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The Role of Women in Creating the Ideal World

1.  The True Love Movement Bringing Salvation to Asia and the World    875
2.  The Coming of the Age of Women    881
  The Unity of the World and Humankindís Responsibility    885
  Women Will Play a Leading Role in the Ideal World I   895
5.  Women Will Play a Leading Role in the Ideal World II   907
6.  World Peace and the Role of Women I 917
Women Will Play a Leading Role in the Ideal World III   922
8.  God, Women and World Peace    930
  The Twenty-first Century and the Mission of Women   946
 World Peace and the Role of Women II   950
 Opening, Inheriting and Fulfilling the Era of the Victory,, Liberation and Completion of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind    956
12. The Role of Women in the Era after the Coming of Heaven and the Mission of the Womenís Federation for World Peace    964
13. Keynote Speech at the Inauguration of the Abel Womenís UN   976
 Let Us Become Leaders in a World of Peace    983
15. Let Us Open a New Era of Civilization    988
16. Establishing a World of Moral Principles   995
17. The Central Role of Young People in the Realization of True Love    1000


The Role of Women in Creating the Ideal World


The True Love Movement Bringing
Salvation to Asia and the World

September 17,1991
Tokyo Bay NK Hall, Chiba, Japan
Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia Japan Convention
(True Motherís speech)

Distinguished president of the rally, members of the Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia, and my fellow women leaders who have gathered here from all parts of Japan:

Today we stand at a turning point on the road marking great and historic changes. I offer my heartfelt congratulations to the Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia for its rapid growth in the five years since its inauguration to the point that now you are able to host this splendid rally.

In little more than forty years since you emerged from the ruins of a devastating war, your nation, Japan, has accomplished the greatest economic turnaround in the world. This feat, which may well be termed a miracle of modern times, is now the envy of people throughout the world. More laudable still is the fact that, even while achieving such amazing industrial developments, Japan has endeavored to sustain the traditional values particular to the East and has shown a great commitment and effort in family and social education. Underlying such wonderful success is what you women have done, as kind and self-sacrificing mothers and devoted wives. It is you, more than anyone else, who made your families healthy and strong while you nurtured and watched over them. Since it is your work as women that stands as the basis of this success, I as a woman also feel proud.

Leaders of the Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia! The world is now on the brink of a great historic transition period. The wartime policies of communism caused bloodshed ravaging millions of human beings. In the seventy years since the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, communism came to rule more than half of the world, plunging all humanity into the pits of fear and anguish. New leaders finally have lowered that red flag, and we are watching it disappear into the mists of history.

This shows that the worldview based on atheism, with state policies that deny God, has come to ruin. The philosophy of conflict, struggle and hatred has revealed its limits, and the one-party dictatorial structure of communism is now faced with its own demise. However, this event leads to an important realization: The downfall of communism does not mean the victory of the free democratic world. Just as communism, which went forth asserting economic equality, was brought to its end by the collapse of its own economy, the free democratic world, which is crying out for the ideal of freedom, also is nearing a breakdown of society through the severe confusion of values. Corruption, sexual immorality, violence and addiction are multiplying under the shadow of so-called freedom. They are causing the dissolution of that free society.

The Cold War era that lasted for more than forty years after the Second World War is drawing to a close. It was a game with losers on both sides and no victor. It makes us realize that now is the time for a new salvation to reach both the communist world and the free democratic world.

Capitalism and communism originated from the West and were based on material values. They have revealed their limited ability to satisfy the true desires of human beings, who are made of both a spirit and a physical body. We are living in an age when the central role of eastern society, with its emphasis on spiritual values, has become absolutely necessary. Historically, the Asian continent has served as the cradle of spiritual civilization, and the time finally has arrived for the East to fulfill its global mission as the prime mover of spirituality. That is why this age has come to be called the Asian-Pacific era and why it is another great historic transition period.

Most respected women leaders! I believe that this society was able to do an excellent job of protecting its historical values during the past half century. While the industry of Japan developed and the nation became economically affluent, women voluntarily declined the opportunity for special treatment. Instead, they protected their families with devotion and sacrifice. In truth, the most important of all traditional values is the set of values centered on the family.

There is an old saying to the effect, ďWhen oneís family is harmonious, all goes well.Ē What this means is that the family is the basis of peace. And the most important factor in forming such a family is true love. The word ďloveĒ has various meanings. However, Iím speaking here about true love, which refers to the absolute love centered on God. In other words, true love is to love even someone who seems impossible to love, and thus, in true love you have no choice except to love even your enemies. Furthermore, true love is the sacrificial love of even giving oneís own life for others. Therefore, in true love the antagonisms and conflicts among individuals and among societies or nations are completely transcended and dispersed. With true love we can achieve true peace.

True love is the motive and power behind creation, reproduction and development. To put it another way, physical energy, once it is invested, is consumed and finished. In the case of true love, however, the more you invest, the greater it grows, and it comes back to you with even more than you gave. Only in true love can the idea of eternal life become a reality. Families and societies that practice true love never come to ruin; they continue to grow.

In this regard, the teaching of my husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, to ďlive for the sake of othersĒ is the basic guiding principle in the construction of a peaceful world. The origin of such true love is God and God created humankind to realize this true love.

When God created human beings, why did God create them as man and woman, each to become the object partner of the other? It was because of true love. It was so that, in the midst of that true love, the husband can share love with his wife and the wife with her husband. When the husband and wife share horizontal love with one another in this way, they come to possess the love of God, the origin of the husband and the wife.

Simply put, through the horizontal love between a man and a woman, human beings can form the connection of love with God vertically. To put it another way, a man and a woman marry, rooted in true love, in order to possess each otherís world horizontally and to possess Godís love vertically. They own the Creator and all created things because true love entails the right of inheritance. Human beings attain their original desires through the horizontal connection with each other and the vertical connection with God.

Based on this viewpoint, only man and woman together can encounter Godís love. Man and woman have equal value in that they possess Godís love only as a married couple that is united as one body. They stand in the position of the object partner of Godís true love. Human beings and the Creator thus come to have equal value centering on true love.

If the first created man and woman had fulfilled love in this way, they would have become true parents and the starting point for the realization of Godís love. Unfortunately, however, humanityís first parents never became True Parents, who were supposed to stand in the place of God as the substantial embodiments of true love. Still, the ideal of True Parents has to be realized, and the origin prepared through which true families, societies, nations and the world centered on true love can be accomplished.

Therefore, beyond simply the age of a global village where we are geographically close, the future world must usher in the age of the global family, where we are bound together centered on true love. Rev. Sun Myung Moon has lived not for his own sake; he has lived for the sake of God and humanity because he knows the absolute way of true love. In spite of all the persecution and hardships he endured, he ultimately laid todayís worldwide foundation of the Unification Church.

As the wife of the man carrying out such a global task, because I am connected to this victorious foundation centered on true love, I shared the pain of the head of the family together with all of my family members, engraving it even within my bone marrow. Furthermore, no matter what hardships I faced, I did my best not to give in to them and to keep a smile on my face, thinking of my husband who would feel alone without me.

My life goals naturally came to be centered on true love. I lived for the sake of others in my effort to find true happiness through the womanís role in the love for parents, the love for husband, and the love for children. My life became one of living more for others today than I did yesterday and more tomorrow than today, being more grateful and making more effort each day. Furthermore, I believe the reason I can successfully fulfill my role as a mother and raise my thirteen children well, is that my entire family is united, centered on Godís true love. This is because, in any given family, when God is with them, the parents and the children all can share the love, life and hope of God.

Distinguished leaders of the Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia! The coming era is to be neither the age of conflict, defined by two nations, the United States and the Soviet Union, nor the age of the confusion of many nations. Instead, it must be the age of Godís world, centered on Godís love. This era of dominating the world based on the survival of the fittest in terms of economic power or military power must pass; now we need to realize one world based on Godism. Godism teaches us about the true love of God, through which the East and West, North and South, and all cultures, races and philosophies can be melted into one.

Godism has to start in Asia and construct the realm of the Asian-Pacific civilization. Such things as antagonism, conflict or struggle will disappear from Asia when it is centered on Godism. Asians need to set an example of how to achieve world peace through practicing true love by living more for the sake of the whole than for oneself.

Because Japan has received the blessing of riches from the world, it ought to follow a path, based on the spirit of true love, of living for the world. By regarding the pain of the world as their own pain and the problems of the world as their own problems, the Japanese people will live for the world in self-sacrifice and service, and they will become leading figures in establishing world peace.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon established the Interreligious Federation for World Peace and the Federation for World Peace on August 27 and 28 of this year in Seoul, Korea. Despite the fact that all religions on earth have the mission of bringing humanity together centering on the one God and uniting humanity through true love, the truth is that in the course of history they have split into hundreds, even thousands, of sects. They have been engaged in conflicts and struggles among themselves, and they also have confused human beings about the path of faith that leads toward the true God.

In view of the historical facts that innocent people have been accused in the name of religion, and that bloody wars have broken out in the name of God, we realize that if religions cannot unite, the world representing the internal aspect of humanity cannot become one. A peaceful world on earth will grow more and more distant. In light of this, the fact that organizations bringing together world religions have been inaugurated this year is a grand, historic undertaking.

In addition, the fact of the matter is that the League of Nations and the United Nations, which were formed to resolve the problems that arose after the First and Second World Wars, have been inadequate. There remain many serious problems that have not been addressed in the past forty years of the era of the Cold War, which can be said to have been the Third World War.

Matters such as the resolution of racial and cultural conflicts, closing the severe gap between the rich and the poor, conservation of nature, and establishment of true ethical values are the challenges that need to be newly tackled and resolved by modern humanity on a global scale. Based on this viewpoint, the founding of a new international organization called the Federation for World Peace, focused on the new philosophy of Godism and true love, brings forth substantial new opportunities.

Taking it a step further, the Interreligious Federation for World Peace and the Federation for World Peace, which represent the mind and body of humankind, have embraced the common goal of world peace and together have built a mutual foundation upon which they can cooperate with one another, suggesting the imminent construction of world peace. Rev. Sun Myung Moon has already prepared, in the environment of the real world, all the important preconditions for world peace.

Most esteemed women representatives of Japan, now the time has come for you to be the people who practice true love by giving for the sake of Asia and the world. Today we are ushering in a great, historic transition. It will emerge as an important opportunity for Japan and Asia to play an active role in the world.

I hope that you will broaden your consciousness and way of life so that Japan will stand clearly as the mother of Asia and the mother of the world, and thereby stand at the forefront of constructing a new Asia and a new world. This is the destined mission that history has placed in your hands to fulfill today.

When Asia embraces the true love of God, the future of Asia is boundlessly bright. Furthermore, this world promises a future of hope in which the eternal order of peace can be firmly established. I pray that you will devote yourselves earnestly for peace in the new Asia and for the future of the world.

Thank you.



The Coming of the Age of Women

April 10,1992

Olympic Stadium, Seoul, Korea
Inauguration of the Womenís Federation for World Peace and
Seoul Rally of the Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia

Distinguished guests, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, representatives of the Womenís Federation for World Peace from seventy countries, women leaders and members of the Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia:

I am certain that today we are witnessing a great event that will have a profound meaning in the history of women in Korea, and throughout the world. Until now, men have provided primary leadership throughout the progress of history. This rally today, by declaring the ďBeginning of the Age of Women,Ē marks an historic turning point for the entire world.

The leadership of men has brought about a world filled with struggle and evil. Human beings continue to dream of liberation from this world of evil and struggle and the onset of a world of goodness, peace and happiness.

God created us as His children, and we can be assured that God had no intention of sitting by and doing nothing while the world suffered for thousands of years through wars and evil. God has been actively working to find ways to lead us to salvation. This is the meaning of the salvation providence carried out through religion. As a religious leader, I have consistently preached that Godís salvation providence carried out through religion represents the real hope for the world.

Throughout history, countless leaders and heroes have dedicated their lives to building a better world yet there has never been any fundamental change in the fact that we live in a world of wars and evil. Political and economic means are unable to bring such fundamental change to the world. This fact is clearly illustrated by the superpowers and developed countries of todayís world. The decline of morals has become a global phenomenon, and presents a serious threat to the future of humankind.

Immorality and moral decline has reached such a point that mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, and even children, hardly recognize each other in their respective roles. The very foundations of the family are being destroyed. The correlation between the increase in economic wealth and the decline in ethical conduct and sexual morality, as well as the spread of drug abuse, has brought about a critical situation.

Today the world is faced with the question of how to escape from the clutches of sexual immorality, for this is the most deeply rooted of all evils. There is no possibility that politics and economics alone can rescue this world from the crime and decadence that we see around us today.

Members of the Womenís Federation, representatives from around the world, I have experienced firsthand the pain and sorrow of a weak nation trampled upon by a powerful neighbor. I was born seventy-two years ago during the Japanese colonial administration of Korea. During my youth, I thought seriously about how to bring salvation to this tragic world of war and evil. I came to the conclusion that salvation through religion has the most fundamental effect.

This is because Godís salvation providence through religion has a strategy to use Satanís persecution for the purpose of reclaiming all the ownership that was stolen by the evil force of the devil. Religion teaches that evil brings about its own destruction by striking out at good; the path of good is one of bringing about the natural subjugation of evil by receiving evilís blows.

Ever since I was a young man in my teens, I have consistently taught the truth according to religious revelation and devoted my entire life to putting the content of this teaching into practice. My teachings, the Unification Principle, have spread to one hundred sixty countries around the world. The teachings are spreading particularly rapidly in the previously communist countries of the former Soviet Union as well as in Eastern and Central Europe, and even in North Korea. Also, in the Islamic countries of the Middle East region, people are coming to follow these teachings.

The Unification Church has received great persecution and suffering in a number of countries, including its home country of Korea. Today, however, it has set its roots down firmly and permanently all throughout the world. No one will ever be able to uproot the Unification Church from any place in the world.

Religion forms the fundamental means by which God plans to save this world, and all the worldís major religions have at their center an expectation for some kind of messianic figure. Christians believe in the second coming of Jesus. Muslims, Buddhists and followers of Confucius await the reappearance of the founders of their respective religions. All these religions believe that when the messianic figure appears, the Messiah will judge this world of sin and struggle and establish the ideal world, that is, the kingdom of heaven, in a short time.

Thus, all these religions teach that this world can only be saved through the second coming of the founder of their religion. This is referred to as the messianic ideal. Only a leader who gives truth and true love, one who is able to unite the fundamental teachings of the major religions and integrate the roles of the various messianic figures, can accomplish the salvation of this world.

Such a leader will reveal how our first ancestors committed the Fall and brought about a history of struggle and evil. This leader will explain original sin, the root of the worldís evil, and shed light on the truth that will liberate humanity from evil. Because our first ancestors, Adam and Eve, committed the original sin and became false parents, the returning Messiah will come as the True Parents, the original ancestors of good through whom all people will be reborn.

The True Parents will not make their advent on the clouds from the sky. Instead, they will appear in this age and on this earth in Korea, and lead the world into an age of peace and unity. During my life of more than seventy years, I have received much persecution, yet I have never been defeated. My wife, President Hak Ja Han Moon, has walked this path of suffering together with me as the representative of all women in the world.

In the course of following the path of righteousness in accordance with Godís Will, when I received persecution at the hands of unrighteous forces in the form of imprisonment, my wife, Hak Ja Han Moon, decided to gather righteous women of good conscience and begin a movement for peace. That effort has borne fruit in this rally today.

No one knows the course of religious training I went through in order to receive this content of Godís truth. During that time, I came to the realization that the key to world peace and world unity lies in the unification of the Korean Peninsula, which has been divided between communism and democracy. It is for this reason that I have traveled throughout the world and devoted all my energy to the accomplishment of this goal. This is also the reason I went to North Korea last November and negotiated directly with Kim II Sung.

It will not be long now before we see the unity of all the worldís major religions. Neither will it be long before the unification of the Korean Peninsula is accomplished. In fact, these two goals represent the reason that women from seventy countries around the world have gathered today to attend the Seoul Rally of the Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia, which is being held under the presidency of Mrs. Moon. I expect you will eventually be forming a federation of families for world peace. In Godís salvation providence, Korea is the home country of the providence.

In each religion, we can see that the women are far more devout and active than men. The Bible says that true Christian faith is preparation as a bride who will someday receive the Lord of the Second Advent as her bridegroom. This biblical teaching means all religions have been prepared by God so that they may fulfill a female role, that is, the role of the bride, in the presence of the coming Messiah.

In the presence of the True Parents who come as the Messiah, the women of this age are the true workers who will cleanse this world of war, violence, suppression, exploitation and crime. Women will build an ideal world filled with peace, love and freedom. It is also up to women to see that the evil forces, led primarily by men, which opposed and persecuted the forces of righteousness and good, are now completely eradicated so that they cannot cause any more harm.

We live in the age when the Messiah returns as the True Parents of humankind, when North and South Korea are uniting through love and truth, and when all religions are to become one. This is the age in which all people of the world will rise above differences of race and philosophy to join in the building of a new world of peace. I am certain that God will give boundless blessings to all the worldís women called for these great purposes.

I pray that Godís great blessing will be upon the Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia and the Womenís Federation for World Peace, which is to be inaugurated today.

Thank you very much.




The Unity of the World and Humankindís Responsibility

April 10,1992

Olympic Stadium, Seoul, Korea
Inauguration of the Womenís Federation for World Peace and
Seoul Rally of the Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia
(True Motherís speech)

Distinguished guests, representatives of the Womenís Federation for World Peace from seventy countries, women leaders and members of the Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia:

First, let me express my deep gratitude that such a tremendous crowd has gathered today for this grand occasion, to establish the Womenís Federation for World Peace and to hold the Seoul rally of the Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia. By your presence, you bring blessing to our federationís future, and inspire us to redouble our determination to achieve world peace. This may be the first time that women have taken the initiative by gathering in such a large number in one place. I am certain that from this day forward, women around the world will come to understand their noble role ordained by God and that a road will be opened for us to build an ideal world filled with peace, happiness and freedom. To mark this occasion, I would like to speak to you on the topic of ďThe Unity of the World and Humankindís Responsibility.Ē

On November 30 of last year, I accompanied my husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, on a visit to North Korea. During our one-week stay, we met President Kim II Sung and other leaders and toured a number of sites.

Throughout the years I have been at my husbandís side, I have been a witness to the countless sleepless nights he has spent praying for the unification of our homeland, and to the great sacrifices he has made to bring the reality of todayís world in line with the direction of Godís providence. His recent trip to North Korea was another illustration of his willingness to place his life at risk whenever necessary. Rev. Moon is a well-known religious leader, and this fact alone makes him a person despised by communists. In addition to that, he is also the worldís greatest leader working for victory over communism. North Korea is well known for its rigid ideological regime. The leaders of that society long ago identified Rev. Moon as their greatest enemy and launched thousands of malicious attacks against him around the world. Yet, Rev. Moon visited that country with only the spirit of God to protect him, and preached the commandments of Heaven to its highest echelon, saying, ďUnification cannot be brought about through your Juche ideology. We must unite through Godism

The purpose of our North Korean visit was not to establish joint ventures or to seek ways to make money. Neither did we go there hoping to visit our hometowns or to meet our relatives. We went in accordance with the will of God, carrying with us Godís heart of true love that seeks always to give unconditionally. Our purpose was to testify to the commandments of Heaven, so that the leaders of that society could realize what they must do in order to open the floodgates for true unification. Rev. Moon was received in North Korea as a state guest of the highest order, yet he did not rest comfortably for even one night. Every night during our stay, he spent his time in fervent prayer so as to bring convergence with heavenly fortune and to establish before God the conditions for reunification. Unification of the Korean Peninsula will not be brought about solely through political negotiations or commercial trade. Unification is possible only by means of the fortune of Heaven together with Godís true love.

This is because reunification is connected directly to the providence of God as a necessary step toward world unity.

Truth from Heaven

Today is a historic occasion in which women leaders have gathered from around the world. I would not want to detract from this occasion by merely giving a few words of ceremonial greeting. Instead, I want to deliver a declaration emphasizing the teachings of Rev. Moon, which are rooted in the heart of God that transcends past, present and future. My words today are a declaration before heaven and earth, with history as my witness. The words I am about to speak may seem unfamiliar to some of you, however they deal with the truths of heaven that all women today have to understand.

We live in a diseased world whose destruction is inevitable. Every day we hear the ugly sounds of its final death rattle. We can trace the origin of this disease to our first ancestors, who lost their position in paradise. Our first ancestors contracted a serious disease. In religious terms, this event is referred to as the human Fall. History began in a diseased state. Satan and this diseased state have been the central focus of human history. The tragedy of human history is that it originated with Satan, the lord of evil who took a position against Godís ideal of creation, and with the marriage of Adam and Eve as the children of evil. Inevitably, human beings inherited Satanís love, Satanís life and Satanís lineage. The human reproductive organs, by which husband and wife are intended to join together in virtue, were originally intended to be temples of true love, true life and the true lineage. Love needs to be an experience in which a husband and wife join in a virtuous union to procreate children who will carry on the lineage. The center of life is love, and the human lineage is transmitted by means of the love and life of a husband and wife. The linkage of love, life and lineage is what gives history its continuity.

After the Fall, the human race has been held captive by Satanís love, Satanís life and Satanís lineage. Adam and Eve were in their youth when they sowed the seeds of false love, false life and false lineage.

Thus, when the Last Days come, we can expect the increase of moral decadence among young people to expand into a global phenomenon. In fact, we live in just such a time now. Satan used fallen love as a condition to create a lair of sin in which an eternal blow could be struck against Godís ideal of true love. With the relaxation of standards concerning sexual behavior, the increasing moral decadence of young people and the plague of drug addiction in our societies, Satan has been able to work to destroy family structure and traditional values in order to turn this world into an earthly hell.

Thus, it has become impossible to find anywhere a true man, true woman, true brothers and sisters, a true husband and wife or true parents. Until now, there could be no hope of creating a true society, true nation or true world. The world has to understand that Satan exists and that he has brought about the fallen reality we face today. With this knowledge, we can find the cause of the disease and uncover the origin of the Fall.

We must reveal to the world that Satan, Adam and Eve formed a trinity of evil, and that it is up to us to restore the original Trinity of God, Adam and Eve that is in accordance with the ideal of creation. For this issue to be resolved, someone must testify to the fact that Satan committed sin, and clearly explain the fundamental truths concerning the sin committed by our first ancestors. God and Satan have always known all the details about the Fall.   .

There were many things that Adam did not understand, however, because he was still young at the time. In the Last Days, the restored and completed Adam will come and make all this information known. He will reveal the sins committed by Satan through the course of history. When he comes, it will be possible to expel Satan from this world. For the first time, human beings will be able to make a fundamental change in direction toward a world of hope, peace, happiness and freedom.

Grafting onto the true olive tree

In order for humankind to make a total break from the false love, false life and false lineage that derive from Satan as their false parent, it is necessary that we be grafted onto the true olive tree. That is, all people need to be grafted onto God and True Parents in order to recover true love, true life and the true lineage. This will make it possible for us to build heaven on earth as well as in the spirit world. This, in fact, is the final purpose of Godís providence of salvation, restoration and re-creation. Thus, the appearance of the True Parents is an event of the greatest historic importance. They represent the conclusion and final fruit of human history. The True Parents represent the completed form of human cultural history. They signify the victory of religion and philosophy within history.

Prior to the emergence of True Parents, however, there is required a period of restoration through indemnity, that is, a period of re-creation. I would like to speak for a while about this historical period based on the biblical record to illustrate what a difficult process it has been. By understanding this, we can understand how important it is that we fulfill our responsibility today.

In the record of the Old Testament, history was a course of indemnificationóan eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a life for a life. The responsibility for the Fall passed from Eve to Adam, with Satan at the center. As seen from the standpoint of Eve after she had received the seed of false life, the Fall occurred when Satan took over Godís position as Eveís father and became one with her to bear Adam. In the course of the Fall, Eve placed the archangel in the position of her father and Adam in the position of her son. Consequently, women who, in the course of the history of restoration through indemnity, have come to stand in the position of Eve have risked their lives, when necessary, in order to assure that Godís will is passed on to the next generation. When we study the historical record in the Bible, we come across a number of events that seem to defy explanation. Godís original intention in His creation was that Eve would become one with God, her Father, and with Godís son, Adam. As a result of the Fall, however, she became one with Satan and the false son, Adam.

Immediately after the Fall, God began working through the family of Adam in order to undo what had been done, that is, to accomplish restoration through indemnity by the reverse course. He could work with Adamís family, because the Fall had not deprived the members of this family of the element of eternality with which they had been endowed at their creation.

Struggle between good and evil

Cain, the first fruit of the love by which Satan took Eve, was recognized as being on the side of Satan, and Abel, who was born as the second fruit, representing Eveís love with her intended husband Adam, was positioned on the side of Heaven. This was the beginning of the history of the struggle between good and evil, aimed at fundamental restoration through indemnity. It was necessary in history that the second son be blessed so that the second son, representing heaven, could restore and claim the birthright of the first son, held by Satan. Exemplifying this, Cain and Abel made offerings to God simultaneously, yet God received only the offering of Abel, the second born, while refusing the offering of Cain. The reason was that the second born at that time stood on the side of Heaven. Had Cain made his offering through Abel, an orderly, reverse path could have been established between God, Adam and the archangel, and restoration could have been accomplished. Because Cain killed Abel, however, Heaven chose Seth and extended the providence to the generations following.

Cain and Abel were brothers who had been born into this world. Because of their inability to accomplish Godís will, Godís next dispensation needed to be carried out within a motherís womb. Thus, when Rebekah asked God why it was that Esau and Jacob fought within her womb, God said to her, ďTwo nations are in your womb... the elder shall serve the younger.Ē (Genesis 25:23). From that time, Rebekah came to take greater care of the second born, Jacob. Jacob had to restore through indemnity the birthright of his brother Esau. For this to be successful, Rebekah had to fulfill her responsibility in the position of Eve. The blow struck at the firstborn of Egypt during the course of the Israelitesí Exodus, and Jacobís crossing of his hands when he blessed Josephís sons Manasseh and Ephraim, both represent the hidden will of Heaven to bring about a reversal of the rights of the first and second sons.

In her Fall, Eve deceived God, her Father, and Adam, who was in the position of her son. Rebekah stood on the side of Heaven and deceived the father, Isaac, and her son, Esau, so that Jacob could receive Isaacís blessing. Jacob purchased the birthright of the firstborn, and initiated the lineage of the Israelites on the foundation of a victory won through the cooperation of a mother and her son. He conditionally claimed the right of the first son and that of the second son for the side of Heaven, and established the foundation of victory for the nation of Israel that was to descend from him. Jacob, however, was more than forty years of age at the time that he took full control over the birthright of the firstborn.

