Chapter 1. The Significance of the Creation
Section 1. Learning from the Creation 585
Section 2. The Meaning of the Creation of All Things 590
Section 3. Nature and the Lessons It Offers 599

Chapter 2. The Essence and Order of the Universe
Section 1. Love Is the Essence of the Universe 607
Section 2. The Principles of Existence and Action 609
Section 3. Order and Law in the Universe 618
Section 4. Creation and Evolution 622

Chapter 3. The Creation's Lament and True Stewardship
Section 1.Our Relationship with the Creation 628
Section 2. The Creations Lament and Our Response 632
Section 3. True Dominion over the Creation 637
Section 4. Our Attitude toward the Creation 643
Section 5. Restoration of the Original Eden 647

Chapter 4. A Vision for Nature and the Ocean
Section 1. Returning the Creation to God andthe Pursuit of Leisure Activities 652
Section 2. The Original Museum of Creation 654
Section 3. The Era of the Ocean 659
Section 4. The Deep Meaning of Ocean Fishing 668



The Significance of the Creation

Section 1. Learning from the Creation

1 Whenever I look at nature, I think deeply about how God created all these things. I have such a sense of awe and wonder when I think about how all the trees and plants were created. We should have a sincere concern for and interest in everything around us. Only after we grasp the details of things can we manage them well. But even through simply appreciating the original value of nature, we will receive a great blessing. Then we will comprehend the fact that nature was made for us. However, people don't know how to look at nature. Nature is truly a mystery. When we come to know nature, we can hear wonderful music even in the sound of the wind. This also helps us greatly in our life of faith. Nature is the closest thing to our own bodies.( 014-101,19640620)

Nature is the first scripture

2 Since human beings were fashioned to be the lords of creation, we need to stand as models in front of all things of creation. From the position of children attending our Heavenly Father, if we find life's lessons in all things of creation and harmonize with them, we will be naturally attuned to the principles of heaven and earth. Animals cooperate with one another to protect their own kind. When a lion approaches a herd of zebras, they form a circle around their young and protect them by kicking with their hind legs. Lions too, even though they may fight over their prey, still share it. Thus we learn from nature how to harmonize with one another and how to live together. That's the way of our life.( 350-264,20010818)

3 I have a love for literature. I truly enjoy reciting poetry. Nature provides a setting in which everyone can feel inspired to recite poetry. People should be proud of their environment before they are proud of themselves. They should say, "The mountains are good, the water is good, the fields are good and my house in these surroundings is good. Therefore I feel good." God created the environment first, and only after that did He create Adam. Everywhere in this environment are subject partners and object partners. There is nothing in nature that does not exist in pairs. Those who can feel, in the midst of nature, that they are model representations of the universe and owners of it, are happy people. I found the Principle in nature.( 394-236,20021012)

4 When I step outside in the morning, I listen to the twittering of the birds. The sounds may seem much the same, but I wonder, "Why is that one chirping like this?" If a bird is chirping alone, I can discern without a doubt that it is singing to call its partner. Often I will hear a bird call from here, and then one responding from over there. They tweet back and forth and then come together and meet. I am so sure when a bird is chirping alone that this will happen. It's always like this. That's why I truly love nature. I am saying you should take an interest in nature. In the course of seeking out the Principle, I took great interest in everything. I would have a question, and then pay attention to a myriad of things, and from among them, the answer would emerge. When that answer aligns with the east, west, south and north, I know it is correct. This is the Principle.( 069-171,19731031)

5 When I go to a beautiful, scenic spot, I look at that place and evaluate it from the viewpoint of heavenly fortune. I try to connect that place to heavenly for-tune. That is why, in the early days of our church, I visited many mountains. When I see a country's mountains, earth and water, I can intuit the character of its people, You can drink the water anywhere in Korea; it is so clean and pure. We must restore nature first. Before we go out overseas, we must deeply love our country's natural environment. The one who knows how to love the land where he was born knows how to love his own body. The one who knows how to love his body knows how to love his own mind. The one who loves his own mind is the one who also loves God.( 014-102,19640620)

6 You should go into the deep and mysterious world of God's heart through the spiritual path, thereby becoming able to appeal to nature in tears. You should say to nature, "Before my circumstances, there are your circumstances. I know you are in this pitiable situation because of me, and for this I am sorry. Please wait a little longer." You need to become a person with this attitude and heart. We travel the path of the spiritual seeker to learn this attitude and heart. In the past, people of prayer described nature as the "first scripture." They affirmed that we should study nature, which was created by God, before we read the Bible.( 020-271,19680707)

Nature is our textbook

7 All of nature was the model to teach Adam and Eve how to practice ideal love. It was a textbook of love and a natural museum of love—a museum to teach love. Thus nature serves to carry people toward their completion and perfection. Nature exists in order to perfect love. The mineral world pleads with us, "Please complete your love;" the plant world begs us, "Please make your love perfect." The animal world says the same thing. They all want to see people completely ripen and mature their love—that is to say, they want to see Gods love perfected. When that time comes, a world filled with abundant love, a world that can become one, will come about. That is why they want to see the perfection of love. When God's love, human love and the universe's love are all perfected, everyone will be able to say for the first time, "Oh, we are happy!"( 131-126,19840416)

8 God manifested the world and all things of creation as a model all people could follow. Human beings were meant to become the lords of creation. Isn't the fact that we were unable to become such lords shameful? When we hear male and female birds calling out to find their young, we cannot help but feel how contradictory our human lives are. I am telling you to go out in the morning and look at where the birds are flying. The male flies to where the female is, the female flies to where the male is, and both of them fly to where the fledglings are. If you go to South America, you will see thousands of parrots flying around, gathering together in one place and singing. It is the same with geese. Other kinds of birds, such as magpies, also gather to feed in the morning.( 608-068,20090219)

9 In the beginning, Adam and Eve, born as Gods children, were meant to gradually grow in the realm of God s protection. As their intellect developed, they would have come to realize why God created all things, and God would have educated them through the created world. The created world, where everything is in motion, provided resources for the education of Adam and Eve, who were our original ancestors, and it was a textbook teaching them how to live. The world was a model and a museum showing them how to lead an ideal life. By observing all things around them as they grew, they would naturally have learned how to relate to each other in love. Whether they looked at the insect world or the world of higher animals, they were meant to discover that these living things are made in interacting pairs, in order to do things for each other, call to each other and love each other. Even though Adam and Eve were immature, by looking around them they would have learned the principles of the world as their intellectual capacity developed. As they grew toward maturity, they would have come to sense the reality of love. On coming to know love, they would have mastered everything.( 137-127,19860101)

10 Children's favorite toys are usually things that move. They intuitively like lively creatures such as puppies and insects. Children like moving, dynamic things, such as flying creatures and wild animals. This is how people are. Their interest is aroused when they see the natural world and the earth in motion. Of course, their level of interest in different things varies, but people find it interesting to contemplate these things. In this way they learn about the attributes of love in themselves. Observing how insects and higher animals live, we see that they all exist in pairs. Considering this, we can see nature as a museum and a textbook to educate human beings, the object partners of God’s love, about the ideal of reciprocal relationships.( 137-211,19860103)

11 People were created as subject and object partners; they were created to have mutual relationships. The world too, full of all things that were created for the sake of humankind, exists in harmony under the principle of love; it fulfills its purpose of life and God's ideal when it receives peoples love. For people as they grow, especially for the maturing Adam and Eve, the created world of all things was made as a textbook of love and as a museum that endlessly displays the essence of love. Adam and Eve, representing God's masculine subjectivity and feminine receptivity, would have learned how to love through nature, the textbook of love, grown to their full perfection, and united with each other horizontally. The horizontal unity of Adam and Eve would have represented the completion of the ideal of the object partner, and this was God's universal hope of creation.( 135-012,19850820)

12 From the perspective of the standard of true love, Adam and Eve were meant to grow up observing and learning from nature's garden of love, created according to the pair system. They were to have become aware of what they were to do as they grew up, through all the natural things and events around them. The creation existed as the museum of love for the education of Adam and Eve. As they grew, they would have watched the birds and butterflies, noticing that all these creatures exist as male-and-female pairs. Eventually they would have come to understand how these creatures developed affection for each other and brought forth their young. When they reached full maturity, Adam and Eve were supposed to realize for themselves that man is the prince of God's love, representing plus, and woman is the princess of God's love, representing minus. Then the woman would have come to believe, "That man is the very man I need!" and the man would have thought, "She really is the woman I need!"( 201-162,19900330)

13 In spring, the trees blossom and butterflies and bees dance in and around them. They do this in accordance with the principle of love. When new buds open on the trees and the branches start to grow, they quicken in order to whisper in love. The trees grow and, when the time comes, they bear fruit. Relationships expressing the principle of love are evident in the plant world. All this is educational material for us. When you look at nature you can see that what I have said is well founded. Even God moves based on the relationship of love between subject partner and object partner. Accordingly whatever plant you consider, it acts based on the principle of true love. The mineral World is the same. Therefore we have veins of gold and of silver in the earth and veins of blood in the human body. The mineral world serves a purpose higher than its own.( 133-071,19840708)

14 All things of creation love each other. In the worlds of animals, plants and minerals, such loving interactions are evident. For their partners they dance, they sing, they fly and they crawl. When you look at all this and ask, "what are they doing?" you can begin to learn from them. What is nature? It is the museum that was to educate Adam. It was a living textbook to educate Adam. Wherever Adam went, Eve was to follow; wherever Eve went, Adam was to follow. Adam's sphere of activity was broad because he was a man, externally active. Looking at nature he would exclaim, "Look at that! What are they doing?" He would pay careful attention to discover how animals got together, how their bellies grew bigger and how they gave birth to their young. He would have learned from this.( 134-194,19850720)

15 When Eve became a teenager, her breasts began to grow. She would also have noticed how animals feed their young. As boys and girls grow, the strength of their attraction toward each other surges. For no apparent reason, teenage boys and girls feel marvelously attracted to each other. Likewise, we can imagine that Adam and Eve would have felt a strong attraction toward each other. They would have seen how male and female animals meet and kiss. They would have learned everything from them. Nature was supposed to educate them. The whole world of creation was to be the educational resource to stimulate Adam and Eve.( 134-195,19850720)

16 God created out of love. From the beginning to the end, He invested everything. Therefore He said, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end." (Rev. 22:13) Such total investment is possible only due to love, because only love contains everything. God created the universe for love, and He lives for love. He created because He needed an object partner for His love. He created human beings as the model and then placed them in the east, west, north and south. Thus the entire creation, everything in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, was created in pairs. Everything in the world, based on the pair system, constitutes a textbook to enable people to learn the process of seeking ideal love. Even male and female insects make love. Everything in nature is educational material.( 173-211,19880218)

17 Everything in nature is scientific. The whole universe is a museum of science. Even the four legs of a table are learned from nature. Human beings by themselves cannot create anything. The universe is the treasure chest of all knowledge. The universe is nature's university. The natural environment in which fish and animals live is no different from that of human beings. They all breathe, they all see. Even small insects have eyes. If they didn't have eyes, how could they find their partners? They all have sensory organs, they exist in pairs and they multiply.( 247-152,19930502)

Section 2. The Meaning of the Creation of All Things

1 God did not create all things of heaven and earth on a whim. He did not create them without a purpose or direction or without a specific philosophy. Rather, He created them with a great purpose, based on a magnificent universal philosophy. Therefore the philosophy inherent in God's heart is present in all existing things, from the tiniest creature to the incredibly vast universe. With such a philosophy then, for what purpose did God create all this? Beyond any doubt, His deep purpose was to see an ideal world based on His love, that is, a world of true love in which we communicate with love, are joyful in love, live in love and die in love.( 009-164,19600508)

2 Why did God create heaven and earth? It is because, even though He is the Absolute Subject Being, a subject partner alone cannot experience joy. One cannot produce joy alone. Rather, it comes about only through mutual relationships. Peace also comes about through mutual relationships. Therefore even God cannot play the role of God when He is alone.( 058-210,19720611)

The purpose for which God created all things

3 We understand God as the subject being of dual characteristics. But God needs an object partner for love, which is why He created everything in heaven and earth. That is why, for example, the atomic world has electrons surrounding the nucleus, the world of chemical compounds has positive and negative ions, the plant world has stamen and pistil, and the animal world includes male and female. Everything exists in pairs. Because of the nature of love, God made them in pairs. Everything in creation is born in love, lives for love and must complete the purpose of love.( 223-300,19911117)

4 When God saw everything He had created over six days, His joy was infinite. When God said, "It is good, it is good" over and over again with such a joyful heart, to whom was He speaking? He was speaking to all the things of creation. He was talking to all things with such an eager heart. However, all created things lost their original value that God had praised as good in the garden of Eden. To this day, God has not been able to realize His Will and take pride in His creation. When we think of this sad reality, God's originally joyful words, "It is good to behold," became instead words of sorrow.( 005-238,19590208)

5 Why did God create heaven and earth? Although He is the Absolute Being, He cannot feel joy alone. No matter how much it is said that God is happy, if He is alone He cannot be truly stimulated and so He can't really feel joy. No matter how much the Absolute Being may declare, "I am the Absolute Being, the master of love and master of life," if He is all alone He cannot feel the stimulation of love. By Himself and completely alone, God cannot feel all of heaven and earth stimulating life within His own body.( 038-152,19710103)

6 How could God create the universe and human beings? He could do so because He possesses heart. Life can arise only where there is heart. Where there is life, movement and development can take place. The work of creation must have a purpose, as it is the nature of heart to aim toward the realization of the original purpose. Therefore it follows that the purpose of creation is to bring joy that will satisfy God's heart. This joy is derived from the creation, especially from human beings when they resemble Him.( 065-258,19721126)

7 When God created the world, He was joyful. After the Creation, He said, "It is good to behold." God felt joy. What is joy? It is what you feel when you accomplish a certain purpose. God felt joyful over all the things He had created, because His sense of purpose was embedded in them. So what kind of world is the restored world? Simply stated, it is a world where people live with multidimensional connections of heart through which they can praise God as they behold each individual entity in the universe.( 009-168,19600508)

8 Before the Fall our ancestors should have become the proud and glorious substance of original heart by bringing all creation to a glorious condition in front of God. They should have made all things into symbolic object partners of joy, object partners of beauty, and object partners that could stimulate God's external and internal nature. That this never happened became God's deep sorrow. You would be the happiest of people if you could live in the garden of Eden—in harmony with God's heart, in harmony with goodness and in accordance with God's ideal, and if you could feel the stimulation of goodness from everything around you, and if you could experience even one hour of glory in which you could call God your Father.( 006-337,19590628)

9 This entire created world came into being for whom? It is for me. It is to bring us joy. Therefore we should take the initiative to create an environment in which we can feel happy through the results of our efforts. It is God's intention to develop a high ideal of love. When we love all things and, as a result, all things return beauty to us, we will become the center of harmony. The life that you intend or wish for is not the important thing. What is important is the center. You must find the center of your current life. But how can you find the center? How can we fallen people, who lost the center of harmony, rediscover that place? You are not required to be bigger than all creation to become the subject partner. Rather, you need to be confident, thinking, "I must become the subject partner." In other words, "Through the authority of love, I should stand above you." You need that kind of confidence. A subject partner must be absolute. The universe must unite and be in harmony with the one Absolute Subject Partner. You need to be in that place. You need to stand in the place where you can integrate all things.( 029-133,19700226)

10 How can we feel the joyful heart of God when He created all things? You must all experience that heart. Whether you like it or not is not the issue. If you want to feel that heart, you had better meditate in a garden from morning to sunset. You need to lose yourself in the realm in which you are unaware of the passage of time. Then, when you breathe in, the air of the cosmos will flow into you with the power of life. You should live like this, infused with the cosmic power of life. If you live like this, when you breathe out, all beings on earth will awaken. When you sleep, all beings will harmonize with the rhythm of your sleep as your responsive object partners. This is the position of the Absolute Being who governs the entire cosmos. In that place you stand in harmony with all things. When you breathe out, all things will receive your breath; when you breathe in, all things will give to you. When you have this kind of relationship of love with all things, you are giving and receiving on a cosmic level. However, you should not stop at experiencing this kind of relationship. Rather, you need to continue until you become a central being of harmony.( 029-134,19700226)

11 The universe is so awe-inspiring. How wonderful is our world when you understand that God created the universe for us, that He did not create it just for His own entertainment or for fun, but through devoting Himself out of profound love for us! We should be deeply grateful in realizing that our Father created the entire cosmos just for us. With that heart we need to walk through the garden looking at flowers, grass and trees, listening to and appreciating the chirping of birds, admiring the flowing water and the gentle breeze. Looking at all this, you cannot but realize in your heart how wonderful this world is!( 087-320,19760627)

The world created through absolute faith and love

12 Absolute faith, absolute love, absolute obedience! This was Gods attitude before He began His creation. God created all things with absolute faith, thinking, "This shall be as I say!" This is absolute faith. The things He created were the object partners of His love. God created everything, from the tiniest insect to everything in the plant and animal kingdoms, as the object partners of His absolute love. His sons and daughters were supposed to eat the object partners of God's absolute love and grow. We owe our lives to the earth, to the things of creation, to the air and the sun. Nothing belongs to us. There is nothing we can boast of. Since We have to live by eating the things that were created as the object partners of His absolute love in absolute faith, then not only must we treat them with absolute faith and absolute love, but also, standing as owners, we have the responsibility to digest these created things only after investing our lives for them.( 373-148,20020331)

13 When God was creating this world, even when He created a single flower, He imagined this as a beautiful object partner of His love in the future and created it with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute investment— and then forgot about how much He had invested. He invested everything, holding back nothing, because even the tiniest thing would become the flesh and blood of His beloved sons and daughters and therefore would be His own flesh and blood and body. So absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience are not vague terms. That is to say, before creating, God knew that even a single grain of sand could become a nutrient to form the flesh, blood, bone and bone marrow of human beings, the substantial incarnations of His love. So God created even a single grain of sand with absolute faith, love and obedience.( 458-197,20040709)

14 In the creation of all things, God sought to make the world His object partner. So He invested and invested without ceasing, and forgot how much He had invested. In this way, the great universe was born. When God invested endlessly with divine love that embraced everything, the original substance of His creation possessed unlimited power. That is to say, when the creation becomes an absolute infinite minus, absolute infinite power appears. Movement begins. Absolute minus creates a vacuum-like realm, and this causes a typhoon. When an absolute minus appears, it descends vertically. Once it descends, the whole universe turns upside down. The top becomes the bottom, the bottom becomes the top, and everything is mixed up completely. Because this infinite, eternal movement occurs endlessly, this universe exists forever.( 307-295,19981121)

15 God created all things based on absolute faith. Because God created all things existing in the universe as inherently precious, if people attack one another without faith in the inherent value of all things, then these people should feel ashamed in front of the creation. Such faithlessness is shameful in front of the flowing rivers; it is shameful in front of the flying birds. Even grasshoppers and other insects must be regarded as being better than fallen people. Even insects lead their lives with original faith and trust. When we think that all things, created in absolute faith, have that kind of value, it is shameful that we human beings fell and could not find faith and trust. This is shameful in front of God and in front of the plants and trees and insects in the fields. Even in front of microbes, we are shameful beings. Even microbes lead their lives faithfully. God became God because He set up absolute faith and acted with absolute love.( 284-040,19970415)

16 Have you ever seen the things of creation muttering and complaining to God? No, because they have absolute faith and obedience. They never complain, even though they sacrifice everything. Minerals do not complain when plants absorb them. It is the same when plants offer themselves to animals, and animals to people. And it should be the same when people offer themselves to God. The same. We need to offer our lives to God. Because God created everything with the tradition of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, if we remain self-centered, we cannot return to God.( 467-180,20040904)

17 There is not a single being in all of creation that exists entirely alone. Rather, all things exist in subject-object partner relationships. They were all created as part of a pair system. The concept of absolute faith derives from the fact that the universe was created according to a pair system, for the sake of love. That is why, based on absolute faith, you can connect to the way of love. Based on absolute faith, the seed of true love can be planted. It is the same for the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom and the human world, Adam and Eve should have reached perfection where they represented the full value of creation, in the place where true love could be planted. You need to be a substantial being of love, as God has been, with absolute faith. In front of God, you need to have absolute faith and absolute love.( 298-011,19981231)

18 God created all things in Eden with absolute faith. This was similar to farming—creating all the things His beloved sons and daughters would eat. For God, this meant absolute investment. God forgot His prestigious position while He was creating at the zero point. Since the universes movement is spherical, when you keep pushing it, it turns. The universe has to be the perfect entity that fulfills the ideal of love. Once everything is interconnected, God will come to unite with it, and the worlds of heaven and earth, the worlds of mind and body, will move as one based on true love. The family, tribe, people, nation, world and heaven and earth will be united as one. The spirit world and physical world will rotate eternally for one purpose. This is the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven.( 300-241,19990323)

19 The Principle of Creation predetermines certain relationships between human beings and all things of creation, among human beings themselves, and between human beings and heaven. First, nature is the synthesis of all things, all individual embodiments of truth, which are to exist in harmony and unity. The absolute role of nature is to enable people to realize their absolute value as subject partners, exercising a dominion of love over all creation in the position of absolute object partner. Second, when we consider relationships among people, we have three generations within the family. This is where we learn the personal relationships between up and down, right and left, and front and back, as well as between vertical and horizontal. Each person, as an individual embodiment of truth, is to substantiate his or her absolute value and pursue a life of harmony and love through the interaction between subject partner and object partner. Third, what about the relationship between people and God? God, as the Creator with an absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal nature, is in the subject-partner position over all creation, which is His overall object partner. He continuously interacts with all things in the realm of His own Principle of Creation. This is because, even though He is the Absolute Being, without a relationship of giving and receiving with His most essential object partner—human beings—He cannot feel joy. (547-261,20061208)

The environment God created for human beings

20 Before God created heaven and earth, He must have spent some time thinking about His creation, and He must have spent some time in preparation. That is to say, before He finalized His plan for creation, He must have thought about it first. Then He would have gone through a process of preparation before executing His plan. This is how He created heaven and earth. Heaven and earth are like this, and that means that God Himself must be such a being. For God, there is a time of thinking, a time of preparation and a time of execution. Through that process He created all of heaven and earth.( 013-107,19631108)

