth, from the individual to all of humankind, who does not desire to be good. That is why people throughout history and to this day have been aspiring to goodness. Educators and people of faith have endeavored to establish the standard of goodness. Therefore, when we are born we should be born for goodness, when we live we should live for goodness, and when we die we should die for goodness. This is the purpose of our life. It is not only the purpose of our life; it is also the purpose of history, which is entwined with the life of every human being. (24-013, 1969.06.22)

11 It may be important to live in affluence and to become somebody significant. However, more than anything else, we need to fulfill our duty of filial piety and loyalty to our vertical Heavenly Parent. We need to surpass the saints in our devotion to God. This is how human beings can begin to fulfill their original purpose. Further, God created us so that He could meet such people. We have such a purpose to fulfill. After fulfilling it, we should become filial children to our natural parents. We absolutely have to become one with them and live with them. (58-231, 1972.06.11)

12 When people feel good, they want to share their joy with their parents, siblings and relatives. Feeling good is happiness. Happiness is eternal, and what makes it eternal is the heart of love. The center of the universe is the Parent- child relationship between God and me. God is my Father and I am His son. My ultimate purpose in life is feeling the infinite joy that comes from finding our Father and forming an inseparable relationship with Him. (12-104, 1962.12.16)

13 What is the greatest hope of humankind? The biblical passage that states, “And now, faith, hope and love abide, but the greatest of these is love,” is so true. (I Cor. 13:13) Yet people do not fully understand the content of this message. You need to understand clearly that the universe protects and nurtures what is good, and that freedom, liberation and peace abide there. That is because where there is devotion, it creates the power of attraction. (16-133, 1966.01.02)

14 What should be our purpose as human beings? Rather than pursuing one’s purpose as an individual, the purpose of one’s family or social organization, the purpose of one’s nation or of the world, or even that of heaven and earth, we should move forward toward God and the goal and purpose we share in common with Him. What is the purpose that will remain in the end? Purposes that are merely for the individual, family, society, nation or world will surely pass away. At the very end, after everything else is gone, what will endure is the purpose pursued jointly by God and humankind. Only such a purpose can remain until the final chapter of history. (41-323, 1971.02.18)

15 What is your heart’s final destination, where it can settle? Even when you have found God and made Him yours, your heart would not want to rest there. Your heart’s final destination is where you possess not only God but also His love. If you fail to possess His love, everything will be in vain. What is the final purpose of life? The issue is not whether we can meet God, the center of heaven; it is whether we can live together with Him. In what kind of place can we meet Him and live with Him? That core place is the place of His love. Therefore, the greatest aspiration of the human conscience is to follow heavenly fortune, become one with God, and possess His love. (24-017, 1969.06.22)

16 Looking at yourselves, none of you wants to live your life alone and die alone. Every person has a different appearance, but human beings have, deep in their hearts, the aspiration to become global citizens, people whom the world pays attention to. In fact, this is the course of life that all human beings should follow. It is quite normal to have such an aspiration and pursue it. This is because the ultimate human desire is to become an object partner of love to the greatest being. This greatest One is God, our Father. (65-046, 1972.11.13)

The three blessings and the perfect beings of true love

17 When God created Adam and Eve, He gave them the three blessings: “Be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth, and have dominion over every living thing.” (Gen. 1:28) The first blessing, “be fruitful,” means that human beings should grow and perfect their characters, with God as their center. The second blessing is that a perfected man and woman should become a true husband and wife, have children, and realize an ideal family, thus fulfilling their duty as true parents. The third blessing is that human beings should create the kingdom of heaven on earth, where they would not experience any inconvenience or lack amid the environment that God bestowed upon them. God, who is the Original Being of true love, created human beings as His object partners of true love. He wanted them to become perfected beings of true love, realize the ideal of true love as husband and wife, and create the environment of the kingdom of heaven. (234-270, 1992.08.26)

18 The first hope of human beings is to reach individual perfection. Nevertheless, because they fell, they have to be born anew centered on a resurrected individual. Their second hope is to fulfill a life-long partnership; human beings are born to be blessed in marriage. Their third hope is to multiply good children. Although we may have many good days in our lives, each of us has certain special days. They are the day we were born, the day we married our life partner, and the days when our children were born. Not experiencing all of these special days can make us unhappy. The same is true for God. The most joyful day for God was the day when Adam was born. That is because it was the day He became the Parent God in the physical world. That is to say, the day that Adam was born was also the first day that God could begin His existence as the God of cosmic value in the substantial world. (19-320, 1968.03.29)

19 How can we go to the kingdom of heaven? As it is the place where God resides, we need certain qualifications to enter there. The qualifications are realizing the three blessings: “Be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth, and have dominion over every living thing.” (Gen. 1:28) This is because the kingdom of heaven is the place where loving couples go, together with their children. (12-111, 1962.12.17)

20 The children of blessed families are citizens of the kingdom of heaven. They are citizens of the eternal world. In that world, the number of children you gave birth to can be a source of pride. They are precious assets you can be most proud of. Your spiritual children are also your assets when you go to the kingdom of heaven. When your Abel children and Cain children become one, you will meet the ideal standard for restoring the fallen world. Their oneness brings expansion. That is why Adam has to fulfill the positions of a son, an elder brother and a husband, and Eve has to fulfill the positions of a daughter, an elder sister and a wife. Their courses were set up in this way. Adam and Eve had already begun these courses; they had no way to escape. Even if they wanted to extend these courses, they could not. Your courses are the same. When we analyze this process carefully, we see that men and women are meant to seek each other. That is why you are absolutely required to marry. (246-253, 1993.04.18)

21 God created human beings and gave them the blessing to have dominion over all things. He also said, “Multiply and fill the earth.” Once human beings perfected themselves and fulfilled the words of these blessings, God intended to take direct dominion over them. This was His original ideal of creation. However, human beings have not been able to accomplish this. Therefore, we have not been able to govern the earth, we have not been able to multiply in the world of true love, and we have not been able to receive God’s true love. This is our sorrow. In these circumstances, we are destined to constantly fall and become Satan’s prey. Although we human beings are in this situation, God will raise us up again. He has us accumulate merit so as to clear away all the evil things that are intertwined with fallen humankind. He seeks to unite us and transform us into children of His lineage. All of this is to enable us to have dominion over the earth. This is the purpose that humankind has sought to fulfill throughout history. It is the ultimate hope that all people, in their hearts, aspire to realize. (5-314, 1959.03.01)

Section 4. Our Value in Unity with God

1 When God, in search of love, created His object partners, whom do you think He wanted them to resemble? God created them to resemble Himself. In order to do so, they should reflect His masculine and feminine characteristics. This is where the logic of the dual characteristics originates. God also drew upon His original internal nature and His original external form and manifested His invisible thought as form, having it unfold substantially in human beings. Hence, the Book of Genesis is correct in stating that God created human beings in His own image. (170-169, 1987.11.15)

2 God needs human beings. It is not just that He loves to look at our faces. God loves us not because we have beautiful eyes or good features, or because we resemble Him in outward appearance. God needs and loves us because we have an eternal value as His object partners of true love, with whom He can experience joy for eternity. Hence, on the day when we manifest this value as God’s partners, on the day we bring forth this value and become partners in perfect harmony with God, on that day God will be able to burst into laughter for the first time. Just as you do not talk to yourself, God does not talk to Himself; He needs someone to talk to. The human ancestors, Adam and Eve, should have become those partners for God. (127-012, 1983.05.01)

3 God treasures human beings above all else because they are the object partners of His love. That is why God’s love is the most precious thing for us. No matter how much love God may have within Him, He cannot feel it without having partners to love. He can experience His own love only in relationship with a partner. It is because we are in the position of these object partners that God cherishes human beings the most. (143-309, 1986.03.21)

4 God has longed for tens of thousands of years to have human beings as His partners. His relationship with them is the foundation of the cosmos. It is a relationship that connects God and human beings both internally and externally. Thus, it establishes the worldview of vertical love and horizontal love. This worldview holds that vertical love and horizontal love unfold by forming relationships of above and below, and left and right. God can then reside at the very center of these relationships. The place where God and human beings bind most tightly together is the center where vertical love and horizontal love meet. Unless their vertical love and their horizontal love join as one, neither of these two kinds of love can manifest the standard of love’s ideal. (48-224, 1971.09.19)

5 Human desire knows no bounds. We want to possess even God. The means by which we can satisfy that desire is true love. The one and unique love that God has hidden away can be ours. Since we have the original nature of desiring to possess God, we want to become the best in the world. This is our right as human beings, for we are only seeking to fulfill our original value. God is the King who created the cosmos. Hence, when we become sons and daughters who have God as our Parent, we all will be brothers and sisters under His king- ship. Then God’s kingdom will be our kingdom. The responsibility of the sons and daughters, to whom you give birth after receiving the Blessing, is to create parent-daughter unity, parent-son unity and, when they are blessed, husband- wife unity. You have to raise your children so that they can do that. All this is to deal with the most fundamental issue—the relationship between man and woman. (218-133, 1991.07.14)

6 Why do human beings view themselves as the center of the created world? It is because the whole world was created for love. Men and women represent God’s love to the rest of creation. They stand in the central position before the Lord, with the privilege of receiving His love first. For this reason, it is said that human beings are the “lords of creation.” However, it is impossible to say that we are lords of creation without recognizing that in the first place we are God’s partners of love. The unique value of human beings stems from the privilege of being the primary recipients of God’s love, representing the whole of the created world. It is because we stand in the position of God’s number one partners that we are given the authority to participate in His love, share it with the universe and rule the universe with it. Without love, it would all be nothing. (132-245, 1984.06.20)

The realm where God and human beings are united in love

7 Human beings have been seeking God. Throughout the six thousand years of history we have been moving toward God, not further away. Regarding this relationship, one partner needs to represent plus and the other partner needs to represent minus. Plus cannot connect to plus, and minus cannot connect to minus. There has to be a relationship between the two. That is why we use the expression “heaven and earth,” as well as above and below, front and back and left and right. When we speak of heaven and earth, front and back or right and left, each of us places ourselves in the middle. In the end, then, everything depends on me. From this standpoint, it is not for God to seek the highest standard of character or to seek one world; rather, I must do it. I am the one who must pursue it. In this sense, human beings are the center of the universe. That is why human beings need to become one body with God, and that is why both God and human beings aspire to become one. God has that hope, too. His hope is to create the point of oneness with human beings. We call that point the oneness of heaven, earth and humankind. We human beings absolutely have to attain it. (27-049, 1969.11.23)

8 When God created all things in the Garden of Eden, He made them with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Then, with human beings of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, God wanted to form the realm where God and human beings are one in love. Once God and human beings are one in love, together they can build the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. There we can freely exercise all authority as children of the absolute God. It is a world of freedom, where we can travel anywhere. When we are able to do all this, then and only then can we liberate God. (301-085, 1999.04.16)

9 In the family, parents are joined in marriage centered on love. The Korean expression, “Husband and wife are one body’ is not only about the man, nor is it only about the woman. Nor is it about their family. It simply means that the husband and wife are one because of their love for each other. The same is true for the expression, “Father and son are one body.” Although people use that expression, a father and son cannot literally become one body. It means that their love for each other is so great that they will never separate. Because of love, they cannot be separated ever, for all eternity. That is why it is reasonable to conclude that they are “one body.” By the same token, if the first human beings had not fallen, God and they would have become one body. They would have become one body as Heavenly Father and His children. Then the man and woman, after growing up in the love of their Heavenly Parent, would have become one body as husband and wife. The family they formed would have realized the ideal of one body because they would have entered the state of one body centering on God’s love. (187-105, 1989.02.05)

10 When I probed into the fundamental truths of the cosmos, I agonized most over the question of how love moves and settles. My questions were answered when I discovered one plain truth: true love-travels the shortest distance. When true love descends from heaven to earth, what route do you think it takes? The shortest route travels straight down the vertical line perpendicular to the earth. Since love takes the fastest and shortest route, there can be only one meeting point of the heavenly world and the plane of the earthly world. There cannot be two such points; absolutely there can be only one. (211-078, 1990.12.29)

11 We aspire to become the outer God, with the inner God abiding within us. Everyone harbors this aspiration to become one with God. The ideal of creation is the realization of the four-position foundation. The four-position foundation is realized when Adam and Eve become one with God through love. Within it God is present in all relationships—above and below, left and right, and front and back. Thereby God’s love and human love are perfected. This is the perfection of God and human beings united in love. They become one body. (276-254, 1996.02.24)

Section 5. Our Position in the Created World

1 It is said that human beings are the lords of creation. Such a thing can only be said when we stand in the center and are able to represent the value of the whole. All people, whether they do well in life or not, desire to become the center of the world. All beings want to be the best among their kind. If there is an Absolute Center, all beings desire to unite with that center. People want to have a relationship with something of higher value. This is because human beings have the central value representing the overall value of the historical ages. (32-212, 1970.07.19)

2 When God created human beings as the lords of creation, He placed them at the center of heaven and earth as the representatives of everything around them. Because of that, each person can claim the autonomous right to become the center of the universe. There is no such thing in the world of monkeys, lions or tigers. This exists only in the human world. (117-035, 1982.01.31)

3 It is said that human beings are the lords of creation, but the fundamental Lord of all things is God. Human beings have a spirit. The reason human beings are considered lords over other spiritual beings is that human beings ultimately have a direct connection with God. We cannot just become lords of creation by ourselves. We are part of the creation, so how can we be lords of creation? All created beings are relational, resultant beings. A created being cannot connect to its cause by itself; alone, it cannot possess the cause. Instead, all created things are meant to be possessed by the cause. There is no question that human beings are resultant beings. The Chinese character jang () in the word young- jang (lord of creation) means the center of the spirit. This word originally referred to the relationship of unity between God and human beings. (32-137, 1970.07.05)

4 What is the difference between animals and human beings? We eat and sleep just as the animals do. Human beings wear clothes; animals do not. Yet we are equal in many ways. In terms of structure and appearance, our eyes and noses are not so different. Human beings consist of a spirit and a body. However, if we compare our physical existence with that of animals, there is not much difference. We eat, sleep and search for food in similar ways. The difference between people and animals is that people are seeking something different, something of precious value in the universe. That which is precious is not the physical but the spiritual aspect of a person. The spirit differs from the physical body; that is why it is precious. It has to be different. (129-307, 1983.12.01)

5 Monkeys and human beings are different in essence. Monkeys mostly just eat, sleep and reproduce. They are essentially different from humankind. Human beings do not live for themselves, but for the sake of others. They live with the desire for something greater, not with the hope or desire for something less than themselves. Human beings are of a different dimension. For as long as they have existed, they have revered God. There has never been a people who didn’t venerate the deity. Human beings have always thought about God and dreamed of a better world. (39-333, 1971.01.16)

6 When you give birth to a child and nurse that child, you think he or she is so adorable. But because of whom do you feel this way? You should adore your child on behalf of heaven and earth. You should love your child for the sake of the world, and for God. Heavenly fortune driven by God's love is now moving beyond the world to embrace all heaven and earth. However, it is unacceptable to love my sons and daughters for my own reasons. The mother who embraces and breast-feeds her children should do so on behalf of heaven and earth, embracing her children with sincerity as if she were embracing God’s own beloved sons and daughters. Such children, the hope of God, who can live in the Garden of Eden, have to be children of universal character. As God blessed humankind to take dominion over all things, they must have the qualifications to do so. (008-105, 1959.11.22)

7 You have to stand on behalf of Heaven, which has dominion over everything, manifesting value equal to that of the Lord who governs the created world. From your lips you should be able to say, “Heavenly Father, I have become the person You have been looking for; I have fulfilled Your Will that I received from You as the original lord with dominion over everything, so please instruct me.” You are the person for whom God has been hoping throughout the six thousand years of His dispensation. (001-120, 1956.06.27)

8 Human beings are centers of harmony. However, in order for harmony to come about, a central, absolute standard needs to be determined. It is just as in an orchestra, where many different musicians play in harmony centered on a conductor. The central figures for the harmony of the universe are we human beings. Human beings are positioned to align completely with the absolute standard; therefore, where such a person stays is where the universe stays, and the whole world of existence functions centered on that person. Because of this, the entire existing world has power. (29-128, 1970.02.26)

9 A human being is a microcosm of the entire universe. We are each a miniature universe. The greater universe is the created world. God is the origin of all interaction and the source of all energy. We are microcosms in front of the greater cosmos. When the power that is the origin of the great universe enters our heart, we achieve the value of a counterpart to the entire universe. This is why human beings are the flowers of the universe. (121-190, 1982.10.27)

10 We are not alone. We have emerged as the resultant beings that harmonize in relationships within the universe. Everything that exists in the universe is included within us; we have within ourselves all the qualities that we have received from our numerous ancestors. You may feel that your face is your own, but it is the result of tens of thousands of years of history. You have your face today because you inherited the blood of your ancestors that accrued over tens of thousands of years. We are truly miraculous beings. Moreover, we exist today because Heaven has worked behind the scenes to allow the continuation of all the relationships that led to each of us. We are beings of substance into which all interrelated aspects of creation are invested and projected. (58-304, 1972.06.25)

CHAPTER 2 Our Portion of Responsibility and the Fall

Section 1. Our Growth and Portion of Responsibility

1 Adam and Eve should have understood God’s love and reached the standard of complete unity with Him, such that God’s standard of love and their standard of love would be perfectly aligned at one point. Adam and Eve were the horizontal representatives, while God is the vertical representative. These three should have united; then they would have created a sphere of love. This sphere was to have been formed based on the union between God’s internal love and Adam and Eves external love, with God’s internal love as the nucleus. Even a cell has a nucleus. Centered on this nucleus, the subject partner and object partner should have interacted by giving and receiving. That was supposed to be the standard. Since this did not happen, it must be rectified through the historical ages. (145-320, 1986.06.01)

Human responsibility and the growth period

2 Before Adam and Eve committed the Fall, certain responsibility had been given only to them. Had they fulfilled this and emerged as the True Parents, they would have been welcomed by all subsequent generations of parents. Then no such being as Satan could have interfered, because there would have been nothing for Satan to accuse. This would have been the reality for Adam and Eve had they not fallen. However, to this day, there have been no perfected Adam and Eve, and their absence has affected every aspect of human life throughout history. Therefore, human beings in the fallen world have been eagerly awaiting the coming of the True Parents, and even those who have passed into the spirit world have been eagerly anticipating the day of the Second Advent. This you should clearly understand. (124-309, 1983.03.01)

3 The portion of responsibility given to Adam and Eve was such that one mistake could result in a dreadful bottomless pit, like a cancer that could affect human beings for hundreds of millions of years. It was Adam and Eve’s task to fulfill this responsibility, and since God anticipated that Satan would challenge them on the way to fulfilling it, He warned them, “Do not eat the fruit.” Nevertheless, they ate the fruit of good and evil. How must God have felt as He witnessed them eating the fruit? Even at the moment they deviated from the right path, God must have desperately wanted to believe that they would not fall into temptation. (20-211, 1968.06.09)

4 From the perspective of the Principle of Creation, you must take full responsibility for your own actions. Even though God carries a 95-percent portion of responsibility, we must take responsibility for the remaining 5 percent. These two combined make 100 percent. This is the Principle of Creation. The reason for this principle is that God wants us to participate in His creation so we can be given the privilege and authority of co-creators. God’s responsibility is 95 percent, while only 5 percent was allocated to human beings. Nonetheless, the first human beings could not meet even that standard. Thus, no sooner had history begun than it was plunged into darkness, so that human beings had not even the slightest taste of the true world. Even today we live without ever having experienced a true world. (27-286, 1969.12.21)

5 What is the human portion of responsibility? First, it is to become true children; second, to become true brothers and sisters; third, to become true couples; and fourth, to become true parents. That is why we are born as babies and then become children, siblings, couples and parents. As parents you can create children on behalf of God; then you can experience, internally and externally, the reality of God’s happiness when He created Adam and Eve. (225-129, 1992.01.05)

6 The realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle and the realm of God’s direct dominion must be connected, and true love is what makes this possible. Adam and Eve failed to make this connection, so we have to do it. Had they made this connection, one cultural sphere would have been established, and the world would have become one people, one nation and one land. However, that connection was not made. Consequently, the world became centered on the devil and is divided into many nations. We must unite these nations and return to the original world. (212-204, 1991.01.06)

7 To fulfill the human portion of responsibility, we must go beyond the realm of indirect dominion and reach the realm of God’s direct dominion. We have to enter that realm where God’s heart and our heart become one in God’s love; then we can travel freely between the two worlds, heaven and earth. This is the viewpoint of the Principle. Once we secure a horizontal position that can represent the vertical Parent centered on God’s love, from that point on, Satan will no longer exist. That is the realm of God’s direct dominion. (185-127, 1989.01.03)

8 The reason God set the standard of the human portion of responsibility was to complete the ideal of love. God apportioned 5 percent of the responsibility to human beings when He created them because He needed them as His object partners. One being alone cannot attain love. Even though God is omniscient and omnipotent, He cannot manifest His love without object partners. When a teenager is without a companion, he or she does not even know that love exists. But when his or her partner of love appears, love begins to stir inside. Likewise, fulfilling the human portion of responsibility requires a process: by passing through a certain time period, Adam and Eve were to reach maturity and come into bloom, emitting fragrance like a flower. Then God would have come to dwell in Adam and Eve, claiming the position of humankind’s internal Father and Mother, and they would have created the structure of the human family. This was to occur not only in the family, but also in the tribe, the people, the nation and the world. The whole human race would thus be God's direct lineage. (130-021, 1983.12.11)

9 Why did God give human beings a portion of responsibility? As He is omniscient and omnipotent, He wanted to endow us with those same creative abilities. Also, as God is the subject partner with eternal and unchanging love, He vested human beings with a portion of responsibility in order to have us stand in the position to represent Him as subject partners of love. Further, this became the condition for human beings to receive God’s blessings. That is, responsibility is the key that can lead us into the dominion of love over everything. That is why God bequeathed this responsibility to human beings. However, the Fall occurred because human beings failed to fulfill their portion of responsibility. (20-210, 1968.06.09)

10 Why did God give human beings a portion of responsibility? It is because we were the only ones who could, by abiding by this law, receive true love from God. God gave us our portion of responsibility because He wanted to enable us to attain true love. If the first human beings, while in the realm of indirect dominion, had lived for the sake of God and each other, they would have matured naturally. However, the devil, knowing God’s plan, brought them into an awareness that was self-centered. That awareness began from the archangel. Eve fell because when the archangel seduced her she took on a self-centered awareness, and thus separated from God. Therefore, our life of faith requires that we completely reject Satan’s world. It is a major challenge, because we have to overcome our blood relationship with his world. However, once you begin your new life based on the True Parents’ true love, a realm of heart is created. (182-148, 1988.10.16)

11 If human beings had progressed to the stage where they accomplished their portion of responsibility by creating the remaining 5 percent of God’s love, they would have been perfected. In other words, they would have completed God’s love. God wanted to bequeath to them, based on that condition, the ability to create the ideal of love, by which they also would have completed God’s love. How precious, then, the value of such human beings would be! (130-022, 1983.12.11)

12 Those who would enter the heavenly kingdom must completely fulfill their portion of responsibility, thereby reaching the position where they become the children of True Parents, of their flesh and blood, and receive God’s love directly. Heaven is where we go after having lived under the dominion of God’s love. Those who do not know this cannot enter heaven and register there. You cannot simply go there, in ignorance. That is why you need to know your portion of responsibility. Why did God give us a portion of responsibility? It was to bestow infinite value upon us. It was to have us partake in God’s own work of creation. Had we not been given this portion of responsibility, we could not stand as God’s object partners and receive His love. (143-077, 1986.03.16)