Thus, the period of human life prior to age forty remained without the condition of having won victory over Satan. Once again, therefore, God carried out a dispensation for the purpose of claiming victory in the womb. Tamar, the daughter-in-law of Judah, had in her womb the twin sons, Zerah and Perez. Although Perez was the younger, he pushed his brother Zerah aside in order to be born first. In fact, the name ďPerez,Ē means, ďto break through.Ē

Revolutionary women and the only begotten Son At the beginning of history, the lineage of Satan was planted in the maternal womb. With Tamar, the womb was restored to the side of God. The side of Heaven took control over the right of the first son and the right of the second son so that Godís original lineage could be established. It was in this way that the tribe of Judah came to form the foundation on which the Messiah would later be born. As a woman, Tamar placed herself in the position of having deceived father and son. She denied her father-in-law and his sons in order to separate the position of Eve from Satan. As a result of Tamar successfully separating the womb from Satan, a basic tradition was established whereby Godís children could be conceived and given birth without Satanís invasion. It was then up to the Israelites and Judaism to carry on this standard of victory in the womb until such time that the Messiah could be sent as the True Parents.

Because Satan had already been able to establish his nations in the world at that time, the sending of the Messiah had to wait until such time as the Israelites could establish a national base sufficient for indemnifying the other nations of the world. God waited nearly two thousand years until there was a sufficient foundation and a woman who could stand in the position of Eve, to carry out His providence. This finally took place through Mary, the mother of Jesus.

When Adam and Eve fell, they were already engaged to marry at a later date. In the same way, Mary and Joseph were betrothed to each other in accordance with Godís providence. Similar to Rebekah and Tamar, Mary was a revolutionary woman called by God to take part in the process of recreating Adam. Mary risked her life to form an absolute unity with God, and placed herself in the position of having deceived father and son in order to fulfill the providential history of restoration through indemnity.

It was in this manner that Jesus was conceived. During the time that Jesus was in Maryís womb, Satan could make no claim on his lineage. Jesus was born of the womb of a victorious woman as the first fruit of the first love, which could be claimed only by God. It was the first time in history that a child was born as Godís only begotten Son. Even among the saints, there exists no one else whose birth followed such a process for making a separation from Satanís lineage. Thus, we refer to Jesus as a saint among saints. This was the reason the Christian cultural sphere was able to spread throughout the world.

Finally, in this century, God has worked to use the victory of the Second World War and the Christian cultural sphere to accomplish the unity of the world. The Second World War had a particular meaning in the context of Godís providence. In this war, the effects of the Fall transmitted by Eve to the brothers Cain and Abel were magnified onto a global scale. Thus, the island nation of Great Britain stood in the position of Eve. The United States, a nation historically ďgiven birthĒ by Britain, stood in the position of Abel.

France stood in the position of Cain, holding the birthright of the firstborn. These three countries formed an alliance led by the United States and cooperated together as the Allied Powers. On Satanís side, the Eve country, Japan, the Adam country, Germany, and the archangelic country, Italy, formed the Axis Powers. Godís hope was to establish a united world on the basis of the victory of the Allies, who had been placed on the side of Heaven.

Into the wilderness

Godís fervent hope for the postwar world was that God and the True Parent, the Adam who brings true love, could form a central point, around which humankind could receive the True Parents. God has carried out His historical providence of indemnification centering on triads of countries. In the context of the worldwide dispensation of the True Parents, Korea has been placed in the position of the Adam country, Japan in the position of the Eve country, the United States in the position of the Abel country and Germany in the position of the Cain country. Japan was once an enemy country of the True Parents; the United States and Japan were once enemies, and Germany was once an enemy of the United States. The True Parents, in order to fulfill what Christianity and the United States did not accomplish after the Second World War, have fostered cooperation among these four countries at the center of the providence and walked a twenty-one year course of re-indemnification. Through their success, they have established the realm of victory. The Unification Church, which has victoriously crossed over the hill of Calvary on the individual, family, national, world and cosmic levels, has given the United States a new sense of direction. It has given new hope to Christianity, as well as to the communist and Islamic worlds.

On the Korean Peninsula, the Jacob and Esau of the twentieth century are faced off against each other in the form of the two Koreas. The True Parents, working with true love in this conflict, confronting Kim II Sung in the position of the false parent, have restored through indemnity the realm of the victorious parent. Through this process, Korea was established as the Third Israel that has accomplished historyís ultimate victory and has become the chosen nation of a new and united world. Korea as the Third Israel is the base from which the True Parents and their children are able to accomplish their fervent hope for a united world of peace. It holds a central position for building heaven on earth and in the spirit world.

It has to be understood that, from a providential standpoint, the great prosperity experienced by Korea, Japan, the United States and Germany in the postwar period has been due to the fact that these countries received Godís blessing, again, with Korea as Adam, Japan as Eve, the United States as Abel and Germany as Cain. In the garden of Eden at the time the Fall was perpetrated, the archangel was with Adam and Eve. In this age, when the seed is planted on the level of the individual, it bears its fruit on the worldwide level. Korea, the Adam country, is neighbored by Japan, the Eve country, as well as by three archangel countriesóthe United States, China, and Russia, all vying for advantage on the Korean Peninsula. With the protection of God, however, these countries are developing an alliance among themselves centering on Korea. Jesus was not able in his time to bring about unity among the nations of Asia. Today we are seeing the fulfillment of Godís will to indemnify this on a worldwide level. Similarly, the significance of the coming of the Asia-Pacific cultural sphere is that a substantial sphere, both material and spiritual, such as Jesus sought to accomplish in his time, can be constructed in Asia. In other words, the countries of Asia must now establish a united world centering on the True Parents.

The time to attend

Now is the time to attend the True Father, who has established the victorious tradition in world history, and the True Mother, the global representative of women, who has gained victory as the representative woman in history. By doing so, we must establish a true concept of manhood as well as the true concept of what it means to be a mother, a wife and a daughter. In the context of new families, we must set forth anew, toward a new society, nation and world, and become forerunners in inheriting the tradition of the True Parents and harvesting the victory. We women have the mission to give proper guidance to those who lead lives of moral decadence and disorder, so that the tragedy of the Fall of Adam and Eve may be resolved within the context of history.

Beloved women members, the Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia has gathered you here for the important purpose of establishing the Womenís Federation for World Peace. In the ďAge of WomenĒ that is now dawning, our members have to embrace our husbands and properly educate our children, so that we may be a model movement for practicing true love throughout the world. We must gain the active cooperation of our husbands and children for the development of the Womenís Federation for World Peace.

Our womenís movement is not for women alone. First, a movement of true love for our husbands and children must bear fruit in ideal families. The ideal families formed in this manner will come together to form ideal nations and an ideal world. For this reason, the Womenís Federation for World Peace must someday develop into a federation of families for world peace. For the sake of world peace, we women have to take the lead in government, finance, culture and society. The basic values we must uphold in this federation of women are found in Head-wing Thought and Godism. These values are what unite left and right and overcome atheistic materialism. They are certain to be the guiding ideas of the world in the twenty- first century.

As women, let us remember our forebears Rebekah, Tamar and Mary, who fulfilled major responsibilities in the history of Godís salvation providence. Let us inherit the strength of will by which these historic women overcame life-threatening dangers and difficulties. Let us establish our families as homes for true parents, true husbands and wives and true children, so that we may join in the holy cause of changing this fallen world into a heavenly world. Let us march forward toward a world of peace centered on the True Parents, who are the center of true love.

I pray Godís blessing may be upon you, your families and the beautiful world to come.

Thank you.


Women Will Play a Leading Role
in the Ideal World I

May 11,1992

Incheon Indoor Gymnasium, Incheon, Korea
Womenís Federation for World Peace
Rallies in twenty-one cities in Korea
(True Motherís speech)

Most respected guests from Korea and abroad, and members of the Womenís Federation for World Peace:

It is my great honor to be able to speak on my views about world peace before so many women leaders from every field of life. The title of my speech today is ďWomen Will Play a Leading Role in the Ideal World.Ē

In the era in which we live today, we are ushering in a truly important transition. We can go beyond ideological barriers, linguistic and cultural differences and racial conflicts, and enter a world of oneness. We all yearn for the end of wars, oppression and exploitation and for the beginning of a promising future of true freedom, peace and prosperity.

To this day, the system of thought called Godism, advocated by my husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, has played a decisive role in overcoming the unceasing human suffering of the past, caused by the misuse of power, and in opening the door to the post-Cold War era. Now, in this historic transitional age, we are heading toward reconciliation and cooperation. I would like to speak once again about this system of thought disclosed by Rev. Moon, which he also named head-wing thought. I propose that this great formula for the construction of an eternal world of peace based on Godism will serve as the guiding principle for women who will pioneer the future world.

God originally created the object partner of His love in order to feel joy. To make a work of art, sculptors work through the night. They burn up their youth, devoting all their energy to their work. Where does this heart stem from? Wouldnít that heart resemble God, who created the object partner of His love in order to taste joy? When you look at the world, you can see that the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and even human beings all exist in pairs. Why do they all exist in pairs? It is so that they can interact with each other.

In the mineral kingdom positive ions and negative ions interact. If you bring together two elements randomly, they will not always fuse together. If their properties are not complementary, not even God can make them react. On the other hand, if their properties are complementary, then not even God can keep them apart. It is apparent that God created even the interactions in the mineral kingdom as a model of the ideal process of creation through love, though on a lower level.

For this reason, centering on the essence of true love, the heart of God, the heart of humankind, all created things and even the animal kingdom are bound to communicate with one another. When you enter such a state of mind, you can communicate even with a rock. The problem is that you have not yet been able to enter such a state. When you enter the deep land of mystery, everything in nature is your friend. When you enter the state of love filled with ecstasy and you laugh, everything in the world of creation and even God Himself will harmonize with you.

Ladies and gentlemen, donít you have a husband or a wife whom you love? How much do you love them? Would you exchange your beloved wife for money? Would there be a wife who would exchange her husband, whom she truly loves, for all of heaven and earth? When you come to think of it, men were born because of women, and women were born because of men. It was all because of true love, which is living for the sake of others. God created and empowered men and women in order to realize the ideal of love through the harmony of yin and yang. Only true men and women can be united in true love and, based on true love, God and human beings can unite.

Marriage is successful through the infusion of true love originating in the vertical, absolute value of God, after men and women connect horizontally through their absolute, true love. As you can see, God, the absolute Being, has established true love in the highest and most valuable position, as the center of absolute values.

At the place where a true man, a true woman and God unite completely, based on true love, we can find the key to resolving all our problems, including our view of life, view of the universe, and view of God. Godís true love invests and invests again, gives and gives again, and forgets having given. As long as the memory of having given remains, love cannot circulate infinitely. Since love is an infinite motion, you ought not to dwell on the memory of having given. Love can flow because, even after you have given incessantly, again and again, you do not fixate on the memory of having given.

Then, who gave you love so valuable that you would not exchange it even for heaven and earth? Your parents did, and when you trace it back to its root, God gave you that love. God gives this love of infinite value from the position of the Parent, and then He forgets. Even if the sons and daughters who have received that love betray Heaven, He gives again. It is because of Godís endless love that you were able to come here today and make up this audience.

For this reason the path followed by true love is not having others live for oneís sake; rather, it is a path of sacrifice where one lives for others. For this reason, when God creates the object partner of His love, He desires to stand in the position of living for their sake and invests everything He possesses 100 percent, over and over again. The original central figure possessing such a heart is God, the Creator of heaven and earth.

In living for the sake of others, true love gives everything 100 percent, 1,000 percent, and creates a vacuum. It follows the same principle as when air in an area of low pressure generates a circulatory motion from an area of high pressure. Accordingly, when you try to live absolutely for the sake of others, you will activate infinite power.

Esteemed members of the Womenís Federation for World Peace, it is said, ďWomen are weak, yet mothers are strong.Ē This means that, though women by themselves may be weak and frail, when they stand in the subject position of love as a mother or play a central role of love as a wife or a daughter, they become incomparably strong. When they give 100 percent for the sake of their object partner, the void created by their giving is filled with Godís love and the power of Godís love is put in motion.

Therefore, even for women, when they take after God and assume the subject position of passionate love, the power of that love manifests as an amazing strength that can save the family, the nation and the world. By her passionate, patriotic heart to save her nation, a sixteen-year-old girl, Yu Gwan-soon, miraculously engulfed the entire nation of Korea in the waves of the independence movement.

As is apparent, God stands in the subject position of love, of giving for the sake of human beings, and He exists eternally because His original nature continues this process of giving and giving again. That is why the logic of eternal life manifests itself in the path of true love. If human beings, whom God created as His companions of true love, had reached maturity in accordance with Godís Will and inherited His absolute and unchanging true love, a history of fundamental world unity would have unfolded and there would not have been this wretched history of wars and bloodshed.

When body and mind are united based on true love, you become the companion of Godís own loveóHis eternal object partner. Not only that, you also become the heir of His eternal love. The properties of love include the right of inheritance, the right of cohabitation and the right of participation. If a loving husband is a president and his wife is not even an elementary school graduate, when they become a loving husband and wife, what belongs to the husband belongs to the wife and they have the right to stay together always, night and day, and also to participate in each otherís affairs.

Since love has these three great propertiesóthe right of inheritance, the right of cohabitation and the right of participationówhen you stand in the position of perfect union with Godís absolute and unchanging true love, you can stand with God wherever He may be. You have the right to live together with Him and participate in His work at all times.

When this comes to pass, you can see God without closing your eyes and be moved to tears. There is a realm of experience in which a person who has encountered the sorrowful heart of God will stop suddenly, even in the middle of going somewhere, and cry their heart out. Even in the fallen world, there have been many cases in which the love of a mother is such that if her child met with an unexpected accident away from home, she knew about it intuitively. Even arousing from sleep, she cried out her childís name as she woke up sobbing.

When you have prepared yourself to absorb into your body and mind 100 percent of Godís essential true love, which will live for the sake of others for tens of thousands of years, the roots of Godís love will be anchored in your heart. You will feel everything that He feels, and your body automatically will resonate with those feelings. In fact, the body is designed to be a resonator of the mindís world based on true love. You have to realize that, in order to achieve the united world of body and mind, first Godís love must be restored. However this task remains unfulfilled.

From the viewpoint of the logic of resonating with true love, when we human beings truly love and enter the realm of mutual oneness, we can say that Godís life is our life, Godís lineage is our lineage, and the created world in Godís possession is our created world. Then we will be registered in the kingdom of heaven with the heart of the father and the mother embracing heaven and earth.

Now, which comes first, love or life? Love comes first. The life of humankind was conceived through love based on the ideal of love, and so it follows that the essence of human life is love. Therefore, we can say that it is natureís law of life, originating from the essence of love, to live for the sake of others, and that in fact, human beings were born for the sake of others from the very moment of their birth. If I were born only for myself, or if everyone else had to exist only for my sake, the concept of love never could become reality. This is because love is real only when one desires to give to others and to sacrifice for others. The person who sacrifices for the sake of the family can bring about love in the family.

You may think that if you sacrifice for the sake of others, you will lose everything. In truth, it is the opposite. If anything, you become the subject being of love and the owner of everything, and you also are elevated to a higher dimension. A person who sacrifices and serves for the sake of the class becomes the class president, and a person who sacrifices for the sake of the village becomes the leader of the village. Furthermore, a person who sacrifices and serves for the sake of the nation becomes the owner of the nation.

The principle of love is that when love sacrifices for something that is greater, the level of that love is elevated. When you sacrifice for something greater, rather than being absorbed by it, you can stand at its center and face a new dimension. The reason that Christianity became a religion of resurrection is that it teaches to sacrifice for others.

Even when he faced dying on the cross as an innocent man, Jesus prayed, ďFather... not what I want, but what You wantĒ (Matthew 26:39). Regarding the Roman soldiers who stabbed him with their spears, he beseeched God to forgive their sin along with the sin of everyone else who did not know what they were doing. Like Godís life, Jesus exemplifies a life lived and sacrificed for the sake of others. It became the origin that created the history of resurrection, and thus became the essential core of Christian thought and tradition. When you sacrifice even your life for the sake of others, you gain life of a higher dimension.

My beloved members of the Womenís Federation for World Peace, when you think about it, my visiting North Korea with my husband and meeting with President Kim II Sung and various other party members on November 30,1991, was an exceptionally high-risk endeavor.

As you well know, Rev. Sun Myung Moon is a religious leader and the leader of the Victory over Communism movement. The North Korean leaders have considered him their archenemy, and they have even carried out all kinds of schemes, both in Korea and abroad, to eliminate my husband. And yet, depending solely on God, we were able to go to North Korea and proclaim, ďUnification cannot be brought about through Juche ideology. Unification is possible only through Godism.Ē We had a heart of love, desiring only to save them and to live for their sake, and we had a martyrs spirit, ready to endure any sacrifice necessary to open the gates to the reunification of the homeland. We actually put into practice the words, ďThose who are ready to die will live, and those who seek to live will die,Ē similar to Jesusí saying in Matthew 16:25.

True love can serve as the basis for conquering even hell. When you come to possess true love, all sorrows and pains transform into joy within that true love. In other words, true love is the desire of the original nature of humankind, which remains as an absolute authority that is greater than any authority asserted through power, knowledge or money.

In this regard, throughout history Godís strategy to save humankind and Satanís strategy to block Him are exactly opposite in nature. Godís strategy is to be struck first and then to receive, whereas Satan strikes first and then is dispossessed. Consider the history of the First and Second World Wars and the Cold War. In all of these, the side that struck first had to surrender. However, if someone robs God, God does not kill him and recover what was taken. Even though He has the power to appear imposingly as the master of the universe and strike and take things back by force, He still suffers as He receives the first blow.

By sacrificing themselves, parents walk the path of leading their disloyal children to repentance. To establish the high road of the law of nature, God personally goes to Satan and teaches him to do this and that, just as when a master comes to visit his or her pupil.

However, history has shown us that Satan struck the master who went to teach him. Do you know what happens after you are struck? You are eligible to receive recompense for damages. Confucius endured much persecution. Jesus was accused of being a rebel before the Roman Empire and was killed. Only after a long period in history were they acknowledged as saints. Has there ever been anyone recognized as a saint while they were alive on earth?

As is apparent, though such saints suffered miserably in their own times, through the progression of historical ages they were elevated. When you ask to be paid for damages, do not ask for the payment to be completed in ten or twenty years. The longer it takes, the more of the world you can claim. So, when you ask for compensation, after enduring and persevering for thousands of years, and then calculate what you are owed, you will find that the ďmoneyĒ deposited in the ďbankĒ has yielded interest that has compounded until, in the end, you find that you have more than enough money to buy that bank.

God seeks while waiting to recover something. He employs the strategy of being struck first and then receives back what was taken. When the evil world persecutes you from all quarters and oppresses you, heavenly fortune will help you to leap forward and go beyond all opposition.

God has allowed my husband and me many opportunities to undergo such experiences. Being persecuted is actually a secret method of inheriting the enemyís right of possession. In this way, the person whom God loves is always under the protection of heavenly fortune. Even if God has an enemy whom He wishes to overcome, God will not punish that person because God knows that that person has parents and a wife, as well as sons and daughters who love him. Since God also has crossed the valley of tears, when He experiences the heart of His enemyís parents, wife and children, who love him more than anyone else, He simply cannot eliminate this enemy.

When you really come to feel Godís heart, how could you possibly seek revenge? When you come to know Godís heart, you want to help your enemy instead. Only then can you focus on love, which is the great road of the law of nature, and can you travel that great road which embraces all as one. Only then will heaven and earth move in unison, and will God shed tears. He will be delighted because you resemble Him.

Since God takes this viewpoint, we can understand why we need to love our enemy. Such a power comes neither from knowledge, money nor authority. Only true love has that power. Therefore, for your beloved sons, daughters and parents, South and North Korea must go beyond thinking of each other as enemies and yearn for reunification in the spirit of true love, of living and sacrificing for the sake of others.

The unification of South and North Korea, which is our long cherished wish, is possible only through the spirit of true love, of loving even our enemies and living and making sacrifices for their sake. Just as parents look after their children and siblings look out for each other, we need to be able to meet with our North Korean brothers and sisters with Godís unchanging true love, and truly feel and share their pain as if it were ours.

The intersection where God, Adam and Eve can meet one another and settle down based on true love forms a ninety-degree angle. The path of true love that connects God and humankind vertically can only be perpendicular, since that is the shortest route. And the path of true love that connects perfected Adam and Eve as husband and wife is a level, horizontal line. So, the point where these vertical and horizontal paths meet automatically forms a right angle. This point of intersection has absolute value and becomes the one center and model that binds true love.

However, the archangel twisted this angle before Adam and Eve could reach maturity, and this constituted the Fall. When a carpenter builds a house, what does he consider first, the horizontal or the vertical? If he considers the horizontal first, that means that he already is taking the vertical into account. Similarly, the word ďwomanĒ came to be because the man already had been taken into account. And the word ďmanĒ is premised on the woman. The word ďaboveĒ takes ďbelowĒ into account, and the word ďrightĒ implies the existence of a ďleft.Ē In a similar way, the word ďhorizontalĒ entails the notion of ďvertical.Ē

In all these examples, the fact that you recognize the implied existence of something means that you recognize the relationship between two things that exist for each otherís sake. Since each exists for the other, that is the basis of true love.

Then where would the meeting point be between God and the original Adam and Eve? Godís love and True Parentsí love, Godís life and True Parentsí life, and Godís lineage and True Parentsí lineage come together at the right angle where the vertical meets the horizontal, and nowhere else. This is the official point that establishes true love.

God is the vertical Parent of true love, and Adam and Eve are the Parents centered on the horizontal true love. When you are born inheriting the love, life and lineage of these two kinds of parents, your mind becomes the vertical self and your body becomes the horizontal self; and when this vertical self and horizontal self unite, human beings can become the eternal companions of Godís true love.

God has true love, true life and true lineage, and because we come from Him, we ought to have true love, true life and true lineage. Human beings were born to relate as parents and children united in Godís true love; and so, just as Godís body and mind unite naturally through true love, the body and mind of human beings also are to unite naturally through true love.

However, the body of fallen human beings, which inherited Satanís love, life and lineage, stands on Satanís side and the mind stands at the forefront of Godís side, and they are constantly fighting. As is apparent, self-centered love in todayís societies manifests in relation to the body, not the mind. The body has become the dance hall of the devil. The body has become a ball and chain, oppressing all human endeavors.

The mind is in the position of the plus in Heavenís stead, and yet the body has established itself wrongly as another plus and is pushing and pulling the mind. During our lifetime we have a duty to correct this situation. Knowing this, God created religion as a repair shop for this purpose.

For this reason, religion teaches people to strike the body through fasting or through sacrificing for and serving others, thereby compelling the body to submit to the mind. In other words, the life of faith nurtures this lifestyle for a period of three to five years, or even longer, until it becomes habitual, in order to weaken the bodyís desires until it conforms to the wishes of the mind. Religion also emphasizes that one pray without ceasing.

Since God remains always in the vertical position, He cannot work unless He goes through the mind. Satan, on the other hand, can work from all directions. Because Satan can circle us for three hundred sixty degrees, God is bound to lose out to the work of Satan.

The mind stands vertically, and it must be focused. The vertical does not have a horizontal base, and it cannot proceed to establish the horizontal base. For this reason the mind is inclined to be attracted to the environment.

Accordingly, from a vertical position, we need to make conditions and strengthen our mind three to four more times in order to subjugate our body. We need to do this for three to five years to cultivate it as a habit. Other than these two ways, there is no other alternative to bring us back to our original state.

Unless we human beings go through the gate of religion, which helps us to cultivate ourselves, we cannot find the path to our original hometown. We cannot do this only through the paths of philosophy, knowledge, or even the conscience. Our vertical mind and horizontal mind must unite as one.

Then what was the origin of the Fall that led our mind and body to disunite with Godís ideal? The Bible states that it was because our first ancestors ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. When this happened, what part of the body did they cover? Was it their mouths? Was it their hands? No, it was neither one of those. They hid their lower parts. This means that they had a love relationship with Satan as their center. This is the origin from which the lineage of evil was multiplied.

It was through the reproductive organs that true love, true life and the true lineage of human beings was to have come. Nevertheless, these reproductive organs, which were to have been so holy, turned into the terrible place that destroyed heavenly law; they became the den of evil. In this way false love, false life and false lineage were sown instead.

The first ancestors, Adam and Eve, fell during their teens, before they had reached maturity. Since evil was realized in this way, the lineage of evil multiplied throughout the history of the human world. Therefore, in the Last Days, which is the harvest time, young people in all parts of the world will act out the destruction of the ethics of love similar to the way Adam and Eve did, thereby following the trend of degeneration. When you witness this phenomenon, you need to understand that the era of Satanís full authority has come upon this earth. That moment in time is the Day of Judgment during which God will wield the iron rod.

As is recorded in biblical history, the cities and nations that were immoral in the sight of God were destroyed. There was no more compelling reason for the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone or, later, the destruction of Rome. They were destroyed because the people did not cherish their chastity. They did not honor the ideal of the purity of love and instead immersed themselves in obscene acts.

Look at the worldís advanced nations todayófor instance, the United States, the European countries and Japan. Who can stop the tidal wave of free sex and immorality engulfing the East and the West? As if hedonism, stimulating only the peripheral nerves, and confused love were not enough, the world is now also full of empty people clamoring for mind- altering drugs.

All of these paths that dominate the body lead toward death. The mind does not desire them. The mind holds up its hands and weeps. The conscience has not fulfilled its mission to guide humankind on the noble road of the law of nature to Godís bosom, the original starting point.

Someone has to come forward and lead humanity from this fallen environment to the path of salvation. Humanity, which has fallen and gone over to Satanís side, resembles wild olive trees. Among them are wild olive trees of the religious realmóthe human beings whom God has found and set apartóand they are the wild olive trees under Godís ownership.

For this reason God can lead them without reservation. He has prepared them so that, when the Lord of the Second Advent appears, it will be easy to cut and engraft them all at once. These wild olive trees then will become true olive trees and return to their original state.

For this reason, religious believers also need to find the original True Father. This is because they were born without having received the seed of life from the original True Father. To put it another way, they did not achieve the ideal of oneness as the true sons and daughters connected to the lineage of God centering on original true love. It is for this reason that the Messiah has to come.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know who the Messiah is? The Messiah comes as the True Parents to pull out the false roots that the false parents planted, and to return false parenthood to its original true form. They fulfill thereby the important responsibility of banishing Satan and constructing the kingdom of heaven, the world of freedom and liberation welcomed by all.

