Chapter 1. The Nature of Life and Death
Section 1. The Three Stages of Life 677
Section 2. The Dual Structure of Human Beings 686
Section 3. The Meaning of Death 539
Section 4. What Is Heaven? 695

Chapter 2. The Nature of the Spirit World
Section 1. Understanding the Reality of the Spirit World 702
Section 2. Life in the Spirit World 713
Section 3. Angels and the Angelic World 720
Section 4. The Path to the Kingdom of Heaven 724

Chapter 3. Earthly Life Prepares Us for Eternal Life
Section 1. Eternal Life 733
Section 2. Preparation for the Spirit World 738
Section 3. Developing Our Spirituality 752
Section 4. Blessed Families and Eternal Life 758

Chapter 4. Returning Resurrection and Divine Spiritual Works
Section 1. The Last Days and Returning Resurrection 767
Section 2. Divine Spiritual Works and Spiritual Phenomena 772
Section 3. The Returning Resurrection of People in the Spirit World 777


CHAPTER 1 The Nature of Life and Death

Section 1. The Three Stages of Life

1 We were born through three great parents. The first parent is the material world. We were created as the center of the material realm, as composite material beings made from every essential element extracted from the material world. From this viewpoint, these material elements are our ancestors that gave us birth and the material world is an expansion of each of us. The universe is such that material entities can reach fruition only when aligned with the ideal of love. All cells are meant to live comfortably, regulated by the ideal of love. If they were to get upset at each other, everything would go awry. The second parent is the term for our natural parents who gave us birth in the flesh. They enabled us to be born with a definite form. However, no matter how hard they try, those parents cannot become the owners of love. They can be the owners of our life but not the owners of love. The owner of love is God. God exists in the universality and eternality of love, because He is the subject partner of love, the Parent centered on love. Thus, our third Parent is God. In this way, we have three great parents. (298-304, 1999.01.17)

Life goes through three periods

2 Human beings live for ten months in the womb, a hundred years in this physical world and for eternity in the spirit world. Our face has three levels: the mouth, the nose and the eyes. These represent the three ages of human life. Our mouth symbolizes the age in the womb, the material world. Our nose represents the age on the earth, the earthly, human world, and our eyes represent the age of heaven, the spirit world. The water in the womb of the mother is a universe of freedom for the baby. Even though the baby has to stay hunched up at all times and cannot kick wherever it pleases, and its nose and mouth are blocked, that place is still a universe of freedom for the baby. The vessel that supplies the baby with all that it needs joins at the navel, and the baby can breathe only through that umbilical cord. Yet that world is still a universe of freedom for the baby. (298-304, 1999.01.17)

3 When you were in the womb, did you have thoughts such as, “I will go out into the world and eat honey, rice cakes, rice, beef and everything else with this mouth”? No, in fact, you were breathing through the umbilical cord and thinking, “If I leave this place, I will die!” To us it seems that a fetus should feel stifled and yet the baby in the womb is anxious about going out, and says, “I wish I didn’t have to leave.” Nevertheless, when the time comes and the water breaks, everything comes rushing out. Naturally, along with the gush of the amniotic fluid, the baby is safely delivered and everything is fine. (49-287, 1971.10.17)

4 Life on earth is analogous to life in the womb, for here we are surrounded by air, just as we lived bathing in the waters of the womb. We are living in an air pocket. The very moment we think of as the hour of death is actually our birth into our third life. Dragonflies start out as larva, and as such they swim in the water; then they come out onto the land and crawl for a time. Then they fly freely to and fro, feeding on insects they had never even thought of eating while they were living on land. They fly around with the entire world as their stage. Many insects develop through three stages of life. Most insects have wings. Considering the fact that even insects live in the water, on land and in the air, would it do if we human beings, who are the lords of creation, lived only on land? We have wings of a higher dimension. (49-288, 1971.10.17)

5 The period in the womb is the age of water. A baby inside the mother’s womb is floating in water. Simply considered, we may feel that the baby would find it difficult to live in the mother’s womb because it is constricted. Isn’t it obvious that the baby would have to take in and pass water, since it is living in water? For that reason, babies in the womb live by virtue of the conduit connected to their stomach. By what means is the baby in the womb supplied with nutrients? It is through the umbilical cord connected to the navel. For the baby in the womb, its navel is its mouth. (299-069, 1999.02.04)

6 A baby in its mother’s womb breathes, but through what? It is through the umbilical cord, which is connected to the mother’s body. However, we know that the baby is also connected to the second world, the world of air. After its time in the womb the baby pushes out, and everything behind it is destroyed. At the moment the baby cries for the first time its windpipe and nostrils, designed for breathing air, embrace that world of air. The nostrils are the wonderful supply route. While in the womb the baby prepared for the world of air, but in the process of coming out and connecting to that world, the umbilical cord and the amniotic sac—in short, everything that enabled it to live in the womb—are destroyed. The umbilical cord used in the womb is destroyed. At the same time, the baby appears in this universe and meets its Mother Earth. Then it begins to live on elements supplied through its mouth. The body breathed through the umbilical cord while in the womb. To be able to breathe through the nostrils, the air pipes, the body prepares them in advance so that when the baby comes out into the world of air it can change its mode of respiration. (139-213, 1986.01.31)

7 You are born on earth in order to experience love. You need to breathe in the air we call love. You need to breathe the air of love from your mother and father. You should go through everything in life while being supplied with the air of love. Once you are born as a baby in a family, you need to follow a path similar to a sine curve, going up along the curve and coming down. You are born as a baby and eventually, over time, your body breaks down. You are born as a baby, and you go back to being a baby again. When this takes place, what is about to happen? You will detach yourself from the world of the second womb and connect yourself to the respiratory organs of the third world of love. You leave behind your loving parents and siblings and enter the world of love that is in total harmony with the Original Being of the great cosmos, God. The spirit world is filled with air of love. Therefore, while you live in the earthly world, you should equip yourself with a supply line that will enable you to breathe that love. Hence, you need to have experiences with the spirit world. You need to develop into someone who can feel love spiritually and breathe the air of love. (139-213, 1986.01.31)

8 When we leave this planet Earth, which is like our mother’s womb, and pass on, we will breathe with the respiratory organs of love, that is, with our windpipe of love. We can gain eternal life only when we connect to the third age of love. By connecting to that love, we can return to God. We return to the spirit world by binding to the respiratory organs of love. Yet we still have some distance to traverse to return to God, the Original Being. Because the Original Being is the origin of the seed, it must return to Him after bearing fruit. (139-214, 1986.01.31)

9 The womb, in which we all spend time, is a world of water. The human body is three-quarters water. This earthly world is the world of air. Yet your eyes, ears, nose and other sensory organs designed for life in this world of air are not needed while you are surrounded by water. Did you breathe even once through your nose during the months you spent growing in the womb? Had you tried to do so, you would have died instantly. Why then does a fetus need a nose? It is there because you are preparing for the next world. In the next world, the earthly world, you live in an air pocket, not a water pocket. What should you do in an air pocket? Just as you prepared your five physical sense organs while living in the water pocket, when you are living in the air pocket you need to prepare your five spiritual sense organs. You prepare the five spiritual sense organs, corresponding to the ears, eyes, nose, and so on, through which you can absorb love when you are in the heavenly world. When you cross the hill of death, those sense organs open up. You will need those five spiritual sense organs in the infinite world. (302-167, 1999.06.13)

10 Water symbolizes the age in the womb. Next, the earth is the age of air. We are born from our mother’s womb and then we live in the age of air. Next, the spirit world is the age of the eyes. It is the age of the sun, the age of sunlight. Love can be said to be light, because it illuminates, and so it is the realm of light. Human life has three stages. A dragonfly first lives in water, emerges and lives on land and then sheds its skin and flies around feeding on other insects. It passes through three distinct periods. This is also true for us as the lords of creation. When our time in our mother’s womb concludes, do we come out embracing everything we used there, or do we separate from it, our connection to it destroyed? If we were to remain tied in any way when we came out, we would be in serious trouble. Conversely, if the umbilical cord were severed while we still needed to eat and breathe through it, we would die. But when we come out of the womb, we need to sever that umbilical cord. It must be cut off without hesitation. We come out destroying everything of the past. (299-038, 1999.02.01)

11 When the time comes, we must all end our life in our mother’s womb and begin our life on earth. Regardless of whether we desire it or not, the law of the universe operates this way. Then a new, vast and boundless world unfolds before us, one which we had never dreamed of or imagined. Our life in water ends and our life on earth begins. A span of ten months in the womb transitions into a span of one hundred years of life on earth. People lead diverse lives and go through changes as they prepare for the spirit world, the world we go to after we die. That is why I tell you not to worry about dying. You are simply moving to a better place. (447-158, 2004.05.01)

12 Just as we never imagined life in the world during our time in the womb, while we are living in the flesh we cannot imagine the very different, eternal and infinite world that is waiting for us. It is not a world of despair. Our life of one hundred years in this limited earthly realm transitions into life in the eternal realm transcendent of time and space. While living in the womb, we are supplied with nutrients from our mother through the umbilical cord, and our earthly life depends on the three basic elements of the universe—water, air and light—as well as nutritive elements. Once we enter the spirit world, however, we no longer need material nutrients; we live breathing love for all eternity. In the eternal world, we eat if we want to and we do not eat if we would rather not. No matter who we are, we live our life in three stages: ten months in water, one hundred years on earth, and eternity in the spirit world. (447-158, 2004.05.01)

13 After the age of water come the age of land and the age of light. In this regard, a person lives through three successive ages. The solar system, with the sun at its center, is always in daylight. On the other hand, night follows day on planet Earth. The spirit world is always in light. There are the ages of water and of air leading to the age of love. Love must never be extinguished. Like the light of the sun, love must be there at all times, night and day; whether morning, afternoon or evening, whether at the North Pole, the tropics, the South Pole or anywhere else, love doesn’t change. We will go to the spirit world to enter the age of love. The spirit world is like a storehouse for fruit grown and harvested during the four seasons. It is bathed in a light like that from the sun. (313-224, 1999.12.19)

14 At first, we were nurtured through our mother’s placenta. The womb is the vessel in which we grew. We kicked away everything completely as we broke away, emerged from that container, and were born. Similarly, our physical body is the container for our spirit self and we will break away from it too, and fly away. Accordingly, human beings pass through the world of water and of land and finally come to live in the eternal world of true love, which is a world of light in the sky. In the spirit world, because love is the life element, we carry out all instructions given through love immediately. Nothing is impossible. In that world, even if a billion people were to have dinner at the same time and place, the amount of food necessary for such a feast could be instantly prepared. (298-313, 1999.01.17)

15 The light that illuminates the spirit world is that of true love. True love is like sunlight both in the earthly world and in the spirit world. That is why we leave behind the regime of living through our nose and come to live through our eyes. When you live through your eyes, you know everything with crystal clarity and nothing escapes you. After the world of the nose we enter the world of the eyes, the world of light. The fact that it is the world of the eyes tells us that our eyes that see this world will also see the spirit world. Through them, we can see whatever we like. We can see the Heavenly Parent; we can see the earthly Parents; we can see the vastness of the heavenly kingdom and how it compares to the earthly kingdom. We come to know that the spirit world and the earth are one reality, not two separate realities. Our eyes are made to see both. (391-161, 2002.08.21)

Preparing the respiratory organs of love while on earth

16 As soon as a baby is born and cries for the first time, it begins to breathe through its nostrils; thus it connects to the second world, the world of air. When it leaves the world within the womb and connects to the world of air, it must discard the umbilical cord and amniotic sac that have sustained its life in the womb. These are destroyed and simultaneously the baby is born into Mother Earth. Thereafter it feeds through the mouth and breathes through the nose. But the food we eat on earth is the nutrition necessary for the life of the flesh; it is not the original essential element of life. The essential life element is love. Therefore, while we live in this world, we also need to breathe the air of love provided by our mother and father. (298-305, 1999.01.17)

17 Life is short. Ten years can pass almost without you knowing. Everything is decided in the thirty years after your marriage. The path of life does not wait for you forever. Life is busy. We all have to die at some point. Do you have confidence that you will not die? You will surely die, and then you will go to the spirit world. Life on earth is but an instant. It is like the months spent in your mother’s womb. (143-334, 1986.03.21)

18 Since air in the spirit world is composed of love, if your spirit self is not prepared, you will not be able to breathe when you enter the heavenly realms. The world here is a world of air, but the next world is the world of love. You have to prepare your spirit self to feel love. Otherwise you will not be able to establish relationships in the spirit world. Then you will have bigger problems that will take millions of years to resolve. (265-326, 1994.12.01)

19 After our earthly life, we must go on to the third stage, the world as it was originally meant to be, and live in that world of love. Therefore, we need to equip ourselves with respiratory organs suited to the world of love and we need to break out of this physical body, just as a baby bursts from the amniotic sac, destroying it in order to be born. That is why a woman experiences labor pains. In the same way, death is like a second ordeal of labor pains. What do we need to prepare during our life in this physical body? During our time in the womb, we grew the organs with which we would breathe air. Similarly, during our life in the flesh we need to prepare a windpipe that breathes love when we go to the spirit world. When you break out of your body, you go beyond the limited environment of your past life, breathe through your love windpipe and live with unlimited freedom. (274-105, 1995.10.29)

20 Those who breathe love while on the earth do not die; rather, they live. While breathing inside the mother’s womb, we are preparing a windpipe suitable for the future world of air. Though we are alive, when we disconnect from the placenta that connects by a cord to our stomach and come out, we are transformed to exist on a new, higher dimension and we are supplied with higher dimensional elements. We emerge and receive an infusion of air. After you emerge from the womb, what are you preparing for? It is love. It is not only air which you are infused with, but love; you receive elements of love. You are not living only to eat. Then what should you be filled with during your life on earth? You should form a new character of love during this time. (139-214, 1986.01.31)

21 Until now, no one noted that while you are in the womb, in the age of water, you prepare five physical sense organs that you do not need there. Those organs are not necessary in the womb. However, once you come out into the world of air and sever the umbilical cord, you need them. Similarly, while you are living in the age of air you need to prepare five internal, spiritual sense organs. These are not external, bodily organs. They are the five God-centered, internal organs you need in order to lead a carefree, unlimited life through which you harmonize with the world of love. (297-186, 1998.11.20)

22 In your present life you have a nose and eyes through which you can smell and see the natural world in a limited way for one hundred years. But there is an eternal being inside you, staying still and waiting, with its nose, mouth and ears closed until the moment of its birth. In the same way, senses are inside you, waiting to see the eternal sights, hear the eternal sounds, smell the eternal fragrances and taste the eternal flavors. They are like your earthly senses. When that moment comes, each of us will be able to go everywhere, listen to everything, smell everything and eat everything. (117-289, 1982.04.11)

23 When you go to the spirit world, you will sing songs of love and speak words of love. If someone speaks to you in song in the spirit world, you will want to respond likewise. If you are spoken to through a dance, you will want to reply with a dance. You will rejoice eternally and never tire of dancing. When dancing starts in one place, all of heaven will dance, and when singing starts somewhere, there will be singing everywhere. You will dance with your beloved spouse. When you end up dancing with another in the spirit world, you will say to yourself, “This dancing with you is so I can love my beloved spouse one hundred times more.” When you dance with someone else and hold each other’s hands, you will feel the impulse to find your beloved spouse and love him or her thousands and tens of thousands of times more than ever. When you go to the spirit world, there is no need for you to work and there is no nighttime. Your eyes are always open. Your organs are working all the time. And what work are they doing? What kind of work will you enjoy doing when your eyes are always open and you never need to sleep? It is love. When you possess such an ideal of love, if you say, “Let such-and-such a thing appear!” it will appear right away. You will live surrounded by original love. (107-331, 1980.06.08)

The spirit world is where the fruit of love is harvested

24 Why were we born? We were born because of love. To bear the fruit of love, we are born through the love of our parents and we grow up within the embrace of love. After that, we raise sons and daughters whom we can love in place of God. Then what happens when we grow old? We feel everything that parents can feel in the world. Through everything we experience in our life on earth we feel God’s presence, and we become a fruit of oneness with Him. It is similar to the way trees bear fruit. Just as a fruit that has absorbed elements from all parts of a tree is harvested, we need to return to God’s embrace, for such is the purpose of our birth. That is why God created us, so we can become one with Him through love. Therefore love is the standard of infinite value, unequaled in the entire universe. In the place we become one with love, there is nothing that cannot be found. There, everything has achieved perfection. That is the ideal world to which people alive today need to go. If we call that place the spirit world, it is the spirit world; if we call that place the kingdom of heaven, it is the kingdom of heaven. Such fruits can enter the kingdom of heaven. It is not a place that individuals can enter. Only those eligible as an object partner of equal value, who have borne fruit centering on love and who have inherited the right of ownership of God’s love, can go in. (142-121, 1986.03.06)

25 The first parent is the parents who gave birth to you, but the second parent is the earth. The earth is the second parent of your body. The earth supplies you with the elements that help your body grow. After passing through the second parent, you enter the third parent at the time of death. You cannot enter the third parent without being prepared. You need to resemble the form of God, our Original Parent. Why do we marry? It is to resemble God’s form. God is a being of unified dual characteristics. God’s characteristics divide into two separate entities, a man and a woman who need to come together in union. They are like the seeds and they return to the position of God’s original nature. However, for those seeds to be perfected, they have to traverse the path of the duty of love. This means they need to be born and receive love, grow up with love as their goal, live their life centering on love and, even when they pass on, pass on in order to return to love. Unless you set out focused on the goal of living for others, your path will take you in the wrong direction. (138-099, 1986.01.19)

26 You need to be stronger than your environment. You need to inherit all the elements so that you can bear fruit in the future, and your motivation to bear fruit has to be strong. Only then, after passing through the course to fruition, a course connected with history, can you remain as a fruit that is indispensable to human society. When a person is born, that person has to master the environment without fail. That does not mean that mastering the environment is an end in itself; you need to pass through a process by which you inherit new life and bear good fruit. After going through this process, you need to occupy a position that can show proper and practical results. For example, the owner sows seeds of grain. They sprout, grow and bear fruit, and then the owner harvests and stores them in a barn. Just like that seed, you need to go through a process of being harvested, because you are needed for a certain purpose. (36-011, 1970.11.08)

27 Life on this earth is but a fleeting moment. Therefore, a person who cries and weeps for a child who has gone to the spirit world has not yet broken free from ties with the fallen realm. When this person goes to the spirit world, he or she will be blocked by a wall. A person is born from love, lives through love and returns to love. Since its origin is the seed, the fruit will produce new seed. When you ask the reason human beings are born, the answer is that we are born for ideal love. Since this is an eternal love, you will always have your mother and father, your husband or wife and your sons and daughters. Hence, love is precious. Because love begins from God and God is absolute, love cannot change. And because love is eternal, people are born for God’s love, live for the sake of love and after living their life this way, stand in the position of the eternal object partner of God, living with God forever. (143-312, 1986.03.21)

28 In the world of air, the spirit is attached to the body, which nourishes it like a fetus. When the body grows old, the spirit wants to kick it away and leave it behind. If God sees the physical body insisting that it will not die, what will He do? Will He laugh, pity it or scold it? Just as a baby is born and becomes its parents’ object partner of love, we can conclude, based on the principle, that we need to be born again in our spirit body and become an eternal object partner of God, our spiritual Parent. Just as a baby is born into this earthly world where it can share love with its mother and father, we need to be born into the spirit world where we can share love with God, our Parent, who moves through the eternal and infinite realms. Without taking the position of His object partner, we cannot possibly become His children. (116-175, 1982.01.01)

29 The invisible God develops through the visible Adam. When Adam becomes the owner of love and has his own sons and daughters, he feels the realm of substance horizontally on God’s behalf. The substantial fruit of the two nations appears, centering on the incorporeal God, Adam’s realm of substance, and the grandchildren. This perfected fruit becomes the substance of the spirit world and the physical world, and is able to go anywhere. (326-316, 2000.07.16)

30 Since our ancestors were raised in the bosom of God, we cannot but wish for God Himself to live in comfort and happiness forevermore. Would it do for God to feel unhappy? We wish for God always to be wonderfully happy. A baby in the womb wishes the same thing. After the absolute God created Adam and Eve, and while they were growing up, He was surely in a state of infinite hope and infinite happiness. He must have had dreams for them. This is true for us as well. It is similar to the fact that we live for a time in our mother’s womb; then we are born and our lifetime of living in our physical body begins. How is our current life on earth different from life in the womb? In that we are growing in the embrace of our universe, it is the same. (74-013, 1974.11.10)

31 We are born in love that represents God; we live in love, we reach the destination of love by having sons and daughters and we return to God to live with Him eternally. In other words, our life begins with love, matures with love and is harvested as the fruit of love. Death is the point at which the fruit of love is harvested. We received our parents’ love, shared the love of husband and wife and loved our children. Therefore, we have to harvest the fruits of God’s love that have ripened in the internal world of love, scattered throughout our lifetime, and take them with us to the spirit world. When I become completely one through love, I come to resemble God. If a husband and wife unite and realize completely those three stages of love, when they go to the spirit world they will become, for eternity, the object partner god in front of the eternal subject partner God. This takes place when a husband and wife pass away with true love as their center. Thus, we begin with God and end with God. (298-312, 1999.01.17)

Section 2. The Dual Structure of Human Beings

1 Human beings were created with a dual structure. This dual structure consists of spirit and flesh, mind and body. When do they become one? You cannot fully unite the two as one merely by cultivating your mind and offering prayers, no matter how spiritually awakened you become. The body has five major senses. The mind, including the spirit and the conscience, also has five senses. There is only one power that can bring the cells of these five external, physical senses and five internal, spiritual senses into oneness so that they resonate completely and are filled to the point of exploding. That is God’s love, which is the common denominator of everything in the universe. Without that love, unity between the mind and body is impossible. (137-067, 1985.12.18)

2 In the relationship between our spirit and body, the spirit is the more important. The physical body continues for about a hundred years and then it dies, but the spirit lives eternally, transcending time and space. Regardless of how well people dress and how luxuriously they live on earth, in the end everyone dies. Accordingly, before passing into the spirit world we need to successfully harmonize the spiritual and physical standards and achieve, through our lifestyle, a perfect union of the spirit and the flesh. That is, during our life in the limited earthly world, we have the responsibility to perfect our spirit within our body. (524-103, 2006.04.10)

3 Each of us has a spiritual self and a physical self. In the Unification Church, we refer to these as the spirit and the body. Originally, the spirit and the body are supposed to become one. Ultimately they have to become one. And at what place do they become one? At a place of resonance. This is like the vibration of a tuning fork. When you strike one prong, it produces a tone that resonates perfectly with the other. Like a tuning fork, our spirit and body also achieve unity through resonance. (226-074, 1992.02.02)

4 When do the spirit self and the physical body become one? This is the question. When God’s love comes into our heart, our body automatically and actively reacts. It is not God’s wisdom, ability or power but only His love that can bring us into a realm where our body and mind resonate in complete unity. What is the one focus, the ideal standard, desired by your five physical sensory organs, such as your eyes and nose, as well as by your five spiritual sensory organs? It is neither God’s power nor His wisdom. It is His love, the center and the standard point of everything! (138-255, 1986.01.24)

5 When our spiritual and physical selves harmonize and resonate with each other in God’s love, the spiritual cells and physical cells interact perfectly. When we open our eyes and they are working perfectly, we can see everything throughout heaven and earth for the first time. When we use a highly efficient microphone, our voice will ring out fully everywhere. Similarly, once our physical and spiritual selves become one and attain an explosive state through the power of love, that complete union emits a light on the same wavelength as the heavenly world, the earthly world, and even God Himself. (171-103, 1987.12.13)

6 All created beings in this world exist in pairs based on the ideal of reciprocity. That is why the number two is so necessary, from the smallest being to the greatest. In human beings, an individual’s mind and body must become one. Then husband and wife have to become one, and then the spirit world and the physical world have to become one. From the beginning, these entities were meant to be united. (374-143, 2002.04.08)

7 Between the body and the spirit, the more important is the spirit. Our flesh lives for one hundred years within the limited realm of time and space before disappearing into nothing, but our spiritual body has the power to transcend both time and space. Accordingly, our essential purpose is to recognize our historic responsibility and fulfill it. Regardless of how well you may live physically, in the end you will die. Then which is more important, spiritual standards or physical standards? We do not live based on physical standards. The flesh exists for the spirit and not vice versa. You should not cling to the lifestyle that secular people follow. You should find a more worthwhile basis for existence, with your physical body and spiritual body united substantially. This will serve to strengthen your physical body also. (020-326, 1968.07.14)

8 From God’s viewpoint, is there any difference between a young person, a middle-aged person and an elderly person? God looks only at the spirit self. He can see if a spirit self is young and active and has a self-disciplined character. He does not see the outer shell. He sees what will be left from inside after the outer shell has been cast off. (121-211, 1982.10.27)

9 What happens when we go to the spirit world? We become God’s body. A person becomes the body of God. It is recorded in the Gospel of John and in 1 Corinthians, “Do you not know that you are the temple of God?” (1 Cor. 3:16; cf. John 17:21) Human beings are thus the temple, the house where God can dwell. Then how can you come to resemble God? When you reach the completion stage of your portion of responsibility, God dwells within you. Oneness is created between you and God and through that love, unity of life is achieved. Your life is assimilated into God’s. When a man and a woman become husband and wife and have a family, their love brings them into unity. In the same way, the power of that love brings them into God. (130-022, 1983.12.11)

10 Human beings have both a mind and a body. Above our mind is our spirit and above our spirit is God. This is why we can become perfect when we become completely one with God. Though a person is only one small entity, because he or she represents all of history as well as all future relationships, he or she possesses cosmic value. (4-268, 1958.08.03)

11 Would you like to live eternally on earth, or would you prefer to live eternally in a substantial world of incorporeal love? You would say that you prefer to live eternally in the world that has become the substance of incorporeal love. So when God tells you that He wants to show you the spirit world, would you be able to follow Him with your physical body? That is why you need a spirit. This is not a delusion but a fact. If we assume that God exists as the center of the invisible mind and that He requires an object partner, wouldn’t He wish to take human beings with Him, show them every part of the eternal ideal realm He created, and give them all of it? (111-112, 1981.02.02)

12 We can see the incorporeal body through our spiritual eyes. In the center of that incorporeal body is the spirit, and that part corresponds to the human mind. That is the place where you can meet with God happily, without other people learning about what you are doing. If God and you love each other in such a place, no one can take that love away from you. That place is the final destination of vertical love and the starting point of horizontal love. (52-260, 1972.01.02)

13 The spirit mind is the union of mind and spirit, and it moves toward a single goal. As such, with our conscience centered upon God, it can motivate us to achieve ideal personhood based on the unity of our spirit and flesh. Our conclusion can only be that if we did not have a spirit mind, we would be unable to search for the origin that can connect us to the spirit world and true love. When the spirit mind comes into us, our body rejoices and everything follows it. The two become one automatically. Until now, our biggest problem has been the separation of our mind and body. When God’s spiritual power comes into us as the origin of our spirit mind, our mind and body become one naturally. Unless a revolution occurs at this fundamental level, unless we discover the origin that can govern everything that comes from the root, we have no path to the ideal. Only through a strong motivation can results come. (91-143, 1977.02.06)

14 The mind is vertical and the body horizontal. The mind is the vertical “I” and the body is the horizontal “I.” There are the two. The vertical “I” is the mind and the horizontal “I” is the body. Their structure is the same. Everything in creation shares this. If one goes up, another comes down. Consider the example of a tree. The roots absorb nutrients and the leaves also produce nutrients. The leaves receive sunlight and their chlorophyll creates and supplies nutrients. The roots also absorb nutrients from the ground. These nutrients interact with each other. In Principle terms, they are the vitality element and the life element, ever giving and receiving in a relationship similar to that of mind and body. (216-162, 1991.03.10)

15 We need to eat spiritual food. When you are hungry, which should taste better, physical food or spiritual food? To survive and stand on God’s side, you should enjoy the taste of spiritual food more than physical food. The flavor of a life centered on spiritual power should far excel that of a life based on physical might. (131-211, 1984.05.04)

Section 3. The Meaning of Death

1 We wish to resemble God, and it is only natural that God would cherish the hope that we would resemble Him as His sons and daughters. For this, human beings must be born again, assuming a form that can resemble God. God and human beings are eagerly waiting for the day on which they can fly together forever. The day of our death when we discard our physical body is the day when we are reborn as people who can fly. That being so, should we welcome death, or grieve over it? Naturally we should welcome it. And when we die, what are we dying for? We should declare that our death will be for God’s true love, that is, love for the sake of others. If this is so for us, we will shed our physical body in order to participate in the realm of activity of God’s infinite love and for the sake of the world of God’s love. (297-256, 1998.12.19)

2 If you fall sick and are about to die, you typically lapse into a coma. You are in a state in which you are not sure if you are dead or alive. While there in the spirit world, you see everything about the place where you will live. Your friends and relatives who are already there come and greet you. The vast kingdom of heaven that unfolds before your eyes is so dazzling and splendid that you exclaim, “I should hurry up and come here.” Your life continues and eventually you transition to that world. As you head toward different places, each better than the last, you pass through a first, a second and a third gate and enter the next world, where you are welcomed. Death is not something that should dismay or dishearten you. You are not going down; instead, you are making a leap. In short, you ascend. Therefore, you should not fear death. Death comes in accordance with a natural cyclic law, as the process of moving you to a better world. (196-271, 1990.01.02)

