Chapter 1. What Is Peace?
Section 1. The Concept of Peace 1029
Section 2. Peace Is the Hope of God and Humankind 1037

Chapter 2. How Will Peace Be Realized?
Section 1. Steps Toward a World of Peace 1042
Section 2. Peace between Mind and Body 1045
Section 3. Peace in the Family 1054
Section 4. Peace in the World 1060

Chapter 3. The Means to Realize World Peace
Section 1. World Peace through Religion 1073
Section 2. World Peace through Ideal Families 1076
Section 3. Culture and World Peace 1078
Section 4. Korean Unification and World Peace 1083

Chapter 4. Strategies for World Peace
Section 1. The World of Peace that True Parents Envision 1095
Section 2. The End of Communism 1100
Section 3. The United Nations and World Peace 1108
Section 4. Worldwide Sharing of Technology 1113
Section 5. Organizations for World Peace 1121
Section 6. The International Peace Highway, the Korea-Japan Tunnel and the Bering Strait Project 1128


CHAPTER 1 What Is Peace?

Section 1. The Concept of Peace

1 What is the most critical issue in the World now? World wars begin and end. Wars between nations end when the fighting stops, but the war between the mind and body is unceasing. The standard of peace can be found where we Succeed in conquering the body by following the desires of the mind. The foundation for peace develops where the mother and father, husband and wife, parents and children and the whole extended family become eternally one. For World peace to be realized, this foundation must go beyond individuals, clans, peoples and races to the ends of the earth. To achieve this, we need a revolution to re-create human beings. (203-351, 1990.06.28)

The true meaning of peace

2 The realization of peace means that the subject and object partners are United. The first syllable, pyeong (^p), of the Korean word for peace, pyeonghwa (2pft), means horizontal in English, and the second syllable, hwa (ft), means harmony. This signifies that the central being and its counterpart are not in conflict, but move toward each other and come into harmony. (082-132, 1976.01.04)

3 Humanity has desired peace since the beginning of history, but wars have continued without ceasing. Unfortunately, strong nations and powerful people have misused the word peace. Even while they spoke of peace, in practice they tormented people in ways that were the opposite of peace. The communists in particular would use peace as one of their favorite catchwords even as they habitually provoked others. In this way, the word peace has been used many times to camouflage injustice. As conditions in the world change, people become entangled in interests that conflict with those of others, making it impossible to establish true peace. In this world, there is no absolute standard by which worldly interests can be fairly evaluated. True peace can be established only on the basis of true love, and true love relationships can be experienced only when people understand the God- centered absolute values that bind human beings together. True peace is not dependent on knowledge, wealth, social position, political power or any other external condition. (130-011, 1983.12.18)

4 Throughout the long course of history to this day, the world has employed every possible method to realize peace and harmony. Yet this has not been an issue that the political, economic or military power of any single nation has been able to resolve completely. There needs to be a fundamental truth, in other words, a philosophy of peace, which can be recognized not only by those in the family, who are closest to the issue, but also by those in the clan, people, nation and world, and even in the realm that transcends this world. (381-142, 2002.06.12)

5 Peace refers to an even state where there are no wrinkles. It means everything has been harmonized, so it is smooth. When everything is completely harmonized, the result is a spherical shape. If you take clay and keep rolling it, it becomes rounded and in the end a perfect sphere is made. It has no wrinkles, every bit of it is completely smooth, and it takes on an absolutely spherical form. (109-277, 1980.11.02)

6 God is an absolute being and also is unique. Do you think this unique being set the standard of perfection for Himself alone? If He had, it would be a big problem! Someone who is in a void, alone, cannot use the words joy and happiness. Happiness arises from a mutual relationship. A mother is happy when she and her children are one. The very nature of the word peace, which means harmonizing into an even state, includes the idea of a counterpart, or other. The words peace and happiness refer not to someone who is alone, but to someone who is in a relationship. (136-104, 1985.12.22)

7 Peace has to do with relationships. An even state can be realized only when two people harmonize with each other. An individual alone cannot realize it. Two people can be happy when they are on an equal footing that pleases them both. When we speak of freedom, we realize there is no freedom without love. Love itself is boundless freedom. If you rule with love, you can be proud of being absolute about it. (112-316, 1981.04.25)

8 Peace refers to harmonizing in an even state. You cannot bring about peace alone. When people are harmonized with all the people in their lives— whether the relationships are up and down, right and left or otherwise, and when nothing is crooked—joy ensues and everything is amicable. This is the only road to peace. (86-098, 1976.03.14)

Peace and love

9 If He is alone, God feels lonely, just as we do. So it is theoretically correct to say that even God likes absolute, true love. He wants a love greater than Himself, an absolute love greater than an absolute being. If what God needs is a greater and more absolute love, then even God must be absolutely obedient to it. What is the root of the universe’s existence? Since the root and the origin of the universe is not an absolute being, but rather is absolute love, which itself can bind an absolute being, we can conclude that heaven and earth can indeed form a world of peace. When we realize that everything in the universe came into existence because of love, then we will automatically deduce that it was love that brought forth peace and ideals. (215-229, 1991.02.18)

10 Given that God is the source of life, on what foundation would He desire to live and continue to exist? He would want to exist on the foundation of peace. The foundation of peace is not something established by life. What can establish it? It is something by which subject and object partners acknowledge their common value, transcending high and low and the orderly stages of their development. It is true love alone. God maintains life on the foundation of true love. His omniscience and omnipotence are based on true love. Only in this way can He stand as the ideal subject partner who has transcended history. If He seeks to assume the position of the subject partner with only the power of life, then creation will not want to unite with Him. Even microscopic organisms, animals and plants wish for a master of love to care for and tend to them. (173-085, 1988.02.07)

11 We can say that people resemble God in their creativity based on their remarkable scientific achievements. However, in the area of love, they do not resemble God at all, so sadness, suffering and misfortune continue. Since love is found together with harmony, there can be no love in the absence of harmony, and neither can there be peace or happiness without harmony. In the realm of disharmony, all sorts of miserable things develop. So both God and human beings desire that people establish an ideal lifestyle and world that takes after God. The ideal person desired by God and by our original mind is both creative and good. He or she is a person who practices love that revolves around God. Also, the ideal world desired by both God and humanity is a united world of great harmony, where creative activities to improve the environment are abundant and where the love between individuals and nations is full to overflowing. When the time comes for a new type of person such as this to finally live in a new, unified world, all sadness, ordeals and fighting that the human race has been enduring for so many ages will finally disappear. (65-260, 1972.11.26)

12 Centering on what should we be managing this world? This is a subject of discussion among today’s historians and intellectuals, but I tell you, the first necessity is to have a person with the capability to guide the world. What kind of guidance would such a person offer? There are plenty of people who have the ability to guide based on their power over the economy. There is no shortage of people capable of leading based on politics. But it is neither a lack of money nor a poor political system that keeps us from succeeding. The problem is that there is no system of love enabling people to connect to God and to God’s ideal. When we struggle through to find the truth that sustains a proper system of original love, and grow it to a global scale, then peace— the starting point where our original mind can rest—will arise. (125-227, 1983.03.27)

13 The word “equality” cannot be used in reference to a single entity. Equality arises when two entities make a single, horizontal line encompassing the concept of right and left. The word “peace” is always used in reference to mutual relationships. We speak of peace between East and West. But a peace centered only on the East would be a one-sided peace, and that cannot be total peace. The words pyeongjoon (level, pyeonghyeong (balance, Hr) and pyeonghwa (peace, ^pfn), each of which includes the character pyeong (T% are related concepts. These are concepts that can only exist when a connection is made between two or more beings. A state of peace is realized when a man and woman are united. When they become one, it does not mean they’re the same height, for example. Looking at men and women in terms of their height, men are generally taller. Also, when we look at them in terms of strength, men are generally stronger. Thus we cannot find equilibrium based on only external aspects. Then what is the center when a relational realm of equilibrium is formed? It is not any kind of force or knowledge. No matter how advanced two people may be in the world of knowledge, one will always know more. If there is one single thing that exists that can form a place of equality, it has to be love. (166-038, 1987.05.28)

14 Where will we find the standard for evenness (pyeong, qt)? The standard for evenness revolves around love. Love is the absolute, the ideal and the ultimate. It is demanded by each one of our cells, whether we are men or women. Love is the standard that unites us in that ultimate ideal, the standard that represents the whole, which means that concepts such as the average (pyeong- gyuti) or equality (pyeongdeung) are not related to an entity’s strength or form. These words represent realities that are based on love. (166-039, 1987.05.28)

15 Where are we going? We are going toward the ideal world. Also we are going toward a peaceful and unified world. When we say “ideal,” “unified” or “peaceful,” what we really mean is a world of oneness. What is the center of the world of oneness? Love must be the center. Is the communist world a world of peace? Is the democratic world? Regardless of how united a sovereign state may be, it cannot bring forth a world of true oneness without love. There has to be love. (124-025, 1983.01.16)

Peace and happiness

16 If there were an essential quality that would not change for a thousand or ten thousand years, only when peace is realized based on that essential quality would that peace be eternal, and only when happiness unfolded based on that essential quality would that happiness be eternal. Eternal peace and happiness begin from true love. The freedom that has genuine love at its core is eternal freedom; the peace that stems from true love is eternal peace; the happiness that springs from true love is eternal happiness. And if the whole unites centering on true love, we can conclude that this unity will be eternal. In such a case, there will be a connection leading from eternal peace to an eternal society and an eternal world. (130-148, 1984.01.08)

17 What would it be like if you were to become a person who receives the love of God? Would your mind and body be joyful or not? You could not possibly be unhappy. Just as God is an eternal being, we can also live for eternity. God is the eternal subject of life, the One who endows fully, and you are the object partner of the love of that One who endows. So as long as He is not sad you cannot be sad, and as long as He is joyful you too can be eternally joyful. Human perfection is simple. It is to be happy. It is to be peaceful and happy. We do not need anything more than that. We are talking about a place where everything is filled to the brim. Of course, there is freedom there too. And everything we desire can be realized there. (128-131, 1983.06.11)

18 What kind of a person is miserable? A miserable person is one who tries to give but cannot, who tries to receive but cannot. There can be no happiness or peace for one who is alone. Peace is something that arises only within a mutual relationship. Love, happiness and peace are absolutely impossible to realize by someone who is alone. Since these states are realized within a relationship, unless the partner you are relating with is perfect, you cannot experience perfect happiness, perfect peace or perfect love. (082-291, 1976.02.01)

19 People have made all sorts of effort, but the miserable reality is that although we have desired essentials such as true love, true ideals, true happiness and true peace, and truly yearned for these, we forfeited even the opportunity to attain them. When we consider the absolute being who is both eternal and unchanging and who transcends changeable human realities, that being cannot but be the God we know. God must be the center of the true hope we desire, the center of true happiness, true peace and true love and the center of true ideals. God must be the King of love and the King of ideals, happiness and peace. For God and human beings to enter a place where they can have the same wishes and hopes, sharing suffering and joy, human beings have to know God, for He is where true love originates and where true ideals, true happiness and true peace all begin. (77-181, 1975.04.06)

20 People today are pursuing a world of peace, happiness and freedom, without even being aware of it. Their lack of awareness proves that they have not been standing on the foundation of the essential freedom at the root of peace and happiness. Since God is an absolute, all-powerful being, everything in nature He created, including human beings, should be as free as God is free. And if God dwells in a peaceful place, then we too should stand in that place with Him. (135-266, 1985.12.15)

21 Because people to this day have been put in such a lowly position, we have not understood that God’s love, ideals, happiness and peace cannot be attained or perfected without each and every one of us. Though we are not enough, we are beings of a high order of value, capable of completing the love of God, of completing God’s ideals, and of completing God’s happiness and peace. (77-182, 1975.04.06)

22 If we follow the rule to live for the sake of others, then in our families we will realize peace, freedom, happiness and love, and in our societies we will also realize peace, freedom, happiness and love. The same applies to nations and the world. We naturally conclude that if we focus on this rule, these qualities will certainly dwell with us, no matter where we are. (070-308, 1974.03.09)

23 If a man and woman who seek to live for the sake of each other become husband and wife, they would be a truly ideal couple that could attain a genuine standard of peace. They would be recognized as a truly happy couple that could become the subject being of eternal and universal true love. Then what kind of parents would be truly ideal parents? If there are parents who exist not for themselves but for the sake of their children, ready to dedicate themselves to their children until they die, such parents are true parents. Such parents are parents of genuine peace, happiness and ideals. If a child were to claim to have been born for the sake of his or her parents, to live for their sake and to be willing to die for their sake, that child would be called a filial child. He or she would be a child who could receive genuine love, a child of genuine happiness, peace and ideals. (72-016, 1974.05.07)

24 Where is the origin of peace and happiness? It is where we realize we were not bom for ourselves but for the sake of our object partners, for others. There all the difficult issues in this universe will be resolved. When Adam and Eve became self-aware, they insisted on their own way, and that’s why they fell. They should have lived for God and followed God’s directions, but they did the opposite. Here I can give you one single formula: It is only where people exist for the sake of others that we can find an eternal world of genuine ideals and happiness. (074-164, 1974.12.07)

25 No matter how talented or handsome a man, he was not born for his own sake. He was born for the sake of a woman. Even the most intelligent, beautiful woman was not born for her own sake. She was born for the sake of a man. We must ponder the fact that the natural origin of existence is the act of creation for the sake of others. Here we find the formula by which God created His ideal world. It is only when we exist for the sake of others that God’s true love can begin, His ideal partner can appear, and peace and happiness can be realized. (77-187, 1975.04.06)

26 Humankind is confronting today’s chaotic world and pursuing a peace that ^transcends nationality. However, to this day, a world of peace for all people has foiled to materialize. Since this is so, if there is one ideal with potential, an ideal that can give people hope, it is the ideal that advocates the logic of a peaceful world with God at its center. This is the only ideal that can give this chaotic world a chance to find a new direction and a new history. If we think about it logically, the only possible outcome has to be the kingdom of heaven on earth. The kingdom of heaven is a world of peace with God at the center. From that center, all conflicts based on history, religion, race and any other obstacle can be overcome. God must remain the single, unchanging center. (210-200, 1990.12.23)

27 How will we find the peace and freedom that can bring forth a world of happiness through the paths of religion, ethics and philosophy, all of which seek the truth? The heart of all people today is the same. And the heart of people thousands of years in the past was the same, as will be the heart of those who will appear hundreds of millions of years from now. There is no changeability in the world of heart. Can we not find, somewhere on this earth, a heart motivated from the one unchangeable base, so we can develop a world that can realize a garden of happiness, a social standard that can engender such happiness, and a religious mindset that can match that feeling of happiness? If we conclude that such a thing cannot be found, then where will God go? If we came to that conclusion, we would also have to conclude that God can’t be with us. (7-016, 1959.07.05)

28 If there is a heavenly rule that gives Heaven the means to embrace us, to set up the heavenly providence, to uphold morality and ethics and cause people to aim for goodness, then there is no question that Heaven will explain to us everything that is related and connected to it. Moreover, a day will come when men and women of all ages will affirm this in their heart. The day will come when everyone will harmonize with each other, delighting in freedom, peace and happiness. If this does not come about, then no relationship exists between us and God or any great thinker. (7-016, 1959.07.05)

Peace and freedom

29 Today it is commonly held by people at all levels of society that this world is not a world of peace. Still the people of the world yearn for peace. Moreover, everyone without exception wants to live in a free society, free nation and free world. A man or woman seeking to walk the true path of life wants to enjoy genuine happiness while rejoicing in genuine freedom in an environment of genuine peace. But there can be no genuine happiness unless peace and freedom reside in our mind. Although people cry out for freedom, they also admit that their surroundings are not free enough for them to live as their heart desires. Therefore no human being can deny the fact that he or she has not yet reached the fulfillment that his or her mind eagerly pursues. (7-014, 1959.07.05)

30 Everything seeks partners that have good origins. Moreover, everything seeks places where there is freedom, and pursues that which brings peace. Nonetheless, freedom, peace and happiness are not to be sought separately; they must be sought together. So is freedom to be found within peace, or is peace to be found within freedom? Peace is a condition for freedom; freedom comes on the foundation of peace. Peace is where two people harmonize with each other, which is only possible when they make concessions to one another. (182-112, 1988.10.16)

31 There is no freedom under the love of Satan’s world. Neither is there peace, happiness, hope or eternal life. We must restore all these through indemnity. Freedom arises when we restore the creation’s rights, human rights and love’s rights. Therefore your mind and body must become one. I am saying you should restore human rights. Only when our mind and body are united can we be truly free. If a grandfather and his granddaughter-in-law, for example, were one in heart, then it wouldn’t matter even if he had to enter her room unannounced. What I mean is, the artificiality would crumble, because when there is unity of heart, there is freedom, and only in freedom is there peace and true happiness. (229-357, 1992.04.13)

32 Without a foundation of unity, freedom cannot exist. If your mind and body clash, can you have freedom, maintain it, and be joyful? Can freedom appear? It cannot. Also, where is peace? True peace is where we are completely free, where everything is smooth and nothing is lacking. Yet when your mind and body clash, is there a place where peace can dwell? No. The same is true for happiness. Can anyone find happiness when his or her mind and body are fighting? There’s no way. When we consider these fundamental issues, we realize that it is only where our mind and body are completely united that we can be free, that a base for peace appears, and that happiness arises. It is only when a husband and wife become one in heart and body that they can dream about a peaceful world based on peace in their family. (232-190, 1992.07.06)

Section 2. Peace Is the Hope of God and Humankind

1 In order for humankind to be good, every individual must be good. Unless that happens, humankind cannot become good. In the end each person has to become a good person and stand in the position of a driving force for peace, in the unchanging position of a good fruit for eternity. Otherwise, even though we want the world to become peaceful, it will not. (038-300, 1971.01.08)

Peace and God

2 Because the human ancestors fell, they could not become God’s genuine sons and daughters. Instead they got together as they wished and had children, forming a tribe, people and nation. This should have occurred based on principled love that revolved around God. A peaceful, ideal world of genuine happiness can exist only with God’s love. (021-140, 1968.11.17)

3 The Messiah’s work is carried out with God at the center. Therefore to this day, God and Satan have been opposing one another. God is plus and Lucifer, who should have been a minus, became a plus called Satan that repels God. Conflict leads to war, destruction and ruin. But unity brings peace. Unity cannot come about unless we create a minus realm to God and relate to Satan so as to bring him to submission. Heaven’s side must become Abel and unify this world. Abel comes to unify. Unification brings the beginning of the peaceful world, the garden of Eden. (057-167, 1972.05.31)

4 People seek genuine, unchanging truth. At the same time, humanity pursues love, the ideal, happiness, peace and freedom. No matter how chaotic or hopeless the world may be, our heart and mind yearn for this. This fire of hope continues to burn. The issue here is: what will God do? God has no choice but to pursue a world of true love, true ideals, true happiness, peace and freedom. So what human beings are pursuing and what God is pursuing must be the same thing. Then when we speak about love, ideals, happiness or peace, are we referring to the qualities of one individual or are we speaking about what can be realized only within a mutual relationship? These are not conditions that can be realized by an individual alone. Can you have love by yourself? Can you enter an ideal state by yourself? You cannot have such things as happiness or peace when you are alone. These can be realized only within mutual relationships. (77-286, 1975.04.14)

5 What needs to be settled first, rising above all scholarly pursuits, customs, and established social structures, is the question of God. God must be the beginning point. If God created human beings through a process, from a starting point, we can’t realize a world of peace unless we rediscover the way God intended to actualize His ideal of creation, which is humanity’s destination. The world of peace is a world of oneness. If God and human beings take different directions, then the one world of peace cannot appear. Thus the necessary conclusion is that there must be only one direction for both God and humankind. Therefore, unless we jettison the direction of this human-centered world and set our course toward a world that upholds God as the Supreme Being, we cannot find the way to a unified, peacefiil world. (223-136, 1991.11.10)

6 An individual of perfected character can represent God’s ideal of creation. God did not create the natural world to simply observe and interact with it. He created for the sake of joy. It is through joy that we can find happiness, and through happiness that we can create a peaceful environment for each other. To feel joy, we don’t need money, and having people there, by itself, also is not enough. What is needed is a force between God and human beings that allows God to relate to us as a Father to His children. These are the elements of joy—bonds that neither God nor His children can break no matter how they feel or what they do. There must be an absolute force, a subjective force that cannot be removed or blocked by any other force, a path we can pursue as our one and only absolute ideal. Until that has been settled, we cannot have our ideal subject partner, and God cannot have His ideal counterpart. Then what is the central, primary factor that can create joy between God and human beings so that both can be happy? What is the core essence that can become the origin of peace? It can only be a reciprocal relationship with the absolute love of God. (63-156, 1972.10.14)

7 What is the central issue in resolving all the problems of the world? Giving a clear explanation about the existence of God is more important than anything else. When all human beings come to realize that God truly exists, they will clearly know the direction of His Will. When they understand God’s purpose, a unified, peaceful and ideal world will surely come about. (56-131, 1972.05.14)

8 The idea that a peaceful world can come about by human effort alone is a fantasy. Why is that? When you look at your mind and body, how intense the battle between them is! Therefore, even for myself, when I was cultivating my mind, my motto was: “Before desiring to master the universe, I must attain perfect mastery over myself?’ Our body is intense and powerful, and we can expect it always to block our way. Even if you could rule the universe, it is not easy to rule yourself. Since this is how it is, in this chaotic heaven and earth, peace and unity are nothing more than fantasies. Nonetheless, as long as God exists, they are possible. (121-282, 1982.10.29)

9 The original garden of Eden was a garden of life. It was not a garden of life that was supposed to be limited only to that time; it was to have continued throughout eternity. Had it been realized on the earth, human beings, as beings of life, would have experienced eternal joy and gratitude for God’s gift of life. Also, the original garden of Eden was a world in which human beings could emit the light of life as the lords of all living things, where each individual could emit light as a substantial realization of God’s eternal hope and as a being of eternal value. The original garden was a garden of love and also a world of peace and unity, in which all God’s children were to have become one by relating with each other harmoniously centering on His love. (2-245, 1957.06.09)

The king and the kingdom of peace

10 You will become one united, extended family centered on the restored nation that belongs to Adam and Eve on the world level. Such a great united family is not just a united nations of the world. New ancestors, first and second generation, will need to be organized from the spiritual and physical worlds, like a large extended family. From them must come a people, nation and world. What remains after that is to form a people, nation and world that will fulfill what is written on the concluding page of history. Now can you understand how urgent this task is? I have announced the age of God’s homeland and His kingdom of peace. The time is coming when all beings in existence need to stand in that place. But if God’s homeland and kingdom of peace do not stand in a realm of liberation and complete freedom, God will not be able to take ownership. (446-288, 2004.04.28)

11 The original garden we wish for is a garden of happiness and a world in which we offer praise and gratitude to God. That world is a world of hope based on love and life and a world where the values of peace and unification have been realized. It is also a world in which all human values combine and appear as beauty, a world where all God’s children, through song, laughter and dance, praise the life and eternal love we have received. Moreover, it is a world in which all things of the creation join together, harmonizing with the movement of human beings. God wanted to realize this world of His original ideal through human beings. (2-245, 1957.06.09)

12 The children, Cain and Abel, were not born through God’s love. Our ancestors, Adam and Eve, were supposed to receive God’s Blessing; instead they were driven out of the garden. Even as God did so He said, “Beloved Adam, beloved Eve! I created you in order to build a garden of love, which is the world I intended when I created this great universe. Thus you would have been the king and queen of peace and happiness.” No other entities on this earth could have held this position. It was only our first ancestors who were to have become the king and queen. Adam could have stood as the king of the heavens and earth for all eternity, with his descendants covering the earth. After the heavens and earth were formed, after the connection had been made between God and His beloved children, our ancestor Adam was the one person who could have received the title of king. (9-317, 1960.06.19)

13 Two thousand years after the Fall, Heaven selected and established a chosen people and promised, “I will send you someone who will become your lord and leader, your prince of freedom, peace and happiness.” And thus Heaven sent this one person who had been promised as the champion of happiness, peace and freedom, the one man who could resolve Heaven’s anguish and bring forth Heaven’s blessings. The one person promised through the ages finally appeared, yet the chosen people of Israel did not welcome and attend him and live according to his will. Because they did not unite according to God’s Will and fight to resolve Heaven’s anguish, the grievous course of history has been repeatedly prolonged until this day. Jesus Christ was the person who came as the prince of peace, happiness and freedom, to resolve God’s anguish, which arose from the bitter, four-thousand-year course of human history. (006-243, 1959.05.24)

14 If you embody the idea of a cosmic kingdom of heaven and expand a movement of God’s love, life and truth, then a world of peace will be established on this earth. Therefore your parents are not just your own parents, your family is not just your own brothers and sisters, and your children are not just your own sons and daughters. If you become people with the character that views all people as your parents, brothers and sisters and children, then you will shed tears for any person being harassed in the world of death. Also, when you see people your own age or younger than you, your tears will flow with a sense of responsibility to save them, and you will try to do so. When you become such people, you will be at the center of building the kingdom of heaven on this earth. (2-145, 1957.03.17)

15 Peace will be realized only when there is a king of peace. Should a human being or God be the king of peace? It goes without saying that God should be the king of peace. If you understand what kind of God the God of peace is, you can become His child. By doing so, you will become His heir, who can inherit His royal authority. (281-116, 1997.01.02)

16 Uniting the world is not something that can be accomplished through great strength or great knowledge. It can be accomplished only through love. World peace is realized only when we commit to completing all our responsibility, even when it means we must sacrifice ourselves, sacrifice “me.” Unity brought about through power dissolves as soon as the power goes away, but unity brought about through self-sacrifice remains even if the power is gone. Because God is the king of wisdom, He set up a principle for unification that can long endure. God established the principle of love that says, “Sacrifice! Exist for the sake of others!” When we live that way, love naturally blossoms and we automatically receive the right to inherit joy. Hence we are told to sacrifice ourselves and live for the sake of others, because doing so allows us to connect to the universe and stand at the point closest to Heaven’s eternal love. (97-162, 1978.03.12)

17 Science understands the existing world in terms of laws, creates formulas, and adds them to the store of our shared human knowledge. However, science is not everything. When we touch our own skin, we feel our body temperature and there is the feeling of touch, of course, yet there is something beyond the physical. When we try to move counter to the direction of the universe, the principles of the universe that guide our life tell us instead to go in the direction that conforms to the purpose of the universe. Thus as God created heaven and earth, everything, large and small, is within the magnificent realm of the Creator’s great thought. Everything God made was born of love. The momentum of the great universe, created in such a way, must tend toward a world of peace through which God feels the greatest joy and pleasure, and where God’s purpose is realized such that He can say, “Now I am fulfilled.” (9-165, 1960.05.08)

CHAPTER 2 How Will Peace Be Realized?