Ladies and gentlemen, when you become sons and daughters who have inherited Godís love, life and lineage, as well as True Parentsí love, life and lineage, the origin of true peace in which the mind and the body do not fight each other will blossom within you, just as it does in God. The world of eternal peace will begin from where your mind and body are united.

Respected members of the Womenís Federation for World Peace, let us all fulfill our duties as servants with the heart of parents. Let us shed sweat for earth, tears for humanity and blood for heaven, appease the sorrows of our Heavenly Parent, the marvelous master who created the universe, shouldering the cross of constructing one world of peace, and let us march forward on the path of world salvation.

Let us not forget that, though our destination seems as far as the other end of the world, our starting point is that reality where our mind and body are united based on true love. We need to bear in mind that when our families become the settlement of eternal happiness and true love, they can realize our desired ideal nation and world.

Our Womenís Federation for World Peace movement will help start the Family Federation for World Peace movement, in which all peoples of the world can participate. It will lead the five races to construct a world of true love where generation after generation will live and give for the sake of others while enjoying eternal life. Let us all resolve to challenge ourselves to act and take the lead in this historic enterprise.

Praying that Godís blessings will be with you and your families, I would like to conclude my speech.

Thank you.


Women Will Play a Leading Role in
the Ideal World II

June 10,1992

Little Angels Performing Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
Speaking tour of forty cities, counties and districts of Korea
(True Motherís speech)

Women members and dear friends in the audience! It is a great pleasure and honor for me to stand before you as founder of the Womenís Federation for World Peace. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the members who have come from Japan and for your hard work in preparing this rally.

The title of the speech I will give today is ďWomen Will Play a Leading Role in the Ideal World.Ē Ladies and gentlemen, if someone were to ask whether this world is a world of good or a world of evil, what would you reply? You undoubtedly would answer that it is a world of evil. You would have no choice except to say that the world of this age in which we live is evil and that the nations and the world of all past historical ages have been evil when judged by the original ideal of goodness.

It has become a world in which people express sin rather than goodness, war rather than peace, injustice rather than justice, and hatred rather than love. Division and conflict, rather than unity and harmony, have become the rule.

No one desires to experience the pain of this sinful world. Human beings seek the way to end this sinful world and construct an ideal world of true love, overflowing with peace, freedom and happiness. Members and leaders on all levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world share that one common desire. For thousands of years, since the beginning of human history, humanity has struggled toward this dream and this ideal; yet the ideal world desired by humanity has yet to be realized.

Today I would like to reveal to you the fundamental cause of this problem; and at the same time, I would like to suggest the solution to realizing the ideal world, for which we yearn with all of our hearts. This is not something that comes from human knowledge or thought.

As you may know already, my husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, has devoted his whole life to solving these issues. Living by his side and attending him, I have been deeply moved and inspired by his teachings and his life of practicing love for God and humanity.

When a wife has attained such deep enlightenment about the truth, and when she has been inspired and moved constantly by her husbandís character and his life, I believe that it is her task to make it known. This is because breakdown and disharmony in the relationship between husband and wife are the fundamental cause of problems in humanity and are reflected in todays troubled world.

When you think about it, there are only two types of people living on this earth today. These two types are men and women, that is, husbands and wives. Though innumerable people are living together and all kinds of relationships and problems are arising, the core of all those problems is the relationship between these two types of people, men and women. Therefore, we need to examine the original heavenly way that God established to be followed by the first man and the first woman.

God gave three great blessings

According to the Book of Genesis, after God created heaven and earth, He created the ancestors of humanity, Adam the man and Eve the woman. God gave them the three great blessings and simultaneously their own portion of responsibility. These blessings were ďBe fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over every living thing in the sea, on the earth, and in the air.Ē And at the same time, God gave the man and the woman their responsibility, telling them not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

This teaches us what Godís purpose was in creating human beings and the universe, and at the same time it reveals the fundamentals of life. The blessing that they be fruitful means that all human beings are to develop their character and perfect their ability to love. The second blessing of life means the mature man and the mature woman should form a relationship of husband and wife, and have children and raise them, thus walking the path of parents. It is Godís purpose of creation for the husband and the wife, leading the family and fulfilling the duties of father and mother, to make this world into the blessed land of comfort and riches, thereby establishing the kingdom of heaven on earth.

This purpose of creation could have been attained only if our ancestors had upheld Godís commandment not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. However, Adam and Eve broke this commandment of God. This happened before they had completed their growth, while they were still in their adolescence. Our first ancestors fell because of Satan, thus making all humanity inherit a lineage of evil.

Misery and tragedy borne by humanity

Ladies and gentlemen, what was the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil that God told Adam and Eve not to eat? It was not the fruit of an actual tree. The fruit signified the love that would bring the ancestors of humanity together as husband and wife in the future. While they were still immature, God gave the commandment so that they would not be seduced into an illicit sexual relationship with a third party or a premature sexual relationship with each other.

As a matter of fact, there was a third party in the garden of Eden. Besides Adam and Eve, there was the archangel. The Bible reveals that the archangel that seduced Eve and made her commit the sin of illicit love was named Lucifer. This was the Fall, and this is the original sin that set down the roots of evil in the human world. In the garden, human beings committed a sexual crime before God, their Heavenly Parent and the Lord of heaven and earth. Beginning with our first ancestors, we have continued to make a world of evil in which we give birth to descendants through illicit love. Expanding from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation and world, the lineage of evil brought about by this illicit relationship between man and woman has spread, making this world a hell on earth filled with crimes, wars and fear. The fallen ancestors, Adam and Eve, who were to have firmly established the position of true parents as the eternal human ancestors of goodness, instead were degraded and became false parents who left behind a lineage of evil. This is the first cause of the misery and tragedy borne by all humanity.

What could be more miserable and more mortifying than for all humanity to lose the true parents and be born as descendants of the false parents?

How great would be the sorrow and anguish of God, the Parent of humanity? Godís original purpose of creation was to establish the true ancestors of humanity and multiply human beings of goodness. However, all humanity was swallowed up by the illicit lineage of evil because of the Fall of our first ancestors.

To cure a disease you need to know the cause To save someone suffering from an illness, you need to discover the cause of that illness. Similarly, for human society to be liberated from the anguish of sin and misery, we need to discover the fundamental cause of this sin and misery. The fundamental cause is the original sin, which came from the Fall of our first ancestors. Unless the cause of the original sin is eliminated, the roots of sin and misery cannot be uprooted from the human world. No matter how many prominent figures, heroes, sages, scholars and politicians appear with methods such as reforming the constitution or implementing morality education, without clarifying the human Fall, it will be impossible for them to right this world. These treatments will prove useless, because the fundamental roots of sin and misery will be left untouched and will continue to sprout.

Religion teaches us that human beings have fallen and discloses the details of this Fall, thereby letting us know both directly and indirectly about Godís providence to save humankind completely from sinfulness. That is why religions are the most constructive method for transforming this sinful world into a world of goodness and saving it.

The Chinese characters for the word ďreligionĒ (宗教) are jong () meaning ďthe top,Ē and gyo () meaning ďto teach.Ē This means that the word ďreligionĒ signifies the highest thought of all education and teachings. Transcending age and environment, the teachings of all religious founders have served as the driving force for protecting the conscience and morality and developing culture. Accordingly, all religions are co-workers and collaborators in ending the world of sinfulness and constructing the ideal world desired by God and humankind. Among the scriptures that reveal Godís providence of salvation most plainly is the Christian Bible.

The providence of restoration to end the lineage of sin

The Bible makes it clear that the core of human history is the providence of restoration, through which God is trying to achieve the purpose of creation lost when Adam and Eve committed the original sin and became false parents. The Messiah is the True Parents who give rebirth to all humanity on behalf of Adam and Eve.

Godís original purpose of creation was for Adam to become the true father of humanity and for Eve to become the true mother of humanity. In order to restore this purpose of creation to its original state, God has no choice except to carry out the providence of re-creating Adam. That is the basis of the providence behind preparing the chosen people of Israel for the birth of Jesus.

From the moment that Adam and Eve fell and humanity began to multiply centered on Satan, God began the work of separating the lineage of good and evil. In Adamís family God separated Abel, the second son who was in the position of Godís object partner, and Cain, the first son who was in the position of Satanís object partner. God set the conditions for Cain to submit voluntarily to Abel, thus restoring the order of creation to its original state. Instead, Cain murdered Abel and the history of the struggle to separate goodness from evil was prolonged.

Godís attempts to bring the lineage back under God passed through Noah, Abraham and Isaac and reached the generation of Jacob. With the help of his mother, Rebekah, Jacob brought his twin elder brother, Esau, to voluntary submission. Jacob thus played a decisive role in establishing the chosen people of Israel. Jacobís son Judah had twin sons, Perez and Zerah, through his daughter-in-law Tamar. Perez fought with Zerah while they were in Tamarís womb. Zerah, who was about to be born first, was pushed out of the way by Perez, who then was born in the position of the eldest son. This fight between the firstborn son and the second son is the struggle between good and evil. Restoration was achieved when the younger brother, Perez, won over his elder brother within the womb. Thus Perez, the younger twin, was born as the firstborn son.

Because of that restoration within the womb, Jesus, who came as the Messiah, was born forty generations later in the family line of Perez. To conceive and give birth to Jesus, his mother, Mary, risked her life with devotion. Godís providence of salvation is the providence of restoration. God carried out the providence of restoration to bring an end to the lineage of sin that humanity inherited through the illicit sexual relationship between Adam and Eve, brought about by the seduction by Lucifer. Such was the course of restoration and the history of the chosen people of Israel from the time of Cain and Abel to the birth of Jesus.

Jesus came as the True Parent of humanity, the second Adam, passing through the course of struggle to separate good and evil and restore Adamís becoming the false father due to the Fall. That is why Jesus needed to restore a woman in the position of Eve, who would be his object partner, and become a husband with her as his wife. They were to have children and ascend to the position of having dominion over all living things. This was the purpose of Jesusí coming as the Messiah.

In other words, Jesus came as the Messiah to restore the three great blessings bestowed by God after creating Adam and Eve: to be fruitful, multiply, and have dominion over all things. However, the chosen people of Israel disbelieved the one who came as their father, said he was not the Messiah, and watched him killed on the cross.

What astounding, unfilial conduct and what an outrageous sin this was! Jesus promised his Second Advent, that he would come to the earth again. He said that when he returned, he would come as the bridegroom and so humanity on earth needed to prepare itself as his bride and wait for him.

Chapter nineteen of the Book of Revelation records that Jesus at the Second Advent will come to earth and hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb to celebrate his wedding. This signifies restoring the position of the true husband and wife and True Parents, as if Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden had formed an unfallen family.

The Messiah comes to Korea

Dear WFWP members and friends who are attending this rally! The question we face today is how we can guide this society, in which all kinds of sexual crimes, immorality and corruption that threaten to destroy our families are rampant. If we cannot resolve the problem of unprincipled sexual relations, human society will bring destruction upon itself. We can already see the beginnings of that. A natural consequence of the disorder of sexual morality, about which Heaven has warned humankind, is the often fatal disease known as AIDS, among other sexually transmitted diseases.

Jesus said he would return in the Last Days of this sinful world. Jesus at the Second Advent will come as the True Father of humanity and show the path of the true children, true couples and true parents, which all men and women in the world need to follow. Only then can the fundamental problems of all humankindófornication and sexual corruption that originated from original sinófinally be resolved. This is truly the ultimate Gospel that will save humanity from this world of sinfulness.

It is the mission of the Messiah and Savior to teach humanity the way to bring an end to the history of sin, which became twisted when humanity lost the path of the true parents, true couple and true children. I declare today before the entire world that my husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, is the man who pioneered this path of the Messiah and the True Parents for his entire life. My husband continued to pioneer the future of humanity by disclosing Godís purpose of creation and revealing the original sin committed by our first ancestors, even while he was subjected to the ruthless persecution and oppression of the evil world.

According to the Unification Principle, all religious believers uphold the ideal of the Second Advent of their founder. The second advent of Maitreya Buddha, the True Man, the New Confucius, as well as the Second Coming of Jesus are all realized through the second coming of the one Messiah, the True Parent of humanity, and through that one Messiah all religions are bound to become united as well.

However, the Messiah and True Parent who comes again is not Jesus. Jesus died two thousand years ago; he will not come again, riding in the sky on the clouds. Rather, a new person who has inherited the mission of Jesus will be born on this earth. The nation in which that man will be born is Korea. Though it may be astonishing, the Messiah who is the True Parent of humanity will come as a Korean who speaks the same language as we do.

Then when will the Messiah come? According to the Unification Principle, the time when this sinful world is brought to an end is the Last Days, and the Messiah of the Second Advent is supposed to come in the Last Days. The Last Days correspond to the period of about eighty years from the end of the First World War to the year 2000. This period corresponds to the transition period of world history in which the Lord of the Second Coming and the True Parents of humanity will be born in this land of Korea. The Last Days are a time when the world filled with sin, war and conflict will be transformed into the ideal world of goodness overflowing with freedom and peace.

Therefore, this will be an age of great chaos, when conflict and struggle between good and evil take place on all the levels from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation and world. During this period humanity went through the First and Second World Wars. Even after the Second World War there was unceasing conflict and struggle between the two camps of democracy and communism. Meanwhile Korea suffered for forty years as a colony under Japanese rule followed by the Korean War and the division of South and North Korea. Even now it remains the last divided nation in the world.

The unification of North and South Korea will lead the world toward peace and unity

A divided Korean Peninsula is the manifestation at the global level of the original seed of good and evil planted by the separation between Abel and Cain and brought about through the Fall of our first ancestors. In other words, communism in North Korea is the global fruit of the Cain-type worldviews and systems that have appeared in the course of history. It has formed an atheistic, communist nation that denies religious values; it is the stronghold of worldwide communism.

In contrast, South Korea, the fruit of all Abel-type worldviews and systems that have appeared in the course of history, is a nation where religions flourish, second to none in the world. It has become a representative nation of the free world. In other words, the Korean Peninsula is an encapsulation representing the entire world. The entire world has been divided into good and evil, and Korea is the final battleground between the South, separated to stand on the side of goodness, and the North, separated to stand on the side of evil. Therefore, the unification of the South and the North on the Korean Peninsula is the key to world peace and unity. For this reason, the reunification of South and North Korea is not just a political agenda. It assumes the providential historical aspect of being the gateway to restoring the kingdom of heaven on earth, which is the ultimate goal of the history of Godís providence of salvation. In other words, Korean reunification stands as the gateway to realizing the ideal world of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. This is a multidimensional task, as it relates to innumerable spirits who have passed through the physical world.

Accordingly, the unification of Korea is not a problem that can be solved by politicians alone. That is why my husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who knows all too well about this Will of Heaven concerning the Korean Peninsula, took decisive action by visiting North Korea for seven days in early December of 1991. He met with President Kim II Sung, ruler of North Korea, and notified him of the Will of Heaven in regard to the matter of the reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

My husband clearly said, ďThe unification of South and North Korea cannot be brought about through Juche ideology. The unification of South and North Korea can be brought about only through Godism and Unification Thought, which is the head-wing thought proposed by Rev. Moon. This nation then will become a unified Korea that can lead the entire world.Ē In regard to their constant refrain that the Korean War started when the South attacked the North, my husband directly told President Kim that the war was caused when the North first attacked the South.

I have accompanied my husband as he visited nations worldwide and met with many heads of state. However, on our visit to Pyongyang, we could not help our feelings of unprecedented grim resolution and serious determination. Our visit was similar to the story in the Bible of when Jacob impressed his brother, Esau, who had intended to kill him. Through his indescribable hardships, wisdom and devotion, Jacob moved his brotherís heart to such an extent that they finally were able to make peace with one another. My husband and I similarly concluded our conference with Kim II Sung of North Korea with a successful reconciliation.

Now the unification of South and North Korea has not been left in the hands of politicians alone. It has become a matter in which God can intervene. Rev. Moon is working hard, day and night, to have his worldwide foundation help achieve the unification of South and North Korea in accordance with the Will of God and construct the ideal world of peace free from immorality and corruption.

The words I have spoken today are not contents believed by only a few Unification Church members who follow my husband and me. Leading figures of every field of life and young men and women in more than one hundred sixty nations are working hard to realize a new world of unity filled with freedom and peace, in accordance with these teachings. In various parts of the world Korea is already revered as the nation to which the True Parents of humanity have come. The number of people coming to Korea to learn its language, culture and customs is rapidly increasing.

Women must fight to realize a united world

The Womenís Federation for World Peace is a global womenís organization inaugurated by representatives of more than seventy nations and one hundred fifty thousand Korean mothers. On April 10 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium we launched this organization as the fundamental cure to address and remedy the reality of our families threatened by the degeneration of sexual morality, the spread of drug use, and all kinds of depraved and disordered sexual relationships.

Our task is urgent. We need to redirect the future of human society, now corrupted by all sorts of lewd and degenerate behavior, and the fallen social climate in which men have oppressed women. Our march to learn and practice the duties of true parents, true couples and true children finally has taken form in the Family Federation for World Peace. We need to make certain that immorality and corruption cannot take root anywhere across the five oceans and six continents of this planet. We must quickly prepare to usher in the new world that will bring an end to the lineage of evil that has plagued humanity ever since our ancestors committed the original sin of immorality in the garden of Eden.

Until now, no one has been able to do anything about immorality and illicit love, which continues to bring ruin to humanity. The new expression of truth that brings hope to resolve this problem completely and faultlessly has sprung up in the land of Korea in this age in which we live. This new teaching revealed by True Parents will become the light of humanity, which will unify South and North Korea and construct the world of peace. Let us all stand up together to become the women warriors who can build a world of unity overflowing with freedom, peace and happiness, by learning this new principle and rejecting this world of sinfulness that has tormented us since the onset of history.

Let us walk the path of the true mother. Let us walk the path of the true wife. Let us walk the path of the true daughter.

Thank you.



World Peace and the
Role of Women I

August 26,1992

Sheraton Grand Walker Hill Hotel, Seoul, Korea
Womenís Federation for World Peace global speaking tour
(True Motherís speech)

Leaders of the Womenís Federation for World Peace who have come to
Korea from the nations of the world, and of womenís associations in Korea:

I consider it a great honor to be able to share some of my beliefs about world peace with all of you women leaders from around the world and from every segment of Korean society.

We are arriving at an important era of transition into a world of oneness in which we can transcend the barriers of ideologies, the differences between languages and cultures, and racial conflicts. It is not by chance that we women are holding this conference for the sake of a new world of love and peace today. It is the providence of God. It is predestined, necessitated by the rushing flow of history.

Until now in history, the role of men has been emphasized. The institutions of society and the world have centered on men. Unfortunately, we have to conclude that the reality of the world led by men has been, in short, a history of conflict and sin. Is it not because this world is one of conflict and sin that a world of happiness overflowing with peace and goodness has existed only in our dreams?

Because most of human history was filled with war, revolution, fighting, oppression, domination, conflict and violence, the masculine logic of power made sense and masculine ideologies dominated. The present age is different. The world today is calling for peace, reconciliation, compassion, love, service and sacrifice. It is an age in which our current problems cannot be solved by the masculine logic of power. There is no longer any need for ideologies that oppress humanity. In this age we need to solve problems and straighten out the direction of history by the feminine logic of love.

The twenty-first century is less than ten years away. Now communism, which has trampled upon humankind mercilessly while insisting on violent revolution and class struggle, is uttering its last words. World opinion has united into one voice saying that there must be no more war. These are signs that the curtain is rising to reveal a new age of women and that an age of liberation of women around the world has arrived.

Leaders of the Womenís Federation who have gathered from around the world, at this historic convention I do not wish to offer mere ceremonial greetings. I wish to proclaim before history the meaning of the past, present and future.

In this era of historic transition, as we head toward cooperation and understanding, I want to present the great principle for the construction of an eternal world of peace based on Godism. To establish a goal for the women who will pioneer the future world, in this address, ďWorld Peace and the Role of Women,Ē I would like to present to you the principle of Godism and head-wing thought that my husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, has been teaching.

Originally God created an object partner of love in order to feel joy. To create one masterpiece, a sculptor works day and night, investing his or her youth and strength. From where does the heart of such a sculptor come? Does it not resemble the heart of God, who created an object partner of love in order to feel joy?

If we look at the world of existence, we can see that everything has an inherent duality. Minerals, plants, animals and people all exist in complementary pairs. In the world of human beings there are men and women; in the animal kingdom there are male and female animals; and in the plant kingdom the stamens and pistils have male and female reproductive parts. On the level of chemical compounds there are positive ions and negative ions. On the atomic level there are protons and electrons. The whole world of existence consists of complementary pairs. To say that all things exist in complementary pairs means that they exist in reciprocal relationships and that existence is based on love. It means that without a reciprocal partner to live for and to love, no being can exist.

Do you know why all beings exist in complementary pairs? It is in order to have an ideal relationship founded on loving each other. Anywhere in this world, if one does not have a reciprocal partner with whom to have a relationship of giving and receiving love, there can be no interaction. Without interaction, there can be no existence or multiplication.

A being without interactions is as good as dead. The reason God created humankind is that He absolutely needs an object partner to love. In human society, the heart of parents who want their children to become better than themselves has its roots in the heart of true love that God had when He created human beings.

The heart of wanting oneís reciprocal object partner to be better than oneself is originally derived from the true love of God. If, for example, God invests an amount of one hundred, the created being has a value of only one hundred. Then if God wants to invest more than one hundred, He forgets what He has invested already and invests again. Finally, oneís reciprocal object partner becomes larger than the subject partner; yet one continues to forget until one has invested oneís life. This is where true love begins.

Godís true love is love that forgets it has invested, so it invests again and again and again. If the memory of giving remains, then love cannot flow freely and endlessly. Because love moves endlessly, one cannot hold onto the memory of having given. Even if one gives again, love continues to flow because the memory of giving does not remain.

In essence, true love signifies Godís absolute love. Included in love is the right of inheritance. By becoming one with God, the logic of eternal life is proven; the family and society that practice true love will not be destroyed and will develop throughout eternity. If our first ancestors, who were created as Godís object partners, had not disobeyed Godís words and had grown according to Godís Will and had inherited unchanging true love from God, our human world would have begun as a history of peace. There would not have been the miserable history of the bloodshed of war. In that true love, the confrontation and conflict between nations, societies and, of course, individuals would have melted away and a world of true peace would have been realized. Because of the Fall of our ancestors, humankind could not completely inherit true love. Unfortunately, because humans were not able to become perfect as the reciprocal object partners of Godís true love, the position of True Parents, who were to have been the substantial representatives of the true love of God, was not established either.

What was the fundamental cause of the Fall of our first ancestors?

The Bible says it took place when Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. After they ate the fruit, what did they cover? They might have covered their mouths, yet they covered the ďlower partsĒ of their bodies. This suggests that they had entered into an immoral sexual relationship with the serpent, Satan. This was the fundamental cause for the multiplication of the evil lineage.

The origin of true love, true life and true lineage is in the reproductive organs. Through the Fall, these reproductive organs of love, which were holy, became the wicked place that destroyed Heavenís principle. They became the headquarters of evil. Thus the seeds of false love, false life and false lineage were sown. Adam and Eve, the ancestors of humankind, fell while still immature; as teenagers. Because they fostered evil in that way, the lineage of evil spread from there into history throughout the human world.

When the time of harvest in the Last Days comes, the worldís young people, like Adam and Eve, will reject the ethics of love and slide toward corruption. When we see this phenomenon occurring, we will know that the age of Satanís authority has reached its climax. The present time is the judgment day, when Godís rod of iron will come down. Throughout history, the cities and countries that were sexually immoral in Godís eyes were destroyed.

Look at the advanced countries of the world today: America, the European nations, and Japan. Who can stop the tide of sexual immorality and free sex, which is pouring in from all directions? Humankind, which fell and went to Satanís side, can be symbolized as wild olive trees. Fortunately, among them, God separated out some people to be wild olive trees in the realm of religion. They are the wild olive trees that belong to God, so God can freely dominate them. They were prepared so that at the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent, they could be separated easily and grafted all at once. At that time, the wild olive trees will become true olive trees and finally return to their original state. Therefore, people who believe in religion need to find the original True Father. This is because they were born without receiving the original seed of life from him.

The ideal of goodness manifested by sons and daughters linked to the lineage of God, with true love at the center, could not be realized. Therefore, the Messiah has to come. The Messiah is a person who takes a bride to form a couple that stands in the position of the True Parents. As True Father and True Mother, the True Parents come, cast out Satan, and bear the serious responsibility of establishing the world of peace and the heavenly world of freedom and liberation. Of course, we need to define the image of the True Man, and also the images of the True Mother, True Wife and True Daughter. Moreover, we need to attend the True Father, who has established the tradition of historic worldwide victory, and the True Mother, who has become the world-level victorious representative of women.

We women have the responsibility to solve the tragedy of Adam and Eveís destruction by properly guiding people who are leading disorderly and chaotic lives. Distinguished leaders of all chapters of the Womenís Federation here and abroad: In the era of women that has now arrived, we need to establish a model for the whole world through a movement for the realization of true love in which we embrace our husbands and raise our children properly. By doing so, we need to develop the Family Federation for World Peace with the active support of our husbands and children. The Womenís Federation for World Peace is not a movement for women alone. It will bear the fruit of ideal families through a movement of true love for our husbands and children.

Ideal families established in this manner will join together and create the ideal nation and world. That is the reason the Womenís Federation for World Peace has to develop into the Family Federation for World Peace. Thus, women need to take a leading role in politics, economics, culture and each area of society, in order to realize world peace. Godism and Head-wing Thought offer the fundamental system of values that our Womenís Federation needs to espouse to unite the left and right wings, to overcome atheistic materialism, and to guide the twenty-first century.

Let us go forward together into the world of peace guided by the True Parents who have the leading role in demonstrating true love. Let us thus cultivate our families as the dwelling place of true parents, true couples and true children.

Let me close by wishing Godís blessings upon all of you, your families and your nations.

Thank you very much.




Women Will Play a Leading
Role in the Ideal World III

September 24,1992
Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan

Womenís Federation for World Peace Japan Conference
(True Motherís speech)

Respected guests, members of the Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia, ladies and gentlemen: On this occasion, as we approach the Womenís Federation for World Peace seven-city speaking tour, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have helped make this evening a success.

On September 17 of last year I came to Tokyo as the principal speaker at the national rally held by the Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia. Since that rally, this organization has received tremendous support in Japan and around the world and has accomplished remarkable growth. On November 20, the first Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia rally was held in Seoul, with fifteen thousand representative Korean women in attendance.

