Pyeong Hwa Gyeong

Book 8

The Reunification of Korea and World Peace

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2.   May Our Homeland Shine Forth    1147
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   Heaven Is Calling Korea    1219
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  Opening the Path for Genuine Dialogue      1235
12.  The Reunification of Korea and World Peace      1238
  World Unity and the Reunification of South and North Korea Will Be Accomplished by True Love    1244
14.  The Course of Life for the Princes and Princesses of God      1260
  Godís Kingdom of Peace Is the Eternal Home of Our Blessed Families    1282



The Reunification of Korea and World Peace


Korea in the World

June 7,1975

Yeouido Palaza, Seoul, Korea
World Rally for Korean

Honorable and beloved brethren, and world members of the Unification Church from sixty countries: This May 16th Square is a historical place. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for attending the World Rally for Korean Freedom to begin a new history at this historic plaza today.

The significance of the World Rally for Korean Freedom

Today, June 7, 1975, is the day of a new historical declaration both for me and for God. Already, at this very plaza, you have sent up a great roar shaking heaven and earth, denouncing Kim II Sung for taking advantage of the situation in Indochina and trying to invade the south. There have already been many rallies for total unity and national security. However, this World Rally for Korean Freedom is a most unique and historic rally in two senses.


First, todayís rally is the only one that has denounced Kim II Sung, not only in the name of the Korean people and all of humanity, but also in the name of God. Second, this rally is on a global scale, for the Korean people are not the only ones who have gathered here to resolve to defend Korean freedom. Our rally includes some one thousand representatives from sixty countries, people of different languages and cultures who have gathered here to protect freedom in Korea and around the world. This is a global rally to show the world the resolve of free people to protect the freedom of Korea.

The domestic purpose of this rally is to encourage unity among our people in the face of the national crisis brought about by the fall of Vietnam and Cambodia to communism. Its global purpose is to show the people of the world the direction and determination that are needed this time. This rally is significant in that it will warn Kim II Sung against any rash action,miscalculation or provocation that would lead to war, as his actions on June 25 in 1950 led to the Korean War.


Communism is the enemy of humanity but first and foremost it is the enemy of God


Ladies and gentlemen, what is communism? We know very well that communist rule, which began with the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, has engulfed more than half the world in the last half century, and that it carries out ruthless and savage acts against humanity. Communism is a dreadful, satanic ideology that results in horribly criminal and destructive acts. We Korean people, who have experienced the savage acts of communism, know the criminal behavior of the communists better than any other people in the world. We have suffered greatly because of communism. At this very moment in North Korea, our fourteen million brethren are still the victims of communism. However, the criminal acts of communism do not stop there.


Today we know the reason we have to oppose communism and annihilate it from the face of the earth. Communism is not only the enemy of human beings; more significantly it is the enemy of God. More than an ideological system of politics and economics, it is a pseudo-religion based on atheism.

Communism completely controls the individualís thinking, acting and way of life. This is an abuse of the unique power that only a religion can have. Communism is a false religion that insists there is no God. Moreover, the ideology itself occupies the place of God in the personís thinking, acting and way of life, turning human beings into slaves and machines. Because communism opposes God, there is no justifying it. It is a satanic religion that seeks to annihilate God from the face of the earth.

Were communism to win victory on the earth, it would be the complete defeat of God. Before it is the defeat of democracy and the free world, it is Godís defeat. Therefore communism is Godís enemy even before it is the enemy of humankind. However, the omniscient and omnipotent God cannot be defeated. God will not simply sit back and watch communism gain victory over the whole world.

Therefore, through todayís rally we realize that the Unification Church and other virtuous religions that teach faith in God will surely win victory over communism, the Satanic religion that denies God. I sincerely declare that the Unification Church, which calls God our Father, joining with other people of faith and ethics, will defeat communism, Godís mortal enemy. Therefore we must realize that all religious people, especially Unification Church members, are Godís warriors, called to the frontline to win victory over communism. They are the vanguard and flag bearers in the battle between God and Satan.

Godís fight to overthrow communism


We can never defeat communism if we depend upon weapons. This is because no weapons, not even an atomic bomb, can destroy stubborn human belief. Rather, it is through faith and its teaching that we can defeat falsehood. The force that will win victory over communism, the false ideology, is a spiritual belief and its teachings of a higher dimension.


Today we must increase our national power. We must equip our armed forces and fortify our lines of defense. However, what is more important is to be armed with truth. That is to say, we need to arm our spirits with faith and its teachings. We must arm our understanding with the truth that there is a God, and we must arm our spirits with faith and the resolution to fight at the cost of our lives to fulfill Godís Will. We can win victory over the communistsí false faith and ideology only through true faith and true teachings.

The completely false ideology will only fall before the true teaching, which clearly shows that God actually exists. When we bring the fight of truth to shine upon communism, its real identity will appear and its false foundation will shatter. This is the ultimate task for Unification Church members and all religious people. This is the way to win victory over communism and root it out completely.

Today two ideologies are facing each other. One claims there is a God, and the other claims there is no God. One world is centered on material, and the other world is centered on spirit. The world that believes there is a God is on Godís side, and the world that believes there is no God is on Satanís side. When these two worlds clash, the outcome will prove the existence of God. Therefore the fight to defeat communism is the fight for God.


Now these two world powers are opposing each other here in Korea. Korea is the final battlefield of these two opposing global ideologies. Protecting Korean freedom is not only for the sake of Korea; it is for the sake of the whole free world. It is for the defense of eternal freedom and for Godís final victory. This is the reason all freedom-loving people of the world need to rise up and defend Korean freedom.


The people of the free world say the problem of Korean freedom is Koreaís affair. But Koreaís problem directly affects the free worldís existence. The free worldís security is a function of the security of God. Therefore, in the Korean War, God sent soldiers from sixteen countries who shed their precious blood to protect freedom in Korea. If North Korea invades the South again, passionate young people from sixty different countries will defend this country to the last, at the cost of their lives.

Let us overthrow communism in the name of God

Today the worldwide membership of the Unification Church from sixty countries has taken a stand and united in the name of God with all people of the world, to carry out His Will in this meaningful place. The Unification Church is a flag bearer and bridgehead in the battle against communism, standing in the frontline of the free world in the belief that communism is the last enemy of God. This religion, which manifests God clearly, provides the truth, faith and teaching that can overcome communism.

The aim of all people of faith in Korea must be to free the city of Pyongyang. The North Korean people, who are enslaved by communism, are waiting for God to liberate them. Kim II Sung and his followers dug underground tunnels for the purpose of invading the South. We people of faith, with our higher perspective, need to build a bridge to Pyongyang that brings freedom and unity, and have the courage to liberate our brethren with the same love and heart.

We have to pray, and also fight, in order to ignite a heavenly explosion of truth and love in the center of the city of Pyongyang. Fourteen million North Korean brethren are waiting for Godís hand. Our hands, these hands, must be the very hands of God.


In the Old Testament, Goliath stood imposingly, nine feet tall and armed with a spear, while before him stood the boy David with only a stone in his hand. Today we need to hear Davidís battle cry. He did not cry, ďYou, my enemy, receive my stone!Ē or ďThough I am very small, I am very strong. Come and fight with me!Ē David cried, ďYou come to me with sword and spear and javelin; but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.Ē (1 Sam. 17:45) David defeated the giant Goliath with Godís power. We must oppose Kim II Sung, defeat Mao Zedong, and bring an end to the Soviet Union in the name of God. We can gain victory only through faith. Let us completely and bravely fortify our line of defense. Let us fight to the last at the cost of our lives in the holy battle for God. The final victory will be ours. God is on our side.

Communist strategy disguised as a peace offensive


Ladies and gentlemen, today we must know the strategy of communism. I who stand here know communism better than any other person. After Koreaís liberation from Japan, when I was in North Korea doing missionary work, I faced death many times. The communists considered me their enemy, captured me and imprisoned me in Hungnam Prison in 1948. This compulsory labor prison was actually a death camp, where political and religious prisoners died sooner or later. I spent nearly three years in this prison, and was finally liberated by United Nations forces sent by God in 1950. I have experienced deeply the reality of communism. I know too well its strategy and tactics.

In 1930, a key staff member of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party, Dimitry Manuilsky, speaking to core partisans at the Lenin School of Political Warfare, described the strategy of communism as follows: ďCommunism cannot coexist with capitalism. It is too early to attack; our time will come in twenty or thirty years. We can gain victory only through surprise attack. Let the capitalist world eat well and sleep well, by all means. The best way to do this is to initiate an absolute peace policy. Knowing nothing, they will enjoy peace and will respond to peace negotiations. In this way the capitalist countries will stupidly cooperate in digging a trap for themselves. We pretend to be their friends and gain time. And while they are relaxing we will deliver a decisive iron fist.Ē


This was the very strategy of the Soviet Union written by Lenin; this was the very strategy of Mao Zedong to govern the mainland of China; this was the very strategy of the North Vietnamese to control Vietnam, and they all succeeded. And this was the very strategy of Kim II Sung when he was looking for the chance to invade the South. However, we will never be deceived by this strategy again. And we will never again tempt Kim II Sung to miscalculate. Today let us show Kim II Sung our capability. Umficationists will defend Korea, the homeland of their faith. Our fifty million fellow countrymen, who love our homeland, are willing to defend this country at the cost of their lives. We will never allow communism to set foot in our territory. We have powerful allies. The United tates is a powerful ally, and Japan is a powerful ally. Heaven helps those who help themselves. If we denounce Kim II Sung in the name of God, and if we defend this country in the name of God, our country will never become another Vietnam.


However, ladies and gentlemen, that is not all! Kim II Sung must know about the forces present at this World Rally for Korean Freedom on the May 16th Square. There is another very strong ally that Korea and the Korean people need to know about. It is the worldwide members of the Unification Church, who believe that Korea is their religious homeland. Ihey are absolute anti-communists who love Korea completely. How much do they love Korea? According to their belief, Korea is their religious homeland and their holy land. To a faithful believer, an invasion of this holy land is an invasion of his or her own home, his or her own body. This means that the worldwide members of the Unification Church love Korea as they do their own bodies. Accordingly, the worldwide members of the Unification Church take it as their duty to protect Korea, their religious homeland.

Ladies and gentlemen, some one thousand representatives from sixty countries are gathered here. They are intimate friends of Korea who firmly believe in this land and are ready to protect and defend it with their lives. These people gathered in this historical plaza believe it is Godís Will that they protect their religious homeland to the end. If North Korea provokes a war against the South Korean people, they are resolved to organize a campaign for world unity and participate in the war as a volunteer army to defend both Korea and the free world.


Korea is a nation God loves

Until the Eastern Sea runs dry, the white-topped mountain falls, God will guide and shield our country, for eternity.Ē Since our liberation from Japan, we have been singing this as our national anthem. We have learned that this national anthem is Godís revelation to the Korean people. God revealed that through His guidance and protection our country would stand for eternity.


God truly loves the Republic of Korea.

Since our forefather Tangun founded the Korean nation, we went through many hard times due to our location between larger nations. Yet, we never invaded a foreign country. God helped us to steadfastly keep the traditions of our people. It was God who brought liberation to our country on August 15, 1945. It was God who mobilized sixteen nations to protect this country during the Korean War; otherwise it would have fallen like South Vietnam. It was God who set up a powerful new leader, Koreaís current president, and a new order in our society in 1961, when this country was confused and facing a crisis brought on by communist infiltration from the North. Now God is helping us gain victory on the final battlefield between God and Satan. Just as in the First and Second World Wars, it involves many nations: North Korea, the Peopleís Republic of China, the Soviet Union, the Republic of Korea, Japan and the United States. With this special favor and protection from God, let us be courageous and stand up without hesitation.


The Korean Peninsula is the region where human civilization is brought to fruition


God loves Korea so much; He intends to establish a global civilization of unity starting in this country. According to Godís providence, human civilization has advanced around the world toward an ever-higher dimension, and now it is going to bear fruit in Korea.


Ancient civilization began on a continent beside the Nile River; then it moved to the peninsulas of Greece and then Italy, where the Mediterranean civilization developed. The center of civilization then moved from those peninsulas to the island of Great Britain, and the Atlantic civilization flourished. The island civilization of Great Britain crossed the Atlantic Ocean, landed on the American continent and crossed it to spawn the Pacific civilization, leading to the miracle of modern civilization. However, the flow of human history did not stop there. Civilization crossed the Pacific Ocean and formed a new island civilization in Japan that, in its full bloom, corresponds to Great Britain. It will next move to the Korean Peninsula to form a united civilization corresponding to that of the Roman Empire.


The Republic of Korea is Godís beloved land in the new era, and the Korean people are the ones He has chosen. Korea is the cradle of the new civilization that God desires. Therefore Korea is the country where God will bring His providential work to culmination in the unity of world civilization. This should be the pride of the Korean people, whom God loves.


Unificationism is the teaching that can lead to a united world


To bear a wonderful child a mother will unavoidably endure pain. Korea is now suffering such pain through our present-day trials. God is testing our ability, bravery, and qualifications through these trials, and through this pain He is going to bring us the glory of a great son. Therefore each of the great powers on Satanís side invaded this country one after another.


We can overcome these trials with Godís love and with faith and hope. By gaining victory over communism in spite of all difficulties, Korea will be able to take a leading role in bringing about a united world, which is Godís Will. In other words, Korea is the flag bearer for the whole world.


It is absolutely impossible to do this without the true thought and teachings of the Unification Church. These are: the Divine Principle, which was revealed in Korea in order to bring together all religions, the ideology of Victory over Communism, and Unification Thought. All religions that accept God as their Father need to unite to face the communists who deny God. However, it is with truth and love that we will defeat them. We must help them recognize their errors, and finally we must embrace them as our brothers and sisters. The ideology of Victory over Communism, based on this principle, analyzes all philosophies and ideologies and enables us to unite with God as our center. This principle, ideology and thought arose in Korea. They constitute Godism.


We will govern the country by consulting with God and centering on God. There will not be a party in power and a party out of power. The time has come when all religious and conscientious people need to unite with our government to defeat communism with Godism, and unite our territory and people. That time is now.

Korea, the light of the East


Joy comes after pain, and the new way comes by way of difficulties. When the time comes, let us display the full potential of the Korean people who believe in God.


The famous Indian poet Tagore sang about Korea as follows:

In the golden age of Asia Korea was one of its lamp-bearers

That lamp is waiting to be lighted once again for the illumination of the East

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

Where knowledge is free

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls

Where words spring up from the depth of truth

Where tireless striving stretches its arms toward perfection

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way in the dreary desert sand of dead habit

Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action-

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.


My beloved brethren! Korea will be a bright light in the Orient illuminating the whole world in the near future. The day will surely come when God governs Korea, and all the people of the world will view Korea as their homeland, just as the poet Tagore predicted. That time is at hand.


A unified world of peace in the name of God


Ladies and gentlemen, Unification Church members from 120 countries, who regard Korea as their religious homeland and one another as brothers and sisters beyond language and culture, are united. They will march together to defeat Kim II Sung, Godís enemy, and Satanic communism.

My beloved brothers and sisters of Korea! The present task, more than anything else, is to perceive that communism is the enemy of God before it is the enemy of humankind. So today we denounce Kim II Sung in the name of God. I clearly declare that God will not allow Kim II Sung to invade the South.


Let us fight at the risk of our lives to defeat Kim II Sung and communist countries in the name of the free world and Korea! Let us fight to the last! Let us fight until we win! God is with the Republic of Korea; it is under Godís protection!


My beloved Korean brethren! We have nothing to fear. Be strong, be courageous, be totally united, and march on in the name of God. Until we restore North Korea into the land of God, and until we reclaim the brothers and sisters of our own blood, let us fight at the cost of our lives.


Let all democratic countries in the world completely liberate the communist countries from Satan and accomplish the unity of the free world in the name of God. Since God is on our side, victory will surely be ours.


Be strongly united in the name of God. Let us rise up! Let us march on together! Let us go forward together!


Thank you very much.





May Our Homeland Shine Forth

October 19, 1978
Chosun Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Breakfast presentation for the Korea District Development Research Center


Respected leaders from every field of endeavor, I am sincerely grateful to have received your invitation to this meaningful meeting, and I am much honored to address you as leaders who are the backbone of our nationís development.


God has chosen Korea

I have been overseas devoting myself to proclaiming the realization of Godís kingdom, even while encountering many difficulties. Now at last, after two and a half years, I can finally walk again in my homeland. I have longed to do so, and I would have often returned here under ordinary circumstances. However, because I needed to conclude my intense confrontation with the Fraser Committee, I had to postpone the return to my homeland for two and a half years. Mr. Fraserís committee sank its teeth into our movement and refused to let go, but last September 12,1978, Congressman Fraser was defeated in his Democratic Party primary. Seen even through human eyes, he is truly an unfortunate person. Therefore I said to our church members, ďLet us pray for him, because we should love even our foes.Ē

Congressman Fraser was defeated in a battle that seemed impossible to lose. What is the reason for this? He was defeated because he was going against Godís Will. According to a holy manís words, ďPeople who are for Heaven remain, and people who are against Heaven disappear.Ē It seems that Congressman Fraser received Godís judgment during that election.

Mr. Frasers efforts to turn Korea into a second Vietnam were exactly opposite the Will of God, who has chosen Korea to accomplish Heavenís great providence. Once we know Godís providence, we can understand that Korea is an important nation. Korea is a nation that can play a decisive role in stopping communism from taking over the world. God can never permit communism to dominate the world, for that would mean nothing less than the destruction of God.

In this final historic battle between the ideologies of theism and atheism, God has chosen Korea as His champion. Therefore, before Heaven, Congressman Fraserís plot to destroy Korea was unforgivable. I could clearly foresee that Godís judgment would come upon Mr. Fraser. Since he stood in the position against Heaven, I knew that no matter how great his power was, in the end he would be miserable. No one who opposes the principles of Heaven can survive and remain. Therefore, we can only say that Congressman Fraserís defeat was the judgment of God.

On my return to Korea this time, I felt Godís special love for Korea to the marrow of my bones. As I looked down on Gimpo Airport, which I have seen so many times before, it seemed to be welcoming me in a special way. The warm welcome of my fellow countrymen has moved my spirit very much.

As soon as I returned, I traveled the 350 kilometers from the north to the south. I wanted to see again our mountains and rivers, which are as beautiful as silk embroidered paintings. The greens and blues of our mountains and rivers, and their grace, have no equal.

In addition, the many aspects of our national development please me to no end. Brothers and sisters of my homeland, you have truly done mighty works. But as we catch up with the developed nations, we should not be self-satisfied like they are. Our homeland, the Republic of Korea, is destined to accomplish a great task for God.

Two thousand years ago in the little village of Bethlehem in Judea, unknown to anyone, a great thought appeared. That was the thought and the teaching of Jesus. Centering on that thought concerning the salvation of the world, God has carried out His work for the past two thousand years.

Now once more history has changed. Today God is looking at Korea, a small nation of the Far East, as the birthplace of a new teaching for world salvation. This teaching will establish the kingdom of heaven on earth and deliver the world from communismís evil hand. We should joyfully take on this task that God is giving us. This is precisely the way to eternal prosperity for our homeland, the Republic of Korea; it is the eternal and shining way.

The world has become the antithesis of the ideal of creation Today I wish to frankly share a part of my faith with you.

All religions of the world start by recognizing the ultimate cause of the cosmos, the first cause, as God the Creator. If God exists, then God is good and God is eternal, unchanging, unique and absolute.

Godís purpose of creation is joy. It was to experience joy that God created the world and human beings. In order to feel joy, however, one should definitely have an object partner. When a subject partner and an object partner form a relationship and engage in give and take action, they can feel joy. The greatest joy can be felt when love is being given and received. Therefore, God created human beings to be His object partners, and through an infinite give and take of love for eternity, God wanted to experience joy eternally with human beings. This was Godís purpose of creation.

In order to accomplish this purpose of creation, God created one man and one woman as the first ancestors of humanity. In the Bible they are called Adam and Eve. If Adam and Eve had become the perfect object partners of Godís joy, then their give and receive of love would have multiplied descendants of goodness. As that family multiplied into a society, the society into a nation, the nation into a world, the whole earth would have been filled with this one tribe of Adam and Eve. This would have been a world of joy that completed Godís goodness and love. That world, called the kingdom of heaven, would have been established on this earth in the beginning.

The kingdom of heaven on earth is one extended family centering on God, where all people are brothers and sisters. It would have one culture and one tradition, and it would clearly be a united world. There would be no racial problems; there would be no differences of language, divisions among the nations, confrontations of ideologies, no murder or war.

If we imagine this world of Godís ideal and then look at the world in which we are living today, we feel strongly that this world is the exact opposite of Godís ideal. First of all, today we can see that even as individuals we are divided between mind and body. Our world today is a world of division: divisions among nations, divisions among cultures and traditions, divisions between the races, divisions between ideologies and divisions of love. Because of these divisions, history has been a succession of wars, of battles, of killing one another. No matter how we look at it, we cannot call this world the kingdom of heaven.

Truly we live in hell on earth. This result came about because the first ancestors of humanity, Adam and Eve, fell. To say they fell means that they disobeyed God and separated from God. Therefore, history began where God could not dwell with them directly. History has consisted of acts of disobedience to God, one after another, to this day.


Jesus was sent for the salvation of the world

I mentioned that the Will of God is eternal, unchanging, absolute and unique. Therefore, even though the fallen world came about through the first human ancestorsí betrayal, the original ideal and purpose of God have not changed. God will accomplish the original ideal of creation by all means. Therefore, after the human Fall God could not just stand by. His Will from that point drove the history of salvation to save fallen humanity.

What is salvation? Salvation is to restore an ill person back to his or her original state of health. Pertaining to our fallen world, salvation is to restore our world back to its original state before the Fall. God has worked to bring an end to this fallen world and restore the original ideal world He had planned before the Fall.

Two thousand years ago God sent the Savior, Jesus Christ, to the world. The purpose for sending him was the salvation of fallen people, and salvation can be said to be restoration. That the Messiah saves the world means that he restores the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Even though the Messiah definitely came to the earth two thousand years ago, the kingdom of heaven has not yet been established. This is a major problem. Jesus proclaimed the coming of the kingdom of heaven, saying, ďThe kingdom of heaven is at hand.Ē (Matt. 4:17) But there was no sign that the kingdom of heaven really was at hand. Rather, Jesus was judged as a criminal and nailed to the cross. He suffered a miserable fate. This is a testimony to the fact that Godís Will in sending the Messiah was not completely realized two thousand years ago.

What could have been the reason for this? The reason was ignorance and disbelief on the part of the chosen people. God nurtured and led the chosen people, the Israelites, for four thousand years before sending the Messiah because He intended that they accomplish His Will by receiving the Messiah when he came. But when the Messiah came, the chosen people of Israel did not know Godís Will.

They dreamed that when the Messiah came, they, who were suffering under their Roman conquerors, would avenge themselves and conquer Rome by force in one fell swoop. Some among the chosen people thought that Israel would reign over the whole world with imperial power. The Messiah who some wanted was a Messiah of power, one who would use the force of arms. But the Messiahís ideal of the kingdom of heaven cannot be realized by force of arms. Godís ideal of the kingdom of heaven can be realized only by truth and love.

The chosen people rejected the Messiah whom they should have served. Moreover, they did not realize that the Messiah came to save the whole world, even at the cost of sacrificing the chosen people. Rather, they believed that he would give freedom to their nation and would give them royal authority. Jesusí appearanceóbarefoot, shabby and powerlessówas a sign of failure in the eyes of a people who dreamed of attaining self-centered power and political victory through militant means.

It can be said that there was no greater tragedy than this and no greater misfortune for humankind. The sad outcome was that Godís kingdom could not be realized at that time and it became necessary for God to send the Messiah again in the future.

We call the day when God will again send the Messiah as Savior, the day of the Second Advent. Godís Will, which was not fully accomplished at the time of Jesus, has been extended to the Second Advent. From the very day Jesus was nailed to the cross, God devoted Himself lovingly to prepare for the day of the Second Advent. Two thousand years of history have passed since that time. Nowadays, voices are growing louder and louder proclaiming that these are the Last Days. We can understand that people all over the world are waiting for the Messiah.


A Second Israel for the Second Advent of the Messiah

Then what accomplishment has God been seeking during the last two thousand years of history, and what is the key for beginning the new history? Before sending the second Messiah, God will prepare another chosen people. Just as one cannot build a house without a foundation, God cannot send the Messiah without the foundation of a chosen people. Before sending Jesus Christ, God prepared the chosen people of Israel. Likewise, God laid a new foundation of a worldwide chosen people to receive the coming new Messiah. This is Christianity, which has spread around the world.

The teachings of Jesus, who was laid in a manger in Bethlehem, are the foundation of a religion that over the last two thousand years expanded worldwide. This is the result of Godís providence to form a worldwide chosen people, in expectation of the day of the Second Advent. The task of Christianity today is to welcome and serve the Messiah when God sends him again. Christians absolutely should not act as the chosen people did two thousand years ago, and nail him to the cross again. Christianity today stands in the position of the Second Israel in both name and reality.

Moreover, God has two important tasks that need to be accomplished before sending the Messiah again. One of them is the creation of a highly developed material civilization. The accomplishment of Godís Will means the realization of the kingdom of heaven on earth. It doesnít mean only a spiritual kingdom of heaven, but also a physical kingdom of heaven, or paradise in the material sense. Hence, God needs to prepare a highly developed material civilization to encompass the highly developed spiritual culture that will come into being with the Second Advent of the Messiah. In Godís ideal world, all humankind will live in close contact with one another. Through the advancement of science, there will be means of transportation and communication serving our every need. This advancement is a very important element for the construction of the kingdom of heaven on earth. It is a necessary condition, indispensable to the creation of the one world culture.

The realization of a highly developed material civilization, which began with the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain and has continued through recent centuries, is all part of Godís master plan. The very fact that men and women all over the globe could simultaneously watch the landing of Apollo 11 on the Moon shows that today we share a common connection. This means that the day of the Lord is at hand.

God will form the circumstances in which the Messiah can come. What does this mean? It means the creation of a system of law such that even kings cannot kill others at will. If we look at the time of Jesus, peopleís lives were as insignificant as flies to the people in power. The system of laws into which Jesus was born had little meaning; it was a world without laws. If the administrators or people with power wanted to have him killed, they could do it as easily as killing a fly. Jesusí proclamation of a fundamental human revolution could not be permitted or accepted under the system of that society. We can say that Jesus being nailed to the cross was almost unavoidable under the system of those days. God knows this so well, so He knows that one of the necessary conditions for the Second Advent of the Messiah is a system of laws in which a person cannot be killed just because it is someone elseís will.

