Chapter 1. God's Homeland and Cheon Il Guk

Section 1. God’s Kingdom and Gods Homeland 1259
Section 2. The Background and Proclamation of Cheon Il Guk 1264

Chapter 2. The Structure and Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Section 1. The Nature of Cheon Il Guk 1271
Section 2. The Three Requisites of Cheon 11 Guk 1274
Section 3. The Constitution and Teaching Materials of Cheon Il Guk 1280
Section 4. Registration and Settlement in Cheon Il Guk 1289
Section 5. The Universal Peace Federation and the Abel UN 1301

Chapter 3. The Path of Cheon Il Guk Citizens and the Family Pledge
Section 1. Purity and a Life of One Heart, One Body, One Mindset and One Harmony 1308
Section 2. High Noon Settlement and a Life of Resonance 1310
Section 3. Embodying God through Love and Living a Life of Attendance 1314
Section 4. The World of the Culture of Heart 1318
Section 5. Living as an Owner of Cheon Il Guk and the Family Pledge 1323

Chapter 4. The Vision of Cheon Il Guk and Our Responsibility
Section 1. The Background and Proclamation of Foundation Day 1351
Section 2. True Parents, who Have Fully Achieved the Will 1355
Section 3. Our Responsibility in the Era of Cheon Il Guk—True Mother's Words 1357


Chapter 1. God's Homeland and Cheon Il Guk

Section 1. God's Kingdom and God's Homeland

1 God's kingdom is the place where true freedom, faith, and ideals bear fruit; the place occupied by true families who have achieved true love, true life, and true lineage. We are marking the beginning of God's millennial kingdom overflowing with eternal true love and true happiness. I have promoted true family values because the family formed by a union between a true man and a true woman, where God can dwell, is the center of the realm of Sabbath throughout heaven and earth. Through such families we will realize, here on earth, the garden of Eden described in the Bible.( 315-218,20000202)

What kind of place is God's kingdom?

2 God's kingdom is the place where heaven and earth are united. "God's people" refers to all the people in the spirit world and on earth. A country in this world normally considers all the people living within its territory its citizens. In the same way, all the land within the borders of a country is considered that country's territory. God's kingdom, however, includes heaven and earth, the tangible and intangible worlds under Gods sovereignty, as its territory. In addition, the countless spirit selves who lived God-centered lives on earth, those living God-centered lives in today’s world, and their future descendants will all be citizens of the heavenly kingdom. No one can deny this because it is a part of God's eternal, unchangeable, cosmic Will. Therefore, you should center your life on this Will and this ideology. The entire universe has collectively waited for this ultimate accomplishment; hence, once this transition occurs, the universe can finally be unified.( 014-297,196501 10)

3 The hope of all people is to establish God's kingdom. It is the realization of this goal that we call the kingdom of heaven. Your country is not of this world but in heaven. Human beings should not live for the present world but should live for the heavenly kingdom. Furthermore, you are not owners of the countries within this world, but owners of the heavenly kingdom.( 024-226,19690817)

4 We long for God's kingdom because it is the place we find love. It is the place where, rather than temporary love, there exists the eternal love that transcends time. It is also a place where we can receive praise and acknowledgement for the entirety of our value. It is the place where people are eternally happy. This is why all people yearn for the heavenly kingdom. 025-284,19691005 ()

5 The new millennium is the time for the completion of the six-thousand-year providence of salvation and the time to build the original heavenly kingdom based on the ideal of creation. This is the Completed Testament Age, through which the promises of the Old and New Testaments are fulfilled. This is the age of the new heaven and new earth, where there are no more tears or death, or sad, painful cries to be heard This is the age of unconditional true love, in which the water of life, as clear as crystal, is freely given and shared. This is the age when the spirit world and earth become one and God's kingdom is established both in heaven and on earth. This is the time when the new age of full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence will open through the realm of the eldest son, the parents, and the king. It is the time in which the direct dominion of the living God is realized.( 315-218,20000202)

6 The earth is the hometown of all humankind and the spirit world is the eternal homeland, where all people are destined to arrive after achieving perfection. The time has come to realize the global family ideal on earth, centered on the Heavenly Parent, and thus to move from "One Nation under God" to "One Heaven and Earth under God." Accordingly, we have to bear in mind that the fundamental relationship between God and humanity is that of Parent and child and that, upon that foundation, we each have an active role to play in transforming the cosmos, that is, the spiritual and physical worlds, into our homeland and hometown.( 315-219,20000202)

7 Jesus came to establish the homeland of God. The prophets and patriots of history worked to build this same homeland. In order to establish the kingdom of heaven, one perfect man must appear. This man must gain the recognition of heaven and earth, marry, have children, and then establish a tribe, a people and a nation. He must restore the relationship between Cain and Abel, engraft them to himself, and build the homeland of Gods dominion in this world. The prophets and patriots of history yearned for this throughout their lives. However, they were unable to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth that begins from an individual and expands to the family, tribe, people, nation, and world. Therefore, we have to abandon the path along which we have been heading and move forward in the right direction.( 015-278,19651030)

8 Since the eternal kingdom of God follows one direction centered on a single purpose, its light cannot help but radiate powerfully in a hopeful and pleasing manner. Even if gray clouds roll in, that light will pierce them. Shadows appear when clouds block the light of this world. However, the light of the heavenly kingdom can pierce through the clouds. Just as intense heat burns away impurities, when the light and heat of the heavenly kingdom strikes them, the clouds will disappear.( 086-304,19760411)

9 Where does God's kingdom start? It starts from a perfected person, from the center of that one perfected person. When that happens, God will be dwelling within the center of our hearts. You know from the Principle, God dwells where subject and object partners, or inside and outside, are completely united. At that place, the center is formed. Then, those subject and object partners come to a position where they collaborate with God. All beings engaged in subject and object relationships are to relate with God. It follows that God would feel happy when Adam and Eve feel happy and, in the same way, Adam and Eve would feel happy when God feels happy. In summary, we can say that entities in a relationship are to share common feelings and experiences.( 092-216,19770417)

10 God's kingdom is a world that is composed of true love. Hence, whether one feels distant or close in heart depends on one's sensitivity to love. A tree receiving generous sunlight will grow rapidly and become large. Flowers will bloom abundantly on this tree and it will bear plenteous fruit. When it comes to feeling love, we stand in the same position as that tree. When we all feel the elements of love, and they flow in and out through us, we can feel the joy that resonates throughout our environment. How closely our joy corresponds with God's standard of joy determines our relationship with God.( 050-029,1971 1024)

11 God's kingdom is a place of good-ness and righteousness. It is a world overflowing with such an atmosphere, a place that is always full of joy, happiness and love. Then what kind of person can enter God's kingdom? Only a person who has a heart that is suitable for this atmosphere can enter. This is a natural conclusion. This is the kingdom of heaven for which we are seeking.( 087-258, 1976 06 13)

12 God's kingdom starts from a heavenly family. That family starts from one man and one woman who are aligned with God's Will. In the end, they become the center of not only a family, but also a country, and the entire universe. Therefore, it isn't the country that needs to be perfected first, nor is it the family. It is one man and one woman. This idea of one perfected man and one perfected woman connects to all of you here today. The idea of perfecting one man and one woman remains the same in the past, present, and future. It is unchanging.( 115-039,1981 1028)

13 What kind of person goes to God's kingdom? A person in the original position before the Fall, a person living by the original principles, goes there. An original person is not someone who tries to receive love from others. Nor does this person try to receive God's love. He or she is someone who already lives intoxicated in God’s love. The heart of parents loving their children is beautiful. Everyone bows their head in front of the love of parents who suppress their hunger as they feed their children, giving food to them after thawing it with their body heat. The universe will certainly support the sons and daughters of these parents. The entire world will bow down to such love. People think that children succeed because they are smart, but that is not so. It is because they have, embedded in them, their parents' love and merit of living for the sake of others. Because no one can ignore these things, the descendants of such parents succeed.( 148-327,19861026)

God's hope is the liberation of His homeland

14 Where is God's homeland? It is the place where True Parents and the True Family reside. Where is the True Parents' original hometown? It is the place where God and His sons and daughters reside. Where is the True Parents' homeland? It is where God and all His children, the subject and object partners whom True Parents love, are dwelling, the place where you can find the love of subject and object partners. If this were so, then where would you find the homeland of the children? It would be a place where they can love their parents with God as the subject partner, and where the children can receive love as the object partners. Such a place is the original homeland of the four-position foundation as taught by the Unification Church. That is the ideal homeland. Why is it the ideal homeland? It is because in it we find the love of the True God, the love of True Parents and the love of True Children. The world that develops from there on that basis will be an ideal world. Such a principle is to be found in the four-position foundation.( 124-268,19830227)

15 The homeland is the nation of the mother and the father. It is the nation of our ancestors. It is the nation of the first human ancestors. It is a nation handed down from, and loved by, the first human ancestors. Since that love of the first human ancestors is unchanging, then that nation should be unchanging as well. When you consider the historical course of those who claimed their nation as their homeland, you can recognize that there has not been a single nation that could maintain itself as the parents' beloved homeland. That homeland has been lost, over and over again.( 173-168,19880214)

16 The people who live for the sake of Heaven today are Heavens secret emissaries sent into Satan's world. Everyone is different, so an emissary may be big or small, stout or thin, tall or short, but his or her lifestyle cannot deviate from that of an envoy. This is because life and death are always hanging in the balance. They are posted in a situation where even the smallest mistake can determine the issue of eternal life. Therefore, the secret emissary's spirit of working for the homeland, the homeland that can support and protect eternal life, has to be hundreds of times stronger than their environment; otherwise they cannot live as a secret emissary. A secret emissary has to ignore their present situation by thinking of how the people of the world will rejoice when all resentment has been erased. They have to look to the glory of the homeland and, while they create a new history, think that the world will know and applaud their efforts on the day that witnesses the birth of the homeland. Without such a mindset, they cannot carry out a secret emissary's mission. In other words, to overcome all resentment and execute their mission, they have to live in hope for the dawning of a homeland that is ten thousand times greater than their present reality.( 029-040,19700216)

17 For the liberation of God's homeland, we have to take down the barrier between North and South Korea at the 38th parallel. Then this homeland has to rise as Asia's new fruit, a fruit that we can proudly display to the whole world. Our mission is to overcome the devastation wrought through the history of the Korean people and form a new culture. Therefore, even though we have been weakened, we have to clasp each other's hands, move forward, and make a pledge while raising our hands toward Heaven. Please know that this is the moment to form a new culture and prepare for tomorrow with an alert mind. We have to guide the environment with love for the country and the world.( 036-201,19701129)

18 Where is the original hometown and homeland? Of course, we usually think of a homeland as a single nation, but humanity's homeland desired by God is, in fact, the entire earth. Many generations of our ancestors walked the path of sacrifice. What was the hope they proclaimed to Heaven as they walked that path? They shouted, "May the time of the long-awaited homeland come soon!" We should establish one nation of God, in order to repudiate Heaven's archenemy Satan, eradicate evil from the world and build the peaceful kingdom of heaven on earth based only on goodness. This is the desire of God, the desire of Jesus, and the desire of the ancestors who made great contributions during the course of the providence.( 155-323,19651101)

19 The time has come for all countries in the world to dedicate all available resources and focus completely on the establishment of the peaceful, ideal kingdom that God desires. Humankind has reached a dead end. It is no longer possible to live without accepting my teachings on the peace ideology of true love, true life, and true lineage. Your good ancestors will be fully mobilized, and when the heavenly authority of the Era after the Coming of Heaven surges, even the most powerful countries and peoples will yield to the fortune of heaven and earth.( 509-179,20050923)

20 A world without the Fall is one where God directly rules all nations with the highest royal authority. That world is a place where God and True Parents can attain perfection together with the perfection of True Parents' kingdom; hence, it is the ground of our original hometown in our glorious restored homeland, where we find only peace and happiness. Remembering what they had lost, lamenting and looking at their history of painful sorrow through the ages of darkness, all created beings have been hoping for the time of True Parents' perfection, when everything that was lost is restored. Can you imagine God's pain while waiting patiently for this through such a miserable history?( 595-053,20080801)

Section 2. The Background and Proclamation of Cheon Il Guk

1 Prior to this time, people in the spirit world could not know God as our Father or Parent because they were of a different lineage. God, who is in the spirit world, is the Cosmic Parent. The True Parents, who are on the earth, are the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. The Cosmic Parent and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth are one. Hence, royal authority is given to the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind in their substantial persons. No one can settle on earth without the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Because the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind stand in the same position, each one of us now has to become a perfected person representing Adam, and stand in the position to inherit the unified, victorious supremacy of heaven and earth that has nothing to do with the Fall. Then, as the Family Pledge states, we can be called owners of Cheon Il Guk.

The providential background of the birth of Cheon Il Guk

2 As a prerequisite for the founding of Cheon Il Guk, we had to usher in an era where conflicts between mind and body, conflicts within the family, tribe, people, nation and world, conflicts between heaven and earth and God and Satan, and all other conflicts, are resolved. By doing so we moved beyond the standard of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace and established the Peace UN. By finally establishing the ideal nation and world here on earth with God, who is the King of peace, Owner of peace and Teacher of peace, at the center, and by receiving the Blessing of rebirth, the Blessing of resurrection and the Blessing of eternal life, we have realized the foundation to enter God's kingdom. Thus, we finally proclaim Cheon Il Guk.( 429-015,20031223)

3 We opened the gates of Cheon Il Guk through the ceremony entitled the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening the Gates of Cheon Il Guk. We opened the individual gate, family gate, tribal gate, people’s gate, and national and world gates. Finally even the spirit world, as earth's counterpart, has been blessed, so Satan can no longer interfere. Individuals in the spirit world can now be blessed and form tribes. Since it was false parents who brought about division, it will be True Parents who restore everything to its original position. Thus we have absolute faith in the True Parents and follow them absolutely.( 405-207,20030211)

4 We held the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God on January 13, 2001, conducted the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening the Gates of Cheon Il Guk on February 6,2003, and established the Family Party for Universal Peace and Unity on March 10. When I created the Family Party, politicians expected me to speak about Korea or the state of the world; instead, I spoke about the registration of marriages and births, I did not say a single word about politics. If a marriage is not registered, parents cannot register the birth of their child. This is because no family registry would exist for them. For a family registry to exist, one needs a nation. Therefore, in the first year of Cheon Il Guk, I proclaimed the establishment of Gods kingship and announced the nation of Cheon Il Guk.( 437-091,20040209)

5 The Ceremony to Return the Realm of the Lineage of the Fourth Adam made possible the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God. The Parents needed to register their marriage, but there was no nation in which to register. That is why I established Cheon Il Guk. How grateful we should be for Cheon Il Guk, a nation where two people become one! With two people joined together as one, religion and politics will become one as well. When these two become one, Cheon Il Guk will be fully realized.( 407-255,20030517)

6 We restore Cheon Il Guk through the perfection of the first Adam, the second Adam and the third Adam, the course of the history of re-creation centered on Adam. Cheon Il Guk perfects the standard of a nation and ushers in the era of liberation and complete freedom by which we become one. It is our homeland and ground of our hometown.( 430-256,20040103)

7 The conflict between Cain and Abel in Adam's family ultimately grew into the worldwide conflict between communism and democracy. In the great transitional period of the twentieth century, I attained was successful in establishing the providentially required indemnity conditions on all stages. On this basis, I proclaimed the era of Cheon Il Guk as the era of Abel's dominion of true love. We then held the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God in 2001. In 2004, based on our qualifications as the True Parents of Humankind, I was enthroned as the international and interreligious King of Peace through coronation and enthronement ceremonies held in the United States, the Second Israel, in Korea, the Third Israel, and throughout the world. Based on this series of providential victories, in 2005 humanity entered the second stage, or growth stage, of the establishment of Cheon Il Guk and received the command to complete the Cheon Il Guk registration providence by marching forward toward the three great goals of changing our lineage, changing the ownership, and inheriting the realm of heart.( 487-144,20050214)

The Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening the Gates of Cheon II Guk

8 Because we conducted the Enthronement of the Cosmic True Parent and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth as the King and Queen of the Blessed Families in Peace and Unity, Cheon Il Guk could finally begin on earth. We have to bind heaven and earth together through conditions. These begin in God's family, advance to His tribe, people and nation, and ultimately to the spirit world where we have to educate and bless the saints. Spirit persons have been unaware of Gods existence. They could not believe in God because they could not see Him. True Parents have to educate them. By receiving education in the Principle, they can come to realize that God is the Parent of heaven and earth. Alone, they cannot find this Parent; they need the help of True Parents. Thanks to True Parents, God now can freely move in the spiritual and physical worlds.( 407-265720030520)

9 The Holy Marriage Blessing opened the gates of Cheon Il Guk, and God's nation was finally established. This is the significance of the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening the Gates of Cheon Il Guk. After we formed the nation of Cheon Il Guk, the Enthronement of the Cosmic True Parent and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth as the King and Queen of the Blessed Families in Peace and Unity fulfilled the next stage. This meant a king and owner could finally appear in the family. Adam should have attained this position at the age of twenty-one but, due to the Fall, the event was delayed by tens of thousands of years. This is an important truth. Now, at last, we can attend the King and Queen of the families because we accomplished the Enthronement of the King and Queen of the Blessed Families in Peace and Unity, centered on the true love of God as our Cosmic Parent and the true love of the True Parents of Heaven and Earth.( 425-047,20031108)

10 Through God's course of restoration through indemnity, we have brought down all of our enemies' fortifications. By setting indemnity conditions, we have attained the internal standard that has liberated us from the confines of the walls between the mind and body, within the family, within the world, between tribes, peoples and nations, and between heaven and earth. Thus Cheon Il Guk could appear. It is the nation where two people unite to become one, and it begins with the unity of Adam and Eve. Even if only two or three people meet and pray together, God wants to be with them. Thus Cheon Il Guk is the nation where two people become one.( 418-232,20030925)

11 Through the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening the Gates of Cheon Il Guk, we could finally establish a nation and open the way to register our marriages and the births of our children. Because everything broke down on the earth, the Enthronement of the Cosmic True Parent and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth as the King and Queen of the Blessed Families in Peace and Unity had to take place, centered on True Parents. Then everything could become one and the nation could begin. On that foundation, you have to register your birth again. By registering your birth, you prepare the foundation for the perfected family for which your ancestors long. However, the question remains whether you can substantially realize the kind of family Adam and Eve would have had if they had not fallen but had received the Blessing. Are you confident to do that? You have to repent; every cell in your body must cry out.( 406-291,20030312)

12 Now is the time for you to work with me to bring about the settlement of God's kingdom and God's homeland, and to register in Gods nation, Cheon Il Guk. Now that a nation exists, we can begin registration. We need birth, marriage and death certificates. The nation maintains and protects these records. Our birth, marriage and death will be registered in the nation. Because we have a nation, we can now be registered for eternity in the spirit world. Through the registration of births, marriages and Seonghwa ceremonies, all citizens move into the kingdom of heaven. As stated in the fifth pledge of the Family Pledge, the spirit world is in the subject position, and we have to live in tune with it each day. This is not a vague concept. By living in this manner, the spirit world and the physical world can connect, with no barriers between them.( 363-213,2001 1225)

13 Since we conducted the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening the Gates of Cheon Il Guk on True Parents' Birthday, we could finally register marriages. Then, the Enthronement of the Cosmic True Parent and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth as the King and Queen of the Blessed Families in Peace and Unity rendered it possible for us to inherit God's kingdom and establish a king on the family level. The family king then becomes a tribal king, a people’s king, a national king and a world saint. From the position of divine son, he goes on to inherit God's position.( 417-180,20030907)

14 The Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening the Gates of Cheon Il Guk was conducted on True Parents' Birthday in 2003. The True Parents' Holy Wedding took place centered on Cheon Il Guk. God and True Parents finally became one through true love, true life and true lineage, and upon the foundation of the Holy Wedding, we have arrived at the world level. Now we have to adjust everything to that standard. We can proclaim Cheon Il Guk only on the foundation of the change of lineage of the nation’s representing the First, Second and Third Israels through the marriage Blessing. The kingdom of heaven is a realm in which people are united in heart, but this world, because of the Fall, is not a realm where people are united in heart through true love, life and lineage. It is a realm where unity can be attained only through indemnity. Therefore, to realize the realm of unity upon which the kingdom of heaven can be established, I conducted the Unification Blessing Ceremony to Register the Blessed Families that Formed the Four-Position Foundation at the Great Transition of the Three Ages. Following the proclamation of this Blessing and the proclamation of Cheon Il Guk, all blessed families in the spiritual and physical worlds now can register.( 428-248,20031221)

15 We carried out the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God during the first year of the third millennium, on January 13,2001. Originally, I should have conducted the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony Opening the Gates of Cheon Il Guk in 1980, when I turned sixty, but it had to be postponed until True Mother was sixty. We held it on her sixtieth birthday in the third year of Cheon Il Guk. On that date the new Cosmic Parent and Parents of Heaven and Earth could become one and the date of the Holy Wedding anniversary could be fixed. Through the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony Opening the Gates of Cheon Il Guk, True Parents were enthroned as the King and Queen of the Cheon Il Guk families.( 428-249,20031221)

16 The Holy Wedding of the Parents of Heaven and Earth could not have taken place if Cheon II Guk did not exist. The Holy Wedding and birth registration would not have been possible if the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God had not taken place. If we had not had a nation, we could not have conducted these events. We conducted the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening the Gates of Cheon Il Guk on True Mothers sixtieth birthday, a full two years after the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God. It was possible to conduct this Holy Wedding Ceremony only after God and True Parents had finally made a foundation for God's homeland. After that, we held the Enthronement of the Cosmic True Parent and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth as the King and Queen of the Blessed Families in Peace and Unity. For the first time in history, the position of the King of the families is occupied.( 430-123,20040101)

A great providential transition point

17 In this era of the revolution of the conscience, we have to bring our body to complete submission under the authority of our mind. This is an absolute requirement. People who cannot unite their mind and body cannot enter God's kingdom. They will not be able to inherit God's three-generation lineage and achieve the original standard of the kingdom of heaven. After a revolution of the conscience, when three generations join as one in the cultural sphere of the revolution of God's heart, they can enter the kingdom of heaven. I bestowed upon you the Unification Blessing Ceremony to Register the Blessed Families that Formed the Four-Position Foundation at the Great Transition of the Three Ages. Based on that, three generations have to unite. If they do not, they cannot enter the Cheon Il Guk family nor the liberated Cheon Il Guk nation within God's realm of heart in the age of settlement of the culture of heart. From now on, your mind has to win the absolute surrender of your body. Never follow your body's whims.( 430-255,20040103)

18 You must wonder where we stand today in the course of providential history. Though it is invisible to the human eye, we are in a time of great transition. Especially since 2000, divine providence has been advancing toward its completion at great speed. I have founded numerous organizations and groups to expedite the providence. Among those groups, the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace and the Peace UN are to embrace Satan's realm and, in the Abel position, work together with the Mongolian People’s Federation for World Peace, in the Cain position, to liberate Satan's realm and bring about a unified world. These groups have to take full responsibility to ensure that discord and conflict between the Cain and Abel realms no longer plague history.( 487-145,20050214)

19 The term Cheon Il Guk did not appear by chance. Throughout history, people had to accomplish restoration through indemnity. Building on the victorious foundation of World War II, we had to work as a movement to bring together nations, religions and non-governmental organizations to the point where no condition for accusation remained. Only then could we establish Cheon Il Guk. The world can no longer deny the work I am doing. I began my work in the provinces of Korea, advanced to Asia and from there to the entire world. It is not easy to do such work for forty years. It is like a dream to think that we have actually succeeded in setting up God's kingdom. To do so, we had to conduct the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God. There could be no enthronement without a nation, and now we have finally conducted the Blessing ceremony that opened the gates of Cheon Il Guk.( 411-014,20030707)

20 In 2004, True Parents were crowned as the King and Queen of Peace in a United States Senate building and at the Korean National Assembly. Following these coronations I established the Universal Peace Federation in New York in 2005. On that victorious foundation, we conducted the Cheon Jeong Gung Entrance Ceremony and Coronation of True Parents, the King and Queen of Peace, in Heaven and on Earth, on June 13,2006, substantially establishing Cheon Il Guk. Looking back at my eighty or so years of life, I have been imprisoned six times as a result of persecution and false charges in the process of carrying out God's Will. Today marks the twenty-first anniversary of my victory over the hardships of prison life, my release from Dan-bury Prison, where I spent the last of my six incarcerations. To commemorate this day, and to celebrate Dr. Hak Ja Ran Moon's return after her successful completion of a 180-city global speaking tour representing me, I organized the historic Rally for Victorious Complete Freedom on the Return of Heaven and Earth, the Homeland and Hometown of Cosmic Peace, to God. Mrs. Moon, with the authority of True Parents, has spent the last six months ministering to the world, conducting the Holy Marriage Blessing and conveying the peace messages. With the completion of this revolutionary journey, we are able to open the Era after the Coming of Heaven and proclaim the Settlement of the Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful Ideal World, which God has longed to see from the very beginning.( 536-041,20060820)


The Structure and Settlement of Cheon II Guk

Section 1. The Nature of Cheon II Guk

1 The Chinese character for heaven, cheon (), is formed by combining the characters for two () and people (). Thus, Cheon Il Guk (天二人) means the nation where two people, Adam and Eve, become one with each other horizontally and become one with God vertically. From that point sons and daughters appear.( 383-129,20020627)

2 From now on, you are the citizens of the Cheonju Pyeonghwa Tongil Guk (the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity), or simply, Cheon Il Guk. The words Cheon Il refers to the singular reality encompassing both heaven and earth. Cheon Il Guk implies that two people unite and form a nation.( 360-086,2001 11 12)

The nation where two people become one by means of true love

3 The Chinese character cheon () in Cheon Il Guk means two () people (). It binds the duality of God on the incorporeal horizontal level with the duality of two persons on the substantial horizontal level. What makes them one is true love. Hence, Cheon Il Guk is the nation where two people absolutely become one.( 362-019,2001 1202)

4 The combination of the Chinese characters for two () and person () forms the character for heaven (cheon ). Cheon Il Guk is the nation where two people are united as one. Each one of you exists as two entities—mind and body. These two must be united as a mind-person and a body-person. If they are not united, we might call a nation that such people form Ji Il Guk (Ji , meaning earth). Cheon Il Guk is the supreme nation of the heavens; it is the heavenly kingdom.( 375-060,20020413)

5 All God's creations are made in pairs and formed out of God’s love. That is why everything exists in pairs, including stamen and pistil in flowers, male and female in animals, mind and body in human beings, and man and woman. Cheon Il Guk is a place where parents and children, husbands and wives, and brothers and sisters become one. God dwells in each family where two become one. Hence, two people in a parent-child relationship, which is a vertical relationship, in a husband-wife relationship, which is a right-left relationship, or in a relationship between older and younger siblings, which is a front-back relationship, have to completely become one. Those who live for the sake of others bring such unity, whereas those who ask others to live for them will fall by the wayside.( 373-316,20020404)

6 Cheon II Guk is the nation where two people become one. For two people to become one, they must become one up and down, left and right, and front and back. Following this, Cain and Abel must become one, and the fallen world must become one with the world of goodness. Then the kingdoms of heaven on earth and in heaven must become one, and God and True Parents, who were separate, must become one. Everyone has to fulfill his or her responsibility to open the gate to the kingdom of heaven. Then the basic structure for Cheon Il Guk will start taking shape. When this happens, Satan's world will naturally retreat.( 400-265,20030103)