13 God should not create and do everything for us. God is to fulfill 95 percent and human beings should fulfill the other 5 percent as their responsibility. Only after we fulfill our portion can we stand on an equal plane with God, acting cooperatively with Him. Then we can rightfully give and receive love with God, the absolute subject partner, in an equal position as His object partners. This is how the ideal of love is fulfilled. Without accomplishing our portion of responsibility, we cannot merit the honor of standing in an equal position with God and receiving His ideal love. This is why God allocated to us a portion of responsibility, to give us the status whereby we are able to receive His love. (143-077, 1986.03.16)

14 Human beings should fulfill our portion of responsibility during the time we are growing to maturity. This means we have to add our 5 percent to the 95 percent that represents what God has already created. In this way we fulfill the condition of having cooperated in God’s work of creation and can share the authority of the Creator. If God had done everything for us as His beloved object partners, we would be no more than puppets, lacking any authority of our own. God gave us our portion of responsibility as a privilege, in order to bestow upon us the right to become His object partners. It is a privilege with which even God cannot interfere. God gave us our portion of responsibility so that we could set the condition of participating in our own creation. (135-314, 1985.12.15)

15 Human beings have a portion of responsibility. God’s purpose in giving us responsibility is to enable us to take part in the monumental task of creation. In the creation of human beings, God creates 95 percent and we are to complete the final 5 percent. By fulfilling this condition, not only does God create us but we also participate in our own creation. Having our own portion of responsibility endows us with equal value to God. This is a great thing. Only human beings have such a portion of responsibility. Despite this fact, ever since the dawn of human history no one has fulfilled this responsibility. Indeed, we human beings did not even know about our portion of responsibility. (139-231, 1986.01.31)

16 Why did God give human beings a portion of responsibility? It was to have us partake in the glorious work of creation. Also, by having us resemble God’s creative nature, it was to qualify us to take all things of creation under our dominion. Further, it was to establish the absoluteness and perfection of the Principle. It was for these three reasons. You must participate in God’s great work of creation. Even if human beings had not fallen, we would still have had such a responsibility. The human portion of responsibility was not established due to the Fall; whether the Fall occurred or not, people would still have their responsibility. Even with God fulfilling His 95-percent responsibility for the perfection of human beings, you still have to fulfill your 5 percent. God does not make an individual perfect. You must complete your responsibility to achieve perfection. (115-066, 1981.11.04)

17 There are no exceptions to the Principle. We must go this way under any circumstances, even after we die. We must go this way even if it takes forever. Had God been able to do as He pleased, He would not have had to pass through the suffering course of the providence of restoration up to the present day. But God restricts Himself because of His own principle—the human portion of responsibility. It is for this reason that He has had to endure countless hardships in order to restore humankind. The responsibility does not lie solely with God; He shares it with human beings. This would have been the case even if the Fall had not occurred. (115-066, 1981.11.04)

18 What is the situation of fallen people today? Fallen human beings failed more than just their portion of responsibility. They violated 97 percent of the work of creation. For this reason, we must re-create everything. But what is re-creation? It is not limited to fulfilling the human portion of responsibility; that is not everything. The whole process of creation has been ruined. So how difficult will it be to deal with this situation? Human beings need to fulfill a responsibility corresponding to 97 percent; otherwise they will never find the way to fulfill their original portion of responsibility. We must re-create everything. The dispensation of restoration is the dispensation of re-creation. But why is re-creation absolutely necessary? It is because of human responsibility. In order to fulfill this responsibility and reach the point where it is completed, we must necessarily undergo the process of re-creation. (115-067, 1981.11.04)

The human portion of responsibility and the accomplishment of the Will

19 Fulfilling the providential Will requires a subject partner and an object partner. The subject partner is God. The object partners are human beings. The object partners must unite with the subject partner centered on the providential Will; otherwise there can be no basis for victory. Why did God not create the object partners in oneness with the subject partner, rather than creating them to have to become one? It is because of the human portion of responsibility. It is because of this that complex problems have been passed down through the ages. If we did not have this portion of responsibility, God would have started with a victorious history, followed a victorious course and would have already arrived at the final destination in triumph. (109-066, 1980.10.04)

20 The realm of responsibility remains with you, the descendants of the Fall. If you ask whether you have accomplished your individual responsibility, through the Principle, to reach a level of perfection that qualifies you to connect to God’s love in the realm of His direct dominion, the answer is no. Restoration through indemnity is necessary in order to separate Satan from human beings. Unless you separate yourself from Satan, it is impossible to complete your portion of responsibility. You should know, however, that if you had followed the path of responsibility and reached maturity at about the age of seventeen or eighteen, as a man you would absolutely need a woman, and as a woman you would absolutely need a man. (148-149, 1986.10.08)

21 Why did God give human beings a period of time for fulfilling their portion of responsibility? Why did He make it such that God and human beings meet each other through the process of fulfilling their portions of responsibility? Why is it that both God and humans hope to reach a time when they achieve their common goal of fulfilling the great work of creation? It is for love, nothing less. Maturity is the time when young people are supposed to come into full bloom, spiritually as well as physically. Human beings reach maturity at around the age of eighteen. If an individual’s physical self and spirit self are united, at the time of maturity he or she fully blossoms, spiritually and physically, as God intended. Human beings are the center of the created world. Had they put forth fragrant blossoms, the whole universe would have entered the season of spring. It would have been springtime for human beings and for God. Responding to their spring fragrance, God would have sung and danced, expressing His joy. Had this happened, the realm of God’s perfect ideal life would have begun right there, for the first time. (130-020, 1983.12.11)

22 No matter what, the center of love is not human beings, but God. Thus in the Principle, the completion of the human portion of responsibility means that our human love becomes one with God’s love. God’s love is eternal; hence, when we become one with God as His partners centered on His eternal love, it creates oneness with God that is eternal. In that state we will never separate from Him. (212-015, 1991.01.01)

23 By completing his portion of responsibility, Adam would have not only fulfilled his individual responsibility but also would have laid, in his one generation, the foundation for the fulfillment of the responsibilities of the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. Then Adam’s descendants would have stood in the realm where they could complete their historical portions of responsibility on the world level, under the direct governance of the heavenly kingdom. In such a place there would have been no world- level or national-level portion of responsibility remaining ahead of us. Adam’s perfection naturally would have led to the fulfillment of the world-level portion of responsibility. His completing the human portion of responsibility would have connected the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle to the realm of God’s direct dominion. (148-148, 1986.10.08)

24 Love is the starting point of the path connecting the realm of indirect dominion to the realm of God’s direct dominion. The connection is made by love and creates a bridge of love between God and human beings. Only through that connection does the bridge of love appear. If we do not fulfill our portion of responsibility, the original ideal bridge of love between God and human beings cannot be built. Ideal love is realized only when we fulfill our portion of responsibility. (148-148, 1986.10.08)

25 What is the realm of God’s direct dominion? Based on love, God finally comes to function as the subject partner, and each being emerges centered on that love. This creates a realm in which each and every being is connected, according to the desire of the subject partner. Such a world would be perfection, from the perfection of Adam’s family to the perfection of the whole. In that world there would be no Satan; it would not be the fallen world we experience today. In fact, in the realm where Adam and Eve were first given their portion of responsibility to fulfill, Satan did not exist. (148-283, 1986.10.25)

26 Once Adam and Eve complete their portion of responsibility within the realm of indirect dominion and enter the realm of God’s direct dominion, God will dwell with them. Then the actualization of true love will begin, starting in their family. That family is not just an individual family; it represents the entire cosmos and the entire world. It is a family that represents all the world’s nations and all the world’s peoples, tribes, families and individuals. Thus, that family stands representing individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world and cosmos in reverse order. From the bottom up they constitute the cosmos, world, nation, people, tribe, family, and couple. When, centering on love, these representatives become one with Heaven, they will establish a kingdom where everyone lives as one interconnected heavenly family. (204-283, 1990.07.11)

27 Heaven, earth and human beings are all divided; where can we reconnect them? A boy grows to maturity, a girl also learns many things and grows to maturity, and then they finally come to know each other as a man and woman. At this point, they have become two connected together and acting as one. The 5-percent portion of responsibility described in the Unification Church entails reaching this state. It is the state where heaven and earth unite. It is the place where the world unites as one horizontally and where heaven and earth join as one vertically, where everything in the universe joins as alpha and omega. Man and woman were divided from the origin; hence they must return to that one point. We are the very center of the universe, but we have to recover that most precious central point. The path to recovering that position is not by money, knowledge or power. It is by nothing other than true love. (228-081, 1992.03.15)

28 Man and woman are the nucleus of the cosmos; they are the cosmos in microcosm. When husband and wife share true love, the entire universe is involved. Man and woman were born for the sake of love. The realm of God’s direct dominion is vertical; human beings were originally created to be vertical. When they fulfill their portion of responsibility, they can secure their position as owners in their vertical relationships and then as owners in their horizontal relationships. This is accomplished through true love. (218-136, 1991.07.14)

29 In order to move from the realm of indirect dominion into the realm of God’s direct dominion, we need to reach full maturity and then marry. By doing so, we fulfill our portion of responsibility. Children born of couples who are connected to God according to this absolute standard are children of God’s absolute lineage. It is our responsibility as human beings to set this as our goal and achieve it. (171-262, 1998.01.02)

30 To fulfill our responsibility we must unite the realm of indirect dominion and the realm of God’s direct dominion, unite the earthly and heavenly worlds, and unite our own minds and bodies. God and the horizontal True Parents are one. The issue is how to attain oneness in love that connects heaven and earth, love in which body and mind are one, and love that joins man and woman. Attaining oneness in love is the foundation that connects us to God’s love, life and lineage for the first time. When it is expanded and developed horizontally in all directions, the right of kingship arises. (218-124, 1991.07.14)

31 The reason God could not intervene with Adam and Eve is because of the human portion of responsibility. If only Adam and Eve had fulfilled their 5-per- cent human portion of responsibility by going through the formation and growth periods and receiving the Blessing in the state of perfection, the realm of God’s direct dominion, everything would have been completed. That would have been the new beginning of their individual life and family life, and God would have seen the completion of His Will at the beginning of history. Had that happened, Adam and Eve would have emerged as the True Parents of true love, of God’s lineage. They would have brought forth true children, a true tribe, a true people and a true nation. The nation they would have formed would have been the ideal nation of God’s desire. It would have been the kingdom of heaven on earth. (252-227, 1994.01.01)

32 If Adam and Eve had fulfilled their portion of responsibility, we would never utter the words “bitter sorrow.” Due to their inability to fulfill that responsibility, the footsteps of bitter sorrow remain in the course of history. If only they had fulfilled their portion of responsibility, human beings, the angelic world and the entire created world would have come under the dominion of God, amid joy and glory. This was heavenly law. Instead, due to human beings’ failure to fulfill their portion of responsibility, Satan’s world was formed, and this earth still remains under Satan’s dominion. Due to human beings’ inability to fulfill their responsibility, even God has been toiling hard, enduring a painful course to this day. Responsibility remains in every age, for the individual, the people and the world. Each individual must, during his or her life course, seek out and fulfill that portion of responsibility. (63-320, 1972.10.22)

33 Although God accomplished the great work of creation, He has been unable to see the fruition of His Will. Although human beings have served God throughout history, they still moan in pain, unable to see the completion of the Will. When will the day of God’s liberation come? When will the day of humanity’s liberation come? That liberation depends on the fulfillment of the portion of responsibility. Otherwise, the ideal world that humanity longs for is impossible, and the kingdom of heaven on earth that the Unification Church seeks to realize is impossible. People who have fulfilled their portion of responsibility are perfect as God is perfect. God contributed 95 percent in creating them, but only when people accomplish their 5-percent portion of responsibility do they qualify as perfected created beings. Therefore, fulfilling our responsibility leads to human perfection and also to the perfection of God’s great work of creation. Completing the great work of creation means the fulfillment of God’s Will, and the fulfillment of God’s Will means the perfection of God Himself. (130-019, 1983.12.11)

The importance of the human portion of responsibility

34 God is both the center of all life and the center of love. Life is the center of love, and love is the center of life. Knowing that human beings are living in pain and agony, why doesn’t God intervene so that human beings can be happy? Some people quickly raise the question, “Why, if God or the Absolute Being exists, is it the destiny of human beings to endure lives of trials and tribulations? Why have they wandered about throughout history, with an uncertain future?” People who look at life from this point of view can readily conclude that the God of love does not exist. (149-213, 1986.11.23)

35 Throughout the miserable history of restoration, even God with His almighty power could not do whatever He liked. This is because the 5-percent human portion of responsibility remained unfulfilled. God could do nothing about that, no matter how many tears He shed. Human beings must meet that crucial standard. It is human beings who must accomplish that responsibility, yet until now they have been unaware of this. There are many people of faith who believe that God can do whatever He wants because He is omnipotent. Yet there are certain things that even God cannot do. (14-341, 1965.01.28)

36 Why did God not intervene when human beings fell? God is the absolute Creator. Since He recognizes human responsibility, He must leave human beings to bear that responsibility on their own until they complete it. If God were to intervene in the middle of their course, His standard of absolute authority would collapse. God is a great being. He refrains from intervening with human beings in order to bestow upon them the authority of second creators. Further, God created human beings as individual embodiments of truth; hence He cannot simply do with them as He pleases. (256-108, 1994.03.12)

37 That abhorrent and bitter phrase, “restoration through indemnity,” came to exist based on the clear understanding of a principle—the human portion of responsibility. In the course of restoration through indemnity, God cannot help you. You must go through it alone. If you received His help, it would not be indemnity. Why is that? Since the principle of the human portion of responsibility exists, if you received His help, then according to that principle, indemnification would not occur. If He could have helped, at the time of the Fall He would have intervened with Adam and Eve and prevented them from falling. Yet He could not do so due to the human portion of responsibility. (124-303, 1983.03.01)

38 So far, although many theologians and spiritual mediums have known of the existence of Satan, they have not been able to understand why the all-knowing and almighty God could not block Satan from opposing Him. This is a question even for those who communicate with the spirit world. Whenever we try to go to God’s side, Satan inevitably interferes. Satan opposes us from many directions, not just one. But why did God not intervene and restrain him? This has remained a riddle. It is unknown even to those who can communicate with the spirit world. Why have we come to live in such a sorrowful reality, where Satan is uncontrolled, and why have the spirit world and the earthly world come to be in such a state? We must find the answers to these questions. Even though God knows the answers, He cannot tell us. That too is because we have our portion of responsibility. (133-086, 1984.07.10)

39 Adam and Eve were supposed to fulfill their portion of responsibility, perfect themselves without falling, and become the True Parents. This was the Parents’ portion of responsibility, and only they could accomplish it. Then, as the Parents, they were supposed to teach their children about this portion of responsibility. Since it was their portion, after they failed and the world as it is today emerged as a result, God was unable to teach this to anyone. Had the words “portion of responsibility” not been disclosed by the Unification Principle, there would be no way to solve the fundamental issues of history. (133-087, 1984.07.10)

40 It is a serious problem if you do not know about the human portion of responsibility. We cannot understand the history of religion unless we know that we are undergoing a course of indemnity to turn history right side up, based on our own responsibility. Unless you understand this, you will not be able to resolve anything, even after you go to the spirit world. Indeed, you will have no way to resolve anything. You may think that the phrase “portion of responsibility” is simple, but in fact it is momentous. It is historic good news for humankind. (133-100, 1984.07.10)

41 The Unification Church principle that human beings have their own portion of responsibility is a cosmic discovery. The discovery of this principle is incomparably greater than the invention of the atomic bomb or Einstein’s discovery of the theory of relativity. That is because without knowing this principle, nothing in history can be resolved. The relationship between God and human beings has been obscured throughout all of history. No historian or philosopher has been able to explain why righteous people were sacrificed and why their names were recognized only after their time had passed. (124-303, 1983.03.01)

42 If you could truthfully assert that you have accomplished your portion of responsibility, Satan's world could not appear before you. Yet Satan’s world appears before all of you, does it not? Therein lies the problem. If I did not know about this portion of responsibility, which determines the providence of restoration and the state of the world today, there would be no possibility of returning to our homeland in glory or of reaching the realm of liberation. Our challenge is to uncover the unresolved issues of the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age, and resolve them by fulfilling the human portion of responsibility. This has been the hope and desire of the New Testament Age and the Old Testament Age. Why do we need the Messiah? The Messiah is the person at the apex of the realm of the portion of responsibility. Satan cannot invade if you become one with the Messiah. Satan’s world has no basis to oppose the person who appears with the authority of Heaven on the foundation of having completed his portion of responsibility, and with the authority of the lineage aligned with God’s love. Why, then, does the Messiah face opposition? It is because he strives to save the people in Satan’s world; because he will not give up on people in Satan’s world even at the risk of his life, even if Satan stirs up society to crucify him. Those who do not fulfill their portion of responsibility do not have the right to enter heaven, no matter what. Even Adam and Eve, who were not of Satan's lineage, were dragged away by Satan because they did not fulfill their portion of responsibility. (139-245, 1986.01.31)

43 Without restoration through indemnity, the realm of Abel cannot be recovered. Unless the realm of Abel is recovered, there is no way for the Parents to come forth. Unless the Parents come forth, there is no way to recover the original ideal world envisioned by God. Thus, everything depends on fulfilling our individual portion of responsibility and our family portion of responsibility. Then it depends on fulfilling our tribe’s portion of responsibility, and the people’s, nation’s and world’s portions of responsibility. Failure to resolve all these problems has caused even the spirit world to split into heaven and hell. The reason why even the spirit world, which is eternal, is split into heaven and hell is because the matter of the portion of responsibility remains unresolved. The people in hell belong to Satan. They have no relationship whatsoever with God. So fulfilling the portion of responsibility and restoration through indemnity are absolutely necessary. (133-100, 1984.07.10)

44 How many times a day do you think about your portion of responsibility? You have to remember it and recite it over and over; when you are eating, holding a spoon, when you are washing the dishes, when you are on the toilet, and while you are walking. Adam and Eve did not think about their portion of responsibility, and that is why they came to ruin. You too will go to ruin unless you fulfill your responsibility. We must not become people who, like Adam and Eve, fail to fulfill our portion of responsibility and fall. To become people who can be restored and be victorious, we have to honor and bear in mind our portion of responsibility twenty-four hours a day. (124-102, 1983.01.30)

Section 2. The Human Fall

1 When you study the Bible carefully, you cannot deny that the first human ancestors were joined to the devil, Satan, through illicit love, and that their children came to be in a parent-child relationship with him. We human beings are so precious to God; in His absolute love we should have been born as God’s own sons and daughters and inherited His direct lineage. However, we instead ended up being born into the lineage of the devil, Satan, as his sons and daughters. (53-262, 1972.03.01)

2 How did the Fall begin? Between a man and a woman, what would constitute the Fall? Could it literally be the act of eating a physical fruit called the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, as the Holy Scripture describes it? Simply eating a fruit cannot be the cause of original sin. The only thing that could cause such a thing is wrongful love between people of the opposite sex. Could the mere sin of the human progenitors eating a literal fruit have caused their descendants for tens of thousands of years to be sinners? That result is possible only because the root of the sin was implanted in our lineage, and hence it can continue forever according to the laws of heredity. This occurred through illicit relationships, first when Eve became one with Lucifer and next when Adam became one with Eve, who was already one with Lucifer. Consequently, when Adam and Eve began their conjugal relationship and begot a family, they did so centering on Lucifer, not God. Thus, Adam and Eve’s descendants—all of humanity— received Satan’s lineage. (479-241, 2004.12.13)

The realm of God's indirect dominion and the realm of God's direct dominion

3 Adam and Eve should have been the substantial body of God and the Parents of all humankind. However, they fell before reaching maturity. This can be likened to good seeds that were sown in spring to produce good fruit in autumn, but before it was ripe the fruit fell off the branches in summer. The Fall refers to their dropping off at the midway point. (038-175, 1971.01.03)

4 Originally, Adam and Eve were meant to reach perfection, and in their perfection God would have entered into them and become one with them. After that, when the two of them became one physically and spiritually, they would have connected with God’s love in their union. However, Adam and Eve fell when they were still in their adolescence, before they reached maturity. That is to say, they fell when they were still underage, when they were not able to connect to God’s love in spirit and flesh. For this reason, they did not yet know love. They were like chestnut burrs that look normal on the outside but have no kernels inside. (99-232, 1978.09.25)

5 The universe cannot be based on deviation from the principle. Yet when Eve was still underage, it seemed to her that Lucifer understood all the principles of heaven and earth. Since Lucifer had been running errands for God, he knew how to talk about the creation of heaven and earth. Adam, on the other hand, was inattentive to her. He was preoccupied with everything around him, running around with a stick, catching birds, snakes and frogs. He was supposed to have dominion over all things in nature and manage them, so he sought to become close to them. Hence, he did not yet have any interest in Eve. (191-101, 1989.06.24)

6 If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have passed through their adolescence and upon reaching maturity they would have become one with each other naturally. It would have been natural; they would not have needed any guidance or education. Who would have been the center of their unity? It was neither Adam nor Eve. They would have become one centered on God, who is the root of love. It is the same as with a flower when it blooms; the blossom comes not from itself, but from the root. If these human beings had attained an ideal relationship with God, who is the root, their love would have been perfected. Then everything they would subsequently have done would have been approved by God and publically recognized. Life in the kingdom of heaven would have begun immediately right there. When seen from this perspective, the Fall means that God lost the standard of His ideal for the perfection of love, which was His dream for human beings. (130-021, 1983.12.11)

7 Why did God implement the human portion of responsibility? We human beings must grow; we are required to grow to maturity. During the ages of fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and eighteen, we must grow from adolescence to maturity, and wait for love until we are fully grown. That is why this period is called the realm of dominion based on the result of fulfilling the principle, or the period of God’s indirect dominion. Until we grow to maturity, we do not know what love is. For this reason, we must wait for love until we are mature. Once the time comes for two individuals, on either pole of the horizontal plane, to reach maturity and become one, God will arrive and conduct the marriage ceremony. Then God’s Will shall be done. (137-100, 1985.12.24)

8 Due to the Fall, human beings have remained in the realm of indirect dominion; they are not yet connected to the realm of God’s direct dominion. As a result of Adam and Eve’s inability to fulfill their portion of responsibility, they could not join the realm of indirect dominion to the realm of God’s direct dominion. Because of this problem related to the portion of responsibility, the providence of restoration has been prolonged again and again. In order for us to reach the realm of God’s love, the realm of His direct dominion—in other words, in order to achieve perfection—we must fulfill our portion of responsibility while in the realm of indirect dominion. (139-231, 1986.01.31)

9 In order to connect the realm of indirect dominion to the realm of God’s direct dominion, we must fulfill our portion of responsibility. Fulfilling this responsibility requires that both a man and a woman must reach maturity. Perfection in the Garden of Eden refers to knowing only God. Adam and Eve were to love God first and foremost. Then second, the man was to know the woman and the woman was to know the man. If they had become such people, Adam and Eve could have fulfilled their portion of responsibility and crossed from the realm of indirect dominion to a new dimension, the realm of God’s direct dominion. (165-105, 1987.05.20)

10 You have to set indemnity conditions in your families in order to complete your own portion of responsibility, by which you can reach from the realm of indirect dominion into the realm of God’s direct dominion. You must do so, because unless you connect to the realm of God’s direct dominion, you have no way to enter the kingdom of heaven. This is the principle. Why did God ordain for human beings a portion of responsibility? God has us set conditions of indemnity in order to allow us to inherit everything He has and to make us His object partners. Why, then, do we need the realm of God’s direct dominion? It is because the connection of love between God and human beings is made only in that realm. Without this connection of love, we cannot inherit the universe from God. It is only through love that we can inherit the universe. That is why all families in every nation try to bequeath what they have to their children. This is the principle that is centered on love. (135-326, 1985.12.15)