Beginning a new life

3 People generally think that everything ends when we die, but that is not the case. Because there is a spirit world, life continues as it is. While on earth you need to prepare to enter the spirit world. Since you breathe love in the spirit world, in order to breathe freely there, you should keep love at the center of your life on earth. If you do not center on love during your physical life, you will be unable to breathe freely in the spirit world. Because the spirit world is a world where you breathe love, you can think of it as a world in which love is your air. Your second new beginning is referred to as death. Hence, there is nothing to fear. Death opens the door to a new beginning. (249-281, 1993.10.11)

4 Between life and death, which is stronger? Is life stronger than death or is death stronger than life? In Satan’s world, death is stronger than life. After coming to know God’s Will, you should not dread having to die. Only by dying can you resurrect. So what is the death mentioned in the Bible referring to? It does not signify ending our eternal life that comes from God. Instead, it means ending the life we inherited through the fallen lineage of Satan’s world. This is why those who seek to lose their life for God’s Will shall find it. (34-047, 1970.08.29)

5 At the end of our physical life, we go through a second birth. This is death. The place where we experience our second birth, the place where we go after death, is the spirit world. As we enter that world, God, who is our third Parent, bestows upon us true love that represents the entire universe. We are supplied with the true love of God’s ideal. That is why unity will surely be achieved in the spirit world. At the moment of death, we leave behind our second world, the world of air, and we need to connect with our third world, the new world where we are designed to breathe love. We leave behind the love of our parents and of our siblings, go to the spirit world and ultimately enter the world of true love in harmony with God, the Original Being. Since the Original Being planted the seed, the fruit needs to return to the Original Being. (298-311, 1999.01.17)

6 The reason we die is that our ability to love in our physical body is limited. If we want to possess the true authority of God’s boundless true love as His object partner, our limited physical body will not suffice. This is why we need to transform into an incorporeal spirit. We do so to share the ideal of love equally with all of heaven and earth. For this reason, the moment of our death is not the doorway to a path of pain; it opens the door to happiness through which we can possess universal true love. Death signifies a transition from the earthly world, where we can only crawl and walk, to a world where we can live and fly freely. To qualify as a traveler who can enjoy true love with the entire universe as his or her stage, and to enter that world, we are made to pass through death. Death is nothing less than being born anew. (298-312, 1999.01.17)

7 Someday we will discard our physical body and go to the spirit world. As human beings born into this world, we need to be prepared for death. We need to endure hardships, through which we develop good character. That will become our true self in the eternal world. You will be born as a good and healthy baby only if you receive good prenatal care inside your mother’s womb. Your life on earth is similar to your life in the womb. So you need to model yourself after God’s external form and divine character in order to grow properly. And even when you are fully grown, you need to overcome obstacles at the risk of your life. (14-017, 1964.04.19)

8 Because our death is a second birth, it is not something tragic. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have lived in a realm of resonance with God. Their body and mind would have been in resonance. When we live on earth centering on love, we achieve love that has the same standard wavelength as the love of the spirit world. As we do so, we can perceive the spirit world while living on earth. Just as we are born of our parents on earth, live together with them and learn from them and thus perfect our life on earth, we are born again centering on God, the Parent of love in the heavenly world. We who have perfected the five spiritual senses live together with our Heavenly Parent in the eternal world of love as God’s sons and daughters, His friends and His body. That is why death is not the end. Death enables us to smash the boundaries between the limited world and the infinite world. By dying, we cross that summit, entering our second life. (306-209, 1998.09.23)

9 Death is similar to coming out of the womb, where we lived in a world of water, and in the process destroying the umbilical cord and the amniotic sac. Death is our second birth. It is our departure from this limited world, where we breathe through our nose, and our arrival in the place where we can receive God’s love. That is what death is. This is why we have a first ancestor and a second ancestor. Our path of life is such that we leave this world where we received our parents’ love and we seek out the place of the love of God, our infinite and eternal Parent. Embraced in God’s bosom, we form bonds of infinite life and love and return to the original homeland where we can live eternally. There we breathe love, just as we breathe air now. We originated from God, and by achieving this real authority of love we incarnate God. In love, our value is equal. (298-295, 1999.01.16)

10 Since human beings were born from the world of spirit, they have no choice but to return to the world of spirit. The Korean word toraganda (to die, to return) is interesting. To where are we returning? It is not to a cemetery. It is to our place of origin. We did not begin life in a cemetery. The word implies crossing the vast expanses of history, even beyond its beginning point. It does not mean to return as a Korean even if one was born a Korean. A Korean who dies does not return on that path as a Korean. We return to the original world that brought forth the ancestors of humankind. It means returning to the place where the Creator is. Since that is where we originated, it is to there that we return. (141-270, 1986.03.02)

11 If someone died of old age, the Korean expression is that that person “returned.” When someone asks about our deceased grandparents, we say, “They went back,” don’t we? To where did they return? They went back to the spirit world. Since we originally come from the incorporeal God, the incorporeal world is our original homeland. From the incorporeal world we come to the corporeal world, multiply on this earth and then return to the incorporeal world. This is the path by which we go back. We originate from the incorporeal Father, then we are born through our corporeal father and mother and we live in the corporeal world. Later we discard our physical body, return to our original form and go to the spirit world. (242-168, 1993.01.01)

12 Once we are born, it is inevitable that we will die. But where do we go after death? We do not dissipate like smoke. We go to the spirit world. When we go to the spirit world, we will find there is a territory there. Who, then, is the owner of the spirit world? It is God. Therefore, we should become the sons and daughters of God. If we do not become God’s children, we cannot enter Heaven. (208-109, 1990.11.17)

13 You may not know the reality of the heavenly world, but I do. I enjoy a spiritual gift from God, giving me clear insight into that unknown world. Digging into the root of that world, I found its principles to be quite simple. Only those who live for others in line with God’s universal principles, that is, who live for the sake of the original ideal, can enter that world. The world that is structured along those lines is the ideal heavenly kingdom. It is the original homeland that humankind should seek. We are fallen human beings exiled from our original homeland, but we are destined to return. Nonetheless, because we cannot return through our own efforts alone, God had to set up a specific path through the course of history by which we can return. (78-117, 1975.05.06)

Going to the world of God's love

14 Whether we know it or not, we are headed for a certain destination. We are getting closer both when we are moving and when we are resting. Not just you but also this people, this world and even heaven and earth are headed there. This is an undeniable fact. Where will you go after you have lived through this life on earth? This is an important issue that everyone needs to resolve. Religions have mobilized to resolve this issue, as have philosophies and history itself. You too cannot deny that this destiny completely captivates you and pulls you along. Whether you can resolve this issue in your mind or not, you are destined to go. This body will see its end and be buried in the ground at the time of our death. Yet will this mind, this life, this heart, these thoughts and even this hope be buried together with our body? A person who is unaware of this, and who has not resolved this in his or her mind, with a clear view of his or her purpose, will surely suffer misfortune. (8-194, 1959.12.20)

15 If God is the Parent of humankind, what does that tell us about how and why He created us? When the God of love created us, we started out from the place where He had us participating in His love. It is our path of life to start out from the heart of God. We are to grow up in the embrace of His love, reach maturity and form a family in God’s love. We are to become mature people who can develop our love to a global level on earth and finally return to the embrace of His love. (135-267, 1985.12.15)

16 Because we are spiritual beings, our life is eternal. Why have some people practiced loyalty before Heaven, walking the way of death for Heaven with hope in their hearts, though they followed a path many would not have wanted? They have done so because they felt something that ordinary people could not feel; they knew heavenly values that ordinary people did not know. It was for that reason that they could tread even the path of death. You may encounter adversity or sadness in your course of life. Unless your mind becomes stronger than death, you will inevitably feel regret when you face death, and retreat from pain and sorrow. (6-055, 1959.03.22)

17 You are born from your father and mother, but where do you come from, fundamentally? You come from God. You are born through your father’s seed and your mother’s womb, yet your mother and father did not create you. You were born so that you could seek out parents that are true, True Parents. You need to find True Parents through the universal Parent and through your natural parents. That is why the moment of your death is a time of jubilation when you go to meet your True Parents. There you will find the true love of True Parents. This is the spiritual kingdom of heaven, a place made up of love. It is a place abundant with the love of the True Parents. That love is a love based on the principle of service and sacrifice, in keeping with absolute law. To become eligible to stand for the test, you have to love the universe. Your life on earth is the training ground for you to love humankind, and the examination room. This is the basis of the universe. If you undergo such experiences and live with such love during your life on earth, meeting the standard, then when you pass on you will surely come into the presence of God. (105-109, 1979.09.30)

18 People aspire to resemble God. God’s plan is to enable us to resemble Him. We therefore need to be reborn into a form that can resemble God. Both we and God eagerly await such a day. The day of our death is the day of our birth as such people. Therefore, should we welcome death or not? We should welcome it. When we are asked what we are dying for, we should answer, “I am dying for the sake of God’s true love.” Accordingly, we discard our physical body so that we can participate in the realm of activity of God’s infinite love, and for the sake of the world of God’s love. To die means to be born into a state of being enveloped in God’s love. However, in this world people protest, saying, “Oh, I’m dying!” The moment you transition through the point of death is the moment of your second birth. You can experience the joy of leaving the realm of limited love and of entering the realm of infinite love. You cannot establish a relationship with God unless you liberate yourself from the fear of death. (116-173, 1982.01.01)

19 Human beings inherit a purpose for their life, but then they live for different purposes. For what reason are you asked to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind”? (Matt. 22:37) It is so that you can become God’s child. Therefore, you should be willing even to risk your life to love God. This is what we are meant to do, so we cannot go and die in the lowliest of places. Instead, we need to die in the highest place. We should die centering on the heavenly kingdom. We should die in the one and only heavenly kingdom in heaven and on earth. Even in dying, there is a proper method and a proper place. The usual Korean way will not suffice. You need to die in the highest position, centered on the nation of God’s heart, which passes through heaven and earth. You need to die at the very center of the heavenly kingdom. Your death should be such that the universe welcomes you with flags flying. (34-184, 1970.09.06)

20 A person who lives cherishing Heaven’s hopes can joyfully surmount even the peak of death, which is otherwise an object of grief. That is why, when you face death, you should not have resentment, nor grieve over things of this world. Instead, you should rejoice and stand before Heaven speaking boldly of the value of your death. God is looking for such sons and daughters of hope. God cannot help but love a person who feels Heaven’s joy in such a situation. If there were a throng of such people raising their voices to Heaven, God could not help but answer their cry. (6-055, 1959.03.22)

Section 4. What Is Heaven?

1 Heaven is a vast place. It is a world bigger and wider than this universe. But even though it is a world whose vastness is beyond description, if the people you love are somewhere in that world, no matter where, they appear instantly when you say you want to see them. And they know right away your frame of mind as you yearn for them. As soon as they arrive, they greet you, and knowing what is on your mind, they say, “Thank you for thinking like this about me.” That is why there is no need to explain in the world of mind. Without having an explanation, you can feel it all. When you go there and meet someone, you know right away that he is going to say this or that. You listen to him, even though you know what he is going to say. So how wonderful this world is! True love passes through the shortest route, and true love is the quickest of all. Even if a beloved child is somewhere abroad, as soon as the parents think of that child, they will already have left, seen that child, and returned. Love transcends distance. Because true love travels the fastest, this whole vast universe can be the stage for your life’s activities. Since it transcends time and space, there is no sense of distance. It is as if everything is right before your eyes. (210-092, 1990.12.01)

The kingdom of heaven is a world abundant with God's love

2 The kingdom of heaven is the world of God’s love. It is a world where the air you breathe is love. That world is filled with life. There is no place in it that doesn’t throb with life, and everyone is bound together through blood ties. Since its people are descendants of God’s one lineage, if God feels sorrow over something, the entire spirit world feels that sorrow as if it were one body with God. And when God feels joy, everyone feels that joy. In this way, God’s love is moving the vast kingdom of heaven. In response to this love, the living realm of all created things is beautiful art based on the subject-object partner relationship. Just as we are connected by lineage, everything is woven together, so when God is happy, we are happy, and when God is sad, we are sad. (226-113, 1992.02.02)

3 Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is among you,” (Luke 17:21) and that the kingdom of heaven is centered on God’s love. Because the love of God is the center, all relationships in the kingdom of heaven are based on God’s love, and a universally well-ordered environment comes about. Then, to reside in that realm, what kind of person do you need to be? Only those who harmonize with the essence of God’s love can reside there. People who are not like that cannot experience it. What, then, can harmonize with the essence of God’s love? Self-centeredness is worthless. Only investment for others, of one’s life, one’s devotion and everything one has, allows one to live continuously in the realm of God’s love. (46-036, 1971.07.18)

4 In heaven we can take satisfaction in what we have prepared and in having led a life of attendance. Then what kind of people can go to heaven? Not those who believed in the Lord in order to receive blessings, that is, those whose main wish was to receive blessings. Heaven is the destination for those who live preparing their hearts to attend God. It is a place where even those who die during their time of preparation can go with joy, for they leave behind a life of attendance. Resurrection takes place there. After preparing to attend, you need to lead a life of attendance. Then how can you lead such a life? Try feeling that which is around you; observe your environment. The details of life do not appear easily. How to lead a life of attendance is the crucial question. We should think about this in our everyday life. (8-304, 1960.02.14)

5 Heaven is a place we cannot enter without establishing relationships of heart. It is the original nation, the nation of original nature which can govern everything. It cannot belong to you based on personal feeling. Rather, it is based on deeply felt bonds of heart. Ultimately it is where we are to communicate on the level of the heart, rather than on the level of personal sentiments. The purpose of God’s providence on earth is to lay the foundation upon which we can go beyond sharing ordinary sentiments, and sing out our honest and most poignant emotions from the depth of our hearts. (8-290, 1960.02.14)

6 Even though Jesus came to establish the original homeland, he was unable to do so before he left this earth. Though he said, “The kingdom of heaven is among you,” Jesus was not able to see the kingdom of heaven with his own eyes. Likewise, our most respected forebears and the martyrs, sages and wise people who have come and gone in history were unable to see that place or usher in that day. All those who inherited the lineage of evil from the fallen ancestors have yet to establish ties to the original homeland. This is why everyone is in search of the ideal. In reality, people are pursuing the original homeland. What kind of world will that be? Not a world where people are enemies to each other, or envious of others’ success, or resentful when others rejoice. In that world, one person doing well represents everyone’s success; one person rejoicing represents everyone’s joy. The original homeland is where, when one person rejoices, everyone rejoices; and when one person feels content, everyone feels content. (18-102, 1967.05.28)

7 Make your life a joyful one with God in the center. Make it the kingdom of heaven. In that kingdom you practice a life of giving. God also has to give. Parents have to give to their children. Even after giving something good, a parent desires to give something even better. As a parent, even if you have dressed your baby in the best clothes and given him or her nice things to eat, you are not satisfied. Instead you say, “I wish I could give better things.” Desiring to give something better after you already have given is the heart of a parent and also the heart of God. (34-141, 1970.08.30)

8 Heaven is the place where husbands and wives go after raising the sons and daughters to whom they have given birth. It is the place they go while guiding their sons and daughters, their grandchildren and their clans. Further, it is the destination of the entire nation. Heaven is realized in that way. No matter how much the religious believers of today wish to go to the kingdom of heaven, it is not a place that you can enter alone. You can never go there alone. (41-300, 1971.02.17)

9 The kingdom of heaven is what you experience after you have been born of the original parents of goodness, formed a husband and wife relationship, given birth to sons and daughters, loved them and bequeathed everything to them in the harmonious universe where God can rejoice with all creation. The kingdom of heaven is not somewhere the father can go without the mother. It is where everyone—father and mother, sons and daughters—is meant to go. (41-231, 1971.02.16)

10 What is our greatest desire? It is to possess God’s love. Even if we have possessed God, if we cannot possess the love within Him, which is even more precious, God cannot be ours. Thus we need to possess God’s love. When His love first becomes mine and mine becomes His, the internal and the external become one. A nation based on such love becomes an ideal homeland without upper and lower classes. When we lie down in such a place, we feel that there is nothing in the universe that does not appear good and that does not exist for our sake. Since God’s love is like that, the heavenly world, that is, the kingdom of heaven, which is to be the destiny of people today, is filled with love. (39-211, 1971.01.10)

We are the mediators between the kingdom on earth and the kingdom in heaven

11 In the process of creation, God made all things and made humankind. Everything began with God at the center. God’s Will was for oneness between Himself and all people, and for equilibrium for all things in the creation. We human beings stand in the middle, between God and the created world. Thus we can function as the mediators between the spiritual and physical worlds. (067-143, 1973.06.01)

12 There is no doubt that God’s creation of heaven and earth was glorious. First He created the substantial spirit world. He then created the substantial physical world as a representation of the spirit world. Finally He created Adam and Eve as the central embodiment of the physical world and spirit world. Adam and Eve were destined to move together in rhythm with heaven and earth. The necessary implication was that if Adam and Eve changed, heaven and earth also would change, and if Adam and Eve’s center were broken up, the center of the entire universe would break up, and if the center of the entire universe were to break up, the center of the Creator also would break apart. (1-064, 1956.05.23)

13 There is a reason God created human beings as two separate entities, man and woman. First, God exists as the subject partner with harmonized dual characteristics, but because He has no external form, He needed a form through which He could relate to the substantial world. Since the creation includes a physical world, God absolutely needed a body that would enable Him to communicate with and act freely in that world. It could not just be the body of the man or the body of the woman. It had to be the bodies of both Adam and Eve together reflecting the image of God. Without form, God is limited in His ability to relate with the corporeal substantial world. Accordingly, if Adam and Eve had become one while attending God and if, after becoming perfect, they had married and given birth to children, they would have become the external, horizontal, substantial True Parents, while God would have become the internal, vertical, substantial True Parent. If this had happened, Adam and Eve would have stood in God’s position and resembled God one hundred percent, both internally and externally. And if Adam and Eve, resembling God completely, had become the True Parents of humanity, all humanity would have come to recognize them as God’s substantial form. Second, God created human beings as separate entities, man and woman, for the perfection of love. When Adam and Eve became the perfected substantial forms of love and achieved complete oneness, God intended to dwell within them and become the Parent of true love for all humankind. Adam and Eve, who thus would have stood in the position of God’s external form, then would have been able to reproduce children and form an ideal family and an ideal world. Once this happened, the spirit world and the earthly realm would have been connected through humankind. (516-066, 2006.02.03)

14 God has no external form; He is invisible. Even in the spirit world, God cannot be seen. Nonetheless, God needs a body. God created all things because He needs an object partner. Through it, He can assume a physical form. Perfected Adam and Eve were to have become God’s body. So originally, when they went to the spirit world, Adam and Eve were to have become the king and queen of the family, tribe, people, nation and world, and of the cosmos. Thus in the spirit world they would have represented God. (242-167, 1993.01.01)

15 God’s vision of the ideal of creation included the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world, but He created all things because He wished for a concrete kingdom of heaven in the physical world where He personally could reside. In other words, God created the world and everything in it to experience the glory of both the spiritual and the physical kingdom of heaven, with Himself and Adam and Eve as the center. He did not plan on establishing the kingdom of heaven in heaven and on earth just for Himself; He created them for humankind as well. God’s purpose for creating heaven and earth was so that human beings could live in the kingdom of heaven on earth and afterward in the eternal world of the kingdom of heaven in heaven, centering on Adam and Eve. (1-282, 1956.12.16)

16 What kind of people can live in the kingdom of heaven on earth? What kind of spirits can live in the infinite spirit world, the kingdom of heaven in heaven? People that have received the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit on earth and, going beyond that, received the love of the Father directly, lived together with Him and become the victors of harmony based on the ideal of love—only they can live in that kingdom. (1-284, 1956.12.16)

The kingdom of heaven is to be established first on the earth

17 According to God’s Principle of Creation, the kingdom of heaven must be perfected first in this earthly world. Originally God created us such that, after living in the kingdom of heaven on earth while in the flesh, we naturally would discard our physical body, move to the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world, and live eternally. Then what should the kingdom of heaven, which we need to construct on earth, look like? The original family and the kingdom of heaven have the same structure. Basically, in a family there are the original parents, the original husband and wife, the original children, and the original brothers and sisters. When this family becomes one centered on true love, harmony and unity come about automatically. On that foundation, with true love, true life and true lineage woven together, they can take on an even higher purpose. (474-175, 2004.10.30)

18 If human beings had not fallen, they would have become the perfected true children of God, with God as their Parent and His true love at the center of their lives. Perfected human beings were to form the bond of true husband and wife surrounded by God’s love, give birth to and raise true children. Together they were to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth and live together there, and then with their entire family they would one day live in the kingdom of heaven in heaven. If your father went to hell and your mother went to heaven, how could she feel it was the kingdom of heaven? If the parents went to hell and only the children entered heaven, how could anyone call that the kingdom of heaven? The kingdom of heaven is a place where the family enters together and lives in an eternal realm of peace. Accordingly, God can settle His ideal of creation only where heaven has been made real in a family on earth. This is where God longs to dwell. (443-174, 2004.03.23)

19 You must realize that you absolutely need your grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, husband or wife, and children. Those four stages encompass all of humanity. Then you have to love your nation more than you love your family, and love the world more than your nation. To live in the spirit world, which brings together the past, present and future, you need to practice such love. The kingdom of heaven on earth is established here on earth, and the kingdom of heaven on earth creates the kingdom of heaven in heaven automatically. It is the place where people who have practiced the four stages of love can go. (277-192, 1996.04.15)

20 If the first ancestors had not fallen or sinned, but instead had conformed to the Will of God, God could have rejoiced when they died. Would they have had any regrets? If you have lived without bitter anguish, if you have been able to rejoice and offer praise before God, and if God Himself is happy with you, then upon your death you will be in the kingdom of heaven He created. That is the kingdom of heaven of God’s original intention. People with deep bitterness are not meant to go to that kingdom of heaven. You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven while in torment. (41-228, 1971.02.16)

21 The kingdom of heaven that God desires is not established only in the spirit world. The kingdom of heaven God desires is established first on earth, and then in the spirit world. The spirit world is populated by the spirits of people who have passed on. That world and this earthly world cannot remain separated. To possess a victorious substantial self and to embody heaven’s ideology, you need to uphold both heavenly ethics and human ethics. You need to live the ideology of the kingdom of heaven in your daily life. Then you will be in accord with both heavenly and human ethics. That should be the ideology of the kingdom of heaven for individuals and, at the same time, for the family, society, nation, world and cosmos. Your very being should manifest the ideology of the kingdom of heaven. (2-226, 1957.06.02)

22 As the incorporeal subject partner, God longed for an object partner who could provide the universal stimulation of love in history, for which He had yearned since the beginning of time. How great that stimulation will be when He encounters men and women who have become perfect object partners, both corporeal and incorporeal! God created Adam and Eve on earth because the kingdom of heaven is to be established first on earth. After they live an ideal life on earth, their spirits are to dwell in the eternal kingdom of heaven in heaven. (135-011, 1985.08.20)

23 At your home, please take care of nature so as to make a good environment. A person who has given his or her best for this will have a proportional right of ownership in the next world, the kingdom of heaven, which is hundreds of times bigger than this one. You attain this stature on earth. Do you want to be well off there? Or would you rather find yourself in a room in the spirit world just big enough for you to touch foreheads and look at each other’s faces? You should live in such a way that you will be able to fly, dance, sing, and go wherever you please, seeking out hundreds and thousands of places. What is the most desolate place in the world? If you go to such a place and find that the soil is barren, you should want to make that place green by yourself, even if it means you have to invest precious resources from your own country. You should at least set a model standard, as does Manmul Peak on Mount Geumgang. The time has now come to make many things. Even after having done so, establishing a beautiful kingdom of heaven remains for us to fulfill in our fives. We need to become the owners, creating an environment where we can five in joy. (481-185, 2005.01.04)

CHAPTER 2 The Nature of the Spirit World

Section 1. Understanding the Reality of the Spirit World

1 It is important for you to understand the spirit world. What happens when you learn about what your ancestors from thousands of years ago are doing in the spirit world? By understanding clearly that you will inevitably face the same fate, you can transcend difficult problems on this earth. Because I know all this, I do not despair no matter what persecution I receive. Because I know much more than this, because I know where the highest value lies, I can ignore and overcome all difficulties. (320-245, 2000.04.16)

World of the light of love

2 The spirit world is the original garden of God’s eternal ideal. How wonderful is the original garden? It is beyond description. Even if you were to gaze at just one of the secrets in the palace of the heavenly kingdom you would not tire of the sight even after ten thousand years. Your lifetime on earth is a mere instant. The spirit world, on the other hand, is eternal. Compared to your life in the spirit world, your life on earth is shorter than a breath. (69-341, 1974.01.03)

3 The spirit world exists for this world. And this world exists for the eternal world. It is wrong to say that the spirit world does not exist. I am doing this providential work because the spirit world does exist. You may say, “Where in this world is God, and where is the spirit world? I don’t know” But the spirit world is the place where you find God. What does God exist as? God is true love. His hopes can only be realized through love. (117-307, 1982.04.11)

4 In the spirit world there are no shadows. It overflows with the sunlight of eternal morning. The white light is so bright that it changes to purple and takes on silver and golden hues. The light produced by electricity is similar to the light of love. An electric light illuminates when a positive charge interacts with a negative charge. In the same way, God’s internal nature and external form come together and manifest as something similar to lightning. It is the light of eternal true love. That is the essence of eternal life. You need to arrive at that final destination. (292-266, 1998.04.26)

5 The spirit world is an eternal place that seeks eternal elements. A spirit person who has experienced love on earth will unfailingly and automatically be drawn into that world. That person gravitates to the part of the spirit world that has as much love as he felt here on earth. Then what kind of place is the spirit world? It is a world of harmony brimming with love, where everything is imbued with love. It is not wrong to assert that this entire universe is put in motion by a single press of the button of love. Accordingly, the place where all light bulbs of love light up is the kingdom of heaven on earth. And the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world is where love light bulbs can fully light up with greater intensity. That is why, when you harbor love in your heart and pull on the rope of love, everything will be pulled toward you. (112-017, 1981.03.15)

6 The spirit world is a world of intuition where within a week you can surpass the knowledge of any scholar, however distinguished or great. By seeing things through the light of your heart, you will automatically understand the world and all its related interconnections. This is because from the viewpoint of the heart they are in a certain relationship with you as your subject partner or counterpart. (210-312, 1990.12.27)

7 Once we dwell in the spirit world, through the power of true love we can meet people, however distant, in the twinkling of an eye. And no matter how far away people are, if they are visiting for love, they can travel back to their hometown in an instant. The spirit world is a limitlessly expansive world, but it is also a world in which we are able to go back and forth instantaneously over infinite distances on account of love. Love travels at the highest speed. But if you do not have the foundation of unified love in your mind and body, you will have nothing to do with that world. Accordingly, the origin of unification is not something that just happens in the external world; it is something that you initiate. (216-192, 1991.03.31)

8 In the spirit world you will fly. You will fly around so fast you will not even be seen. Since true love has the highest speed, God, who possesses true love, can leap across the vast universe in one bound and work in different places at once. You will all be able to do the same. In the spirit world, the entire universe, no matter how vast, will be the stage for your activities. There are many dream mines in the spirit world, with an endless supply of gold, silver and precious stones. And when it comes to flowers, when someone they like or someone they love approaches, even if the flowers have been sleeping, they will open their eyes and mouths wide and welcome that person. (213-277, 1991.01.21)

The hierarchy in the spirit world

9 When you consider the spirit world, what kind of structure does it have? It has the same structure as that of God and His object partner, humankind. The spirit world was created in the form of an object partner to God, similar to a human being. This is why all people, created with the same external form as God, become one person resembling Him. Up to this point, God has continued to create human beings, people of character representing the universe. They include the yellow, white and black people. But they are all in a sense one person. Each of you is like a cell that makes up a part of God. This design of God’s is similar to the cells composing our body. To God, we are people who exist as the individual cells of His body. He is our Father, and we are like His flesh. This is why God wants to make people. The structure of the spirit world is also like this. (072-190, 1974.06.16)

10 When you go to the spirit world, you will notice that it resembles a person. As such, it can become one with God, its subject partner. Then the boundary between the entire spirit world and the entire physical world becomes fuzzy. When God jumps, the earth will jump and when God laughs, so will the earth. That is how it is. Once you go to the spirit world, you will see that it is structured like a person. (91-280, 1977.02.27)

11 What is the structure of the spirit world? Because the spirit world evolved not through True Parents, but through false parents after the Fall, it is not as it should be. Only a spirit world untouched by the Fall should exist. The spirit world will return to its original state only when God’s providential Will for salvation is fulfilled. The coming Lord of the Second Advent must reorganize it after completing the Will on earth. The spirit world needs to be restored. (293-090, 1998.05.24)

12 Paradise, the middle realms and all the religious realms exist in the spirit world. Hell is connected to those realms of the spirit world. In the spirit world that is connected to hell, married life is not permitted. All such things are forbidden, although spirits may hide in corners of hell and perpetrate fallen acts. Even those who belong to the realm of paradise live by themselves. (314-144, 2000.01.02)

13 The spirit world should be a world that is aligned with the vertical “noontime,” without shadows, bathed in bright sunlight. Instead it is a mixture of good and bad. It consists of the highest spirit world, the first spirit world, the second spirit world and the third spirit world. Moreover, different animals live in each of these divisions. In the highest spirit world animals praise their masters. They are all friends. (565-239, 2007.06.12)