Section 1. Steps Toward a World of Peace

1 When peace is realized within the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos, and liberation is attained, a free heaven and earth will unfold. In a world of such freedom, happiness abounds. Until today, no one could discover such peace. What does that tell us about the origin of this peace? God and Satan are fighting. God, the ideal being, and Satan, the evil being, are fighting each other. How can God and Satan, who are fighting, prepare the basis for peace? Who can stop them from fighting? In addition, our mind and body are fighting. That is the problem. The problem is not just that God and Satan are fighting; it is that the battle continues within each and every one of us. (388-030, 2002.07.27)

Peace advances from the individual to the cosmos

2 The path that we are walking becomes the path of history. The direction in which we advance conforms to the flow of history as we deal with history’s issues. We are pursuing this goal placing our entire life course at stake. It is not only individuals that mobilize to go down the path that begins from me and goes all the way to the destination. Families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world, as well as God and all things, mobilize. Because humanity fell, the path in this direction passes through almost no level terrain. As they move toward the goal, people encounter struggles. Individual, family, national, global and cosmic struggles block the path. (13-316, 1964.04.14)

3 You may say that you have to go and find a peaceful world somewhere, but such a peaceful world does not exist. There is no such world out there. Go to America, go to Russia, go anywhere else in the world; you will not find it. That peaceful world has to begin with you. You need to start with a peaceful mind. The value of that mind is greater than that of the entire world! Human beings desire to own everything in the heavens and the earth; they want to stand in the position of having attained every central value. The only way to accomplish this is to pass through an integrated formula course. That course is based on fundamental standards, and you need to calculate every portion of that formula course correctly to reach the goal. It is fine to strive continuously to abandon your personal desires, but you cannot reach the goal if you do not adhere to the formula. Everything in the universe moves according to rules and formulas. The development and accomplishments of today’s science and technology are based on the application of rules and formulas. (230-318, 1992.05.10)

4 We must not get entangled as we move from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation and world. The family has to inherit the victories of the individual, and the tribe needs to inherit the victories of the family. This pattern of the tribe inheriting the victories of the family expands, with the people inheriting the victories of the tribe, the nation inheriting the victories of the people, and the world inheriting the victories of the nation. With this pattern you can overcome anything. The final providential victory that God desires cannot appear on earth unless every level from the individual to the world inherits that unchanging pattern from the start. A foundation with consistent links has to appear on earth. Without that, there cannot be peace on earth. (57-068, 1972.05.28)

5 Everyone in our world today is hoping for peace, dreaming of one united, ideal world. But without each and every one of us, that ideal world will not appear. There is only one way to achieve that world. It is for each of us to establish a foundation to pursue the ideal and then to work within our environment to realize it. Friction exists in every society due to rival factions. People struggle even within their families. We see that even our own mind and body are in conflict. So, the way to peace and unity cannot be discovered anywhere but within. There is no path other than that difficult search within. (061-247, 1972.09.01)

6 The standard that all the world’s people can affirm as correct, the standard that can gain public approval, needs to be a standard that no one can change. World peace can blossom through the adoption of that standard. Based on that, a good individual, a good family, a good tribe, a good people, a good nation and a good world can begin. No matter how good a nation may be, it will break apart if it cannot adjust to this global standard and direction. Therefore, the issues we need to deal with are ideologies and ways of thought. These issues include our views of the universe, the world, human life and ways of living, and the character of the new world. (033-048, 1970.08.02)

7 When we think that we rely on the world, rely on the nation, on society, on our family, on our parents and our spouses and our children, we discover that there is nothing within ourselves upon which we can rely. Our body and mind are separated, so we cannot expect to rely on ourselves. What is the problem here? The problem is not the world in which we are living. The world is far distant. Your nation is not the issue, your society is not the issue, nor is your family the issue. Your husband or wife is not the issue. In the end, the issue is how you will prepare a foundation of unity within yourself. From this viewpoint, to discover a world of peace and unity, the first thing we have to do is attain inner oneness. To attempt to join a united world without first being a person of unity is a contradiction. (128-077, 1983.06.05)

8 The issue is not World War II or today’s Russia and America. The issue is how to end the war inside myself, which could continue for eternity, and bring peace. You need to understand how extremely important this is. If it does not happen, then even if the world becomes a peaceful place, it will seem like hell. When I started on this path my first motto was, “Before you seek to master the universe, first attain mastery over yourself.” People who cannot conquer themselves can never conquer the world. (131-034, 1984.03.11)

9 We were born with the fate to dwell in the fallen realm. So the only way for us to recover our family is to sacrifice ourselves. Individual investment is the only way to make a foundation for peace in the family. If your attitude is that you will sacrifice for the sake of your family, your family can become the foundation for you to advance to the people and the world. It will become your foundation for settlement. It is vital that your family become the foundation from which you reach the people. You lead your relatives so that you can reach the people. (168-114, 1987.09.13)

10 Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” The kingdom of God is in your mind. However, God cannot dwell in your mind unless it is united with your body, because the kingdom of God is one world. Therefore, what the Unification Church emphasizes is not the unification of the world. Before the world can be united, a nation needs to be united. Before a nation can be unified, a united people, tribe, and family are needed. Before a family can be united, an individual must be united. This means you need to attain unity within yourself, with your mind at the center. Your mind is your fundamental starting point. (160-264, 1969.05.17)

11 The way to achieve unity is simple. All you need to do is to unite your mind and body. When someone who has attained mind-body unity becomes one with his or her family, there is peace in that family. When a family that is united in this way becomes one with its society, that family will be so happy that its members will not envy anyone in society. When a society united in this way becomes one with its nation, it will develop a realm of unity that is so strong that no one in the nation will deny it; everyone will respect it. Furthermore, when such a nation becomes one with all the world’s people, the kingdom of God will be realized on earth. (199-238, 1990.02.20)

The eight stages of peace

12 The religion that can take charge of the overall providence going into the fixture will need to resolve the resentment of the spirits in the spirit world, fulfill their wishes and pay indemnity for them. We cannot consider only the people living on earth and the issues facing the world today. In order to realize an age of peace, it is also necessary that we resolve the problems of the spirit world. After doing so, we will usher God to His seat. Only then can an eternal world on earth and in heaven be formed. There are eight stages: individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. (155-192, 1965.10.27)

13 Consider the path of the one central person who places Heaven at his center. For what purpose will that individual walk that path? His footsteps will not be for his own sake. That individual will have to go through the family and walk that path to the world. That individual will have to unite the world and also heaven and earth. To bring about the world of love, the world of peace that humankind desires, he will have to reach a moment of victory when he is bound to God by eternal love. (61-249, 1972.09.01)

14 Humanity as we know it has resulted from a history of strife-filled relationships. It is very difficult to overturn that completely and bring about a new result. Each of us is involved in prolonging this world of strife. As people who seek peace, we are compelled to be concerned about this. We assess what is evil or good using our own individual standards, and the battle between good and evil develops within each of us. Then there are struggles within families, tribes and peoples. When the struggles get bigger, nations fight each other. With such confrontation's, peace in the world becomes ever more remote. Look at the starting point, the individual. We can see that the realm of peace in an individual is connected to the world. To get from the individual to the world, we have to go beyond the realms of strife within families, tribes and peoples. We have to go beyond the boundary lines, the walls of the eight stages that we talk about in the Unification Church. (255-286, 1994.03.11)

15 God absolutely cannot realize the ideal of love on His own. God has to become the master of eight stages, including the time in the womb, childhood, adolescence, married life, parenthood, grandparenthood and kingship. We are the ones who lost them all, due to the Fall. God was going to set up the model of those eight stages of love, but because of the Fall, they were lost. Now we have to set them up for God. So, we have to become models of God’s love before we have children. (317-104, 2000.02.19)

Section 2. Peace between Mind and Body

1 The place where you live is full of gangsters. Your mind and body are fighting each other. So if you are a husband and wife, there will be four gangsters within your couple. Where there are ten family members, there are twenty gangsters. With 3.6 billion people on earth, there are 7.2 billion gangsters. No one can even dream of peace under such circumstances. God is wise and He understands the logic of this situation very well. So where did He place the origin of peace? He works on it within individuals through religion. This reveals the greatness of God. He did not place the origin of peace on the world level or on the level of a nation or tribe. He placed it within individuals. The peace between the individual’s mind and body is that eternal origin. Then who could separate a man and woman who are born of God and who attain that peace? Who could tear apart their completely united family? Who could pull apart a perfected man as plus and a perfected woman as minus who totally attach themselves to each other with the force of God’s love? The foundation of such a family in which all are rooted in the love of God, the source of all power, has yet to appear on earth. (160-264, 1969.05.17)

2 Religion addresses life-and-death issues for individuals. These are issues such as: “Will I die or will I live?” and “How will I find the criteria for mind- body harmony and freedom in the mind-body relationship?” This is because liberation of the society, nation and world comes only when individuals have found their place of liberation, their right to freedom and self-governance. This is the only way that avoids contradictions of logic. But how can you possibly find freedom within, while your mind and body are constantly fighting? (187-119, 1989.02.05)

3 Humanity desires a peaceful world. Yet even after hundreds of millions of years there is no peace. For fallen people, peace is not possible. Who is the owner of peace? In order for a family to be peaceful the mother and father, who are the owners of peace, have to teach their family members the origin and contents of peace and how to put these into practice. We will not find eternal peace until this happens. Did our human ancestors find peace? Adam and Eve became enemies. You who have received the blood of those enemies endure constant batdes between your body and mind. Why did your body and mind start fighting? The fight began because the original source of peace was lost and destroyed. How could people who have not found the criteria for peace between their body and mind find peace in the world? People who fight are expelled from their family, their nation and the world. Today, with the entire human race battling between mind and body, how can anyone go to the kingdom of God? No matter how much you focus on the mind, you will not get there. The purpose of religion is to bring unity between the body and the mind. (347-225, 2001.07.05)

The struggle between mind and body

4 The world in which division and conflict never end is the opposite of the garden of God’s ideal love. It is not a world of truth that realizes the ideology of peace premised upon love. It is a world that Satan inhabits, in which he destroys the moral laws of family relationships. It is a world in which jealousy and envy sow unending struggle and division. Are you seeking the heavenly castle, in other words, the garden of the original ideal, while you harbor jealousy and envy in your heart? Do you have conflict and division in your mind? If such things remain within, you will never find the garden of the original ideal. (002-247, 1957.06.09)

5 The Fall originated with self-centeredness. The Fall ruined human history, bringing affliction, failure and war. We need to arrive at an understanding of fundamental issues in order to clear these things away. We need to discover the root of living for the sake of others and all things, grounded in God’s love. To do so is to discover the source of peace. Without discovering the source of peace, we will not be able to build a world of peace. (146-103, 1986.06.07)

6 Our bodies, which were to have received God’s lineage and God’s love eternally, received the blood of the devil Satan, the enemy of both God and original human beings. We are in a bitter situation that will drag us into hell. To this day, people have not known this. What I’m saying is that Satan took a family—a family that could have lived a happy, ideal life in a peaceful kingdom with God as the center—and he violated it, creating a world of misery and hell. (53-142, 1972.02.13)

7 The battle between the mind and body is more hideous than a nuclear war. In a nuclear war there can be a ceasefire, but there are no ceasefires in the battle between the mind and body. That war never ends. From each person’s first day of existence on earth until the last, a ceaseless war is fought in the background of the mind. People in this state formed families and then tribes and the fighting increased. Then people were added upon people, increasing the conflict, after which nations fought against nations. Human history until now has continued as a history of war. There has not been a single day when all wars were stopped. Their origin is the mind and body. This point of origin, the body and mind, initiates the conflict. Individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations follow this pattern. (19-287, 1968.03.10)

8 No matter how impressive someone may look, if we analyze that person, say, a Mrs. Kim, we will find a struggle between her inner self and outer self. I am telling you that the outer person and inner person are constantly confronting each other. This is undeniable. Within each of you, the good mind and evil body are always fighting each other. This battle is the problem. What is its source? Where is its origin? It originated at the very beginning of human history. It appears as if this battle may continue on for tens of thousands of years. (23-102, 1969.05.14)

9 You are fighting right now. You are firing guns throughout your life. Irrespective of how you arrange things in this world, your body and mind are fighting each other. How can you bring peace between them? Will your body win this battle, or will your mind? You need to become people who can say, “Without a doubt, my mind will be victorious.” Those whose minds are victorious are on the side of good, while those whose bodies are victorious are on the side of evil. (36-061, 1970.11.15)

10 To this day, people have endured constant struggles between their own minds and bodies. That is, we have never seen a day of peace and unity, a day that would allow us to run toward a clear goal in accord with moral laws. Since the entire course of history has unfolded while our bodies and minds have been in conflict, there has been no way to avoid a division into two worlds, one oriented spiritually, the other materially. (20-166, 1968.06.09)

11 If we were originally designed with our body and mind in conflict, things such as ideals, peace and systems of thought would be nothing but empty words, spoken in vain. If we were created not to struggle internally, then there would be a purpose for ideals, peace and systems of thought. It is illogical that people born with an inherent inner conflict could come up with the concepts of true ideals and peace. In all respects we are resultant beings, not causal beings. We were brought into being by a cause and, as resultant beings, our existence must be consistent with that cause. Cause and effect cannot be different; a resultant being is formed from the substance of a causal being. So we can conclude that we, as result, are not inherently different from the cause, and there must be a process by which we can unite. That is scientific. (86-035, 1976.03.04)

12 The original mind, which is God’s base, is the guard post for the kingdom of heaven. The body, which is Satan’s base, is the guard post for hell. They are on opposite sides of a border. You can hear gunshots across the border. This is the sound of your original mind fighting with your body. Until you win this war, you cannot become God’s children, and you cannot go to the heavenly nation. Without this victory as the starting point, the kingdom of heaven and the ideal world cannot be realized. (54-101, 1972.03.20)

13 Our mind-body relationship is the place of confrontation between the goodness of God and the evil of Satan. A vicious battle is taking place there. I too have struggled with this, and have set up the motto, “Gain mastery over myself before seeking to master the universe.” How do we deal with this habitual conflict? Korean people crave to eat red pepper paste and soybean paste. Can you overcome this? During the day you need to work and at night you need to sleep. Is it possible not to sleep? That is the problem. You have to conquer yourself with respect to sleep, hunger, and women, if you are a man, or men, ifyouareawoman. (137-156, 1986.01.01)

14 Our body is Satan’s kingdom. Thus, God teaches us to be victorious over ourselves, to conquer ourselves. Unless we discover the way to become one Within ourselves, it is impossible for there to be a peaceful, united world. People today think that the key to uniting the world is found in external systems such as democracy or communism, but this is not correct. It is wrong due to the feet that our minds and bodies are fighting each other. Even if we could create external unity, authentic unity would still be far away if our bodies and minds were to remain at war. (72-120, 1974.05.26)

15 We say that both our original mind and body are alive, but we are Satan’s prisoners who cannot live as expressions of goodness alone. So, in truth, we are dead. Therefore, we have to break the iron bars that surround us and escape. As long as we serve two masters in our mind or environment, there cannot be such a thing as peace, so our suffering will continue. As we seek the path of life, what determination and resolutions should we make? The iron bars that surround us are nothing other than our own body. We have to mobilize our conscience to break these iron bars. The time when that can happen is called the Last Days. (12-085, 1962.11.01)

16 Peace and equality are goals shared by the entire human race. What is the starting point toward achieving them in the world? It is a way and a truth that allow for communication, harmonization and agreement. Then, what is that new truth? It needs to be an absolute truth that can link heaven and earth and that can remain beyond the end of human history. It has to be an ideology with a view of human life that contains a driving force that allows you to connect with any being in the world, whether that being is above or below you, in front of or behind you, to your left or right. History did not begin in communication and harmony but rather in mutual aversion. Such a beginning can only lead to failure and sorrow. Unless there is an absolute being who calls out to humanity with an ideology of communication and harmony, human history will consist of nothing but hopelessness. (17-120, 1966.12.11)

Unifying the mind and body

17 To this day, countless saints have come and gone. Not one of them knew where the enemy was or where to seek the standard for world peace. The battleground of the devil or Satan is within the self. That is why I am telling you to unite your body with your mind. I am teaching you an ideology that demonstrates logically the need for unity between your body and your mind. This standard is based on a logic that no saint in history has managed to elucidate. Are you settled within your mind? Can you trust yourself? This is a serious matter. How can you ask God to recognize you when you cannot even trust yourself? How can you ask me to recognize you? Your mind needs to recognize your body and your body needs to recognize your mind. You must stand in this absolute position. Then you will be in a place where God has no choice but to recognize you. (202-090, 1990.05.06)

18 The standard for world peace is not something that is to be found at the endpoint of a historical era. It is at the place where we unite our body and mind, which have been fighting each other. If we can occupy such a position, the ideal world will surely come. Such a world is unchanging, so how can you, who are always changing, possess it? It doesn’t make sense to think that you can. It is absolutely impossible. Therefore, before pursuing an ideal world, you should first seek your inner realm of unity and happiness. (139-095, 1986.01.28)

19 You need to unite within yourself, with your mind as the center. First you need to lay an internal foundation and then seek an external foundation. While doing this, you need to go beyond yourself by making God your focus, and then seek out the family, society, nation and world, and even heaven and earth. Then what is the crucial problem facing us in searching for one world and one ideology? It is not the ideology of a nation or world that exists for a while and then disappears. It is not gaining more power or a high position. It is crucial to find the ideology and the person who can unite two worlds into one. We reside within an internal world that centers on the mind and an external world that centers on the body. Just as we have divided this world into two, the spirit world also has a realm of good sovereignty governed by Heaven and a realm of evil sovereignty governed by Satan. I am telling you that the concluding point of God’s providence, of all six thousand years, is within the body of each person. (4-163, 1958.04.06)

20 Even though people say they have united the world, this world remains a scene of internal battles. External unity does not stand on the foundation of internal unity. Thus, even if external unity is proclaimed, it is inevitable that the world will continue to yield divisive results. No matter how desperately we want peace and freedom, and to live in heaven, we cannot obtain these things if we are attached to the present. The fundamental issue at hand is unity within ourselves. Unless we unite our mind and body, unless our mind can say that it has attained all the conditions necessary for it to enjoy the greatest level of happiness, and unless we can become the people whose center will never yield to any earthly things, world peace will remain elusive. (20-169, 1968.06.09)

21 Peace, happiness, freedom and hope exist only on the foundation of unification. How can you be free when your body is not united with your mind? Even when you go to work, your body and mind are waging a world war. So, how can you be free? The word “freedom” comes to mean unhappiness. Is there happiness at the point where your body is fighting with your mind? Consequently, you worry deeply about the problems of life and overlook the real problem. How can there be happiness or peace if the body is not united with the mind? (242-060, 1992.12.27)

22 To this day, God has conducted His providence through religion. He has nudged people through religion toward a lifestyle that centers on the mind. He has always emphasized a lifestyle that centers on the mind, not one that centers on this world. God has been drawing us toward the life connections we will have in the final world that comes beyond this life. Even in the Christian view, God does not teach us to live focusing on the present world. We are not taught to eat well and live well in this world. Religion always directs us toward the peace that belongs to the world of the mind. It teaches, “Where is the kingdom of heaven? It is not in this world but in your mind. The kingdom of heaven is in the world of your mind and is realized at the end of our days.” (49-024, 1971.10.03)

23 Without true love, we cannot unite the world of the mind and the world of the body. The world in which the mind and body separate and fight is none other than this fallen world. The mind absolutely has to be the center and the body absolutely cannot complain. The body always needs to take the minus position, and the mind needs to take the plus position. When the plus takes the forefront, it is eternal. In response to the mind’s authority, the body has to create that place. If it does not, then even if this world is peaceful and ideal, you will not be able to connect to it. (217-317, 1991.06.12)

24 Where there is no unity, there can be no peace. Where there is no unity, there is no hope. Can you be happy when your mind and body are not united? Can you be happy when your mind and body are fighting? Can you be free? The two have to work well together. Peace requires a balance between the two. Have you found that balance? Do you get along well with your spouse? If you fight with your spouse in the morning, do you just go your own way feeling happy the rest of the day? No. Freedom exists on the foundation of unity. If there is no unity, there is no happiness; if there is no unity, there is no peace; if there is no unity, there is no hope. (231-269, 1992.06.07)

25 The new ideology for the future needs to examine precisely God’s Will and ideal for human beings. It also has to clearly reveal God’s relationship with us. The human mind and body are designed to constitute one perfected, united person rooted in God’s true love. Consider a man and woman, each with a mind and body that have united based on God’s true love. If they meet as a husband and wife under God’s true love and form a family, that family will realize oneness by putting God’s true love at its center. It will then become a source of true freedom, peace and happiness. (234-238, 1992.08.22)

26 The most valuable achievement in human life is to figure out where to set the standard for peace in terms of our mind and body. The mind and body are fighting each other. What is the standard for peace? It is not the world, not a nation and not a religion. A religious leader is a person who establishes a standard for peace, by forming absolute unity between his or her own mind and body. That is the purpose of education and training. Therefore, believing in religion or becoming a great religious leader is not the point. What we have to do is unite our body and mind. We have to establish and setde the origin of peace at the individual level. If the origin of peace is unsettled within us, things such as an ideal religion or the kingdom of heaven will be nothing more than dreams with no connection to us. (217-180, 1991.05.27)

27 How do you achieve unity between your body and mind? Before you complain about the world, before you shout about true peace in the world, before you shout about true fulfillment in the world, answer these questions: Are your body and mind united as the starting point of peace? Have you set God as the central starting point of peace? You cannot set that beginning point with your mind alone. Your body needs to conform to your mind, with God at the center. If you were like this, you could never conceive of two separate paths to follow God. But people today walk on two paths, and it is due to the Fall. They are divided. When we look at this result, we cannot deny that something went wrong at the origin. (140-017, 1986.02.01)

28 Godism says, “I will break down the global ideological barriers and sacrifice myself for the sake of the world.” God sacrifices His closest sons and daughters for the sake of the world. In the end, only Godism will remain. That is because God has sacrificed the people closest to Him to own the origin from which to love the world. Therefore, even if we face the end of history, our hearts have to go beyond the world’s barriers. We have to commit to live as a people or nation that puts the world first. If we cannot do that, our group cannot remain in this world. We cannot become one by making our body the center. The body needs to make the mind its center, and the mind needs to make Heaven its center. Then they can be one. Peace, happiness and the ideal can settle in the person whose mind and body are aligned with Heaven. (26-236, 1969.11.02)

29 If people could achieve mind-body unity with the mind at the center, such that the two never separate, they could attain perfection and remain unstained. Had there been no Fall in Eden, the body and mind would not have been divided. Yet, mind and body have fought with each other to this day. In each and every person of the fallen world, the mind and body fight. Our inability to unite our mind and body is a source of anguish. If the body and mind cannot become one, it is impossible for peace to come. Happiness has nowhere to dwell. There is some truth to the saying that ours is a life of misfortune, that this world is a vale of tears. Despite the original, providential vision that they become one, our mind and body became divided. From that point, everything in all directions divided. In other words, subject and object partners became divided. (81-281, 1975.12.29)

30 How will the peaceful world come? If we cannot find the place where the body has united with the mind, there will be no origin of a peaceful world. Modern-day people say that a unified world will come and the kingdom of heaven on earth will then be realized. The base for the kingdom of heaven on earth, in all respects, is unity between our body and mind. Our body and mind need to become one. Then we need to become one as husband and wife, and next the children need to become one. Because human beings fell, the entire world has broken down. (261-118, 1994.06.09)

31 As the gap between the mind and body widens, the amount of distress increases. Suffering and tragedy take hold. Thus, we need to narrow the gap between our minds and bodies until they unite into one. If we cannot do that, this world will never know peace or happiness. Even if the global battle ends, and we try to live in peace, we will not see hope, fulfillment or peace unless each of us ends our own battle, the battle within oneself. The problem is within me, within myself. I have to resolve my own fundamental issues. Once I do so, when I come upon ideal surroundings in the external world, I will feel a peace and fulfillment that permeates my mind. In order to realize a free and happy kingdom of heaven, we need to connect with the world on that basis. No matter how well organized the environment may be, if we remain in a situation where our own problems have not been solved, we cannot blend into that happy environment. (20-167, 1968.06.09)

32 The way to a peaceful world is to integrate two directions into one. Up until now, the fight between body and mind has divided the world. The religious world and political world are like the mind and body on a global scale. We need to unite these two worlds so that they can move in one direction for a global realm of peace to emerge. Had there been no Fall, a standard for world peace with Adam at the center would have been possible. The world would have moved in a direction opposite to that in which it is going. Instead of going to hell, it would have gone to the kingdom of heaven. Heaven would have unfolded from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation and world, with God and Parents at the center. If that had happened, then everything would have belonged to the kingdom of heaven. (227-175, 1992.02.11)

33 What is one important standard and primary factor in realizing the kingdom of heaven? It is unity. Unless we go through the fundamental principle of unity, the kingdom of heaven cannot be realized. The kingdom of heaven is realized only when we are united. The fundamental human desire for peace and happiness is also realized at the point where we become one. If my mind and body are disunited, peace and happiness will elude me, no matter how much I want them. It means that unity is more important than anything else. (82-271, 1976.02.01)

Section 3. Peace in the Family

1 If a man and woman become one on the basis of love, theirs will become a family of peace. The same applies to the relationship between parents and children. It applies on the national level and everywhere else. There should have been happiness for all people and for our ancestors, but it has not been realized. There can be no standard for perfection other than the place where a man and woman become one. (58-216, 1972.06.11)

The family is the starting point of peace

2 The purpose of religion is to realize one world in which all people can become good and live together in peace. Conditions for peace do not originate in the hands of the worlds politicians. It is certain that peace will not come to the world through any policy or ideology. It is even more certain that unity and peace will not come through military power. The place where you can discover the starting point of peace and happiness is in your family. (23-102, 1969.05.14)

3 Everyone would rather have laughing parents than weeping parents at home. They would rather live with siblings who know how to laugh. Then where can we find such parents and siblings who laugh? We do not find it in families that revolve around worldly spouses and parents, but in families that revolve around the Parents of all humankind and the entire world. Where will we find the standard for families that can represent the world and all nations? If there is an absolute deity, He, just as much as anyone else, is most likely searching for a family standard of absolute peace. (35-131, 1970.10.11)

4 What happens when a man and woman unite? When a man and woman who are vertically one with God marry and become one in mind and body, they are aligned with the creative principles of the great way of Heaven, and so they capture God’s love. I’m saying that you can possess God’s love and form an axis. What is the purpose of marriage? It is for man and woman to center on God’s love, possess God’s love and unite. Such a union is the origin of peace and of the universe itself. The essence of true love lies in the father living for the sake of the mother, the mother living for the sake of the father, the elder brother living for the sake of the younger brother, the younger brother living for the sake of the elder brother and so on, including everyone. Because God’s eternal love dwells where people live for others, such a family will endure forever. (221-212, 1991.10.24)

5 When a husband and wife persist in taking conflicting positions, there can be no peace in their family. With a single, united center in the subject position as the standard, unity of the center and its counterpart is essential. In the relationship between subject and object partners, who has to serve as the center? The subject partner serves as the center. The object partner should then treat the subject partner as his or her center and should connect to the subject partner. That is how he or she can fulfill the purpose of the object partner. However, if the subject partner goes back and forth, to and from the objective position, the single purpose is lost. In the end, to realize the purpose of the family, the husband and wife need to become one. (028-157, 1970.01.11)