21 From the point of view of the Word, and compared to the Word it-self, the creation of substance represents a more developed form. Only when substance appears can joy spring forth. When joy flows, the harmonious work of creation blossoms. When sub-stance reaches a certain level of development, finally love is added. This is the method of God's creation of all things. So first there is thought, to which the Word takes a plus position and forms substance, and finally love is added. Through this process of creation, all things came into being. When God moved from the thinking stage to the systematic stage of the Word, that is, from the stage of abstract thinking to the stage of concrete and logical formation inherent in the Word, He felt incredible joy.( 029-315,19700313)

22 When a writer sees her idea ex-pressed in her completed work, she feels joy Furthermore, if her work is made into a movie or a play, she feels even more joy. When her thought is developed into a more systematic theory and then formed into something substantial that many people can relate to and feel joy from, her work gains yet greater value. Looking at human beings with regard to God's idea for the creation of heaven and earth, we can discern that He invested limitless devotion in their creation. God carefully considered the process and the forms He would use in creating us.( 029-315,19700313)

23 God created human beings through the Word. Before He created them, He searched for the right shape and, on that basis, He set up the connections they would have with all other substantial, created beings. When these substantial human beings stood as the central beings of the entire creation, wasn't God so joyful? He would have been ecstatic to see the value of His creation being established right there. Once Adam stood in that position, God created Eve on that foundation. From there, love came forth for the first time. Love will assuredly come when the value of the counterpart in love is realized on the horizontal plane.( 029-315,19700313)

24 When God created all things, what did He make first? He created the spirit world, then all things and finally human beings. He created human beings to become one with Him in love. First, He made the spirit world; second, all things of creation; third, human beings and, finally, love. Through love, God and human beings were to unite. In the process of re-creation, unless we fulfill the condition to reverse and indemnify this failure of love, we cannot find the path back to God.( 141-186,19860222)

25 What does God need? Since He needs true love, when He created the universe He had to create the best environment. So God created the best environment first, and then made the subject and object partners that He could feel the greatest joy with—a man and a woman. The ideal of creation centers on true love where that man and woman become one, which actualizes the vertical love axis with God based on their true love. All people should be in harmony with this. Every individual needs to participate in this and move in tune with the environment in a counterpart or object-partner position. Otherwise it is like dancing with a right foot but no left foot, or having only a right leg and no left leg. It is like being disabled in love. This is not what God wants.( 173-024,19880201)

26 When God created all things, He did not begin with human beings. First, He made the environment, and in that environment He began to work with the idea of subject and object partners. In this environment, God unfolded all creation in pairs with relationships as counterparts: in the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and in everything, including high and low, positive and negative, male and female and man and woman. Even in the mineral kingdom, plus and minus become linked, existing in unity. The same form of unification exists among plants, animals and throughout the world.( 218-213,19910729)

27 When we consider the principles God used in the creation of heaven and earth, we see that He did not first make the central beings and then the environment for them. Rather, before creating human beings, God prepared an environment based on relationships. In order to create human beings, He first made soil, for example. He established the internal based on the external. This is the principle by which heaven and earth were created. Things that existed at an earlier stage have become the basis for greater things at a later stage, and things with lesser value have become the foundation for things of greater value. This is the principle underlying the creation of heaven and earth. In creating human beings, God first made the human body and then the spirit.( 152-319,19630818)

All created beings resemble God's dual characteristics

28 If we observe the universe, it shows us that everything exists through a reciprocal relationship formed between the dual characteristics of positivity and negativity. This principle applies in every case, beginning at the level of minerals. A molecule is made of atoms held together through positive and negative charges. In the case of many plants, reproduction depends on the union of their male and female parts from the stamen and pistil. These dual characteristics are more pronounced in the case of animals. Animals, including fish, birds and mammals, exist in male and female forms. Also, Gods greatest creation, human beings, can be divided into men and women.( 201-204,19900409)

29 God is the subject partner with harmonized dual characteristics. On what is His position as the subject partner based? It is based on love, and that is why a horizontal foundation is necessary. God's desire to have a stimulating foundation that would be spread out in many directions led to the expansion and development of the created world. God created everything so He could always stand in the position of experiencing joy. God works through the vertical relationship, but when there is no horizontal foundation there is no connection. So without a horizontal foundation in the object partner position, human beings cannot come under the dominion of God's love.( 193-218,19891004)

30 The created world resembles Gods characteristics. All created things exist as the divided forms of His dual characteristics, and they are connected to their counterparts as subject partner and object partner, as well as being in reciprocal relationships of up and down, front and back, and left and right. What is the purpose underlying all these relationships within this kind of environmental system? The answer is that the world of creation moves with love as its purpose.( 106-057,19791209)

31 Everything in the created universe exists in pairs and belongs to the realm of reciprocal relationships. Since God is the incorporeal subject partner, He absolutely needs a corporeal, substantial object partner. God also has dual characteristics, so He can manifest His invisible character in substantial form as He creates. When we consider the created universe from this perspective, we can see that even the mineral kingdom functions through the relationship between subject and object partners. In the case of the molecule, positive ions and negative ions are in a subject-object relationship, as are protons and electrons in the case of the atom.( 228-140,19920327)

32 When we look at the universe, we can see that everything in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms exists in pairs. There is nothing in creation that is without a partner. Then why is everything in heaven and earth in pairs? It is not simply to produce off-spring. Rather, it is to realize love. That is why male and female, plus and minus electric charges and positive and negative ions all attract each other. The dimensions are different but, in the final analysis, they all unite based on love. There is nothing in the universe that doesn't thrill to love.( 195-137,19891107)

33 When we look at nature, we see that nothing in creation exists and survives completely by itself. Everything has reciprocity, existing and surviving for its object partner. Even the tiniest entities in the mineral and animal kingdoms, provided they pursue reciprocal relationships, receive energy and maintain their functions. Everyone recognizes that existence requires energy. The entire universe is composed of energy. Then, what is energy composed of? Energy cannot be generated without action. So what needs to happen if you want to have action? Action cannot begin of its own accord. In the scientific world, this can be confirmed through experimentation in a chemistry lab. Furthermore, in conducting an experiment, no matter how hard you try to manipulate elements to initiate a certain action, you cannot make it happen by human energy alone. Elements do not behave like that.( 059-075,19720709)

34 We can think that even God breathes. He breathes with an invisible breath. Because the earth resembles God, it also breathes. Then what is breath? On earth there are magnetic fields. If you place a magnet next to another magnet, it turns around according to a certain pattern, as if it were alive. This is because it resembles God. The earth also resembles a human being. On the earth's surface, trees are like human hair, the soil is like our skin, with rocks underneath, like our bones, and lava flowing, like our bone marrow. Thus everything symbolizes human beings.( 085-153,19760303)

35 The universe is the manifestation of God Himself. In other words, that which God imagines is manifested and realized in all things of creation. Therefore the universe must resemble God. God's character can be found in everything we see. When we look at the universe, we can see that it was created by God, but when we look at it as a whole, we realize that it is an object partner of God.( 085-154,19760303)

36 In our family we live our lives centered sometimes on our father, sometimes on our mother, according to basic principles. The same patterns of relationship appear in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, which also follow these basic principles. Our bodies also are made to function through systems based on our five senses. When we consider the fundamental principles governing all these things, we inevitably discover the concepts of subject-object partner relationships and dual characteristics.( 125-072,19830313)

Section 3. Nature and the Lessons It Offers

1 When I was young, my sphere of activities was very broad. As far as my eyes could see, across the fields and all the way to the mountaintops, there was nowhere I didn't explore. I had to go even over the mountains. Seeing the morning sun peeking over the mountains, I would wonder what was out there. And so wherever I went, you would never find me sitting down to rest. In this way, my heart of faith was cultivated in the mountains and rivers of my hometown. I still remember the water, the trees, the land and the spring breeze in my hometown. All these vivid memories live in my mind and heart. Even the dialogue with God that I experienced through my prayers is still vivid and clear.( 221-071,1991 1023)

My childhood immersed in nature

2 When I was a child roaming through the mountains, I carefully observed every flower. There was no flower I did not know. I loved nature so much that I would forget to go home. Sometimes, after playing until sunset, I would fall asleep on the hillside, and my mother and father had to come and find me and carry me home, even at midnight. I was that fond of nature.( 203-185,19900624)

3 I could identify all the birds in the mountains. When a new migrating bird came through, I wanted to know what the male and female looked like, but at that time there were no books available about birds. So I had to follow these new birds and do my own research. All week long, forgetting mealtimes, I would wait until a bird appeared. Then I would follow it until I found its nest. I would see its eggs, and confirm, "Aha! This bird has this kind of eggs!" My heart would not rest until I had satisfied my curiosity; only then could it settle down.( 162-213,19870412)

4 There was a big tree in front of our house. It was quite a large tree, and there was a magpie's nest in it. Once I knew the bird had laid its eggs, I really wanted to see the eggs. I could not rest until I saw them. Finally I climbed the tree in the evening to look, and then I climbed the tree again at dawn to look at the eggs before the mother bird left the nest. For several days, each time I climbed up I found one more egg. Since I climbed up so often, in the end I became good friends with the magpie. In the beginning, the magpie would screech and threaten to peck me with her beak. But since I went up every day and did not harm her eggs, finally she grew quiet and didn't mind me. In this way, I observed what she was doing in the nest and what kind of food she fed her young.( 051-270,1971 1128)

5 Magpies actually build rather large nests. They apply mud to the inside of their nests to make them very solid, Also, they know from which direction the wind blows, and they make the entrance to their nests on the opposite side. The first time I climbed up to see a magpie's nest, the mother magpie cried out noisily. But after I had been up once or twice, I saw her lay her eggs. I climbed the tree every day twice a day, in the morning and at lunchtime. At first the bird caused quite a commotion, but after I climbed up and down the tree like that for a week, she realized I wouldn't harm her and calmed down. During rainy periods I could not climb the tree for a few days. When the sun returned and dried everything out, I would climb up and the magpie would be so happy to see me, chattering, "Caw, caw, please come up!" When you are intimate with things, you can go anywhere. What would happen if you loved the things God created more than you loved God? If you love a painter's art more than you love the painter, you win the artist's heart. It's the same between you and God. When you love God's handiwork in nature, He will come to you. He will teach you, "Here is why this is like this." Nature is that precious.( 278-119,19960501)

6 When I was a child, there was a chestnut tree just outside my room. It stood next to the outhouse. It was a very tall tree, its leaves so fresh and brilliant and shiny green. Cicadas clung to the branches; it was the highest place around. They seemed to know that the highest place was the best place to sing. They needed to sing from a high place for their song to be effective. You cannot imagine how happy I felt whenever I heard that sound. It's so refreshing. You should stop and listen to their song sometime. Village women would often stop their sewing to listen, drawn into a dreamlike state by the sound.( 233-144,19920801)

7 When a bee buries its head deep in an acacia flower, totally engaged in sucking the nectar, with its abdomen jutting out, even if you pull on its abdomen with tweezers, it will not let go, even if its body is pulled apart. Isn't that incredible? It is shocking to think that someone would pull a bee apart, but it is even more shocking that the nectar's taste keeps the bee sucking anyway. When I saw this I thought, "Oh, this teaches me something. I must be like this."( 186-303,19890206)

8 When I go to the ocean, I can do all kinds of work. I know what kinds of crab and what kinds of fish live in the sea. The ocean is quite far from my hometown, so I could go there only when vacation time came, and then I went to the ocean every day. I caught crabs and eels, searching everywhere along the shore. I learned about everything that was going on there. Next I tried fishing. I found out what kinds of fish lived in different locations, and I began fishing in those areas. In particular, I was the champion at catching creatures like eels.( 144-294,19860426)

9 During summer vacation I caught more than forty eels every day. Actually eels live in rather deep water. They don't like to show themselves. Instead they stay inside deep holes to protect them-selves. They feel safe and comfortable with their bodies covered in the hole, even though their heads or tails may poke out. That is their natural instinct. Their holes look something like crab holes, but I can tell at a glance if it is an eel hole. I am an expert at that.( 180-242,19880822)

10 When a hen is sitting on her eggs to hatch them, she keeps her eyes wide open and keeps turning the eggs with her feet. By the end she loses most of the white feathers on her underside. That is how intently she focuses on hatching her eggs. Do you think she would feel good or bad, sitting like that for such a long time? I was so interested and curious about this when I was young that I looked into the henhouse every day. In the beginning the hen tried to chase me away, but when I looked in three times every day, in the end the hen just accepted it. When you watch a hen hatching her eggs, she is adamant about protecting them, as if saying, "No one can touch my eggs! I will never forgive that." The hen behaves like a queen with great authority, and she will not forgive anyone who harms her eggs. Even the rooster does not dare to challenge the authority of the hen. If you asked a rooster to sit on the eggs, he would surely run away after less than three hours. The hens instinctive power to sit and hatch her eggs is the power of love.( 175-241,19880424)

11 Magpies always make their nests in big trees. Magpies are considered auspicious birds. When a magpie chatters, "kawk, kawk, kawk!" we say good news is coming. It is interesting to observe a magpie's behavior. When you see a magpies nest, you can tell from which direction the wind will blow this year. If the wind will be from the east, the magpie prepares by building its nest entrance to the west. No one teaches a magpie how to build its nest, but each one is a masterpiece made of twigs. You might think such a nest would leak when it rains, right? But as a final touch, the magpie plasters the inside of the nest with mud. This blocks the wind. Also, the magpie arranges the twigs to slope in one direction so that when it rains, the raindrops will flow outward rather than into the nest. The twigs are also arranged in layers to prevent rain from flowing into the nest. I wonder who taught the magpie such amazing workmanship.( 141-033,19860216)

Nature's lessons in true love

12 When we think about all things of creation, we can see that everything has been prepared for the time when True Parents and God's true love will appear. Everything in the mineral kingdom is in love; everything in the plant kingdom is in love. Butterflies, bees, animals—all are bound together in love. The flowers emitting their fragrance and putting forth their blossoms, together with the many sounds of nature—all are symbolic expressions of love. What is the relationship be-tween a butterfly and a flower? A butterfly flits around looking for the flower, while the flower opens itself and displays its beauty to the world. This is how all things play together and move to the rhythm of the universe. Considering that God created the whole universe with love at its center, we realize how wonderful God is who made all this—this beautiful garden and harmonious museum of nature— for me. In summer, the cicadas sing in pairs, responding to each other. This is like a song of love. Everything is a textbook for us.( 132-158,19840531)

13 When I was in prison in Danbury, there was an area where the ground had been leveled by a bulldozer to make a sports field. During the rainy season the construction had to stop for a while. Near the construction site was some wet land, and during the break from construction a waterfowl laid her eggs and hatched her young. The bird might have thought that was a safe place, since no one was present at the time. However, after the rain ended, people began to walk around there. The bird's nest was less than two meters from the path. At that time I noticed a very mysterious thing. When people passed by without noticing her or her nest, the mother bird kept silent. But if anyone caught her eye, she would rush out with a noisy fuss, "caw! caw! caw!" If someone took one step closer to her, she was ready to die to fight off the intruder. She was very small but not afraid of attacking a big person. She was ready to fight to the death, with all her might. This was amazing to me. Who taught her to do this? Did she learn this through the educational system or through some academic theory? She responded this way because of love. Love needs no education.( 139-197,19860131)

14 Among fish, the model of love between male and female is the salmon. That's why I love salmon very much. This fish leaves its birthplace and travels thousands of miles through the oceans. When they are about four years old, they return to their birthplace. In Alaska, because of the cold weather, there are not many insects for the baby fish to eat, so the parents die and let their young eat their bodies so they can grow well. What about human beings? We are meant to be the lords of creation. So if we are inferior to a fish, is that acceptable? If love has such great power in the animal kingdom, what should it be like among human beings, the lords of creation and masters of true love? The issue for us as human beings is how to attain the highest ideal of conjugal love. Not all the principles I discovered are from the Bible; I found out many things from nature.( 279-049,19960609)

15 The salmon dies after laying its eggs. The salmon's love for its young is greater than the mutual affection of a condemned couple facing the day of their execution. Before the female fish lays her eggs, she and the male make a hole in the streambed to protect them. This is truly an ideal couple. After the eggs are laid, and after they tend them, the couple dies, When I saw the male and female salmon dying, I was shocked. Their bodies become food for their young. If there is a Creator, why do you think He created the salmon in this way? Observing these fish, we cannot but be led to grasp how important our children are and how important love is. It is only natural to suggest that God created the salmon as a model to show that love and our children are the most precious things. We also need to be able to offer our lives for the sake of love and for our children.( 128-260,19830828)

16 Salmon travel thousands of miles in the ocean, swim around for four years and then find their way back to their birthplace by scent. They invest incredible effort to spawn their young, making salmon perhaps even better than human beings, right? One male and one female meet once, lay their eggs and die. In the place where the parents die, the baby salmon eat their mother and fathers flesh in order to grow. Surely the greatness of love, the greatness of children raised through love, is expressed in this. Because of this, the reality is truly that "I" am the being who represents my parents' life. Children are one's heirs who can go one step further and move toward a higher love. In this way, love itself moves to an ever-higher place, eventually reaching the realm of God's love.( 144-238,19860425)

17 Every being is from a different lineage, the place of settlement is different and the foundation of life is different. A river flows into the sea. Water flows to the sea, and then rises into the air, forming clouds. Through changing weather, it falls to the ground as rain, snow and hail, becoming water again. Birds catch fish and eat them, and some fish eat birds. The plant and animal kingdoms are all connected through the food chain. Animals can eat plants, and some plants can eat animals. Both plant and animal plankton exist. These feed all the smaller creatures in the ocean, even minute forms of life. That is how these creatures survive.( 614-107,20090716)

18 What is the basic standard of creation? Even though God is an absolute being, He is looking for the object of His love. That is the beginning of creation. Before He created His object partner in love, He created the environment. The environment is created so that God's object partners in love can take in nutrition and grow. That intake of nutrition is not by force. Because the objects of God's true love, that is, human beings, take the position of subject partner to all things of creation, all things of creation automatically unite with and are obedient to them. This is the fundamental spirit of creation.( 498-259,20050608)

19 The universe is filled with all beings existing as pairs on their own level, but ultimately, they follow the principle of being absorbed into higher levels of love. Thus, minerals want to be absorbed by plants, plants by animals, and finally all of creation by human beings. Thus all beings are either eaten or absorbed. They reach a higher level of love and ultimately attain the position closest to God who is the origin of love. In this way all beings make this place their ultimate destination. This is the essence of true love. Darwin's theory of the law of the jungle must be reinterpreted in the context of this logic of true love. Even ants and microorganisms want true love so much that they would die for the sake of the owner who loves them. Based on this principle, human beings, created as the highest partners of God, are in the position where they can consume and possess all creation. Human beings already eat many things of creation, but | they should do so with the heart that I represents the true love of God, the Creator. If they are unable to do this, the universe will be unable to continue its existence.( 316-239,20000213)

20 Certain birds, such as penguins at the South Pole, lay their eggs by the sea. They form groups that travel more than one hundred miles to a distant place where they hatch their young. They persevere over this long distance even through wind and storms. The females lay their eggs and hold them between I their feet. They move them between their feet and cover them with their feathers to keep them warm and remain stationary for long periods, without eating, to hatch them. During this time, the male and female pass the egg back and forth to each other, persevering in this fashion until the chick hatches. At this point, the parents feed the chicks food from their own stomachs. The males stomach may be very large, like that of a pregnant woman. The chicks that are born as a result of their parents' love and devotion are very thankful for the food chain that led to their birth.( 415-162,20030814)

21 To protect comparatively greater things, lesser things may be sacrificed. That is the principle. It is not a sin for human beings to eat plants or beef. This is to protect these foods; they are sacrificed for their own protection. This is development. It is a leap upward to something higher from that which is lower- The plant matter you eat forms human cells. Isn't that a great leap? This is because human cells afford a broader dimension in which to connect with God’s love. Without knowing this, people speak of the law of the jungle and the concept of evolution. They interpret these through the concepts of struggle and class. The relationship between high and low is that of subject and object partners, but in their concepts, there is no notion of subject and object partners.( 118-198,19820601)

22 The law of the jungle is a concept of struggle. By this interpretation, all things in the universe struggle with one another. There is no understanding of the higher purpose or the ideal of love that moves the whole universe and establishes the foundation for God's ideal of life. The idea that unity comes through struggle is a result of the Fall. In Hellenistic philosophy, nature was understood as an enemy. The logic of survival of the fittest arose from this mindset. By this theory, unless you contend with the environment, you cannot survive. This mindset is the result of the Fall. Marx and Lenin looked only at resultant things. They viewed the human mind as the origin of everything but saw that even the mind was engaged in struggle. Since they viewed everything from the perspective of struggle, they could draw no other conclusion. This was because they had no concept of the completion of the ideal of love, of the family of Gods kingdom, or the unified foundation of Gods settlement and kingship in the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.( 415-162,20030814)


The Essence and Order of the Universe

Section 1. Love Is the Essence of the Universe

1 The two Chinese characters woo () and joo () in the word woojoo (universe) each mean “house.” The universe is a home. The first and second characters are both "house." We love our home and our children. Where do such philosophy and tradition manifest? Not in the nation but in the family. The family represents the universal family, and its sons and daughters are the ancestors of countless generations. This is the original standard of creation. God created all things in order to express His love for Adam and Eve. After God created Adam and Eve, God and His children were to love all things of creation, which are sacrificed for humankind.( 300-266,19990324)

2 God prepared everything in the created world as a textbook inspiring His beloved son and daughter to establish the ideal of love. That is why everything exists in a pair system. The mineral kingdom operates through the subject-object partner relationship. In atoms, protons and electrons interact through subject-object partner relationships. Without this interaction they could not continue to exist. Without movement there can be no eternal existence. Therefore, God created the universe so that everything can reach the central point through human beings. As human beings grow up, they can learn everything from nature. Under the bright moonlight on an autumn night, as the stars are twinkling, insects perform, like an orchestra. Why do they do that? They are singing of their ideal and looking for their mate. They are whispering in an atmosphere of love. Birds and animals, too, express their pursuit of love through joyful or sad sounds. Insects exist at a lower level, away from the center, yet they still face the central axis on a straight line, and their life turns based on that central point. God created everything to do so.( 137-059,19851218)

3 The universe is the womb of our second mother. We are all now living in our mother’s womb, the womb of the mother universe. Just as we depend on our mother's flesh and blood in the womb, so we presently are living by taking in the essence of the universe. If the universe stopped providing for us, we could not survive. A lot of sacrifices are being made. There is the saying, "the survival of the fittest," and you may have wondered why God made things to be that way. Well, that saying is incorrect. The innate desire of everything in the universe is to participate in a higher realm of God’s love. All creatures hope to return to the core of the universes love through the body of a higher being. That is their desire. Therefore, the cells of our body should be the cells of love that connect directly to God.( 123-111,19821219)