The system that God prepared for over the last two thousand years is democracy. Democracy is the system that respects human rights. Democracy is the system in which a minority can survive in the midst of a majority. Democracy is the system that guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly. If we consider the Constitution of the United States, which can be regarded as the representative nation of democracy, the most essential freedom is freedom of religion. The Constitution states that the American Congress and government shall pass no laws respecting the establishment of religion or denying the free exercise thereof.

This is the system in which Godís Son can come and even preach a revolutionary message without being nailed to the cross again. To take a familiar example in this light, the Unification Church has preached a revolutionary message in America and has incurred the displeasure of some Americans, but they could not nail us to the cross.


America is the central nation of Godís providence

When the days of the Second Advent come, God will need to choose one central nation from Christianity, the worldwide Second Israel. What does this mean? Since the ultimate ideal of the kingdom of heaven on earth is to be substantially realized on the earth, it needs to start at a particular central point and then spread step by step to the world. That is to say, there should be a nation adequate to serve as a model. The nation that was predestined and chosen long ago, and which is capable of carrying out Godís central providence in the Last Days, is the United States.

Now for a short time I would like to look back on the formation of the United States. In spite of being such a mighty continent, North America did not enter world history until the sixteenth century. We can explain this by thinking that God planned to use it in a special way during the Last Days and therefore hid it away in secret.

The United States is a nation that began through immigration. That is to say, it had no owners. The original inhabitants, the Native Americans, lived there, but they did not consolidate their rule over the continent as the owners of one nation. Because there was no one owner, we can say that God was the owner. Therefore, America was a place to which God could send His special people, whom Hq had chosen. On the European continent people called America the New World. The first people who immigrated to North America came with hopes to serve God. They were seeking freedom of religion.

These early immigrants living under the tyranny of the Old World had so completely lost hope that, even knowing they might lose their lives, they left their homeland and crossed the Atlantic Ocean. They possessed heroic determination and sailed for fifty-seven days on the tiny ship called the Mayflower, with their lives constantly in peril on the rough seas. After a difficult voyage, they finally landed in the New England region of North America. These people were the Pilgrims. They were Americaís forefathers.

During the voyage two of them died, and fully half of them died during the first winter after they landed. They were people who thought God and faith were more important than their lives. It cannot be called accidental that they became Americaís forebears, and that their spirit became the founding spirit of America.

The founding spirit of America is expressed in the motto, One Nation under God. This is clear proof of Godís Will to establish it as His nation and make it the central Christian nation for receiving the Messiah at his return. People that believed in God gathered together in this fertile land that God had hidden away and built a religious nation of all races. This is the model of the future kingdom of heaven on earth.

Now, centering on Godís Will, America has become the flag bearer to save the world. Through the cooperation of religion and the nation, America is accomplishing Godís historical wish for the salvation of the world, a one world family with a universal culture. America has taken on the burden of this central task to accomplish Godís historical vision of world salvation.

Out of a virgin land, God gave birth to the United States, the most powerful nation in the world, in just two hundred years, in order to prepare for the struggle against communism, the final evil power that would appear in the Last Days. The American people must realize that Godís blessing, which they are enjoying today, is not only for America. They need to realize clearly that their blessing is for the world, and that it brings with it the responsibility to fulfill Godís Will.

The American people ought to be burning with determination to save the people of the world, even if they have to suffer martyrdom. Armed with the spirit of Christianity, they need to be willing to go the way of the cross. From Godís point of view, the paramount task for America is to protect the free world from communism and become the driving force that can eventually liberate even the communists.


Ominous signs appearing in America

Yet since 1945, after the victory of the Second World War, America has been showing ominous signs that it is falling away from Godís Will. This is a sorrowful turn of events. I say this because I love America. Someone has to awaken America, so at a meeting with American congressional leaders I made the following points:

First, it was God who, through America, brought about the victories of the first two World Wars and brought about the United Nations, which is like a global nation. From the viewpoint of Godís primary Will, the United Nations should be centered on the spirit of Christianity and function as the headquarters for all the countries of the world. It was against Godís Will that the United Nations welcomed communist nations.

Immediately after the victory of the Second World War, America did not play its role properly. America had the responsibility to guide in a proper way the victorious Allied Nations and the defeated Axis nations that it governed. America had the responsibility to manage them as Godís nations. If America had understood Godís Will clearly, it would have seized upon the opportunity to restore the world to Godís Will by overtaking the Soviet Union, a nation which because of the godless ideology of communism is on Satanís side. Instead, at that time America allowed the communists to take over many nations in Asia and Eastern Europe as satellites.

The tragic divisions of Korea and Germany at that time have caused much misery. The victory of the Second World War was Godís blessing, by which He intended to strengthen the free world and overtake communism. But if we look at the final results, it seems America let the blood of its young men be spilled in vain by giving the benefits they earned to the communists, even though they were proven adversaries who deny God. Americans need to know that the blood of those young men cries out even today.

Moreover, by retreating from her sacred trust to protect the free world, America has given away even more to the communists. This include South Vietnam, which was under its protection. Therefore, the international stature of America has fallen, and the voices of resentment against it are growing louder and louder every day. These days the UN has become a forum for the propaganda of the communist countries. Thereby it is abandoning its original responsibility.

This is not all. Day by day in America more serious things are happening. Drug abuse is destroying American youth. Immorality and corruption, the breakdown of the family and violent crime continue to increase. There are many other serious problems as well, but among them, the infiltration of communism is the most dangerous malady.

American society promotes the viewpoint that life is primarily the search for physical pleasure. It promotes a standard of value that exalts extreme individualism. If America continues like this, God will surely leave America and America will cause Godís plan to fail. This is very clear and apparent. What can God do at this point?

God sees the situation in America in all its stark reality. It is no exaggeration to say that God foresaw the possibility that America would become like this. It also can be said that it was inevitable that western civilization, by centering on material values, would bring about conditions like these in America.

From any viewpoint it is clear that material civilization is like the body, not the spirit. If America today is a body that God created, then God surely planned to create a spirit to fill this body. The place where God intends to first raise this spirit is in the Far East. If the spirit of the East and the body of the West become one, then at last the world will function as the complete being that God designed it to be. Today, western culture is waiting for an intellectual or a spiritual revolution. But the situation nowadays is such that this spiritual revolution cannot be expected to originate in western society. However, it will arise in the Far East.

Here for a moment I would like to look at the prophecy of the outstanding English scholar, Arnold Toynbee. He was a famous historian and philosopher. His view of history is brilliant, and it anticipates the future very keenly. Even beyond the field of history he is respected as a prophet. He prophesied the collapse of western civilization, saying, ďWestern civilization centering on Christianity has reached the edge of destruction.Ē He also said: ďThe purpose of history does not dwell in the development of civilization. The progress and decline of civilizations has in fact been a method for the realization of the higher religions.Ē

Thus, Dr. Toynbee states that the end of the stream of history is not the development of civilization. Rather, the true purpose of the history of civilizations is to foster the development of religion. Furthermore, he expected that a higher religion would appear in Asia, a religion that can save collapsing Western civilization. The famous prophecy of Arnold Toynbee is, ďLight will come from the East.Ē

The fire of a new religious teaching blazes as a beacon from Korea It may seem revolutionary, but this morning I proclaim without hesitation that the light which Toynbee spoke about, the new religious teaching that can save the world, will appear in Korea. The fire of that spiritual revolution has already been lit in Korea. It is already a beacon burning brightly for the world.

Even now, Western civilization is bursting into flame! Already hundreds of thousands of young people of all nations and races have the flame of that spiritual revolution in their hearts. A new standard of value and a new viewpoint of life have already been planted within them. All over the world they are bringing a total moral revolution, practicing sacrificial service for the sake of humanity.

The beacon of that spiritual revolution is the Unification Church. If this spiritual revolution is properly grafted to the material civilization of America, it will be the moment when the spirit and body meet. At that moment, America will have hope because it will meet with the spirit, and Korea will also have hope because it will meet with the body. Therefore, if America and Korea become one, they will go forward to begin a movement for world restoration. Then the world will have hope. This power of that spiritual revolution will be enough to defeat world communism.

I have created so many controversies in America. The main accusation against me is that I brainwash the youth. The spiritual movement I lead has created such a shock that intelligent American people say I brainwash their children. On December 12,1975, when I was asked about this at the United States House of Representatives, I replied, ďLet me ask you distinguished congressmen a question. Are you dumb enough to be brainwashed by me, this man who came from Korea and always has to speak through an interpreter?Ē The congressmen said I gave a wise answer!

A reporter is said to have sneaked into the Unification Church in America and made a desperate attempt to find bottles containing the drugs that Rev. Moon supposedly uses for brainwashing. It seems that he thought we brainwash by using some kind of drug. At last he found a bottle of our II Hwa ginseng tea. ďAh ha! This is it!Ē he exclaimed, and ran off to try it. However, he didnít experience any mental disorientation, only a feeling of wellbeing.

I donít brainwash American youth, by drugs or otherwise. Rather, they go through a revolution within their hearts when they hear the teachings that God gave me. This is true. Even hearing only once the truth that God gave me in this land of Korea is enough to bring about a revolution within the heart. It brings even the most individualistic Americans to step forward and be willing to sacrifice for the world. They free themselves from slavery to drugs and sexual immorality. They discover their identity as Godís children. They become patriotic Americans. They willingly dedicate their lives to serving God and take up the path to becoming holy men and women of character. Moreover, they recognize that communism is the enemy of God, and burn with desire to liberate humankind from communism.

How is it that God chose our homeland of Korea as the place wherein to reveal the ultimate ideology for the restoration of the world? What qualifications does Korea have in the Last Days to become the chosen nation? To put it briefly, it is because the Korean people are a people who can understand Godís circumstances. Throughout history, no one knew that God was not a God of joy but rather the King of kings of sorrow. No one knew that God was the Parent who had lost His children from the very day of creation. A Parent who has lost His children is miserable and to be pitied even if He is the King of kings.

The God of all history is a Parent with whom we should sympathize. The most dutiful child to this Parent who is deserving of pity is the person who takes on the burden of his Parentís sorrows. The Korean people were chosen for this role.


Korea, a nation chosen in the midst of suffering

The five thousand-year history of Korea has been full of troubles and trials. Korea was impoverished for a long time, and due to bitter harassment from foreign powers the Korean people knew the taste of tears and the taste of sorrow. Having gone through so many trials during their difficult history, the circumstances of the Korean people have been similar to Godís circumstances, as God lamented seeing fallen human beings, who, though His children, are as if dead.

The Korean people know the taste of tears. Therefore, they can understand the God of tears. It is not by accident that from ancient times the Korean people preferred tragic plays. This familiarity with tragedy is a qualification that allowed the Korean people to sympathize with the God who tasted tragedy through the Fall.

There is a proverb: ďA widow knows another widowís situation.Ē We have thought that God enjoyed power in joy and glory, but when we come to know God, we see that He is a miserable, lonely Parent who weeps over His lost children. God is seeking for us, believing that we will become the filial children who will console His heart.

From ancient times the Korean people were recognized as having a high standard of loyalty and filial piety. When I was invited to the May 16th Plaza for our Armed Forces Day this year, my heart was filled with pride when I saw the majestic presentation of our nationís weaponry. As the soldiers marched past the reviewing stand and shouted the slogan, ďLoyalty and Filial Piety,Ē I was deeply moved.

If we understand these words as the slogan shouted by the chosen people of God, they are revolutionary. I doubt there are any other soldiers in the world with a slogan like this. Koreans are destined to be the ultimate people who give loyalty and filial piety to God. This is why the spirit of loyalty and filial piety has become the central thought of the nation today.

The renowned examples of filial piety, fidelity, and loyalty such as a young girlís filial love in the story Shim Chung, the faithfulness of Choonhyang for her husband, the loyalty of Chung Mong-ju to his king, and the patriotic martyrdom of the young Yu Gwan-soon are difficult to find anywhere else, in the East or in the West, in the past or the present. Yet these stories reflect the spirit of the Korean people.

This spirit of loyalty and filial piety, together with integrity, which is as steady as the evergreen and straight as bamboo, will become the backbone of the spirit and thought of the kingdom of heaven on earth to be established in the future. Since the kingdom of heaven is Godís nation, we have to give it our eternal loyalty, and since God is humankindís Parent, we have to give our Parent eternal filial piety. God tested all the peoples of the earth, and He could not find a nation with the integrity and a spirit of loyalty and filial piety higher than Korea. Therefore, God chose Korea and came here.

Moreover, the Korean people, who tend to wear white clothes, love peace and maintain it. We are a nation that has never invaded another nation. It is like a miracle that the Korean people could maintain their love of peace and keep a pure history. This could be possible only through the protection of God. Expressing it in a slogan, we can say, ďGod is with our people.Ē

Throughout our five thousand-year-history, foreign nations have swallowed up our nation, but each time they suffered from indigestion. Each time they devoured us, they had to spit us out again. By whose power did this happen? It was Godís power. Who gave us our independence on August 15,1945? It was God, by His power. What stopped the North Korean invasion during the Korean War? It was the power of God.

During the Korean War, if United States President Trumanís decision had been made even three days later, we would have been pushed into the sea at Pusan. Furthermore, if the Soviet Union had exercised its veto power in the United Nations Security Council, it would have been impossible to send UN troops here. But when the problem of sending troops to Korea was discussed, the Soviet representative was not present. At that moment, the plan to send in troops was being decided with complete consensus and at top speed. The Soviet representative did not participate at that very moment. Who made it so? It was God.

Carrying out a new movement of love

No one can touch Korea as long as Godís special protection is here. By Godís power, the powers that want to harm Korea are being broken down one by one. The recent defeat of Congressman Fraser, who sought to destroy Korea through the U.S. Congress, is a good example of this.

Ladies and gentlemen, God has protected our homeland Korea so that it can be the forerunner of a new era. Our long-endured difficulties have passed, and at last the day has come when we will step forward as leaders of this new era. However, the reason God called Korea is not to give life only to Korea; it is to save the whole world. Korea needs to realize that it has been called to the task of saving the world. Since God called us, we need to become kings and queens of love who can be the first to sacrifice ourselves for Godís task of bringing salvation to the world. To die for this holy task is to live, and to suffer for it is the way to glory. This is the meaning of Jesusí words, ďHe who seeks to save his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it.Ē (Matt. 10:39,16:25)

Koreaís New Village (Sae-maul) Movement is a brilliant, monumental demonstration of self-reliance and revival. Such an achievement is without parallel in our history since the time of Tangun, the founder of Korea. There is no record of any other nation having such an achievement. The present industrial development of Korea surpasses even the reconstruction of Japan and Germany after the war. The fact of this rapid growth has great meaning, especially when it occurs at the same time as Kim II Sung is probing, looking for any chance to attack the South.

The American people have tried to accuse me by saying that I have a close relationship with President Park Chung-hee, but in reality I never met President Park, not even once. It is not the way of a righteous person to refuse to recognize good acts for what they are. I firmly believe that President Park is a leader chosen by Heaven for this important era. I think that if it were not for him, it would be very difficult to endure the constant threat from Kim II Sung, and the reconstruction of our homeland would not be possible.

There is a reason why God has helped our homeland develop very rapidly by raising up such a leader at this time in history. It is because the time has come for Korea to guide the world. We need to take a great leap into the world as the nation that is creating a new spiritual culture. To do so, Korea should shed its past image as a poor and humble place. God wants to send Korea as an ambassador to the world, but God cannot send an ambassador in dirty, ragged clothes. Rather, God wants to send our nation forth in full ceremonial dress. Korea needs to acquire the image of global leadership, both in name and in reality. Korea should become a model for the whole world, an object of admiration, which can be respected by others in every aspect. President Park is the person whom God has chosen in order to accomplish this task.

Koreaís New Village Movement ought to move ahead with the motto, ďLet us live well,Ē and develop into a movement to make the whole world live well. Therefore, my initiative to develop the New Village Movement into the ďNew Mind MovementĒ is in line with Godís Will. Just as the New Village Movement is a movement to enable the body to live well, the New Mind Movement is a movement to enable the spirit to live well. The backbone of this New Mind Movement is the spirit of loyalty and filial piety. If the New Mind Movement spreads throughout the world, the world will learn the true spirit of loyalty and filial piety from us.

However, this New Mind Movement has to progress to the next level. The movement that we ultimately should begin is the ďNew Love Movement.Ē The focus of the New Love Movement will be to love God as our Parent and to love our neighbors as ourselves. The crown of love is sacrifice. The New Mind Movement has to develop into a movement that teaches how to sacrifice for God, the world, the nation and all fellow citizens.

This is Jesusí ultimate teaching, but historically Christianity has always fallen short of accomplishing what I mean by this New Love Movement. Any movement that lives only for itself will inevitably fail, while any movement that is willing to die to let others live will remain eternally. Because the chosen people didnít understand this, they rejected Jesus. Rome enjoyed prosperity during the ascendancy of Christianity, but when it became self- centered, even that great empire finally collapsed internally.

Let us build Korea into Godís homeland

God also once blessed England. There was a time when Englandís power spread so widely over the earth that it was said that the sun never set on the British Empire. But when its global colonial policy began to center on itself, and England forgot the significance of the material blessing God had given it, Englandís decline as a colonial power was as rapid as the falling leaves of autumn. It declined because it did not know the New Love Movement.

Today Americaís power and blessings surpass those of the Roman Empire at its height. For two hundred years, the United States practiced well its equivalent of the New Village Movement and the New Mind Movement. But if in the Last Days the United States does not practice the New Love Movement, by which it willingly sacrifices for the world, its future will be grim.

Korea cannot be excused from this principle of God either. The New Love Movement is our ultimate way forward. If we are not burning with sacrificial love that is willing to sacrifice even ourselves and our nation to protect the world from communism and to help the whole world live well, we may be prosperous for a while, but we will eventually fall into the same trap and decline, just as the developed countries are declining today.

The Unification Church is now spreading this New Love Movement to more than 120 countries across the five oceans and six continents. God is working with this movement. Through this movement, people of the five races are becoming brothers and sisters in both name and reality. The homeland of the New Love Movement, which the Unification Church is leading, is our homeland, the Republic of Korea.

Shine forth, my beloved homeland! At last God has summoned you. You have become the homeland of the New Love Movement, which will save the world.

This is the testimony I offer to you this morning. Our Korean peopleís most urgent task is to wake up. We need to wake up to the fact that God has summoned us. We need to wake up to the fact that we are the chosen people. We need to wake up to the fact that we have not been chosen just so we ourselves can live well, but so that we can help the whole world live well. When we wake up to this task, unite into one and accomplish this work, then Godís blessing will remain with our homeland forever. We will become the forerunners of the new age, as princes and princesses of God, and the glory of our homeland will be eternal and limitless.

Finally, I wish for endless blessings for you and your families, upon your personal lives, and for the Republic of Korea.

Thank you.


The Resolve of the World and

the Korean People

December 14,1983
Masan Indoor Stadium, Masan, Korea
Victory over Communism rallies in eight cities

Patriots, Victory over Communism


Members, guests from home and abroad who have filled the stadium:

It is truly a delight to see you again after such a long time. We were shocked and grief-stricken by the downing of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 this past September and the bombing in Rangoon, Burma, in October. I heard the shocking news while I was overseas, and, like most people from our homeland, I could not suppress my grief and great indignation.

Yet, despite this tremendous shock, the people of this nation were not disheartened. We passed through this ordeal. I felt reassured at that time, as I rediscovered in our nationís people the traditional spirit that rises like a phoenix as we overcame the numerous crises that have befallen this land. The title of the speech I would like to share with you on this occasion is ďThe Resolve of the World and the Korean People.Ē


The crisis in the world today

First I would like to talk about the crisis we face today. The world today, simply put, is a world in great confusion. All societies today, in the East and the West, in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, in developed and developing nations, have fallen ill. Not a day goes by without another case of injustice, corruption, murder, robbery, exploitation, oppression and violence. These incidents increase with each passing day.

On the international level, strife, conflict, rebellion and wars have broken out within and between nations, peoples and religions. The downing of Korean Air Lines Flight 007, and the Rangoon and Beirut incidents, are only the latest in a history of brutal massacres.

People in the developed nations enjoy a life of abundance, while countless people in developing nations are grappling with hunger, and the number of people dying of starvation is increasing. Amid this confusion and horror, what is particularly deplorable is the fact that religions are not functioning properly and instead are fighting among themselves.

I point to examples such as the conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, the clashes between Judaism and Islam, the infighting between Sunni and Shia in Iraq and Iran, and the denominational conflicts within Protestantism. Religions are supposed to prevent conflict and lead people to reconciliation based on the spirit of human fellowship, but instead they have given in to conflict.

As a result the world has become lawless, and humanity is drowning in a sea of violence, carnage, destruction and brutality. The confusion is intensified due to the barbaric schemes concocted by communists. Consequently, human culture now finds itself in crisis. It seems like a hopeless situation.

The cause of confusion and the limits of our ability to resolve it

What exactly is the fundamental cause of this global confusion? It is the total destruction of traditional values and the loss of the standards that show us how to live an upright life. Hence, it has become difficult to discern what is good, what is true and what is just.

Standards of value differ depending on nation, organization and personal preference. Furthermore, with the emergence of communism, all traditional concepts of morality are being destroyed. What can this situation possibly mean? It means that democracy, communism, religion and philosophy can no longer resolve the problems of the world.

Democracy originally emerged with the aim of solving all the difficult problems through human rights, equality and majority vote. However, today the collapse of value systems is becoming increasingly severe, even as societies are becoming more democratic. This reduces our confidence in democracy to resolve problems in society and in the world.

Communism, on the other hand, emerged under the banner of creating a socialist society through revolution, thereby eliminating the structural contradictions within capitalistic society, liberating the laborers and farmers, and removing all social evils. Today, however, all communist nations, beginning with the Soviet Union, are showing even more extreme structural contradictions than those found in capitalist nations and are committing more severe social evils.

Meanwhile, religions habitually engage in conflicts, thereby relinquishing their responsibility to provide spiritual guidance to humanity. At the same time, irregularities and corruption continue to spread within religious institutions. Philosophy, for its part, has become overly conceptual and divorced from reality. It is not providing any assistance in solving actual problems.

The limitations of democracy, communism, religion and philosophy in the face of social and global problems are plain to see. Humanity is no longer able to rely on any teaching, religion or philosophy to end the confusion in this world. I am saying that if this continues, civilization will inevitably destroy itself.

A solution based on the proposition of Godís existence

Is there a genuine solution that can bring order to this global chaos? Should humanity resign itself and simply wait for the day of destruction? We never can allow that to happen. A fundamental solution to these problems does exist. That solution is based on the proposition that God, the Absolute Being, exists. It is because the world that the absolute God seeks to realize on earth is a world of peace, a world free from confusion.

Without affirming the existence of God and His purpose behind creation, a resolution of the problems of todayís world is impossible. To put it another way, it is because people have been ignorant of Godís existence and His purpose of creation that the current world of chaos has come about.

The world that God sought to realize on earth is a true ideal, a world overflowing with freedom, peace and happiness. With this ideal in His heart, God has been sorrowful to this day, all the while seeking us on earth, even as we have continued to seek the ideal society despite the pain and chaos. The ideal that God cherishes, and which He anxiously wishes to give us, and the ideal of human beings, who continue to seek it, are the same. Thus, God and humankind can be reunited. Once that happens, this vision will take shape immediately. Yet, people have suffered for a long time because this reunion between God and humankind in every field of endeavor has not taken place.

Unificationism and the Unification movement

Seeing first-hand the pain and suffering of human life, for a very long time I have devoted myself to find a way to save humankind. This led me on a path of meditation and anguished searching for the truth. It was a thorny path that led me through intense spiritual battles.

At the end of indescribable hardships, I finally was able to meet the living God. From this encounter I realized that He is not a God of glory but an anguished Parent seeking to realize His purpose of creation on earth. I also discovered that He is the light of truth and love that illuminates the heavenly way and embraces all things of creation.

When I came in contact with Godís boundless truth and love, I came to see the profound truth that God has cherished deeply. It is a truth that reveals the relationship between God, humankind and the universe. Based on this truth, I saw that the problems of the world can be solved and an ideal society can be realized. I am referring to the teachings of Unificationism, which explain the basic principles of the Unification movement that I am advancing globally.

Ever since my encounter with God, I have upheld Godís truth. To this day I have been advancing the Unification movement in order to manifest an ideal world, which is the dream shared by God and humankind. Based on my experiences, I can confirm that Unificationism is indeed the key to the solution of our problems and the pivotal point in bringing order out of chaos.

Many young men and women in the prime of their lives have encountered this teaching. They had agonized over the challenging problems of life, including social issues, religious questions and historical problems, and had given up hope. This teaching rejuvenated them, giving them hope, joy and energy. It is like trees and grass parched by a drought being resuscitated by a long-awaited rain.

The Unification movement still is enduring deliberate persecution by members of the establishment. Yet, these young men and women are following in my footsteps with the conviction that the Unification movement is the only way to reach a fundamental resolution of the worldís problems, and their numbers are increasing rapidly.

Recently many prominent and eminent scholars from around the world have begun to join this movement. Even the general public is gradually coming to realize that Unificationism provides the proper way to resolve the various problems that beset democracy, communism, religion and philosophy.


Communist prejudice

As the Unification movement expands globally, communism has become its greatest obstacle. Communism espouses a philosophy based on dialectical materialism and a materialistic view of history. Democracy does not have an articulated philosophy for opposing it. Although democracy is able to accept Unification teachings, communism categorically rejects them out of its narrow-mindedness and*commitment to a class-based view of reality.

Because of its viewpoint, communists have used every means possible to hinder and persecute the Unification movement that I lead. Through false propaganda, vicious slander, printed materials and rallies, communists have mounted their mudslinging and persecution against my group and me. They have mobilized politicians, journalists, students, religious people, cultural figures and even housewives in promoting their false propaganda against the Unification movement. Detailed research data on the slander and persecution of the Unification movement by the Communist Party in Japan will soon be published as a book.

The methods they employ to persecute our members include assault, kidnapping, violent abduction, illegal confinement in complete isolation, forced conversion, brainwashing, intimidation, forced admittance into mental hospitals, and the administration of psychotropic drugs. It has been discovered through meticulous investigation that communist cadres have been behind the organizations and individuals that oppose and persecute me. They manipulate them, directly and indirectly, to persecute the Unification movement.