6 How will a world of peace come about? What is the first requirement? We need to find the origin that unites us as one. If we cannot, then a united world will forever remain unrealized. If you ask whether you have to become one before your household becomes one, it means you have not attained unity within yourself. When the body and mind of an individual fight each other, neither the individual nor the couple can be happy. They cannot be peaceful nor can they find hope. As we get closer to the Last Days, the sphere of the mind divides from that of the body. One result is that each couple becomes four battling entities. Since there are two minds and two bodies, they become four entities fighting one another. If you try to become one centered on the woman’s mind, her mind is fighting with her body, so you have to escape. If you try to become one centered on her body, her body is fighting with her mind, so you have to disengage again. There is no base to hold on to. A beginning point for peace cannot be found on earth. (230-315, 1992.05.10)

7 In a family, if the father is sad, his son cannot be happy. If the father and elder brother are sad, the younger brother cannot be happy. A person whose father is sad, whose husband is sad or whose son is sad has to harmonize with them and strive to have the same heart as they do. Even if a child is a company president, if he or she goes to work after seeing the father sad, it is natural for the child to worry about his or her father, even while working. The father’s happy greeting when the child returns home should be a source of great joy to the child. If you become such family members, your family will be happy, and you will enjoy peace and the ideal. (63-304, 1972.10.15)

8 What a happy thing it is to sleep and awaken together with your beloved spouse for your entire life, to work together and then work together again. If you have lived with such love in your heart, if you end up living alone, it will not be difficult for you. The universe cannot disturb such love. In such a situation, the universe is ready to take collective action, and both the earthly world and heavenly world will protect you. People who go through life with love at their center are never unhappy, whether in this world or the next. The greatest reward given to husbands and wives who live in unity through this kind of love is their children. Their children are more precious than anything else. They want to love their children more than each other. A family in which the mother and father unite to give and receive love is a foundation of peace, rooted in love. The family in which the children and parents become completely one based on love is a family of peace. (129-056, 1983.10.01)

9 God’s Will is to realize the family kingdom of heaven. Your sons and daughters are the most frightening beings in the world. They learn from your behavior. Therefore, they are the most frightening beings. If you tolerate and forgive everything, living peacefully, then your children will learn to do the same. It is not easy to be the mother or father of sinless children. (100-302, 1978.10.22)

10 The kingdom of heaven is realized in your family. Nowhere else will you find fulfillment and peace. If your family goes in the wrong direction, you will be unhappy even if you gain the world and everything in it. Families with such love will certainly follow me to the kingdom of heaven. (130-169, 1984.01.08)

11 The family is a training ground for setting up the palace of peace in this world. The husband and wife have to live for each other, with true love as the center of moral law. The couple walking the path of eternal love and their sons and daughters all have to fulfill their responsibility. I am saying that the family is the foundation for peace. (143-169, 1986.03.17)

12 A family tradition centered on True Parents must emerge. Because the laws of love with the Parents at the center have not yet been set up, a standard of peace has yet to be established on earth. In the absence of a standard of peace centered on love, there are no sons and daughters of peace, no families of peace, no tribes of peace, no peoples, nations or world of peace. We need to enter the embrace of love, following the person who comes as our Parent. (157-166, 1967.04.02)

13 What is the task that Unification Church members desire to accomplish? It is to restore our families. That is where all our desires lie. The family is the source of the peace of all nations, of the happiness of heaven and earth, and of the new dispensation. In the family we find the beginning of the new heaven and new earth, the passing away of the first heaven and first earth, the root of all values of human life, and the starting point of hope. They are all there. Then who stands at the center of the restored family? The true ancestors, the father and mother, are at the center. (21-047, 1968.09.01)

14 The nation God desires is the nation Parents desire, and the nation Parents desire is the nation you desire. The root of that nation starts from individuals and families. You need to climb over the wall and pull your family with you and place it at the center. The family is the foundation for an ideal world. The family with love at its core is the foundation for hope and peace. We place original true love at the core. Become husbands and wives who have eternal, unchanging true love between you. Become a couple that does not change. You are here to create endless strength. You have to take with you the foundation of a family, so you need to dig deep. The family is called to follow this path. (205-233, 1990.09.02)

15 Bringing world peace depends on the foundation laid by parents and children in their families. The Unification Church emphasizes individual perfection and family perfection because I knew that this was the overall solution for peace. Take Korea, for example. If North and South Korea reunite but there is no peace within the families, the national peace will crumble. It is said that the leading nations bring peace in the world through international conferences. However, if those Parents who are at the center of the global family do not establish a family foundation capable of bequeathing peace, peace in the world will crumble. (267-198, 1995.01.08)

16 Without the Family Federation for World Peace, a peaceful world is outside the realm of possibility. That is how important families are. A peaceful world starts from the family. If there are ten members in a family, these ten need to stand together as one. They become one by harmonizing with one another three- dimensionally: vertically and horizontally, to the front and rear, and to the left and right. With that in place, we will witness the advent of the ideal world of peace. (232-325, 1992.07.10)

17 To have a healthy household, your grandmother and grandfather, mother and father, you and your spouse, and your children all need to live in harmony. You need to attain harmony and unity with one another. So the question is, how can you unite? If each of you serves yourself, you separate from one another. When eight family members live together and want to unite, what do they need to do? The grandfather and grandmother need to serve the whole. If they try to serve themselves, eight factions will arise. The way to become one is to serve one another. The grandmother needs to serve the grandfather, and the grandfather needs to serve the grandmother. The father needs to serve the mother, and the mother needs to serve the father. The husband needs to serve his wife, and the wife needs to serve her husband. Also, among the children, the elder needs to serve the younger, and the younger, in return, needs to serve the elder. This is the simple secret to making unity. If you create bonds by serving one another, peace will come to your household. (241-301, 1993.01.01)

18 Where is world peace? It is not in the world; it is within me. Even if the world out there is united to the degree that everyone is celebrating joyously, if my own body and mind are not one, what will that unified world have to do with me? Authentic peace does not begin with the outside world. I create it, starting with myself. After that, a family of peace develops from the place where Adam and Eve are completely one in true love, with the standard of each having achieved mind and body unity. That family of peace is global. Being a unified family makes it a peaceful family, and that means it is global. (241-024, 1992.12.19)

19 According to God’s Will, if there had been no Fall at the beginning and one family had been established, that family would have been humanity’s single origin. Through that one family, all humanity would have found peace within God's love. That family would have been one where God would be present, a family with God at the center. That family would have aligned itself with God and become the center of a tribe. After that, a people would have become one with that tribe as their center. A nation would have become one based on that people, and the world would have become one based on that nation. Because that world would have arisen in the natural environment by means of the ideals of true love following that progression, it would have realized a single ideology. And because it was created by the expansion of one tribe from one lineage, that world could not possibly have divided. It would have been a united world, nothing more or less than the ideal world. (101-088, 1978.10.22)

20 A man and woman are born into the world, and when they are drawn to unite with each other as husband and wife they each feel, “I am happy; I am at peace.” God is naturally drawn to find that place of unity and to relate to them. This is the primary motivation driving the relationship between God and people. When God relates with us in this way, it is good not only for God and us, it is also good for the animal, plant and mineral worlds, which welcome that unity with gratitude. (218-207, 1991.07.29)

21 Within a family, there is an arena of love that enfolds a man and a woman. Putting that family at the center, we embrace patriotic thought, saintly thought and the thought worthy of a divine child. When we follow this harmonizing direction to our destination, the value of our united purpose will emerge as the world standard. When we follow the historical direction of God’s love and embrace the world, unity and peace will be possible. Without it, the ideal kingdom of heaven cannot appear. (207-302, 1990.11.11)

The family ideology of the global village

22 Who is leading history? The people who create history are those who are pursued and driven. History develops by going through stages. As we go forward, let us bear in mind that we are promoting an ideology of world peace. Therefore, we must not move forward by putting our own people at the center. Instead, we need to put all the people of the world at the center. As we advance, we need to explain that we are working for global equality. A group of people such as this will never fail. This thought was Christianity’s contribution toward the development of history. Christianity has advocated ideas such as the equality of all people, the brotherhood of all the world’s peoples, and humanity as one great family. For this it has been attacked throughout the ages. (18-074, 1967.05.21)

23 The United Nations of the political world needs to unite with a UN of Religions and a Women’s UN: these three need to unite as Cain, Abel and Eve. If they become one with the True Father and True Mother, then all of humanity will enter the realm of one family. Moving in this direction, all the nations and their leaders can enter a peaceful world. A single nation will emerge, with God at its center. The world is composed of family systems. Therefore, the family is where this process begins. With that in place, no one will fight as we naturally move to the tribal foundation. In the same way, we will advance to a nation, the world, the cosmos and God. (254-315, 1994.02.16)

24 Many religions have the concept of a Messiah or Lord of the Second Advent. This tells us that there is a single common purpose for the establishment of religion. That single purpose is world peace and unity. Why should this be so? It is because there is one owner. The idea of God, the absolute being, is one, not two. Then what is the one thought behind the ideology of oneness? It is to make the world into one. It is to realize a world of peace, a united world. God’s Will is for brotherly and sisterly love to harmonize the world as a single family with love at its center, to realize a realm of oneness. (249-171, 1993.10.10)

25 All of humankind is one family. I am saying that we are a family. We are one family, connected through true love. Humankind is one tree. Your family is made up of many families living together. In your family, there are babies, boys, young men, middle-aged men and elderly men. Your family is a training ground where you educate others by example. You educate your children to connect them to the family of the world and the great universe. People who have been trained in your family fall into four categories: your grandfather and grandmother, mother and father, elder brother and sister, and you. Thus, training in your family is the way you graft onto the world family. You invest in your family in order to connect it to the world family. I am saying that you need this investment to accomplish the larger purpose. (289-209, 1998.01.02)

Section 4. Peace in the World

1 The central philosophy we uphold in the Unification Church is to live for the sake of others. If you do so, you will become the center. Without the process of living for each other, there will be no peace in the family. And if you cannot build peace in your family, there can be no peace among your people, no peace in your nation and no peace in the world. This is to tell you to live centered on a realm of love for the entire world. That will absolutely be the foundation for peace among humankind. (118-148, 1982.05.23)

2 The goal of the Unification Church ideology does not end with the salvation of the individual, but with the establishment of a united nation and world. A saved nation and peaceful kingdom will cultivate peaceful people. Likewise, a peaceful world will serve as the environment for the numerous peoples and nations to realize peaceful national realms. Conflicting interests that generate strife are not present here. The liberated, unified homeland, and through it a universal life culture, is expanding globally. This thought provides a new means by which to break the deadlock in the current circumstances of the world, which is beset by difficulties. This is Unification Thought. (36-178, 1970.11.29)

3 In the original design, each person controls, manages, organizes and masters his or her body by putting the mind at the center. Thus people move forward with common goals to realize a single purpose. The mind and body relate according to a standard. That standard of mutual relationship must not be put aside; to fulfill it, the mind is to be at the center and bring the body into oneness. This global age demands that a new movement supporting this appear at the forefront. (20-170, 1968.06.09)

4 What will happen to the world? It cannot become one simply by the establishment of a political system, nor can it become one because its people share economic circumstances. The world will become one when policy directions become one. What is the starting point of division among nations? They begin with differences in policy directions. These differences lead to conflict and breakdown. Ultimately, they are the result of differences in thinking. That is why we need a common base on which to integrate different ways of thinking. Will integration come by people sharing the reality of their lives with one another? Or will it come by putting God at the center? If we consider these two ways, it is clear that people alone cannot realize the ideal. There is no way to establish a single policy direction, a single policy idea, based solely on human desires. Therefore, we need to dig a path that recreates the stage of life in which the human conscience and body have a single thought system, one that is tied to absolute thought and absolute spirit. Without doing so, we will not be able to establish a unified world, and we will not realize a world of peace. (060-262, 1972.08.18)

5 The Unification Church teaches people to live sacrificially. I tell Unification Church believers to sacrifice more for the nation than they do for the church. If Unification Church members serve the people and the nation with that unprecedented sacrificial mind, it will generate a patriotic spirit that history has never seen. If we establish this new tradition of loving the nation’s people, our organization, which has set up that tradition, will never fail. All it takes is to plant that tradition, because all people like that way of love very much. They liked it in the past, they like it in the present, and they will like it in the future. The passage of time does not change something like that. This degree of love will be the new standard for everything. This is the origin; it is the only love that humanity needs. (57-025, 1972.05.21)

Interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values

6 When men and women open the door to a new world, feeling heavenly emotions and venturing forth, it will be the time for the beginning of the kingdom of heaven that we have lonInterdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values ged for. It is only then that the Last Days of heaven and earth will come, and that humanity’s purpose, desire and hope will take root. In that day, the era of people making self-centered, arrogant claims will pass away. It will be a time when no one will say, “I am the best.” From that time on, we will live in a world of cooperation; that is, a world of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. Therefore, the Unification Church advocates interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. We cannot realize such a world on our own. (24-299, 1969.08.31)

7 In an ideal society or nation, everyone will transcend nationality and skin color to engage in mutual cooperation, create harmony, and live in happiness. The community will be like an extended family. People will be conscious of being the sons and daughters of one God, a single brotherhood and sisterhood under the True Parents. That will be the place where blessed families, who have restored their lineage, right of ownership and realm of heart, will realize a world of freedom, peace and unity. It will be a world of True Parents’ language and culture. People will be interdependent and prosperous, sharing universal values and God’s culture, which is based on heart. As true owners, people will find ways to stop polluting the earth’s environment and to love and protect all things. In that world, people will generate their livelihood in joyful service and act based on a heart that lives and loves for the sake of others. All of society's members will follow this standard of living. These ideals are impossible to achieve without the implementation of True Parents’ thought, the thought that teaches that true love is living for the sake of others. (269-156, 1995.04.17)

8 Love of parents, love of husband and wife, and love of siblings have disappeared from contemporary Western philosophy. In this respect, Eastern thought is on a higher plane than western thought. Based on that thinking, which denies that the self can exist outside of a relationship with others, the Unification Church advocates interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. The concept that no one can be victorious alone is an absolute. Why do I tell you to serve the church? It is to elevate your greatness. Do you aspire to be the greatest in your family? Serving the church will make you even greater; serving the nation will make you even greater than that; serving the world will make you even greater and serving heaven and earth will make you even greater. How much greater? It is greatness beyond one’s imagination! Here, greatness does not refer to size; it refers to well-rounded nature and maturity. If you take this on, you need to be ready to live together with all people on the world stage, with the Unification Church as your center. That is the only way you can become the son or daughter of the God who created heaven and earth. (24-300, 1969.08.31)

Head-wing thought

9 What is head-wing thought? It is to guide us to Godism. Why do we seek Godism? We do so to start anew with the ideology of peace. Godism means that we meet God and become one with Him in love. We then start anew through the peace-centered way of thinking. That is how the basis for the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth, as it was meant to be, will emerge. Those who live their entire lives in that kingdom will certainly enter the eternal world without any formalities. (206-133, 1990.10.03)

10 The path of restoration is not easy. This is the era marking the end of left- wing and right-wing divisions. As Jesus breathed his last, situated between thieves on his left and right, he left lasting parental grief behind on earth. Therefore it is through parental thought and head-wing thought that we make God our center and free ourselves from the realm of accusation from both the left and the right. We then debate over the realm of unity, turn around and return to create an environment in which we can march forward without limit. If we fail to do that, God’s kingdom will not emerge. This is that time. This is why I have come forward with Godism and head-wing ideology and am building peace between the ideologies of the two brothers. (169-214, 1987.10.31)

11 What is the “head-wing” ideology that we talk about in the Unification Church? The left and right wings fight if there is no head, don’t they? A combined ideology can appear if we join the head-wing, left-wing and right-wing ideologies. What would be the subject partner of such a combined ideology? Think about it all you want, but the head contains the root of the nervous system. The subject partner cannot appear except in the head. Then what, or who, is this root of all roots? This is something you do not know. The root of all roots is God. head-wing thought comes from God. That is why the original mind, which takes the highest position within us, finds satisfaction in it. (172-031, 1988.01.03)

12 The Unification Church has a headwing movement dedicated to the unification of thought. Left and right refer to wings. But the head is not a wing. Just as the word “left” refers to one side, you should think of “head-wing” as meaning the direction the head is facing. Jesus carried out a new work of global separation on the cross. With Jesus at the center, three global realms separated. There were the realms on the right and left, namely, the thief on his right and the thief on his left, and the realm of Barabbas. In the Last Days, there are the right, the left, a representative of Jesus and a representative of Barabbas. The last of these is neither the communist world nor the democratic world, but the Arab world. (166-055, 1987.05.28)

13 We need a world-level way of thinking. We have nationalistic thoughts and ideas and, until now, communism has maintained racial limitations and national borders. We have overcome all that; we are supra-religious and supranational. We have gone beyond national- level thought to world-level thought and then to cosmic-level thought. What I am talking about goes beyond this world; it is about a nation and religion that transcend this world’s borders. The world needs such a way of thinking, so an ideology with God at the center had to appear. This is why Godism and head-wing thought have emerged. (334-055, 2000.09.28)

14 I am connecting all things through a supra-religious, supranational ideal that transcends the United Nations. The contemporary world lacks a transcendent ideal. There is nothing that can cross the barriers in the religious realm or national realm. To talk of transcendence is to talk about the peak realm where we return to God. I am the person standing there, as the Lord of the Second Advent and the True Parent. I use the head-wing ideology to take on both the left and the right. Head-wing thought deals with the world by placing God at the absolute center. Neither the religious realm nor the national realm offers any match for it. We need a way of thinking that goes beyond the barriers. Adam’s world, which possesses a unified culture, goes beyond the barriers. It is the realm of the culture of heart, and its connection requires perfection in front of God. That forms the base. Think of it as a staging area from which emerges a realm of heart that realizes oneness with God. It is like an army base. (341-190, 2001.01.01)

15 What is Godism? It is an ideology based on the idea of unity, used for our interreligious work and work among non-governmental organizations. How does it build unity? It does not do so by thought alone; love is needed. This calls for sacrifice and service, which are at the heart of all mainstream religions and traditional societies. A new bud can emerge where there is sacrifice. (355-285, 2001.10.06)

16 From now on, we begin with a God-centered concept. We do not begin with human-centered thoughts and concepts. When we have people at the center, there is no way forward. The only path of hope is the one where God sets out toward the final destination for the realization of His ideal. I am declaring that concept. With head-wing thought at the center, the left and right wings need to make a 180-degree reversal, become one and return to God’s world. Through God’s love we can create one world and realize world peace. (215-205, 1991.02.17)

17 If we look at history, Christianity drew a line between materialistic ideologies and a God-centered ideology. The ideologies emphasizing material things collapsed, but the Christian cultural realm, with God at the center, is also declining. Many Christians have bought into the secular humanist worldview. As a result, there is currently no compelling ideology that places God at the center. Materialists and humanists cannot run the world. God is the ruler of the world, so we can rule it only if we look at it from God’s viewpoint. No figure in authority, no matter how impressive his or her thought may be, can control the entire world. Neither the right wing nor the left wing can do so. This has set the stage for head-wing thought, which is the ideology of heart. What is the “heart” it builds from? It is the heart of a true child and the heart of a true spouse. You need to attend God as your Parent and maintain a family environment that builds blood ties with God. (198-217, 1990.02.03)

18 head-wing thought will inspire people to have the attitude of owners of unity and of righteous families. This will allow them to prepare a family foundation for the kingdom of heaven. The family is the building block for the kingdom of heaven. The family is a model from which we can expand to a larger scale. Where can we find the family model necessary to realize the kingdom of heaven? What I am asking is, where is the family prototype for the kingdom of heaven on earth? In that family unit, you have the kingdom of the heavenly world, which is able to become the counterpart to that royal authority in the world. It is found only in my teachings. We are advocating headwing thought to serve as a unified foundation on which to address the dynamics that brought about conflict between Adam and Eve. This will prepare the groundwork for a family built on the original model. That is the basis for head-wing thought. (226-134, 1992.02.02)

19 Who can bind East and West together? I alone can do that. I have created the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, which can assimilate and integrate the Christian and Islamic civilizations, and also the Eastern civilizations based on Buddhism and Confucianism. Next, in the political sphere, I created the Federation for World Peace. I have made preparations for Western, Christian society to connect with the East, and am now waiting for this to come to fruition. Politically, I will harmonize the global political climate through a supranational worldview centered on head-wing thought and Godism. Thus, we will move toward a peaceful world. (224-293, 1991.12.15)

20 Due to the decline of ideologies and value systems, the world is out of control and we find ourselves in limbo. It is a difficult age, characterized by chaos. The only value system that can take the leading position is that of head-wing thought, or Godism, that we are discussing. The age we are entering will present the ultimate value system, the absolute values of Godism. Until today, prominent voices have been clamoring based on humanistic thinking, but now we are transitioning from a human- centered to a God-centered focus. God is an absolute being. An absolute being has absolute thinking. No one has understood this. We have numerous religions with their cultural backgrounds, but they did not know Godism. The “- ism” in Godism means “way of living.” Among all the ways of living, whether individualist, familial, societal, national, global or cosmic, whatever systems you like, there has been no ideal religious substance. But with the advent of the Unification Church on earth, headwing thought and Godism have been introduced. (203-026, 1990.06.14)

21 America has no ideology that can defeat the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. If America is armed with Godism, rooted in head-wing thought, Godism and free-market capitalism will become like inner and outer halves. Then, through my guidance, America can progress in a perpendicular line straight toward God. If America follows a straight line to the original standard of God’s ideal of creation, the world can achieve a dominion of brotherhood in which all people are connected as one family, and a realm of peace. To unite politics with religion, as body and mind, I created the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, representing the religious world, and the Federation for World Peace, representing the political realm. I then united the two into one. (214-245, 1991.02.02)

22 Many ideologies have appeared until now, but none has maintained an unchanging direction. The United States and the Soviet Union, advocating democracy and communism, have focused on their own interests to this very day. The same has been true of religions. Religions have failed to achieve harmony among themselves in keeping with God’s desire. Instead, they have pursued directions as divergent as east, west, south and north. To this day, not one organization, leader or nation has been able to find the direction God desires. From now on, everything from the individual to the family, society, nation, world and cosmos should set its compass on one eternal and unchanging direction. Head-wing thought, Godism, represents that direction. (203-028, 1990.06.14)

23 Starting here in the land of Korea, we need to produce many world leaders who will work to build paradise on earth, a world of unity and peace. They need not only to unify our homeland, but also to dissolve the cultural differences between East and West and the economic gap between North and South. Through Godism, through the head-wing ideology, they need to build a world of peace, a society of one human family based on love. (195-052, 1989.11.03)

24 The democratic world represents the right wing and the communist world represents the left wing. Both are now collapsing. This is definitely true of the United States. Neither left nor right has a center. What is the center? What is needed from now is the head-wing ideology, Godism. That is what I have introduced. No form of humanism can advance in front of God. Since God alone is the absolute and eternal center, only Godism, head-wing thought, can provide a center for humanity. True Parents’ ideology is the true center for the spiritual and physical worlds. (205-263, 1990.09.09)

25 The world is still divided into various cultural spheres based on religious, historical and ethnic differences. Since the religious cultural spheres began from God, we can more readily substantiate God’s ideology in those areas. They are needed to guide the cultures of the East, West, South and North. Likewise, the head-wing thought is needed to resolve the fighting between left-wing and right-wing thought. Godism can unite religions and head-wing thought can dominate humanistic philosophical trends, to alleviate the difficulties faced by this suffering world. (204-081, 1990.07.01)

A world-level ideology

26 How did Christianity become the greatest of the world’s religions? By placing the greatest of all saints at its center. There are central saints among saints. What do they need to teach? They need to teach the way for people to place God at their center, that is, the correct way. Saints teach the way people should relate to God and go before God. This is what makes saints different. God guides them, so they are beyond nationality. Through His principle and heart of love, God pursues a nation of peace that transcends history and human love. The saints, following that principle, teach the world-level ideology. You cannot become a saint unless you put God at the center. (34-341, 1970.09.20)

27 It is now the time of the Last Days, when we are entering an age of world- level ideology. This is not a time to distance oneself from the world. Imagine the heart of Heaven as being like this. We will enter a time of the cosmic ideology and place the heart of Heaven at its center. Think about your own heart. In which direction should it go? The time of living for oneself has passed. The time of living for one’s family, society, and people has also passed. The time of living for a particular nation has passed as well. The time for world-level ideology is coming. We are at a stage where we need to adopt a philosophy to live for the world. Now we need to find individuals to whom the heart of Heaven wants to relate, and families, peoples, nations, a world and a cosmos to whom the heart of Heaven wants to relate. Without understanding this, we will repeat the courses of the great men and women and saints of history, but nothing more than that. (7-239, 1959.09.20)

28 What is our ideology? It is not a global doctrine that puts human beings first. It is modeled after a single doctrine and world that puts God first, but it goes beyond the scope of religion. Any good world that people design needs to fit perfectly, without contradiction, within this model realm of a single doctrine and world. That is the only way for heaven and earth to become one. Heaven is like the mind and human beings are like the body. In that light, even if this world, which is like the body, settles into oneness and becomes a good world, but still places people at the center, it will not be enough. An inner world needs to appear that the God-centered good subject partner, in the position of the mind, can validate as a world of goodness. When that is accomplished as a single doctrine, without any contradictions or conflict, it will be the first time that heaven and earth set forth toward a world of peace. (153-029, 1963.10.18)

29 We can call the time in which we are living the Last Days. We have arrived at a time in which it will be difficult for any global religious body, doctrine or thought to sort things out. If we use inherited doctrines and claims, we can neither comprehend the world of our mind nor find rest for the world of our heart. At this point, philosophy, religion and science have to surrender. We have to face the question, what should this world embrace? We have to embrace something infinite, greater than the world of the mind, greater than the cosmos. To embrace something greater than this world’s ideals and to sing its praises is nobler than anything this earth can offer. Doing so is the only way to lead and manage the world. This is an international age. Two camps, having divided the world, are having a showdown. We cannot allow this to end as a battle. We have to find a way to settle it. We can do so by setting up a clear symbolic standard for the mind and the body. Without this, confusion will arise and this world will destroy itself. (8-016, 1959.10.25)

30 In the world people say, “We struggle for freedom. We give our lives for freedom. Liberty or death! I would rather die than lose my freedom!” However, they miss the point. Even if they start a revolution to win freedom and pull together some organization or nation, they will just see another struggle develop. Their concept of freedom does not include an eternal subject partner. They use force to win freedom, applying the strength of weapons. Those weapons represent the entirety of their actual power. Communism is such an entity. So are individualism, family-ism, ethno-centrism, or nationalism. To this day, no one has gone beyond his or her own nation. No one lives by the ideals of a world-level ideology. (276-240, 1996.02.24)

31 Ultimately, we need a type of patriotism organized around the family, with God’s love at its center. But it cannot stop with a nation; it has to be international. That is why we call the people of the world to become members of a single family, to become brothers and sisters. What characterizes a world of peaceful nations united as one? It is marked by a family ideology that promotes brother-sister relationships. That is the ideal world. But a family-centered world will not stop at just brother-sister relationships. There will be incessant fighting between siblings. At this time, the more than one hundred nations in the United Nations all relate to America one-on-one, although America is so large. This means they belong to a realm of sister nations. That being the case, it is time for the parents to appear. The battle between siblings persists, so the parents need to come and separate right from wrong. We are arriving at such a time, and those parents will come. They will bring the doctrine for world unification. The world has left its Parents’ embrace. However, when this world rediscovers its Parents’ embrace and rests deeply within the realm of God’s love, welcoming a new spring, it will finally become a united world. (160-278, 1969.05.17)