4 What is the original root of the universe? From what did it begin? It began from love. Scientists say the universe consists of energy. Observing interaction, they know energy is present; where there is energy, there is interaction. Then what comes first, energy or action? During a boy’s growth to adulthood, the power of love in relation to the opposite sex is not operating. A boy grows as he interacts with the creation. He gradually matures through the interaction of his mind and body. At that point, when he meets a woman, horizontal energy ignites. Interaction is necessary in order for energy to be produced. From where does that interaction come? It comes from the relationship between subject and object partners. People consist of mind and body; every being exists according to the pair system.( 247-120,19930501)

5 How did the universe begin? When we look at God, who created everything based on the ideal of reciprocal relationships, we can see that the universe began with the principle of living for the sake of others—investment and selfsacrifice. Then what was He seeking to achieve by expending Himself in order to create His object partner? Both subject and object partners invest everything of themselves, and they gain love They do not mind how much they exhaust themselves if they can attain love. Love is based on this concept, and this why God began His work of creation centered upon love. He did not end up losing anything. Why would God have invested everything if He thought if would result in loss? Within love, there is an energy that can more than fill everything; therefore, God did expend and invest Himself, but He comes out to find love in return. True love does not diminish with investment; it grows bigger. Movement in itself consumes energy, whereas true love grows stronger the more you invest.( 237-126,199211 13)

6 Since love has the capacity to create, it never grows tired. With a heart of love you never get tired. If you have a heart filled with love, no matter how much you invest, the energy spent is always replenished with more energy than is used up. This is the power of love. This is why even though it may be hard or painful, you don't mind making that effort. How could you continue if you did not like it? On the path of true love there can be no such thing as a heart of antipathy. In Gods essence, the concept of an enemy does not exist, and the concept of evil does not exist. This is because His essence dwells within true love.( 237-130,199211 13)

7 The central axis of the heavenly king-(tern and of the whole universe is love. love is the origin of life and lineage. Since everything is created focused on love, their motion conforms to the axis of love. Motion cannot occur haphazardly, It takes place only between subject and object partners, so everything moves in its position after forming a love relationship. Everything that moves has a purpose, which is to continue its existence as a result of eternal love. Action does not occur meaninglessly.( 208-079,199011 17)

8 God did not create heaven and earth for Himself. It was not for Himself that He created all things, but for the sake of His love. The universe began from love. Love is the center. Therefore, the absolute God needs an ideal to which He absolutely will want to submit. Where there is complete obedience and complete liberation, there is complete happiness.( 198-237,19900203)

9 Love started the universe and is connected to everything in the universe. Even something as tiny as a blade of grass exists based on love. Minerals were formed through positive and negative ions, which move for the sake of love. From the tiniest creature to the biggest, everything is connected in love. What kind of love is that? It is godly love. Everything is interlinked with true love at the center. That is how God created the world to be.( 289-129,19980101)

10 When true love creates a realm of heart, no matter how small it may be, it connects to the universe. Whatever occurs within that realm creates waves that reach everywhere, even to the spirit world. This is because the entire cosmos, including the spirit world, exists under the principle of God's true love. God connects to humankind vertically and horizontally and through front and back relationships. These are the origin of all ideal relationships of true love among people. Such relationships can be perfected only in ideal families that have established the four great realms of heart.( 260-129,19940501)

11 In the autumn, insects get together to perform as an orchestra all night long. From the morning and throughout the night they play. They sing in wonderful harmony with all their different tones, an orchestra spreading in all four directions. People wonder, "What are they doing now?" They are actually kissing and loving each other. These are the sounds of love. They are not making music but voicing the sounds of love, the sounds of kissing, hugging and loving. It's an orchestra of love. These sounds are not secular; they are holy.( 217-307,19910612)

Section 2. The Principles of Existence and Action

1 Everyone recognizes that the universe exists. In order for it to exist, energy is required. The question is whether energy or existence comes first. Without energy there is no existence. But energy cannot exist without interaction. Before energy there has to be action. To initiate such action, the prerequisite condition is that there must be a subject and object partner. The undeniable truth is that energy is generated through the interaction between a subject entity and its object partner.( 052-316,19720203)

All entities in the universe are in subject-object relationships

2 When we look at the world of creation, we see that the animal and plant kingdoms and even the insentient mineral world function in subject-object relationships, according to the principle of yin and yang. Molecules have yang (plus) particles and yin (minus) particles. Scholars of this world believe that the universe is made of energy, but they state this obscurely, without explanation of where energy comes from. Did energy just appear all at once? Does it exist first, or does action precede energy? This is the same question as whether the chicken or the egg comes first. Energy derives from action and manifests through a step-by-step process. Electricity does not generate energy by itself; only when positive and negative charges interact does an electric current flow. Such interaction produces power.( 240-167,19921213)

3 The universe is comprised of energy, but before there is energy there has to be action. You need interaction between positive and negative charges to occur if you want to create electrical energy We convert such energy into the light that we use by channeling it within an electric light bulb. So, before energy there is action, and before any action there is a relationship between subject and object entities. God created the world as an environment for human beings. In any environment there must be subject and object partners. Such is the law of existence, without adherence to which there would be no existence. We know there are neutrons, but even neutrons have their object partners. Although shadows disappear at noontime, they still exist. My shadow stays within the space I occupy. Everything consists of reciprocal relationships.( 252-067,199311 14)

4 Which do you think came first during the formation of the universe, energy or action? Action had to be first. But nothing acts alone, so in order to generate action, a mutual relationship between two distinct entities is needed Give and receive action cannot begin if one side expects to lose energy. Even though a subject partner sees it will benefit, because it will be good and will add to the environment, it must give; Thus, the relationship between subject and object partners is formed. What; then, is the subject partner? It is the one that gives first. It is responsible to protect and nurture the object partner in the relationship. That is why we must recognize that relationships between subject entities and their object partners precede any action.( 207-249,199011 11)

5 What is the most mysterious thing on earth? When God began His creation, what was His first concept? It was love. Because God created with the concept of love, He created the universe so that all beings need to have an object partner of love. That's why nothing in our environment exists without a partner. To exist, everything must be in a relationship of subject and object partners. Subject-object partnerships always connect with a larger realm; for us this does not stay within the family level: it expands to the tribe, nation and world. When any entity stands as a subject partner, a corresponding object partner will appear. If one side takes a certain stance, the other side will take a supporting role. This is how the universe avoids conflict and maintains peaceful interaction and harmonious movement.( 218-325,19910822)

6 Interaction produces the fundamental energy of the universe; this is like the loving relationships of giving and receiving in the physical world. Thus, all entities without exception exist in subject-object partnerships—otherwise this universe could not exist. Since the most precious thing is love, if you cannot give or receive love when you want to, that is the saddest and most sorrow-fill thing. Why did God create the universe? The simple conclusion is that He needed love. Therefore we are born in love, live in love and pass on in love. From where does the supreme love come? It comes from perfect unity be-tween subject and object partners. When no force can separate the two eternally, that is the time when the supreme love appears. Because of love, unification can occur; because of love, all life is connected; because of love, we can realize the ideal.( 048-009,19710831)

7 Power cannot force subject and object partners to interact, nor can money or knowledge. Only something that both partners appreciate can unite them; that is why we need the concept of love. Why did God make the mineral kingdom with ions of positive and negative charges? It is so that they can interact based on love. In the plant kingdom there are stamen and pistil. What we didn't know is that before the flower of a plant comes to be, there is the concept of subject and object pairs. Likewise in the animal kingdom, we see male and female counterparts in species from the largest to the smallest.( 276-237,19960224)

8 Within the relationship between subject and object partners, where would God, the king of wisdom and the center of everything, place the origin of true love, true ideals, true happiness and true peace? This raises a serious question. Given the existence of subject partners and object partners, the issue for God the Creator is whether to base His ideal on the path of living for the subject partner or living for the object partner. Upon which would God base the ideal origin of true ideals, true love and true peace? Would He fix it so that the subject partner lives for the object partner or so that the object partner lives for the subject partner? If Gods original ideal were such that God told His object partner to serve Him as its subject partner, then anyone in the position of a subject partner would tell their object partner to do the same. This would block the way to their unity.( 075-318,197501 16)

9 The world of nature has a principle of development through cycles. Let's look at this natural law, which has been in existence for hundreds of millions of years. Everything exists in pairs. For example, human beings exist as men and women. The mineral and plant kingdoms are also like this, while in the animal kingdom there are males and females. Male and female animals have existed like this for hundreds of millions of years. Within this system is the concept of love, although it exists in different dimensions. Such is the central principle in the world of nature, which ensures the continuation of the bloodline based on love. In the same way, human beings exist as men and women. The unchanging law is that through love they can leave descendants who are better than them. This is an unchangeable principle. No one can invade it. No one can change it.( 189-256,19890501)

The pair system is a principle of existence in the universe

10 All things of creation, including the mineral and plant kingdoms, came into existence through a relationship between a subject partner and an object partner based on love. Thus, love is the ideal common denominator in relationships. Since all things of creation are resultant beings, they cannot come to exist without a cause. We call the causal being "God." In the realm of love where God is the center, everything exists within the pair system. Even in the mineral world, everything exists through relationships of subject and object partners. This is the same in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms and the human world.( 173-036,19880201)

11 The whole universe consists of plus and minus. For example, molecules are made of positive and negative particles that, like everything else, exist in complementary relationships. Atoms contain protons and electrons. Reciprocity of this type is fundamental to the composition of the universe. Within the plant kingdom there are relationships between stamen and pistil, while the animal kingdom has male and female animals and people relate as men and women; everything is accomplished with a reciprocal partner. Because all things were created to have a partner, everything eventually should form one united system. Since God is the subject partner of the universe, everything should function with God at the center. Unless the realm of reciprocal relationships achieves oneness with God's purpose of creation, God cannot experience joy.( 247-184,19930509)

12 God created all beings in the universe for the perfection of human beings. In order to create such perfect beings, He created everything—including each individual cell—to exist in pairs. Because everything contains and supplies nutritional elements to the bodies of men and women, it is all necessary; it is all medicinal. Just because there are a lot of them, we shouldn't disdain dandelions growing along the road. Since they are individual embodiments of truth in their own right, dandelions will spread their families for tens of millions of years for their own purpose without their species ever changing. No matter what changes may occur in human history, dandelions will continue to exist and spread, unchanged, as dandelions.( 381-224,20020614)

13 All the world of creation is connected in a pair system. The mineral world and everything else function in plus and minus relationships. On Earth we can see the plus-minus action of a magnet, which is stronger than Earth's gravity. All elements function in the same way. The movement of consciousness occurs through the current that flows due to interaction between plus and minus. At the center of this pair system is an axis that connects the partners and protects them; that axis is nothing other than love. So the elements in the mineral world unite with their counterparts of their own accord. If they had no common standard, there would be no way for them to unite, even if God ordered them to. Without such counterpart relationships, even if some scientist spent a thousand years in a laboratory ordering entities to unite, they would not listen to him.( 197-165,199001 13)

14 You need to create your own environmental realm. God created the sun, earth, air and water as components of the environment. There always needs to be subject and object partners within that environment. This is the formula. Since all created beings exist within a pair system, this is true for environments within the mineral, animal and human worlds. Why are they made up of subject and object partners? It is for the perfection of true love. Without a subject partner, we cannot reach perfection based on love. This is the formula. Not knowing it, none of our ancestors attained perfection.( 293-225,19980526)

15 Look at this world and the universe. In the mineral world there are positive and negative particles; the plant environment includes relationships between stamen and pistil, while the animal kingdom has male and female animals. We now have evidence of male and female bacteria. Everything in creation is meant to reach unity on its own level, based on love. Through observation we know that the universe is based on the pair system. Thus, when the ideal love of man and woman, who represent heaven and earth, comes together, the rest of the creation can connect and unite. Just as the foundation needs to be laid before a house can be built, God created everything within the pair system for the sake of humankind. You may have seen that among animals, when the male and female are roaming around together and the female is attacked, the male will protect her to the death. After giving birth, the pair will risk their lives for their young. Such is the way of love. It is because this is the nature of the original root.( 222-123,1991 1027)

16 When you enter the deepest level of true love, you can communicate with all of creation. You can communicate even with the rocks and the plants. In the world of true love, all things are able to communicate with one another. This is because everything that was created ac-cording to the pair system lives for the sake of uniting under God's love, and such true love resonates. When you are within the realm of true love, you can experience God's internal and external worlds. As such, you can naturally get to know, without being taught, about the spirit world and about God, and about how to attend your parents and your nation’s king during your earthly life. Love does not choose its avenues carelessly. It has its own formula. There is but one path love takes, and no other.( 238-031,199211 19)

17 Who teaches about love? The natural world is our teacher. The animal that run about in the hills are male and female, as are the butterflies; everything exists in a system of pairs. When the flowers bloom, the twittering and chirping of birds can be heard in the beautiful hills. For what purpose do the male and female birds sing? There are three reasons they do so. One is to express hunger, another is to express love and the last is to call to their young. They are singing because of love. (208-253,19901120)

18 On the path of true love, everything becomes one automatically. All entities in creation, no matter how small, are made in pairs. Even after thousands of years, the pair system will remain unchanged. No created being can change the design concept of the pair system. It is eternal. All the phenomena surrounding us teach this. The original, unfallen creation teaches us this fact. Trees, for instance, never stop growing they never rest. All living things grow continuously, day and night, throughout the four seasons. All things of the created world follow that original path.( 386-179,20020717)

Aspects of existence and the principles of action and interaction

19 Why is it that the act of giving leads to prosperity and growth? It is because this act is in line with the original principle of God's creation. God created not by taking but by giving. When we give, everything increases. When we change our attitude to one of giving, then everything will increase. When we receive again and again, we are diminished. Why is this? It is because when we go along with the principles of God's creation, the universe supports us. The whole universe supports us!( 183-324,19881109)

20 Everything in the universe needs energy in order to exist. However, energy doesn't arise by itself. For energy to exist there has to be constant action. Only constant action creates energy. In other words, for energy to exist, action is required. And if this energy comes into existence through action, then how is this action maintained? Since nothing acts on its own, there must be subject and object partners; this is an ironclad principle. Subject and object partners don't interact in order to remain as they are; rather they interact in order to advance to a higher level. This is the principle.( 055-253 19720509)

21 All things must have a dual structure in order to exist. When God creates, He acts for the sake of others based on His deep love, and invests again and again, forgetting how much He has in-vested. This reveals the core of our great universe. For example, the solar system and the countless heavenly bodies in the universe are round in shape. Everything moves in relation to a central nucleus. Love is the same. Love for humankind emanates from the realm of God's heart and serves as the axis of the entire universe. It has moved history continuously toward God's own perfection and the completion of His ideal of creation. You will see that it is the same in the spirit world. All existence consists of subject-object partnerships in an atmosphere of love.( 218-266,19910819)

22 In order to develop, we always have to seek to reach a position better than our present one. Action occurs only when something can be added; if the result will detract, action doesn't occur. Only when two become one does development ensue. When there is no unity, there is absolutely no development. This is an ironclad principle of the universe. Unity comes only when both partners find that their value will increase. If it were a principle that interaction leading to a minus brought unity, this world would disappear. If the principles logic were based on a rule that things unite by becoming smaller, the whole world would regress. If there were such a principle in the world, even if one side of the world were to develop, the other side would decline. There is no such law.( 055-252,19720509)

23 Subject and object partners interact only when their action will lead to something better; otherwise they will not interact. This is an ironclad principle of the universe. In a chemistry lab, you can never force certain elements to bind with certain others. If you tried it, the end result would be negative. The elements know that their interaction would detract from both, so they do not interact. God will not even let them relate with one another. That is a principle. There are some elements, however, that naturally relate with one another without hesitation. They know that their interaction will always form something bigger and better. They engage with one another because they are in the position to add something. So, no matter how much you try to prevent it, they will interact. This is the principle according to which this universe was created.( 055-254,19720509)

24 In atoms, electrons surround the protons. Protons and electrons interact because their purposes harmonize in forming an atom. Their individual purposes cause them to unite. God too is an existent being, albeit on a higher level. Existence means that He also has to be a real being of substance. In order to exist eternally, He too must have internal subject partner and object partner characteristics with dual purposes perfectly harmonized. What does this mean? In the end, it means that God exists as the harmonization of the characteristics of a subject partner and an object partner.( 052-317,19720203)

25 If all subject and object partners are completely united in eternal love, the universe is responsible to protect them eternally. If any third force tries to destroy them, the force of the universe will remove it. This represents the principle of existence of the entire visible world The principle is the same everywhere, including the world of love, the spirit world and in the current reality of our world on earth. This universal principle functions everywhere. This is why we have to live according to the Principle.( 139-193,19860131)

26 It is difficult for created beings to harmonize on a straight horizontal line. A line is something that connects two points. There is no harmony on a straight line, because on a straight line, the farther things move, the farther apart they become. They will never come back together. That is why the starting point of this world and the universe was not a straight line. It is great to have three starting points; When you go around three points, you create a sphere. From the status of moving along a straight line, how could entities have found the three-point basis for a sphere? Moving in one line, they cannot do this. We have to acknowledge a third power’s intervention. Thus we find the logic behind the existence of God. The origin of creation surely must have begun with either giving or receiving action. Which one do you think came first? If at first God's action had been to receive, the whole universe would have come to attach itself to God. There would have been nothing but God. If He had intended just to receive, nothing else ever would have existed.( 240-298,19921213)

27 How did motion begin in the universe? There can be no motion on a straight line. A straight line connects two points, but brings nothing into harmony. The harmony of creation begins with a third point. From that third point, a curve is formed through which a circle is created. When circular motion begins, going through these three points, they are connected. Does this movement begin with a pushing or pulling action? Unless you resolve this question, you cannot resolve the fundamental questions of the universe. Movement begins with pushing. Which is easier? Pushing is easier. Pulling requires twice the energy, so it would not make sense to start there. Therefore, investment begins with us pushing.( 239-059,19921123)

28 The world is round. The moon and the sun are round. The atomic world and the molecular world both have rounded features, but they could not have become that way on their own. It is certain that nothing rounds off itself. The interaction between any subject and object partner demonstrates real and smooth harmony, and has to be circular. All existing beings need this realm of the ideal. Because they try to interact and create a relationship, they naturally become rounded. What kind of people are well-rounded? They are people who do not collide with anything, no matter which direction they take. No matter how much they are pushed down, they do not resist, but pop up somewhere else without altering their essential character.( 164-077,19870426)

29 In the universe, even the air wants to embrace something round, not something with corners. Nature embraces that which is round. This is the ideal shape, which wastes nothing. What is the original reason for this? The rounder something is, the longer it lasts. The less rounded something is, the more friction and waste occur. That is why people appreciate that which is round. When we say some-thing is harmonious, it means it does not have sharp edges but is spherical. It is the same with our eyes, nose, mouth and every part of our body; they are all rounded.( 145-184,19860504)

30 When we look at the world, we see that everything follows the principle of revolving. If energy moves in a straight line, it is constantly dissipated. The first principle God employed for the purpose of creating the world was to utilize the energy emitted in a straight line and make it revolve. Therefore, the principle of the world is the principle of revolving. At the same time, it's the principle of motion. When you study chemistry, you research and analyze materials and observe the phenomena of their motion and action. You come to know that nothing goes against the principle of revolving. Everything is turning 360 degrees. The universe revolves, society revolves, and our mind also revolves. If anyone knew how to revolve around the heart of God, who is the center of the universe, that person naturally would revolve when God revolves. As long as God revolves, the universe will revolve. When God revolves, we revolve and all creation revolves as well.( 005-028,19581109)

Section 3. Order and Law in the Universe

1 Earth, on which we live, is orbiting constantly around the sun in accordance with the law of the universe. The sun rotates on its axis just as Earth does. The sun, with a volume 1.3 million times greater than that of Earth, is moving constantly. There are vast galaxies in the universe whose mass is hundreds of billions of times greater than that of the solar system. Such galaxies, which we call micro-universes, constitute the countless star clusters of the universe. Considering them together, we call them the macrocosm. God, who created this enormous universe, whose radius spans billions of light-years, has moved this great universe along for millions and billions of years in accordance with unchanging laws. God is moving all these celestial bodies with a power that goes far beyond our imagination and senses. The more we think about God, who created this universe, the more we naturally come to bow our heads before His grandeur and greatness. The Creator of this great universe is our Father, who looks after us, our God who protects us, and our great living Master.( 005-342,19590308)

2 We can see that the universe is not devoid of order. It is in motion based on mathematical formulas. That is why it has been in motion without error for countless eons. The development of science today involves the development of formulas. In engineering we solve problems through mathematical formulas. Likewise, scientific civilization has developed based on formulas. A formula is the perfect organization of units. Units must be connected. A formula means that the beginning and the end connect and fit together perfectly. When you are solving a mathematical problem, you have to produce the outcome using the formula you had at the outset.( 229-266,19920413)

3 The universe is not a nebulous construct. It has order. It rotates in an orderly way. There are many types of movement, but there is one main type. It is like the movement of a major river with many tributaries. In the great universe too, centered on one axis, all movement follows the flow of the mainstream. Since our world stands at the finish line, we inevitably conclude that all the movement of the universe is centered on one purpose.( 229-266,19920413)

4 God has to be an absolute being. He has to be unique, unchanging and eternal The laws He established also have to be absolute. We come to this conclusion because this universe has continued to move for myriad years, for billions of years, according to those laws. The animal world, the plant world and the world of microorganisms continue their existence based on formulas and laws scientists can discover. Mathematics can explain all this. We find that microorganisms, animals, plants and everything in the whole universe move in an eternal orbit according to law, and this sustains their existence. So do you think it is acceptable for people, as the lords of creation, to exist randomly, with no law and order, merely counting on their fingers? That is not how it should be.( 172-035,19880103)

5 The vast universe moves according to a principle expressed as a formula. The formula is based on units and combinations of units. God created the universe from an archetype based on a formula that it follows exactly. That is why it can be expressed using mathematics. Electricity can be explained by mathematics, can't it? We can solve problems by applying mathematical formulas. Formulas involve units and quantities based on one, two and three. The units should be appropriate to the problem, and correspond to the formula. Otherwise you can't find the correct answer.( 214-019,19910201)