Why is communism so intent on opposing the Unification movement that I lead? It is because Unificationism makes God abundantly clear to people; it even allows them to experience God. It thereby completely exposes the fallacy of atheistic communism.

The devil avoids the sun and plays tricks on people in the dark of night. Likewise, communists have avoided God while acting as if they were God in the world of darkness. Whenever Godís light of truth shines through Unification teachings, it exposes the devilís identity. This is why the communists adamantly oppose the Unification movement. In reality, there have been quite a few instances in which communists who studied Unificationism joined the Unification movement, after realizing that communism is false.

Despite communismís opposition and persecution, the Unification movement is becoming stronger and is growing at a remarkable speed, spreading throughout the world. Why has this been possible? It is because God protects and helps us. Unificationism is an expression of Godís love, and the Unification movement is exactly what God wants. Through this movement God is trying to eliminate all forms of contradiction and social evils, in order to realize one, united and true society. In religious terms, I am referring to the kingdom of God on earth.


The goal of the Unification movement

I now would like to explain in detail the parameters of the goal of the Unification movement, which I am spearheading. As I have already explained, Unificationism is a teaching that expresses Godís truth and love. Its primary goal is to resolve all social and global problems, completely eradicate communism from the earth, and establish a world of true freedom, peace and prosperity. It aims to realize a world under a vision of one great family, based on a new value system of ethics and morality. It seeks to manifest a united world based on the principles of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values, free of all forms of oppression, exploitation, discrimination and social evils. This is its ultimate goal.

In a word, its ultimate goal is to realize a true, ideal society. The way to realize this society is not through violence and struggle, as dictated by communism; rather it is through a peaceful and idealistic spiritual movement based on truth and love. All of this is based on Godís Will. The goal of the Unification movement is the ultimate goal that God seeks to fulfill.


Confrontation between good and evil on the Korean Peninsula

The location of the Republic of Korea, on the Korean Peninsula, places it in a position of destiny to fight and overcome communism. Once it can prevail in its struggle against communism, the Republic of Korea will play an active role in the world. On the other hand, if it is defeated by communism it may disappear without a trace. The Cambodian genocide after the loss of Vietnam is a good example of the tragic fate that could await South Korea.

The Republic of Korea must not only overcome North Korea, it must overcome communism throughout the world. North Korea, though it occupies only the northern part of the peninsula, represents global communism on the evil side. South Korea, which stands confronting North Korea, represents global democracy on the side of goodness. North Korea and South Korea stand at the forefront of the communist world and democratic world, respectively, with the Military Demarcation Line between them. Their very existence is at stake in this fateful and historic showdown between the two worlds.

North Korea stands on the side of evil, while South Korea stands on the side of good. North Korea is under the control of the devil, while South Korea stands together with God. In this way, the Korean Peninsula is a historic region where good and evil have come into sharp contrast. When good defeats evil in this region, this entire worldwide evil will perish. Throughout providential history God has been waiting eagerly for this kind of outcome. It can happen when the people of Korea and all the free people of this world come together in complete victory.

In conclusion, I would like to talk about the resolve of the Korean people. The confrontation between North and South Korea, focusing on this truce line, is an all-out confrontation between these two systems. Therefore, South Korea must surpass North Korea, not only in terms of national power but also in terms of philosophy. The ultimate outcome of an all-out war depends on the ideological battle. The Vietnam War demonstrated this point very well. Despite its military power, the United States lost the ideological battle and ultimately was defeated in Vietnam.

In the ideological battle, South Korea is currently at a severe disadvantage. Communism has disguised itself skillfully by infiltrating religious circles and university campuses. Underground organizations run by communist moles are taking root in farm villages and cities. In response to this, our people must come together in solidarity. Professors, religious leaders and government officials must quickly take responsibility for ideological education on university campuses, in religious circles and with the general public. To do so effectively, they must arm themselves quickly with the theory of Victory over Communism, which refutes the communist theory. In addition, they have to uncover communist infiltration and shut down the networks of communist moles. Only then can we prevail in the ideological battle. This is the only way, realistically, that we can stop the Northís invasion of the South.

The urgent need for the Victory over Communism campaign Since North Korea represents the entire communist world, you have to be mindful of the fact that other communist nations, beginning with the Soviet Union, stand behind North Korea. These nations that have ideological ties to North Korea share the goal of world domination. Therefore, in times of emergency North Korea will be able to receive military and economic support from these nations, especially from the Soviet Union and China.

However, this is not the case for South Korea. We cannot expect that free nations will come to our aid in times of need, as they did during the Korean War. This is because the democratic world does not have a philosophical vision or a commitment to the world as a single community. Also, the circumstances today are completely different from the time of the Korean War. This is because the free nations are not aligned with the principle of living for the sake of the world. They mainly pursue their own national interests, they are becoming increasingly liberal, and their governments and policies can change with each election.

Because I knew this weakness of the free world, I traversed Japan, America, Europe, Central and South America, and other parts of the world to rally young people, scholars, journalists and politicians, and introduce them to the transnational philosophy of Victory over Communism. In each nation I devoted all my energy in creating a base to disseminate the Victory over Communism teaching to the general public. This activity serves to protect the Republic of Korea, which is placed in a historic, providential and global confrontation with communism. In particular, I have been successful in establishing Victory over Communism activists in localities throughout the United States and Central and South America, through the CAUSA movement. I also have built a strong foundation for Victory over Communism among the Japanese people.

This foundation will expand rapidly in Japan and the United States. In Korea I called on the International Federation for Victory over Communism to create a nationwide organization with leaders in each village and precinct. In this way we were able to form strong partnerships and ideological bonds between Korea, Japan and the United States on a civic rather than a political level. This foundation will generate immediate mutual support in times of emergency.

In the future I intend to guide the members of the Victory over Communism movements in these three nations, which represent the world, to extend their solidarity through sisterhood ties, mutual exchanges and education. South Korea, which is under the direct threat of North Korea, still has a great shortage of leaders in the area of Victory over Communism. Each village and precinct needs to have more than one hundred Victory over Communism activists. Once they are in place, there will be approximately seven million activists. That will enable Korea to gain international stature as the leading nation in the fight against communism.

Therefore, whenever possible, the fathers and mothers in each village and precinct should become pillars of the Victory over Communism movement. Your elder and younger siblings and even your husband or wife ought to become a member of the International Federation for Victory over Communism. When that happens, neighborhood meetings will become neighborhood meetings for Victory over Communism, the civil defense corps will be a Victory over Communism civil defense corps, and the New Village Movement will be a Victory over Communism New Village Movement. In this way, a strong foundation to defeat communism will be established in this nation, building a solid foundation for national security. Though politicians change, the formation of this grassroots foundation will never be interrupted.

Nonetheless, we must not be satisfied with that. We need to connect our home-based, grassroots foundation with the Victory over Communism foundations in other countries. In so doing, we can form an international united front under the International Federation for Victory over Communism. When this international front triumphs over communism throughout the world, we finally can liberate North Korea.


Formation of a front line through the International Federation for Victory over Communism

I returned to Korea at this time to perform this very task. I returned here in order to connect the chapters of the Victory over Communism movement in each nation to Korea and form a powerful international populist movement.

The reason we are holding a Victory over Communism rally here today is to urge the people of this nation to arm themselves quickly with the Victory over Communism teaching, both to save this nation and to help form an international front line through the International Federation for Victory over Communism.

I have suffered much persecution to get to this place today. The persecution was global, not just in one nation. Now the time has come for the people of this nation to open their eyes and see the results, namely, the foundation I have created. You need to embrace this great truth of God, which was born in Korea. This teaching does not belong to me; rather, it is Godís teaching and, at the same time, a principle that belongs to you and all humankind.

I welcome the seventy representatives of the Professors World Peace Academy from seventy nations who are here today. They are eminent scholars from around the world who support the Unification movement and the Victory over Communism movement. They have come to Korea at this time to support this rally and to strengthen the ties between the Victory over Communism members in Korea and in other nations.

When communism is completely eradicated from this world, the long- cherished desire of God and dream of humankind, a world of peace and freedom, shall be established on earth. We will also achieve the reunification of the homeland, which is the cherished hope of the Korean people.

For the sake of that day let all of us, all the people of this nation, unite together as one. Let us firmly resolve to overcome communism. Let us rise together, in one accord with the people of the world, to march forward and bring down communism!

I pray that Godís protection and blessings will be upon the Republic of Korea and upon all your families.

Thank you.



Our Homeland for the
Sake of the World

December 11,1985
Hilton Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Welcoming Banquet for True Parentsí Victorious Homecoming


Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for assembling here from all parts of the world, behind your various situations in order to welcome and encourage me on my return home. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for that. To see the beautiful mountains and skies of my homeland again, and to stand in front of you tonight, evokes emotions in my heart that are hard to describe.

You have come here tonight not to welcome an individual named Rev. Moon, but to welcome a man who has dedicated himself for the Will of God and the ideal of living for others. It is this fact that makes todayís meeting a truly historical event.

Living for the sake of others is the starting point of the ideal

Living for the sake of the other is the basis for the order of the universe. It is the basis for a world of true ideals, true love, and true peace that is Godís ideal of creation and also the desire of men and women. The starting-point of our ideal, and the starting-point of happiness and love, is found in living for oneís counterpart. If we look at the universe, there is not one single thing that exists only for itself.

The mineral world exists for the sake of the plant and animal worlds, the mineral and plant worlds exist for the sake of the animal world, and the whole of creation exists for the sake of human beings. Then for whom do human beings exist? We exist for the sake of God.

God created all things and enables them to grow and develop for the sake of others. It is a basic law of the universe that a man is not born into the world as an end unto himself. Rather, he is born for a woman. The same is true for a woman. From the moment a husband and wife are married, each spouse should live with the thought: ďI was born for you, I live for you, and I will die for you.Ē The couple that does this can be called an ideal husband and wife.

Living for others is a fundamental law of the universe. It is from this point that true love begins. All beings exist for other beings. A truly dutiful son or daughter lives for his or her parents. The love of true parents, the filial piety of true children, and the love between a true husband and wife all begin with living for the other.

If we extend this principle, we can conclude that true people live for the sake of the nation, and a true ruler lives for the sake of his or her people. We can all find true happiness if we live according to this principle. Since this is the law governing all beings in the universe, when true human beings that have lived for others enter the kingdom of heaven, or paradise, the world where God lives, they will find that same rule of living for others applies there.

This is the reason all religions teach service and self-sacrifice, and that genuine love is to live for the sake of others. A person who lives for others naturally arrives at the central position and commands respect. For example, if the youngest son in a family generously gives of himself to the other family members, he naturally becomes the focus of their love and captures their affection and admiration.

Living for others does not stop with the individual. If the family lives for others, it can establish the family heaven. If we extend this principle to the nation, we can realize the national level heaven. On the world level, when the whole of humankind lives for others, then we can realize the ideal world of harmony and happiness. In this way we can bring about heaven on earth.

America has forsaken Godís Will

The ideal world is an eternally unchanging world where God is the Parent and we as His children are brothers and sisters living for each other in a harmonious family of humankind. In order to realize this world, a man was sent as to lead Godís providence. He is called the Messiah or Savior. In this world where true love does not yet exist, he comes to show the way to build the highway of love.

Jesus came as the Messiah on the foundation of Judaism and the nation of Israel in order to save the world. While he was trying to awaken them to live for the sake of the world, they rejected him and nailed him to the cross. Jesusí hope was that his religion of Judaism and his nation of Israel would live for the world. However, they desired a God and a Messiah who existed only for their sake.

The resurrected Jesus spiritually guided Christianity as it expanded throughout all nations. The United States is the nation God has chosen to represent world Christianity. It should center on God and take the leading role for the salvation of the world. The United States has the mission to spread the Christian spirit and Christian ideals. The blessings God gave the United States are not for the sake of the United States alone. They are for the sake of the whole world. The United States does not exist for itself, but for all people.

Knowing that this view reflects Godís innermost heart and providence, I felt compelled to go to America. For the last thirteen years I have been working without ceasing to awaken that nation. While attempting to deal with the circumstances resulting from the Second World War, America often forgot its mission to work for the whole world. When America failed to live up to Godís expectation, the foundations of the free world were shaken. Numerous problems arose within the nation, including racial problems, drug abuse, immorality among young people, the destruction of the family, violence, crime, and communist infiltration.

There might be numerous causes for these problems, but ultimately it comes down to Americaís spiritual and moral weakness. ĎGod had hoped for the appearance of an American man, who with his family could together totally dedicate themselves for the sake of the world, and raise America to become a country exemplifying the principle of living for the sake of others. In reality no such individual or family could be found, and hence the foundation of the nationís faith is shaky. God called me from Korea to America to fulfill this goal.

The uncharted path of submission to Heavenís Will

The mission that God has given me is not something that I may relinquish as I wish or abandon when things do not work out. My mission in America was to continually search for a prepared foundation and to awaken those people to reality. However, instead of repenting, America rejected me.

Nevertheless, despite the severe persecution and derision I experienced during my thirteen years in the United States, I worked to create loving individuals, families and communities. I made it my task to build up new people who would be able to live for the sake of the world.

God does not want people to just believe in God. God wants us to fulfill our responsibility. Because I know Godís Will so clearly, I have dedicated my entire life to the accomplishment of this heavenly mission.

In the first place, during the last thirty years I have gathered scholars from all over the world in order to teach them this God-centered thought and make it universally known. As a result, I was able to establish a secure foundation in one hundred nations. Second, since the kingdom of heaven is not composed of spiritual elements only, our movement invested a great deal of money and effort into technological and scientific development. We have since offered the fruit of these investments to the world. Third, I am building a global economic foundation for the realization of Godís Will. I have been researching developments in different areas, including how I could encourage international cooperation in monetary policy for human betterment.

Fourth, our members have established the World Media Association in order to provide society with honest and ethical journalism. In addition, we are promoting activities in numerous other fields, all of them directly related to the task of realizing Godís Will on earth.

As you know, in August I was released from prison in America. The case against me had been fabricated, yet throughout the thirteen months of my imprisonment I never stopped praying for the future of America and the world. I prayed for God to forgive America and help me fulfill my mission.

Even in prison, I initiated and directed countless events to rekindle the spiritual and moral foundations of the United States. Out of the Christian spirit of service, our church bought 250 trucks and donated them to churches for community service work. From prison I also inspired the inception of other new projects, including international professorsí conferences to discuss how to overcome communism, a movement for religious unity, a weekly news magazine, and a monthly magazine.

Even while receiving unprecedented persecution and facing unjustified imprisonment, centered on God, I loved America, and I did more for America than any individual, group, or religious denomination. While carrying out that heavenly mission, I walked a more unimaginable path, stained with blood and tears. Because it was a path to save the world as well as to save America, I went down this suffering path gratefully, and overcame it.

Since I received my calling from God, my life has been full of hardships. During the Japanese occupation of Korea I took part in an underground student organization and was imprisoned for my activities. When I was evangelizing in communist North Korea I was accused of being a spy and almost died in a labor camp in Hufignam. In the early days of my mission in South Korea I was held in Seodaemun Prison here in Seoul, accused of being a heretic. And, most recently, I was the object of racial and religious discrimination in America. In this way, my life has been a continuous string of hardships.

Despite the storms of opposition and persecution, I never wavered from the heavenly way of living for others. Now I have returned, having fulfilled the conditions of the providence. This victory is not my victory alone; it is also a victory for God and for righteousness. Do you think it was easy for me to gain such a victory while the whole world was coming against me? I am not trying to praise myself. If it hadnít been for God I would not have survived. I only glorify God.

Korea is the central nation of the providence

An unimaginable miracle is unfolding in front of us at this moment, and all of you have become partakers in this miracle. I hope you will treasure the memory of having been present at this occasion, commemorating this historically unique victory. I also hope that you will not be content to just be amazed by these accomplishments, but that you will try to find out the exact providential meaning of this event and connect yourselves to it, and take this opportunity to make a great leap forward in your own spiritual life.

I recommend this to you for your personal benefit, and also for your nation and your country. If Korea intends to become the leading nation in the world in a short time, it should not turn its back on the foundation I have laid. When we look from the standpoint of Godís Will, we see that the Korean people are a God-chosen people and that Korea is a central nation in Godís providence. You should provide the world with a model of living for others. Many historical and unknown events in Godís providence are intertwined and centered in Korea. This nation has the mission to take responsibility for the world, and for that it has set numerous spiritual conditions in providential history.

Although the Korean people are endowed with an excellent character and a fine culture, they have walked a path of incomparable suffering. Their suffering should be understood in view of Godís providence. The challenges and tribulations Korea has been experiencing are part of Godís providence, and God is waiting anxiously for the nation to overcome them.

East and West, North and South, converge in Korea. Idealism and materialism, theism and atheism, are all concentrated here. It seems that the whirlwind of ideas sweeping this country is the labor pain before the birth of a new era. Korea cannot solve its national problems apart from the Will and providence of God. Furthermore, Korea cannot overcome its difficulties on its own, but only in cooperation with the world.

In order for Korea to provide spiritual leadership for the world, Korea will have to overcome its difficulties by awakening to the Will of God and by following the person whom God has sent. My foundation and that of the Unification Church has been established by strictly following the Will of God and by completely living my life for others. Now the Unification Church and I have gained the victory and overcome all persecution. If the Korean people, on the foundation of my worldwide victory, live for the world, then Korea can overcome its own suffering and can also become a center of love, truth, and peace in the world. It will receive an even greater blessing than America received.

I am not a weak person. I will not rest on my past merits or yield before an unrighteous world. Even though the road may be long and the task of accomplishing the heavenly kingdom enormous, I will continue on my way.

Ladies and gentlemen, on this occasion, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your support and your faith in my innocence during my court battle in America. I pray for Godís eternal blessing upon your families and upon our homeland.

Thank you.


Godís Will and Korea

December 16,1985
Jamshil Indoor Stadium, Seoul, Korea
Rally for Global Security and Victory over Communism


My fellow citizens, distinguished guests, fellow colleagues working to defeat communism here at home and abroad, ladies and gentlemen:

I would like to express my deep appreciation that so many of you have come here today to participate in this rally, contributing your time at this most busy season of the year.

Korea is the focal point of Godís providence

The title of my message is ďGodís Will and Korea.Ē In it I want to clearly show that Korea is the focal point of Godís providence, and that the key to the solution of the problems of the world today is to be found on the Korean Peninsula.

Looking at the situation of the world at this time, all of us feel disappointment. In spite of humanityís cherished hopes for freedom, peace, and security, the world is becoming more and more confused every day. There seems to be no hope for the future of humankind. Despite the constant efforts of world leaders, the problems of the world are becoming more complicated and more difficult to solve.

No religion or philosophy, and no political ideology, whether democratic or communist, has proven capable of solving any of these problems. The reason is that none of them understands the Will of God. Because human history is the history of Godís providence of restoration, no fundamental solution to world problems is possible without understanding Godís providential Will.

God is promoting His providence for the world by focusing on the divided Korean Peninsula. Therefore we must understand the significance of its division. The Demilitarized Zone on the thirty-eighth parallel, which divides the peninsula, is the line of confrontation between the communist system of dictatorship and the free world system of democracy, between the left-wing forces on the side of evil and the right-wing forces on the side of goodness, between materialism and idealism, and between atheism and theism. From the standpoint of ideology and socio-political systems, we see that the world today is divided between the democratic world and the communist bloc, with the United States and the Soviet Union as their respective leaders.

The case of Korea is paradigmatic; it presents in a condensed form the division of the world. Put another way, the situation of the world is an expansion and elaboration of the situation in Korea. Herein lies the deep significance of Korea in Godís plan. Godís Will is first to accomplish the unification of the Korean Peninsula, which represents the world in microcosm, and then, by applying the same method to the world, accomplish the ideological and sociopolitical unity of the whole world.

The thirty-eighth parallel and the confrontation between Hebraism and Hellenism

The thirty-eighth parallel is providentially significant in another way too; it marks the separation and confrontation of two civilizations. One is the Judeo-Christian culture inherited from the Hebraic tradition of Israel; the other is the communist civilization, which is a debased residue of Hellenistic culture. Had Jesus been able to go to Rome, he was to have united Hebraism and Hellenism. Jesus was to have been the center for their unity, but because he was crucified, the center for their unity was lost. As a result, Hebraism and Hellenism have coexisted in history. They developed along parallel lines, sometimes one predominating and sometimes the other, without being truly united. Today they confront each other across the Demilitarized Zone. It is Godís Will that these two currents should unite on the Korean Peninsula. Understood in this light, this line of tension is of great providential significance.

Geopolitically speaking, Korea is at a disadvantage because it is surrounded by four major powers. Providentially though, Korea has the advantage, in the sense that success achieved here can quickly be expanded throughout the world by the major powers. Thus we see Koreaís position as the focal point of Godís providence.

How does God intend to accomplish the unification of the Korean Peninsula? He will establish a central figure, and he will promote His providential Will by putting Godís love into practice. Godís love starts with love of neighbor, extends to love of country, and expands to love the entire world. Godís love is to love our enemies even on the worldwide level, transcending national interests. Godís love is to pray for oneís enemy and if necessary be willing to sacrifice oneís life for the sake of the enemy. Jesus, who two thousand years ago came as the Messiah, was the very hero of this love. Jesus loved his enemies even to the point of allowing himself to be crucified.

The thirty-eighth parallel is a national level cross As you know, two thieves were crucified with Jesus. The thief on the left accused Jesus, while the thief on the right testified to Jesus and defended him, admonishing the thief on the left. Thus, the thief on the right came to represent the side of goodness, while the thief on the left came to represent the side of evil, and in this way the crucifixion was the focal point in the confrontation between God and Satan. There is deep providential significance in the fact that Jesus, who was the way, the truth and the life, and who loved even his enemies, suffered on the cross with good and evil on either side. This reveals the principle of reconciliation and unity, centering on Godís love. It teaches us that the struggling and warring sides can be reconciled and united through sacrificial love. We can also learn from this the lesson that if we practice Godís love no matter how difficult the situation, we can lead any sinner to repentance.

We must also understand that the two thieves represent seeds that bear the fruits of good and evil that will confront each other at the consummation of human history. The appearance in the Last Days of the right wing, or the free world, as the side of goodness, and the left wing, or the communist world, as the side of evil, originated at the crucifixion of Jesus. Moreover, this confrontation between the two thieves is the prototype of many subsequent conflicts and struggles. The designations ďright wingĒ and ďleft wingĒ actually have their historical origin in the thieves on the right and the left of the cross.

The thief on the right, as he was dying, testified to Jesus and opposed the thief on the left. Consequently, after his death, he was resurrected and entered into paradise. This indicates that if the United States, standing as the thief on the right, maintains to the last moment a strong stance against communism, then it will receive Godís approval and will be able to enter the kingdom of heaven on earth.

The actual situation of todayís conflicts and struggles, whose prototype was the opposition between good and evil at the crucifixion, is intensely expressed by the current Military Demarcation Line across the Korean Peninsula. Therefore, the thirty-eighth parallel separating North and South Korea represents the cross that the Korean nation must bear in order to providentially redeem the divided world. The Korean nation corresponds to Jesus on the cross, even as it is the foundation for the Second Coming of Christ.

The Korean people are the offering of providential history

Why in working His providence did God put the Korean nation through the way of the cross? He did so to call its people to their mission. God called the Korean people because they have a tradition of reverence for God and because they have overcome long trials by the exercise of moral purity and their peace-loving spirit. God called them to become the sacrificial offering of providential significance for the purpose of saving humanity in the Last Days.

The Korean people, who have gone through hardships for several thousand years, have now become the sacrifice for the salvation of the world. As they bear the world-historical cross of the division of their nation, they will continue to face countless trials, which they must overcome.

The Korean people must realize that this is a glorious blessing for the Korean nation and at the same time a fearful and heavy burden. If they fulfill their responsibility as people who offer themselves as a sacrifice, they will receive a glorious blessing. If they do not, the heaviest misfortunes will befall them. A people will meet with misfortune if it is unable to fulfill its responsibility. A mission of providential significance, to be a sacrificial offering, has been laid on this nationís shoulders. In order to fulfill it, the Korean people have to practice love, and at the same time they need to know the truth of God.

Jesus, as the incarnation of love, said that he is the way, the truth and the life. He was the incarnation of love and truth when he was crucified. This means that love and truth are necessary to reconcile the good and evil sides and lead enemies to come together in repentance. The truth refers to Godís teaching of love, not secular truth. Godís truth is sent to earth as revelation and comes through providential persons. Godís truth is the absolute truth, an all-powerful key capable of solving even the most difficult problems.


Godism and the unity of love

I have encountered the living God through a lifetime of prayer and meditation, and have been given this absolute truth. Its remarkable content clarifies the hidden secrets of the universe, human life and history. When this truth is applied in society, social problems are solved, and when it is applied in the world, world problems are solved. The unanswered questions of religion are also resolved through this truth. In particular, when it is applied to evaluate communist theory, it brings to light communismís falsehoods and sets up a critique and counterproposal.

This is a new and previously unknown view of life, of the world and the universe, and of the providence and history. It is also a principle of integration that can bring the world into a unity while at the same time preserving the unique characteristics of all religious doctrines and philosophies. I have named this truth Unificationism or Godism, and have initiated the Unification movement and the Victory over Communism movement on a worldwide scale. They are now spreading like a wildfire.

So far I have explained that the practice of Godís love and the truth of God are necessary for the reconciliation and unity of all. The reunification of a divided Korea will surely be accomplished if we embrace those on the side of evil with love, while helping them understand the errors of their thinking by means of the truth that we on the side of goodness understand.

The principle of living for others is the way of Heaven

Now I will speak more concretely about love. To love is to bring benefit to oneís counterpart rather than oneself. Love is established when there is a mutual relationship between subject and object partners. Love emerges from oneís counterpart. Love cannot exist if there is no counterpart. All created beings are designed to benefit others; each exists for the sake of the other. Not only human beings, but also animals, plants, and minerals exist for the sake of others. Even entities at the atomic level exist for other entities.

Also each of the heavenly bodies moves for the sake of other heavenly bodies. In light of their physical structure, men exist for the sake of women, and women exist for the sake of men. Likewise, parents exist for the sake of their children and children exist for their parents.