Acosmic-level ideology

32 The cosmic-level ideology allows us to unite our body and mind and establish a family that becomes the essence of God’s love, connecting this thought to both the spirit world and the physical world. The Chinese character for jw (ffi) in cheonju (cosmos, means “home.” That is why we use the term cosmic-level ideology. The cosmos comprises the incorporeal and corporeal worlds. How can you relate to this? You need a family. If you cannot achieve unity in your family, you will have no relationship with the cosmic- level ideology. The family is the ultimate standard that accomplishes this way of thinking centered on the cosmos. If you cannot sing praises of peace and happiness when that happens, you will be unhappy both on earth and in the spirit world. (26-190, 1969.10.25)

33 God is the being who created heaven, earth and all things. As such, He is the one who is entitled to rule all of heaven and earth. He should not rule only in one particular area. Therefore, if you want to become a son or daughter of God, someone who can call God “Father,” you have to at least think about the world that God is striving for. That will make it possible for you to create a bond with God. Until today, the landscape of doctrines and ideologies has been constantly changing. But once an ideology comes that can stand unchallenged on earth, it will expand into a cosmic doctrine that can connect with God, the root being of the universe. It will remain as the conclusion of history. (4-206, 1958.04.28)

34 Now the time of globalism is passing and a new age is coming, the age of the cosmic-level ideology. As this age arrives, the world will shatter unless everyone can welcome this central ideology with outstretched arms and bended knees. This is the meaning of the great judgment. When the Israelites were in captivity, they dropped their inherited beliefs and bowed their heads to Moses, who was close to Heaven. Putting their trust in him, they easily overcame the Pharaoh’s rule and cast off the suffering and adverse circumstances he inflicted. They had no problem crossing the Red Sea, which blocked their path when they made their departure. On the other hand, when they became alienated from Moses, a multitude of them—six hundred thousand people— died in the wilderness. Why did that happen? History is guided not by the thought or doctrine that people adopt to meet the needs of a given moment. Rather, it is guided by the conscience that calls people to a higher place. That higher place is God’s heart. (8-018, 1959.10.25)

35 We are on the side of neither democracy nor communism. Then what is our doctrine? It is the cosmic-level ideology (cheonju-juui). The Chinese character for the first ju (®) in the word for the cosmos-centered way of thinking (cheonju-juui) does not mean owner, as does the Chinese character for the first ju (±) in democracy (minju-juui). It is the character for home. Can God live in this nation? He cannot. This nation should become our heavenly home (cheonju, that is, God’s home. As it has not done so, we are meeting with difficulties. I am saying that troubles arise because the owner is not at home. (033-051, 1970.08.02)

36 No ideology in history has depth comparable to that of the cosmic-level ideology. It is new, and it can surpass any of the world’s ideologies. Its special point is the home. The second character in the word for this cosmos-centered way of thinking (cheonju-juui) is the character for home (g). Eventually, we need a home in which each of us can live, a home in which our nation, our world, and heaven and earth can live. I am saying we need to move toward a home for the individual, a home for the nation, a home for the world and a home for heaven and earth. The center of such a home is God. We need to expand, placing our focus on God. We begin with a home for an individual and move to a home for a people, nation and world. Satan has constructed his image of the world, and God has not yet reached that point. Satan is building his homes for individuals, tribes, nations and the world. To break down Satan’s homes and build new homes in their place, centered on God’s Will, let us use our strength as people with God in our hearts. (25-084, 1969.09.30)

37 You are like God in that you believe in the cosmic-level ideology. So instead of living for your own family, you need to live for the nation and to love all people of the world as your brothers and sisters. From there you need to develop a worldwide foothold, allowing people to graft onto the family of the heavenly nation. We have to be sons and daughters who can sacrifice everything for God and humanity. Our marriages are not for our own sake; they are for God and humankind. When we sleep, it is not for our own sake but for God and humankind. When we eat, it is not for our own sake but for God and humanity. Godism, the cosmic-level ideology, guides us to do all things in this manner, for the sake of God and humanity. (095-174, 1977.11.11)

38 Parents are the root of humankind. Therefore, when you set the beginning point from which to consider all matters related to life and death, put God’s heart at the center of your feelings. This is necessary, an absolute prerequisite. A person whose life is lived thinking of the world, fulfilling this prerequisite, is part of the cosmic-level ideology. That person may live in the Republic of Korea, but he or she is part of the cosmic-level ideology. When the sovereignty of the cosmic-level ideology is established, and all people are part of that world, those people who were persecuted for the sake of that sovereignty will receive honor as they are welcomed by heaven and earth. They will live in the new kingdom of heaven on earth and then enter the eternal kingdom of heaven. Their lineage will consist of people of Heaven and will remain on earth eternally. It is only then that we will have reached our final destination. We have to seek that standard. (27-032, 1969.11.15)

39 The Unification Church is not just trying to save the people on earth. It is also trying to liberate the spirits who spent their time on earth, were captured when they went to the spirit world and are still tied up in the chains of hell. This is the teaching of the Unification Church. Thus ours is a cosmic-level ideology. It does not work through legal conditions. It is possible only when a filial son emerges, a son who can bring God to tears and who can resolve all of God’s historical anguish. But a filial son is not enough. A family needs to emerge that says, “God: Jesus forgave humanity, as Your individual son. Now we, as a husband and wife of Your family, Your son and daughter who have created a family, are in the position to make an offering of atonement. We plead with You to save even the people who have gone to the spirit world.” Only such a family, which has come together like this, can liberate the entire human race, in the spirit world and the physical world. (57-110, 1972.05.29)

40 The final age that humanity will reach is the age centered on an understanding of the heart. That understanding will connect us not to humanistic feelings but to heavenly emotions. We need to think about that age. Some people may claim that they can find solutions to historical problems, but they will not be truly resolved until that age comes. Such a global end time is coming. Among the global religious teachings, only Christianity explains this well. What is the Christian teaching about heart? It teaches that Jesus is a bridegroom seeking a bride, that God was the Father and Jesus the son, and that all people are brothers. Thus it informs our horizontal relationships, our parent- child ties with God, and our sibling relationships with all people. These are not conceptual doctrines but doctrines of heart that go beyond the human conscience. Our age is that of the cosmic doctrine, which allows people to connect with heavenly heart and emotions. (006-317, 1959.06.14)

41 Today, in this age, we need a cosmic- level ideology that reaches beyond globalism. Godism has to arise. In addition, we need a firm standard that will allow people to connect their bodies and minds with the heart of Heaven, by basing their lives on Godism during their time on earth. Without such a standard, we will not be able to live happily. So, within our environment, our minds and bodies can rest and rejoice based on that idea and, through that idea, feel the historical heart of God, the contemporary heart of God and the future heart of God. By this, we stand as cosmic history’s final gift to the world. The ultimate purpose of this gift is not to rule the earth. We start with it as a foundation from which to embrace the infinite world and, later, God. This is the final purpose: to embrace God, to make God belong to each of us. (8-031, 1959.10.25)

42 The conflict on the Korean Peninsula represents not only the conflict between developed and developing nations but also that between Eastern and Western cultures. The unification of the Korean peninsula is integrally related to world peace and is connected to the resolution of other world problems as well. The world is approaching a time when a massive spiritual awakening is needed. A new understanding of God’s existence is not the only thing that individuals, nations and the entire world need. We have to actually meet God and recover our natural relationship with Him, so that we can never separate from Him. To fulfill this purpose I am teaching Godism, centered on true love. Godism is neither left-wing nor right-wing thought; it is head-wing thought. (234-241, 1992.08.22)

CHAPTER 3 The Means to Realize World Peace

Section 1. World Peace through Religion

1 Religion exists for the sake of the world. The purpose of religion is to establish the framework of peace for humankind. That is why religions pursue world peace. Yet world peace is not only for human beings. God too must rejoice in it. This must be a world in which the peace that God desires is in accord with the peace that human beings desire. These two goals come into accord not centered on the people of the world alone and not centered on God alone. There is only one way that God and people both want to be governed; that is the way of love. God’s bitter anguish up until now is that He could not be governed by true love. Since God is the true King, He wants to be governed by a person with true love, even if that person is of the lowest rank. There is nothing that true love cannot permeate. There is no gap in true love. The Fall gave rise to gaps between light and darkness, front and back, and left and right, but true love can traverse them all. (139-061, 1986.01.26)

2 Philanthropy as we witness it today originated from a central trend of religious thought in history. Religion in a broad sense refers to the mainstream of life that centers on God’s side. That is why it advocates love, benevolence, civic virtue and goodness. Religion does not pursue its own ambitions. Rather, it radiates goodness by benefiting the public. Through this it transforms the spirits of the evil world and restores the evil world to the side of Heaven. It does not directly fight evil, but promotes harmony and peace centered on goodness and so creates an atmosphere of reconciliation. In order to deal with this evil world, the religious world needs to make a new beginning. That is, in order to influence its environment, it has to invest something new. Harmony, unity and peace can come only when religions continually work for each other’s sake, rather than telling their believers to work for them. This is the mainstream thought that has guided good religions throughout history. (213-007, 1991.01.13)

The objective of religion is to build the world of peace

3 Where will God find the stronghold of peace? It is not in America, nor Russia, nor any other nation. That place is the original mind of human beings. That means we should discard everything having to do with the fallen world and return to the standard of our original mind. It means to return to our inner self. That is why Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within us. It means that unless we liberate the goodness in our heart, it will be impossible for us to realize an ideal world, a world of happiness. In history, it is religion that has established this standard. God needed to guide people to the way of peace. During the course of history, His efforts to guide people to the way of peace must have left traces. The traces of God’s activities are found in religion. (023-125, 1969.05.18)

4 True peace starts from me. From where in me does it start? It is not from within my heart by itself, but from my heart when it unites with God. Therefore I need to control my body. No matter how you look at people, it is clear that we are not causal beings but resultant beings. That being the case, we need to be completely one with our origin, God. But we have not been able to become one with God. Cause and result need to be one; they should not oppose each other. From that perspective you cannot take yourself, who are a resultant being, as the starting point for oneness. The cause is the starting point. The historical mission of religion has been to create that relationship. (72-120, 1974.05.26)

5 God’s objective is world peace. Whether you ask Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, Jesu, the founder of Christianity, or the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, you will get the same answer. The purpose of religion is peace. It is to bring about one world, an ideal world. (199-215, 1990.02.17)

World peace through a supra- denominational movement

6 From the viewpoint of the Will, we are in a situation similar to that of Jesus in his relationship with Israel and Judaism. In other words, the environment that exists in front of us now is similar to what existed in Jesus’ time. Because this is such a time, it is a given that we should develop a supra-denominational movement. Having this conviction, we need to carry out operations on two fronts. As much as we have been dedicated to restoring our people, we also must do our utmost to promote a supra-denominational movement. We already have established the standard this requires. (017-313, 1967.04.10)

7 God’s Will is to save the world. In order to save the world, we need to pass through the stage of being supranational and supra-denominational. Look at the founding spirit of America. That nation was established from all nations, based on Protestantism. That is, it was founded with a standard that transcended nationality. However, America did not establish a supra-denominational standard. Even though it was international, it was not supra-denominational. Hence, it falls upon us to create that supra-denominational standard. As we do, we are bound to develop a teaching that transcends nationality and even the world. (088-052, 1976.07.04)

8 In terms of electricity, my role is like that of a power distribution station. As Jong as the power plant does not break down, the electric lights will come on. I am here to power the light bulbs in everyone’s home. If I illuminate their homes, they are bound to be pleased. What I am saying is that following this principle is the way we should make one world. We should not be vague in making one world. That is why I need to present concrete measures in leading a inovement to unite religions. (137-069, 1985.12.18)

9 As the Last Days approach, the move- tnent to unite religions will grow and develop. People on earth may not know about God’s work that is being carried out behind the scenes through religion. Nonetheless, God is leading the advance toward one united world, and the religious realm must form structures to Cooperate with such work. That is why a global movement called the International Religious Foundation has appeared. In opposition to this, Satan has formed a single system that stands opposed to religion. That system, which centers on the evil god, arose based on an ideology that opposes religion. It denies God and advocates materialism, which treats matter as absolute. It also advocates humanism. It has formed a world that has nothing to do with God. (149-083, 1986.11.17)

10 I have devoted my entire life to practicing God’s love. I have walked that course in the position of a true son of God. You have to pass through the same course. If we can be completely success- fill on that course, there will be no problem that we cannot solve. That is why I founded the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. With the founding of this organization, it is now possible for religions to cooperate in realizing ideal families and societies with God at the center, a united world. (205-165, 1990.08.20)

11 Mind and body are divided, and the global expansion of that is the division between the political and religious realms. The political realm is in conflict with the religious realm. The body-like political realm always strikes the mindlike religious realm. This conflict has spread even to the United Nations. In order to overcome this, I founded the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. I also created the Federation for World Peace. If the political realm in Satan’s world does not listen to us, then we have to create an Abel-type political realm to encompass it. The purpose of the Federation for World Peace and the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace is to unite the political and religious realms. (264-214, 1994.11.03)

12 Just as the body and mind are divided, two worlds are fighting. We now need to unite the religious world, which represents the world of the mind, through the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. Also we have to deal with the fights between the various nations of the world, representing the world of the body, and for this I founded the Federation for World Peace. These organizations already are established. When they have a joint meeting and I direct them to mobilize to fulfill the responsibility of building a world of peace, it is the people of faith who should take the initiative. I call the people of the Unification Church and the representatives of every religious body to take the lead for the sake of world peace. They have to lead people in the same way that the mind has to lead the body. Otherwise, the world of peace will not come. (210-124, 1990.12.17)

13 Throughout history, the political world persecuted religion. Politics is in the position of the body. The arena of activity based on the body does not recognize God. While focusing on the original mind takes one into the realm of theism, focusing on the body leads to the realm of atheism. These two realms are fighting each other. But the religions must not fight one another; rather, they must come together. In God there is no concept of struggle; there is only the concept of peace. All religious groups that fight other religions are destined to disappear. Humankind will not sustain their existence. They will dissipate entirely. (233-017, 1992.07.20)

Section 2. World Peace through Ideal Families

1 When, from the True Parents of the families, mind and body become one, the couple becomes one, and the children become, peace is realized. Peace begins only when True Parents emerge and, centering on them, true families emerge. The world and its nations are secondary; the kingdom of heaven on earth begins with True Parents and true families. This is the basis of humanity. This is where the kingdom of love begins, where the kingdom of life and lineage begins, as well as the kingdom of heaven on earth, the kingdom of heaven in heaven, and the kingdom of happiness, hope, unity and peace. That is why we have to unite our mind and body. Man and woman and Cain and Abel need to become one. Due to the Fall, the mind and body divided, Adam and Eve divided, and sons and daughters divided. Now all these that were divided have to unite. True Parents are the ideal model for the oneness of mind and body, for oneness as a couple and for oneness among children. You know everything because you learned from True Parents, who brought victory on the world level. All you have to do is build the kingdom of heaven in your family. (259-318, 1994.04.24)

2 The unification of the world is simple. In the Unification Church we practice cross-cultural marriage. If enemies become in-laws, the universe will quickly enter an era of peace. That is why I have conducted the cross-cultural marriage Blessing between Koreans and Japanese. Among the Blessing candidates were people from all kinds of backgrounds, but God’s love goes beyond these differences. Even Jesus has to bring his enemies with him in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. We need to love those in the position of our enemy more than we love our sons and daughters, more even than we love our parents. Only when we reach such a state can we prepare the royal grounds of peace and lead the people to the royal palace where we all can live together. Koreans and Japanese have been relating to each other as enemies. They have not wanted to marry each other, but the Unification Church has overcome this. (504-115, 2005.08.12)

3 No path to world peace is shorter than international marriage. Human beings became enemies and created national barriers. Enmity arises among those who live in close proximity; those who live far away from one another do not become enemies. Accordingly, to hasten the realization of a peaceful world, I marry people from enemy countries. In this way we are Overcoming the boundaries between nations. This will bring us halfway to the world of peace. (249-332, 1993.10.11)

4 The responsibility of the religious world is to stand at the forefront in the quest for world peace. It is a mission that God requires of it absolutely. I cannot imagine that anyone here would disagree with this. What is the shortest path to peace, the one closest at hand? It is to marry young people across religious boundaries. The conflicts in the world will move halfway to resolution when young people from warring religions marry. If this process is repeated in the second generation, the conflicts can be resolved. That is why I am trying to bless young Unificationists in marriage with young people of other religions. If all religions of the world participate in the cross-cultural marriage Blessing, then those that have related as enemies will unite, and enemy nations will also unite. This is the direct way to achieve world peace. Religions have to fulfill this mission; otherwise there was no reason for God to establish them. (249-085, 1993.10.08)

5 At the recent Assembly of the World’s Religions, participants discussed a proposal that members of different religions marry. The representatives of thirteen religions gathered there concluded that marriage of believers from different religions is the only direct path to world peace. Religions have to take the lead in this. The mind has to take the lead for peace and, when it comes to world peace, religion represents the realm of the mind. There is no track faster than marriage to bring oneness among enemies divided by national boundaries. (249-257, 1993.10.10)

6 How shall we achieve world peace? The gist of it is simple. A world of peace begins with the sons and daughters of enemy nations who marry each other, and whose parents pray that as married couples they will live blessed lives. Unless this happens, world peace can never be realized. If people continue to allow themselves to be divided by national borders, they will remain enemies. (296-204, 1998.11.09)

7 Once people marry transcending nationality, national barriers will naturally disappear. When a British woman and a Frenchman marry, the national boundary between the two will disappear. Both will change without being aware of it. We need to understand this. Marrying a Frenchman does not make a British woman French; nor does marrying a British man make a French woman British. What, then, does it make her? She becomes simply a Unificationist. What are Unificationists? They are the group that can launch the ideal world, the ideal world of peace that gives rise to the world of freedom. (129-239, 1983.11.06)

8 Our first human ancestors came together in marriage in the wrong way, and this eventually led to barriers between nations. Therefore their descendants have to receive the Blessing and abolish those barriers. There are Cain nations and Abel nations; they stand as enemies to each other. Because of wrong marriage, these brothers were divided. That is why we need to receive the cross-cultural marriage Blessing. Without it, a united world will not come about. Those who fixed on boundaries as a reason to divide can return to oneness by exchanging positions. In other words, the elder brother becomes the younger brother and vice versa. Without the cross-cultural marriage Blessing, peace cannot emerge. This is the meaning of God’s exhortation to love our enemies. (333-156, 2000.09.26)

9 In the Unification Church there are no barriers between nationalities. Difference of cultural background is no barrier. We are eliminating all such barriers. This time, many who participated in the Blessing joined in interracial marriages between black and white. I blessed hundreds of Japanese-African couples. When we are able to bless millions, tens of millions and even entire nations, humanity will affirm that it is of one lineage. On this foundation the world will leap toward global peace. What happens when twelve nationalities are represented within our one family and they are united? What happens when they become one? Even without making it their agenda, they will form a world of peace. How marvelous! Then I shall become the King of Peace. This is why I am called the Messiah and the True Parent. (235-199, 1992.09.20.)

Section 3. Culture and World Peace

1 If human beings had not fallen, they would have ushered in the ideal spring garden. In that ideal spring garden, they would have grown up to be people with whom God would have lived while rejoicing. Having reached maturity, they would have created a God- centered new culture and new world on this earth. And at the center of the world and culture that they created, they would have lived in peace and happiness. Just as all things revolve following the four seasons—spring, summer, autumn and winter—in the world they created, which would have continued forevermore, each human life would have passed through stages corresponding to the four seasons. Instead of this, human beings fell. As a result, they were unable to see the beginning of joy. It was to have come when they welcomed the one day of glory into the world. That would have been the time of formation, when human beings could have rejoiced. (49-319, 1971.10.24)

2 God desires to see His purpose fulfilled through human beings. That purpose is only one, the one world of creation. The conclusion is plain from both sides. Human beings need to pursue that world and God also needs to tealize that world. Throughout history, both God and human beings have been pursuing that one world, the world of one culture and one sovereignty, the one world of peace and unity. We have to pursue that world, for it is a condition hecessary to the life of all humanity as well as to each individual. (72-115, 1974.05.26)

3 The World Culture and Sports Festival is a history-shaping event. It exalts the true values that make for human happiness, and promotes the culture of heart for all humanity. Its founding purpose is to present a new, peaceful world culture in which God, humankind and all things can be in harmony. People of all walks of life the world over, including scholars, religious leaders, journalists, public servants and youth leaders, will gather in one place for the festival. There, as citizens of the global village and members of one global family, they will pool their wisdom and experience, and celebrate life in harmony with all humankind. (234-226, 1992.08.20)

4 It is part of the original human nature to both pursue and express beauty. Human beings embody God’s ideal of creation. Their internal world manifests the three faculties of emotion, intellect and will, and the physical body acts in response to the commands of the mind. As a result, human beings continually pursue beauty, truth and love, which they express by means of art, science and religion. In the end, the universe and all things in it are but external forms expressing the internal nature of God, the Creator, in a variety of substantial embodiments. (316-069, 2000.02.09)

5 The ultimate goal of artists, and those who work with the arts, is to reach the world of God’s heart. God, the Creator, wants to feel boundless joy through all the different things He personally created with His own hands, one by one, as works of art. God’s heart is such that He wants to give again after He has given. After doing things for others He wants to do more for them, and even after investing unconditionally He wants to forget what He has done. That heart is the basis of the world of true love. God’s ideal of creation for the created world arose from that heart. The starting point of art is the desire to represent that heart. Accordingly, in the world of art there are no national boundaries. The purpose of art is not to serve as a tool of an ideology or an agenda. Its fundamental principles are harmony and unity. Divisiveness and conflict are fruits of fallen nature. Therefore the world of art demonstrates universal characteristics in all directions, bringing the East to understand the West and the West to accept the East. (316-070, 2000.02.09)

6 To usher in the age of peace, we cannot exclude the roles of the arts and sports. With this in mind, it is amazing that we have achieved world-class standards in those fields. First it was in the soccer world. Next it was in the world of art and culture, where our ballet company is almost as well-known as the Bolshoi Ballet. In the future, when we enter a world of freedom and peace that is free from war, sports and the arts will be absolutely necessary. (412-036, 2003.07.14)

7 I have a plan to inspire the general public through the arts. Dance is a vehicle by which women are moved, and sports are a vehicle by which to inspire men. I have a dream to elevate these two vehicles to the highest global standard. Sports and the arts have the power to move the public in an instant. In them lies enthusiasm and vitality. Once we link this enthusiasm and vitality with the spirit of the Unification Church, God will surpass Satan’s world. How much has God toiled to surpass Satan’s world, while harboring bitter sorrow in His heart? He suffered because we human beings were unable to climb over that wall. However, once the age comes when we can climb over that wall, we will be unstoppable. (237-323, 1992.11.18)

8 We need to renew the worlds of sports and the arts. Ballet is the greatest of all dance forms from the West, but its value has not been appreciated enough. I intend to elevate it to a new level. The same goes for sports. The arts and sports need a philosophy behind them. Ballet is like gymnastics with respect to the splendid technique it requires. Yet in addition to technique, it should have a noble spirit. Then its attractive power will draw in even those people who had no interest in it. In the contemporary world of the arts, however, that noble spirit is moribund. The world of sports also requires a spirit of complete dedication. (237-324, 1992.11.18)

9 Societies originally promoted sports in order to maintain physical health and public safety. Today sports are spreading worldwide, bringing pleasure to billions of people and enriching their lives. Therefore, from various angles we need to find ways to contribute to peace for all people through sports. (381-128, 2002.06.12)

10 1 plan to bring sports and the arts together. I am trying to integrate dance and music with exercise. I want to create something that is not simply an exercise, like gymnastics, but dance-gymnastics combined with music. I am planning to transform even something like karate into an art. I am actually doing such exercises every day; they are exercises that integrate sports and art. In them God’s spirit is reflected. (295-165, 1998.08.19)

11 People may wonder why Rev. Moon, a religious leader, takes an interest in sports, soccer in particular. Sports will be absolutely necessary in the future, for the purpose of enhancing the vigor of young people in cultural festivals or a cultural Olympics. The flourishing or perishing of a nation depends on the vigor of its young people. No matter how knowledgeable, brilliant or handsome a person may be, it is all for naught if he or she lacks vigor. A nation that has young people of high spirit and increasing vigor will flourish. Therefore, this philosophy is crucial. (237-317, 1992.11.18)

12 The World Culture and Sports Festival is not just for sports. It also includes culture. It will be a great meeting, where men and women of all callings and religions can demonstrate their talent. Consider how wonderful it would be to participate in this event. Every soul must create unity between yin and yang, centering on loving others. How awesome it is to hold an event that promotes this harmony! (276-118, 1996.02.11)

13 Since religion is the center of culture, the Assembly of the World’s Religions and the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace will stand at the center of the World Culture and Sports Festival. The ideals, wisdom and values of religion should be embedded in this world’s education, academics, arts, sports, media, politics and economy, and become their standard. The World Culture and Sports Festival is a history-shaping event. It advances the culture of the human spirit and exalts the true values that make for human happiness. It promotes a new worldwide culture of peace, in which God, human beings and all things are in harmony. (234-269, 1992.08.26)

14 Sports fans participate in a world of emotions that transcends national boundaries. If the Ilhwa Cheonma Football Club were chosen as the team to represent Asia, it would become the focus of Asia. If it went to South America and swept all the teams on that continent, the team would rivet the attention of all soccer players and fans across the world. Everyone would welcome this soccer team and relate to it independent of religious considerations. Everyone knows that when it comes to soccer, South America has the best teams. Therefore, if the Ilhwa soccer team can attain a standard higher than South America’s teams, the world will naturally pay attention. People will follow this Ilhwa team, and in the short time of ninety minutes, billions of people will applaud and cheer for it. This sort of thing can only happen in sports. (276-138, 1996.02.18)

15 Why did I make a soccer team, and why am I taking an interest in sports? Sports are instrumental in promoting harmony and peace. When a famous soccer team plays, the entire world watches. Boxing requires only one player, but soccer requires eleven players. A soccer team needs to play in harmony. The players first need to unite and harmonize with one another. When a soccer team attains peace and harmony, free from conflict, the crowd can find even more enjoyment setting aside their mundane existence and watching them play. Right there, unity is created between the players and the crowd. The soccer team itself symbolizes harmony and unity, namely, total oneness. That is what we need in our families, societies, nations, and in heaven and earth. Peace is needed everywhere. In order to bring about peace, we need unity. Without unity, we never will attain peace. (276-112, 1996.02.11)

16 As early as the 1960s, I founded the Little Angels to exalt Korea’s beautiful performing arts across the world. On that foundation, I established the Sun- hwa Arts School with the founding philosophy, “Love God, Love Your Nation and Love Humankind.” I also founded the Universal Ballet in Korea and the Kirov Ballet Academy in Washington, D.C., and revived the New York City Symphony in New York. (316-070, 2000.02.09)

17 Look at how the entertainment world spearheads the destruction of true love. Consider the singers and athletes in that world. Even in the luminous world of the Olympics, athletes are involved in fallen activities that contradict the spirit of the Olympics, such as taking drugs. With the intention of putting an end to this in the field of performing arts, I founded the Little Angels and the Universal Ballet to represent something totally opposite. I created a school for the arts that includes the dramatic arts and even sports and martial arts. They center on original love, which is needed in order to turn around the entertainment world. (299-055, 1999.02.03)