7 All relationships, including those of parents and children, men and women, and brothers and sisters, require two entities. The nation where two become one is Cheon Il Guk. Trie era of Cheon Il Guk is a time of unity through peaceful governance. It takes place based on a family that settles through three generations, connected in love. Each one of us has to make such a level foundation. I must be proud of having God as my Parent, the Parent who is not present to people of the fallen world.( 396-220,20021108)

8 Cheon II Guk is the nation of True Parents, the Parents of Heaven and Earth. It is the world of freedom, the world of peace and the world of happiness, centering on true love. It is time to cheer "Mansei!" for the prosperity of Cheon Il Guk, for its freedom, peace and happiness that are centered on true love and based on the ideal of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. We, all humankind, must be liberated to enjoy freedom and peace centering on true love; then we can be happy. The kingdom of heaven is the nation where heaven and earth are united in true love.( 365-013,20020104)

9 You should establish a model family, one that is settled, by becoming one with God and by bringing oneness up and down, left and right, and front and back within the realm of unity with God. When such families connect, they expand into tribes, peoples, nations and the world. Using this formula as a bridge, we can complete the ideal Cheon Il Guk in heaven and on earth.( 364-077,20020101)

10 Cheon Il Guk is the original world having nothing to do with the Fall, the world that God envisioned according to His ideal of creation. It is the nation where two or three people can become one. It is the one unified world, the final destination toward which we are advancing. There, each individual will be accorded the same value, regardless of whether they joined in the beginning or at the last minute, yet no one will complain. Everyone can go to the kingdom of heaven possessing equal value and be welcomed in the eternal era of peace and prosperity.( 428-103,20031210)

11 As we usher in the Era after the Coming of Heaven, you have to practice, in your families and nations, the Word of truth that Heaven gives you. Now is the time to thoroughly prepare for eternal life. We have passed from the world of conflicts, confrontations and struggles in the Era before the Coming of Heaven to where we now stand on the victorious foundation set by True Parents, the Parents of Heaven and Earth. It is our task, therefore, to establish Cheon Il Guk, the substantial kingdom of heaven that arises when we live together in harmony and unity.( 465-293,20040821)

12 Where two people become one, we have peace. A world of fighting has no peace. Therefore, God cannot dwell in it. Fighting leads to division and eventually to disintegration. No one can deny this, even on a theoretical level. It is the logic within nature, a scientific principle. You can take my word for it as a person who studied science. We have to establish Cheon Il Guk families, where three generations—grandparents, parents and children—attend and live with the eternal God. As this is the hope of God, it is the responsibility of tribal messiahs and the mission of ambassadors for peace.( 536-052,20060820)

13 Cheon Il Guk covers five levels: the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. Now that Satan has yielded the sovereignty over his world on the national level to Heaven, I am saying that we have come to the era when we can completely exercise the authority of the heavenly kingdom from a position of liberation, even up to the national level.( 362-124,2001 1209)

14 Korean history is filled with struggles between loyal subjects of the king and wicked subjects. In that history, the blood of loyal subjects was often spilled. If someone was convicted of treason, the king would require the execution even of his extended family. These people received horrific punishments. Korean women have endured unsurpassed suffering. To indemnify this and liberate the people who were or are ensnared in all these miseries, we have to unite everyone, from the dungeons of hell to the highest levels in the heavenly realm. Cheon Il Guk is two worlds made into one. Please understand that now is the time of its establishment, based on Gods kingship, which is gained through the liberation of individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world. With that, God's sons and daughters can reside in the kingdom of heaven. Cheon Il Guk is the completion of the ideal of creation in Eden, a place that has nothing to do with the Fall.( 396-163,20021107)

The nation of the Fourth Israel and Cheon Il Guk

15 The establishment of God's homeland has to do with recovering the realm of the fourth Adam. That is, the nation of the fourth Adam must be formed. Once the nation of the fourth Adam is formed, Cheon Il Guk and the nation of the Fourth Israel must unite. Since one is a religious realm and the other is a political realm, when these two become one, we can realize unification. Therefore, we need the nation of the Fourth Israel.( 416-150,20030821)

16 Cheon Il Guk represents the kingdom of peace. It will become the framework of Gods homeland. Cheon Il Guk, as the nation of the Fourth Israel, is to be governed by the Peace UN. True Parents, through their kingship of the Third Israel, have finally come to represent the kingship of the First Israel and the Second Israel, thus recovering the substantial foundation that was lost at the time of Jesus. Hence, the entire spirit world and the realms of all religions, with Jesus as their center, will transition into one unified world that attends them as the Parents of the Third Israel.( 430-250,20040103)

17 The purpose of establishing Cheon Il Guk is to liberate God, who has worked internally in religions for restoration through indemnity, whereas the purpose of establishing the Fourth Israel is to have a world-level external nation. The unity of Cheon Il Guk and the nation of the Fourth Israel will be God's nation, which is the ideal of Heaven, the kingdom of heaven on earth. Now we enter the time when I can issue the command to charge forward with all our energy toward this ultimate goal.( 416-188,20030822)

18 The history of Cain-Abel conflict will come to an end when the Fourth Israel and the Peace UN become one and attend True Parents' family and the families embracing heaven and earth, which are the foundations for the world of the culture of heart. On this basis, the nations of the world will enter the age of liberation and complete freedom. The kingdom of heaven, which has been empty so far, will fill up all at once. God will enter the age of eternal prosperity and peace and establish the era of His homeland and peaceful kingship. When the Third Israel is unified, the realm of the Peace UN, under the leadership of the United States, will naturally solidify and become one with the nation of the Fourth Israel. America has to restructure the UN to serve Cheon Il Guk, which is God's homeland. When this happens, God will return to His original position, the position He had before the Fall. As God comes to reign over the entire world, we will advance toward the era of the peace kingdom.( 430-253,20040103)

Section 2. The Three Requisites of Cheon Il Guk

1 To create a nation, there has to be sovereignty, people and land. The same holds true for the heavenly kingdom, where Parents represent the sovereignty, sons and daughters represent the people, and its territory represents the land. None of these can be left out; it is an ironclad rule.( 035-279,19701025)

2 For the formation of a nation, there must be sovereignty, people and land. When building the kingdom of heaven on earth from this perspective, who would be its lord? Who would be its sovereign? Without a doubt, God would be its sovereign. Who would be its people? All humankind. Then what would be its land? It would be the entire planet Earth.( 096-015,19780101)

The foundations of Cheon Il Guk are sovereignty, people and land

3 Once people come to know that God definitely exists, they will naturally follow His Will. Gods Will is to make all humanity, His beloved people—to make the planet Earth, His beloved land, and by bringing these together, to make a sovereign nation. This will be the ideal world.( 056-192,19720514)

4 To establish a nation, there needs to be land, people and sovereignty. What establishes the sovereignty? It is a relationship with God, the Origin. For instance, those who govern the nation are required to conduct the affairs of state by connecting to God, even after most people have fallen fast asleep. In this manner, the leaders will be one with their people. Thus united, they will know that everything set before them is not for their own use, but for the sake of the nation. With this in place, the nation will prosper.( 030-088,19700317)

5 The reason we shed blood and tears for our country and our people is ultimately to build the eternal heavenly kingdom, a blessed nation that our descendants will applaud for all eternity. This will surely be a country where children of direct lineage rule with an authority that represents God. It has the authority of God's kingship, which is neither communism nor democracy. Once we form this country, it will endure forever with this national structure. As I come to think of this, I lament that I myself could not become a citizen of that nation. You too should lament that you were not able to live in such a country. We all should be lamenting that we were not able to have such a nation. We should repent for not having established this one unchanging sovereignty.( 392-234,20020921)

6 God sent His beloved sons and daughters to this earth in His endeavor to establish one true nation. But to this day we have not prepared the foundation upon which to restore this nation of oneness. After each attempt to achieve it ended without success, God continued to send His people to earth to initiate, conduct, and conclude His work successfully. God has worked through history for this purpose.( 030-010,19700314)

7 People whose nation has lost its sovereignty are in a pitiful plight. This was what Jesus meant when he preached: "Therefore, do not be anxious, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the Gentiles seek all these things; and your Heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well." (Matt. 6:31-33) What did he say you should seek first: your children or His kingdom? He told you to seek the nation that God is seeking.( 034-337,19700920)

8 Even Jesus is waiting in paradise. He was not able to establish the throne of Heaven on earth. Jesus cannot yet stand in front of God with the foundation of the sovereignty of a nation. He could not govern a fully established nation whose people could go straight from earth to the kingdom of God in heaven. Thus, they had to remain with Jesus in paradise, which is like a waiting room. The kingdom of heaven in heaven is a place you cannot enter alone. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have gone there together with their family. The kingdom of heaven in heaven is a place you go in the company of your family, including children. Without them, you cannot possibly enter.( 056-201,19720514)

9 God's sovereignty of love is absolute, unique, eternal, and unchanging. Such is the case with the sovereignty, the people and the land of God's kingdom. Therefore, we need to reorganize everything. This includes registering anew as absolute, unique, eternal, and unchanging citizens. All things should be reorganized as well, with everything reclaimed. God's kingdom consists of sovereignty, people and all things, united absolutely with God. We see that in each family, parents represent sovereignty children represent the citizens, and possessions represent the creation. Each family needs to offer itself to God as a small-scale foundation. The larger nation and world will come about on this basis and this basis alone.( 304-258,19991108)

10 For us to form a nation, we need sovereignty and then people. In the future we will provide all citizens of the heavenly kingdom with a registration card. This foundation, on which its people, its citizens, will stand, centering on Heaven's full authority and sovereignty, is being prepared for Cheon Il Guk. At that point, you will be honored based upon the number of people from your tribe you brought to heaven.( 364-131,20020101)

11 We have to build one nation under the one sovereignty of God. The time has come for you, as the people who can actually exercise the authority of True Parents centering on God, to take financial responsibility by paying taxes for the restoration of our homeland on earth, the Nation of the Unified World. I am not supposed to help you personally, so I cannot provide all the resources for you. You need to follow God's Will. In order to do this, Korea has its responsibility, Japan has its responsibility and America has its responsibility. Providentially, the three of them are one country, although each represents one position as father nation, mother nation and eldest son nation.( 303-157,19990817)

12 Why have the saints faced difficulties? It is because they pioneered faith without support from their family, society or nation. They were a people without a nation. If they had had a nations support, they could have survived even if their tribe opposed them. Yet this rarely happened, and hence those whom God called usually were persecuted wherever they went and many walked the path of a sacrificial offering, shedding blood. Again, this is because they did not have their own nation. If they had had a sovereign and a nation to support them, there would have been no need for them to go the sacrificial way. They were a people without a nation. To this day, the truth did not have a people or nation, and even those who followed it did not know the nature of the nation that God was hoping to see.( 056-159,19720514)

13 How many heaven-bound sons and daughters have you gathered? You should not do anything else other than that. You may live affluently with billions of dollars' worth of gold, but that will pass away. Invest your material resources, your knowledge and even your life from the fallen lineage for this work. Do not invest them a little at a time, but rather all at once, out of a heart to create citizens for God's kingdom. Accumulate such investments; their value appreciates exponentially.( 230-031,19920415)

14 The Unification Church is marching toward the ideal of the kingdom of heaven within the family. The nation, world, heaven, and God are nestled in that family. You have been engrafted to the True Parents' lineage, so do not act like wild olive trees. Take the seed of the true olive tree and bear its fruit wherever you take root in the world. Transcending nations and peoples, the fruits are the same. Bear them and bring them forth as the holy people of the kingdom of heaven, manifesting God’s ideal of creation. Unification Church blessed families are responsible to increase the population of the kingdom of heaven, which is a free and liberated realm with no history of indemnity. Never forget that this is your mission.( 202-257,19900524)

15 Unification Church members do not have their own nation. The democratic world we see today is the fruit of God's six thousand years of endeavor. Had you been born in Israel at the time of Jesus, you would have been executed. A man like me would have been done away with, leaving behind not even the smallest trace of his existence. We have to be clearly aware that there are un-righteous representatives of Satan on the national level as well as on the world level. In particular, communism, which is the embodiment of evil on the global level, is desperate. It is preparing a final act of aggression to wipe out religion.( 055-209,19720509)

God's right of ownership and the Cheon Il Guk citizenship card

16 Until now, God has been unable to assert His right of ownership. Even True Parents could not assert their right of ownership over true children, a true nation and a true world. Satan has claimed everything: nations, peoples and the material world. Satan usurped the entirety of God's right of ownership. Because no true person, no true man and true woman, arose to take possession of them, God's right of ownership was not established.( 186-118,19890129)

17 To this day, God has been unable to establish His right of ownership. The devil has been the owner, and God's children were unable to take ownership. The devil and his children have posed as the owners of God's creation and caused great harm. Therefore, everything has to be reclaimed. The entire creation has to be returned to the original Parents—to true parents, true children, true tribes and the true nation.( 203-186,19900624)

18 Socialism, that is, communism, is seeking to make one totalitarian nation. Because Satan knows that the era of the restoration of ownership based on God's ideal will soon arrive, he is trying to prevent God from taking ownership of the world through communism. Satan did all that he could. Nonetheless, I have reclaimed everything for Gods side. That is why Satan's side is defeated in both theory and practice. There is no power that can stand in opposition to God and me.( 229-158,19920411)

19 The matter of ownership is a big problem. In communist socialism, the state is the sole owner. In democracy, the individual is the owner. So who should be the owner? The whole world belongs to God; thus, the world belongs to His children and they belong to His family. Therefore, Gods children need to bring everything together so that they can offer Him the ownership of the world. God should be the sole owner. Only when He becomes the sole owner, having the right of ownership, can He bequeath it to the True Parents and, through them, to the children. Then the world can be considered to be owned by God.( 183-082,19881029)

20 You do not really own your possessions, your children or your spouse. You are standing in the position of the archangel. Hence, you need to pass through a period when you absolutely deny owning anything. Socialist communism, sensing that such an era is dawning, denies ownership to individuals. That is why they speak of everything as belonging to the state or some other collective. This development is not by happenstance. The ideal world of creation is unfolding based on God's providence of restoration and process of re-creation.( 200-303,19900226)

21 Cheon Il Guk needs to have sovereignty, land and people. The Enthronement Ceremony for Gods Kingship accomplished the restoration of sovereignty. The rallies for the Settlement of Gods Homeland signified the restoration of the land. Next, you will register as a citizen of Cheon Il Guk and acquire a Cheon Il Guk citizenship card.( 476-281,20041123)

22 Once the nation of Cheon Il Guk is established, everyone can go to heaven and become a citizen. That is why I am asking that everyone acquire a Cheon Il Guk citizenship card. Please take this seriously. You will be in trouble if you take it lightly. Try to have your relatives receive citizenship cards even if they are not interested in doing so.( 361-125,2001 1122)

23 We have created a passport for the heavenly kingdom. Once Cheon Il Guk passports gain currency, people will no longer need visas. You should value this Cheon Il Guk passport more than a Korean or American passport. You should value it more than certification by the UN. The Cheon Il Guk passport is not an ordinary passport that anyone can easily acquire.( 368-296,20020201)

24 Even the saints and sages in the spirit world must acquire Cheon Il Guk citizenship, so of course you too should acquire a Cheon Il Guk citizenship card. The reason for this is to build one world—one country, one people, one culture and one language under God. For this, we have to become children, couples and families who resemble the one Gods character.( 390-141,20020808)

25 You cannot enter God's kingdom without a Cheon Il Guk citizenship card. The way to acquire one is by willingly offering your life, your property and even your nation to God, and then receiving them all back as your inheritance.( 522-155,20060328)

26 We do not have a nation. Though there are many sons and daughters of blessed families, we have yet to establish the ideal nation that God desires. Even though you have children, there is no place to register their births in the ideal nation, nor is there a place to register marriages or deaths. If we do not have a nation, we cannot find settlement. That means that we have no place to settle down. In the secular world, if you do not have a passport from your nation, other nations will not recognize you. In other words, they will not acknowledge that you are the citizen of a particular nation.( 277-251,19960418)

27 I have also decreed that the absolute good spirits in the spirit world, the blessed family members in the spirit world, may register as citizens of Cheon Il Guk by grace. When these people receive their Cheon II Guk citizenship cards, will that not be worth rejoicing over in front of heaven and earth, in front of God, and in front of the saints?( 398-038,20021206)

Section 3. The Constitution and Teaching Materials of Cheon Il Guk

1 Based on the conditions that I have made, the era of restoration through indemnity will pass away. Now is the time to establish balance in the structure of the kingdom of heaven, based on the laws and principles of Cheon II Guk. It is not the same as it was in the past. Since the family is the origin of the kingdom of heaven, we have to restructure everything based on the family.( 370-149,20020219)

Now we are in the era of the rule of heavenly law

2 I established the path, the heavenly way, by going through so many hardships, even gaining Satan's submission. If a tribe, a family or an individual trifles with this way of heaven, it is unforgiveable. Heaven's nation needs its constitution and laws. We need to resolve God's bitter sorrow, which has built up for tens of thousands of years. This requires a nation.( 323-147,20000601)

3 Once Gods kingship is established, there will be no more room to tolerate injustice. When a wrongdoing takes place, the punishment will be immediate. Because the era of couples will come, centering on the constitution of the heavenly nation, the time of praying to God, to the Savior, and to the True Parents will pass. I assume you know well how to reach individual perfection and how to attain unity within the family. If you say you are still not clear about it, it means you have not truly accepted what I have taught thus far. Be that as it may, when we establish a nation, set its constitution and laws, and form government departments handling different areas, ignorance of your responsibility will not exonerate you. You must clearly understand that you cannot attain perfection based on the conditions you made during the providence of restoration; you can attain perfection only by abiding by the law. Only by this can you reach perfection. In my eyes, there is no law of indemnity; nonetheless, you have to keep Heaven's laws for at least two generations in order to go over the peak to reach perfection. Belief alone cannot take you there. You have to abide by these laws. Every relationship has its laws—the parent-child relationship has its laws; the relationship between husband and wife has its laws, and the relationship among brothers and sisters has its laws. You should examine yourself every day as to whether you are living up to them.( 356-091,2001 1009)

4 For Heaven's nation to exist, it must have Heaven's constitution. If it takes the form of a nation-state, the constitution written for it will include provisions about sovereignty, land and citizens. But in reality, can we find a territory today that God governs? What about God's sovereignty or God's citizens? These are not to be found. Who, then, has been entrusted with the mission to bring these into being? God has entrusted this work to the returning Lord, the True Parents. Since the first ancestors, who should have been the True Parents, lost the world-level foundation, I have to surpass that standard. I must establish the sovereignty of God's love and proclaim it. I have to proclaim a world united under God.( 300-110,19990302)

5 The revolutionary task remains— the task of shortening the period pertaining to everything over which God has been agonizing. It requires serious action based on True Parents' governing authority. You cannot imagine how complex it is. That is why you need to know how to resolve the issues facing the nations on earth. We need to write a constitution that can govern Heaven's nation here on earth. We must set conditions to accomplish liberation on earth.( 325-160,20000701)

6 What is humanity's hope? Fallen humanity's ultimate hope is to stand at the final global frontline. It is to usher in the day we can triumph on the frontline and, with the authority gained from that victory, return the world to God. Following this, our hope turns to welcoming the day when God will say, "Well done! Since you recovered it and realized it, it is yours!" It is to see the day when we again receive it from Him, with His blessings and His love. When this happens, each person will regard the entire world as "my country and my land," regard the people of the world as "my people," and regard the sovereignty of the world as "my sovereignty." When everyone comes forward having this sovereignty, we will have the opportunity to form one law and one constitution and establish a new system of social life. Life in the kingdom of heaven can finally start from that point; it is there that we should live.( 066-285,19730516)

7 Adam and Eve have to become one with God. Then, with love, they have to substantiate the start of the hometown of love. This hometown of love should be the foundation where new couples, united in God's love, give birth to new children and form families. Next, these families should expand to tribes and then to a people. We need to form a people; then centering on that people we should complete the kingdom of heaven on earth that can be governed by the constitution of Heavens nation. True love is the foundation for the constitution of God's kingdom.( 164-250,19870517)

8 If God were to make a constitution, He would make one that protects and upholds love. Such will be the constitution of the heavenly kingdom. Politics will serve the purpose of putting its laws into practice for governing the kingdom. It will be simple and logical.( 104-169,19790501)

9 The constitution of the heavenly kingdom must be composed so as to completely sustain the life of the individual as well as to enable families, societies and nations to move forward and reach their fullest potential without being encroached upon. It is to establish laws that protect and sustain the views of life of God's sons and daughters on the individual level, the family level, the national level, the world level and the cosmic level. That will be the constitution of the heavenly kingdom that God desires to see.( 065-195,197211 19)

10 Among the heavenly constitution's laws, the very first is to love God more than you love yourself. The second is to love your brothers and sisters, whom God loves, more than you love yourself. From the moment of your birth to wherever you go in the spirit world, if you are a person who stands in that position, no one can stop you. The Fall stained this foundation; therefore I have worked to repair it by striving to unite the world on the foundation of the mainstream Christian cultural sphere.( 195-136,19891107)

11 The constitution of God's kingdom could not be presented because that kingdom did not exist. However, now that the era has arrived to usher in God's kingdom, we can establish its constitution and laws. If we live in accordance with its constitution and laws while on earth, the gates will open before us without any problem when we go to the spirit world. Conversely if we do not live in accordance with it, in the spirit world we will be blocked every step of the way.( 336-170,20001011)

12 The era for governance by the laws of the constitution of Heaven's nation has come. When Adam and Eve fell, they immediately plummeted into hell. Now, however, I have promulgated the three fundamental laws of Heaven's nation, which are the core of the constitution. The time has come to live by Heavens laws, not by the providence of salvation based on less-than-perfect love. Only when we abide by the laws of the kingdom of heaven can we attain perfection.( 395-092,20021016)

13 God's love means that the individual sacrifices to find and establish love for the family, the family sacrifices to find and establish love for the tribe, the tribe sacrifices to find and establish love for a people, a people sacrifices to find and establish love for the world, and the world sacrifices to find and establish love for the cosmos. This principle of the cosmos, of heaven and earth, is systematic. It is through this way of love, of sacrifice extending throughout the cosmos, that we will liberate God. God's advancement must be based on this law, which is principled and logical, and so God instituted this way by means of His constitution. 126-278,19830424 ()

14 Our goal is to institute the constitution of the heavenly kingdom. The constitution of the heavenly kingdom must also be apparent in the norms by which we live. It has to be instituted. There must come a day when we can proclaim it to all nations and to heaven and earth. Instituting this constitution will establish the laws and the system of individual life and society.( 066-298,19730516)

15 I know how fearful Heavens constitution and Heavens laws can be. That is why I have gone on a straight path of indescribable ordeals in order to not run afoul of those laws. I did not walk that path because I am foolish or because I am not as smart as you. I chose to follow this path because I clearly understood what is at stake.( 280-324,19970213)

16 Once we can establish Gods nation on earth, everything will be governed by its constitution. Through the True Parents, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, God will present and enact the constitution of heaven and earth. It will not consist of laws rooted in life on earth, but of laws rooted in the heavenly kingdom in the ideal eternal world. We will be able to train ourselves by these laws while we are on earth. In a word, we cannot live a self-centered life.( 324-305,20000626)

17 God's nation does not yet exist on this planet Earth. However, as we continue marching on the way, once the variety of races love their enemies and thus the world becomes one, without fighting among tribes and peoples, we can complete the restoration of God's homeland. The day that follows the restoration of God's homeland, when Heavens constitution is proclaimed, will become the greatest day. It will be celebrated for eternity, and no other force will occupy us, ever.( 107-026,19800221)

18 When you bring 160 families to unite with you, the era of registration will come. It is similar to the way it is now: your birth is registered, your marriage is registered, and your death is registered. With the founding of God's nation, we have to formulate its constitution with a system of basic laws that govern it based on family registries. One qualification for registration in that nation is to know its mother tongue. Accordingly, you have to assimilate True Parents' culture into your language, lifestyle and home environment, and create a family of the form that represents the world of the culture of heart. Lacking this, you are not qualified to register in the kingdom of heaven.( 276-218,19960224)

19 You need to abide by the laws of the heavenly kingdom and respect the protocols of the palace. From now you need to prepare in every way for the world in which South and North Korea are unified. You still need more training, because on that day, when the era of registration arrives, not everyone will have earned the right to enter. When that day comes, registering in God s kingdom will be more demanding than the course to become a professor by graduating from college and earning a doctorate. To succeed, you have to organize, in your generation, all members of your tribe throughout history. The spirit world and physical world will appraise the degree to which you have done so.( 210-370,19901227)

20 No existing laws will endure unless they align with Heavens law. That is why I am trying to make laws based on Heaven's law. I am trying to uphold Heavens law, not human law. I am trying to establish Heavens rights, not the human rights that you think you need. You ask for human rights, but I am not referring to human rights as in, for example, French rights in France and Korean rights in Korea, I am trying to establish human rights in the context of the Fourth Israel. It is not where enemies fight, but where former enemies put their heads together and say, "Let’s marry your daughter to my son, and my daughter to your son!" Their ideas make each other joyful. Only such people can protect the sovereignty of the heavenly kingdom.( 418-031,20030914)

Heaven's textbook for children

21 What is God's bitter grief? His first bitter grief is about not having created His textbook for children. His second bitter grief is about not having created His textbook for siblings. His third bitter grief is about not having created His textbook for couples. His fourth bitter grief is about not having created His textbook for parents. Not being able to create these textbooks, which can teach the four realms of heart in order to educate humanity, has been God's bitter grief. If God had been able to teach us everything necessary to walk the path of life, today’s misery would not have come about. God sees all this misery and laments not being able to take charge Himself to educate humanity. God has come all the way here in order to usher in the day He when He can teach us. We can form the new nation of God and become its citizens only when we have achieved a passing grade in these educational principles. In other words, the new nation can be established only when we have become individuals and formed families, tribes and countries that can liberate God's bitter grief.( 225-215,19920120)

22 God could not set up His textbook for children, and this led Him to feel bitter grief. Therefore, I am now making Heavens textbook for children. Then, in front of the Parent, what kind of thoughts should the children have? When Adam looks at Eve, he should not see only Eve. Eve was created because of God. If Eve had become a true parent, she could have given birth to true sons and daughters. If Adam and Eve had become true parents, their children would have become true children. True children are born of the vertical God and horizontal true parents.( 225-215,19920120)

23 You must guard well three kinds of love: your love for God, your love for true parents, and your love for your future spouse. Can you casually treat these relationships based on your whims? If you strike any of these kinds of love and cause damage, you are damaging God and your parents; moreover, you are damaging your future love partner. You have to relate to your partners with great love. This is the teaching of the textbook and the formula of love that God's children need to keep. Resenting your brother or sister is the same as resenting God and your parents. It is also an act of denying and destroying the realm of your future partner. It is the same as detaching yourself from love. Hence, doing this is an offense against God and also against your parents and the entire creation. Anyone who does, stands as an enemy to God, True Parents and the entire creation. God could not educate Adam and Eve to live according to this way. Yet this is the standard of the principle within Heavens textbook for children, which can liberate God's bitter grief. Thus, brothers and sisters ought to be good to one another. They should live this way in front of God and the creation, with the Parents at the center.( 225-216,19920120)