This principle of existence for the sake of the other applies to oneís school, to oneís place of work, and to the nation. However, love must not be limited by the boundaries of a nation; people need to love the world beyond their own national borders and love their enemies on a worldwide level. Therefore, the principle of living for the sake of others, that is, the principle of love, is the principle of Heaven or the way of Heaven. If we practice the principle of love even in the midst of hardships, then we will be sustained by the power of the universe and will never perish. If a person lives a comfortable life without observing this principle of living for others, he or she will soon decline. The saying, ďThe one who disobeys Heaven will perish and the one who obeys Heaven will prosperĒ is a truth rooted in this heavenly principle.

Korea is bearing the cross on the national level. No matter how difficult it may be to unite this nation, Koreans have to practice living for the sake of others, as individuals, as families, as a society, and as a nation, in accordance with the way of Heaven. Let us unite with the center of truth and expand this to the international level. If we do this, we will hasten not only the unification of the Korean Peninsula but also the salvation of the entire world. This must be the lifestyle of Koreans, to be in accord with Godís providential Will. Not only will this promote the unity of North and South Korea; this method of unity will become the formula for the whole world to follow. Through this movement of love and truth, all the difficult problems of the world will be solved, humankind will be liberated from its long nightmare of sorrow and confusion, and everlasting happiness and peace will come for all.

Our homeland, Korea, has been deceived and made to suffer throughout history. There is no better way for us to go than to depend on God.

Spearheading the worldwide Victory over Communism movement

So far the Unification Church, the members of the Victory over Communism movement, and I have been making incredible efforts abroad to establish a victorious foundation on a worldwide level. Today I have returned to this country hoping that this victorious foundation may be connected to Korea, and that Korea may make a great leap onto the world stage.

I hope that especially you leaders of the Victory over Communism movement in Korea will be at the forefront in the fight against communism. I sincerely hope that you will extend your kind cooperation to members from other countries in ojder to make the connections of this foundation more secure.

Finally I pray that God will bless your families, our homeland, and the world.

Thank you very much.




Address at the Inauguration of the Citizens Federation for the

Unification of North and South Korea

May 15,1987

Little Angels Performing Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
Inauguration of the Citizenís Federation for the Unification of
North and South Korea


My fellow citizens, we are gathered here today to mark the founding of the Citizenís Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea. The reunification of our divided country has been our long-cherished hope and desire.

As Koreans, we are proud of our rich cultural heritage, exemplified by our unique language and its system of writing, our elaborate arts, and our long history extending more than five thousand years. Korea is noted for its exceptional historical continuity and ethnic homogeneity. Koreans have long inhabited this beautiful land in peace-loving communities. From the beginning, we knew that we were destined to live in unity, not in separation.

Despite this destiny, we now have experienced 42 years during which our people and our land have been divided. Our joy and gratitude at the time of our liberation in 1945 did not last long, as we fell into the tragic separation between North and South. How long will this national tragedy continue? Although the prospects for peace appear dim, does this mean we have to give up our hope for national reunification?

My fellow citizens, I declare with my full conviction that the time for the unification of our homeland is at hand. We are gathered here today to facilitate its coming through the founding of the Citizenís Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea.

Think for a moment how Korea was able to obtain its liberation in 1945. There were two prominent factors: One was the sacrifice and dedication of those who gave their lives for the restoration of our independence; the other was the global situation with the defeat of Japan at the conclusion of World War II.

The unity of the homeland today must come in the same way. The international communist movement of the past seventy years is now in its final phase. The decline of the Soviet Union and the countries under its domination is evident for all to see. They can no longer conceal their record of failure and deception. The fall of communism will be linked, without a doubt, to the fall of Kim II Sung. This will be a factor that will facilitate the unity of our homeland.

Under the circumstances, it is most appropriate that we ignite the flame of a movement for unification, and elevate this movement by our faith in Heaven. To do this, we need to strengthen our desire for reunification. It is said, ďWhere there is a will, there is a way.Ē It is also said, ďGod helps those who help themselves.Ē Without a will and a desire for unification that is strong enough to move the heaven and earth of the North, how can we possibly expect unification? This is the very reason we are organizing the Citizenís Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea today.

God or no God, the fundamental question

The thirty-eighth parallel not only marks the physical division of a people related by blood, it also designates a boundary between conflicting ideologies and value perspectives. It is because of this difference that, despite the fact that we all are descended from the same ancestral root, we fought against each other during the Korean War. This difference of values became an impenetrable wall that separated the brothers and sisters and severed the relationship between parents and children.

What is the basic difference between these conflicting value perspectives? It is faith in God versus the denial of God. The value perspectives that confront each other are theism and atheism.

The fundamental tenet of communism is the denial of God. There are no absolute values in communism because it rejects the idea of God and hence does not espouse any standard of good and evil. From these beliefs, one can easily derive the principle that the end justifies the means for the cause of communist revolution.

Communist theoreticians claim that communism is a science and use this claim to justify the denial of God and all religions. They denounce faith as superstition and declare that religion is the opium of the people. But did science in the twentieth century in fact render religion, faith and God obsolete?

The answer is no. On the contrary, science reveals that communism itself is a nineteenth-century superstition. Science in the twentieth century is serving as a witness to God by overthrowing communismís false view of the cosmos. The cosmos in the nineteenth century was seen as composed of absolutely solid particles that could not be divided into smaller units. Based on this concept, communists expounded their fundamental philosophy of materialism, saying that the universe essentially is composed of material.

However, the physics of the twentieth century has overturned this false view of the universe. Physics has revealed that in actuality, material is intangible energy and the physical universe and energy are compatible and interchangeable. A growing number of scientists today are of the opinion that the emergence of the universe was not an accident merely resulting from some autonomous laws of causality. They leave open the possibility that there was a primary act of will. This primary cause in science is what religion calls God.

The Creator of the universe is a God of intellect, emotion and will. We were formed in His image, and He finds delight in the flow of love to and from us. To experience joy through loving relationships with His children is the very reason God created. It follows that denying the existence of God is like denying the existence of oneís parents. All values in human society begin from recognizing and establishing a filial relationship with the Creator. Science itself verifies that communism has no basis upon which to provide a value perspective. Hence it is destined to disappear.

The brutality and inhumanity of communism

Communism regards people merely as machines, as matter in motion. This is the obvious and inescapable conclusion of communism, which denies God. Labor is the communistsí god, and people are merely a higher-stage animal evolved from apes that learned to use tools. They believe that it was through labor that language developed, and then reason. Through this process, apes became human beings. In short, they argue that labor is god and human beings are evolved animals.

In communist society a person is just a tool for use in the revolutionary struggle. Human beings have value only when achieving this end; otherwise they are worthless. This is why people in communist society are treated as subhuman. The record shows that communist governments annihilated more than 150 million innocent people in the seventy years following the Russian Revolution.

Humanityís dignity arises from the fact that we are the children of God, the Creator. In other words, our value originates from the fact that we have divinity, endowed by God. Therefore, to harm someone is in effect harming God, and to love someone is to love God. Each and every person is an individual embodiment of truth created by God. Every human being is a substantial manifestation of God Himself, and our life is eternal just as God is eternal.

The greatest sin committed by communism in regard to humanity is that its ideology denies God. Next, it considers people to be merely higher animals or moving matter, that is, machines. That is why countries espousing communism systematically deny human rights and human dignity.

We see the confrontation of these two conflicting value systems on the Korean Peninsula and in many other regions of the world. Unless this confrontation is resolved in a way applicable to the entire world, the problem of communism cannot be resolved and our hope for Korean unification is an illusion. Hence, to resolve the issue of Korean unification, it is essential to resolve the world problems, and vice versa. This is because the solution for Korea and for the world is the same.

I have been expounding the proposition that Godism, an expression of Unificationism, will resolve the conflicting value systems in the world today. Godism aims to clarify the existence of God and basic God-given human rights. Godism is indispensable if we are to free the communist world from its distorted vision and liberate Europe and America from secular humanism and decadent materialism. Our movement for unity must be grounded on this system of thought, which provides us with a new formulation of values.

In the confrontation between these conflicting value perspectives, our primary goal must be to pursue unification based on the principles of freedom and democracy. Unification has no meaning without these principles. Freedom is a sacred and inalienable right endowed by God. Our brothers and sisters in North Korea have this same right, despite being deprived of it for more than forty years. If the reunification we achieve is one through which they too can enjoy freedom, it can be called true unification.

We must learn from the experience of Vietnam. It is entirely wrong to consider that Vietnam is now unified. On the contrary, I tell you that Vietnam has been placed in servitude to the Soviet Union. Millions of Vietnamese have been purged, and boat people still take to the high seas at the risk of their lives. Vietnam now ranks as one of the poorest nations in the world, with its per-capita income at less than one hundred dollars per year. Truthfully speaking, no one can say that Vietnam has been unified.

Our brothers and sisters in North Korea thirst for liberation, and our movementís work on a global scale is the only way to accomplish it. We must strive diligently on behalf of our brothers and sisters who live under the darkness of communist rule in North Korea while longing for freedom and happiness.

The North Korean regime has been propagating its own unification tactics and strategy. It declares that South Korea must be liberated from the rule of U.S. imperialists and that the people of the South eventually must unite with the Juche, or self-reliance, ideology of Kim II Sung. The obvious result of such a strategy is that the rule of Kim II Sung and his son will subjugate the people of the South under their own banner of unification.

For forty years, the North Korean regime has been pushing for unification under the guise of various so-called peace offensives. Despite this constant pressure and the threat of armed invasion from the North, South Korea has achieved remarkable economic growth and has attained a prominent place in the international community. South Koreaís gross national product now exceeds the Northís by a ratio of five and a half to one. At the end of 1985, the South ranked twentieth in the world in terms of GNP and twelfth in trade volume.

South Korea will be far superior to the North in economic and military strength by the time of the Seoul Olympics in 1988. Therefore before Kim II Sung dies, North Korea, in desperation, might seek to achieve unification by armed aggression. No one can deny that they might mount a military threat and even try to harass the Olympics. North Korea will employ all kinds of schemes with the purpose of halting the Southís progress, and they are of the opinion that, if the Olympic Games go through successfully, their chance of uniting the Koreas by armed aggression, which they believe in almost religiously, will disappear forever. In order to stop the Seoul Olympic Games, North Korea, using propaganda and other tactics to confuse South Koreans, will strive to heighten anxiety and tension on the peninsula, creating political confusion in the South.

Taking the ideological offensive with head-wing thought I declare with complete confidence that the next twelve years will be a decisive period. Hence, our gathering today for the founding of the Citizenís Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea is of great significance in the history of our nation.

What is to be done? Our task is not simple or easy. In the first place, we need to empower ourselves by formulating a new value system appropriate for the process of reconciliation and unity of our people. The free world, including the United States, is now revealing its main weakness, which is the lack of a guiding ideology. This void is the result of material affluence, a confused sense of values, and secular humanism spreading its influence. Because of ideological confusion, the free world has retreated again and again. Exploiting this weakness, the communist world continues to expand its hegemony.

The Third World War will be a war of ideas. Military power alone will not defeat communism. Rather we need to strengthen our ideological stance, and only Godism can accomplish this task. Falsehood can be conquered only by the truth. The weapon needed for this is none other than Godism. From now on, unless the free world arms itself with Godism, that is, Unificationism, and assumes the ideological offensive, it cannot win over communism.

To fortify the thinking of our people, the Citizenís Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea has to be in the vanguard. Godism is strong; it offers the resources needed to liberate our brothers and sisters in the North and all people suffering under the yoke of communist rule. While alerting the world to the dangers, the Godism movement also motivates people through a spiritual awakening, which will turn them away from the self-indulgence, immorality and corruption rampant in the affluent free world.

I sponsored the first mass rally based on Godism in 1976. This historic event was held in Washington, DC, the capital of the United States. There I openly declared that our next venue for a meeting on Godism would be in Moscow. I am thoroughly convinced that Godism can free the Soviet Union from communism. So I ask: What delayed the disintegration of communism up to this point? Communismís end is delayed because we cannot offer an alternative; we have been unable to arm ourselves with a strong thought system.

I strongly urge that we quickly initiate this new movement in Korea and expand it to the international level. We need to be armed with Godism; otherwise we cannot overcome communism or Kim II Sungís so-called Juche ideology.

I call our Godism movement the head-wing movement, in contrast to the left- and right-wing movements. True world peace requires head-wing thought, because conventional left- and right-wing theories both are self-centered and power-oriented. Self-centeredness breeds conflicts of interest, and this continuously diminishes our ability to create peace and unity. We need to bring forth a new world ideology that will overthrow egoism. Altruism emanates only from Godís providence of love, because God is the essence of love. Just as the mind controls the whole human body and its functions, so Godism, the head-wing thought, is superior to right- and left-wing thought. The right and left arms are part of the whole body; yet without the mind in the center, they fight each other and the whole configuration is paralyzed and unable to function. However, once the mind takes its place as the ďhead-wing,Ē both arms become part of one united entity, serving the entire body following the commands of the mind.

With Godism, or head-wing thought, let us move toward the goal of achieving the unification of our homeland. Our aim is neither the invasion of the North nor the indoctrination of the South; it is to bring about unity and interdependence based on a true value system and armed with the head-wing principles.

Increasing our passion and power

We need to develop a passion for unification, because passion is what turns belief into practice. This passion for unification must be elevated and turned into the driving force of a faith-based movement. I believe God will help us when we all are united in this movement and when we pledge our full dedication and sacrifice to support it.

Without sacrifice on our part, our passion is mere rhetoric. As one project of the Citizenís Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea, I am planning to build a prayer center for unification as well as a center for unification training, near the thirty-eighth parallel. There we can project our fervent desire for unification to the lands north of the thirty- eighth parallel.

Further, we need to be increasingly vigorous in our movement for unification. Our proposal for unification is a peaceful one, and to carry it out, we need to cultivate our abilities in every field. Vigor and resourcefulness are mandatory in order for us to penetrate the barricades of the Juche thought created by Kim II Sung, which keeps North Korea one of the worldís most primitive and closed societies. Only when Kim is convinced of the power of our thought system will he be persuaded to listen to our proposal.

As we have seen, formulating a new value system and arming ourselves with Godism are prerequisites for our movement for the unification of the peninsula. We also need to increase our national power and raise our international status. An important part of this is for the Republic of Korea to construct an advanced democratic society.

True democracy is the way to defeat dictatorship and personality cults. We find in Abraham Lincolnís Gettysburg Address the eternal ideal: ďgovernment of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.Ē The democratization of our nation is therefore a topmost priority.

Next, we must take the initiative in promoting and facilitating international support for this movement for unification. We need to make haste and arm ourselves with this ideology worldwide, and win support from our allies, such as the United States and the neighboring powers of China and Japan. We also need to motivate the Soviet Union to convince the North that it can no longer remain closed, and to support peaceful unification.

It is our hope that under the pressure of democratic development in the South, the regime in the North will renounce communism and become a willing partner in the unification of our homeland. Kim II Sungís power may fade quickly once this process begins.

The need for international efforts

You are aware of the fact that, from early on, I made our world headquarters in the United States and educated the free world ideologically. I have created several media companies, including The Washington Times, and educated media professionals throughout the world. I have given direction to professors in universities around the world, led student movements in various nations, brought together veterans including retired generals, and commenced a movement to unite the nations of South America. What is more, for a long time I have personally led a movement to unite the worldís religions.

You can see that I have devoted all my energies up to the present to support the United States and Japan, and to lay a foundation in every nation in Europe and South America, and now I can finally invest in China. I have done my utmost to achieve this end in order to create the international conditions for the liberation of North Korea.

As you well know, Koreaís geopolitical situation is delicate. The interests of four great powersóthe United States, Japan, China and the Soviet Unionóall converge on the Korean Peninsula. We must consider these four powers in relation to our movement for unification. Otherwise the unification of our homeland cannot be realized. By carrying out education on the international stage, and through my success in various other fields, I have moved people and societies in a positive direction.

Today, on the basis of this success, we are opening a new chapter in this movement. Yet we must not think that we can carry out this movement single-handedly. To repeat, international cooperation and support are imperative. The Citizenís Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea therefore needs to develop into an Asian Federation and eventually into a World Federation for its ultimate success. This is the long-cherished hope of all humanity and of God.

Let us march forward to victory

My fellow citizens, we are obligated to take on this task of unification because of its extreme significance to the nation, as well as to the world. Men and women of devotion and dedication are calling us to take up this historic duty. You are gathered here today to take part in the founding of the Citizenís Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea.

The founding father of our nation, Tangun, built the foundation for the first community in this land. He established a standard for human value under the golden adage, ďworship heaven and love people.Ē The essence of Godism evolved from this spirit. Thus, Godism originated from our land.

I have already pointed out that Koreaís problems are a reflection of the worldís problems, and that the solution to the worldís problems is essentially linked to the solution of Koreaís problems. This implies that Korea will provide a solution for the world. This is very true, for Godism is not only the solution for the unification of Korea, it can also serve as a means for freeing all people from communism and secular humanism.

My patriotic fellow citizens: Let us march forward, armed with Godism, the new value system, and the new head-wing thought. Let us imbue our yearning for the unification of North and South Korea with spiritual fervor and set our passions aflame, so that we can even break through walls of stone. We are standing at the forefront of a great historical transformation. Let us have the self-confidence and determination to unite North and South Korea with our own hands. Our victory will shine in the eternal history of our people. Let us go forward, in accordance with the Will of God, to build the Citizens Federation into a practical foundation that will help the world.

With vigorous faith, we now solemnly declare that we accept this calling to become the vanguard of the movement for unification. Let us unite all our energies and march forward until the day our dream of the unification of South and North Korea is achieved.

I pray that God may bless you and your families abundantly.

Thank you.



True Peace in Our Time, the
Reunification of Korea, and
East-West Cooperation

February 2,1990
Lotte Hotel, Seoul, Korea
Second Summit Council for World Peace and
the Eighth Association for the Unity of Latin America Conference


Mr. Chairman, distinguished former heads of state, prime ministers, honorable legislators and ambassadors, ladies and gentlemen: I am pleased and honored to welcome you to Korea for this important conference.

I am very glad that we are gathered together for the second Summit Council for World Peace with the theme of the reunification of Korea and East-West cooperation. Furthermore, I am very happy that, together with this summit conference, we are convening the eighth conference of the Association for the Unity of Latin America, commonly known as AULA, which has a tremendous record of achievement in bringing about harmony and unity in Latin America during the past seven years.

I truly feel that the timing of this conference is very significant. This is the beginning of 1990 and the new decade of the nineties. In ten years, we are going to usher in the year 2000. In our lifetime we will witness the beginning of the new millennium. We must feel the tremendous importance of living in this time, of not only witnessing dramatic changes in human life, but also actually shaping those events.

It is a hope shared by all of us that the new millennium will be characterized by true peace. For that to be so, the next ten years will be challenging and demanding. These organizations gathered here today, the Summit Council for World Peace and AULA, have a very important part to play for the next ten years. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to you for the work you have already done for the achievement of peace. At the same time, I would like to challenge you to become champions of peace in the new decade.

The transition from confrontation to constructive engagement The period between the close of the Second World War and the present, roughly forty years, can be viewed as the age of confrontation between two camps with diametrically opposing ideologies. We have witnessed numerous conflicts between peoples and between nations, accompanied by an escalating arms race. There really was not a moment when people could have a feeling of peace in their hearts.

Then, in 1985, Mr. Gorbachev came to power in the Soviet Union and began to initiate a series of changes. He encouraged greater freedom of expression within the Soviet Union, undertook a restructuring of the Soviet economy, and perhaps most significantly, repudiated the Brezhnev Doctrine. Within a short time, dramatic political changes within the Soviet bloc became a daily occurrence. In the past few months we have seen the democratization of Poland, followed by Hungary, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and finally Romania. These events culminated in the crumbling of the Berlin Wall, the symbol of confrontation between East and West. With that, a new era of reconciliation has dawned.

I would like to extend my heart-felt appreciation to President Gorbachev for his courage and leadership in bringing about these constructive changes, which have enabled us to enter this new era of cooperation. I am committed to support the Soviet Union in its genuine desire to uphold individual human dignity, to bring about economic reform and, most importantly, to establish religious freedom.

As you may already know, I am also committed to working with the Peopleís Republic of China. This giant nation comprises one fourth of the worldís population. Certainly we cannot talk about world peace without taking into account the well-being of the 1.3 billion Chinese people. To help in providing needed jobs, technology and income, I am now building in China one of the worldís largest automobile assembly plants. This is another aspect of our effort to bring world peace.

Furthermore, as you may know, in 1981 I launched an International Peace Highway project. When completed, this highway will allow a family to drive from Tokyo to London. I am seriously discussing the project with the governments of Japan, Korea and China, and I hope that the Soviet Union will also welcome this project. Of course, this is a lofty dream. Every great undertaking begins as a dream. Not so long ago, no one could have even dreamt of people walking on the moon, yet with vision and hard work, it became a reality. So it will be with the International Peace Highway.

Overcoming the confusion of values between East and West

At this point, having shared with you my feelings of tremendous hope and optimism for the future, I feel that I must also address what I consider a dangerous tendency by some people to celebrate the advent of peace prematurely. Although the Berlin Wall has fallen, significant difficulties remain in both camps. The leading nations of the free world, along with their vast material wealth, are beset with moral decay. They have fallen victim to pervasive materialism, and the abuse of freedom is commonplace. The rise to near dominance of atheistic secularism in the West has brought with it the collapse of moral standards. As a result, western society is afflicted with serious social ills, among them the breakup of families, an epidemic of drug abuse, an increase in sexual immorality and disease, and widespread political corruption.

To put the matter simply, the current problems of both East and West ultimately come from the same cause, a confusion of values. The falsity of the Marxist value system has finally borne its fruit in the failure of the communist system. It is no secret that I have been ardently opposed to communism throughout my life. It is because I know that its militant denial of God and its belief that progress occurs through conflict can never lead to success in building a good society.

Through my own life experience I have come to know with certainty that God is real, and that the most important thing in life is true love. Human progress can come about only when we cherish God and give love the highest value. Lacking these, neither communism nor the free world is presently equipped to lead humankind toward a peaceful twenty-first century.

What we urgently need at the outset of this new decade is a true value system, one that can fill the vacuum created by the collapse of values in both the free and communist worlds. We must base that new value system on a worldview centered on God, namely, the ideology of Godism. Throughout my entire life, I have worked with members of all religions and denominations to spread the understanding of this God-centered worldview. This has made it possible to create numerous broad-based academic and interfaith organizations dedicated to the search for absolute values and the establishment of true peace. I have also established news media organizations, as well as institutions of art and education. I have prepared this entire global foundation to assist people like yourselves in your efforts to attain true world peace.

True world peace cannot be achieved unless the people share a clear value system. When values are clarified, humankind will no longer be in darkness. Godism allows each individual to clearly see the meaning and value of his or her life. Each person is then motivated to seek his or her spiritual wellbeing by living responsibly and serving others. This is the ultimate solution, the way to alleviate world suffering.

In other words, what our world needs today to save itself is a spectacular spiritual awakening. The world must be awakened into the reality of God and equipped with a worldview based on God-affirming principles. This worldview will enable us to eliminate the confusion in the value systems of both camps.

Awakening our awareness of higher values will transform the nature of the relationships between nations. The desire for personal profit has played too large a role as a driving force for economic development. It has unleashed a great amount of human potential, and we have witnessed remarkable development on a global scale. Nonetheless, we have to balance the desire for profit with the fundamental understanding that all people are the children of God.

The way to reunify Korea

We are all brothers and sisters. The purpose of our life on earth is not to amass material goods. We are alive in this world so that we can develop and perfect our eternal spirit. The only way to do this is through the practice of true love, to live for the sake of others.

We need to practice true love on all levels of life, including relations between nations. The developed nations of the world need to believe that God blessed them for the purpose of helping others. They must be willing to sacrifice for the developing nations of the world. If the prosperous nations do not think beyond the desire for profit, their very desire for prosperity will result in their prosperity slipping away.

Today, the interests of the key nations of China, Japan, the Soviet Union and the United States converge on Korea. At the time of the Korean War, people of many nations made the supreme sacrifice to determine the future of this peninsula. We have gathered here today in the same spirit of concern. It is entirely appropriate that political leaders from around the world have come here to discuss the issue of Korean unification. Historically, this is more than a national issue. It involves the entire international community.

I would like to suggest a few guidelines, which I hope you will consider in your discussions about the unification of Korea. With regard to North Korea, there are several prerequisites to the process of reunification. First, North Korea must abandon its plans for military conquest of the South. Second, they must put an end to their extreme isolation and open their society to the world community of nations. Third, they must carry out their own version of glasnost, thereby giving their people the most important freedom, the freedom to worship as they desire, and they must put a stop to the deification of their leader.

Only then will North Korea be ready to undertake effective economic reforms. As North Korea begins to cooperate with South Korea and the other nations of the world, it will become increasingly evident to its leaders that unless they give people realistic hope for a better life, as well as incentives and freedoms to achieve it, it will be virtually impossible for them to increase their productivity.

I want to emphasize, however, that there must also be change in South Korea. South Korea has been experiencing an unprecedented wave of prosperity. This prosperity must be seen for what it is, the blessing of God, and it must be shared with others. We the people of this nation must now be ready and willing to embrace our brothers and sisters in the North, and help to alleviate their suffering. In the same way, the free world must now totally support the initiatives toward freedom made in Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and China. The two worlds of democracy and communism must reconcile as bothers as did Jacob and Esau

The Bible tells the story of two brothers, Jacob and Esau. Though they were both destined to play an important part in the providence of God, there was a great conflict between them. Jacob was blessed by his father, yet only because Jacob tricked him. When Esau learned of this, he wanted to kill Jacob, and Jacob had to flee. It was only after they had lived separately for more than twenty years that Jacob returned with gifts and with love in his heart for Esau. When the two brothers met after this long period of separation, Jacob approached Esau and said: ďto see your face is like seeing the face of God.Ē (Gen. 33:10) They forgave each other and embraced in tears. Esau no longer wanted to kill Jacob, but to live with him, share with him and learn from him.

Today the free world stands in the position of Jacob. The communist world stands in the position of Esau. Many communist nations, such as Cuba and North Korea, have been taught that, like Jacob, the free world has stolen the blessing from them. Like Esau, in the past they wanted to destroy the nations of the free world. Like Jacob, for many years, the free world has wisely stayed militarily strong and avoided falling into a position where the communist world could destroy it.