11 In the realm where we have fulfilled our portion of responsibility, we can unite based on God’s love. Having attained individual perfection by which we connect to the vertical love of God, we make the connection from the realm of indirect dominion to the realm of God’s direct dominion. Once these two realms are connected their realms of heart are also connected, and Satan cannot exist there. The Fall took place before human beings reached this level. This is the problem. Fallen human beings by themselves have no way of knowing this reality. Thus they are bound to go to hell. That is why, behind the scenes of history, God set up the course of the providence of restoration and worked through religion to cultivate the conscience as a middle ground. (172-198, 1988.01.21)

12 The realm of God’s direct dominion is where Adam and Eve can join together in love, while the realm of indirect dominion is the realm in which their portion of responsibility has yet to be completed. Thus, once they have fulfilled their responsibility, that is, after Adam and Eve have become husband and wife centered on love, God becomes the internal Parent and Adam and Eve become the external Parents. At that point, when God and Adam and Eve become one inside and out, the realm of God’s direct dominion is established for the first time. That is why marriage is absolutely necessary. No one can enter the realm of God's direct dominion as a single person. (139-263, 1986.01.31)

13 When God’s perfect love manifests, Satan cannot appear. This occurs at the point where human beings have fulfilled their portion of responsibility. In the state where it is fulfilled, a connection of love is made between the realm of indirect dominion and the realm of God’s direct dominion. This is where vertical love and horizontal love meet. Out of that vertical love and horizontal love, people emerge who have a bond with God’s lineage. His lineage is created. Satan cannot interfere with people whose lineage is bonded to the love of God, through the connection of vertical love and horizontal love. Such people have nothing to do with Satan. Therefore, in order to inherit God’s heart, you must inherit the lineage of the original tradition, centered on the pure love of God. (173-286, 1988.02.21)

The human portion of responsibility and the Fall

14 If only Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden had obeyed God’s commandment, the Fall would not have occurred. If those two individuals had obeyed God’s commandment and given birth to a family, and if from that family a nation and a world had been formed, they would have established the kingdom of heaven on earth, a world where God alone would have had dominion. But because Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s commandment, and even betrayed Him, the individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations that came about were centered on Satan instead. Consequently, the kingdom that God had originally intended has yet to be formed. A world opposite to God’s original intention came about, with Satan, God’s main opponent, at its helm. Thus the individual, the family and the world all came to be under the dominion of Satan. (72-074, 1974.05.19)

15 Had Adam and Eve consulted God before they fell, there would have been no Fall. They should have asked Him, “Satan is saying such and such, so what shall we do?” If they had done that, God in answering them would have guided them not to fall. Their portion of responsibility was to ask. They were free to do so. But instead they engaged in a horizontal relationship without asking God. That was the problem. Since they acted without asking, a problem arose. This is always the case. Do all of you have the confidence to fulfill your own 5-percent portion of responsibility? There are all kinds of people who go around pretending to be great, yet they do not have confidence to fulfill their portion of responsibility. (33-241, 1970.08.16)

16 Why did Adam and Eve fall? It is because they failed to fulfill their portion of responsibility. Could Adam and Eve have accomplished it by themselves? First, they should have become one with God. Without becoming one with God, they could not have fulfilled their portion of responsibility. Next, they should have become one with the Principle. They had to meet these two conditions. Therefore people of faith are instructed: “You must absolutely believe in God! You must turn to God, and stand firmly centered on God!” This is the first article of faith. No matter what the religion, this is the first article for people of faith. Next comes the Principle. People are instructed that they must completely unite with the laws that God has established. (87-122, 1976.05.23)

17 Due to the human portion of responsibility, indemnity came to exist. Had there been no human portion of responsibility, God could have exercised His dominion at any time. At the time of the Fall, He could have said, “Hey, you! You should not do that!” But because of the human portion of responsibility, God was not in a position to intervene to prevent the Fall or to prevent Satan’s activities. Adam and Eve were unable to fulfill their portion of responsibility. However, the impact of their failure did not end with Adam and Eve themselves. If we liken Adam and Eve to the root and all humankind to the trunk, branches and leaves, then it is clear that all human beings remain in the position of having failed to fulfill their responsibility. (87-122, 1976.05.23)

18 Once Adam and Eve had committed sin, God could not work with them as He had desired. On the other hand, Satan was free to do whatever he liked with sinful Adam and Eve, in order to have them ruin God’s Will. God cannot liberate Himself. He cannot be liberated until that day in history when the Lord of the Second Advent, the Messiah, comes to this world and subjugates Satan. Most religious people do not even dream of this. They simply believe that God is omniscient and omnipresent and can do whatever He likes. However, no matter how powerful God may be, He must abide by the laws that He established. God is not the kind of being who does what He pleases if it means going against the laws that He established according to the great principles He used to create heaven and earth. That is the reason He could not intervene with Adam and Eve at the time of the Fall. Intervention is permissible only at the state of perfection. God could have intervened to care for them if they had reached the perfection level, but He could not intervene with Adam and Eve because they were still at the completion level of the growth stage. An unripe fruit that is still in the process of maturing has no seeds that can be harvested. God can gather only absolutely ripened fruit, fruit that is fully mature, to spread its seed. He cannot intervene if it is not fully mature. (252-233, 1994.01.01)

19 Since Adam committed the sin, Adam must resolve it. Because Adam was immature, he fell while in a state of ignorance. Thus a perfect, mature Adam must appear and bring to light all the secrets of God and Satan. He must bring the devil before God to be charged. For us to enter the kingdom of heaven, it is not enough that Jesus stamps our pass. We need to present a certificate of victory over the devil; otherwise we will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. For this reason, Adam must disclose all of Satan’s hidden secrets and God’s unknown truth. He must unearth the unprincipled acts that Satan committed throughout history. He must present logical arguments along with all the evidence of how Satan violated God’s laws and principles. He must censure Satan by bringing to light all the facts about him, with clear evidence of how Satan violated the individual, the family, the tribe, the people, the nation, the world, and God’s ideal of the kingdom of heaven in heaven and the kingdom of heaven on earth. When he presents that evidence, then Satan, the devil who committed those sins, will have to surrender. (252-234, 1994.01.01)

20 How can we explain concretely how sin, the Fall, evil and hell came to exist? In order to answer these questions, we need to think about what happened back at the time of Adam and Eve. Delving into the fundamental reasons why Adam and Eve fell, we can say the first reason was that they disregarded God’s commandment not to eat the fruit of good and evil. The second reason was that they were self-centered. The third was that they engaged in self-centered love. Since these are the core issues of the Fall, we can conclude that anyone who engages in this kind of behavior is on Satan’s side. All fallen people tend to be faithless and self-centered. In the final analysis, it can be seen that the people of this world profess and engage in self- centered love. (079-198, 1975.07.27)

21 When God said, “Do not eat,” what is it that God said not to eat? The tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden refer to Adam and Eve. Specifically, the tree of life symbolizes Adam’s reproductive organ. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil symbolizes Eves love. In the world, if a woman loves a member of the Mafia, the fruit she bears will be the Mafioso’s children, and if she loves a king, the fruit she bears will be the king’s children. By the same token, because of whom Eve loved, it was the devil’s lineage that humankind inherited. (275-219, 1995.12.30)

22 The tree of the knowledge of good and evil refers to immature Eve’s love, and one step further, to her reproductive organ. When a patriot bears good sons and daughters and raises them well, the foundation of their upbringing is love. Where does this love take place? It is in the reproductive organs of the father and mother. Those are not bad things; rather, they are extremely holy. How was the kingship of the kingdom of heaven lost? It was lost when Adam and Eve lost their chastity. How were God’s family and the realm of His ideal lost? When their chastity was shattered, everything was shattered. If their reproductive organs had not been violated, they would have become the original place for the building of the palace in God’s kingdom. Therefore, we say that the reproductive organs are the palace of love, the palace of life and the palace of lineage. It is through this palace door that patriots are born; it is through this palace door that saints are born, and it was to have been through this door that God’s sons and daughters would have been born. God wanted to plant His lineage through this door. (348-036, 2001.07.06)

23 The Bible states that Adam and Eve fell by eating the fruit of good and evil. Then what does it mean that they covered their lower parts? If only Christians interpreted the Bible a bit more rationally, they would know the origin of the Fall right away. Why were Adam and Eve ashamed of their lower parts? If they had eaten a literal fruit, they would have covered their mouths or their hands. Why did they cover their lower parts? The lower parts were not meant to be something to be ashamed of, but because they were used during the Fall, they became the palace of shame, where Heaven’s love was trampled on. A fountain of true love should have sprung forth there, but instead a fountain of false love, the devil’s love, gushed out. It became the den of the most iniquitous love. (202-200, 1990.05.24)

The cause and motivation of the Fall

24 It is written in the Bible that Adam and Eve plucked and ate the fruit of good and evil. It is also written, “It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a man.” If Adam and Eve plucked a literal fruit called the fruit of good and evil, they first would have looked at it with their eyes, then touched it with their hands, and then put it into their mouths. But what did they do after they had eaten this fruit of good and evil? They did not cover their mouths, hands or eyes; instead they covered their lower parts. They covered an area that seems totally irrelevant to their eating a fruit. We cannot help but perceive a correlation in the biblical record between the angels committing fornication and Eve covering her lower parts. Eve felt ashamed after eating the fruit of good and evil, and then compelled Adam to eat the fruit. After Eve had an illicit sexual relationship with the archangel, she realized that her originally intended spouse was not the angel, but Adam. She knew she had to return to God, but she was afraid. Hence, in order to recover her position, she tempted Adam. After Adam and Eve had a relationship, they both covered their lower parts and hid themselves. This implies that they both had something to be ashamed of. In other words, they recognized their misdeed and wanted to hide it from God. (53-196, 1972.02.21)

25 Job 31:33 refers to one who “covered my transgressions as Adam.” Even in the secular world, when a man or a woman has some blemish on their face, they try to cover it up. It is a natural instinct. From this perspective, based on the fact that Adam and Eve covered their lower parts, we cannot deny that Adam and Eve’s blemish was not on their mouths, hands or eyes, but on their lower parts. In the Gospel of John 8:44, Jesus reproaches the nonbelievers by decisively stating: “You are from your father the devil, and you choose to do your father’s desires...” Jesus thus stated that the ancestor of humankind is the devil, Satan. Also, John the Baptist called the faithless people a “brood of vipers.” This indicates a relationship between human beings and the serpent, and that the serpent represents Satan. The ancestors of the human race fell because of Satan, the devil, and we became the descendants who received Satan’s blood. This means that the blood of that unforgivable enemy—the enemy whom God abhors the most— exists inside your flesh. (53-197, 1972.02.21)

26 What did the devil do to cause Adam and Eve to fall? Adam and Eve covered their lower parts after eating the fruit because that is where the devil sowed his evil seed. Adam and Eve fell in their teenage years, before reaching maturity. As they were the starting point from which the lineage of the human race spread across history, in the Last Days this phenomenon will become widespread. When the time comes that young people throughout the world assert their independence, transgressing the ethics of love as Adam and Eve did under the shade of a tree, without fear of judgment from heaven and earth, understand that the era of Satan’s full power will have arrived on earth. At that time, you will witness God’s wrath come down. (200-227, 1990.02.25)

27 The Fall of Adam and Eve was the mistake of just one day, yet it brought a fearsome result. That is why a marriage, a relationship between a man and a woman, is something fearful. When you reach out to your partner and when your partner reaches out to you, you should liberate your partner and your partner should liberate you. What should you liberate each other from? You should liberate each other from the trap of love. That trap exists as an individual trap of love, a family trap of love, a national, world and cosmic trap of love. God has fallen into that trap. The ideal world of creation of True Parents’ dream has fallen into the trap of love. That trap of love is the place where human beings became one in wrongful love, misusing their reproductive organs. It is a grievous trap, and they fell for it. (322-192, 2000.05.18)

28 The Fall was the misuse of the reproductive organs, and it resulted in changing the bridegroom and his partner of love. That is what fundamentally brought about the Fall. That transgression was such a grave mistake that Adam and Eve had no place to stand in front of any world—not the animal world, not the plant world, not the mineral world, not even the world of mice and insects. All created beings in the universe acted to expel them. That is why they were driven out of Eden. (279-215, 1996.09.08)

29 The private parts of a man or a woman are like a poisonous snake. They are the trap of a poisonous snake. What does it mean to say that a serpent tempted Eve? It is a reference to the reproductive organ. Are there not many women out there whose female organ is more deadly than a viper? Men too, do they not use their serpent-like organ to tempt and seduce women? If you mistakenly take that bait, you will get into serious trouble. Because of it a nation can perish; even the world can perish. In fact, it can block your way to heaven and eternal life. (227-373, 1992.02.16)

30 The male reproductive organ is like the archangel before the Fall. The archangel deceived his victim with lying lips like a snake’s forked tongue; then he seduced her and utterly cast her into hell. The archangel makes men engage in the same act with the thing that resembles the head of a snake. It is like a snake that bites. That is, men use that snakelike organ to grab and eat women. What else can it mean when people say, “Did you catch and eat that woman?” It can only mean to defile her in this way. A man’s reproductive organ is such a fearful organ, looking like the archangel, like the head of a snake. (287-117, 1997.09.01)

31 Absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience: these terms concern the reproductive organs. The Fall refers to the failure to achieve oneness between God and human beings in their reproductive organs. They were unable to reach a virtuous union. But you must absolutely believe in this virtuous union. Your reproductive organs must become the pillars of lineage in the history of your family and your clan. (304-166, 1999.10.10)

32 Adam and Eve were God’s first only begotten Son and Daughter, and from them stemmed the tens of thousands of generations of humankind. The thing that brought destruction upon these children of God, as well as upon the tens of thousands of generations of their descendants, was their love organs, their reproductive organs. These organs were supposed to be the eternal and unchanging base of love and the foundation for their eternal well-being, for through them Adam and Eve were to inherit God’s mainstream heart. The Fall ruined this base and foundation. (312-312, 1999.11.07)

33 What caused the Fall? Love caused the Fall. The Fall was an act of wrongful love. Wrongful love came about through the misuse of the reproductive organs. This is the formula. If Adam and Eve had not had reproductive organs, how could the people that make up humankind ever be born? Without reproductive organs, how could God’s kingdom on earth ever come about? God’s true and good kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven comes into being and develops through the perfectly true and good use of the reproductive organs. Hell comes into being through the use of the reproductive organs in a manner that is not true. (279-214, 1996.09.08)

34 God and Adam and Eve should have become one, but why did this not happen? The reason was the archangel. The Fall occurred because of the archangel’s false love. Adam and Eve should have connected vertically with God, but someone else from the side snatched them. That someone engaged with them in a horizontal relationship through the flesh. Human beings exist in two selves— an internal self and an external self. However, at the time of the Fall they were not united in mind and body. As a result of the Fall, human history started out with the division between mind and body, and hence it has been riddled with conflict ever since. This has been happening not only on the individual level; the whole universe is like that. God’s providence of salvation concerns how to rectify this. (437-290, 2004.02.13)

35 Man is born for woman, and woman is born for man. Each one’s first thought should be for their counterpart; only then should they think of themselves. If they do so, both can claim victory and ownership. But instead, they came to think of themselves first before they could manifest their original value and be joined together. That was the Fall. Why could God do nothing about the Fall? What was it that made Him so helpless? Why is the Fall so hard to overcome? When Adam and Eve ate the fruit of good and evil, why did they cover their lower parts? Simply speaking, they had defiled their blood. This means they had defiled their life. By defiling their life, they had defiled their love. Human beings should have become the nervous system within the great body of heaven and earth, but they fell when they were underage. Who violated the woman? It was the archangel, a servant. He violated Eve, God’s daughter, who in the future was to have become God’s queen and outward manifestation. Yet the archangel changed her lineage. (200-051, 1990.02.23)

36 The universe wants to expand for the sake of the whole, but Satan pursues everything centered on himself and pulls the universe to himself. His actions are opposite the nature of the universe and cause it to shrink. The result is that the universe is suffocating; it is driven into the pits of despair and bitter resentment. This view is logical and true; no one can refute it. By this logic, if we ask how human beings found themselves in this precarious predicament outside the Garden of Eden, we can only conclude that it was as a result of the Fall. The Fall was caused by self- centered consciousness. Therefore, what we must do is deny ourselves, not only as individuals, but also as families, tribes, peoples and nations; we must admit in front of God that we are not worthy to be His children. (371-275, 2002.03.03)

37 The Fall happened as a result of self- centered consciousness, not as a result of free will. It is because of his self-centered consciousness that the archangel disregarded the conditions of his environment and instead thought of himself first. Satan was an individual existence that ignored the harmony between subject partners and object partners that exists for the whole. He is a thief, because he usurped the ideal of mutual relationship between the universe and the self. Such is Satan that, centering on himself, he disregarded the ideal of creation, the realm of love formed by mutual relationships operating on behalf of the universe. Instead, he caused mutual relationships to transgress their proper bounds. This means that in essence Satan ignored God. (374-199, 2002.04.10)

Why we have to know Satan's identity

38 Who is Satan, the devil, and where did he come from? If Satan did not exist, Jesus would not have had to come and God’s providence of restoration, the providence of salvation, would not have been necessary. All of this became necessary only because of Satan. As long as Satan exists, God’s providence of restoration will have to continue. As long as Satan exists, the Savior will have to come. Looking at this, we can conclude that Satan came from among the creatures that God created. The Fall means that something went wrong with human beings. They became sick. Who caused the Fall? It was the devil, Satan. Therefore we need to know his identity. The reason Satan still exists to this day is because no one has been able to uncover the root of the sin that he committed and accuse him before God. If someone could do that, we could punish Satan. In order to subjugate him, we must uncover his identity and initiate a campaign to banish him from heaven and earth. (53-194, 1972.02.21)

39 Satan committed adultery with God’s own beloved daughter. Forgiving that adulterer would go against heavenly law, so God will not forgive him. Therefore, even though God will forgive the people of Satan’s world a thousand times over, He absolutely will not forgive Satan. That is why the great Day of Judgment will come. Who will be judged on that day? It is not human beings but Satan, who dwells in their souls as if he were their master. (22-282, 1969.05.04)

40 What kind of being was Satan originally? The devil was actually a servant of God. Yet this servant raped his Master’s daughter. This was the Fall. What is the Fall as recounted in the Bible? The Bible describes it as Eve eating of the fruit of good and evil, but this fruit was not a literal fruit. In fact, the servant raped his Master’s daughter. She was supposed to fulfill God’s ideal by raising sons and daughters who would inherit His lineage. But the archangel, who was created as a servant, raped the Lord’s daughter, and that became the origin of the Fall. How in the world could such a thing happen? Yet heaven and earth ended up this way. (085-308, 1976.03.04)

41 Originally, human beings were supposed to inherit true life and true lineage from God, possess authority over the universe, and live a glorious life. But due to the Fall they received Satan’s life and lineage, based on Satan’s love. Satan is the enemy of God’s love. He is the adulterer. In the Chinese characters for an adulterous man, kanbu (姦夫), the character for adultery, kan () is formed by writing the character for woman () three times. An adulterer is someone who steals the woman you love. (213-265, 1991.01.21)

42 Satan, the devil, is the ringleader who expelled the original Owner, stole His wife, and dragged His sons and daughters to a place of death. When seen from this perspective, can there be a way to forgive Satan, the enemy of God and humankind? In the eyes of God, Satan is the ultimate adulterer, the one who stole His love. Can God just forgive him? If He forgave Satan, it would mean the ruin of the whole world. Therefore, you should proclaim before the public that you will become God’s sons and daughters, no matter what. You must work with God and humankind to change the course of history. Unless you do, neither God nor humankind can avoid the path of lamentation and suffering. (53-339, 1972.03.06)

43 God offered His entire devotion in creating the universe, full of dreams and hopes about this great undertaking. But when Lucifer destroyed in one blow all the conditions for God’s great work, God's life and God’s ideal, God felt total darkness enveloping heaven and earth. Thus the archangel Lucifer became the enemy of God. God thought, “Shall I strike down Lucifer and bind him in chains?” God loved His son and daughter the most, they were the bone of His bones and the flesh of His flesh, but Lucifer turned them into his own son and daughter. “Shall I have this enemy beheaded, or not?” God was the first one to struggle over these questions. (27-061, 1969.11.23)

Section 3. The Results of the Fall

1 As a result of the Fall, we human beings fell into the realm of death. God said to Adam and Eve that they would surely die if they ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but the fact is that all of humanity fell into the realm of death. What happened as a result of the Fall? Satan, the devil, became the father of humankind, as Jesus pointed out in John 8:44. Adam and Eve should have attended God as their father, but after the Fall they came to attend Satan, the devil. This is the shameful reality that resulted from the Fall. (74-140, 1974.11.28)

Human beings inherited Satan's lineage

2 The Fall changed our lineage. It destroyed the family and the nation that God had envisioned. Therefore our lineage must be changed back. However, when you are in a given situation, if you do not understand the motivation of the actions that led up to it and their end result, you cannot make straight your own motivation, actions and result. Likewise, unless you know Satan’s secrets, it will be difficult for you to set straight what went wrong. The most crucial fact is that human beings fell. Satan’s lineage came into us, and his blood began circulating through our bodies from the heart through the arteries and veins to the cells, contaminating them. Our lineage became a total mess, and as a result we became miserable. Humankind descended into ignorance, of history and of the substantial world. Eve saw everything centered on herself. She took that viewpoint and acted upon it while she was still in the realm of imperfection. Hence she ended up turning heaven and earth upside down. It is for this reason that you must change your self-centered consciousness and become new people. That is, you should have the mindset, “I resolve to revive this fallen world with my own hands. I will bring it under my authority on behalf of God. If God does not believe it, then I will make Him believe it.” (439-083, 2004.02.19)

3 The Fall means that our bloodline changed, so the problem is with our bloodline. God cannot do anything about our changed bloodline. We human beings should have become children who directly received the bloodline from our original Parent; we were to become God’s substantial embodiments. But we lost everything God had planned for us when the enemy changed our bloodline. With that, he stole everything. Our parents were to have been the pillars of love, the center of the kingdom of heaven in heaven and the kingdom of heaven on earth, but those pillars completely crumbled. (467-138, 2004.09.02)

4 In terms of lineage, God can be considered the first generation and Adam the second generation, but the third generation was not connected to this lineage. These three generations should have been connected. Yet Adam and Eve failed to connect to the absolute life and absolute lineage centered on God’s love. We must return to that point. God was able to embrace His son and daughter, but since the Fall severed the lineage, He was not able to embrace His grandsons and granddaughters. His lineage was severed; no one can refute this logic. God was never able to embrace His grandsons and granddaughters, who were to have been the fruit of His love, the fruit of His life, and the fruit of His lineage. Therefore the whole human race, which descended from them, ended up having nothing to do with God’s love. (437-290, 2004.02.13)

5 Because of the Fall, the lineage of Adam and Eve changed. Because they joined in love with Satan, the enemy of God, the adulterer, they came to embody Satan’s life. Their lives as man and woman intermingled with and became one with Satan’s love. Hence, the fruits they bore, their sons and daughters, inherited Satan’s love, Satan’s life and Satan’s lineage. (227-047, 1992.02.10)

6 Up to the present, religions have encouraged asceticism, such as fasting. Why do they encourage us to strike our bodies? It is because we inherited Satan’s blood, the blood of God’s enemy. God’s enemy is the adulterer. He is the enemy of God’s love. We inherited the blood of the adulterer. Eve should have inherited the royal authority of the heavenly kingdom and become its queen, but instead she became the wife of the devil, the mate of the servant. This has been a secret of heaven and earth, but now that the time has come, I am exposing it publicly for the first time. Therefore, henceforth Satan’s world must retreat. (172-279, 1988.01.24)