24 In terms of the left and right sides, let's say we call the right side plus and the left side minus. Then the right side represents man and the left side represents woman. We also can say that heaven represents man and earth represents woman. In the context of front and back, the front represents man and the back represents woman. Therefore, do not disregard the reciprocal conditions that accomplish the ideal of the sphere. If you disregard this relationship, not only God and other people will dislike you; even the creation will dislike you. Therefore, we recognize the need for extensive education, because troubles arise when we disregard our relationship with our partner. God desires to teach us this content from His textbook. Eve has God the Parent with her and her love partner with her. Adam stands in a complimentary position. Based upon these relationships, Adam and Eve give birth to children on behalf of God, their Parent. The sons and daughters born from them are not only their personal children; they are children who represent the entire universe and who have the qualification to be its owners. From this perspective, the first thing you as parents need to do is to thoroughly educate your children to center on the three kinds of love.( 225-216,19920120)

25 Second, you should have more interest in the welfare of others than in your own welfare. How can you carry this out in daily life? If you do not want to stain yourself and go to the wrong place, you should love your siblings and children more than yourself. That is, you should devote your main attention to others and treat others better than you treat yourself. In the family, siblings tend to fight to get the best things, right? It is better for younger siblings to wait for their older siblings to arrive. Younger siblings should give the best portion to their older siblings and then choose their own portion. The youngest among the siblings should wait and take the last. From the time you carry your baby on your back singing lullabies, teach him or her lessons from the textbook about this order. Both father and mother have to teach their children to relate to one another in this manner.( 225-217,19920120)

26 Third, you should cherish your children as most precious. This is because the experience of ideal love starts from the children, not the parents. What you seek as love does not necessarily start with your spouse. A couple is one man and one woman born from different parents and brought together. Then where does the experience of ideal love begin? It begins with your children. God created Adam and Eve as the object partners of love. Thus, in front of God, they were supposed to manifest the love of the object partner for each other and then give back to Him the fruit born of that love—children. Thus, the experience of ideal love does not start from the parents, but from their children. To repeat, ideal love starts from your children. It is parental love that makes parents love their children. The motivation initiating that love is not for themselves, but for their children. That is why anyone who has love should love all people just as they love their children. We arrive at this conclusion. A person who loves all people like that loves in the same manner as God. This means that he or she stands in a position representing the Heavenly Parent.( 225-217,19920120)

Heaven's textbook for siblings

27 First, siblings should live for the sake of each other, because they represent the horizontal world. True love starts from living for the sake of others. When two meet, a circular movement commences when one side gives to the other side and the other side reciprocates. When circular movement occurs, an ideal realm is formed. Why should siblings cherish one another? The dynamics among siblings expand to the world, while the dynamics between parents and children are vertical. Sibling relationships expand love horizontally, so loving siblings is the same as loving the world. The idea that all people are equal arises out of the ideal of love for all one's siblings. This is to take a global perspective. Sibling love starts from one axis and expands.( 225-218,19920120)

28 The second point concerns the interconnection between my parents, my siblings and I. When you call out, "older brother!" you presuppose that your parents' love and your other siblings' love are included in his love. Originally, older and younger siblings were meant to be undivided in love, and that love was meant to expand horizontally from older to younger. In other words, my older siblings stand in the position of pioneers for me. The path a man follows for the purpose of expanding his horizons is in order to unite with a woman in the future. The path a woman follows, which leads her to become one with a man through love, expands his horizons further. This applies to both. Their paths on the left and the right serve to expand each other's scope of activity. When your siblings expand the scope of activities of their love, it is to your benefit. Although what your older brother possesses may have nothing to do with you, if his scope expands, so will yours. That is why those who love their siblings will come to expand the scope of their activities. It is an old saying that a person's horizons widen if he or she has numerous siblings. In this way, sibling love can expand to the world. This does not happen with children's love, but it does with sibling love. With sibling love, you can pioneer to the world level. You should treat your older siblings, who pioneer a path for you, as people who combine love for the future with the love of your parents and their sibling love. Sibling love is the path to pioneer love of ever-greater scope for the future. 225-219,19920120 ()

29 Third, when you live for the sake of others with siblings' love, you can engage in love on the world level. A reason to love your siblings is to expand the scope of your activities to the world level and recover the world. In addition, by expanding your horizontal foundation, you become a central person. Upon this expansive horizontal foundation, in time you are to become a husband or wife. Then you and your spouse can unite with the vertical standard, God, and eventually embody that Central Being. By oneness with the Central Being, the two of you enter a place where you can exist forever. In other words, by direct vertical oneness with God's world, you can advance to the realm of substantial oneness.( 225-220,19920120)

Heaven's textbook for couples

30 First, in order to have conjugal love, you need to inherit the love of your parents and then go through the stages of filial love and sibling love. To become a true couple, the husband and wife have to first experience these three stages of love. A person who does not pass through the stages of filial love and sibling love cannot succeed in loving as a couple. Only after passing through these three stages of love, that is, only by inheriting your parents' love and then growing in filial love and sibling love can you achieve conjugal love as a true couple. Only after a man and woman have each fulfilled the duties of children and siblings can they join as a true couple. Then they reach the stage to love each other as husband and wife. After learning filial love and sibling love they should become one in heart and body as husband and wife. This is marriage. The purpose of marriage is for the woman to occupy the world of men, the man to occupy the world of women, and both to occupy the world of God. Why must we occupy God? It is so we can stand in the position of creators in the Creator's stead. If we are to multiply God's children, there is no alternative but to occupy God. This teaching is based on the Principle of Creation.( 225-220,19920120)

31 Second, through conjugal love you can bring about the virtuous union of heaven and earth by uniting the east and west, above and below, and front and back. A couple manifests the union of east and west. It represents union of above and below, front and back, and heaven and earth. In other words, a couple establishes the virtuous union that harmonizes heaven and earth. From Gods perspective, this is the foundation for realizing His wishes.( 225-221,19920120)

32 Third, God, Adam and Eve have to attain a virtuous union. God is vertical, while Adam and Eve are relating horizontally. A settlement can be established only when the vertical God and horizontal Adam and Eve become one. That is, God can fully settle only when, centering on His original internal character, Adam and Eve as His horizontal embodiments can come into union to manifest His original external form. That is when His settlement takes place. Yet as a result of the Fall, that did not happen. The universe has no center today because they did not become one in accord with Heaven's textbook and did not settle in the ideal realm of perfect love. Hence, the new settlement of true love is needed It will begin only after God, who is vertical, attains a virtuous union with Adam and Eve, who are horizontal.( 225-221,19920120)

33 Fourth, after a husband and wife settle in a virtuous union, they qualify to move to the position of parents, representing God. Through this settlement, they are no longer settlers, but can emerge in the universe with the qualification of owners.( 225-221,19920120)

Heaven's textbook for parents

34 First, by combining the love of parents, children, siblings, and husband and wife, parents advance to the position of second creators, multiply children, and inherit the kingship on earth, representing God. The Fall disassociated the four kinds of love. Hence, once you as parents stand in the position of combining these four kinds of love, you can advance to God s position, that of second creators, who multiply children and inherit kingship on earth representing God. You can establish the kingdom of God on earth, inheriting everything on earth based on the kingship of the heavenly kingdom.( 225-222,19920120)

35 Second, as ideal families expand on earth, each becomes the ancestor of a tribe. By inheriting kingship and representing God on earth, the ideal family expands. Your family alone does not suffice; it has to expand. Through expansion you can become the ancestor of your tribe, in other words, a tribal messiah.( 225-222,19920120)

36 Third, once you fulfill your responsibility as the ancestor of a tribe, you will establish kingship. How to fulfill this responsibility, and thereby establish kingship, is based on my teaching on tribal messiahship. It explains how you can advance to a position of kingship or lordship based on your rights as the ancestor of your tribe.( 225-222,19920120)

37 Fourth, you can establish kingship in the heavenly realm and kingship in the earthly realm through the virtuous union of heaven and earth. Through this union of heaven and earth, we can form the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven. Once the kingship in the heavenly realm and the kingship in the earthly realm begin, God's ideal for the creation of Adam will be complete.( 225-223,19920120)

The Cheon II Guk Citizens' Covenant

38 Having been called as citizens of Cheon II Guk, as we celebrate the Cheon Jeong Gung Entrance Ceremony and Coronation of the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and on Earth, we applaud the substantial launching of the era of the kingdom of the peaceful ideal world. Honoring Heavens mandate to the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind, we pledge to complete, on earth and in heaven, the ideal world that God envisioned at the creation, and solemnly swear: One, we pledge and swear that we will form a community that inherits Heavens tradition. For this, we will realize the culture of true heart and secure our identity as the people of Cheon II Guk by guiding, leading and serving as models for our relatives and all people. Two, we pledge and swear that we will form one sovereignty, one people, one land and one culture centered on the victorious King and Queen of Peace, the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind, and thereby establish the eternal kingdom of peace and prosperity. Three, we pledge and swear that we will bring an end to the Era before the Coming of Heaven, stained with division and conflict, and become the vanguards who protect the new order and the peace of the Era after the Coming of Heaven, which God has opened, and thereby usher in the era of one global family. Four, we pledge and swear that we will form one great cosmic family, God's ideal of creation, by attaining unity of body and mind, and thereby complete the eternal, ideal world of cosmic peace.( 528-248,20060606)

Section 4. Registration and Settlement in Cheon Il Guk

1 To this day, no one has been able to register as a citizen of the heavenly kingdom. The heavenly realm did not have a nation, nor did it have a family. When a ten-member family went to the spirit world, the family members were scattered all over the place. However, from now on it will not be that way. Originally, if human beings had not fallen, the kingdom of heaven would have been the place where people live with their clan, including their mother and father. Had people’s grandparents, parents, their own couple and their children become one through true love and inherited Gods true love, then even God would absolutely obey their clan. In the world of living for the sake of others, in submission to the tradition of such love, no power would be able to forestall the emergence of the foundation for peace.( 210-355,19901227)

The opening of the Cheon Il Guk registration era

2 Soon the era of registration will arrive, and you will have the opportunity to register. But have you come to resemble God and True Parents, as Gods sons and daughters? It is easy to say, but not to fulfill. Whether sleeping or awake, it should always be on your mind. This thought has to accompany you wherever you go, whatever you do, even when you are eating or sleeping. In order to fulfill it, you need to experience living in our homeland before you pass on to the next world. Does this not indicate that you should learn Korean? Originally, human beings were not to have had multiple languages; they were to have had only one language.( 201-235,19900422)

3 Jesus when he came to the earth was unable to finalize the Will of God. He should have found his bride in his time, installed the True Parents, erected human beings as true children, and prepared, on his authority, a certain standard on this earth for establishing the kingdom of heaven. That standard was to have these children register into the kingdom of heaven and acquire the right to claim its inheritance. Yet he passed away to the spirit world without having done so. Would he have wanted people to register as servants? If he could not see them register as children of direct descent, he would have at least wanted them to register as adopted children so that they could receive the right of inheritance from God. At least with this status they could partake in God's inheritance.( 155-309,19651101)

4 From now on, you will return to your hometown and compete with each other over who can best expand relationships in your community and with your tribe. You will compete with each other in this matter. It does not matter which tribe you belong to; you need to return to your hometown and organize your tribe based on the root and then let it branch to the east, west, north and south. Eventually those branches will have family records in a family archive. Then problems such as racial prejudice and imbalance between the developed nations and developing nations will disappear.( 189-224,19890406)

5 Your birthplace is not really your hometown. The time has come when the kingdom can be your hometown. When you go to the other world, national boundaries will disappear. Currently in your hometown you face limitations, but once you fulfill all your responsibilities, you will be able to connect to your hometown without any barriers when you go to the spirit world. Your hometown will become the foundation for the kingdom of heaven on earth. The kingdom of heaven on earth is the land of original hometowns, where you can make connections everywhere. There, when you register in the registry of your nation, you will automatically be transferred to the registry of the heavenly kingdom. Just as, had the Fall not happened, the hometowns of all people would have been the hometown of God's kingdom, everyone, once engrafted, will enter the kingdom of heaven from a position of having been born in it.( 216-134,19910309)

6 In the future, you will register. When South and North Korea are unified, Unification Church blessed families throughout the world who qualify will register and move beyond the tribal level. I am talking about the time when South and North Korea are unified based on True Parents' merit. I plan to propose a law to allow loyal followers of the Unification Church throughout the world to serve as representative people, surrogate-mothers. When I do that, no one will be against it.( 197-214,199001 14)

7 The time is coming when the Unification Church will establish Korea as its homeland and we will register centering on Korea. There will come a time when all those who were hitherto mobilized for God's providence will be able to purchase land in the Republic of Korea. This will come about if the Republic of Korea follows me. There will come a time when you will want to sell everything you have in the West and exchange it for even just a small hut in the Republic of Korea.( 185-252,19890108)

8 Once South and North Korea are unified and we blessed families establish our nation, we will enter the era of registration. Those who are able to enter the era of registration are those who have inherited True Parents' lineage. At that time, all people far and wide will receive the Blessing simultaneously, and then they will register. This will make them the ancestors of tens of thousands of generations of their lineage. Even though they will all receive the Blessing on the same day from the horizontal perspective, in fact there will be many gaps among these thousands of generations of ancestors. A frightening time is coming.( 252-247,19940101)

9 You were not born because you wanted to be. If you do not know God, you will end up in hell no matter how wonderful your spouse may be and how comfortable your life may be. You have to register as God's people. The president of Harvard University may be famous, but he or she will be in hell unless he or she is registered and lives as a citizen of God's kingdom. But to enter the kingdom of heaven, there must be the condition that your family, society, nation, world and humanity welcome you.( 278-263, 1 996 05 26)

10 For a woman, the happiest and most precious thing is to gain her husband. For a couple, the greatest joy is to have children. The children do not belong to their father or mother, but to the world, to the heavenly kingdom. Their genealogy is in God s kingdom. Your children are your children externally, but they also have their own nationality; this means that they are citizens of the kingdom. Likewise, their sons and daughters are also sons and daughters of the heavenly kingdom. Within a couple, the husband represents the heavenly kingdom and the wife represents the heavenly kingdom. When you register you should have such a heart; only then can you adjust to the rhythm of the heavenly kingdom's standard.( 233-212,19920801)

11 Once we have resolved all the failures of the past, from the age of Adam through the age of Jesus, and established our family, we can realize the realm of Gods blood kin. That is why registration has to take place. By registering, we become households in the same tribe, where each family member is born centering on True Parents. You cannot register unless you have the foundation of a family. Since True Parents established the world-level family foundation based on the families who received the Blessing, you need to form a realm of partnership with them by receiving the Blessing; then you can register and record the births in your family.( 269-056,19950407)

12 You are not yet registered in Heaven's nation. Since you do not have a nation, your birth cannot be certified, your marriage cannot be registered, and your death certificate cannot be issued. This is why the path of religious believers has been one of lamentation. If someone pushed them, they had no recourse but to fall down. If someone wanted to kill them, they had no one to whom to appeal. My course has been a clear example of this.( 283-224,19970412)

13 Since the heavenly kingdom has not yet been formed, registration into the heavenly kingdom had to be on hold, even for those who were born as Gods sons and daughters. Thus, you should have a heart that yearns to be a husband, receive a wife, form a family and have children who are citizens registered in that heavenly kingdom. But for this, you need to be urgent to gain victory in every fight against evil—every day, every hour, every second, asleep or awake. Never forget, this is how you should live all the time.( 122-281,19821121)

14 Certifying your birth is registration. For example, if you are Japanese, you are registered as a citizen of Japan born in a certain place. Until now, God's kingdom did not exist. No families centered on True Parents have appeared, neither are there tribes or nations centered on True Parents. We needed to indemnify all this, and thereby recover the family, tribe, people, nation and world from Satan's nations and world. Based on the religious realm, we have to unite the entire non-religious world and return to Gods side everything that has belonged to Satan. If we do not achieve this, we cannot live comfortably in the spirit world after we have passed away. To develop relationships in the physical world is much more difficult when one is in the spirit world, than when one is in the physical world.( 250-112,19931012)

15 If you were to die without having restored God's nation, you would be able to return to the earth only to support individuals and families, but would not be able to work with authority and dignity. This means that you would not be qualified to fight for the subjugation of Satan's world. Accordingly, you can register only after this nation emerges. You have registered with the Unification Church, but not with Gods unified nation. Can you be citizens if there is no nation? No.( 054-282,19720326)

16 Once we have recovered God's nation, all of you have to register. Do you know what registration is about? It is to draw up a genealogy. In the future, when people register into God's nation, they will need to draw up their genealogy centering on the Unification Church. When you draw up your genealogy, you are to return everything you own to God, giving everything from your life, whether a modest amount or a large one. As it represents the life you have led, offering it all means that you dedicate your life to God's kingdom.( 101-289,19781107)

17 In the future, there will be a new task: registering in the kingdom of heaven by entering your name into the family registry. But before you do that, the nation has to emerge. If there is no nation, there is no place for registration. This helps us understand how important it is to establish God's nation. When God has a nation, it will be a nation in which God can work freely. Also, it will be a foundation upon which we can pass beyond the realm of persecution that is Satan's world. Therefore, no matter what you are engaged in, no matter what you are doing, you always need to be thinking about establishing God's nation.( 054-230,19720324)

What we should do in the era of registration

18 You need to revise your family register, to make it anew. The family registers of Satan's world are going to ruin. They belong to the realm of hell. For that reason you need to register anew in the family registry of the heavenly kingdom. You need to clearly understand that today and from this day forth you need to get yourself together and work hard to spread this truth to those around you.( 251-273,19931031)

19 The day in which we can live in a God-centered sovereign state will be most precious. It is our hope to see that day. We would not exchange it for anything. Not one person who has passed on to the spirit world has lived in a God-centered nation. I know this. As Unification Church members, do not just think about the hardships I have put you through. Instead, consider your value as people who possess the original image of God, living in dignity as people in the presence of the Sovereign Lord in the realm of the providential nation, after we recover it. This is the standard by which I have lived my entire life. Though I called many people to a path of hardships, I did so as part of my fight for that day of glory. On that day, I will offer up everything in which I invested my whole heart throughout my life of attendance to God, the Sovereign who lives for the citizens of that nation.( 164-217,19870516)

20 You need to organize your life. Repent for your rash, unrighteous behavior. If you do not repent, you will face the judgment of public righteousness. There is no one who can really stand before the governing law of love. At that time I will serve as your defense attorney. My family and clan members will serve as your attorneys, and all who guide you in the Unification Church will serve as your attorneys. We will defend you. Even God would want to stand as your attorney and defend you. If the scope of your defense exceeds that of the accusation against you, you will be welcomed to register as a citizen of the heavenly kingdom.( 147-331,19861001)

21 You members of the Unification Church must not live casually, doing whatever you want to do. Can you deceive your mind? As much as you cannot deceive your mind, you cannot deceive the family register in heaven. Everything is recorded. Every action you take, even the raising of your hand, is recorded on video. It is possible to record everything in this world, so don't you think it is possible in the heavenly kingdom? In fact, if we want to find out how a particular blessed family is doing, it requires nothing more than the press of a button. We will be able to see not just their childhood, but also their ancestors. It will be instantaneous. It will not take any time at all. Time is a constraint on earth, but in the spirit world it will be said and done in the blink of an eye.( 148-292,19861025)

22 Blessed families have to be serious about everything pertaining to their life from now on. Husband and wife should write a diary. Then you should obtain an official stamp of approval from your sons and daughters and be registered. You should clear up everything to go to the next step. When this is done, Satan will not follow you. A time this serious is coming. So all blessed families should write diaries from now on. Do not try to find some clever way around it.( 208-041,199011 15)

23 Even if you are so old and weak that you stare out the door mouthing the words, "Alas, I am old " you still should go out witnessing. If you have not yet added your mother and father to your heavenly register before you go to the spirit world, you will encounter a serious problem. The blessed families of the Unification Church have entered an age when their work can shape history, through their mothers and fathers, their ancestors, brothers and sisters, relatives and kin.( 186-167,19890201)

24 Until now, so that you maintain your dignity, I have been encouraging you to go out and bear witness. I am trying to make you tribal leaders so that in the future, when the new era of registration arrives, you will be part of that registration. If you have no accomplishments, how can you register? It is the same in the kingdom of heaven in heaven. Not just anyone can go there. Your results will decide whether you can enter.( 194-096,19891017)

25 In the future all people throughout the world will have to register, centering on the twelve tribes. When you register, you will have to record in detail everything about your life, in particular what you have done since you joined the Unification Church. If you have taken even one small thing from the church, even, say, a piece of cloth, you will have to report that. If your report does not match the record in the computer in the spirit world, you will not be allowed to enter.( 212-059,19910101)

26 What do you think will be your assets in the kingdom of heaven? Because there are as of yet no people in the kingdom of heaven, your assets will be the people you bring with you. To bring people, there is no way better than by resurrecting them through witnessing. Your assets in the spirit world will be the people you bring to the kingdom of heaven; there are no other assets to be had. You cannot just assume your children are your assets. You have to find a way to make all of the 120 million people of Japan into Gods people. If you only bring your natural sons and daughters, how can you get this enormous number registered as people of the kingdom of heaven? Keep in mind that it is your spiritual children who will be the cornerstone of your settlement in the spirit world. Without them, everything you did, even serving as a president of the Unification Church for several decades, will be in vain. Witnessing on this scale has been impossible until now because the Unification Church has been persecuted, but now it is possible because I am respected worldwide.( 228-121,19920326)

27 When you unite with the True Parents, you inherit their tradition. When your family has the tradition and character of a subject partner, and thus establishes the foundation for governing all nations, you can register into the realm of the royal family in the heavenly kingdom. Then you will be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. Not everyone enters the kingdom of heaven. Three generations need to follow this path. Grandmother and grandfather, mother and father, husband and wife, and children together make up four stages, but the nucleus consists of three generations of couples.( 228-295,19920705)

28 Now the path you are walking will no longer lead to persecution. I have prepared everything for you. I blocked that which could harm you and tore down everything that could be a barrier for you. That being so, how much should you honor me? Unless you bequeath to your descendants a family tradition that leads them to honor me hundreds of times more than you have during the time of persecution, it will be difficult for them to register at the registrar’s office in the heavenly kingdom. If you do not lay a foundation upon which your sons and daughters can attend me several times better than you have, they will fall away or be crowded out. 184-244,19890101 ()

29 In the future, the era of registration for God's kingdom will come. People hope to be part of the 144,000, don't they? Do you know who the 144,000 are? To be entitled to advance toward the era of registration and then be registered in that era, your tribal realm should be like the homeland in the heavenly kingdom. The era of individual salvation will pass. If the president of a nation joins the Unification Church and pledges him or herself before God, the people of that president’s nation will also become the citizens of the heavenly kingdom. Simply by the president participating in a ceremony officiated by the church, all the people of his nation will be freed from Satan's realm.( 219-100,19910825)

30 When the era of registration comes, just being a citizen of Korea will not be enough. We have to win all peoples with love. In order to do this, you first need to deny your attachment to your family, tribe, society, nation, world, and even hell in the spirit world and the devil. All of these relationships are registered under the Fall. To reverse the process by which we plummeted down, we need to climb back up.( 259-223,19940410)

31 Blessed people stand in a position more fortunate than that of Jesus, who was unmarried. Thus, the time has come for tribes not to oppose me but rather to welcome me. On this foundation, nothing should be easier for you than bringing together 160 families as their tribal messiah. It will be a piece of cake; no problem whatsoever. So you need to quickly get this work done. If you fail to accomplish this task, you will have to do it elsewhere. When so many people in the world line up to register, what will happen to you? Once the number of people waiting to register in Korea overflows its forty million capacity, if you want to fulfill your tribal messiah mission, you will have to pack up and move to a place where you can fulfill it, such as Africa or South America, where conditions may be difficult but many are open to the Blessing. The time is coming when you will end up moving. A tune of great migration is coming.( 274-175,19951029)

32 Once we have a nation, we can register. Then births, marriages and deaths can be certified. Though numerous Unification Church members have received the Blessing, they cannot go through the procedures of certification at present. It is because God's nation is not yet here. So please understand that registration will have to be done anew and then a great migration will follow. People from the North will move to the South, and vice versa. In the future, I may have you participate in a process by which your nationality and tribal affiliation will change. I am predicting that a great migration will take place.( 278-328,19960623)

33 Once Heaven's nation is built on earth, we will have to bring in the whole world. Then the unification of the world will be inevitable. Yet nothing and no one can force you to participate. It will be on a voluntary basis. This will lead up to the day of registration. When it is your tribe's turn to register, if you register first, you will become their first ancestor. Then they will bow their heads before you.( 219-214,19910829)

34 Now is the time to inaugurate the realm of the tribe. However, it is not God who will take the lead for this; the era has arrived when you will guide and lead your tribe into the kingdom of heaven. Through the works of their ancestors, people will come to the Unification Church without knowing why. Nothing compels the leaves to emerge when spring comes; it happens naturally. Likewise, a world is arriving before our eyes, rising like the morning sun. Do not forget that your duty and mission is to go forth boldly and in high spirits as the great owners of heaven and earth and God's liberated children.( 202-257,19900524)

35 Up to the present, we did not have a nation and so you received the Blessing on the level of the church. But from now on, you will have to register with Gods nation. You can do so only when you fulfill your responsibility as tribal messiahs. After registering with God's nation or even with God's world, True Parents as the subject partner and blessed families as the object partners have to become one. Then you need to dedicate your family so that they also will be people who attend God. Only then can the cosmic ideal of blessed families be formed. This is the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.( 269-065,19950407)

The settlement and flourishing of Cheon Il Guk

36 Cheon II Guk is God's kingdom. God’s kingdom is unchanging and absolute. God is absolute, unique, un-changing and eternal. God has these four attributes. No one can ever change that. Once these elements are secured on earth, they will remain for eternity. Today, the fallen world is moving in various directions, but God's ideal of creation is that human history will have one tradition. That is God's original ideal.( 373-145,20020331)

37 The Parents of Heaven and Earth flourishing in unity! In this proclamation, flourishing means that after you settle you establish your livelihood. After this comes the realm of Sabbath, in which everything can rest, enraptured in the ideals of the heavenly king-dom. It is a realm without conflict or unrequited desires. Everyone is attuned to the harmonious environment of the heavenly world and enjoys eternal life. This will be the realm of Sabbath. Please understand where you stand. You are in the era of liberation, the victorious realm, the subject partner nation, Cheon Il Guk.( 383-283,20020629)

38 The heavenly kingdom does not yet exist. Nonetheless, I was able to conduct the inauguration of God's kingship and the Rally for the Settlement of God's Homeland. Then I proclaimed Cheon II Guk, the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity. We are now entering the era of settlement, and not just the era of settlement but of flourishing. "Settlement" means that we have been on the way and are arriving at our destination, fulfilling the purpose of our venture; "flourishing" means that we already have safely arrived at our destination and now we can rest. In order to bring such prosperity to God's kingship, God's homeland and God's Cheon II Guk, body and mind must not fight. They have to be one.( 364-056,2001 1231)

39 Your body and mind are like two people. If these two people cannot become one, you cannot become a citizen of Cheon II Guk. The kingdom of heaven has been something vague until now, because the individual's body and mind were in conflict and so no individual could serve as a foundation for the nation of Cheon II Guk. Cheon II Guk refers to the settlement of a family on the basis of unity—unity of an individual's body and mind, unity of husband and wife, unity of parents and children, and unity among brothers and sisters. If there is no unity, there will be no settlement.( 360-086,2001 11 12)