14 You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven by yourself. Our original ancestors should first have grown to maturity, established the true ideal of God-centered love, lived as such people on earth, become parents, left behind the seeds of true love and then entered the kingdom of heaven. To this day, however, there have been no God-centered parents who were able to leave the seeds of love on this earth. Because the foundation to leave such descendants could not be established, the kingdom of heaven remains empty to this day. (140-046, 1986.02.01)

15 What is the structure of the spirit world where God dwells, of the kingdom of heaven where He resides? Its organizational structure is very simple. The people who can go to the kingdom of heaven and paradise are not those who lived only for themselves. Such people are not permitted to go there. The kingdom of heaven is a place where only those who were born for the whole and lived for the whole can go. (77-189, 1975.04.06)

The kingdoms of heaven and hell in the spirit world

16 Through the Fall of Adam and Eve, this planet Earth came to be under the rule of Satan and hell was created in the spirit world. Therefore, the territory in which Satan can rule extends to the realm of hell on earth and the realm of hell in the spirit world. This is why they need to be liberated. If there had been no Fall, hell on earth and hell in the spirit world would never have existed and only the ideal kingdom of heaven would have been established on earth and in the spirit world as a single, continuous reality. However, because of the Fall, two worlds that could be ruled by Satan came into being. Satan’s dominion over these worlds therefore needs to be nullified. (168-303, 1987.10.01)

17 If the body and mind are not united, that realm of disunity becomes Satan’s territory. Neither hell nor heaven exists separately from you. They are both within you. Only when, centered on love, you can work to discipline your body, transcend your own life and love and serve others beyond your individual lineage, can you bring a complete end to this evil, profane world. Through such heavenly teachings, when God’s ethics are established in the family, the tribe, the people, the nation and the world, this will become the kingdom of heaven on earth. The people who live in the kingdom of heaven on earth will transition, just as they are, to the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world. (196-328, 1990.01.12)

18 The original palace of true love is the reproductive organs. True love is absolute. Because true love is unique and unchanging, it is absolute. That is why, when we study past generations, we can see that when love is in disorder it leads to the breakdown of the family, the society and the nation. In the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, the family, the society and the nation broke down because the order of love was destroyed. The result is nothing but destruction. It is hell. Consequently, heaven and hell do not exist separately. That is why, even if you live in a hellish environment, it does not mean you will go to hell. Whether you go to heaven or hell depends on you. The basis for the corruption of true love is you and only you. The only place where true life and true lineage can be violated is the reproductive organs. By no means should they be defiled. (224-130, 1991.11.24)

19 What kind of place is the kingdom of heaven on earth? If there is a place on earth where people do their best not to become indebted but instead try hard to help each other rid themselves of debt, that place is the kingdom of heaven on earth. Then what kind of place is the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world? The kingdom of heaven is not a place for people with debts. The kingdom of heaven I know does not have people like that. Those who, during their life on earth, worked to get rid of their nation’s debts, humanity’s debts and all debts in front of God are the ones who can go to the kingdom of heaven. On the other hand, those who become indebted to their nation, to others and to God end up not in heaven but in hell. The position of a person who has striven to get rid of debts is always a victorious one. Such a person was victorious in the past, is victorious today and will be victorious in the future. The kingdom of heaven is a place you can go with the authority of having triumphed in getting rid of debts. (085-133, 1976.03.02)

20 If you are fifty years old, and you have lived more than twenty-five of those years for the sake of the universe in accordance with heavenly principle and heavenly law, then you will go to the kingdom of heaven. If you have lived in such a manner you can traverse the boundaries to dwell in the good spirit world. But if you have lived your life of fifty years putting yourself first more often than not, you should realize, even though it may be disappointing, you will go not to the original homeland of goodness but to the homeland of evil, that is, hell. If you have lived for yourself more often than not in the past, you should end that life and disavow it, endeavoring to make the rest of your life one in which you live for the nation, the world, heaven, earth and God. If you do this, from this point on you will go toward the ideal world of heaven. (78-119, 1975.05.06)

21 It is written in the Bible that “the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21) This means the kingdom of heaven is the place that is in oneness with God’s love, and that love should be in your heart. The words, “You are in me and I am in you,” are also not an abstraction. (John 17:21) These words are possible when they are rooted in love. Fallen human beings are finding their way toward that day in which God’s love can be manifested through their body and mind. The explosive love of God will shine forth. And the body, which has been twisted out of shape over thousands of years, will be able to become one with God. That day is a day of fear and revolution in Satan’s world and a day of ecstasy and victory in Heaven’s world. When you stand in that position, you will know God’s love. It will be so wonderful that your cells will tingle. You will feel all your bones and flesh harmonize and bond together. You will feel as though all your five senses have become one. (94-268, 1977.10.01)

22 Blessed families should all be able to become sacrificial offerings for the nation. This is the starting point to determine whether you will go to heaven or hell. Going to heaven or hell is not determined by how well you know the Bible or how well you can speak. What matters are your actual results for God and your heart. In the end, the boundary between heaven and hell is a boundary of heart and a boundary of actual results. (32-231, 1970.07.19)

23 You should liberate your conscience. Your mind is the checkpoint of heaven and your body is the checkpoint of hell. Does your body drag your mind around or does your mind have true dominion over your body? For those who follow religion, their minds give clear direction to their bodies and for those who do not follow religion—in ten cases out of ten—their bodies drag their minds around. The latter live consumed by themselves. That is the difference. Each of you is the starting point of hell, therefore, and also the starting point of heaven. If you live according to your mind you will go to heaven and if you live according to your body you will go to hell. If you live for the sake of others you will go to heaven and if you insist on living for your own sake you will go to hell. (252-257, 1994.01.01)

24 There is no marriage in the spirit world. Think for a moment about how serious a problem that is. By comparison, missing an arm or a leg is really not a problem. That being the case, should you complain or not? You cannot complain. You should rejoice. Even while shedding tears, you should go forward, rejoicing and happy. You yourself determine whether you go to heaven or hell. That decision does not lie with me and it does not lie with God; you are the one who decides that. When you habitually complain, you end up in hell; yet when you go forward with gratitude for situations you could easily be complaining about, you end up in heaven. (96-122, 1978.01.02)

25 What about the spirit world? Since confused people go to the spirit world and gather there, that realm is certainly chaotic. People who develop the habit of stealing will always end up stealing something. Thus people who stole on earth will naturally want to get something for nothing in the spirit world. Because it was difficult to handle such people in the spirit world, hell originated. God did not make hell; it came into being through people. Do people first prepare a trashcan, and then start building their house? It is only after building and living in the house that one comes to need the trashcan. The existence of hell is similar to that. (148-028, 1986.10.04)

26 To commit suicide is the worst of sins. Because suicide is an atrocity that actually destroys parts of the universe, such a person should go to the lowest level of hell. Once you know this fact, you cannot commit suicide. You are the being who connects your parents’ lives. In other words, you are the union of the two lives of your father and mother. They are connected together in you. And you are also a participant in your parents’ love. You are one in body with your parents’ love. You are one in love. (107-036, 1980.01.20)

27 Hell is such a place that, once you are trapped there, you can never get out by yourself. You do not truly realize the fact that your mother, father and relatives are going to hell. You just say, “Things will work out somehow,” and that is it. But try to realize that your beloved parents really are going to hell. Human affection is such that, if you found out that your parents were going to prison on earth, you would cry your heart out and try to liberate them by doing anything and everything. How much more, then, would the sons and daughters who are connected to their kin through heavenly love try to do if they learned that their parents, relatives and brothers and sisters were going to a prison from which they would never be able to escape? You do not know anything yet. You do not know whether there is a hell or not, and even if you have an idea that hell exists you do not know what kind of place it is. It is undoubtedly a vague idea for you. However, you will know when you die. You will know all at once when you die, but then it will be too late. (34-267, 1970.09.13)

28 When the Lord of the Second Advent arrives, he will create a new ideal realm in paradise, which is not heaven, and at the bottom of hell. Cain and Abel will be restored in the bottommost pit of hell and the new realm of God’s family will be created. Through the realization of the new realm of God’s tribe—the new realm of God’s people, nation and world—everybody on earth has to be restored through indemnity. Cain and Abel need to be restored through indemnity. People have to absorb and digest everything and build a unified world, then organize the empty realms of the spirit world from the earthly world. Without a major upheaval in the spirit world there will be no way for God to release His sorrow and realize His cherished Will to build the heavenly kingdom. That is why Jesus said, “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” (Matt. 18:18) The kingdom of heaven will not be established in the spirit world without first being established on earth. The astonishing reality is that without establishing the sovereignty of the heavenly nation on earth, the good sovereignty cannot be recovered in the spirit world. (143-030, 1986.03.15)

29 The path to the kingdom of heaven does not appear in the place where you are thinking only about yourself. When you realize that you are far away from Heaven, you need to smash that self to pieces. Only when you overthrow that self will a direct path to heaven, or even an indirect path, open up. However, those who promote themselves and try to make those in the object partner’s position adapt to them, or who place themselves in a subject partner’s position and try to push their way through the realm of the object partner’s position, will be unable to relate to the kingdom of heaven. The realization of the kingdom of heaven begins with each person. Even if the kingdom of heaven were completely built, if you have not become someone who can respond when the kingdom of heaven calls, you will have nothing to do with it The kingdom of heaven is a place where we have overcome Satan, not only overcome ourselves. The kingdom of heaven cannot exist in the social environment of the fallen world or in the place where we pursue our own fallen habits and customs. As Satan persistently controls our habits and environment, the kingdom of heaven can arrive only after we have overcome the circumstances wherein Satan has taken up residence. (46-075, 1971.07.25)

30 The kingdom of heaven is realized in the place that contradicts Satan’s world. Otherwise it could not be the kingdom of heaven. Even if a place in Satan’s world bore the name of heaven, it would be nothing but a deception to fool people. The concept of heaven can be established from the position of subjugating Satan, of denying and indeed eliminating everything to which he can relate. Heaven is affirmed on the basis of having denied and removed Satan’s negative historical legacy and all the contents of a satanic lifestyle. While these are still in place, we cannot introduce the contents of heaven. (46-075, 1971.07.25)

31 What kind of people should you Unification Church members become? Ideally they should become people who know how to enter the internal world, how to go out into the external world, how to come in after going out and how to be able to travel north, south, east and west. We are trying to create people who can establish the internal world as the subject and then take dominion over the external world. The external world was invaded by evil, so if you go to that world you are present in hell. But if you go to the internal world, you are present in the good spirit world, that is, the kingdom of heaven. If you can freely travel to and from the internal and external worlds you will have the freedom to go to hell as well as heaven. Since I know this fact, I am asserting that we should try to become people who will be welcomed wherever we go. That is also what God wants. (116-178, 1982.01.01)

The spirit world and physical world are one and are perfected on earth

32 Knowledge of the spirit world and God includes knowing about the environment. That environment is actually similar to the environment of human life on earth. Even when you die and go to the spirit world, you may not know you have died. You may simply think you have come to a different place. For instance, if you had been living at the North Pole, in the middle of an ice field and then traveled to a tropical place, you would suddenly find that it is hot all year round; the trees are always green and their leaves and other things differ from what you have known. In the same way, when you die, you may feel just like that; you may not realize you have died. You may think like this because the two worlds are so closely interwoven. (338-273, 2000.11.30)

33 We all ultimately have to go to the spirit world. We call that place the world after death, but actually it is not just that. Why is it not just the world after death? Because it is a world connected to true love. Since it was begun based on true love, when you stand in the position of true love, you are directly connected to the spirit world. That is why true love is so great. Then what is the spirit world? It is the place where, once you have filled in all the gaps between the heavenly world and the earthly world, you can experience a realm of life where the two worlds share the same values. From this place you can tour the world after death. (290-051, 1998.02.02)

34 If the substantial spirit world is the sun, then our relationship to it is like the moon, a reflector. Our individual selves are like mirrors. The truth is the spirit world is connected to the earth both internally and externally. Thus, the spirit world and the physical world are one. If you do not know this, you cannot pass the test in the next world. This is important. The Completed Testament Age is not about the individual; it is the age in which you need to realize the God-centered family. (310-034, 1999.05.28)

35 The Blessing in the Unification Church turns the spirit world and the physical world upside down. By overturning them, we bring about the turning point from which the unification of the spirit world and the physical world can take place. This is the age of transition through which the spirit world and the physical world are connected and transformed. When these two are turned upside down, Satan is exiled, all evil ways on earth are brought to an end and we cross over into the age in which God can have direct dominion over us. We therefore need to have a clear understanding of the nature of the spirit world. If you do not understand the spirit world, you cannot fulfill the foundation of the family. Only when you know about the spirit world can you bring everything into its fullest realization. (310-035, 1999.05.28)

36 The spirit world and the physical world are united through true love. Because of the Fall, there was no true love, and so the spirit world and the physical world could not be united. Because there was no true love, the minds and bodies of individuals became divided and religion and politics branched off. Everything should be united under true love. Only then can the individual, family, society, nation, world and cosmos all be interconnected. We need to bring this about with our own hands. Otherwise we cannot inherit the original kingdom of heaven in the spirit world and the kingdom of heaven on earth. (216-106, 1991.03.09)

37 In the spirit world, you cannot eat if you do not have God’s love. You do not have the right to eat. Hell is a place where you cannot eat even though you can see the food and you cannot act even though you know what to do. Unless you have found the precious center where the spirit world and physical world are united based on God’s love, and you have united your spirit and body to live your life in the kingdom of heaven on earth, you cannot possess the eternal ideal world and own the heavenly kingdom. (91-173, 1977.02.06)

38 The spirit world is the internal world and the physical world is the external world. The world of the mind is the internal world and the world of the body is the external world. That is where the boundary is. It is so deep it appears black. The distance between your mind and body is equal to the distance between God and this world. The providence of restoration has been carried out for six thousand years to unite the worlds of your body and mind. The more the body and mind are united, the more the boundary can be eliminated on earth and what has been sown on earth can be reaped. In this way, a cosmos in which the spirit world and the physical world are united centered on God is brought about. That is why the arena where God seeks us out and we seek God is not in the world; it is within us. Our body and mind are the base for that. (072-158, 1974.06.09)

39 It is a principle that a perfect minus automatically gives rise to a perfect plus and that a perfect plus automatically generates a perfect minus. This is a principle of the creation of the universe and a law of existence. If we live properly on earth according to this principle, then the spirit world becomes connected. The problem is that this is the first time in history that this has happened. Spiritual problems are only resolved when they are dealt with on earth. However, each time this happens, indemnity must be paid. You do not understand what this historical time is or how to deal with this global era, but I know and I have taken responsibility for the way of indemnity alone, in front of history and the universe and before the spirit world and the physical world. Because I know when indemnity is required, I also know clearly what happens in the spirit world and on earth when the indemnification process breaks down. (131-226, 1984.05.04)

40 One hundred years on earth is just a moment. The fallen people living in this world live their lives believing that this world is the best there is. They do not know anything. They are like an unborn baby in the womb. When you come to know God, you should live your life in such a way that when you go from the earthly world to the spirit world you will become a cell of love and one with the activity of love. (519-215, 2006.03.04)

41 Life on earth is for the sake of the perfection of the spirit world. The spirit world is the place where our spirit selves will eventually live. If our spirit self fails to accomplish a model standard in the flesh on earth, and if our spirit and flesh cannot experience love on earth, we will not be able to breathe when we go to that world. On this earth, our mother breastfeeds us and we receive love from her. We are loved by our parents and our siblings. It is similar in the spirit world. Our spirit selves are meant to go there and be embraced in the bosom of God, our original Parent, receive love from Him and live at the center of His love. To do so, we first need to be able to experience love through the five sensory organs of our physical body during our life on earth. We live our life on earth for the sake of our complete maturation and so that we can enjoy total fulfillment in the spirit world. (308-125, 1998.11.21)

42 The spirit world is our homeland. It is our original homeland. This earth is the original homeland of our bodies and the spirit world is the original homeland of our minds. The place we will go after this is the spirit world. That is why we need to train ourselves to be able to live there while we are still on earth. Only then will we encounter no difficulties when we go there to live. (207-072, 1990.11.01)

43 The earth, not the spirit world, is the place to achieve perfection. It is possible to reach perfection on the earth, with true love as the center. It is not possible in the spirit world. This is why you need to have children. They are the ones who will become the citizens of the kingdom of heaven. They will become the citizens of the ideal heavenly kingdom. So you need to have many sons and daughters. The original ideal necessitated twelve directions. Therefore, I want the ideal of twelve directions. (217-130, 1991.05.12)

44 Love is something you cannot forget. As the very root of life, love is always with you, even when you are working and whether you are asleep or awake. In living your life, you need to think about God and True Parents. By doing so, your mind and body can stand in a realm of peace, stability and satisfaction. A person who has led such a life will continue to do so even after going to the spirit world. On earth you expand your internal life. That expanded internal life comes to the surface when you go to the spirit world. Because love is internalized, it is as if we and God are cells of the same body. The spirit world is a world in which you yourself become one of those cells. When you attain such a level, God will definitely come into your mind. It is a world where you live together with God. (218-128, 1991.07.14)

Section 2. Life in the Spirit World

1 Just as God the Creator made all sorts of things based on His concept of true love, in the spirit world we too can create anything by exerting our original power based on love. Based on love, when you desire this or that, it will appear in its finished form. If you say, “Let such and such a tool appear!” it will be created at once. How wonderful is that? And when you have tens of thousands or millions of people present at a banquet hall and you wishfully think, “I will prepare such and such kinds of food,” the meal will appear without a hitch. If you wish even for a suit of gold, one will appear instantly. (217-293, 1991.06.02)

2 Because the spirit world transcends time and space, you can travel billions of miles in a second. That vast world exists beyond time and space. You can look back a thousand or even tens of thousands of years. What would you wish to see? Whom would you wish to meet? If you are a man, you would want to meet your wife, and if you are a woman, you would wish to meet your husband. (209-017, 1990.11.24)

Life in which thoughts become reality

3 In the spirit world, when you think, “I want to do such and such a thing,” it actually becomes a reality. That is why in the next world whenever you wish for something with an earnest heart of love, it is made possible. It is a place where if you desire to make ten million beautiful outfits and dress your loved ones in them all at once, you can actually do that. If you want to dress your beloved in clothes woven of gold thread, that clothing will appear just as you imagined it. It will appear right before your eyes. And when you think, “I want to wear the same thing!” you will already be wearing the same clothes. Then all spirits in the heavenly world will dance to the one-two-three, one-two-three rhythm of a waltz, and a banquet will be held in heaven. This spirit world of glory is where the people with the greatest love can go. It is an amazing world. All created things become our objects of harmony in that glorious place. (215-109, 1991.02.06)

4 Everything sustains its life through cyclical movement. That which no longer circulates returns to the earth. What kind of being is God? God is like the mind of the existing universe. Now, you know who God is, do you not? In fact, He is the mind of the universe. Can you see your mind? The spirit world is a world of life where the mind manifests as form. It is a place that transcends time and space. In the spirit world you can freely eat whatever you want. There is no need to worry about food or water. There is no need to worry about what to drink or what to wear. It transcends everything, be it food, clothing or shelter. Would you need a car there? Would there be car factories, food factories or clothing factories? There would be no such things. In the spirit world you can go back and forth covering billions of miles in an instant. You can do so with the power of love. If you wish to see someone you love, that person will appear immediately before you. (210-226, 1990.12.23)

5 How is life in the next world? You will not worry about what to eat. You will not worry about where to live. You will not worry about what to wear. This is because, according to your spiritual state, everything you wish for will become possible. We will eat in the next world too. We will also be able to feel the flow of our blood and the beat of our pulse. It is the same. Though we will have spirit bodies, they will work the same way. When I say I want to eat something, it will appear at once. Whatever you want to eat, when you say you want such and such a thing, it will appear right away. Where do these things come from? The spirit world is the world where we will be able to mobilize the original world, the world where we can work actively on our own initiative. It is thus not power, knowledge or money that gives us the authority to mobilize anything. It is love. (194-042, 1989.10.15)

6 In the spirit world, food, clothing and shelter are not a problem. You can do as you like with regard to them all. When you stand in the realm of oneness of love in the position of God’s object partner, you can do the things that God does. You can do anything. You can transcend billions of years in an instant. Love moves at an extraordinary speed. When you visit the place where your loved one is, it will take no time at all. You can come and go in a flash, so you can instantly meet your object partner of love. There are no obstacles in this absolute realm. It is a world that goes beyond limitations and transcends time and space. Such an infinite world has been prepared for humanity. (259-058, 1994.03.27)

7 What will you do in the spirit world? Will you try to earn money there? Will you need clothes and a house? Everything you want will be instantly provided. The spirit world is a place in which you can resolve everything at your own level. If you desire something and order it to appear, it will appear right away. However, if you ask for something just for yourself, it will not appear even if you cause a huge commotion and uproar. Conversely, if you speak from the position of the heavenly prince who loves God and loves the world and say, “I need it to attend the King,” everything will appear instantly. The spirit world is a world in which anything imaginable is possible. (129-101, 1983.10.01)

8 Would Adam and Eve have paid for the food they ate in the Garden of Eden? It was all free. Because God, who created the environment and everything in it, bestowed infinite value upon human beings, when we go to the spirit world we are naturally provided with things of infinite value. The spirit world where God dwells is our original homeland. We do not pay for the food we eat there. We will be provided with everything, beyond our imagination. (263-079, 1994.08.21)

9 You have no idea how immense the spirit world is. It is an infinite world that transcends time and space. If you call out, “Whoever lived on earth with such and such a heart at such and such a time before coming here, show yourself!” that person will appear in the twinkling of an eye. It is a world in which intuitive feelings become real. If you say that you wish to host a banquet for a million people at once, it will not be a problem. Food and fruit will not pose a problem. They will appear instantaneously according to your wishes. There are no kitchens there. You do not need to worry about anything in that place. There are no food-processing plants or car factories. There are all kinds of flowers. You can create your own house in any way you like, corresponding to the level of your heart of love. (224-106, 1991.11.23)

10 Nothing can stop our activity in the spirit world. Everything is connected. That world transcends time and space, so people who lived eons ago can be with you. Everyone can appear young; they can appear any age they like. You can meet anyone freely as you wish, so explanations and excuses will not be necessary. You will know everything at a glance. You will know right away whether someone is ranked below, beside or above you in love. When you meet men who were grandfathers in past ages, you will know their rank of love right away. Those rankings are absolute. Highly ranked people naturally stand in a place that matches their rank; they do not act carelessly. It is different from the physical world. (194-133, 1989.10.17)

Your earthly life determines your place in the spirit world

11 When you go to the spirit world you will find that your life has been recorded one hundred percent in a spirit world “computer.” Everything that has been recorded will be revealed. The conscience is like a computer’s hard drive, the contents of which will be exhibited in the eternal world. Everything is contained in it. With the click of a button, all the recorded details of your life, starting from when you were a baby being held and breastfed by your mother, will be known through the images of your mind. Every day, that computer is recording your life in order to carry out a complete appraisal of your being. The day this appraisal happens is the day you die. No one can tell a lie in the presence of that all-powerful computer that appraises people. The images in the spirit world appear as a world of shadows. Everything is recorded. (246-189, 1993.04.16)

12 You cannot deceive your conscience. It records everything about you as if on a videotape. The detailed record of your life is assigned a number and stored in the spirit world. Someone will receive you and guide you when you go to the spirit world according to the brightness of your spirit. After you are ushered in, your number will be pressed and everything will be shown right away. Everything from the time of your birth to that moment will be revealed in an instant. It cannot be helped. Your conscience will weep bitterly. The ratio of your good versus evil thoughts, words and deeds will determine whether you end up on this or that side of the boundary between heaven and hell. The spirit world does not move at random. It is a mathematical world. It moves according to logic. God is the King of scientists. Heaven is not operating arbitrarily. (284-024, 1997.04.15)

13 Whether human beings like it or not, as fallen descendants of Adam and Eve we each have to surmount the steep pass of indemnity even at the risk of death. No one can avoid this. You must traverse this path. If you go to the spirit world without going through this in your lifetime, there is no way to know how many millions of years it will take you in the spirit world. There is no indemnity in the spirit world. Since it is a liberated realm of perfection, it is filled with the waves of love. There is no indemnity or re-creation. There is no reproduction either. Since there are no such opportunities, once you are fixed in a position, that is the end of it. Knowing these things, God sent the Messiah to the earth. There still remains the path of indemnity through the eight stages of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. You cannot, however, go through that path all at once. That is why God has led history through the era of indemnity on the individual level, the era of indemnity on the family level, and then, passing through the four-thousand-year history of Israel, all the way to the era of indemnity on the world level of the Christian cultural realm. (229-245, 1992.04.12)

14 In the spirit world love comes first. Our foremost wish is to go before God, the subject of love. Since I know this, even though I have had to go all my life bearing the cross and shedding blood and sweat, I never worry. I know very well where I will end up. My only concern is that the spirit world is such that once you go you can never come back here. Once you have gone there, you cannot return. In that world, if you come to know things about cleaning your spirit and then try to resolve your issues, it will take billions of years. In that place there is no way to clean up such things. In this physical world, however, there are many difficulties and ups and downs, aren’t there? Even in one day you encounter a variety of troubles, and the more troubles you meet, the more skin you can shed, like a snake. On the other hand, in the next world, the spirit world, though there is the stimulus of love, there is no indemnity that can rid you of your sins, so it takes countless eons to do that. (243-179, 1993.01.03)

15 Losing God is like losing the great supervisor of the entire universe and like losing our own father. That Father is not the one we call father only during the short period of a hundred years or so that we live in the flesh. He is the Father we will call Father eternally and endlessly. For all eternity, when He rejoices, we should rejoice with Him, and when He grieves, we should grieve with Him. This is determined on the earth. That is why the people who have lived their lives on earth in a place where God can rejoice and have upheld and followed the way of principle, the way of faith, can go to the kingdom of heaven, and the people who have lived in a place where God grieves go to hell. We, however, are living in a place where God grieves. These circumstances were brought about through the Fall. (9-136, 1960.05.01)

16 People do not give birth to babies in the spirit world. It is a vertical world. It is a spherical world with God at the center. There is no need to give birth to babies there. Because God needed a horizontal foundation, He created physical human beings. The physical world is a field of reproduction. All citizens of the spirit world will come from this planet. Then why are people on earth practicing birth control at present? This is in accordance with Heaven’s decree that the wrong lineage not be multiplied further. What about the blessed families of the Unification Church? For you, the question of how many citizens of heaven you can multiply will determine your wealth. Your own children are more valuable than spiritual children. Spiritual children are not related to your Blessing. Your position in heaven will be determined by how many children you leave behind. (205-099, 1990.07.07)

17 When your heart stops, it is said you have died. The heart of a spirit self, however, never stops. The root of that heart is God. Because we have received the root of God, as a person resembling God we harvest the fruit of the heart when we enter the spirit world. Then what will it be like when you go to the spirit world? The spirit world is the same as the physical world. Your spirit self is a better and more divine version of yourself. Its senses are more multidimensional than your five sensory organs. On earth, we can feel the pulse of life through the horizontal or vertical elements or through the relationships of up and down and front and back, but in the spirit world that pulse of life will be cosmic. It will be that much greater. (306-261, 1998.10.01)

18 What is the center of all value of life in the spirit world? Among those living in the spirit world, each individual belongs to a certain society. Just like on earth, the spirit world also has families, tribes and nations and is connected to the world. The spirit world is the place where everyone now living on earth, whether they like it or not, will one day reside. From uncivilized to civilized, all sorts of people who came and went throughout history congregate there. However, people who lived on earth cannot suddenly change their nature in the spirit world. There is a saying, “What is learned in the cradle is carried to the grave.” It is difficult to correct your personality problems. So would the spirits in the other world be noticeably different from people today? Would they suddenly change? That is not possible. You are harvested in exactly the same form in which you lived here on earth. All the spirits in the spirit world are, after all, just the spirit selves of those who lived on earth. In this regard, the spirit world is not very different from the world people live in today. (141-268, 1986.03.02)

The life where husband and wife live as one in flesh and spirit

19 If a couple is truly one in heart, when they go to the spirit world, the man can become the woman and the woman can become the man at any time. If you look into a woman, there is something of a man inside, and when you look into a man, there is something of a woman inside. It is very much the same as God’s dual characteristics. Since internal character and external form became divided, in order to return to the original being, they must ascend the ladder of love. As the standard of creation originated from love, one must ascend this ladder to return. In the end, our final destination is to be with God. (205-099, 1990.07.07)

20 Mothers and fathers also go to the world of death. I myself must go there too. For a being created through the organ of love, violating that organ leads straight to death. There is no way to forgive that. We should firmly implant this principle in ourselves. Based on that love, God harmonizes with human beings, and human beings become one with Him through love. In other words, they become God-like. When the divided dual characteristics of God are completely united as one through love, you will see when you go to the spirit world that two people are joined as one. At first glance, you will see that someone is certainly a man—but inside resides a woman in harmony with him. Everything is united when seen through the eyes of love. Even those who are superficially ugly look beautiful, and of course those who are beautiful also look beautiful. (205-342, 1990.10.02)