18 In the 1960s it became my dream to introduce the Korean culture to other countries. At that time I founded the Little Angels, a Korean children’s dance troupe. Since then the Little Angels have performed in more than sixty countries. Their performances have been broadcast on television more than three hundred times. I formed this dance troupe of children because, in my opinion, children can express the world of the heart better than anyone else. On seeing those children dance, even the coldest person removes his or her mask of formality and experiences purity and love. It puts that person in touch with the essential pursuits of all human beings. (193-323, 1989.10.10)

World peace through the media

19 The media wield overwhelming influence and power in society, to such an extent that after the executive, judiciary and legislature they are called the Fourth Estate. I believe that the media should use their immense power for good, and should contribute to world peace. Respected journalists, before you are professionals, you are essentially children of God. You are champions of peace who are called to the special mission of building an ethical world, the world of true peace that God desires. The World Media Association is an open forum in which journalists such as you can discuss issues freely, with the hltimate goal of realizing an ethical world. At this point in time, as the people of the world head toward the ultimate world of true peace in God’s providence, God is calling the media to carry out an important mission for the realization of world peace. They should join forces with others who are yearning for peace and contribute their immense power of influence. They must play a leading role in making humanity one great family in the age of the global village, to realize the ideal of true world peace and ethics. Please advance bravely and boldly for the sake of this cause. (234-235, 1992.08.22)

20 20 The mass media have an educational function. They must take responsibility for society from a moral standpoint and thereby develop the nation. To do this, journalists should have personal integrity. I am fighting against the media of the United States, which dance to the tune of corrupt ideologies and beliefs. How have the media treated me? They have thought of me as their punching bag. And yet I did not utter even a word against them. One can manifest real capability even without speaking words. No one has yet adequately defined the role of the mass media. No one has stated standards for media professionals, who will weave the record of history. That is why I am continually holding media conferences. I created the World Media Association to awaken journalists and all media professionals to their responsibility, and I have been working along these lines to this day. I am calling journalists and all media professionals to be responsible. As representatives of the media, you should go forward with conviction. You should stake your life as you shoulder this responsibility. (179-181, 1988.08.12)

Section 4. Korean Unification and World Peace

1 On the eastern edge of Asia lies the small Korean peninsula. Its people have been oppressed and belittled. However, God is working through this oppressed people to establish a new global realm of providence in order to begin a new age. What led to this nation standing at the frontline in the conflict between democracy and communism, even as humankind is embroiled in the calamities and distresses of the Last Days? The answer lies in the pivotal role that Korea plays for both the communist and democratic camps. (22-145, 1969.02.02)

The providential significance of the Korean peninsula

2 Korea is destined to bring together and harmonize all religions of humankind that have existed throughout history, in accordance with God’s Will. It is the nation that bears the responsibility to build a united world and united kingdom of heaven. When North and South Korea unify on the basis of their shared cultural background, they will influence the world’s religions and peoples to manifest a harmonious religious sphere. Then they also will establish the harmonious spheres of people and nation, fulfilling the Will that God had when He chose Israel. The Korean peninsula is divided into North and South Korea. This is like the division between mind and body at the Fall. The North espouses materialism, while the South is inclined toward idealism based on the mind. The two Koreas reflect this division internationally. We see this situation throughout the world as the fruit of the mind-body conflict that erupted with the fall of Adam and Eve. (168-312, 1987.10.01)

3 Korea is divided into North and South. Claims about being one people notwithstanding, its one sovereignty has not been restored. As long as the nation is divided, its people should unite and struggle to restore their one sovereignty. But their task does not end with the recovery of sovereignty. Once it is achieved, the nation has to advance a global vision. Unless the Korean people go through the path of struggle to recover the world, willing even to sacrifice their hard- fought sovereignty, the unified world of peace will not come. (48-309, 1971.09.26)

4 Korea is divided at the thirty-eighth parallel into an Abel nation and a Cain nation. Unless North Korea, which is in the Cain position, voluntarily surrenders to South Korea, in the Abel position, the world of peace will not come. Today's world as a whole is divided into democratic and communist camps, and the Korean peninsula is the frontline between these two blocs. Therefore the unification of Korea will serve as a model for world unification. (34-276, 1970.09.13)

5 If Korea is to be a nation that the world welcomes, the Koreans must become a people who willingly take the lead by shouldering the cross of the world. Koreans have to be willing to sacrifice their nation and its sovereignty for the sake of the world. The kingdom of peace will be built on the victorious foundation of the cross. On that day, the nation that carried the world’s cross will be granted a position of glory. (125-245, 1983.03.27)

6 As Unification Church members, we should be willing to sacrifice for Korea as if we were one of its clans. If we sacrifice for Korea, we will change this nation. It will not remain divided as it is at present. It will become a unified nation, a nation with an ideal so high that even the people of North Korea will wholeheartedly welcome it. We must build such a nation, guiding North Koreans to practice virtue and show reverence for God. If we succeed in this task, the peninsula naturally will come together as one nation. Once unified as a nation, it will not seek to exploit the world. Rather, it will be a true nation, one that sacrifices for the world. (39-272, 1971.01.05)

7 It is indisputable that restoration comes through indemnity. It is based on the law of cause and effect. Then which nation bears the responsibility to pay the miserable indemnity for the world in the Last Days? It is none other than Korea. As a result of the Korean War, Korea was divided along the thirty- eighth parallel. Even though it took no sides in the global conflict between the left and the right, it became a sacrifice t and had to shed blood. Surely, its situa- I tion was miserable. Nevertheless, today Korea ought to stand once again as the ' nation representing the tragic destiny of the world. From this perspective, we ought to reflect deeply upon the reason Korea is driven into the circumstances of this destiny. (63-267, 1972.10.15)

8 Communism and democracy are confronting each other on the Korean peninsula. Both sides argue their case at Panmunjom, yet their actions are but a manifestation of a larger battle between Heaven’s world and Satan’s world. Externally both camps are fighting over Korea, but internally God and Satan are engaged in the ultimate battle over the past, present and future. Therefore, as Koreans, we have to set the internal indemnity conditions whereby history can advance, carrying with it these two camps. (017-309, 1967.04.10)

9 Korea is divided into North and South along the thirty-eighth parallel. Based on the Divine Principle, we understand that a sacrificial offering must be divided. When a high priest presents an offering before the altar the people, regardless of their position, bow their heads. Even the sovereign of a nation bows his head before the offering. Therefore, the Unification Church henceforth must establish a foundation before which all people of Korea will bow their heads. Until it accomplishes this, the Unification Church will not have completed its mission. (015-249, 1965.10.17)

10 Soon after its liberation, Korea was divided into North and South. This happened because Christianity failed to unite with me. The division of Korea occurred because Christianity opposed me and the nation did not unite with me. Since the representatives of the nation and the representatives of religion separated from me, I needed you to unite with me as I endeavored to establish the foundation to indemnify their failures. Now we have established that foundation. We have reached the level where South Koreans throughout the nation can align with me. (165-298, 1987.05.27)

11 Korea is the homeland of the world. In order to protect and liberate this homeland of humankind, God mobilized many countries in the Korean War. The veterans of the Korean War sacrificed themselves for the liberation and independence of their homeland. When viewed from the perspective of God’s providence, the Korean War was a global call to the nations to mobilize their forces and shed blood to liberate their homeland. The report that Jesus’ face appeared in the sky during the Korean War supports this view. Yet more than an apparition of Jesus, the Korean War was sacred in the sense that it was fought to recover God’s temple. As a providential nation, Korea was meant to become the ideal homeland of the True Parents when they appeared. Therefore, God mobilized the nations representing the democratic and Christian world and had them fight to liberate this nation. (119-218, 1982.09.13)

The Pacific Rim civilization and the Korean peninsula

12 Human civilization first emerged along the Nile River in Egypt. It then shifted to Greece, a peninsular civilization on the Mediterranean Sea, and culminated in the civilization of Rome. Why did the development of civilization gravitate toward the West? It was unavoidable, and the reason goes back to the Fall. Originally, a unified world civilization would have taken root in Asia. However due to the Fall, civilization emerged without a root and moved in the opposite direction. This is in accord with the view of the Principle. Accordingly, the Mediterranean cultural sphere emerged from the Nile River, expanded as the Roman Empire, and developed into modern Western civilization on the islands of Great Britain. Those islands are the cradle of modern civilization based on the Christian cultural sphere. However, civilization cannot settle there. It needs to complete a full circle and return to Asia, where it should form the sphere of a unified civilization. This is God’s plan for the fulfillment of the Will. It is natural, therefore, for civilization to move toward that destination. The last step in this development is when America, the global miracle of modern civilization, links with Asia on the rim of the Pacific Ocean. This will commence the era of the Pacific Rim civilization. (079-072, 1975.06.01)

13 In what environment should Western and Eastern civilizations meet? Where will the two connect? It will not be in an island nation, but on a peninsula. As a peninsular nation in Asia, Korea is situated in a most unusual position. In terms of its location, it neighbors Russia, China and Japan, and it has strong ties with the United States. Scholars assert that history is moving toward the era of the Pacific Rim civilization. Those around the world in the fields of politics, economics and history agree that this era is imminent. (196-162, 1990.01.01)

14 Civilizations emerge on peninsulas. Peninsulas provide the venue for an oceanic civilization and a continental ' Civilization to fuse together and develop into a new civilization. This is how civilizations flourished on the Greek, Italian and Iberian peninsulas. Currently, Indochina and Korea are the world’s two peninsulas that are raising global issues. In the flow of global for- £ tune, Western and Eastern civilizations are merging and are bound to meet. ( Where will they clash? Based on the l worldwide flow of fortune, they will dash in the sphere of Pacific Rim civilization, particularly at a central point ' Where an island, a peninsula and a con- ’ tinent meet. The Korean peninsula is k the central point defined by these geographical components. It is an undeniable fact of geography. (174-205, 1988.03.01)

15 The trials and tribulations of the Ko- tean people do not just have to do with them as a people; they are also providential. Therefore, God is eager for this people to overcome them. It can be said that all the strands of world history meet on the Korean peninsula. East and West, North and South, spirit and matter, idealism and materialism—the entire inheritance of world history converges there in a confrontation fraught with confusion and chaos. The maelstrom on this peninsula is like the contractions of a woman in labor; she is carrying a new age in her womb. My view is that the difficulties the Korean people and nation currently face cannot be resolved apart from God’s Will and providence. Furthermore, Korea cannot resolve them on its own but only by relating with the world. Hence, the Korean people should awaken to God’s Will. They will overcome their hardships if they follow the one whom God has sent, the one with the mission to lead the spiritual spheres of the world. (135-239, 1985.12.11)

16 Global civilization most certainly will come to Asia. The era of the Pacific Rim civilization is approaching. Today eminent scholars, not only in the field of social science but across the scientific disciplines, assert that a Pacific Rim civilization must appear, that it is the trend of history. Yet I have been teaching about the coming era of the Pacific Rim civilization for more than forty years now. These scholars still do not know which nation will take the lead in creating that civilization. To my mind, it is Korea that will have to take the lead. (207-281, 1990.11.11)

17 Now the Pacific Rim civilization is rising. In a situation in which the United States, Japan, Korea, China and Russia are drawn inexorably onto the battlefield, the countries that are unprepared for this civilization and culture will fall behind. I am the very man who has made preparations. I am standing on the front line. That is why I brought together Japan, the United States, China and Russia. It gives us hope to think that the American people will walk hand in hand with me and we will do great things together, as a condition for the United States and for the world to build a realm of common destiny with the Pacific Rim civilization (202-264, 1990.05.24)

18 We are living in the time of the Pacific Rim cultural sphere. History moved from a river culture through the Mediterranean cultural sphere to arrive at the Atlantic cultural sphere. We now are entering the Pacific Rim cultural sphere, and the time is coming when we can leap into the unlimited cultural sphere of outer space. How these will link together is a question for the world’s strategists to explore, but they will not be able to find an answer. When I have gathered prominent strategists in numerous international conferences, they have concluded that my teaching is the only hope for this age. (174-049, 1988.02.23)

19 Throughout history peninsular nations have been the birthplace of new civilizations. This is true of Greece and Italy. On the global level, throughout the world, peninsular nations have shaped history by assimilating their surrounding cultures. Korea is now situated in an important position in Northeast Asia. It emerged under the U.S. sphere of influence. The United States, based on the Christian cultural sphere, has become the leader of the world. Now is a time that recapitulates Jesus’ era. In this time Korea must indemnify the early Christian church in Roman times. Thus the Republic of Korea became dependent on the United States, which stands in the position of the Roman Empire on the world level, based on Christianity, which has reached the stage at which it can support a unified world. (125-270, 1983.03.27)

Korean reunification through true love

20 What is our vision as we look toward the twenty-first century? It is a vision of world peace and unity, a vision of one unified world. The world’s people are seeking a new, unified and peaceful world. The Korean people are seeking the unification of North and South Korea. What about each of you? Suppose the world were peaceful and flourishing, but our nation remained divided and under threat of danger. In that case, our nation would have nothing to do with the world’s peace. Likewise, suppose North and South Korea were peaceful, but our minds and bodies remained in conflict. In that case, the unified Korea would not be our ideal nation. That is why we have to attain peace on the national level before we talk about world peace; likewise we have to attain peace on the individual level before we talk about it with regard to our nation. (143-043, 1986.03.15)

21 The Unification Church needs to fight for the people even before the nation does. We have to fight for our people. However, look at the Korean people, divided between the South and the North. When a people is divided, each side upholds only a one-sided sovereignty. The most important issue is how to generate one unified spirit that transcends the political division of North and South Korea. From now on, the Unification Church should strive to accomplish this task. (49-095, 1971.10.09)

22 Once we recover the nation that God is seeking, the restoration of the world will take place rapidly. After restoring one nation we can restore three more nations; this adds up to four nations, which will form a four-position foundation. It will be a wall of global defense facing all four directions, which Satan cannot penetrate. Only then can a world of peace be built, a world with the fertile soil for heaven to finally flourish. Such is the original homeland that the Unification Church is striving to recover. We Unificationists are gathered to invest our passion and youth for this cause. Although the evil forces that are attempting to block us are strong, we will shatter them, dismantle them, and uproot them completely. Let us resolve to do so, and eradicate them once and for all. (056-290, 1972.05.18)

23 Sometimes a leader has to push his people to challenge their limitations so that they can achieve their best results and display the highest of values in daily life. We in the Unification Church need to create a standard of achievement that the nation and the world will publicly recognize. Unless we attain this standard, we will not have accomplished anything, let alone God’s Will. Accordingly, we must be ready to deal with any situation that befalls Korea, including whatever affects its national fortune and international relationships. Let us resolve anew with absolute faith not to die before we save the nation and world. If we can create a movement of solidarity with such a conviction based on our own Ju-che (subject-partner) thought in the Unification Church, we can move North Korea and South Korea. Then, even if Korea declines, a path to save the world will remain. This is why I have been emphasizing that we need to bring substantial results and supporting materials that can convince the Communist Party that the Unification teaching, which emphasizes love for the nation and love for its people, is superior to their way. They have to acknowledge this. (59-153, 1972.07.16)

24 The path of history is stained with blood. Your life as a pioneer on that path may have been sorrowful and miserable. However, if you walk that path not for your own sake but as Heaven’s emissary, seeking to liberate people and build peace in the world, you will be remembered for eons. Your achievements will shine brightly as the foundation upon which North-South unification will naturally take place. Then a new sound of freedom will ring out across Asia. From that point will spring a new energy that will bring liberation to the world. (59-153, 1972.07.16)

25 I suffered bitterly when I went to North Korea. Enemies pummeled me, tortured me mercilessly and incarcerated me in Hungnam prison. I endured death-dealing hard labor at that chemical fertilizer factory. But I thought, “I shall not perish. The time will come when the young people of the world will inherit my burning heart, and at my word they will advance toward North Korea with explosive love that casts out fear.” I nurtured this determination in my heart during those times of tribulation. (22-157, 1969.02.02)

26 When I crossed the thirty-eighth parallel to go to North Korea, I offered a prayer to God: “Heavenly Father, the next time I cross this thirty-eighth parallel, South Korea will have to come with me.” I offered that prayer with tears, and I have not forgotten the vow I made that day. After crossing the border, even though I longed in my heart for my hometown, I stopped at Pyongyang, but was unable to go home. Unless I fulfilled the mission I had vowed to accomplish, I could not return home, even if on the verge of death. That was my destiny. That is why, although my path began in prison, and although my walk on this miserable path led my own people to brand me a public enemy, I have been able to establish this foundation today. (30-030, 1970.03.14)

27 Where is our finish line? It is at the thirty-eighth parallel. We have to cross this finish line. It is the ultimate finish line that the Unification Church must fight to cross. To cross it, we have to outshine everyone. We have to surpass the Communist Party and exceed the achievements of all religions. This was my heart when I prayed to God while crossing the thirty-eighth parallel. I came back to South Korea without having seen my parents, or my brothers and sisters. When I was released from prison I was consumed with the desire to shout, “Mother!” and run into her arms. I wanted to see my older brother, who had sacrificed himself for me, as well as my other brothers and sisters, who also had sacrificed themselves for me in various ways. I am a human being, not a dumb animal, and these feelings surged in my heart. Nonetheless, I had to deny this surge of emotions. I could have visited them all, since they were only two days’ walk away. Yet instead I spent my time looking for the people I had met through my ministry. Then, turning my back on North Korea, I headed for the South.   (62-136, 1972.09.17)

28 When I crossed the thirty-eighth parallel, I resolved to unite North and South Korea with my own hands. Together with your family, you need to make a similar resolution on behalf of your tribe. Ideally your father and mother should be a blessed couple. Now is the time to resolve that with three generations of your family, including your children, you will unite North and South Korea and all of Asia. Resolve that no matter how arduous and difficult the path to unity may be, you will accomplish it with your own hands. You need to understand this well. (242-216, 1993.01.01)

29 Our task is to unify the homeland. It is our destiny and the great task for which we must devote our entire life. I have dedicated myself to this great task, according to God’s Will. For the remainder of my life as well, I shall devote myself entirely and exclusively to accomplishing God’s Will. I appeal to you, £ the seventy million people of North and . South Korea who wish for unification, to stop the discord and fighting, and from this time forth to devote yourselves to recovering your identity as one people through harmony and love. Now is the time to melt your guns and swords and turn them into hoes and plowshares, and hasten preparations to welcome the bright new era of the unified homeland. (224-255, 1991.12.07)

30 The world is currently divided into the communist and the democratic blocs. The democratic world, on the side of the mind, advocates idealism, while the communist world, on the side of the body, advocates materialism. In this way the world is divided into two camps, whose conflict is causing great unrest. Where does this commotion begin? It begins within each person. Each of us is the seed of this problem. This is why we should never think that a politician can unite the world. Where is the solution that leads to unification? It lies not with external institutions, but within you. The way to unity lies in establishing peace between your mind and body and having the mind take the lead. As an individual, you have to follow the mind’s lead. It is the same for the family, the society, the nation and the world. When that happens, unity comes naturally. (39-267, 1971.01.15)

31 The unification of North and South Korea cannot be discussed simply as a national issue. If you look at it from the broadest perspective, it is linked to the entire globe; viewed from the most fundamental perspective, it is linked to the problem of the individual. Before we can unite the world the nation must be united, and before we can unite the nation the family must be united. No matter how much a couple desires happiness, unless they are united, neither they nor their family can be happy. No matter how much a family wishes to be happy, unless each person is happy, that family’s happiness will be nothing but a dream. We have an old saying, “When all is well in the family, everything else goes well.” The most important thing is for couples to become one and establish families of peace. That is the starting point of all solutions. (143-260, 1986.03.20)

32 How do we achieve unity? It is by living for the sake of others. Wherever love dwells, that place is good and desirable. Hence, if we stand in a place of goodness and give continuously, we will make the North and South one. But to discredit communist propaganda, the South must be able to give to the people of the North and improve their current living standards. If our living standards are below theirs, the people in the North will refuse our gifts. We have to improve our situation and then give. The way for Korea to sustain its life is very simple. If South Korea excels in all fields, in its economy, living standards and education, and then continually gives to North Korea, the North Koreans will unite with the South without hesitation. (36-076, 1970.11.15)

33 God placed me in the position to walk a path that is bound to Heaven. God has led me to walk this path my entire life. He did not intend for me to destroy the Communist Party, but rather to save its members. After concluding the Washington Monument rally, I called for a rally in Moscow. I did not make my proclamation holding a sword or a gun. I said, “You may drag me down and trample on me, but I will stand up again.” And that is what I did. In the same way, the reunification of North and South Korea cannot be accomplished with swords and guns. It can be achieved only through a heart that beats for the sake of God. Peace has an original path. We cannot achieve peace if we deviate from that essential path. If we do so, heavenly fortune will not accompany us. (144-165, 1986.04.12)

34 On behalf of God, I went to visit Kim II Sung in North Korea. There I stirred up the mud at the bottom of the pond by announcing, “You must obey God!” I concluded with a crystal-clear message: “All of you must follow Godism, which is head-wing thought! There is no other way!” I fulfilled all my responsibility, placing my life in the hands of Heaven. Even now, God has the ability to exercise His power of creation. He works in mysterious ways. (225-058, 1992.01.02)

35 As I walked this path, both ideological blocs, the democratic and the communist, opposed me. I faced opposition at every level: individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. Nevertheless I overcame all those obstacles, and now I have even won over Kim II Sung. I knew that it was impossible to bring down Kim II Sung’s fortress by human effort alone, and that only Heaven’s love could penetrate his stronghold. With this victory, I could clearly recognize that the path I have been taking is the true one. It reaffirms my conclusion that only true love brings total victory; no other way is possible. That is why the miracle of re-creation took place during my visit to North Korea. (224-266, 1991.12.15)

36 The ultimate reason that Korea is divided into North and South is because one man and one woman failed to become one in love centered on the love of God. Consequently, couples are divided, parents and children are divided, and brothers and sisters are divided. It is the absence of true love that leads to bloodshed between peoples and even within a people. Hence it is with true love that we are now trying to unite what is divided. Once our foundation emerges, the world’s political climate, beyond North and South Korea, will push the two nations to integrate. That is, North and South Korea will unify not through national processes, but by those prompted by global fortune. (162-227, 1987.04.12)

37 When each of you with your family brings total oneness in your tribe, the unification of North and South Korea will not be a problem. Party or factional politics will not work. Our strength will j | be based on an organizational system. • » Who loves not only this nation, but also ,, j, cares about Asia and loves heaven and j£> earth? There is no one other than us. Where should we lead this nation of Korea? We should lead it to the garden of love, not to the garden of power and scheming. When we lead the North and the South to the garden of true love, the issues between them will be resolved. This cannot be achieved without approaching them as siblings born of the same parents. This is the only way to realize a world of peace. (168-224, 1987.09.20)

38 South Koreans cannot achieve the independence of their homeland on their own. The four great powers that are involved with the unification of North and South Korea need to cooperate to resolve this issue, based on the power of love. This is possible only through the power of true love, which is eternal and unchanging. For hundreds of thousands of years our ancestors yearned for true love. Billions of people today seek true love, and so will future generations. Humanity’s common denominator is true love, which surpasses the national level and reaches the world. True love will make us one for eternity. The world governed by God’s love is called the kingdom of heaven on earth. That is the world we are striving to build together. (141-118, 1986.02.19)

39 There is not a single spot on the Korean peninsula where my spirit is not embedded. I have invested everything for it through the Unification Church members. The results of this investment are coming to fruition. The time has come for our investments to be brought forward and be recognized in this era of history. Our Juche thought is not the same as that of Kim II Sung. It is neither communism nor democracy. It is a truth that teaches us to become a subject partner of love centered on God. (164-104, 1987.04.26)

40 Ours is a new Juche thought. It provides clear direction to individuals, societies, nations and the world, preventing them from going to ruin. It safeguards those whose views are in accord with the providence but are not centered on God. There is only one correct formula: the principle of living for the sake of others. Remember this truth. It is the principle that was present at the beginning, when God created the world, and will remain to the end. (77-339, 1975.04.30)

CHAPTER 4 Strategies for World Peace

Section 1. The World of Peace that True Parents Envision

1 What would have happened if the original human ancestors, Adam and Eve, had not fallen? Adam, the head of his family, would have also been the head of his tribe. He also would have been the head of his people. Furthermore, as the representative of his nation, Adam would have been the king. Thus, the world would have united under Adam’s perspective, Adam’s teaching. However, because this was not realized, all kinds of insignificant philosophies and ideologies emerged and brought confusion to the world. We will have to win over all of them. Originally, everything of humanity should have been based on Adam’s nation. That is, the language, culture, tradition, lifestyle and system should all have been those of Adam. This is Godism—everyone becomes one with God, centered on His heart. That is why we call it Godism. (20-123, 1968.05.01)

God and the world of peace

2 Had Adam and Eve not fallen, God would have blessed them in marriage and they would have had children. They would have created a family that brought joy to God, and it would have expanded to create a tribe and a people. It would have further expanded to become a world based on Godism, which is also “Adamism.” Everything in that world would have been Adam-centered. Adam’s ideology would have prevailed, as would his viewpoints on the universe, on the cosmos, and on life. The five races of humankind would have lived in harmony. Skin color depends on the environment, and there would have been no problem between people of different races. Then, how is it that we have come to have so many different languages? Heaven divided them after the Fall of the first ancestors. (156-203, 1966.05.25)

3 What would the original world be like? No evil would dwell in that world; it would be an eternal and unified world where people would be completely free from evil. Surrounded by overflowing, original love, they would sing of happiness forever. Has anyone ever lived in such a place? Not even one person has set foot there. Though many people have pursued such a world throughout history, it has not yet appeared on earth. Many have described that world in words, but not one of them succeeded in making it a reality. (18-102, 1967.05.28)

4 The place where we want to live is the heavenly nation. We all want to live in that nation. It has no borders. It has only one language. Racial discrimination does not exist there. People are all brothers and sisters because they all came from God. To God, all people are sons and daughters, all are brothers and sisters, and all are meant to be citizens of God’s kingdom on earth. We are the citizens of the kingdom of God on earth. (66-281, 1973.05.16)

5 Humanity desires a world of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values, which is a reflection of God’s ideal kingdom. It is not a world where one can live alone; no individual can create such a world. Whenever we talk about “I” there must also be “my partner,” whether it is my spouse or my family. This should not remain as a concept, but should be applied in real life. The kingdom of God is the world where this concept is manifested in reality, on the stage of life. (024-300, 1969.08.31)

6 If human beings had not fallen in the first place, we would now be living in the homeland where God would be happy, would take delight in everything, and would be able to love wholeheartedly. That is what should have happened from the beginning. This earth was meant to be our homeland. Our homeland was meant to be the kingdom of God on earth. It would have started with God at the center and all relationships would have been formed through God’s love. We would not be ignorant of God, but would experience His existence and His love. If all humanity lived in God’s love, we would all be one large family, relating to one another as brothers and sisters. Then, having lived as God’s family in God’s kingdom on earth, we would go to God’s kingdom in heaven, in the spirit world. God’s kingdom in heaven is our original homeland. However, owing to the Fall, God’s kingdom on earth has never come about; therefore, God’s kingdom in heaven is also vacant. No one has ever entered that kingdom. (161-012, 1987.01.01)