7 When Adam and Eve engaged in false love, they came to manifest false life. Satan’s lineage became intertwined with their love and life. This has not been known, yet it is an indisputable truth. After Adam and Eve fell they were expelled from God’s presence. At that time, they had no sons or daughters. The fact that they bore sons and daughters after they were expelled means that their sons and daughters were connected to Satan’s lineage. This is so logical that no one can deny it. Only after they fell did Adam and Eve understand that they were supposed to perfect themselves through their relationship with God and with each other. The problem was how to return to God and reconnect to His love, life and lineage, since the Fall severed them from that lineage and joined them to Satan’s love, life and lineage. When we say that the human ancestors fell, we mean that Adam and Eve joined with the false parent, Satan, inherited his lineage, and bore his fruit. The question now is how to turn this around and change our false lineage back to God’s lineage. To do this we must change totally, 180 degrees. (502-227, 2005.07.29)

The fallen world and the phenomena in the Last Days

8 The tragic history of deceiving one another began when Satan tempted Eve, and again when Eve tempted Adam. They came to possess a sinful, evil nature through their bond with Satan, the devil, and as a sinful couple they bore sinful sons and daughters. The tradition of sin began in the parents and was passed down to their sinful children. As a result, sinful siblings, tribes, peoples, nations, and a sinful world came about, and Satan, the devil, ruled all. In essence this world, in both name and reality, cannot be other than hell on earth. Satan made people into enemies and inserted enmity within the family. He incited divisions among tribes, peoples and nations everywhere throughout the world so that no one could return to Heaven’s side. Satan effectively chased everyone out of God’s world. (73-203, 1974.09.18)

9 Genesis 6:6 states that after Adam and Eve fell, God regretted having created them. We can clearly conclude from this simple phrase that what transpired after the Fall was not God’s original intention. Also, the Bible states that after they fell Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden. This means that they were not able to maintain their relationship with God; instead that relationship fell apart. From this we can see that this fallen world is not the world that God willed; instead it became the world that Satan, the devil, desired. (73-202, 1974.09.18)

10 What became of Satan, the devil, after he brought the Fall upon our first ancestors? In John 12:31 it says that the devil is “the ruler of this world.” God is the one who created this world; how could Satan cast aside the Lord of the world and become ruler in His place? How was he able to seize dominion over humankind and take sovereignty over the world? This world is not under the sovereignty of goodness, presided over by the good God. Rather, it is under an evil sovereignty, ruled over by the evil Satan. People are under the power and dominion of Satan, under his evil sovereignty. This is the first problem. The next problem is that we carry original sin. The Bible says that the progenitors of the human race ate the fruit of good and evil, but how could eating a fruit be such a vile sin that people have unwittingly passed on that sin for thousands of years? This original sin has not been uprooted to this day. Since the root of original sin still exists, Satan can still be the ruler of this world. (53-195, 1972.02.21)

11 The Fall destroyed the central point, which was to have been the standard of the great heavenly law and heavenly way, and the original axis of love. The self-centered relationship between the woman and the archangel shattered the very fundamentals of the universe and opened up an abyss of anguish. The servant trampled on the one who was to have become the queen, and in so doing, destroyed the original standard that was to be the fundamental principle of the universe. Ultimately, who is this devil? He is the chief culprit in the fundamental destruction of the palace of love in the heavenly kingdom. (171-114, 1987.12.13)

12 Human beings are like orphans who lost their parents. How happy would they be if they knew that God was their real Parent? The devotion we feel toward God, our Parent, should far surpass the bitter sorrow we experience when we are treated with contempt as orphans. That is the difference between all of you and me. Since I know who God is, I honor Him. I honor Him wherever I go, wherever I walk. No one can compete with me in this. (362-113, 2001.12.08)

13 Once we have a certain concept in our minds, it is difficult to remove it. Religion helps us in this regard. This is why religion is necessary; a place without religion will perish. For instance, Christianity teaches that the absolute God is our Father, and that we should attend Him as His sons and daughters. Satan is the adulterer who trampled God’s love. Our real father is God, but Satan has taken the position of our father. That is why Jesus reproached the people in John 8:44, “You are from your father the devil, and you choose to do your father’s desires.” Now that you know the appalling fact that you inherited Satan’s blood, you should be full of righteous indignation. You should feel like ridding yourself of that contaminated, false blood. (011-243, 1961.10.29)

14 With the Fall of the human ancestors, God lost the partners with whom He was to have formed His family. God was the first generation and Adam was the second, but their relationship could not continue. Had Adam and Eve received the Blessing, their relationship with God would have blossomed in love. But because that did not happen, and their relationship with God was completely severed, God was left all alone. Adam and Eve had no way to connect to God’s lineage. Hence, they were all separated. If you look at what transpired from God’s point of view, He no longer had anyone to address as “my child” or “my dear,” and call a member of His family. Gone were the people who could relate to Him as a partner. Consequently, ever since the Fall, God has been alone. His situation became more miserable than it had been before the creation. God created all things, and they too were waiting for God to relate to them as His partners. However, since human beings were to have been their center, all things were lost through the Fall. Everything was lost. God completely lost the realm of His counterparts. This was the awful consequence of the Fall. (442-189, 2004.03.11)

15 Adam and Eve fell through sexual misconduct, and that is what will happen in the Last Days. That is, young people will fall into promiscuity. That was the seed that the first human ancestors sowed, so at harvest time the same corruption of youth will spread throughout the world and bring it to ruin. In fact, that is what is happening today; it is undeniable. Who started free sex? Adam and Eve did. As the ones who fell, they are the ancestors of free sex. (257-061, 1994.03.13)

16 True love is so precious, and violating it is a universal crime. Sexual immorality, promiscuity among young people, family breakdown, incest, homosexuality, unspeakable sex crimes and the like, which are today’s reality, make God grieve. The ideal of creation lies in the fulfillment of the family ideal, which is based on sublime and eternal love. How did this miserable result come about? We stand witness to the decadence of this age, because now in these Last Days humankind is bearing the fruit of what was sown by our ancestors at the Fall. (135-012, 1985.08.20)

17 Can the United States government solve the problem of promiscuity among young people in America today? That cannot be done through military power, economic power, science or technology. All sorts of wicked things are taking place these days in the name of sexual liberation, but is that love? Love should be true love, which leads to eternal life, but instead it has been corrupted. What hope is there in such love? There is only despair. There is conflict among men; parents clash with their children and children fight with their parents. All this leads only to despair. Wherever you go, whomever you meet, there is no hope. (183-338, 1988.11.09)

18 Today, many people prefer living a single life. Furthermore, issues such as homosexuality have arisen. We may ask why things turned out this way. A key cause is incestuous relationships. A grandfather violates his own granddaughter. A father violates his own daughter. Such incestuous relationships have become more common since the arrival of the era of sexual liberation, the era of free sex. People engage in all kinds of sexual relationships as they please; these take place not only with strangers from distant towns but even with their closest relatives. (261-045, 1994.05.22)

19 The most serious social problems are youth problems and family breakdown. They are rampant today because God has had to allow Satan to take full authority and power. Satan said to God, “I am the one who loved and embraced Adam and Eve just as I wished, so you have to allow me to do the same throughout the human world in the Last Days. I am the one who planted that seed of capricious love, so you have to allow me full authority to break everything apart through that love. I will stop accusing You only after I have done all that I want to do; only then will I have no more demands of You. Isn’t that so?” God responded, “Yes,” allowing Satan an era of his full authority. Within God’s love, there is no free sex or homosexuality. (307-176, 1998.11.08)

20 What weapons is Satan using? He has an airborne weapon: smoking. He has a liquid weapon: alcohol; he also has a solid weapon: drugs. With these weapons he rots human beings in every way possible, even their spirits. He rots their bodies, their minds, and their spirits. He rots their lungs with drugs that are inhaled through the nostrils. This is why we must not take drugs, drink liquor or smoke cigarettes. These are the weapons Satan uses to destroy human beings. These three things prevent the human spirit from communicating with God, and are the enemy’s most effective weapons. Satan’s next weapon is related to love—free sex. Free sex destroys the order of love. I must personally put all these things in good order. (126-071, 1983.04.10)

The heart of God as He views fallen human beings

21 When parents trust their beloved children but are betrayed by them, the shock, distress and misery they feel are beyond description. The more they loved and trusted their children, the greater the shock and pain. It is unspeakable misery when we are betrayed, rejected and mistrusted by those to whom we have devoted our lives. You cannot understand that heartbreaking struggle and suffering unless you have experienced it yourself. It can never be fathomed merely by words. This is clear in the affairs of the world. How did God end up being so miserable? God is not a conceptual God; He is a real God. God and human beings are supposed to enjoy the supreme relationship. Once God experienced joy with human beings, He would embark on an endless journey of joy with us, a journey that would last for eternity. However, because of human beings, He could not even begin that journey. (20-206, 1968.06.09)

22 Human beings fell. Not even a thousand years of bitter sorrow can indemnify that. How mortified God must have been, foreseeing that their Fall would become a death trap to myriads of human beings for eons to come. Human beings left such a hideous scar in God’s heart. Considering this, we really have no right to utter even one word before God. Suppose an only son, from a family that has had only one son in each of seven generations, died at an early age. It would leave that family without hope, especially if this son had been born when his parents were advanced in age. If his parents were young they could have had more children. If the only son of seven generations of only sons were to die, not only his parents but also all of his ancestors would be anxious about how their lineage could continue beyond the seventh generation. Ancestors want to receive all manner of worldly blessings through their descendants. So when children die before their parents do, the parents feel like dying themselves. Adam was God’s only begotten Son for eternity, not merely the only son of seven generations. He was supposed to establish an everlasting family and accomplish God’s great work of creation. Can you imagine God’s heart at the death of Adam? (20-211, 1968.06.09)

23 According to the Principle of Creation, when you are in the ideal realm of oneness in love, the eternal owner of that realm, who is the subject partner of love, occupies the central position. God should have been that center. But instead Satan usurped God’s place and became the center. Therefore heaven and earth became earth and heaven. They were turned upside down. Nothing should have interrupted the oneness between God and human beings that was to be based on Gods true love, His ideal. Further, human beings should have originated from that oneness with God, as children of His direct lineage. Yet it all went the wrong way, and the opposite situation came to pass. (206-236, 1990.10.14)

24 When Adam and Eve were about to eat the fruit of good and evil, do you think God said, “This is just what I expected, go ahead”? Certainly not! God felt His heart withering, and all His senses were drawn into that one place. Trembling and bleeding, He wanted to cry out, “You must not eat that fruit!” Caught up in indescribable sorrow and frustration, He was unable to think of anything else. That must have been God’s experience. Do you think God simply watched Adam and Eve eat the fruit of good and evil? If He had had a sword He would have wanted to cut out that part of history, even cut out the whole world, but His position did not allow Him to do that. Even though God was overwhelmed with pain and sorrow, He could not do anything about it. How sad and miserable He must have been! His sorrow and misery were greater than that of anyone who ever lived in history. At the moment Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, God felt His heart explode. However, God still had to love them. (21-142, 1968.11.17)

25 If Adam and Eve had been able to fathom God’s inner heart, they could not possibly have fallen. God loved His children as their Parent, but they did not understand the depth of His parental heart. Of course, Adam and Eve fell while they were still young, but their young age itself was not the cause of the Fall. Rather, they fell because they were lacking in heart. Had Adam and Eve been able to feel, “God is living for me; He is with me; He can never, ever be separated from me; He is involved in everything related to me; in fact, He and I are one,” they would not have committed the Fall. Ultimately, Adam and Eve fell because they could not achieve unity in heart with God. This dreadful problem occurred because their desire deviated from God’s desire, and their thinking was different from God’s thinking. Furthermore, they fell because they did not understand the devastating consequences of their actions. They did not know from the bottom of their hearts that their actions would determine life and death. (65-174, 1972.11.19)

26 We are fallen descendants of the ones who betrayed God’s heart. Do you know what it was that our ancestors betrayed? Do you think they simply ate something that God had forbidden them to eat, the fruit of good and evil? No, they betrayed God’s heart. They betrayed His heart for the ideal of creation and His hope for the ideal of creation. That is the issue. (9-114, 1960.04.24)

27 Why wouldn’t God cut off Satan from us human beings at once? God is omnipotent, so why does He not cut him off straightaway? It is because Satan is connected to our lineage. If God tried to remove Satan from our lineage all at once, He would have to exterminate the entire human race. Even Adam and Eve would be destroyed. Humankind would have to be struck and totally shattered. Why didn’t God just destroy Adam and Eve and create new human ancestors? He could not, because of love. Love is the alpha and the omega. It runs from the beginning to eternity. It is the standard of the ideal. God therefore would not eliminate the human ancestors, who were still the object partners of His love. (188-226, 1989.02.26)

28 No parents in the world want their son or daughter to die, even if he or she were to be hanged for a crime. They would want to save their child if they could. Their hearts would prompt them even a hundred or a thousand times to seek out a way. This is especially true of mothers. If this is the heart of parents even in the fallen world, why on earth would the omniscient and omnipotent God have to bring judgment in the Last Days? Why would God not forgive humankind? How great is God’s love? If Jesus forgives people seventy times seven times, God forgives seventy times seven thousand times. That is God’s heart. (48-236, 1971.09.19)

29 God is omnipotent and omniscient; therefore He has the authority to judge the world and even Satan. Yet He has not exercised His power to judge to this day. On the contrary, He toils all alone, unable to claim the environment that is rightfully His. He suffers and laments under the accusation of Satan, who stole His entire foundation and robbed Him of His foothold in this world. When we think of this, we are at a loss for words. Have you ever wept in sympathy with God’s predicament? It all comes down to this. (51-112, 1971.11.18)

30 How many tears have you wept for God? Have you ever struggled to seek out the path on which you could toil and suffer on His behalf, even though your limbs might be torn off? Likely you have not. You who seek to become God’s children should shed tears for a public purpose. When you meet God, you should be able to comfort Him. Endless tears should flow down your face as you say, “Father, how great Your sorrow was when You lost me, and when You lost the first human ancestors! How many times throughout history have their descendants, including me, caused You to suffer humiliation, pain and extreme hardship!” (51-111, 1971.11.18)

31 God fell into a state of great anguish and sorrow, far greater than the sorrow experienced by any human being. His ideal of creation was violated, His beloved son and daughter were violated. He had to surrender to His enemy, Satan, the entire earth, the garden of ideal true love that He had created, and watch as it became Satan’s playground. How angry and painful His heart must have been! How bitter His sorrow! No words can ever describe it. How many of you, having understood something of God’s situation, have wept tears to comfort Him? God had no choice but to give His beloved son and daughter to the enemy, not because He lacked power or ability, but because He could not trample on the way of love that He had established according to heavenly law and principle. Nonetheless, our beloved Father has been advancing the providence of restoration even as He waits patiently in tears for His lost children to return. For six thousand years He has been searching for His lost children, while having to endure the indignity of denying even Himself. Even though God is omniscient and omnipotent, He had no choice but to take this difficult course, more hellish than hell, in order to restore the true blood lineage. (501-034, 2005.07.14)

32 God is the original True Parent. How much grief did He suffer when He was robbed of that position? How much does His heart ache when He looks upon His fallen children, who inherited the lineage of the false parent, the enemy Satan, and are unable to recognize Him as their True Parent? What is the heart of our Parent, who has had to witness the wretched situation of humankind at every moment? God lost His substantial object partners of true love, whom He would not exchange even for the whole universe. This overwhelmed Him with grief. His ideal of creation collapsed; it was as if He had lost His entire creation. He became the wronged God, whose cosmic throne was usurped by His enemy. He became the God of lamentation, who agonized over the result of the Fall- even more so on account of having invested true love totally and absolutely according to the principles of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Further, even though it was Satan who stole God’s ideal, violated His beloved son and daughter and usurped His kingship over the cosmos, God had to endure while Satan accused Him about it continually. (479-242, 2004.12.13)

CHAPTER 3 The Path of Restoration toward God’s Original Ideal

Section 1. Restoration through Indemnity

1 Life is precious. Jesus said, “For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his soul?” (Luke 9:25) One can be qualified to become the owner of the universe only after experiencing the truth of these words. Have you become an owner with that qualification? When did you love God so much that even Satan praised you? When did you do something that moved even Satan’s heart? Because you did not do these things, God, out of His love for humankind, pioneered the course of indemnity and taught that we must follow it until the time we can return to the original world. That is the teaching of the Divine Principle of the Unification Church. The course of restoration is a course you have to seek and then accomplish by following the Principle. My life has been a course of seeking out the path of restoration through indemnity. This means that all you have to do is follow the course that I have already found. (18-176, 1967.06.04)

Why we need restoration through indemnity

2 Why did restoration through indemnity come about? We understand that it was a result of the Fall, but for what purpose did it appear? If there were no portion of responsibility, there would be no need for the term, “restoration through indemnity.” Human beings fell during the course of fulfilling their portion of responsibility. At that time, human beings handed over the realm of the portion of responsibility to Satan. It was taken by Satan. Therefore we must regain the realm of the portion of responsibility. (143-079, 1986.03.16)

3 If God had not established the portion of responsibility, the term “restoration through indemnity” that the Unification Church teaches today would not have appeared. Restoration could have occurred without having to pay indemnity. Why does indemnity have to be paid? It is because human beings have a portion of responsibility. The first human ancestors failed to fulfill their responsibility, and we, their descendants, have yet to fulfill it. To accomplish our given responsibility, we must overcome all the obstacles in Satan’s world, and stand in a position to rule over Satan. That is, we must reach the point where we can eliminate the environment in which Satan opposes us and enter the state in which we can receive the love of God with dignity. When that happens, Satan will fall away. (143-078, 1986.03.16)

4 Restoration through indemnity cannot be avoided. Why do we need to separate from Satan? It is because we need to fulfill the original portion of responsibility and establish the foundation for an environment of freedom. Then Satan cannot accuse us and we will stand in a place where Satan can have no relationship with us. That is why, logically speaking, restoration through indemnity and fulfilling our portion of responsibility cannot be avoided. That is why we must separate from Satan. Thus, we must have the attitude that even if we must go without eating, we will have no relationship with Satan’s world. That is the dividing point, the borderline. (148-204, 1986.10.09)

5 All of you have lived until now without knowing the importance of the human portion of responsibility. Restoration through indemnity is to provide us with the environment of freedom in which we can accomplish our portion of responsibility. Satan seeks to invade, so we must protect ourselves against him. To protect ourselves against Satan, we must love God and humankind more than we love Satan. Satan hates God and humankind, but we must be able to say, “We love God and humankind.” We cannot separate from Satan unless we stand in the position of human beings who have nothing to do with the Fall, and meet the standard whereby we can fulfill our portion of responsibility according to the one original way. (148-156, 1986.10.08)

6 To fulfill our human portion of responsibility, conditions of indemnity are necessary, and I have already made these indemnity conditions. Therefore, if you adopt my viewpoint and purpose of life, when you stand proudly as flag bearers of love in your nation, you will become patriots; when you go to your family, you will become filial children; and when you take your place as husbands and wives, you will be virtuous husbands and wives. In relating to the world, you will walk the path of saints, and you will attain even the position of princes and princesses who live in accordance with the laws of the Heavenly Palace. There is only one way to freely pass through all these gates: by a life of offering everything willingly for the purpose of love. This is an amazing truth. (169-094, 1987.10.25)

7 Restoration through indemnity is not restoration that is merely conditional. I paid conditional indemnity. Now I am making actual indemnity conditions. This is not written in the Divine Principle. You may be hearing these terms, “conditional indemnity” and conditions which are for “actual indemnity” for the first time. When we look at the course of restoration to the present, we see that God repeatedly raised individuals from Satan’s world who were most conscientious. Noah was precisely that kind of person. God called Noah upon the foundation of that one individual’s life of absolute faith, and settled His providence through Noah’s family. Today as well, God needs such men of absolute faith. He also needs women of absolute faith and four-position foundations of absolute faith. (183-164, 1988.10.31)

8 The way of restoration through indemnity is the way to separate from Satan. We need to separate from Satan in order to recover the realm of the portion of responsibility. Originally Satan did not exist in the realm of the portion of responsibility. That was Adam’s realm. According to the original standard, Satan should not have invaded the realm of Adam’s portion of responsibility. Each of you needs to clearly bear this concept in mind as you take this path. You must complete your portion of responsibility and be engrafted amid God’s love. If you want to be engrafted amid God’s love, you have to separate Satan. You must separate completely everything that is related to Satan. (148-197, 1986.10.09)

9 Why do we need restoration through indemnity? It enables us to create a realm of freedom wherein we can fulfill our portion of responsibility. Why must we separate from Satan? This is to restore the original environment of freedom, untainted by the Fall, in which we can fulfill our portion of responsibility. This is logical. I, too, am bound by this responsibility. That is why I receive opposition worldwide. I am being persecuted and attacked on the world level. By suffering this worldwide persecution, I can separate Satan on the world level. That is what I did based on my incarceration in Danbury. In Danbury, I loved my enemy and loved my enemy’s nation. With love I attended God on the frontline and set all the conditions to declare that I loved humanity more than Satan does. Because of that separation, I declared that I had attained the realm where I can fulfill the human portion of responsibility. (148-200, 1986.10.09)

The eight stages of restoration through indemnity

10 Because of His heart of love, God, rather than considering the archangel His enemy and ordering him around, has been enduring Satan since the time of Adam. Due to humankind’s ignorance of the secrets of Heaven and Satan, people have been living in confusion; but now the True Parents have come and revealed all those secrets. That is why I say that pursuing the course of restoration means finding the way, while pursuing the course of the Principle means following the way. I had to fight my way throughout the course of restoration, but you can speed along the path as though you were driving on a highway. We are entering the age when we can speed through in just a few hours what once took many decades. I have made everything clear; it is all based on this principle. (407-104, 2003.05.13)

11 How grateful are you to be going the way of restoration through indemnity, the destined way to fulfill your portion of responsibility? You should not say, “I like the words of the Principle of the Unification Church, but I don’t like restoration through indemnity!” In order to be admitted to a university and be allowed to walk through its gates, you must take an exam. That may not be something you want to do, but unless you make it through, you cannot enter the school. It is the same with us. The course you must walk in the Unification Church is not easy. (138-121, 1986.01.19)

12 The Unification Church has been walking the way of restoration through indemnity. In order to restore everything, I created the foundation that we have now. It required me to go through indescribable circumstances in my life. I endured and prevailed without being destroyed and without being caught by Satan’s hooks. I made this foundation not for my own sake but for the sake of humankind. It is not to be kept within the Unification Church. The Unification Church will disappear in the future, because everyone will belong to God’s one sovereignty. This is what all religions have hoped for. (161-086, 1987.01.02)

13 Persevering and overcoming means you must patiently endure. No one likes to patiently endure. However, we must do so, even if it requires unbelievable effort. It is difficult because human beings were not originally meant to patiently endure hardships. People have to patiently endure because of the Fall. It is because we must offer restitution. In fact, didn’t our first ancestors fall because they failed to patiently endure? So to restore this through indemnity, we have no choice but to patiently endure. That is the rule of indemnity. Satan is helpless in front of those who persevere, and in the end he will surrender to them. So be patient and endure until the very end. It is for this reason that God, our Father, has endured everything for six thousand years. We have inherited His heavenly character and His flesh and blood, so we must become like Him. Therefore our philosophy of life in this fallen world has to be one of patience and endurance. Who is this for? It is for God. The ways of filial piety and loyalty start from this. It is where the movement to liberate the nation and the world begins. That liberated world will be a place that both the good world and the bad world will welcome, and thereby hell will disappear. That is why under this principle, we must be patient and endure. (044-027, 1971.05.04)