21 When you go to the heavenly kingdom you must go through a wedding ceremony. Dressed in ceremonial garments, you enter, stand before God and greet Him with love. Husband and wife have a love relationship in front of God. When they make love, God Himself rejoices. At the same time He envelops them from the vertical position. Not only the feelings of the horizontal couple but those of the entire universe flow and intoxicate them. They thus enter an unimaginable world that is like a kaleidoscope. When they love, something amazing happens: two invisible streams of energy come together and unite completely as one and are assimilated in the world of light. This way of life is brought about with true love. (306-218, 1998.09.23)

22 When you go to the spirit world, you will see that there is not only the Heavenly Father but the Heavenly Mother. Can a living being come to exist without both a mother and father? Just like that mother and father, behind Adam and Eve you can find God, who has been divided and then united as one. That is why the way to heaven comes through the mother as well as the father. If this ideal had come to pass, who would have been the central figure in the spirit world, the kingdom of heaven in heaven? When your mother and father, who lived here in substantial form, went to the next world, they would have become the king and queen of the eternal kingdom of heaven. (90-196, 1977.01.01)

The coexistence of good and evil spirits

23 The spirit world can be divided into two: the good spirit world and the evil spirit world. Spirit world really exists, even though people living on earth do not know it. Even in the spirit world, good and evil spirits are fighting each other. There are battles even in the spirit world. Evil spirits are connected to Satan, and people living on earth today are living in the realm of their rule. Why is that? Regardless of whether they were good or evil, all our ancestors passed away to the spirit world. Good spirits stand on the good side only because they have set the condition while living on the earth of having separated themselves from the fallen world. But from God’s point of view, they cannot stand in the position of perfect goodness. On the way toward God’s original ideal world—an ideal realm of goodness to which original humankind can go— good spirits are trying to advance and evil spirits are blocking the way. The evil spirit world and evil earthly world are connected at all times. They are in constant communication. Good spirits are those who on earth were confronted by the evil world and who faced opposition in their lives but surmounted it before passing on. They are the spirits who passed away as religious believers. (134-009, 1985.01.01)

24 Since all kinds of people are gathered together in the spirit world, including those who killed and those who were killed, sometimes such things as knife fights and vendettas break out there. This is why there are so many divisions and barriers blocking the way to the ideal. Evil spirits sometimes go to their enemies' descendants on earth and cause them to have fatal accidents. All such resentment must be resolved. In order for this to happen, they must first be resolved on earth. To do so, you need to provide a better option. Unless you give such spirits a better way than that which brought about the enmity— something nobler than killing in retaliation—they cannot be appeased. (191-205, 1989.06.24)

25 The spirit world is the storehouse where our numerous ancestors from throughout history reside. It is where the countless people on earth today and the myriads to come in the future will all go and live. In the spirit world there are good and evil realms. If everyone died and went into oblivion, then that would be the end of the story. However, if the spirit world gathers all of humankind with at least some ability to relate with God, then the spirit world is inevitably divided into two parts: that of goodness and that of evil. The question arises as to what the evil part is and what the good part is. God would wish for the good and evil to harmonize in both the spirit world and the human world. Therefore He will pursue the way for both sides to reach the fulfillment of their purposes, and at the same time fulfill the purpose of the whole. (126-083, 1983.04.12)

26 If the fruit of love had been harvested and stored in God’s warehouse, heaven would have been secured. We would have become the family, nation and citizens of heaven. But instead this fruit went bad midway and fell to the ground. Thus we became the family and citizens of hell. This tragedy is called the Fall. In other words, we fell. We have to acknowledge the fact that the place we are living in is the hell we have fallen into; this cannot be logically denied. Even if we hate to do so, we need to acknowledge these two facts: that we are fallen and that we are living in hell. We were supposed to bear the fruit of love and go to the storehouse of the kingdom of heaven, but instead we are rotting in the warehouse of hell because of the Fall. (282-016, 1997.02.16)

Section 3. Angels and the Angelic World

1 We know that God created the angelic world as well as the human world. Then what kind of world is the angelic world? Only when people become like fragrant, beautiful flowers and bear fruit will the sweet home of love finally be completed. All life force starts from there and all living beings will be able to harmonize there. People are the origin of this harmony. If, centered on such people, the angels of the heavenly host had formed an internal realm of harmony where they, like butterflies and bees, could interact with human beings, then the world would have become a flower garden of harmony. There, God, people and angels all would have rejoiced. All created things would have been immersed in love and a spring feast of love would have begun. (31-124, 1970.05.03)

2 Adam and Eve, the archangel and God were in the Garden of Eden. The archangel was supposed to take responsibility for and nurture Adam and Eve until they received the Blessing. That was his mission, but he fell. This means his thoughts became consumed with himself. God’s creation, however, is built on His ideal; it has nothing to do with the archangel. Because all things were created in accordance with God’s Will, they were created based on God’s own thoughts. The values, contents and purpose of all things lie in bringing joy to God. Their purpose was not to bring joy to the archangel; the center of their purpose was God. However, God alone could not complete His purpose. God wished to perfect the purpose of creation revolving around Adam and Eve. In His own heart, therefore, God could not help but incline toward Adam and Eve rather than the archangel. Look at a baby. If it sees its mother embracing any other child, it wants to push that child away. This is the case even for an infant who knows hardly anything at all. Similarly it stands to reason that the archangel felt a similar jealousy. In summary, Adam and Eve must become perfected and complete God’s purpose, the purpose that will bring Him joy. This has nothing to do with the archangel. The sole mission of the archangel was to protect and raise Adam and Eve, to help them receive the Blessing and form a family. (250-061, 1993.10.12)

3 In Eden, the archangel fell and became Satan, so it came to be that there no longer was an archangel in Heaven. Therefore, Heaven has endeavored to find and establish a being that can take the place of the archangel and be equal to his mission. This being must be stronger than anything in Satan’s world, which extends from the spirit world to the physical world. First, a person representing the archangel must be found. This replacement for the archangel should not be a person who is less capable of fulfilling the archangel’s mission than the being that became Satan. A being similar to the central archangel must be put in place, someone who can defeat and subjugate the fallen Satan and pledge greater loyalty before Heaven. This global representative of the archangel—that is, the central representative who can overthrow Satan- must be established on the foundation of a certain connection with Heaven. This is not something that can emerge all at once. This authoritative power must be gained through a path of much suffering that separates that power from the evil environment and all evil influences. Going beyond the realm of the individual to the family, tribe, people and nation, Heaven has no choice but to carry out the providence of attaining the victorious realm of the archangel on the foundation of at least one nation. (50-192, 1971.11.07)

4 The archangel seduced Eve. To fulfill the historical providential mission in the archangelic realm, it is therefore not enough for only the archangel’s representative to be perfected. Because the archangel took Eve away and made her fall, that is, because he dragged her to the evil archangelic realm, the good archangelic realm must prepare to return Eve. Since Satan took Eve away and usurped the position of the first human ancestors, a person in the position of the archangel on Heaven’s side must fulfill the mission of negating this process and prepare a bride. In place of Eve, who betrayed the Will of Heaven, a bride who can inherit Heaven’s Will must be prepared. When this bride is prepared and when the bridegroom also appears, everything within the archangelic realm must be returned together with the bride. By seducing Eve, Satan took everything away from Adam and God, so the archangelic realm on Heaven’s side is in a position where it must return all that. (50-194, 1971.11.07)

5 Originally Adam and Eve should have ruled over the angels with God as their center, but this was reversed and the angel came to control Adam and Eve. This is why indemnity is carried out through the second son, who represents the side of Adam or God, by having him win over Cain, who represents the side of the archangel or Satan. Because Abel stood in such a position, God accepted his sacrifice gladly. Knowing that Abel had returned joy to God, Cain should not have felt sorry that God did not accept his sacrifice. He should have loved Abel and approached the presence of God through Abel. If he had done so, the foothold for the providence of salvation would have been established right then and there. Cain, however, felt overwhelming resentment at Abel’s receiving love from God, and beat his brother to death. In the end, just as the archangel dominated Adam, so Cain, who stood in the position of the archangel on Satan’s side, struck and killed Abel, who stood in the position of Adam on Heaven’s side. Here we can see the fruits of both spiritual and physical sin manifested. (53-202, 1972.02.21)

6 The innumerable Christian spirits, that is, the countless spirits connected with Jesus, should be in a position to fulfill the mission of the archangel before the coming Lord. What is this mission? It is to pave the way for Jesus to confront Satan spiritually and bring him to submission. Just as John the Baptist blessed Jesus in the Jordan River and thereby bequeathed everything to him, so the spirit world needs to bless the coming Lord. Otherwise we will not see the beginning of the providence on earth. This is why the path that Christians have tended to follow has been to abandon the physical world and concern themselves only with spiritual matters. To Christians, the physical world has not so much importance. (50-205, 1971.11.07)

7 There have been many people of faith until now. They all say they are the ones who move this world. It is the same as when John the Baptist and Jesus proclaimed, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Then what do these words, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,” mean? What is different between the proclamation of John the Baptist and the proclamation of Jesus? One is external and one is internal. One is of the angel type and one is of the Adam type. Adam inevitably must appear with the assistance of the archangel. This is because when God created Adam, He did so with the assistance of the archangel. In addition, the archangel had the mission of protecting and raising Adam. The ones who are supposed to carry out this mission today are the Christians and the many people of faith who have become enlightened. Such people are spread out all over the world. Among them, there is one person who can carry out this global mission. Jesus lost his body because of the archangel. He died because of the archangel. That is why the person who can complete the mission of the archangel on the global level has no choice but to go over the summit through which the death of Jesus can be indemnified. For such a person to be born, his family necessarily must go through a history of suffering. (46-204, 1971.08.15)

8 For thousands of years since the time of Jesus, various religions in charge of the mission of the spirit world have continued to engage in the battle to create the substantial archangel who can serve Adam as their representative. To create this substantial archangel—a person like John the Baptist—the world was mobilized, in particular Christian believers. It is said that in the Last Days the Holy Spirit will pour out on us like water. But this does not mean spirits will come to earth and alter people by pouring themselves into their bodies. Nor does it signify the appearance of an immature Adam, that is, a person like Adam before the Fall. The spirit world has been endeavoring to create a person like a restored John the Baptist. (46-204, 1971.08.15)

9 At the Second Advent, the Cain-type spirits in the angelic world have the mission to expel Satan from this world. After that, the Abel-type spirits in the spirit world have the mission to carry out a movement to integrate the religions of goodness on earth. Because evil fortune will gradually disappear on earth as time goes by and because the good spirits have the responsibility to root out all the minions of the one who fell from the position of the archangel, the power of Satan on earth will disintegrate and decrease at a faster and faster rate. (158-131, 1976.12.26)

10 If you wish to go to the kingdom of heaven, you must obtain a document of surrender from Satan. Without getting a document that proves you have loved even Satan, you cannot go to heaven. That is why the Unification Church works the way it does. Even though we could treat those who oppose us as enemies, we have to love them, which is an astonishing way of doing things. We have to love our enemies. We have to pray that they receive blessings. There is no other way. Unless Cain and Abel become one, there will be no restoration and we will not be able to return to our Parents. (48-317, 1971.09.26)

11 Even if the fallen archangel accuses God, because God is still God the archangel has no choice but to follow the laws He established. God is the Absolute Being. Therefore, although the archangel has fallen, God still has to govern all created things in accordance with the laws and rules He established. This means that however God intended to relate to the archangel before his fall, God has to continue to relate to him that way after his fall. That is why the archangel says to God, “You are supposed to love me until the perfection period and beyond.” (52-087, 1971.12.22)

12 Satan accuses God, grabs Him firmly and holds on, saying, “I know You are God, the eternal and immortal subject being and the great supervisor of the Creation of heaven and earth. You are the original being of truth, the original being of love and the original being of principle, so in accordance with Your laws and principles, You cannot change. For this reason, even though I have fallen, do You not have to practice the principles You established? So as a being of principle, You have no way to bring Your sons and daughters to the original ideal world without loving the fallen angel. The plan You made for me, the archangel, before the Fall is that Your children cannot enter the heavenly kingdom unless they love me and You Yourself love me. Even though I have fallen, You still must follow that principle. Therefore You should love me. If You do not, You cannot be the true God.” (129-215, 1983.11.05)

13 Satan is the enemy who violated God’s love. He is a thief who entered the house while the parents were asleep, murdered the father and raped the mother. So who is Satan? He is the enemy of love who violated God’s beloved Eve, God’s partner in substantial form. We need to have a heart that is able to offer the daughter we love to an adulterer such as that and still bless him. You cannot love the enemy merely by forgiving him. Would Satan thank you just for that? We must have such a heart that we are able to bless our enemy even after giving him the person we love most. This is the last crucial condition we need to accomplish. (34-279, 1970.09.13)

Section 4. The Path to the Kingdom of Heaven

1 You represent the history of the resurrection of your ancestors. In a sense you are their bodies and you wear their faces. How long is this history? Some say it is hundreds of thousands of years. In the end, the purpose of the long, arduous course of history has been to give birth to one person, which is each of us. To create one such person from, say, the Kim family, countless ancestors came and went. Thus we are the fruits of human history. Do you think a fertile seed will come out of you? Do you think that your next generation will surely become a heavenly fruit? Do you think that a well-ripened Unification Church will come out of your heart? Would it be acceptable for this fruit of six thousand years to fall to the ground without ripening, and become a fallen fruit? Should you say, “Oh no, it looks as though I might fall from the branch. If the wind blows a bit more, I am going to fall. Father, please do not shake me; leave me be!”? There may be some people who are like that. On the other hand, there may be others who say, “Even if Father strikes me with an axe and shakes the branches as much as he pleases, unless the branches are torn off, this fruit will never fall down.” Which group do you belong to? (46-155, 1971.08.13)

The fruits of our earthly life

2 As human beings, we are caught between the good God and His opposite, the evil Satan. That is why when you live your life in pursuit of goodness, the God of goodness is with you, and when you stand on the opposite side, the evil Satan is with you. This is the fate of humanity at present. Therefore, what people need more than anything else is to live yearning for God and seeking for goodness, leaving behind only goodness. By doing so, we can stand on the side of the God of goodness. Otherwise we will end up on the side of evil. Only when human beings absolutely believe in God, who exists centered on absolute goodness, and try to find the way by which we can become one with Him, can our fife’s journey begin from goodness, go through the process of goodness and bear the fruit of goodness. After we have lived our fives to the end and weighed every good deed against every evil deed, if there are more evil deeds than good deeds, we will end up under the dominion of evil. But if there remains even one more good deed than evil deed, we will end up under the dominion of goodness. (57-013, 1972.05.21)

3 If we were to take away one good deed for every evil deed in our fives, each of us would hope that, in the end, what would remain would be good deeds. But our fife’s journey is such that it is more likely that rather than good deeds, evil deeds would remain. What if we were to add up all the people living in the same era, and we eliminated one good deed for every evil deed for each individual? If we found that evil deeds remained rather than good deeds, then the conclusion we would reach is that the people living on earth during that period were on balance not good people but evil ones, and furthermore that this society was not a good society but an evil one. (57-012, 1972.05.21)

4 Good and evil are not determined in your thoughts. Rather, good and evil are determined through your life. Heaven and hell are determined not through the world of your thoughts but on the stage of your life. This is important. When you get on a streetcar and take a look at the people around you, you should be able to tell at a glance which of them is in a bad mood and which in a good mood. Those in a bad mood have less spiritual power than others. But those in a good mood are elevated above the others. If there is a person who has spiritual experiences, you should be able to discern that immediately. You should be able to know at a glance who such people are. Even animals know whether they will live or die. How then can people, who are the lords of all creation, live without knowing about their own lives? We become ignorant because we are engrossed in self-interest and selfish desire and turn our backs away from God, but once we come to live together with God, we will know and understand. (40-294, 1971.02.07)

5 Can you go to the spirit world with confidence or not? If you can go there with confidence, heaven will be waiting for you, but if you go there without confidence, hell will be waiting for you. In any case, you will go there. A well- ripened fruit will go to the storehouse of the kingdom of heaven, and an unripe fruit will go into a stinking trashcan. Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, you need to reach perfection on earth before you go to the spirit world. Thus you need to bear good fruit. You should say, “I will go to the hell of the eyes. I will go to the hell of the mouth. I will go to the hell of the ears.” You need to go through the hell of the five sensory organs to be able to go to the kingdom of heaven. That is why, while you are on earth, you have to see what you do not want to see; you have to smell what you do not want to smell; you have to hear what you do not want to hear; and you have to say what you do not want to say. Even though I know everything there is to know about this vast world and even though I know everything clearly about the spirit world, the path I am walking is the path of hell. I am pioneering a path no one has ever walked before. (292-263, 1998.04.26)

6 When God created all things, He did so through the Word. When He seeks us out, He does so through the Word. If you claim you come from God, then since He sowed the Word, you have the responsibility to reap that Word and reclaim it as our Father’s. The Last Days are a time when we must harvest the ideal and prepare for it to be substantialized. The substance is realized through the Word. Throughout history God has been seeking the substance thus molded through the Word. That was the purpose of the coming of Jesus Christ to this earth. God first showed fallen people the Word, not the substance, because these two must be restored in reverse order. They need to be reclaimed in the order they were lost. Though He desires the substance, He first has to sow the seeds of the Word in the heart of each and every fallen person. Then, based on the Word, we come to complete the substance and form it into a body of life. (5-146, 1959.01.11)

7 When Adam and Eve lost their faith, their substance and their love, their lineage was also lost. Therefore this process needs to be reversed. When Nicodemus came before Jesus and asked what he should do to enter the kingdom of heaven, Jesus answered, “No one can see the kingdom of God without being born anew.” Then Nicodemus asked, “How can these things be?” and Jesus replied, “Are you a teacher of Israel, and yet you do not understand these things?” (John 3:3-11) Because Nicodemus was a teacher of the Jewish nation, Jesus spoke about the most important thing as simple fact rather than speaking through symbols or analogies. He essentially said, “You cannot enter the kingdom of God unless you are reborn.” And in being reborn, if you are inferior to Adam and Eve, you cannot enter the kingdom. When you are reborn, you need to be better than Adam and Eve. This is the Principle. Otherwise you cannot ascend to the restored, original position. (58-043, 1972.06.06)

8 The Fall is the breaking of the connection between the Word, the substance and the heart. You therefore need to know the Word and practice it. In practicing the Word, you need to move forward with the heart of the parents. Only those who have taken substantial action to accomplish restoration through indemnity can be blessed. This should not be done in word only. Speaking, by itself, is not enough. Only by actually carrying out the Word will you become members of the tribe of heaven—in other words, the life spirits of the nation. Then you need to become divine spirits. You must do so and then be registered, thereby finding your way to your own position. This is the course of restoration. Therefore you need to be registered. Once you are connected and registered as a divine spirit, you will not commit wrongs. You are adhering to a law more demanding than that of Satan’s world. Isn't that true in today’s world as well? Can the citizens of one nation be punished according to the laws of another nation? That cannot happen, because they are of a different nationality. When you enter such a realm, the laws of that realm apply to you. This being the case, once you have risen above Satan’s world, you are following a more stringent law. Since you have fulfilled the laws of Satan’s world, the laws of this earth are no problem. This is because you have paid the necessary indemnity conditions. Thus you will not go to hell. (150-311, 1961.04.15)

9 God the Creator is the plus and the creation is the minus. What is it that pulls them? They are pulled by love. Electricity flows between plus and minus on its own, doesn’t it? Human beings are also brought together through love. What happens when you go to the spirit world? You return to God. In the end, you return to God. When you go to the spirit world and call out, “God!” then from the center of the spirit world the answer, “Yes! Here I am,” will come. And when you ask, “Where are You?” from the center of your mind the answer, “I am here,” will come. This is how the conscience and the spirit world form a relationship. (192-268, 1989.07.09)

10 What began from God returns to God. If we say we have returned to God, will there be two bodies? There will be only one. One is the cause and one is the result. That which initiates and pushes something outward is love and that which pulls it back inward is also love. There is nothing else. This is why it is said that the heart of love flows through history. History pushes it outward. Love returns to the beginning. There is no power other than love that returns to the beginning. The life force comes about through the pulling power of love, the power that pulls in. Centrifugal force and centripetal force are also brought about through the power of love. A man becomes a complete divine spirit when his life force is connected to that of a woman through love. For a man and a woman to become completed, the two have to become one. (192-269, 1989.07.09)

The secret to entering the God's kingdom in heaven

11 What has to be done to return to the presence of God? Adam and Eve have to become one. Adam and Eve need to be restored. Unless the fallen Adam and Eve become one, there can be no liberation of sorrow and no salvation. Only when the two are united as one can the parents be restored. Therefore we need to restore them. That is how the Principle works. Why do they need to become one? It is to liberate God. This is the conclusion. Brothers and sisters, you have to love one another and you also have to love your enemy. Without loving your enemy, you cannot liberate God. To liberate God and the parents, you need to love your enemy. You cannot become one without loving your enemy. Then what has to be done after we have loved our enemies? We have to restore the parents. After we restore the parents, we have to restore God. They have to be restored all together. The Fall meant that the siblings, the parents and God were lost all at the same time through an unprincipled relationship of love with Satan. These also have to be restored all at the same time. That is why without setting the condition of having staked your life and devoted it to love for the sake of overcoming this situation you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. (37-256, 1970.12.27)

12 What is the secret to going to the kingdom of heaven? It is to restore the four-position foundation. All sixty-six books of the Bible exist for this purpose. The hopes of six thousand years of history are also pinned on this. The liberation of humankind from sorrow depends on this. The four-position foundation is absolute. You will be in serious trouble if you cannot fulfill it. You will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. If you cannot enter the kingdom, what will you do? In that case, your sons and daughters who receive the Blessing will lament for tens of thousands of years. Will you let such a thing happen to them simply because you did not fulfill your responsibility? If that happens, they cannot be descendants who are completely restored. The spirit world we talk about in the Unification Church is like that. There is no getting around it. (27-261, 1969.12.14)

13 You can never enter the kingdom of heaven unless you establish the four- position foundation and pay indemnity. This is why Jesus has worked so hard until this day. This is why I too have labored to this moment. I have toiled to sort this out. There is no other reason for my labors. It was for the realization of the four-position foundation. At the time of Jesus, the three disciples, Peter, John and James, were necessary as a foundation to establish that. This being the case, from what position can you enter the kingdom of heaven? Since the kingdom of heaven was lost in Adam’s family, it must be restored from within the family. Did Adam and Eve not fall through illicit love? It was at that point that the kingdom of heaven was lost. To restore this, the lost positions of Cain, Abel and Seth must be found and restored. Without becoming the parents in place of Adam and Eve and establishing these three sons, the four-position foundation cannot be established. This is the formula. (27-260, 1969.12.14)

14 This current day is the global era. The white, black and yellow races are three brothers. When you think about this, you may wonder, “Can different races truly come together and live in happiness?” But there is no fighting in the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is a place where you go not according to your race but according to your achievements in love. In chapter five of the Gospel of Matthew, it is written, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” (Matt. 5:9) When you meet the son of God you feel joyful. But when you come face to face with the son of Satan, the longer your meeting lasts, the more fear and anxiety you feel. In this regard, your siblings are precious to you. People who live for the sake of their siblings automatically go to the kingdom of heaven. Wherever they go, they will be welcomed and recommended. Those who live for their siblings become central figures. How can you practice brotherly love that matches the standard of parents’ love and the love of husband and wife? The answer to that question is the secret to realizing the kingdom of heaven on earth. In the end, this joyful giving and receiving is the key to entering the kingdom of heaven. (66-126, 1973.04.18)

15 How is the kingdom of heaven to be realized from now on? To realize the kingdom of heaven, we need to go beyond nationality and national boundaries and love the people of the world whom Jesus did not get a chance to love. We need to love the people of the world. Transcending barriers of nation, race and tribe, we need to love anyone and everyone, be they people from the deserts of Asia or the wilds of Africa, as if they were our own children. If people have the heart to love like Jesus from the position of an elder sister or younger brother, then they are equal to Jesus, the Son of God. And the world where such practice is universal is the kingdom of heaven on earth. Only when we go forward in such a way, again and again and again, can we enter the kingdom of heaven. Otherwise it will be impossible. (41-256, 1971.02.16)

16 We need to enter the kingdom of heaven. You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven without going through the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. From the very beginning there has been a path to the kingdom of heaven, but up to this point not one person has entered. This is because there has not been one person who could subjugate Satan at every stage, going through the way of the cross from the individual level to the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation and world, thereby establishing the foundation of victory. Because Jesus could not establish such a victorious foundation when he came to earth, he too was unable to enter the kingdom of heaven and until now he has offered his prayers from paradise. (13-263, 1964.04.12)

Preparing a certificate with which to enter the kingdom of heaven

17 Since the Fall took place not in God's presence but with Satan as the subject, we need to subjugate Satan in order to free ourselves from the fallen realm. We have to be able to say, “Satan, you rogue! Since I am where I am now because I united with you, I will subjugate you and return to God!” If you do not obtain the certificate that states that you subjugated Satan, you cannot receive God's love. Jesus too prevailed over the three great temptations. We cannot enter the kingdom of heaven without obtaining Satan’s signature confirming that we were historically victorious. No matter what it takes, we must obtain Satan’s signature. When Jesus overcame Satan’s three great temptations and triumphed, Satan acknowledged it in tears, right then and there, and said, “You are eternally different from me.” (24-337, 1969.09.14)

18 Jesus inherited the heavenly kingdom, but he did not inherit the world. Then who inherited the world? Cain did; so the world is Cain’s country. For this reason, Abel has to inherit the heavenly kingdom, and he should also receive a certificate issued and guaranteed by Cain’s world. To go to the kingdom of heaven, you need to obtain a certificate from Satan. Fallen people are bound by these two principles. Since they have not been resolved, history has been prolonged and repeated through the past six thousand years. But now we have come to understand this. In the Bible it is written, “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” (John 8:32) As we now know the truth, we have to love, even if we have to clench our teeth. To what extent must we love? We have to love even Cain who is our enemy. (34-278, 1970.09.13)

19 Christianity has passed through a history of seeking the true olive tree while pioneering a miserable destiny with countless people throughout the ages. The true olive tree refers to the Son of God. Once he comes, you need to receive his sap as well as a branch from him. You need to engraft yourself to that branch. When this takes place, all conditions tied up in history—all our ancestors throughout the ages who offered indemnity conditions but were caught by Satan—will be resolved. You must receive the graft on a foundation not of fertile soil or in a warm nest, but in a stony field. This is because you have to receive a certificate from Satan confirming that you have restored the original nature that has never before existed in Satan’s world and also confirming that you can become God’s child. This is not something God can do for you. If it had been up to God, He would have done everything six thousand years ago. (17-124, 1966.12.11)

20 It is not the judge who authorizes a release from prison. Then who can do it? It is the prosecutor who gives permission. Without obtaining the endorsement of the prosecutor’s office, you cannot be released. In this court, the prosecutor is Satan. Without Satan’s approval God cannot say, “You are my child, I will save you!” You have to get Satan’s approval without fail. Have you received Satan’s endorsement or not? You must get Satan’s approval. What does the Unification Church teach? It teaches the way to obtain Satan’s approval. This approval is not only spiritual. You need to receive it as a substantial being of both spirit and body. (17-124, 1966.12.11)

21 Only when you do not go against heavenly law can you enter the kingdom of heaven. If you are barred from entry based on heavenly law, what will you do? Even members of the Unification Church cannot enter the kingdom of heaven if they have disobeyed heavenly law. All who do wrong are caught. You may dream you will go to the spirit world at the level of a divine spirit simply because you believe in the Unification Church, but that will come to nothing. Then what should you do? There is a secret method to be found here. You, the members of the Unification Church, should lay down a victorious foundation. Only then can you stand in the position of the parents. (37-256, 1970.12.27)

22 Now the Unification Church will surmount the global peak. Now no one can destroy the Unification Church, and no one can send me to prison. You should not just be busy with married life and having children. Instead you should be busy preparing a certificate that will let you enter the kingdom of heaven. You do not know when you will die. You may be involved in a car accident and go to the spirit world at any moment. All kinds of things occur. You never know when and at what moment you will go to the spirit world. If the blessed families neglect this matter and go to the spirit world after simply enjoying their lives by themselves, can they stand before Rev. Moon of the Unification Church? Since blessed families are at the completion stage of the growth period, they have not yet reached the global level. Since they are in the completion stage of the growth period, they need to go beyond the world. Since there is such a process, they have to go through it. (146-338, 1986.08.10)

23 Are you busy getting married, busy managing your household or busy making preparations to go to the spirit world? We should lead our lives so as to be in rhythm with the spirit world. All people need to live in rhythm with the spirit world. When you members of the Unification Church go to the spirit world, you will find that the conditions I have taught you are inscribed on the gates and you will be asked certain questions. Everything I have taught you to this day is written there as the conditions of entry. If you cannot answer correctly, you will not be able to go in. You will have to wait somewhere in the intermediate level of the spirit world. In that place you will have to wait for me to arrive in the spirit world. (146-340, 1986.08.10)

24 We need a nation. There are many nations, but the nation we are moving toward is a different one. It is God’s nation. You cannot enter this heavenly nation without receiving a new certificate of citizenship in that nation. Satan cannot accuse those with such certified citizenship no matter how hard he tries, through east, west, north and south or through the past, present and future. (148-288, 1986.10.25)