40 Happiness, peace and freedom in Cheon II Guk does not imply only settlement; it implies flourishing. By settlement I mean moving towards a destination and arriving and staying there. However, flourishing implies that upon completing settlement we establish our livelihood. Settlement requires unity between the individual's mind and body, unity within the couple, unity between parents and children, and unity among siblings. Neither father nor mother, neither son nor daughter, can exempt themselves. They need to establish a parent-child relationship such that their children receive the Blessing, begin married life, have children, and settle. It requires three generations for a family to settle.( 364-073,20020101)

41 As Cheon II Guk unfolds, in time it will be an independent nation. We can also call it ju-che Guk, the subject partner nation. We are in the era of the liberation that is based upon the foundation of the self-governing nations victory. Therefore, I am proclaiming that this is the era of the kingdom of heaven and the time to build the subject partner nation. While Cheon II Guk is the era for the liberation of the subject partner nation, the era following it will be the era of unity and spherical oneness. The era of unity and spherical oneness signifies a return to the origin. Again, we are the ones who should put all this together ourselves. We should bring about unity; God is not going to deliver it to us.( 378-164,20020509)

42 We are now in the Last Days. We are in the era of Cheon II Guk, the victorious realm in which we will form a self-governing nation called the subject partner nation. The victorious realm of the subject partner nation is the victorious realm of a self-governing nation with God at its center; it is also the victorious realm of a self-governing nation that centers around the returning Lord. God is the original center of the era of liberation and the center of the victorious realm of the subject partner nation. Now that this era of liberation has come, we are to return to spherical oneness, which is the original world of unity. This is the omega.( 372-285,20020323)

43 I proclaimed Cheon II Guk, the reign of peace and prosperity, on the foundation of Gods kingship. Cheon II Guk will flourish on this foundation. Following this, we will welcome the era of liberation and the victorious realm of a self-governing nation. Then, since everything will have been liberated, the unified world of spherical oneness will emerge. The unified world will be a world adjusted to God's fundamental and original ideal of creation. Who will make that adjustment for unity? It is not God, but we who should do it. To adjust the world, we have to attain the standard of perfecting the family. This will usher in the era of unity and spherical oneness. Then we can confidently put on our nametags and gain admittance to the garden of Eden, the kingdom of heaven in the era of liberation.( 381-236,20020614)

44 Cheon II Guk will lead to the world of liberation, the victorious realm of a self-governing nation. This in turn will usher in the unified world of spherical oneness. It is at this point that we will attain unity. The realm of liberation arrives when everyone in the world is on an equal footing and can be liberated together. Then east and west, south and north, front and back and left and right will reach the original spherical oneness. For that original spherical oneness, God set up His original laws of creation. They include the plan, the design, and the implementation in practice. Everything should fit together. But God will not perform that fitting together. That is something we have to do. Only after doing it can we go to the kingdom of heaven. That is the formula.( 388-294,20020802)

45 We are in the era of liberation and the victorious realm of the self-governing nation of Cheon II Guk. It is the era of liberation, when all created beings return to their original position prior to the Fall and praise the victorious realm where they have autonomy as individual embodiments of truth. Now that the era of liberation has come, we are returning to the world of spherical oneness. We are going back to the original world on earth where Satan does not exist. Instead of a multiplicity of nations, there is only one nation. In other words, there is only Adam's tribe, Adam's people, Adam's nation, Adam's world and Adam's cosmos, rooted in Adams household. It is a nation of the human race as one, based on the absolute lineage, unique lineage, and eternal and unchanging lineage, as well as the absolute life, unique life, and eternal and unchanging life, which come from God's absolute love, unique love, unchanging and eternal love. It is like one single tree.( 378-255,20020516)

46 Cheon II Guk is the nation where two people become one. When there are three generations, they will form the nation of spherical oneness, Won Il Guk (…). This will be one nation, il guk (…), that takes the round form of a circle, won (). Next comes the world of unity, Tong Il Guk, which takes the form of a single nation. We need to advance in the following order: Cheon Il Guk, Won Il Guk and Tong Il Guk, the nation of unity. To establish the nation of spherical oneness, we are required to perfect the four-position foundation and the three object-partner purpose, where above and below, front and back, and right and left are completely one.( 398-342,20021217)

47 Welcoming Ssang Hab Shib Seung II, the Day of the Victory of the Number Ten Combining Two Halves, signifies that God now owns the days, the months and the four seasons. He is the Owner and the King of love; He is the Owner and the King of true parents. On the basis of His kingship on this earth and the unity of heaven and earth, God is the owner of all. With God as your owner, you can be a king of love; with God as your owner, you can be a king of true parents; with God as your owner, you can be a king of true teachers. We are ushering in the era of the King of true kings. Hence, we need to completely forget about what ethnic group we came from and the back-ground tradition by which we lived. Please understand that we are standing at the apocalyptic turning point, based on a totally revolutionary foundation. On this foundation we can achieve Gods perfection, True Parents' perfection, and the perfection of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, and these can settle on earth. We have to proceed toward the world of love's eternal sovereignty. Such is the new heaven and new earth in the new era, the Era after the Coming of Heaven.( 456-258,20040630)

Section 5. The Universal Peace Federation and the Abel UN

1 The word “cosmos,” cheonju (天宙), refers to heaven and earth as one union. The character for cheon (), meaning heaven, is a combination of two characters: dul () meaning two and in () meaning a person. Following this, the character ju () means a house, which is a safe haven. A part of that character, yu (), relates to freedom and peace. Put together, cosmos refers to a house where two people represent heaven and earth and live for eternity in freedom and peace. It is God’s house. It is the house of God for the individual, the house of God for the tribe, the house of God for a people, the house of God for a nation, and the house of God for the cosmos.( 356-172,2001 1014)

The establishment of the Universal Peace Federation and the Abel UN

2 Peace! The Chinese character for peace, pyeong () signifies the connection of two worlds, represented by its two horizontal lines. As a couple connects two worlds, they take horizontal positions relative to each other. The vertical line at the center represents true love, true life, and true lineage, which are eternal. Anything horizontal lasts for one generation, but that which is vertical lasts forever. Lineage is eternal. In addition, the Chinese character for harmony, hwa (), starts with the character for rice, hwa (). Then the character for mouth (), signifying the Word, is added to the character for rice. It means that we eat the Word physically and spiritually. It has to be through the Word that we realize the world of peace.( 356-172,2001 1014)

3 Before we began our UN assemblies, I proclaimed, "The renewal movement for true love, peace and unity of the First Israel is for the ideal of establishing God's homeland." Based on this vision, I proclaimed the First Declaration in Jerusalem, the Second Declaration in Washington, DC, and the Third Declaration in Seoul. On this foundation, we could finally depart for the realm of the Fourth Israel, which had not yet emerged. The first, second and third Israels fell short, and that is why I made these proclamations for the establishment of the nation of the Fourth Israel.( 420-031,20031010)

4 We have to build Cheon II Guk and establish a world-level Abel UN that represents the kingship of peace. The Abel UN is the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), and the Cain UN is the United Nations. I named UPF using the word "universal" (lit: cosmic) instead of "international" because the Abel UN represents heaven and earth. Once it becomes the elder brother, it must be able to cover the roles of the Cain UN.( 505-084,20050823)

5 The returning Lord will encompass what Adam by his Fall turned upside down and put it right side up. We have entered the era for doing this, and it can be done by the Universal Peace Federation in its relationship to the Cain UN. The Abel UN embodies the original ideal of the UN. It is advancing toward the peaceful kingdom of heaven that has nothing to do with Satan's world.( 506-101,20050901)

6 Once the Abel UN is completed, everything will change based on its laws. In the morning, everything in nature faces the sunlight. We will go through a similar process as we settle at the place that has nothing to do with hell. It is the only way we can enter the kingdom of heaven. My expression, "high noon settlement" indicates that we will purify ourselves. It alludes to the division between night and day, in that no one knows exactly when that moment passes because it happens in the blink of an eye. The divide between spring and summer also takes but an instant to cross, and no one perceives that moment with exactness. It also turns noon in the blink of an eye. These changes occur in but an instant. The division of day and night resulted in two sides fighting each other. Just as morning turns to noon, the world is transitioning into a world that is only day. This is what I mean by high noon settlement.( 506-154,20050902)

7 If you commit to doing more work than I do, the world will continue moving toward the realm of victory. If you do not, then you will be filled with regret after I pass away. Three generations of your descendants will have to set some indemnity conditions. Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, this Abel UN, which is the Universal Peace Federation, must be established. For this, we need to have one unified land. For the Universal Peace Federation, the land should not be two, but one. It is a land where evil people cannot kill or violate good people. The land of the Universal Peace Federation should be such a land. Anyone who opposes this or anyone who seeks their personal pleasure using money for personal desires rather than supporting this cause will come to ruin. The kingpins of individualism employ the concept of conflict to destroy the world of goodness. Because they endeavor to suppress the world of goodness, they will perish. Individuals should be willing to sacrifice to save their country, countries should be willing to sacrifice to save the world and the world should be willing to sacrifice to save God. This will lead to advancement, because it builds the foundation by which all people can serve the world. When we do so, the world will inevitably realize the reign of peace and prosperity, with liberation and complete freedom.( 506-301,20050905)

8 Once we form the Universal Peace Federation, which represents the new kingship of goodness, it will emerge as the Abel UN and become the sovereignty of peace. With that, goodness will flourish and evil will recede. It will become the standard upon which the planet Earth can enjoy the governance of good kingship in Gods sovereignty. This era will surpass the standard of Adam, who fell at the age of sixteen. We are entering an era that connects us to the standard that Adam would have reached at the completion stage, at age twenty-one, when he could have received the Blessing. This is my expectation for the Abel UN. I inaugurated the Abel UN and the peace kingdom— kingship and kingdom. Nothing that belongs to Satan, neither property nor people, can be brought to the city of the Peace King. No one will be able to transport weapons or arms on the national highways of God's country, Cheon II Guk. Hence, it will naturally enjoy peace. As was prophesied in Isaiah 2:4, "They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks," and level the royal ground for the Peace King.( 507-143,20050910)

9 This proclamation of the inauguration of the Universal Peace Federation is like the proclamation of the Declaration of Independence. It contains the core declaration: the teaching that the parent-child relationship must be settled in the family. Lineage, the right of inheritance, and the great work of creation based on that right—all are included in the relationship between God and His children. It affirms that everyone can have an equal position, representing God, and reach the standard by which they can perfect heavenly fortune. This heavenly fortune enables us to relate to God and to complete the ideal of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. Once we reach this level, we will never be able to fall away from our relationship with God.( 508-207,20050920)

10 From this time on, the realms of Abel and Cain have to become one beyond the dimension of the physical world. To put this into effect, the Cain realm should unite with the Universal Peace Federation, which was launched in the position of the Abel UN. This is the formula. In order to establish the peace kingdom, the ideal world, we will have to break down all barriers and obstacles by working on the supra-religious and supranational level. By doing this, all humanity will fulfill their destined responsibility, whereby they will enter the original world according to Gods ideal of creation. Then they will recover the original right of ownership that was lost due to the Fall of Adam and Eve.( 513-148,20051228)

11 The Universal Peace Federation should carry the name of our nation, Cheon II Guk. That name, Cheon II Guk, points to the coming era of Heavenly Parentism and the kingship of peace, the era when all humankind becomes one nation. We must become one in mind and body based on Gods one lineage. In a blessed family, husband and wife must never be disunited and siblings must never be disunited. That is why the marriage Blessing is something fearful. Free sex and homosexuality cannot exist there. Unless we enter the era when we can unite as blessed families, we cannot be among the families in the heavenly kingdom. When the Abel UN is inaugurated and the people unite with it, the new heaven and earth that the Savior, the returning Lord and True Parents, has proclaimed will be established. In order to make this happen, we need to realize the ideal of one nation, one UN, one people and one global family. We have to bring an end to all conflicts. A great revolution will emerge even in heaven. When that time comes, even religions and their de-nominations will disappear.( 506-101,20050901)

12 For the establishment of Cheon II Guk, I inaugurated the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP) in the position of the vertical Abel. And I brought the people with the Mongolian birthmark together through the marriage Blessing to establish the horizontal Cain realm. Their population, spread throughout the world, constitutes more than 70 percent of the human race. Thus, the time has come for blessed families to fulfill their providential responsibility to bring the billions of people into one family. We have to break down completely the racial, religious and national barriers.( 489-266,20050304)

The role and responsibility of the Abel UN

13 Unless we now form the actual Abel UN based on the Interreligious and International Peace Council (IIPC), we will not be able to bring about the Peace UN. The Peace UN includes Cain and Abel, and through it God can freely work on the supranational and supra-religious levels. I have to fulfill this task by all means, because I am responsible to usher in the era of prosperity and peace. This era of liberation and complete freedom will center on God's kingship, which has been established based on the foundation of restoration through indemnity.( 465-123,20040819)

14 Working with the world and the United States, we have to reform the UN. This newly reformed UN will be a combined UN. We are not trying to close the Cain UN, but rather to assist and guide it as if it were our younger sibling UN and transform it to be a good younger brother UN. Then and only then will it be embraced in Gods bosom with the same value as the Abel UN, just as Cain and Abel would have had the same value had there been no Fall. When the elder brother can love the younger brother, God cannot help but love the younger brother whom the older brother loves. Therefore, the history of bitter sorrow will be overturned naturally and the world of peace will come.( 506-120,20050901)

15 The political system of the democratic world is a framework to process conflict, but when we reach the position of parents we can bring an end to conflicts. When parents are at the center, the siblings will become one. We can intervene in conflicts only as parents. No one will be against us if we are in the parents' position, whether we intervene or not. This is the only conceivable way out of the present impasse. Therefore we must first find the True Parents. Only from that point can we recover everything for peace, including true children and the true nation. There is no alternative; we have to assimilate all situations through Heavenly Parentism. Only through Heavenly Parentism is it possible.( 506-130,20050901)

16 I have been working with the Abel UN to bring unity to the religious realm and then to create unity between it and the Cain UN. Cain striking Abel typifies the present state of the Cain UN and Abel UN. I have charged the Universal Peace Federation with solving this problem. For the True Parents to realize the unity of the religious realm—the Abel realm—together with the unity of nations—the Cain realm, the Abel UN needs to bring the Cain UN to voluntarily surrender. By doing so, the older brother will finally take the position of the younger brother, and vice versa.( 508-039,20050916)

17 Today the task of the Unification Church is to turn things around by working with the UN. To do so, we have to expand Adam's family into the UN arena. In this era of restoration, the UN has to serve as the territory where external Cain and Abel struggles, such as the struggle between the communist world and the democratic world, are resolved. We also have to resolve internal Cain and Abel struggles, such as among delegates at the UN. We need to lift delegates up to Abel's standard, so that as Abel they can reconcile with Cain and become as one family. Our task now is to set the family conditions of indemnity on the level of the UN organization. It should fulfill this condition both internally and externally.( 264-243,19941103)

18 Politics dominate today's UN. The UN mainly focuses on political issues. It does not consider the views of the religious realm, the world of women, young adults or students. The UN holds an impressive name, but without linking to these areas it has no hands or feet. It is time to establish the Abel UN. We also need a UN of religions, a women's UN, a your peoples UN and a students' UN. Let us form, in this world, the UN of Religions, which represents God, the Women's UN, which represents Eve, the Youth UN, which represents Cain, and the Students UN, which represents Abel.( 289-230,19980102)

19 Let the world of politics drift aimlessly. Our focus should be to gather religious leaders to form a UN of religions. For this, we need to build solidarity among religious people around the world. We also need to create solidarity among women throughout the world and solidarity among young people throughout the world. In fact, I have already set up the foundation for all of these. Korea should have strong bonds with these organizations: the UN of Religions, the Women's UN, the Youth UN and the Students UN. Then, after these organizations become the part of the UN, Korea will be able to take a leading role in working at the UN. By educating it from a supra-religious perspective, we should enable the UN to achieve the ideal of a peaceful global family.( 289-230,19980102)

20 We have to create a landing-site at the UN for a religious council, on the foundation of the Interreligious Federation for World Peace. For that purpose, I am encouraging exemplary religious leaders around the world to rally and take the lead. At the UN of Religions, organizations sustained by religious groups should have missions, the same as nations have at the UN. For example, the Buddhist sphere should establish a Buddhist mission and the Muslim sphere should establish a Muslim mission. In this manner, all religious spheres should set up missions to the UN of Religions, complete with ambassadors, and leave conflict behind. Currently, the UN has no owner. However, by integrating the Interreligious Federation for World Peace, the Women's Federation for World Peace, the Youth Federation for World Peace, and the Family Federation for World Peace, the UN will equip itself with the internal and external characteristics of a world-level nation.( 296-139,19981103)

21 The inheritance of Satan's lineage from the false parents on earth established false love, false life and a false lineage. Based on this, Satan imprisoned God, took over God's position, and used the people and the children who were meant for the heavenly kingdom at his will and pleasure. Now for the first time, True Parents have brought God and human beings back to their original position. This return to their original position brings us to the omega point. The Abel UN is designed for peace, while the Cain UN functions in a way that inevitably results in conflict. Currently there is friction between them, so we must unite them as the Peace UN. In fact, in some nations there have been confrontations between the Abel UN and the Cain UN. I am inaugurating the Peace UN by bringing the Abel UN and the Cain UN together. On that foundation, we should establish the peaceful kingdom of heaven, the UN peace kingdom. When that happens, all nations will disappear. Religions will fade away. When all nations and religions disappear, we will enter the era of one great family, the era of the kingdom of heaven.( 420-031,20031010)

22 Because Jesus' body was lost in Asia, after we restore it, we have to liberate Israel, Islam and all religious realms. We need to create a realm of freedom that transcends religion, and a realm of peace that no longer has conflict and war. As we do, we will establish the original ideal base of God, where True Parents can stand within the family, nation, world and cosmos. Thereby, the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven will become manifest. In order to begin this task, I completed the formation of a realm of unity between the heavenly world and the earthly world, and in the midst of it I proclaimed, "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age." (261-186,19940609)


The Path of CheonIlGuk Citizens and the Family Pledge

Section 1. Purity and a Life of One Heart, One Body, One Mindset and One Harmony

1 The providence of salvation is the providence of re-creation; that is the process of creation to purify all things and all people, their lineage and their love, according to the Principle of God’s creation. The establishment of pure things, pure people and pure love in a pure land is the ideal and purpose of creation. In order to achieve this, you need self-mastery. To recover the purity of your body, which until now has served as the foundation for Satan, you must drive Satan out by striking your body. By doing so, you will free yourself from Satan's world by uniting your pure mind and body, as spirit and substance. After that, you will pass through a three-year engagement period. Then you can form a blessed family in the realm of perfection. From the viewpoint of the Principle, this process elevates you to the position where you can complete the human portion of responsibility. You need to understand this course of restoration through indemnity; this is the only for you to rise.(268-115,19950331)

2 Maintaining the undefiled pure lineage is an absolute necessity. Godbanished fallen Adam and Eve. So if you defile your lineage, you have to deny yourself completely. To do so, you have to go to the back of the line of fallen humanity, turn around and come back to God. In the future, only those who have safeguarded their purity can become leaders. Such people should take responsibility to inherit and carry forward the mainline tradition and teaching. Those who fall after the Blessing should not expect to be forgiven again.(268-111,19950331)

3 In Korea, upon returning home, the tradition is to greet your parents first. The practice of filial piety is emphasized, particularly for women. Why do we have the folktale Shim Chung? It is because, at the outset of history, it was a woman who proved unfilial. To indemnify world history, one woman must become the world's most devoted daughter. This is the very first provision in the law of indemnity by which to build the restored kingdom of heaven. For this reason, women should take pride in becoming daughters who establish the tradition of filial piety, practice chastity and maintain purity.(286-105,19970809)

4 Each of you has to become a filialson or daughter and then a devout saint. On the foundation of a family from a pure lineage that embodies pure love, you should begin by becoming a devoted child in front of God. This does not pertain to you alone; your whole family must embody filial piety. Yours should be the family of loyal, filial children, the family of saints, and the family of divine sons and daughters. From that position you become an exemplary representative, owner, and prince or princess who can inherit the sovereignty of the heavenly kingdom from the level of the individual to that of the cosmos. We always have to be going through this training. This is the meaning of being an owner of Cheon IlGuk.(406-316,20030312)

5 Before you can call God our Father, you blessed families of pure lineage and pure love should become devoted children on every level: the family, nation, world and cosmos. Everything inside and outside of you—your mind, your body and even your cells—should resemble God and unite and harmonize with Him in one heart, one body and one mindset. Yet He has had no partner who could do so. In a state of unity and harmony, you have to invest love. By investing love, you continually rise, starting from the level of all things. Thus you eventually reach God. When God is happy, heaven and earth will also rejoice. From that point begins the perfect and complete liberation of theoriginal ideal of creation. That is the level you have to reach.(406-322,20030312)

6 Had Adam and Eve fulfilled their responsibility before God, He would have held a Blessing ceremony for them. This Blessing would have been the starting point of goodness. Unity with the truth, the substance and the heart would have been attained. Unity with the truth means that when God says, "Do this!" we answer "Yes," and follow through to fulfill what He commands. From the perspective of God's Will, Adam and Eve in essence were not two separate beings. Lured by Eve, Adam broke Heaven's law. Thus they became separated, but originally they were one. After attaining unity with Gods truth and with God's substance, they would have attained unity with Gods heart. When this happened, they would have become totally one with God. God has come this far hoping for that day.(015-263,19651017)

7 You and I are in the same position when it comes to oneness in heart between husband and wife, and parents and children. We cannot achieve oneness of heart and mind if one insists on standing above and putting the other below. If parents are always above and their children are always below, they are not of one heart. Only when they are in an equal position on the horizontal plane can they be of one heart. In other words, only when they relate internally and externally on a line on the horizontal plane can they be of one heart. This holds true for a couple as well. They can be of one heart in their horizontal relationship only where they can relate internally and externally, front and back. This can never happen in a relationship where one is above and one below.(041-030,19710212)

8 What is the primary condition we uphold in the Unification Church? It is mind and body unity. When God created heaven and earth, He did so with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Thus, if you speak, the substance of what you believe will emerge. If it does not, you need greater investment to actualize your words. No matter how great your command, it will be fulfilled if your investment is greater even than the intensity of your wish.(400-203,20030101)

9 When we speak of one heart, one body, and one mindset, we are referring to mind and body unity centered on God. Attaining mind-body unity is to love Heaven. What I am saying is that you should love Heaven. Having one body corresponds to loving humanity, and having one mindset corresponds to loving your nation. The nation is an extension of the family. Thus I am telling you to love the family. The core desire of all men and women should be to achieve the teaching of one heart, one body and one mindset. When we speak of the cosmos we are referring to God's house, which contains all things of creation in heaven and on earth. This is thecore teaching of the people of heaven and earth. One mind, one body and one mindset is the core teaching of God, and of a cosmic person.(381-106,20020611)

10 The term il hwa (一和) consists of the Chinese characters for il (一和), meaning one, and hwa (), meaning harmony. It is not the other Chinese character for hwa (), which means “to become.” As it stands, the character hwa, meaning to harmonize, contains the meaning that people of different personalities should become one even though their characters differ and, similarly, peoples and nations with different characteristics should join together as one..(068-232,19730803)

Section 2. High Noon Settlement and a Life of Resonance

1 High noon settlement is possible when there is no shadow. When the mind and body become one, the shadow disappears. When a couple becomes one, the shadow disappears. When the sun is in the east, the shadow is cast toward the west. When the sun is in the west, the shadow is cast toward the east. Likewise, when the sun is to the south, a shadow will be cast toward the north and vice versa. A shadow can be cast in any of the four directions. However, at high noon, when you stand at the very center, there is no shadow. You should have such relationships with your parents, spouse, children and siblings. Only then can God be positioned as theowner of the eight stages of love. If you are unable to establish a high noon position, the amount of devotion you offer does not matter. Without establishing this high noon position free of shadows, you are not able to be with or go to God, who has no sliver of a shadow, because you are not in a perpendicular position. You should establish such a position in which you cast no shadow for all eternity.(333-155,20000926)

2 High noon settlement! For this, there should not be any shadow in the four-position foundation. If we can achieve such a state, God will descend and everyone will rejoice. No matter how vast the area, everyone in it will be happy. Thus, you should each become a mother or father, husband or wife, and son or daughter who can find high noon settlement. If you cast a shadow in any of those positions, you will bring all the misfortunes of heaven and earth to take root in your family. These are terrifying words. This is the one formula and model to which we all have to conform. Everything exists in pairs, as part of a four-position foundation. For example, even when you see things with your eyes, you consciously grasp them only when they come into focus through your optic nerves. This is the structure of a four-position foundation. The same can be said of your mouth and your hearing. You can hear sounds only when sound waves resonate through the three semicircular canalsin your ears. If there is a gap there that blocks the resonance, you will not hear what is being said. Thus we need to uphold the life philosophy of high noon settlement as we go forward.(333-106,20000925)

3 God's throne is currently situated in the middle of hell on earth, and it must rise like the sun. When it does, all creation will enter the era of high noon settlement, where there is no shadow. The phrase "high noon settlement" means there is no shadow for all eternity. When you go to the spirit world, you will see the sun high up at the center of the sky all the time. You will not see any shadows. If a shadow were to appear, all the good spirits would immediately come and blow it away. It would vanish. In the same way, good spirits will come to the earth and punish this world of shadows.(500-327,20050714)

4 When do your body and mind resonate? When you reach maturity centered on God's love, the mind naturally attunes itself to the wavelength of God's love. With the mind tuned to that wavelength, the body completely unites with God's love. This can be likened to the union of particles with plus and minus electrical charges. If that were to happen, our body, mind and ideals would be completely engrafted to God. But we lost the position where that can take place. Hence we need to discover the standard that enables the body and mind to engraftto God, centered on His love. If you skip that step, you cannot discover it in your family. You cannot bring the matter to the national level and discover it in the nation. Then where should you look for it? You should look for it within yourself as an individual. That is why religion has sought the perfection of the individual. Yet people have been ignorant of the fact that you can be perfected only when you attain this realm of resonance.(141-113,19860219)

5 When a person is perfected as the Absolute Beings object partner, what kind of state will he or she have reached? The Absolute Being is the subject partner of love and perfect harmony. Therefore, the condition that an object partner must satisfy in His presence is the perfect harmony and oneness of his or her own internal subject and object parts. When a person achieves complete oneness of mind and body, by maturing his or her character centered on the Absolute Being, he or she can establish the foundation of absolute love. At that time he or she resonates in love with the Absolute Being. That is, when your mind and body harmonize completely, without the slightest conflict, a responsive realm of love comes to life and, like a tuning fork, automatically begins to resonate with the Absolute Being. This is the minimum standard required of you, within the relative world, to connect with the absolute state.(102-058,19781125)

6 Where did human beings begin? We originated from love. Then what is our purpose? Since our beginning point was love, our purpose is to attain and connect to the end point of love. Since we began in love, our purpose surely is attained through love. To achieve that purpose, we need to create a framework of love with people all around us—front, back, left, right, top and bottom. Once you are completely fused together at the core in love, you enter a realm of resonance. This is because you will have completely harmonized your mind and body, your whole body, your five spiritual senses and your five physical senses. When you attain this maturity of mind and body and enter this realm of resonance, you are like an original, unfallen human being, and you can embark on the path toward individual perfection.(137-210,19860103)

7 Once you enter a state of love, you will find that each and every being exists as the only, unique being. When the Buddha said, "In heaven and earth, I alone am the honored one," he was not speaking casually. In a state of unity between his mind and body, he was saying, "As it is now and was in the past, heaven and earth are in harmony. Gazing into myself and at everything in motion, having entered the realm of resonance of true love, I can see that God resides within me, all things of creation are within me, andall things are my friends and brothers and sisters. Since I am the subject partner, I am like their owner. Since I am the subject partner, in the whole cosmos, I alone am the honored one."(166-052,19870528)