Then, on April 10 of this year, more than one hundred fifty thousand women from seventy-two countries filled the Seoul Olympic Stadium beyond capacity to express their strong desire for world peace. That rally, the largest womenís rally ever held, inaugurated the Womenís Federation for World Peace. I have nothing except the highest words of praise for your strong dedication and hard work in bringing about such remarkable growth in this movement.

Following that international rally, I toured eighty-one cities in Korea and continued my lectures on the topic of ďWomenís Role in the Ideal World.Ē Everywhere I went, people gathered in numbers so large as to resemble the clouds of heaven. In all, I received the welcome and support of more than a million Korean women. The enthusiasm of these women clearly illustrated that women possess an unlimited capacity to contribute to future world peace.

In only eight years we will enter the twenty-first century. We are witnessing the passing of the era of brute force, in which men have held almost exclusive sway. This era has been tainted by war, violence, exploitation and destruction. In the new era we are about to enter, women will have the central role in leading humanity into love, forgiveness, harmony and cooperation. My tour was an opportunity to bring this important realization to the people of Korea.

The original role of women

Women need to come to a new realization of their original, God-given role and become cornerstones for peace, happiness and freedom. The only way for us to build peace in each of our nations and in the world is to build true families, that is, families confirmed in true love.

The International Wedding Ceremony of thirty thousand couples in Seoul on August 25 of this year validated the fact that world peace can be brought into reality through ideal families. This ceremony, held as a part of the first World Culture and Sports Festival, was a historic declaration opening the gate to world peace. It was a giant panorama of love testifying that humanity is one family, and that a kindred tie centering on Godís love unites the world as one.

On that day, my husband and I, in our capacity as the True Parents, gave the Blessing of eternal love to some sixty thousand brides and grooms from one hundred thirty-one countries. At this magnificent festival of love held under the bright sunshine and azure sky, each bride and groom made his or her pledge to establish true families and a world of true peace before God, True Parents and all humanity. The covenants of love formed that day centering on Godís true love are eternal and absolute. Such marriage bonds can never be seen as conditional or limited, because true love seeks to give perpetually. When two people come together in such love, they form an eternal association that no force can sunder. Thus, for these brides and grooms there can never be even the slightest thought of divorce or the corruption of sexual moralityótwo problems that have become so widespread in todayís society.

Because these people come together in an environment of Godís true love, differences of nationality, race, language and customs do not become obstacles. Godís true love melts down all obstacles, and these husbands and wives will discover in His bosom a common language of true love. They will come together in the common arena of true love. Their unions transcend nations, race and religion. They will grow to become citizens of the future world who will serve and embrace the world. When these people set down their roots of sacrificial true love around the world, the world will be swept clean of all the philosophies of hatred and conflict. There will be an end to the tragedies of war and genocide. There will be only true, ideal families and a true world.

Peace through international marriage

Already, in 1988, my husband and I had built a bridge of eternal peace between Korea and Japan by joining in the Blessing of marriage more than six thousand Korean-Japanese couples. As husbands and wives centered on Godís true love, they formed families that, by virtue of their connection by lineage, have a greater love than anyone for the peoples, traditions and cultures of both countries. Peace in northeast Asia, at least, is now guaranteed forever through these Korean-Japanese couples.

Traditionally, the task of protecting and nurturing the family has been the special right and mission given to women. In our society today, however, there are innumerable fundamental problems that threaten to undermine our families. Certainly the problems faced by the world today cannot be resolved by developing military might or economic power. In contemporary society the amplification of problems of an internal nature, such as the collapse of traditional values and the breakdown of social order, is undermining our external growth and development.

Even now, tens of millions of people on this earth are dying of starvation. Underlying the challenges of adequate production and distribution of food is the more fundamental problem of the dearth of the love by which we would see these suffering people as our own sons and daughters, our own brothers and sisters, our own mothers and fathers. Societies today are increasingly afflicted with crime and drug abuse. It is said that humanity has escaped the threat of nuclear war. Yet, our future appears more shrouded by the clouds of despair than lit up by the sunshine of hope.

Such crises faced by the world today reflect deeper, more fundamental problems, which will not be resolved by fragmentary or superficial means. Any effort to pursue the solutions to such problems solely through human means, while excluding God who has been working His providence in the background of human history, is certain to end in failure.

This is the reason that Rev. Moon teaches Godism, which is also referred to as Head-wing Thought. Despite having had to undergo every imaginable form of suffering, he has opened a new horizon of victory, one that enables humanity to find solutions to the problems of the world. His message is that the gates to a peaceful world will be opened only when humanity recovers its relationship with God and re-establishes original, ideal families. Iím not talking only about the United States; Iím also talking about Russia, which has been controlled by atheistic communism. There, large numbers of young people and intellectuals are studying Head-wing Thought, which is opening their eyes to the existence of God and the ideal of a true family.

Whether we are concerned with racial discord, violence, conflict between the rich and the poor, destruction of the environment, or even the selfishness exhibited by countries and peoples, we can begin to work out the solutions to the worldís problems only after we have been trained within the environment of the ideal family in the practice of true loveóthat is, the love that seeks to sacrifice oneself for the sake of others.

Practical steps

To bring Godism into reality, Rev. Moon has made efforts in a wide variety of fields. Using the Unification Church as a foundation, he has established the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, the Professors World Peace Academy, the World Media Conference, the Summit Council for World Peace, the Global Congress of Religions, the Federation for World Peace, the Interreligious Federation for World Peace, the World Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles, the World University Federation, various international performing arts groups and many other organizations. Each of these organizations holds as its ideal and purpose the building of a world of peace centered on God.

Rev. Moon, who has devoted his heart and soul to the realization of world peace through the establishment of ideal families, was also the central figure in the establishment of the Womenís Federation for Peace in Asia and the Womenís Federation for World Peace. In addition, he has founded the House of Unification for World Peace in order to bring together the efforts that are already in existence in each country around the world.

No one can deny that Rev. Moon has established the most expansive foundation in the world, extending into religion, philosophy, academia, media, education, science and culture. When all these different fields join forces and begin to step forward as one, the world of peace that has been the object of our desires surely will appear before our eyes.

True love, by its nature, perpetually seeks to give and to sacrifice for the sake of others. True love allows no concept of an enemy. In his practice of Godism centered on true love, Rev. Moon has received all sorts of misunderstanding, persecution, slander and innumerable hardships. Rev. Moon, however, would never even think of considering anyone his enemy. In keeping with this spirit, even though for almost a century the Soviet Union had been considered the enemy of the free world, Rev. Moon visited Mikhail Gorbachev when he was president of the Soviet Union. Rev. Moon also went to North Korea and met with President Kim II Sung. There he expounded on Headwing Thought, which is the principle of peace centered on Godís true love. Rev. Moon has shown that he is willing to go to the ends of the earth for the purpose of practicing the true love that perpetually gives to others.

Even at this moment, Rev. Moon is working harder than anyone to lay the foundation for Japan to become a nation most respected in Asia and the world. He is also working day and night to ensure that his teachings reach the young people of Japan so that they can follow a properly moral path. Look at those young people working in a pure and healthy manner! Already many Japanese young people have gone out across the world. As a result of their activities, they are experiencing overflowing love, esteem and respect from the people of the world.

Rev. Moon would have had much to say to each one of you regarding the true way to save Japan. I know very well how much love my husband holds for this country and for its people. Unfortunately, however, I must appear on this stage alone tonight, even though I am not really qualified to give to you the full message of his deep love. Certain persons who are ignorant and caught up in their own prejudices continue to persecute and oppose our work. I hope that they will come as quickly as possible to a true understanding of Rev. Moonís love and his true will.

Ladies and gentlemen, in order for Japan to strengthen its relations with other Asian countries, it needs to establish a position of unity with Korea. This will give Japan more friends and a larger foundation. Koreans and Japanese each refer to the othersí country as ďthe country that is so close and yet so distant.Ē Now it is time for our two countries to become close to each other in every meaning of that word and to stand side by side in shouldering the future of Asia. More than anything else, I believe that Japan has to devote its full energies to the unification of Korea.

Japanís rule over Korea culminated in a division of the peninsula. The deep pain that comes from this division can be relieved completely by efforts on your part for Korean reunification. A first step would be to unite the two organizations of Korean residents in Japan, one of which is pro-Seoul and the other pro-Pyongyang. These two organizations can be brought together by means of Head-wing Thought, centered on true love. If Korea and Japan oppose each other, they will both lose all that they have. If these two countries combine their strengths, they will provide the strongest energy to build Asiaís future and accomplish world peace.

Historically Asia has been the leader in developing the spiritual aspect of world civilization. It is inevitable that a new movement of women, a new movement of families, and a new movement for peace begin here in Asia.

Rights and responsibilities

The womenís movement that I have been directing has a character that is fundamentally different from the womenís rights movements that challenge male authority and assert our rights exclusively. The womenís rights movements that have developed in western societies until now reflect the antagonism and animosity that have been an integral part of western civilizationís culture of struggle. Ours, by contrast, is a movement based on the East Asian principles of harmony that stress mutual accord and complementarity. Our movementís ideal is to seek out tasks that men cannot perform, that is, tasks that can be performed only by women, so that we can join men in complementarity in order to establish true families.

The destruction of families is becoming the most serious problem in our societies, and yet no one is able to propose an effective solution. The very foundation of human existence is being shaken. Thus, in the United States, family values and issues of social morality are becoming major issues in the ongoing presidential election campaign. Such issues are not the concern of America and Western Europe alone, however. They represent a serious crisis for all humankind.

Japan and Korea are also affected by such problems. We are at a stage in which we must seriously concern ourselves with the moral crisis that supersedes our economic development. The only way to resolve this crisis is to teach Godism and Head-wing Thought, which approach the problem from the perspective of providential history.

We have a particularly urgent need for the moral education of our young people. In this regard, i was surprised to hear that many Japanese people responded positively to the recent series of rallies upholding the spirit of Yu Gwan-soon. Certainly Yu Gwan-soon, who is known as ďthe Joan of Arc of Asia,Ē is a most appropriate role model for instilling patriotism in young people. What surprised and moved me, though, was the progressive and broad-minded attitude of the Japanese people in their search to transcend the historically unpleasant relations between Korea and Japan and open a new avenue of understanding.

World peace through ideal families

I would like to ask the women of Japan, in particular, to take your stand at the forefront of the effort to resolve the serious issues in our world related to the family. You possess the most admirable tradition of women in the world because, through your countryís long history, you have protected your families and nation in a spirit of love and sacrifice. Also, I know that you women were the hidden force behind your countryís recovery after the total destruction of World War II. You enabled Japan to become one of the strongest economic powers in the world. You need to take the foremost position in our movement, because the virtues of sacrifice and service that you have cherished through your tradition now must be applied on the worldwide level in the form of true love and perpetual giving for all of humankind.

Men have tried for the past twenty centuries to build a world of peace, and now the task has been entrusted to us women. It is the decree of Heaven that we take up the task of building world peace through ideal families. In general, men tend to center on themselves, whereas women tend to be more willing to sacrifice themselves. With the coming of the age of women, we are entering a new history in which, instead of sacrificing the whole for the benefit of each individual, we are to sacrifice ourselves for the benefit of the whole and, in this way, exercise true love.

Let us strengthen our spirits with Head-wing Thought and become leading figures in building a world of peace. We need to correct deteriorating family morals. We must stand up against drug abuse and the spread of AIDS. We need to give proper guidance to our young people, who are wandering aimlessly along self-destructive paths.

We are in a new age of transition in which women have to take a firm stand and contribute to world peace. I hope all of you will stand proudly at the frontline of peace. Once again, I thank you for your support for this upcoming nationwide speaking tour.

I pray that Godís blessing will be upon you and your families.

Thank you.


God, Women and World Peace

September 7,1993

United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA

Invitational address

(True Motherís speech)

Honorable president, your excellencies, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for coming here today. As leaders of the United Nations, you bear the responsibility of guiding this world into the next millennium. The promise of a peaceful and prosperous future depends directly upon the collective actions we take today.

Godís ideal of creation

As we all know, our contemporary world is not a world of peace and happiness. It is a world of conflict and despair. We are confronted by the breakdown of our families and the moral decline of our societies.

We debate issues over and over again and yet find no solutions. Why is this? It is because a true solution has to include God and deal with the root of the problem and not only the symptoms. To find this root, we first need to understand Godís purpose of creation and realize that today we face the most critical turning point in the history of Godís providence.

At this crucial time in history, God has asked my husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, to bring a new revelation to the people of the world. I have been supporting him in his work and I recently concluded a yearlong tour that took me to twelve countries, where I spoke on the topic, ďTrue Parents and the Completed Testament Age.Ē

A few weeks ago, toward the end of a speaking schedule that took me to all fifty states of the United States, I addressed members of the United States Congress in Washington, DC on this same theme. I would like to take this opportunity to convey this important message to you, assembled delegates of the United Nations and other distinguished guests.

Godís ideal in creating Adam and Eve was that they would perfect themselves through true love so that, as True Parents, they could then create a good family of true love, true life and true lineage. Such a good family would have formed on the basis of hearts and minds united among the family members before God.

When God created Adam and Eve, His first son and daughter, God wanted them to be better than Himself. Conventional thinking would say that this is absurd. However please take a moment to think about it. When we as parents look into the faces of our children, we wish upon them an infinite amount of love and hope. We want them to grow and achieve things we ourselves only dreamed of.

Similarly, God wants to give limitlessly to His children. God is not content in giving just one hundred percent. Godís desire is to give a thousand times more than what He has. The nature of Godís love is to give completely and then forget what He has given. Unlike some, who calculate how much they have given and decide that it is enough, for God enough is never enough.

Moreover, Godís purpose in creating the world was to have an object partner of love. His purpose in creating parents and children, husbands and wives, and all things in this world in complementary pairs was to substantiate true love throughout His creation. Likewise, parents are to live for their children, and children for their parents. Husbands are to live for their wives, and wives for their husbands. All beings in creation are to live for, and give to others.

If Godís ideal of true love had been realized through Adamís family, that family would have become the beginning of the heavenly kingdom. It would have expanded throughout history to the clan, the nation and the world. This would have been the world of true love, the kingdom of heaven on earth. Furthermore, there would have been a parallel expansion of the heavenly kingdom in the spiritual world.

Human historyís false start and the providence of salvation If Godís original ideal had been realized, there would have been no need for a Messiah or for Godís providence to save humanity. Adamís family, though it was merely a single family, would have been the center of the clan, the nation and the world. It would have been the blueprint for all future families and the model for the realization of Godís ideal world.

Because of the Fall of our first ancestors, Godís work of salvation had to begin. Salvation history had to be extended repeatedly through the complicated and suffering courses of the Old and New Testament Ages, culminating in todayís Completed Testament Age.

Godís ideal of the true family and the heavenly kingdom, which He wanted to realize through Adamís family, was destroyed because Adam and Eve fell away from God. Due to the Fall, this present world is far from the good world of Godís ideal. In fact, todayís world is a false world, in that it is flooded with self-centered love.

This came about because Adam and Eve became false parents based on the false and self-centered love of Satan. They multiplied evil rather than goodness, creating a false family and passing on false life and a false lineage to their descendants. Thus, false clans, false nations and a false world came into being.

Therefore, the goal in Godís dispensation of salvation is for a man and a woman, representing Adam and Eve, to be restored as True Parents centered on Godís true love, so that they can form a true family. From them eventually would flow the true clan, the true nation and the true world that God originally planned. In other words, the seed from which Godís true love, true life and true lineage can grow has to be created.

My dear friends, have you ever wondered how a world filled with such evil and corruption could come from a God of love and goodness?

If you read the Bible carefully, you will see that the Fall involved the loss of Adamís entire family. First, the position of parents was lost through the Fall of Adam and Eve. Second, the position of children was lost as Cain murdered Abel. Godís blueprint for an ideal family and world perfection was lost.

Therefore, to restore the original family, God works in reverse to reclaim the positions of Cain and Abel, and then the positions of True Mother and True Father. This pattern requiring the reconciliation of Cain and Abel as the foundation for restoring the True Parents has been Godís consistent formula throughout the history of restoration.

The separation of fallen humankind into a Cain-Abel division occurred over and over again in Judeo-Christian history. God first of all separated fallen humankind into two brotherly sides of Cain, representing Satan, and Abel, representing God, to resolve the emotions that resulted from the Fall.

God used the method of having the Abel side be attacked first and sacrificed. As a result, the Abel side could stand on that very foundation to embrace the Cain side and receive the blessing that Cain, in the elder son position, had received.

For example, the religion that advances the purpose of salvation always receives Satanís severe persecution. It walks the path of receiving constant opposition, yet it continues its sacrificial efforts to save the sinful world. Likewise, good people always stand in the position of being struck first and sacrificed.

Looking almost anywhere in our fallen world, we observe struggle between good and evil, similar to the struggle between Cain and Abel. These struggles start in the conflict between mind and body in each of us. The mind, which represents the Abel side, struggles to overcome the body, which represents the Cain side. The struggle within individuals has expanded to the family, nation and world.

As a result, humankind always has been divided into two opposing camps, one good, or Abel-like, and the other evil, or Cain-like, locked in struggle at every level. Always it has been Godís intention, however, that both sides be restored, not that one triumph over and destroy the other.

An example of this division is the thief on the right side of Jesusí cross, who represented Abel, and the thief on the left, who represented Cain. So the key to Godís work of salvation always has been to unite such divided sides, based on His ideal, in order to build a foundation on which to reclaim the True Mother and True Father.

Self-centered love and the breakdown of the family Ladies and gentlemen, if a family is not centered on Godís ideal of love, there will be conflict among the members of that family. Without Godís love as an absolute center, the family will ultimately break down. Moreover, a nation of such families will also decline.

Because illicit, self-centered love invaded the family of our first ancestors, selfishness and greed have continued to dominate human history from the individual to the family, society, nation and world. For this reason, Godís work of restoration begins at the individual level. Since Satan knows this, he also focuses his efforts on the individual level.

It is not by chance that selfish individualism has become the dominant way of life in these Last Days. People feel increasingly alienated from those around them and bear little sense of responsibility for the well-being of their country, community, or even their own family.

Rising divorce statistics indicate that husbands and wives feel little responsibility toward their marriage; parents do not take proper responsibility for their children; and individuals, devoid of any sense of human dignity, reject accountability for their own lives.

The United States and many other countries of the world have seen such phenomena, beginning with the youth movement of the 1960s. Idealistic youth rejected the materialism around them in order to seek love and peace, although in the process they also abandoned morality and responsibility. Unable to attain the true love they sought, many disillusioned young people resorted to drug use and free sex, leading to self-destruction, including suicide.

Of all these, what pains God most is free sex. A world of free sex is absolutely contrary to the Will of God and the ideal of the family. Love comes from the stimulation of unblemished emotion, however free sex is totally devoid of purity or true emotion.

How many of us have been touched by the cruelty of infidelity and divorce? Where is God in all the one-night stands? What about the nightmare of children who are sexually abused by a parent? Is free sex worth the price of a broken child?

Indeed, in the domains of homosexuality, free sex, drugs and alcoholism, the world of true love is far away. It is a world in which Satan openly tells people, ďDrink! Take drugs! Have sex!Ē Those who do Godís Will, on the other hand, live a lifestyle that is 180 degrees different from this. Throughout history, those who chose to walk a spiritual path of self-sacrifice have been bitterly opposed and persecuted by the rest of the world.

For example, it is only Godís love and blessing that have allowed the Unification Church to prosper, despite worldwide opposition. The fact that our church has risen from obscurity in war-torn Korea to become a world- level religious movement in only thirty-eight years testifies to Godís continued guidance and support.

There are those who continue to oppose the Unification Church, whispering rumors to prevent our teachings from being heard. Again, Satanís way is always to attack that which is most precious to God. Yet those who go against the Will of God can never prosper. The principle holds true that those on Godís side who can endure unjust persecution will win the right to take back the blessing. Godís strategy is always to be struck first and then take back what is rightfully His.

Restoring true love

Ladies and gentlemen, the Bible teaches that Eve was the first to disobey God and enter into a relationship with Satan. Due to the Fall, Eve and Adam and also their sons Cain and Abel inherited Satanís lineage, based upon selfishness and false love. As the descendants of the first couple, which was compromised by Satan, we have all inherited Satanís lineage. For this reason, Jesus said in John 8:44, ďYou are from your father, the devil...Ē

The Old Testament describes a process of restitution according to the formula ďan eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.Ē (Ex. 21:24) In the Divine Principle we refer to making restitution for a wrong as ďpaying indemnity.Ē To make restitution for her wrong actions, fallen Eve needed to take on the entire responsibility. She needed to have reversed the actions of the Fall and made spiritual and physical restitution for each step of the Fall.

It was Godís Will that Eve assist her younger son, Abel, to unite with the Will of God. We know from Genesis that God accepted Abelís offering. However, this was not all that was expected of Abel. Abelís love was supposed to bring Cain to recognize Abel as Godís chosen person and unite with him, and Eve was supposed to help them achieve that unity.

If Cain and Abel had united, the second problem of the Fall would have been solved. The unity between Cain and Abel, centering on Eve, would have been the foundation to restore the whole of Adamís family. Throughout providential history, we see God calling special women to play this exact role, to help unite the positions of Cain and Abel as restitution for fallen Eveís role.

Rebekah as a model of restoration

In the Bible, one of these special women is Rebekah, Isaacís wife. As the mother of Jacob and Esau, Rebekah held the same position in Isaacís family that Eve held in Adamís family. Unlike Eve, however, Rebekah understood Godís providence and helped her second son, Jacob, representing Abelís position, to gain the blessing intended for the first son, Esau.

Just as Cain killed Abel, Esau wanted to kill Jacob when the blessing went to his younger brother. However with Rebekahís help, as recorded in Genesis, these brothers eventually reconciled in a warm embrace, rather than resorting to violence.

This reconciliation was a major victory for God. This victory, nevertheless, was not complete, since the reconciliation was only a symbolic purification of the lineage. The substantial purification of the lineage had to be accomplished in the womb. This is the reason for the paradoxical story of Tamar.

By understanding that Tamar, like Rebekah, was in the position of fallen Eve, it becomes possible to understand why Jesus was born of her lineage, the tribe of Judah. I am sure that many of you have read the story about the birth of her twins. She conceived with Judah, her father-in-law, the twins Perez and Zerah. The Bible tells us that the two sons struggled even in the womb for the position of firstborn.

During Tamarís labor, Zerahís hand was the first to emerge and the midwife tied a red string around his wrist. Then Zerahís hand disappeared back into the womb and Perez, the younger, was born as the elder. Thus, the positions of Cain and Abel were restored before birth took place. It was on this foundation that the nation of Israel was chosen to receive the Messiah.

In terms of conventional morality, the actions of Rebekah and Tamar are questionable at best. Why God blessed them has been a theological mystery until today. As we now see, through these women, God could reclaim His lineage from Satan so that Jesus could be born. Their lineage was the point from which the Israelite nation started expanding. The word ďIsraelĒ means victory. Their victory was the reversal of Cain and Abel in the womb, the purification of the lineage.

Maryís life and her dangerous course

The lineage of Judah developed for generations, expanding to the levels of the tribe, society and nation. From this lineage, Mary was born in Israel two thousand years later.

Mary had the responsibility of uniting the Cain and Abel figures on the family, clan and national levels through paying appropriate indemnity and restoring elder son-ship. Mary responded to Godís call and conceived Jesus, even though, in the eyes of others, she had betrayed her parents and Joseph, to whom she was engaged.

At that time it was customary to stone to death a woman who became pregnant out of wedlock. However, Joseph, standing in the position of Adam, courageously protected his fiancee and would not abandon her.

Because of Maryís faith, and the victories of Rebekah and Tamar, Satan could not claim sovereignty over Jesus in Maryís womb. Jesus was born in the position of a true Son under Godís complete, direct lineage. He is the first true Son of God, based upon the purification of the fallen lineage.

That is why Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, is the saint of all saints and the ancestor of Godís true lineage. His birth represented the conclusion of the Old Testament Age at the national level and the dawn of the New Testament Age at the worldwide level.

Mary, in the position to restore fallen Eve, had to build unity between Jesus, who was in the position of Abel, and his elder cousin, John the Baptist, who was in the position of Cain. This unity was essential if the people of Israel were to recognize Jesus as the Messiah.

John was the elder. He had a great following and was widely respected. He described his own role by saying, ďI am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness, and ĎMake straight the way of the Lord,í as the prophet Isaiah said.Ē (John 1:23) Also, Jesus explained to his disciples that the ministry of John was the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecy that says, ďI will send you the prophet Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.Ē (Mai. 4:5)

However did John fulfill his responsibility in Godís providence? The Gospel of Luke tells us that John came ďwith the spirit and power of Elijah.Ē (Luke 1:17) John, however, denied that he was Elijah and doubted the Messiah-ship of Jesus, even after he had received a clear revelation at the Jordan River at the time of Jesusí baptism.

John was a well-respected religious figure, while Jesus was seen as only the illegitimate son of a poor carpenter. Without the support of John, it was unlikely the Jewish people would believe in and follow Jesus. Alone, Jesus undertook the difficult path of self-proclamation.

John the Baptist was supposed to have helped Jesus reach the religious leadership of Israel. If John had fulfilled his role, then the religion of Judaism, in the position of Abel, and the nation of Israel, in the position of Cain, could have united with Jesus.

A dream unfulfilled

This Cain-Abel unity would have laid the foundation for the marriage of the Lamb. Jesus would have stood as the True Father of humanity, and his bride would have stood as the True Mother.

In less than seven years his teachings would have expanded rapidly to the worldwide level, winning Asia and Rome to his side before he reached the age of forty. Eventually, as True Parents, Jesus and his bride would have achieved the individual heavenly kingdom, family heavenly kingdom, clan heavenly kingdom and national heavenly kingdom.

However, this glorious destiny could not be realized. It was the religious people themselves who rejected Jesusí words and called for his crucifixion.

Confronted by the disbelief in Israel, Jesus determined to give his life to achieve spiritual salvation for humankind. However, he knew that Christ would have to come again in order to bring physical salvation on earth in addition to spiritual salvation.

As a result of Jesusí death on the cross, the conflict between supporters of left-wing and right-wing ideologies appeared, symbolizing the two thieves who were crucified with him. This is similar to the separation between Cain and Abel that resulted from Adamís Fall. Likewise, Islam and Christianity appeared and began struggling. Because such separation was caused by the crucifixion of Jesus, Christ will work for the unity of these divisions at the time of the Second Coming.

Why unity is inevitable

Godís preparation for the Second Advent required a world-level foundation of successful Cain-Abel reconciliation. This dispensation was carried out through the events surrounding World War II. The Allied countries of Britain, the United States and France represented Christianity and were in the position of Abel. The Axis countries of Germany, Japan and Italy practiced nationalistic militarism and stood in the position of Cain. This war represented the expansion of the conflict between Cain and Abel to the world level.