14 The six thousand years of history unfolded from the individual level to the levels of family, tribe, people, nation and world. The Unification Church is going through eight stages to restore love, on the level of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and finally God. When we pray, we should do so focusing on these eight stages. Individual restoration takes place within the family, family restoration occurs within a tribe, a tribe’s restoration occurs within a people, a people’s restoration takes place within a nation and a nation’s restoration occurs within the world. The restoration of the world occurs within heaven and earth, and the restoration of heaven and earth is completed within the love of God. This means that everything in heaven and earth should become one, centered on God’s love. (61-075, 1972.08.27)

15 Although we may live for the sake of our families, we must also become people who live for the sake of something greater, our tribe. And although we may live for the sake of our tribe, we also must strive to live for the sake of our whole people. In this way, we need to climb up step by step. We need to continue climbing, even beyond the world. The world in which we live is the fallen world. In it there are realms of fallen individuals, fallen families, fallen tribes, fallen peoples, fallen nations, a fallen world and a fallen cosmos. We can reach God only when we have gone beyond these seven stages. How great it would be if we could leap beyond these stages all at once! That would be ideal. If Adam had gone beyond the twenty- one years of his growing period without falling, he would have gone through all these stages at once, automatically. (126-113, 1983.04.12)

16 The reason we human beings start from the position of the servant of servants is because we need to walk an internal course of separation from Satan through indemnity. Satan will not have a condition to attack if we fulfill all the vertical indemnity conditions that exist in Satan’s world. That is why I have walked the course of restoration through indemnity through all the positions, starting from servant of servants to servant, adopted child and stepchild. After that, I had to restore the son and the mother to arrive at the position of Adam. One man and one woman have to reach the highest position possible as a man and a woman; only then can they fulfill the position of the Parents. This does not just happen. They must completely fulfill the requisite internal indemnity conditions. (161-209, 1987.02.04)

17 During the course of restoration, world-level persecution and even bloody sacrifice are inevitable. To rise from the position of servant of servants to that of servant, or from the position of servant to that of adopted child, you will have to face persecution. The same principle applies through all seven stages of restoration, and if God is included it becomes eight stages. People change, but God never changes. Thus among the various religions of the world, there are religions in the position of servant of servants, servant, adopted child, stepchild, son, mother, father and true parents. Religions have remained at these different stages, even as they continued through their long histories. In the Last Days, the religion of true parents centered on the True Parents will emerge. (124-069, 1983.01.23)

18 The Unification Church explains that we return to God by going through the stages of the servant of servants, servant, adopted child, stepchild, child, mother, father and God. These eight stages constitute the vertical standard. The horizontal standard consists of the restoration of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. These vertical and horizontal standards must match. We must set the standard of indemnity for both. You do not know all this, but if I did not know it, there would be no way to restore this world. It would turn into a den of the devil. I am doing everything possible to survive while the devil is coming at me from all four directions. He is trying to destroy me. Satan is in the position of the father, based on lineage, and he is the chief of all the enemies who oppose God. Yet people act as servants of this Satan, without knowing where they originally came from. Now I have come and finally revealed the root of Satan. I am now leading the movement to lay bare the roots of history. (183-111, 1988.10.15)

19 We have to go through the eight- stage restoration process, even if we do not complete it. Have you ever been in the position of a servant of servants, as taught in the Unification Church? When you are a servant of servants, a servant is your master. You follow the orders not of the master, but of his servant who is above you, while longing to be in the position of a servant. Once you reach the position of servant, you have to move on to the positions of adopted child, stepchild and child of God’s direct lineage. Then you have to pass through the stage of the mother, and then the stage of the father as you are climbing up to the stage of God. Only when you reach the stage of God and unite with Him can you enter the world of love. The kingdom of heaven is the world of love. Longing for that final stage, you should overcome and go over all the preceding stages and enter the world of love. (142-167, 1986.03.09)

20 What is the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages? It is a ceremony that marks the victorious completion of eight vertical stages—the servant of servants, servant, adopted child, stepchild, child, mother, father and God—and eight horizontal stages—the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. The Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages signifies that I have gone through the vertical and horizontal courses of indemnity according to those eight stages, and settled, and thereby the restoration of the right of the first son is completed and the course of indemnity for all the people of the earth is resolved. That is the result I brought by conducting this ceremony. The right of the elder son is restored, and True Parents can embrace all humankind. This ceremony brings an end to the history of wars and struggles that were necessary to restore the right of the elder son in the realm of the True Parents’ love. Now the time has come when indemnity is no longer needed and we can have harmony in love. In order to achieve this, I had to hold the Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages. Through this ceremony True Parents forgave both the older and younger sons, so we can now enter the age of the realm where fallen parents are forgiven. (193-172, 1989.10.03)

True Parents' course of restoration through indemnity

21 Most people who go to prison feel despair and discouragement from the first moment they step inside. However, I was quite interested in what would result from my time there. You all have learned about restoration through indemnity, so I think you understand why I wondered what would happen after I surmounted each obstacle. Therefore, to me, the pain I would have to go through was not a problem; instead, I always thought about what new historical gift might come after the pain. (133-301, 1985.01.01)

22 Through the sin of the human ancestors and their failure to fulfill their portion of responsibility, a deep abyss of death came to exist. That is why I am now going beyond the national level in the course of restoration through indemnity, even though the whole world stands against me. I must establish the foundation created by this world-level condition of indemnity when the United States, as the center of the Christian cultural sphere of the democratic world, comes into oneness with the original line of equilibrium, the realm of God’s direct dominion. Then the restoration of Cain and Abel will be accomplished. (137-251, 1986.01.03)

23 Unification Church members have to stand in the central position in their nations and in the world. The Divine Principle and the teachings of the Unification Church must become the center of the nation, the world, and heaven and earth. So what does that have to do with you? If you are to rise to the top and become leading families, you need to stand in a central position and eliminate everything that came about as a result of the Fall. This is necessary. We cannot recover the nation unless we eliminate everything related to the Fall. Even if you are standing at the bottom, you have to rise again to the top, beginning with your family. Earlier in my life, I was unable to finish the seven- year course on the family level. Hence, I had to go through the eras of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation, and then reestablish a family in the ideal position by fulfilling the responsibilities of a filial son, patriot, saint and divine son. Because I went through this process, I had no family during that time. I had do that course over again to recover the family. This has taken me forty years. (483-137, 2005.01.18)

24 I have forgotten the names of all my enemies. When I go to the spirit world, who could be my enemy? You must love the sons and daughters and the tribe of your worst enemy. That is the way I have lived my life. When the children of my enemies had no money to pay for school, I sent them money. When they had nothing to eat, I bought them food. So my enemy’s curse against me has no place to go. Even if my enemy curses me, it does not affect me. Since he will have to pay the debt created by my heart of love for him, his descendants will have to follow me, even if his clan comes to ruin. They will have to serve me as servants while wailing in repentance for his sin. So my enemies are people to be pitied. Because God feels pity for them as well, He chose me to save them—to be the eternal center, the central person who could set today's world straight and, with God on high, regain the world. (305-288, 1998.08.27)

25 Make one thousand spiritual sons and daughters, and take the position of their ancestor on behalf of God. Your role as their ancestor is to embrace all your spiritual children and live for their sake every day. That is the way I have lived my life. Because of this, I have shed many tears that no one knows about. I have shed tears for individuals, for families and for tribes. I have shed tears not only for humanity on earth but also for all humanity in the spirit world and also for the liberation of God. Still, paying indemnity is not a simple matter. It is like water that has fallen to the ground and flows toward the ocean. Nevertheless, if people do not have grateful hearts for the Parents of Heaven and Earth, who have made such a contribution to history, I cannot be responsible for their ingratitude. (382-146, 2002.06.21)

26 The fulfillment of the providence of restoration means the fulfillment of restoration through indemnity. True Parents have been taking responsibility for it, because I know that God cannot intervene or take responsibility unless True Parents take responsibility. Likewise, you have to walk your course of restoration by paying your own indemnity. You can shorten the history of six thousand years to sixty years or even six years. You can do it during your life on earth. I have taught you everything. You must believe absolutely in what I taught you, and love True Parents more than you love your own father and mother. You must resolve that, as sons and daughters who were born in the state of purity that has nothing to do with the blood of Satan, you will make heaven and earth your homeland, your ideal nation. You also must resolve that among your family, you will establish people who will become filial children, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters by attending True Parents. By accomplishing this, your entire clan will enter the kingdom of heaven, beginning with your own family. (379-275, 2002.05.30)

27 It is fortunate that I came into this world. You have no idea how hard it has been to sort out all the tangles of mistakes in the bitter grief of human history. This wretched history has been rolling on incessantly, so the question is, who will pave the way and turn it back to Heaven? Behind the few years of Unification Church history stretches a human history that spans thousands of years and hundreds of thousands of years. All that history is connected to the history of our church. Do not forget that the Unification Church has embraced the bitterness of indemnity to restore this sorrowful history. (143-038, 1986.03.15)

28 God’s eternal hope, the moment that God has been yearning for, the one moment that all religions in human history have awaited, has arrived within your lifetime. That long-awaited moment is the moment when the True Parents, who represent Jesus Christ, come into the world. Therefore, it is your responsibility to offer sincere devotion and to welcome that moment without any wavering. Many nations fell, many religions rose and fell, and many sages and saints were sacrificed in order to welcome the Enthronement Ceremony for God’s kingship. On top of that, the Lord at the Second Advent had to take on the portion of responsibility that Jesus, who came as the only begotten Son, had left for his return, and conclude restoration through indemnity. Amid all this misery, God has been unable to maintain His dignity as the Creator. Yet you must know that He is none other than our True Father. He is the owner of love, the owner of life and the owner of lineage. His relationship with us is destined to become a relationship of Father and children, a relationship of inseparable oneness. (352-329, 2001.09.01)

29 Except for Jesus, even the founders of religion never thought of God as their Father. We understand that He is, but the more serious question is, how shall we take this reality and experience Him as our Father? I can represent heaven and earth today because, ever since I knew God and the spirit world, I followed Him, enduring any kind of persecution as if it were nothing. Unless you also live such a life, you cannot become the people whom God will remember forever as victors. True Parents are in this position. As the Savior, this has been their life course. You who received the Blessing also have to follow this course. (352-329, 2001.09.01)

Section 2. The Path of Restoration through the Blessing

1 If you want to receive God’s love, you have to deny everything of this world and offer your life in loving God, which means entering into a love relationship with God. If you want to receive God’s love, you must invest your life; the force of life will enter you in proportion to your investment. If you thus unite your life with God’s life, you can finally be restored to the position of a son or daughter before the Fall, a son or daughter whom God can trust. This is the way you build the foundation of faith. Once you have built the foundation of faith, it means that you have conditionally moved from the position of Adam who fell due to his disbelief, to the position of Adam who can be trusted by God, namely, the position God had hoped Adam would take. Afterwards, we have to fight against Satan’s temptations and create the foundation of substance. From the position of Abel, we must bring Cain to a natural surrender. We do not fight against Satan with fists; we fight with love. This is because the human ancestors fell through love. If the level of Satan's love is ten, then the level of our love must be fifteen. If Satan’s love is fifteen, our love must be twenty. (40-244, 1971.02.06)

Change of lineage through the Messiah

2 Because of the Fall, human beings lost their Heavenly Parent, received Satan’s lineage, and came under Satan’s dominion. Restoring what was originally intended requires going in the reverse order. We can receive the Messiah only when we have laid the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance. This is what the Divine Principle teaches: we, in our lifetime, have to establish the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance. (54-188, 1972.03.24)

3 Since Adam lost both faith and substance, he can recover love only after he has restored both the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance. What did Adam lose? First, Adam lost faith, next, he lost substance, and finally, he lost love. He lost these three; therefore we need to restore them. (65-314, 1973.03.04)

4 In order to go the way of restoration, you first need to establish a foundation of faith. The foundation of faith is necessary to create a solid foundation upon which you can secure your place and stand in the subject partner position. This will enable you to pursue Heaven’s goals by yourself; however, that is not enough. You still have to establish the foundation of substance. The foundation of substance is the foundation that makes Cain surrender to Abel. Cain is the son of the enemy, Satan. It was by the hand of Cain that struggles in history came about. Through him evil took root and waves of death swept through history. To block these evil actions and stop the evil side, a person in the Abel position, that is, a person on God’s side, must win over a person in the Cain position. (30-290, 1970.04.05)

5 There are two paths we must take. One is for our sake; the other is for the sake of Cain. That is to walk the path of serving our enemy. This means that, in order to go our own path, we must deal with Cain. What is the foundation of substance? Even though Abel has paved his own way, he cannot stand before God unless he totally wins over Cain. Abel should bring his enemy with him. He should not attack his enemy; rather, he should lead his enemy and bring his enemy with him. (30-339, 1970.04.06)

6 To remove the original sin, we establish a foundation for the Messiah by restoring the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance. Once we have done that, we are able to newly enter the realms of God’s life and love. To remove the original sin requires an engrafting process. In order to make a wild olive tree into a true olive tree, we have to prune it and engraft it with a branch from a true olive tree. Likewise, in order for people who are like wild olive trees to become true olive trees, they have to go through a process of self-denial and then welcome and completely affirm a new self. (41-063, 1971.02.13)

7 People say they have reached a standard of perfection, but this standard does not straighten out the blood lineage. Since human beings have inherited Satan’s lineage, their lineage is not pure. In order to purify it they definitely need the Messiah. Therefore, fallen people absolutely need the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance as the foundation to receive the Messiah. The ultimate question is how to create the foundation to receive the Messiah and change your lineage through the Messiah. (55-136, 1972.05.07)

8 What should be your standard in living your life of faith? Your goal must be to achieve a higher position than that of our ancestors Adam and Eve. To get there, you must fight. But against whom do you fight? Brothers are not meant to fight against each other. You must fight against Satan. When you are about to do something good, Satan is bound to appear, but so is God. You stand in the middle, between good and evil. In that position, you can become a person of goodness only by conquering evil and following goodness, until evil surrenders to you of its own accord. In the terminology of the Divine Principle, this is called completing the foundation of substance; it is accomplished by fighting with Satan and gaining victory. After you defeat Satan, you will be rewarded. In this world, accomplishments are recognized with plaques or money, but we are not talking about such trivial things. Our reward is unique and of inestimable value; it is the love of God. (58-018, 1972.06.06)

9 Fallen people must seek the Messiah. The Messiah comes as the True Parents to give us rebirth. It is a rebirth—not through life, but through love. Where does that love originate? Consider the parent-child relationship: we think of our natural parents, but the original subject partner of love is God. If God is the subject partner of love in heaven, then it is Adam who represents God’s love on earth. This means that True Father is in the position of the subject partner of love. Since True Father is in the position of the subject partner of love, True Mother must appear alongside True Father as his object partner. For this, Christianity to this day has been seeking the positions of father and mother, but it has not found them. The decisive teaching that shows how to find these positions is the biblical concept of the bride and bridegroom. (58-019, 1972.06.06)

The origin and value of the Blessing

10 In the Bible we learn that the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, fell. The Fall means that they failed, and failing means that they did not pass their test. Another way to look at it is that they contracted a sickness. Therefore, history began with sorrow and tears instead of joy. For sure it was not filled with blessings. Where was the word “Blessing” to have begun? The history of the Blessing should have begun with Adam and Eve. There should have been someone to receive the Blessing and someone to give it. If Adam and Eve were the ones to receive the Blessing, then God was the one to give it. In this sense, human beings were created to receive the Blessing from God. By giving them the Blessing, God would have had continuous relationships with all people. Therefore, the Blessing belongs to God and, at the same time, to human beings. (91-207, 1977.02.20)

11 Since Adam and Eve fell at the completion level of the growth stage, in the course of restoration as well, the originating point of the Blessing from True Parents begins at the completion level of the growth stage. That is the stage when you receive the Blessing. After receiving it, you then have to pass through a seven-year course before you can stand at the level of perfection. Even I have to pass through this course just as you do. It is our common destiny to have to pass through this course. (25-027, 1969.09.21)

12 The term, “the Blessing” did not begin with the Unification Church. It has been the hope in God’s innermost heart—something He has pursued and strived to fulfill while leading the providence through history. God had wanted to fulfill this hope by giving Adam and Eve the Blessing of marriage after He created them in the Garden of Eden. However, to this day, no one has ever received this Blessing. God has been in the sorrowful position of waiting throughout human history to see the realization of His hope for the Blessing. After working in history for four thousand years, God sent Jesus to this earth for the purpose of finally realizing the Blessing that He had desired to give human beings. Jesus was doing God’s providential work, but he was crucified before he could receive the Blessing. Throughout subsequent history, many Christians struggled and shed blood as martyrs, but still God’s hope remained unfulfilled. God walked the path of suffering along with them to see His dream come true, but until now He couldn’t find that day. Only with the coming of that day will His bitter grief in history be dissolved, and the dream that He has nursed throughout history be fulfilled. (30-164, 1970.03.22)

13 The Fall occurred at the completion level of the growth stage, and we have to reverse its course to be restored to the original state. Adam and Eve fell through the misuse of love. In the course of our restoration as well, when we reach the stage Adam and Eve were in when they fell, we also must overcome this problem of love. Up to the present, people have been receiving love from the false parent, Satan. To overcome this problem of Satan’s love, there is no other way but to connect to True Parents’ love, which is centered on God. Therefore, human beings, who have inherited the fallen parent’s lineage in the realm of the Fall, must meet True Parents and unite vertically with them to find their way along the path that leads beyond the realm of the Fall. The Divine Principle teaches that we must take that position. However, it cannot be fulfilled alone; it requires that men and women be paired as couples. This is the Blessing conducted in the Unification Church. Therefore, the Blessing cannot be performed based on how you want it; it must be done centered on the Parents, the vertical center. (55-137, 1972.05.07)

14 Human beings lost all things of creation due to the Fall. Satan also defiled their substance—their bodies—and took away their hearts. Everything must be restored through indemnity. Hence, we must put God at the center of our lives and resolve the problem of all things, the problem of substance and the problem of heart. Also, unless we pass through the completion stage, we cannot attain the standard of perfection. This is a principle and law. Thus, all the lost things of creation must be restored and the defiled substance of human beings must be restored. The stolen heart has to be restored as well. When we look at this horizontally, all things represent formation, substance represents growth and heart represents completion. (55-138, 1972.05.07)

15 People commonly use the word “blessing” to denote the highest value. When businesses are successful, people say they are blessed; it means that they are fortunate. They also say they are fortunate when they have a good son or daughter. However, the Blessing is to be received by men and women. What is great about the Blessing received by a man and a woman? First, it is to begin a relationship of love in the very place where life is created. This is the most precious thing. Next, the Blessing is where a man and a woman connect to the life that does not belong only to human beings, but to God, who is the center of eternal life. It is where they inherit the ideal of love where their love is not only their own love but is connected with God’s eternal love. Upon this foundation, they should strive to fulfill the ideal of life. This truly is a blessed life. (91-208, 1977.02.20)

16 The Blessing is to receive and inherit the bond with the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. Although God could not realize the relationship of heart that He wanted to have with Adam and Eve after the creation, through the Blessing thousands of generations of descendants will come forth, fulfilling God's hope for a world that will last for eternity. God’s hope that was not realized in the beginning has been bequeathed to us today. We inherit that hope as representatives of True Father and True Mother. We inherit the glorious medals and plaques that True Father and True Mother received and all their great, victorious achievements in their fight against Satan’s world. (158-021, 1967.11.10)

17 The Unification Church is the only place since the beginning of history that lays out a systematic path to the salvation of the family. That is why families that believe in the teachings and follow the way of the Unification Church will be able to receive salvation and enter the kingdom of heaven. Our mass weddings are the ceremonies that create such families. The world sneers at us and says all kinds of nasty things, but it does not know what an amazing and astonishing thing the content of the Blessing is. We must become true sons and daughters who are one with the principles of heaven and earth and who share in both the heart of heaven and the heart of human beings. We should then form families in the position of God’s true first sons and true first daughters, and live our lives on this earth with God as our center. When we do this, we can fulfill the purpose of our life as true human beings born on earth and fulfill God’s original purpose for creating human beings. This is the path true people have to follow. (41-314, 1971.02.17)

18 We stand on the foundation of the merit of True Parents, who have been walking the course of restoration. Our value is now higher than that of Adam and Eve who fell in the Garden of Eden. Therefore you are within the realm of authority where you can represent the standard of a people, tribe, family and couple, all of which Jesus was unable to attain. If you follow the standard of faith that is absolutely united with the Word, and if you are absolutely united with the life and heart of the True Parents, you can receive the Blessing from God without any problem. (76-080, 1975.01.26)

19 Centering on whom can you receive the Blessing? Centering on the Parents. They are the True Parents, in whom you can place your absolute faith. You would be punished if you received the Blessing without being able to say with absolute conviction, “I have come forth because of my relationship with True Parents, with their flesh and blood. No force in the universe can sever this relationship.” In the future, if you violate this condition and fail, your life will become miserable. You have appeared as a representative of history and the representative of your good ancestors. You stand in a solemn position, representing all your good ancestors and your tribe in this era. (30-226, 1970.03.23)

20 You will be able to return to God only if you can feel from the tips of your fingers to the ends of your toes that you have been completely reborn through the love of True Parents and are grateful for it. However, there are all sorts of things tying you down, so you must kick all of them away and move beyond them. That is the path you are destined to take, no matter how tremendously difficult it may be. How many people without even a twig to grab on have fallen into the abyss? Countless individuals, families, tribes and countless nations have been destroyed, because while on the path they fell off the cliff and died. However, if someone could build a bridge that spans the abyss between the cliffs, such a thing would be worth more than nations and even more than the world. That precious bridge has now been built for you, thanks to your relationship with True Parents. It is more valuable than receiving all of heaven and earth. (35-234, 1970.10.19)

21 Satan’s blood is churning in your veins. Therefore, after cursing and trampling on your unworthy self and repenting in shame for having nothing in you that God can accept, you must come to the place of the Blessing. True Parents suffered to open this way for you, so you need to come with love and gratitude deep in your heart. At the place of Blessing, you must not measure good or bad based on your own thought and brain. Right there your lineage is changed; your bloodline is actually changed. The place of the Blessing is the very best place you can be in the entire world. It is impossible to attain the place of the Blessing on your own; you attain it solely by virtue of the love of True Parents. When a child is born from his parents, whether he is good-looking or not, the child resembles his parents. In the same way, in the Unification Church you are taught the way to become true parents. For you, that is the blessing of blessings. (35-235, 1970.10.18)

Section 3. The Life of a True Person

1 A life of true love simply means living for the sake of others. It is a life of giving to others first, for their sake, before want wanting others to give to you, for your sake. It is giving to others and then forgetting what you have given to them. It is not a matter of wanting something in return for what you have given. Rather, you feel sorry that you were not able to give more. It is a life of taking a humble position, even as you give to others and live for their sake. That is the love of parents and the love of an owner. Such is the heart of God, the True Parent of humanity. (433-179, 2004.01.27)

The philosophy and practice of living for the sake of others

2 If you love people as much as you love God, people will love you just as God loves you. This is why in the Bible Jesus said, “Everyone who acknowledges me before others, I also will acknowledge before my Father in heaven.” (Matt. 10:32) It is the same principle. That is why I am telling you to love people just as you love God. When you invest in something, do not think about it. Do not spare anything, and then do not remember what you invested. You have to become a leader with the heart of a parent, with the heart that if you have something to eat, you would want to save it for others rather than eating it yourself, or you would not eat by yourself, because you think of your members first. (70-166, 1974.02.09)