A world of peace is one global family

7 The kingdom of heaven is a world where all are united as one in harmony in the love of God, the subject partner, and all are happy with one another. It is where the family serves as the model and expands to the world level. This is the ideal that God has envisioned for the kingdom of heaven. To realize the kingdom of heaven, God’s vision of one large harmonious family centered on His love must be achieved worldwide. Only then can the world that God has envisioned come to pass. Yet people in today’s world do not even dream of it. They do not know of this world. God has been striving to bring this world into reality, but Satan, the servant who violated Heaven’s law, has prevented this. Therefore, God cannot intervene unless a man emerges who is superior to this servant, a true man who shows complete loyalty to God in a position higher than Satan’s. This is where God stands in relation to today’s fallen, evil world. (065-034, 1972.11.13)

8 God is the Parent, and human beings, His children, have the status of citizens of His nation. This applies to individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world. When we look at people in this way, each individual is under God’s sovereignty and each is a member of the family of His direct sons and daughters. Hence, God’s sovereignty in His nation is connected with His sovereignty in the family. Therefore, although there are numerous individuals, tribes and peoples, God’s sovereignty over each of them absolutely stands on the relationship of subject and object partners. The ideal world of creation is a world where this subject-object partner relationship can be formed anywhere. God's sovereignty pervades that world, which is on the horizontal plane and is called the heavenly nation. This is God’s ideal of creation. However, the Fall of the first ancestors caused it to fundamentally break down. (77-210, 1975.04.12)

9 What is the system of the ideal world? It is an extension of the family system. If you have perfected your heart in accord with the principles of the family textbook, wherever you go you will treat the people of any family as your brothers and sisters or your sons and daughters. However, this does not mean you can treat them like your spouse. When you meet someone as old as your grandparents, you will treat that person as your own grandparent. When you meet people the same age as your sons and daughters, you will treat them as your children. When you encounter children the same age as your own children, you will naturally share your food with them. We must create such a world. Unless we live for the sake of others we cannot bring about a world of peace. If we do not develop the philosophy of living for the sake of others from a concept into a living reality, this world cannot become a world of peace. (225-226, 1992.01.20)

10 What purpose do all people share? What is the common gate that all people ultimately must pass through? It is neither the nation nor the world; it is neither the communist world nor the democratic world. Before there can be a true communist world, there must be an original family. Before there can be a true democratic world, there must be an original family that can build the true democratic world. Yet, where are the order, the education and the standard of purpose for this? They have not yet appeared on the earth. Therefore there cannot be a kingdom of peace, an ideal nation of peace, or a country of peace. The day must come when such an ideal family, an original family, appears on the earth. It absolutely must appear in history and share the destiny of all humankind. We need to seek that family, find that family, meet that family and live for that family. Only then will God’s providence for the earth be fulfilled, and the earth will become the promised land and the haven of rest. (23-032, 1969.05.11)

A society transcending borders, peoples and religions

11 In the world that God desired to create, there would be no national borders. There would be no problems between black and white people. There would be no conflict between good and evil. However, when we look at the world today, can we say that this world has no national borders? Every single nation has borders. There are problems among races, especially between blacks and whites. Not only that; even within the family there is discord and disunity between husband and wife and between parents and children. Furthermore, good people are fighting with evil people. The Lord who comes under these circumstances needs to unite the world, making it a place where there are no national borders and no racial barriers. He needs to unite all broken families and establish a kingdom of peace in this world that is beset by conflict between good and evil. He has to teach individuals to sacrifice for the family and nations to sacrifice for the sake of a unified world. This is the only way to achieve a unified world. Otherwise, all hope of reaching such a world will be lost. (053-071, 1972.02.09)

12 Religion must transcend the nation and even the world. It serves on behalf of the absolute God to influence the world to go His way. Religions, in the position of subject partner, teach the truth in order to influence and transform all the systems, customs, nations, tribes and even the blood ties that make up the fallen world. In religion there should be no East or West. There should be no trace of Satan, no trace of division or prejudice on the level of the nation, people or tribe. All religions should aspire to the one nation, one people and one land. Only in this way can the eternal, everlasting and sole sovereignty of God be established. In such a nation, people are centered on God as the children of His direct lineage. The people follow His commands and the nation is governed under His royal authority. The system in that world is neither democracy nor communism. (72-291, 1974.09.01)

13 We need to transcend all the cultural spheres that were created by the world’s numerous peoples and its five races, and transform the world into one cultural sphere. In other words, we need to establish an ideal world where the family system, the social system, the national system and all its various institutions are based on Godism. Godism is the teaching of the perfect Adam, who has nothing to do with the Fall. It is neither communism nor democracy, but Adamism. Adamism is the way to Godism. (21-157, 1968.11.17)

14 Now I need to bring unity to the United Nations. What will happen when I do this? When there is no more fighting at the United Nations, it will become the model for a peaceful nation and a unified nation. When all the spheres of ethnicity, religion, race and culture can unite based on brotherly love and attend the Father and Mother of Adam’s family, then this Father and Mother will become the great King and Queen of the cosmos. From Adam’s family should come the king of each tribe, the king of each people, the king of each nation and the king of the world. This is how God’s providence works to pass down His royal sovereignty and ensure its continuation. (267-090, 1995.01.02)

15 What is the center of religion? It is God. God is called by many different names, yet there cannot be many gods. Regardless of what He is called, since the origin is only one, there can be only one God. Due to the many different languages of the world, there are t many different names for God. Yet | God, the Original Being, is one. The purpose that God pursues is manifested through religions. Hence, no matter how many religious bodies . exist, as they follow their respective paths in pursuit of this purpose, they will reach the same destination. To arrive at that destination there must be a teaching that can connect them to peace and the kingdom of heaven. (210-199, 1990.12.23)

16 Human beings have tried to realize I a nation of peace. Yet no matter how hard they try, a peaceful nation and peaceful world are impossible through human efforts alone. If it were possible, it would have been done long ago, based on the devotion of the many saints and sages of ages past. People in today’s advanced scientific civilization interpret their existence through empiricism. They are struggling to discover something beyond that. Do you think humankind today can bring about an ideal world? The problem comes down to the conflict and disunity between the body and the mind. It would not be a problem if our outer bodily aspect was united with our inner mind aspect. But instead our body is the enemy, blocking the unity between mind and body. The mind wants to go straight ahead while the body’s desires pull us in the opposite direction. (19-282, 1968.03.10)

17 When God created heaven and earth, He wanted the individual, family, nation, world, and cosmos to be based on goodness. He wanted to create the world He had envisioned, a world of peace based on love. But as a result of the Fall, all of it was lost. Hence the world that God created could not be a place of true individuals and nations; it could not be the world and cosmos He intended. Instead it gave rise to individuals, families, nations, a world and a cosmos of misery. God has been toiling to this day to restore all of this. Our ancestors have followed the Will of restoration; yet they did not know how to restore the individual, family, nation, world and cosmos in accordance with God’s Will. That is why I had to follow such a suffering course while striving to resolve the essential question of how to restore the individual, family, nation, world and cosmos, and how to unite this cosmos with God’s heart. After I discovered the Principle, I realized that it was necessary for humanity and vital for the realization of God’s idea. (13-242, 1964.03.29)

Section 2. The End of Communism

1 Today the world is divided into the two camps of communism and democracy, representing Cain and Abel on the global level. The fight between Cain and Abel has brought about endless struggles, causing enormous pain and suffering. In order to clear this up, communism and democracy should not stand as divided camps fighting each other. If they remain in that position, we cannot establish a kingdom of peace on earth, or see the reign of the Parents of peace. The sovereignty of God, who is in the position of the Parent over a unified world, can emerge only when the communist and democratic worlds, in the position of Cain and Abel, become one. (056-353, 1972.05.18)

Why is communism a problem?

2 The democratic world and the communist world stand at opposite poles. While the democratic world seeks Heaven, the communist world goes the opposite way. While the communist nations follow materialism, the democracies follow ideals. The democratic world gives precedence to the individual, but in the communist world it is the Party that rules. The democratic world values freedom, love and peace, while the communist world rules by force using threats, guns and swords. Today these two worlds have split and are heading in opposite directions. (107-210, 1980.05.01)

3 The democratic world seeks the world of the mind. At minimum it has compassion and hope for the future. Further, it seeks peace. However, the ideology of communism teaches struggle, based on dialectical materialism. It asserts that the course of struggle provides the elements for development. In that ideology, there can be no peace. Indeed, it leads to the opposite. (47-116, 1971.08.22)

4 The world today fights for the body and material things. Yet, despite advances in the fields of economics, science and philosophy, these cannot bring peace to humankind. It is through the movement of Heaven that the world of the mind must emerge, equipped with a new teaching that re-evaluates the physical body and material things. Unless such a teaching appears in this historical era of the Last Days, this world will come to ruin. Now we have arrived at the final era, when God must secure the one center. How can we, who are living in this era, resolve and clear up all the issues of our time? This depends on where we stand with regard to the two streams of thought that divide our world—the materialistic or the spiritual view of history. We will perish if we proceed based on materialism and the physical body. That is why we have to clear things up together with God. We have to place the mind in the forefront. Who is the subject partner of our mind? It is God. (011-023, 1960.12.11)

5 Democracy and communism, each in its own way, are trying to attain a world of peace. However, we are now entering the age when communism will be completely banished from the earth. From the providential and historical point of view, this is inevitable. What will happen to democracy when communism is gone? The democracies think that when communism falls the age of democracy will come, and democratic leadership will come to rule the world. It believes that democracy is the hope for the world. But in fact, when communism falls, democracy will also quickly plummet. (218-288, 1991.08.22)

6 Democracy and communism have thus far co-existed in a state of continual discord, struggling against each other. They could not co-exist in peace. Yet there must be a fundamental solution to the struggle between the materialistic and the spiritual perspective. How can we resolve this issue? We must first clarify where we stand, and based on that stance we must deal with all issues that arise. (37-121, 1970.12.23)

7 I have to stand on the foundation of having united Cain, the communist world, and Abel, the democratic world. I have to make the two become one. The democratic world and the communist world are the extension of the mind and the body. One is the world that centers on the mind, the other is the world that centers on the body. We cannot open the door to world peace unless we unite these two worlds. This is a law. This is how we can be connected as physical beings from the individual to the family, society, nation and world. (120-218, 1982.10.16)

8 The logic of communism states that an ideal world can be achieved only through a process of struggle. The directions of the Party are regarded as absolute, and all other ideas are rejected. That would be true if communism stood on the side of goodness, which brings freedom, happiness and peace. But if you look at the core of communism, it is ruthless beyond imagination. Communists will use any means or methods to reach their goal. If their parents, their country or their comrades stand in their way, they cut them down. During its history of seventy years, communism has emerged as a global challenge. (135-270, 1985.12.15)

9 What is the communist world aiming for? It is a world of peace through struggle. Such a world is different from the peaceful world that democracies pursue. Communists purge everyone who disobeys their ideology, labeling them as reactionary elements. If they cut off and remove all these elements, they call it a world of peace. Today the Soviets claim they want peace, but that peace is based on Marxism-Leninism. It refers to a state where all the reactionaries that disobey those in power have been purged. (168-164, 1987.09.20)

10 What is communism? It does not recognize God as the subject partner, it does not recognize object partners, and it has no direction or purpose. If you agree with even one of its points, everything falls apart. Communists see the relationship of subject and object partners as one of struggle. They assert that everything becomes one through struggle. Where on earth can you see such a thing? They claim that men and women become one through struggle, and that the mind and body become one through struggle. And when it comes to subject and object partners, they say that material existence is first, not the mind. They say that the mind is an offshoot of the body. In this, they turn everything upside down. By saying that their direction is struggle, they take the direction toward conflict, not peace. They also say that unification requires bloodshed. This violates the basic principles of the progression of history and the existence of the universe. (108-068, 1980.06.22)

11 The law of dialectics says that everything becomes one through struggle. If the capitalist world were to be replaced by a communist system, what would happen to the goal of struggle? Would a world of peace automatically come about? If the communist world remains as it is, we can never think that an ideal world will emerge. If the communist world reached a state of saturation, and it became clear that it could not possibly realize the ideal, the divisions within it would become more serious. Suppose that kind of world came about. Communists do not believe in or teach about the spirit world, but even so, do you think the spirit world would just let them be? If God truly exists, what would He do? If the world were to become communist, religion would disappear. Do you think that God, who has been relating to human beings through religion to this day, would stand idly by and do nothing about it? The goal of communists is not only to defeat capitalism, it is also to defeat God. That is why for them, religion is an object of struggle. (097-241, 1978.03.19)

12 Communism holds a concept of peace that is different from ours. Communists use strategic language. When we in the democratic world refer to peace, although we may have different positions about how to attain that goal, we try to find common ground on which we can cooperate and unite. That is peace. This is how we can become one. However, communists do not see it that way. They have to completely purge all the reactionary elements; no one who opposes them can stand before the authority of the dictatorship of the proletariat. To them, to reach this point is to achieve peace. (170-152, 1987.11.15)

13 Communists have already infiltrated the U.S. government, the army and the churches. They are proclaiming an atheistic Christian movement in broad daylight. These Christians have structured their system based on materialistic communist thought. We cannot expect anything good to come from it. We cannot expect a solution from the government, the army or the churches; neither from the scholars or the university students. In conclusion, it is inevitable that we must start a movement based on a religious teaching that can confront communism. We have to raise this issue globally in order to offer hope for the future. That is the best thing we can do. The Communist Party does not want to pursue the ideal world based on a natural course. They want to pursue it through violence. They do not care what means or method they use to attain their goal. You need to understand that we must fight against their worldwide foundation. This is my role, and it is also the role of the Unification Church. We must turn their ideology on its head. We must turn around their everyday emotions and guide their actions toward a new direction. (107-222, 1980.05.19)

14 The Communist Party, like all evil, always attacks when it is stronger than others. There can be no peace with it. In light of this, I built a gun factory in Korea. This was to set a fire in the hearts of the youth in the Unification Church and have them pledge from the bottom of their hearts to fight the communists in the future, if necessary. Force must sometimes be met with force. Of course I do not mean that we would attack them. Satan’s core nature is such that he always strives to invade when the other side is weak. Talking about peace and the like is just one of their strategies. What should the Korean people do when they are beset by rapidly changing circumstances? The time has come when they must arm themselves with an ideology that gives them life-or- death resolve to protect themselves. (50-227, 1971.11.07)

15 How did communism originate from materialism? It began with the internal struggle rooted in the body, which has only material existence, and expanded that to the world level. It applies materialism to the world. Meanwhile, idealism—which represents the mind in the mind-body struggle—has emerged on the world level in the form of democracy. Today these two camps confront each other. Just as the body strikes the mind and dominates it, in the Last Days, materialism pervades the mind- centered philosophies to a dangerous degree. Although we ought to bring about a world of peace in the twenty- first century, first we should consider how to bring about peace and unity deep within our minds. The conflict between mind and body is the cause of all problems. Because it is the origin of the problems, unless we resolve that, nothing will succeed. (143-045, 1986.03.15)

16 Throughout the world, the communists are fighting in three ways. They are fighting through ideology, intelligence and propaganda. The United States is a huge and powerful country, but it does not have clear policies or measures to fight with and overcome the communists. Some U.S. politicians are reluctant to fight the communists; they are making concessions to them and retreating again and again. As a result, communists are manipulating the nations in South America that neighbor the United States, to the point that they threaten the peace and freedom of their neighbor to the north. What will you do if the communists take control of your country? Do you think they will guarantee the freedom and peace you enjoy today? Surely it is possible for such a thing to happen, even in the United States. In fact, the signs are already appearing in all parts of the world. South American countries have begun to recognize that only Rev. Moon and his teachings offer hope for their future. Henceforth Unification Church members in the United States must make the American people understand this situation. (130-286, 1984.02.07)

The fall of communism

17 1 knew through Heaven’s law that communism could not last longer than seventy-three years. I waited and waited for this. Kim II Sung had plotted with the government of the Soviet Union to kill me in December 1987. The FBI in America informed me of this plot, which was revealed when twenty-five Japanese Red Army agents were arrested and interrogated in New York. However, now that Soviet leaders have studied the teaching propounded by the Unification Church, they recognize it as an amazing truth that can give hope to the Soviet Union. (201-153, 1990.03.30)

18 I gave a direction that the end of the Soviet Union should be declared before August 15,1985 at the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) conference in Geneva, Switzerland. The declaration was made in front of 350 scholars and Soviet experts that were gathered there from all over the world. If I had not made that condition, the Soviet Union would not have declined. (135-321, 1985.12.15)

19 In order to bring about the end of the Soviet Union, I chose the theme “The Fall of the Soviet Empire” for the PWPA conference. This was when the Soviet Union was at its peak. It was 1985, and the Soviet Union had a plan to infiltrate the United States. But it could not do so because of me. When Dr. Kaplan visited me in Danbury Prison, he suggested that we should not bluntly declare “the fall of communism” but rather use the word “perhaps.” But I said to him, “What if the Soviet Union collapses within five years? Will you take responsibility for the consequences of not declaring it clearly? Just wait and see!” Finally, he followed my direction and made this declaration. Afterwards, indeed, it collapsed within five years! (262-154, 1994.07.23)

20 No progress ever comes through struggle or fighting. When there is fighting, both sides suffer. Communism, which teaches that things develop through struggle, did not last more than seventy-three years. I had already predicted this as early as the 1950s. I said, “If communism lasts longer than seventy-three years, you can burn my fingers!” But it indeed collapsed after exactly seventy-three years. Anyone who instigates a struggle surely brings destruction upon himself. He causes his situation to worsen. The concept that struggle brings progress is illogical. Struggle cannot take us beyond our current level. (262-072, 1994.07.23)

21 I fought for forty years based on Unification Thought and the theory of Victory over Communism. I knew that the Communist Party was destined to collapse. When the people discard communism, what will they replace it with? They will cling to whatever the Communist Party most vigorously opposed. That is the only thing they can do. Whatever the communists opposed will become the start of the period of transition. That is why, without any hesitation, I have relentlessly fought against communism, even as the communist world and even the free world so desperately opposed me. When I went to Moscow recently, I clearly declared that communism would collapse and I introduced God. I said that in order for the Soviet Union to find God in the future, they would have to rely on my teachings. My words are fundamentally different from the views expressed in the Orthodox Church and other established churches. They are words that bring God into the center of our lives. From that point of view, I made a historical declaration. (201-242, 1990.04.28)

Vision of an age beyond ideology

22 If an ideology or teaching appeared on the earth that could earn the gratitude of countless generations, from the first ancestors to the myriads of future descendants, it would be able to guide the world. If it touched the hearts of many saints and sages of the past, such that they were grateful for it, those in the spirit world would also cooperate. Surely all people would appreciate such a teaching and be touched by it. That teaching would not belong only to the present era. It would be able to connect past, present and future. What content would be so inspiring? The Unification Church asserts that such a teaching could only be based on a deep heart. (159-050, 1968.01.28)

23 If we take a comprehensive view of history, we see that the Hebraism that led to the Roman papacy failed, the humanism that led to democracy failed, and the Hellenism that led to communism failed as well. So I considered, what if there were an international, worldwide ideal based on a view that integrated Hebraism, humanism and Hellenism? The age we are entering requires a philosophy that can integrate all these ideas, and at the same time lead to the merging of all religions. We need such a philosophy, but it should be based on a religious perspective. This is because we need something that goes beyond ourselves. A human viewpoint alone is not enough. The historical and political trends of the world are going in this direction, and the Unification Church is striving to integrate all of them. Thus I am introducing headwing thought. (162-100, 1987.03.30)

24 In the future a new world will appear, which is neither communist nor democratic. We need a world that is based on heart, with God at the center. We need a world that transcends the death of the body, a world of hope that our hearts long for, to appear on this earth. The age when it appears, the very kingdom of peace that we have been eager to see, will be the age that Unification Church members call the kingdom of heaven on earth. (20-182, 1968.06.09)

25 The democratic world and the communist world have been fighting until now. Each views the other as the enemy, and each tries to defeat the other. Peace can never emerge in such a contentious world. So we absolutely need a new movement that centers on the unity of mind and body. We need a new movement that teaches us how to completely subjugate the body to the mind and make a victorious foundation on this earth. It should be able to win over the democratic world and even to win over the communist world. (20-171, 1968.06.09)

26 Why did the left wing and the right wing appear? What is the origin of these two positions today? Politicians did not give them these names just because they wanted to. They represent a historical course of indemnity that must reappear; otherwise the liberation of Jesus will not be possible. Only when those who represent the thief on the left and the thief on the right, together with those who represent Barabbas, all kneel in front of Jesus and together sing his praises, saying, “You alone are the glorious victor, the final victor,” will the gates open to the peaceful kingdom, the kingdom of heaven. (50-225, 1971.11.07)

27 Looking at the way history has developed, we cannot help but lead a movement to unify religions and overcome communism. We have to leave behind evidence that we participated in a movement to unite the religions and to unify the communist world and the free world. When you can stand as a Unificationist and say, “Here I am!” while holding the Divine Principle book in your right hand and the Victory over Communism book in your left hand, you will become God’s son or daughter. This is where the new ideal of the kingdom of heaven on earth begins. I am marching forward for that kingdom. If God asks me, “What have you achieved?” I will respond, “I have completed everything. This is the world of peace that we all wanted.” (123-304, 1983.01.06)

28 When considering the conflict between East and West, do not think that democracy has won. Democracy, as a mere political system, is nothing special. Because it has no solid ideological foundation, it is encountering a vacuum of ideas. Therefore we must educate the world about Godism, which is headwing thought. We need an organization that can systemize these two teachings, and an institution to lead the world. The Unification Church alone is not enough. If the church takes the lead, the teachings will become known as the doctrine of the Unification Church. And if we center on the Victory over Communism organization, we will become a one-sided ideological group to oppose communism. That is why, to create a larger framework, I inaugurated the Federation for World Peace. The League of Nations was founded after the First World War, and the United Nations was founded after the Second World War. In order to create a new world, we need a new worldwide organization. The Federation for World Peace should be able to relate to people from the political world and the intelligentsia. It has to offer a new teaching that can guide humankind to solve their problems. (203-118, 1990.06.23)

29 How is Unificationism different from democracy and communism? The United States, as the representative of democracy, promotes a one-dimensional humanistic idea, based only on horizontal relationships. Communism also has come thus far promoting onedimensional world peace, which is only horizontal. The United States is considered to be part of the Christian cultural sphere, but it is not aligned with God as the absolute subject partner. Americans put God in the back room, and some even claim that God is dead, while they place people at the forefront. However, the Unification Church is multidimensional, both vertical and horizontal. Our purpose is not only to bring about a world of peace; that is only the starting point for the ideal of peace in the universe and even the cosmos. This is a very promising endeavor, but at the same time it is daunting. Through this we can mobilize God. From the perspective of the Unification Church, world peace is just the starting point. But today’s democracy and communism are one-dimensional ideologies that view world peace as their only goal. (129-233, 1983.11.06)

30 Communism and democracy talk about world peace and freedom in the realm of external form, but they do not know about world peace in the realm of internal nature. Although the realm of external form is forever changing shape, the world of internal nature does not change. There can always be change and development in external form, but there can be no change in basic essence. Internal nature does not change. The Unification Church regards the desire for world peace and unification as the beginning point on the journey to the world of internal nature. Therefore, we see that what the free world regards as the final destination is in fact the starting point for entering the world of internal nature. (129-237, 1983.11.06)

31 Looking at the communist and democratic worlds today, the age of conflict between the two has passed and we have entered the age of their integration. However, although the age has arrived when we can advocate peace, the way to realize that peace is unclear. This world is in the midst of chaos and confusion, yet there is no vision as to how to overcome it. Communists attempted to bring about an ideal world, but all their dreams have collapsed. It is the same with the democratic world. At the present time the United States is leading the democratic world, but it is far from able to reach the destination of world peace. On the contrary, in the current situation, Americans are losing hope. The country’s future is bleak because it has reached the stage where its youth are corrupt; they are doing things that could bring the human race to an end. (229-262, 1992.04.13)

Section 3. The United Nations and World Peace

1 After the First World War, expectations were high that a world of peace would emerge, a world free from war, based on the League of Nations. But less than three decades later, war broke out again. Nevertheless, people’s innate inclination to pursue peace remained unchanged. We desire to advance toward a world of peace, even if it we have to die for it. That is why, after the Second World War, the League of Nations was dissolved and the United Nations was founded. In the belief that all people are brothers and sisters, we entered an era when the victorious nations gave the defeated nations their independence, and protected and nurtured them in the name of brotherhood. Now the military conflicts that arose during the Cold War have come to an end. The Third World War has been an ideological war. The Soviet Union and the United States are both reluctant to fight. Now, whether they like it or not, we must proclaim for the sake of peace, “God exists!” and explain what the world should be like. Unless we do so, there is no way for the world to be brought under God’s dominion. Because I understood this, I presented a worldview and a universal teaching based on the absolute values of God, and I systemized a principle by which we can liberate even God Himself. (204-085, 1990.07.01)

The renewal of the United Nations and world peace

2 Now we need to create the model for a nation of peace. We are working to bring world peace through unity at the United Nations. We need to help the United Nations stand in the position to lead all the nations of the world. I included the word “peace” in the names of numerous organizations that I founded, including the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, the Federation for World Peace and the Professors World Peace Academy. This is because I have set my sights on the United Nations. I have been preparing for this for decades. Originally the United Nations was meant to set the standard that nations should follow. It was meant to lead the way to peace for humankind. (267-264, 1995.01.20)

3 For a world that is comprised of individual nations to become a world of peace is not something that can be done overnight. It requires a long period of time. In order to transform something, we need a model. If there were a model nation such that people would say, “Wow, when we follow that, our nation will develop!” and if the environment were such that the United Nations could promote it and every nation could support it, all nations would be bound to follow it. That is why the work I am doing now is welcomed by the developing nations. There are only a small number of advanced nations—the G7 or the G8. Apart from them, many other nations are developing. If the United Nations were to uphold one model as a nation of peace, then all UN member states would naturally turn in that single direction. (267-264, 1995.01.20)

4 The present United Nations cannot achieve world peace. Every nation is fighting for its own benefit. This is not correct; it is not conscientious. That is why a religious assembly, centered on the conscience, should be part of the United Nations. The Women’s Federation for World Peace is working behind the scenes. Providentially, women should play a central role in bringing about world peace; otherwise people will continue to fight. Women need to form an organization that can stand at the center, embrace Cain and Abel, and create an atmosphere of peace throughout the world. (258-156, 1994.03.17)

5 Who should lead world peace? God should lead it. God should lead both the religious realm and the political realm. I am advocating a United Nations of the religious realm. Furthermore, I am advocating a Women’s UN. These two organizations must be created. This is how present-day humanity will be brought into alignment with God’s plan. (248-245, 1993.10.03)

6 Politics alone cannot change the world. We are dealing with the political arena, but it is extremely corrupt. Families in their current state are dysfunctional, and they cannot correct this. That is why we need religions to unite and rally the world on the right path, the shortest way to a world of peace. (288-205, 1997.11.28)