CHAPTER 3 Earthly Life Prepares Us for Eternal Life

Section 1. Eternal Life

1 Throughout their lifetimes people live in their own way, according to their own desires. “Living” refers to everyday life, whereas “lifetime” refers to one’s entire life, that is, living one’s whole life. Furthermore, religious people use the words “eternal life.” Eternal life means not just living a lifetime on earth but a lifetime that continues forever. The way you connect your lifetime to eternal life is important. This is your lifelong responsibility. In addition, your lifetime is determined by linking together your everyday life from one day to the next. (197-186, 1990.01.14)

2 Your lifetime consists of the connected, continuous days of your life. What determines the value of your entire life? It is not determined after you have lived your life to the end. Your daily life, day by day, determines it. Therefore you have to live life well. Living life well entails living the days that make up the entire course of your life in a meaningful way. When you say that you have lived well today, it means that today is a memorable day in your life that you can be proud of. The day you can say you have lived well would surely be the most valuable day in your entire life. If you lived one day that was worthwhile, for your entire life that would remain an unforgettable day. Where does the concept of eternal life come from? (197-186, 1990.01.14)

3 God is the eternal subject being of love and the eternal root of love. It follows that the object partner of such a subject being would be eternal as well. Eternal love means you invest your whole life and forget that you have done so. On the path of true love, even when you have invested your life and know you are dying, you still rejoice and try to invest it again. Then who is the true owner, the true husband, the true teacher, and the true parent? The one who invests his life and forgets he has invested and who tries to live for the sake of others again and again is the true parent, the true teacher and the true owner. Heaven and earth resonate with someone who reaches such a state. The words spoken by Buddha, “Throughout all of heaven and earth, I alone am the honored one,” refer to his having reached that state. When your mind and body are united and you enter heaven’s vast and infinite realm of love, you see that the entire universe brightens up. In other words, the realm of resonance opens up. However human beings, who were supposed to have eternal life, fell and lost their spiritual life. Had they been united with God in true love and connected to His life and lineage, they would have automatically attained eternal life. There would have been no need for a savior. There would have been no need for religion. Our minds and bodies would have been united. (213-080, 1991.01.14)

4 We were created to be the objects of God’s love, the object partners of God, the absolute subject. God deems true love more precious than even His own being. He is the absolute and eternal center of life. His ideal, based on true love, is even more eternal. We are the objects of that love. What are the attributes of love? Love is the unity of a subject partner and an object partner. It can unify a nation. It allows you to share any place with God and follow Him anywhere. You can inherit all of His wealth, His eternal life and even His heart of love. You can inherit God’s heart of love, which is with all created things and dwells in the hearts of all people. How precious you are! I went through a miserable course to discover this and I have come to stand on that foundation. What a joyous thing this is. It is a sublime and noble position that cannot be exchanged for anything. It is an amazing grace, whereby I can stand in the same position as God and share the position of eternal true love. This concept of eternal life cannot be found in Korea or in the world outside. I was born with eternal life and am destined to go and enjoy eternal life in the spirit world. It is an instant leap. (216-115, 1991.03.09)

5 We, the object partners of true love of the Eternal Being, exist on a different level from other living things on earth. We live within a restricted space on earth and cannot move so freely, but the spirit world exists on a higher dimension and we can do anything there. We can transcend time. If we have a desire for something based on love, we can obtain it anytime, anywhere. There are no limits or bounds. The place where God resides is the original hometown; it is the original hometown of the parents. It is a place where we can do anything. When we go to the spirit world we will be free. We will become completely one with that world. We will enter it as easily as winking. (216-116, 1991.03.09)

6 When people have completed a masterwork with devotion, they keenly desire to preserve it and leave it to their descendants for many generations to come. What about God? Would He love humankind, born as His beloved sons and daughters, for a little while and then stop? No, He would desire to love them eternally. This is why if we could become perfect and receive God’s love eternally, then God would wish to keep us by His side for all eternity. Because this is the way the Absolute Being receives joy, people must exist eternally, as He does. It is not enough unless they remain with Him for all eternity. If our ancestors Adam and Eve had become such people, they would have attained perfection and all of God’s wishes would have been fulfilled. The perfection of Adam and Eve would have been the complete fulfillment of all God’s cherished hopes for human beings, whom He created as the center of all things. (41-023, 1971.02.12)

7 How can we grasp the concept of eternal life? It is through love. The path of faith is not preparation for one’s life on earth but rather for one’s life in the eternal spirit world. When people pass the age of forty or fifty and the day of their death draws near, they become serious about eternal life. The older people become, the more serious they are. Our ideology fades as we grow older, but when we hold the concept of eternal life, we become more serious as we grow older. Thus in the future only religious doctrine can manage the world. No matter how often our environment changes, no matter what comic or tragic circumstances come our way, we will be able to handle any problem if we have a firm concept of eternal life. God created Adam and Eve as His object partners of love. That is why we need to become objects of love and live as such. It is not enough to just talk about it; we need to actually feel it and experience it. (230-023, 1992.04.15)

8 Before anything else, you need to know God. You need to know without a doubt that God exists. Next you need to know clearly what kind of place the spirit world is. If you do not know about the spirit world, you cannot know about God. Because Adam and Eve lost true love when they fell, we lost eternal life. That is why God, the spirit world and eternal life are the key issues. The fact is, only when people know God and the spirit world and form an eternal relationship with both can they have eternal life. Since God lives eternally, it naturally follows that His sons and daughters should also live eternally. (328-174, 2000.08.02)

9 The most important thing is eternal life. However, people do not know whether the spirit world exists or not. If you came to understand that you would inevitably live for eternity, you would not just live for yourself or commit a sin under any circumstances. If you do not know about this you can never go to heaven, regardless of what religion you believe in. You cannot go to God’s ideal world. Therefore you must invest in true love and true life. (205-261, 1990.09.09)

10 If there is a being who eternally lives for the sake of others in the eternal world, that being will become the eternal owner. Who is such a being? It is God. Since God is our Father, the entire universe is drawn to us. Eternal life can be found here. Eternal life does not exist in a place that is not like that. This is why the Bible says, “Those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it.” (Matt. 16:25) This means that you have to overcome death, for without overcoming death you cannot truly live. (205-259, 1990.09.09)

Our eternal life is determined through the practice of true love

11 When God seeks an absolute object of love, that object can only be human beings. Thus in Korea we have the saying: “Among all creation, the most precious are human beings.” If we conclude that we are the Creator’s objects of eternal love, we can logically say that, as object partners united with that love, we also live eternally. Thus eternal life is the automatic result. An important religious question is how to establish the logic of eternal life based on the relationship of love. Eternal life is not within a man or a woman, nor is it within God. Eternal life is in the love of God. (218-211, 1991.07.29)

12 No matter who they are, all people desire the best. When you reach the highest position, God belongs to you and you belong to Him. Then you become God’s child and you also become God Himself, and the universe belongs to you. If there were something that God created to be loved and treasured, would He throw it away after one day, ten years, or a hundred years, or would He want to keep it for eternity? God would want it to be with Him eternally. So it is with humankind. Would it be good if we were born and then died and that was it, or should we live eternally? People should live eternally. This is because we are the object partners whom the absolute God can appreciate and love absolutely. If God liked us for only one or two days, ten years, or a hundred years and then threw us away, it would not be love. Love is such that the more you love the more you wish to be together. (39-342, 1971.01.16)

13 What must we do? We have to live eternally. Isn’t that good news? We live some eighty years in this evil world. While you may say that there is no difference between the death of an ant and that of a human being, there is a difference. We are different because we are spiritual beings. How is it that we can become the lords of all creation? It is because our spirits do not age. All things can change. Even pure gold can change. The effects of weathering gradually wear it away. The only thing that is not like that is the mind. When it comes to remaining unchanged, the mind holds the highest authority. (159-278, 1968.05.19)

14 Eternal life becomes possible through true love. This is because the starting motive, the process and the purpose of creation are all perfected through love. Results come about through a process. The perfection of the mind and body is possible only through true love. Love is the only thing that can bring to fruition the ideal of the infinite origin, cause and process. Only true love can do that. God exists eternally, not through money, power or knowledge, but based on His intrinsic true love. He cannot experience joy alone. He needs a partner. Even the almighty God is lonely by Himself. He desires vertical, horizontal and front-and-back object partners. That is why it is impossible to walk the path to eternal life without true love, the love that leads to God. (218-134, 1991.07.16)

15 What is essential for eternal life? It is love, love! You cannot live eternally by yourself. Only love can be the basis of eternal life. At the same time, it is also the basis for the accomplishment of a purpose. Since heaven and earth were created through love, we begin with love, we live with love, and in the end, the full glory of love must unfold. We should know that glory comes from love. (25-260, 1969.10.05)

16 When you live in the realm of true love you can go freely to God’s dwelling place, the throne of the heavenly nation. You can become God’s friend. God created humankind because of love. Since He is the eternal God, the absolute God, and the immortal God, human beings who live in accord with love have eternal life. This is only logical. Thus true love is eternal. To attain eternal life you need to live in that realm of true love. (211-273, 1990.12.30)

17 How do you live eternally? Christians say that you can attain eternal life and be saved by believing in Jesus, but that is far from the whole story. You can be saved only through love. From the viewpoint of God’s Principle of Creation, only a true person can be God’s partner in love; hence, if you have true love you can have eternal life. Once you enter that realm of love, even while on earth you can envision your future home in the spirit world. (215-053, 1991.02.06)

18 We need to be conscious that we all live eternally. In addition, we are people who practice true love; we practice that love on earth. Everything we do on earth, even working in a factory, is connected to our eternal life. Therefore we should think, “The work I am doing is training for eternal life and provides opportunities to cultivate eternal life.” You will always need eternal life and true love. You will need them eternally. (216-127, 1991.03.31)

19 All beings exist in pairs for the sake of love. This is to achieve the harmony of love. God first needs eternal life, then eternal love. From this perspective, if God is eternal, He needs an eternal partner. Where in the universe is that eternal partner? We naturally conclude that human beings live eternally based on the pair system. We need eternal life. Why do we need to live eternally? Since we are to perfect the ideal of love through the pair system, and since we need God’s love and perfect love through mutual relationship with Him, thus we inevitably live eternally. (111-109, 1981.02.01)

20 When the sun rises, all buds turn toward it. Buds on plants, on shrubs, even on big trees, all turn toward the light of the sun. People are born from love, they grow up in love, they live in love and they die in love. However they do not just disappear. Since God, the subject being, is eternal, unchanging and unique, when we become His object partners of love, we also live eternally. The theory of eternal life originates from this point. It does not begin from life. (142-145, 1986.03.08)

21 Your sons and daughters are the fruit who represent you. That is why you cannot help but love them. Since God loves us, as His sons and daughters we also represent Him. Eternal life is connected through love. Therefore, you need to live in an environment of love in order to create an environment conducive to eternal life. To attain the substantial realm of love, we need to have a substantial experience of love. (218-135, 1991.07.14)

Section 2. Preparation for the Spirit World

1 Though we live in this world, we know that the spirit world also exists. We also know that this world and the spirit world are not separate; they must be connected. Where will we go when we leave the physical world? We are on this earth while we live in the flesh, but we are proceeding toward the eternal world. People are born, go through the springtime of their life in their teens, twenties and thirties, reach their prime, and go on to old age. Thus their lives come to an end, like the setting sun. However, those who know the existence of the spirit world know that a lifetime on earth is but a fleeting moment, and the eternal world awaits them after death. Our lifetime is merely preparation for the world of eternity. (140-121, 1986.02.09)

The importance and purpose of our physical life on earth

2 At one time or another you will go before God. The path that leads to the presence of God, the path of your destiny, is one you walk alone. Have you ever considered what you would do if, after traversing that path, you were not welcomed by God? Would you wish to be born as an only child, or as the son or daughter of a person who owns nothing? Would you like to be born in such a pitiful situation? You would not. Everyone would prefer to be born into an affluent environment, into a rich family and a rich nation. You would prefer to have the nation welcome you and usher you in from the moment of your birth. In light of this, into what situation would you want to be born when you enter the spirit world? Your fate—whether you will be born into an affluent environment or welcomed anywhere in heaven or on earth—is determined by the short course of your life on earth. (22-318, 1969.05.11)

3 In the future we will come face to face with the next world; that is our final destination. We must be born anew into that world. Whether you find yourself in the situation of a lonely, only child or in an affluent environment where you are welcomed, is determined by how you walk your current path. (22-319, 1969.05.11)

4 Life on earth and eternal life in the spirit world are not separate; they are connected. They are both important, yet people who five on earth today are unaware of the concept of eternal life. They think that only life on earth is important. Even Unification Church members do not understand that the way we live on earth determines our eternal life. Eternal life begins in the present moment; thus you need to be constantly aware of it, in relation to the kingdom of heaven. If you do not understand this, you will go astray. Everything you do now determines your value in the spirit world. The two worlds move facing each other. If the physical world ascends, so does the spirit world, and if the physical world descends, the spirit world goes down too. If one turns, the other does likewise. You have to realize this point during your life on earth and live in a way that enhances your eternal life. Eternal life and the present world are not separate. You cannot grasp this if you do not clearly distinguish between heaven and hell. Therefore you need to feel the importance of both eternal life and life on earth as you work. (217-085, 1991.04.16)

5 You should know how precious your physical life is. Only during this period in your physical body can you resurrect the universe and unify all of heaven and earth. Not even God and all things combined could be exchanged for the physical world. God and the universe cannot be perfected without a human being in a physical body. Therefore the entire cosmos could not be exchanged for a physical body. (91-192, 1977.02.13)

6 Our time in this physical world is very short. Once you realize this, you will not want to waste time sleeping or eating. You will eat while you walk, sleep while you walk, and play while you walk. The more you do so, the more blessings you will receive—blessings that no one has ever received before. Inheriting all of God’s blessings is a historical thing. When you do this for the sake of the nation, your name will be remembered by that nation. (80-226, 1975.10.23)

7 People on earth have bodies, but they face limitations in their physical lives. Spirits, on the other hand, do not have physical bodies, but they live in a world without limits. People have bodies on earth, but the earth is not their eternal dwelling place. Spirits do not have bodies, but they reside in their eternal dwelling place. If you were to list the points of contrast between earthly people and spirits, it could go on and on. And if we were to look at the aspects that earthly people and spirits have in common, we would see that life on earth and life in the spirit world each constitute one half of a whole, and only one half. Then what do the body and spirit need to do to bear perfect fruit? You can bear perfect fruit only when you conclude your life on earth successfully before your physical and spiritual selves separate. On the other hand, when an unripe spirit goes to the spirit world, problems arise. (293-256, 1998.06.01)

8 How important is your life on earth? You live only once. It is a short moment and it comes only once. Compared with eternal life, earthly life is but a point in time. It is a mere instant. You need to rise above your life in the flesh and prepare for the spirit world. Keeping this key point in mind at all times, you need to stand in the center and guide everything and conquer everything in your life. Otherwise you cannot achieve the perfection of your individual self. (207-100, 1990.11.01)

9 If something had gone wrong during your time in your mother’s womb, your life on earth could have been completely ruined. Similarly, if something were to go wrong in the physical world, your life in the spirit world, the world of love in which you live with the eternal Parent, would be ruined. Therefore you need to know how precious the earthly world is. This is where you need to love; you need to love during your life on earth by serving your parents, your siblings and your nation. What kind of person can lead others and bring them into harmony in the earthly world? The one who steps forward on behalf of the parents to care for others, and volunteers to do the difficult tasks, is the one who can become the central figure. Those who have fulfilled the responsibility of an older son or daughter go to a higher heaven in the spirit world. (306-220, 1998.09.23)

10 Things do not happen by chance. In preparing for the future, there is no easy way. However, in considering how to spend his or her life, the person who knows that youth is the time to prepare for adulthood has a bright future. The prime of life is the time to prepare for old age and old age is the time to prepare to go to the spirit world. Our lifetime is a period of training and preparation, a course that disciplines us to acquire a great universal character. (147-188, 1986.09.21)

11 Your eternal life does not begin when you die. It begins the moment you learn about the Will of God. If there were a gap in your life, or you were stuck in one place, even for one instant, your path to eternity would stop. Therefore, when you walk the path of faith in your life, you should not delay going that way and put if off until next year, or the following year. If you live in such a manner, you will die without having lived even one day in oneness with the Will. If you live like that you cannot go to the kingdom of heaven. No matter how good your nation, if you have not lived even one day victoriously, how can you go to the heavenly kingdom? If you have not had even one victorious year, how can you enter the eternal world? These are the questions we must address. (37-220, 1970.12.27)

Training for the kingdom of heaven

12 Life on earth is training to adjust yourself to your eternal homeland. This life on earth is not eternal. It is merely a period you pass through, like your school days. If you fail during this period, you are in serious trouble. Do not become a failure. Instead, achieve success in your family, in the nation and in the world. Once you gain success in the world, you can enter the kingdom of heaven on earth. Someone who has lived in heaven on earth, and was appreciated by everything there, will also be welcomed by everything in the kingdom of heaven in heaven. Someone who has repeatedly invested for the sake of others with love, and has forgotten that investment, will be close to the throne of God on high. Since that person’s nature is like God’s, he or she will stand in the position of His child and will automatically be close to Him. The spirit world is the world of the original homeland, the original home, where God dwells eternally. Since we began from that place, we will return there. (257-052, 1994.03.13)

13 At the time of creation, God’s mind was at peace in the heavenly kingdom because He had provided human beings with the formula for achieving equality in love. Therefore God cannot be accused. The same formula still applies. Who is the textbook of love? You yourselves should be model fathers, husbands, sons and leaders. Therefore I am training the mothers and fathers, then the family members, and then the nation. You are being trained to live in the kingdom of heaven. This training connects the individual, family, society, nation and world. (102-125, 1978.11.27)

14 You need to be trained to qualify to enter heaven in the next world, the spirit world, which is the original homeland. To qualify, an individual, a family and a tribe must become a model of complete oneness, which seven generations of descendants can follow. There should be no fighting among them. They should not struggle with one another over personal possessions. (310-110, 1999.06.15)

15 If there is a family, it should be a happy family and the nation should also be a happy one. There should be no concept of struggle, only harmony. In the heavenly kingdom in the spirit world, harmony reaches the highest standard and you have to measure up to it. The spirit world transcends time and space; as quickly as you think of it, you can travel from one end of the world to the other and back. You can’t imagine how fast it is. Light travels 300 million meters in a second. If in your life on earth you cannot keep up with the rhythm of that world, you will fall behind when you go there. From now on, those who do not know about the spirit world cannot become citizens of the heavenly kingdom when they go there. (519-213, 2006.03.04)

16 If you want to go to heaven, you need to qualify. You need a ticket to enter the kingdom of heaven. You cannot go in freely. In the spirit world, everything about your life is known immediately. There is a computer in the spirit world. Manmade computers are amazing, but the computers in the spirit world can show your entire life in a minute with the touch of a button. You cannot lie. Every detail of how you were born as someone’s son or daughter and how you lived your life is revealed. (250-110, 1993.10.12)

17 Just as your conscience knows everything about your life, every detail of your life is recorded in a computer in the spirit world. When you go to the spirit world, just by entering your name in the computer your whole life is revealed in an instant. Since the spirit world transcends time and space, you can instantly see the record of every detail of your life, right then and there. Thus the conscience is the start button of the computer in the eternal world. Entries are made on the basis of what it knows. All the deeds that have caused you pangs of conscience are entered just as they are. A life that has no such misgivings is recorded as a clean life. Therefore you cannot make excuses when you go to the spirit world. You will see clearly how you have lived your whole life. The earthly world is the training center where, with the knowledge that the spirit world exists, you prepare to go to that world and be ushered in. (256-250, 1994.03.14)

18 To go to the kingdom of heaven you should be able to say, “I am the representative of the Old Testament Age in which Adam failed; the representative of the era of Jesus, who is the center of the New Testament Age; and the representative of the Completed Testament Age, representing the era of completion.” Once the realm of parents has been completed for each of these three ages, Satan can no longer remain. In such a place there will be no more obstacles. When these three ages are complete, the world will have no problems. Satan will disappear and the gates to hell will be opened. A highway to the kingdom of heaven will be laid down. Then families will automatically be connected to the eternal kingdom of heaven. That will be a land of freedom. (302-290, 1999.06.26)

19 If your mind and body are not united, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. Since you have come to know this principle, you need to subjugate your body, even if it means sitting on it and forcing it to do what the mind wants to do. You must attain perfect dominion over yourself before attempting dominion over the universe. You have no idea how difficult that is. The body is strong, and so is Satan’s world. I have fought this difficult battle. In that battle you have to give up everything—your nation and your clan, your mother and father, your husband or wife, even your own body. You must fall down into the hell of imprisonment. If God tells you to go out and pioneer, you should go all the way to hell and start pioneering your way back up. Only then can you become a person needed by God. (412-307, 2003.07.02)

20 When you work hard witnessing and raising funds, why do people persecute and accuse you? It is to help you find the heart that you are lacking. It is to help you find love. It is to help you become people who can love others. Without undergoing such a course of training, you cannot become heavenly people, no matter how much you try. In other words, you should find love greater than that in Satan’s world. Otherwise you cannot go to the heavenly kingdom. Only those who become people of love can go to the kingdom of heaven. At that time, God will be the Lord of Judgment, Jesus will be the Lord of Judgment, and I will be the Lord of Judgment. Therefore you need to practice love. This is the task we face. It is the task and command issued in accordance with God’s law. (103-238, 1979.03.01)

21 You are subject to judgment by the Word. If you do not listen, you will be held accountable. So you need to actualize the Word. If you fail to take action to substantiate the Word, you will face the judgment of substance. There is judgment of the Word, of substance and of heart. You must face these three great processes. First you will be judged by the Word of the Principle. (103-236, 1979.03.01)

We must clear away our sins

22 The Unification Church says that the providence of salvation is the providence of restoration, but is there any way we can avoid that path? We cannot avoid it. We carry the burden of the fate of the Fall on our shoulders. How big is that burden? It is as big as the world and the universe. Therefore, as you live your everyday life you should think, “After all, I will die one day.” When you were born you did not think, “I will be born,” but you were born anyway. Even when it comes to dying, whether you think about it or not, whether you want to die or not, if you try to die you may not die and if you try not to die you may still die. It is not something you can do as you please. That time will inevitably come—the final, fateful moment. That cannot be changed. Therefore if you have anything to indemnify you need to do it before you die. This is the challenge. Because the Fall happened on earth, it must be cleared up on earth. This issue needs to be restored on earth before we go to the spirit world. It will be impossible once we go to the spirit world. (165-061, 1987.05.20)

23 If God’s purpose is our complete salvation, He should be able to cut off our rotten parts. Only then could He be a great God. What kind of God do you wish for? Do you wish for a God who would pat you on the back and say, “Poor body, born into this sinful world, you have suffered so much to remain here this long. You have done well”? Or do you wish for a God who would deal with your body without pity? Which God would you prefer? In His heart, God wants to do away with our fallen bodies all at once. The body is an antenna through which we communicate with the fallen world. Original sin entered the human world through the body. When you hear this, you may be offended. However, those who feel offended must atone for their sins. When the work of atonement takes place on earth, unity will be achieved automatically. Therefore unity is not such a difficult thing. All that needs to be done is to chastise the body. (18-319, 1967.08.13)

24 Everything will be completely revealed in the spirit world. The bad things are revealed first. Only after you have cleared all that up can you enter heaven in the spirit world. Otherwise you cannot enter. Even if your eyes are closed, such things will be revealed and punishment required. Consequently, until you have cleared up all the bad things, you must continue to be educated. You need to be trained. You need to undergo intense training. (287-204, 1997.10.30)

25 To triumph over your body you must completely uproot and overcome Satan. You can go to the kingdom of heaven only after you have overcome Satan. You cannot defeat Satan after casting off your physical body. Since the physical Fall occurred on earth, you must correct it on earth, while you still have your physical body. If you fail to fulfill all that you need to do while on earth, you will go to hell for all eternity. Thus when you triumph on earth and stand in the position of goodness on Heaven’s side, you will go to the kingdom of heaven for all eternity. (65-294, 1973.01.01)

26 The twisted, sinful result brought about when our human ancestors failed to become true parents—the twisted sin committed through the failure to form a true people, a true nation and a true world—still remains before God and humanity. Who can take responsibility for this sin? People who have gone to the spirit world cannot resolve the sins they committed on earth. Therefore, unless someone on earth takes responsibility, the people in the spirit world cannot be liberated. All people living on earth must clear up the sins they have committed before they can go to the heavenly kingdom. Then who on earth, as a representative of history, can clear up the sin that corrupted everything? This must be done by some person, some religion or organization, but the religions and people living on this earth today do not know about this mission. Since only the Unification Church knows about this, we who know should take responsibility. (79-068, 1975.06.01)

27 The history of sin should be cleared up starting with ourselves. If you stand in a position that brings a minus to history, you will end up in hell, but if you stand in a position that brings a plus to history, you will end up in heaven. When you compare the standards of this era to your own, if this era is greater than you, you will go to hell, but if you surpass this era, you will go to heaven. That is how it is. We who have merely followed the fortune of heaven and earth to this day, should recover the day on which we take control of the fortune of heaven and earth. God has continued to carry out His work for six thousand long years, yearning for that one day. Throughout the six-thousand-year course of the providence of restoration, God has wandered around in search of one hero, who can shake off the historical grief that has followed the fortune of heaven and earth, and take dominion over this fortune. (5-272, 1959.02.15)

28 Hell came about because of me, and the kingdom of heaven also exists because of me. The two are divided. Originally, if we had not fallen, such a state of separation would not exist. The mind is on the right and the body is on the left. The people who follow the body go to hell and the people who follow the mind go to heaven. There are two paths. All our five senses have two tendencies. Then what do we need to do? We need to cut off one completely. Our bodies contain Satan’s blood, Satan’s life, and Satan’s love. How can we remove them? We need to extract all of them, which have been sown throughout history. Thereupon, we need to implant God’s love, God’s life and God’s lineage in ourselves once again. Then our eternal life of hope and eternal happiness begin. There is no other way. These are not my words; this is how the Principle works. That is why we need True Parents. True Parents are the root. From them spring the true trunk, true branches and true leaves, and from these a forest is formed. There is no other way, and it is not easy. (207-023, 1990.10.21)

29 The kingdom of heaven begins in the heart. What kind of heart? It begins with the heart that has triumphed over the world. Even if the kingdom of heaven were all around me, if my heart were evil and I could not picture the kingdom of heaven or be moved by it, then that kingdom would be useless to me. The capacity to welcome the kingdom of heaven is not derived from my environment. Rather, it is within me. I, myself, am the problem. (46-024, 1971.07.18)

30 Where is the support beam that can uphold the kingdom of heaven? It is in our environment, but more importantly, it is in our hearts. If you cannot describe the kingdom of heaven in your heart, you cannot be part of that kingdom, even if you are within its environment. Without determination we cannot take perfect action. Perfect action can arise only from perfect determination. The question is, therefore, how much does our mind yearn for goodness? Our yearning is connected to historical goodness; no matter how bloody or tearful a situation we face, we must overcome it through the way of goodness. Even if we must struggle in a lonely situation at the conclusion of history, we will not try to avoid it but will fight our way through it. The kingdom of heaven begins from our resolution and determination to pioneer an unchanging way and to create an environment in which our bodies unite with our minds. In the kingdom of heaven, the mind and body do not act separately. We can advance toward that kingdom only when our minds and bodies are united. (46-024, 1971.07.18)

31 It is very difficult to break a habit. This means that since we have been living in Satan’s world until now, we have cherished the self-centered habit of thinking, “I should be superior to others.” This habit has become fixed. It is more deeply ingrained than your dietary habits. It is based on history. Since the day of the emergence of the devil, our habits have become deeply rooted. So how do we eradicate them? If you tried to dig a pit and bury them all, it would never be big enough. This is a serious problem. To get to heaven, you need to have God-centered habits. (213-020, 1991.01.13)

32 If your insides were filled to the brim with water, would it be clean water or muddy water? It would contain dirt and rocks. If you look at water after a heavy rainfall, how dirty is the water? All kinds of filthy things are carried down rivers. The water in you would be dirtier than that. Think about whether you are any different. Therefore, you need to be stirred up and filtered. You need to go through a filtration system. No matter how difficult it is, you need to look right and left and make your way out through the pieces of dirt. Will this work if you are egotistical? If you are, you will get clogged up. If the water contains clumps of dirt, it will get clogged up and will no longer flow. (97-061, 1978.02.26)

Absolute obedience to True Parents

33 There is only one set of True Parents, on earth and in the spirit world. There cannot be two of something that is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal; there is only one. They are the unique center of the entire universe. Everything is connected to that place. Therefore, they are the center. You need absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience with regard to that center, which is the True Parents. Had the family of Adam reached perfection under God, it would have been the first perfected ancestors of all humanity. Then when the spirit world and the physical world were united, with the family of Adam at the center, that would have been the starting point for the True Parents. (344-307, 2001.05.01)

34 Why do you need to attend True Parents? It is because they represent the spirit world and God. Since the first parent, the second parent, and the third parent have formed bonds of heart and have been brought together in love, by attending True Parents you can gain the qualifications to take part in their victory in the realm of heart. Because of the Fall, everything was divided. We have not become filial children to the Creator of the universe, to the parents who gave birth to us, and to the spirit world. Yet by attending True Parents, we can be recognized as having the qualifications of filial children. That is why you need to follow with perseverance. (105-113, 1997.09.30)