However, I believe that now the time has come for the free world to reconcile with the communist world. When we see our brothers and sisters who have been suffering for many years under the communist system, we must see in them the face of God. We must support them, comfort them, fill them with confidence, and allow them to enter the world community of democratic nations.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope your deliberations during the next two days will be productive and rewarding. I am certain that because of such efforts as these, Korea will transform into one unified nation well before the end of this decade. On behalf of the sixty million Korean people of both the North and South, I want to express my gratitude for your having come here. I pray that your efforts will be fruitful.

God bless you. Thank you very much.


True Love and the World of Unity

April 30,1990

Suanbo Waikiki Hotel, Chungju, Korea
Welcoming event for True Parentsí homecoming
from the victorious Moscow rally


If I were to give a title to todayís speech, it would be ďTrue Love and the World of Unity.Ē The word ďunityĒ denotes a value desired by all people, regardless of whether they are high class or low class, good or evil. It is a term that will remain forever as long as humanity continues to exist. Moreover, it is not only human beings who desire unity; all created things and even God desire it.

In the human world the standard by which something is measured as true inevitably changes over time, and everyone has desires that are almost impossible to achieve. This applies in all parts of the world, in the East and the West. The reality is that human beings without exception cannot suppress their aspiration to have the best and be the best.

Given that people have such great aspirations, what do they seek as their absolute truth? For a man the absolute truth is a woman, and for a woman it is a man. For parents the absolute truth is their children, and for children it is their parents. And for God the absolute truth is human beings, and for human beings it is God.

Any words that are spoken in the original world are those of the ideal. This is because a true man and true woman have true love that unites everything, and their true love unites even human beings with God.

Consider the meaning of true love. Upon it rests the absoluteness of a man and a woman, and they try to obey it even at the risk of their lives. Even the absolute God sets true love as the highest and most precious ideal, the center of absolute values. Therefore, God also desires to live in absolute obedience to true love.

Accordingly, when a couple marries, they pledge their desire to live with absolute obedience to true love. Their commitment to each other in marriage is the center of absolute values for the man and the woman on the horizontal plane, and by it they can possess Godís true love, which is His vertical center of absolute values.

Herein lies the cause and purpose for human beings being born and living their lives, as well as Godís ideal of creation. When we expand this consideration to human history, we find that the solution to all our issues, including our view of life, view of the universe and view of God, can be found at the place where a true man, a true woman and God are united absolutely as one, centering on true love. This is the origin of absolute values. I searched far and wide to find what could fulfill human beingsí unlimited desires in this world. I found that true love was the only thing that could do it. Among the many kinds of love, what love can do so? Only true love.

Rev. Moonís Unification Church teaches that practicing true love can save the world. The teaching of true love is life-giving; it is what human beings need for eternity. For true love, challenges and obstacles do not pose a problem. Within true love resides the power to go on, even at the risk of oneís life.

However, when you look at human history up to now, there has not been one person who has achieved true love and the world of unity. This is because of the human Fall. Although people desire unity, they do not really know where the motive for this desire comes from. But you need to know it. The motive for true unity does not lie in the otheróin my wife or my husband, my sons or daughters, my relatives, my nation, or heaven and earth. It lies within me.

I have laid a global foundation in various fields and connected it to my own foundation. In particular, knowing that this nation as well as the world would need the proper use of science and technology, I understood the value of connecting the Tongil Industrial Company in Korea with the state-of-the-art mechanical engineering of Germany and the cutting-edge electronics technology of Japan. I have been continuously making preparations in those fields. All my efforts to set up this international collaboration over the span of forty-five years since the Second World War have been for the sake of the Korean people, yet this nation and its people have shown no interest in it. Now, however, the time has come when Korea has no choice but to rely on me.

When you look at history, God and the devil have pursued completely opposite strategies. Godís strategy is that of being struck first, which eventually results in receiving compensation, whereas Satanís is that of striking first, which inevitably results in him suffering loss. Take a look at the history of the First, Second and Third World Wars. In each of them, the side that struck first was destroyed. This is true even in the Third World War, which has been a war of ideologies.

People like us, religious workers who stand in a public position, have been struck. History tells us that even Confucius was reviled. Very few saints were regarded as such during their lifetime. And what of Jesus? He was accused of being a rebel against the Roman Empire, and he was killed for it. Even though these saints in their own time died a wretched death, as the ages passed they were elevated to become the respected saints they are today. Being persecuted is a method to inherit the right to possess all that oneís enemies owned. That is why in the history of religion, progress takes place when one is persecuted. If you are a person whom God truly loves, heavenly fortune always protects you.

Ladies and gentlemen, true love, though invisible, is the most precious treasure. If we ask who among us is treasured, the answer is, it is the saints. The teachings of the saints are unchangeable. If a certain saint teaches righteousness on earth, that teaching remains. Even when he or she has gone to the spirit world, it does not change, because it is in harmony with the laws of Heaven.

Many Christians do not pay attention to the ways of history, which can be likened to the flow of water. They do not know what the origin is, or the nature of the great way of Heavenís law. Their eyes are blind, so why should anyone listen to their shouting? If they continue on their way, they are very likely to be run over by a speeding car at an intersection.

I have dedicated my whole life to pioneering this path in order to awaken them from their ignorance. So what do you think is the reason I have suffered so terribly? It was to find true love. Since God established His true love as the highest, absolute center, I have been trying to live in accord with it.

God is our Father and we are His children. Can a father tell his children to do something that he has not first done himself? That would be illogical and irrational. That is why, before God commands us to be absolutely obedient, He first was absolutely obedient. He had to do it before He could command us to do it.

True love, which even the living God desires to abide by absolutely, is the very thing that can conquer even hell. When you possess true love, you can absorb all sorrow and pain and transform them into joy. Where does this true love come from? It comes from the true love of God, which is its origin. It stems from there because God too desires such a love.

Try asking a man and woman, who are about to get married, what they hope for their spouse-to-be. In her heart, the bride will think, ďI wish for my fiancť to be better than me!Ē and the bridegroom also will wish for his bride to be better than he is. Likewise, parents all live with the hope that their children will grow up to be greater than them. These desires stem from God and center on true love. Given their basis in God, we can deduce that God desires for the object partners of His true love to be better than Him. This desire of His is the origin of our original nature. That is why God invests again and again. He created human beings to be the object partners of His true love.

The saying ďOf all the myriad things, human beings are the most precious,Ē is only too true. God created human beings because He needed object partners of love. That is why He also created all living things based upon the central model of human beings, so that all things can harmonize with and be embraced by human beings. It is all for the ideal of love.

When you study the created world, even in the mineral kingdom you will see that positive and negative interact. If you bring one element together with another randomly, they will not necessarily fuse. If their valences do not correspond, not even God can command them to react. God created even the elements in such a way. Interactions in the mineral kingdom, though at a more basic level, are reflections of the central model of the ideal form of creation, which is love. Through love, all elements communicate.

That is why, centering on the essence of true love, unfallen human beings can communicate with everything, from the heart of God to the animal kingdom to all things. When you enter such a state, you can communicate even with a stone. The problem is that you have not yet been able to enter that state. For people like us, when we enter this deep realm of mystery, we find that all things in nature are our friends. In the ecstatic state of love, when you laugh, all created things in the world and even God will harmonize with you.

Ladies and gentlemen! You have a spouse whom you love, donít you? How much do you love him or her? When you come to think of it, men were born because of women and women were born because of men. This is all because of true love, love for the sake of others. God designed men and women so that through their harmony they can achieve that ideal of love.

All created things in heaven and earth exist in pairs. Which among them would be the masterpiece, placed in that position by God Himself, to be the greatest object partner of His love? It is human beings.

The word ďwomanĒ came to be because the man was there first. And the word ďmanĒ is premised on the presence of woman. The word ďaboveĒ takes ďbelowĒ into account, and the word ďrightĒ can be used only after first recognizing ďleft.Ē Therefore, the word ďhorizontalĒ must be premised on the word ďvertical.Ē This is self-evident. The fact that you recognize these premises verifies that you exist within a realm of relationships, the realm of existence for the sake of others. This illustrates the fact that human beings and all things were created through true love, with the established purpose of living for the sake of others.

The true love of God is the love that invests and invests again, gives and gives again, and then forgets having done so. If you still cling to the memory of having given, love cannot circulate infinitely. Since love is engaged in an infinite motion, you should not linger on the memory of having given. When you give and give again and again continually without remembering having done so, life can flow.

God gives this love of infinite value from the position of the Father and forgets what He has given. Even if the sons and daughters who have received that love betray Heaven, He gives again. It is thanks to that endless love of God that you were able to come here today and sit in this audience.

Therefore we can conclude that the path of true love is not to have others live for oneís own sake. It is rather the path of living for the sake of others by unconditional giving. For this reason, when God creates the object partner of His love, He wants to live for His partner and invest everything He possesses one hundred percent, again and again. God, the Creator of heaven and earth, is the original central figure who possesses such a heart.

In living for the sake of others, true love gives everything, one hundred percent and one thousand percent, and creates a vacuum. It follows the logic of the atmosphere, in which an area of absolute low pressure automatically initiates circular motion by pulling air from an area of high pressure. In the same way, in a state where one tries to live absolutely for the sake of others, one is connected to infinite power. This is how God can exist eternally. This is how the process of giving and giving again, which is born of Godís original nature, can continue endlessly. This is the logic of eternal life; it springs from the path of true love.

Ladies and gentlemen, what is the main reason we desire to live today, tomorrow, for ten years, for a hundred years, for a thousand years and for ten thousand years? The reason is not for money. It is not for the nations in the world. The reason is for the true love of God, which is the absolute origin of unity.

In contrast to the true love of God, which is based on living for the sake of others, it is evident that the root of todayís human world is false love, which tells others to live for our sake. This is a consequence of the human Fall. Yet, it is logical that telling others to live for oneís own sake cannot bring about unity. This sacrifices the realm of relationships and eventually brings about its destruction. That is why the universe does not support a dictator. The one who destroys the ideal object partner is the devil.

The Unification Church has the mission of a healer. Its work is to cure people, and we are putting the cure into practice. Accordingly, the teachings asserted by the Unification Church, which is responsible for saving the world, must accord with this logic.

What is the logical basis for the proposition that unity is established by centering on true love? It is this: First there is God and then comes Adam and Eve, and although the man Adam is bigger and the woman Eve is smaller, everything works out when they possess God together. Even if Adam normally takes the initiative and Eve normally follows, what will happen when they both discover God and compete to take hold of Him first? Unity cannot exist when one asserts oneself over the other. However, if you think about it from the standpoint of living for the sake of your partner and living together with God, when Adam says, ďI am trying to take hold of Him first, but it is for your sake,Ē the smaller Eve will say to him, ďThen hurry up and take hold of Him!Ē Or if Eve says, ďI am trying to take hold of Him first, for your sake,Ē her husband will be delighted. They act this way because they have achieved unity.

As can be seen, the logic to unite the world, in heaven and on earth, can be discovered through Godís true love, living for the sake of others. This is how the Unification Church emerged.

I dispatched Unification Church missionaries to communist satellite countries and to the major cities of the Soviet Union as part of my preparations to save the people in those places. Those missionaries were subjected to extreme persecution, and some were even sentenced to death. They crossed national borders again and again as they followed me, even though they had never met me personally. As they walked to their deaths, they clasped their hands in prayer while facing the land of Korea to the east and said, ďI am departing!Ē Can you imagine the burden of heart I carried, being unable to hold them and save their lives?

Even though I knew the heart of Heaven, who pitied those who were suffering hardships and enduring anguish at the hands of the devil and who had become his prisoners, I still had to resolve to march forward day and night. I had learned based on the law of nature that communism would not prevail, and so I waited and waited. Finally the Soviet Union somehow came to recognize our truth about unity. They came to realize that it is indeed a great truth, the absolute truth that can plant new hope in the nation.

Ladies and gentlemen, although the harmony of great nations and the cosmos is a major goal, we must give priority to the matter of achieving harmony within oneself. We need to know that we have a master through-out our life, a leader who is closest to us, whom we must not exchange for all heaven and earth. Yet we are pitiful people, because we are ignorant of this fact and are living our lives as slaves to sin. That master is none other than our conscience. How many times has this conscience guided you? When you had evil thoughts, how much did it endeavor to drag you over mountains and across rivers, to say, ďyou slime!Ē and reprimand you unceasingly, night and day?

As you can see, though your mind is trying to take the form of the true owner and protect you, your body has betrayed you. The mind is your one, unique and precious teacher sent by the universe, but your body has treated its teacher with scathing contempt. What is more, your body has utterly violated the conscience, which stands as your parent to enable you to practice your original heart of love. Should you indulge this body, when it has become the enemy of your mind? No, you must not!

Do you try to protect this body, which has violated, neglected and contemptuously treated the conscience that is trying to defend you, or do you try to conquer it? Your conscience, second only to God, has the position of your owner, teacher and parent. It is trying to make you a righteous person. Can you conform yourself to God, who is the great Parent of heaven, the great Teacher of heaven and earth, and the great Owner of heaven and earth? When you as a person bring your body under the control of your mind, and can live for the sake of others, you will find happiness. God will dwell with you. That is why it is said that when there is harmony within the home, all goes well. For the home that is yourself to be at peace, your mind and body need to be united.

Ladies and gentlemen, love in todayís human world is love that centers on the self. It is not related to the mind, but only to the body. Your body is bound by the devilís anchor cable. Your mind is in the position of the plus, representing Heaven, and yet your body has become another plus and is manipulating the mind. Correcting this is our duty, and we must fulfill it in our lifetime. Knowing this, God created religions as repair shops. Religions convey Heavenís guidance that the body is more evil than the mind, and hence you should strike it forcefully. For this reason you are told to fast, to sacrifice, to serve others, and to be willing to lose your life for Godís sake.

A religious life consists of embracing the lifestyle of denying the bodyís desires and conforming to the wishes of the mind. We must do it for a period of three to five years or even more, until it becomes habitual. After that, we are told to pray without ceasing. Since the mind easily falls prey to external influences, you need to offer devotions from the midway position. Do that until you have gained three to four times your present power. Then you can use that power to drag your body around until it follows your mind out of habit. Other than these two methods, there is absolutely no way to repair yourself. Without going through the door of such mental training in religion, you cannot find your way to the original path for human beings. The path of philosophy, the path of knowledge and the path of trying to habitually following oneís conscience are not enough.

The body and the mind need to become one. The mind is vertical and the body is horizontal. If human beings had not fallen at the outset, their mind and body would have become one. The being that made it impossible for them to become one according to the ideal of God, is our enemy. It was the devil himself. The devil caused human beings to fall. It is said that the human Fall was due to eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but which part of their body did human beings cover up after eating that fruit? Did they cover the mouth or the hands? They covered the lower part of their body. It was with that part that they sowed the evil seed.

Human beings fell when they were in their adolescence, before they reached maturity. Once they planted the seed of evil, the lineage of evil spread down through history throughout the human world. So in the Last Days, young people in all parts of the world will flout the ethics of love, as did Adam and Eve, and follow the trend of moral degradation. This phenomenon tells us that the era when Satan exercises his full authority has come upon this earth. And when this comes to pass, the iron rod of Godís judgment will be upon us.

Look at todayís advanced nations, such as the United States, Japan and the countries of Europe. Who can stop the waves of free sex and immorality raging throughout the East and the West? As if it were not enough that people hedonistically seek to stimulate their senses with disordered love, now the world is filled with people who have become so degraded that they crave hallucinogens and narcotic drugs. Led by the body, these people are careening down paths toward death. There is no way the mind would desire to follow these paths.

The mind throws up its hands in despair. It laments that the calling of the conscience to guide human beings to the bosom of God on the great way of Heavenís law has ended unsuccessfully. Therefore, someone or something needs to lead humanity to the path of salvation. That something is the Unification Church. There is no other hope in the world.

The Unification Church is the place where God and human beings, and the mind and body, are united through the ideal of true love. Since God possesses true love, true life and true lineage, and since we come from Him, we too need to have true love, true life and true lineage. Human beings are born into a parent-child relationship with God, under His true love. So, just as the body and mind of God are naturally united through true love, our body and mind also should unite naturally through true love.

However, we have become fallen people who have inherited the love of Satan, the life of Satan and the lineage of Satan. Our body and mind are the battleground where Satan and God are constantly fighting. I, Rev. Moon alone have complete knowledge of this; therefore I cannot help but cry out about it.

Anyone who follows the teachings of Rev. Moon can make their body submit and unite with their mind one hundred percent. When you have done so and your mind and body are united, you can become the eternal object partner of God, the partner of His love.

Love possesses three great properties: the right of inheritance, the right to live together, and the right of participation. Therefore, when you stand in the position completely united with Godís absolute and unchanging true love, you inherit the right to live together with Him at all times. When this comes to pass, you enter a world of profound resonance where you can see God without closing your eyes. In that state, you may experience the sorrowful heart of God so intensely that while you are in the middle of going somewhere you suddenly stop and begin crying your heart out.

Even in the fallen world there are many cases in which a motherís love is so great that she knows when her child meets with an unexpected accident far away from home. It will awaken her from sleep, and she will sob and cry out the name of her child.

Because such power lies within love, when you become one in that love, the two worlds of matter and spirit dwell together and communicate with each other. To put it another way, when you reach the level when you are able to absorb the essential true love of God, the true love within you will proclaim that it will live for the sake of others for tens of thousands of years. At that point, you own one hundred percent of your body and mind. True love takes root in your heart so that you feel everything that God feels, and your body automatically resonates with that.

The body was created as a resonator centering on the true love that comes through the world of the mind, but you need to know how to enter the state of mind-body unity. This is the task we need to do in order to reclaim the essential true love of God, which remains to be fulfilled.

The logic of true love is that when we resonate with it, we enter the realm of equality and are able to say that Godís love is our love, Godís life is our life, Godís lineage is our lineage, and the created world under Godís ownership is our created world. Only when we have this heart, the heart of the father and mother embracing heaven and earth, can we be registered in the kingdom of heaven.

Knowing all this, I have lived my life climbing over mountains and crossing rivers with the heart to love the five races more than my own parents and brothers and sisters. Thus, I have elevated the Unification Church today to the highest position in the world, under the protection of heavenly fortune. Heavenly fortune comes to the place where true love makes its home. That place is also where the love of God dwells permanently.

That is why the members of the Unification Church, regardless of age or gender, esteem Rev. Moon. If you truly understand how piteous my life has been and how often I have shed tears spontaneously, you will receive revelations when you are in a state between sleep and wakefulness. You have no idea how spiritually enlightened you will become. Such a world will truly unfold for you when you embrace the Unification Church.

Ladies and gentlemen, look here! Why am I bringing together tens of thousands of young American men and women, most of whom are college graduates and some who have even masterís degrees and doctorates? They represent the worldís advanced nations. Through them I am bringing the five races together. Regardless of whether they are from Africa, South America, the East or the West, I am pairing them up for marriage.

Ladies and gentlemen, is there any issue more important in a personís life than marriage? Yet these people have entrusted me with this matter. I can only carry out this calling because I am so serious as to stake my life on it. I tell you, a new, revolutionary event is taking place in history.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen and instead had reached maturity, they would have become the object partners of Godís love, that is, His own loving spouses. Suppose a man and a woman get married, but on their wedding night a thief came and seduced the bride, and they eloped. Later, unable to forget her husband, the woman came back to him. Would the man just say, ďHello, welcome backĒ? No, his eyes would shoot fire at her. Yet this is Godís situation.

What is God, who is our ancestor, going to do? Though He wants to pour out His love upon this world, He cannot do so. He is restraining His aching heart, because evil has been planted there. So He waits for the day when the waters of evil will flood that place and destroy the evil world completely. With the coming of autumn, the immorality that was sown in the shadows is bearing abundant fruit in the form of depraved and suffering adolescents in all parts of the world. This is happening at this very moment.

Although human beings originally were to have become the sons and daughters of God, they instead became the sons and daughters of the enemy.

What I want to ask you is this: How many Christians know how wretched and painful is the heart of God as He looks upon human beings, who are engulfed by a misery from which there is no escape?

Ladies and gentlemen, true love takes the shortest and most direct route. The path of true love connecting God, Adam and Eve can only be a vertical line, for it is the shortest route to the horizontal. The path of true love between husband and wife connects from the east to the west and also follows the shortest route. There is only one intersecting point, and it is at a ninety-degree angle.

When a man and a woman reach maturity, they meet each other on the shortest horizontal route centering on true love. Godís vertical line and their horizontal line meet and form a right angle automatically. This point is where the vertical line and the horizontal line meet. It is the position of absolute value, the model, and the single central point that binds them together in true love.

However, because of the archangel, before Adam and Eve could reach maturity this angle was twisted, and this constitutes the human Fall. Due to the Fall, humankind inherited the lineage of Satan. This act of the devil was self-centered, self-focused, and is the root of extreme individualism. As a result, fallen human beings place themselves first in every situation. God, on the other hand, thinks always of the whole. Therefore, good people who resemble God live for the sake of the whole, whereas evil people who resemble Satan live only for their own sake. This is what divides heaven and earth, divides the kingdom of heaven from hell, divides good people from evil people, and divides public-minded people from self- interested people.

The corrupted path of love that aims to satisfy only oneís own physical body must be obliterated from this planet. Iím not talking about killing people, but about saving them. To use a biblical parable, people who have fallen and gone over to Satanís side are wild olive trees. But the human beings whom God has selected from among them are the wild olive trees of the religious realm, and they are under His ownership. That is why God can deal with them freely. He has prepared them for the time of the returning Lord. It will be easy to cut and engraft them onto the returning Lord, when he comes, in one fell swoop. Thus, they will become true olive trees, achieving their originally intended state.

In other words, people of faith need to find the True Father, for as wild olive trees they were born without having received his seed of life. That is why they have been unable to achieve the ideal as true sons and daughters connected to the lineage of God, centering on original true love. That is why the Messiah needs to come.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know who the Messiah is? The Messiah and his bride come as the True Parents. They pull out the false root of all who were born of the false parent, Satan, and guide them to their originally intended state. By doing so, they will expel Satan and build the kingdom of heaven of freedom and liberation, which all will welcome. They come with this enormous responsibility. Yet, are Christians today even thinking about this?

Then what kind of a being is God? He is the Parent of vertical true love. How close is He to us? When the unfallen, original True Parents, that is the Lord of the Second Advent and his bride, come to earth, the vertical line of God and the horizontal line of human beings finally will be able to come together at a right angle. I am educating people in the ability to create this right angle. When you come into the realm of true love resonance, you will be able to see heaven and earth clearly.

The reason Buddha was able to say, ďI am my own Lord throughout heaven and earth,Ē is that when you enter the core of that realm of resonance, all of heaven and earth is in your hands, God is inside you, and the law of nature is connected to you. When you enter the realm of true love resonance, you do not need religion and you also do not need a savior. You are liberated. Everything is finished and done with.

We have seen that one of the reasons God has carried out the providence of creating human beings was to find His object partners of true love. A second reason is so that God can dwell in a physical body. The physical body is important. People who dwell in the kingdom of heaven in heaven are sons and daughters who used to live in physical bodies. Therefore, God too needs to dwell there as the Parent who attained the form of a physical body.

When you ask what the form of this body is, the answer is that it is the internal form of the original Adam and Eve. Then the question is, where would God and the original Adam and Eve meet? The place where the love of God and the love of True Parents, the life of God and the life of True Parents, and the lineage of God and the lineage of True Parents come together in union is this right angle connecting the vertical and the horizontal, and no other. This is the point that establishes true love.

God is the vertical Parent of true love, and the perfected Adam and Eve are the parents centered on horizontal true love. When you are born inheriting the love, life and lineage of these two sets of parents, your mind becomes the vertical ďyouĒ and your body becomes the horizontal ďyou.Ē When this vertical ďyouĒ and horizontal ďyouĒ become one in unity, you become the eternal object partner of Godís true love.

For human beings, where is the starting-point of true love, the starting-point of true life and the starting-point of true lineage? Do not be surprised: It is the reproductive organs. Sadly, however, these organs through their misuse became the diabolical palace that destroyed the law of Heaven. They became the fountainheads of evil. They came to be seen as indecent and as the most evil things in heaven and on earth. However, ladies and gentlemen, as husbands and wives, do not your reproductive organs occupy a central place in your lives? Isnít it by means of them that you become fathers and mothers and then grandfathers and grandmothers? So why should they be considered indecent? This is because their misuse destroyed the law of Heaven.

That is why cities and nations that are immoral in the sight of God are destroyed. There was no other reason for the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone or for the destruction of Pompeii. They were destroyed because they did not uphold chastity, and thus drowned in immorality.

Do you know why the United States is going to ruin? I warned America early on. Do you know that there are reports of incestuous relationships, such as a grandfather sleeping with his granddaughter, or a father sleeping with his daughter even though he still lives with her mother? All the signs of the coming ruin in the Last Days are on display. Yet the advanced nations ignore the terrible fact that the time has come when they can be struck directly by the destructive forces that Heaven will bring upon them. This is why they need me and the Unification Church. Christians of the United States, Catholic or Protestant, can be united if they will only listen to me. I have the content by which they can do so. However, what is the attitude of these Christians? I have concerned myself with them and tried to save them, yet they have continued to treat me as an enemy. The Bible says that when an enemy comes to you and says he is hungry, you need to feed him, and it has been said that if you strike the people who raise a white flag after losing a war, you become the enemy of God. How, then, can Christians act in such a way?

Ladies and gentlemen, you must know this clearly. The point through which you can become the root of a united heaven and earth, where the mind and the body do not fight with each other, will be created within you just as it is in God Himself. This will come to pass when you become true sons and daughters who have inherited the love, life and lineage of God, and the love, life and the lineage of True Parents. By inheriting these you will become one with true love, living for the sake of others. Then unity within your families becomes possible. Then the quiet love of parents for their children will shine forth from you for tens and hundreds of years. God is such a Being, and you will be as well.

What am I instructing all the Unification Church members in the world to do today? It is to practice the truth of living for the sake of others again and again in accordance with the Principle of Creation. I am teaching you that, with the seed of new life, you need to penetrate this world in which the lineage of justice could not take root because the task of finding the ideal object partner of love was too difficult.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us all shed sweat for earth, tears for humanity, and blood for heaven, with the heart of a parent and in the shoes of a servant. Remembering the fact that we bear the historical cross of alleviating the sorrow of our Heavenly Parent, the great Lord and Creator of the universe, let us march forward on the path of world salvation!