8 If you enter the realm of resonance of true love, you will be able to see heaven and earth clearly. The Buddha said, "In heaven and earth, I alone am the honored one." He said so because when he entered the core of that realm of resonance, he found the entire world in his hands, God residing within him, and heavenly law connected to him. That is why he could say this. Once you enter the realm where true love resonates, you do not need faith. Since you live with God, you do not need a savior. You are free. Everything is finished.(201-166,19900330)

9 When a person reaches perfection, his or her spirit self and physical self are configured for the first time to resonate with the realm of heart. In the human world, what is it that resonates with the spirit self and the physical self? It is not knowledge. It is not an ideal, or joy. It is not the pleasure of satisfying worldly desires. Only love resonates with them.(172-085,19880109)

10 When you act with the power of love, you can be a partner of great power, connected to the essence that gave God the ability to create the universe. This is possible only with love.You cannot do this with knowledge; you cannot do it with money or authority. Have you ever tried to live that way? How hard have you struggled to correct the misalignment between your mind and body, to perfect your character in harmony with the realm that resonates with Heavens love? To stop you from doing this, the nation is latching onto you and bending you to its angle; the world is latching onto you. The issue is how you are going to sever all those ties, correct the angle and move forward to reach the original realm of heart. Without getting to that place you will never be free.(178-115,19880601)

11 Love strives to bring the mind and body into perfect resonance so they can move forward together in oneness. Love does not go toward only one side. When the conscience and the physical mind move forward with a single purpose, love rushes along in the same direction, toward the same destination. This means that love can be found in the realm of resonance that binds the mind and body together, the place that is clearly oriented toward the absolute direction. Therefore, in order to be happy, your physical mind and conscience must resonate with each other. If you do not attain that resonance, love does not emerge. Thus we need to pay attention to whether the conscience and the physical mind stand within the eternal realm of resonance.(183-050,19881029)

Section 3. Embodying God through Love and Living a Life of Attendance

1 I have agonized most of all over the issue of how God and human beings can become one body, and how to explain this logically. A theory cannot be put forth unless it is clear. If the fundamental position of human love is not established, everything else will go wrong.(249-223,19931010)

2 In seeking answers to the most fundamental questions, I constantly wondered where on earth I could find the realm of oneness between God and humanity. This is an important question. Until it is resolved, the starting point and the end point will not coincide. While reflecting on this, a realization came to me like a bolt of lightning: true love travels by the most direct and shortest route. This realization answered my question. If true love connects heaven and earth, it takes the straightest and shortest route between them. In other words, there is only one vertical line; at any given point on a horizontal line, there is only one line that forms a 90-degree angle to it. This marks the straightest path and shortest distance.(250-153,19931014)

3 We marry in order to perfect love. We say that horizontally, a man and a woman are right and left, or east and west. Since their true ideal has them connecting along the straightest, shortest path, the straightest and shortestpath of love intersects the level plane at only one point, the center on that plane, at 90 degrees. If it tilts to the side it does not work, because it ends up forming an oval and the two sides will not be the same. It is only at the 90-degree angle that both can stand in an equal position with the same standard. The love that leads to the embodiment of God in human beings is found only at the 90-degree angle.(224-168,1991 1124)

4 Love between God and human beings is the major question. For example, is the color of God's love, the same as the color of our love? And where does Gods love meet ours? If this does not happen, if we do not unite with God in love, neither we nor God can settle. If God is rejoicing with one standard of love, and we are rejoicing with another, a serious problem will arise.(257-059,19940313)

5 The new age in the twenty-first century is an age of universal values. It is an age when material things do not dominate our mind and spirit. It is an age when we live in oneness with God. In the twenty-first century, people will realize that living for the sake of others is far more valuable than living for oneself. Self-centeredness will fade away and altruism, based on interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values, will finally and triumphantly emerge.(219-122,19910828)

6 Humanity has to find God. We haveto dispel our ignorance of the incorporeal True Parent. We are blind to the great works of the Creator, even as we live within the infinite, profound and mysterious order of the universe, in which God's omniscience and omnipotence are revealed. We should no longer perpetuate this appalling situation. As fallen humanity we have to free ourselves from arrogance, thinking we own our own life. In the presence of Gods true love, we need to awaken our spirituality and maintain the standard of absolute sex.(400-099,20021227)

7 God is the True Parent. You have to discover the living God, who is committed to investing true love for all eternity. Then you will come to understand the heart of God in creating us as His object partners. His desire is to give us absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal true love, true life and true lineage. Thus you can relate to God, the absolute True Parent, True Teacher and True Owner; and with the True Parents as the axis of absolute values for the individual, the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. They should become the root of your life, from your daily affairs to those of your family, nation and world. We have to start a revolution. If we determine to follow for tens of thousands of years, without change, the tradition of the Parents of Heaven and Earth— the path of true love, of living for the sake of others—there will be no problem that cannot be resolved, whether inthe family or society, or between races or religions.(400-099,20021227)

8 The age will surely come when we live in the ideal world of creation, the world of oneness in heart between God and humankind. In that age, people will realize that it is eternally more valuable to live for others than for themselves. We have to build this world, where self-centeredness fades away and is replaced with altruism, based on the ideals of interdependence, mutual prosperity and civic virtue. To accomplish that purpose, we need to understand God and the spirit world correctly, so that our testimony about the heavenly way will guide humankind and the world. We will form thereby one great cosmic family connected to God's true love, true life and true lineage, and build Gods homeland and hometown on earth and in heaven.(400-100,20021227)

9 If the family that God envisioned, in which He is embodied in human beings through love, had come about at the time of creation, we all would have entered the kingdom of heaven. The problem is that God and human beings were unable to become one as subject partner and object partners through true love. Their love diverged, resulting in two directions and two purposes. As long as this condition remains, God and humanity will not find the absolute, ideal world. God had intended that true love between thesepartners begin from a single point, but the Fall brought His plan to a complete halt and, instead, false parents emerged through Satan's love. Since we are all their descendants, who inherited false love, false life and false lineage, we live in hell. Human beings have nothing to do with the kingdom of heaven. Nevertheless, we have been unaware that we need to find God's true love, centered on one person who has overcome the physical body and acts with perfect freedom.(275-054,19951031)

10 We speak of the embodiment of God in human beings through love, but where is this embodiment achieved? Until now, no one has understood logically where God's love and human love merge. Without knowing this, calling God "Father" is meaningless. The word has nothing to do with God. Actually, Adam and Eves wedding ceremony should have been God's wedding ceremony. When you go to the spirit world you will know this for sure. You will see that these incomprehensible words are correct. Only when you capture God's love is your ambition so fully satisfied that you can say, "Now I am content." Action occurs only when there are a subject partner and an object partner. As human beings, attaining our highest ambition is only possible through a subject partner. That subject partner is God's love. Since God intended us to become His embodiment through love, we are destined to long for that until itis achieved. We will be content only when we arrive at that point.(252-119,199311 14)

11 In your life of faith, you cry out "God!" in the hope that He will hear you and trust in you. Once you have His trust, you will eventually seek to achieve a state of oneness with God, as one body through love. By doing so, your love and God's love will merge.(258-098,19940317)

12 Instead of observing a traditional day of Sabbath, the Unification Church is entering the age of salvation through justification by attendance. Put simply, it is the age of attendance. The attendance I am referring should not be taken lightly; it should enable God to enter your family and abide there. That is not only a realm of liberation, but a realm of complete freedom in which you live together with God. Until now, we observed the Sabbath every week. Nonetheless, within the range of ten, the eighth day is most important. This is because it marks a new beginning, a day of peaceful settlement through justification by attendance. Finally this day, called Ahn Shi II in Korean, could come about, allowing us to achieve salvation through attending God.(445-265,20040419)

13 What does the age of justification through attendance mean? It means this is an age of living in attendance to God. Doesn't the first of the Ten Commandments in the Bible tell us tolove God? In the Era after the Coming of Heaven, however, God manifests Himself to all people in the form of the True Parents. Therefore the stature of the Unification Church, whose members attend the True Parents, will reflect Heaven's power and authority, a power and influence without equal in the world.(565-304,20070613)

14 Surely fallen people have parents, but they are not true parents. God does not recognize those parents as true parents. Then what is it that we need to do today, in the Last Days? Within our life-time we should attend parents on the level of the universe, on the level of religion, and on the family level. This means we need to serve three sets of parents. As individuals in a family, we attend our parents. As children, in the religious sphere, we attend True Parents. As parents, on the universal level, we attend the True Parent, God. People living on earth today are not within the realm of True Parents' love approved by God. Unfortunately, our relationship with our physical parents does not extend all the way from our birth to the eternal world. Only when we combine the love of the parents who represent the family, the religious sphere and the universe with God's love, can we enter the realm of His love that encompasses six thousand years of history. Then we can stand in His presence and lift up our faces before Him. This is the course we are bound to take.(005-123,19590104)

15 Because Adam and Eve fell in the garden of Eden of their own volition, and lived in the fallen realm, they could never experience a life of serving God directly. Those who have not been able to serve God are not qualified to enter the kingdom of heaven. Nonetheless, although you inherited the false lineage, you are qualified to enter the kingdom of heaven on the condition that while you lived on earth in the flesh you attended God, the True Parent, whom Adam and Eve did not attend while on the earth. By doing so, you indemnify the course of restoration and acquire citizenship in the kingdom of heaven.(150-315,19610415)

16 When we come to attend God as the Parent of the universe, His love will reign on earth. On that day we will receive His love and we will be able to love our siblings. In that world, even if we were ordered to fight, we would not fight among ourselves. How terrible the Fall in the garden of Eden was! How terrible has been the course of bloodshed that began with the conflict there and has continued until now! You cannot go to the kingdom of heaven alone as an individual. At least two—you and your older brother—must unite and go on the foundation of attendance to your parents.(105-341,19791028)

17 I hereby proclaim peace and unity everywhere in CheonIlGuk This phrase means that peace and unity cover everything wherever you go, withoutexception. I am proclaiming the era of a world of peace and equality. The phrase, "Proclamation on the Arrival of the CheonIlGuk Era with Peace and Unity Everywhere," states that heaven and earth are one. Thus, when families who received the Blessing on earth for peace and unity in CheonIlGuk call upon their ancestors, they have to respond. That is why I am saying that we are in the era when the spirit world will be able to descend to the earth at will, and the wishes of people on earth can reach their ancestors and God. On that basis, I am proclaiming the coming of the era of peace and unity everywhere.(396-151,20021105)

18 Our hope is to stand in the same place as God. This means we have the right to stand in an equal position with God. We also have the right to live together, and the right to participate. The right to participate means the right to act together. That is, you should participate together and act together. After that comes the right to love together. We—God and each of us—live together for the purpose of love. Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one conies to the Father except through me." (John 14:6) He said that he is the truth, meaning the Word, and the life, but he left out love. CheonIlGuk advances based on love. That is why you have the desire to remain in the same place as True Parents, You want to live with True Parents and to participate in everything they do. This means youwant to live together happily and freely for eternity, in a position of freedom, based on love. In that sense, the era of peace and unity everywhere in CheonIlGuk has now come. Consequently, when you move, you are not moving alone. Your nation is surrounding you. The entire spirit world, heaven, is surrounding you. You are living as an owner amid the protection of the physical world and its people. You have to become an owner who can serve and attend in the tradition of God's love. Your clan should uphold this teaching as the framework for a nation.(396-152,20021105)

Section 4. The World of the Culture of Heart

1 The heart is the mind of emotion. Our deepest feelings belong to the realm of heart. God created human beings; therefore, the flow of God's heart is internally connected to that place. The electricity of God’s love flows in the realm of the heart. Experiencing this is like feeling electricity flow through you. How powerful that is! Through this you gain a sense of what goodness is. The realm of heart contains the substance by which we connect to everything. Because there is nothing that does not belong to this realm of heart, the electricity of God's love can flow everywhere.(112-013,19810315)

2 When a mother who just gave birth to her own baby sees the town beggars baby, or the baby of a woman in direpoverty, who has no one to breastfeed it, and has the impulse to nurse it as her own, that is heart. Only when you love other children as if they were your own, and practice that love beyond the world level, will the world of heart emerge. If many children are born in your neighborhood, you should love them with the same heart you have for your own children, and even more. Only this will create the world of heart, the world of liberation into which God can come. You have to love them as if they were part of your own body.(524-196,20060413)

3 Heart has substance and power that enables it to pass through everything, including the concepts we entertain in daily life. It is positioned at the very core of life. You can deny life, but you cannot deny heart. You may deny existence, but you cannot deny heart. Heart precedes existence. That is why we reach the conclusion that God is love. We cannot see heart. If someone demanded to know how long, round or high that heart is, we would be unable to answer. But when a person we love departs, we immediately are overcome with longing for that person. We are filled with that longing to the very synapses of our nerves. We have no need of the kind of heart that can be measured within the confines of our five senses. If we experience such a longing heart in our human relationships, what would we feel if we were bound to God, the subject partner ofabsolute heart, and were in touch with God's heart? God’s heart does not appear on the surface of things, but there is no doubt that it exists. The brave warriors of the Unification Movement are striving to advance toward a new world that is centered on this teaching and the ideal of heart.(015-038,19650131)

4 The deep heart that we understand in the Unification Church is the heart of hope for which all humanity longs, the heart to which we all need to connect, and the heart that God has always sought. This heart can embrace all of heaven and earth, enveloping everything, and still take in more. To become Heavens brave warriors, the first step is to connect to this heart, and the next step is to connect to people. Nonetheless, as a result of the Fall, Adam and Eve could not understand God's heart. If each had perfected their character and come close to God, He would have blessed them in marriage and bequeathed to them His heart. God's intention was to build a family of His own lineage through Heavens couple, to whom He could connect His love and heart completely. Originally, Adam and Eve were to inherit this awesome heart of God and, on that basis, become the true human ancestors. Due to the Fall, that basis of heart was lost. Man and woman could not inherit God's heart. They lost God's heart, lost the character through which they could resemble God, and lost the Word andthe purpose they were to fulfill had they perfected that character.(014-177,19641003)

5 The Fall led to this world of barriers between nations. It also changed our root and our cultural environment. The culture we have is one in which God cannot freely come and dwell. It is Satan's cultural sphere, not Adam's cultural sphere. As a result, human beings could not live in the ideal realm of love. Originally, we should have lived in the realm with one root and one lineage at its center, where we could cultivate one heart, and we could govern the three-dimensional world of north, south, east and west. Instead we are living in a deplorable situation, outside that realm. For that reason, we today need to return to the original ideal realm.(169-038,19871004)

6 All cultures have been developing in line with the flow of history. Today’s civilizations are making the world flourish. Nonetheless, when it comes to resolving mind-body problems, or problems of the heart, they are not helpful at all. Externally, human beings have created a complex environment and complex systems, but our hearts cannot connect with them. We are in a state where we cannot harmonize with them. Although it should, the standard of the world in which we live does not fill us with delight and make us shout with joy together with heaven and earth. Today's era is flowing in a direction completely different fromthat toward which our minds are heading and for which our hearts are longing. Human beings are seeking the heart that can guide their minds and their external lifestyle. We need to set a standard of heart in our lives to which we can adjust our body and our relationships. Otherwise we will never be free from this struggle, no matter what era we live in. The world that God seeks is not the culture or the civilization of today's world. God has always desired a world governed by a civilization that upholds a true standard of mind and heart. This is the world that we, as future ancestors, want to leave to our descendants.(019-230,196801 15)

7 Today's world may appear to be a place to which God would come, but it is not the world of the heart. It is an environment where people attend to external matters, but not one in which they connect with one another through heart. When God comes down, He will do so through the heart. If a people were capable of governing all of humanity and representing the world, it would be a people with a tradition based on God's heart. Further, it is not the human mind and heart that will create a culture that can govern the world; only Gods heart can do so. This is the final issue to be resolved. You need to understand that you cannot lay down your burden and settle down until you realize a world where everyone connects through heart. Our ultimate objective is to achieve the world of heart.(011-093,19610212)

8 What kind of world is God striving for? It is not this present world, with its cultures and civilizations. Heaven wants to set a standard of heart and mind that can guide civilization in the proper direction. The world is destined to meet the standard that our ancestors dreamed of establishing for their descendants. This is the central Will that Heaven desires.(007-080,19590719)

9 Everyone yearns for a world of peace, but such a world will never come about through the type of culture we find in today's developed nations. It will only come about through the True Parents. Even if the True Parents were still sleeping on straw mats, carrying bundles of tattered clothes on their backs, dressing in faded, worn out garments, and climbing out of deep holes appearing utterly exhausted, fallen human beings would need to learn the heart of God from them. The Unification Church is a place that teaches the way of God's heart, and all of you need to engraft onto it.(017-129,19661211)

10 Heartfelt longing arises only toward that which we love. However, our longing should arise not from humanistic love but from God's love, the source of eternal settlement and eternal life. That is what inspires Christianity. More than other religions, Christianity strives tofulfill its mission as a religion of love. The purpose of religion is to foster people of good character. We can do so by applying the principles of the world of heart. Human beings have the authority to govern the things of creation and should relate to them with heart in our daily life. Though human beings have been as insensible as stones to God, He has conducted His providence for six thousand years with the same heart, always yearning to find His people. History has unfolded in cultures of all shapes and forms, but God, who is the alpha and omega, has never lost His heart of yearning for us. Hence those who diverge from the heart of God, as it has been revealed over the course of history, will lose everything.(006-349,19590628)

11 Many people in the process of restoration have tasted the kingdom of heaven, but they did so within the sphere of Satan's accusation. No one has truly experienced the eternal homeland of peace, the kingdom of heaven, in the realm from which Satan is completely removed. One who truly experienced the kingdom of heaven and God's love would surely be inspired to fight Satan. One who experienced that state and that love would never leave God. People on earth have to experience God's love. How do you draw the line that determines God's ownership? You start from a single blade of grass, from one plot of land, from one single person, from the very beginning, all the way tothe kingdom of heaven, the world of God's heart.(005-024,19581109)

12 The original hometown we long for is different from the place that each of you normally regards as your hometown. The original hometown is the resting place of the heart, the place in which the mind delights. It is the home of the heart. If God looks for me, I will tell Him, "Please come to see me because of the condition of my heart, not because of my circumstances." My circumstances can greatly change, but the condition of my heart never changes.(007-023,19590705)

13 There are no restrictions whatsoever in the world of heart. Relative conditions restrict the world of the mind, but no one can restrict the world of the heart. What can restrain the love of parents for their children; a wall as high as a mountain may block the way, but it will not be able to stop a parent’s love. The mind submits to constraints because it is in the position of object partner, but the heart is in the subject partner position. The mind is multidirectional, so it calculates and considers many things. The heart, however, is different; it desires only one thing.(007-246,19590920)

14 Who do you think is the ancestor of the heart that beats within God's Will? The Unification Church members know of the sorrow that lies deep within the heart of God. We know of the injustice and pain God has endured, andwe know He has the capacity to bring down instantaneous judgment on the world of the enemy. From this standpoint, the Unification Church members can be considered the ancestors of heart.(014-316,196501 10)

15 The world of the heart is not isolated. The standard of love is the ideal of heart. The importance of this is that the heart serves as the common de-nominator in this great universe. Heart is the bridge that connects our daily life to the victorious realm of love. For the sake of all the people in the world, heart builds a bridge of love that begins from the earthly world, passes through hell, and goes all the way to heaven.(163-313,19870501)

16 In order to reach the world of the heart, you have to have the mind to follow the path God has taken, walking in my footsteps. Only on that path can you experience the world of the heart; there is no other. You cannot imagine how many tears I have shed to come this far. You should truly understand how painful and sorrowful it has been for me to follow this path.(224-339,1991 1229)

17 When you love someone, no matter how much you give that person, you still want to give more and more. True love wants to give and give and give continuously. Even after you give endlessly, you are still not satisfied that you have given enough. Such is the way of true love, the way of the world of theheart. Since God, the original Lord and the root, is like that, as His ideal object partners we have the ability to go to a position many times better than His. No one has ever realized that human beings have such value.(266-218,19950101)

18 The world trends that many religions today are advocating will pass away. In the Last Days, the era of a new cultural sphere will come through the bridegroom, the Lord at his Second Advent, who meets his bride. This world will transition into an era where languages, life, actions, hopes and even hearts will be united. Knowing this destiny, the Unification Church has embarked on the task of setting the standard for this one world culture.(050-062,1971 1031)

19 In order to establish the world of the culture of heart, we need to foster good character through true love, educate with True Parents' teaching, and work to spread the movement that creates families of true love through God's Blessing. On the foundation of our life of faith, we attain the character of true love by living for the sake of others, investing in others consistently. Only by doing so can we realize ideal couples and ideal families. This path alone can free us from our habits of egoism, individualism and materialism, and give us hope of a bright future for humanity.(260-129,19940501)

20 Heart is the original source and fundamental element of the mainstream culture in the ideal world of the future. Everyone needs the culture of heart. This culture cannot come about if parents do not have children and children do not have parents. It cannot come unless we have our siblings, our people and our nation. Naturally it cannot come unless we have our world and our heaven and earth. This is the culture of heart. When we speak of a bright culture dawning in the East, we refer to the culture of heart. Hence we are to create a culture based on the heart.(151-056,19621007)

21 The future world will be the world of a new culture of heart that brings harmony between God, humanity and creation, and a culture of love based on true families. It will be a world of true love where everyone lives for the sake of others and all people live together in harmony and cooperation. It will be a world of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values. In the future, we have to live the dream of one global family in which we are all brothers and sisters. It will be based on the ideal of true family centered on True Parents and realized by true love that transcends race.(288-174,19971127)

Section 5. Living as an Owner of CheonIlGuk and the Family Pledge

1 The Family Pledge is the greatest blessing of all the blessings that Heaven has bestowed on humanity. We received it on the occasion of the inauguration of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification on May 1, 1994. This was possible based on the declaration of the Completed Testament Age, the age that concludes and completes the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age. Once that beacon pierced the darkness of the Era before the Coming of Heaven, the Family Pledge was given. It is a guidepost for us amid the great changes in heaven and earth that have been occurring in this new era, as we open the new heaven and new earth, the Kingdom of Cosmic Peace and Unity.(565-302,20070613)

2 True Parents personally fought and gained victory during the forty-year course of indemnity that began with the founding of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity in 1954. On this foundation, we no longer recite My Pledge, on the individual level, but recite the Family Pledge instead. The Family Pledge is the pledge that a true family, the basic unit that enters the kingdom of heaven, should proclaim and practice together. It is the pledge imbued with the bitter sorrow of Heaven and True Parents, and hence it cannot be recited without tears. It sets forth the standard for liberated people, and will prevail forever. It will be recited long after traditional religions, which arose as a consequence of the Fall, have been discarded. Families who recite this pledgewill be the basic unit that enters the kingdom of heaven.(565-302,20070613)

The background of the Family Pledge

3 From God's point of view, the era of the providence of restoration has come to an end. With the end of that era, we are moving toward the original ideal of creation. This means that the fallen world under Satan's authority has ended and we are moving into the age when God directly governs both the physical and the heavenly worlds. Because this time has come, I proclaimed the Family Pledge of the Unification Church. Not just anyone is ready to recite the Family Pledge. Each of the eight verses in the Family Pledge contains the phrase, "Our family, the owner of CheonIlGuk, centering on true love." People who make this pledge stand on the foundation that transcends Satan's world. Due to the Fall, people have been connected to false life and false lineage through false love. In order to overcome this, we have to abide in true love, true life and true lineage. Otherwise we cannot overcome their false counterparts. Why do we make true love a premise of the Family Pledge? It is so we can proclaim that we are entering the original world, as if the Fall in the garden of Eden had never occurred.(263-194,19941004)

4 In a family that is restored to God, individuals must be united in mind and body, husband and wife must be united, and parents and children mustbe united. The family must learn the Family Pledge by heart. You should not recite the Family Pledge when your mind and body are in conflict or when husband and wife are fighting. Also, you should not recite it if you do not yet have children. You are to recite the Family Pledge after forming a realm of unity in true love. This is because to enter the kingdom of heaven you must be true children who have achieved unity of mind and body, unity between husband and wife, and unity between parents and children. It is a place where families fulfill the maxim, "Where there is harmony in the family, everything goes well."(264-340,19941120)

5 The Family Pledge endows you with the full authority of an original family. You of the fallen lineage must return to the original position before the Fall before you can recite the Family Pledge. In addition, you must work to build Heaven's tribe, people, nation and world. This will establish the kingdom of heaven on earth. Individuals whose mind and body are not united should not recite the Family Pledge. Unless husband and wife are united, they should not recite it. Unless parents and children are united, they should not recite it either. If you do not understand this, the whole point of the Family Pledge loses its significance.(264-340,19941120)

6 The Family Pledge contains the meaning that we should wipe all thingsclean. The third pledge of the Family Pledge teaches us that we are to perfect the four great realms of heart, the three great kingships and the Realm of the Royal Family. So who can recite the Family Pledge? Those who have inherited false love and false life from the false parents are not supposed to recite it. Those who recite the Family Pledge have to be united with God and True Parents, who have no relationship with the Fall, and return to the original world. They also have to be united in mind and body. Husbands and wives have to be united, and parents and children as well, in true love. Only those who stand on this foundation have the right to recite the Family Pledge.(264-213,19941103)

7 The Family Pledge is composed of content drawn from the Principle that is essential to the establishment of true families. That is why you should recite it before you pray. First you need to check your own internal state and that of your family members. If you find something amiss, you must correct it. You must put the Family Pledge into practice.(260-308,19940519)

The future national pledge and world pledge

8 The Family Pledge is the absolute standard for establishing the Kingdom of Cosmic Peace and Unity that lies beyond the Completed Testament Age. It is like a constitution. Families that rise to the position to lead the world mustbe true, model families that all people can recognize and respect. These families are Heavens greatest and supreme blessing. Yet in reality, creating such a family is a most fearsome task. The family is the cornerstone for building CheonIlGuk. Hence, building a true family is the way to becoming a citizen of Cheon IlGuk.(565-303,20070613)

9 The Family Pledge is evidence of True Parents' complete victory. It bestows the teachings of the Completed Testament Age, the age of justification by attendance. The Family Pledge connects your lives to God, with true love as its bones and true families as its heart. It is a nuclear bomb of true love that can encompass even God. The energy and wisdom of the Family Pledge triggers an eternal spherical motion, with true love at its core, which connects vertical and horizontal, north and south, and front and back. The Family Pledge is the key that opens the gates to the kingdom of heaven. Even keys made of gold or silver cannot open the gates to the kingdom of heaven. Only a true family perfected in true love has the key to open them.(565-304,20070613)

10 The Family Pledge is the creed of the Unification Church. It is like the bones. Fulfilling even one pledge of the Family Pledge is more than enough to make you a citizen of the kingdom of heaven. For instance, the eighth pledge states that the kingdom of God on earthand the kingdom of God in heaven will be liberated when we are united with God in love through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Neither God alone nor the Savior alone can liberate the heavenly realm. That liberation can be completed only when God and the Savior join together and all members of the Unification Church join with them to give the Blessing to all people of every nation.(388-050,20020729)