7 The United Nations can be compared to the body. The body needs to be connected to the world of the mind, the religious realm, represented by the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. Only when the religious realm is connected to the United Nations can the body and the mind become one. After that, the mother, represented by the Women’s Federation for World Peace, and the children, represented by the Youth Federation for World Peace, needs to be connected. When these four major organizations are all connected, the United Nations will become an organization that can bring peace and unity and guide the world toward oneness. (267-247, 1995.01.08)

8 Today the United Nations views itself as a global organization created to realize a new political order through the unity of its member states. Yet the organization’s efforts to achieve this have failed, as complicated issues have beset it from within and prevented it from achieving internal unity. It is no different from the communist world, which advocates unity centered on the laborers and farmers, yet has become divided internally. (87-032, 1976.04.25)

9 The United Nations does not operate as a single body. Instead, it compromises with the prevailing political climate and has become crippled. In a family there should be a father and a mother, sons and daughters. But the members of the United Nations have no head; they have no clear structure. I am the only one who has a clear understanding of how to lead the world to peace. When the king of the families appears and everything that was lost is engrafted to him, one central nation will appear under the sovereignty of that king. (293-164, 1998.05.26)

The Abel UN

10 The present United Nations is in the Cain position, so we now need an organization in the Abel position. You leaders of Korea must take responsibility for this nation. From now, I will prepare the way for the Republic of Korea to reach out to the world, by creating an Abel UN. Since I know where Korea should be heading, I am doing work that others cannot even dream about. (23-054, 1969.05.11)

11 We need to make an organization for peace that is similar to the United Nations. Yet the present UN organization, the General Assembly in particular, has only a head; it has neither hands nor feet. I founded the Professors World Peace Academy, and if I set it in motion, it could function like the General Assembly. What I mean is that we should create a new Abel-type assembly, saying, “In your General Assembly, the people who meet together are just politicians, aren’t they? But in ours there are experts from every field who meet solely for the purpose of peace.” Since the present UN General Assembly has only a head, without hands or feet, it is like having a body that is paralyzed. (62-299, 1972.09.26)

12 Now the age of peace has come. In order for the United States to lead the world toward peace, it must stand as a model nation. I am proposing a means by which North and South Korea can be united, and the Middle East can be united, through the United Nations. Since the existing United Nations is in the position of Cain, we need an organization in the position of Abel. These organizations, in the position of Cain and Abel, should unite with the Will of God. This is the foundation for world peace. The United States must serve as a model of peace, then it can guide all other nations to follow its example. Otherwise it cannot lead the way to peace. (246-035, 1993.03.23)

13 On the matter of China, there is a reason we fasted and prayed for three days at the United Nations during its discussions over the admission of Taiwan. China’s role was crucial. From the viewpoint of Satan’s side, North Korea under Kim II Sung is the Adam nation, China is the Eve nation, and the Soviet Union is the archangel nation. They need to unite, but in the reverse order. With the support of the Soviet Union and China, even Taiwan should be brought into this unity. I have already linked all nations together through organizations such as the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation of Peninsular Nations and the Federation of Continental Nations, and through them I plan to establish a new UN in the Abel position. The present United Nations has lost its sense of direction; in its current state it does not serve its fundamental purpose. We are approaching the time for action. Based on the new Abel UN, we will enter the age of the unified kingdom. By setting conditions of prayer and fasting, I have been making all the necessary preparations. (291-242, 1998.03.15)

The UN of Religions

14 People of faith all over the world need to band together and create a global body that cannot be defeated by any people or sovereign power. This is how they can awaken the sleeping United Nations. At present, the United Nations cannot stand up to communist opposition. That is why we must quickly create a UN of Religions. After that, the mission of religious people will be to win over the left-wing and the right- wing worlds, and connect them to God. (12-221, 1963.05.15)

15 In front of God, all families are fallen. Only when they go beyond the fallen world can they emerge as ideal families of God. But even after ideal families have appeared, we need a new age and a new structure for an ideal world. The center of that world will be the ideal United Nations, based on ideal families. That can provide a model for the world. The model world begins from the family. We need to establish a UN that goes beyond the Abel position, and unites Cain and Abel as one. Then everyone will be part of the family that goes beyond the nation and the world. (513-229, 2006.01.01)

16 Suppose a United Nations for the religions of the world had been established alongside the existing global United Nations, based on the idea that both nations, which are external, and religions, which are internal, should become one. Then we would now be living in an age when no one would oppose the teachings of the Unification Church. Suppose the UN of Religions and the global United Nations had come together and asked, “How can we become sibling organizations, as filial children who truly serve the Will of God and who also love our nations?” What if they had pursued and researched this matter? Then they would not have opposed the Unification Church. Instead they would have advocated that everyone follow its teachings. (122-245, 1982.11.16)

17 The United Nations was created from a political perspective. The UN of Religions, however, has not yet been created; therefore it should be. The United Nations can become one by cooperating with the UN of Religions. Without such a religious base, the United Nations has become a hotbed of communism. Things turned out as they did because the United Nations was not able to fulfill its mission. That is why I met with Dwight Eisenhower, former president of the United States. I told him, “You need to make an organization that can subjugate the communists, who are trying to dominate the world.” I told him to be prepared to stop the communists. (131-190, 1984.05.01)

18 My plan is now to create a UN of Religions. People of faith around the world need to be part of this. We then need to encourage women to create the Women’s UN. Why is this necessary? Politics represent the body, which is Satan’s base. Satan’s mentality is such that politics is fraught with deceit. People in politics seek benefit for their own nations even at the expense of others. Only the world of the mind and the spirit can subjugate this political world of Satan. Among the people living on this earth, some are believers and others are nonbelievers. Thus we can divide people into two groups, one group that denies God and the other that affirms God. Those who deny God espouse humanism, secularism and self-centered individualism. They have nothing to do with God and everything to do with Satan. Since they have created the United Nations of the earthly world, the people who affirm God need to create a UN of the heart, of the world of religion. (251-090, 1993.10.17)

19 We are now planning to establish an Interreligious UN. Since we have a United Nations, we need to form a similar organization of religions. Our aim is to create a new culture that embraces cooperation between interreligious, international, and other non-governmental organizations. The new UN of Religions should be integrated with the United Nations, and also with organizations that connect people in the fields of politics and economics. After that it must integrate men’s and women’s groups. It should include men, women and youth. We also need an international body for education. We need all of these in order to create one nation. I also plan to set up an international defense organization something like NATO. (379-098, 2002.05.27)

20 We need to establish a world council of religions. When we bring people of faith together to form one nation, we can completely eradicate the conflicts in Satan’s world. My plan is to have this council of religions incorporated into the United Nations. These are not mere words; I am actually working on it right now. What comes after that is to create the Women’s UN. That is why I am promoting the Women’s Federation for World Peace. I intend to make a UN body centered on the Women’s Federation. Women leaders and the wives of world leaders are bound to join the Women’s Federation and participate in the Women’s UN. (248-213, 1993.10.01)

21 You need to understand that religion and politics have been enemies. Their enmity has manifested even at the United Nations. The United Nations is a global entity based on a political system, representing the body. However, now people all over the world recognize that it is incomplete. Now that I have come, religion should be included at the United Nations. The United Nations needs to connect to the world of the mind, the realm of heart. The body and mind were divided, and since there is a UN of the body there should also be a UN of the mind. Next, there should be a Women’s UN. Rather than a UN dominated by men of the archangel’s lineage, there should be a UN for women. Since Eve was lost, Eve must be recovered. (280-146, 1996.11.24)

Section 4. Worldwide Sharing of Technology

1 In the midst of division, the time has come to enter a new era, transcending peoples and uniting societies and nations as siblings, according to the viewpoint of Heaven. In the United Nations all nations are brothers, but they are still fighting each other. Cain and Abel continue to fight. When there is peace among brothers, everything will be finished. Thus Americans should share their wealth with the people of the world, who are all their siblings. The United States did not generate its own wealth; it was bestowed by our Heavenly Parent. Therefore the United States should share its wealth. If it shares only inferior products, troubles will arise. At this time, the world must embrace a culture of heart centered on Heaven. (151-082, 1962.10.07)

2 For humankind to live in peace, all races need to come together and work to save the world. Otherwise we cannot arrive at a world of peace. In the future, this work will have to be done by the Unification Church. When the time comes to pass on to the spirit world, it is not as if white people go to one place, Asian people to another and black people to a third. They will all become one. (086-184, 1976.03.28)

An interreligious, interracial and international movement

3 In order to arrive at the place of glory, the realm of God’s love, we have to love our enemies. Since God knows no barriers of nationality, we need to go beyond these walls. Only by doing so can we achieve a world of oneness and peace. That is the only way we can connect the spirit world and the physical world and bring them into oneness. (111-093, 1981.01.25)

4 The peace and unity of the world cannot be achieved through any ideology, teaching or religious doctrine that uses people as instruments and manipulates them. That is why, until now, all paths have been blocked. True Buddhists, Christians, philosophers and thinkers have long awaited the one teaching that elucidates the ideal that can unify the society, the nation, the world and the universe. (154-048, 1964.03.23)

5 Now the era of nationalism has passed. The era when certain ethnic groups assert their superiority over other ethnicities has passed. No single people, no matter how much they fight and struggle, is adequate to complete the formula course of unification that God is following. It is a course that can only be accomplished through the solidarity of different peoples; that is, an integrated people. We cannot follow a single people to one world of peace. A religion must be able to transcend nationality and embrace all of Asia, the world, and all of heaven and earth. (222-131, 1991.10.28)

6 The ideal world of peace that all religious bodies worldwide wish for is a unified world, the kingdom of heaven, where all come together in oneness. It cannot be two worlds, because that world is the absolute Will of God. It will be one absolute world. The ideology of the kingdom of heaven aims to create that world. It will be realized at the place where, working internationally and in- terracially, we have triumphed over and overcome everything. (210-200, 1990.12.23)

7 Religions are seeking the heavenly kingdom. They wish for the ideal world, which some call nirvana or paradise. It is the place where God and humankind can be happiest and most peaceful. Then who is its sovereign? Its sovereign is God, and its citizens are an interracial people. In that place, it does not matter whether your hair is black or yellow or whether your face is black or white. Color does not matter. God is the great King of an interracial kingdom. (210-201, 1990.12.23)

8 What people of faith need to do is establish one world of peace. Whether Muslim, Christian, or of any other faith, they should work together to build a world of peace. This would bring humanity into oneness for all eternity. In this endeavor, at least, they need to be united. (210-120, 1990.12.17)

9 Looking at religions, we see that each one is antagonistic toward the others, believing that it is the best. This attitude creates an environment that will cause great difficulties in the future. If religions maintain that standpoint, how can they help build one world of peace? I believe that unless the walls between religions are broken down, tremendous damage will result. That is why I am carrying out interreligious work. Since religions have been guiding their followers, of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, for thousands of years, breaking down the walls between them is tremendously difficult. The four major religions— Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Confucianism—all have histories going back thousands of years. If they attack and fight one another in the future, world peace will be destroyed and humanity will perish. The question is how we can bring these religious bodies together so that, instead of fighting, they can dialogue with one another and head toward the one world of peace. God and the spirit world desire this even more than we people on earth. That is why, in accordance with that Will, I am carrying out a worldwide interfaith movement through the Unification Church. (210-117, 1990.12.17)

10 The religious realm and the political realm represent the mind and the body respectively. They need to become one. That is the task of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP). The prefix “inter” here is used differently from the way it has been used until now. It has only addressed the horizontal relationships between people, excluding God. However, in our term “interreligious,” God is included. It means to fulfill God’s wish of uniting the religions. It is also the unity of nations. That is why I am striving to unite the nations as well as the religions. By uniting the religions and the nations, I am striving to bring them to voluntarily create a realm of oneness in heart. Then together they will become the fruit of the cosmos and of heaven and earth, encompassing everything. (331-037, 2000.08.23)

11 If humankind is to be one family, the sons and daughters of God, then it must be interdenominational, interreligious and international. That is the concept of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, transcending all the barriers in this world. Religions, as they are today, cannot solve the world’s problems. Neither can the nations of today. That is why, by adding the prefix, “inter-,” we are talking about being interreligious and international. IIFWP must manifest a heart of oneness centered on God, which will bring harmony in society. Only then can we solve world problems. (327-080, 2000.07.27)

12 The IIFWP currently stands in a position to move the United Nations. Therefore it must fulfill its responsibility. It is the ultimate initiative in the physical realm through which the Unification Church relates to the world. Next we will create organizations to work with the press, with academics and with the financial sector—four in total. These will become the pillars that will help shape the world in its final stage, with the IIFWP at the forefront. (302-310, 1999.07.02)

Reconciliation of Christianity and Islam

13 As a result of Jesus' death, the left wing, the right wing, and the realms of Barabbas and Jesus manifested as four opposing entities. The world, divided in this way, must come into unity at the time of the Second Advent. Hence the left wing and the right wing need to unite. Also, Barabbas’ realm and Jesus’ realm need to unite; in other words, Islam and Christianity must unite as one, in peace and unity. We need to return to the path of peace and unity by recovering them all. What is on the right will go to the left, and what is on the left will go to the right. If Christianity opposes this ideal, it will lose to communism or Islam. The Bible verse, “The last will be first, and the first will be last,” (Matt. 16:20) refers to what occurs in the Last Days. Therefore we have to bring them together. No matter how much the Communist Party, Christianity and Islam oppose us, we have to bring them together in peace and unity. If we do this, we will pave the way to the throne of God. (249-097, 1993.10.08)

14 As a result of Jesus' death, Satan took over the world. At the time of the Second Coming, that history will be repeated. That is, in the Last Days, the left wing and the right wing will emerge and fight against each other. They are the communist world and the democratic world, the conflict between the left wing and the right wing emerged and spread across the world due to Jesus’ death. The right wing is centered on the United States and the left wing is centered on the communist world. The situation is exactly the same as at the time of Jesus, except that from the two thieves, it has expanded to the worldwide level. At the time of the Second Coming the democratic world, the communist world, and even the Islamic world will have to be brought into oneness. That is the mission to be fulfilled at the time of the Second Coming. (219-259, 1991.09.08)

15 The Lord of the Second Advent needs to work with the democratic world, the communist world and the Islamic realm. At present the realm of Barabbas has taken possession of Jesus’ body. That is, as a result of Jesus’ death, Islam came to take over the land where the twelve tribes of Israel had resided. Barabbas’ life was spared in the place of Jesus. Hence the Arab realm, the Islamic world that represents Barabbas who survived, could take over that land. In doing so, it developed uneasy relations with Christianity and Judaism. By taking possession of Jesus’ body, it came to inherit everything. My perspective is that, by bringing unity between the Muslim realm, the Christian realm and the Jewish realm, and bringing them together in the Last Days, we can go to the one, peaceful world of the kingdom of heaven. (229-339, 1992.04.13)

16 My mission is to unite the two worlds that became divided just after the Second World War. At that time, everything was divided. Korea was divided between democracy and communism. Although the people of Israel returned to their homeland, that land also has become divided between the Jews and the Palestinians. Even the United States was divided into religious people centered on Christianity and humanists who don’t believe in God. If I can unite Christianity, as the Second Israel, and Korea, as the Third Israel, then a unified worldwide realm can arise based on the United States. Then the issue of Israel and that of North and South Korea can be resolved. At present, North and South Korea, as the third Adam nation, and Israel, as the first Adam nation, are posing problems globally. Once they are united, a world of peace can come. It remains for me, and for the Unification Chinch, to fulfill this responsibility. (243-297, 1993.01.28)

17 If Islam and Christianity are left to battle on their own, humanity is bound to perish. We are living in a world where atomic bombs and even biological and chemical weapons could cause far more serious destruction than even the World Wars. One individual can bring ruin not just to a whole village, but even to the whole planet. We can no longer depend on external forces for protection. No matter how much we fight we will never see the end of strife. That is why for decades now I have been conducting activities to unite the religious world. I am working to unite them through the God Conferences, which teach that the God of Israel and the God of Islam are not different. The God of Christianity and God as known in other religions are one and the same. In this way, I am continually carrying out interreligious activities worldwide. In addition, I continue to lead an interracial movement among all peoples. (366-263, 2002.01.16)

18 The Islamic realm opposes Israel, which has returned to its homeland claiming the right of the eldest son. Yet without unity between Israel and Islam there cannot be peace in this world. Such is the history behind the division into two nations. The world now faces a problem in Israel and the Middle East based on religion, and a problem between North and South Korea on the Korean Peninsula based on the struggle between two ideologies, democracy and communism. If a third world war were to break out due to a collision between these two camps, with their backgrounds in religion and ideology, humankind would be completely annihilated. We are in the midst of such danger. Who will bring peace to this world? I am the one that can deal with this issue. (229-126, 1992.04.11)

19 It is a historical fact that I have transformed the relationship between the left wing and the right wing. It is undeniable. Moreover, the biggest problem in the world is the struggle between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Who can reconcile them? No one has succeeded in this task, but through me they are now coming together. You need to understand that this is the fundamental solution to the problem of world peace. We are now standing in such a time of historical transition. (225-014, 1992.01.01)

20 When Jesus was on the cross, the thief on his left and the thief on his right represented the left wing and the right wing. One represented the position that denies God, and the other, the position that recognizes God. Now the left wing has crumbled, the right wing is beginning to decline, and the realm of Barabbas remains. The returning Lord needs to engage with Islam as a religion on Heavens side, even as he needs to engage with the communist nations and bring them to Heaven’s side. That is why I created the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP). I have already taken steps toward peace in nations in the Islamic sphere such as Syria. (213-186, 1991.01.20)

21 If Christianity and Islam were ever to fight, that war would make the conflict between the democratic and communist worlds pale in comparison. Conflicts between religions are fearful things. At present, the devil is trying to cause a religious war. By doing so, he is trying to drag the entire spiritual foundation based on the Christian cultural sphere to himself. Before that can take place, I am contacting them behind the scenes in order to prevent such a tragedy. (214-304, 1991.02.03)

22 Islam is the realm of Barabbas. It occupied the area where the twelve tribes of the Jewish nation used to live. Since this situation originated at the time of Jesus’ death, when Jesus comes again he needs to win over the right wing and win over Islam and guide them toward the world of peace. He must do so, because only then can Jesus’ teaching of unity and peace, which he demonstrated through his resurrection, be established on this earth. Eventually the Christian and Islamic realms should unite, but how can that be? It will be through head-wing thought. The only thing that can digest both the left wing and the right wing is true love. Then what should we do going forward? We ' need to give both worlds the family ed- tication that God has wanted to teach— to the children, siblings, husbands and | wives, and mothers and fathers, j Through this education, all people from l both worlds need to form families that can receive the blessings of the heavenly . nation of peace. (221-218, 1991.10.24)

23 Currently there is fighting between two nations of the Islamic world, Iraq and Kuwait. But what would happen if the Christian world were to explode with widespread outrage and the Islamic region united against it? A religious war would break out, and that i would be a serious problem. An Arab Muslim leader, the Grand Mufti of Syria, and I proposed the Middle East talks that are being held at this time. The two of us took the initiative. This fact has now become known throughout the world, particularly in the Islamic world. The conclusion is simple. Religious people need to step forward and build a world of peace. This is my conclusion regarding the conflict between the free world and the religious world. (210-130, 1990.12.17)

24 In the Arab world, religion stands above the nation. If the Arab nations were to rally together against a Christian nation that struck any one of them, war could break out between the entire Christian and Islamic worlds. Then, because the thief on the right side, on God’s side, would be standing in the position of having struck first, the gates of world peace would break down. That is why I issued strict orders never to fight. I sponsored an emergency meeting with the Grand Mufti of Syria, who is a major Muslim leader in the Arab world, and the religious leaders from Syria and Yemen, among others. Islam and Christianity must not fight each other. The top leaders of Islam should maintain this rule as a foundation for peace. This is the only way those leaders can defend against those who cry out for war against Christianity. Therefore I am supporting them in this work. (206-275, 1990.10.14)

25 At this time, as war in the Persian Gulf looms, I am trying to call for restraint. A war there could be an enormous tragedy for humankind, and greatly impede progress toward world peace. Even if the Americans were to win by destroying everything until all the land lay in ruins, what good would it do them? It would not profit them in any way; it would only become a stain on history that would inflame tensions. This could rupture the peace between the Christian and Muslim cultural spheres. In the work to actualize world peace, I am standing at the forefront. This is why I cannot help but think about this matter. (212-326, 1991.01.11)

Proposal for technology sharing

26 Technology is something that belongs to humanity. It does not belong to any specific nation. As a man who stands for justice and fairness, I am taking responsibility to bring German, Japanese and American technology to the world. That is how we can build a base for peace for all humanity. This is what I believe, and that is why a decade ago I began to promote the sharing of technology for world peace. When I told the Chinese, “Open your bags. I will bring you German technology and the best Japanese electronic science and technology that I have acquired,” they did not believe me at first. However, after investigating the matter over a period of three years, they came to know that what I said was true. (196-115, 1989.12.31)

27 I have become an authority in the world of science and technology. In Germany, during the five years from 1980 to 1985,1 purchased four factories. I wanted to buy factories in order to bring the best of German technology to the developing world. Having declared at the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences in 1981 that I would address the issue of sharing technology with China, I bought the factories promptly. I also announced there that I would construct the International Peace Highway, so without delay I commenced the initiative of excavating the Korea-Japan Tunnel. (190-245, 1989.06.19)

28 The time will come when there will no longer be a need for this policy, when there is no longer any distinction between developed and developing nations. Knowledge belongs to the entire universe; it can never belong to just one nation. That is why since the 1980s I have been promoting the sharing of technology, knowledge, material and financial resources. Currently I am promoting equality in education and technology. These days many developing nations are building technological research facilities in Germany. They are competing against one another to manufacture even individual small parts. What they need to do is to standardize their quality and sizes and then, having secured supplies of raw materials, invest time into manufacturing them. Yet because they are competing, they are all suffering tremendous losses. We now need to reconsider the international economic system and its entrenched divisions. The economy will not work well unless the world is united. (340-084, 2000.12.24)

29 Many prominent people are concerned about the future of Germany, but I have discovered that no one cares about Germany more than I do. This is evident if you listen to the tapes of my speeches over the past ten years about the sharing of science and technology. Yet, the German people have been unaware that I truly care about them. Nonetheless when I talk about fair distribution of science and technology, my vision transcends Germany; it is to connect Germany to the world of peace. They have not understood what I have been saying. Yet, if they were to listen to all I have spoken until now, they would not find anything to oppose. Rather, the content of my speeches would lead them to respect my views. (192-294, 1989.07.09)

30 God is not pleased with a nation that monopolizes science and technology, which He has given as a means of peace for all people, and uses it to exploit the world for its own interests. Science and technology were given to humankind for the happiness of all people. They are not only for certain white people to benefit from and use for weapons, while disregarding peace. It is from this viewpoint that I am talking about the fair distribution of technology. (190-178, 1989.06.19)

31 Now China is bound to accept my embrace. At present, I need to help China. Right now China needs heavy industry, and it also urgently requires the development of small and mediumsized businesses. Therefore, it is well aware that joining hands with me is the best way for it to advance in the world. If China joins hands with me it will leap forward thirty years. The system of joint-venture companies it has created through diplomatic ties with Japan will take decades to bear fruit. Japan, the United States and other advanced capitalist nations will not simply hand over their science and technology. Under such circumstances, I proposed the fair distribution of science and technology at the Tenth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, held in 1981.1 said that I would share all that I have with China. Why? The United States could not deal well with China, nor could the Soviets. Although they could not, I knew I could, through science and technology. (183-072, 1988.10.29)

32 I am trying to help developing nations based on the foundation of science and technology that I have established across the world. Accordingly, for the fair distribution of science and technology throughout the world, I declared in 1981, “Cutting-edge science and technology does not belong to just one nation; it belongs to all people of the world, for world peace.” I said that science and technology should not be developed only in one nation like the United States, but rather, they should be developed and used in accordance with the goals of the entire world. (215-204, 1991.02.17)

Section 5. Organizations for World Peace

1 The Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, the Women’s Federation for World Peace, the Federation for World Peace, the World Media Association, and the Professors World Peace Academy are all oriented toward the work for peace. The peace of which we speak is based on Godism. It is headwing thought. The family exists for world peace. The individual also exists for world peace. Nothing should be self- centered. Everything should exist for peace. People who do not have this view, who are individualistic or who are partial to only their own family or nation, will never prosper. Therefore when you eat, you should eat for world peace; when you drink water, you should drink for world peace; and even when you breathe, you should breathe for world peace. You should love for world peace and you should work for world peace. That is how you should think. If you fail to keep up, you will become like fallen leaves blown by the autumn wind. If you are only leaves, you will never be able to become branches; yet you need to become branches. To become branches, you need my teachings on peace. So when you speak, do it for world peace; when you smell, do it for world peace. Make that the aim of all your five senses. (252-301, 1994.01.01)

Establishing organizations that will work for world peace

2 To prepare a realm where the environment is centered on true love, God built up a worldwide foundation centered on True Parents, who are the embodiments of true love and true family. This is the background and starting point for the formation, organization and expansion of each of the following organizations: the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences and the Professors World Peace Academy, which I founded in order to seek absolute values together with world experts; the World Media Association to pursue freedom of speech and ethical responsibility; the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace to seek reconciliation and unity among all religions; the Federation for World Peace to find the way to world peace; the Women’s Federation for World Peace to realize an ideal society with the participation of women; the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification to substantiate the ideal of true families and expand that ideal worldwide; and the Youth Federation for World Peace to lead a new culture of youth in the twenty-first century. (271-149, 1995.08.27)

3 What have I gained personally by creating organizations for world peace such as the Professors World Peace Academy? I have carried out such work until now, investing our financial resources around the world. I have hosted the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS). Even so, I have not been well received by scholars. Still, I continue to serve them quietly. The reason I have been sacrificing myself for the world of academia is to enable them to collaborate. In this way, I have created a means for the sharing of scientific knowledge. Scholars are people who think they are the best simply because they know a little more than others in their field of expertise. However, in the academic circles of the world there are now some scholars who recognize the greatness of my contributions. Therefore, they cannot ignore me. The same is also true of the media. What am I trying to do by establishing media? I am not trying to seize power or become the president. The reason I went to the United States and am engaging in this kind of work is to save the United States and save the world. That is also the reason I have been carrying out this work in the academic world. (203-121, 1990.06.23)

4 The Citizens’ Federation for the Reunification of Korea does not prioritize only Korea. It exists for Asia. Not only that, it is also to pave a worldwide foundation in order to link and connect all peoples of the world. As a representative of the world, it is leading the movement to bring together the peoples of Korea and Asia. The National Federation of University Professors and Students to Advance the Unification of South and North Korea was also founded for the unification of North and South Korea. In Japan I inaugurated the Federation of Professors and Students for the Unification of East, West, South and North. Japan is not divided into North and South. However, its mission is to resolve the worldwide problem of the disparity in wealth between South and North as well as the ideological conflict between East and West. This movement has already begun in Japan. (166-120, 1987.05.30)

5 In order to unite heaven and earth, I am now declaring the liberation of the religious realm. By doing so, I am declaring the arrival of the Completed Testament Age on earth centering on the love of True Parents. It will be the age when all of humankind can find peaceful settlement on earth. The words “peaceful settlement” are frightening. The Completed Testament Age is the time to begin the fulfillment of the ideal of creation worldwide, not merely on the family level. Adam was not able to succeed on the family level, and Jesus was not able to succeed on the national level. Yet I completed this course on the world level. It was a path that would have been lost had I not been successful and left behind a tradition that can be praised for all eternity. The realm of True Parents' victory is established on the foundation of that peaceful settlement. (266-256, 1995.01.01)