Ladies and gentlemen, what will happen when the people of true unity spread out across the world? What will happen when the five races begin to live their lives investing again and again for the sake of this entire planet? What will happen when their investment extends for generations to come? Our banner will multiply and fly high, together with shouts of joy! Our world will become the kingdom of heaven on earth. Religion will no longer be needed. Nationalism will become obsolete. Even police will be unnecessary. When you become people of true love, you do not steal, even if you are told to. You naturally know it is wrong.

Our movement is the starting-point for unity based on true love, and will lead to the world of true unity. Let us march forward for this providence, on the true path of eternal life and under the direct dominion and protection of God and heavenly fortune!

You are not alone. Those of you who resolve to march forward on this amazing path together with your family and your clan, raise both your hands right now and welcome it together with me!

I pray that the blessings of God will be with you, and that you will become the leading figures of the world of unity and true love.

Thank you.



Heaven Is Calling Korea

July 6,1990

Hilton Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Orientation for the Korea-Japan Economic Delegation


I am truly delighted for this opportunity to speak to you economic leaders of Korea who have come here this evening at my invitation. I want to tell you how I have dedicated my life and devoted my energies to realizing the Will of God on this earth and to explain my purpose for having done so. I expect great transitions to take place on the Korean Peninsula, and I would like to share with you some of the fundamental ideas I have long entertained about Koreaís role in the development of the global economy.

My title this evening is ďHeaven Is Calling Korea.Ē I hope my words will be of help to you, who are working hard for the prosperity and unity of our homeland, Korea, and for the welfare of people throughout the world.

Throughout history people have sought the fundamental truth, yet they have been unable to answer even the question of whether or not God exists. Philosophers throughout history have tried to find God and missed. The founders of the great religions based their teachings on divine authority and taught humankind from that position. In this present world, however, we hear such notions as ďGod is dead,Ē even as we also hear others say, ďThese are the Last Days.Ē

The question of God is an important one for history to settle. It is also important that each person settles this question for him or herself. When we come to know clearly about God, all other questions can be resolved and settled. The answers to all questions about humankind, the creation, the world and the universe will become self-evident.

Therefore, I persevered in striving to discover God, and in the end I came to know clearly that He exists. God is eternal, unchanging and unique. He is also the absolute being, and so it is only through Him that we find absolute value.

Is there anything that God absolutely needs? Does He need commodities, knowledge or power? These are things that God can create any time He wants and can control freely by Himself. The only thing that God cannot control as He wishes is true love.

True love can be found, expressed and experienced only by relating to an object partner. A being when it is alone cannot experience it, and that is the case even for God. In order for God to feel true love, He had to have a created object with which to relate. Thus, God created the world to manifest His ideal of true love.

When we study the natural world, we can see that all things in the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom were created in pairs so that they can interact through love. Also, everything was created in such a way that those of a higher order can absorb entities of a lower order. Thus, in the end, all things are meant to become part of the highest beings in the created world, namely, human beings, who are the object partners of God.

Human beings are the only beings that God created to be His partners in true love. That is why it is said that, of all the myriad beings, human beings are the most precious. These words are only too true. Without human beings the true love of God cannot manifest.

Even the absolute God wants to submit Himself absolutely to true love. These are precious words. Unless we recognize this, we cannot apply the concepts of joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure to God. God has placed true love in the position of the greatest value. It is only when God absolutely submits to true love that He can command human beings and all things also to absolutely submit to true love.

Consider what great care God took in creating His partners of true love, human beings. When a young man and a young woman marry, doesnít each want their spouse to be better than themselves? Do any parents desire that their children be inferior to themselves? Absolutely not! Where does such a mindset come from? It stems from God.

Accordingly, we can say that even God desires that human beings, His partners in true love, be better than Himself. To God, human beings have the highest value; we are His masterpieces. Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever thought about this? Each human being is a masterpiece of God.

At the time of creation, God invested Himself one hundred percent to manifest His ideal, and then forgot how much He had done and invested Himself yet again. By proceeding in this way, He began an infinite circular movement, and from this origin we are provided with eternal life. By investing and investing again in others, the circular movement becomes continuous. Herein lies the logic of eternal life.

So we see that true love begins from the place where you give and donít remember how much you have given. Here we have the answer to the question, ďWhat is true love?Ē Godís ideal of creation began with His love, which is for the sake of others. Thus, true love arises from love that gives and gives yet again for the sake of oneís beloved.

Godís purpose in creating the universe can be achieved only within the realm of true love, in which God stands as the vertical Parent and the human ancestors, had they not been tainted by the Fall, stand in the position of horizontal parents. There, eternal life goes on forever as true love circulates, with each loving and loving again, always for the sake of others. Only in that realm of true love can we attain complete oneness and unity with God. There we would gain the right to inherit from Him, to live together with Him and to participate in everything He does.

For us human beings, it is only then that Godís love becomes our love, Godís life becomes our life, Godís lineage becomes our lineage and Godís Will becomes our will. Only then does Godís ideal become our ideal, and we can form ideal families and an ideal world where we can live forevermore as children of the eternal God.

However, when we look at the world today, instead of the original world of Godís ideal, we see a world of hell overflowing with sin, a history of unremitting war, a world drowning in disease and pain. Take away human beings, and the natural world and spirit world by themselves have no problem. When we think that it is because of human beings that both the natural world and the spirit world are suffering, we cannot deny that our human world is diseased.

The human world, so diseased and broken, is described by religions as being fallen. Because God is trying to restore such a world to its originally intended state, He has had to carry out a providence of salvation. The providence of salvation is the providence of restoration. In other words, the providence of salvation is the providence to restore something to the way it was. That is why the providence of restoration is also called the providence of re-creation. It is broken, so it needs to be created again according to the original blueprint.

In short, human beings, who instead of living for the sake of others in the original world, the world of eternal life that is based on true love for the sake of others, are living in the midst of false love in a world that has been transformed into a fallen world, where people are self-centered and headed toward destruction. Herein lies the cause of the antagonism between God, the owner of the original world, and Satan, the owner of the fallen world, and why they have gone through a history of conflict.

Human history is a history of conflict between good and evil. It is not a history in which dialectical conflict is natural, as the communists claim. God desired to establish true parents, true children, true families, true nations, a true world and a true universe, and to have dominion over them all according to the ideal of true love. Instead, Satan established false parents, false children, false families, false nations, a false world and a false universe based on false love, and has continued to exercise dominion over them.

In order to correct this, human history has involved repeated conflicts between good and evil. From the individual all the way up to the eternal spirit world, Satan has been trying to destroy the world of the Principle. He does so by mimicking Godís principle of historical development, creating a flawed imitation of the principled world before the true world could come into existence. Thus, evil inevitably asserts itself first and then comes into conflict with goodness.

We need to know that God stands in the position of living for the sake of others. He carries out His providence of re-creation through the strategy of working for the sake of others again and again, and claiming something only after being struck first. Satan, however, stands in a self-centered position and takes the path of striking first, even though he then has to pay damages. Godís strategy is to be struck first and then gain something, while Satanís is to strike first, and then having to retreat. As you can see, the good side develops after being struck and persecuted and suffering losses, while it is the complete opposite for Satan.

Let us take a look at the history of the world wars. In the First World War, Satanís side invaded first and then came to ruin. Likewise, in the Second World War the evil side was the first to strike, yet in the end it was completely defeated. In the Third World War, the war of ideology, communism struck democracy first. It too has come to ruin, hasnít it?

As can be seen, Heavenís side of goodness has advanced while enduring persecution. Therefore, persecution can be a way of inheriting what belongs to Satanís side, or the enemyís side. This means that being persecuted is not the same as being tormented. Persecution is a way of inheriting the right to own the enemyís world.

The God of goodness cannot strike first. Since He cannot strike first, He has continued this process of reclaiming after being struck. In light of this strategy, religion has to be the mainstream force on Godís side.

Throughout the course of history, Judaism was the mainstream religion that advanced by offering its own blood. Since the people of Israel were a people who believed in the philosophy that they were the chosen people, they were chased, hounded and made to shed their blood as sacrifices. In this way they set the condition of indemnity by being struck as Godís representatives.

In the Old Testament Age God paved the way for His children by having them make sacrificial offerings. Four thousand years later He sent the Messiah, Jesus. Had His children believed in and attended Jesus, God would have restored Rome, which was the center of Satanís world, and expelled Satan. This would have restored the world ruled by the love of God alone.

It was the mission of Jesus, together with Judaism and Israel, to restore the sovereignty of goodness in such a manner. If Judaism and Israel had become one with Jesus and practiced the principle of investing and investing yet again for the entire world, the way would have been opened for Israel to be received by the world. However, the nation and its religion went completely the opposite way, following the belief that the world existed for their sake. Although Jesus taught them to love their enemies, they sent him to the cross.

Their descendants have suffered two thousand years of bloodshed and wandering, while waiting for the coming of the Messiah, their True Parent. Christianity, in the position of the Second Israel, also had to endure a history of persecution in order to fulfill what Jesus could not complete.

Then, to fulfill Godís Will on the world level, the United Nations, representing a united world, was set up after the Second World War. It was led by the United States, an independent Protestant nation in the position of Rome on Heavenís side. Endless amounts of blood were shed to restore this earth as a free world.

If the True Parents, the Lord of the Second Advent, had appeared centered on the United States and formed the united realm of God, the entire world would have advanced into unity, and a global cultural realm centered on Christianity would have been established. In short, the Completed Testament Age centered on the True Parentsí teaching would have come about.

However, Christianity, the United States and the entire free world was not practicing the way of investing in and living for the sake of others. Instead, America took the position of dominating the world based on its own viewpoint. Thus, the Unification Church came to exist, and it had no choice but to walk a path of persecution and suffering.

The Unification Church, centered on Korea, has walked the path of bloodshed and persecution. Now, however, it has advanced to the highest echelons of the world, and we have entered an era when the Unification Church can integrate the right wing and left wing through head-wing philosophy.

True Parents through this bloodstained path are fulfilling the mission of bringing God to earth. For this, they have shouldered the cross. In the Old Testament Age the things of creation were sacrificed to serve the children, and in the New Testament Age the children shed blood to pave the way for the coming of the Parents. Now the True Parents have come and are shedding blood in order to bring God here. History develops through such a process.

Now head-wing philosophy has brought democracy and communism into line, uniting horizontally the left wing and the right wing. And it has united vertically the spirit world through Godism, ushering in the age of complete unity, which is also the age of the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. Thus, we can leave behind the world of selfishness, where we desire others to live for our sake, and advance to the original world that is free of Satanís control.

In the original world, we live for the sake of others based on the true love of God and True Parents. It is the world of the kingdom of heaven in heaven and the kingdom of heaven on earth. It is a world of altruism and unbounded concern for others based on true love. The original world has nothing to do with the realm of spiritual death that is drenched with scheming, slander and mistrust. By engrafting human beings to the foundation of the true family on a global scale centered on True Parents, we will establish new, restored families and a new order and return to the eternal, ideal world centered on God.

When the Unification Church triumphs over Satan, Korea will fulfill its role as the chosen nation of the Third Israel. We need to bring the First Israel, the Second Israel and the Third Israel into the realm of victory, where they will dedicate themselves to God. The First Israel is Judaism, the Second Israel is Christianity and the Third Israel is the Unification Church, which has to indemnify this entire history and dedicate this universe to God.

Rev. Moon and Korea, from the viewpoint of Heavenís strategy, are the person and the nation that represent historic goodness. That is why Rev. Moon has received more persecution from the side of evil than any other person in world history. After going through this on the individual level, I was likewise more persecuted than anyone else on the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. Furthermore, I have been the most persecuted by the spirit world. Yet even while receiving blows, I was able to achieve victorious results in all aspects and advance globally, thanks only to the protection of God. This is the worldwide foundation that I have laid.

Now, however, I have entered an age in which I have been freed from persecution and there is no one who can stand in my way. All that remains is to advance to the age of complete victory on the world level. It was Heavenís design that the history of Korea would be filled with patriots and virtuous women enduring bloodshed and bitterness. The fact that the Korean people have maintained their dignity as a nation of courteous people in the East and have protected their pure lineage, is all by the design of Heaven for the sake of blessing them.

We need to know that the reason this people traditionally dressed in white and upheld a pure and noble reverence for Heaven is that they were walking the path of the chosen people of Heaven. At the time of the Korean War, thanks to the protection of God, young men from sixteen nations of the world came to Korea under the banner of the United Nations and shed their blood on Korean soil, all for the restoration of the homeland of humanity. They did so for the liberation of the homeland.

Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot understand these things unless you know the way of Heaven. The question is, what will happen to Korea at the consummation of history? Korea is the final battleground on which the history of conflict between good^and evil must be brought to an end. North Korea stands as the land of the greatest evil on Satanís side. Isnít that why the people of the North call Kim II Sung their father, and why he could exercise absolute power for more than forty years? If forty years ago Korea and Christianity had set up Rev. Moon in the position of the parent on Heavenís side and supported the Unification Church, thus serving God, the Korea of today would be the parent nation for the world.

However, while Kim II Sung seized the position of the false parent, I was met with opposition from both Christianity and Korea, and I was rejected before I could establish the position of the True Parents on a global level. Meanwhile, Kim II Sung has continued to oppose Heavenís side, acting as the evil parent through the communist realm. This was a result of the law of indemnity. It is the last time.

Finally, Rev. Moon, with the support of the Unification Church, could establish the position of global True Parents successfully. This triggered the fall of communism. We laid that worldwide foundation by following Heavenís strategy of being struck first, standing in the worst possible position and receiving the opposition of the entire world. We went beyond China and the Soviet Union until Mikhail Gorbachev, who was in the position of the enemy, received us warmly. With that, we began a providential new world. It was similar to the meeting of Jacob and Esau in the Old Testament Age.

In that meeting with Gorbachev, I represented the United States, Japan and Korea in the position of Jacob, while Gorbachev represented the Soviet Union, China and North Korea in the position of Esau. When I met him, I planted the true love of Heaven in his heart. It was like when Jacob wrestled with the angel and brought Satan to voluntary submission. Then all that was left for Esau to do was to become one with his brother and to serve the Heavenly Parent. Likewise, the only way the communist realm can survive now is by becoming one with its brother, the free world, and serving the Heavenly Parent.

My meeting with Gorbachev was the greatest event in history. It was the new beginning that brought victory to Heavenís side. That is why I returned to Korea right away and, at the welcoming rally, declared to the people of Korea that my wife and I are the True Parents. Then Heaven could dig in and bring Kim II Sung and the evil Satan himself to retreat voluntarily. Now letís just wait and see what will happen next.

Rallies to welcome the True Parents were held nationwide. By declaring the True Parents at those rallies, I firmly established the foundation of Heavenís side, and based on that we can confront North Korea and Kim II Sung and his followers. We need to love and save even Satan, who is influencing Kim II Sung. Now, Rev. Moon and the Unification Church, standing on Godís side, are working hard to love and save even Satan, centered on our efforts to reach Kim II Sung.

Kim II Sung is the representative of the communist world on Satanís side, which claims there is no God, and Rev. Moon is the representative of the democratic world that claims that God absolutely exists. We are faced with the destined mission to absorb and assimilate North Korea, centered on South Korea. Thereby we are to go beyond the historical conflict between good and evil and construct a world of peace with the heart of True Parents. Kim II Sung is not the parent; there is only one True Parents. In order to accomplish this, I founded the Federation for World Peace at this time, in accord with the Will of providential history. Henceforth, you will hear a great deal about the Federation for World Peace.

In conclusion, we now are entering an era in which Rev. Moon, the Unification Church and Korea need to cooperate and absorb North Korea. This is the providential significance of our effort to host a rally in Pyongyang, to which we will invite the Soviet Union, China and North Korea.

The United States, Japan and Korea, which are on Heavenís side, need to unite their resources and stand in the position of the faithful son who can welcome the prodigal son, the communist world. The latter son has fallen into a materialistic hell in his search for a material utopia. This is the only way we can bring Satan to surrender voluntarily. God cannot make evil submit by striking it. He needs to induce it to submit voluntarily.

When this comes to pass, Satan will submit to Heavenís side, the foundation on which he can fight will disappear both in heaven and on earth, and world peace will come into existence. Then Korea will become our homeland with God at its center, and for the first time since God created the world, He will settle and build His foundation. The fight against Satan, which began so soon after the creation of the human world, finally will come to an end.

The era of the Cold War, which began with the Korean War, came to an end at the time of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Now the way is open wide for Korea to lead the world as the central nation in the Pacific Rim era, with the teaching of Rev. Moon as its spiritual compass.

You already must know that scholars worldwide foresee the coming of the Pacific Rim era. The question is how it will come about. It is for this purpose that God has blessed Rev. Moon and Korea.

Ladies and gentlemen, all of us, whether in business or other fields, now need to gather our hearts together to liberate North Korea and advance toward unity throughout the world. We will usher in the age of the global family, where we can lay the foundation on which we can live for tens of thousands of years while serving the Heavenly Parent. Rev. Moon and the Unification Church stand in the position of the mind, at the center of fulfilling the providential mission, and the economic sector stands in the position of the body, which pursues material wealth that has value for this mission.

Ladies and gentlemen, Iíd like to bring up one thing at this point. Why do you think Unificationists carry out economic activities? In the fallen world the mind and the body are divided, and so Heaven and human beings became the centers of truth and falsehood respectively, confronting each other. We need to unite them. The center of the body needs to unite with the center of the mind, creating the object partner to Heavenís perfect Will. The body, or the economic sector, must accept this. That is why Unificationists have chosen to carry out economic activities. Following the same principle, we have chosen to confront communism. We began both these activities for providential reasons.

The economic sector, which pursues material, stands in the position of the body. Originally the mind and the body were to have been united, so even now this ideal must be achieved. The economic sector, the body, has to follow the Will of Heaven, the mind. In order for us to become one and form a global family, and build a world of peace on this earth, the economic sector has the responsibility to restore the communist world, including North Korea.

That is why I have invited you all to attend this meeting, with the noble purpose of calling Korea, Japan and the United States to unite as one and work together to help their brothers and sisters with the spirit of true love. When you go forward with a global economic perspective in accordance with Heavenís Will, Heaven will help you and all things will go well for you and me together. Let us embrace the economic vision of the chosen people, which is for the sake of the world. March forward and bring blessings to Korea and the world!

May Godís blessings be with all of you. Thank you.




Speeches Given during an
Official Visit to North Korea


November 30 and December 6,1991
Moran-gwan Guest House and Seojaegol Guest House in Pyongyang
True Parentsí official visit to North Korea

Address at the Welcoming Banquet


It has been forty years since I was last in Pyongyang. I was very surprised to see that Pyongyang has developed into such a beautiful international city. When I arrived, it seemed as if the beautiful blue waters of the Daedong River greeted me with a smile, asking me where I had been for so long. In my heart I deeply and truly love my twenty million countrymen living here in the North. Blood is thicker than water, and we are brothers and sisters bound together by a common history and a common ancestry.

My precious brothers and sisters of the North! At the moment I was reunited with members of my family, I felt profound joy. At the same time I also felt a deep and pervasive sense of sorrow, as if my heart were being torn to shreds. Loved ones are divided between the North and the South, and even today there are still one million of our compatriots who have not been able to share in the joy of reunion. Many have lost forever the opportunity to be reunited because they died without meeting again those whom they loved. As I reflected on these things, I never felt more deeply than I do today that the tragedy of our national division must be brought to an end as soon as possible.

As a people with one homogeneous background, we share an ancient history and are proud of our common, vibrant culture. Nonetheless, we have been forced to live with a 46-year division that was imposed upon us by outside forces. Today we need to make certain that the influence of foreign powers is never in a position to determine the future path of our people. The time is approaching when, with Godís assistance, we will achieve unification. Unification is our destiny, and reunification is the great task of our generation. If we are unable to achieve the reunification of our homeland during our lifetime, how will we be able to hold our heads high before our ancestors or our descendants?

Discussing the reunification of Korea

Seventy million Korean compatriots must come together now for dialogue and reconciliation. We need to use the experience of our reunion here as an opportunity to overcome all obstacles and make a leap toward the day of reunification. For such a leap to take place, we have to cooperate with each other. Also, we have to work together to accomplish economic revitalization throughout our entire homeland. Personally speaking, I am willing to lay down my life for the goal of reunification. I expect that after consulting with Chairman Kim II Sung and Secretary Kim Jong II and hearing their ideas on the matter, I will be able to make a decision regarding what I personally can do for the sake of my brethren here in the North.

My visit here has a deep personal meaning for me, in the sense that I am returning to my hometown and the land of my birth. I also carry a sincere hope that this historic occasion will lead to an opportunity to meet with Chairman Kim. I hope to convey to him my personal thanks and also to consult with him in detail regarding the most sacred task of national reunification and the consolidation of our common ethnic solidarity.

Finally, let us all raise our glasses in a pledge to become leaders in the march toward the reunification of our homeland of Korea. Thank you.


Address at the Farewell Banquet


Committee Chairman Yoon Ki Bok, Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dal Hyun, and all my northern compatriots gathered here this evening:

On November 30, I arrived here in the North, the land of my birth, a place I longed to visit for many, many years. This visit was made possible only by the warmhearted kindness extended to me by Chairman Kim II Sung. During my stay here, I have been able to visit Pyongyang, this historical and now beautifully developed city. For the first time in my life I have been able to visit the beautiful Mount Geumgang, which we Koreans know to be the most beautiful mountain in the world. I also visited my hometown of Jeongju for the first time in forty-eight years.

When I arrived in Jeongju, I found that the house where I was born and lived as a child has been kept the way it used to be for these past seventy-two years. Some forty-two relatives and members of my family came together to welcome us. Truly, the older you get and the farther away you are, the one place you long for more than anything is your hometown, and here I was, visiting the home of my birth. However, at that moment, when I felt joy at being reunited with my family, I also felt such deep pain that I thought my heart would break in two, because I could not help thinking about the one million divided families, who even today are unable to experience the happiness I felt in reuniting with mine.

I myself am more than seventy years old. People of advanced age like me soon have no choice but to depart this world without ever being reunited with their loved ones. What could be more tragic than this?

Nevertheless, we now have some hope that tragically divided families will be reunited, thanks to the warm humanitarian actions being taken by Chairman Kim II Sung. The Chairman has promised that, beginning next year, he will establish a system with the requisite mechanisms to allow divided families to be reunited.

My friends, there is no greater gift that I could carry with me to the South than this. The news of the impending reunion of our divided families will truly stir the hearts of our forty million compatriots in South Korea. In an exclamation of surprise, the South will shout out with gratitude in recognition of the actions of Chairman Kim II Sung.

True love is the driving force for reunification

Today I had the opportunity to meet with Chairman Kim II Sung for an extended period of time. Of course, it is only natural that different individuals have different views and different opinions on how to approach matters. Regardless, personally speaking, I was deeply moved by the Chairmanís magnanimity, warm and passionate patriotism, and his undying love for our people. Nothing could bring me greater joy than the opportunity I had to meet directly with him and convey my personal thanks.

My dear compatriots, during the eight-day visit to my hometown, I have been warmly received and treated like a guest of state. I would like to convey my warm thanks to Committee Chairman Yoon Ki Bok, Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dal Hyun, and all of you who worked hard to make my visit a success. You truly have treated me with hospitality and sincerity. For my part, I sincerely love all my compatriots in the North.

For a long time now I have been emphasizing true love as the force that can drive reunification. This visit has allowed me to experience directly the formation of a bond of true love between the North and the South.

When I first arrived here, I emphasized that blood is thicker than water. Now, as I leave you, it is my sincere hope that the love binding all our people will continue on for eternity. Moreover, as I leave here, I would like to emphasize something else: ďLove is thicker than blood.Ē


A twenty-first century economic miracle and the reunification of the Korean homeland


My friends, Committee Chairman Yoon Ki Bok and I have just announced a joint statement. In this statement we have expressed our agreement that the reunification of our homeland of Korea needs to be driven by Koreans, without the interference or intervention of foreign powers. It must be accomplished by peaceful means, through dialogue and cooperation.

Moreover, we have asserted that in order for the Korean people to avoid being subjected to the ravages of war ever again, both North and South need to agree to never invade each other, that nuclear energy must be used only for peaceful purposes, and that nuclear weapons must never be developed or deployed on the Korean Peninsula. In light of such an agreement, who could misconstrue the Northís peaceful intentions?

Furthermore, we have extended a welcome to Koreans living overseas to invest financially in the North. I myself have expressed my readiness to invest directly in the Northís economic development in a number of ways. I am sure that if we add global technology and international capital to the abundant resources, trained manpower and intelligent perspicacity here in the North, we will witness a twenty-first-century economic miracle emerging right here in North Korea. Of this I have no doubt whatsoever. These projects also will further the cause of national reunification.

My dear friends, allow me to conclude my speech by saying that I will leave this place having been deeply moved by my visit to the North. My passion for reunification has been further enhanced, and I can see the possibilities for reunification before my very eyes. Let us reconcile with each other, understand each other, come together in love for each other and hasten as much as possible the day of national reunification, for such reunification is our natural destiny. .

Finally, let us raise our glasses in a toast to the health and longevity of Chairman Kim II Sung and Secretary Kim Jong II.

Thank you.



Opening the Path for
Genuine Dialogue

December 1991
Beijing Airport, Beijing, China
Statement upon arrival in Beijing after visiting North Korea


Mrs. Moon and I have just returned from visiting North Korea at the official invitation of the government of North Korea. This was for me an historic opportunity to return to North Korea for the first time in more than forty years.

No one can claim more justification than I for harboring feelings of ill will against North Korea. I received severe persecution from the current government of North Korea because of my position as a religious leader and my unswerving anti-communist principles. I was tortured harshly and then imprisoned for nearly three years in a labor camp. There I witnessed the deaths of many who had also been imprisoned without cause. The fact that I am alive today can only be described as a miracle and as the result of Godís special blessing and protection.

I have just completed a visit to North Korea in my position as the founder of the Unification Church and in the spirit of true love. True love is love that loves even what cannot be loved. It is the love that Jesus spoke of when he instructed us to love our enemies.

As I set foot in Pyongyang, my heart was as clear as the autumn sky. I did not feel that I was entering the house of my enemy, rather that I was returning to my hometown, to visit the house of my brother. I carried with me to North Korea the principle by which I have always lived, that is, to forgive, love and unite.

It is widely known that during the four-decades-long Cold War between the Western and Communist blocs, I was among the worldís strongest anti-communists. As founder of the International Federation for Victory over Communism, I devoted my life to the struggle against communism.

My ideology for victory over communism, however, was never intended to bring death to those who espouse communism. My desire has always been to bring life. The goal of my ideology has been to bring salvation to all humanity.