6 When we consider the natural world, even though we cannot see the movement of our world and the vast expanse of the universe, we know it all exists eternally following universal laws of rotation and orbits. Who knew that after summer, autumn would follow, and after autumn, winter would come? Who knew that spring would follow winter? The universe adheres to its course, maintaining its self-existence by keeping everything in orbit through all seasons.( 176-289,19880513)

7 The universe is an expansion of the family. A family has a top, middle and bottom, left and right, and front and back. This is a principle. When we talk about top and bottom, we mean parents and children; when we talk about left and right, we mean husband and wife, and when we talk about front and back, we mean elder and younger siblings. Through what do they become one? It doesn't happen through power, knowledge or money. Then what can bring it about? It is love. It is not ordinary love; it is true love. This is an absolute truth. Otherwise they cannot form a sphere. Then what do the top, middle and bottom in a family serve as? They serve as a textbook of love, a textbook through which we can encounter universal love. Having a textbook means we can go out into society and put it into practice.( 128-023,19830529)

8 If we think that the universe exists to establish the law of love, we will look at this world in a different way. What would be different? When we see a pair of sparrows chirping in the springtime, we will wonder, "Is our couple better than the sparrows?" When we see the sparrows feeding their babies, we will think, "Oh, loving our children like that is a basic principle" It is the same law for everything. Do you think a mother bird feeds her babies because she is too full to eat? She will feed her babies even if she is hungry. Where do you find this universal law of love in the world of humans? You cannot find it through your teacher; you cannot find it through your king; you cannot find it through your husband; you cannot find it through your wife. It survives only in the place where mother and father love their children. This is because parental love reflects the love of God for human beings. Parents' love for their children comes from that love.( 097-163,19780312)

9 No matter how great you are, you have to adapt to the four seasons— spring, summer, autumn and winter. In winter, if you say, "Oh, I like summer, so I will keep wearing my summer clothes," you will suffer. You have to march in step with the seasons. When spring comes, you have to wear spring clothes. Unless you change your clothes, some problem may arise or you may be caught out in some way. When winter comes, you have to wear winter clothes. Likewise, you have to follow heavenly law and adapt to the environment in order to receive the protection of the heavenly principles. If you can adapt and survive in every environment, you can face the universe from the position of an eternal subject partner.( 101-066,19781028)

10 The universe began with the principle of motion and the action of energy. Everything needs to conform to the law of heavenly fortune, which is in rhythm with the universe. The principle of the four-position foundation accords with the law of heavenly fortune. Therefore we have to support and protect the law of the four-position foundation and adapt ourselves to this law. If a robust result does not appear, it means we have not succeeded at that In other words, no matter how much a husband and wife give to and receive from each other, if they have no children, they are disappointed. The universe turns based on the four-position foundation. If you cannot accomplish anything beyond a three-position foundation, you are not one with this law. In this case you naturally will feel sad and distant from God.( 021-348,19690101)

11 Where does joy come from? It comes when the body responds to the desire of the mind. When the mind and body become perfect subject and object partners and form a perfect four-position foundation, the body moves according to the desire of the mind. This produces joy. Heavenly fortune, the principle of the universe, protects you so that you can come closer to a meeting point with God. This is why you feel happy. On the other hand, if you act against your conscience, the elements of your heart that are in relation to God will disappear, and in the end God will no longer be your subject partner. This is because, according to the principles of the universe, if the subject partner exists alone, even though the object partner does not oppose it, an energy of repulsion inevitably arises. This repelling force manifests in sorrow. I am the cause of my own joy and sorrow.( 021-347,19690101)

12 Sometimes we are so sorrowful that our heart breaks. Why is that? What force acts to make us sorrowful? Emotions arise because a universal law within the great fortune of the universe directs the life force. If you do not live in accord with universal law, if you oppose it, it will repel you. The universal energy sometimes pushes and sometimes pulls, but when it becomes a strong repelling energy, you cannot be happy. When one spouse in a married couple that is living together dies, the other cries. This is because the remaining partner cannot fit with the standard of the universal law, and so it repels him or her. The depth of sorrow only increases. Then what produces happiness? When you harmonize with the universal law, the power of the universe embraces you. The greater the harmony, the stronger it comes to embrace you. And the stronger it embraces you, the closer you will come to the internal center. That brings joy. So sorrow and joy do not arise from within you. They arise based on these principles of power, that is, the universal law.( 024-223,19690817)

13 In the universe we can see two forces at work: attraction and repulsion. Attraction arises from seeking to transform into a larger reality; our mind too is attracted to merge with the larger reality. Attraction does not occur randomly. It is generated by interaction. What attracts and unites two small things to each other? It is the surplus energy that enables the subject partner to go beyond itself and embrace its object partner. I have to go beyond myself to embrace my object partner with a greater energy. Thus it is possible for two to unite as one. If your motive to embrace is to make something smaller, then unity will never occur. Only when you try to go beyond yourself, embracing something greater, will universal power protect you. This is the relationship between subject and object partners.( 141-273,19860302)

14 What is illness? When one of our organs is out of balance and damaged, if we don't quickly correct it, the universe will repel us, saying, "You have not met the standard of the principle of co-existence." Because of that repelling force, we feel pain. Why do we feel sad? It is the same. If I am in a peaceful state, with mind and body united, harmonized with the environment and moving forward toward something greater, the universe will protect me. If I stand in a position of loving and being loved by everything around me, in this environment in which everything is connected and coexists in a correlated realm of interaction, the universe will protect me. However, if I go against this, universal energy will repel me, and I will feel sad. (141-274,19860302)

15 We cannot explain existence in this universe apart from the idea of partnership. The universe protects those who realize this idea. It protects them without fail. Thus, when a man and woman strive to unite and live together as one, based on eternal love, the whole universe will protect them. No one can invade from any direction. Within our body there are paths of giving and receiving. Being ill means one of these paths is blocked. If the plus or minus path is blocked, we do not meet the universes standard. The universe protects us when we realize the ideal of partnership, but the universal force will repel us to whatever degree we fail to match that ideal. Repelling force appears as pain. If I poke you, it hurts, doesn't it? Pain is not caused by illness but by universal energy. It is a warning: "You feel this way because you did not succeed in giving and receiving, or in creating a harmonious relationship between subject and object partners. Unless you release that which is blocked and create harmony, you will have no place in the universe." The universe protects that which is in harmony.( 197-030,19900107)

Section 4. Creation and Evolution

1 For scholars, the problem is whether the theory of evolution is correct or the idea that God created everything is correct. Which concept is logically prior: the concept of evolution or the concept of love? Which comes first? The concept of evolution does not come first, for its existence presupposes the prior existence of love. Evolution presupposes a pair system as the basis of the universe, The theory of evolution explains only the apparent structure of the universe, but the essence is not like that.( 228-061,19920303)

The idea of love preceded evolution

2 Although all birds are similar in shape, there are many different species. Can a sparrow and a bunting mate and reproduce? They cannot. Between an amoeba and a human being there are countless species. Could an amoeba mutate into a human being all at once, disregarding these stages? Between an amoeba and a human being there are numerous connecting stages. The process that led to human beings could not happen randomly on its own; that is utterly unreasonable. The differentiation of species is absolute. In considering whether concept or existence comes first, materialism emerged among those who think existence came first. Nevertheless, true love is the only thing that can connect everything.( 228-061,19920303)

3 A big question these days is whether the theory of evolution is true or the theory of creation is true. Who determines the direction of evolution? Can a being do so by itself? Can a developing being make this decision on its own? Another question is this: How can such a being gather, cultivate and increase power in order to form a relationship with the realm of the ideal? Such things become possible only with God. The question cannot be answered by science. The desire for union with God exists within all matter, just as it does within human beings. It is the very purpose of material existence. In this sense, human beings are the representatives of the material world and the synthesis of all the elements in the universe.( 111-127,19810208)

4 God is the subject partner to human beings. He is the subject partner of the world of created things. This being we call God is the center of all action. Scientists today say that this universe is made up of energy, but they do not realize that before energy can exist, first there must be interaction. Confusion arises from not knowing that interaction between subject and object partners is the source of energy.( 131-214,19840504)

5 Within any environment, all things exist in relationships between subject and object partners. These relationships are a necessary condition for existence. If relationships are absent, the force of the universe, a natural force, will repel them. All existing beings, no matter how small, from the mineral kingdom to the animal kingdom, want to become object partners—beings with substantial form that can receive Gods love. All atoms are essentially elements of love, which makes them want to be absorbed by minerals. Minerals, having absorbed these elements of love, want to be absorbed by plants. This process continues on to higher levels until it reaches the human level, the level of beings in the position of God's object partners of love. Even human beings have the goal to go through the human love organs. If there were no such process, no living things could maintain their existence. Lower beings are to be absorbed by higher beings. By being absorbed, they attain a higher value and become higher beings.( 264-284,19941120)

6 According to the formulae and principles that govern energy, can the output be equal to the input? Can the energy produced through an action equal the energy that generated that action? When there is action, energy is consumed. Action entails consumption. So it is impossible that the output of energy can equal the input. When action takes place, the energy is always reduced. What evolutionists say would mean that action leads to beings having higher energy. But they have no formula to justify this. If such a formula existed, the world would turn upside down. Therefore, evolution from lower to higher species requires another source of energy.( 055-256,19720509)

7 If the interaction of subject and object partners diminished them, they would not engage in it. It is a principle that they interact only when it serves a shared higher purpose. From this point of view, evolution would not bring about development if it were not guided by a higher purpose. Development requires an increase of horizontal energy; otherwise there is no development. Yet this energy can absolutely not arise except through interaction that has a purpose and an object partner.( 054-013,19720309)

8 We must solve the problem of the theory of evolution. Communism adopted the concepts of the theory of evolution as if they were true. Yet it is invisible things that are truly valuable. Can you see God? Can you see your conscience? Can you see love? These are the three most precious things to human beings. God, the conscience and love are the three most precious things, yet they are invisible. Everyone knows that the conscience exists. Is there anyone who denies the existence of the conscience? Is there anyone who denies the existence of love? It is invisible to the eye. Yet because it is invisible, it can go anywhere and become one with anything. Can visible things enter in this way? Since love is invisible, it can even enter our cells. There is nothing it cannot go through. Herein lies the origin of this logic: No one can restrain love. The universe cannot stop or block true love.( 239-069,19921123)

9 How did the universe originate? Neither the theory of evolution nor the theory of creation can explain it. Before either the concept of creation or the concept of evolution, there was male and female. Male and female came into being because of love. This is the formula. Because of love, there is man and woman. Men cannot find love in a world of men. Women cannot find love centered on other women. When a man finds a woman, and when a woman finds a man, that is when they find love.( 280-060,19961101)

The unity of religion and science

10 Because God gave us the responsibility to complete His comprehensive unified thought, we research and develop natural science as Unified Science, and we draw together the world of the mind through religion. From the end of the sixteenth century, religion and science were divided, but today, in the Last Days, we have one unified focus that brings the two into one to achieve a single purpose.( 003-106,19571006)

11 Today the development of science, and the modern civilization based on science, has succeeded in unifying the realm of external thought. We have a realm of unified thought on the world level. But internally, it is not science but religion that reveals the original human nature and character. Religion has to complete the mission of building an internally unified world, in which all people are one united body. Today science and religion are in conflict with each other, but it shouldn't be like that. God created the body of Adam and breathed the spirit into it so that Adam could stand as God's representative. Phenomena similar to this must take place in the Last Days.( 003-106,19571006)

12 Science studies the resultant world, while religion studies the world of heart. Until today, ideology has set forth the logic of cultural history. These three systems developed independently and separately, meaning religion according to religion, science according to science, and ideology according to ideology. Since God is one, He could not have been the one to divide them. In the Last Days, we should unite these three centered on God.( 165-252,19870527)

13 Only the Unification Church can connect the highest points of religion, science and ideology. The Unification Church is the only place on earth that bases one unified ideological system in a religious ideal. Therefore, it is a logical conclusion that God is working through the Unification Church. This is not due to the work of human beings. In our time, God rapidly developed science, notably space science, because we are entering the age of ideological change by which to unify the entire universe. This scientific development can serve to expand and unite religions to embrace the entire universe. There was no other way for religion, science and ideology to unite.( 165-252,19870527)

14 God is the origin of religious truth as well as scientific truth. God is the very first preacher and at the same time the very first scientist. I have a firm belief that these are fundamental truths of the universe. This is the cornerstone of my life's work. As a disciple of the living God, I have tried to present God, who can be seen substantially through this physical world and who appears so clearly through the spirit world, in a deeper, wider and clearer context, and to explain the fundamental aspects of God's existence in one unified theory.( 133-277,19840903)

15 The purpose of science is to realize humanity's dreams. However, in the past, because of the barriers among people and nations, the amazing inventions wrought through science could not contribute immediately to the well-being of all people. Some people are interested in restricting the benefits of science to their own nation. However, the civilization made possible by science should benefit all humankind. Specific nations or factions should not possess it exclusively.( 065-255,19721126)

16 In the past several centuries, science has been divided. Through the analytic method, scientists have specialized in many narrow fields. Recently, through the synthetic method, a new and hopeful trend is appearing to consolidate and unify this divided knowledge. The emergence of Unified Science is the most conspicuous example of this tendency. Beneath its many divisions, science has worked toward one goal, one direction up to the present time. That is, each specialized field has sought, in its own particular way, the realization of a world of well-being. There is no doubt that it will continue toward the same goal in the future.( 065-255,19721126)

17 In human life, science can only be a means; it cannot be an end. The purpose of human life is to realize God's purpose of creation. A human being is a unified being of both physical and spiritual bodies. Hence, on the foundation of physical life, he or she is to lead a life of value, a life of love, truth, goodness and beauty. To put it simply, we need science and technology for our physical life, but we have to apply them in the framework of spiritual life. Science that disregards or fails to emphasize that life is based on values actually destroys human value systems. This contributes to today's reality of fear and insecurity. We can deliver humanity from this unfortunate situation only by searching for and discovering the authentic value perspective. Science in its turn has to align with this value perspective that, needless to say, has to be based on absolute values.( 106-053,19791123)

18 Where can we find absolute values? They can be found only in God's love. Beauty, truth and goodness based on God's love are absolute values in themselves. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that we can liberate humanity from the harm caused by the misuse of scientific technology only when science itself recognizes God and applies technology in the same direction as God's love.( 106-053,19791123)

19 God has two important tasks that He needs someone to accomplish before He sends the Messiah again. One of them is the creation of a highly developed material civilization. To say that God's Will is accomplished is to say that God's kingdom of heaven on earth is realized. This doesn't mean only a spiritual kingdom of heaven but also an earthly or material kingdom of heaven. It is necessary for God to prepare a vessel to contain the highly developed spiritual culture that will come into being with the Second Advent of the Messiah. This vessel is a highly developed material civilization. Moreover, in God's ideal the world is one nation, in which people will live in close contact through advanced means of transportation and communication made possible by the development of science. This development is a very important element for the construction of the kingdom of heaven on earth. It is a necessary and indispensable condition for the creation of the culture of a unified world.( 100-245,19781019)

20 The main mission of science is to improve humanity's material existence, and Unified Science will contribute to our effectiveness in that work. However, just as the original human being is a unified being of spirit and body, true social life involves harmonizing the spiritual and material, and the ideal world is a unity of love and creative action. The improvement of material life alone does not make for the realization of a world of true happiness. This leads us to the conclusion that in order to accomplish our mission, we need to integrate Unified Science and Unified Thought. Accomplishing this integration, resolving the long-standing problem of the relationship between science and religion, will help us establish the unified world of prosperity, happiness and goodness.( 065-262,19721126)


The Creation's Lament and True Stewardship

Section 1. Our Relationship with the Creation

1 It is a misunderstanding to think we belong to ourselves, even though we proclaim ourselves to be the lords of creation with dominion over all things in the visible world. Our body is not our own. Our mind is not our own either. If we were asked on what grounds we claim these as ours, we would not be able to answer. If the question of our ownership were resolved, it would mark a historical starting point for the resolution of all problems. However, today people live on earth without even thinking about this matter. Seeing that people today have become so disconnected from their origin, God's sorrow now is greater than the sorrow He felt at the loss of the whole universe through the Fall. If there were anyone who felt this sorrowful heart of Heavenly Father, and shared His heart, the providence centered on religion could begin from that person. The way to rediscover God is to pioneer from that point of connection to His Heart. All beings have the earth as their parent, the universe as their parent and the Creator as their parent. Therefore, you are not just one individual existing on your own.( 004-095,19580316)

The earth is our second mother

2 It is the earth that nurtures our body. The earth is our parent, providing all the essential elements that the body needs. However, no one on earth recognizes this. In addition to the earth, we also have parents who gave us birth, the parents of our mind and body. However, humankind doesn't have only two kinds of parents. Beyond these, we have our absolute, eternal Parent, from whom we derive our innermost value. But if we are unable to recognize and understand that we have an eternal Parent, humanity will remain in a lamentable state. Therefore, if we do not have one moment, one period of time during the course of history in which we can understand the eternal, absolute Parent, we will not be able to take our place in the garden of rest. We need to understand that we have an eternal Parent with a deep heart. This is not our earthly parents, who will fade back into the earth, but the Parent who can shake up and guide earth’s history and the history of all humankind. This is our Parent in heaven, in other words, the One who created us. Thus, we have three great parents.( 009-016,19600403)

3 We think it is only our parents who gave birth to us, but that is not the case. The origin of the body is the earth. We are born from our parents but we resemble not only them. Therefore, we seek something beyond our parents, something new and greater. It is a fundamental principle that reason and motive are behind a divine outcome; therefore our longing for absolute values must derive from such a parent. A true person should be able to communicate in heart with the earth. If the earth, as our parent, gave birth to us, then we should become people of heart who live on the earth for its sake. Furthermore, a true person is one who knows Heaven and is concerned with our Heavenly Parent's Will. Such a person will work hard today and tomorrow to reach the destination of goodness. A true person endeavors to understand absolute relationships.( 009-017,19600403)

4 The body is made entirely of elements borrowed from the universe. Therefore, if all things in the universe demanded to recover what was theirs from the human body, everything would be taken away from us. From this we can deduce, "I am made from the universe; the universe gave birth to me." Thus the universe is the parent of your body. What follows is, "I am the substantial form, the encapsulation of all the elements of the universe." Then we can all say, "I am the universe in motion" or "I am the universe in action." Given that we are the living manifestations of the universe, we must love the universe.( 105-106,19790930)

5 When we sit in nature and gaze upon our surroundings, we feel something mystical. If your heart flows with love for nature, loving people will come naturally. Gazing at flowers, butterflies and all created things in nature gives us hope. You should think, "I am begotten from nature. You too are begotten from nature. Therefore the whole universe exists for you and me." How wonderful it would be if you could feel this!( 105-107,19790930)

6 The earth is the field in which we can sow and harvest the seeds of love. We grow by absorbing life elements from the earth. A mother’s body is like that field. Just as we absorb life elements from the earth, a baby is born after growing in its mother’s body and absorbing nutrition from her flesh and blood. On earth the child grows, becomes a perfected individual through life in a family, and is harvested when he or she passes into the spirit world. The spirit world is like a storehouse for things harvested in autumn, while the earth is like a field from which the harvest comes. To become a good fruit, you must fully mature in the field. Only when you have experienced the realm of ideal love through loving relationships of all kinds—up and down, right and left, and front and back—can you go into the storehouse of God's king-dom. There, immersed in God's love, you live with God eternally as His ideal object partner of love. This great universe, the cosmos, is our home. The great universe is our home, and being able to govern it as we wish, living eternally with God in His love, is the greatest happiness, the greatest liberation, and the greatest freedom.( 332-225,20000923)

7 The human body is about three-fourths water. The earth sustains its children with invisible air and visible water. This is why we say the earth is our second mother. Because the earth provides all the elements for our life, we must love the earth more than we love our own mother. After growing up this way, we fly into the spirit world. First we pass through our mother’s womb, then through the world of air. At last we enter the spirit world and are liberated there. This is our final destination. This is the kingdom of heaven centered on God.( 428-209,20031219)

Human beings are the center of creation

8 God created the beautiful and intricate natural world of creation to provide a safe environment for Adam and Eve and to serve as a foundation for their external biological development. Within this safe environment, human beings were to grow and develop. God's deepest interest, however, is that human beings develop their inner nature and loving character. Human beings are meant to resemble Gods true love and become fully spiritually mature through experiencing true love. Therefore, God created the power of love as the strongest among all inner, intangible forms of energy.( 279-206,19960820)

9 The Korean expression, "In all creation, human beings are the most precious," is indeed correct. Like us, God also needs an object partner of His love. That is why He created human beings. Because of His ideal of love, which places human beings at the center, God created all things in the universe to resemble us so that they could harmonize and be absorbed by us. When we look at the created world, we can see that everything exists in pairs. The mineral, plant, animal and human worlds all exist in pairs. In the mineral world, positive and negative ions interact. Among the elements there are none that combine randomly. If the reciprocal conditions do not match, even if God Himself commands it, they will not unite. Conversely, if the reciprocal conditions are right, even God cannot stop them from coming together. On a minute level, even in the mineral kingdom everything is designed to correspond to God's model of ideal love, combining and functioning within this model.( 201-146,19900330)

10 The fundamental order of the universe is based on the principle of existing for the sake of the other. The creations ideal, as well as the hope of human beings, is a world of true ideals, true love and true peace. Therefore, the principle of living for the sake of others is the starting point of Gods ideal, and for all happiness and love. When looking at the universe, we can see that nothing exists for its own sake. The animal world exists for the plant world; the mineral world and plant world exist for the animal world; and all of these together exist for human beings. Then for whom do human beings exist? We exist for God. Yet God too exists for all things, since He made them and is the source of their growth and development.( 135-234,19851211)

11 Human beings are the most advanced beings and contain within themselves all the building blocks of the mineral, plant and animal worlds. Thus human beings are the fruit, microcosm and model for everything in the existing world. Nevertheless, since humans are resultant beings, we can deduce that we came to exist because of a first causal being, and that we resemble that being. This means there must be an absolute subject being who created human beings as His object partners. If we are beings of character, then the subject being must also be a being of character. The field of philosophy defines this subject partner as the First Cause and Absolute Being. Religion refers to this absolute being as God.( 089-226,19761127)