35 The only way to earn the privilege of inheriting everything from God is through the path of love. If a person of true love brushed past you, you would not be upset; instead you would be delighted. Everyone welcomes such a person. The reason I am teaching you these things is to make you people who can go to the heavenly world, people who can breathe with and match the rhythm of the heavenly world. Thus you need to receive this kind of training while you are on earth. Only then will you be able to dance in the place you are meant to dance. Otherwise you will be offbeat. I too will have to go to the spirit world at some point, will I not? Satan will not be able to follow. (147-117, 1986.08.31)

36 When you hear about the spirit world, you should pay immediate attention. You need to attend God and follow in the footsteps of True Parents, who have paved the way to attend God. The path I have laid down was accomplished with great difficulty. I laid that foundation from the desperate position of a living offering. You have no idea how difficult it was for me to establish each foundation, one after another. That is why God and the entire spirit world are telling you to obey me absolutely. I am not someone with whom just anyone on earth can form a connection. You have met me through a special grace. I am doing this to save the world. (329-264, 2000.08.11)

37 I have been consistent in everything I have done throughout my entire life of suffering. The words I spoke fifty years ago are the same as the words I am speaking today. What I am telling you about the spirit world today, I began speaking about fifty years ago. Since then I have continued to follow that formula. Therefore those words will remain eternally in the next world. You need to focus on those words and pass over the summit of suffering. That is why I am telling you to practice absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. In Satan’s world, where can you find such a thing as absolute faith? Absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience are the promises I made to God. You need to hold on to me. Abandoning your nations and everything else, you need to cling to me. You need to practice absolute faith. (330-032, 2000.08.12)

38 God needs True Parents and you also need True Parents. We will enter the era of settlement at high noon only after establishing a global realm of unified families who have the lineage of true love, as the center of the blessed tribe of the spirit world and the physical world. We have to completely obliterate the place where Satan stands. We should live our lives without shadows twenty-four hours a day. If you live and die in such a manner for the ideal of creation, then even if you die somewhere far from home, a tower of God will be built in the place where you drop. (418-182, 2003.09.19)

Living with knowledge of the reality of the spirit world

39 We need to know about God, and next we need to know about the spirit world. Through the lineage of God we have to negate everything of Satan’s lineage that has lasted until now. We need to completely overturn it and create a different world. We need to live our lives with a clear understanding that, just as night and day are opposites, if the lineage of Satan’s world is night, then the lineage of God is day. It is important that we are not ignorant of God and the spirit world. We need to understand that, as sons and daughters of God, we are all one, all part of one tree with one lineage. This is important. That is why we need to clearly know all the facts about the spirit world. We need to decide to which part of the spirit world we will go. If it is the higher part of the spirit world, we need to have expert knowledge about that part. Then we need to live our lives accordingly, matching the rhythm of that place. (338-182, 2000.10.29)

40 We will all go to the spirit world in the future. Though life on earth lasts for only an instant, the spirit world is eternal and unchanging. Therefore, when you go to that unchanging world, you will not be proud of yourself if you are changeable. Why is it that the Unification Church today teaches about the internal condition of all people from the viewpoint of a parental heart? It is because brotherly love or compatriots’ love can change when the situation changes. Only the heart of a parent is unchanging. That is why the unchanging heart of a parent can remain as the heart of the object partner when you go to the next world, and can match the rhythm of that eternal world. Moreover, if there is a natural environment that you have loved with such a heart, then that environment will also remain as an unchanging object of heart. If there were a place you could never forget in your life, it would not be a scenic spot, but rather a place that is connected to you in heart, with an unforgettable story behind it. You would miss that place all your life, and you would remember it all your life. This is because the unchanging heart of genuine love is connected to that place. (23-204, 1969.05.25)

41 You must not be ignorant of the spirit world. Only when you know about the spirit world can you swim through the troubled waters of this world and survive. Heung-jin is in the position of elder brother to all members of the Unification Church, as well as to everyone in heaven and on earth. Everything Heung-jin has given to the spirit world and the physical world as the mediator was made possible by Heung-jin and True Parents. Only when you adopt the words of True Parents and Heung-jin as the absolute standard by which to lead your lives can you become participants in the liberation of the heavenly world and the earthly world and thus become owners of Cheon II Guk. If you do not believe the facts about the next world even after they have all been laid out before you, you have no excuse. Heung Jin sacrificed himself and went to the spirit world to take responsibility for fully mobilizing it to complete Cheon II Guk In the liberated kingdom of heaven on earth. Therefore you should attend him as your elder brother and follow him in place of the parents, the king and even God. Thus you can come to know about the organization of the spirit world. If you do not believe it, you will encounter serious problems. (398-183, 2002.12.14)

42 The spirit world is our homeland. While on earth, you need to live in accordance with the standard by which you can return to the homeland and live eternally. You cannot live your lives on earth as you please, the way people have done until now, in ignorance of the spirit world. By knowing about the spirit world and living accordingly, when you leave this world you can stand before God and connect to the kingdom of heaven. Otherwise it will be impossible to do so. That is why you need to clearly know all the facts about the spirit world. (295-122, 1998.03.05)

43 What will you do in your life? You should leave a legacy of love behind when you go. This is the conclusion. Even if you lived in the center of a tomb of love, you would have no regrets. No matter how dreary your life in that tomb, you would have no regrets if you had lived in love. If we say, “Let us leave a legacy of love behind when we go!” our way of life will remain for eternity. If you die having lived this way, God will bless you, and in the spirit world God will bring His sons and daughters to welcome you. At that time, if there are no rings on your hand, God will put a diamond ring of the heavenly kingdom on your finger and if you are not well dressed, God will dress you in the richest apparel worn by the royal family of the heavenly kingdom. (97-169, 1978.03.12)

44 If you live with your spirit self and physical self as clear as crystal, you will have no problems when you go to the spirit world. You cannot enter heaven if there is any kind of flaw. Therefore your life on earth is important. When you go to the spirit world you will be just as you were when you lived on this earth. There are no exceptions. Your entire being will be transparent. That is why you have to do well during your earthly life. You should offer devotions and engage in self-reflection many times a day, according to a principled standard, living twenty-four hours a day, from morning to evening, in accordance with heavenly law. (294-027, 1998.06.05)

45 The higher spirit world is a place where the people who have lived for the sake of God and the entire world can go. That place is the kingdom of heaven. The heretics of spirit world are people who think only about themselves. For such people there is no future. This is also true in this world. If you think only about yourself today, can you find happiness tomorrow? To be successful, you need to overcome the pain in this hour of this day and prepare for tomorrow. Only those who practice and go through preparatory training today can seize tomorrow. Those who are satisfied with living only for today have no future. From the perspective of the future, it is clear that those who will be honored tomorrow are not the ones who are merely enjoying themselves today. They are those who give of themselves here and now. (66-100, 1973.04.15)

46 The heavenly realms are where one lives in love for the sake of others; where one lives not selfishly, but for the greater good. One who pursues only personal gains regards everyone else as an enemy; this is true even in the spirit world. One who lives for a greater cause, for the sake of the greater good, can naturally go anywhere. One who lives for the sake of the world does not need to live for America. America is included in the world, as is Korea. All nations are included. On our path, what direction can families go to be welcomed by everyone? It can only be the way of love walked for the sake of others. Our way cannot be blocked even in Satan’s world on earth; even that world has to accommodate us along the way. (215-175, 1991.02.17)

47 Why do we need to marry? It is to experience the love of a parent, the love of a couple, and the love of children. Why is this important? The spirit world is a place abundant with such types of love. You need to marry and form a family in order to train yourselves to be in sync with the spirit world. What you have is not yours. It belongs to God. You need to raise your children thinking of them as the children of God and the children of the universe. A husband and wife do not exist only as two selves. They represent heaven and earth. In that state, wherever you go, your sons and daughters will follow you, all things will follow you, and even God follows you. When you can say, “I have become a victorious person with nothing to be ashamed of before this universe,” God will reply, “Yes! Since you have triumphed, I will give you the gift of My love.” (92-182, 1977.04.03)

48 How can we go to heaven? We need to live immersed in the love of God. We need to love Him more than Adam and Eve did, and we need to love Jesus more than Peter, James and John did. Otherwise we cannot restore the object realm of true love in which God can love us. Only when this is restored will all go well. Do not worry about not having money, and do not concern yourself about not having sons and daughters. Just continue to follow this path for ten or twenty years. On the way, you will scale high and steep mountains. You may feel that you are gradually descending, going through nothing but hardships, but actually you are gradually ascending. The Unification Church grows by receiving blows. If there are ten people living in a household, the one who endures again and again despite opposition from the others, and who lives for the sake of the public purpose, becomes the master of that family. In other words, that person will soon become the master of the heavenly nation. (142-289, 1986.03.13)

49 When you go out into today’s world, you will find people who are like your grandfather and grandmother, your father and mother, and your brothers and sisters. So love all the people of the world with the same love you have for your own family. They are not strangers. Become people who can feed others when they are hungry and help them when they face difficulties. You are born into this world, and you need to prepare to live in accordance with the rhythm of love in the next world. (132-273, 1984.06.20)

50 Heaven is the place where unfallen people who have received the Blessing on earth in God’s bosom of love, had sons and daughters that God is fond of and grandchildren in whom God can rejoice, and have received His love, enter all together as a family. The kingdom of heaven is not a place you can enter without your children. Paradise, on the other hand, is a place where everyone enters separately, regardless of the affection they shared as a couple or even if they are parents and children. Paradise has nothing to do with the family. Would such a place be heaven? Heaven is the place where the family attends the parents and where all interaction is centered on God. Could parents live happily in heaven if their children were making an uproar in hell and screaming that they were about to die? Is such a place the kingdom of heaven? This is not what the Unification Church teaches. It teaches the way to liberate hell. (19-105, 1967.12.31)

51 Your life of faith will be easier if you understand that God’s providence is alive, moving along with the history of the earth to pave the path to eternity. Otherwise it is not easy to bring the providence down to earth and make a foundation of faith in our lives. By clearly understanding the limits of our time, we can bring down and settle our foundation of faith on earth. Since I am cooperating with God in this work on earth, the spirit world, where God’s Will awaits fulfillment, can interact with us today, enabling us to grasp the concept of living eternally with God. In our earthly lives we are preparing for our eternal lives. They are directly connected. Unless they are connected, you cannot maintain your life of faith. (198-008, 1990.01.20)

52 What kind of people are those who can enter the kingdom of heaven? First of all, we should be people whose hearts are aligned with God’s heart. If God yearns for the eternal ideal centered on His eternal purpose, our hearts must be one with His for eternity. It is not enough if our hearts are aligned with Him for ten years but then lose that alignment. Our hearts must be eternally aligned with the eternal God. To achieve that, what must we do? We must become children God can be fond of for all eternity. As such children, we should not appear as objects of sadness. Next we must be in accord with God’s body. Here, body means the direction we are heading. While our thoughts represent the central point of the four directions, our body is the expression of the direction we are heading. (47-257, 1971.08.29)

53 Before desiring heaven, we should desire God’s heart, and before desiring God’s heart, we should think about how we should conduct our lives. We first need a heart of attendance. Our original nature reveres and yearns for the sublime and the precious. Even though we are fallen human beings, we were created with the original heart to attend the sublime and precious heart of God. If we have not led a life of attendance based on heart, we have nothing to do with heaven. To live a life of attendance we need to make preparations. After passing through a process of preparation, we need to practice a life of attendance. The place we go, after preparing for and practicing a life of attendance, is the kingdom of heaven. The destination of people who have attended God in their hearts is the kingdom of heaven. Heaven is where one’s life of attendance is praised and highly esteemed. It is our destiny to go there. (8-291, 1960.02.14)

Section 3. Developing Our Spirituality

1 You do not know what great grace and blessing it is that I have revealed in detail the root of the spirit world. At present, not everyone believes in the spirit world. Since there are many disbelievers, those who do believe will receive blessings. They can become the trunk and the first branches that grow out from the trunk. Once the central trunk and first branches of a tree develop, even if that tree lasts for a thousand years, it will grow and develop on the basis of that trunk and those branches. (392-243, 2002.09.22)

Experiencing the spirit world through prayer and offering devotions

2 There is something called the gate of the mind. You will know this when you pray. You get a different feeling depending on the time of your prayer. Praying at one o’clock in the morning is very different from praying at three o’clock. You will see for yourself when you experience this. When you go into a deep, mystical state and pray, you will see that you feel differently depending on the time of your prayer. What you feel in the morning, at noon, in the evening, and at night are all different. The feeling within our mind differs in the same way that our physical senses respond differently to the changes of the four seasons. Therefore, in offering prayers, you should know at which time you can pray well. The time when you can pray well is the time when your degree of correspondence with God is the highest. At that time you will discover the gate of the mind. Once the gate of your mind is in perfect accord with that of God, they revolve around each other and reach a certain level. At that time the path opens up so that you can experience what God feels. To reach such a position, you need to cultivate your mind. (76-127, 1975.02.02)

3 In general, people who are spiritually adept may not have clear perception with regard to the truth. They start out strong on one side, but they are weak on the other side. Since they are not consistent throughout, they cannot make their way forward. At one time or another, they will roll over and fall down. Conversely, if the side of truth is big but the spiritual side is small, that person cannot keep going. Therefore you need to make an effort to balance these two aspects in your daily life. The Bible says to worship “in spirit and truth”; that is, with prayer and with truth. This means you need to reach a level where you can balance the two aspects and harmonize them. Human beings are meant to mediate between the spirit world and the physical world. You therefore need to become people who can mediate by standing at the center of the spirit world and at the center of the world of truth. Unless you become such people, you cannot attain the position of perfection. (76-137, 1975.02.02)

4 When you offer devotions, God’s grace will come to you. Those who have practiced a life of prayer will know this. When you pray, a great and mighty power will come to you. Thus, through that power, the eyes of a person who prays can see in both the physical world and the spirit world. God has carried out His providence through the religious foundation to make a connection between the supernatural realm of substantial ideology and humankind. By stimulating people’s core emotions, He causes them to desire to go to such a realm. By so doing, God is trying to connect us to the transcendental plane. (18-067, 1967.05.21)

5 What Saint Paul saw and experienced in the third heaven of the spirit world became the driving force that enabled him to carry out his mission tirelessly for fourteen years. You need to have such an experience. This also holds true for me. I too have a standard that I aspire to. Though I have not told you about it, I have a non-negotiable standard that dictates, “I will do such and such.” With such a conviction, I plow my way through to the end. With this unyielding conviction, I will plow my way forward no matter what hardships and troubles I face. (27-128, 1969.11.30)

6 We speak of God’s heart. If you wonder where His heart is and you listen while praying, you will hear His voice say, “Listen closely to what Reverend Moon is telling you. Do not make him sad. Make him happy instead.” That is what you will hear, and this is what He will teach you to do. And if you stay awake because you miss me so much, you will find that the spirit world opens before you. The spirit world will open, so that you can sit where you are and see what I am doing in America. Such things will take place. This means you have reached a realm in which you can experience a higher level of faith, where what was previously obscure becomes real and substantial on the physical plane. This fact will usher in a great revolution in the religious world. That is why you need to have such experiences. (76-152, 1975.02.02)

7 You have continued to work from the time you joined the Unification Church until now, but you should think about the position in which you are working. You should think about your direction and your location at all times, and consider whether you are leading a self-centered life or working to harmonize the world centered on Heaven. Thus through your prayer you will come to know that God is with you. You will know this as soon as you close your eyes. You will know it even if you do not pray. When you go somewhere and speak, you will find yourself talking eloquently. If you meet a conscientious person, you will be drawn to that person right away. Everything is reciprocal. If someone becomes your subject partner or your object partner, one of you will attract the other. Even if you are meeting someone for the first time, that person could become your object partner. The essence of this principle is eternal and unchanging. Likewise, if you go to a place with receptive people, you will feel pleased and will be compelled to speak. Even if you had not intended to speak, your mouth will open up. (230-030, 1992.04.15)

8 You need to think about who you are going to meet today along the way. Wondering what kind of person the first person you meet will be like, what the second and third people you meet will be like, you should pray, “Father, what kind of person will it be? I wish to meet a person who is like this, but what kind of person will it really be?” When the person you meet is exactly the person you imagined in your prayer, then you will feel pleased. Through such experiences, your spiritual senses will develop. As soon as you go out on the street, you will feel you are going to meet such and such a person today. The human spirit goes beyond all limits. If you think, “I will meet such and such a person today,” and you actually meet such a person, you will be surprised and will exclaim, “Wow!” In this way, there are many instances in which your thoughts and intuitions from the spirit world actually come true in perfect accord with one another. You need to accumulate such experiences. (30-151, 1970.03.21)

9 The life element of the spirit world is love. It can be likened to the water that sustains the life of fish and the air that sustains our life in the human world. Love is like the air. When your physical body and all five senses are in harmony, you experience a corresponding relationship with the spirit world, through which your cells breathe love, move in rhythm with Heaven and breathe together with God. You need to have faith based on experience and actual feeling. As a husband loves and respects his wife every day through real life experience, so divine love and human love should be harmonized through real life experience. (211-065, 1990.12.28)

10 When the mind moves and the body reflects that motion, there is no consumption of energy. If our body were to block the waves of energy from the spirit world, it would not respond. However, if those waves could pass freely through, our bodies would respond with a kind of vibration and spiritual experiences would come to us automatically. If you have a spiritual experience too suddenly, you will suffer side effects. Therefore you need to experience these things naturally. In the spring flowers naturally bloom on trees, but in order for a tree to blossom, it needs to grow big enough. If a tree has only just sprouted, could it blossom? Would it work if you pulled on it to make it grow more quickly, wishing it to have flowers? If the tree were uprooted, that would be the end. Flowers must bloom naturally. Therefore I am telling you that you should not rush on the path of faith. Since it is the path through which the history of a thousand years is created, you cannot tread upon it hastily. (37-123, 1970.12.23)

11 You need to cultivate the field of your mind in line with the gate of your mind. In order to cultivate this field of the mind and pioneer its direction, you must discover God, the subject. However, you may feel that God, the subject, is obscure. If you want to connect to God, you must focus your mind and set out from your mind, for there is no other way. If you illuminate your mind from within, you can come to know its direction clearly. Then you will follow it naturally. You may have been praying facing east, but once you enter a mystical state, the direction will have already changed. Based on this, there really is a gate of the mind. (76-144, 1975.02.02)

12 In order to have spiritual experiences, first you need to pray. You need to focus your mind. If you can, you should descend to the zero point. What is the quickest way to achieve this? To go to the zero point, the quickest way is to humble yourself. That is why people who practice Zen meditation focus on the question, “What is the mind?” The answer is very simple. As God is the eternal, ideal subject of goodness, the mind can at any time achieve the position of an unchanging object partner in front of that subject being. This is referred to in the Unification Church as the spirit mind. If you go into a mystical state in prayer and engage in a reciprocal relationship with God, then transcendental power appears in you. It is when he reached nirvana that the Gautama Buddha remarked, “In heaven and earth, only I am the honored one.” (76-143, 1975.02.02)

Do not ignore your intuitions or revelations in dreams

13 There are times when we find it easy to pray. There are also times when we find that we cannot pray, even after we have purified ourselves and offered devotions. It sometimes varies depending on the room. It also varies depending on the location of the room. That is inevitable. It varies depending on the location because north, south, east and west exist on the basis of a central point. Further, it varies depending on the direction. Even in the mountains there are places where you can pray well. Also there are places where evil spirits gather. Those are the shady spots. Spiritually, there are shady spots and sunny spots. After several experiences you will be able to know for yourself which are which. Intuitions, dreams, revelations and visions are inevitable phenomena as we open up and develop a relationship with God. Therefore we should not ignore them, but should strive to apply them in our lives. (76-144, 1975.02.02)

14 What is important in your family life? If I appear in your wife’s or child’s dream and teach something, you should believe it. If your daughter receives my teaching, you should believe her words as if they were God’s Word. You should treat that teaching as absolute, creating a family environment in which you can become one with it and follow it. If a husband fails to receive that teaching, then God will surely give the teaching to the wife instead. When that happens, you should know that God is close to your family and should regard your wife’s words as God words. In time you will come to know whether doing so was a good thing or a bad thing. (31-287, 1970.06.04)

15 In Korean there is the word ahmshi, a kind of intuition about something. What do I mean by that? For instance, you may be casually walking down the street and you happen to see a bird that had been sitting on a fence fly away. The fact that the bird flew away makes you feel something intuitively. Such phenomena will start taking place in your daily life. And the number of these inklings will increase. Somebody may say something that seems random to you and yet it may cause you to have a realization about something else. The number of such experiences will gradually increase. (76-130, 1975.02.02)

16 When you pass the stage of receiving intimations, what kinds of phenomena will take place? You will start receiving revelations in your dreams. Such dreams are not the ones you have when you are sleeping deeply. Saint Paul experienced the third heaven while half awake. While you are half awake and half asleep, you will feel the sensations of such phenomena or voices coming through your five senses. You should not let such phenomena just pass by. Instead, you should compile them and analyze them scientifically in order to understand what kind of connection they are trying to establish with you. By doing so, you will certainly grasp their meaning. That is why your unforgettable revelations through dreams, or other such phenomena, will come true one hundred percent. (76-131, 1975.02.02)

17 Whatever people or things you are connected to when you are half asleep will connect to you substantially, in reality. You may be singing with someone in your dream and that song you are singing will not only be a song in the dream but will actually be sung by someone next to you. Such phenomena will take place. What does it mean? It means that you have entered a realm wherein your state of mind can resonate on the spiritual level. You should regard such things as very precious. Then what will happen next? If God exists, where will He appear? He will appear not in the air but through your mind. Why then are you unable to experience such things? It is because your mind has not yet firmly established its existence and you are people who are dragged around by your body. Once your mind has firmly established its existence and a position of a higher dimension of character has been formed, the situation will surely be different. (76-131, 1975.02.02)

18 After you pass through the stage of revelations, you enter the stage of visions. In this stage you enter the spirit world and have various experiences throughout the day. You are connected to such a world. You can reach a state where you feel God in your daily life. Unless your faith is based on such experiences, you cannot apply the great Will of God to your everyday life. Therefore, people of faith without such experiences cannot be trusted. You should know how precious is faith based on experience and develop it. Then the spirit world will work through you. Spiritual power will enter your body like electric power. When this power finds its way into you, which is similar to coming in contact with high voltage, then a power that is stronger than your awareness enters your body; that is an awareness of another world. (76-134, 1975.02.02)

19 To have spiritual experiences, you need to offer prayers and devotions. You should never ignore the visions or dreams that appear to you. The matter of how you can control them and apply them in your actual life, the realm in which you should practice them, is a most important aspect of your life of faith. (76-153, 1975.02.02)

Section 4. Blessed Families and Eternal Life

1 Blessed marriage and eternal life begin from True Parents. They cannot exist without True Parents. True Parents need to resolve these astonishing matters and bring about the unification of the spirit world and the physical world, as well as unity within the earthly world. The world is bound to first oppose me and then follow me. Without going before God and receiving the royal seal, the unity of the spirit world and the unity of the physical world cannot be achieved. No matter how much the earth opposes me, it cannot block the way I am meant to go. The time will come when the angelic world and the spirit world will be mobilized. Ancestors will be mobilized to bring paralyzing nightmares and to grasp the necks of those who do not follow me, similar to what Satan has been doing. (467-121, 2004.09.03)

Blessed families are the key to the gates of the kingdom of heaven

2 After marrying, the moment when a couple first experiences conjugal love is the moment of their perfection as a man and a woman. They reign supreme. The man is the antenna that represents God’s entire plus world, all male characteristics and right-sided things. The woman is the antenna that represents God’s entire minus world, all female characteristics and left-sided things. Their union is like the point at which a negative charge and a positive charge meet, at the top of the antenna. The place where a man and a woman make love is where they achieve perfection as a man and as a woman. The royal palace of love that can settle on earth as the center of heaven and earth begins from that point. Then the origin of love can finally emerge and connect to our life. Our lineage is connected to that place. At the same time, a nation comes forth from that place. The kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven begins from the place where the gates of the first love are opened. (261-017, 1994.05.15)

3 The Blessing given in the Unification Church opens the path that fallen human beings must follow at all costs. No matter how much people oppose it, the Blessing is of great importance because it allows us to connect the spirit world with the physical world. Today most people of faith think that salvation means individual salvation. They believe that if they practice their faith well, they will go to the kingdom of heaven. However, based on God’s original ideal, people are not meant to go to the kingdom of heaven alone. Rather, they are meant to go together with their beloved spouse and their beloved family. (143-235, 1986.03.19)

4 Who has the key to the gates of the kingdom of heaven? Adam and Eve should have had the key to heaven and they should have opened the gates on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. Now that blessed families have been organized, they should be brought together so that the gates to the kingdom of heaven can be opened with the key. This can take place on the foundation of the joint Blessing of the spirit world and the physical world in complete unity and oneness, which has been established on the worldwide level. Thus the kingdom of heaven, which has remained vacant for millions of years since the time of Adam and Eve, can be filled all at once. (316-213, 2000.02.12)

5 You cannot go to the kingdom of heaven alone. You can enter the gates of heaven only after you have your ideal object partner. In order for fallen human beings to enter, they must go through the history of restoration, the history of resurrection, and the history of re-creation. I am giving you the Blessing to open the gates of heaven. By establishing the Blessing, I have opened wide the gates of heaven, which were closed to you. Though the gates are open, you cannot enter by yourself. Only families can enter. In other words, you need to have sons and daughters and enter the kingdom with them. Yours is a historical family with historical fruits and accomplishments. Since God’s six-thousand- year history of restoration went through the eras of the first Adam, the second Adam, and the third Adam, you need to go through three sons, and those three sons need to have their own object partners. Then you can enter the gates of heaven as a family. (152-240, 1963.05.25)

6 Heaven is a place that people from both the spirit world and physical world can enter through the gates of True Parents’ love. If Adam and Eve had not fallen and had entered heaven as loving true parents, their family would have become the model for all families. Thus God’s original model family would have entered heaven. In this case, all families that were connected to the love of the realm of the royal family, inheriting this tradition through history, would be like branches sprouting north, south, east and west from the one central trunk. That is why they all would have entered heaven according to the law of integration. Only in this way can a unified world come about. (231-077, 1992.05.31)

7 According to the principle of the universe, the three stages of parents, couples and children are supposed to unite and form a four-position foundation. Those who fail to reach this standard are expelled from the realm of those who pass, and so they feel anguish. Based on these three stages, and centered on God and on Adam and Eve, the vertical world and the horizontal world can unfold. This reflects the Principle. That is why the horizontal world can unfold only when Adam and Eve have sons and daughters. When the horizontal world grows, the vertical world is formed naturally. The horizontal foundation of the body is the sons and daughters and the horizontal foundation of the mind is the spirit world. From there, God can finally go to both the spirit world and the physical world for the first time and thus the kingdom of heaven can be realized on earth. (96-030, 1978.01.01)

8 What is the Completed Testament Age? It is the age of the settlement of the family, and extends to the settlement of the tribe, people and nation. That is why I have declared the complete settlement of Cheon II Guk. Everything is done now. The spirit world and the physical world will become one. In the spirit world, the paths from hell to paradise and the kingdom of heaven have all been opened as well. However, the decisive reorganization of those places can only be carried out on earth; it cannot be done in the spirit world. Is there such a term as the establishment of kingship in the Bible? Can you find the word homeland there? The Bible does mention the realm of chosen people. Everyone must go through the gates of the Blessing; not even the chosen people can go to the kingdom of heaven without receiving the Blessing. The path of faith should be completely focused on receiving the Blessing. (367-237, 2002.01.22)

Blessed families and the spirit world

9 When you receive the Blessing, the way to the kingdom of heaven opens up before you. But even among blessed families there are people who have carried out fallen acts, so paradise and hell arise in the blessed family spirit world. These realms are within the realm of God’s dominion. Just as good angels helped God in His work, since the entire spirit world is supposed to receive the Blessing, these blessed spirits, in the position of ancestors, assist those on earth. Henceforth, when the descendants of such ancestors are born on the earth, the ancestors are supposed to guide them to receive the Blessing and protect their children of direct lineage. By doing this, along with their descendants, they can cross over to a new world that has nothing to do with Satan. (342-011, 2001.01.09)

10 Couples who were blessed on earth will be together even when they go to the spirit world, which is an eternal world. No matter how many couples and children there are in this fallen world, they are scattered and separated in the spirit world. They are separated, and they do not know where the others have gone. Without a reciprocal connection, they cannot even meet one another. They are all separated in the spirit world according to the state of their spirituality. But as I have told you, if they are united with love at the center through the Blessing, the whole family will dwell together in the spirit world. (250-335, 1993.10.15)

11 When you go to the spirit world, no one tells you to go to hell. You go there on your own. You go to the place that matches your own level. Even in the case of Unification Church members, though the goal is to go to the same realm, where you come to dwell will depend on your spiritual state. Then in what ways are blessed families different? The members of a blessed family cannot be separated from each other no matter how hard they try. When you pass to the spirit world, if the wife failed to fulfill her responsibility, the husband must take joint responsibility and resolve this. Whether the wife has done wrong or the husband has done wrong, or whether it is the sons and daughters who have done wrong, they are all involved. Since the kingdom of heaven is a place where the family must enter together, the family must be united. If a member of that family has done wrong, the whole family must wait until the wrongdoing of that family member can be resolved and atoned for. That is why, one way or another, each family member needs to reach perfection on this earth before passing into the spirit world. (242-110, 1993.01.01)