Immediately after the Allied victory, great strides were made toward creating a world of peace, guided by Christianity. With Britain in the position of Eve on the world level, and the United States and France representing Abel and Cain respectively, the Allied nations stood united in the position ready to receive the Lord of the Second Advent.

Despite this preparation, Godís dispensation was not fulfilled at that time. Godís representative came to bring Godís Word, yet he was met with tremendous persecution and almost universal misunderstanding. This paralleled Jesusí situation two thousand years earlier. Just as the people of Israel in Jesusí time were awaiting the coming of Elijah on a chariot in the clouds, Christians awaited the Second Coming by expecting Jesus himself to come on the clouds.

In the Book of Revelation, Jesus reveals to John the Divine that he will come with a new name. (Rev. 3:12) This foreshadowed that Jesus would come again through another man, just as Elijah returned through the person of John the Baptist.

At this crucial time after World War II, God instructed my husband to bring a new message of truth to Christians in Korea. Korean Christian leaders, however, rejected the possibility that he, a humble young man, had been chosen to bring this new message. They could not believe that the Second Coming would be born as a man on earth any more than the people could believe it at the time of Jesus.

If the Christian churches had united with my husband, the heavenly kingdom already would have been established on earth as well as in the spiritual realm. During the seven-year period from 1945 to 1952, which marked the end of World War II and of the New Testament Age, the entire world could have united in accordance with the providence of God.

The path of indemnity

Instead of uniting with him, however, these religious leaders were jealous as they saw the number of his followers growing. They blindly opposed my husband without hearing him out. They even spread lies about him. Rumors of sexual misconduct and greed, the very antithesis of his teachings, were used to assassinate his character.

God had expanded Christianity and had lifted up a mighty Christian nation like the United States for the purpose of preparing the way for the Second Coming. Whether they realized it or not, those ministers in Korea represented all of Christianity. Because these representatives did not unite with my husband after World War II, worldwide Christianity and America began to decline in power and moral authority.

After World War II, the nation of the United States and the religion of Christianity stood on a victorious foundation of Cain-Abel unity. The time was ripe to receive the Second Coming. However, the whole world opposed my husbandís work and missed this opportunity. He was expelled into the wilderness. He was forced to the bottom and has been climbing back up ever since.

Thus, the Cold War began. The world separated again into two worldwide spheres of Cain and Abel, just as it had during World War II. Denying God, just as the thief on the left denied Jesus, communism represented the Cain- type world. Christian democracies, which affirmed the existence of God, represented the thief on the right and the Abel-type world.

It was Godís Will that the Messiah of the Second Coming unite these two hostile blocs. That is why we mobilized our church to help settle conflicts between the right wing, represented by the free world, and the left wing, represented by communism. We also have been working as a peacemaker on behalf of Christianity, Judaism and our Islamic brothers and sisters.

During the forty-year Cold War period, my husband fought to break down barriers on the individual, family, clan, national, worldwide and cosmic levels in order to rebuild the lost four thousand-year foundation to receive the Messiah. Since my husband cannot live that long, he knew that he would have to indemnify all of history in just forty years.

During this period of four decades, he restored the four-thousand-year history before Jesus and the six-thousand-year biblical history since the Creation. After this indemnity was paid, unity of the Cain and Abel blocs brought the Cold War to a close. The Unification Church accomplished this internally at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, when athletes from one hundred sixty nations came to Korea.

For decades, my husband has been completely misunderstood. For three years, he was imprisoned in a communist concentration camp. Altogether, he has been wrongfully imprisoned six times for doing Godís work. Moreover, the media have mocked him as a monster who brainwashes the young for self-benefit.

Can anyone disagree when I say that Rev. Moon is the most persecuted religious leader in the world? My heart is broken when I think of how my husband has suffered. However he always comforts me, reassuring me that God has deep compassion for those persecuted for doing His work.

My husband and I have purposefully walked a path of indemnity, or restitution, in order to restore the failures of the past, including those of the Old and New Testament Ages. Korea connects to the Old Testament Age, while America, a mostly Christian civilization, connects to the New Testament Age.

For the first twenty years, my husband walked the road of indemnity for the Old Testament Age, focusing on the Korean nation and the Unification Church, representing the positions of the nation of Israel and Judaism, respectively. On the foundation of this work in 1960, we established the Holy Wedding of True Parents on the national level.

Then, in 1971, my husband and I came to America. During the next twenty years in the United States, we walked the path of indemnity to fulfill the New Testament Age and begin the Completed Testament Age. Thus, we established the True Parentsí family, the origin of true love, true life and true lineage, based on God.

What the Unification Church offers

The truth that God revealed to my husband is contained in the Divine Principle. Interpreting the history of humankind and the stories of the Bible from the providential viewpoint, the Divine Principle unlocks the answers to questions unsolved for thousands of years. Those who have sincerely studied its contents have found it to be a true gift from God, providing the solutions to the problems facing our society today.

Even in the former communist Soviet Union, government leaders and thousands of young people have found their lives renewed through their studies of our teaching, known as Godism or head-wing thought. Finally free from the oppression of communist ideology, they are seeking spiritual truth to guide their nations.

There are countless other testimonies to the power of the Divine Principle to give hope and new life to young people. Last year, in Korea, we held a wedding celebration for thirty thousand couples, all dedicating their lives to one another, to God and to the world. In most families today, parents cannot effectively guide their children, especially in such intimate matters as love and marriage. Yet, my husband and I brought together young people from one hundred thirty one nations and realized their most cherished dreams of love in a historic way.

This was indeed a great miracle of the modern world. In the future, as people come to understand the value and quality of these precious families, millions will seek such marriages. Through them, God can restore the family that Satan destroyed. Such restored, God-centered families are the very building blocks of an ideal nation and world.

World-level foundation to receive True Parents

My dear friends, when Jesus taught about the coming of the Messiah, he told the parable of the virgins who were awaiting the arrival of the bridegroom. This signifies the restoration of the original positions of man and woman, restored Adam and Eve, to the realm of true equality.

When Christianity failed to meet her bridegroom the first time, Godís dispensation had to be delayed by forty years until 1992. At this turning point in the history of restoration, a woman in the position of True Mother has to prepare the world to receive the True Father.

That is why, in April 1992, my husband and I founded the Womenís Federation for World Peace. Last year, with the heart of a True Mother, I visited Korea, Great Britain, the United States, France, Japan, Germany and Italy, as well as Russia, China and Oceania.

I gathered together the women of these nations to form chapters of the Womenís Federation for World Peace. With these events, the nations that had been the worldwide Cain and Abel countries since World War II and the Cold War united to receive the True Mother and prepare again the foundation to meet the True Father.

Based on this foundation, my husband and I can now stand on a worldwide level as the first True Parents. As True Parents, we are ushering in the Completed Testament Age.

At this historic turning point, we have to practice on the worldwide level the principle that an individualís mind and body have to be united, with God in the central position. To facilitate this, we have founded two organizations working for world peace.

The Interreligious Federation for World Peace represents the mind on the worldwide level. It carries out the internal mission of uniting all the worlds religions on the foundation of Godís love. The Federation for World Peace, on the other hand, represents the body on the worldwide level. It pursues the external mission of building ideal societies with leaders in every field of human endeavor, including politics, economics, media, academia, science and the arts.

The first true family

Looking at the vertical perspective of love, Adam and Eve could have related directly with God by developing in themselves the four types of love: childrenís love, siblingís love, conjugal love and parental love. Therefore, Adam and Eve originally would have grown through four realms of heart, based on Godís true love, achieving the completion of the levels of children, siblings, couple, and parents. In this manner, they would have achieved what we may call the perfected, or true family.

Adam and Eve were to have become role models for the members of their family. Their children would have looked to their parents as ideal role models. They would have become brothers and sisters who loved each other as their parents loved them. They would have become married couples resembling the husband-wife relationship of their parents.

Finally, with the birth of children, they would have established more true families, resembling that of their parents.

In such a fashion, by establishing ideal, unbreakable families that fulfill the vertical and horizontal unity between parents and children, brothers and sisters, and husbands and wives, we can finally build the eternal basis for Godís Kingdom on earth as well as in heaven. Thus, all families in the world originating from the same God-centered ancestors, Adam and Eve, will have equal, divine value.

In every true family, grandparents will be in the position of kings and queens representing God and good ancestors. Parents will be in the position of kings and queens representing present-day humanity, and children will be in the position of princes and princesses representing all future descendants. When all three generations are united, past, present and future will live together in harmony.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great privilege to announce to you the establishment of the first perfected True Family. My husband and I, together with our thirteen children and twenty grandchildren, are absolutely dedicated to serving God and humanity. With three generations in one family, we have achieved on the family level the central root of grandparents, the central trunk of parents and the central bud, children of the biblical tree of life. It is our sincere hope that you will symbolically graft into this tree of life by joining us in our efforts to create an ideal nation and world. This marks the beginning of the Completed Testament Age.

The process of tribal messiahship

Ladies and gentlemen, at the dawn of the Completed Testament Age, the time has come for each family to take up the messianic mission of completing the work of salvation throughout the world. After restoring your family, the next step is to restore your tribe, nation and the world. We call this process tribal messiahship.

In the Completed Testament Age, the motherís role will be crucial. She has to unite her children and her husband, and link her family with the True Parents. Already we have sent thousands of tribal messiah missionaries around the world. Soon the original ideal of the family will be achieved worldwide.

As the world enters the Completed Testament Age, we will live with God again. Realizing this, we have to accomplish the unity of our minds and bodies, husbands and wives, and parents and children. We can then establish ideal families, based on Godís love.

With such families, the symptoms of our decaying society will vanish. As confident children of God, we no longer will be enslaved by the temptations of alcohol and drug abuse. Moreover, by understanding the holiness of love between husband and wife, we will possess the moral strength to stand strong against infidelity and promiscuity. Finally, we will work as a whole to eliminate war, racial and religious prejudice and world hunger.

Based on this foundation, we can realize a world of true happiness, freedom and peace. In such a world there will be heartfelt compassion for the needs of others, and the nations of the world naturally will cooperate to preserve peace and justice. A situation such as the tragedy we are witnessing in Bosnia today would evoke a resolute and united determination among the worldís nations to provide both effective material relief and a swift peaceful solution.

Therefore, understanding that this is Godís vision for humanity, let us join together; all nations as one, under God, to bring peace and reconciliation to every corner of the world afflicted with suffering and conflict.

Honored guests, ladies and gentlemen, it is my hope that people of all faiths and nationalities gathered here this afternoon will understand this message with a deep heart and an open mind. I sincerely pray that by upholding the Will of God, we all can reach the place of Godís blessing.

May God bless you, your families and your nations.

Thank you very much.


The Twenty-first Century and
the Mission of Women

October 12,1994

Little Angels Performing Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
Seminar for Korean and Chinese Women Leaders
(True Motherís speech)

Women leaders from China and from various associations here in Korea, and leaders of the Womenís Federation for World Peace:

It is a great honor for me to speak at this event and encourage women leaders from two nations, Korea and China, who have come together to seek the way to bring a world of peace and to affirm the coming of the global age of women.

With the twenty-first century only a few years away, we stand in a position to experience the upheavals of the twentieth century along with a new and different century in our lifetime. This does not mean simply that we will span two centuries. Since the providence that permeates human history is carried out in units of two thousand years, there is great significance in concluding the twentieth century and preparing for the twenty-first century.

Though history is apt to change, the rate and extent of recent changes have been so wide and unpredictable that we have come to fear change. In the society of the future, in which science and technology will have been developed to a high degree, will humankind find happiness? In the information society of the twenty-first century what kind of lifestyle will people lead? How will the pressing problems of humanity that darken our future be resolved? What will be done about such issues as the establishment of a principled morality and new values, and the problems adolescents face, crimes, drugs, AIDS and other diseases, war and starvation, and religious conflict? Without finding a fundamental answer, the hopes of humanity for the twenty-first century will never be realized. We need to address these problems not as problems of individual nations; instead we need to address them as those of humanity. The time has come to resolve our problems and bring clarity to our future through the new expression of truth revealed by Heaven.

On the verge of entering the twenty-first century, when we examine history we see that men have been ignorant of the true value of women and have not treated women fairly. The womenís movement of modern times, which began with the nineteenth-century campaign of Western women to gain suffrage, has continued to develop under the banner of womenís liberation. In general, it has been a movement carried out against men to restore womenís rights, including the extension of womenís rights, gender equality, and the womenís labor movement. Therefore, the mainstream of the womenís movement generally took the form of opposing men only for the sake of women. The movement I am carrying out through the Womens Federation for World Peace is different from the American womenís movement. It is a womenís movement not only for women. It is for everyone, carried out on the foundation of the new teaching centered on Godís ideal of creation.

Chauvinists assert that men are destined naturally to assume the superior position and men and women are designed for certain roles they are meant to play. Their theory is that men and women are born with different natures and that accordingly their roles also differ. They believe that men and women naturally assume the superior and the inferior positions, respectively, in terms of identity and status and that men are established as the superior. I believe that feminists until now primarily have been responding to this view. They have tried to secure an equal status with men in all respects, by imitating them and assuming the same roles as men.

In spite of their efforts, complete gender equity could not be achieved. This was because they did not know the essence of the problem. The fact that the role of women and their inborn nature differ from those of men does not mean that the value of women is less than that of men and that their status is inferior. The unhappiness of women stemmed from not realizing the preciousness of their God-given original nature and role. Problems arose from the fact that many women forgot what they possessed and tried to imitate the nature and role of men, as if men were the exemplars for women.

My esteemed women leaders! Women are the individual embodiments of truth representing one of the two natures of the incorporeal God, who possesses yin and yang in both external form and internal nature. Therefore, women are not in a competitive relationship with men, who represent the other side of God. Women are not the assistants of men; they are the interdependent object partners who make the world whole. When God created men and women, God established them as the ideal object partners of each other and made it so that they can become one through true love.

From the perspective of true love, women are the perfect object partners of the love of men, and in regard to their value, men and women are absolutely equal. The fact that the natures of men and women are different does not pose a problem. Those differences are factors that bring on the stimulation of love. In the original ideal, a man and a woman united in true love have the right of equal position and equal status. Moreover, a man and a woman united in true love have the right to participate as equals, and through their love they can always be together. A man and a woman united in true love have the right of inheritance through which each shares what belongs to the other as the second owner. As you can see, a man and a woman united through Godís ideal of true love are created as completely equal beings in terms of value. They have the right of equal position and participation and mutual ownership.

Therefore, men and women are not in an antagonistic relationship, in which they need to imitate, covet or somehow acquire the otherís nature and role. Instead, they are in a relationship in which they share with one another, by giving what is theirs to the other through true love. Thus each perfects the other and becomes one with the other.

My fellow women leaders! Women have a precious original nature and affection that God has made unique to us. We also have the central role of bearing and nurturing children and leading our families. Through the self- sacrifice of bearing and nurturing the fruit of love, women continue clans and generations of human beings. While the external work of mothers is important, the role and responsibility of mothers in nurturing their children to become righteous, cultivating their character even while the children are in the womb, are just as noble.

From now, humankind has no choice except to live in an increasingly globalized and pluralized society. In the future world, women will have a noble role in the family unit and in the entire society as well. We could even say that the role of the mother shapes history by bearing, giving birth to and nurturing the future of humanity. Without this maternal nature, where can the hopes and bright future of human beings be conceived? Where can good men and women, our future leaders, be born, and from whom can they receive their basic education?

Respected women representatives, traditionally history has continued under the leadership of men. Most men have misled humanity using brute force, and they have created conflict and division in irrational societies. Consequently, there is a mountainous pile of historical legacies that need to be dispensed with, as well as many pressing problems. For humanity to usher in the twenty-first century with hope, the contribution of women is absolutely necessary. Now that the age of women has come together with heavenly fortune, centering on True Parents, the women of the world can create a movement of magnanimous true love as part of their lives and make new families and new societies. The trend of internationalization and globalization leads toward the twenty-first century, wherein we need to live together as one global family. Extreme individualism and egoism are major deterrents to achieving this goal. Only true love can affect the hearts of the people who are inclined in that direction.

Women, united with True Mother, need to raise their children to create the heavenly way, through their influence of love, and perfect their husbandís maturation through mother-child cooperation, thus forming ideal families. This is the movement to inherit the True Parentsí true love, true life and true lineage. Through ideal families thus established, we are to construct ideal societies, ideal nations and an ideal world. I hope you women leaders will become central figures in this movement.

To achieve this goal requires the cooperation and international activities of enlightened women from various nations. A time will come when the leaders of nations will realize keenly their international relations and the conditions of this planetís environment. On this basis they will have no choice except to prioritize the common good of the world above their national interests and to translate this realization into action.

I hope that this meeting and exchange of Korean and Chinese women leaders will set an example of womenís international cooperation for constructing an ideal world. I encourage cooperation of women leaders from both nations that will serve as a turning point in achieving peace in Asia and the whole world, marking the progress of history toward one world of peace transcending the walls of nationality, race and religious belief.

Thank you so much for listening, and may Godís blessings be with you and your families.


World Peace and the
Role of Women II

April 10, 2002

Little Angels Performing Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
Tenth Anniversary of the Womenís Federation for World Peace
(True Motherís speech)

Distinguished guests, leaders of womenís organizations, and members of the Womenís Federation for World Peace:

Today, as I stand here before you, I am filled with many deep emotions.
In particular, I feel a deep sense of gratitude to God, who has guided our federation with true love for the ten years that have passed since it was founded.

My husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and I jointly founded the Womenís Federation for World Peace (WFWP) with the purpose that it would proclaim the arrival of the era of women and function as a pivotal organization for the womenís peace movement.

This federation was not founded simply as one among the many womenís organizations that already exist. Rather, the first and foremost characteristic of WFWP is that it was founded for the providential purpose of realizing Godís ideal world, a world centered on the ideal of True Parents.

Moreover, WFWP is not organized to recover womenís rights. It is fundamentally different from such womenís organizations, which exist chiefly to influence men. Such organizations seek primarily to expand womenís rights, promote equality of the sexes and improve working conditions for women. They are, for the most part, external, political and confrontational in nature.

According to Rev. Moonís teachings, women do not exist to confront or struggle against men. Rather, we exist as individual embodiments of truth, representing one side of the two aspects or dual characteristics of the invisible Creator, God. In other words, women represent one half of Godís internal and external characteristics, and one half of Godís original nature.

According to the Principle, through which God created the universe, all things exist as pairs, as an initiating subject partner and a responsive object partner team. A woman is thus a whole and perfect partner with whom a man can achieve harmonious unity in the ideal of God.

Furthermore, a woman is not made to be a manís assistant or simply an object of his protection. Rather, a woman is an interdependent entity who completes a man by standing in a position that represents half of God. In the ideal of true love, a woman exists as a manís noble partner, as the recipient who can reciprocate his love. In terms of value, man and woman are equal.

A man and woman who are united through the power of original, true love acquire entitlement to the same status. They also share entitlement to participate together and be with each other, whatever the situation or location. Moreover, a man and woman united in true love also share an ideal right of inheritance; they share ownership with each other, for she is his second self just as he is hers.

Thus, a man and woman united in Godís true love ideal share fully and totally the entirety of rank and position, rights of participation, and rights of possession. Men and women were created to be equal in terms of value when they live in true love.

Naturally then, a man and woman are not born to exist in a relationship of hostility or opposition, where they covet or attempt to mimic the characteristics and qualities of the other. There is no need for that, because man and woman belong to each other. Their relationship is originally designed to be one where all their qualities as well as possessions are shared with each other so that both can achieve completion and perfection, and thus together become a whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Women have the important role of bearing children, raising them, and guiding the family as Godís representatives, with the uniquely feminine sense of affection and love that God has granted to women. God endowed each woman with this essential feminine nature.

By nurturing the fruits of love and investing in her childrenís upbringing, a woman connects and extends the traditions and lineage of her family. For this reason, although her external efforts are important, her role as a mother in cultivating character and raising her children to have healthy, wholesome natures is the highest function of womanhood. In fulfilling this role, women truly represent the heart of God.

As the future unfolds, humanity will have no option except to live inter- dependently in a pluralistic, global society. A culture of peace will be established across the globe. When this happens, the precious role of women who are grounded in the love of God will be recognized as absolutely essential to the family and, hence, to the society, nation and world.

That is because women play a sacred role that is both civic and lineal. We carry the future of humanity in our wombs; we give birth to and nurture the unlimited potential of human beings. If the role of mothers is ignored, where will we find human hope and prospects for the future?

In the worldwide peace movement led by WFWP, women play the central role. Members of WFWP ought to feel proud that the work we are doing across the globe deals with such a unique area and has such providential significance. We also have to be grateful that WFWP can carry out its work under the direct guidance of the True Parents.

During the past ten years, I have been privileged to give talks and keynote addresses in the parliamentary halls of many nations across the globe, from the United Nations headquarters to the United States Congress and Japanese Diet. We have held hundreds of international meetings where I delivered the message of the Womenís Federation. Sometimes the audience comprised several hundred people, sometimes ten thousand, and sometimes more than a hundred thousand people.

I have been fortunate to be able to carry out global tours embracing North and South America, Europe, Asia, including Russia and China, Africa and Oceania. During these tours, my message has always been the proclamation of the era of women and our role in bringing about world peace.

We have addressed the serious crises facing modern civilization, including decadence among young people, family breakdown, teenage and single parenthood, AIDS, drug abuse, crime and national instability. Moreover, we have raised the issue of ethics and morality in the family, and shown the need for the establishment of a new value system aligned with Godís truth. In short, we have rung the warning bell.

Consequently, inspired and enlightened women motivated from within are leading movements for national reformation and social restoration in each nation across the globe. These movements are creating a foundation of hope throughout the world.

So once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate the members of the Womenís Federation for World Peace. In more than one hundred eighty nations around the world, and particularly in South Korea, Japan and America, you have participated with fervor and accomplished many tangible results for our cause.

Beloved leaders of women everywhere, what are the central direction and activities of the womenís peace movement going to be for the coming ten years? Rev. Moon has focused on the year 2012 as the year in which the ideal world of peace, the hope of humanity and God alike, needs to be substantially realized. To that end, he is at this time heading up a global movement for the practice of true love. Likewise, for the Womenís Federation for World Peace, the next ten years will be a very important period.

The world of peace is not initiated on the global or even national level. Peace must first be realized in the individual and in the family, because these form the basis for all human organizations and systems. Central issues of world peace essentially depend on the question of how peace can be realized within the individual and the family.

The original ideal of Godís creation was the kingdom of heaven on earth and, beyond that, a world in which the ideal of love also embraces the spiritual dimension. Thus, a kingdom of heaven was to be formed in both the spiritual and physical worlds. This ideal was to be achieved by expanding the model of an ideal family to the world level and then to the cosmic level. For this reason, a family of true love is the fundamental unit and basis of an ideal world of peace.

When true parents, a true husband and wife, and true children all attend God and form a true family of peace, and when that family expands to form a clan, nation and world, true world peace will be realized. For this, the role of the mother and wife in creating family peace is absolute and eternal.

Today, immorality and decadence are spreading throughout the world. The family is crumbling under the burden of soaring divorce rates and increasing self-indulgence. In these circumstances, the true family Blessing movement and the pure love education that WFWP is promoting worldwide are, in the fundamental sense, movements for peace. They are movements that can save the nation and save the world. They are unique peace movements of the highest dimension driven by the power of Godís true love.

I believe that we members of WFWP need to have a special sense of mission in our work. Based on the moral laws and principles of the universe, we are to make our families whole and sound in accordance with the heavenly way of life. We have to point our societies in the right direction and make our nations righteous and strong.

Thus, we need women to participate in all aspects of society, from diplomacy and politics to the economy and legal system reform. Women also have to be active in education and culture, and in sports and the arts, not to mention the diverse activities of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

However, I want to emphasize that before all these things, the highest priority for our activity is the inculcation of a righteous value system, and the True Love and True Family movement. We need to encourage and foster the practice of living for the sake of others.

Moreover, we women ought to be the vanguard of the movement for unity. It has always been a clear objective of our federation to carry out a number of activities that will aid the reunification of the Korean Peninsula, for example. Women must take the lead in both national and global unity by experiential education based on a true family values system and true love.

War and conflict arise when we attempt, from selfish motives, to acquire land or possessions that belong to others. Conversely, peace is realized when we invest ourselves for the sake of others, in other words, when we practice true love.

For some time now, our federation has invested its heart and soul in developing our service and sharing for neighborhood and community activities. These activities will surely become a precious foundation for peace in the future.

This year, we initiated the 1% Love Share Project to practice true love and help our compatriots in North Korea, particularly women and children. In my view, this campaign exemplifies the spirit with which WFWP was founded. It is a campaign that emphasizes the practice of true love and sharing, and it is being developed in many nations around the world. Transcending religion, race and nationality, it is rising above the established, conflict-centered framework to bring peace in a tangible way.

In recent years, under Rev. Moonís guidance, WFWP has worked hard to build bridges of peace between nations in many parts of the world. An example of this is the creation of sisterhood relationships between three hundred twenty thousand South Korean and Japanese women. Sisterhood ceremonies between women of different nations are an integral part of many international conferences. They are a simple yet concrete practice for the realization of peace.

In the future, WFWP will expand its active efforts for peace by developing a joint platform embracing many different fields, including education, culture, sports and the arts. This will be achieved through cooperation that transcends nationality, race, religion and different NGOs.

Moreover, bringing together women from the entire world in harmony and cooperation, we will promote volunteer activities based on true love, so that more and more people can receive love expressed in a tangible way.

My dear members of the Womenís Federation, in the twenty-first century, men and women together will shape world history, cooperating as the driving force for the realization of a world of peace. The central role of women is all the more vital if the unfolding century is to be characterized by family-centered culture and by love and not by power and technology.

It is my fervent hope and expectation that the members of WFWP will take the lead in guiding the movement for restoring true families. That movement is the basis and foundation for the realization of a world of peace.

A sound, healthy family is the school of love and virtue, and enlightened women are the center of the love, peace and service that preserves the family. The starting point of world peace lies with the mothers at the center of such families, families that perfect and bring Godís true love to fruition.

We must push ahead in the conviction that no matter how wounded and scarred this world is, it can be healed and cleansed by the substantial work of a womenís federation united in the vision of Godís true love. If we have that determination and if we make that effort, then Godís absolute authority, as well as the blessing and guidance of the entire spiritual realm, will be with us.