12 All things in creation have dual purposes, an individual purpose and a higher purpose that serves the greater whole. Therefore the universe is like one massive organic entity with dual purposes. Within the universe, an entity that has completed its individual purpose by uniting with a subject or object partner cannot exist in isolation or in a fixed state. Every individual entity assumes either a subject or object position in relation to a partner and moves toward a higher direction and purpose. The universe is an entity that unites everything within itself as subject-object partners, with shared interests and a common purpose, and contains within itself an energy and universal power that serves the common purpose of the whole. Then what is the nature of the strongest, most perfect mutual relationship that creates eternal harmony and unity between a subject partner and an object partner? It is the relationship of giving and receiving grounded in love. The motivation of love, however, does not originate from human beings. The fundamental origin of love is the absolute, unchanging, causal subject being. In religion, this first causal being is called God.( 102-057,19781125)

13 When we examine the process of God's creation, we see that first God made all things of creation as the foundation upon which to create human beings. We were God's final masterpiece. Everything began from God. Culminating with the creation of human beings, God wanted to experience unity and equilibrium with human beings and all things of the natural world. Human beings' mission is to stand as mediators, connecting God, the spirit world and the physical world.( 501-280,20050723)

14 God made all things as a foundation upon which to create His sons and daughters. On this foundation everything is related and connected. This is true from the animal kingdom to the mineral kingdom. Plus and minus exist in the mineral world, just as stamen and pistil are found in the plant kingdom, and male and female in the animal kingdom. The greatest masterpiece of all, created by amalgamating all things of creation, is human beings, with internal nature and external form. All entities appear in symbol, image and substance so they can connect and relate with all of creation.( 144-237,19860425)

15 The world functions harmoniously through various systems and relationships. In this complicated and diverse world, we need an ideology that can teach us how to become true owners. This ideology should apply not only to human relationships but also to our relationship with all things of creation. What kind of person is a true owner? A true owner is one who considers the welfare of others before his or her own, practicing a life of service and devotion to others. He or she leads a life of true love. A true person is a true owner who loves, protects and nurtures all things with true love.( 567-258,20070704)

16 Things that are woven together through love become one. This is the phenomenon of connection. A single strand of my hair and I resemble each other. When you look at a strand of your hair, it looks like nothing special. You may think it has no relationship with you, but it does. All things of creation are like that strand of hair. Love functions in mysterious ways. All things of creation have their own capacity to respond to emotions, such as love. If you raise flowers in a caring environment with music, they will grow well. The buds will not fade before they bloom; they will blossom fully. If you let chickens listen to music, they too will grow well. Everything grows well when in harmony with its surroundings, but if there is discord, it wilts.( 185-035,19890101)

17 Why did God create the environment? He created the environment as a place for plants and all things of creation to grow so they could provide nutrition for human beings. The fish in the ocean, the plants in the fields and mountains, the grass and trees, all provide us with nutrition. For example, many things can be used as medicine when we are sick. There is nothing that is not useful. In fact, the most distasteful thing could prove to be highly medicinal. In some instances, the poison of venomous snakes is considered to be the best medicine.( 406-133,20030309)

Section 2. The Creation's Lament and Our Response

1 In Satan's world, all things of creation are under his dominion in the name of his children. The nations in Satan's world are also under his dominion. This is why God and the creation are lamenting. This is why we need to restore the creation to God through indemnity and liberation. In order to do this, God's son and daughter need to establish dominion over the creation. Adam and Eve together should govern the creation, which desires to be ruled by God. In turn, Adam and Eve's descendants need to unite and take dominion over all things.( 023-331,19690615)

All of creation is lamenting

2 The Fall of human beings caused the fall of the created world, causing all created entities to lament. There are two realms of lamentation, that of the human world and that of the creation. In the created world, the state of the world is determined by the state of the people. It is because of the human Fall that the creation entered the realm of lamentation, consequently bringing human beings into that realm also. Thus we need to liberate the creation first. The process of recreation needs to be done in this order because God created the natural world first. We must first liberate creation from its lamentation. Then, upon that foundation, we can return to the original state in which God created us.( 172-049,19880107)

3 In the creation we have the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom. Lamentation begins from the mineral kingdom. Because Satan's lineage permeated the creation, all things are trapped and cannot relate to God as their master. Everything is blocked. That is why all creation and all human beings are in distress. In the spirit world God laments, as do the angels.( 403-215,20030122)

4 Because of the human Fall, God has never experienced a single day of the ideal for which our ancestors longed. God has not had a single day of joy based on His original ideal. The creation was lost and could not receive God's love. We can only restore the world and recover the world of God's love by correcting this. In the Bible, Chapter 8 of Romans says that because of the human Fall, God, humanity and all of creation came to lament. How did all this lamentation come about? As a result of the Fall, God lost His loving sons and daughters, human beings lost their loving Parent, and all creation lost the master from whom it was meant to receive love. In this way, lamentation befell the universe.( 087-177,19760602)

5 It is true that the creation is lamenting. It laments not because of its own pain, but because God is lamenting. In all directions, all things of creation grieve. People should realize that they too are in a position to grieve. But who among humankind understands this? Who can resolve this agonizing situation? God cannot do it alone. The things of creation also cannot resolve it. Satan certainly cannot do it. Only human beings can resolve this painful situation. At the very least, we should share the sorrow of the creation.( 011-319,19620323)

6 From a historical perspective, during the Old Testament Age the providence of restoration was advanced through the offering of sacrifices. Initially God led His providence to unite people and the creation by requiring sacrifices. Later He led the providence to unite people with Himself. This has been the history of the providence of restoration until the present. From now on, however, the providence will advance through your initiative. Thus you need to be the one in the position of a sacrifice who unites with the creation. Then, upon that foundation, you should unite with God. Through this process, history, which has been flowing in a vertical line, will unfold horizontally in your family.( 023-331,19690615)

7 To have dominion over creation, man and woman must first unite in love. Only after this can they have dominion over all things of creation. This is the Principle. When God created and blessed Adam and Eve, He said, "Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth, and have dominion over all things." This means that you can have dominion over the creation only after you have a family.( 026-195,19691025)

8 Human beings cannot have dominion over all creation until they become bride and bridegroom and have a true family. To have dominion over creation, they must wait until the original standard of Adam and Eve is restored. Creation was supposed to be governed by human beings who had attained original love. In order to grow properly, all of creation wants to receive love and respect from original human beings. That is the eternal place where all created things want to dwell.( 026-195,19691025)

9 The entire creation laments because the human Fall turned everything upside down. This is the reason all things of creation have been waiting for the sons of God who have the authority to overcome the realm of lamentation. The creation can finally be governed only through the families of the sons of God The creation has been waiting for this time, and the mission of religion is to bring about this time. Until then human beings have no authority to take dominion over the creation.() 026-196,19691025

10 No one today has earned the privilege of taking dominion over the creation based on love. Until we mature enough to embrace all things with the original heart of love, we are not entitled to eat and digest the things of creation. All of creation should be governed by true families. If all things of creation lived with loving families, do you think they would lament? No, they would not. All things of the creation want to be governed in a place where love flourishes. Human beings have never been able to elevate their level of heart enough to create that kind of place. If we don't advance to that place of spiritual maturity, we will never have dominion over the creation. In order to be owners of that place of love, we must unite as bride and bridegroom. According to the original law, a bride and a bridegroom form a family, and then govern all of creation based on true love in their family. To do that, we must restore the lost position of all humankind. Because we have not been able to restore our original position, we do not have the privilege of governing the creation.( 026-196,19691025)

11 All your basic necessities, even the domes on your back, came from the creation, so you should not treat them merely as objects for your daily life. You should treat each item as a microcosm of the whole created world and recognize its value. Likewise, you need to make your life an offering and create an environment where God can dwell with you. Unless we live this way, we cannot establish the foundation to become true families who govern creation.( 023-330,19690615)

12 Since Satan's children have control over all of creation, all things belong to Satan. We must restore all things to God. According to the Principle of Restoration, all created things should first have belonged to the ancestors of humankind. Of course, all things should belong to God, but from the viewpoint of God's blessing to human beings, all created things should have belonged to the ancestors of humankind. First they should belong to the parents of goodness, who have no relationship to the Fall. Afterwards they can belong to the children of goodness.( 023-332,19690615)

13 Restoring myself alone does not complete restoration. First I must be united with God, and then I must unite with all things of creation in order to be in a position to declare, "All creation belongs to God." After that I can say, "These created things belong to me." Before something belongs to me, it should belong to God and to True Parents. Otherwise it cannot be mine. Everything that belongs to me must first be offered to the public. In order to lay the foundation to restore Korea, I must consider all material things from a greater perspective, beyond my individual self. I must treat all material things as public.( 023-336,19690615)

The true owner who resolves the sorrow of all things

14 To capture God's heart, the heart that existed before the creation and will remain forever, is the condition required for us to earn our value as lords of creation. Once you possess God's heart, you are ahead of everything. Our value is determined by our relationship with the center, the root, the heart. This has been God's heart from the very beginning. When you issue commands with this heart of God, all creation will respond, "Yes! You are right! Thank you!" That's the way it will be. So why are God and all things of creation sorrowful? It is because this relationship of heart was cut off. The history of restoration and the history of resurrection have progressed to reestablish this severed relationship of heart. Once we own God's heart, no one can oppose us when we say, "You are our Father, and we are your sons and daughters." No one will deny it. There is no way to deny the relationship of heart between parent and child.( 011-320,19620323)

15 We need to learn what kind of people we must become in order to restore the lost original standard and live in the kingdom of heaven. We should understand that all created things have a love relationship with God. Furthermore, we should feel that all things of creation are a reflection of the Parent. All creation is a reflection of the heart of the Parent, whose entire heart and soul went into the creation of all things. All things expect to be loved, valued and treated well as the representatives of the One whose hands created them. However, since the human Fall, no one has treated the creation in this way How could all things of creation not lament? That is why the Bible says, "The whole creation has been groaning."( 009-175,19600508)

16 Since we are responsible to liberate creation, which is sighing and lamenting in sorrow, we should be able to touch a single tree or even a single blade of grass and experience the heart and care that God invested in its creation six thousand years ago. We must be able to shed tears at the sight of one solitary plant along the road, or while holding onto a tree, and say, "How lonely you must be, having lost your master!" I have wept profusely while grasping a rock. I have shed tears while feeling the blowing wind.( 009-176,19600508)

17 We need to love and be proud of all creation in heaven and earth that was created by God with His whole heart. God made all things of creation for the well-being of His children. Creation is our inheritance, which cannot be bought for any treasure, not for silver or gold. Yet this precious heritage has been neglected and treated with contempt. That is why all created beings are lamenting. When I look at the mountains, I can sense their sorrow, I can sense the grieving of the fields and the lamentation in the blowing wind.( 011-207,19610717)

18 You need to become sons and daughters who attend God. After earning the title of Gods sons and daughters, you should become lords of creation who can take responsibility for all created things. You should love the creation with your whole heart, just as God has loved us for six thousand years, without discarding us in our sinfulness. Regardless of whether or not somebody is watching, you should be able to hold a single blade of grass and say, "Father, how hopeful You must have been when You created this blade of grass! Isn't that right? How You must have longed to show this proudly to Your beloved children? How long this single blade of grass has been waiting for the moment You could proudly show it to Your beloved children! How sorrowful has this poor blade of grass been, not being able to experience that day?" (011-207,19610717)

Section 3. True Dominion over the Creation

1 God is the owner of the world. So who should control this earth? Naturally God, the owner of the world, should rule over it. If not God, then those who represent the owner and receive His love should rule the earth. Since God is the owner of this world, those who follow the way of loyalty to God must rule the world. To sustain humankind forever on earth, we need an ideology that teaches us to accept God as the owner of the world and build a world of greater value, the eternal world. What is that ideology? It is Godism. When we become the sons and daughters who receive God's love, we can say, "This world is mine."( 031-250,19700604)

All things should be publicly managed

2 All things of creation should be governed by public law. Creation is in the domain of public law. People, as well as all things of creation, are in the domain of public law. A nation also exists only within this domain. When people put self-interest before the greater good, the nation cannot endure.( 031-238,19700604)

3 A public person can manage and rule all things of creation according to the public law that governs the universe. That law is heavenly law. Once you master these heavenly principles, your actions will not be sinful even if you need to be forceful. It is not a sin to take action against evil. If someone doing evil refuses to listen to your admonition three times, it is not unlawful to use the force necessary to stop him. Therefore, you need to live for the greater purpose, always distinguishing between good and evil. No one is more fearsome than one who lives for heaven and earth.( 031-240,19700604)

4 If you ask all things of creation, "Do you want to be governed by public or private law?" they will answer, "We want to be governed by public law." Why is this so? Just as people want to rise to the highest realm of goodness, created things long for this also. Then by whom do the world and all things of creation want to be governed? They want to be ruled by the more public-minded being.( 031-244,19700604)

5 You must become a person who can manage all things of creation in a public-minded way. When you eat, you need to know the value of the food you are eating. As you eat, you should ask the food, "What kind of person's mouth do you want to enter? What kind of face should I have for you to become my flesh, my bones and energy, and what do you want to leave behind for the sake of the world?" Even though when rice is eaten it ends up inside someone's stomach, every grain of rice wants to be eaten by a good person. It wants to be consumed by the more public-minded person.( 031-248,19700604)

6 That which is public should never be considered lightly. That which is public can even kill someone. Today people are trying to stop air pollution in the cities. This is natural, since an unclean environment is harmful. Water should be kept clean, too. Like air and water, all of creation is public. The sun, for example, is the prerequisite for life on earth; its value is infinite. Yet we receive the suns priceless light for free. Have you ever seen anyone with money in his hand, trying to buy the light of the sun or eat the light of the sun? Have you ever seen anyone pay a single cent to receive the suns light? If somebody sold the sunlight, would you buy it, yes or no? Water, air and light — none of these natural things belongs to the individual.( 031-249,19700604)

7 Your management of the things you have owned so far, your material possessions, is only temporary. You are just the manager. In order to manage things properly, all your things should be dedicated to God by offering them to Him through the True Parents. In other words, only after going through the process of belonging to God and True Parents can everything become truly yours. You should clearly understand this concept. Through historical experience, we may be used to the concept that certain things belong to certain people, but things cannot remain like that. All material things must go through the name of True Parents, and go through God's name. By going through this process, all material things can be re* stored for the first time. You are not the real owner of things until they are restored; you are merely the manager of your possessions. Until the time come when all material things are returned to their true owner, you need to be responsible as a manager. From this point of view, we must distinguish clearly between public and private things.( 023-334,19690615)

8 We must distinguish between public and private things according to a clear hierarchy. Through the process of establishing a hierarchy of public to private things, we should then clarify the standard of public and private things, and lead our lives based on firm principles. However, in this world everything is usually upside down. Commonly, private things are treated as valuable while public things are neglected. This is absolutely not acceptable. We must treat public things as precious. If we want to complete the restoration of material things into private possessions, we first need to make them public by changing them into church possessions, then national possessions and finally, world possessions. In this manner we should treat public things with greater care. Using this paradigm, people are higher than all created things, while God is higher than people. People often say, "I am first," centering on themselves. However, the restoration of the world is unthinkable centered on the individual. Although people are higher than their possessions, God is higher than people. We must be able to relate with all things of the material world focused on God's love.( 023-335,19690615)

9 What you have now is not yours. The house you live in is not yours, the food you eat is not yours, the daily necessities you use are not yours. You should not forget that all of these are public things and have a permanent relationship with the world centered on a public figure, God, our Father, and should be bequeathed generation after generation, eternally. You should think to yourself, "The clothes I am wearing, my lifelong foundation, and even my own body, are not mine"(152-296,19630726)

10 Misuse of public things is a sin. Unification Church members must be absolutely clear regarding public things. The Fathers things are holy. If all created things are holy, then your body, which consumes these things, is holy. If all created things have unlimited value, then your body, which lives by consuming those things, has unlimited value. When you recognize your value as a public being, you can create a unified family with great public value. Based on this family we can move on to the tribal level; based on the tribe, we move on to a people; based on a people we can build a nation; and based on that nation, we march toward the world level. Smaller things are absorbed into the bigger field. We should move forward through sacrificing lesser things.( 152-296,19630726)

11 We should strive day and night to make the Fathers country our country, the Father's people our people, and the Father's possessions our own. This means you are meant to act, live and exist harmonizing two reciprocal bases while experiencing God's heart. Because this is God's act of creation, relationship without heart is a sin; being separated from heart is a sin. Whenever we meet our brothers and sisters, we should invite God to be present with us and connect with His heart. Whenever we deal with material things we must also relate to them with God's heart.( 152-297,19630726)

12 Are my possessions public or private? This is the problem. All of us must go beyond the concept that things belong to us. This is one of the greatest lessons we must teach humankind from now on. We should reject the concept that things are "mine" and replace it with the realization that things are "public." Nothing in the created world belongs to a certain individual as his own possession. If you boast, "This is my land," you will be ruined, because it is public land. You are just the manager. If you care for it as a public manager according to the universal principles of governance, you will be able to manage it forever. Otherwise, you will lose it.( 031-247,19700604)

13 Nobody understands the law of public management of the created world. We will finally reach the era of liberation of all things that the Bible talks about when we establish the true value of all things of the created world. Unless we know their value, our use of things is not management; it is abuse. Therefore, all things of creation need a true owner. Until today, the things of creation have never had public value or authority. All things want to be governed from that position. This means that they should be ruled by true love. That which is true is not self-centered.( 031-247,19700604)

14 A wife lives for her husband, children live for their parents, parents, grandparents and grandchildren all live for the family. Living in love like this, for the sake of others, is happiness. When everyone in a family tries to make everything "ours" rather than "mine," the family will prosper. When the grandfather conserves everything without wasting anything, and the father, mother and children do the same to expand what belongs to all of them, the family will prosper. Thus when family members use money and save it for the sake of the whole, the environment of love in that family will expand. That ideal becomes real when we expand it to the society and world on the foundation of such families. We must not center on ourselves.( 167-215,19870719)

15 Unification Church missionaries are trained to live without the luxuries of Western civilized society. We have a new culture called "the sleeping bag culture." Wherever they go, our young people do not feel they are strangers. Our Unification Church missionaries live without luxurious furnishings and use only the most basic household goods. When you become a missionary, as you witness to sorrowful people, you must have a tearful heart. You should allow them to recognize that God is a God of sorrow. God is yearning to cry with people who suffer in sorrow. (130-280,19840207)

16 I have seen you throw away things you should not throw away and consume things that you should not consume. By every possible means, we have to find a way to save even a single cent for the sake of the world, for the sake of God's Will, and for the restoration of this country. We need to develop a way to save and become more efficient in financial management.( 077-032,19750323)

17 From the viewpoint of the Principle, wasting is a sin. From the time we are born, we are supposed to consume a certain quantity of things. If we consume more than we should it is considered a sin. When we die, there should be something left over. If not, our descendants will be indebted. Is there anybody who can speak and teach about this? Before our schooling, the Divine Principle is our teacher. Nature is our teacher; even the ocean is our teacher.( 193-103,19890831)

18 What are we striving to do by saving, economizing and suffering? We are trying to do something good for the next generation. Consequently, we are striving for a system of thought that can create a foundation we can be proud of in front of the world. After ten years, a hundred years, or a thousand years of bequeathing a tradition based on thought, Koreans will surely become a venerated people throughout the world. Therefore, I ponder how to guide people based on this principle. Although this approach may seem to be the worst one at this particular moment while we are being persecuted, I predict that this thought system alone will remain and prevail as time goes by. For this reason, I embarked on this path.( 109-105,19801026)

Dominion over all things and health

19 When you are fasting, you realize how much time you really have. You realize just how much time you spend eating three meals a day. How much effort is wasted just thinking about what to eat, constantly going back and forth opening the refrigerator door to eat an apple or drink a Coke? It is important to get accustomed to eating only at mealtimes. If you do this, you will not get sick; rather, you will become healthier.( 131-289,19840504)

20 Even when hungry, you should not completely fill your plate with food. You should be satisfied eating three-fifths of your plateful. Only then are you a wise person. You should learn how to be frugal in everything. You should save the maximum and then find out the minimum you can live with. Train yourself to use only the minimum for at least three months until you reach your limit. After you do this, you will see what happens.( 057-198,19720531)

21 Before loving God you must love everything in front of you—the food you eat, all different types of material things, the creation, and your own body. You love your body by absorbing the creation into your body with love. Your first parents are the parents who gave birth to you; your second parent is the earth. Because you receive all the elements your body needs from the land, you should love the land.( 290-054,19980202)

22 You have heard the saying that if you release animals and fish with love, your descendants will prosper. This is correct. If you live in your homeland you don't catch local diseases. The saying, "A body and the soil are not separable," means you walk on the land, breathe the air, eat the grains and vegetables, and drink the water. If you find one, two, three, four, five, six, seven or even several hundred places just like your homeland, you can travel to those places during your life. The time will come to make the whole world your own liberated homeland. In the ocean, water currents flow to balance east and west, so fish grow well. Air also does not flow randomly; it flows according to differences in temperature to achieve equilibrium. We too need to learn how to attain balance. For example, starting in primary school we should learn how to care for plants and animals so they do not become extinct. When we learn this kind of balance and care for the natural world, it will be possible to achieve one unified world.( 491-294,20050327)

23 According to the Principle, a completely mature person must be healthy, united in mind and body, and in harmony with God's heart and absolute value. No matter how strong your spirit, if your body is not healthy you cannot be a sound person. Conversely, no matter how strong your body is, if your spirit is not correct you cannot embody a completely mature person. Realizing this, you need to make constant effort to maintain proper unity between your mind and body.( 271-150,19950827)

24 All creation is precious, like Gods fine, soft hair. Even those particles we pick up from touching objects or petting animals, which mix with our bodies' sweat and fall off, were once part of God. Likewise, if we love everything that we eat, we will not get sick. God created all things in the universe as object partners of His love. If we love the things God created just as God loves them, consume them on behalf of God, and become people who reflect God's personality, then they will provide us with nutrition and keep us healthy. We are not meant to get sick and die. To avoid this, we must become one with God's love, life and lineage. We need to become Gods representatives.( 384-182,20020703)

25 How fortunate human beings are! We conduct an orchestra of love, and in accord with the rhythm of love, we live eating the animals and plants that maintain life in the universe. This means that we live off the fruits of love. Flowers and leaves are the fruits of love. How happy are we who eat these fruits! Those who eat the fruits of love suffer no disease. They know no illness. Even if there were just one piece of bread remaining in the cafeteria when you got there, you would think, "This bread passed through countless hands throughout the world, many means of transportation, and prevailed over great hardships to get here. This bread has been made and given to me as the fruit of the efforts of many people, as the fruit of their love. As the owner of love, I shall eat this bread thinking of it as my partner." Those who have no such appreciation are bound to fall ill, while those who eat with appreciation can resist all illness. People who eat the fruits of a world filled with love possess miraculous energy.( 217-307,19910612)