11 The teaching of the Family Pledge takes a universal perspective, not an individualistic one. You should not try to avoid the various difficulties the real world presents. You must be valiant to break through that reality and gain victory. Your weapon for this is the family armed with the tradition of the Family Pledge. I am not talking about the family centered only on the first generation, you and your spouse. You need to establish Heaven's firm and unwavering tradition through a family of at least three generations. Hence, your mission is to establish your household as a family where the true lineage of the chosen people flows from generation to generation.(565-318, 2007 0613)

12 God is now the Parent of the substantial world, having assumed the physical bodies of the True Parents. The entire process of accomplishing this is finally finished. The victory that True Parents have achieved is the foundation that brings order to heaven andon earth, where everything had been in disarray. True Parents are then setting up God's kingdom and opening the way for us to register our marriages and report the births of our children. This is analogous to resurrecting three generations for the building of His kingdom. You have inherited the full authority to do that, and that is why the phrase "owner of Cheon Il Guk" appears in the Family Pledge.(407-042,20030511)

13 You participated in True Parents' Holy Wedding ceremony. You received the Blessing together with us, and you participated in the event where we, the True Parents, recorded your marriages and births. Now all of you, as our successors whose marriages and births are recorded, will enter the kingdom of heaven together with us. This is something amazing. You are not entering the kingdom of heaven as individual members of Adams family; instead, you are climbing up the hill to the place where heaven and earth become one, in order to uphold CheonIlGuk. You are going beyond this point together with True Parents. You stand with us, having the right of equal position. That is why you can say, "Our family, the owner of CheonIlGuk..." It is a privilege.(409-151,20030623)

14 CheonIlGuk's citizens represent heaven and earth. Therefore, wherever you are, you should always live for the sake of the entire planet. If there is a problem at the North Pole, all of youshould be concerned about how to resolve it. You should view any problem as your responsibility, whether it is at the South Pole, in the East or in the West. When you say, "owner of CheonIlGuk," remember that there is a crucial difference between a leader and an owner. The person in the leader's position may change from time to time, but an owner s position is eternal. You cannot be the owner of your family as an individual; your ownership should be as husband and wife. Even that is not enough; you need to complete the four-position foundation and become owners through three generations. Your grandfather and grandmother, your father and mother, you and your spouse, and your children make four generations, but in terms of stages they are reckoned as three. This is how you can become the owners of Cheon IlGuk.(400-011,20021225)

15 On April 10, 1992,1 declared the liberation of women. When CheonIlGuk reaches its twelfth year, it will be twenty years since that proclamation. That was the day that my wife made her public appearance on the earth. It corresponds to the time when Adam would have been twenty-one years old and ready to receive the Blessing. Until then, there was no foundation for True Mother to stand with me as my partner. Hence, the kingdom had not yet come into existence. From the time of proclaiming the liberation of women to the twelfth year of Cheon IlGuk, allblessed families are in the position that Adam and Eve would have been in had they passed the age of twenty and prepared themselves to receive the Blessing at the age of twenty-one and then created the heavenly kingdom. It is on that basis that the phrase "Our family, the owner of Cheon IlGuk" could appear in the Family Pledge.(443-123,20040322)

16 The wedding ceremony of True Parents that took place sixty years ago was at the level of Adam's family within Satan's realm. After that, True Parents went beyond the tribe, people, nation and world to establish the victorious foundation for the emergence of God's homeland. That is why they could hold the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God on January 13, 2001. In February 2003, on the day True Mother turned sixty, a Holy Wedding took place in God's homeland by which God and True Parents became one in body. On that foundation, on July 13, 2003, the central authority of the universe was changed from Satan to God. That was the day when the history of restoration through indemnity shifted and God could take His place at the center. It is on this basis that you and your spouse are called the "owner of Cheon IlGuk" in the Family Pledge.(437-306,20040213)

The first pledge of the Family Pledge

17 The first pledge of the Family Pledge is, "Our family, the owner of CheonIlGuk, pledges to seek our original homeland and build the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation, by centering on true love." You do not know how great it is that you are able to recite the Family Pledge; it is the gospel of all gospels in history. Here, "the ideal of creation" refers to the ideal of creation centered on God. God's ideal of creation was to bring about the kingdom of God on earth and the kingdom of God in heaven. The Fall prevented this; hence, we now have to restore it. This means we have to build the kingdom of God on earth and the kingdom of God in heaven, which is the ideal of creation centered on the original homeland.(565-305,20070613)

18 True love unfolds when a person achieves oneness in mind and body, when a couple attains oneness in their marriage, and when parents and their children are one. Unless you practice this level of love, you surely will be in trouble when you go to the spirit world. The Family Pledge is that serious. You have to live in accordance with the Family Pledge, always. In your family, if the father violates even one point of the Family Pledge, the mother has to take responsibility for that along with him, and the children also have to take responsibility. The family cannot help but share the responsibility. This is the lesson we take from the fact that, because Adam did not take responsibility for Eves fall, his whole family fell.(565-307,20070613)

19 The phrase, "Our centering on true love" implies that because people are fallen, they ended up not having true love and unable to form true families. Originally, a person without true love cannot have a family in the presence of God. True love is that which stands in relationship to God. It is not centered on oneself, the habits of the secular world, or a people's customs and traditions. It can only be based on God. Due to the Fall, human relationships have been connected to Satan's love. This is true in the family, the tribe, the people, the nation, the world, all throughout heaven and earth. If you are to encounter God's love, you must completely deny the habits and traditions that are based on self-centered love.(274-196,19951103)

20 True love begins in the place where you invest everything, even your life, and then are ready to invest more. It is where you give and give again and forget how much you've given. True love penetrates heaven and earth. It pierces through even the world of death and ascends. It can penetrate and travel anywhere. There is nowhere love cannot go. Love can enter even secret places.(256-179,19940313)

21 The original homeland is where we all want to go, what we all want to see, and where we all want to live. It is where both our minds and our bodies want to go. Thus we must find this original homeland, for which our minds and bodies yearn. It is where we can settle for eternity. It is the foundation for our happiness, a place in which we can take pride. Throughout the course of history so many people have longed for this original homeland. They sought it and revered it, yet they passed away without seeing it. Many people of deep faith and great wisdom have made tremendous efforts to find this original homeland, even to this day. That is why the original homeland will surely emerge.(023-074,19690511)

22 The original garden is the ideal garden. It is where the spirit world and the physical world connect to each other, and where the feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood reaches to every corner of the universe. It is not like today’s world, where people make an issue over differences of belief or ideology and where they dispute over ethnicity and national sovereignty. It is not a world where people quarrel with one another over differences of economic circumstances or culture. Rather, it is a world where people would discuss all matters with the heart of God, which enables peoples and nations to transcend their differences.(007-038,19590705)

23 If our ancestors had not fallen, there is no doubt that the original hometown would have been in the garden of Eden—a village among the mountains and rivers where Adam and Eve lived. Today, when fallen people speak of their original hometown, they immediately think of their place of birth. They do not even think of the ideal hometown for which all humanity is seeking and longing. Even if they do, they think it is something beyond their reach, and that any effort to find it will be in vain. Today, however, the Unification Church must go out to seek and recover the lost original hometown. It is where our Heavenly Parent, our brothers and sisters, and all our relatives reside. When we get there they will welcome us, not in sadness but in eternal joy and happiness. Their joy will not be short-lived but will endure forever. We must find that original hometown.(023-074,19690511)

24 We miss the hometown of our birth, where we can see our parents, siblings and relatives, who are closer to us than anyone else and who guide us and welcome us with an unchanging heart. They greet us joyfully whenever we go to see them; they sympathize with us and comfort us whenever we are in difficulty. If you were to find no one like that in the hometown of your birth, your feelings of deep yearning would dissipate. That place, which you fervently yearned for, hoping to find them, would instead give you cause for grief. When you come to the hometown of your birth, there should be people who will welcome you there.(023-080,19690511)

25 If God could come down to a family on earth and live with them, that family would represent all humankind. Then that place would be the starting point of God's life with human beings, the base for the original hometown of all humanity. However, because of the Fall, we failed to make it to that starting point, where God would have been at the center. The family could not become such a place. That is why there has been no original hometown. That starting point was created only after I came and established the foundation whereupon God and True Parents could settle on earth, through unity in true love. That place of settlement can become the original hometown and homeland for all humanity. Although it is restored, it has the same form as the original starting place where God wanted all people to share God's love. As the base of true love, it can become the original hometown and homeland for all humankind.(289-142,19980101)

26 Where is the homeland that God desires? Where is the original hometown of humankind? That historic, universal and global original hometown is the place where True Parents were born. You need to inherit these ancestors' worldview and traditions; otherwise you will be treated as stepchildren. At this time in history, the Korean people are called to become the chosen people. For this to happen, I have to turn things inside out. If Korea is truly to be the original homeland, the original fatherland, then all civilizations of the world will have to bear fruit in Korea. Further, if we are to make Korea into the original homeland, we must resolve to become offerings of loyalty, devotion, love and sacrifice. Otherwise Korea will lose the qualification to be the original homeland. It requires action to create something good. We must accomplish it, even at the cost of our blood, sweat and tears.(015-284,19651102)

27 The first pledge of the Family Pledge, in speaking about the original homeland, mentions the restoration of all things. We are to restore through indemnity everything that was lost in the garden of Eden. Some religions encourage their followers to leave their homes and to live celibate lives. Yet the Unification Church, unlike those religions, instructs us to return to our hometowns or to our nations. This is an amazing thing, and it is happening throughout the world. For the world of religion, there is no greater news than this.(269-105,19950409)

28 After finding our original homeland, our next task is to build the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. We, each one of us, must create it. Because it was lost, we must re-create it entirely. Because it was stolen, we must reclaim it and rebuild it, even if it takes thousands of years. That is why in the Unification Church we speak about returning to our hometowns.(288-324,19980101)

29 We must build God's kingdom on earth and in heaven, which is the original ideal of creation. Because the family was lost, we must form families. Then our families, with true love and based on the original homeland, should build God's kingdom on earth and in heaven. The original homeland is based on the family, not on the nation. That is why you and your families need to return to your hometowns and substantiate God's kingdom on earth and in heaven there, with your families. Once you have recovered your hometowns, your nation and the whole world will unite automatically. Do not worry. If you fulfill this, God's kingdom on earth and in heaven will come. It all begins from within the family.(260-157,19940501)

30 "Our family build the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation." I used the word "build" with the meaning that we have to make it. It will not come about by itself; we must create it. Since it was people who turned this world into hell on earth and in the spirit world, it is people, not God, who must re-create it and make it into the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God on earth and in heaven emerges within the individual and then must be substantiated in the family. Since we must create this kingdom in our families, our families need the Family Pledge. Our families have to build the kingdom. We are the ones who must do it.(260-304,19940519)

The second pledge of the Family Pledge

31 The second pledge is, "Our family, the owner ofCheon IlGuk, pledges to represent and become central to heaven and earth by attending the Heavenly Parent and True Parents; we pledge to perfect the dutiful family way of filial sons and daughters in our family, patriots in our nation, saints in the world, and divine sons and daughters in heaven and on earth, by centering on true love."(565-306,20070613)

32 We have to attend God and True Parents. However, because Adam and Eve fell, God and True Parents were driven out of the family. Even now, Gods Will cannot be fulfilled unless we attend God and True Parents. God is the vertical Parent and perfected Adam and Eve are the horizontal parents. Based on the foundation where they—the vertical Parent and the horizontal parents—have become one, we can achieve unity as couples comprised of two individuals, and through that unity God and His kingdom are connected to us. This means, first, that without attending God and True Parents we can accomplish nothing, and second, that our position as a family representing heaven and earth is higher than that of Adam and Eve prior to the Fall.(260-189,19940508)

33 Adams position is the very first, representing the past and the present of all humanity. He is the very first in the line of all the ancestors going back hundreds of millions of years. In the beginning there was only that one position, and Adam and Eve should have married at that summit. Then, after their family had settled as the central family on earth, it was to expand out into the world. From that position they should have fulfilled the duty of filial sons and daughters, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters in the heavenly kingdom. But Adam and Eve could not accomplish this.(264-188,19941009)

34 In absolute attendance to God, with true love, Adam and Eve were to have advanced straight from the family to the nation, to the world, and to heaven. No ideology thus far in history reflects this understanding; they all propose that progress occurred by a series of zigzags. But we should follow the ideal of expanding the family as one body, based on thousands of years of un-breakable love. The model of the family does not change. The model is that central family which represents all families.(283-076,19970408)

35 Adam and Eve are the center of everything in heaven and on earth. The family that they are to build is the central family representing all people of the world. Everything develops from this point, the central family. The world becomes one centering on the axis of this family. Because each individual represents this family axis, each person stands in a unique and special position in the world. That is why everyone wants to become a prince or princess. By becoming the best partner to God that we can possibly be as a man or as a woman, we can make God our own, and at the same time everything that God created can become ours. Love brings everything into oneness and determines the right of ownership.(273-283,19951029)

36 What is a representative family? In the garden of Eden, God created only two human beings, Adam and Eve. Along with God, there were just the two of them. They were to hold the supreme position as God's representatives in heaven and on earth. Through their marriage in that position, they were to settle on earth in order to multiply sons and daughters. Then their family that represented God would be-come the central family. A family consists of two people: not two men, not two women; it is a man and a woman as a couple. That one man and one woman stand in front of God in a position to represent Him. Then, just as Adams family is a seed, your families are also seeds. For instance, pine tree seeds have the same everlasting value wherever they go. They carry the same value, equal value. Wherever you plant the seed, a pine tree will grow. It is the same for your families.(273-049,19951021)

37 The family of True Parents is the seed. Because it is a perfect seed, all families that multiply from that seed have the same value, even though there may be billions of them. Their value is exactly the same. After the passage of thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of millions of generations, the families in which God settles will all be recognized as having the same value. This means the seeds from which they multiplied each have the same value. That is why your families represent God and True Parents. Also, as Korean blessed families, you represent the Republic of Korea.(282-320,19970407)

38 Filial sons and daughters are people who readily sacrifice mind and body for their parents, wanting only to love their parents. Patriots are people who do not worry about their own interests; they sacrifice and invest everything they have for their country, even forgetting that they have done so. If one patriot invests tenfold in the nation, forgetting what he gave, and another invests eleven-fold and forgets what he gave, the first one will yield the subject partner position to the one who invested and forgot eleven times. Everything can be settled peacefully by following this principle. There is no way to achieve peace other than by living for the sake of others.(255-191,19940310)

39 God wants divine sons and daughters. The world wants saints. Nations want loyal subjects and patriots, and families want filial children. Whatever the level, they are all on the straight and genuine path of truth. No true parents would tell their child, "Since you have become a filial child, do not become a patriot; do not follow that path." Rather, they would teach their filial child by saying, "Even if you have to sacrifice our family, you should follow the path of a patriot and serve the nation; even if you have to sacrifice the nation, you should fulfill the duties of a saint; even if you have to sacrifice the world, you should go the way of a divine son or daughter as Heaven desires; and even if you have to sacrifice heaven and earth, you should seek to fulfill God's Will." Until this day, no one even knew that such a concept existed. We have to invest and make sacrifices. Otherwise we can never realize the one united world, the one kingdom.(285-219,19970519)

40 The person who lives continuously for the sake of others becomes the central person. This is a certainty. The filial son or daughter in the family is the one who lives continuously for the sake of the parents. This bestows upon that son or daughter the central position in the family and the right of inheritance. Patriots are the same. Those who live in service to the nation, who invest and sacrifice again and again, are recognized as that nations leaders. They will surely become its central figures. For this reason I am teaching you to be filial sons and daughters in the family, patriots in the nation, saints in the world, and to go the way of divine sons and daughters in heaven and on earth.(275-039,19951030)

41 Filial children do not become indebted to their parents. Rather, they make their parents indebted to them. Patriots do not become indebted to their nation; rather, they make the nation indebted to them. Saints do not become indebted to the world; they make the world indebted to them. Our families should represent Heaven and work to bring peace, happiness and freedom to the earth. Therefore we must always be aligned to the situation and desires of heaven and earth. If we are thus attuned to God, our families should be able to bring Heaven's fortune to our surroundings. This is how our families can represent Heavenly Parent and True Parents and establish a realm of unity with God's heart. By doing so, today can be the beginning of the world based on the culture of heart. People in Satan's world have upheld the duties of filial children, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters. But now we must uphold the duties of filial children, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters centered on the heavenly kingdom. This is what we have to establish.(266-103,19941218)

The third pledge of the Family Pledge

42 The third pledge of the Family Pledge reads, "Our family, the owner of CheonIlGuk, pledges to perfect the Four Great Realms of Heart, the Three Great Kingships and the Realm of the Royal Family, by centering on true love." The four great realms of heart and the three great kingships refer to the perfection of unfallen Adam and Eve. Had they not fallen, Adam and Eve would have perfected the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships to form the royal family. This pledge speaks about how blessed families should live; in speaking about establishing the royal family it also addresses the blessed families' mission to restore fallen humanity.(565-308,20070613)

43 The third pledge of the Family Pledge refers to the original world with no Fall. It speaks about returning to the original world, growing from infancy to the point of becoming a couple, and then reaching the position of parents. It is the path that leads to the state where we are one body with God. Each of us needs to walk that path and pursue the perfection of the four great realms of heart.(283-080,19970408)

44 Human beings exist as children, siblings, couples and parents. All human beings, whoever they are, are supposed to pass through these stages. Each of us is born as someone's son or daughter, and each of us becomes someone's brother or sister. Then we transition from a sibling to being a father or mother. Adam and Eve were siblings who were meant to become husband and wife and then parents. Each of us walks the same path. Before a woman becomes a man’s wife, she is in the position of his younger sister, just as Eve was the younger sister of Adam. Before a man becomes her husband, he is in the position of her older brother. Still, in front of God, they stand as a son and a daughter. As God's son, the man has a path to take as a man, and as God's daughter, the woman has a path to take as a woman. When a man fulfills his duty and a woman fulfills her duty, they come to resemble their parents. Then, just as their parents married, they too go on to marry.(263-058,19940816)

45 The third pledge of the Family Pledge is a textbook for the heavenly kingdom. Adam and Eve were supposed to perfect their positions as son and daughter and as brother and sister. After reaching perfection as the son and daughter of God and as brother and sister to each other the culminating point would have been their marriage. Through their married life they were to perfect themselves as a couple and as parents, and to give birth to divine sons and daughters. They would be their fruit. For this reason, parents' love never changes. Therefore, you couples who received the Blessing of marriage are in an awesome position. You are in the place where the hope you had when you were a brother or a sister blossoms. It is where your hope as husband and wife blossoms. Furthermore, it is where the hope of all humanity throughout the ages blossoms.(263-149,19940821)

46 From the perspective of the four great realms of heart, each partner in a couple is the absolute life companion who perfects the other as his or her object partner. In receiving her husband, a wife receives Gods ideal son. In him she receives her heaven-sent older brother, husband and father. The wife stands in similar positions in relation to her husband. When that couple has given birth to children, they feel joy as they watch them grow, and they experience once again what it was like when they were growing up. It is just like God, who felt happiness when He created His children and related with them as they grew.(259-045,19940327)

47 When are the four great realms of heart perfected? When do sons and daughters attain perfection? When do brothers and sisters attain perfection? When do husband and wife attain perfection? Perfection comes with marriage. When the marriage is consummated, three realms of love— children's love, siblings' love, and the love between husband and wife— bear fruit. The couple become parents who stand on the foundation of these three realms of love. This is why you need to have children; you must give birth to your descendants. Just as God created Adam and Eve, you become second creators when you make children. Hence, parents represent Heaven, while children, siblings, and husband and wife represent the earth. When the husband and wife become one with each other, they become one with the vertical standard. That is how the perfection of Adam and Eve would have become the perfection of God's ideal of creation. Everything that God hoped for, pertaining to the ideal of creation, would have been completed.(263-058,19940816)

48 Now that we have entered the era of the kingdom of heaven on earth, our family becomes part of the royal family. That being so, how exemplary should we be? Can a king live as he pleases? The king, the queen, the princes and princesses ought to abide by the laws of their kingdom. Moreover, they have to observe the protocols of the royal court.(232-326,19920710)

49 It is the direct children of God's love who can enter God's kingdom in heaven. As the royal offspring of God's kingdom on earth, they pass through its gates as princes and princesses in the presence of God. The kingdom of heaven in heaven is the place where the children of royal lineage go and where the royal family goes. On this earth, we all should become the children of God's direct lineage or subsequent lineage by exemplifying the standard of true brotherly love and unity. We need to build a model clan and nation; having done so, we can manifest the honor and dignity of the royal family. If we live this way during our earthly life, we will move on with that same stature to the next world after death. That will be the kingdom of heaven in heaven.(236-204,19921108)

50 All of you should now become part of the royal family centered on true love. If we look at Adam and Eve as the children of God's direct lineage, all humanity belongs to God's subsequent lineage. Under God as Heavenly Parent, we are brothers and sisters of Adam and Eve and are meant to be citizens of Gods kingdom. From this perspective, you are endowed with the love of princes and princesses of the heavenly kingdom. You must embody the dignity and honor of that position with pride, and confidently preserve this dignity throughout your entire lives. Then, having lived this way, you can enter the kingdom of heaven, our original homeland.(220-219,1991 1019)

51 We can finally realize the family ideal, the ideal of God's creation, by actually attaining the four great realms of heart, the three great kingships and the realm of the royal family. For this, we need to be part of the royal family, which unites around the King as its center. The kingdom of heaven in heaven is the place you go after having lived on earth within the realm of the royal family. After you have done that, you simply move on to the kingdom of heaven.(244-048,19930129)

52 The people of the heavenly kingdom, its tribes and its citizens, emerge from the royal family. Therefore, unless we experience the royal family's realm of heart, which is based on the true love of the heavenly kingdom, we cannot enter there. God has lived in bitter sorrow because this has not been accomplished, because He could not have His prince and princess and love them. Moreover, God could not have royal offspring from them. Adam and Eve were that prince and princess; because they fell, they were unable to love in such a way that would give rise to the royal lineage. Also, God has lived in sorrow because, once Adam and Eve, who were still in the growing period, in the realm of indirect dominion where dominion is based on principled results, fell, they could not become the object partners with whom Godcould directly discuss His concerns. God their Father wanted to consult with them regarding the great works of creation in heaven and earth, but He could not.(220-048,1991 1014)

53 Had the first human beings not fallen, they would have become God's direct children with the right of kingship in heaven and earth, the right of the parents of heaven and earth, and the right of the first son and daughter of heaven and earth. They would have become God's own royal palaces on earth and in heaven. Furthermore, they would have passed on this vertical, royal tradition horizontally to all brothers and sisters born of this lineage, and all those who became one with this royal tradition would have entered the kingdom of heaven. Family members and relatives who practice this royal tradition founded on love will surely enter and abide in the kingdom of heaven after their earthly life. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that this royal tradition, which is based on love, should become the way of life for all families.(218-222,19910729)

The fourth pledge of the Family Pledge

54 The fourth pledge of the Family Pledge reads, "Our family, the owner of CheonIlGuk, pledges to build the universal family encompassing heaven and earth, which is the Heavenly Parent's ideal of creation, and perfect the world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness, by centering on true love." God's ideal is that the world becomes one family, one household. If people who have perfected the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships recite the Family Pledge, they will form one family, not two. The great universal family encompassing heaven and earth is one family under God.(565-309,20070613)

55 God's ideal of creation is the perfection of the four-position foundation centered on Adam and Eve. From the perspective of God's purpose of creation, this would have been the fulfillment of the Will. The completion of the four-position foundation would have required the perfection of Adam and Eve. Had they then married and had children who also reached perfection, their family would have achieved the family level four-position foundation centered on God and become the perfect embodiment of the ideal of creation, realizing the realm of perfection. This would have fulfilled God's ideal of creation.(164-009,19870503)

56 Had Adam and Eve become the True Parents, their descendants would have formed one great family within the Adamic cultural sphere. It would have been a world of peace. Accordingly, the history of restoration is the path to recover that family, the true family centered on True Parents and true love. Everything God intended unfolds from there. The true family is the center; it is the hope of humanity and the hope of God. The true family will serve as the source of true love and true life, and be the starting point of humanity’s peace and happiness.(294-067,19980611)

57 All the people of the world are brothers and sisters. We are of one lineage. We have to protect our lineage as God would protect it. Hence, even when we are sitting in God's royal palace, we have to be thinking of our mission to build one great family encompassing heaven and earth. We need to build that universal family and perfect the world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness. I am an advocate of the universal family. I am here to plant freedom, peace, unity and happiness. Those ideals are the core of my lifelong work.(280-037,19961013)

58 We seek to establish the family that meets the standard of heaven and earth, the family that God is striving for. Therefore we need models for the grandfather and grandmother, the father and mother, the couple and the children. Traditionally, Korea followed the extended family system. In that historical tradition, seven families would live in the same house. We should establish a family system that builds on that. It is amazing how well it fits with the goal of tribal messiahship in the Unification Church.(276-180,19960219)

59 The people of the fallen world are in the position of the younger brother, and you are in the position of their older brother. You need to educate them properly in the heavenly tradition. This is the only way to restore people on Satan's side to the realm of God's royal family. In order to save them, we must restore the right of the first son that was lost. When we establish them as second-born princes, we can enter the heavenly kingdom with the right of the crown prince. They enter the kingdom with us, and thus the realm of the royal family is restored. Otherwise neither the right of the first son nor God's royal family is restored.(264-201,19941009)

60 When we pledge "to build the universal family encompassing heaven and earth, which is the Heavenly Parent's ideal of creation," we are pledging to create one great family conforming to God's Will. How can you proclaim your own kingship as long as the kingship of Adams family is not yet secured? We must secure that kingship, untainted by the Fall. We must bring everyone back from Satan's world as an extended family that dwells in the place of freedom, peace, unity and happiness. Our ideal is peace and unity.267-152,19950104()

61 There can be no peace without unity. Without this oneness, ideals such as peace, happiness and even freedom are just empty words. Can there be peace when husband and wife are fighting? Peace comes where there is oneness. The same is true of freedom. Where a man and a woman clash, do they have freedom? Where there is conflict, we experience neither peace nor freedom. Without the foundation of unity, we cannot find freedom.(229-229,19920412)

62 Where there is oneness, there is freedom. Even your eyes feel good when they are focused on one point. You feel uncomfortable when your nose is congested, but when the congestion clears, you feel free. The same applies to the freedom of your ears, your hands and other parts of your body. So without oneness, there is no freedom, there is no peace and there is no happiness. The perfection of all creation lies in balance, on a level plane. Perfection does not reside on a sharp point.(267-312,19950205)

The fifth pledge of the Family Pledge

63 The fifth pledge of the Family Pledge reads, "Our family, the owner of CheonIlGuk, pledges to strive every day to advance the unification of the spirit world and the physical world as subject and object partners, by centering on true love." You need first to think about the spirit world, which is in the subject partner position. Think about the demographics of the human race: are there more people currently living in the physical world or in the spirit world? The number of people living in the spirit world far exceeds the Earth’s population. The spirit world stands in the position of subject partner. Likewise, the mind stands in the position of subject partner to the body, in the position of plus.(565-311,20070613)

64 The body represents the physical world and the mind represents the spirit world. The mind is like a plus and the body a minus. Accordingly, if you live your life ignoring the mind, the subject partner, and the spirit world, the world of the mind, you will end up in hell. Now is the time to change your life. Instead of allowing your body to lead your mind, practice abstinence and have your mind subjugate your body. Live your daily life with the constant awareness that the spirit world stands in the position of subject partner. You will not be able to establish the foundation of perfection in the spirit world unless, in your daily life on earth, you are able to shape yourself as a perfect object partner to the heavenly realms of the spirit world as your subject partner. You need to work on bringing the two together every day, every year, and throughout your life. When you ascend to the spirit world you will find it is your home and the final stage of life, where you can live freely.(565-311,20070613)