Let us all stand up and be counted. Let us complete the building of an ideal world of peace both on earth and in the spiritual world. In conclusion, let me thank you once again, both our distinguished guests and federation members, for taking the time from your busy schedules to allow us the pleasure of your presence today.

Thank you.


Opening, Inheriting and Fulfilling the Era of the
Victory, Liberation and Completion of the True
Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

March 4, 2012

Convention Center, Daejeon, Korea
Womenís Federation for World Peace Convention
(True Motherís speech)

My beloved Womenís Federation for World Peace members and most honorable women leaders for peace:

First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to God and Rev. Moon for the great success of this Convention to Open, Inherit and Fulfill the Era of the Victory, Liberation and Completion of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, held today in commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the Womenís Federation for World Peace. At the same time, I would like to convey my grateful heart to all of you.

The twenty years of WFWP

The Womenís Federation for World Peace was founded in April of 1992 as a central organization of the womenís peace movement, in accordance with the Will of Heaven, by Rev. Sun Myung Moon and me at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in Jamshil. It accompanied the declaration of the Advent of the Global Era of Women, attended by representative women from over seventy nations and one hundred and fifty thousand Korean woman leaders.

We did not intend this Federation to be a womenís organization typical of this world. It does not aim to be an external, political and combative womenís rights movement mainly targeting men, advocating expansion of womenís rights, gender equality, and working place rights. Rather, it is oriented by providence and designed to realize Godís ideal of creation. During the past twenty years, the Womenís Federation for World Peace, founded with such providential significance and guided by maternal love, has carried out various services and educational programs in all parts of the global village. These are to firmly establish families of true love that elevate womenís value. Consequently we have achieved amazing growth and development in the world.

From the early days of the Federation, I have conducted speaking tours across continents and nations to prepare the ground for the global activities of WFWP. Moreover, I mobilized all WFWP members around the world, including one thousand six hundred Japanese members who went to one hundred sixty nations as volunteers. At the founding rally of WFWP, Rev. Moon gave a founding message, the gist of which was, ďNow, under True Mother who has triumphed as the historic representative of women in the world, women need to establish the model of true mother and true wife and form ideal families through the true love movement. Furthermore, women have to carry out the model of true love in a campaign of living for the sake of others in all fields of endeavor, including government, economy, culture, and social service.Ē Accordingly, we have carried out volunteer activities and educational programs as well as campaigns to bring about the resolution of international conflicts and reconciliation transcending the barriers of race, religion, language and nationality.

After three years of hard work, capped by an address I gave in the United Nations Headquarters, New York, in September 1993, led the United Nations Economic and Social Council to grant WFWP general consultative status, the highest recognition given nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). I am delighted to tell you that, since then, the re-evaluations held every four years, which entail a strict assessment of activities and achievements, regularly confirm our status. I believe it is clear that the UN recognizes our true value. Of the more than three thousand four hundred UN NGOs, only one hundred forty are awarded this highest status.

In particular, WFWP has carried out various local projects in all parts of the world to realize the UNís Millennium Development Goals instituted at the beginning of the new millennium. Those projects have taken root and are bearing fruit in nations and communities. Consequently, governments are recognizing and supporting WFWP, and this is truly encouraging.

The Middle East Women Leaders Peace Council, which has been hosted every year since 1997 under my guidance, has attracted interest and participation from woman leaders of the nations in the Middle East. Now it has expanded and developed into a more concrete, wide ranging WFWP campaign. Moreover, bringing woman leaders of the Middle East to the center of activities carried out for human rights and peace, going beyond religious barriers, is a truly remarkable achievement.

Construction of a peaceful world

Each year from the year 2000, we have hosted the World Women Leaders Workshop at beautiful meeting places in different continents. Here, participants share their firsthand experience from all corners of the global village, their wisdom, and their vision for the future, including ways to proceed in healthy cooperation. Taking it a step further, the different continents and countries including Korea, the WFWP International Headquarters, Japan, the United States, the UN Secretariat, Asia, Europe, Canada, Central and South America, Africa and Oceania are developing and carrying out various projects adapted to the needs of their locale. I am proud of and grateful to them all.

Furthermore, we are actively conducting relief aid work to resolve the problems of natural calamities and poverty in various parts of the globe. In particular, under the slogan, ďLet us share a little of what we have,Ē we are carrying out the ď1% Love Share ProjectĒ to help the children and women in North Korea with good results. Moreover, through several effective enterprises, including specialized local businesses to support WFWP in their communities, we are keenly realizing that the power of women is changing societies and achieving amazing results in the creation of a peaceful world.

Above all, the Peace Leaders Invitational Divine Principle Seminar, held more than thirty times, helps woman leaders realize their divinity. It presents them with vital insights regarding the proper direction for their lives. The program has deeply moved many leaders and helped them fulfill their potential.

As can be seen, our members have maintained their determination, pioneering the path of womenís peace with quiet forbearance and an unchanging heart from the federationís founding in Seoul to the highest level of the UN. Therefore, I would like to give a big round of applause to express my infinite gratitude and love to the woman leaders who have never failed to offer their encouragement and participation.

Beloved Womenís Federation for World Peace members and women leaders for peace!

What is the path that people must take today? Even now tens of millions of innocent lives are being lost each year to war, disease, starvation and natural disasters that arise in all parts of the world. In every field you observe, whether religion, politics, education, culture or philosophy, from the individual to the world, people are deeply mired in the swamps of self-centered egoism, isolated by impenetrable barriers. We now live on a planet brought to ruin, where genuine communication has broken down.

Ultimately, the problems afflicting humanity can only be resolved through the worldview of ďOne Family Under God,Ē in other words, a teaching based on true love, which my husband and I, the True Parents, learned from Heaven and have championed and taught throughout our lives. This is because it is the only way for people to find the path toward peace and happiness.

Korean Peninsula prepared by God

We are now living in the historic time of a great cosmic revolution that will change history, unite the spiritual and physical worlds, and create the ideal kingdom of heaven that God has longed for since the beginning of time. We can no longer postpone or prolong it. Heaven has already proclaimed that January 13, 2013 will be ďFoundation Day.Ē That day will mark the beginning and genesis of the substantial Cheon II Guk. That day is now less than a year away.

Therefore, it is time for all people to be humbly obedient to Heavenís decree. The fateful moment awaits us on this day. We need to devote ourselves completely with a life or death commitment for this remaining year under the guidance of True Parents, who are carrying out the providence on earth as the substantial representatives of God, the King of peace.

Do you have any idea how much pain God suffered the moment our first ancestors fell, inherited Satanís lineage, and disappeared into darkness? He had created them as His children, investing unreserved devotion for eons. Have you ever even thought about the long, dark tunnel of indemnification our Heavenly Parent has had to go through as He waited and endured tens of thousands of years of heartache so excruciating that His bones cried and His flesh quivered? Have you ever shed even one teardrop for our forlorn Heavenly Parent?

Ladies and gentlemen, in silence God has raised and prepared the Korean people for thousands of years. As you well know, God sent His true son Jesus Christ to earth two thousand years ago to save humankind.

The outcome, however, was truly a wretched one. The religious leaders and people of the nation, who were supposed to receive Jesus as the Messiah and follow him with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, instead allowed him to die on the cross, didnít they? In the end, Jesus accomplished our spiritual salvation, cried out the words, ďIt is finished,Ē and left this world. (John 19:30) Sadly, it took two thousand years of preparation for his Second Coming to finally take place, on the Korean Peninsula.

Throughout their history, the Korean people have worshiped God as the highest and primal ancestor of their forefathers. They called that single being and progenitor of all people ďthe One,Ē meaning God, and served Him as the Lord, the Creator of night and day. This is why all creation begins from the numbers one and two. Because the Korean people have served God as their original ancestor, interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values are alive in their spirit and tradition, and thus they continue to this day.

They have continued as a people for more than five thousand years of history, not once invading or plundering another nation or people. The spirit of benefiting all humanity flows in the veins of the Korean people. Furthermore, the spirit of filial piety, fidelity and loyalty, the fundamental virtues of human life, are alive and moving in the people of Korea today.

The true filial piety shown by Shim Cheong who, when she was still in the flower of youth, threw herself into the sea, enabling her blind father to regain his sight, is the standard of filial piety for the Korean people, who serve and attend their parents. The profound love and fidelity displayed by Choonhyang, who risked death rather than break the promise she had made to her husband, is the signpost for the lives of all Korean women. The unbreakable loyalty exhibited by Admiral Yi Soon-shin, who gave his life to save his nation and people despite being forsaken by his king and other leaders, is indeed the pride of the Korean noble spirit.

These treasured Korean traditional values are not just matters of historical accident. Based on them, God prepared the Korean people and laid the foundation for the providence to establish the Messiah. Thus, riding on the energy of the Korean Peninsula, the True Parents of humankind and the King of kings could finally appear after receiving the seal of Heaven.

The era of substantial Cheon II Guk

Beloved WFWP members, my fellow woman leaders! The path that humanity needs to take now is clear. Why would you hesitate in the face of the D- Day that Heaven has revealed through True Parents? Only a year remains; Heavenís blessings will be with you on your ambitious and busy course.

If you view the flow of history from the viewpoint of Godís providence, you can see that the changes can be broadly classified into three stages. First is the ďera of worldly mattersĒ that is, a time when materialism took precedence. Next came the ďera of human affairs,Ē a period dominated by humanism and knowledge, with the assumption that God is an aloof Creator.

However, these eras were transitional. They were eras we needed to undergo in the process of entering the era in which people can rid themselves of their fallen nature, return to their original selves, and live as one united family under God as their Father.

The final stage is the ďera of heavenly affairs.Ē Here, people follow the path of living for the sake of others. Each establishes an absolute standard beginning with the marriage Blessing ceremony, an internal and external purification. In other words, this is the time of opening the era of Cheon II Guk, when we can return to the heart of the one true God. Please engrave this in your heart.

Once the era of the substantial Cheon II Guk begins, we will establish the Association Connecting the Spiritual and Physical Worlds, the central axial position that governs all creation. To put it another way, the spiritual and physical worlds will connect and substantially unite and the providence will proceed according to heavenly law and the heavenly way.

Elections conducted in a purely secular fashion will disappear from the face of the earth. All people will become one family through cross-cultural and inter-racial marriages, and we will live in tranquility and prosperity, enjoying true love, peace and happiness.

This day is now right before our eyes.

Teaching values and building true families

All of you need to engrave True Parentsí teachings onto your bones and practice them in your lives. We have no choice. All that is left for us to do is to inherit, succeed and accomplish the blessing of the opening of the gates to the era of the victorious liberation and perfection of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

If we do not prepare now, we will surely be left behind. We need to learn from the courage and fortitude of the white-necked cranes that in preparation for winter fly across the Himalayas, which are more than seven thousand meters high.

I believe that, based on the public laws and principles of the universe, our WFWP members need to form sound families in accordance with the heavenly way and rightly endow their communities and nations with a special sense of mission.

However, I would like to emphasize once again that the movement we must prioritize before anything else is the true family movement, based on true love through living for the sake of others, carried out in conjunction with educating for the highest values.

Women also have to become standard-bearers of the peace movement. Included in the essential mission of this federation are various activities for the reunification of South and North Korea. Women have to play a leading role in bringing about Koreaís unification and world peace. This will come by means of education in the thought and practice of true love.

Wars and conflicts arise from selfish motives from which emerge the desire to take othersí land, possessions and the like by force. On the other hand, peace arises from investing oneself for others by giving true love. In the final stage, the ďera of heavenly affairs,Ē in which we are to follow the path of living for the sake of others, the Cold War has ended and new hopes for peace and social justice are spreading across the entire globe at an amazing pace.

Those leaders who turn their faces away from the new realities of the world, or who refuse to see them, will be wiped away by the changes that are sweeping in like a tidal wave. I believe the time has now come for us to step forward boldly, embrace our new opportunities and model the highest values.

Beloved WFWP members and my fellow woman leaders! Women are not born just to help or to be protected by men; rather, we are interdependent individuals who, as the representative of the other half of Godís nature, are meant to make men more complete and manly. Centered on the ideal of true love, women are the precious object partners of menís love. In terms of value, men and women are absolute equals.

Thus men and women, united through the original true love of Godís ideal, are created to become completely equal in terms of value. Based on true love, they are to share the right of equal participation, the right to the same rank and the right of mutual ownership of their possessions. Therefore, men and women do not need to confront or contend with each other, imitate the characteristics, dispositions or roles of the other, or covet them and try to take them by force. Instead, we are to unite as a larger whole, sharing ourselves one with another, by giving to the other what we have, with true love, and thereby completing each other.

Now is the moment to rise to the next level

In the twenty-first century, women, together with men, have to play a major role in world events by serving as the wheels of progress advancing the construction of a peaceful world. Going beyond the century of power and technology, women will be the central axis in building the century of love and a culture of peace, with our role more important than ever before.

Even though the world of today is filled with confusion and chaos, the womenís peace movement of this federation, united under Godís vision of true love, will soar up to a whole new level based on our achievements of the past twenty years. We need to strengthen our network with global woman leaders for the expansion of the worldwide womenís peace movement and dedicate ourselves with the conviction that we can purify this world into a beautiful haven of peace wherein Godís ideal of creation is realized. If we can do so, Godís absolute authority and the divine protection and great blessings of the spiritual world will be with us.

Let us all walk the path of the true mother, true wife, true daughter and true woman leader, who can construct a united world overflowing with true freedom, peace and happiness.

Thank you for listening attentively, and may Godís blessings be with you and your families in all of your endeavors.

Thank you.


The Role of Women in the Era after the
Coming of Heaven and the Mission of
the Womenís Federation for World Peace

March 5, 2012

ANA Intercontinental Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Commemoration of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Womenís
Federation for World Peace

(True Motherís speech)

Distinguished guests from Japan and abroad and Japanese members of the Womenís Federation for World Peace:

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the Womenís Federation for World Peace. I look at our footsteps during the past nineteen years and return glory to God and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, who have worked in the background to help WFWP to develop and grow worldwide. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to the WFWP members who are working hard in various parts of the world, and especially to the Japanese members for your endeavors.

The background of the founding of WFWP

The message I am presenting today is titled, ďThe Role of Women in the Era after the Coming of Heaven and the Mission of WFWPĒ It is based on the words given at the ďCosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind who, as Godís Embodiment, Proclaim the Word.Ē

My husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, declared the ďAdvent of the Global Era of WomenĒ at the Inaugural Assembly of the Womenís Federation for World Peace held in April 1992 in Seoul, Korea, which was attended by women representatives from some seventy nations and by one hundred fifty thousand Korean women. That day marked the beginning of great strides that will be of huge significance for women in world history. It was the start of a global transition in which the primary role of developing and leading history is shifting from men to women.

On that day Rev. Moon emphasized, ďThe true workers who will bring an end to the world of war and violence, oppression, exploitation and crime, a world led by men until now, are the women of this era, who will realize an ideal world overflowing with peace, love and freedom.Ē He also encouraged women to become leaders who can equip themselves with the headwing thought and Godism, the basic worldviews of WFWP, and take the lead in a new peace movement.

Through the years, I shared the bitter pain and anguish experienced by my husband who was persecuted and imprisoned by the forces of injustice as he walked the path of righteousness in accordance with Heavenís Will. As time passed, I strengthened my resolution to start a new peace movement founded on conscientious and righteous women. Through my keynote address on that inaugural day, I emphasized that we must now establish the model of a true mother, the model of a true wife, and the model of a true daughter and that we need to form ideal families through the true love movement of living first for the sake of our husbands and our children.

I stated emphatically that WFWP is not just a movement for women, rather it is the movement for bringing ideal families together to form ideal nations and an ideal world. After the inaugural assembly, I went on a speaking tour around the world, starting with the major cities in Korea, passing through eight cities in Japan, the United States and Europe, going all the way to Moscow, and then on to Africa, Oceania and Asia, including China, to set the foundation for the global organization and expansion of WFWP.

I, who had been in the position of following Rev. Sun Myung Moon as he established the victorious tradition of the True Father, now stood on an equal footing with him. The True Mother appeared for the first time in history. Thus I proclaimed the liberation of women worldwide.

In addition, I played a decisive role in opening the gates to the post-Cold War era. I proposed Rev. Moonís head-wing thought based on Godism as the grand principle for the construction of an eternal world of peace. It is the mission of the Messiah and the Savior to teach humanity the way to end the history of sin, which came about because we lost the way of true parents, true husband and wife, and true children. Wherever I went, I declared before all heaven and earth that my husband Rev. Moon is the man whose life has pioneered the path of the Messiah and the True Parents.

Because Adam and Eve fell on the family level, restoration needs to be achieved in the family. By becoming one with the family of True Parents, the redemption of the family becomes possible and we can achieve perfection. Furthermore, we can go beyond tribes and nations and attain the unity of the world and the unity of earth and heaven. Thus the era of peace and prosperity centered on God can finally unfold before us.

The Era after the Coming of Heaven and the declaration of True Parents

Rev. Moon established me as the representative of Eve, and revealed the origin of the human Fall as well as the meaning of related parables in the Bible and patterns of history. This was because the providence of God mandated that I personally announce worldwide every wrong committed by Eve.

The fact that I was able to visit one hundred thirteen cities in every corner of the globe and successfully hold WFWP assemblies in each one, in the short period of three months, was a miracle. Upon reflection, it shows how providentially significant the inauguration of WFWP was, and how history was ready for it.

Through such devoted efforts, WFWP became an international organization and a foundation for worldwide activities in its inaugural year. Now all WFWP members worldwide are working hard with our organizationís founding spirit of ďLet us form families of true love and construct sound societies and a world of peace based on the maternal love of women.Ē

Ladies and gentlemen, the Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind who, as Godís Embodiment, Proclaim the Wordí was held last year, starting in Korea and proceeding to eight nations in Europe, the United States and Nigeria. This was a tour to declare the final completion and conclusion of the history of the providence of restoration in its entirety in the lifetime of True Parents.

The path taken by the True Parents will serve as a tradition and historic example. Thus, I am proclaiming that you need to model your life course on this path, become families that pledge to inherit and fulfill the Will of God that True Parents have already accomplished, and be true to this pledge.

On April 29,2010, in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of our Holy Wedding, Rev. Moon brought to a close the Era before the Coming of Heaven, which was marked by sin and indemnity, and proclaimed the Era after the Coming of Heaven, through which true love will realize a new heaven and new earth. You must bear in mind that the speaking tour he undertook at that time inaugurated the Era after the Coming of Heaven.

The details of True Parentsí life course have already been conveyed to you through Rev. Moonís autobiography. I pray that you will all become the representatives and heirs of True Parents before the conclusion of the Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind who, as Godís Embodiment, Proclaim the Word. I also pray that you will inherit his vision, including the vision revealed in his autobiography, which is a record of True Fatherís unfailing triumphs as he worked to establish his supreme victory, his achievements and the words he has given while he is still living on this earth, so you can also be triumphant in your course of life. As True Parents have done, you too need to become vertical ladders that can lead your relatives and the members of your clan to Godís kingdom. I ask that you take this proclamation of True Parents to heart and pledge to put it into practice.

Together with the declaration of the advent of the new era of women, Rev. Moon has supported this new womenís movement centered on Godís true love. The Womenís Federation for World Peace chapters around the world are carrying out diverse social education activities for the establishment of true family ethics. They have launched activities for women to practice service and sharing with neighbors and communities. Other activities focus on reforming the United Nations, helping that world body attain its Millennium Development Goals, bringing about exchanges between nations and solidarity among them, and pursuing the 1% Love Share Project for North Korea as part of the movement for the reconciliation and reunification of South and North Korea. In addition, chapters in all nations are carrying out various projects adapted to the circumstances and conditions of their respective countries.

In 1994, WFWP established one hundred sixty thousand sisterhood pairs, one hundred sixty thousand Korean women with the same number of Japanese women in thirty-eight conferences. In 1995, we commemorated the fifty years since the end of World War II with a sisterhood ceremony between American and Japanese women, giving birth to twenty thousand American-Japanese sister couples. Afterward, this ceremony was extended to women of different races in the United States. The sight of women from enemy nations embracing each other and making peace, centering on Godís true love, was truly beautiful and heartwarming.

This reconciliation tradition developed on different levels. Last year, through the Registration for Godís Kingdom and the Fatherland, one hundred seventy-two American clergymen were given Korean surnames as they formed fraternal ties with Koreans of those surnames. In short, they were registered in Godís kingdom, realizing the ideal of One Family under God. Based on such activities, members of WFWP Japan are carrying out volunteer work, building schools, and imparting teaching skills with love, devotion and dedication in difficult regions of the world, including Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and South America. By thus transcending the barriers of race, religion and nationality, they have expanded the global foundation for WFWP.

All WFWP chapters in the world are participating in the 1% Love Share Project for North Korea, which signifies the heart of wishing to share a little of what we have. To broaden the programís field of support, it has now been expanded to be the global 1% Love Share Project.

While carrying out such diverse activities, WFWP members have come to have a strong sense of solidarity, truly feeling that ďThe world is one, and humanity is one family.Ē Women leaders of all races from nations across the world have participated in its work and shared their experiences and wisdom in regard to the role of women in constructing a world of peace. In the process, WFWP has formed close friendships with women leaders of global prominence.

Our serious situation as Foundation Day approaches

Respected members of WFWP, throughout our lives my husband and I have established and managed a variety of international organizations and institutions to promote world peace. We have invested unreservedly in many fields, including religion, society, culture, sports, education and the media, and we are developing these organizations with the aim of promoting peace and bringing salvation to humanity.

Many people commend us and tell us that, after achieving so much, we deserve to comfortably enjoy the rest of our lives, reflecting upon our course with satisfaction amid the adulation of all people. They encourage us to put down our burdens and live our remaining life with Heaven, content with the successes achieved during a lifetime of ninety years.

However, my husband and I cannot look at the lives we have led in such a way. Why not? Because we have received the anointing of God, who is the vertical True Parent of all human beings, and we need to complete the mission of the substantial True Parents. Therefore we are leading each day of our lives with more seriousness than ever before, especially now that only a year remains until the completion of the substantial Cheon II Guk. The ninety years of Rev. Moonís life have been dedicated to liberate God, the True Parent of heaven and earth, to restore to Him the position of the Parent, to save all human beings who suffer in the realm of death, and to return them to Godís bosom. For this purpose Rev. Moon has persevered and triumphed over countless tribulations while driving toward the goal of global salvation, leading the lost people of the world who have been reduced to the lot of orphans ignorant of their parents.

And has not every human being inherited the false lineage due to the Fall of the first ancestors? Is not each person wandering in darkness even now, unable to break free of Satanís bondage? Under such circumstances, how could our lives be anything less than completely desperate as we try to guide the almost seven billion people of the world along the path toward the building of Godís kingdom on earth?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in a time of great cosmic transition in history. It is a time for a great cosmic revolution to change history, to unite the spiritual and physical worlds and to create the ideal kingdom of heaven that God has longed for since the beginning of time. We can no longer postpone or prolong the fulfillment of His wish. Heaven has already proclaimed that January 13,2013 will be Foundation Day.

That day will be the actual beginning of Godís kingdom of Cheon II Guk. Yet only a year remains.

Therefore it is time for all people to be humbly obedient to Heavenís decree. The fateful time is upon us. We must invest ourselves completely with a life-or-death commitment during this final year before Foundation Day under the guidance of the True Parents, who carry out the providence on earth as the substantial representatives of God, the King of peace. All the good spirits in the spirit world are roused and are already moving forward a step ahead of you.

Beloved members of WFWP Japan, we are presently in the era of the Pacific civilization realm. The central nations of this era are Korea and Japan. The Adam nation is Korea and the Eve nation is Japan, and the archangel nations are the peripheral nations of the United States, China and Russia. Each was chosen by God.

For Japan to fulfill its mission as the Eve nation, it has to connect the new tradition of the Eve nation to the world of Korean women. This was made possible through the inauguration of WFWP. Going beyond the role of Eve nation, Japan has the providential status of the mother nation. Until now, it has played the role of daughter and the role of wife in the course of restoration through indemnity and has taken the lead to fulfill its given responsibilities and duties.

However, though Japan as the Eve nation ought to fulfill its mission in accordance with Heavenís Will, far from doing so, it is opposing the entry of Rev. Moon into Japan and persecuting us. Though Japan is acting in such a manner, I have worked to enlighten it about the heart and the circumstances of Heaven and what God desires of Japan, with the heart of love that is one in heart and body with my husband.

Rev. Moon is putting his heart and soul into establishing Japan as the mother nation, as the providentially restored original Eve nation, bringing Japan beyond the position of the daughter to the father, beyond the position of the bride who can receive her bridegroom, and beyond the position of the wife to her husband. You need to bear in mind that this is the course of sacrifice that incorporates the boundless love and devotion of True Parents, who are trying to resurrect you and save you by breathing new life and love into you at all times. Herein lies the reason why the Japanese members have to take the lead and work even harder than WFWP members of other nations.

The eight great textbooks and teaching materials

Ladies and gentlemen! True Parents have already prepared the last words for all people. These he uttered in the course of triumphs over the life-or- death situations endured during six unjust imprisonments. He is leaving behind eight textbooks and teaching materials for humanity to use for all eternity. Altogether, these are published in almost a thousand volumes. They are The Sermons of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Exposition of the Divine Principle, Cheon Seong Gyeong (Heavenly Scripture), The Family Pledge, Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong (Peace Messages), True Families: Gateway to Heaven, Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage, and World Scripture.

These are textbooks you will have to read and study even after you go to the spirit world. They are not just teachings that come from human intellect. Instead, they are textbooks and teaching materials that God has granted to His suffering children that teach the heavenly way for their salvation.

You now have to set up the hoondokhae study tradition in your families using these books. This is the tradition in which three generations of a family start each day by reading Heavenís Word and then practice what they read, with a new heart.

Let us create a world in which people in both the spirit world and the earthly world can attend True Parents at the same time and read the Word on the heavenly path together every day.

When you make this a part of your life, no matter how hard Satan may try to worm his way in to infest your lineage, once he encounters the hoondokhae tradition he will find no place to stand. If a family is aligned with God as at high noon, when no shadow is cast, and still does not receive Godís blessings, then who could ever be deserving of them? When such heavenly families fill the earth, the world will naturally become the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven, fulfilling the vision of ďOne Family under God.Ē

Ladies and gentlemen, the autobiography of Rev. Moon, a forthright account of his life, was published in 2009. Through this book he shares how he discovered Godís Will for humanity and the path that we, as Godís children, need to follow. His life embodies the saying, ďIf at first you donít succeed, try, try and try again.Ē I can confidently say this book is also a textbook every bit as valuable as the hoondokhae textbooks and teaching materials I have mentioned, for it portrays a life lived adhering to absolute truth, with vivid examples, and I recommend it to you. It does not subtract from or add anything to the ninety years of Rev. Moonís life lived in accordance with Heavenís decree, and I once again pray you will carefully read this articulation of true love and find great inspiration from it.