26 If you eat with a heart of appreciation and love, the food that enters your mouth will say, "I deeply appreciate being absorbed into your body, becoming your flesh and blood and giving you energy to love God." When you eat beef you must think, "This beef has come to me as the fruit of love, after being raised from a calf with its mother's love, and raised by its owner with love." You will never know illness if you consume the fruit of love while appreciating it in oneness with God’s original love.( 217-308,19910612)

27 All the foods we eat are fruits. We are eating the fruits of the creation, the original bodies containing the seeds of beauty, the microcosms of all living things of beauty. We need to be mindful of their value as we eat them, and that we are doing so in order to grow and become complete through this valuable love. If we eat with this attitude, there is no reason that we should fall ill. In fact, we will surely grow in good health.( 146-109,19860617)

Section 4. Our Attitude toward the Creation

1 When we wake up and open our eyes, we see all of creation unfolding before us. From the creation we indirectly and intuitively receive certain impressions and, by responding to them, we develop our senses. Even the smallest creatures are connected to us. Even though we ignore them, these seemingly insignificant creatures are connected to us and lead their lives every day according to the ideal of the heavenly principle. Why is this so? From the perspective of the purpose of existence, all creatures from the smallest to the greatest, that is, human beings—who are the lords of creation and rule over all things—everything lies within the realm of the ideal of love and can embrace God's ideal for this vast universe. Movement occurs as small things are absorbed by larger entities governing larger spheres, thus fulfilling the purpose of the universe. Small things are absorbed by bigger things, becoming the building blocks of their material form. This relationship leads to the realization of one purpose based on one great ideal. We cannot deny that this is the way history has been progressing, and the way the physical world has been following the principle of heaven toward the fulfillment of one purpose.( 009-164,19600508)

The value of all things of creation and the destruction of the natural world

2 Throughout my life I have thought, "Even if I am the only one, I should understand the sorrow of the precious things of creation made by God. We value national treasures housed in palaces, yet we do not cherish the precious things of creation made by God." Those with the heart to say, "Though everyone living on this earth may be ignorant, I will understand," can become a new people able to govern humankind in the future. This is not a concept, but a fact. Who values all things of creation more than they value the family treasure handed down through generations? Diamonds are considered to be the most valuable and precious stones in the world. People hold on to them and refuse to let them go. Who in this world values creation more than diamonds? Where can we find such people? God will say, "I hear you!" upon seeing those who understand in their hearts what He has created, and who weep when they hold the things of creation.( 009-177,19600508)

3 Nature is an exhibit that God has given us as a magnificent gift. He pre-pared this gift for the birth of His beloved sons and daughters, who were to live in love for others. Every bird and plant was a decoration to bring beauty into the lives of His beloved sons and daughters. Even the pebbles along the road were created as decorations for a nation, since God knew that His sons and daughters would be the owners who would rule over the nation. It is the same with flowing water. God did not want things to be dry and monotonous, so He created the natural world fit for a prince of dreams and hope who would inherit this infinitely colorful and harmonious garden, this world of love. Hence we learn from all things of creation.( 175-187,19880416)

4 No matter how precious a work of art in a museum, can it have more value than a living work of art? Who has loved this earth, the museum of all things and the work of God, more than God has? Has anyone loved the earth more than they loved their national treasures? Can a gold crown from the Silla Dynasty sitting in a museum compare with one dandelion growing alongside the road? If there were a king who understood Gods heart and who took care of the creation with a heart that said, "I feel sorry and ashamed because I cannot love you from the position of an original king whom God has loved," the tufts of grass would want to follow that king and be with him eternally. This is how people should live.( 175-187,19880416)

5 You should have such a mind that, when observing nature imbued with God's love, you say, "Can the precious items possessed by the kings of this world, or by people of great fame, compare with this? Can any artifact compare with this? Can a glamorous dress worn by a famous lady compare with this? Without that heart, we are committing sin before the natural world without even realizing it. Is there anyone who looks at a living creature and asks, "What items produced by human hands could compare with this? No matter how great someone might be, could he or she ever be greater than God?" A person who deeply cherished all creation, in which God totally invested His heart, would surely be a child of God. Such a person would not need to pray, for he or she would live with God. God guides people into such a position.( 009-176,19600508)

6 Pollution is destroying nature. Since World War II, fish have been dying from water pollution and birds have been falling to the ground from air pollution. We have to protect the water and the air. Water, air and sunlight are the most important. People today live without knowing the value of these things.( 337-053,20001022)

7 Nowadays, pollution is a serious problem for humankind. Since World War II, because of pollution the oceans are becoming dirty and fish are dying. The same is happening to the animals in the mountains and to the birds. Some countries are selfishly dumping their waste into international waters and the oceans are dying. Because of worsening pollution year after year, fish are deserting shallow waters and moving into deeper waters, where they are eaten by deep-water fish. Then the deep-water fish die after eating these smaller fish. This is why the food supply for fish is diminishing. This is a big problem. We need to purify the polluted ocean waters. We need to purify the water so that the fish can live.( 520-034,20060309)

8 Pollution is hastening the destruction of humankind. The worst kind of pollution is water pollution. Before people die, animals die first. The fish in the oceans are dying, the birds are dying, and the small insects are dying. Since World War II, because of air pollution, birds have been dying and, because of water pollution, fish have been dying. Now because of pesticides, small and large animals are dying. In the future, if people are fighting, what will happen? We are producing more carbon dioxide than oxygen. The situation could worsen until humankind perishes. No matter how great you are, if you have no water and air is scarce, you will die. What use would the land be? No grass would grow. Therefore we need to love the water and the land, and we need to protect the fish and the animals.( 367-174,20020121)

9 People have ravaged our God-given environment, causing the death of many animals. We have killed the best gift God has given to His sons and daughters. Therefore I teach that we should become second creators, loving the gifts God has given us on His behalf. After living such a life of love we can go to heaven. Recently I heard that in Korea people are killing magpies, thinking they are harmful. I don't think we should worry about that kind of thing. Instead, we should prepare one year's food supply for the magpies and raise them with kindness. Then let’s see what happens. I used to prepare and give food to pigeons and other birds, and I found that the birds recognized my kindness. The magpies would greet me with a "caw, caw, caw" when they flew by; the pigeons would greet me with a "coo, coo, coo"; and the sparrows would say, "chirp, chirp, chirp." If you become a true owner, birds will not pass you by without greeting you. Because I fed them every day, they expressed their thanks.( 333-252,20000926)

10 People are dying because of pollution. We need to protect the animals and insects so they can survive. Who can take responsibility for this? God cannot take on this responsibility. We have to take measures to balance the food chain. On the national level, we must establish long-term legal measures to ensure a sustainable food supply. All the regions of the world should do the same.( 418-138,20030916)

11 In order to survive, human beings need air, water, sunlight and soil. We therefore must be grateful for these things. Even when we release something dirty into the air, it eventually falls to the ground. Therefore, we need to protect the earth and fertilize the land. When we provide fertilizer to the earth, seeds of life emerge there. A mother is like the earth; she always takes care of the dirty things at home. The members of the family rely on the mother for cleanliness. In contrast, men, in the process of initiating things, often ignore the value of the earth and just randomly stomp on it.( 358-103,2001 1102)

Protecting and loving nature

12 When you love nature and protect it, your behavior becomes a model for how to love people. Children are the same. They learn how to love people by playing with their toys and loving their pets. Those who live like that with nature often go to a higher level of spirit world than those who lead a religious life because they have reached a higher level of heart. When you reach your seventies or eighties you had better go back to nature. When your memory grows dim and your physical body becomes weaker, you had better go live in nature. Living among all the natural things created by God, loving them and managing them as their master, you will be able to go to a higher level of heart, the kingdom of heaven.( 311-310,19990915)

13 In the garden where people of true love and husband and wife of true love are living, beautiful flowers want to blossom, and lovely birds and beautiful animals want to come and live dose by. You should understand that their original nature drives them to do this. All things naturally follow such people, who are destined to prosper.( 146-109,19860607)

14 We have to go back to nature, live there, and love all the things of God's creation. When we feel the heart of God, who created the soil, water, plants and animals for us, we inherit all the things that belong to Heavenly Father. By doing so, we return joy and glory to the original heart of God, Creator of all these things. For instance, we harvest the grains that we grow through our year-round toil and, during the winter, we rest. Year after year we gather the harvest, offer it to God, and return glory to Him, as we do on Thanksgiving Day. When spring comes the next year, we begin again. When we live this way, based on a desire to return glory to God, God will bless us and we will prosper.( 354-163,20010920)

15 God is working to save humankind. If God is a big tree we, as the branches, should resemble the tree. Therefore, we must assist God in His work and help Him find lost humankind. So wherever you go, east or west, you should foster loving relationships with people. Those who don't know how to love other people don't know how to love nature. Also, people who don't know how to love nature cannot truly like others. Saving humankind is God’s work. However, we should be able to love people and nature, living with God's love in our hearts. Liking something is not enough. We need to live in love.( 320-083,20000329)

16 You should know how to love nature and love people. Those who cannot love people or love nature cannot truly love God. Because all things of creation are symbols of God, and people are beings of His substance, those who learn to love all things of creation and to love people will come to love God.( 070-182,19740209)

17 When you love the mountains, love water and love all things of creation on Gods behalf, everything will be fine; you will be healthy. These are the three conditions. That is why I chose the name Sansuwon, "the garden of mountains and waters" for our hiking club. I like mountains and often go where there are beautiful mountains and water. We need to love the creation on behalf of God. We also need to love the ocean. By loving all things of creation, we can become their loving master. The person who loves something most is its owner; this is the unmistakable conclusion.( 449-199,20040513)

18 When you love all things on earth on behalf of God, you will naturally receive as much love from God as you give to the things of creation. This is why you need to love the creation. By loving all things of creation and by loving people, you are entitled to receive Gods love. Those who dedicate their lives to loving the world, the universe, and all humankind, who love these more than they love their own lives, will naturally receive the same amount of love from God.( 081-335,19751229)

Section 5. Restoration of the Original Eden

1 Whenever we think about the original garden of Eden before the Fall, we immediately think about God. Then we associate it with Adam and Eve, whom God blessed after He finished His six days of creation. The garden of Eden was home to our original, sinless ancestors and all things of creation, which had not been invaded by evil or sin. All things were created for human beings and human beings were created for God. Sadly, human beings have not lived for God and, as a consequence, all things of creation have been unable to harmonize with us. Because of this, when we think of the garden of Eden we feel profoundly sad and sorrowful; our mind and body are pervaded with the feeling of how everything has been mistreated.( 006-334,19590628)

God's heart dwells in all created things

2 We should not look at the things of creation with a hollow heart. Since every being in this world of God's great creation lives and moves based on the purpose of one love, God's energy indwells even the tiniest, most insignificant being. God created all things in six biblical days. Yet even the beings He created on the first and second days were related to God's larger vision of the great universe that would appear after the six days of His creation were completed. From this we can firmly conclude that nothing was created without being deeply rooted in God’s heart.( 009-167,19600508)

3 We value the relics left behind by famous people in history. We value the items they cherished during their lifetimes. But if a single grain of sand falls in front of you, you should realize that it is connected to God's heart. It is the work of the Creator, who is higher and greater than anyone else, made lovingly with His own hands. It is the fruit of His heart. Anyone who understands its worth and treats a grain of sand as if it were as valuable as the entire universe is certainly a son or daughter of God.( 009-167,19600508)

4 In a field, no single blade of grass is untouched by the hand of God. When we look at a tree, we can see God's unlimited inner heart growing and flowing through that tree. Not only the grass and trees, but the animals playing in the fields, the insects, and every kind of bird—they were all created by the hands of God who invested His inner heart completely.( 006-338,19590628)

5 How should we think about all the things that God created and loved so much? God created all things and said, "This is good to behold!" But we should consider, if God loved a blade of grass the most, which kind of grass would He love best? If you could think about this without any time constraints, you would feel the grace of God's heart as He created all things, before the creation of human beings. Holding a single blade of grass, you would feel joy in your heart, realizing that it was an object of hope and that it had been created by God's hand. If there were someone like that, even a fallen person, who shared God's heart at the time of creation, he or she could be God's friend.( 006-338,19590628)

6 From among the people who revere Gods heart, await God's ideal and seek His restored garden, there are many people of true heart who sing God's praises and strive to attain divine joy. Yet few remember that God's inner heart is connected to every blade of grass, every insect and all things of creation, and that He feels joy through them. If someone invested all his energy to make an insect, and someone else loved and appreciated it with all his heart and mind, more highly than even its creator, nothing would delight the creator more.( 006-339,19590628)

7 Science attempts to explain the formulas, axioms, principles and laws of the created world and of all things in nature, Literature attempts to express the inner lyrical sentiment of nature, while the arts in their various forms express the apparent or hidden beauty of nature. Philosophy also tries to explain the basic principles of nature. Religion, however, is on a higher level than all of these. Then what is it that true religion should explain? It should explain the deep emotional feeling that flows through the heart of nature. This is religion's responsibility.( 006-340,19590628)

8 It is unimaginable that human culture would exist separate from nature. We cannot speak about human culture apart from nature. No matter how much people boast of their influence or assert their power, if they ignore nature, it is all of no use. Nature not only enriches our lives, it is indispensable to our earthly lives. Therefore, if you cannot feel the heart that flows within all natural things, you cannot enjoy true happiness in your life and you cannot rise to a position of glory where you can relate to God.( 006-340,19590628)

9 Even when you contemplate a blade of grass, you should be able to do so from God's perspective. When you look at a flower, you should do so with the heart of God. When you look at insects, birds or all other animals, your inner feelings should connect with the heart of God. If there were a person like this who could connect with the heart of God, even one who could not explain nature through the logic of science using formulas and definitions, could not express feelings through literature, could not display the beauty of nature through art, or had no energy to feel the love of nature, still that person would be a great scientist, writer, artist, philosopher and religious leader.( 006-341,19590628)

The qualifications for us to become lords of creation

10 Every day our eyes are stimulated by the things of creation. However, we often take these things for granted, as if they were commonplace. If we human beings had not fallen, all of nature would have conformed to God's original ideal of nature based on goodness. We should reflect upon how our original ancestors looked at and felt about nature, and upon Gods original feeling toward nature.( 006-33719590628)

11 Have you ever wished you could enter into a mystical state or into the realm of God's grace and look at a flower from that perspective? Have you ever regarded a flower with the same sincere heart you would express toward an ancestor you longed to meet? Have you ever looked at the mountains and rivers and felt such incredible inspiration from nature that you spontaneously burst forth praising God? If you have never had this kind of experience, I can only conclude that you are not qualified to be a lord of creation.( 006-344,19590628)

12 When you open your eyes in the morning and look at the natural world, your original nature is stirred and you are inspired with a fresh ideal. As for the human world, the more you see of it, the more despair and sorrow it arouses in your heart. If original people who had not fallen populated the world, the value of human beings would not bestir sorrow in the heart of the beholder. Human beings were not created with the same value as a blade of grass, a flower or a tree. We were meant to be noble beings who could not be exchanged for anything in the created world. Human beings were supposed to be born with incomparable value, representing the glory of heaven.( 009-097,19600424)

13 We should not frown on or lament the environment we see around us, and we should not despair at social injustice. Instead, we should become people who are able to forget our sorrowful hearts with the joy of looking at a single blade of grass growing. Such a person will remain into the new age. A person who seeks a relationship with God is one who seeks the ideal and the world of heart. When you look at a blade of grass, try to feel the amazing heart behind it. God is there and eternal life is there. You should not look at a mountain peak with the same feeling from one day to the next. If we could experience a different feeling in each season—spring, summer, autumn and winter—and could sing of each unique feeling, wouldn't it be wonderful? Such a person is one who can harmonize with all of nature.( 006-342,19590628)

14 What kind of nature are we looking at; what kind of land are we standing on? Sadly, this land is fallen land. Instead of a land of happiness, it has become a land of sorrow. When we look at the creation, rather than feeling that it is good, we should feel the sad situation of all things of creation, which remain in the realm of lamentation. Even as we enjoy gazing at a place of scenic beauty—the mountains and rivers, for example—we should also be able to feel deep sorrow and connect to our Heavenly Father's heart.( 006-345,19590628)

15 While holding a blade of grass, rather than feeling happy we should be weeping in sorrow. Even though we feel inner joy hugging a tree, we should be able to shed tears. While gazing at mountains and rivers, we should be sighing deeply. We feel such emotion be-cause deep in our hearts we miss the original garden of Eden. God, as the Creator, is the one who feels this most deeply A person who looks at nature with such a heart cannot help but long for the garden of Eden. If we long for the original Eden, we should also long for the original person who can govern all things of creation in that garden.( 006-346,19590628)

16 If we ask God if He had even one hour in the original garden of Eden together with Adam and Eve, singing and sharing their feelings about nature, the answer would be "No." I'm sure God wanted to say, "My son, look at that mountain! I made it in such-and-such a way. Look at the grass and the trees. I made them like this and like that. See, I made all of this for you, for your happiness." The fact is God never had a chance to speak such words to Adam. Why not? It is because Adam was not yet mature. We should understand God's deep desire to say such things to His children. We need to understand God's heart and situation. Since Adam was emotionally immature, God was unable to speak like this.( 006-343,19590628)

17 Our hearts should long for the original garden of Eden. We should become people who long for the world that God has loved with boundless love, the world in which God's love continues forever, the world in which we can sing and be-come forever intoxicated in song, the world in which we leap and want to keep leaping forever with God, the world in which, once we act and take responsibility, our deeds have eternal value and our responsibility endures forever. God s sorrow is that he could not find people with such a heart. God, who is leading the providence on this earth, must eventually find such a person. By loving nature we can elevate our emotions; this is why we often sing about mountains and rivers.( 006-343,19590628)

18 If there were a person who could stand up for and call out to God, with a deep heart and a sense of mission to restore ah1 things and people, our Father, God, would surely acknowledge that person. If there were a person looking for the original garden of Eden with such a sincere heart, he or she would be the original, true person whom God, humankind, and all things of creation would be proud of. Then all created things in the original garden of Eden, the people living there, and God, who would visit there, would not be separate. Instead, centered on this one person, with God above and all things below, they would all live together harmoniously in one home. This person would be the one whom God could love, the one for whom all people could live, and the true owner whom all created things would respect.( 006-351,19590628)


A Vision for Nature and the Ocean

Section 1. Returning the Creation to God and the Pursuit of Leisure Activities

1 What is the purpose of loving nature? It is to love people. What is the purpose of loving people? It is to love God. What is the purpose of loving God? It is to determine ownership, to determine who be-comes a son, a daughter, a father or a mother. Then, in order to make that determination, what needs to be decided? First the positions are decided, and then the order of all created beings is established. Through this process everything is interrelated and interconnected.( 126-195,19830419)

2 Who is the owner of the created world? Adam and Eve, as the substance of God, should have become the ideal owners. The entire creation was mobilized for the sake of Adam and Eves perfection. Since the whole creation was born out of love, it needs to receive love. But now, because of the Fall, there is no owner to love the creation the way God loves it. All of creation laments this loss. In the future, when one person appears in spirit and flesh as Gods substantial body, all elements of the universe, all created entities, will come together for the sake of the perfection of one man and one woman. This is because everything was created for Adam and Eve's perfection. God had originally intended for creation to stand in this noble position for the sake of His counterpart, human beings. God wanted His beloved object partner to have a greater love, surpassing all that He had invested. Surely such a heavenly order exists.( 405-192,20030211)

3 Destined to be the owner of all things, Adam wanted to know what lived in the water and in the mountains, and he wandered around catching animals and insects. Adam should have loved every-thing God created, and become intimate with Eve only after she reached maturity. He was supposed to learn what was in the dirt, what the mineral world consisted of, how plants absorbed elements of the mineral world in order for them to grow, how animals ate plants, how larger animals ate smaller animals and how human beings were to eat some of the larger ones. Adam should have known all these facts and have understood how God loved everything He created. As their owner, Adam should have loved them in the same way.( 485-015,20050125)

4 If there had been no human Fall, all of heaven and earth would have belonged to us. God would have belonged to us,too. However, because of the Fall, we lost the right to own anything and had to give up everything. So we need to return to God, saying, "I, who am of heaven and earth, would have belonged to You. You would have belonged to us; everything belongs to You, God." The purpose of salvation is to reconnect to God, to be born again and to regain the position to take dominion over all of creation.( 009-170,19600508)

5 Fallen people are in the midway position between God and Satan; it is undecided which side they belong to. To decide this, I myself must first determine that I belong to God. Then I need to unite all of creation, all peoples and all nations together, connect them to God's love and return everything to True Parents and God. Finally, the ownership will be decided based on God's love.( 166-287,19870614)

6 We need to take all material things away from Satan and return them to God; we need to return our body to God; we need to return our mind and heart to God. No matter how appealing this idea may be, liking the idea alone is not enough. We have to deeply grasp it and communicate with God in our heart. God is in me and I am in God; what belongs to God is mine, and what belongs to me is God's. Once we connect in heart, everything we have offered so far—our mind, our body and all material things—can be united and their value confirmed in front of God. To do this we offer devotions.( 008-149,19591206)

7 Based on true love, we should live interesting lives. We should be able to converse with animals, live in harmony with all of creation and be in harmony with God. Then there would be no barriers. There wouldn't be different cultures. There would be only one culture of love. The culture of love is the culture of hobbies, so our hobby is love. I can love my wife and my children within the sphere of the whole world. The expansion of my family is like a cultural festival in the realm of the object partner. The kingdom of heaven on earth is where we participate in and enjoy that world culture with one heart. The "hobby culture" is the original culture of love that has nothing to do with the Fall. The hobby culture is the culture of the kingdom of heaven on earth.( 276-211,19960224)

8 In the future, we need to return to the countryside and make farming our hobby. We should grow our own food without pollution and live a "hobby life." Otherwise this world will perish from pollution. I have created these new terms: hobby life, hobby farming and hobby industry. I am not pursuing vested interests: I do not intend to sell the fish we catch. Because fishing is a hobby, we can release the small fish. Also, when we eat, we will not eat alone. We will share with others. We will do this because it is our hobby.( 252-295,19940101)