3 You should always be in the position of a subject partner, centered on God’s love. You should be able to influence others. How can you influence others? By giving. When you give, how should you give? You should not give leftovers. If you give leftovers from your meal, even if people eat them, afterwards they will spit them out in disgust. Let’s say you have five rice cakes to give out to people. If you pick up one, put it down and then pick another, wondering how much to give, it is worse than not giving at all. Without any hesitation you should just pick up a handful of them and give them out. Then people will thank you. But if you hesitate in giving, people will criticize you even after you do them that favor. Thus, when you give, you should do so with God’s parental heart. (060-170, 1972.08.17)

4 When you act centering on yourself, it brings evil results, but when you act for the sake of the whole, it brings advancement. When you act for the sake of the whole, every door will open to you. The doors of the individual, family, tribe, people, world and heaven will open; the doors to every path, including the way of love, will open and welcome you. From this viewpoint, the Unification Church teaches the heavenly principle that we are born for the sake of others. So we choose the path of living for the sake of others and actually live our life that way. (133-016, 1984.07.01)

5 If someone truly invested his or her life and sacrificed everything so you could receive a benefit of 100 percent, would your original heart tell you to repay 50 percent and put 50 percent in your pocket, or would it tell you to pay back as much as you can? Our original heart tells us to repay even more than we received. If we truly know that someone gave us everything with a heart of love, our original heart will tell us to give back more than 100 percent. It is by this process that the concept of eternity is established. It is how eternity originated. The principle of total investment was established in the very beginning. Advancement and prosperity flow from that point. (73-326, 1974.08.10)

6 Parents’ love is good, but if the parents give it for their own sake, the children will not want it. Children’s love is good, but if it demands that the parents live for the sake of the children, the parents will not want it. If you gave ten with love for the sake of others, it will return as eleven. Love for the sake of others works that way. If your partner loves you and lives for your sake even in a small way, you want to give back more than you received. This cycle will continue to expand. If the cycle of giving continually expands throughout your life, this sacrificial way of life will extend itself beyond the nation to the world, the heavenly kingdom, and the entire eternal spirit world. When you demand that others live for you, however, your benefit will diminish more and more. If you live like that, what is ten at first will the next time be reduced to eight. If you demand night and day that others live for you, your heart will shrivel up. Since love comes from the other, only when we follow the way of living for the sake of others can pure, ideal love flow back and forth between us. (119-326, 1982.09.26)

7 There should be no such thing as selfish individualism. The union of Eve and the archangel was based on a self- centered consciousness—the idea that the self should live for its own sake. That is why we have to deny that path. Up to this point we have been talking about living for the sake of others, but not anymore. From now on, we need to talk about living for the sake of others and the self at the same time. Who are others? “Others” includes “me.” We say we have to live for the sake of the Cain world, but that is not exactly so. We must bring them to us because those others and I are actually one body. This is no longer the time for teaching the principle of living for the sake of others; rather, we should teach living for the sake of “others and me.” We have to bring our partners to the point that they become one with us, and in so doing, we make something greater—“us.” Then we can go to the kingdom of heaven together. Those who think that they alone are the best will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. This is a principle. If there is one model at the center, then everything for 360 degrees around the center must be divided into equal parts. There should be no barriers, only equality, peace, unity and freedom. Thus we are not merely living for the sake of others. Our heart and body have to be united based on a greater heart through the principle of “others and I.” In this way, we have to bring Cain to voluntary submission. (409-282, 2003.06.29)

8 We have to repay our parents who have lived for our sake. Therefore we must be filial children. Life did not begin from us; it came forth from the Origin of the universe. The entire universe exists in the position of living for the sake of others, and any being that denies this is bound to perish. Such a being would have no origin and therefore no basis for existence. Human beings are born to live for the sake of others. This means we must live for the sake of those who love us. We live for the sake of our father and mother until we die, because we need to make their love grow after we first receive it. If we live for their sake until the day they die of old age, our family will grow bigger. In order to inherit the nation, our family has to grow to the level where its love for the nation exceeds the love between the husband and wife. Then it will become a family that the nation can embrace. We must live for the nation, which is greater than the family, and live for the world, which is greater than the nation. Then we must live for heaven and earth, which are greater than the world, and finally we must live for God, who is the greatest of all. (435-176, 2004.02.04)

A life of true love in accordance with God's Will

9 Satan began his invasion by violating God’s heart. Therefore the first step in subjugating and judging Satan is to revive God’s heart. In other words, the foundation for victory begins by stimulating God’s heart. In the Last Days there is judgment of the Word, judgment of personality and judgment of heart. These three—Word, personality and heart—are the standards of judgment. How can we achieve these standards? We have to ascend to a stage higher than that of Adam and Eve when they fell. Otherwise we will not be in the position to raise the flag of victory. As people who were called by God, who is the original being of the Word, we have to stand in the position of people who have recovered the Word, and we have to stand in the position of people who have substantiated the Word and inherited God’s heart. These are the standards we have to reach, and to reach them we must be above the level where Adam and Eve fell. That is why the Unification Church teaches about the heart of God in the age of completion. (19-134, 1968.01.01)

10 When Adam and Eve fell at the completion level of the growth stage, they did not understand the heart of God. However, in this age of completion, the Unification Church teaches about the heart of God. It also teaches what the Will of God is and how to fulfill it. Therefore, unless we stand above the level of Adam and Eve at the time of the Fall, we cannot resolve the problem that caused them to fall. We have to move up to that place. Among all the people in the world, however, until now not even one person has attained this position. That is why I am urging you to reach it. (19-134, 1968.01.01)

11 You must set your own goals and live according to those goals. You must live your life in a way that God can move with you and history can move with you. Your life should be a model for humanity and for your descendants to follow. Also, you must be courageous and bold in your actions—as when God told Joshua, “Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed; for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Josh. 1:9) Thus God reveals His will to central persons in order to fulfill His providence. When God orders a battle with an enemy, we certainly will win that battle. But if you are set on your own goals and live your life according to secular standards, Satan will invade you. The matter is decided based upon what your goals are. Life goals approved by the secular world will not do. They must be life goals that are approved in the realm of heart. (14-322, 1965.01.10)

12 Behind your will, life and action there must be heart. Your will, life and action must be based on the heart of history, the heart of restoration, the heart of creation, and the heart for all humanity. Adam and Eve were meant to face the matter of heart only after they reached perfection, after going through the formation, growth and completion stages. The central issue in the new age to come will be heart. You must lead your life centered on the heart of God. His heart consists of the heart of restoration and the heart of creation. If the Fall had not occurred, there would have been no such thing as the heart of restoration. There would have been only the heart of glory—the heart of creation, which rejoices just to gaze upon it. The heart of restoration came about because of the Fall. We have to fulfill the Will through restoration because of the Fall. That is why, based on God’s Will and teaching, we have to relieve the heart of God, who has grieved throughout the course of restoration. Since Adam and Eve fell without being able to complete and offer God even one day of glory, we have to complete and offer that one day of glory for God. With the heart of restoration and the heart of creation, we must offer that one day of glory to God. (14-322, 1965.01.10)

The life of a true human being

13 People in England or America should not consider the Japanese or German people who visit their countries as enemies. Even though they are from former enemy countries, the British and Americans should think of them as an extension of their own families. By the same token, wherever you go in the world, if you see an elderly person, you should treat that person with more love than you would give to your own grandfather or grandmother. That is how you come closer to Heaven. If we can, we should create such an environment that American grandmothers treat Japanese children as their own grandchildren. They would even want their grandchildren to intermarry with them, overlooking the difference of nationality. Love is a mighty thing. In the world of love, people keep their loved ones close to their heart, no matter what the circumstances. The family is the training ground for life in heaven. The kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven is an extension of the family. This is the reason I have worried about America. (229-140, 1992.04.11)

14 The model family whose members are united by love is like a textbook of the kingdom of heaven. The world is an extension of the family. The people of the world can be differentiated by age: those at the age of grandfathers and grandmothers, those at the age of mothers and fathers, those at the age of young couples and those at the age of children. If the people of these different ages train themselves to unite and harmonize with one another within their own families, they create a formula by which wherever they go, whether on earth or in heaven, they can inherit everything, participate in everything and become the owners of everything. The kingdom of heaven is one family. The kingdom of heaven on earth is a world where people treat one another with love as their own brothers and sisters, beyond the national barriers. People who live such lives then move on to the eternal kingdom of heaven in heaven. That is the greatest success in life and the path of greatest happiness. (217-104, 1991.05.04)

15 Men and women are supposed to be ideal partners who help each other reach perfection. Without a partner there is no way to find true love and no way to attain perfection. Your mother and father should give you their signatures of approval, your grandmother and grandfather should say, “okay,” your spouse should say, “okay,” and your sons and daughters should say, “My father and mother are okay.” When all of them recognize you as a good couple, your sons and daughters will be happy. They will be happy because they live with you, their parents, who represent God, the King of the Universe. Your home, where they live, is a palace in which they are princes and princesses. Such a family is the kingdom of heaven. I have discovered this, and I am now teaching you by practicing it. (217-105, 1991.05.04)

16 The kingdom of heaven starts from the family. The grandparents represent the past, the mother and father the present, and the sons and daughters the future. In this way, the past, present and future are condensed in the family. The mother and father represent the current world. The grandfather and grandmother are in the position of God in the past; the mother and father are in the position of God in the present, and the sons and daughters are in the position of God in the future. They all are equal in true love. Based on the logic of true love, they attain equal value and ideal oneness. True love is love for the sake of others, and based on such love, the four directions blend into one. The family where this occurs is eternally protected by the fortune of God’s love. Its members are the partners of God’s love, and therefore they will never die but live for eternity. (211-289, 1990.12.30)

17 True parents are horizontal beings, and horizontal beings need a vertical being—Heavenly Parent. It is our heart that resembles the vertical Parent. It is our conscience that inherits vertical love, life and lineage, and it is our body that inherits horizontal love, life and lineage. God can only settle in the place where human beings join in a virtuous union, where their human hearts and Heaven’s heart are joined at a 90-degree angle. From that place all fortune springs and flows, and the world of eternal happiness and blessings begins. We must form this kind of heavenly kingdom in the family. When this kind of life expands, it becomes the world. (211-290, 1990.12.30)

18 We should know God’s love. We should know the love of our parents and learn how to attend them. We should know conjugal love and learn how to serve our spouse. We should know our children’s love and learn how to understand and support them, not just give them directions. Only then can we understand God’s love. We need parents, spouse and children as the textbooks of love. Unless we have children, we are incomplete and cannot understand God’s love, because we cannot understand how much God loves us, His children. Unless you are a husband, you cannot know a wife’s love, and unless you are a wife, you cannot know a husband’s love. Children do not know what parents’ love is like until they become parents. Children, spouse and parents are textbooks to learn from. Hence, without sons and daughters you cannot be true parents. You need your parents, your spouse and your children so you can become first class products that meet the standards of the original Principle. Only then will the universe stamp you with its seal of approval as Grade A products that can experience God’s love. Then you will go into the kingdom of heaven automatically. (133-138, 1984.07.10)

19 One who is always able to discern whether God is happy or sad cannot become an evil person even if he or she thinks to do so. He or she cannot go against the law of Heaven, even if he or she tries. The kind of person God deplores the most is the one who tries to use other people, whether in a private or public setting. Also God deplores those who evaluate matters based only on their self-benefit. The people God cherishes are those who yield to others. To yield means that you continually follow the person to whom you yield. You continually do what that person says. If you keep on doing it, you will find yourself orbiting in a circle, and you will end up acquiring that person’s position. In the end you can possess everything that person owns. (40-297, 1971.02.07)

20 To your partner you should always be meek and humble; you should submit, obey and surrender yourself to him or her. You do this in order to win him or her over completely. It is not just to occupy your partner, but to win him or her over in every respect. Likewise, in the world of faith, you must use the strategy of denying yourself and completely complying with your leader’s desires. This strategy is not to make you cease to exist, but to win him or her over completely. This is something of which you should be aware in your everyday life. (40-298, 1971.02.07)

21 Arrogance is your enemy. Arrogance and insisting on your own way are the essence and character of Satan. So instead of being arrogant, you should be modest; instead of insisting on your own way, you should be humble. Harmony creates friendship. Thus, you should be able to bring harmony to everyone. If you can do that, everything will start to flow. If people fail to unite in harmony, nothing greater can come. Lack of harmony leads to stagnation. Therefore, you must not give in to jealousy or envy, which, along with arrogance and insisting on your own way, are the essence of Satan’s nature. (37-132, 1970.12.23)

22 The work of the Unification Church is to transform people into saints. Great people have to face enemies, but saints do not regard anyone as an enemy. Great people love their own people, but saints love all humankind. Therefore, when great people seek to stand before God, He tells them, “You loved your own people but you failed to love all the people of the world, whom I love and am trying to save. Isn’t that so?” Hearing that, they are not able to stand in His presence. On the other hand, those who fulfill the duties of saints can go directly into His presence. The Unification Chinch works on transforming people into saints. (38-263, 1971.01.08)

23 Those who worship God need to shed their blood. Those who love God must shed tears. In fact, tears should not dry from their eyes. Those who seek God must shed sweat. Then, with the heart of a parent and in the shoes of a servant, they must sacrifice and serve humanity from the position of Abel, giving everything they have with utmost devotion. In giving, they should not boast to others, but rather feel sorry that they cannot give something better. This is what Godism is all about. (486-173, 2005.02.05)

24 The reason I stay up all night meeting with people is so that I can love everyone. If I disliked anyone, I could not take responsibility for the work of restoration. I have to love everyone, the good and the bad. Unless I love everyone, I cannot represent God. The Fall means that the first human ancestors fell down from God’s world to the opposite place. The Fall caused the world to plummet to a bad place. Nevertheless, if God were to say that this world was bad, He could not be God. He could not fulfill the work of restoration. When God created the world, all the while He said it was good. He could not be God anymore if He said this world had become bad because of the Fall. That is why it is a principle to treat even bad things as good things. That is why Jesus said, “Love your enemy.” (Matt. 6:44) (40-108, 1971.01.24)

25 To love your enemy means that you stand in a position where you do not have an enemy. To stand in that position means that you return to the original position in the original world, to the Garden of Eden which has nothing to do with the realm of the Fall. This is what we are fighting for. We fight so everyone can return to that state. Therefore, when you meet someone for the first time, do not reckon him to be a bad person, even if he is. (40-108, 1971.01.24)

The life of a true patriot and filial child

26 You must become families who can settle at the position of high noon, where no shadow is cast. The Garden of Eden was a place of true love, without any shadows. In love there are no shadows. That is why everything in the world wants to come and be in that place. In the position of high noon, no one asserts his or her self. It is the place of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. There is no assertion of self. This is what happens to everyone in the presence of true love. Adam’s family must be established as a family without shadows. Then from it will emerge Adam’s tribe, Adam’s people, Adam’s nation and Adam’s world. (335-045, 2000.10.01)

27 There must be a place of Sabbath, without shadows, where God can come and freely settle anytime He likes, day or night. Establishing such a place is God’s ideal of creation. Therefore, the reason we live as we do, seeking that place, is to attend God as our eternal Father, from the individual level all the way up, even in the heavenly world, and to become families of filial sons and daughters, patriotic men and women, saintly couples and divine sons and daughters. Through such families, God can freely travel anywhere He wants. The kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven will be realized when the world without any shadows is connected to heaven and earth. This world is where God can travel freely back and forth, visit anyone, from the youngest family to countless generations of our ancestors, all at once, and reach heaven and earth in all four directions, as He pleases. That is why the place of settlement at high noon, where no shadow is cast, must come. (335-045, 2000.10.01)

28 You are not to live a life with shadows. Therefore, I proclaimed the high noon settlement. It is a marvelous concept. For there to be no shadows, mind and body must be united and the family must be united as a four-position foundation. If the father did something wrong, he would create a father’s shadow. If the mother did something wrong, she would make a mother’s shadow. If there were four members in the family and the four could not settle down, then the light would be blocked. No one likes the place of shadows. That is why we must achieve the high noon settlement. There shouldn’t be any shadows, even after we go to the next world. God travels through the vertical line of eight stages from the shadow-free individual to the shadow-free family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. Can there be any shadow cast on God’s love? It is purity itself. That is why everyone wants that purity, even in his or her flesh and blood. No one likes shadows. The shadow is Satan. This is why whenever we do wrong, we tend to cover it up. That is the enemy. That is the barrier. You must break down that barrier if you are to have the high noon settlement. I am not saying this just symbolically. It must be done. (333-294, 2000.09.27)

29 In front of the True Parents, we must fulfill our duties as true filial children, true patriots, true saints and true divine sons and daughters. Only then can God’s kingship be established. The kingship of the heavenly nation is based on expanding the authority of the sons and daughters who attend the True Parents. Once the kingship is established, God will be enthroned and Satan’s world will disappear. (400-195, 2003.01.01)

30 From now, we need to establish a new tradition with the family as its center, based on the tradition of those who lived their lives as patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters. For this, we need to replace the traditions that existed during the age of indemnity. This new tradition is what we will follow for eternity in the kingdom of heaven. Centering on the family, we should establish the ways of true filial sons and daughters, true husbands and wives who are faithful to each other, and true patriots, and prepare the ways of saints and divine sons and daughters. We have to prepare these ways here on earth. (482-054, 2005.01.08)

CHAPTER 4 The Life Course of True Men and Women

Section 1. The Way of Our Original Nature

1 Why were we brought into this world? Why do we have to live? Where are we heading? We should not think that we were born by our own will. We were born into this world, yet we do not know the motivation and purpose behind our birth. We were born, but it was not because we chose to be born. We are living, but it is not because we decided to live. We will die, but it is not because we decide to die. Then what is there to be proud of? Since we cannot choose to be born, we cannot have exactly what we want in our life; and since we cannot avoid the path of death, we are pitiful beings with not much to be proud of. Since we were born, we are destined to live; and after living, we are destined to die. (7-179, 1959.09.06)

Preparation to fulfill our purpose of life

2 People in this world often ask, “What is life?” This question relates to our view of life, of the nation, the world, the universe, and finally, of God. How do we decide on our views of all these issues? What should be the basis for all these views, and how do we put them in order and connect them together? There is no better view of life than that based on the principle of living for the sake of others. Through it, you can find happiness by living for all humanity, for the whole world, for your nation, your society, your family, spouse and children. (75-324, 1975.01.16)

3 When you start off in a wrong direction, you will end up in a totally unexpected place. Hence, when a ship sets out on the vast ocean, the captain should chart its course and follow the compass from the moment it first sets sail from port. Yet fallen human beings do not even know their port of departure. They have no compass and no sense of direction or knowledge of their final destination. They have been wandering about, zigzagging here and there according to their desires. However hard they try, they end their life without having overcome their human limitations. (172-028, 1988.01.03)

4 You should not live your life without knowing what you are going to do. By the time you are in your twenties you should have a clear view of what you are going to do with your life. Then you have to struggle to achieve that objective, if you are to become a historical figure who leaves behind a legacy. You need to muster the courage to fight to attain victory, no matter what difficulties you encounter in trying to accomplish your goal. You should not try to avoid difficulties, but rather have the guts to digest them. (120-313, 1982.10.20)

5 The most important period in your life is from age eighteen to twenty-four. You should set the goal for your life by the time you are twenty-four. If you have self-discipline and offer sincere devotion, you will come to understand what it is. If you were born into the Unification Church and have led a proper life of faith, you already know what to do. On the other hand, those who live self-centered lives and take into account only their own interests have no idea. If you do not have any idea about your own direction, it is a serious problem. You need to discuss with God regarding this important matter of your life. Also, you need to adapt well to your environment. (120-313, 1982.10.20)

6 "When I was sixteen years old I was already very serious about life. When I was planning to go somewhere, if I felt uneasy about it I did not go. If I went anyway, there would be some kind of accident. It is the same today. That is why I am still alive, even though I have many enemies in this world. The more important one becomes, the more difficulties one encounters. In order to be able to overcome these challenges, it is crucial that you are able to make right decisions about where to go and whether to go there. If someone comes and reports to me, ""Father, we are in trouble; there is a problem,"" I already know what happened. If you cannot sense things like this, you will never become a great leader. You should not look at things two-dimensionally; you need to consider them from all angles. If you adopt a multidimensional way of thinking, an infinity of two-dimensional situations will be included. Because I have such a quality in me, if a person whose conscience is not upright comes to me, no matter how successful he or she is, I always have the upper hand. No explanation is needed. Of course you need to have knowledge, but more than that, you need to develop your spiritual awareness, because the future world is one of spiritual principles. (120-323, 1982.10.20)"

7 When you are calm, there is a place deep within your heart where your mind can be at ease. Your mind should be able to go to that place where it can rest. After you rest there and reawaken, your senses become very sharp. Then, if you seize that moment and focus yourself on that tranquil mind, excluding all other thoughts, you will be able to connect to everything. This is why you need prayer and self-cultivation. You must offer devotion all the time. Devotion is not something you offer once and then expect results. Through continual devotion you must find that state of tranquility and peace in your heart. Then you will understand everything you have to do. Having found your direction, you must follow through. You have to focus on that one direction, with your focus as sharp as the point of an arrow. Finding your direction is not difficult, but there are many things you must do beforehand to prepare. You must find the source of strength within yourself to move forward every day. Moreover, you cannot do these things all by yourself. (120-320, 1982.10.20)

8 By the time you reach eighteen years of age, you know what kind of person you are. However, you cannot succeed with your own power alone. This makes you prone to impatience. So you need the help of your friends, teachers and God. When I need greater power than what I have in order to do something on the world level, I become serious about the question of where I can find that power. If I were not able to find extra power, I would have to retreat, but that is not an option. That is why we need to pray, and why we need God. That is why we need the world of heart. The world of love is unlimited; it doesn’t matter how much you draw upon it. The material world ends at some point, as does the world of knowledge. The world of power can be destroyed in a second. But the world of heart is endless. Hence you need to act based on the world of heart. When you go to the center of the world of heart, you will move up and down on its central axis. You should go to the very core of the mind and heart. That is where infinite power is generated. If you make a ninety-degree angle with God, you can maintain infinite power based on that perpendicular. Hence you need to cultivate yourself. You need to offer devotion and experience the spirit world deeply through all aspects of your life on earth. (120-321, 1982.10.20)

9 The teacher closest to you is none other than your original mind. Your mind is more precious than your closest friend. It is more precious than even your mother and father. You need to consult your original mind. That is where God dwells. You need to reach the state where you can hear the voice of that mind. What Buddha meant by the words, “In heaven and on earth, I alone am the honored one,” is that when you look into your heart, you will know that God dwells inside you. Then there is nothing you cannot do. So please make your mind clear and bright. Your original mind is superior to any teacher. It is your eternal lord. Therefore, do not be self-centered. Cultivate a mind devoted to the common good, a mind that takes a public position. (133-179, 1984.07.10)

Our purpose to become the sons and daughters of God

10 "Human beings are meant to be the princes and princesses of the universe. We should come to the point where we are able to say, ""God is my Father, and what God owns—heaven and earth—is also mine."" We should not rest until we possess all that belongs to God. To do this, we need to resonate with God's heart. Then, motivated by God's heart, we can embrace everything in the universe, and Satan cannot claim us. Then, finally, heavenly fortune can move for us, the blessings of heaven and earth can dwell with us, and the Garden of Eden can open to us. God, human beings and all things of creation will join in harmony to make paradise on earth. However, this is impossible without heart. (11-321, 1962.03.23)"