I have mentioned already that a life of vertical, high noon, God-centered alignment casts no shadow. If we can all shine as we live such glowing lives, there will be no shadows cast. However, since up until now you have received far more than you have given, you have become indebted. Therefore I pray that, in order to pay off that debt, you will now wipe away the tears of people in misery and poverty and lead an illuminated life of eternal true love that dissipates darkness.

Our mission in this era

Distinguished guests, at this serious and pivotal time, a revolutionary and cosmic change must now take place in your lives. In light of this let us summarize the message Heaven is giving to us today.

First, all blessed families need to attend God at the center of their families and every day carry out hoondokhae education, which can completely unite parents and children. In other words, parents have to thoroughly teach the Divine Principle, the textbooks and teaching materials True Parents have bequeathed, True Fatherís autobiography, and absolute marital fidelity taught through the Original Divine Principle.

Second, Heaven has permitted the grace of the Seonghwa for rebirth and resurrection to be bestowed on the family unit. Here a requisite condition is the complete unity between parents and children. In other words, you must establish the standard for absolute parents and absolute children and thus naturally establish an absolute family.

Third, humanity has moved out of the realm of the era of restoration through indemnity, thanks to the grace of True Parents who have suffered hardships through which they have shed blood and sweat to an unimaginable extent. Therefore do not forget the fact that during True Parentsí lifetimes we all have the responsibility to liberate families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world so that God can dwell everywhere. Now that the era of restoration through indemnity has ended, what kind of age is dawning? Only the reign of tranquility and prosperity in the victorious realm centered on God and True Parents shall be eternal.

Fourth, we are now entering the era of the realm of Godís direct dominion. Ladies and gentlemen, I have said that only a year remains until the ďD-DayĒ proclaimed by Heaven. I beg that you inscribe in your hearts the fact that we have entered the era of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath in which your direct family members in the spirit world shall return to the earth to receive the Original Divine Principle education, and in which eight generations will live together in a single family.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would now like to share with you the conclusion of the efforts made by Rev. Moon, the teacher and the trainer of the physical and spiritual worlds. He worked devotedly throughout his lifetime to reach this ultimate conclusion, to conclude and complete the unification of the religious world and the earthly world, the spirit world and the physical world, and the world of Cain and Abel.

Such results could not be seen before in the course of history. We are now living at a time when God is concluding the final stages of the providence and harvesting its fruits. In Nepal at this very hour, for example, a national television station is broadcasting the Original Divine Principle lectures received from True Parents to educate the entire nationís people. In addition, activities centered on the United Nations are now on track and gaining speed.

The Womenís Federation for World Peace, which my husband and I founded, has been recognized for initiating activities aligned with the UNís founding purpose and goals. Thus, it is now recognized as one of the top- tier organizations among the some thirty-four hundred NGOs registered with the UN. Furthermore, WFWP has achieved outstanding results in its activities promoting womenís rights and solving problems of poverty and childrenís education.

WFWP has already been honored for its work on a number of occasions. In addition, WFWP carried out activities both in Korea and abroad conforming to the UNís Millennium Development Goals. In 2010 WFWP submitted its four-year assessment report and was re-accredited by the UN for the third time since its initial approval in 1997.1 consider this a great achievement.

The path of the True Mother

Beloved WFWP Japan members, henceforth WFWP Japan needs to give impetus to the education of members centering on Rev. Moonís thought and teaching on peace and unity. It has to nurture women leaders toward establishing true family ethics and realizing a world of peace. We can spare no effort in creating an international network of women leaders for the realization of the ideal of a world of peace, with humanity as one family.

Moreover, each of us needs to fundamentally nurture or value and train, with great care, our precious original nature, which God has given. Each and every one of our members needs to make effort to lead with feminine grace, motherly love and maternal heart. By so doing, we will plant love and peace in our families and societies. Furthermore, we must stand at the forefront in constructing a peaceful global village and do our utmost to build a world of peace, with humanity as one family.

Providentially, Japan has been given the mission of the Eve nation. That is why Japan has two very different sons: the pro-Pyongyang Federation of Resident Koreans in Japan and the pro-Seoul Korean Residents Union of Japan. Unless the two are united, Japan cannot stand as the Eve nation. Eve must embrace the pro-Pyongyang and pro-Seoul groups, which are like Cain and Abel, unite them, and then connect them as one to the Korean Peninsula.

The members of WFWP in Korea and Japan need to become one, focusing on the goal of the restoration of a unified Korea, and press forward together until the nation sought by God is restored.

Ladies and gentlemen, now the worldís progress centers on True Parents. Former historical enemies like Korea and Japan, Japan and the United States, and the United States and Russia will come to participate in inter- cultural marriage Blessings on a supranational scale to sever the fallen lineage they have inherited from Satan and to inherit the new lineage of Heaven.

The Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel project and the Bering Strait Bridge Tunnel project, which Rev. Moon has declared before all heaven and earth and is carrying forward even as we speak, will be completed under the guidance of the liberated God with religious believers working at the forefront on a global scale. Communism, the ideology of atheism that denies the existence of God, will vanish and the world where all peoples can communicate and live in harmony as originally envisioned by God will be realized.

Though our destination is beyond the horizon, do not forget that we must begin by uniting our mind and body, centered on true love. We have to bear in mind that when our families become the settlement of eternal happiness and true love, our desired ideal nation and ideal world can be brought to fruition.

I pray that all of you will become victors who are part of this historic and providential revolution. The heavenly fortune that flows through the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind will be with you all.

God, True Parents and our neighbors and societies can love the Womenís Federation for World Peace, and you can feel authentic value and happiness in life because you are walking the path of the true mother.

Let us walk the path of the true mother.

Let us walk the path of the true wife.

Let us walk the path of the true daughter.

I pray in the name of True Parents that Godís blessings be with you, your family and your nation.

Thank you.


Keynote Speech at the Inauguration
of the Abel Womenís UN

July 16, 2012

Cheongshim Peace World Center, Korea Inauguration of the Abel Womenís UN

I would like to extend my warmest welcome to the woman leaders, peace leaders and members of the Womenís Federation of World Peace (WFWP) from one hundred ninety-four nations, who have come to the Cheongshim Peace World Center in Korea to take part in the historic Abel Womenís UN Inauguration Assembly.

From our early days, my wife and I have upheld Heavenís will and proclaimed the vision of the peaceful world originally envisioned at the time of the Creation. We have come here today, having returned from America after completing our busy providential schedule there, in order to establish the Abel Womenís UN. It has the mission of realizing the providential goal of creating, on earth, a world of lasting peace, without conflict or war.

As my wife and I have already proclaimed, Korea is Godís homeland. Therefore, this inaugural assembly for the Abel Womenís UN, which will play the providential role of leading the establishment of a new world of peace, had to take place here in Korea in accordance with Godís will.

Beloved woman leaders from around the world, as you are well aware, representatives of all the worldís peoples, who had been suffering from the aftermath of the Second World War, founded the United Nations according to Godís will and with a yearning for peace. In June 1945, representatives from fifty nations met in San Francisco in the United States of America to sign the United Nations Charter. Today, with one hundred ninety three member nations, the United Nations has developed into a unique organization in the world with the purpose of maintaining global peace.

Respected peace-seeking leaders from around the world, what is todayís reality? During the sixty years of the United Nationsí existence, it has been unable to prevent wars from breaking out, including the Korean War. Even though the Cold War has ended, the world is not free from wars, both large and small, that originate from conflicts between rich and poor, between races, and between people of different faiths. Hasnít the UN experienced repeated breakdowns of its efforts to fulfill its original purpose and mission to maintain global peace?

At the time of its inauguration, the UN was shaped by a compromise between the United States and the former Soviet Union produced under the confrontational structure of the Cold War. From the outset, its ability to transcend individual nationsí interests and to bring about lasting world peace was limited. For this reason I have proclaimed that in terms of Godís will, the UN has been unable to emerge from the position of Cain. Therefore we emphasize that the renewal of the UN is absolutely critical to building a world of lasting peace as originally envisioned at the time of the Creation.

To realize this renewal in a concrete form, I maintain that an Abel-type interreligious and international peace council needs to be organized within the United Nations. I propose a reorganization of the UN into a bicameral system within the present UN General Assembly. The arena of individual nations with their competing interests can serve as the lower house, and the interreligious and international peace council consisting of global religious leaders can serve as the upper house. I already have presented this proposal of renewal to the UN, and the Philippines, as a co-sponsoring nation, has done so as well.

Respected peace leaders, the UN has run into a brick wall. It is unable to move beyond balancing the various interests of individual nations. Isnít that the case? In history up to now, we have depended on governmental organizations mostly managed by men to bring about global peace. Now, however, to surmount the limitations they have demonstrated, I believe that a womenís peace movement based on nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) needs to take root as a new system to resolve problems that arise in the field. One individual or one NGO alone cannot carry out this womenís peace movement; rather, it is only possible through a global organization exercising global solidarity. For this reason todayís inauguration of the Abel Womenís UN is absolutely necessary.

Todayís historic, inaugural assembly of the Abel Womenís UN was made possible by the foundation of the declaration of the coming of the global era of women. Twenty years ago, Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon and I declared this era, when we founded the Womenís Federation for World Peace (WFWP) in April 1992 as a central organization of the womenís peace movement, in accordance with Heavenís decree. The event took place at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in Jamshil, and woman representatives from more than seventy nations and one hundred fifty thousand Korean woman leaders attended. Since then, WFWP, which this year celebrates its twentieth anniversary, has established local chapters and has been active in more than one hundred sixty nations. It has continuously participated in the global peace movement by creating networks that carry out peace efforts.

Furthermore, the Womenís Federation for World Peace does not intend to be an ordinary womenís organization. It does not aim to be an external, political and aggressive womenís rights movement mainly targeting men, which advocates the expansion of womenís rights, gender equality and reform of the workplace. Rather, it is a global peace movement on a whole new level with the providential significance of realizing the ideal world as God envisioned it at the Creation.

In the context of such providential significance, during the past twenty years, WFWP has carried out service projects and education programs based on true motherly love. It has been active in all parts of the globe, establishing families that embody true love and elevate the status of mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. It has achieved amazing growth and development throughout the world.

From the moment of its inauguration, Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon and I have worked together as co-founders to prepare the ground for WFWPís global organization and the foundation for WFWP activities. WFWP members, including the sixteen hundred Japanese members who went to one hundred sixty nations as volunteer workers in its early days, have carried forth a peace movement around the world.

At WFWPís inaugural assembly, my wife said in her inaugural message that, under True Mother as the victorious representative of the worldís women, women can now establish the model of a true mother and true wife and form ideal families through a true love movement. Furthermore, women can carry out a campaign to exemplify the practice of true love by living for the sake of others in all walks of life, including politics, economics, culture and social work.

Accordingly, we have carried out a variety of volunteer projects and educational programs, as well as campaigns to bring about the resolution and reconciliation of international conflicts, transcending the barriers of race, religion, language and nationality.

In addition, after the special address my wife gave at the UN headquarters in New York in September 1993, and based on three years of hard work, the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) approved the Womenís Federation for World Peace as an NGO in general consultative status, which is the highest status given to an NGO. Since then, every four years after our approval, our status has been re-approved. This ECOSOC re-evaluation entails a strict assessment of activities and achievements. It is safe to say that ECOSOC recognizes our true value, because among the more than three thousand nine hundred NGOs affiliated with the United Nations, only one hundred forty have this highest status.

Our WFWP Womenís Conference for Peace in the Middle East, which has been held every year since 1997, has attracted widespread interest and participation from woman leaders of the Middle East nations. Over the years, it has expanded and recently given birth to more concrete activities in the field, about which I am glad to be able to report. At the end of June this year 2012, WFWP sponsored the sixteenth annual Middle East conference, held as a session of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations Office at Geneva. The subject was Children Affected by Conflict and Disaster: Prevention, Protection, Healing and Empowerment. Women leaders from eighteen nations in the Middle East, diplomatic officials, including ambassadors to the United Nations in Geneva from around the world, and representatives from UN agencies and global NGOs attended the conference. About one hundred eighty participants came together, discussed this serious, contemporaneous problem, and resolved to apply the results of their discussions in the field.

Furthermore, each WFWP chapter is also providing relief aid to address problems caused by natural calamities and poverty in various parts of the global village. In particular, under the slogan, ďLet us share a little of what we have,Ē they are carrying out the 1% Love Share Project to help children and women in North Korea. I am very happy to tell you that they have achieved wonderful results.

As can be seen, from WFWPís founding to its reaching the highest consultative status as an NGO at the United Nations, our members have never lost their founding spirit and have quietly pioneered the path of a womanís peace movement with an unwavering heart. Therefore, I would like to offer a big round of applause to express my utmost gratitude to them, and also to the woman leaders who have never held back in their encouragement and participation.

However, the work for world peace WFWP carried out until now need not remain at its current stage. It has the potential to expand and develop to the next stage, so that it can work together in solidarity and cooperation with woman leaders and NGOs from all parts of the world, and strive to follow the path of the ultimate establishment of the world of peace.

In order to do that, WFWP has to go beyond the level of a womenís NGO, bring together the governments, organizations and individuals across the world and march forward. The establishment of a great organization under the name Abel Womenís UN is absolutely necessary to bring this about. It is, in fact, the absolute decree of Godís providence.

As we usher in such a cosmically historic and revolutionary era of changes, my wife and I solemnly declare the inauguration of the Abel Womenís UN. We urge all women in the world, who make up half of its population, to recognize their historic mission as stated above and to expand their work to all parts of the globe.

Beloved woman leaders who seek peace, what path does humankind need to take today? In the end, the problems afflicting humanity can only be resolved through the worldview of one family under God, which is the system of thought based on true love that my wife and I, the True Parents, have learned from Heaven and have championed and taught throughout our lives. These ideals alone represent the path that will lead humanity to a world of everlasting peace and happiness.

We are living in a historic time of a great cosmic revolution to change history, to unite the spiritual and physical worlds and to create the ideal kingdom of heaven that God has longed for since the beginning of time. We can no longer postpone or delay it. Heaven has already proclaimed that the thirteenth day of the first month in 2013 by the lunar calendar will be its Foundation Day.

Therefore, it is a time for all people to be humbly obedient to Heavenís decree. I hope you will bear in mind that a fateful time is approaching, and that we need to devote ourselves completely with a life or death commitment for the remaining time under the guidance of True Parents, who are carrying out the providence on earth as the substantial selves of God, the King of peace.

Beloved woman leaders, the course for humanity is set. Now that we have Foundation Day, the ďD-DayĒ that Heaven has given us through True Parents, what reason is there to hesitate? We now have less than a year. Heaven will bless your endeavors to establish a world of peace based on the Abel Womenís UN.

However, I would like to emphasize again that the priority of the Abel Womenís UN needs to be creating a true family movement that emphasizes living for the sake of others based on true love and carried out in conjunction with education in proper values. War and conflict arise from selfish motives, desiring to take othersí land, othersí possessions and the like by force. On the other hand, peace arises from investing oneself for the sake of others, that is, giving based on true love.

Those leaders who turn their faces away from the new realities of the world, or who refuse to see them, will be cast aside by the changes coming upon us like a tsunami. I believe the time has now come for us to step forward boldly and seize new opportunities and values.

Beloved woman leaders, you are not here merely to help or to be protected by men; rather, women are interdependent individuals who, as representatives of the feminine aspect of Godís nature, are meant to make men more complete and manly. Centering on true love, women are menís precious love partners. Men and women are absolutely equal in terms of value.

Men and women who unite through the true love inherent in the original ideal share the same position. Also, they attain the right to accompany each other wherever they may be. Furthermore, they attain the ideal right of inheritance, where all their property belongs to each equally. Thus, when the original love unites men and women in Godís ideal of true love, they become completely equal beings, focused on true love, by sharing the same rank and the right of participation and their possessions with one another.

Therefore, men and women do not need to confront or contend with each other, because they do not need to imitate the characteristics, dispositions or roles of the other or to covet those things and take them by force. Instead, by giving what they have to the other with true love, and completing the other, they can unite in a greater whole and share in a relationship of joint ownership.

In the twenty-first century, women need to play a major role in world history by serving, together with men, as the wheels of the vehicle advancing the construction of a peaceful world. Transitioning beyond a century of power and technology, women will be the central axis in building a new century characterized by its loving, peaceful culture, and their role will be more important than ever before.

I sincerely ask you to choose the path of a true mother, the path of a true wife, of a true daughter and of a true woman leader who will build a united world where freedom, peace and happiness overflow in its truest form.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for having listened closely right to the end of my speech. I pray that Godís blessing will be with you, your families and your work.

Thank you.


Let Us Become Leaders in a
World of Peace

November 3,1984

Little Angels Performing Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
First Student Convention of the World Collegiate Association
for the Research of Principles (W-CARP)

(Given on True Fatherís behalf)

Distinguished guests, leaders of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP), and representatives from every nation:

I would like to welcome you to this World CARP Student Convention. I would have liked to see your fresh, hope-filled faces directly, and I regret that circumstances prevent me from doing so. Although I cannot be here physically, I will be with you in heart and spirit throughout this period, and letís promise to have an even more moving meeting again in the future. Although my body is imprisoned at Danbury, my ideal and work for history and the world are progressing without faltering. Many famous people and great scholars have come to comfort me from around the world and have listened to Godís plan, and recently leaders from mainstream Christian chinches in America have been cooperating with and supporting us actively. These developments are enormously encouraging for us all.

The fact that this first World CARP Student Convention is being held in Korea is very meaningful. Korea is not merely the place where I was born and where the Divine Principle movement originated. It is the place where, from a young age, I led a life of deep prayer and, through incredible struggles and searching through unexplored parts of the spirit world, I organized Godís teachings into the Divine Principle, sacrificing my youth while planning for the future.

Dear CARP leaders and CARP representatives from every nation, I would like to show my appreciation for your hard work. Alongside your course of research, you are doing splendid work in a practical movement to fulfill Godís Will. I am well aware that on university campuses and on the streets, you have stood against and overcome forces of unrighteousness, injustice and corruption. Your honorable endeavors to bring down the Berlin Wall, as well as your unyielding efforts, with the heart of martyrs, to fight against and overcome the forces of evil in Japan and the United States, are monumental achievements in CARP history.

I view the CARP .movement with great hope. Throughout the course of many years it has put down roots in more than seventy nations. On this foundation it saddens our hearts that our CARP members who are working in various communist nations have been unable to attend this first World CARP Student Convention.

One of my motives for establishing CARP lies in the youth and passion of university students. You do not live dwelling on the past; you live with endless hope for the future. You respect righteousness and long for truth and beauty. The innocent heart of youth has within it the most appropriate foundation to receive Godís Will.

In obedience to the Will of God, I established the goal of reforming the chosen people. I want to educate young intellectuals and nurture them to become people who adopt the motto, ďLove Heaven, Love Humankind, Love Your Country,Ē and have them take the leading role in the new history. Godís ultimate providence is not restricted to any particular race, culture, district, church or denomination. For this purpose, you have to become a young generation that is forward-looking, open-minded and future-oriented, and become the driving force of the world. That is another reason I am placing my hope in CARP.

It is Godís Will for all people to jump across theological and doctrinal fences. For His Will to be fulfilled in every aspect of culture, it needs to be introduced first to college students as the new inheritors of culture and spread from there academically, philosophically and in practice. I know especially well that the red movement of international communism, standing in opposition to God, plans to use university campuses as a strategic base. I therefore wish to ensure that the youth of the world no longer are seduced by its falsehoods.

Thus, to overcome communism, I established CARP as a movement with a new philosophy and practice. This movement already has been tested on university campuses in Japan. In various parts of the world CARP is currently leading young people in a confrontation with communist ideology, and it is setting a good example of living a life of practice and service based on Godís love.

Communism is not the only problem in todayís world. Having gone through the Industrial Revolution and two world wars, humankind has witnessed the collapse of its prevailing worldview. It has not been able to find a new worldview that can digest the rapid progress of modern science and technology, and it is drifting along, unable to check the confusion of our human values. God already has brought an answer today, and He wants to say many things to the worldís youth, as they easily can be sucked in and hurt by the whirlpools that arise from this confusion.

Both God and humankind hope to build a united, ideal world of peace. An ideal world of peace is a united world where there are no conflicts. However, before we seek a united world, we first have to seek a unified nation. Likewise, before there can be a unified nation, there has to be a united tribe, which in turn needs to be preceded by a united family. Furthermore, before there can be a united, ideal family, there need to be ideal individuals without any conflicts or contradictions within them.

In this manner, the solution to the problem, from the individual level to the worldwide level, is possible only when the conflict between the incompatible forces of good and evil is overcome. The historical teaching to achieve this goal has come through religion, and the Messiah is the central figure and model for this providence. When the true world of peace is realized, that world will last for eternity and inevitably will transcend nations, races and religions. It will become a society of one family under God as our common Parent, a society in which all people are linked as brothers and sisters.

Although this is the burning desire of God and humankind, what is the worldís situation today? We talk about the global village and one world. However, individualism plays the dominant role in diversification and specialization. The trend of individualism is fanning the flames and has reached its peak, greatly damaging the order of existence in the world. Environmental pollution and the destruction of nature have brought about an ecological crisis for the whole world, and the manufacture of computer-controlled weapons of mass destruction has forced the people who created them to be like slaves trembling in fear.

What is the reason for the collapse of the basic value systems that have been guided by religions at their core? The reason is that religions have cast off their original responsibility and have lost their ability to lead because of perpetual disputes and divisions. Religions have not been able to explain clearly about God, life and the universe, and are unable to distinguish clearly between good and evil or righteousness and unrighteousness. They especially have been unable to give lucid answers to questions about the existence of God. As religions lost their traditional authority, material things ceased to be the means and became the goal, and pleasure seeking became our lifeís ideal. Human nature became animal-like, captivated by physical and worldly desires. In this type of situation, the basic values of true love, service, righteousness and rebirth cannot continue.

Furthermore, the systematic expansion of machine-controlled operations into human relationships is accelerating the phenomena of dehumanization and human alienation, and is increasing the tendency toward human insignificance and compartmentalization. All of us ardently seek a new value system that can liberate us from this situation, which is suffocating our original human nature.

The new value system must originate from a new religion that has the power to convince people in the modern world and offer solutions to modern-day problems. It must teach people that God is the Parent of humankind and establish that the universe does not originate from matter. Regarding human spirituality and character, it has to reveal that human beings, as Godís heirs, have the authority to rule over the universe. In addition, it must teach about the ideal love that was part of the original creation and about the dual purpose of everything in the universe. It must reveal that within the great order of the universe, the original ideal was for everything to exist in harmony. The new value system has to encompass all these areas.

The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles is a movement to spread the Divine Principle. It is the practical movement of university students testifying to God. If we do not reveal the truth, we cannot unite the will of people in society, and without a movement that can actualize Godís Will, there can be no fruit of His Will in the world. The Divine Principle movement we are advancing is not for the purpose of curing parts of the old, sick established culture. This movement intends to make a new beginning, starting from the origin.

Each of you, as individual truth bodies created by God, needs to cultivate your own character through applying the Principle and, with a fervent, passionate and pure mind, clear up and overthrow unrighteousness and evil. Although your body may be living in this fallen world, donít allow Satan to influence you. Transcending the sorrows of the past, you have to become a model of hope. Donít be depressed when you experience hardships; instead, look toward the future with a vision of hope. God does not need your particular skills or knowledge. God needs you; your mind, your will and your devotion.

From a young age I did not lose hope, even when faced with death, because I could feel Godís Will and heart at every moment. There was not a single instant when I was not aware of the world, the universe, humankind and history. That was because I didnít have time even to feel my bodyís fatigue. At every major turning point in history the power responsible for a new culture originated with young people. I do not need to mention the well-known examples of the young Buddha or the young Jesus. I too started my public life by founding the Unification movement in my mid-twenties.

CARP leaders and CARP members, who have gathered here today representing the youth of the world, we, the people of the Divine Principle movement, have to stand at the vanguard on the road toward the new world for which all people are longing. We have to take the leading role to bring about Godís ideal world of peace. You have to inherit my tradition and move ever forward, preparing the external foundation and also inheriting the internal world of Godís heart and tradition of faith. You are now at the steering wheel of a ship that more than four billion people have boarded.

Through our proper attitude, service and sacrifice, let us give hope to all people and be the flag-bearers in creating a new culture at the dawn of the new age of the twenty-first century. May the blessings and grace of the living God be upon the worldwide CARP movement.

Thank you.




Let Us Open a New Era of Civilization

August 20,1995

Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul, Korea
Youth Federation for World Peace Korean National Delegates
General Assembly

(True Motherís speech)

My dear members of the Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP), representatives from nations across the world, and guests from home and abroad:

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for your support and encouragement.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon proposed the establishment of YFWP in October 1993, and it set out on its great quest on July 26,1994, at a rally in Washington, DC. In Korea it began with the organization of the South Jeolla Province branch on December 15. By February 1995, the organization of thirty-seven branches in cities and provinces across the nation was completed, and by the end of June there were two hundred seventy-three branches in cities, counties and districts. To my knowledge, at present there are more than three thousand seven hundred branches at the level of town, township and neighborhood. This rapid development in such a short time is the result of the passionate support and interest you have shown in YFWP. Once again, I would like to offer a hearty round of applause for your hard work and the steadily mounting reputation of YFWP.

My beloved YFWP members, we need to show at least as much, if not greater, interest in our internal improvement and practice as in our external achievements. No longer can we repeat the past generationís conflicts and indiscretions, caused by confusion and chaos. This is because we are the conscience of this generation of young people and we need to take central leadership in the world.

Proper ethics and moral values disappeared from todayís youth a long time ago. Young people cannot even distinguish whether their current values or degenerate actions are right or wrong. The prevailing hedonistic culture and distorted views of life have led to evils that have paralyzed the judgment of young people in finding the right direction for their lives. Unless they go out of their way to seek a life of value, such things as true love, head-wing thought and the concept of God will be beyond their reach.

Beloved YFWP members, do you know your own value? Can you feel the preciousness and value of the ideals that you hold in your heart and your determination to realize them? You need to know that when those ideals are accompanied by practical actions, they can become the source of energy that can even move mountains. It would be natural not to act when you donít know what to do. However, the people who are meant to lead this world and become its central figures have to be people who can look squarely at the world without wavering and know how to put their faith into action.