65 The spirit world stands in the position of subject partner. It includes countless tribes and peoples. The physical world should take the highest-level spirit world as its standard and move in unison with it. To achieve unity between the spirit world as the subject partner and the physical world as the object partner you must overcome any division between the two. In your daily life, you need to experience the profound love that comes from connecting with the heavenly realms. Then your daily life will be filled with profound experiences of God's sorrow and joy.(266-150,19941222)

66 The spirit world and the physical world can unite centering on people. This is why you ought to strive every day to advance their unity. You cannot backslide. Every day you need to strive for incremental progress. While in this world, do not restrict your life to one particular region; try to build relationships in various places and engage in activities so that you can make an impact upon the whole world. Just as there are four seasons—spring, summer, autumn and winter—and just as the earth provides us room to travel in four directions—north, south, east and west—you should not live only in one country. Just as the world is uniting as one and national borders are dissolving, during your life you need to travel freely around the world.(266-151,19941222)

67 Until now, you have not conducted your daily life with the knowledge that the spirit world stands in the position of subject partner. The notion did not occur to you even once a month, yet it is something you should be aware of every day. In your daily life on earth, you need to reach the level of a perfect counterpart to the spirit world in the position of subject partner; otherwise you cannot establish your own foundation as a perfect existence in the spirit world. The relationship between the two should be direct, and you have to forge it every day, every year, for your entire life. Then, when you go to the other world, you will find a new dwelling place and a realm where you can act freely.(260-307,19940519)

68 What can link the spirit world and the physical world? It cannot be something temporary; it must be the same today as yesterday and still the same tomorrow, transcending time and space. It has to be something that no one will reject or deny, but that everyone will welcome in his or her daily life. It has to be something that we treasure night and day, and without which we would not be happy. That is love. Money cannot give us happiness. Knowledge cannot give us happiness. These are merely one-dimensional. The same is true of power. If we as individuals are to expand our influence to the national level, we need love to serve as a bridge.(233-128,19920801)

69 The spirit world and physical world will unite centered on God. However, this is possible only because True Parents planted the flag of unity here on earth. In the beginning, when God created, He acted with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Now He expects us to do the same, standing on the foundation of His immanence, transcendence, supreme authority and omnipotence. Further, in order to return to the original state of creation and find a partner of love there, we should invest and forget all that we have given, with absolute faith and a heart of absolute love and absolute obedience. As God did when He created the world, we too should recover the entire creation on His behalf by practicing absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience toward this world.(303-154,19990817)

70 "To strive every day to advance" means we never stop moving forward. We must keep moving forward and developing ourselves. As we advance, we ought to develop in all directions—east, west, north and south. I did not proclaim the Family Pledge for no reason. If you are not united in mind and body, or if your couple is fighting, you should not recite it. If no unity exists between you and your children, you should not recite it. You need to realize how precious your blessed family is. The fact that we have the Family Pledge causes the spirit world to watch us and make our ancestors who have gone to the spirit world envious.(271-290,19950828)

71 Strive every day to advance! You need to strive to advance every day. This is an important point. The earth is the object partner to heaven, which is the subject partner. Therefore, even though the scope of our living environment on earth is smaller than that in the spirit world, it is here that we have to establish a foundation that conforms to the standard of the heavenly realm. Then we can bring that foundation with us when we go to the other world. I am not speaking just casually; this is a requirement. This is the path we all must go, and it is the path of Heaven. It is the path that integrates everything in heaven and on earth. Therefore, I included it in the Family Pledge.(274-115,19951029)

72 We have to advance every day. To stop is to die. Hence we must not stop. Each day we have to advance, even if only a single step. Each of us needs to pledge to do this. Henceforth we must advance, without deviating in the slightest, so that we may achieve in the physical world everything required for our life in the spirit world.(260-307,19940519)

The sixth pledge of the Family Pledge

73 The sixth pledge of the Family Pledge reads, "Our family, the owner of CheonIlGuk, pledges to become a family that moves heavenly fortune by embodying the Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and to perfect a family that conveys Heaven's blessing to our community, by centering on true love." Since you each pledged to become a family that embodies the Heavenly Parent and True Parents, your families represent the family of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Families that embody the Heavenly Parent and True Parents are families that move heavenly fortune.(565-312,20070613)

74 We are to become families that embody God and True Parents. We have to become true families that move the cosmos. We cannot keep God's blessings only to ourselves; we have to perfect families that extend blessings to the community. What I am saying is that we must move heaven and earth to share God’s blessings. If there are people in your community who do not know about the Divine Principle, you need to share it with them and gradually expand the sphere of Heaven's blessings. Do not live by yourselves and for yourselves.(266-151,19941222)

75 Families that embody God and True Parents are those that mobilize heavenly fortune. For this reason, after receiving blessings you should not remain self-satisfied and just enjoy your life. You should eventually become part of Gods royal family and make all humankind into God’s people.(260-195,19940508)

76 You have to know how heavenly fortune comes to you. Heavenly fortune is something that is always circulating. The path along which it travels is eternal, revolving in a circular motion in accordance with the unchanging, eternal law. It goes around and around, moving attuned to destiny through the ups and downs of history. The question is how we, standing here, align with it.(149-153,19861121)

77 The fortune of natural law does not move randomly. It moves in a lawful and orderly fashion, following its orbit. Every being that is aligned with heavenly fortune exists to live for the sake of others.(233-082,19920730)

78 Heavenly fortune never perishes. We are sometimes sidetracked by circumstances, but heavenly fortune never changes its course. Because it follows Gods orbit, it is eternal. Just as the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter succeed each other in their immutable cycle, heavenly fortune leads individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world as it moves along its unchanging orbit. Yet human beings are oblivious to this.(204-058,19900701)

79 Heavenly fortune supplies everything that a good person needs. So don't be greedy with desire; don t seek to hoard everything for yourself. You have to choose one of two ways, either to reach the top and then go down, or to go to the bottom and then come up. If you go to a humble place, heavenly fortune will naturally supply you with everything.(237-115,199211 13)

80 If you wish to ride heavenly fortune, first you had better know the path that it follows. Its path is not one that everyone likes; it is not the path of pleasure, eating and drinking. In fact, it is a path that everyone loathes to go. It is the path where you have to always be grateful, always fulfill your responsibility and always return glory to God. Those who walk this path can ride heavenly fortune.(019-145,19680101)

81 You did not receive blessings so that you alone would be successful in life. Actually, since you were called first, before others, you have to strive to transform the families of your brothers and sisters around the world so that they resemble your family. You blessed families need to propagate heavenly fortune by transforming other families to become like yours. Heavenly fortune has no place for selfish motivation. To ride it, you should bring peace and harmony within your family and then unite all other families by bringing peace and harmony to them.(260-308,19940519)

82 Your family must embody True Parents; then you can mobilize heavenly fortune. Wherever you go, everyone will follow you to realize the ideal of creation. Accordingly, you need to convey Heavens blessing to your community. When you do this, you will be able to launch the world of the culture of heart. The question is how you can leave behind in history a lineage that will not be defiled in later generations that span the millennia. This matter will determine whether you become a meritorious citizen of the heavenly kingdom, the kingdom blessed by God in the spirit world. This is the formula.(292-109,19980328)

83 Your ancestors in the spirit world will make you pay indemnity if you do not spread God's blessing to your com-munities now. They will resist you. They will keep blocking your way and interfering with you. They will say, "How is it that your actions do not conform to the content in the Family Pledge?" This is why I am telling you to share the blessing with everyone. If you do not, you will be in trouble in the spirit world. The Family Pledge is an important covenant in writing.(266-152,19941222)

The seventh pledge of the Family Pledge

84 The seventh pledge of the Family Pledge reads, "Our family, the owner of CheonIlGuk, pledges, through living for the sake of others, to perfect the world based on the culture of heart, which is rooted in the original lineage, by centering on true love." The most important thing in keeping to the path of the Unification faith is that no matter what happens, you must not stain the original lineage.(565-313,20070613)

85 The seventh pledge of the Family Pledge is important. We have to root our families in the original lineage that is based on true love. If we are to perfect the world based on the culture of heart, we must inherit the original lineage, which has nothing to do with the Fall. Our world is based on the culture of heart. It is one united extended family centered upon the one love of God. As such, the five races will live as one great family, in which no one is above or below anyone else. Such a time is coming.(261-093,19940522)

86 Once we inherit the original God-centered lineage, the original culture of God's heart begins to unfold. As long as the original lineage remains lost, the culture of God's heart cannot emerge. Culture continues through history. Furthermore, culture is based on the family, and from there it propagates to the society, nation and world. Therefore, to propagate the culture of heart requires that we leave behind a pure lineage. Without that, we will be cut off from the world of the culture of heart. Keeping a pure lineage is the way we must center our life on the realm of the culture of heart.(260-308,19940519)

87 The original lineage is not fallen. To return our lineage to its original state, we need to sever ourselves from Satan's lineage and restore our lineage through indemnity. For this, we need to be engrafted. When our fallen root is pulled out and we are engrafted, the seeds of the original lineage will emerge after three generations. These seeds, from the fruit of the engrafted tree should be planted and grow into original true olive trees. This takes three generations to complete. Only after the third generation has passed will the seeds that are collected and then planted become true olive trees. It is like passing through three ages.(301-085,19990416)

88 The original lineage is the God-centered lineage. When we are rooted in that original lineage, we want to live for the sake of others, and then we can build the world based on the culture of heart. Our calling is to pass on a pure lineage that will last for thousands of generations. The Fall, which a man and woman committed in one careless moment, created a world that no one desired in both the spiritual and physical realms.(292-321,19980427)

89 You should be able to exercise dominion over love. You should not act carelessly. Our task is to build a world based on the culture of heart, where people live for the sake of others. The culture of heart is based on God’s love. We are pursuing the world of original culture. In this world nothing is disconnected from true love.(304-274,19991109)

90 People who live for the sake of others will not perish. Moreover, people who live for the sake of others are continually coached from the spirit world. The spirit world constantly connects them to new things. Since they connect to new things, they inevitably gain fame and become known throughout the world.(292-028,19980327)

91 What is the way to unite and become the starting point of peace? It is by living for the sake of others. God established this principle, not only for Himself but also for true people. By living for the sake of others, true love can emerge; by living for the sake of others, the true ideal, true peace and true happiness can also emerge. They cannot be found apart from that. This principle is the root of the creation of heaven and earth, but people have been unaware of this.075-318,197501 16 ()

92 The world based on the culture of heart is the world of Gods original culture and of Adam's original culture, had he reached perfection without falling. There are not two such cultures; there is only one. It is the world of unity where there is but one language, one set of customs, one set of habits and one tradition. Only in such a world can God live with individuals and live in their families.(261-095,19940522)

93 Our ideal is the world based on the culture of heart. That culture is only one culture, not two. The fallen world, however, overflows with a variety of cultures, each with its own complexity. Since it is not a world based on the culture of heart, individuals, families, tribes, nations, the world and the universe cannot deeply connect to one another. They are all at cross-purposes. Until now, the world has moved up and down in a zigzag. This is why, even after thousands of years it has not reached its final destination. But the world based on the culture of heart can reach its destination straight away. This is possible because of true love.()260-196,19940508

94 We should perfect the world based on the culture of heart, which is rooted in the original lineage. It requires that Adam and Eve create a lineage centered on God's pure, true love, with no relationship whatsoever to the Fall. Having that lineage, we should form a cultural sphere wherein Satan cannot survive and God can rejoice. We can build this world based on the culture of heart. The traditions of the peoples and nations of the world based on the culture of heart and centered on true love, fit together perfectly and move in one direction. There is only one culture, not two.(266-153,19941222)

95 The world based on the culture of heart that is rooted in the original lineage is a world where true love comes to the surface. We have already entered the age when heart manifests globally, and we can foresee the coming of the world of the culture of heart where everything is one. In that world, cultures will be united. It will be one world, free from war and strife, the veritable kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. Once we establish the world based on the culture of heart, everything will be fulfilled. Everything will be set up so that your families can enter straightaway into the realm of the royal family in the heavenly kingdom, just the way they are. By living in the culture of heart on earth they will have prepared themselves, both internally and externally, to live in that kingdom. I determined the content of the Family Pledge with the hope that by uniting with it, you will bring all this to pass.(264-202,19941009)

The eighth pledge of the Family Pledge

96 The eighth pledge of the Family Pledge reads, "Our family, the owner of Cheon IlGuk, pledges, having entered the Era of Cheon IlGuk, to achieve the ideal of God and human beings united in love through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, and to perfect the realm of liberation and complete freedom in the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, by centering on true love." Based on this pledge, we have to form couples who are united in mind and body and who can constitute the royal family. This is the completion of the Completed Testament Age and the beginning of the new family that will realize God's ideal of creation.(565-314,20070613)

97 The Completed Testament Age refers to a new age that has begun. It is a time when we can establish the one world of peace through the unity of families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world. This will be the fulfillment of everything. By uniting the world and going even beyond that, we enter the Completed Testament Age. After uniting the present world through new families based on the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships, we will establish a world that befits the Completed Testament Age and finally see one world of peace.(243-262,199301 17)

98 God created the universe on the basis of absolute faith; that is why everything God speaks comes to pass and nothing He commands fails to materialize. Moreover, He created the universe in order to make His partners of love. He did it all with absolute love, having no doubts; that is, He did it with a single mind. Finally, He created with absolute obedience. At the moment of absolute obedience, even God is not conscious of Himself. Obedience is different from compliance. In obedience, there is no self-will, while compliance means following while protecting one's own will. God invested everything from the position of obedience, where He had no consciousness of self. Then, just as God created Adam and Eve with absolute obedience, they also needed to practice absolute love and absolute obedience on the basis of absolute faith.(274-201,19951103)

99 God began creating all things on the basis of absolute faith. He did so for His object partners of absolute love. God also created with absolute obedience. Absolute obedience means that there is no concept of self. It is the state where the self is an absolute zero. Re-turning to nothingness naturally initiates a circular movement. By giving everything so that nothing remains, God on high descends to the bottom. Through this motion God originated the movement of the universe. In the same way, all things exert themselves completely and descend in preparation to rise once again.(282-068,19970310)

100 Within the realm of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience everything can be realized. God Himself had absolute faith when He created His partners of love. He created them after proclaiming, "This is what I will do," and then He completely gave of Himself with absolute faith, love and obedience to achieve the result. Absolute faith stands on the foundation of absolute love, which is the foundation for absolute obedience. This is the mainstream thought in the eternal spirit world. It is also the mainstream thought on earth. Thus, it is the mainstream thought in both the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven. Accordingly; you too should understand this concept. If you understand it and live by it, you can go anywhere.(292-272,19980427)

101 Blessed families have a value equal to that of the world and the cosmos. They are the same as sons and daughters of my direct lineage, and they can act on my behalf. I gave you the Blessing with the hope that you will follow in my footsteps and become even better than me. Once you have the heart of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, you can do the things that I have done. This was also Gods heart when He began His work of creation. God, the subject partner, thought, "As I speak, let My substantial object partners of love appear." God created with absolute faith that they would become His partners of absolute love. To be the owner of love, it is indispensable that one has partners of love. That is why even God Himself is absolutely obedient to love. Practicing absolute obedience gives rise to a circular movement.(301-074,19990416)

102 God, the subject being of true love, created us as His partners of true love. His ideal of love can be perfected only through us. When we are united in love with God, His purpose of creation, a world that fulfills the ideal of absolute love can be realized. We were created as the best and highest object partners of God's love. That is because, among all created beings, human beings are the only ones that were created as His substantial embodiments. In the presence of God, who is incorporeal, we were born as His visible bodies. When we are perfected we become His temples, substantial beings to whom God can freely come and in whom He can peacefully dwell at any time. And it is only through forming a vertical parent-child relationship with Him that Gods absolute ideal of true love for all is realized and fulfilled.(277-198,19960416)

103 God is the root of love, life and lineage, and the root of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. On the day of Adam and Eve's wedding, God enters their minds and inspires them with love that will bring them together as one. Originally God is the vertical True Parent and Adam and Eve were to be our horizontal True Parents. At the time of our birth, we would be given flesh and blood from both our vertical and horizontal parents. Hence our mind would be our vertical self and the body our horizontal self. Then upon our marriage, we would create a realmwhere we are united with God in love. When we attain mind-body unity with God as loving couples, God's sons and daughters are born.(254-107,19940201)

104 True Parents are giving the Blessing to all people in the physical world, irrespective of religious, national or cultural backgrounds. They are linking them all on earth, thereby realizing the realms of liberation of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. This is also possible in the spirit world. On earth we link people together into a nation that loves the heavenly kingdom and the cosmos, our heavenly home. The spirit world and physical world have to be made one, and every issue within those worlds has to be resolved, centering on the True Parents on earth. To achieve this, the Blessing must be given at all levels, to individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world, up to the cosmos. As the realm of the oneness of blessed families unfolds in the spirit world and physical world, it sets the foundation for the ideal kingdom with unfallen Adam at its center. On that foundation, all families since the beginning of history will be in a position of equal value. The kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven will emerge, and God will come and dwell there.(303-258,19990909)

105 Now we are entering the era when groups of different nationalities and ethnicities can join forces. Nations, tribes and families on earth will join together and move into the realm of unity. As they transition, the world will rapidly change. Even Satan's followers will harass those who stand against this trend. Formerly Satan tried to take people to hell, but now he will try to bring them to the kingdom of heaven. As Satan and his followers cooperate in this way, and people’s ancestors strive to bring their descendants to the kingdom of heaven, no one will try to block their way. Thus it is only a matter of time before the realm of liberation will be realized. Humankind will rapidly transition into the future era of globalization.(298-222,19990108)

106 In my lifetime, I inaugurated the era when everything can be liberated; thus, all things are in the position to be liberated. The value of this is truly indescribable. The realm of liberation was established based on the merit built up as a result of God's efforts to separate good from evil, repeated over and over again throughout history. In the course of those efforts, numerous ancestors accumulated merits. Since you blessed families represent the realm where all are liberated, you stand as sacrificial offerings. You are in the position to represent all the things of creation that are glorious and have been separated from all those that are impure. That is why you stand in the position of sacrificial offerings.(280-292,19970213)

107 The realm of liberation here refers to the universe. It refers to the universe that is billions of times the size of the solar system. Complete freedom occurs within the realm of liberation. Satan does not dwell there; we can live freely as we desire without obstacles. Even past sins will not obstruct us. We were imprisoned; but now we have shaken off everything from the past and have left the prison by the front gate. We are newly returned to the status of citizens. God has become our Father, and we are becoming one with the Owner, the One who protects our family and our nation. Thus we are entering the eternal realm of complete freedom, which has nothing to do with Satan. In time, we will enter the kingdom of heaven and dwell there.(445-255,20040418)


The Vision of Cheon Il Guk and Our Responsibility

Section 1. The Background and Proclamation of Foundation Day

1 Seven years after l945 brings us to l952. I was responsible to hold the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God in 1952, to unite the country, and to take command of heaven and earth by the time I was forty However, due to Christianity's opposition, I was unable to do so. I had found spiritual sons and daughters who could be in the position of the bride. Had they united with me, the country would have been united. Instead the religious leaders drove me out. They drove me out in the same way the religious leaders drove Jesus out. Since there is a principle of indemnity, I had to recover the realm of the united heaven and earth that they cast away when they drove me into the wilderness. Moreover, by standing in the position of Adam, I had to reverse the failure of the realm of Eve, no matter how much opposition there was. The Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God, held on January 13,2001, symbolized the recovery of Jesus' body at a substantial level, and connected it to the spiritual standard. This ceremony marked the beginning of the seventh millennium in relation to biblical history, as well as the beginning of the third millennium, January 13 contains the number thirteen. The number twelve is composed of the number four, for the four seasons of heaven and earth, and the number three, the central number. If the twelve apostles and Jesus, who was their center, had become one, forming a family of thirteen, then Jesus would not have died. If people were aware of these truths they wouldn't oppose the coming of the Father who in the Last Days brings the great Blessing, the perfected truth of heaven.( 346-226,20010701)

2 What law governs the universe? Heaven and earth revolve around the number thirteen, and once we establish it as an axis, the individual, family, nation, world and cosmos can reach perfection automatically. The omnipresent God, as the Lord of freedom and origin of existence at the center of everything, will supervise and take dominion over the entire universe, both in daily life and through the course of eternal life. We now are fulfilling the long-awaited world of freedom and liberty for all. Through the number thirteen we have to fulfill the goal for which people are hoping and longing, the completion of the providence of salvation, as well as the goals of the national and cultural traditions that bring us pride. With this number thirteen at the center, we can attend the Heavenly Parent, who is the center of heavenly law, and make the heavenly kingdom a reality.( 348-147,20010708)

The background of the proclamation of Foundation Day

3 The number thirteen! January 13,2001 is the day that I brought liberation and complete freedom to God. In 2013, we have to offer the nation before God. Be-cause God took His position as King through the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God, God needs a nation. We must establish a people. If we want to offer God His kingdom, at least twelve years, twelve seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter must pass. We have to prepare the royal territory and then attend God as the King representing heaven and earth.( 502-029,20050725)

4 I held the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God on January 13, 2001, which marked the beginning of the third millennium. In 2013, after going over the peaks of twelve years beginning from that day, our families, people, nation and world have to bid a final farewell to the enemy land. No matter what pitiful circumstances beset us, we must not look back. We will carry aloft the torch of independence for the nation of our desire, and shake heaven and earth with a resounding shout of victory. Let us not forget: we are advancing toward the day we will plant the flag of heavens glory through the lightning of love. We have to shout of the new love that unites heaven and earth. After enduring tremendous hardships on this earth, where the history of sorrow has extended until now, True Parents achieved oneness with God and held the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God. Yet the True Parents of heaven, earth and humankind still have a responsibility remaining. Once we have gone beyond 2012 to the thirteenth day in 2013, we have to raise high a torch, a beacon of the founding of the nation and the nationwide victory, and offer everything to Heaven.( 499-219,20050703)

5 I have to bind, on the world level, everything that Jesus left for us to accomplish. By the thirteenth day of the first month in 2013, within twelve years, I will resolve everything beginning here on earth and proceeding up to heaven. Adam and Eve turned everything upside down in one generation; therefore, in one generation the returning Lord has to recover Adams lost family foundation, Jesus' lost national foundation, and the returning Lord's forty years of hardship. Then the returning Lord has to unite Gods family with Cain and Abel in Adam's family, and go beyond the ideal of the family UN to the ideal of the cosmic kingdom of heaven, the era of liberation and complete freedom.( 532-072,20060713)

6 On the thirteenth of January, 20011 offered the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God. However, this was not just about gaining royal authority. The Lord of Heaven and Earth must also be proclaimed. In 2013, because the recovery of the nation and the family will have returned everything to its original position, we will go beyond that to one united world with God at the center. There will be no boundary between heaven and earth. Previously, the individual, the family and everything were in a state of conflict. This will be the era of unity, in which all can unite into one. We must end the fight between Cain and Abel, as well as the way rulers of nations have caused people of faith to shed blood. Then the younger brother has to ascend to the position of the elder brother. We must restore the murder of the younger brother by the elder brother, as well as the sacrifices Abel religious people have endured because of Cain. By recovering everything—the eight stages of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God—for the first time, starting from Abel on the individual level to the entire Cain world, we will create a new heaven and earth.( 506-100,20050901)

7 Unless the religions become one, we cannot realize the world of peace. Who can do that? Only Rev. Moon. By establishing a new model family, we can form a model nation and on that basis a model world. The model world in heaven and earth will frame the ideal world. It will be a world God can lead. We connect to the lineage of the un-fallen True Parents only when a mother stands in an equal position to a true father and embraces and unites Cain and Abel, Gods children who were driven from the garden of Eden. When Cain and Abel become one centered on their mother, and the rulers and religious leaders of Israel unite, the parents will stand in the same position as the ones who were to become True Parents yet were chased from the garden of Eden. Then the parents who are the standard for blessed families at the world level will emerge, according to the laws of the Principle. Satan then will not be able to stand at the front, but will have to retreat immediately. God, who had been relegated to the back, will return to His rightful position. In the garden of Eden, once Cain and Abel unite with God-centered Adam and Eve, all will be able to enter the realm of ownership. We have to offer this to God on the thirteenth day of the first month in 2013. In one generation, True Parents have to recover everything stolen by the false parent, Satan, through the false lineage.( 525-012,20060419)

8 On February 14, 2010,1 proclaimed to the world the start of the heavenly calendar. The existing solar and lunar calendars now stand respectively in the positions of Cain and Abel and have the role of supporting the heavenly calendar, which will record and elucidate the new providence.( ,20100421)

9 This is the era in which Heaven has proclaimed the heavenly calendar. It is a serious time. The time has come when the only way to live is by following the teachings of the True Parents of humankind, who have the seal of Heaven and will take responsibility for the eternal life of all humanity. Now is the time to reveal, be proud of and praise the name of True Parents.( ,20100421)

10 From now, let God’s Association Connecting the Spirit World and the Earthly World come to the fore. The association’s name is composed of the Chinese characters for spirit, connect and world (靈聯世). After the spiritual and earthly worlds become one, they should form God’s family, nation, world and cosmos. God’s Association Connecting the Spirit World and the Earthly World is more an association than an alliance. The Chinese character for “associate” () is a combination of two characters, a cross () and power (). Power, however, is written three times. It is astonishing that this character could predict so well what was to come. Why is it that in the Chinese character for associate, we find the character for the cross and the character for power written small two times underneath it written large? It is because this character signifies the world of the cross where God, Cain and Abel unite. This is the meaning of “association.” As the spirit world and earthly world connect through this association, anyone alive who participates in this, from the individual to the family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos, is God’s beloved and will ascend to a position of value greater than the level of goodness that existed before the Fall. So, the association is named God’s Association Connecting the Spirit World and the Earthly World.( ,20091008)

11 Now is the era of God's Association Connecting the Spirit World and the Earthly World. That is to say, it is the era of the Association of God and Human Beings United in Love and the era of the Association of the Cosmic Parents. In other words, humankind has now entered the era of Heaven's extraordinary grace. It is the era where people can regain God's nation and original homeland, realize the liberated kingdom of heaven, and enjoy eternal blessings and pleasure.( ,20091008)

12 Once the era of the substantial Cheon Il Guk unfolds, God's Association Connecting the Spirit World and the Earthly World will stand as the central axis and rule humanity. This means that substantial unity occurs between the spirit world and the physical world. The laws of nature and the way of Heaven will conduct the providence. There will no longer be secular elections on earth and, through the Blessing ceremony, conducted internationally, one family of humankind will arise. We will enjoy tranquility and happiness while delighting in the reign of peace.( ,20100708)

13 God's Association Connecting the Spirit World and the Earthly World can also be called the Association of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. It is not just an association in which the Parents of Heaven and Earth become the ancestors, or in which the Parents of Heaven and Earth become the origin of history. This association includes everything. The realm of Sabbath rest based on the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth is the era in which peaceful settlement is secured. This process is realized through the eight stages, or eras, of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. The eras of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation are five stages. When we go through the stages of world, cosmos and finally the stage of God, we fulfill eight stages. We each have to go through these eight stages. However, without restoration through indemnity we cannot go through these stages. To complete these stages, your possessions must become God's. Your blessings have to become those of the Parents, of Adam and Eve. When God becomes the Owner and the Parent, an association of the Parents of Heaven and Earth is realized, centered on True Parents.( ,20091008)