12 When you go to the spirit world, you have to live in protective confinement. You have to wait for thousands of years. Even in the case of those who are blessed, do you think your sons and daughters will not ask, “Mom, why did you make me this way? Why did you drag me here?” Do you think your sons and daughters will just stay quiet? Your families are at different levels. So you will go to the place that is appropriate to your level and stay there for a long time. Then your ancestors and your sons and daughters will accuse you, saying, “Look at the problems you’ve caused. Why couldn’t you do better?” You will have to stay there for as long as those accusations last. This is not easy. So you should do well while on earth. You should do all that I ask of you. (207-099, 1990.11.01)

13 Unless you advance step by step along the path I have taken to the realm that is liberated and free, and report on my behalf, you will be caught. Otherwise you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. Groups of Cain- type and Abel-type people who fight at the gates cannot enter the good spirit world. Heaven will restrict them. That is why, even if members of the Unification Church have received the Blessing, if they fail to enter the gates of the kingdom of heaven because of their wrongdoing, a paradise and even a hell for blessed families will be created in the spirit world. (469-307, 2004.09.22)

14 If you go to the spirit world after ten years or a hundred years and you say, “Heavenly Father! I have come here. Since I know True Parents, I will go to where they are,” do you think you can actually go there? If you are not connected to the missions of the tribal messiah, the national messiah, the global and the cosmic messiah, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven and live freely. What a fearful and serious position this is! When you think about the present situation, how could you possibly deny and ignore that? (491-323, 2005.03.27)

15 If you live as you please after receiving the Blessing, you are out. You only have a document; you do not have the substance. The kingdom of heaven is the substantial world, so when you enter the spirit world it will not be enough if you only have a certificate without the substance. The same is true for me. Even if I am the Lord of the Second Advent, without the substantial realm of the spirit world, I cannot assert the substantial realm on earth. That is why the spirit world needs to be liberated. (362-038, 2001.12.04)

16 Every day you must know the reality of the spirit world, which is the subject world. In our daily lives, while we are eating or teaching our children, it is regretful that we do not know the reality of the spirit world. This is more important than the record of the lives of our ancestors or the traditions of our nation. We live together with True Parents, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, knowing their actual circumstances. We know the heavenly world and the earthly world. It is the responsibility of each of our families to eliminate everything that blocks us from attaining the ideal standard, no matter what sacrifices we have to make. You have not yet become liberated central families. You are in a position where you need to go beyond your nation and your world. If you fail to do so, you will have to stay at your current level in the spirit world. (382-141, 2002.06.21)

17 The paradise and hell that came about because of Satan’s lineage will be wiped out all at once. Then based on the best, ideal blessed families who are closest to God, the kingdom of heaven of the highest class will be formed. Underneath that, the paradise for blessed families will form. Furthermore, just as there is the middle spirit world for Buddhism or Confucianism, a middle spirit world for blessed families will be created. In fact, many classes will be created. Next there will be a prison for blessed families. But this prison will not be a prison of hell within Satan’s realm. Until now, things have happened in such a way that descendants saved their ancestors. Now that the principled first son’s position has been established and there is no indemnity to be paid, the elder brothers or parents who have sons and daughters or relatives in hell, or anyone they know in the lower places, can go and help them whenever they wish to. They can lay down a bridge. Thus such people can be restored quickly. (329-256, 2000.08.10)

18 The kingdom of heaven is originally a place for families to enter. Have blessed families reached the highest position in the spirit world? Even in the case of blessed families, if they cannot surmount the realm of the eight stages within the fallen realm, they have to stay where they are. This is why, even though all blessed families have been liberated, the kingdom of heaven for families, paradise for families, middle spirit world for families, and hell for families have all come about. However, though this earth is under Satan’s dominion, it is not eternal, and your ancestors who have gone before you are tugging on your legs to drag you forward. They are pulling you up. That is why restoration can be much quicker. At present, we are teaching people to once again live the religious way of life. (326-307, 2000.07.16)

The best gift to take to the spirit world

19 What gift can you offer when you stand before God in the spirit world? It is neither money nor the prestige of an academic title. Neither is it the affection you have for your loving spouse, nor a well-lived life, nor any other such thing. Such things cannot be gifts. You should take your love for God and your love for the world to that place. That is what remains. In John 3:16 it is written that God so loved the world, testifying to His love. That is why He sent His only begotten son. His only begotten son is the person who came to love the world. For this reason, if your faith is based on love, you will not perish. You will be saved. Since the Lord loves the world, you should love the world together with Him. (98-330, 1978.08.13)

20 Do you have a special gift you can take to the kingdom of heaven? When you go to the spirit world you will see the martyred, loyal servants of God lined up before you. In front of them, do you think you will be able to open up the bundle you have brought? What kind of suffering has the Unification Church gone through and what kind of hardships have you gone through? Without going through whatever small hardships you have had, how could you say that you have lived for the sake of the nation and the world? It should be only natural for you to say, “Though I have suffered, I do not think of it as suffering.” But you still have some way to go. You should be able to go to the spirit world, open up your bundle, and say, “These are the gifts I have prepared from my whole life, so please accept them!” Considering the fact that when women marry they take large bundles of things with them to their new home, should you go empty-handed with only your spirit self when you go to the kingdom of heaven? (32-071, 1970.06.21)

21 This earth is the endless producer of the citizens of heaven. No one has realized this. The life course of the original couple living on this earth should have been one in which they gave birth to sons and daughters as the citizens of the kingdom of heaven and raised them to become perfected people. Therefore, when a baby was born, that baby would have become a gift they could take along when the time came to go before God. Without such gifts, you cannot hold your head up proudly. When you return to your hometown, what can you boast of before your parents? Just as you would boast of how well you have raised your sons and daughters, the same would hold true when you go to the spirit world. When you go before God, there is no better gift than bringing God’s children, the citizens of heaven, whom you have raised on this earth. Things like money, power and knowledge are not important. (229-015, 1992.04.09)

22 Parents with many sons and daughters have many object partners of love, so when they go to the spirit world they can freely meet anyone in all directions. There are no evil women among those who have given birth to many children. Why is this so? It is because they have the mind of a mother who wants to raise her children. When they go to a village, they compare other children with their sons and daughters. If they are not as good as their own children, they think, “I wish I could help them.” Mothers naturally ascend to a higher state of love in the realm of daily life. Those who have raised many children are thus in the highest place in the spirit world. (239-156, 1992.11.24)

23 What kind of place is earth? It is a factory to produce the citizens of the heavenly kingdom. Heaven is vast and unchanging. It is infinite. So even if each person gives birth to a hundred children, there is no overpopulation because heaven is so spacious. It is a world that can accommodate any number of people. Therefore you should not practice birth control. When you go to the next world, what matters will be how many citizens of the heavenly kingdom you have made and brought with you. You should know that when you bring many true sons and daughters of the heavenly kingdom, they are to your advantage, for they will serve as data in determining your rank in the heavenly world, as the basis on which you can win commendation. (202-040, 1990.05.01)

24 When you go to the spirit world in the future, what should you take with you? You do not go there with money. You do not go there in the name of the Unification Church either. Therefore what you should do from now on is to see how many sons and daughters you can create for God to love before you go there. Everyone can do this. When people give birth to babies, they can have only a limited number of children. What do you have to go through in the process of restoration? When you create many spiritual sons and daughters from among those in Satan’s world for God to love, this accomplishment connects with your ancestors and opens the way to liberate them. This is the greatest gift you can give in the course of restoration. (230-025, 1992.04.15)

25 When you go to the spirit world you do not take money with you. Each person needs to restore more than 120 people. The citizens of the kingdom of heaven were all lost. By engrafting them, we bring them back to their proper place. For you to go through the twelve pearly gates in the spirit world, what matters is how many citizens of the kingdom of heaven you have recovered from Satan and restored while you were still on earth. To do so, you must shed tears, sweat and blood. With the heart of re-creation, you should invest your heart more than the fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, and sons and daughters in Satan’s world, investing your heart and shedding tears, sweat and blood. Otherwise you cannot claim any citizens of the heavenly kingdom as your own. Your position of glory and your proximity to God in the next world will be determined according to this number. (211-352, 1991.01.01)

26 What can you boast of when you go to the spirit world? You can boast of the number of lives you have saved. The first person you saved, the second person, how many beyond your own tribe, how many people from how many nations you have connected to new life; this is your wealth. This, and only this, is your wealth. You will miss nothing in the spirit world because it lacks nothing, but if you did miss something, it would be true people. Thus those devoted subjects who labored diligently to raise true people will naturally become glorious sons and daughters in the heavenly world. (30-148, 1970.03.21)

27 It is more important to harvest citizens for God’s kingdom than to eat. However, people are not clear about this. This should be their principal occupation. It is the main occupation of people who live on this earth. Among the things you should do in your lifetime, there is nothing more important than this. In this world, having a job and a successful career and saving money all slip away. No matter how much money you amass, it will be of no use in the other world. Material things are not necessary in the next world. There is no need for knowledge. Even if there is something you have never learned, your mind will already know it. You will come to know everything within a week. (230-030, 1992.04.15)

28 In going to the spirit world, the kingdom of heaven, what you need are spiritual sons and daughters. You need spiritual children. By witnessing you can resurrect spirits. Therefore the work you carry out on earth does not affect only the earth. You are carrying out that work in order to bring an end to all that was defiled through the Fall. (362-303, 2001.12.13)

29 Heaven is an infinite world where everything is connected by bridges of love. If the people you have witnessed to are spread across the world, through them paths will be formed over which you can travel to and fro, covering a much wider area when you go to the spirit world. Everyone will want to connect and relate with you. Just as on earth you connected to others through ideology, a similar structure will be organized around you in heaven. It is like having many students you have educated. When you pass on to the next world after resolving everything on earth, you will be able to resolve things in the spirit world through your relationships in a much wider realm of activity. (230-026, 1992.04.15)

30 You should not let time fly by aimlessly. Only when you have given birth to and raised sons and daughters during your younger years can you leave behind a' foundation that you can be proud of before your descendants. Only when those children become great people can you be proud before history. If you do not have historical accomplishments that you can be proud of, you may be able to join the ranks of your family and your town, but you will not be able to join the ranks of your nation. To reach the national level, you need accomplishments that can remain in the historical tradition. Everyone desires to leave behind something for the nation, for the world and for heaven and earth. Therefore you need to know clearly that your life purpose is to establish your realm of ownership. When you follow God’s Will, like it or not, you can never consider giving up. (230-027, 1992.04.15)

CHAPTER 4 Returning Resurrection and Divine Spiritual Works

Section 1. The Last Days and Returning Resurrection

1 How do we characterize the times we are living in? When we look around the world, we find many people suffering from mental illness. This is because the spirit world and the physical world are intersecting. When the two worlds intersect, it is not the good people who are aware of this first. Who knows this news the fastest? It is not the good people who learn of it first; rather, it is the enemies who oppose them. This is because the enemies always immediately strive to intercept the news meant for the good side. In the same way, when the spirit world comes down to the earth, it is not the good spirits who come first but the evil spirits. (75-251, 1975.01.05)

Phenomena of the Last Days

2 As a result of the Fall in the Garden of Eden, Eve became an enemy because of the archangel, and Adam became an enemy because of Eve. They became enemies to each other. Now everyone is an enemy. Therefore even your children are your enemies. You cannot trust them. When the Last Days come, even your mother and father will be your enemies. Your siblings will be your enemies. A time will come when nations become such enemies that their relations are rent all to pieces. When such a time comes, where will we find ethics and morality? When the time comes in which global trends are tossed about as if in a raging storm and we can neither discern our direction nor distinguish between what is good and what is false, we should know it is the Last Days. Now is that very time. (50-213, 1971.11.07)

3 What characterizes the era of the Last Days of the world? When all people of the world place absolute importance on individualistic love, the Last Days have come. This statement derives from our understanding of fallen love. The global era that exalts individualistic love is the era of the Last Days. It is an era in which people go their way, pursuing love fixed solely on themselves while denying love for their nation, love for their own people and love for their family. They stand not on the side of human ethics or morality but rather follow the desires of the flesh. (130-171, 1984.01.15)

4 Your body and mind are in conflict, husband and wife are in conflict and parents and children are in conflict. Everything plunges into chaos in the Last Days. In the face of my teachings, people in the spirit world are falling into utter confusion as they try to cling to the religious views they have held until now. To be able to return to earth, spirits need to have actual accomplishments they can show to the Unification Church members and to their descendants. They cannot return to earth without actual accomplishments. I have walked the entire course of indemnity that makes returning to earth possible. I am the king of Abels on behalf of God. In the original family of Adam, Cain killed Abel, and this act has been repeated throughout the ages of history until today. In this world of Satan’s bloodline, God cannot intervene. Why suddenly, in the Last Days, are the saints and the elders in the spirit world completely reversing their positions? It is inevitable; the spirit world has to be shaken up all at once. (556-160, 2007.02.18)

5 This time, today, is when the Will of God manifests upon the earth. On the earth today both Cain and Abel exist. As is written in Chapter 13 of the Gospel of Matthew, on this earth there are both wheat and chaff. And as the Gospel of John states in Chapter 10, there is the good shepherd who enters by the gate, and at the same time there is the false shepherd who does not go through the gate, but climbs in by another way. We need to face the fact that if we do wrong, these very phenomena can occur in our church. (3-207, 1957.11.01)

6 The Bible teaches that the Messiah will come in the Last Days. The term “Messiah” refers to a person who has to restore three things: eternal truth, eternal character and the true love that true parents give to their children. This is why Jesus said he was the bridegroom who came to find his bride. In the Last Days, the Lord of the Second Advent must walk a course opposite to that of the Fall. (52-092, 1971.12.14)

7 The Lord is the subject being. Therefore, when he comes to the fallen world, he has to speak the truth. When people hear that truth, both their body and mind will be bound to him. When human beings fell, they wept; they shed tears of grief as they were dragged away by Satan. But in order to return to God, they must be drawn to the Lord with gladness. Such a movement of reversal must happen in the Last Days. Since human beings went over to the other side after being led by the words of Satan, all people in the fallen world can be brought back to this side led by the words, the message, of the Lord of the Second Coming. That is why his words have to surpass those of the archangel and he has to stand in a position where God acknowledges him. On that foundation he can lead all humankind with authority. (52-092, 1971.12.14)

8 We have been told that in the Last Days we should anoint our heads with oil, go into a closed room and pray. It is a time when we should not listen to what others say. It is a time when we should listen only to the words of the bridegroom. Not even my pastor or my companion in faith can support me when I reach the final summit. If I am bound for heaven and he is bound for hell, he will cling to me and pull me back. It is the same as if my beloved friend is drowning and when I go in to save him, that friend clings to me and pulls me down. At such a time I cannot feel pity for him. There is no leader who can save my life. Such a time is coming. In the districts, nations, religious organizations and societies that experience such a time before others, chaos will ensue. People will be unable to trust each other. A pastor will not be able to trust an elder, nor the elder the pastor. A lay believer will not trust the church council; sects will not trust one another and associations and political parties will not trust each other. The citizens will not trust the president; the president will not trust the citizens; the people will not trust their country and they will overturn it. Everything will be engulfed in a melee of mistrust. In a world where we cannot trust anyone, chaos will reign in all directions. In such a place, all we can do is trust ourselves and seek the position of faith that Heaven can acknowledge. (10-203, 1960.10.02)

9 Now chaos from the spirit world will unfold on the earth. The chaotic spirit world will attack the earth. This is why nowadays many people are suffering from mental illness and have become half-crazed. The number of people who mutter to themselves, for example, will increase gradually. From the spirit world, billions of spirits will invade the earth. Why do they do so? It is because religion has been unable to fulfill its proper role. Religion failed to stand up as God wanted it to. It was supposed to stand vertically, its eyes on Heaven, in relation to the people on the horizontal plane, but it has collapsed completely. This is why the spirit world is invading the earth. Don’t we view an insane person as possessed by a ghost? Why do spirits enter people? It is in order to use them. Conscientious people, especially those who are literary or who are engaged in disciplines related to art, are more sensitive than ordinary people. They have taller antennae. Such people are affected by such influences first, and mental illness is a global phenomenon of the Last Days. (155-190, 1965.10.27)

10 At this time, billions of spirits are attacking the earth in order to occupy it. The phenomenon of mental illness is one aspect of this. Around the year 2000, you all may be able to communicate spiritually, be it with evil spirits or good spirits. Against the counsel not to engage in war, we may have no choice but to fight. Such a time may come. The mission of the Unification Principle is to defend us against this eventuality. From a high radio antenna comes a ringing sound. This is like the phenomenon of mental illness. The most fearful thing is if only evil spirits are mobilized and invade the earth. In that situation, the question is how things will turn out. No matter how many people there are on earth, they will end up being attacked by evil spirits. This is why God has been preparing for this. Centered on the good spirits, He is expanding His foundation in the spirit world continuously. (55-030, 1972.04.23)

The returning resurrection of spirits

11 If you fail to equip yourself fully during your time on earth and you end up going to the spirit world with Satan claiming dominion over your mind, how will you be able to manifest the works of God? It will be extremely difficult. If you fail to fulfill your responsibility on earth, you will have to set up your descendants in your place. You will have to set them up in a position like that of a messiah who can save you. You will have to help them and cooperate with them, taking their circumstances into consideration. You will have no choice but to cooperate with them, so that through them you can fulfill the responsibility you failed to carry out while you were alive. This is the phenomenon of returning resurrection. (30-176, 1970.03.22)

12 Originally human beings should not have been under Satan’s rule. They should have lived in the realm of God’s direct dominion. As a result of the Fall, however, they came to live in the fallen realm. In order to escape from that realm, they have to pay indemnity as individuals and as families. Without indemnity they cannot escape. Therefore spirits unfailingly come forth through the phenomenon of returning to earth in every historical age. Some people interpret this as transmigration or reincarnation. This spiritual phenomenon applies to you as well. If you practiced your faith on the individual level only, and died, because you never had a family, you would have to go through the level of the family and eventually the levels of the tribe, people, nation and world. You have no idea how many billions of years that would take. The time needed would be nothing short of infinite. (54-279, 1972.03.26)

13 We know very well that through his death Jesus substantially testified about his entire hope to all of heaven and earth. On the way to the cross he prayed, “My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; yet not what I want but what You want.” (Matt. 26:39) As he prayed he surely realized, with intensity unrivaled by anyone, that the more the fear of death washed over his heart the closer the day of hope drew near. In other words, he felt that after going beyond the death of his physical body, a new world of hope would unfold before him, and he yearned for that world. Because he hoped for resurrection in an eternally liberated body after his physical death, and he yearned for it, after he died he was able to resurrect in glory. (6-047, 1959.03.22)

14 The central root, central trunk and central bud are connected to me. As the mainstream, the central root, central trunk, central branch and central bud are connected in a consistent flow to the individual level and the family level. In short, they are alive. They have gone through the returning resurrection. All those who connect as branches to the Lord of the Second Coming can live. By doing this, everyone from Adam’s family to the world level can stand in the position to be resurrected simultaneously. It is a work of engrafting and perfecting in only a few years what has multiplied for tens of thousands of years, so the kingdom of heaven of individuals and the kingdom of heaven of families on earth, and even the kingdom of heaven in heaven, can be completed at the same time. (243-217, 1993.01.10)

15 1 could not do two things at once, so I had to carry them out separately. For that reason, centering on the spiritual standard, I established Heung-jin as commander-in-chief of the spirit world. The Lord of the Second Advent came to earth, centered on God, and in the opposite direction I sent Heung-jin from earth, centered on me, in the position of the Lord of the Second Advent of the heavenly kingdom. I have united the divided spiritual and physical worlds. I had my son carry out the work of the realm of resurrection in the spirit world in place of his living father, with the authority of the Blessing, based on the fact that the spirit world did not have a connection to the love of True Parents. Since the ceremony of rebirth, the ceremony of resurrection and the ceremony of eternal life can now be performed, and based on this supreme foundation having been laid on earth centered on the First Israel, the Second Israel, which is the United States, and the Third Israel, which is Korea, the boundary line dividing the spiritual and physical worlds has been abolished. (441-244, 2004.03.05)

16 Now there is nothing to worry about. We can just let things take their own course. What will happen is that spirits from the spirit world will return to earth. The failure to fulfill God’s providential Will to save the spirit world through three ages—the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age—will be completely reversed and thus will be realized automatically. Through the completion of the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Completed Testament Ages, the providence automatically sets its direction and moves forward. The spirit world will set its direction centered on God and centered on the earth; the earth will not move ahead of it. The right of the eldest son will be restored based on the original standard, and God, our cosmic Parent, and the Lord of the Second Advent on earth, that is, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, will establish their lineage through a new ideology based on the Blessing and they will move forward horizontally. Thus the gates to the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven will open automatically. There everything will be overturned and the entire spirit world will come down. (402-289, 2003.01.17)

17 We should wait eagerly for the day of resurrection. Heaven has to be resurrected through the earth. We think the base of resurrection is in heaven, but it is not. It is on earth. This earth is the center. The base of resurrection and the place of resolution are on this earth. If resurrection does not take place on this earth, the resurrection of heaven, the resurrection of humankind, the resurrection of all things and the resurrection of people in hell will remain mere words. Therefore a resurrected person must appear on earth first. In the spirit world, there are hell, the middle spirit world, paradise and heaven. To this day, people who have shown loyalty to Heaven have gone to paradise. Even Jesus is in paradise. In achieving the purpose of resurrection, the indirect destination is the spirit world and the direct destination is the earth. The spirit world is the place that must be resurrected, but the earth is where resurrection must happen first. Therefore only when we first can declare on earth, “I have been resurrected; I have concluded the purpose of resurrection,” can we go to the kingdom of heaven in heaven. (9-085, 1960.04.17)

18 What is the meaning of the phrase “opening of heaven and earth”? What people would be eligible to participate in the first resurrection? It is those who have passed through the gates of the Blessing. That is why even the elderly in their eighties need to become young again. That may sound strange, but even grandmothers and grandfathers need to marry their spouse again. This is because, in order to establish the nation of the Third Israel and become its citizens, we need to pass through the gates of the Blessing. (19-105, 1967.12.31)

Section 2. Divine Spiritual Works and Spiritual Phenomena

1 The spirit world and the earthly world are not two separate worlds cut off from each other. Under the fundamental principle of existence they have a mutual relationship of giving and receiving, that is, mutual exchange. We began our association originally as the Holy Spirit Association, with the aim of achieving unity through divine spiritual power. What is divine spirit? It does not refer to distributing transitory spiritual power or spiritual activity. It is the power of God’s love through which the spirit world and the human world can harmonize and resonate based on true love. The Unification Church movement of course moves the hearts of people through a lifestyle of true love, living for the sake of others and investing oneself for others, but also through gaining the spirit world’s cooperation. (260-135, 1994.05.01)

Spiritual phenomena and our attitude toward them

2 In the early days of Christianity, all manner of wonders took place, including speaking in tongues, carrying out works of the divine spirit and uttering prophecies. Because there were so many works of the divine spirit in the early church, ignorant people who did not understand the content and who encountered spiritual works here and there became confused. To overcome that confusion, they said, “The words of the Bible are best.” In the Bible we read that “In the Last Days I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh.” (Joel 2:28) This foretells that in the final days of Christian history, the phenomena of the early church will reappear in the world. Many groups will arise and will be accused from all quarters of being insane or heretical. The Unification Church is one such group. (6-184, 1959.04.26)

3 When those who have received an outpouring of the spirit do not know the reason for it, Heaven enlightens them. When they open their eyes, they see the spirit world, and when they act, they behave like the people in the spirit world. Their eyes, hearts and actions may be completely out of the ordinary. They may look like lunatics. Long ago, did Jesus appear to be a normal person? In the eyes of many people of the time, he must have seemed like a fool or a dullard. In the future, such spiritual phenomena will sweep through us, sweep through societies and sweep through religious bodies. Therefore around the world today the number of patients suffering from incomprehensible mental illnesses and diseases of the nervous system is increasing. A world of fear, a world of anxiety and fretfulness, is fast approaching. This is because Jesus, the Son of God, lived his whole life engaged with the Will, with fretfulness, anxiety and an agitated heart. That is why similar phenomena will sweep the world. When that happens, people will not be able to find their direction, try as they may, and events will come to pass in which what is true seems false and what is false seems true. An era is coming in which what is false will gain power and what is true will lose power, an era in which what is false prospers and what is true loses its voice. We need to pass through such a period. (6-184, 1959.04.26)

4 The more the Last Days advance, while some people are seized with dread, others will be seized with joy. Such developments will inevitably emerge. While there are some people who are extremely evil, there will be others who are extremely good. Something that is extremely evil cannot invade an extremely good person and something that is extremely good cannot have anything to do with an extremely evil person. Even God will not be able to hold on to this society. A time will come when even a spiritual person, even a person who has received the grace of Heaven, will be unable to unite this world, try though he might. When that time comes, the people living in the extremely evil world, the people who have failed to form a connection with Heaven, will surely find themselves subject to judgment. A time will come when a state like this will unfold in your heart: the mind desires to go this way, but the body desires to go that way. Those who struggle due to their failure to set the conditions to be able to unite their body and mind are surely bound for hell. (7-237, 1959.09.20)

5 God carries out His providence centered on a specific religious denomination. At the time of Jesus, He developed His providence internally in advance, without anyone knowing, centered on the families of Joseph and Zechariah. In the very same way, right after the liberation of Korea, Heaven prepared the content of this providence unknown to anyone. Thus, there had to be a group that could fulfill the mission of the archangel. What was lost spiritually will have to be found substantially, and the time to do this was the time before the liberation, so in that period one person who could carry out the mission of the archangel in the flesh had to come forth. This is why, from among the people who can communicate with the spirit world, some came forward claiming they were Peter or Paul, or asserting, “I am John the Baptist.” The twelve disciples did not have faith in Jesus, so to atone for having failed to lay a foundation for him, their spirits had to come down to lay this foundation substantially on earth. Such work has been carried out until this day. (50-207, 1971.11.07)

6 What is Jesus’ greatest sorrow? It is that he was unable to establish a substantial realm on earth with his disciples. The twelve disciples were unable to unite centered on Jesus; Joseph’s family was also unable to become one centered on Jesus; Judaism was unable to unite and the nation of Israel was unable to unite. Jesus tried to manage the situation based on the twelve disciples, but everything broke down. Jesus left behind the model spiritual standard, but because he could not establish the substantial standard, we need to reproduce the model of twelve disciples who establish the base of spiritual victory and work with the Lord of the Second Advent on the earth. After the foundation has been laid—that is, once the disciples who did not believe in Jesus and expelled him can believe in him and work again—the work of the Second Advent can begin. That is why in the time before the liberation of Korea, among those who could communicate with the spirit world, people claimed to be Peter, John, Paul or Abraham, and people representing many of the prophets who have come and gone in the course of history appeared all at once in the spiritual groups in the horizontal world of Korea. (50-208, 1971.11.07)

7 Up to the present day, because evil spirits have come down to earth and carried out their work, there have been phenomena such as mental illness and the degradation of people’s character, but this will not be the case henceforth. We will conquer our bodies, form a realm of resonance and immediately enter the higher realm of spiritual experience. A realm of noble character will be formed. (259-163, 1994.04.02)

8 There are only two kinds of spiritual phenomena: those that are caused by God, and those that are not. We can tell right away; that is, when we classify spiritual phenomena as good or evil, we have a standard that tells us what a good phenomenon should be like. We should not move forward unless we check the phenomena according to that standard. Every few hundred years or so, a period of great transition or extensive spiritual phenomena comes about. When this takes place, a nation either perishes or prospers. If evil spirits are mobilized, it perishes. If good spirits are mobilized, it prospers exceedingly. How could the fortunes of the world get mixed up with all this? It is not a simple thing. Then what is the purpose of these spiritual phenomena or of religion? The reason Heaven stirs up spiritual phenomena in the course of the providence is in the end for the perfection of humankind. (227-117, 1992.02.11)

9 The works of an evil spirit and the works of a good spirit begin in the same way, but their results are different. In both cases, there is trembling, a disturbance and the overturning of things. There seems to be no difference between the two. But what comes of these works in the end? When carried out by an evil spirit, rather than profiting the world or benefiting heaven and earth, the results of such works profit only the evildoer. When you do something, it should benefit not only you as an individual or a family where you are the center. If it is done egocentrically, whatever the good intentions, it will eventually come to naught. To some extent, the spiritual phenomena of the providence of God at the start may appear the same as the evil side. But God’s providence sets its standard on the world level. A church with a purpose other than the liberation of God and the liberation of humanity cannot endure through the Last Days. That church will go its way based on greed and naturally collapse. Its leader will be taken away. And when that happens, that church will not connect to the environment of the age. This will be because the leader did not understand the situation he was placed in. (163-134, 1987.05.01)

10 We who live today can witness spiritual phenomena in the world. It is a historical fact that, no matter the age or time, the realm of life for religious believers and non-believers alike has intermingled with the spirit world in accordance with each person’s relationship to the spirit world. We know that people lived in this way throughout history, even if we do not believe in religion, through dreams and various mystical experiences. Good spirits and evil spirits dwell in the spirit world and, owing to their influence, people on earth are divided into good and evil. This is logical. Then what is our concept of a good person and an evil person? There are those who receive help from good spirits and others who receive help from evil spirits. From these two sources of help, we can judge whether a person is good or evil. (131-167, 1984.05.01)