What kind of people do you want to be? Would you become the courageous center, or would you rather be insignificant people who are driven and dragged around from here to there? It is said that long ago our wise Korean ancestors sent their youths for years and even decades to the training grounds of such schools as Hwarang-Do, Gookseon-Do and Gyeong- Dang. Illustrious leaders such as Admiral Lee Soon-shin and General Kim Yoo-shin are representative graduates of such schools.

Through seminars, workshops and youth education the Youth Federation for World Peace is developing a movement for the establishment of true values in a world where traditional values are increasingly forgotten while ethics and morality have become more and more confused. Through this movement we will awaken young people to the preciousness of true love and true life and head toward the original form of humanity. Then they can begin to build the societal structures for the coming ideal world, a world based on the unchanging, absolute values of God and the young people who embody them. These values will form the center of the youth movement of this era. Throughout history, regardless of place or time, God valued young people and made them stand at the center of history. When they march forward, training and cultivating themselves by leading the right kind of life, God will manifest Himself vividly in their daily lives.

Although cultivating your body and mind is something you need to do throughout your life, its importance is truly incalculable during your youth.

This is because adolescence was the period in which the Fall occurred, and also because adolescence signifies the beginning of the awakening of your mind, marking the second stage of your life.

As young people going through such an important period, you need to become the pioneers who have the exceptional courage and vigor to open the gates of a new era. To translate this important task into action, the Youth Federation for World Peace will work, under the principle of mutual benefits, in reciprocal solidarity with all organizations that are in philosophical agreement. These include the Federation for World Peace, the Interreligious Federation for World Peace, the Womenís Federation for World Peace, and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. Presently countless young people in nations around the world, including those in Central and South America, are participating in our movement. In particular, the YFWP is actively taking part in efforts to unite Protestantism and Catholicism and to unite North and South America. I believe that these efforts will play constructive roles in bringing about the reunification of our homeland on the Korean Peninsula.

In addition, through the Unification movement and fraternal exchanges and cooperation with international youths and students, the YFWP will fulfill the mission of a ďYouth UNĒ to realize a world of peace and true unity and organize all structures to prepare for the era of a new civilization in the twenty-first century. YFWP will engage in a movement that builds the ideal world of interdependent living, mutual prosperity and shared goodwill, where everyone can live in affluence through the democratization of societies and nations and equitable economic distribution. In such a world all people will be able to enjoy freedom and equality based on the true love of God and will lead lives befitting humankind. Even as we speak, countless people in many developing nations are in miserable circumstances and are dying of starvation and disease. This is not just the business of others, for it concerns us all. Rather than viewing with pity the tragedy of our dying brothers and sisters in the global village, we must carry out the ultimate, global salvation movement to help them substantially.

At present, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the founder of YFWP, is continuing to educate many young people in Africa and have them participate in the Unification movement in order to liberate their countries from the sufferings of starvation and poverty. Moreover, to take care of the nations in Central and South America, whose development is stagnant and which are second only to African nations in terms of underdevelopment, he is promoting various projects in conjunction with the Association for the Unity of Latin America. To successfully realize these plans, we visited dozens of nations in Central and South America and met with their heads of state. He promised to make joint efforts for the bright future of Latin America before his return.

Now the Unification movement, centered on YFWP, is taking root in more than one hundred sixty nations around the world. In particular it is brightening the future of the youths and intellectuals of Russia and Eastern European nations, who lost their ideological coordinates with the downfall of communism. At 5:00 in the morning, April 3 of this year, in the presence of leaders representing one hundred sixty nations around the world, my husband and I announced the New Hope Farm Declaration. Prior to that, on March 31 of this year, we announced the Sao Paulo Declaration. We then set out on our long, historic march to establish an ideal society and an ideal, model nation. The current crises of humanity and environmental pollution, resulting from problems such as the spread of sexual immorality, greed, starvation and poverty, and misguided applications of science, have reached a stage where we can no longer turn a blind eye toward them. As a means of overcoming such crises, we are cultivating vast areas of land under the name New Hope Farm, to create a model of an ideal society and ideal nation. This land, totaling more than a million acres, lies in South and Central America, including parts of Brazil and Argentina.

We then can expand this model of an ideal society to the rest of the world. In my opinion, this movement is the most important enterprise that our YFWP members need to promote as they stand in the central position. It is also the hope of God and the dream of the founder and the substantial, ideal society that YFWP is aiming for. Modeling yourselves after this pioneering spirit of the founder, you too need to show your revolutionary spirit in your own way.

Just as many conscientious ancestors have fought against the crises of humanity and the chaos of the Last Days in every period of transition of the ages, likewise you members of YFWP have to fulfill your mission with your own clear conviction and effort. This mission is the task you are to accomplish at all costs in order to build a peaceful global community in the coming twenty-first century, and we need to do all we can to encourage united efforts on a worldwide scale.

Members of the Youth Federation for World Peace, you need to sow the substantial, ripe seed of Godís Will and ideal in your hearts. By doing so, you are to resemble Him more than anyone else, and you are to become youths who can set down deep roots in the new era and the coming future. Now is the moment when you need to act with the passion and culture of your hearts. We have to develop cultural programs that can reform this chaotic world and create art that all can enjoy with pleasure.

In accordance with the founderís teaching, let us make YFWP an organization with a noble spirit that can establish new values aligned with God. Let us help this fallen world, which denies God, to understand the providence of God. Let us lead the way in a human revolution through which God and humankind can become one. When we achieve individual perfection, that is maturity of our own character guided by God, followed by the family and tribe restored to God, and lead the nation and people to Him, at the same time the world and cosmos will come naturally to the presence of God. Only when we place God at the center of all our thoughts and actions, can the results stemming from them be good and can we become leading figures in the establishment of a new history.

My dear YFWP members and national representatives and guests from home and abroad, let us all become organizers who can lead the new, moral world with burning desire. Let us become youths who can find and establish the right values and morality in the lost conscience of humanity and march forward as the vanguard.

You have the infinite energy and conviction of God and the. undaunted spirit that makes you get up again in the face of any difficulty. It is said that Heaven helps those who help themselves. Your spirit is stronger and redder than the morning sun. Whenever I see you filled with aspiration and hope, I can only think of my husband, the founder of YFWP, Rev. Sun Myung Moon. In his youth, my husband received the mission from God to save humanity, and since then he has dedicated his entire life, investing his efforts ceaselessly, to resolve the sorrows of Godís providential history. The world has misunderstood and persecuted him in all kinds of ways, and yet he has clung to the heart of God and prayed in tears and fought against the forces of evil. Ultimately he was able to proclaim the coming of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age and thus win an historic victory.

In his long course of life he has undergone many hardships. They include his suffering in prison under communist rule in North Korea, where he hovered between life and death, imprisonment under the authoritarian regime of Syngman Rhee in South Korea, and suffering in Danbury prison in the United States, where he was oppressed because of racial and religious bigotry. Nonetheless, he did not forsake the Will of God and won by his own efforts with his indomitable fighting spirit. Today he has established a worldwide foundation that he can be proud of before God and all peoples of the world.

Standing by his side, I see my husband living his life solely to resolve the sorrows of Godís providence of salvation, unable to rest in comfort even for a minute. I can feel how his whole being is filled with the Will of God. Despite the fact that he is an older man nearing his eighties, he continues to promote the work for world peace and the salvation of humanity with passion and efforts that exceed those of young people. As youths, you need to inherit this spirit of the founder and take part in the heavenly march toward building the ideal world.

Dear YFWP members who will lead the future of humanity, the hand of salvation headed toward the new world of the twenty-first century is waiting for us. You need to establish the unchanging center of God in your hearts and inherit the shining tradition of the life course of True Parents. You have to become the leading figures in constructing a united world of peace, where the world is one family and all people live as brothers and sisters, transcending ethnicity, nationality and race, which is Godís ideal of creation. I welcome all of you, who have rolled up your sleeves to lead the way in working to achieve prosperity and happiness for humankind. Let us all participate in the movement that practices true love for the reunification of the homeland and world peace guided by Godism. Let us become the axis of the youth of this age, going beyond mere thinking and translating our thoughts into actions, and light the flame of the culture of the heart. Attending God and True Parents, let us become the center of the true youth movement as the proud young people who can expand our energies from the individual level to the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation and world, thereby building the ideal world.

Young people who will open the new century: The twenty-first century is yours. Let us become the enlightened youth who can pioneer the age of the new civilization, open a twenty-first century filled with love and peace, and brighten the future of humanity. Once again, I thank you all for your hard work and warm support. I also would like to express my deep gratitude to the guests from home and abroad and the representatives of nations who have graced us with your presence. As the head of the Youth Federation for World Peace, I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

Finally, I pray that the abundant blessings and grace of God will be with you, the YFWP members and guests from Korea and abroad.

Thank you.


Establishing a World of
Moral Principles

August 20,1995

Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul, Korea
Youth Federation for World Peace Korea Rally

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP) members and representatives from each nation who have filled our stadium! As the founder of this federation, I am overjoyed with the opportunity to extend my gratitude to you on this significant occasion.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all of you, as members of YFWP who have exerted great efforts to develop the federation since its establishment on July 26 of last year. I believe that your hard work assuredly will not be in vain. Now YFWP is becoming a base for the unity and coordination of young people who will stand at the forefront of world peace and the building of an ideal society for humankind. I am hoping for your support and backing as the conscientious youth of the twenty-first century who, gathered together within YFWP, will bring peace to humankind and open up a united world.

Dear members of YFWP! I would like to speak about the future direction of YFWP through todayís speech, ďEstablishing a World of Moral Principles.Ē As you know well, our current generation faces a serious crisis. The dehumanization and moral corruption that have followed the sophistication of material civilization have reached their extreme. This is due to human beings betraying their original Parent, God. Because of the Fall of our ancestors, human beings lost touch with their original mind, which focuses on God, and thereby descended into a fallen world.

People who do not know God, who is the standard of absolute values and the absolute center who directs us to goodness, could only fall deeper into the hell of strife, hatred, corruption and depravity. However, God, who is the Parent of humankind, did not forsake human beings. God continued the providence to save us.

God sent numerous prophets, saints and religious leaders to this earth in hopes of saving humankind. Saints such as Jesus, who came two thousand years ago as the Messiah, the Buddha, the Prophet Muhammad, and Confucius were people who worked to guide humanity in the direction of goodness.

The fact that the numerous religions that have remained throughout history fundamentally aim toward goodness can be understood in this way. Though many religions and ideologies have come and gone in history, an ideal world that gives true peace and happiness to human beings has yet to be realized. This reality demonstrates that the existing religions and ideologies have inherent limitations.

Beloved YFWP members, how can we overcome these limitations? In order to realize the original ideal, we need to unfold a movement based on the culture of heart originating in Godís true love. I came to know God in my youth and have invested my efforts tirelessly and fervently in order to realize Godís purpose throughout history to save humankind. I entreat you as young people to inherit the Will of God and to continuously strive to resemble True Parents. In order to achieve Godís Will, we need first to apply Godism and head-wing thought as we aim toward world peace and the reunification of the homeland, and as we stand at the forefront, bringing prosperity and happiness to humankind.

From that viewpoint, the issue of Korean unification, of which we are only too aware, is the task that we must resolve first and foremost. Even though it has been fifty years since the liberation of our people, the Korean Peninsula still is cut in half at the waist.

The division of the Korean Peninsula, which sometimes is called the final ideological conflict, is no longer just the problem of our peninsula. It is becoming a global issue. So we cannot just shout out our slogans; we need to prepare the path to achieve unification and the strength to follow it.

The reason that the Korean Peninsula was divided into North and South was not because our people desired it. It was due to the influence of neighboring powers, such as the two great nations of the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, as well as China, Japan and others. Therefore, the reunification of North and South cannot happen without changing the existing situation in which the United States, the Russian Federation, China, Japan and other nations continue guiding international order with the division of our nation in place. In other words, I am saying that Korea needs to build its subjective influence in order to have neighboring powers cooperate in unifying the Korean Peninsula. This was the reason that I visited Pyongyang in early December of 1991.

North-South unification has now reached a stage at which it cannot be discussed without the international foundation and influence that I have garnered. This is because even North Korea knows well what I am capable of doing. Recently we have been gaining the North Korean governmentís trust in many ways in regard to reunification. This increases the inclination in the North to play an active part. With Godism, and true love for our people, we relate with our North Korean compatriots as brothers and sisters and are advancing a variety of projects in order to provide necessary economic aid with a parental heart.

The Geumgang Mountain development plan, the plan to raise and support flight industries and the plan to create the Jeongju Peace Park are among the ways in which we are building the foundation for the unity of our people. In particular, the plan to create the Jeongju Peace Park will be realized centering on my birthplace, which the North Korean government has already designated as a holy ground. The North is helping actively in the work of making the land sacred.

Beloved Youth Federation for World Peace members! What does unity mean? It means to become one with another through true love without any conditions. One must present the most concrete way toward unity through a movement that practices true love, a movement that will allow two to put their trust and faith in one another. Similarly, the unity of our people must occur through the path where the North and South reconcile and cooperate to become one through the absolute true love of God. This is also the reason that we invest in and support North Korea unconditionally. I also have visited many nations in Latin America, where I met each nationís leader and promised to aid their continentís vision for unity. This unity of North and South America, which unites Protestantism and Catholicism, will be part of a foundation to unite the world peacefully.

I have faith that YFWP will take a leading role in the unification of our homeland. Please stand at the forefront as conscientious young people working to re-unify our homeland and unite the world into one. Only conscientious and awakened youth are qualified to change history and to guide humankind to a better path.

I believe that the most fundamental standard that corresponds to the human original nature is the conscience. The conscience is the standard through which fallen humankind can find God, its original Parent, again and advance toward a better world. When human beings aim toward goodness according to the standard of conscience, they can complete the realization of an ideal human society.

There have been numerous saints and sages throughout history. Although they realized external unity, they could not realize the unity of mind and body and, as a result, they were unable to resolve a fundamental limitation. Now the True Parents have appeared on the earth focused on Godís true love. They are realizing a true family and a united ideal society and have become the mainstream of Godís providence of salvation.

The True Parents are the mediators who engraft humankind to God. Without True Parents, humankind cannot go before God. True Parents are the ones who show us the only way that humankind can be saved from the Fall. Please, once again deeply remember the meaning of who True Parents are. Please receive True Parents and please follow True Parents to take part in Godís work of saving humankind.

Beloved members! The reason that I founded YFWP was to initiate a movement to save the world. I appointed my wife, Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon, to stand at its head. My wife, is not only the mother of thirteen children, she also is leading a true womenís movement as the president of the Womenís Federation for World Peace and is working ardently on a global level to realize an ideal human society. Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon has spoken on hundreds of occasions, including in forty nations throughout the world in 1993, addresses at the United Nations and to the national assemblies of Korea, Taiwan and the United States, and lectures at forty Korean universities. She presents the true path for humankind and is supported and welcomed fervently by those who have attended her speeches.

In the future I hope that YFWP will follow my intent, rally around Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon and become a true light that unites North and South Korea and also opens the way to true salvation for all human beings, who are in darkness.

Youth Federation for World Peace members! True love is to give and give again infinitely. It is the natural heart of forgetting the fact that we have given. Giving unconditionally is certainly the most natural and precious thing. Where there is true love, the human original mind responds and the human conscience wants to stay.

I want all of you who are here today to become practitioners of such true love. I also hope sincerely that all human beings will work with YFWP. My wife and I will advance powerfully so that the life force of infinite true love will reach the entire world in the name of YFWP.

I sincerely hope that you will become the young people who will stand at the forefront of establishing a world of moral principles with true love, true life and true lineage, which will allow people to come closer and closer to the original human nature. The last request I would like to make of you is that you think of yourselves as the true owners of YFWP and think of YFWP as your hands and feet. If you can act in accord with this calling, you undoubtedly will encounter a day when you will feel great pride for this time when you were a member of YFWP. I pray that Godís blessings and grace will be with all of you.

Thank you.


The Central Role of Young People in
the Realization of True Love

November 28,1997

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Washington, DC, USA
The Third World Congress of the Youth Federation for World Peace

Esteemed President of the Youth Federation for World Peace, honored Co- Chairman Richard Rubenstein, guests from all parts of the world, and ladies and gentlemen:

I am truly happy that we are able to hold the Third World Congress of the Youth Federation for World Peace in Washington, DC, the capital of the United States, together with representatives from more than one hundred thirty countries. It is particularly meaningful that this gathering is part of the World Culture and Sports Festival III, the centerpiece of which is the Blessing ceremony for 3.6 million couples.

This is partly because you pure-hearted men and women from around the world, transcending boundaries of race, religion and nationality, have been chosen to form the main pillar of the Blessing ceremony. In addition, it is because, ultimately, you young people are the ones who have to put into practice the results of all the conferences held during this festival in preparation for the twenty-first century. I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to you Youth Federation for World Peace members for dedicating your heart and soul in all areas and levels of society for the sake of achieving world peace, and for the contributions you have made toward that end.

I would particularly like to thank Heaven and praise you for the fact that your activities, along with those of World Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles, the Womenís Federation for World Peace, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, and other organizations, have provided a foundation for the worldwide realization of the true family ideal. These activities have led to the surprising result that we have exceeded the original Blessing goal of 3.6 million couples by tenfold, or thirty-six million couples, and we have gone even beyond that number by several million couples. I hope that you members of the YFWP will work with even greater enthusiasm to stand at the forefront of the Blessing event as it is expanded in the future to three hundred sixty million couples.

Young people are the central figures in the transition period of history Today we stand on the threshold of the twenty-first century. Already, people in many parts of the world have begun the countdown to celebrations that will mark the beginning of the twenty-first century. As they look forward to the new century, their hearts are filled with fervent hope that this will be a time for a new world that is better than anything humanity has experienced at any time in the past, a world in which we are able to establish Godís new family values of absolute true love.

In the history of the world, humanityís strong desire for an ideal of true love has been the motivating force for change. Because you young people pursue the lofty ideal of establishing a true family and possess a greater capability for realizing this ideal than anyone else, you are undoubtedly the initiators and principal actors in this time of major historical change. For this reason, you are the symbols of hope for people who are opening the gate to the new century, with the earnest desire that it will lead to the establishment of new, ideal families.

During the course of history, there have been many literary works and recorded accounts praising young people and their roles and special characteristics. I think, however, that the roles and responsibilities of young people in the family, nation and world have rarely been of such critical importance as they are today, most notably in terms of a revolution to create ideal families. Thus, I think it is very timely and appropriate that the discussions of this conference will focus on the theme, ďYouth for the True Family, Nation and World.Ē

Today, families, nations, and even the world are facing serious dilemmas. The greater the development of industry and technology around the world and the greater the number of conveniences that people enjoy, the more erosion we find taking place in the family institution that forms the foundation of our lives.

According to data from the United States Census Bureau, the divorce rate in the United States increased threefold between 1970 and 1990, to the point where each year one couple in every six has a divorce. Across the United States, thirty percent of children are raised in single-parent families. Even further, we see that the decadent, end-of-culture phenomenon of same-sex marriage is becoming more prevalent.

There are reports that as many as forty percent of American girls between the ages of fourteen and nineteen years are sexually active. It is shocking to see that the rate of suicide among young people has increased by three hundred percent during the past thirty years. The breakdown of the family is cited as the most critical issue facing modem society. On the national level, too, we see the limits of political power in the face of drugs, violence, AIDS, chronic economic imbalances, and other social problems that are accumulating everywhere.

The world today continues to agonize over issues affecting all of humanity, such as the threat of war and terrorism, discord between races, antagonism among religious groups, and destruction of the environment. We cannot ignore the continuing reality that many regions of the world are afflicted with hunger and disease. If we evaluate these realities, the outcome of all the ideas and activities of humankind during the past twenty centuries, the result would be a failing grade. Thus all families, nations, and the entire world are urgently seeking change.

As we enter the new century, it is imperative that we place priority on developing an awareness of our responsibility to bring about changes in the family, nation and world. Our task is to establish for youth true families and true nations, so that we may harness the winds of change for the creation of a true world. Members of the Youth Federation for World Peace, what is the one means by which we can renew ourselves, our families, our nations and our world, and change the flow of history?

As we stand on the threshold of the twenty-first century, the philosophy of building a true family, true nation and true world is opening up a new, historic horizon as the fundamental principle for world peace. Rev. Moon has been teaching and exemplifying this philosophy.

The first stage of true love is the true family

Originally, Godís ideal of creation sprang from sacrificial true love that is capable of giving and forgetting and then giving and forgetting again. All of Godís creative effort is sacrificial, in that it involves the investment of His own power. Because the investment is motivated by the power of love, however, it returns to God in the form of joy that is tens of thousands of times greater.

If parents, motivated by true love, invest in and sacrifice themselves infinitely for their children, then the children will feel infinite gratitude for having received this true love, and the parents will experience great joy in place of their sacrifice. In this way, the power of sacrificial true love initiates giving and receiving that establishes an eternal relationship of joy and peace in the true family, true nation and true world. It is here that the ideal world of eternal life is manifested.

On the other hand, the family, nation or world that lacks such true love is nothing more than an empty shell, and it will degenerate and breed distrust, animosity and immorality. It is in the family that our pure, true love grows and is perfected. The true family is the initial stage in which the different types of love, between true parents, true husbands and wives, true children and true brothers and sisters, are put into practice and grow together to reach fruition.

The true family is the fundamental nucleus of a peaceful world, for it is here that we learn about Godís true love through the love of true parents. Also, it is here that, through the true love of true brothers and sisters, we receive training to acquire a universal love for the true nation, true world and all humanity.

Moreover, the true family is the basic unit linking history. Through true love being handed down from parent to child, the past, present and future generations are linked together by a consistent value system.

Just as we cannot expect infertile land to bear bountiful fruit, we cannot expect a family that has been destroyed to produce a person who will function appropriately in society and the world. Thus, each of you young people in this age have to first become the embodiment of true love and the principal actors in building the foundation for a true family culture and true family tradition.

Beyond the true family, it is in the context of a nation that young people can put their ideals and energies into practice. For this reason, the strength of a particular country is to be measured not on the basis of its political, economic, or military might, or by its cultural influence, but by weighing the temperament of that countryís young people and their sense of patriotic loyalty. Young people are the sprout and if the sprout wilts, then the tree has no future. However, what is the reality of young people around the world today?

The ultimate problems faced by all countries are those concerning their young people. Political, economic, social and environmental issues can be addressed through means such as institutional improvements and government funding. Laws, military power and economic strength, however, cannot solve the problems of youth. These problems cannot be resolved by coercion. The only way is for young people to be responsible for themselves. For that to happen, they have to lead sacrificial lives and become manifestations of true love, thereby establishing their positions as masters of true love.

True love is the starting point of all ideals and its practice will continue eternally. It will serve young people as a force more powerful than life itself. When young people acquire a new outlook on their country that is guided by true love, then that country will discover new possibilities for advancement. When diverse groups in the nation adopt an attitude based on true love, they will be able to rise above the confines of their competing interests and establish a society of cooperation, harmony and progress.

True love is the center

The primary force that moves a country forward arises from true love in the form of sacrificial and patriotic loyalty. Among the numerous national heroes whom we respect today, there is not one who did not exemplify a life of patriotic sacrifice rooted in true love.

Furthermore, in todayís world, there are many challenges arising from differences due to region, race, religion, culture, customs, language and citizenship that we have to overcome to bring about a united world of peace. If we view the world from the perspective of the Creator of all things in the universe, that is, through Godís eyes of true love, then we can see that the world is one entity, despite differences of race, religion, language, philosophy, and so forth.

When young people dedicate themselves to sacrifice and service based on Godís true love, then they can start to solve the worldís problems such as poverty and hunger. In addition, they can begin to heal the wounds caused by differences in economic standards and feelings of animosity and hatred arising from different historical experiences.

In a time when everything needs to be renewed, those who cannot renew themselves will decline and ultimately perish. A seed that fails to sprout at the appropriate time decays. When the new morning comes, we have to put on a new set of clothes; when the new season arrives, we have to arrange a new living environment for ourselves. What is most important here is that we first need to renew ourselves, as true love involves loving even those who are difficult to love. From this definition, we can acquire a clear sense of direction to surmount the challenges of enmity and hostility. The philosophical tension between freedom and equality also can be resolved in the environment of true love.

Within the philosophy of true love, it is also possible to reconcile the historical conflict between God and humanity, as well as conflicts among people. In manifesting true love, God gives and gives and then forgets that He has given. His only desire is to continue in the act of giving. It is this true love that will enable us to overcome selfishness and move forward into a world of harmony and prosperity.

The logic of true love is that the family sacrifices for the country, the country sacrifices for the world, and the world sacrifices for the sake of God. This perspective enables us to look beyond tribalism and national self-interest and to set our sights on a world of eternal peace.

We need to establish a true youth culture

More than at any other time in history, the problems we face today compel us to consider all people of the world as sharing a common fate. Problems that arise in any particular region or between any two countries can immediately affect the worldís balance of power and its economies. As a result of advances in communications technology, hours, minutes and sometimes only seconds separate the worldís population.

Even at this moment, we can communicate our thoughts to the entire world simultaneously through the Internet. Through the hundreds of communications satellites in space, the world has already been brought together as one community, allowing the worldwide population to live together as one universal family. The power and philosophy of true love is a master key that can comprehensively unlock the problems of all individuals, families and nations of the world, thus establishing universal peace on every level. It is you, the youth of true love, who are to be the principal actors in putting such true love into practice.

Purity, freshness, vigor, strength, courage, challenge, progress, sacrifice, endurance, ideals, hope; these are all words of blessing that are bestowed especially on true youth. These words manifest their real value for the first time when true youth practice true love in the family, nation and world. Furthermore, true youth represent the substantiation of true hope. Only those who present a new vision and direction and put it into practice can become the principal actors of a new age; this is an insight that is well established in history.

The marriage Blessing movement is a universal cultural revolution Through a movement for absolute love and absolute purity, you have to establish a true youth culture based on true love. You must always remember that for you, the true youth who have to protect the family with true love, the greatest enemies are the social trends of moral degradation, including sexual decadence and self-indulgence. Our supreme task is to establish true families that will be the foundations of true love. Our results in this task will determine whether humanity will survive or be destroyed.

From this standpoint, the movement for the future Blessing of three hundred sixty million couples will be a global cultural revolution that the world has to accomplish. The very survival of humanity is at stake. This event will establish the beginning of a new moral epoch never before seen in human history.

I firmly believe that when you, who are the true youth, become the embodiments of true love and the principal actors in building true families, true nations and a true world, the coming twenty-first century will unfold to produce a future of hope and vision.

Thus, to accomplish the international Blessing of 360 million couples in the future, I would like to ask that you return to your countries, create supporting organizations, and enthusiastically work toward this goal.

I pray that Godís blessings may be with you.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

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