Section 2. True Parents, who Have Fully Achieved the Will

1 As Saviors of the world, True Parents are the True Teachers and True King and Queen. They fulfill these three roles also in the religious realm, and the realm of the chosen people. Jesus came to connect heaven and earth and establish sovereignty over the nation of Israel, the realm of the chosen people. The three roles are one. After recreating the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, establishing it in its originally intended position, the True Parents must affix their seal, showing that they have finished everything. This concludes with God giving the blessing, "For the eternal and infinite expansion, march forward into the age of eternal peace and sovereignty of love, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven" (456-295,20040630)

2 How painful it must have been for God to sacrifice His sons and daughters, His whole family and His country, to save Satan's sons and daughters. He did so because it was essential as a foundation for the eternal establishment of peace. Otherwise peace would have been eternally impossible. God is the King of wisdom. Our current level of knowledge needs to be elevated to a higher dimension in order to grasp all of reality. Behind reality is something profoundly complex, high, deep and wide. To achieve complete enlightenment, we must cross a vast ocean of hidden secrets. The greatness of the Unification Church is that it has proclaimed the Age of the Realm of Life of the Unity and Completed Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. That means that all has been accomplished.( 393-259,20021005)

3 Freedom, equality, peace and happiness! There will be a world of abundant love, an age of ever-expanding true love, centered on Gods ideal of creation. The reign of love that liberates all nations will lead to the kingdom of heaven on earth and the age of eternal peace. We will reach the age of Gods full transcendence, full immanence and omnipotence. That means everything will have been accomplished. Jesus achieved spiritual salvation through death on the cross, and I can then declare I have achieved everything in the completely unified world of heaven and earth. Therefore, when I go to visit God and say, "Rev. Moon has come," as soon as He hears that, He will come down from His heavenly throne, where He has been lamenting as a prisoner, embrace me and weep. He will start weeping before I do, and He will shed more tears than I. When God cast His son out of Eden, the son shed tears of sorrow; but when he returns, God sheds tears of joy. Since the age of liberation, complete freedom and settlement of all God's nations has dawned, no one and nothing in heaven and earth can deny this.( 413-194,20030723)

4 Eve's wrongdoing turned heaven and earth upside down. Having discovered this and having attained the name of True Parents, I offered this to God, saying, can say, "Your hope and my hope have come true. Now that the two sets of parents, the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, have become one, all creation, all of the parents of heaven, earth and humankind, will live forever in the midst of Gods eternal love, Heaven on earth and Heaven in heaven" You will see no beggars, and certainly no criminals, in your neighborhood.( 423-198,20031028)

5 When we look at the providence of restoration, everything has been resolved because the level we have reached is that of God's absolute victory. It means that the conditions necessary to establish victory in the providence of restoration are in place. It is finished. Therefore, it is the absolute victory in the providential history. It is an absolute victory from all perspectives: the providential history, the providence of salvation, the ages of the family, tribe, people, nation and world, and the providence to restore the kingdom of heaven on earth. When we use the word "absolute"' it means it is done. It means that the age of the providence of indemnity has been completely fulfilled. Even when I die, in the age of God's sovereignty, God can appear directly and teach directly without going through the Messiah.( 517-160,20060212)

6 A liberated nation represents the whole. What is a nation of complete freedom? Not everything is completed. We still have to turn the ownership over to God, and He has to say, "It is accomplished. What was once lost has been completely restored." He will also say, "Everything is completely accomplished centered on God's Will. Since all the blessings are accomplished, you will inherit everything I did in the name of the Blessing and the Will."( 537-032,20060826)

7 All people can establish a nation where everything—whether in relation-ship as inside and outside, right and left, or Cain and Abel—centers on our eternal God. Through the restoration of the whole through indemnity and the flowering of liberation and complete freedom, anyone can pick the fruit that these flowers bear. The world of sovereignty and the authority of victory, in which the kingdom of heaven itself begins, can spread everywhere. In that world, a myriad of descendants will revere the newborn that has Heavens royal authority. The age of complete liberation, complete freedom, perfection and completion of all things, and the age of the eternal reign of peace will begin. Only when it reaches a level that God can recognize can there be liberation, complete freedom, restoration, and the realm of eternal life. That is my eternal hometown and my homeland. That is the world where perfect subject and object partners have become one. That is the ideal world under True Parents' sovereignty, centered on God.( 613-190,20090630)

Section 3. Our Responsibility in the Era of Cheon Il Guk

-True Mother's words

1 Today, we come to an exceedingly important turning point in Gods governance of His providence. It is unprecedented, historic and revolutionary. The returning Lord, Messiah, Savior and True Father, who came as the root of the lineage of original goodness, has departed to the spirit world. Consequently, we now stand at a providential starting point. From here, we have to inherit True Parents' realm of victory and build the ideal kingdom of peace.( 20120917, Cheongshim Peace World Center)

A new beginning in the providence

2 Having been together with True Father my whole life, his Seonghwa brings me unfathomable pain and sorrow. What's more, we cannot begin to fathom the sorrowful heart of God, who is the original substance of eternal love and the True Parent of humanity. From another perspective, however, this time is also one of hope to initiate a new dimension of God's providence. We have this hope on the basis of True Father s work in accordance with the heavenly laws that God established at the time of the creation of heaven and earth. He concluded, completed and perfected the providential tasks on earth that had been unfulfilled by anyone in history. He has now transitioned to the spirit world, where he will exercise dominion over both the spiritual and physical worlds. There is no language, spoken or written, by which we can possibly express how we feel today. We stand at this juncture in the providence overwhelmed with emotion.( 20120917, Cheongshim Peace World Center)

3 True Father proclaimed that Foundation Day is the most important day for us. From the time of the Enthronement Ceremony for Gods Kingship twelve years ago, Father set countless providential conditions to prepare for it. This is not a day that comes by casual happenstance. As He carried out the providence of restoration, God prepared the Israelites as the chosen people. They were yearning for the Savior. They believed everything would be solved when the Savior came to them, and that he would come in a glorious way. It seems they didn't understand indemnity. The providential history of restoration depends upon human responsibility. When ones responsibility is not fulfilled, indemnity follows without fail. Nothing about this has changed in this age.( 201301 14, Cheon Jeong Gung)

4 According to heavenly law, True Father will now make the spirit world his base and, while freely traveling between the spirit world and the physical world, will carry out the providence to expand Cheon Il Guk. True Father and I shall preside over the providence in a state of oneness in heart, essence, harmony and thought. Through the victory of Foundation Day, we will be with you in building the original garden of Eden on earth. There is no stopping the providential work of Heaven.( 20120917,Cheongshim Peace World Center)

5 The suffering that True Father and I experienced in the providential course of restoration through indemnity, a course with which not even Heaven could interfere, is beyond imagination. We even lost four children of the True Family as sacrificial offerings for the providence. Who dares to say that they can comprehend this painful course of restoration through indemnity? I have dedicated my entire being, sharing the joys and sorrows of life with True Father as his companion, overcoming innumerable trials and difficulties. On that victorious foundation, Heaven bestowed upon True Father and me the right of equality, the right to live together, and the right to hold the same position in the providence.( 20120917, Cheongshim Peace World Center)

6 True Father accomplished many things before his passing. It remains for us to inherit and develop his work. I intend to take responsibility for this, standing in the forefront. This truly is difficult. It is not easy to maintain both the internal and external levels. From wherever you are, each of you will have to help me.( 20121013,Yeosu Blue Sea Garden)

7 At this new transitional point in providential history, I want to make clear that I shall inherit True Fathers victorious foundation and stand at the forefront to lead the providence on earth. While doing so, there are several things I would like to convey to everyone.(20120917, Cheongshim Peace World Center)

The way we need to go from now

8 First, we must absolutely value the tradition True Parents established as much as we value our own life, and pass it down to our descendants, the future generations. True Parents established the tradition of love and heart, the tradition of the Word and the rules and regulations, and the tradition of the culture of heart. The hoondokhae tradition of reading the Word, which is the crystallization of True Parents' course in the providence of restoration through indemnity, should become the central practice in each family, as well as in the church and at any gathering centered on Heaven. At the same time, we need to go forward in creating a new order on earth. Please never forget True Parents' tradition, based upon which our organization will be developed and united as one body. It will have perfect order, based on the True Family, with True Parents as its center and Abel figure.(20120917, Cheongshim Peace World Center)

9 Second, we need to complete the ideal of the blessed family, with which Heaven has blessed us. The family is the cradle of true love, true life and true lineage, and the base upon which God's purpose of creation is realized. Based on the eight verses of the Family Pledge, you should uphold the tradition of the absolute good lineage with absolute faith. Our vision for peace evokes pure love, happy families and a peaceful world. Blessed couples should raise their children through love and the Word in a tradition of attending Heaven with absolute love and attaining complete oneness. Through hoondokhae in your families, you should foster the firm establishment of the Cheon Il Guk order, and fulfill the ideal of the Blessing. That is how the tradition of heart can take root both vertically and horizontally according to the standard of vertical, high noon alignment .(20120917, Cheongshim Peace World Center)

10 Third, you have all received the blessing of being tribal messiahs, which is your mission and responsibility until the time we complete Cheon Il Guk on earth. Tribal messiahship is the greatest of all blessings given by True Parents. It could not come to fallen people without the foundation of victory True Parents established in the providence of restoration through indemnity. That is why True Parents consistently emphasized the tribal messiah mission during their lifelong governance of the providence. The completion of Cheon Il Guk in heaven and on earth becomes possible when tribal messiahs fulfill their responsibility to share the Word and the Blessing with their tribes, and live for the sake of others. This will establish a realm of goodness, a peaceful world and the ideal of humanity living as one global family .(20120917, Cheongshim Peace World Center)

11 Fourth, we will create a community based on the culture of heart, in harmony and unity, with True Parents and true families. Each of you, without exception, found the path of God's Will because Heaven chose you. It was based on the merits of your ancestors and because of the character you personally acquired. In order to follow True Parents and enter this realm of victory that we have now, you have faced immeasurable persecution. That makes us all a part of a single family, a community of heart centered on one Parent. Division and conflict continue to afflict the world, but the Unification family can become brothers and sisters who can easily transcend race, nation and any barrier. If you can display an exemplary life of giving and living for the sake of others, this dream will surely come true. Especially in this time of great transition in the providence, I ask that you unite with True Parents in your heart.(20120917, Cheongshim Peace World Center)

12 Although True Father is in the spirit world, he is always with us. He exists without corporeal form, but he never leaves our side even for a moment. What do you think he desires from us at this time? He desires that we march forward without pausing. God’s providence has to continue throughout the world until, with True Parents as the center, love and peace overflow, a culture of heart settles, and a new order is established. Moreover, from the victory of Foundation Day, we should advance further to offer great glory to Heaven and to True Parents, and to instill great hope as we stand before the world and before all of history.(20120917, Cheongshim Peace World Center)

Indemnity for the sake of the future

13 In the history of God's providence, no advancement comes without indemnity. Indemnity does not only mean something bad. Through it, arises a promise for the future. The providence of restoration through indemnity is not achieved easily. Progress requires indemnity on a large scale at every stage of the providence. Since the onset of history, no one has been able to say, "I have accomplished everything. I have liberated God and completed, perfected and concluded everything so the history of the providence can begin anew" Has there ever been a person who could say this, who could claim this, and who lived like this, fulfilling Heaven's commands? You are now standing in a blessed position, at the center of the providence.(20121124,Cheongshim Peace World Center)

14 True Father worked day and night without rest throughout his entire life. I also have not slept more than three hours a day since I began attending him. As a result, we were tired all throughout the day. Now, True Father has gone to the spirit world. He transcends time and space and will be working tirelessly. I imagine he does not have time to rest. If you have been unable to fulfill your responsibility, you need to resolve to invest yourself to the utmost with a life-or-death commitment. The life you have been leading up until now will not suffice. We must create a new beginning. This is our last chance. (20121105,Manhattan Center, New York)

15 This day, the day of the worship service celebrating the fortieth day after True Father's Seonghwa, marks a new starting point for the providence. During the last forty days, Father has visited many places in the spirit world. He has met figures from providential history and has experienced directly the circumstances of God's creation of heaven and earth. I have been conversing with True Father in my heart over the past forty days. I have been preparing. Fathers thoughts have become my thoughts and my thoughts have become his thoughts. Now with oneness of mind and will, centering on the Principle, let us move forward with determination.(20121025,Cheon Jeong Gung)

16 For us there is no stopping. We simply have to go forward. I hope and pray that you, true families throughout the world, will carry out your mission as new tribal messiahs with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, and become the victors who inherit Heaven's great blessings and heavenly fortune. Heaven has poured great blessings upon us. All of us, including the second generation, need to fulfill that responsibility.(20121209, Cheon Jeong Gung)

17 When I met True Father for the first time, I set two goals for myself: to conclude the providential history of restoration through indemnity, and to realize God's ideal world of creation. Nobody, not even True Father, told me what to do. But I realized that my failure to do this would make it more difficult for later generations. Therefore, my position today is the result of my constant effort to complete my mission.(201301 14,Cheon Jeong Gung)

Divine spirit, truth, and a church of love

18 The Unification Church originated from divine spirit and truth. The years have passed, our church has grown, and our members have matured, based upon a truly loving heart. In the beginning, when Father was ministering, whenever members came to the church, they never wanted to leave. They wanted to stay with True Parents, even if it meant staying up all night. If there were anything True Father wanted done, members wanted to do it for him, spontaneously, without being asked. That was the life of faith our members led back then. Though ours was a small church, it was overflowing with love. Everyone was united and we overcame the most difficult of times. We need to give Divine Principle lectures in our churches without ceasing, in order to give people rebirth through the Word. Where individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations practice true love, that is Cheon Il Guk. That is the kingdom of heaven on earth.(20121001,Cheon Jeong Gung)

19 Sunday sermons should not last more than thirty minutes. A long sermon bores the members and makes them want to return home quickly. At the same time, the sermons impact has to last for a week. When the sermon is finished, it is good for the church leader to listen to members' witnessing reports, welcome new members, and do something to lift the members' spirits. With such programs, the church will become truly vibrant. It will be filled with the energy of life. Both current and new members will hardly be able to wait another week before going back to church. The church has to be a place where members feel enriched both physically and spiritually. If a minister feeds his members with the nectar of the Word and creates a place where the members feel embraced with love, I am sure that church will experience incredible growth.(20121129,Cheon Jeong Gung)

20 All of True Father swords and actions are like uncut jewels. I want to create something of the greatest value out of those jewels, and keep it close to me where I can love it freely. You may feel the same way. As the first step, I will polish the words of Cheon Seong Gyeong, creating a jewel without which you cannot live. On the last day of your life, you will want to take this jewel with you to the spirit world. That is why I am working on this.(201301 10,Cheon Jeong Gung)

21 Christianity spread through the world with one book, the Bible. Father's words should perform the same role. If the words are not put in order, there will be confusion in the future. I feel an urgent need to organize the volumes that contain the Word. I plan to engage a committee of elder members to review and edit, in order to make all things clear for the sake of the future. We need to leave one root, one stem, and one fruit, that being the eternal Word of Father. Father's words are the standard, signpost, and compass that people can use as a guide, every day throughout their life. I am full of regret that Fathers words have not been organized.(20120917,Cheon Jeong Gung)

22 When we publish True Fathers teachings, many committees need to ex-amine the content before a book comes out. This is to benefit you and your descendants. I do it so that you can hold this book in your arms at the end of your earthly life when you go to the spirit world. Be proud in front of True Father. Report to him: "I received True Mother's training during my life on earth and came to love Father's teachings. And so I have come to you with this book in my arms."(20130107,Cheon Jeong Gung)

23 You have the True Parents with you. You have the Principle and the Word. Now we have to make True Father's life known throughout the world. Our future will be bright. I will work to vitalize our church. Our church should be alive and breathing. Through our actions and practices, blessed families need to set an example and bring neighbors and clans to follow us.(20121001,Cheon Jeong Gung)

24 From which year did True Father tell you to study Korean? The nearby nation of Japan must take on the mission of Eve. Must translators always follow you around to help you? You must now put into practice what Father said, and learn Korean.(20121013,Yeosu Blue Sea Garden)

A life of gratitude

25 Our ultimate goal is to create Cheon Il Guk in attendance to God. The first thing we have to do for this goal is to examine ourselves. According to Father, Cheon Il Guk is established when two people become one. Therefore, in our life of faith, the most important thing is to live in a place of one hundred percent unity between mind and body. What do we have to do to live in such a place? Begin with what I have said: "Before you criticize things that are wrong, you should say these words with a pure and sincere heart: 'I offer thanks to Heaven.'" If you can stand on a foundation of oneness on the individual and familial levels, at church, in your tribe, in your country and the world, then the unified world centered on God will be realized naturally. If you live with this mindset, Heaven will always be with you in everything you do, and blessings will pour down upon you.(201211 11,Cheongshim Peace Worid Center)

26 Each of you needs to empty your heart and repent, truly repent. Those in high positions need to come down to low positions with an earnest heart. Thank Heaven for awakening your heart to be able to repent for everything, and for the ability to look at yourself and make a new beginning. At the end of each day, think back on the things you did and pray to God. Ask Him to help you complete the things you were not able to do that day by investing everything you have the next day. If you live with a heart of gratitude, everything around you begins to look beautiful. You become happy. Then you cannot keep your happiness to yourself, so you will start witnessing to others. You will not be able to help witnessing to others.(20121027,MHotel,LasVegas,USA)

Witnessing and the creation of the environment

27 It is a pity that although you have listened to Divine Principle lectures dozens or hundreds of times, you have not yet grasped those teachings nor can you translate them into action. Our environment was shaped not only at the time of God's creation of the universe. It has continued through the course of the providence of restoration. I have made a great effort to create an environment for the coming generations. What about your parents? Have they fulfilled their responsibility? Have they created the environment that you need? As second generation, you stand at the center of the Unification Church. You need to clearly understand your roots and create a good environment. Simply put, witnessing is the way you create the environment. You need to witness. That is the only way you can avoid accusation. No matter how much the world has honored you, or how strictly you have lived for the providence, without straying even once, if you have a condition for accusation, you will not be free when you go to the spirit world. Please realize this. That has to be your constant motivation. Think about the seven billion people in the world. Our environment is still very limited. ( 20121212,Cheon Jeong Gung)

28 True Father completed and accomplished the providence of restoration through indemnity. He opened Cheon Il Guk. It is up to us to create the environment for Cheon Il Guk. It is not possible to turn heaven and earth upside down overnight. What is important is how much we devote ourselves to embrace our brothers and sisters, our clans, our nations and our neighbors with love. They are the fruits of our witnessing. Think only about how you are going to offer one more life to Heaven, even to the extent of forgetting to eat and sleep. You are all blessed members and you probably all have children; so you know how marvelous it is and how much you anticipate the birth of each new life. You can feel Heaven's blessings in that moment. If you can give birth to one new life each day with your own effort, then you will receive a great blessing.( 20121212,Cheon Jeong Gung)

29 The Blessing you received by meeting the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind should not remain only in your family. You are the ones who can display your pride in the Blessing in front of the seven billion people on the earth. Please remember that with every blessing comes responsibility If you fail to fulfill your responsibility, indemnity will follow. Know that for a surety. Because of this, you should completely unite with True Mother. Completely unite and move forward toward a single goal. Don't look sideways. This is how blessing can come to you. In the spirit world, you breathe love as your air. Witnessing is about the love you sow.( 20121225,Cheon Jeong Gung)

30 In the history of the providence, the failures by a central figure or chosen person to fulfill his responsibility has been followed without exception by the need for indemnity. For sixty years following the founding of our church, True Father worked publicly and earnestly for the sake of God's providence. It is not an overstatement to say that he spent two-thirds of that time, forty years of his life, in America. Our eternal homeland is Korea, but he invested more in America. This is because he was thinking about all of humankind. The great blessing that America has received as the eldest son nation means it has the responsibility to gather all the brothers and sisters and bring them to the parents.(20121105,Manhattan Center, New York)

31 As a nation, the United States of America represents Christianity. After the crucifixion of Jesus, God developed Christianity for two millennia and gave a great mission to America. This nation does not belong to the people of America alone. Its responsibility was to work hard for world peace, but it failed. True Father came to awaken America to its mission, but how did the American people treat True Father? He was innocent, but they sent him to Danbury prison. When will this nation indemnify the sins it has committed against Heaven? From an external point of view, America is standing at the edge of a cliff. From this perspective, you have to understand the great importance of your mission.(20121027,M Hotel, Las Vegas, USA)

32 If you take responsibility and organize activities that are lively and inspiring, the spirit world will fully assist you. What is the wish of those in the spirit world? What is our wish? It is the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, Cheon Il Guk. How excited, delighted and grateful we would be to realize that in our lifetime! If we have gone through life feeling that way, how can we now just sit calmly and placidly? How can we not exert ourselves? Our goal will not disappear with the passing of Foundation Day. We have to bless all of the world’s people and transform them into Cheon Il Guk citizens. In order to do that, what should you do? Those in the spirit world will not help people who do only what they are told to do, who just live from one day to the next. I am asking you to become people who report to Heaven every day and who move with Heaven all the time. Therefore, you must work hard, as if having twenty-four hours in the day is not enough.(20121013,Yeosu Blue Sea Garden)

33 Because educating our children is an urgent and important matter, you should begin each day in hoondokhae with your family. Up until now, you had no time to spend with your children because you were carrying out church work. From now on you should begin your day together in hoondokhae with your children. Please begin your day this way. We need to educate and nurture our second generation. No matter your position, you need to think about the generations to come.(20121001,Cheon Jeong Gung)

The role of women in the Era after the Coming of Heaven

34 When it comes to educating and raising children, the mother has to be stronger than the father. That is why I told my daughters-in-law, "You have to follow the tradition and become stronger than your husband." The mother's role was great during Israel's course of paying indemnity while living in a difficult environment. It is the same with the Unification Church. Women have the responsibility to march at the front, organize and handle everything, and help the men.(20121105,Manhattan Center, New York)

35 Regardless of position or office, our goal is the same: to make everyone in the world a Cheon Il Guk citizen. This is the blessing and the purpose for which we were born. Don't place too much importance on your position. The action you take is more important than the position you hold. The second generation in particular will not be able to move forward if they cannot overcome the difficulties that present themselves at this time. Foundation Day is not the day that heaven and earth are destroyed, but is the day on which Cheon Il Guk begins. Until it is complete, we each have our own responsibility. We should not rest until every last person in the world is a citizen of Cheon Il Guk. Until we have done that, we cannot say that we have accomplished everything. We are only at the beginning. How can we bear fruit if we have not even begun? We need to sow in order to reap. Thus we need to do our best and show God and the world what we can do. What we can achieve from now on will depend on the effort we make. Let's transform our environment as much as we can.(20121212,Cheon Jeong Gung)

36 How will you move after Foundation Day? It is the great age when heaven and earth open, an event that will occur only once in history. Who will be the true and good children, the loyal subjects and patriots in this day and age? Heaven has given you its words and opportunities. We need to march forward with the heart of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Do not center on yourself. Be humble, not full of pride. Let us each have the attitude that we are here to learn from everyone around us. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God. In front of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, all sons and daughters are equally in the middle of the process of growth. Please keep that in mind.(20121225,Cheon Jeong Gung)

The seven billion children of our Heavenly Parent

37 How do we create a world with God as its center, one world under God? It is through the perfection of our ideal blessed families, centered on true love. We cannot stop. All we can do is to march forward continuously, with our purpose to realize the settlement of Cheon Il Guk on earth. Thus, the perfection of blessed families, the creation of ideal families, depends on whether you fulfill your responsibility.(20120917,Cheongshim Peace World Center)

38 In the Old Testament Age, God was called Jehovah. In the New Testament Age, God was called Heavenly Father. Foundation Day is the day God's dream comes true. So now He should be called by a different name. When we pray, we need to address Him as our Heavenly Parent. It sounds good in English and has a good meaning in Korean. God is the Heavenly Parent. Whenever we pray, the first word that comes out should be Heavenly Parent and then beloved True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.We have to do this. Also, I am changing the name of the Unification Church to the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.(20130107,Cheon Jeong Gung)

39 The hope we share with our Heavenly Parent is that there will not be a single person on the earth who does not know about our Heavenly Parent. It is our responsibility to make this happen. We have to merit the titles of filial child and patriot by making a life-and-death determination and marching forward with utmost effort.(20130210,Cheon Jeong Gung)

40 We are sinners in the eyes of Heaven. In light of the grace we have received from Heaven, we have not been able to fulfill our responsibility. Is there anyone who can stand up and proudly say he or she has completed everything? Now, for the first time in history, we are ushering in Foundation Day, a day of blessing that has never been seen before and will never be seen again. Do you intend to receive this blessing without having done anything for it, or will you receive it based on your qualification as a son or daughter? Once again, we need to think about True Father, who has departed this earth before us, and we need to repent. We need to forgive one another. We need to give greater honor to our Heavenly Parent, who has been suffering behind the scenes throughout the providence of restoration. We are unworthy to stand before True Parents, who have given everything unsparingly, and who desire that each of us become a proud citizen of Cheon Il Guk. We are woefully unprepared. What do you have to do? You need to take the lowest position and receive the coming Foundation Day with a repentant heart, as you ask Heaven to take pity on you.(20130120,Cheongshim Peace World Center)

41 As blessed families in all parts of the world prepare to welcome Foundation Day, they should ensure in this period of time that they have nothing to be ashamed of before Heaven. I have opened all the doors through Foundation Day. I have opened the doors wide for anyone who resolves to be filial, loyal and faithful, and to put his or her beliefs into action. We must practice absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience until our last moment on earth, centered on True Parents. If we make such a resolution and carry it out, we will not need to pay indemnity in the future. We need to prepare for the era of Cheon Il Guk that is free from indemnity. That will come when we fulfill our responsibility.( 20130120,Cheongshim Peace World Center)

42 I sincerely ask everyone here to remain loyal, devoted and enthusiastic. On this foundation, we will give birth to the citizens of Cheon Il Guk and nurture them as we expand throughout our nation. But it is not only for this nation. Until we give rebirth to the seven billion people of the world, we will move forward, devoting ourselves completely with life-or-death commitment. We have to offer this nation to Heaven. Before anything else happens, North and South Korea should re-unite. In this context, are you aware of the important role of women? We need to go beyond the work of a daughter, and take on the mother's mission. We should give birth to and raise children. True Father built a big house and gave it to us. We should organize it, arrange it carefully and furnish it well. That is our responsibility. (201301 10,Cheon Jeong Gung)

43 1 hope and pray that your heartfelt devotion will bring glory to heaven and joy to the earth, and that you will all become recognized and beloved citizens of Cheon Il Guk in the eternal era of Cheon Il Guk. Let us once again resolve to do our best to accelerate our work, the work of guiding the seven billion people of the world to become citizens under our Heavenly Parent. Only if you have achieved this will you be free when you pass on into the next world, and will you live in a world that is free from accusation. If you are unable to fulfill your responsibility on earth, accusation will follow you to the eternal world. In that event, you will have trouble breathing in the spirit world, where breathing takes place through your heart of love. You need to fulfill your responsibility while you still have your physical body on the earth, so that you can stand free before True Parents in the eternal world and be authentically proud of yourself. (20130120,Cheongshim Peace World Center)

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