11 I think an age will come in which we even can invent instruments that will help us see spirit-world phenomena. When that comes to pass, no one will be able to say there is no world of the spirit. When your spiritual eyes are opened, you can see the spirit world. You will be able to perceive through your senses all the phenomena, everything that exists, in that world. If you could see such things as you would a weather forecast, you would not say, for example, that there is no God. Then it would be natural for religion to disappear. If there had been no Fall, this would have been such a world. Things turned out the way they did because of the Fall. In the process of restoration, this earth is a training center for us, to bring us into reciprocal relationship with that world. (256-250, 1994.03.14)

You pay the price for working miracles and wonders

12 God’s cooperation comes about when we apply principles and rules in our life. God does not like mindless faith. What happens to people who chase after miracles and wonders and declare, “Just believe and it will come true”? When a person works miracles and wonders, what happens to him and his clan? In the case of revivalists who were famous in Korea, whose names were well known in the past, did things go well for them and their descendants? Things did not go well. Why is that? When you blindly ask for something and it comes true, you inevitably have to pay the price for what you blindly asked for. If you perform miracles despite not possessing such ability, you are performing such acts by the power granted to you by God. When you do such things with the power of God, Satan will accuse you for the blessings and the things you received but did not merit. It is the same as everything crumbling when there is no foundation. (084-079, 1976.02.22)

13 If Moses had not performed miracles and wonders, he would not have failed. That means that if Jesus had not performed miracles and wonders, he would not have died on the cross. Miracles and wonders are not good things. They draw down a great deal of sacrifice for just a smile. Nowadays, where are the preposterous groups of people who unthinkingly believe in miracles and say that through miracles and wonders they will sort out heaven and earth and settle everything in the world? (136-285, 1985.12.29)

14 Jesus, who walked the course of restoration, didn’t perform miracles and wonders happily. If you think he worked miracles and wonders because he was joyful and comfortable, that is a big misunderstanding. Since he had no place to lay his body on this earth and no place on which he could rely in the universe, he was in a situation where he had no choice but to appeal to Heaven. We must consider the resoluteness of Jesus who was in such a desperate state. When he was in sad and pitiful circumstances and raised his hands and called out, “My Father!” miracles occurred there. Those miracles and wonders appeared through circumstances in which he called out from a place of such extreme sorrow that even his bones and flesh were melting from sheer grief. (5-227, 1959.02.01)

15 If I pray, I can perform any number of miracles and wonders. However, no matter what circumstances arise, I will not do so. What is the use of fixing temporary circumstances? Even if I fix them, is it of any use in heaven? It has no effect. Quite a few people have performed numerous miracles in Korea, but I have never done that publicly. Even when I am insulted, for example, I remain still. Since I walk alone, I must prepare by myself the path I will go. I believe that people who do not prepare fade away. After making all the preparations, I went on the big stage of America and shook it up. I said Christianity had done wrong and should repent. (237-291, 1992.11.17)

16 If I had lacked wisdom, I would have ruined everything. If I offered prayers to cure illnesses, a thousand or even ten thousand people would have been cured. However, I do not want to do that. Instead we have to educate people. Spiritual works are for the moment, but the truth lasts for ten thousand years. Now it is your time. You can do anything, even cure others’ illnesses. With just a look, you can cure leprosy and all other disorders. If your passion is set aflame and you forget to eat or sleep because of your love for Rev. Moon of the Unification Church, any illness can be cured. You will even forget you are sick. And after you have lived for a year forgetting you are sick, your illness actually will be gone. The miracles and wonders of the Bible are nothing. Looking at it this way, I have carried out countless such works. (299-285, 1999.02.18)

Section 3. The Returning Resurrection of People in the Spirit World

1 I bestowed upon some individuals on earth a special marriage Blessing with spirits who lived and passed away thousands of years ago. Those people are living with those spirits now. They wanted to marry them because they expect that the chance of their going to the kingdom of heaven through marriage to a spirit in the spirit world is better than through marriage with a person living in this world at the present time. The couples’ bodies and minds are always united, just like God’s, so they do not fight. Therefore the body and mind of those who marry such spirits while living on this earth will not fight with each other. And if the spouse on earth comes to be bound for hell, the spirit spouse can say, “Follow me! I will guide you.” Then they automatically go into the heavenly realm. If people know this background, everyone might want to marry a spirit. (337-071, 2000.10.22)

The reason spirits return and cooperate

2 You know about the Heaven and Earth Blessing, do you not? Through it, the divided spiritual and physical worlds are united, and the people who are now in hell can be sought out and blessed. After you join the Unification Church, you have to rise above the level of the nation. Because your mission is on the global level, you can pull out and bless those who are in hell for crimes committed against a nation. You can carry out a liberation movement with your mother, or your relatives, or anyone on earth related to you by blood, at the center. (342-191, 2001.01.12)

3 Do you think I have bitter feelings now? I have laid my hands upon everything to which I was called. Now is the time for fighting. Having stirred the invisible spirits to come down to earth, we must act as their leaders. Since we couldn’t act as the leaders of this world, we should at least become the leaders of the people who have passed into the spirit world, the leaders of our ancestors, shouldn’t we? Everyone is wishing for that. I have bestowed the Blessing upon innumerable people from the religious realm, and permitted the blessing of their sons and daughters and the blessing of the spirit world. I tell you, find your way to places where you have a connection of heart. Go and bless generations of people in your religious denomination, even without sleeping. (365-287, 2002.01.12)

4 The question is whether we have set the standard that will allow people in the spirit world, unknown to humankind, to mobilize and testify to us. The spirit world also demands such conditions. Since the spirit world knows God’s heart, if people with that standard on the earth appeal to them, spirit people will mobilize to help with the work on earth that actualizes the ideal of the heavenly kingdom. The reason spirit people cannot come to earth is that we have erected fences of lamentation. (4-060, 1958.03.02)

5 All spirits in the heavenly world receive the Blessing as elder siblings and ancestors, and they protect those on earth from all directions—east, west, north and south—so those on earth can perfect the ideal family of the Abel realm. In other words, the entire spirit world returns to earth and cooperates with those on earth by protecting, nurturing and accompanying them so they can enter the heavenly kingdom in a satisfactory way. These spirits are blood relatives who possess the love, life and lineage of God. They share the one, unified heart that goes beyond the boundaries of village, nation, race and religion. They are of the same universal bloodline. Their color is universal. (375-094, 2002.04.13)

6 In the spirit world there are no such concepts as far and near. Since that world transcends time and space, no matter where your home is, it is in your field of vision. This is why spirits can help you at any time, across any distance. In such a manner, spirits moving in the spirit world come down to earth frequently, following their network. As the number of spirits who come down to a village increases gradually and they start relieving one another, they can carry out a campaign to eradicate the evil spirits in that village. Thus the environment is naturally purified. They carry out that kind of campaign. They come down to earth and form connections centering on their relatives. When they return to the spirit world, their efforts become indemnity and form a proportional foundation for them to go to a better place. Therefore even the spirit world will enter an era of competition. (251-280, 1993.11.01)

7 Now the ancestors in the spirit world must be deployed to the earth, and who is the person who can deploy them? God cannot deploy them; to do so would violate the Principle. I am the one who must deploy them. No matter where they were born, they are to return to their birthplace, their hometown. All will return. You enable your ancestors to rise above paradise and go to the kingdom of heaven by having them participate in Blessing activities. This is logically correct. Do you know what virtuous people have lived in your hometown and passed on? You should surpass them. When we think that the spirits who died with sorrow and regret are returning to the earth, and that they are coming to where we live to cooperate with us and attend us as if we were their elder siblings and their rulers, we should become the best there is. (355-041, 2001.10.03)

8 If God were to look down upon this neighborhood, He couldn’t help but shed tears because the people here are destined for hell. That being the case, you should feel of your own accord the desire to shed tears in His place. When the power of resonance enters you, enabling you to shed tears with the heart of God, the entire spirit world is mobilized. As human beings, you should be moved to tears in God’s presence. You cannot communicate with the spirit world unless you reach a position where God can say, “Thank you! The descendants of the fallen Adam and Eve are much better than the Adam and Eve of old,” and then be moved to shed tears Himself. Only when God is moved to tears, asking, “How could the descendants of fallen Adam and Eve, the descendants of traitors, come to be like this?” will the spirit world come to your assistance. It is from there that the spirit world opens. Anything less than that will never work. This is the Principle. (96-282, 1978.02.13)

9 We have to mobilize the spirit world. How can heaven be built without mobilizing the spirit world? It cannot. Heaven is supposed to begin from the True Parents, not from the fallen descendants who have existed until now. Just as the angelic world helped when Adam was created, the spirit world should come down to earth and help at the time of re-creation. Otherwise it cannot be achieved. (162-115, 1987.03.30)

10 When your entire family comes to believe in God, and the grandfather and grandmother, sons and daughters and grandchildren take charge of this and that responsibility, the family can function as three generations. When this happens, you restore your parents and thus, all at once, your grandparents and their parents and their parents’ parents— in short, your ancestors over thousands and tens of thousands of generations. The age is coming when the spirit world can return to the earth. The system on earth determines the system in the spirit world. They become one. When such an amazing thing takes place, will not the spirit world be overjoyed? This being so, the era of the victory of religion has now come. In other words, the era of the victory of the spirit world has come. (96-251, 1978.01.22)

11 Thanks to the coming of Jesus upon the earth, the good ancestors who preceded him were able to transition from the form-spirit level of the spirit world to the life-spirit level. Likewise, your ancestors have come into a realm of special privilege where they can return to earth through the conditions you set on the earth. If you understand this aspect of the Will and become a branch of the victory, then you are in the position where you can become a life spirit and your ancestors will cooperate. In the same way, you should become the base upon which thousands of generations of your good ancestors can return to earth. The era of Jesus was one in which the spirit world helped conditionally for the sake of resurrection to the life-spirit level, but now is the era in which you can achieve the divine-spirit level at which spirit world helps unconditionally for the sake of resurrection. Since such an era has come, there is no greater blessing. The point is that the spirit world is helping you. (14-022, 1964.04.19)

12 On earth, we have transcended the Blessing, the world and everything in it, and have come into the environment in which everyone can acknowledge that. Furthermore, as we have the environment everyone needs, the question now is how we can set the standard for the accomplishment of liberation and create joy. You all need to carry out this task. Aren’t you supposed to make God happy first? When God rejoices together with your ancestors, the entire spirit world, tens of thousands of generations, can rejoice. They are as one body. Therefore you have to know God, and you have to know the spirit world. Isn’t that how people need to live? What does it mean when we tell ourselves that we want to love others, want to make a good impression and be outstanding? It means we want to create an environment that can be better and leave good future generations. Doesn’t it mean we want to establish wonderful descendants in the coming generations, who will stand as the nucleus and who will affect the nation and move into the most prominent positions? It is very simple, an unavoidable conclusion. To the degree you do not receive this, you will be disciplined in both the heavenly world and the earthly world. (338-279, 2000.11.30)

13 In the Unification Church we have the spirit world liberation ceremony. There are ceremonies for ancestor liberation and for ancestor Blessing. The blessed family members of the Unification Church cannot attend their ancestors just as they are. We can attend them as heavenly families representing God only providing we have blessed our elder and younger siblings, our mothers and aunts and any others in spirit world. Now that time has come. It is not idol worship. (415-241, 2003.08.15)

14 Until now, many babies have gone to the spirit world. Does the word “Blessing” exist for them? It does not. But True Parents came to earth, severed the lineage of Satan’s world and resolved all conditions of indemnity. As a result, based on the blessed families in the spirit world, those who died as babies have been raised until they are sixteen years old, and then blessed. Children grow even in the spirit world. When the parents care for their baby and the family commemorates the day on which the child was born, the baby grows. When conditions are offered on the child’s behalf, such growth is possible. And if there are good ancestors, ancestors of several generations, the baby can be raised within the realm of their care. I gave the Blessing to the babies who had gone to the spirit world and who have been raised to the age of sixteen and above. (374-023, 2002.04.04)

Establishment of the right of the eldest son in the spirit world

15 In the spirit world, Heung-jin is the firstborn son of love, in the realm of love. All the others in the spirit world stand in the position of his younger siblings. The positions are reversed. That is why we can say that the standard of heart for the right of the eldest son is settled in a principled position. In other words, with regard to the realm of heart, Heung-jin is the firstborn son in front of all people in the spirit world, and in front of Jesus and all the saints. That is why from the viewpoint of the realm of heart, Heung-jin is the first son and the people who are born after him are second sons. Heung-jin can thus bequeath the right of the first son to the realm of the second son. But Satan did not want to pass on this right. In fact he did not; instead he stole it. On the other hand, Heung-jin, with the right of the eldest son, gives all the blessings he has to the earth. That is why he can connect heaven to earth. Heung-jin unceasingly endeavors to pass blessings on, whereas Satan’s world has been trying not to bequeath everything. Since Heung-jin formed a conjugal relationship and established the foundation of a married couple, the walls that have divided the people in the spirit world are demolished. Those spirit selves can meet and cooperate with one another. Thus they will have a foundation on earth through which they can cooperate and fulfill the hopes they could not fulfill during their lives on earth in the past. This is possible through the heart. Thanks to the True Parents’ foundation of having paid indemnity, the global realm for which they paid indemnity has come under their dominion. It can therefore be said that those who have connected to the realm of heart, becoming one with Heung-jin with True Parents at the center, can participate in the realm of dominion that True Parents have established on earth. (131-054, 1984.04.01)

16 By virtue of Heung-jin’s passing into the spirit world during his youth, as the beloved child of the True Parents, he and the spirit world are positioned to be in unity. The spirit world is thus connected to True Parents’ family. He becomes the first son of the spirit world. He becomes the eldest brother there. Consequently the realm of True Parents’ love is extended to the spirit world. Jesus is to attend Heung-jin as his older brother. In this way everyone there will come to connect with one another. Then through their returning resurrection to earth, with a storm of spiritual support, Satan’s world will begin to decline. It will fall drastically. The barriers that were erected after the Fall between the spirit world and the physical world will be eliminated. Through Heung-jin’s passing, the spirit world connected to the earth in the realm of True Parents’ love; therefore we have entered an age in which the walls between the earthly world and the heavenly world have crumbled and interaction between the two worlds is possible. (225-086, 1992.01.02)

17 People of the free world should love Heung-jin. Since Heung-jin set the condition of having loved all the people of the world rather than his own life, you are also spiritually connected to the bonds of love through which you can love others rather than your own life. Heung-jin went to the spirit world in place of his father. For that reason, when you love Heung-jin it is as if you are loving True Father. You can make such a condition. Loving Heung-jin forms a relationship of love with True Father. Until now in the spirit world, there has been no center through which the spirit world could connect with True Parents. Through Heung-jin’s passing, however, all the spirits who love him are considered to have made the condition of loving True Father. Furthermore, they are connected to the Unification Church. The Unification Church members on earth set the standard of fighting at the risk of their lives. In the spirit world, Heung-jin set the condition of becoming the representative of the spirit world that could connect True Parents’ love with the earth. He thus stands in a position unprecedented in history. On earth, he showed an example to Unification Church members that they must love God’s Will even at the cost of their lives. His message is “Love True Father.” For the sake of the world you need to walk the path of loving True Father. As a result of Heung-jin going to the spirit world, the spirit world was given the opportunity to love him. He thereby enabled a relationship of love with the True Parents on earth. Therefore for the spirit world, the day he arrived there was the most joyful day in history. He is the one who has opened the gates of the spirit world as the messiah of love, whereas on earth he opened the path of martyrdom. This is the reason Unification Church members should love Heung-jin. (130-202, 1984.01.15)

18 Since Heung-jin is in the spirit world, he is the protector, taking responsibility to teach people. Those in the spirit world should resolve to make effort and to participate in his training to remove their shame over what they failed to accomplish on earth. True Parents are not a hollow shell. They are moving forward based on all substantial authority centered on the spirit world. This is why I can give the Blessing to people in the spirit world. Since the substantial authority of the True Parents exists in the spirit world, by blessing in unity those on earth and in the spirit world, the blessed people are destined to go to the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is empty. In order to populate it, the Blessing must be given on earth. Without the Blessing on earth, there can be no Blessing in the spirit world. (304-307, 1999.11.12)

19 I will go to Cheongpyeong, take good care of Jesus’ family, establish ties of brotherhood between Jesus and Heung-jin and bless all the Christian apostles. The Unification Church stands in the position of Abel, and Christianity stands in the position of Cain. How can we bring them together? They need to be completely united, both spiritually and physically. Heung-jin, a true child, stands in the position of Abel. He is in the position of the eldest son. Jesus is the eldest son on the Cain side. By connecting the earthly world with the spirit world, the Unification Church and the Christian world can be blessed at the same time. In addition, white people, black people, people of all races should be blessed with each other so that in the future there will be mixed race descendants. Then there will be no more fighting. Who will resolve the very troubling racial problems in America? Who can bring that conflict to an end? This is something beyond the power of any person or organization in America. Even the religious community cannot resolve it. This is possible only through me. (292-314, 1998.04.27)

20 I plan to build a center for experiential education, even in the spirit world. We must teach the traditions of the world’s faiths and religions and, second, the secular philosophies related to them. We must teach Unification Thought, which can overcome communism. Because the spirit world is divided up, people there do not know these things. We must teach them that God is their Parent and teach them to become His beloved sons and daughters and establish ideal families. (300-315, 1999.04.15)

21 Presently a thorough cleanup is taking place in the spirit world. I will probably leave the earth and go to the heavenly world in the not-too-distant future, but the citizens of those realms are not yet prepared. They are waiting for that time. For that reason we are holding one hundred-day workshops to create new, good spirits who can receive the Blessing through their descendants on earth, and they are waiting for the day of my arrival. Paradise and hell came about due to false parents, so it is True Parents who must set things straight and become the eternal and unchanging rulers of all eternity, based on the one sovereignty of the purified heavenly kingdom of God, on earth and in heaven; that is, the unified kingdom of heaven. God’s ideal of creation is that the True Parents be the Lords of glory and splendor, reigning over all nations in peace and prosperity for tens of thousands of generations. We need to establish that world. (381-103, 2002.06.11)

The cooperation of ancestors and the responsibility of descendants

22 You need to know the truth about how terrifying and fearsome the relationship between you and me is. If you take a wrong step, you will ruin everyone in your family and clan and among all your relatives. If you take a right step everyone, from your ancestors in the spirit world to the present members of your tribe and even your future descendants, will live. In other words, you are standing in the awesome position whereby your actions determine whether or not they will live. It is still the case that I have to bring completely ignorant people with me to cross over to the global level, so even if you cannot become my substantial object partner, at least be like my shadow and follow me. (306-319, 1998.11.02)

23 You must liberate your ancestors. To liberate them you have to love your ancestors in the spirit world and invest in them more than in your family and relatives on earth. Otherwise your ancestors who have gone to hell will not be able to come back to earth. Therefore you should be able to stand at the center, call those families together and help them. Only then can you be one with them. Those who invest more than others become central figures. (307-190, 1998.11.08)

24 What should you consider most important in your family? You should hold on tightly to the teachings about the spirit world and about the True Parents on the earth. That is the path through which you can go over the walls in the spirit world and head toward the original, liberated kingdom of heaven. That is why you need to conduct hoondokhae. When you make a mistake on earth, what will your ancestors do? Until the present day, Satan, having overturned the world of Adam on the earth, has dispensed blessing or misfortune as he pleased. Actually he dispensed misfortune, not blessing. This makes it necessary for the descendants to offer devotions in order to be freed from the misfortune brought on by the archangel. This is what we are doing. In contrast to the actions of the archangel, the blessed families offer devotions for the sake of their descendants. Receiving the Blessing means the blood of True Parents has been bequeathed in a spiritual sense; therefore blessed families have no blood ties with Satan. (333-089, 2000.09.24)

25 From now on, when you go to your hometown for the Chuseok holiday you should hold a feast for your ancestors, but not only with your own relatives. If you celebrate that day, attending your ancestors and offering it to God, that celebration will connect to a celebration in heaven. It will not be only for your clan. When heaven and earth are harmonized, this world becomes one. Then when you go to the next world, how much will the spirits who attended your feast welcome you? They will receive you as their ancestor. Through this work of liberating the spirit world and honoring those spirits, with one body and one thought in accordance with the instructions of True Parents, the spirits can come to earth and cooperate with you. Since you have bequeathed the grace of liberation to those ancestors, they will always gather around you and assist you. Thus the evil fortune of Satan, which leads to unhappiness, will be unable to invade and heavenly fortune will protect your environment. (335-071, 2000.10.01)

26 Through True Parents we have become ancestors who engender a new bloodline, and a blessed tribe through whom the realm of liberation can unfold. Our tribe will be of God’s eternal and unchanging family and lineage. When this happens we will bid Satan farewell forever. This is why we in the Unification Church honor our ancestors. Does Christianity allow memorial services for ancestors? The Unification Church has such a tradition. It is not a secular tradition. The realm of the tribal messiah that connects the succeeding generations by serving the Heavenly Parent, the heavenly kingdom and the heavenly ancestors, becomes the royal domain in which we can attend our ancestors for thousands of years. It will become the nation where we can attend the king in the eternal reign of peace. Only after having lived in such a nation can your parents, family and clan go directly to heaven. (220-222, 1991.10.19)

27 Now great chaos is arising in the spirit world. If you do not receive the Blessing, become the messiah for your family and your tribe, and perform the liberation of your ancestors up to seven generations, problems will arise. There is a saying, “He who gives the disease offers the remedy.” All your ancestors are giving you diseases and offering you remedies. If you commit an improper act in Satan’s world for which you have to pay indemnity, it is a serious problem. Restoration through indemnity is not possible. You will be caught and taken away; if you are taken, it is faster to set things right in the spirit world. Such an era is coming. There will be no indemnity period. Were not Adam and Eve punished immediately after they fell? It will be like that. Your ancestors will do everything. In the past, people tried to achieve restoration through their descendants, but now restoration will be achieved through the ancestors. Unmarried men and women on earth have been the body of Satan, but since we have blessed our ancestors in the spirit world, that “body” no longer exists. We have to transform them into good spirits. By blessing even the evil spirits who are on the earth, we transform them into good spirits. Everything is reversed. (301-214, 1999.05.01)

28 If you stand idle in the future, I will use whatever incentives or pressure it takes to guide you to heaven rather than to hell. I will do this even if I must be strong with you. In the future, when God’s Will has been completed and the Constitution enacted, results will appear instantaneously. You will not need to make effort to love your enemy, because everything will happen according to law. For the time being we are trying to save Satan’s world and restore the right of the eldest son, so we have no choice but to work as we do. But these conditions will not last; changes are going to take place suddenly. This is the nature of the time we are in. (302-325, 1999.07.02)

29 Because your ancestors come down from the spirit world to supervise you, you have to adapt to that. If you oppose them they will give you no peace. Your ancestors know that if the spirit world becomes biased against you because you violate its laws, the path for your tribe will be blocked. So they work to prevent that from happening. If you do not change, they will take you away or deal with you in many other ways. The enemy Satan, who comes from a different bloodline, has been doing this until now, but from now on your ancestors will do this. They want to cooperate with you and help you, because it is their own clan that will move forward and benefit. They will give you blessings so you can multiply as many sons and daughters as are needed. On the other hand, the ancestors of bad people, who only degrade things, will restrict or eliminate those people. (449-065, 2004.05.12)

30 Your family is the third generation in front of God. Your family represents True Parents. Therefore you should be better than I am. I was persecuted but you are not. Your own nation and the world welcome you; heaven and earth testify to you. Until now they were blocked from doing so. However, now everything has opened up, the entire spirit world, every corner of it, exists as one current. From now on, if you do not do what you should on earth, the spirits will take you away. If I tell some one’s ancestors to take that person away because he or she is not working, they surely will do so; otherwise those ancestors who were being abandoned would fall into the pits of hell. It would be a serious issue for those who had made their way up to paradise to fall all the way down to hell. The ancestors would be filled with such sorrow. Such difficulties have arisen in God’s providence of salvation, and they will arise again. (361-252, 2001.11.25)

31 When you go to the next world, your ancestors going back thousands of generations will be gathered there. Some generations of ancestors will have ended up in hell, and others will be in different places. Every ancestor will be at a different level. Those who lived for the sake of others will be able to go to the kingdom of heaven. This is why the saying, “If there is harmony in the family, all is well,” is realized through me. Live for the sake of your family. If you serve your grandfather and grandmother at least three times, they will recognize what mistakes they have made. (213-183, 1991.01.20)

32 Today should be better than yesterday. What constitutes better? It is giving your ancestors the Blessing. You should bless your parents and grandparents on the earth, your ancestors in the spirit world, and your family and relatives. Centered on your clan, you should bless your descendants and save your ancestors, who are in the position of Cain. If the way to the Blessing is blocked, no one will save them. If you clearly know this and yet fail to carry it out, who will take responsibility? No one will. You have to take care of your own clan. (402-025, 2003.01.12)

33 You who are on earth should become brothers to the eldest brother in the spirit world. On earth, you should cooperate with and consummate the work being done by the eldest brother. This cannot be done in the spirit world. You need to keep this in mind; you should pray daily for your ancestors and ask them for assistance. Only then can you fulfill your responsibility to make everything right on earth. When you complete what your ancestors failed to carry out on earth, the heavenly world can be liberated. This is crucial; you have to understand it in detail. Not only your life but the lives of all your ancestors depend on your settling this. You need to carry out on earth, as the younger sibling, what your eldest brother is doing throughout the spirit world. The final responsibility rests not with those in the spirit world but with you. (424-099, 2003.11.04)

34 When we go through the gates to the kingdom of heaven, a paradise for families and a hell for families will emerge. Our ancestors need to indemnify this. Through their sacrifice, the sacrifice of hundreds of people, our ancestors have to set up one family to represent the tribe. The Unification Church on earth should be the center, not the saints or renowned ancestors in the next world. When Unification Church members ascend, they should connect to the living members of their tribe and, on that basis, to their future descendants. Only if they reach perfection and enter the kingdom of heaven can others follow them. That is why we are currently uniting our tribes. (475-063, 2004.11.07)

35 Adam and Eve failed to stand in a public position, and thus left behind a condition for accusation. Had they stood in a public position and succeeded in the way of sacrifice, they would have been free of accusation from their descendants, all of humankind. You are standing in a similar position. Therefore you should always keep in mind, “I represent three eras.” The spirit world is in your hands; in other words, your ancestors are at your mercy. The spirit world, your relatives, and your country are all in your hands. Even the task of setting the right tradition for your future descendants is in your hands. Whether you as one person do well or poorly will determine whether your ancestors and relatives in the spirit world can be liberated, and whether your descendants can become the liberated chosen people. (66-076, 1973.03.17)

36 Thanks to the help of your ancestors, you came to join the Unification Church and to lay your foundation up to this point. Nevertheless, if you break the laws of Heaven they will take away everything, even your own children. Further, when you come to the spirit world, they will take you to another place in the spirit world and make you wait at the gates to the kingdom of heaven. You will not be able to enter. Even when your grandfather and grandmother and your friends follow and enter the gates of the kingdom of heaven, those who boasted of their knowledge, money or power, or deceived the church about their marriage, will not be able to enter. They will have to wait in front of the gates. (490-175, 2005.03.13)

37 Since we have mobilized the spirit world, those in the archangelic realm that have received the Blessing are our ancestors, and yet are not ancestors. There is the archangelic realm and there is the blessed archangelic realm; this division into two came about because of the Fall. Our ancestors are in the archangelic realm, and those who have been blessed can come down to earth and protect the members of their clan—those who are already blessed and those who should be blessed—and serve them as elder brothers. The nation and the world can be brought together based on the unity of these two. Therefore you must not fall behind them, you must not lose out to those in the spirit world. You must work proudly, standing at the forefront. (369-286, 2002.02.17)

38 Families on earth are in the position of Adam’s family, the original blessed family, and in the elder brother position. Since the lineage of those in the spirit world was changed, they need to come down to earth. The younger brother must be engrafted to the older brother and become one with him. Based on the standard set when the Holy Spirit and the substantial mother united, on the foundation of the elder brother on earth and the younger brother in the spirit world having united, the mother has to achieve oneness within herself. Then, with the mother who is one in spirit and body at the center, the families whose siblings are united come together and attend the parents. Then the brothers on earth, whose relationship had not been based on their connection to the parents, establish their relationship, reach perfection, and become one with the heavenly world. Then the blessed families in the spirit world can serve the blessed families on earth as their elder brothers for the first time. Because they attend them as their elder brothers, the right of the eldest son is finally restored. When the right of the eldest son is restored the spirits enter the position of being one with God. (356-089, 2001.10.09)

39 Because we proclaimed True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, the good angelic world is coming down and expelling all the evil spirits of the evil archangelic realm. This restores the spiritual right of the eldest son. Because that had been reversed, everyone on Satan’s side attacked God. Now the era has come in which God’s side attacks, not only in the spirit world but also on earth. Because I knew such a time was coming, I told you to fulfill your tribal messiah responsibility. Tribal messiahs are the true parents of their tribe. They are the ancestors. Once they have secured their position as ancestors, their descendants will follow them automatically. Be bold and self- confident. The restoration of the right of the eldest son, restoration of the right of parents, the restoration of king- ship and restoration of the realm of the royal family bring history to a conclusion. On this basis I declared True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. What does this mean? It means that the right of the eldest son now belongs to God and True Parents. (256-053, 1994.03.12)

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