As communist regimes fell in country after country following the collapse of the Berlin Wall, I moved quickly to educate the people of those countries with a new value system. I devoted my full energies to giving life to those countries. Thousands of politicians, academicians and university students from the Soviet Union and the newly democratized countries of Eastern and Central Europe visited the United States and Japan at my invitation. There I taught them the concepts of Godism and head-wing philosophy, which I believe will underpin real and lasting democracy. These people have returned to their countries, and many are dedicating themselves to revive their shattered homelands.

In order to ensure that the world does not miss the opportunity for peace in the post-Cold War era, I founded the Federation for World Peace. Through this organization, I am taking the lead in the effort for world peace.

During my visit to North Korea, I was reunited with members of my family. At the moment we met my heart was filled with joy, but also a sense of deep pain. The pain was for my numerous fellow citizens who are still separated from their loved ones across the 38th parallel and are denied the opportunity to meet their families. For those with loved ones who have already died, the pain of separation cannot be relieved for all eternity. For their sake, we must redouble our efforts to erase the tragedy of national division and family separation as quickly as possible. In my meeting with President Kim II Sung, I requested that he work to bring about visits between members of families separated between North and South.

I believe that a resolution to the issue of communism and the accomplishment of world peace is not merely a matter of ideological confrontation and education. Economic assistance is also an important component in the effort to bring life to the people who have been ruled by communism. Thus, in China, for example, I am building the Panda Motors Industrial City with an investment of 250 million dollars.

This is also my outlook on North Korea. There is a difference, though, in that North Korea is not a foreign country to me. It is the country of my brothers and sisters and of my people. Blood is thicker than water. I love the twenty million citizens of North Korea as my own brothers and sisters. I love them intensely.

The unity of the homeland, a goal shared by all of our people, cannot be accomplished through political, economic or military means. None of these will succeed unless they are preceded by another element. That element is true love. Efforts to improve relations between the two sides in political, economic or military fields will lead to unity only if they are motivated by true love.

I have always believed that even the small act of sharing a spoonful of rice with my brother or sister represents a positive step that would someday lead to unity. I have confirmed this conviction through the trip I have just completed. It is in this spirit that I stated my willingness to establish a wider relationship of economic cooperation with North Korea and to participate actively in their economic development projects.

I entered Pyongyang this time as an apostle of peace. My firm conviction is that under no circumstances can we have another war on the Korean Peninsula. We cannot pit the people of Korea against each other. I find the recent discussion in the United States, both in and out of government circles, about air attacks against North Korean nuclear facilities to be extremely dangerous. An attack against North Korea would trigger an all-out war that would result in tragic consequences beyond imagining.

I ask the United States to be extremely careful about making threats against the right of a given people to maintain their existence. The nuclear issues involving North Korea can be resolved peacefully. This can be done if the issues are addressed in the context of a genuine dialogue conducted in the spirit of mutual respect. I traveled to Pyongyang to open the path for such dialogue, and I have returned from North Korea after opening wide that path.

It is my hope that North and South Korea will put aside their confrontational relationship. The time has come for us to come together in a spirit of reconciliation and love so that we may begin to resurrect the common heritage of our people. The time has come, as the Bible says, to beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks. We must work quickly to prepare for the future of our unified country in the coming twenty-first century.


The Reunification of Korea and
World Peace

August 22,1992
Lotte Hotel, Seoul, Korea
The Fifth Summit Council for World Peace


Distinguished presidents and prime ministers, former heads of state, government leaders, and eminent leaders from all walks of life gathered here today in Seoul, Korea:

May I offer to the participants in this Opening Ceremony of the Fifth Summit Council for World Peace my sincerest welcome and warmest thanks. This conference, which is a part of the World Culture and Sports Festival, has as its theme, ďThe Reunification of Korea and World Peace.Ē

The new teaching for the future

The diverse problems of our world are complex and interconnected. Accordingly, under the overall banner of the World Culture and Sports Festival, here in this one location we will be addressing a wide range of issues in the fields of philosophy, politics, academia, religion, the media, science, art and other cultural fields. I believe this will be an epoch-making event, which will help us discover the true way toward world peace. Moreover, the fact that the Summit Council and the World Sports Festival are convening simultaneously demonstrates the importance of balancing the spiritual and physical sides of human life. Finally, at the heart of the festival is the largest mass wedding in historyó30,000 couples, sincere, pure-hearted brides and grooms from 130 nations. As we enter the new historical age of the twenty- first century, I envision this grand festival centered on God as the pathway to realize true world peace.

If you look back at the history of our planet, there has not been a single day or even moment in which true freedom, peace and happiness existed on this earth. Communism, waving the banner of economic equality, proclaimed that it would free human beings from exploitation. However, it is not the solution. It turned out to cause even greater conflict and poverty. We see that democracy, which puts forward the ideology of freedom in contrast to communism, has fallen into self-centered individualism and moral decay. The guns and fires of war are not receding from the face of the earth, as expected. In fact, intense confrontation and increasing chaos are casting an ominous shadow upon the future of the world.

No one has a right to harbor bitterness over the countless trials and pain that people have suffered. The cause was peopleís own clinging to human-centered systems of thought that ignore the ideals and goals of God. Even if people did occasionally consider theological thought, because we have neither known nor understood the Will of God or His teachings, we have only a superficial grasp of the ultimate direction of history.

Let it be known that in the background of history, God our Parent has been carrying out His providence for the restoration of humankind. As we prepare to enter the twenty-first century, a new teaching must emerge that clearly examines Godís Will and His ideal for humanity. This new teaching should precisely clarify the true relationship between human beings and their Creator.

True love is the universal principle of peace

Originally, a manís mind and body and a womanís mind and body were meant to harmonize together when they became husband and wife centering on Godís true love. This type of family was to represent a united body of Godís love, and was to have become the original dwelling place of true freedom, happiness and peace.

Godís true love wants to give limitlessly to His object partners in the creation. It is similar to the love of parents, whose heart wants their children to become greater than themselves. Parents want only to give and give again to their children. The same is true for a loving husband and wife. Just as the husband wants his wife to be better than him, so also the wife wants her husband to be better than her. With this attitude, they both determine to invest, and invest more in each other.

The special characteristic of true love is the longing to give to an object partner. This is the expression of heart that initiates giving and receiving. God is the Subject of true love. He wants to give to His children in this altruistic manner. That God exists eternally can be traced to the original nature of true love, which is to give and keep giving and, by so doing, maintain a state of reciprocal action.

Human beings are Godís eternal object partners of love. It is Godís Will and the human ideal that God and human beings become one in heart. The giving and receiving of love enables this relationship to last for eternity. When God and human beings cooperate with the awareness of their joint ownership of the creation in the ideal of true love, then for the first time humanity can come to enjoy true freedom, true happiness and true peace. This principle is the axiom of peace common to the individual, family, society, nation and world. If human history had gone in this direction in the beginning, then human beings would have embraced the ideal of Godís true love and would have become one body with God.

However, the path of human history did not go in Godís direction. This is due to the human Fall. There has been no husband or wife in history who became one body participating in the true love of God. Accordingly, the ideal of the True Parents, who are the source of Godís true love, was never accomplished.

To the contrary, because selfish love, selfish life and selfish lineage were passed down through marriages built upon self-centered love, human beings had no alternative except to wait and prepare for the Savior who, coming as the True Parents, would restore these historical errors and recover the original love, original life and original lineage of God.

If man and woman had united with Godís ideal direction from the start, human history would not have seen the endless division, conflict, exploitation and oppression recorded in our history books. Instead they would have realized true love, and with that a united history of true parents, true families, true societies, the true nation and the true world would have come about.

The fundamental principle that can unify North and South Korea The basic principle capable of unifying North and South Korea begins with true individuals who have achieved mind-body unity, and who come together to form true families. Only then can that principle be applied to unifying the Korean Peninsula. When that principle is extended to the world level, it becomes the principle for realizing true freedom, true peace and true happiness. The unification of the Korean Peninsula, therefore, will provide the opportunity to realize a united world and, eventually, even bring about the unity of God and humankind.

Today we are discussing Korean unification and world peace. The Korean Peninsula is the site of historyís sharpest ideological conflict. It is here that God-centered Hebraism and human-centered Hellenism, two currents of thought that have diverged throughout history, face each other in the forms of democracy and communism. Overcoming the ideological division of the Korean Peninsula, therefore, will provide the direction toward achieving a united world.

It can be said that the Korean War that broke out in 1950 was the concrete starting point of the Cold War, with the countries of the world aligning with either the United States or the Soviet Union. Thus it was a microcosm of the intense global struggle between the democratic world and the communist bloc. As such, the frontline of the Korean War was the frontline between the forces of God and the forces of Satan, which represented two distinct currents in history.

The Korean War was a holy war, in that forces fighting on behalf of good in the world fought against the forces of evil. Since the Cold War began in this region, the Korean Peninsula, we cannot declare that the Cold War is truly over until the Korean Peninsula has once again been unified.

The Games of the Twenty-fourth Olympiad held here in Seoul in 1988 held great significance. For twelve previous years the Olympics had been stifled, boycotted first by the United States and then by the Soviet Union. In Seoul, the two participated together and the games thus became a starting point for East-West reconciliation. Also, with a record of 160 nations participating, the Olympics became a symbol of reconciliation for the entire globe.

Even as the Seoul Olympics gave us the opportunity to understand that it is vital to consider the physical aspect in order to build a healthy world, it is also important to consider the spiritual and cultural aspects. It was for this reason that, at the close of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, I began preparations for the World Culture and Sports Festival as a festival for all humanity, a unique event to foster the development of both our spiritual and physical aspects.

Time for a great spiritual awakening

The conflict on the Korean Peninsula exhibits characteristics of a conflict between the more developed and less developed countries of the world, as well as characteristics of the conflict between the Eastern and Western cultures. Thus, the unification of the Korean Peninsula is indispensable for the achievement of world peace and will be an important milestone for resolving issues surrounding the idea of a unified world culture.

Today we are in great need of a spiritual revolution. Individuals, nations, and the world as a whole, need a new understanding of God and His existence. We must have a meeting of God and humanity such that we can restore our original inseparable relationship with God and establish it for eternity.

It is for this purpose that I advocate Godism, which is centered on true love. Godism is head-wing philosophy, meaning that it belongs neither to the left wing nor to the right wing.

Since I inherited the mission of the True Parents, I have endured all kinds of trials and hardships in order to realize world peace through Godism. We neglected God due to our fascination with materialism, and we pushed Him aside to embrace secular humanism. Godism allows us to find God again. It illuminates for us the point of unity where we can meet God.

In the former Soviet Union, previously the center of state atheism, tens of thousands of politicians, scholars and religious leaders have participated in five days of training to awaken them to Godism. This dynamic spiritual renaissance is rapidly spreading.

It is through true love that God and human beings meet and become one. It is in true love that humanity is able to meet God and enjoy eternal life. For this reason, true love is capable of overcoming all the worldís problems. Through true love, by which we sacrifice ourselves in order to live for others, we can find the solutions to such problems as interracial conflict, violence, the gap between rich and poor, and many diverse environmental issues. Families whose individual members are united in true love can successfully combat the corruption of morals that has contributed to the downfall of so many of our youth.

Humanity united in true love has a bright future In the newness of the twenty-first century we must find the starting point where God and human beings can come into oneness. When the individual, family, society, nation and world become one in true love, humanity can expect a very bright future.

My dear esteemed world leaders, this modern age has already gone beyond all national boundaries in the fields of politics, economics, culture, and in every other realm of human endeavor. We are thereby entering the ďsupra-national age.Ē The age of the nation-state, for which you have been responsible and for which you have given yourselves, is now passing. We are at the beginning of a new stage in which the world has to cooperate as one.

In reality, only a few leaders influence and guide the contemporary world. If all of you who are gathered here today will simply unite and step forward to educate all the people, then the future of the world will surely come to rest in your hands.

I hope that your three days of conferencing are fruitful, and that we can achieve a new milestone in the quest for peace. I pray sincerely that Godís blessing be upon you, your families, and your nations.

Thank you very much.


World Unity and the Reunification of
South and North Korea Will Be
Accomplished by True Love

February 10, 2000

Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, Seoul, Korea
World Peace Sports Festival 2000 Opening Ceremony and
True Parentsí Eightieth Birthday Celebration


Distinguished guests whose fervent desire is for North-South re-unification, ladies and gentlemen:

The new millennium that recently began is a time to clear away the divisions and conflicts of the past century and manifest the ideal of a harmonious and united one world family. I would like to begin by thanking you for congratulating me on my eightieth birthday. Most of all, I would like to ascribe to God all the honor and glory given to me, for it is He who has protected me until this day.

As I look back, I am reminded that my life has never been easy. It has been intertwined with the suffering history of our people and the numerous difficulties that our people have undergone in the vortex of the great powers. As a boy of sixteen, I came into contact with the Will of God through prayer, and throughout my life since then I have devoted my soul and my energy to accomplishing His Will.

I came to understand that the fundamental cause of human unhappiness is that our relationship with God was severed by the Fall. As a result of the Fall, human beings descended into a state of spiritual ignorance. In the course of my efforts to resolve the fundamental problems this has caused for human beings and in the universe, I have spoken publicly on more than ten thousand occasions around the world. In these speeches I set forth a true view of humanity, a true view of the world, and a true view of history based on Godism.

These speeches have been translated into twelve languages and published in three hundred volumes. I did not arrive at the content of these speeches from a study of historical documents. My conclusions are not the result of scholarly research. Rather, I arrived at these answers to our basic and fundamental questions through direct communication with both the visible and invisible worlds.

The reunification of the Korean Peninsula is the solemn desire of our people and the final act that will bring the global Cold War to a conclusion. So today, as I express my gratitude for your having prepared this meaningful forum, I would like to outline the basic solution for bringing about unification by speaking on the topic, ďWorld Unity and the Reunification of South and North Korea Will Be Accomplished by True Love.Ē

Human history is the history of the providence of restoration The reunification of our country involves more than the mere unification of a territory. It begins with the unity of the human mind and body that were divided against one another as a result of the Fall. Thus the unity of mind and body is the model for the unity of the world that has been divided in two. Furthermore, we need to understand this issue from the perspective of Godís salvation providence. It must be resolved on a providential level.

Human history is the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity, which is purposed to restore the original world that was lost due to the Fall of the first ancestors. Therefore, it is a history of the struggle between good and evil taking place between Satanís side and Godís side. The goal of Godís side is to realize Godís ideal of creation.

In the background of history, good spirits have always supported the good side, and evil spirits have incited the evil side. The history of division that began through the human Fall has expanded in scope to the levels of family, tribe, people, nation and world. Now it is being manifested as the fight between materialism and theism.

If two thousand years ago the people had accepted Jesus, he would have brought together Judaism and the people of that tradition, and then worked with them to unite the parts of the Levant inhabited by the descendants of Jacobís twelve tribes. They would have then propagated Jesusí teachings throughout the Middle East region and to the Indian sub-continent all the way to the Far East. At the same time, Jesusí teachings would have won the heart of the Roman Empire and Europe. In this way, Jesus would have realized one united world during his lifetime. As the center of this new religious and cultural realm, Jesus would have become the King of kings.

Tragically, he died on the cross. Rome had already developed its central culture based on Hellenism, an externally oriented humanistic culture centered on the physical body. Christianity, in contrast, was a theistic culture grounded in Hebraism, an internally oriented culture that centered on the mind. It suffered persecution from Rome and its Hellenistic culture for four hundred years.

Godís strategy for Satanís natural surrender

What is Satanís ultimate target? Behind the history of struggle between good and evil, ever since the Fall of the first human ancestors launched this conflict, Satan has had his sights set on God Himself. God is eternal, unchanging, absolute and unique, and the standard of the ideal that He has held to since the beginning of creation must also have these qualities. If you ask God directly, I think He will confirm what I am saying.

How can God reply when Satan says to God, ďGod, when you made me an archangel in the beginning, were you acting out of a love for me that was temporary or eternalĒ? I think God will say that He made the archangel out of a love that was eternal. If He were to say that His love was temporary, that would make Him an ephemeral God. Unless God maintains a standard of loving the archangel eternally, there will eventually come a time when He will no longer be able to exercise His authority as God with respect to the angel. Thus, no matter how much Satan may oppose God, God has no choice but to maintain a stance of love toward Satan.

Satan says to God, ďI became an evil monster as a result of the Fall, yet You and good people canít use methods that are similar to mine, can You? I may like to fight, but You are not supposed to enjoy fighting. Even when You take a blow, You have to endure, donít You?Ē God has to agree with him, because indeed Godís philosophy is one of non-resistance.

Why is that? It is because, until the world of the heavenly ideal is manifested on this earth, God has to love the archangel Satan, regardless of the circumstances. No matter how much trouble Satan may cause, God cannot punish him or cut him off. He has to establish the condition of having loved Satan regardless of what Satan does. God can only have complete victory when Satan confesses to Him, saying, ďYou truly are a God who loves me. I surrender to You.Ē This is the problem. Because of this, God is in the position of being tied up by Satan.

Since the principle path of the providence of restoration is for God to bring about Satanís surrender by loving him, we who are His children have to walk this same path. It doesnít matter that we are persecuted and abused and regarded by everyone around the world as an enemy. We who are Godís children must establish the condition of having loved those who oppose us.

From this perspective, there is amazing truth in Godís teaching, ďLove your enemy.Ē In fact, this is one of Godís strategies in His battle against evil. These words sound simple. Yet few realize that they mark the boundary line between victory and defeat in the battle between God and Satan.

If God were to adopt a philosophy of looking on Satan as His enemy and seek revenge against him, then God would never be able to stand on the pinnacle of victory. Thus, God says, ďLove your enemy,Ē and pursues a strategy of love. The words, ďLove your enemyĒ are the culmination of Jesusí teaching.

It is remarkable that Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, stood before Satan and prayed for him despite the fact that Satan was trying to kill him. If Jesus, as he hung dying on the cross, had felt malice toward his enemies, Godís providence would have suffered a severe setback. Jesus overcame death with a heart to love his enemies and a prayer of blessing for his enemies. That is why Satan surrendered in that moment.

This is where one gains the qualification to be Godís eternal child. Even Satan recognizes this qualification, and gives his signature of approval. You, too, will be able to stand and say, ďListen, Satan, am I not unmistakably the child of God?Ē and Satan will reply, ďYes, that is correct.Ē We must conduct ourselves in such a way that when we say to Satan, ďYou have no right to oppose me, and people who live like me, when we expand Godís realm of loving dominion, starting from the individual and moving to the family, clan, people, nation and world,Ē Satanís response will be, ďThat is the Principle, so I cannot do anything about it.Ē

It is under these conditions that God has pursued the providence, centering on the Christian cultural sphere. Whether we have to sacrifice our possessions or even become martyrs, in the midst of the bloody battle we must build a movement that loves God and loves our enemies. We have to build this movement in our families, in our societies, and in our nations.

The Roman Empire persecuted Christianity severely; nevertheless it ended up surrendering in the face of the power of Christiansí love for the country that was their enemy. This is how Christianity became a worldwide religion. Christians found the starting point of the path to heaven within the country that was'their enemy. These days, Christians think about loving individual people who are their enemies, but that is not enough. We have to love the country that is our enemy, and even the world that is our enemy.

The starting point on the path to heaven is within the country of our enemy. Unless we make the tradition of true love our foundation, and go forth on that foundation, we cannot establish the kingdom of heaven on earth. Let us establish this tradition; there can never be a philosophy or teaching greater than this.

When Korea was under Japanese imperial rule, the four providential countriesóKorea, Japan, Germany, and the United Statesówere enemies. Given the circumstances of that time, Japanese and Koreans were enemies, Japanese and Americans were enemies, and Americans and Germans were enemies. That is why I brought Japanese and Germans to America, their former enemy country, and instructed them to help revive America and keep it from falling into ruin. I was practicing the way of Godís true love.

I emphasized to the Japanese and Germans that they could not establish a new thinking capable of leading humanity into the new world that God desires unless they set the condition of loving their former enemy, America, even more than their own native lands. Thus I made a new beginning based on the tradition of true love.

People must establish a tradition of loving the countries that are enemies of their country. Yet the only way to make such an historic tradition is with the true love of God. We need this foundation if we are to build the kingdom of heaven on earth.

In the days when I was being humiliated by the United States federal government and unjustly brought before a court of law, my response was actually to intensify my effort to give life to America by founding a conservative newspaper, The Washington Times, and a media production company.

Recently, in my concern for the future of Russia and China after the collapse of communism, I arranged for the publication of dozens of textbooks to generously support the ethical education of teachers and young people.

It takes boundless sacrifice to overcome the suffering path Everyone here needs to bear one thing in mind. I was involved in the resistance movement against Japanese imperial rule, and from that perspective the Japanese people were my enemy. This was the case for the Korean people as a whole and for me individually. Yet after Japanís defeat in World War II, I lovingly supported Japan.

After the war, I could have reported the identity of the policemen who had taken me into custody and tortured me severely for my activities in the underground independence movement. Had I done this, the Koreans would have executed them. However, when I came across a Japanese policeman who was running for his life, I packed some things for him and helped him escape to safety under the cover of darkness.

Do you know why so many young people in Japan stake their eternal lives on me and pledge to me their undying loyalty? It is because there is a principle of cause and effect. It dictates that because I gave to Japan, Japan will give back to me. It is because I transcended national boundaries and planted the seeds of true love in Japan, in accordance with Godís heart. It is because I planted that foundation with a heart to love the nation that was the enemy of my nation and lead its people to life. That is why Japan today is in my camp. Without even realizing it, Japan is fulfilling its heavenly calling.

As the citizen of a nation under Japanese occupation, I had reason to harbor resentment even toward the Emperor of Japan. Yet he had already been defeated. Heaven does not strike a person who is defeated. In fact, Heaven shows mercy toward those who recognize their sin and apologize. Since this is Heavenís way, a person who raises a sword and strikes a defeated person will find his own descendants driven to ruin.

The United States is also a country that considers me their enemy. However, I left my family behind and diverted my attention from my Korean homeland to bring salvation to the United States. I threw away everything that belonged to me in order to save the world from Satan.

Think, too, of how much hatred the established Christian denominations have directed toward the Unification Church. It might be said that they consider us enemies. However we must not fight them as enemies. We must come together in love. What happens when we come together in love? The Christian denominations and the Unification Church together will lead the Republic of Korea to fulfill the will of Heaven by embracing the people of North Korea. If the established denominations and the Unification Church had become one immediately after Koreaís liberation from Japan in 1945, everything would have been solved then, yet because that did not happen, we have had to make extraordinary sacrifices to overcome enemiesóenemies of ourselves as individuals, enemies of our families, enemies of our clan, and enemies of our society. In order to attain the position that we would have reached at the outset had there been no conflict, we have labored on this suffering path, while harboring no thought to strike at our enemies.

The plan for North-South reunification

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, all the people in North Korea have armed themselves with Juche ideology. We must arm ourselves with the philosophy of true love that is capable of encompassing them. North Korea is a part of a northern culture because it has been influenced by the cold winds of the Soviet regime. Let us work to naturally melt them with our warm region civilization. Otherwise, both sides will go to ruin.

We must thoroughly arm ourselves philosophically. This philosophy is not one that seeks the fulfillment of personal desires. Rather, it seeks the salvation of all humanity. It is not centered on the self. Communists have the idea that everyone must work according to the orders of the small group of top Party leaders. This is why they eliminate anyone who stands out as a potential rival. We are not that way. Our concept is to create an environment of giving and receiving in order to establish a standard of giving and receiving on a higher level. This is a principle from Biblical history that Cain and Abel should seek to become filial sons united in love in order to receive their parents on the level of the family, which is a higher level.

I do not believe South Korea needs to attempt to overcome North Korea militarily. Instead, we have to love our nation more than they love theirs.

We must have the philosophical conviction that we will love Heaven even more than they love communism. We must become men and women of ability and character, who can bring about their natural surrender. There is no other way for us to encompass North Korea.

In other words, we need to move them based upon how we live ourselves. We have to be able to amaze the people who believe in communist ideology by our outlook on life and our standard of character. We cannot restore that Cain-type nation unless we have an environment that can influence them. If we cannot restore that Cain-type nation, we cannot elevate South Koreaís capability to the level where it can be the starting-point of a worldwide nation centered on the kingdom of heaven. Although North and South Korea are pitted against one another, we have to liberate North Korea by peaceful means.

The Korean people of both North and South fervently desire to see their country reunited. How can this be accomplished? Their reunification can only be accomplished when a sophisticated method is put forward that will allow both sides to live together on terms that both can agree on. When the South goes to the North, or the North to the South, and says, ďLetís do it our way,Ē unification will not come about. Thus, we must find a love that will benefit both sides.

Ladies and gentlemen, at this moment, North and South are going in different directions. One is trying to go south and the other trying to go north, and their paths collide. Their purposes are at odds with each other. If both sides insist on their own position, it is certain that the situation will again result in hostilities.

What can be done about this? There must be South Koreans who love North Korea with a love greater than any South Korean has for South Korea. Also, there must be North Koreans who love South Korea with a greater love than any North Korean has for North Korea. There is no alternative, no solution other than this.

If there is even one person whose patriotic love for a reunified peninsula is greater than that of any South Korean for South Korea and greater than that of any North Korean for North Korea, it is through him or her that the path to reunification can begin. Can there be another way? No matter how hard you may think about it, you will find no other way.

What should the Korean people do? Our land straddles the boundary line between left wing and right wing centering on the thirty-eighth parallel. We are the ones who have been placed on that line, so what are we to do? This is the question. The issue is how to resolve this problem. The answer is that we must make greater efforts than either North Koreans or South Koreans. How are we to uphold such a standard of patriotism, established through suffering and transcending nationality? This is the only way for us to give this land life and solve its problems.

The same principle applies to overcoming the world of evil and uniting the world of goodness. Someone must appear in the world of goodness that is a greater patriot for the world of evil than anyone in that world. A person has to appear and set a higher standard of loyalty to his or her nation than anyone before has done. This is the only way to resolve the divisions of history.

Jesus was particularly remarkable in this regard. He realized it would do no good for the two sides to fight. The best thing he could do for the sake of God and for the sake of the people of Israel was to die for God and for his people. This was his reasoning behind his decision to go the way of the cross.

Jesusí love for humanity was greater than anyone elseís since the beginning of history, and his love for God was greater than that of anyone else in history. Because of this, his death caused a history destined for destruction to take a new direction toward a world of purpose. That direction resulted in the Christian cultural sphere of today. This is historical fact.