6 The time has come when humankind no longer has need of religion. The era of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity has passed. That is why I proclaimed the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. The unfallen, original family in Eden needs to be actualized. That is where Adam and Eve unite in absolute faith and attain oneness with God in an unbreakable parent-child relationship. Adam and Eve are liberated and totally freed when they can stand against any evil in the world that tries to seduce them or lead them to fall. This is the responsibility that fallen human beings are destined to fulfill. (266-256, 1995.01.01)

7 As a counterpart to the United Nations, which represents the body, I established the Federation for World Peace, which can guide the world to peace as the representative of the mind. The League of Nations after the First World War and the United Nations after the Second World War sought to bring about peace, but neither of them have been able to do so. Why? The political leaders of the advanced nations stood in a position to lead the other nations, and thus the body came to stand in a position to direct the mind. The Federation for World Peace that I have initiated at this time, however, will be led by religious leaders. Religions have a history going back thousands of years. The leaders of these world religions need to pool their power and lead the political world. As the mind needs to lead the body, I am trying to set up such a system of governance. That is why I initiated the Federation for World Peace, to establish a standard for peace for the external political world. (209-261, 1990.11.30)

8 The Women’s Federation for World Peace should put down deep roots in the field of education and family ethics. If it cannot do this, the world will not grasp the Will of God. In that case, the world will have no peace and nations will have no prosperity. That is why, to lay this foundation, I am going to work on recovering the family, even my own. The Women’s Federation for World Peace is to become the Family Party for World Peace. The Family Federation for World Peace will also become a part of the Family Party. However, in this word I am using the Chinese character dang (it), meaning “home.” In the political world, where they fight and struggle, they use a different Chinese character dang (H), which means “group” or “party.” Yet we cannot change the world and set the standard of peace by fighting. That is why all my life I have continually allowed myself to be struck first and then worked to reclaim what was taken. (232-200, 1992.07.06)

9 All religions need to unite. Until now in the democratic world, religions have generally remained apart from politics. However, the religious realm needs to play a leading role in politics going forward, just as the mind guides the body. Recognizing that the invisible mind is equipped with infinite power, the religious realm ought to create a movement where they collaborate to lead global affairs. That is why I founded the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, and founded the Federation for World Peace as its counterpart. Ever since the Fall, mind and body have been divided. Their struggle has manifested as conflict throughout history. Such conflict must end with the progress of the providence, so that the free world and communist world, the right wing and the left wing, can be brought into the Will of God. The right wing failed to fulfill its responsibility. It allowed atheist communism to completely dominate theism. As a result, the world is moving toward an era when humanistic ideologies that estrange people from God are re-emerging. How can we stop this? We need to create an alliance of religions. (205-270, 1990.10.01)

10 1 have cultivated relationships with many prominent figures worldwide, and with them we are establishing the Federation for World Peace. This is in order to unite the divided body and mind as one. Without uniting religion and this external world, the world of peace can never come. I also have an organization that works with scholars. It is an influential organization in more than one hundred nations. Also, I have media organizations to bring the world of the media together. More than that, I am holding summit conferences, bringing together top leaders from all over the world. In the field of thought as well, I have climbed to the top. I have climbed to the highest plateau. I am even working at the cutting edge of science and technology. I am leading a machine company with the most advanced German technology and an electronics company with the most advanced Japanese technology. Next, I am trying to build a comparable foundation in the financial sector. Soon the United States will become the country with the largest debt in the world and the value of the dollar will plummet, giving way to a global economic crisis. I began seeking a solution to that already eight years ago. In all these arenas, I am playing a key role globally. (210-150, 1990.12.18)

11 In the United States I established a lawyers association. Why did I do this? Violations of human rights are still serious in the Soviet Union, China and North Korea. I came to think that in order to spearhead world salvation and lead all people to peace, I needed to set up a legal organization. That is why I created the lawyers association. (125-304, 1983.03.29)

12 The path we must go is to recover a nation, so we must operate from an international base. It would be well if the United Nations were behind us in the work to bring nations back to God. However, since the United Nations does not listen to me, I established the Federation of Island Nations. It is a forerunner of the Abel UN to come. So are the Federation of Peninsular Nations and the Federation of Continental Nations, which I created soon afterward. (282-185, 1997.03.12)

13 Now is the age to restore the king- ship. For this I established the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation of Peninsular Nations and the Federation of Continental Nations. We could let the North American continent go and instead tie Asia and South America together as Cain and Abel. Such a time is arriving. Having gone beyond the providential timetable of national-level settlement, we are moving toward the world. Once the world finds its center, it will turn 360 degrees. God, at the center, has the authority to freely choose for His purpose any nation anywhere on the 360 degrees of the compass. (283-038, 1997.04.08)

14 By creating the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation of Peninsular Nations and the Federation of Continental Nations, I laid the foundation upon which a new United Nations could be established. Within it we need to incorporate four major bodies, focused on religious leaders, women, youth leaders and students. Body and mind have been divided ever since Adam’s family, but now the realm of the first-born son and that of the second-born son, representing body and mind respectively, must become one. Thus, although the United Nations has not yet served the coming Lord, if it institutes and celebrates True Parents’ Day, True Children’s Day and the Day of All True Things, all of heaven and earth will be united. (293-163, 1998.05.26)

Ambassadors for peace and anointed representatives (boonbongwang)

15 Ambassadors for peace are ambassadors for the heavenly kingdom. You need to know that they are the ambassadors who will clean up Satan’s world. That is why I am placing them in the position of the first-born son representing True Parents. They are to become the flag-bearers in the era of the settlement of God’s sovereignty. (348-073, 2001.07.06)

16 Ambassadors for peace need to represent the True Parents. Even though from the viewpoint of Satan’s side they appear to be in the position of Cain, their role is not that of Cain. What I am saying is that they need to serve the people, their elder brothers and sisters, from the position of younger brothers and sisters. Thus they should serve their nations; thus they should serve the Unification Church. (348-113, 2001.07.07)

17 Ambassadors are the special envoys of their nations. They represent their nations, with full authority to act for them wherever they go. Then what are ambassadors for peace? Now that the kingship of God has been established, they are the ones who have been given full authority to act for the heavenly nation. This means that they are the ambassadors for the peace of the heavenly nation. (356-121, 2001.10.12)

18 The male ambassadors for peace represent True Father, and female ambassadors for peace represent True Mother. As fathers and mothers of their nations, with the heart of God’s love, they need to establish the heavenly political system wherein leaders sacrifice themselves. By investing themselves for the sons and daughters of their nations and forgetting what they have given, always with the heart of love on behalf of God, their nations will come to resemble the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven. Thus they will bring the liberation of heaven and earth. Then the world can become a world where God can be God, and where the Parents and all peoples are liberated for all eternity. Thus the ideal world will naturally be realized. (356-179, 2001.10.14)

19 When your ancestors receive the Blessing, they stand in the position of the three archangels to your family, whose role is to build a bridge to the earth. Who serves in that mediating role on the earth? It is the ambassadors for peace. They are people who have been given the position of archangels, even though they may not have offered much devotion. Suppose Judaism and the nation of Israel had become one, with Jesus as their center. Then Jesus would have formed a family, and he would have dispatched ambassadors for peace throughout the Roman Empire. Jesus was not able to dispatch 120 ambassadors for peace, so I have to indemnify that. All that was not finished must be indemnified. (401-116, 2003.01.06)

20 Ambassadors for peace are archangels. They need to be better than either the Zionists or the Palestinian Muslims. Only because they are united with the Unification Church can they be like that. They have willingly gone to places of death and opened the gates of peace. What they are doing is like filling in a hole that has burst open in a large dam. There must be a group of people—an army wearing armor from head to toe that can be sent as one body to be sacrificed—that can block up the hole with their piled-up armor and mashed-up bones and flesh. That army division has to block up the hole, even if the entire division dies all at once. Only then can that dam be secured and the people below the dam survive, maintaining their farmland in peace. Unless such a sacrificial group of people comes forth, world peace cannot be realized. (469-326, 2004.09.22)

21 My plan is to create total unity based on a new structure of ambassadors for peace together with ambassadors for peace among young leaders, middle and high school students, and children from elementary schools and kindergartens. Since all people in the village, from kindergarteners to college students to the pillars of society, will work in the name of ambassadors for peace, they can follow only one and the same path. Then, in places where we live, there can be no wars, unfilial behavior to parents, or disloyalty to the nation. (543-075, 2006.10.26)

22 National messiahs are like the tetrarchs who had supervisory roles in the nations within the Roman Empire. They are like Abel-type kings. The sovereign of that nation is Cain, but the national messiah, as the Abel-king, needs to win the entire Cain realm over to his side. At the same time, the national messiah needs to connect to the world messiah. The world messiah is the Lord of the Second Advent. National messiahs need to have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience before the world messiah. If they have their own opinions or ideas, they cannot create relationships in a parallel alignment. If they insist on their own viewpoints, they are bound to collide with the world messiah. (331-184, 2000.09.02)

23 National messiahs can be compared to the tetrarchs of ancient Rome. The tetrarchs were higher than governor generals. As kings are born of the bloodline of the royal family, their lineage was the basis for them to become tetrarchs. In relating to the president of a nation, the president is the Cain president and the national messiah is the Abel president. When the two can unite, they lay the foundation for the Parents. That is the Principle. (335-218, 2000.10.04)

24 Our anointed representatives (boon- bongwang) are the governor generals of the heavenly kingdom. They are sent to counsel the kings of nations. They are the spiritual parent of the nation, and can take that nation to the kingdom of heaven. They are the new messiahs. They are the messiahs who represent their designated nations. They have gone to those nations to save them, not to exploit them for themselves. They must be good representatives. (502-179, 2005.07.28)

25 What does the Abel UN need to do? It needs to create a world of goodness by forming a peace kingdom corps and a peace kingdom police force from veterans and current soldiers within their own nations. These peace forces need to be established with soldiers in active service and veterans. I have been preparing for this. (583-275, 2007.12.28)

Section 6. The international Peace Highway, the Korea-Japan Tunnel and the Bering Strait Project

1 Although you belong to your nation, you also need to belong to the world. It will not do if you go your way clinging to your own nation. Suppose your family lived in the garden of Eden. Would there be border guards there? If you wanted to go east or west, would anyone stop you from crossing the border? There would be no such things. You need to reach that standard. That is why we need to go to the world level. We need a global domain where, when we go forward in the name of the Unification Church, we encounter no barriers. Otherwise our families will have no earthly realm in which to perfect the ideal of the kingdom of heaven. (146-224, 1986.07.01)

2 Henceforth, even if I am not here, it is certain that the kingdom of heaven on earth will be actualized. I have completed paving the way. I have abolished the gates of hell in the spirit world and laid the foundation for the highway on which you can go to the kingdom of heaven. Suppose that we want to travel to Washington, DC. If we walk, it might take as many as ten million steps to get there. Some of us live close by and others are further away. Where we are depends on our different destinies. Nevertheless, we can all still travel to Washington. The question of whether it will take us ten years or a hundred years to get there depends on how much effort we make. (312-083, 1999.10.03)

Significance of building the International Peace Highway

3 Just as in the spirit world, a campaign to abolish national borders will be carried out on earth in the not-too-distant future. It can be done. That is why the spirits of diverse peoples are returning to earth, even to the Kremlin in the Soviet Union, to testify to the Unification Church. To those who oppose me, I say, wait and see whether the spirit world will leave you alone. The spirit world will not sit still. It will dispatch its forces even to the most remote regions of the world, and if there are people there who oppose me, it will deal with them spiritually in proportion to their opposition. (091-065, 1977.01.23)

4 All barriers need to come down. Everything of Satan’s must be removed and the ground must be leveled. I am breaking down all the walls of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos, and leveling the ground. Therefore there will be no barriers. Even a wall as high as the Himalayas will not pose a problem. I am breaking down all those walls and paving a highway. When the walls are broken down and we can cross those barriers, true love will manifest. (332-151, 2000.09.17)

5 Looking around the world, we see that many neighboring nations have erected borders to block free passage. Who erected those borders? Who set up those sovereignties? All this was done through the machinations of the enemy. Where then is the group of people with the conviction, representing God, to overthrow the enemy, Satan? Who are the people who can band together, resolved to eliminate him and his base? Christianity is not up to the task. Therefore, Unification Chinch members must do this; it requires both spiritual maturity and caution. We need to make a new determination if we are to realize our hopes for tomorrow. Today, to complete our preparations, we need to build an organization that can be an impregnable fortress; then we must move forward to achieve our goal. Based on that organization we will set the way of tradition and an unwavering lifestyle. Otherwise we will not be able move forward within Satan’s realm and usher in the day of victory. (48-250, 1971.09.19)

6 From now on, what was turned upside down must be turned right-side up. Hence, you need to return to your families, become small messiahs, and create one unified world without left- wing and right-wing factions. On the first day of February 1985, at three o’clock in the morning, I in Danbury and True Mother in East Garden tore down the gates of hell in the spirit world and all the barriers blocking the way to earth. Thereby we opened the course for the stream of heart to flow forth. We, Mother and I, built a highway from the rock bottom dungeon of hell all the way to heaven. Because such a time has come, we can now talk about the Peace Highway on the earth. Now our ancestors in the higher realms of the spirit world can go down to the dungeon of hell and witness to people. Until now our ancestors were unable to do this. Furthermore, now leaders in the spirit world can guide us. We have entered an era when your grandfathers and grandmothers in the spirit world can come to their descendants on earth and coach you in everything. (149-340, 1986.12.28)

7 I made a public announcement regarding the International Peace Highway project at the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences. At the time, the presiding council members opposed it. Once a tunnel is dug between Japan and Korea, one route of the Peace Highway will go to China and there it will branch out, one road going to Siberia and another to Moscow and on to London. The other route will pass through India and the Middle East. (192-133, 1989.07.03)

8 In order to defend ourselves against the Soviet Union, we need the support of the United States and Japan, and then China. To gain the support of China, I declared that we would build the International Peace Highway at the Tenth International Conference for the Unity of the Sciences in 1981. At the time the presiding council members of the Professors World Peace Academy opposed me. They said, “Why are you doing this, when all the presiding council members oppose this plan?” I replied beginning with the words, “You don’t know as much about Asia as I do. You hardly know anything about Asia or about history, do you?” Eight hundred and eighty scholars and scientists from one hundred and eleven nations attended the conference. I sent my proposal to construct the International Peace Highway to the prime ministers of their nations. I also sent the proposal to university presidents. (139-122, 1986.01.28)

9 Now is the era of globalism. In the future, there will come an era when we can travel even in outer space. These days, people dream about traveling around the world with their spouses once in their lifetime. To make this dream come true, I came up with the plan for the Peace Highway and introduced it throughout the world. Some time ago we held a groundbreaking ceremony for the International Peace Highway and began to excavate a tunnel in Japan. Korea is not even aware of it. In Japan the government and people are making a commotion about it, but Korea is napping, not even dreaming of it. (148-027, 1986.10.04)

10 We need to create a broad and smooth highway on which all people can travel comfortably and happily. We should build an International Peace Highway in such a way that people will be able to drive hundreds of miles per hour with pleasure. Even if future generations do not know who built it and do not express gratitude for it, it is our mission to build such a road. We need to make it a broad highway, as straight and smooth as possible. (20-136, 1968.05.01)

A conflict-free peace highway

11 In achieving world peace, the main problem is war. To eradicate war, the major airports could be managed by each continent—Asia, for instance. Now airplanes transport soldiers and weapons. In the future however, after building the International Peace Highway, I will ensure that the continental authorities say, “You cannot transport military equipment on this highway.” Then the world cannot engage in war. I also want to see that people do not misuse airports in any way. Airplanes could be contracted jointly for the use of all Asian nations. The nations could jointly declare, “These airplanes will be used by all Asian nations, and they will not be allowed to transport any materials that can cause damage to Asia.” Then war will gradually die out. If ports and highways are managed in a similar manner, people will not be able to engage in war. (258-168, 1994.03.17)

12 There will be more and more interaction among the world’s peoples. That is why I proposed in 1981 that we build an International Peace Highway. It will enable people to travel without passing through immigration checks at each national border. This will be done by setting up a zone of non-interference extending four kilometers to the left and right of the four-lane highway, eight kilometers in total. For instance, along the route of the highway in Japan, Japan will not have jurisdiction within the eight-kilometer strip of land through which the International Peace Highway passes, but outside that eight-kilometer zone, they will have jurisdiction. That zone will be designated as a special international territory, wherever it may be, so that all people in the world can travel through it. Within that zone, there will be no national borders. (182-234, 1988.10.23)

13 Though Satan built up innumerable barriers, I have broken them all down and cleaned everything up. I have paved a straight highway in the spirit world, and I am building such a highway in this world as well. Unification Church members need to run forward. If they come to a sea, they need to dig a tunnel under it and keep going. If they come to a mountain, they also need to dig a tunnel under it and keep going. Why? It is because true love travels the shortest distance. It travels on a straight road. It does not look up or down; it does not look backward; it does not look to the left or to the right. (239-279, 1992.12.06)

14 The achievement of peace has been the hope of my entire life. In 1981, the Tenth International Conference for the Unity of the Sciences was held in Seoul. It was a conference where renowned scholars and scientists from more than one hundred nations assembled. At the conference, I announced my plan to build the International Peace Highway. Once this colossal plan is realized, we will be able to travel from Tokyo to London by car. I believe the International Peace Highway will bind all humankind as one global family. Modern technology will make it possible for humankind to live as one family. (193-326, 1989.10.10)

15 In the past, the nation of Japan was my enemy. Nevertheless, I am trying to raise it as the vanguard among Asian nations by blessing it as the elder brother Cain through its cultural sphere and by guiding it to interact with other nations in harmony and peace. To make this connection, I began the construction of the International Peace Highway, which will pass through North Korea and travel across the continent to China. The Japanese people must make this happen. Such is the work I am pursuing now. I have come this far by setting the example, as evidenced by my life in Danbury, and by following principles that history proves true. This will result in heavenly fortune and unity. (146-036, 1986.06.01)

16 In order to build the International Peace Highway, we will bring together Korean engineers residing in Japan, the United States and China, through the Unification Church. Then Japan and America are bound to collaborate in the development of the International Peace Highway. This will serve as a new economic foundation to protect freedom worldwide. Asians will be able to realize their dream of freely traveling throughout the world. Then there will be a great movement of Asian people. Starting from Asia, we are working toward a realistic, unified economic paradigm that will bring East and West together in a new civilization. It will actualize a new world of peace based on the love of God, which is the absolute value. (115-176, 1981.11.10)

17 Now I am promoting the construction of the International Peace Highway. In the future we will move every religion. We will move Confucianism, Buddhism and Zen in the Far East, Hinduism in India, Islam in the Middle East, and the Christian cultural realm of Europe. We will move religious leaders and young core members alike. We can mobilize anyone from any region. What contribution are people of faith making in the world today? They may contribute to their churches and temples, but few make contributions to all humanity. The plan to construct the International Peace Highway is truly a stroke of genius. Religious bodies can work together for this program. For instance, in the Far East the organizations of Confucian- ists, Buddhists and Zen Buddhists will have no problem mobilizing their believers to participate. The religious bodies of Korea and Japan need to participate as well, to be able to make a contribution for Asia. Next, the Hindu temples of India should be brought together. When they collaborate for such a cause, any number of people can be mobilized. (174-066, 1988.02.17)

18 The problem that will arise in Japan in the future is the acquisition of natural resources. Japan will have no problem as long as the United States and the free world are willing and able to provide such resources. However, if they hold back, the only option available to Japan will be to obtain its natural resources from China. This is one reason I proclaimed the International Peace Highway proj ect to the world in 1981. When this highway is constructed, Japan will be connected to the continent, to Southeast Asia, to the West, and even to Siberia. I believe it will make a significant contribution towards supplying Japan with natural resources. That is one reason I initiated this project. (135-263, 1985.12.12)

Significance of the Korea-Japan Tunnel

19 The Korea-Japan Tunnel will impact Asia. Once that route links Korea and Japan with a railroad, many of the goods transported across the world from Asia, the United States and the Pacific region will pass through Korea. Once the Korean Peninsula is unified and the tunnel is constructed, the time will come when trains through Korea will transport a great quantity of goods. (456-191, 2004.06.28)

20 It has been quite a while since we began excavating the Korea-Japan Tunnel. When we open the way from Japan through the Korean Peninsula to China, the unification of South and North Korea will not be a problem. Then Japan also will have hope for the future. I consider that this tunnel is paving the way to supply Japan with the boundless resources of the continent. (337-148, 2000.10.25)

21 We will dig the Korea-Japan Tunnel. We will build the International Peace Highway and extend it to China and even to Russia. We will extend it from the Korean Peninsula, which will be the start of the highway. The new starting point of global political trends is the Far East, where I was born. As the base, my homeland is the place from which everything begins. Thus, once the Korea-Japan Tunnel is built, Korea will become the hub of transportation and the focal point for the exchange of the world’s cultures. With this as the base, the world’s cultures will inevitably follow a path towards equalization. Thus, Korea is in a crucial location. I have been saying these things for the past twenty years. (316-065, 2000.02.09)

22 The only ways Japan can export are through the Taiwan Strait and the Korea Strait. If these two routes were blocked, even for a short time, Japan would face serious trouble, especially if it were not supplied with natural resources. In order to avert that danger, I have said that the Korea-Japan Tunnel needs to be excavated quickly. Once Japan has a tunnel, it will be connected to the continent. To travel to the continent through the tunnel by car will take less than two hours. Hence it will also take only two hours to transport goods via the tunnel. With a railroad laid underneath and a highway built above it, anything becomes possible. (434-097, 2004.01.28)

23 In establishing the kingship of peace in the world, the Korean Peninsula needs to be capable of playing a leading role. For that to happen, first South and North Korea need to be unified based on the cooperation of Japan and Korea, and next a tunnel needs to be built to connect the Korean Peninsula to Japan and the Pacific. Then, under the leadership of the United States, Korea can join forces with Japan and Taiwan in the Pacific and they can bind with the nations that had been their enemies. (446-130, 2004.04.22)

24 The Korea-Japan Tunnel will become an important strategic point in the economic distribution channel. If Japan were to export goods to Europe, the Middle East and all across Russia through Vladivostok or Dalian, but not Korea, it would be difficult. But if we build a highway through Korea, branching out into three different routes, Japanese producers would be able to transport goods to places as far away as London. Products of Europe and Asia could move through this route to the five major continents. (452-057, 2004.06.01)

The Bering Strait Project as a symbol of world peace

25 Pioneering a highway across the Bering Strait is one of the ways we can promote a peaceful world, without war, in the future. This is something that all humanity desires. Since the Unification Church has already begun working on it, I view this as a project that should be carried out in my name, even if it takes all eternity. (504-010, 2005.08.08)

26 Wherever you go, when you deliver a speech, do not fail to speak about the Bering Strait project. This should be a major topic wherever you go. Even if you forget about eating breakfast and lunch, you should not forget about this. The Unification Church is now devoting itself to establishing the homeland of the global nation. We are dedicating ourselves enthusiastically to this work. Therefore, even if the world does not work on the Bering Strait project, we need to do it. When we can bring this about, it will lead to the global nation that transcends all borders. (504-313, 2005.08.20)

27 In the era of the kingship of goodness there will be no wars. To ensure this we are focusing on the Bering Strait. I am saying we need to construct a highway of peace along this route, a road that travels via a tunnel under the sea, passes over a bridge through the air, and traverses across the land. Such a road will never serve the purposes of war. I have laid the foundation for this. Therefore when I raise the banner and move, the world will move as well. (504-299, 2005.08.20)

28 The issue of the Bering Strait is the key to establishing the kingdom of peace. Now that you have come to the arena of the final battle, you need to persuade people with a lot of money to assist with this. You can tell them, “At this juncture in time, I know of something that will generate more value than diamond mines, gold mines, or mines of the twelve birthstones. You had better invest in it, even if you have to sell your property, your lands, or even the soil of your nation.” (512-118, 2005.10.15)

29 When a tunnel is excavated across the Bering Strait, connecting the continents of the Pacific Rim through Russia and Alaska, the era will arrive when people will be able to travel anywhere on the globe by car. The Korea-Japan tunnel will be part of it. When that comes to pass, Korea will become the hub. I am the only person with this vision, who has influence in Europe, Africa, South America, the Asian continent, even the islands of the seas. I have laid a foundation in all the member states of the United Nations. (555-133, 2007.02.09)

30 The Palestinian Territories are inhabited by Israelis and Palestinians, and the conflict between Judaism and Islam is taking place there. On the Korean Peninsula the political struggle between North and South Korea is taking place. Further, in my time I am fighting to surmount the geographical and political barrier of the Bering Strait. All these fights need to be resolved. Only when the religious struggle, the political struggle, and the struggle over the ownership of the Bering Strait are brought to an end can the kingdom of peace be realized. (520-189, 2006.03.13)

31 In the Old Testament Age the providence was carried out on the family level, in Jesus’ age the providence was carried out on the national level, and in the age of the Lord of the Second Coming the providence is being carried out on the world level. In the age of the Lord of the Second Coming, heaven and earth must be united as one. This work needs to be done in one generation. The borderlines of the Old Testament Age affect Palestine; the struggle between Cain and Abel affects the thirty-eighth parallel between North and South Korea; and the Bering Strait affects God’s kingdom and homeland. When Russia and the United States participate in cross-cultural marriage, the world will be completely liberated. (514-218, 2006.01.10)

32 The Bering Strait is the most difficult border of all. It is a border between lands, and it is also the most difficult border in terms of ideology. When this border is abolished and the two nations are united, hell and the heavenly kingdom can become one. Therefore, all the people in the world, and even the people of the spirit world, need to fulfill the task of abolishing the border at the Bering Strait in the name of that same hometown and homeland. (550-258, 2007.01.04)

33 Nations that possess the tundra are in a position to dominate the world. By possessing its natural resources, they can contribute to the Era after the Coming of Heaven and become its owners. One reason I am placing the greatest importance on the Bering Strait is to prevent these resources from being lost. (513-314, 2006.01.02)

34 I have divided the Bering Strait region into twelve districts, and twelve tribes will be organized there. The question is how the people of the world can all join these tribes and invest their money and all their devotion into their respective districts, in order to quickly build a four-lane highway on which trucks can run. They need to do the basic construction work for this. (529-036, 2006.06.08)

35 What developed out of Greek philosophy was a Hellenistic ideology that opposed God. It also opposed Christianity and the new world of Abel culture. This was communism, whose center was the Soviet Union. Communism began to crumble in 1953, when Stalin died. Once we create an environment for the United Nations to unite with me based on the religious foundation of the United States, Satan’s world will fall apart. Now what the United States needs to do is to bring Russia and China together to work on this Bering Strait project. Territorial borders need to be broken down and all nations need to unite. The borderlines in the spirit world have already been removed and its regions are uniting as one, and now the physical borderlines need to be taken down as well. We cannot bring about such unity through military force. It needs to be done through sacrifice and service as desired by God, through the truth that I teach. (551-166, 2007.01.06)

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