11 Human beings are called to become true sons and daughters of God. God exists as our subject partner and we are meant to be His object partners. Despite the Fall, our original nature and character still remain in us, and we cannot but long for the ideal realm of the original subject partner. This longing is stronger than even our conscience, and it drives us day and night toward that relationship with God. It is the power behind our conscience. Even after the Fall it still pushes us in that direction. (56-152, 1972.05.14)

12 A magnet’s plus pole and another magnet’s minus pole attract each other. Even if paper or some other insulating material is placed between them, they continue to attract each other despite the obstruction. The thicker the insulating material is, the weaker the attraction between them. If the insulation becomes too thick, the magnets’ attraction appears to be lost, yet their poles still radiate the same attractive forces. In the same way, because of the Fall there is a thick obstruction between God and human beings. Yet while it appears that the Fall completely blocked the relationship between them, the conscience always exerts an attractive force toward God. When a layer of the obstacle is laid aside, the attraction becomes stronger. As the layers of obstruction are removed one by one, the magnetic attraction becomes stronger and stronger. When all the obstruction is removed, their communication becomes perfect. At that point, people will know everything that God knows, even without being instructed. (56-152, 1972.05.14)

13 "What is it that caused the first human ancestors to fall in the Garden of Eden? It was self-centeredness. This is why the ones who should have become God's son and daughter could not fulfill their destiny, and Satan invaded them. Everything was lost because of this. Nonetheless, those who can overcome Satan’s invasion can become God's sons and daughters. To do this, you need to develop the awareness within yourself, stronger than that of Adam and Eve, that the absolute God is your Father. That Father is the center of the kingdom of heaven and the center of the earthly world. You have to become one with that Father. By doing so, you become one with the absolute center; you become one with the absolute ruler of heaven and earth. The question is how to gain this awareness. Until you realize there is absolute value to becoming one with God, there is no way to resolve the problem of self-centeredness. You must have the awareness, “How precious the relationship I have with my Father is! My Father is the ruler of the world! I cannot exchange my Father even for the whole world; I cannot exchange Him for the entire universe. Without a doubt, I am His child!"" By this, you stand in a position higher than that of Adam and Eve before the Fall. (30-056, 1970.03.15)"

14 It is amazing that our parents and ourselves are from the same origin. Thus we can say that our parents' love is our love, our parents' life is our life, and our parents' ideals are our ideals. When parents look at their child, they say, “This is my beloved son or daughter.” Parents feel and recognize that their children are the substance of their love, life and ideals. If they do not see their beloved sons or daughters for just one day, they miss them, and even if they have just seen them, they still want to see them again and again. Even if they try to send their children away they cannot, because they are their bone and flesh. The fulfillment of all their ideals depends on their children. If even parents born into today's fallen world, where no true love, true life or true ideals are to be found, knew how to love their children, how much more does God, who is the subject partner of those parents, love His children? Before the Fall, the original Adam and Eve, as the son and daughter of God’s direct lineage, were God’s royal descendants. That is, Adam and Eve were the prince and princess who were to inherit the kingdom of heaven in heaven and the kingdom of heaven on earth. (298-315, 1999.01.17)

Section 2. The Path to Individual Perfection

1 When we consider the fact that human beings have a contradiction within themselves, or have been unable to reach the requisite standard, or are damaged, or have fallen away from an ideal state, we arrive at the logical conclusion that God exists. This being so, we can appreciate the word “Fall.” The Fall caused human beings to exist in a state of self-contradiction. Since we are fallen, broken, contradictory and imperfect, the perfect God cannot stand in the same position as us. Based on this logic, we can affirm the existence of God. (94-278, 1977.10.09)

People of contradiction between mind and body

2 When God created all things, as an Absolute Being, He must have done so with an absolute purpose. Even fallen people set out to make things with a purpose in mind and strive to achieve that purpose. Yet it is a contradiction in fallen people that they have a mind and body that seek contrary purposes. That should not be the case in beings created by the absolute God. Because God is one, His creations also should have one purpose. Since we were born with the single purpose of becoming God’s children, we should be one with Him based on that purpose. Yet, even between those two entities that are closest to us, our own mind and body, there is a contradiction. This is because humankind fell. (36-286, 1970.12.13)

3 If humankind had not fallen, we would now live in the kingdom of heaven and would be fully adapted to its environment. However, because the world is fallen, the magnetic poles of our mind and body were turned upside down, and they came to confront each other. Plus and minus were completely reversed. If there is an absolute God, that God must have one view, one thought, and one purpose. If it is certain that human beings originated from God, who is their cause, and that God has one purpose, then human beings, as resultant beings, should exist in accord with that purpose. Human beings have conflict within themselves, however, and regardless of what angle we look at them from, they exist in a state of contradiction. If we did not understand the Fall, we could conclude that we were originally created with this contradiction. In fact, it is a result of the Fall that the directions of plus and minus were reversed. The mind wants to go toward God, but the body opposes that. It is here that the conflict arises. (82-277, 1976.02.01)

4 Human beings have both good elements and evil elements; this is the problem. If we look at ourselves as individuals, we each have a body and a mind. But the body and mind are not always in harmony. The mind says to go one way, but the body often resists. It says, “Don’t go that way; let’s go this way.” Because of that, many prophets and saints throughout history struggled over how to reconcile the mind and body. (38-301, 1971.01.08)

5 Without unity between mind and body, if one wants to go east, the other wants to go west; it means they are pursuing conflicting goals. If we follow the mind, we come to an ideal place that is different from the fallen world today. If we follow the body, we come to a fallen place. When we feed our body, it asks us to feed it something richer. When we let it play, it wants to play more. It even wants to take other people’s possessions for itself. It acts in a self-centered way, as though it is the most important thing. It has no concern for others. But the mind acts in a way that is contrary to the body. The mind seeks to sacrifice for others. The mind says, “Live for others. Help unfortunate people. If there are poor people, assist them. Offer your service for others, from a public position. Give of yourself.” It always guides us in a direction different from that of the body. (38-301, 1971.01.08)

6 Originally our mind and body should have been infused with God’s love. Then there would be no contradiction, conflict or struggle between mind and body. But we fell away from God and engaged in external love centered on the body. The result of this has been struggle and conflict between mind and body. Love focused on the outer body was a betrayal of the love of God, who is the origin of ideal, eternal life that centers on the inner mind. The result is what we have seen throughout history. Therefore we must remove external, body-oriented love, namely, Satan’s love, and replace it with the internal, mind- oriented love that was originally meant to be, by inheriting the love of God. Then we will be able to reconcile mind and body. Unity can emerge only when we accomplish this. (20-179, 1968.06.09)

7 The deeper we go into the realms of spiritual growth, the more difficulties we encounter. Until we cast off and rise above all the selfish desires of our body, we face all kinds of resistance. Therefore religions encourage us to strike our body. They teach that when we bring our body to the zero point, new hope arises. True religions are rooted in the absolute denial of the body. In this regard, they point to the formula course that human beings are destined to follow. It is based on the fact that if something is broken, it needs to be remade according to its original factory design. Yet it is more difficult to repair something than to build it the first time. This means that even for God, it is more difficult to fix something than to create it. This applies to the path for perfecting human beings. (82-278, 1976.02.01)

8 How do I develop an unchanging mind and bring it into oneness with God’s heart? How do I make my mind stand in the position of a subject partner, whence it can control my body throughout my life? This is the challenge. If I can bring my body to take a minus position and unite with my mind, if I can keep it in the position of object partner to my mind at all times, twenty-four hours a day, I will generate a power that can move the universe. My mind needs to become a plus, and my body a minus. But all too often in reality, my mind is plus and my body is also plus. Because two plusses repel each other, my body is my enemy. How do I make my body into a minus? This is the challenge presented by all religions. (82-281, 1976.02.01)

9 If you want to go the way of God’s Will, you need to unite your mind and body. Because the mind should be the subject partner it is crucial that you subjugate your body to center on your mind. As you pursue the way of faith, if your body does not obey you, you should scold it, “You foolish body!” and rein it in. You fast, you restrain yourself, you deny yourself, and you impose restrictions on what you do. As you lead a life of faith you refrain from many things, such as casual love relationships. Money is not the issue. Knowledge is not the issue. The problem is that the body is always 100 percent armed and completely prepared for hand-to-hand combat, ready to attack the mind. This is the battle you face. Unless you succeed in this, you can never realize God’s Will. (101-038, 1978.10.28)

10 People who are going the way of self-cultivation offer their utmost devotion in order to communicate with the spirit world. However, just as a man is about to succeed in his spiritual quest, a beautiful woman may entice him. This is Satan’s secret weapon. Likewise, if a woman offers great devotion, a handsome man may appear and entice her. If a man seeks to shake off the devil’s urge to destroy heaven and earth, if he seeks to find his origin or to learn about the original world of God, the devil Satan will mobilize his best weapon, a woman, to trip him up. There is no man who is not vulnerable to the charms of a beautiful woman. Moreover, no matter how devoted a woman is in cultivating her spirituality, no matter how well-behaved or disciplined she may be, if she sees a handsome man of the world with an impressive build beckoning her, without her realizing it her hand has reached out to touch him even before her eyes meet his. Even if she tries to remain still, her body acts first. It happens through the attraction of love, through the attraction of plus and minus. (210-013, 1990.11.30)

11 Religions teach us to live a sexually abstinent life as a shield against immoral love. The flesh can be an enemy, and this enemy has three great weapons: eating, sleeping and sexual desire. I have faced all of these. You have no idea how much I struggled, how many tears I shed to overcome them. In order to make the indemnity conditions to conquer these, you have to do whatever it takes—even go to prison for ten years if necessary. Being in the position to receive God’s sweet love is good, but when you run into the enemy’s weapons, what are you going to do? I knew that the way to save humankind according to God’s Will is not the easy and comfortable way, and the first question I wrestled with was how to bring myself back to the original state. (94-295, 1977.10.09)

12 How can we restore our rightful dominion? In the evil world of Satan, people want to seize that position by force. Saying, “I will rule over you,” they take up a whip and use any means to take dominion. That is not how it should be. By what means should we restore the original dominion? Not by force or by any means commonly used in Satan’s world today. Not by plotting to hurt other people, nor by sacrificing others for our benefit. Rather, it is by self-sacrifice and love. God has been showing us the true way to have dominion, beyond the ages. If a person overcomes many humiliations and difficulties with self-sacrifice and love, the people surrounding him automatically push him or her forward to govern them in the position of subject partner. (49-055, 1971.10.03)

Achieving the state of mind-body unity

13 Adam and Eve each have the dual structure of mind and body. The mind’s position is internal and the body external. Each individual exists to attain unity between the internal and the external. A man and a woman who have attained that unity then can become one horizontally, in a relationship of subject and object partners. In other words, a man's mind and body unite with each other, as do a woman’s. Then these two unite in love. How were our mind and body originally supposed to unite, had there been no Fall? They were not meant to unite around a concept or idea, nor by power. God divided the mind and body in order to substantiate love. He divided them so that love could form a sphere. Mind-body unity is what enables love to manifest in all directions, not just at a single point. God wanted to create an environment in which love would spread everywhere. That is why He needs us to love. (140-125, 1986.02.09)

14 People always think about their parents. They always think about their parents’ love. Then, what is the direction of our parents’ minds? Their minds want us not only to connect with their love, but also to connect with the love of our brothers and sisters, with the love that concerns our nation and world, and with the love that concerns heaven and earth. In this way our parents’ minds strive to have us connect to love expressed in relationships of front and back, left and right, up and down. Why so? The place of love where mind and body become one is not inclined to the north or the south. The mind seeks to stand at the center of north, south, east and west. It wants to stand close to the center, because that is where human beings form a relationship with God’s love, the vertical love of the universe, the original love. The Creator, too, has one central way through which He can love human beings once they attain perfection. God did not divide human beings from Himself merely to observe them, but to experience their original love. (140-126, 1986.02.09)

15 The desires of the flesh are contrary to the desires of the mind. The body wants, for example, to steal from others to fill its stomach. It is animalistic. If I am hungry, I could even take food out of my mother or father’s mouth. The body has plenty of attributes like that. As long as all human beings are born as descendants of Satan; everyone has this trait equally. Indeed, the body is the problem. Why do peoples with higher-level religions develop? It is because effective religions promote unity between mind and body. When plus and minus become one, the result is light, new strength, and energy. This is the principle of heaven and earth. Taking the example of a magnet, it has plus and minus poles. Likewise, when our mind and body become completely one, we become like a magnet. Even a man’s body and a woman’s body can be like magnets with plus and minus poles. That is why a man and a woman are attracted to each other to become one in body. We need not refer to love or anything else to explain this, as they are secondary. (82-281, 1976.02.01)

16 When the mind, which is plus, becomes completely one with the body, which is minus, that mind has the power to participate in the original authority and power of the Creator. The Almighty’s creative power and life force exist, and we have the possibility of connecting to them. If a person reaches the state of eternal mind and body unity, he or she can see and understand the whole world. There all of heaven and earth resonate. When our body resonates in perfect unity with a perfect mind, we can connect to everything. We can even hear the sound of the universe moving. In proportion to that sound, our laughter bursts forth and our joy explodes. When we arrive on that plane, we can connect infinitely to that superlative power, the power of the ideal of creation. (82-283, 1976.02.01)

Section 3. True Love between Man and Woman and True Marriage

1 Man came to exist because of love. A man’s love does not come from the man himself. It comes from a woman. Likewise, a woman’s love comes from a man. From the standpoint of love, a man is not born for himself. He will never be able to find the path of true love if he is self-serving. He will not be able to advance and will end up fixed to one spot. Since God invested everything for the creation of the universe, a man should also follow the same path. This means a man is born to live for someone else. He is born for true love, but if he insists that he is born for himself, he will not find true love. Thus we can conclude that a man is born for a woman. And based on true love, a woman is born for a man. (177-218, 1988.05.20)

Man and woman exist for each other

2 In order for God to be happy with love, what kind of universe would He make? Since God cannot enjoy love by Himself, He designed the entire universe as a system of pairs. Even the mineral kingdom is composed of pairs. You can find symmetrical crystalline structures that are attached together. These pairs connect to each other according to a principle of partnership. Though we may not be able to see it with our eyes, everything functions like this. Since this universe was created with love as its guiding force, all things are made to pursue relationships that can harmonize with love. In order for all things of creation to harmonize with love, they must be in subject-object relationships. One entity alone cannot love. To connect everything through love based on the principle of subject and object partners, the universe was made as a pair system. (182-123, 1988.10.16)

3 Man and woman were born for each other. A man has no way to find love without a woman. Therefore, a man is born for a woman, and a woman for a man, for the sake of love. This is what makes them precious to each other. True love cannot co-exist with self-centeredness. It exists where one lives for the other. Therefore, a man was born for a woman, and a woman was born for a man. Since God is the being of true love, He always lives for the sake of others. God made human beings for their sake; He did not create them for His own sake. True love exists for the sake of the other. (144-214, 1986.04.24)

4 Man is born for woman. You may not like hearing it, but this is a heavenly principle. Unto eternity, this truth cannot change. Yet most human beings do not know it. Love is the most treasured and important thing for human beings; hence, a woman is absolutely necessary for a man. When a man and a woman marry, based upon what do they marry? They are physiologically different; do they not marry based on that? Women might be able to marry each other, but why do they marry men? It is because their physiological structure is different. That is absolute. Through this structural difference the way is opened for a woman to inherit the precious lifeline of a man’s love; through this transmission of love a relationship with the universe is secured. The path of love that a man seeks comes through a woman. The path of love that a woman seeks comes through a man. This is man- woman marital love; it alone is what establishes the ideal foundation and standard of all values. When we come forth in oneness with this love, the universe will welcome us. This love endows us with the ability to gain universal power, by which we can overcome obstacles anywhere—east, west, north and south—and become owners. This love possesses great power. (142-138, 1986.03.08)

5 When spring comes and pigeons call out, “coo, coo,” they are singing a song of love. That is a wonderful thing. Everything in nature is a textbook that teaches us. All birds and animals exist in pairs, and they come together through love. This reflects the harmonious relationship of heaven and earth. The opposite poles of the universe come into harmony centered on love. It is the same with migratory birds. Birds that had been living in the south fly to the north, and birds that had been living in the north fly to the south, the males and females within each species loving each other back and forth across the regions. Thus they go round and round endlessly. Human beings are to learn about love from this textbook of love—the museum of nature—that God created for them. When human beings and God love each other in joy, all things of creation in heaven and on earth will harmonize with their rhythm. When God loves and rejoices, the angelic world also rejoices, and the entire created world applauds and offers joyful praise. (142-274, 1986.03.13)

6 Art is worthless unless an emotional context is deeply embedded in it. If a painting created more than a thousand years ago can still arouse strong emotions in its viewers, even stronger than the emotion at the time of its creation, that work can be called a masterpiece. Of all the works of art created by God, His greatest masterpiece is human beings, especially because of the love in their hearts. When something with the beauty of an object partner’s love stands before its subject partner of ideal love, God’s eyes brim with tears. The beauty of love is such that it melts you and mesmerizes you without your realizing it. When the warm spring comes, even tiny insects we can hardly see make love as male and female. When we see that, it is truly wondrous. When there is a female, a male comes, and they know how to love each other. We do not know who taught them to do so, but they know how to make love and reproduce. All such things are part of the museum of love God created to teach human beings about love. (142-274, 1986.03.13)

7 When Adam and Eve love each other, God rejoices. This is because He participates in their love. God divided Himself into Adam and Eve, man and woman, as partners of love. When the two come together in love, they collide and explode. And when God feels that exciting explosion, He is thrown on His back, intoxicated in love. When I say such a thing, it is not blasphemy. There is no blasphemy when it comes to love. All it takes is love, which God relishes so much. In this world, what a woman likes most is a man. Even if a woman is so remarkably beautiful that she is the envy of all of heaven and earth, if she does not have a man to love her, she feels like nothing. When she returns home she is lonely and everything is a bore. Even if her bedding is made of silk, she will despise it. But if her man is with her, she will find it pleasant even if she has to lie down on a ragged quilt. (143-086, 1986.03.16)

8 All of nature is an exhibition hall of love. When Adam and Eve, who are meant to be the owners of all things of creation, stand at the center and look in all directions, everything they see serves as a textbook of love. All plants and animals become partners to Adam and Eve. Even the insects are like exhibits in a museum that teach the man and woman to follow the ideal path of love. Our environment is one great natural museum for the lessons of love. It is all for Adam and Eve. Thus a person who cannot love nature cannot love people, and a person who cannot love people cannot love a family. (144-093, 1986.04.08)

9 Man was born for woman, and woman for man. This is why the reproductive organ of the man is not his own, and that of the woman is not her own. God, being very wise, exchanged their ownership. In the Unification Church the greatest sin, for which it is most difficult to be forgiven, is to be unfaithful to one’s spouse. When you talk about the right side, you are implying that the left side exists. When you talk about above, you are implying that below exists. Therefore when you talk about a woman, you are implying that a man exists. No man was born for himself. What the convex needs is the concave part; thus, men are not the owners of their convex part. The reproductive organ is extremely sacred. The life and love of God connect to it. It is the source of love, where eternal love is revealed and perpetuated. It is the source, and without going through it, a man and a woman cannot approach the love of God. That spot is the source of love, the source of life, and the source of the bloodline. When love moves, life pulsates and the blood stirs. This happens when the love of the mother and the love of the father are brought together, fully exchanged and intermingled, thus forming a perfect sphere. (198-122, 1990.01.25)

10 God wanted to dwell in the most holy place of love. If human beings had not fallen, their reproductive organs would have been God’s holy of holies. Human beings did not make that holy of holies. Of all the things God created, it is the most complex, the most stimulating, and the most sensitive. It is the zone of contact through which a man and a woman can be fulfilled in love. When lightning hits a lightning rod, it strikes the very tip. It can feel as if every nerve in a person’s body is concentrated in the tip of the one organ that determines the key difference between a man and a woman. Even if I do not name it, you all know what that one thing is. It is so precious. If not for the Fall, it would have been the holy of holies where God would reside and where His love would dwell. (143-091, 1986.03.16)

11 The holy of holies symbolizes perfected Adam and Eve. Moses’ two stone tablets, the manna and quail, and Aaron’s rod that budded all symbolize Adam and Eve. Of the many cryptic stories in the Bible, a large number are allegories of Adam and Eve. The pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire represent Adam and Eve, and the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil also refer to Adam and Eve. The secret of Adam and Eve’s love has been recorded in allusions, but it has never been revealed. If Adam and Eve had not fallen and instead had reached maturity and become husband and wife, everything about God’s Will would have been fulfilled. From there, the kingdom of heaven would have begun. On the foundation of God and His children having realized true love, the kingdom of heaven would have unfolded. However, because of the Fall, there is no foundation for that love. (143-091, 1986.03.16)

12 If you ask why a man is born, I will answer that he is born not for himself but for a woman. The most important thing to a man is a woman. A woman, too, is not born for herself. The purpose of her existence is not for herself but to unite with a man. A woman’s innate beauty is actually not her own. Do her breasts belong to her? Do her expansive hips? Was she born to have them because of herself? No, it was for a man. Likewise, a man was born to develop large shoulders, not so that he can show off and exert his strength and be a violent beast, but rather to protect a woman. The woman has big hips and the man has big shoulders so they can create balance. They were not born for themselves. If they insist that they were born for themselves, they destroy true love. True love begins from God, who exists for humanity and whose love is such that He gives, gives, and gives again, and then forgets. That is true love. (142-334, 1986.03.14)

13 The reproductive organs are the source of life, love and lineage. Because their true purpose was subverted, they have come to be described by the foulest words in the world. If their use had not gone awry, we would not call them by the foulest words but by the grandest. They would be holy words. If human beings had not fallen, man and woman's reproductive organs would be the palace of love. Therefore they are not to be used recklessly. They are the palace of life. They are where life comes into being. What’s more, they are the palace of lineage. From there new life is born and lineage is bequeathed. They are the source of our life, our lineage and our love. (206-126, 1990.10.03)

14 Of the bodily organs we have, which is the most treasured? It is the organ that links to love, life, and everything involving the lineage of future generations of humankind. From the structural point of view, that organ is the most precious center of the entire nervous system. This is the reproductive organ. This being the case, anyone who desires true love needs to know how to safeguard his or her reproductive organ. Committing sin with that organ is to desecrate your ancestors, to desecrate God, and to desecrate the origin of life, lineage and love. By that act, you trample on all humanity and on all human beings in all the ages of history, and you destroy all the ideals of love. (193-121, 1989.09.10)

15 When do the blood and flesh of a man and a woman join in harmony? This takes place when they make love. The lifeblood of a man and a woman cannot mingle just by their looking into each other’s eyes. It mingles through their living as husband and wife, that is, by making love. The place where they make love is the source of life. The lifeblood of the man and the woman does not intermingle anywhere else. There is only one place for it: the place where they connect in love-making. That is also the place where lineages are connected. It is the place where lives attach and adhere together. It is where lineage begins and where love settles. And it is the only point where love engenders oneness. (252-105, 1993.11.14)

Our portion of responsibility and our ideal partner in love

16 How can people receive blessings? It is by loving people, who are God’s greatest masterpieces, in accordance with certain principles and rules. There is an order in loving. It begins not from children, but from parents who give love to their children. What is the most beautiful time for human beings? It is young adulthood, the time of youth when one’s flowering is in full bloom. This period is roughly the seven years from age eighteen through twenty-four. This seven-year period is a time never to be repeated in your life, the time when the flower of your love blossoms. How treasured is this beautiful time that will come only once in your life! The buds of some peonies are of an unusual yellow color, and they are wrapped tightly in dozens of layers so they cannot be opened easily. The same is true for the love of men and women. When should you fully reveal the bud of your love, which blossoms like a golden flower? It is the time of youth, the time when beauty is best revealed in accordance with the harmony of heaven and earth. Even to human eyes, it is the time when a person is most fully blossoming. It is a time when you shine as the centerpiece of God’s masterwork. The period of youth is your best and most beautiful stage of life. (26-152, 1969.10.25)