9 In the future, industry will promote leisure activities. In the future age of technology, thanks to industrial automation, people will not need to labor so much. A time like this will surely come. We are already entering that age. Even now, with the press of a button machines do the work. In the future, factories operating around the clock, manned by just three or four workers, will do the work of thousands of people. That kind of industry frees us to promote leisure activities.( 191-075,19890624)

10 When people grow old after working industriously all their lives, they should return to live in the natural world. After feeling and living with God's love, this is their destined path to go to the heavenly kingdom. God likes the hobby life. Many hobbies are related to creation. All kinds of activities are waiting for you. You will never tire of them. As your hobbies accumulate, you will automatically draw closer to God's world. This is the best life people could wish for.( 279-062,19960609)

11 God did not force Himself to create; He created in order to feel excitement. We too need to feel God's excitement at the time of creation. We don't have hobbies be-cause someone tells us to; we have them because we want to. We are irresistibly attracted by them. Getting enough sleep becomes unimportant; we cannot live without pursuing our hobbies. Certainly, having hobbies does not depend primarily on money or other circumstances. And we do not engage in them for the sake of making money. Everyone needs hobbies. Therefore our hobby life, the hobby industry, hobby research, and so forth, should all be carried out in joy together with God. Only then can the beloved sons and daughters of God appreciate and pursue hobbies, for they be-long to God. Otherwise they will remain Satan's possessions.( 281-263,19970309)

12 In the future, no one will want to work in a factory. In that future era we should be able to travel all over the world. In today's world people lead such busy lives; they are pitiable. They live under stress and have no hobbies; they are all slaves. Everyone is part of a machine-like process. People live more than 80 percent of their lives without self-awareness and follow mechanical routines. Therefore, in the future we must develop the hobby industry. It will be different from today's leisure industry.( 252-201,19931230)

Section 2. The Original Museum of Creation

1 We need to understand that due to the Fall everything in creation was sacrificed, and that we failed in our responsibility as owners. Therefore we need to connect to nature, embrace everything in creation with love, and reconnect it with God. Who can do this? Since it was Adam and Eve who separated heaven and earth from God, the blessed families, as perfected Adam and Eve, need to resolve the wounded feelings of heaven and earth and reconnect everything to God. When God observes all things of creation in the Pantanal in Brazil—with its flat, wide wilderness of clean water—He should be able to see a playground where everything lives and plays happily We and our descendants need to grasp the original heart of God when He created this area; we should long to see everything in creation living happily. When we bring God, True Parents and all of creation together in one heart, easing the longing of their hearts, we will be qualified to be the owners. For this reason, the Pantanal is an important region. In the future, the Amazon territory could provide the resources for a great renewal of humanity.( 322-076,20000514)

Building a new Eden in Jardim, Brazil

2 How uncomfortable a place is Jardim? Yet you have to long for Jardim more than any other place, even though you may never feel comfortable there. You have to shed tears of desire to go there. You should yearn for it when you look at the moon and when you look at the sun. You should look at all the life forms of creation that are under the care of that sun, and express your yearning to go there. You need to wash from your heart the sorrow you felt while making conditions to be an offering in front of the God of grief. Jardim represents the original starting point where all of creation is gathered, like a museum of the universe. Therefore the area of Jardim is a focal point for all of creation. You need to go to Jardim, where the primal creation exists, and shed your blood and sweat for at least three years for the sake of the liberation of the homeland. Because water symbolizes the world, you have to labor and build heaven in the midst of water. You need to do the same things True Parents have done.( 303-159,19990817)

3 We must quickly care for and restore the creation that was destroyed due to the Fall. We must reintroduce to the world the species that have become extinct. For this reason we need a bird museum, for there are over fifteen hundred species of birds in Brazil. We should establish a bird museum for those fifteen hundred species of birds, and also a museum of insects. Once these museums are built, the people of the world will visit Jardim as an educational center for children, since Jardim will be where museums appeared under God's providence. We are developing Jardim in order to create an environment where God can enjoy watching His creation. That means Jardim is like Eden.( 294-056,19980610)

4 We are raising many parrot species on our Jardim farm. Parrots can live together with people naturally. The ostriches frequently come to us because we feed them. They have become so close to the people now that they do not run away when someone approaches them with food. We should create a world where Adam can mingle with the creation, just as when God was happy to behold His original creation. I am working toward that now.( 278-104,19960501)

5 No matter how dirty water is, it always finds its level. No matter how bad a person is, he should know how to balance himself. My coming here to Jardim doesn't mean I have some special relationship with Brazil. People representing the five races of humankind are living here. Although I do not speak their language, I don't think they are a different species. They are my kin, my younger brothers and sisters. I am reuniting with them after living separately for six thousand years. Therefore, even though we don't share the same language, habits or customs, they naturally welcome me with joy.( 276-091,19960204)

6 I researched the area within two hundred kilometers of Jardim to see what kinds of fish inhabit the territory. Myriads of mosquitoes bit me while I explored this area. Did I do that for money, for fame or for political support? I did it to save dying people, my brothers and sisters. If I do not think in this way, then who will save the people of the world? Has any politician or nation ever thought like that? With this focus, we will mine the resources in the ground and export them, in a way that the local people want to have it done. If they need something, I will provide it; if they need a factory, I will build it.( 276-199,19960219)

7 Many kinds of fruit grow in the vast open grasslands. Many kinds of birds and animals live there. Countless fish live in the rivers and lakes. If you have nothing to cook, you can go out the back door where a river flows and catch a fish, fry it and eat it. Brazil is such a country. There is no place like it in the world. If you cast a net in the water, you can catch many fish at once.( 267-060,19941227)

8 In Jardim we can breed fish throughout all four seasons of the year. We can raise fish and provide them to fishing ponds all around the world. I am interested in the Pantanal wetlands, which have as many as 3,600 species of fish. I should catch these fish and raise them in 3,600 fishing ponds on a fish farm. I will develop a method to breed those fish and expand this operation to different parts of the world.( 270-056,19950504)

The Pantanal holy ground

9 For Korea and Japan, the Pantanal is on the other side of the globe. It is at the south end of the earth. But the Original Holy Ground, the Root Holy Ground and the Holy Ground of Victory were all established there. The Pantanal provides the base to start the garden of Eden. It is significant as the place where the perfected True Parents first established a foundation of love. The Original Holy Ground was set up in a hotel in the Pantanal. It does not matter whether it is on water or anywhere else; a palace will be built in the Pantanal, even on the water. Even though humanity is suffering, we must prepare a holy ground in the kingdom of heaven on earth that can be eternally praised. In doing so, the results of our effort and devotion will appear. The issue is who will begin this effort. Japan should do this on a national level, maintaining the holy ground and making it a famous place. Therefore, all management of the Pantanal is under the Japanese national messiahs' responsibility.( 304-111,19990910)

10 The Pantanal is a place that can become a primordial treasure house for the animals and plants originally created by God. I am establishing an international movement to protect and preserve Gods creation.( 304-255,19991108)

11 The Pantanal wetlands are half the size of Japan. There are some 3,600 species of fish in its lakes and rivers. How many lakes and bodies of water are there worldwide that have the same water temperature and similar circumstances? I am studying each of these by category, in order to create places where we can raise fish; then this can be done worldwide. A world-class, professional aquatic research team is now studying the different types of water, their varying temperatures, and what species of fish are living in each.( 271-039,19950815)

12 There are many kinds of plants and 3,600 species of fish in the Pantanal. There are also thousands of species of fish in the Amazon River. Imagine so many types of fish! There are countless types of plants in the creation, including food crops and trees. God did not create by performing magic tricks like those in the fictional story of the Korean folk hero Hong Gil-dong, where things simply appear upon command. God had a plan and created these things so their structures are in line with the laws of the natural world and climatic conditions.( 291-165,19980311)

13 In the Pantanal nature exists as a microcosm of creation as it was when God first created it. Why did I come here? I did not come alone; God came with me. He loves all of creation, which has been sacrificed throughout history. In Noah's time God did not judge the fish. I came here to the Pantanal to create a bond with the fish, which the flood judgment did not touch, in order to pave a path through indemnity for creation to return to God. We need to love everything that God created. I have the responsibility to protect the creation. We should increase the number of species. We should not exterminate any species, thereby making the creation less than when God first made it.( 300-267,19990324)

14 You cannot imagine how many fish live in the Pantanal. If you throw something in the water, it quickly vanishes, eaten by the fish. It disappears in a lightning-fast instant. The fish instantly eat up even dirty things. There are many species of fish all mixed together, and each species feeds on different things. When they eat, they are in effect tirelessly cleaning up the water. They are not living for their own sake. They are cleaning up their surroundings as they live together and help one another, and thereby they bring order to the environment. This is nature’s cooperative system.( 293-284,19980607)

15 From the day I first understood God's Will, I loved the spirit world and humanity. In loving humanity, you have to love people more than your own family and nation. You need to love humanity and then love creation. You have to love everything on the land and all created things in the water. Doing so is a process of re-creation. Through God's love we need to connect with humanity. Through human love we need to connect with the earth, including the realm of water. For this reason I am offering my utmost devotion in the Pantanal.( 296-019,19981010)

16 Human beings are responsible to prevent the extinction of the species created by God. How many species have human beings brought to extinction? There are 3,600 species of fish in the Pantanal. I have built a fish farm and I can multiply them at any time in places around the world that have a similar environment, so they never will become extinct. My work is focused on these things, and I am now going to begin this vast project.( 300-089,19990301)

17 In the future, a fish farm taller than a city building needs to be created, in which to raise 3,600 kinds of fish. Imagine controlling the temperature for each type of fish with a computer—those from the sea, those living in fresh water, those living in the Arctic regions and those living in tropical areas. We can raise 3,600 species of fish from the entire world in one building. Using a city building would not be a problem.( 296-190,19981109)

18 Do you want to follow the life of True Parents who, with God’s love, have been trying to liberate the realm of nature that has been in distress? Or do you want to live a closed life in the city, polluting the air, destroying the environment and blocking your children's emotional growth? Since I love nature so much, and all Unification Church members love to follow me, it is possible for us to build an ideal kingdom in harmony with nature. So I am going to build a museum and have every type of creation exhibited there. I will prepare specimens and put them on display. I will create a farm for the fruits of the sea, where you feel you are in nature just by looking at it. I will begin a movement to create museums in each town as a symbol of love for animals. Then the town with the most species can become a world-renowned tourist spot. I will also gather many species of plants and trees to put on display.( 288-073,19971031)

19 If fish were constantly being caught, they would all disappear. That is why we need to breed and raise fish. I am thinking of building a zoo with the animals from the Pantanal and the Amazon River valley in South America. There should be a city in which insects are raised. Then whenever someone strikes a bell, the birds that want to eat the in-sects will come to eat. A city needs to appear in which insects can be raised to feed the birds. The birds are dying because there are not enough insects. We need to build towns in which to raise insects, birds and animals.( 292-024,19980322)

20 In South America there are rivers that flow north-south and rivers that flow east-west. Unification Church members should live along the Paraguay River and the Amazon River and become their owners. How wonderful it would be to educate people who visit and let them experience living with nature! To connect this area to modern civilization and city life, I will build a town with a museum displaying the millions of species of insects in this vast area. All those who research insects should come to the Pantanal. I will also build a fish farm to raise 3,600 types of fish. I will build an aviary and a botanical garden.( 288-075,19971031)

21 In order to form a harmonious society, all members of the community should share the same standard of living. Mutual prosperity can come about on the foundation of shared responsibility that is voluntary and based on love. In an ideal world there would be no corruption or inequality and no Fall. Such a world comes about only when true love is practiced. The practice of true love is a prerequisite. Our movement is historic in building a community of true love among people of different races and traditions. The world is facing a serious environmental crisis. Environmental pollution and the destruction of nature are insults to the beautiful holy world created by God. People without true love use the natural world for their own selfish purposes. One of the serious results of the Fall is that, because Adam and Eve failed to inherit God's true love, people have been unable to love one another, love animals and love the land. All of creation is longing for people’s true love.( 271-075,19950822)

Section 3. The Era of the Ocean

1 Water is like the progenitor of life. So we need to love water, which also represents God. We need to love the ocean. In every scenic spot there are beautiful forests and bodies of water. Water creates harmony. Water has an absolute character but no form. It fits the shape of whatever contains it. If you understand the philosophy of water, it is like perfecting the sixty-six books of the Bible and being able to become a son or daughter of God.( 262-292,19940801)

2 The Christian ceremony of baptism involves going into the water and being born again. Since every living thing starts from water, which is the origin of life, you can go into the water and come out clean and reborn. If you observe water every day and let your mind move with it, the blood of your body will be refined. While gazing at flowing water, have you ever felt that your mind is being washed clean? We need to love water. I am saying that loving water is the same as loving all of creation. This is a fundamental idea. When loving water, should you love lake water or seawater? Should you go out to the sea every day or not? If you are on a boat with the winds blowing and the waves running high, your blood swirls around and never goes bad. Your blood is purified.( 262-292,19940801)

Learning from the sea

3 No matter how numerous they are, how large or small, all rivers flow toward the vast oceans. Once they reach them, all their waters are mixed together. The Black Current flows in the Pacific and is one of the currents that circulates through thousands of miles among the five great oceans. This is possible because of the moon's gravitational pull. Because these currents circulate in this way, the five great oceans can all be in motion. They act as the supporting pillars of the entire ocean system. When filth and other things come into the ocean waters, they are all mixed up and move toward becoming one. This is the purpose of the ocean. Even if a large river were to constantly supply fresh water for tens of thousands of years, the ocean has the ability to absorb it all and still have room to spare. The ocean is great because it remains unchanged, no matter what enters it.( 210-202,19901223)

4 There is no deception in nature. If a place is high, it is high, and if it is low, it is low. Nature will equally supply the higher place and the lower place without objection. I have learned from nature to give everything freely without objection. When I go to a foreign land and find people who have less than I have, I open my storehouses and share all my rice even though I might have none left for myself. I do this to make things even. I learned that from water. For this reason, I like water. God’s judgment did not touch the fish living in the water. I always prepare offerings in front of God. I always release the first fish I catch, whether it is big or small. You have no idea how wonderful it is to release at least the first fish!( 300-141,19990302)

5 The ocean, when calm, is mystical. It has the power to draw people in like a captivating, beautiful woman, a queen of mystery. The ocean may look silver, but it can also take on a jade color. At other times the sea assumes other hues. No matter how well a girl may dance, her beauty cannot compare with that of the ripples stirred by the passing of a gentle breeze on the water. Imagine the seagulls at the ocean. Some are sitting and floating on the water, others are flying. All of them are calling; whether their cries are sad or joyful, they all sound beautiful. How wonderful it is when the waves rise up and swoosh down. They are tipped with gold as they sparkle in the sunshine. When we see this, we are amazed by the seas unending changes.( 128-250,19830828)

6 The ocean is like a beautiful woman. Sometimes it resembles a dancing girl. But once it gets upset, it can be more furious than a lion springing at you in the wilderness. Sometimes the waves are more than ten meters high, rising and falling. The cries of the seagulls cannot compare with that sound. The waves seem to say to them, "No matter how well you sing, or how good a comic actor you may be, you cannot compare with the grand force of my fury" The waves are so audacious.( 128-250,19830828)

7 Natures power is enormous. That is why people who love the ocean cannot be arrogant. The ocean has that kind of greatness. If you peek into the deep ocean, you will find all kinds of fish living there: fish that are gold in color, others that are yellow and blue, and even fish that are colorless. When you compare the land with the ocean, which is more beautiful? The land, with its variety of birds, flowers and butterflies, is beautiful but limited. Flowers do not move. Land dwellers pale in comparison with the profusion of beautiful sea creatures that dance about in dazzling, brilliant colors. So which is more beautiful, the land or the ocean? The ocean is more beautiful. Why did God create water? We can say that He made it specially for His own enjoyment. He hid its depths away and did not open them to the public. God probably had more interest in the ocean than in the land.( 128-251,19830828)

8 In the world of love, you can go anywhere you want. Does the seawater say, "I am Pacific Ocean water; all water from Asia is polluted, so I don't like it"? Wherever the water comes from, the Pacific Ocean takes care of it all. Dirty water is quickly absorbed and goes the same way as clean water. Therefore no matter how serious pollution may be, even if all humankind disappears, the Pacific Ocean will still be blue. No matter how much suffering and how many ordeals it must endure, the ocean's blue color will never be altered. Likewise, the power, the content and the authority of love will always be as constant as the ocean’s blue.( 214-275,19910203)

9 You cannot imagine how fearsome and horrifying the waves and the winds are during an ocean storm. But even the strongest wind is fulfilling its mission. If wind did not exist, there would be no waves in the ocean and the fish would not survive. The wind blows to supply oxygen to the ocean. Waves supply oxygen to the water. That is why even when the waves are roaring and the wind is blowing strongly, you should taste the ocean and say, "You haven't lost your taste!" The ocean is salty. If I can think that way, then the currents and rushing waves are not unpleasant. You don't realize how much philosophy can be found in the ocean. People who have lived only on land will face considerable obstacles when they try to engage in ideal activities in the spirit world.( 119-254,19820913)

10 When you visit the ocean, you can learn many things. It undergoes changes several times a day. There is a saying, "A person's mind changes between morning and evening," but the ocean does not change only morning and evening, it changes every hour. On a fine day, if you go to a certain area, the waves might be mild. Yet when you go to another area, the wind will be blowing. It might not be a strong wind, but different in mood. Just as peoples' faces are all different, so are water and mountains. Climate also differs depending on the height of a mountain. The ocean exhibits beauty in all sorts of forms and figures.( 263-018,19940816)

11 Whenever I had time, I would always go out to sea. I would go out to sea and be buffeted about. Despite the hardship, the purpose was to calm my spirit and prepare for trials and greater battles ahead. Though I was often exhausted from having gone without sleep, I would stay alert, set my own standard and strive to maintain a horizontal balance in my daily life.( 073-270,19740929)

12 We can conclude that people who do not know the realm of the ocean are very limited in their sphere of happiness. If there were a Lord of creation, He would enjoy hearing praise from people who appreciate both the mystery of the sea and the beauty of the land, based on a correct knowledge of both the land and sea. We can imagine that He would not approve of praise for only one realm.( 128-259,19830828)

13 When you look at the ocean, you should not regard it simply as the ocean. You have to consider it a gift from our Heavenly Father. In the process of recreation, we review everything. A great revolution begins here. The value of a great victory can sprout from this point of view. So we may ask, to whom would all things of creation wish to belong? They want to be possessed by the one who receives God's love. That is the truth. They want to belong to the person whom God loves. Everything in the plant and animal worlds, even the microorganisms, all want to belong to such a person.( 112-307,19810425)

14 I like things that are stimulating. I can move forward and penetrate things where there is a lot of movement and change. For this, the ocean is better than the land. The ocean is constantly changing. The wind blows, there are sudden periods of calm, the waves rise and fall; there is constant change. Therefore I prefer traveling by sea to traveling by land. On land, the thoughts of the morning can remain unchanged all day. The land remains as it is, no matter how much you move around. But the ocean is different. When I think I'm going in one direction, I could actually be going the other way. It keeps changing that much. This kind of constant change is very stimulating. When the ocean is calm, the land cannot compare with it. It is unbelievably, mysteriously still. Sometimes I feel it is like a pane of glass. It is so beautiful I cannot help wanting to touch it. Sometimes I have the mind to want to drink it. For this reason I go to the ocean, with the thought that I am marching forward with one mind, even though the ocean keeps changing. If you don't have this kind of stimulating experience, you cannot do great work.( 079-270,19750901)

15 To this day I have been a pioneer. I have opened the way and taken the lead. Just recently our company built a boat and I personally took people out to sea to train them to become captains. I would teach them to think, "The wind may blow and the waves run high, but could they block the path of this man? Here I am, going out to solve the global food problem for the sake of heaven and humanity and to carry on life to the future generations." Is that not the attitude of a great man? I like that kind of person. The prosperity created here will remain, and the whirlwind of history will subside here. The ocean is where young people should want to go, and aspire to go. It is a place where joy and sorrow are interwoven. It allows you to leap forward and go beyond the world. In this way, countless young people who go out to sea can find hope. The ocean can be the source, the wellspring that invigorates people's dreams for the future. This comes in relation to the sea.( 109-153,19801101)

16 I go out to sea with a great deal of passion. If I lost this passion, problems would arise. Devotion has to be made continuously for thousands of years. Indemnity conditions cannot be set while sitting comfortably, but they can be made by going out to the ocean and offering devotion. Today must be better than yesterday, and tomorrow must be better than today. If I continue offering devotion until the day I save all the people who are starving, even if I die in the process, I believe that the Will of God will be accomplished on earth.( 279-309,19960922)

17 Because of God's absolute love, He made all the things of creation in a fascinating way. How amazing that creation fully provides for the needs of families in the future kingdom of heaven and ensures their well-being! Even the flow of water exists to assist in the functions of heaven and earth. On the sea's surface, water becomes vapor and circulates to revive all of creation. All things live within a realm of cooperation and help fulfill humanity's ideal by cooperating with one another rather than being in conflict. God, using earth as His stage, raises His children and uplifts them to the kingdom of heaven.( 284-047,19970415)

18 Although I am Korean, many Western people recognize that my work is not only for Korea but also for the entire world. There is no doubt that I am working for the sake of the world. For this reason, with courage and valor, I am building a global association, even in the face of persecution on land and sea. In that sense I made a fearsome declaration when I came out with the title Ocean Church after building this project based on religion, as opposed to conventional thinking. This is a fearsome course I have laid out. From this point on, what am I going to do with Ocean Church? It is not simply about going out to the ocean for training. The purpose is to love the ocean and achieve dominion over it. To me, taking dominion over the ocean means I will nurture it in accordance with the original intention of the Creator and make it the center stage for bringing the world together.( 128-249,19830828)

The ocean has unlimited resources

19 We should love the ocean. We need to pioneer it. We cannot afford to ignore the ocean; it covers an area about three times the area of land. Who do you think is going to develop the resources that can be found at the bottom of the ocean? We can find oil—black gold—on land, but the ocean is three times larger, so we can expect to find perhaps three times more oil under the sea. So far, this has not been sufficiently developed, but from this point on we need to increase our ability to tap these ocean resources.( 294-173,19980614)

20 Water has no one expression. It takes on the exact form of its container and fills it completely, so it can have a myriad of shapes. In a small container it is very small; in a big tank it becomes huge. In a house, it can fill the whole house. The huge oceans are some of its faces. The Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean are faces of water. Water has so many shapes. Most of the treasures on planet Earth can be found at the bottom of the ocean. I am very interested in this part of the world. I don't want what others have already touched. All the treasures at the bottom of the sea can be mined. Their quantity is huge. We have developed technologies that permit tunneling even tens of kilometers under the ocean floor from an island, in any direction. Conquering the ocean is important work.( 263-019,19940816)

21 Where can we find a solution to the problem of world hunger? The oceans that cover about 75 percent of planet Earth are a treasure trove of natural resources. The ocean has an abundance of valuable resources that promise a bright future for all human beings, who are suffering from a lack of resources and dying from various kinds of pollution.( 20110217)

22 The vast resources of the ocean are much greater than those on land. When we consider the issue of fuel, the time of using oil, gas and electricity will soon pass. Electricity has its limits. Now the remaining source of energy supply is nothing other than the ocean. There will be no other path but to develop hydrogen power.( 094-131,19770730)

23 In the future, science will uncover means to create an unlimited supply of food. The reason we cannot do so now is because the costs are very high. The cost of fuel is so high. However, when hydrogen power is developed, we will have an unlimited supply of energy. We will have an overabundance of energy. Then we can make as much food as we want, so much that we will not know what to do with it all. Since it will be boring for us to eat all that food alone, we will approach people on the street and say, "Come and share some of this food with me and let's talk for a while." We don't know when that time will come, but 1 am saying we should start preparing now. We need to create those circumstances so that our descendants will be able to live comfortably.( 141-223,19860222)

24 When you look at the ocean it appears very monotonous; there is nothing to see but the horizon. But in reality it is extremely complex. Moreover, its resources are far more abundant than those on land. In fact, the ocean is a place of unlimited treasures. All the precious things that people like can be found locked away in the ocean. So what do you think is necessary to tap the ocean? Think about how America was developed, and how many people undertook all kinds of adventures to find and mine precious minerals in the American West. At that time, adventurers and fearless, courageous men were given rights of ownership. Similarly, unless you undertake many adventures and challenge your limits, you cannot become the owner of a treasure. Up to this point, people have fought to gain control of the routes on which ships travel across the oceans, but they have not valued ownership of the resources that actually exist in the sea.( 128-247,19830828)

25 Who will be the owner of the oceans in the future? If a great cataclysm were to occur, land could rise up from the middle of the ocean while dry land could sink into the sea. If a land mass greater than that of the United States appeared in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, who would be its owner? No one can say this kind of thing is impossible. Nobody knows when such a thing could happen. There are also volcanoes at the bottom of the sea. Until now, it would have been no problem to say, "Everything outside two hundred nautical miles from any coast belongs to me." No such person appeared, but such a time will definitely come. The day will come when people will fight over the oceans. At that time, the people who want to be the owners of the ocean will need a dauntless pioneer spirit. There is no other way to become the owner of the sea.( 128-248,19830828)

26 The future leaders of the world will be those who can protect and preserve the oceans. The time is coming when humankind will invest and devote all its power, culture, traditions and national resources into developing the riches and treasures that lie at the bottom of the sea. However, the key point is who will be in a position to command the oceans and pursue that development. When I am faced with this problem, I ask myself, as the founder of the Unification Church and True Parent responsible for human history, what base of operations am I going to leave for the future of the church? That base is located at the seaside. For the future, the fishery industry and aquatic industry in the oceans have unlimited potential.( 220-011,1991 1013)

27 The North Pole has snow more than eight hundred meters deep. There is fresh water that accumulated thousands of years ago. It is not polluted but clean, even after ten thousand years. It is similar at the South Pole. If we were to build a cultural city like New York City below the ice, do you think many people would come to see it or not? This could actually be done. Just thinking about it is exciting. If you built a tunnel through the ice, it could last for ten thousand years; it would not collapse. By spraying cold water on the inside surface once a year, the ice would stay frozen and remain solid.( 302-100,19990601)

28 The time has come when we can farm under the ice. We can even get flowers to bloom there. If you go to Alaska, the tall mountains are covered with glaciers, and grass grows in the central regions. South of there, flowers bloom and people go fishing. You have no idea what a beautiful and enchanted land it is. It is lovely, with clean water and clear air, a perfect, ecologically balanced environment. If you ever visit Alaska on vacation and enjoy it, you will want to live there and never leave. Because it is such a place, I am exerting myself and investing in all these projects.( 220-014,1991 1013)

29 Young people should develop an interest in the ocean. The reason I go out to the sea and stay there for twenty-four hours at a time is to establish a tradition of having loved the ocean. People who work as seamen and go to sea usually come back six months to a year later. Because of this, most women don't want to marry them. For this reason, the global trend has been toward a reduction in the number of mariners. Therefore, we should become strong in the ocean businesses and, in the future, we should become a leading force in the marine industry. The time will come when we will concentrate our efforts on the ocean more than on the land. Please understand my purpose in taking an interest in the ocean, and why you should also take an interest in the ocean.( 073-143,19740816)

The oceans and the task of feeding all of humankind

30 The sea is a world treasure containing two-thirds of the world market of raw materials. This is critical from the viewpoint of carrying out Gods restoration providence based on His Will. Do you think there are deposits of diamonds in the ocean, or not? I estimate there are twice as many diamonds in the ocean as on land. Furthermore, in the sea we also find seaweed and fish, and these can be used as food. The area of the ocean floor covered by seaweed is vast. The supply of fish in the sea is almost limitless. Would a person who thinks of such things not develop an interest in them? Anyone who thinks about these things would be more interested in the ocean than the land.( 089-028,19761003)

31 The resources we can get from dry land are limited but those that come from the sea are unlimited. One fish can lay several million eggs. Considering this, the resources of the sea are unlimited. If these eggs were hatched artificially, it would be possible to hatch nearly 100 percent of them. By correctly adjusting the feeding process and pro-viding other raw materials, it is possible to harvest unlimited resources from the sea. The ocean is unique in this; that is why I am thinking about matters of the sea. In the future, whole families can live under the ocean. We have to think about homes beneath the ocean's surface. We can also set up aquatic businesses in the ocean. In this way we can develop unlimited resources and expand them.( 207-218,199011 11)

32 The only way to resolve humanity's food shortage is to farm fish. In the future, there will be buildings by the sea with hundreds of floors. With the press of a button, everyone will be able to farm fish. If you own just one hundred pyeong (0.8 acre), your household will be able to generate enough income for all your children to go to college, and you can live comfortably. Science is advancing swiftly during our lifetime. It will allow us to draw in seawater that is tens, hundreds or even thousands of miles away. We can build fish-farming structures in the mountains, as many as we need. Without doing so, humanity's food shortage cannot be resolved. That is why I am so serious about this.( 191-084,19890624)

33 Salmon live in the ocean but they swim up to fresh water to breed. We need to build fish farms that will somehow allow some species of freshwater fish to live in salt water and some species of saltwater fish in fresh water. Do you know why? We cannot catch and eliminate parasites one by one. So to protect the fish, why not move those saltwater fish to fresh water? Within one month the parasites will be gone. This is a simple idea. If we have two-week cycles, we can do it regularly. It is possible to control such a process, by which we could swap the freshwater and saltwater fish. You cannot compare this output to that of a land-based ranch or farm.( 226-344,19920209)

34 If you are fishing in barren waters, you may need to build a fish farm. The time has come when you can farm fish, transport them somewhere and then go fishing for them there. If you build a fish farm somewhere with the right climate, you can transport any type of fish anywhere and stock the ponds so people can catch them. You can transport them in a boat, release them and catch them again. Also, the time will come when you will be able to easily hunt any animal, even tigers. You will be able to breed wolves and release them in the hunting grounds. You will be able to hunt bears. You also will be able to breed other animals for hunting.( 275-105,19951103)

35 I am researching tuna to find a solution to the food shortage facing humanity. I want to breed huge numbers of tuna and release them after two months, when they are big enough not to be eaten by other fish. Tuna travel at an average speed often miles per hour; when they swim fast they can reach five times that speed. They are among the fastest fish in the ocean. The tuna is such an amazing fish! Usually when it swims its dorsal fin is depressed, but when its prey is nearby it opens its pectoral fins to go in for the kill. Its power is like that of a torpedo. Tuna travel throughout all five oceans. When we release tuna after breeding them artificially, our food problem will be solved and there will be no pollution issue. That is why I am now developing the tuna fishery business.( 126-203,19830419)

36 At the South Pole there are small shrimp-like creatures, called Antarctic krill. Every year 150 million tons of krill die there. The amount of fish currently being eaten by people every year is less than 150 million tons. These krill have the highest quality of protein. Fish cannot compare to that. So I have thought about how to process krill. That is why we are making krill into powder. God created them as fish food. But the uneaten krill all die. Every year, countless dead krill float about in the sea, leading to pollution. To solve this problem, after years of study, I have decided to produce krill powder.( 273-051,19951021)

37 Every year 20 million people die of hunger around the world. I am the one who should solve this problem, and as a representative of all humanity, I should also solve the problem of the destruction of the ozone layer caused by environmental pollution. I have to pay attention to all fields of human life. If I can't do so, you should, even though you have to shed your tears and sweat. You should be determined to leave your footprints on top of mine. The way of the Principle lies in following the footsteps along that path. You cannot skip past those footsteps. Even our descendants in the generations to come must follow the exact same way of the Principle. This is the path of indemnity.( 246-204,19930416)

Section 4. The Deep Meaning of Ocean Fishing

1 Catching tuna is not fishing; it is more like hunting at sea. I imagine you are hearing the term "hunting at sea" for the first time. Catching one tuna is far harder than killing a large bull. One tuna can weigh more than one thou-sand pounds. Some tuna are five hundred, six hundred or even seven hundred kilograms, which is bigger than a bull. It is exciting to catch such fish! We drain all the blood out, since tuna will spoil if the blood is left in it for an extended period of time. In an instant the water becomes a sea of blood. At that moment I cannot help but think, "Oh, I am so merciless to do this to this fish!" Whenever I feel that way, however, I think, "I have to do as God does, who uses us as a sacrificial offering for the liberation of humanity." Also, I feel better when I tell myself, "Well, these fish were caught from nature and I never invested myself in raising them, but from now on I will raise fish and offer them as a sacrifice" For this reason I am involved in the fish farming and marine products industries.( 219-198,19910829)

Ocean fishing for a healthy mind

2 It is so interesting to see fish swimming in the sea. There are small fish in the shallowest areas at the edge of the ocean, and then as the water gets deeper you find bigger fish. The smallest fish are eaten by slightly larger fish, and the slightly larger fish are eaten by fish that are even larger, and the cycle keeps repeating itself. What is interesting is that the young have a similar appearance, whether they are baby whales or baby tuna. Baby Alaska pollack and baby tuna look similar. The food chain represents a process that all things take part in. There is no complaint. The offspring of the big fish are not born so large that they can eat all the small fish. They all start in the same position. God is fair like this.( 264-286,19941120)

3 The deeper you go into the ocean, the greater the differences in temperature you will find. The species of fish change entirely, even with a temperature shift of only one or two degrees. Although most people do not know this, the fish of the world search the five oceans for a compatible temperature layer in the water that may only differ one degree from other layers. It is mysterious. Even though one day you may see unlimited numbers of fish in a specific location, as if the ocean were half water and half fish, when you return the next day you may find not even one. This is due to the difference in water temperature. The fish disappear entirely when the water temperature changes by even half a degree. To people, a one- or two-degree difference is not an issue, but for fish it is huge. People can live in the Arctic regions, the tropics and the temperate regions, but this is not the case for animals.( 200-263,19900226)

4 When we go ocean fishing we are not just going to a place where the horizon is flat. To catch fish, we must go where there are rocks on the bottom. There are creatures living on the rocks and fish gather there. When you observe the water flow and see waves, there are fish there. If you go to a place where the waves are three to five meters high, you will find fish. You need to be near such a place to catch fish.( 268-310,19950403)

5 I know exactly what temperature is right for fishing. I already know what species of fish are found at certain water temperatures. When you drop the fishing line a couple of times, the fish already nibble the bait. So if I reel the line in fast, the fish come up. When the line is reeled in slowly, the hook tends to sink down. While slowly reeling in the line, you should know how fast the water is flowing on the surface. By assessing the water temperature, I know at what depth the king salmon will swim. Usually salmon remain on the bottom because they find lots of food there. Crabs and other small sea creatures live on the seabed, so the salmon like to gather there.( 263-139,19940821)

6 I don't go out to the ocean only for the sake of fishing. The spirit of Alaska is the spirit of the salmon. Salmon come back to their birthplace to lay their eggs after swimming four to five thousand miles. For human beings the course of restoration is similar. We should know how to go home even though we are thousands of miles away. No fishing is more exciting than catching salmon. You can’t imagine how strong they are! Usually for other fish, winding the reel a few times is enough, but for salmon you must wind it many more times.( 236-125,19921104)

7 I am quite good at fishing. I have fished day and night for forty days at a time. The fish I try to catch are not the kinds that immediately rush to eat the bait. I am waiting for the big one even as I say, "Bite this! Gather here, little fish!" But I am waiting for the big fish to come, and I will catch that one. Likewise, when you witness to people it is the same. You go out to witness without knowing whether anyone is coming or not. However, the time will come to pull in the line. We need to wait. It doesn't matter how long; we need to be patient, with high expectations. Since we have this standard, we don't need to be impatient or in a hurry to witness to everyone at once.( 152-033,19630303)

8 Sitting in a boat with a fishing rod gives you a feeling of immense freedom, beyond description. Can you take a walk on a boat? You only have a small space in which to move about and cook your meals. Can you go to the theater or go out to meet your friends? You cannot even listen to music because you need to remain silent. For this reason, you must gaze at the ocean and talk with the sea and the heavens. It is the greatest feeling to be at sea alone in the very place where the ocean and heaven become one. Out there God is alone and I am alone, so we can get together and unite in heart. I might be the only one in history to go out fishing thinking these kinds of thoughts. Why do I continually go out to sea? There are many spiritual benefits. If I stay at home all day I become distracted and end up thinking about the missionaries around the world, church problems and other matters, and I can’t deal with all I have to take care of. But when I go out to sea, I can think more comprehensively. Because of this, I love the ocean so much. I believe that is why the concept of cultivating oneself through fishing came about.( 079-270,19750901)

9 Whenever I go fishing, or anywhere else, I always think a lot. If you go fishing ten times you think ten times; if you go a hundred times you think a hundred times. If you think one hundred times while going fishing ten times, you can advance ahead of other people.( 221-085,1991 1023)

10 Hunting is exercise for the sake of your physical health, and fishing is for the sake of your mental health. You tend to reflect on your life and think a lot when sitting down and fishing. It is amazing that you can actually have such a time. You can analyze your past and plan for your future. It can be your most important time. You can calmly reflect on yourself with dignity. This is absolutely necessary. In the East, this is called cultivating oneself through fishing. After fishing for a couple of years, you will want to free the fish and put aside all thoughts of eating the fish you catch. That is the true way. The desire to eat simply vanishes. Thus you can cultivate your mental and ethical development. By learning such things you can rid yourself of cruel tendencies. If you are a leader of a certain department, you will become a gentleman toward your people. Fishing provides a way to cultivate your character and create harmony among people.( 252-208,19931230)

11 History is creating a new world. No one can tell me I'm wrong about this; I'm not ashamed to say it. When I see the face of a fish, I speak to it. All day while fishing I say, "You have never seen a person like me, right? My purpose is not to catch you. I want to mobilize you, and based on this fishing ground I want to solve the problem of hunger for humankind. Did you know that is the purpose of your creation? If that's the case, the one who catches you will not be doing anything wrong."( 247-033,19930421)

12 When I fish, I say to the fish, "Please come. I am your owner, your master." Then all the fish come to me and I feed them. Because of that, I can always catch more fish than others around me. Other fishermen feel this is strange and cannot understand it. If you do things centered on the vertical God, this is what happens. In that circumstance, also, a different, brilliant ray emerges. You have an average light, but I emit a special ray of light. The fish see that light, so even if I push them away, saying, "Don't come," they still flock to me.( 248-036,19930530)

13 When I go fishing, I always free the first fish I catch. I free it with the heart of God, who released it after creating it. Also, I have not eaten any of the fish I have caught. Even so, I cannot allow the fish to die a natural death when there are 20 million of God's sons and daughters starving to death every year. I say to myself, I catch you to save the 20 million starving sons and daughters of God. Fish are caught on my hooks much more often than on the hooks of others. This is because of my devotion. Whether animal or plant, since the principle is that they were created to serve human beings, fish should feel grateful for my attitude. With this mindset, if I go to a fishing tournament, I can catch fish just fine when others cannot. It is because of my devotion. I think, "Hey, fish, I cannot dive into the water museum that God created, so why don't you just jump out of the water so I can appreciate the joy God wants me to feel?" Then the fish come and it is easy for me to catch them.( 276-147,19960218)

14 If you have true love everything is possible, everything unites. From the animal world to the plant world, and even to the venomous snake, everything protects me. When I go fishing I say, protect me. I tell the fish, "This is for true love. I am trying to save all the people who are starving. God is shedding tears out of His desire to feed them. With that heart, I am catching you. I'm catching you not for myself but for my posterity, all human beings, and so you have to forgive me" That's how I think and what I say. So I always release the first fish that I catch, instead of eating it, as a sacrificial offering to God. Anyone who is given love is willing to offer their life. Suppose there are twelve people on my boat; still I catch one-third of the total catch. Those people say, "The fish recognize you, Father, so they are biting your bait!"( 278-105,19960501)

15 Trying to catch fish from a boat on the blue ocean can be compared to God's providential work of restoration and salvation. The fish represent fallen people. If you prepare everything, use good bait, and tie a sturdy line to a fine fishing rod, you should catch many fish. But you will not be able to catch a single fish if your skill is poor, the line is weak, the bait is spoiled or the fishing rod is worthless. It is all the same. Our life of faith is like catching fish.( 277-017,19960317)

16 If you want to succeed in this world, you must put yourself in the position of a fishing rod and set it up with a good fishing line and good bait. Only then can you fish effectively .Fish are not caught easily. You reap the harvest when all the corresponding conditions are met. Without these conditions, you cannot bring in the harvest. We are not living alone. We live together with all of creation, with all humankind, with heaven and earth and with God. We must see with the eyes of all humankind, with good eyes, good senses and good bodies. We should realize that God sees and owns our five senses and our body. The person who lives like this and feels like this doesn't need religion.( 277-017,19960317)

17 For fishing, the best bait is love. In fishing for all the people of the world, Gods bait is love. With what bait could you fish for history and for God? If there were any bait that could catch God, wouldn't you want to prepare that bait? That bait is love. If there were any bait that could catch history and catch heaven and earth, it would be love.( 145-228,19860511)

18 Now our time has come. The time that God has been longing for has come. The one time for which so many people, so many saints and sages, shed their blood has now arrived in front of our eyes. This is our time. I feel it is like a big fish now circling our hook, eyeing the bait that looks and smells so good. I am ready to yank up the rod as soon as the fish strikes. In this respect, I think fishing is such a wonderful hobby. You wait with your rod even past midnight, until three or four o'clock in the morning, almost falling asleep. In the distance you hear a dog barking and a rooster crowing; at that moment the bell on the fishing rod rings. You snap back to life in an instant with all senses alert. It is so quick, faster than lightning. If you have this kind of spirit, unity in the world will come. Even if your eyes are closed and you are snoring, when a fish bites, you are holding the rod straight up and so are instantly alert. That's how it is. That joy, the taste of that moment, is truly heavenly training.( 040-221,19710201)

A vision for the future of humankind

19 We need to conquer the oceans in the future. By myself alone I will recover all the gold, silver and treasures in the sea. After thinking about it, I concluded that we have to dig many tunnels. For this reason I came up with the International Peace Highway project. If I could drill a tunnel under the sea and construct a road, then create a door, wouldn't it be fun to open that door and catch a fish? How wonderful it would be if we could directly supply ships with oil from under the seabed using a pipeline? There is an unlimited supply of oil under the ocean. How great it would be if we could provide oil from a pipeline with one press of a button.( 116-327,19820102)

20 Human beings should be free to go anywhere. If they want to go to the ocean or mountains, they should be free to do so without any national boundaries. They should be able to live beneath the water as well. The age will come when, through scientific advances, we can build a submarine and live freely underwater. Otherwise humanity will have no place to live. A submarine sinks by letting water into its tank until it becomes heavy enough to sink. With the push of a button you can control the inflow and outflow of water and accordingly dive or rise in the water. Therefore we can live in the water. There is no better place in heaven and earth than that which lies deeper than ten meters. If you go down thirty meters it is very calm. A truly serene world emerges, an underwater kingdom. If you go up in the air, however, you can encounter trouble with lots of wind and constant change. The air currents and atmosphere are capricious and it can suddenly storm. That is why I believe living in the ocean is an ideal way of life.( 262-272,19940801)

21 In the future we will be able to live beneath the ocean. That's why I have initiated research on a five-person submarine. When the wind is not blowing, the calm sea lets you feel like a billionaire, a master of the ocean. You don't know how mystical and awe-inspiring this is. Think what it would be like if a husband and wife could look over the great ocean on the crystal-clear surface of the sea when the winds are calm, dreaming about their love nest while talking about their future together. That would not be a problem. If a storm should descend, they could dive in their submarine thirty meters below to safety, A time will come when we will be able to live freely under the water. There-fore you do not have to worry about the Republic of Korea being small.( 233-052,19920720)

22 In the future there will be a shortage of food on land, so we will live in the ocean. In the ocean we will eat fish instead of meat, and we will eat seaweed instead of vegetables. If you were a leader, wouldn't you have such a plan so we could live in the ocean in the future? Isn't there enough oxygen in the water? We can supply oxygen by extracting it from the water. What is the percentage of oxygen in ocean water? We could never consume it all. In the near future, the time will come when we will conquer the ocean.( 116-327,19820102)

23 I am preparing for the future world. I am not doing this because I love the ocean. It is difficult being at sea. My entire body was sore after one week of this. Still I pushed myself, telling myself "there is so much to do; do not use your age as an excuse" I could not rest. After about ten days, even if I went out early in the morning and stayed out until midnight, I had no physical problem whatsoever. Nonetheless, those people who fished with me were dozing while holding their fishing rods. Since I was the commander, in a position to give orders, I always thought I had to catch the first fish. Thinking like that, I anticipated when the fish would take my bait. That kind of determination is awesome.( 189-295,19890617)

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