17 Love moves forward in a spiral. It should not grow smaller; rather, it should gradually grow larger. When it expands as it should, individual love naturally pursues family-level love. But our family alone is not enough; we need a tribe, as love develops and expands through a spiral motion. In the Unification Church we say that the individual exists for the sake of the family and, moving on from this, that the nation exists for the world, the world for the cosmos, the cosmos for God, and God for love, which means that all beings that exist on this earth want to be absorbed by love. If a man lived a private life alone with his wife, even though he loved her very much, what would he do if a love greater than their conjugal love came along? The husband would follow that love. If a person who lived with his or her spouse came to learn that there was a world-level love that could embrace everything, that person would pursue that love, leaving his or her family. This is not a bad thing. This is the path of goodness, because those who set out to follow that greater love come nearer to God’s side. (187-054, 1989.01.06)

18 God wished for Adam and Eve to reach their full maturity. They can be compared to chestnut burrs. Around June or July, the size of a chestnut burr is the same as it will be at the time of harvest. However, if you pry it open at that time, you find no nut inside. You may find something with the form of a nut, but it is not yet ripe and ready to eat. Adam and Eve were like that. There was no edible nut inside. God was waiting for them to ripen. When Adam and Eve reached maturity, they would have become the center of the universe. Everything that exists would then have known its own position in relation to that universal center, Adam and Eve. Therefore God was waiting for them to mature to the age of seventeen, eighteen or older. God did not create Adam and Eve as mature adults from the first, but following His laws of nature, created them as infants. If Adam and Eve had grown to maturity and then loved each other in oneness with God, humanity today would not be in such a wretched state. (143-092, 1986.03.16)

19 Nothing is more precious than the love of God. Once I possess His love, the universe belongs to me. It belongs to God and me both. In like manner, a woman’s organ of love belongs to her husband and a man’s to his wife. That’s why they can say to each other, “Your body is my body, and my body is your body.” In this way, the ownership is exchanged. Even though the man has his reproductive organ, it does not mean he is its owner, and even though the woman has her reproductive organ, it does not mean she is its owner. Therefore, if you use your reproductive organ however you want, you will be in serious trouble. This is absolute. For this reason, the Unification Church does not support premarital relationships, or even dating. God’s Will is for you to give your first love to your spouse. This was true for Adam and Eve; they were supposed to have treasured their first love. God guides the first love. He connects hell and heaven through the bridge of first love. Hell will disappear when this bridge is built. (143-092, 1986.03.16)

20 You need to know that your portion of responsibility is all-important. If God had explained to Adam about his portion of responsibility, as I am doing for you right now, Adam might not have fallen. If God had constantly told him, “You have a portion of responsibility, you little brat! This is why I tell you not to eat of the fruit. It is your portion of responsibility, your own!” and shouted at him night and day about this responsibility, Adam might not have fallen. Many women want to have a husband who is tall and good-looking, not short and slightly built. So I think I should find such women the shortest husbands. That would truly allow for restoration through indemnity. Another benefit is that, when a short man weds a tall woman, his unfulfilled desire is at last satisfied. Similarly, when a skinny woman weds a heavy-set man, her unfulfilled desire will be satisfied. (133-151, 1984.07.10)

21 As the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter differ from one another, so do people. There are some who are born in summer, some in autumn, some in winter, and others in spring. Those who are born in spring need to go through the summertime of life, and those who are born in winter need to adapt to the springtime of life. The directions they should take in life are different. As the earth moves on its orbit, the direction human beings take changes as well. One may follow an ascending fortune, another a descending fortune. If a person whose fortune is declining joins with a person of similar fortune, they will both perish. Events will transpire; for example they may both be killed in an auto accident. Therefore if your fortune is declining, you will be able to survive only if you can join with a person whose fortune is naturally rising. For this reason, a man who has a bleak fortune should, if at all possible, find a woman who is ascending and who can pull him up along with her. (120-317, 1982.10.20)

22 Which season matches your innate nature? Is it a season of descending, ascending, or overcoming? Do you have an agreeable or contrary disposition? Everyone’s nature is different. A primary point is that you need to conform to others, especially your spouse. In doing so, a period of just a few months is not enough. You need to make this effort for at least three years. It is your destiny, and you will have to pioneer it in your life. Getting married itself is not the end of everything. Marriage is not an easy thing. You need to marry well. If you meet someone on the street and marry that person just because he or she looks nice, that marriage likely will not last long. In the eyes of young men and women who gaze at each other, everything looks green and attractive simply because it is summertime. The trees are green and they have beautiful fruit on them, and crows and magpies are flying in and out; it is all alluring. But do you know what kind of fruit it is? Pine trees, for instance, should be engrafted only with pine trees. There are different species and families of trees, with boundaries between them. (120-318, 1982.10.20)

23 When there is a perfect plus, a perfect minus is bound to appear. But even if a perfect minus does not appear, the perfect plus does not cease to exist. If a perfect plus could cease to exist, we would have to conclude that even God Himself, who is in the position of the perfect plus, would have to cease to exist without a perfect minus. Based on this logic, the perfect plus creates the perfect minus. In this regard, the Bible story that God took a rib from Adam and created Eve means that Eve was created with Adam as the pattern. It means that from a perfect plus a perfect minus will inevitably emerge. Thus, if Adam became a perfect plus, Eve, in the position of a perfect minus, was to be born through Adam. This is a principle of heaven and earth. If you understand the Bible story in this way, you will recognize that God is a true scientist. (140-128, 1986.02.09)

24 God created man to become perfect, but not for the perfect man himself. In other words the perfect plus was not created for the perfect plus but for the perfect minus, which is the woman. Since God, the origin, is the absolute subject partner, He needs to create an absolute object partner. In other words, since God is the absolute subject partner and the perfect plus, He needs to create an object partner who is the perfect minus. The perfect plus does not cease to exist; rather He creates the perfect minus. Suppose a person has perfect character. Even if he or she is unobtrusive, conscientious people nearby will flock to that person and try to emulate him or her. All existing things— every part of the material world—will likewise gravitate to that subject partner in order to secure the realm of its object partner. They are attracted because they want to rise to a higher level, a place of higher dimension and higher value. All elements move upward in pursuit of a more complete and more ideal version of themselves on a higher level. (140-129, 1986.02.09)

25 Only when it is determined that you have become a perfect subject or a perfect object can your perfect, ideal partner emerge. So the issue that needs to be settled first is how you can perfect yourself. When you reach maturity, you naturally want to find and love your spouse, but you need first to set the condition of having loved your parents even more than that person. Only when everyone can say of you, “That person is a filial son or daughter,” can you form a relationship of love with God, which is a prerequisite for forming a relationship of love with your spouse. This is a heavenly rule and a principle of creation. Before you start thinking about your ideal partner, you first need to form a bond of love with your parents such that they can proclaim you publicly as a filial child. This means you need to completely unite with your parents. In addition, to practice true filial piety, you must also create unity among your siblings. Everyone in your family should be able to say that you are truly exemplary. Only when you have achieved all this can you begin a relationship with your spouse as his or her ideal partner. (100-149, 1978.10.09)

26 When God looks at people, He first looks into the depths of their heart. Next He looks at their past and then their future, based on the present. Those of you who are young should understand the importance of this. You should not choose friends based on their good looks. Instead, you should choose them based on the quality of their heart, and what their future will be like in light of their way of life in the past and the present. The face is like a window on the heart. The face shows only the four features—eyes, nose, lips and ears. Therefore, whether you are homely or handsome you should conduct yourself well and have a generous heart. If God were searching the world to find one person, what kind of person would He want to find? It would be a person whose heart is as big as the world. But even if such a person existed, what if that person had eyes and hands that were as large as the world? No one would welcome him or her. Harmony comes when a person has a big heart. Rather than priding yourself on a beautiful or handsome face, you should live with a virtuous heart. This being the case, would you rather seek to marry someone with a beautiful face or with a beautiful heart? You should marry a person with a beautiful heart. (100-093, 1978.10.09)

True marriage is the fulfillment of the ideal of creation

27 You marry in order to fulfill the ideal of creation, that is, the purpose of creation. Before it is Adam’s purpose, the purpose of creation is God’s purpose. So it follows that God should feel joy before Adam does. From this perspective, we marry for the sake of God. In other words, we wed for the sake of the Will, which is God’s purpose of creation. That Will is to fulfill the ideal of creation. The ideal of creation is not achieved centered on oneself. All hearts have to become one body with God, the subject partner, so that when He moves we move, and when He does not move we do not move. The inner and outer must attain the point of oneness in heart. The purpose of creation cannot be fulfilled unless you achieve the standard of harmonizing with God in this manner. For you to become as Adam and Eve who have perfected the purpose of creation, you need to marry. You do this because of God and His Will. (35-231, 1970.10.19)

28 We were born for the sake of love. True love is the foundation of the universe. That holds true for men and for women. Why do a man and a woman marry? They marry to possess God. This means we should not make the first move horizontally. Vertical love should move first. Once we meet God at a ninety-degree angle, at the place where God descends vertically along the shortest route, then everything is complete. When that happens, your body and mind will harmonize; they will never again fight. (198-122, 1990.01.25)

29 Man and woman marry because of love. Why should they marry because of love? It is to meet God. But where should they go to meet Him? They should go to the center of the universe, to the vertical point where they have each grown in their parent-child relationship, and there they should put their foreheads together. It will not do if the woman is a step ahead of the man or if the man is a step ahead of the woman. It is only when they come together and hold on to each other that they will harmonize. At this point they will begin to turn, like a man and woman in love who start to dance. When a person meets his or her beloved and they begin to dance, do they stand still or turn around? As soon as one partner pulls the other, they turn around. As they turn, they leap into the air. As they whirl around faster, they can leap higher and higher. (198-300, 1990.02.05)

30 In the fallen world, love is a dangerous thing. In the Garden of Eden there were only Adam and Eve, one woman and one man. In this fallen world, however, there are plenty of women. Many of those women are going out of their way to seduce men, be it night or day. That being the case, how difficult it is for men to maintain their virtue! The same is true for women. After marrying, a man should not meet any other woman alone. After marrying, a couple should go everywhere together. In one sense, the Fall occurred because of poor management of their relationship. It is still that way today; husbands and wives fall because they each fail in the management of their relationship. It is also because the husband fails to convey to the wife that she belongs to him alone and that she should place him above all else. They foil to love each other with such intimacy. (100-144, 1978.10.09)

31 If there are no sons or daughters in a family but just the husband and wife, the couple can achieve the standard of horizontal love between the two, but not the standard of vertical love. This is why married couples want to have children. Divine law directs them to do so. When you marry, why do you want to have children, even though giving birth to them is so difficult? It is to love your spouse and your sons and daughters, which you will gladly do even at the sacrifice of your life. But you did not know the fundamental reason for doing this. It is to be in touch with God’s love, which is the core of the universe. Also, by connecting with His love, you will be able to triumph over every difficulty and prosper in every endeavor. Even though you did not make it that way, and you did not wish for it, it is the way of the principle of creation, established by the God who created you. (132-248, 1984.06.20)

Section 4. The Path of a Life of True Love

1 The greatest desire of all people is to become God’s sons and daughters. This is because the parent-child relationship is the closest of all. We are born through the intense concentration of our parents’ love and life; we are born to represent our parents’ ideals. Hence the words “love” and “ideal” cannot be spoken with only oneself in mind. Life also does not come into existence just from oneself. It is created through our parents’ relationship. It is the same with God. When God made human beings, He created them as the object partners of His true love, life and ideal. This is amazing and awesome. The love of our parents cannot be manifest without you or me. Our parents’ love, life and ideal are connected to each of us. We are the fruit of our parents’ love, life and ideal. Thus the position of the child is the most valuable. God and human beings are in this parent-child relationship. (298-314, 1999.01.17)

The way of a true husband and wife and true parents

2 The privilege of the son of God is that he can own God, and everything God owns belongs to him. Even God’s love, life and ideal belong to that son. Human beings are to restore this magnificent original value, which they all have. Since God is the subject partner of true love, and since He is eternal, then His partners of true love also have to be eternal. Once we become one in true love, God Himself becomes us. The bodies of Adam and Eve before the Fall were God’s dwelling place. Thus, had Adam and Eve eternally united through true love centered on God’s heart, they would have become Gods bodies of love, life and lineage. Then, our mind and body would not be in conflict as they are today, h (298-315, 1999.01.17)

3 If we asked God why He created this universe, He would answer, “Because of love!” It is because of love. Then what is that love? People talk about love like the lyrics of a Korean song, “My love is my all.” You want such love, right? Yet although you ladies have heard that song, you don’t really know what love is all about, do you? No matter how much we think about it, love is infinitely mysterious. If we say it is round, it is round; but if we say it is oval, it is oval. Can a woman alone find such love? Whether she likes it or not, she has to follow the young man who is destined to be her spouse, even if he is an annoying, mischievous, disheveled bachelor. (132-242, 1984.06.20)

4 When you sing, “My love is my all,” so much is included in those words: a husband’s love, a mother’s love, a son’s love, and even God’s love. If only you had such love, you could withstand every trial. Love is the only force that can digest everything. Parents with loving hearts want to give the world to their children. They want to give and give and keep on giving. Love is that big. The heart of love is without end. It connects to anything or anyone; it is infinitely large and carries unlimited value. That is why a person who owns love can own the universe. Happiness overflows in the person who has love. That person can achieve success in every area of life. On the other hand, no matter how seemingly great your life, if you cannot become a victor in the arena of love, you will end up a loser. (132-242, 1984.06.20)

5 As a woman, when your dear husband, whose love makes you blossom unto eternity and connects you to the seed of life, greets you, how marvelous it is when you give him a beautiful smile and say, “Welcome, welcome, my dear! All my flowers are yours. Please take all my charms and do as you please!” And how beautiful it is when he offers you a prayer of blessing, “I pray that your happiness will last thousands of years!” Your first love is a rope that binds you together so tightly that nothing can untie it. Even if you fight so hard that one of you breaks a leg, you would still hold on to each other. That is the greatness of such a couple. But if the love of a couple who lives together despite their struggles is considered great, how much more so is the love of a couple who does not fight? When we see the unhappiness of a husband and wife who fight, we can learn from them how happy a couple who does not fight can be. When we see people who are unhappy, we can appreciate what it means to be happy. This is the same for everyone. (191-236, 1989.06.25)

6 Love can fill any deficiency. It compensates for all inadequacies. If you really love a woman, even if she becomes sick or disabled, you will not mistreat her. You will not dislike her or hate her. You should not recklessly give your first love to just anyone. You should not make casual relationships. Heaven and earth and the whole universe should recognize publicly your first relationship of love. Therefore, whether a man or a woman, you should not casually engage in any relationship without the approval of God, the owner of love. Why do you marry? You marry to find and attend this Owner of love. Without the Owner’s permission, a woman cannot do as she pleases, nor can a man. The kingdom of heaven exists in love. Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21) This means that love is deep within your heart. When a husband truly loves his wife, and when he loves all humankind as truly as he loves his wife, he has a pass to freely go anywhere. (144-096, 1986.04.08)

7 In your family, the way you should go as a husband and wife is clear. It is not important who is right or wrong; the person to lead the way is the one who loves God more. The other one must follow. If the husband is lagging behind and does not listen, give him a good kick. If he does not follow you, you simply have to go on by yourself. If you do not keep going, both of you will come to ruin, as will your children. First, you must avoid responding to your environment out of habit. Second, you must be proactive, continually taking action to spread God’s love. A wife needs to live for her husband and a husband for his wife. Since a couple is originally meant to exist for the sake of God, to fulfill His Will, you need to work so that God can recover your tribe, your people, your nation and the world. We still have realms to liberate, even the spirit world and hell, to build God’s kingdom. (144-131, 1986.04.12)

8 "When God created human beings, do you think He loved the man or the woman more? He loved the woman more. Men are God's dwelling place. Therefore, when men mature and reach adulthood, they want to command the world, travel around the universe, and win first place in everything. Men are more ambitious in this way. Women, on the other hand, do not think, ""I want to be the best in the world."" Instead, in terms of their conjugal relationship, they are inclined to pursue one direction—love. They long for an environment of tranquility and a peaceful life. They do not relish competitive struggle. They rather want to love and receive love, and to lean on someone. So they want to live where they can be part of a family, be secure, and cultivate intimate relationships. Woman was God's final masterpiece. And women have more capacity to receive love than men. (100-132, 1978.10.09)"

9 Art is something that enriches our life. This is why it is important to include the arts in children's education. Women also need to know how to develop an artistic sense toward their husbands, how to treat them gently and how to embrace them. This is actually even a more wonderful kind of art. Through the art of love, we can beautify our family and elevate it. I think this art is of great value in terms of its benefits. Having a family is not a bad thing. No matter how capable, in the end, a woman needs to return home. That is why women should marry. (100-140, 1978.10.09)

10 In a marriage, if a husband caresses his wife with hands of true love, whether it is day or night, she always welcomes him. What is it that women are most shy about? They are shy about showing their breasts, aren't they? Men are similar in that they conceal their reproductive organs. But what happens when the two of you are alone? Do you still hide these things? No. You want to be open to each other. Before marriage, if a man touches a woman it is a serious problem. Once you are married, that is no longer true. Even if you hide your private parts from each other before you marry, once you marry and love each other, it is not like that. In that way, you come to have one heart and become as one body. (190-220, 1989.06.19)

The way of life as you seek true love

11 "We human beings are born to travel through the world of love. We are born to travel in the universe of love. At the moment I inherited my mother and father's bloodline, I participated at the center of their love for each other. So I received love from the time I was conceived. My parents loved me as I grew in my mother's womb. During the months my mother carried me, I could feel her constantly. After I was born my parents loved me. I was in the realm of my parents’ love all the time I was growing up, when I went to school and then to college. A mother and father love their sons and daughters more than anything, and when they cannot provide for them the way other parents do, it causes them great pain. Only when the children have a son or daughter themselves can they say, ""Now I know what my parents did for me.” When the parents have to go away to work, leaving their children behind, do you think they sleep comfortably or spend their time peacefully? When you understand that their minds are always anxious and uneasy over their children, you will realize what amazing people your parents are. This is love. At around age sixteen we are on the verge of maturity. Just a little later, around eighteen or twenty, we are ready to marry. This begins another cycle of love. We marry, and in the early years we have sons and daughters, and we love them. And when our children marry, we love our grandchildren. (187-096, 1989.01.06)"

12 Grandfathers and grandmothers love their grandchildren even more than they do their sons and daughters. Those of you who know your grandmother, don't you receive more love from her than you do from your mother and father? If you ask what a grandmother's desire is, it is to cherish her grandsons and granddaughters. For the grandparents, grandchildren in their home bring to mind images of the things they did, from the time they were children until they were teenagers, when they were married, and when they had their children. They can review the entire course of their early life through their grandchildren. When we become grandparents or great-grandparents, our lives start to branch out in as many directions as we have descendants. These descendants will be interconnected in the love they inherit from us. The more there are, the greater the blessing. They are born from love; their lives flow forth through love. The course of life is the succession of generations according to the way of love. Undeniably, we are born for love. (187-099, 1989.01.06)

13 We are attracted to thrilling movies. When we are told not to do something tantalizing, our mind is naturally drawn there. All people and things gather around what is interesting and exciting. The womb of creation at the center of the ever-changing universe is a place so electrifying that all things of creation, including human beings, are attracted to it. Although the various elements of the universe are engaged in routine action, they have an inner urge to connect to something higher and more appealing. A central, attractive power made the creation of the universe possible. With stimulation from that higher place, harmony came about through giving and receiving. We can feel that stimulus, which gives rise to movement between the elements and prompts them to move to a higher dimension. The power of that stimulation can open up our senses to communication with all things. Even God can become intoxicated and overcome by this power of true love. We wish for God to be so intoxicated. This is because we resemble Him. We also can become intoxicated and enraptured, so much so that we lose all sense of self. We cannot hide from that intoxicating feeling, and we all yearn for it. (140-130, 1986.02.09)

14 When Adam and Eve mature, they come under the invisible dominion of God’s love. From the vertical summit, God descends and firmly stands at the very center of the horizontal line where Adam and Eve are positioned at each end. When the vertical subject, God, becomes the central core of the horizontal plane, Adam and Eve, as the minus, become absolutely one with God, who is the plus. Then based on the love of God, who is the vertical core, Adam and Eve meet at that place and begin moving up and down. Once they commence love- making, God does not simply remain still. Even when a husband and wife kiss, they do not simply close their eyes and touch their lips; they passionately caress each other and turn round and round. God’s love is vertical. When we catch fire with love, God descends at the temperature of molten lava, several thousand degrees, and collides with us. (140-131, 1986.02.09)

15 The love between husband and wife is the force that implants God within them. Originally, parents are to stand in God's position, with the husband and wife each representing one side of God. Their sons and daughters also are small embodiments of God. Once they connect to the true love of God, the origin of true love, all of them become part of the same body. Parents are living representatives of God on earth. The husband and wife represent God, as do the children and the grandparents. In this way three generations stand in God's position, centered on true love. Parents, husband and wife, and children are each in this position, but for this they need true love. A family structure centered on true love like this is the foundation for the kingdom of heaven. Without achieving such a foundation we cannot build the kingdom. This is the formula. When this becomes reality, the family will be the center of the world. (298-307, 1999.01.17)

16 Because the perfection of the family is the foundation for the perfection of the universe, if we love the universe as we love our family, we will be welcome anywhere. In this case God, as the Parent of the entire universe, stands in the central position of love. When a man and a woman become one in true love, form an ideal couple, and create a family, they come to reflect God’s nature fully and are able to connect to everything in the universe. When this happens with us, all that belongs to God also becomes ours. Then, how joyous we would be! That is the reason that we naturally desire in our hearts to gain mastery over the creation. When a man and a woman become one based on true love, the family they create can expand to a tribe, nation and world. They are the center of their family. The family they create should be the model for their tribe, and their tribe should be the model for their nation. Our families are to follow this way in order to build the ideal family, tribe and nation. It is not possible for the ideal nation to appear without first forming an ideal family. (298-307, 1999.01.17)

17 We were born through love, live our lives in love, and pass away into the afterlife, a world of love. Death is not something to fear. Death is like marriage; it is a change of locale. It is to leave the realm of limited human love, a realm that until that moment we could not escape, and expand into the unlimited world that transcends time and space. It is to leap into a realm of limitless love. This is similar to when we were born from our mother's womb. In our mother's womb we did not feel constrained. We thought it was the most comfortable place to be. God is really the King of creation. He designed a baby’s head to ease the transition from womb to world. If we look at a baby’s head when it emerges, it is in the shape of a squeezed, elongated watermelon. If the head were hard like a rock, could a woman live through the birth of her first child? Giving birth is possible only because a baby’s head is made so that it will extend like a watermelon and adjust to fit the birth canal. God is really the King of creation. (178-252, 1988.06.05)

18 We use the word “cosmos” to describe the combined spirit world and physical universe. The cosmos yearns to be united through true love. True love is the only thing that can unite the cosmos and bring families to an ideal state to make them one. True love is one thing we absolutely need, whether we are living on the earth or have entered the eternal life of the spirit world. True love is appreciated not only by people here and in the spirit world, but also by all things of creation. That is why people of true love attract even animals and plants. They want to live with such people and come under their dominion. Thus, a true man and woman who possess true love are the most precious beings in this world. (298-309, 1999.01.17)

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