Where and how will North-South reunification come about?

Thus, the only way to unite North and South is to become a people who can die for both the North and the South, with the heart of truly wanting to live together in harmony with the other side. There is no other path to achieve unity.

When a person considers how to lead his life, the fundamentals can be expressed as: the path of a filial child, the path of a loyal patriot, the path of a saint, and the path of a son or daughter of God. Each of these stages expresses the heart of wanting to live in harmony with others eternally. Logically, the summit of this path is to want to be with others regardless of whether they are higher or lower, front or back, left or right.

What is the common denominator among those who say, ďI want to live in harmony with others?Ē It is not power. Power cannot transcend history.

Whatever power one has is for a limited period of time. The same is true of knowledge. The world of knowledge is always changing. Does knowledge give us the desire to say, ďI want to live with this particular piece of knowledge foreverĒ? Clearly, we cannot keep either knowledge or wealth with us forever. What, then, is the common denominator that transcends above and below, front and back, left and right, and the changes of history across past, present and future? It is nothing else than true love centering on God.

A filial child lives in his family and gives profound love to his or her parents. Also, a patriot lives with profound love for his or her country. A saint lives with profound love for the people of the world. A son or daughter of God lives a life of profound love for all human beings and God. All of us are challenged to develop such a true foundation in our hearts. We have to want to have the heart of a patriot. We have to want our life to be in concert with the fortunes of our people. If we do, we will look upon difficulties faced by our people as our own difficulties. We will look upon the joy experienced by our people as not just temporary joy, but as eternal joy to be shared with everyone. Once we possess such a true heart and form relationships of true love, we will receive Heavenís authority to participate in the realm of unification.

Ladies and gentlemen, if a woman who lacks formal education marries a man with a doctoral degree, she suddenly becomes the wife of a scholar. Isnít that true? This is what I mean when I say that anyone who possesses the breadth of relationships of heart and the desire to live with others in harmony has the right to participate in the realm of unification. God himself is such a being. So if the content of a personís life enables him or her to unite with others, this person automatically has the right to participate in their lives.

Where do we begin the process of unification? Where do we start in order to achieve North-South reunification? What is the first step? Do we begin by using our fists, physical force? If we subjugate the other side through force, then eventually they will develop a force stronger than ours and the conflict will begin all over again. We cannot achieve unity by this method. The way to unification will open when each of us has the heart to say, ďEven though I live in the South, I truly want to live in harmony with the people of the North. I truly want to become one with them.Ē

If we who live in the South look upon our compatriots in the North and shed tears to see the miserable conditions in which they live; if we say to them, ďI am living my life in such a way that I can share in your difficultiesĒ; if we promise them, ďSomeday soon, I will appear before you having completed the preparations for your day of liberationĒ; and if we carry out a practical movement for unity based on such a heart, then I believe the day of unification is not far off.

Ladies and gentlemen, we must consider how we can live in harmony with our compatriots in the North. No one can be a patriot if they do not want to live with their parents and with their compatriots. For such a person to claim to be a patriot would be a lie.

We must first be able to live in harmony with our own country before we can live in harmony with the world. We must first live in harmony with the world before we can live in harmony with God. That means we cannot be patriots unless we first love our compatriots in the North and give love to the society in that region of the peninsula.

Any politician who lacks the heart to truly want to share in the life of ordinary citizens will soon disappear. It doesnít matter how well-bred or educated he or she may be; he or she will disappear like an air bubble floating on the waterís surface. A leader who does not love the citizens will not be able to escape judgment by the citizens of his or her country and by history.

Healing the division between North and South is not a simple process. As fellow patriots struggle to bring this about, we will need the determination to work through many sleepless nights, transcending time and overcoming all manner of difficulties.

ďI truly want to live with them. I donít want to die unless I can die with them. I donít want to live unless I can live with them.Ē The movement for North-South reunification begins when both sides have such a heart toward the other.

When North-South reunification is accomplished, it will be the beginning point in the effort to unite the democratic and communist worlds. Each of us must consider the future of our people and of the world. Each of us is a representative of the world, a representative of its six billion people, and a representative of the three billion people of Asia. It the same as the heart of a teacher who considers him or herself to be a representative of their school and a representative of all the students they have ever taught.

We must determine ourselves to carry out a movement to share in the lives of our compatriots in the North.

When such an effort connects you to the way of the saint, then you will come to resemble a saint. If you practice this with respect to God with the loyalty of a son or daughter of God, then you will become Godís heir and a successor to those who carried out Godís Will in the past. I tell you these things today, because I have already confirmed their truth in my own life.

Once North-South reunification is accomplished in Korea, the unity of the world will follow naturally. Do you think that political power, military force, or economic wealth can bring about unification? There isnít even the slightest chance of this.

This is why I am speaking to you in this way. Can weapons, wealth, or knowledge free us from decayed philosophies? No, they cannot. Only true love can do this. This love comes from God. When you enter into a relationship of true love with God, you will be given absolute authority to have dominion, ownership, and the right of inheritance.

What is true love?

In the world of mechanics, the energy produced by a system is less than the energy put into it. However, in the world of true love, the energy produced is greater than the energy put in. What is true love? It is love that lives for the sake of others. It is love that gives and forgets without limit. No memory is kept of how much was given. It is love that never tires of giving.

A ninety-year-old mother can turn to her seventy-year-old son and say, ďBe careful when you cross the street,Ē and there is nothing strange about that. Even if the mother has repeated those same words countless times during several decades, she will always say them one more time.

If this is true with parents in the fallen world, how can we ever grow tired of giving and receiving Godís love in the original world? When we establish Godís true realm of giving and receiving in our own lives, we will experience for the first time the unchanging glory of true love. Then we will be able to apply the ethics of eternal life by practicing true love with human beings.

Yet, who in the world is aware of such things? In 1984, when I was lying in bed in an American prison where I had been unjustly incarcerated, God came to me. He said, ďYou are the only person I can trust. I want you to resolve the situation in Nicaragua.Ē Am I really the only person whom God can come to with such a command? America is said to be a great country standing at the forefront of all developed countries. It has a population of 240 million people and numerous religious leaders. How helpless did God feel, that He could not go to any of those people and had to come to me instead? At least it is fortunate that God knows someone who possesses His love, and He could contact him.If I had not worked for the sake of the world at that time, South America would have been completely ravaged by war by now.

North-South reunification through true love

North-South reunification is the fervent desire of the Korean people, and it is also the earnest desire of God in this age. It is Heavenís desire that North Korea and South Korea be united and that Godís resting place can be established in our homes, in our churches, and in our worldwide God-centered movement.

How are we to attend God? How can we wipe everything clean? What can we use to wipe everything off so that God will say it is completely clean? The answer is simple. We have to clean up our communities with a true love that is greater than our love for our parents, greater than our love for our spouses, and greater than our love for our children.

We have to place our offerings on the altar centering on such love in order to realize the ideal of North-South reunification. Then we can bring about the ideal blending of Eastern and Western cultures. Then we can bring about the ideal unity of the divided physical and heavenly realms.

Then we can bring about a realm where heaven and hell are liberated. We cannot unlock this without true love. We need the key of true love.

A person must bring his or her mind and body into unity if he or she is to realize the unity of love in the family. A husband and wife have to love each other and make a harmonious family before they can see their love manifested within their clan. If a loving husband and wife are united, who would dare try to tear them apart and defile their relationship? A world made of harmonious families, harmonious peoples, and harmonious governments will be a world of harmony. It will bring harmony to heaven and earth. There, true human love will be one in harmony with God. Isnít this the ideal world of true love? In such a world, there will be no possibility of discord. Love will be the life element for all people, in the same way that plants receive life elements by absorbing the rays of the sun.

Our fervent desire is to build a kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, where we can resonate with true love eternally. Yet, how many people in this world can say that they are the subject partners or object partners of true love? How many people are there who can stand as people of character qualified to own all things, and who possess both the value of a remarkable life and the special authority that comes with living such a life?

I sincerely hope that each of you participating here will remember what I say today. I hope you will work to unite your mind and body. I hope that you will become people who live for the sake of your spouse, and go on to live for the sake of your family, people, nation and world. If you do that, then North-South unification will be as good as done.

Even communist ideology will be easily absorbed and disappear when it is placed in the midst of Godís love. The problem until now was that we did not know this. Once we develop our hearts of love, North-South unification will be no problem at all.

That is not all. Problems between East and West, and the worldwide North-South problem created by the inequality between rich and poor nations, can also be completely resolved through the true love of God.

We must fulfill the ideal for the world centering on Godís ideal that I have described, if we are to realize the ideal four our nation. Then we have to move on to the boundless realm of peace, the ideal world that links the ideal of the nation to the ideals of clan, family, and individual. This is, without a doubt, the way that the ideal world of true love that God has long desired can be built on this earth.

Distinguished guests, we cannot fight the communist world with guns and swords or any other form of physical force. We must meet them with love. Communists seek to destroy the democratic world in order to build a communist world. By contrast, we must build a system and mechanisms that will bring salvation to the communist world and to the democratic world as well.

The thirty-eighth parallel is the deepest point and final destination where North and South can be united by means of Godís true love. When it comes to doing away with this demarcation line between North and South, the North says, ďThereís nothing we can do about it.Ē Russia says the same thing.

China, too, says the same thing. The government and opposition parties in Seoul say, ďThereís nothing we can do about it.Ē Even the United States and Japan say there is nothing they can do about it. If this remains the case, there will be no hope.

If Godís true love becomes manifest, will we prosper or will we be ruined? It will be the end of everything evil and a new beginning for everything good. This is the reason we have to unite the citizens of our country.

I declared this fundamental principle for unification more than forty years ago. Since then, I have carried out a movement of ideas, centered on Godism, both domestically and around the world. I have worked in the four major countries surrounding the Korean Peninsula to lay the international groundwork for unification. Millions of people in Korea, Japan and the United States have worked through the International Federation for Victory over Communism and CAUSA, non-governmental organizations that have laid foundations in each of these countries. Through the years, leaders of many nations and leaders of the philosophical world have recognized Godism as the only teaching capable of uniting materialism and atheism, which are its diametrical opposites, with Godís purpose. It is also the only philosophy capable of reforming secular humanism.

Let us work for North-South reunification and world peace My compatriots filled with passionate hope for North-South re-unification, let us together establish our value system on the basis of Godism, and join forces in arming the people of this country with this new teaching. Let us pledge ourselves to work toward North-South reunification, for the sake of the Korean people and for the sake of world peace. Let us stand up to answer the call of history in our age and the call of Heaven. Let us be leaders and people of righteousness who stand at the forefront of the movement for North-South reunification.

Women, in particular, need to take the lead for this. History took a mistaken course as a result of Eveís error at the beginning, so in the Last Days women need to take the lead in overcoming conflict, strife and division with their motherly love, and create a new history of reconciliation and unity. The mission of women is to restore their children, meaning all young adults and students, into true children by means of true education. Furthermore, mothers and children need to combine their efforts and set an example in order to restore their husbands and fathers. This is how women can become the true daughters of Heaven, follow in the footsteps of True Parents, and attend God as the center of their family, in order to realize the ideal of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

I conclude this speech hoping once again that my words today will develop into an international movement that can advance the day when North and South Korea can meet and harmonize together in true love.

I pray for Godís blessing to be with you and your families.

Thank you.



The Course of Life for the Princes
and Princesses of God

March 8, 2000

Mokpo Indoor Stadium, Mokpo, Korea
True Parentsí Eightieth Birthday Celebration and
North-South Unification Rallies


Distinguished international guests, my fellow citizens gathered here for the sake of the reunification of North and South, ladies and gentlemen:

We have just begun the new millennium. It is the time for us to wipe away the residue of division and struggle left over from the previous century. It is time to realize the ideal of one worldwide family, one global village of peace and unity. I pray that the blessings of the new millennium will be with each and every family represented here today.

First, allow me to thank you for coming from around the world to congratulate me on my eightieth birthday. However, more than anything, I would like to offer the glory to God. He has been my constant companion and protector, and it is He who has made this day possible.

Looking back on my life, things have never been calm and quiet. I have walked a path of suffering side by side with the people of this nation, a nation whose history has seen inordinate strife and tribulation, nestled as it is here at the junction of great world powers. Ever since I unexpectedly came into contact with the Will of Heaven while in prayer at the age of sixteen, I have devoted my life and given all my thought and effort to bringing about the fulfillment of the Will of God.

I discovered that the root cause of human suffering is that the human ancestors fell into a state of spiritual ignorance due to the corruption of their love, and this severed their relationship with God. As a result of the Fall, humanity became ignorant of basic issues relating to God, life and the universe.

Throughout my life, I have spoken in public more than ten thousand times, presenting the truth about the world, human life and history, based on the principles of Godism. This content in its entirety has been translated into twelve languages and published in some three hundred volumes. I did not discover my teaching by researching ancient documents or academic study. It is based upon the fundamental and essential answers I found by traveling back and forth between the visible and the invisible realms.

Today I am grateful to have this opportunity to talk about a solution to the problem of the unification of the Korean Peninsula, which is my countryís most cherished desire and the last unresolved issue of the Cold War. My talk is entitled, ďThe Course of Life for the Princes and Princesses of God.Ē

What is behind the history of all the world's nations?

Distinguished guests, what nation are you a citizen of? Many of you are citizens of Korea. For you, Korea is your homeland, isnít it? Then, where is Godís homeland? At present, God has no homeland. Where do all the nations of the world originate? Do they have their origin in God, or is their origin somewhere else? The question of the historical origin of the worldís nations is an important one.

All the nations of this world were formed as a result of conflict. In many instances, where a border divides two nations, that border is an emblem of intensely painful resentment. We all know the historical reality that the fiercest fights where the most blood was shed were waged at borders between neighboring nations, not between nations at great distance from each other. The walls between two adjacent nations and the walls between two neighboring ethnic groups are the highest walls. Wars are not usually fought between nations and ethnic groups thousands of miles away from each other. From ancient times, wars were fought over the border between neighboring countries.

By the same token, even you probably get into fights with neighbors and those people closest to you. Why? It is because human beings fell away from God. As a result of the human Fall, fights tend to start with oneís neighbors.

What is the meaning of the Fall? It means that there is discord between God and human beings, that conflict has erupted between God and Satan, and that there is conflict between humanity and Satan. It means that there are numerous conflicts between nations, as attested by the large number of nations in the history of this small planet.

This is the history out of which the nations of the world were formed, so where will they go? All nations seek a world of peace, yet are they capable of finding it? This question points to the one common task that remains in front of all humanity today.

Nevertheless, if we harbor enmity toward a neighboring nation, with the justification that it is our historical enemy, we will never achieve a world of peace. If we harbor enmity, we will never reach the ideal, no matter how much we long for it and how often we say we are marching toward it. In order to neutralize the motivation for international conflict and wipe away our malformed, dysfunctional history, we need a movement that will lead the way by substantiating those characteristics that are the opposite of enmity and conflict.

The homeland we should seek

Distinguished guests, even though we live in a nation, in truth we are like people without a nation. Has there ever been a nation that could be considered a true nation? No there has not. Is it for lack of trying to build a true nation? No. The reason we have never had a true nation is that the people of history were never in a position to build one. They could not build one, because the age in which they lived did not possess a fully developed standard upon which to build a true nation.

The homeland we need to build should not have a history and tradition like those found in the world today. It should be of a dimension essentially different from the nations of this world. If we want to build this different kind of nation, we have to be a people who possess the ideological consciousness to make it possible. There is an absolute Creator; therefore our ideology and teaching will need to be one with the Creatorís ideology and teaching. What kind of nation does the Absolute Being want? He would want a nation with a sovereignty that would unite its people completely with Him. Its national character and its system would have to be of such quality.

A nation is constituted by sovereignty, people and land. In Godís nation, parents represent the sovereignty, sons and daughters represent the people, and the household represents the land. This is an unbreakable rule; a nation cannot omit any of these elements.

What should be that nationís highest value? It is living for the greater good, which extends to the nation and the world. The nation should guarantee that people who live that way cannot fall into ruin. In todayís nations people who live for the greater good often end up suffering, but the ultimate nation is a nation where such people can only prosper. If a person dies while working for the sake of that nation, he or she will be honored as a patriot. He or she will be honored as long as the nation exists.

For a nation to be formed, it requires a land, a people and sovereignty. What is sovereignty? Sovereignty is the connection and link with God, who is the root and origin. The people who govern the nation have to first establish their connection with God; only then can they govern. In this way, the rulers will be one with the people. They need to become one with the people and know that whatever they own is not for their own sake; it exists for the sake of the nation. If they do so, the nation will prosper.

From this point of view, when you consider the issue of realizing the kingdom of heaven on earth, who is its owner? Who is the ruler? Without a doubt, God is the Ruler. Who are the people? The people are all the people of the world. And what is the land? The land is the planet Earth.

What does the kingdom of heaven on earth resemble? It resembles ďme.Ē As I said, a nation consists of sovereignty, people and land. This is the same as a single human being. Who did I say that the kingdom of heaven on earth resembles? ďMe.Ē It resembles ďme.Ē Individuals such as ďmeĒ gather together, and that forms the nation. Just as I have my own mind, the nation has sovereignty. Just as I have a personal identity, there is a national population. And just as I interact with the created universe, so a nation interacts with the land.

Within this basic principle, the people enable the land to bear fruit, and the sovereignty enables the people to bear fruit. This is how things are. Land, people and sovereignty are the three essential elements that comprise a nation.

Looking at human beings, the basic principle is that our mind is subject partner to our body, and our body is subject partner to the natural world. On the basis of this principle, the definitive outcome of the entire world is ďa human being who encompasses heaven and earth.Ē What would you say heaven is? It is the same as the human mind, so it is also the same as the sovereignty. Human beings are the nations population and the earth is the created world. In the end, what does the nation resemble? It resembles an individual person.

No matter how big the society, no matter how great the nation, it resembles a human being. This is because God likes that which resembles Him, which is in His image. Then, what things do human beings like most? They also like what resembles them, what is in their image. So what does an ideal nation need to resemble? It needs to resemble a human being in the form of ďa human being who encompasses heaven and earth.Ē

In Unification Church terminology, ďhomelandĒ does not refer to a single nation, such as the Republic of Korea. It refers to a global nation. Actually, this corrupted, fallen world uses the word ďglobalĒ incorrectly. The ďismĒ or teaching that describes this homeland is called ďcosmos-ism.Ē

Our homeland is not the Republic of Korea. God does not want the Republic of Korea or the United States or the communist nations as His homeland. God wants an original homeland. We have to create the culture and the history of that new, original homeland. We have to define a new standard of behavior upon which to establish a new and ideal homeland. We have to change our way of life, because the ideal world is completely different from the world of today.

The words and language are different as well. Do the people of todayís world understand the meaning of such important phrases as ďthe realm of dominion of the Principle,Ē ďgive-and-receive action,Ē ďcommon baseĒ and "foundation for the providence of restorationĒ? No, the vocabulary of Godís homeland is different.

How will the independence of Godís homeland first be realized?

If and when the nation that the Unification Church envisions is established, we will have to take down the Unification Church signboard. And when the world that the Unification Church envisions is realized, we will have to dismantle any nation the Unification Church establishes. By the same token, we will have to discard any religion that exists only for the sake of the culture and the character of the Republic of Korea. Only a religion that exists for the sake of the world will continue into the future.

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, what would a person who seeks to inherit the Will of God advocate? There is absolutely no way he or she would tell the people of this world to simply go the way of pleasure. In fact he or she would tell people to go in the opposite direction. The saying, ďLove your enemies with the heart of true loveĒ expresses this. The words, ďLove your enemiesĒ can turn around our false history. They are anchors for a ship buffeted in a howling typhoon. Throughout the providence of restoration no one has truly been able to practice these words, but God nonetheless found those who sincerely tried to love their enemies. He lifted them to the world stage, and built around them some form of systematic organization. God actually has to present this kind of person, and the movement that he or she engenders, to the world. These are the very religious movements that have arisen in history.

Of all the people in history, whom has God loved the most? It is Jesus. Jesus presented a new direction for this conflict-ridden world. High walls are created between oppressor and oppressed nations, such as existed between Rome and Israel, because they viewed each other as enemies. Jesusí philosophy is that these walls need to be demolished. He thought, ďYou in Rome want to conquer me by force, yet I will conquer you in the opposite wayówith love.Ē This is why he sought to bless his enemies even while hanging on the cross. We need to recognize that when Jesus said of the Roman soldiers, ďFather, forgive them; for they know not what they are doing,Ē he was expressing this amazing philosophy. (Luke 23:34) Because Jesus made this plea, he became the model and archetype for all nations of the world to transcend the position of enemies, and also the model for transcending national borders.

Jesus knew that individual enemies were not the only enemies. He knew that family enemies, clan enemies, ethnic enemies, national enemies and global enemies surrounded him on all sides. This means there are many enemies awaiting those who follow his path. It also means that if you walk the family path, there are family enemies waiting, and if you walk the clan path, there are clan enemies waiting. You can expect fierce battles; however you must love those enemies whenever you encounter them. If you possess this spirit, eventually victory will be yours.

What is the starting-point for realizing Godís ideal nation? What is the starting-point for recovering the original homeland? It will start from individuals who live by the philosophy of loving their enemies. Therefore, because God exists, Christianity could not avoid becoming a global religion. That is because Christianity is a movement to break down national borders with love, to transcend all environments and cultural barriers, and to embrace even the enemy.

You reap what you sow. If you sow kidney bean seeds, you will get kidney bean plants, and if you sow rose seeds, you will have roses. In the same way, if you plant Satanís seed, a seed of retaliation against your enemies, you will get a tree of evil, a tree of retribution. However if you plant the seed of goodness, the seed of loving your enemies, you will get a tree of goodness, a tree of love. This is just a principle of nature.

Where did I say Godís homeland starts? How does it arise? It arises by the path of loving oneís enemies. It arises by establishing the tradition of loving oneís individual enemies, loving oneís family enemies, loving oneís clan enemies, and loving national and global enemies. Godís homeland cannot appear except by this path.

Take a look. Because the United States opposed me, and its State Department opposed me, and the Congress opposed me, someday I will be granted a certificate of recognition saying I won over the Congress, I won over the State Department, and I won over the United States. I am winning friends even in the State Department, which had been opposing me. In the Congress I am winning many friends. By loving my enemies, I will prevail in the end. Even if I did not have such friends, my conviction is such that I can overcome any opposition and lead the way to victory. The more someone sets him or herself as my enemy and opposes me, the more I love that person. Therefore, I am never worried about how heavy the opposition is.

The laws of nature dictate that if low pressure exists in one place, high pressure will appear somewhere else. If one area develops high pressure, another area will develop low pressure, and as the air from the high-pressure area flows into it, the high pressure area diminishes. If a high-pressure area like the State Department opposes me, then it will have to surrender to me as I develop a field of low pressure, just as a low-pressure area absorbs a high-pressure area in nature.

Even though I took all sorts of abuse in the past, when I didnít resist and instead loved my persecutors, they became my friends in the end. Families that opposed me turned into friends, clans that opposed me turned into friends, and nations that opposed me turned into friends.

If a nation appears composed of people who have this spirit of loving their enemies, that nation will manifest the ideal that God desires. It will manifest the ideal for all humankind.

I donít think there is anything externally attractive about me. Although you people here donít admit it, people in the rest of the world donít find me particularly handsome. Yet God loves me the most. Even if the world thinks I am a terrible fellow, God recognizes me. That is why I can be bold and open in reaching out to the world.

If you love your enemies, there is nothing you cannot say or do. Why? It is because whatever you do out of love has Godís blessing. If God says a man is good-looking, then he is good-looking; if God says he is really commendable, he is really commendable; if God says he is brave and fiery, then he is brave and fiery. I take it that I have Godís approval, and hence I can take on the world with confidence.

When I become intoxicated with Godís approval while working on my own, do you know what happens? Young peopleóyoung men and womenó appear, a great family of all races appears, an entire people appears, a people that God can truly take joy in appears, and the dawning of Godís homeland becomes possible.

When Jesus said we have to love our enemies, he meant we have to love even the worst person. If a man who thinks heís really handsome is matched with a woman he considers to be less than himself, his loving her is even more important than his loving his enemies.

The person who loves his or her enemies will march in the vanguard and carry the flag of the most exalted prince. How noble that person is! He or she can leap over national and racial boundaries. On the day you live with a heart to love your enemies, all barriers will fall, the history of the providence of restoration will be shortened, and heaven will come near. My philosophy is that simple.

There is nothing I havenít done. Iíve been a farmer, a laborer; Iíve tried everything! Living my whole life in this way, I thought I was all alone. Yet when I turned around, I found British people following me, Americans following me, people following me from all over the world! Even if I pushed them away rudely and moved on in a new direction, they came back and followed me. I go this way, I go that way, yet still they follow me. This is how it is, so no matter how much you research the Unification Church, there is always something more to learn.

Our first destination on earth

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, what is the path we need to take at this time? No matter how excellent your clan is, if Satan maintains its sovereignty over your nation, then in fact your clan is without a nation.

Do you take the Republic of Korea to be your country? You do not have a country! No matter how strong your clan may be, if the sovereignty of your nation is not centered on Heaven, your clan can be annihilated just like that. Isnít it so? Therefore, we need to search for the nation that Heaven can welcome with open arms.

Today when we liken Korea to the realm of the First Israel, we mean that the land needs to become one that Heaven can welcome, a land that individuals can welcome, that families can welcome, that clans, communities and religions can welcome. Not even the Unification Church, much less Christianity and the Republic of Korea, has stood in a position that Heaven can welcome. Each has been going in a direction different from Heavenís direction. For example, the path the Republic of Korea is pursuing is external. It is moving ahead, not centered on God but centered on secularism. This nation has no central guiding thought or philosophy.

We have to connect this nation with God, by having it adopt this teaching as its central national philosophy. Korea needs to form a new national concept, equipped with this multi-dimensional worldview. Otherwise, it will not see the dawning of the original homeland. Once Korea has adopted this national concept, it must present it as the ideal teaching for the nations of the world. Otherwise the homeland will never be established.

The liberation we have todayóKoreaís liberation from Japanóis the first liberation. Now, in the Unification Church, we need a second liberation. The Republic of Korea also needs a second liberation. The people and the nation will not achieve their full desire unless the Republic of Korea undergoes the second liberation. After that, the Unification Church will need a third liberation. That is how things will go. The Republic of Korea established its current national pattern through the first liberation. At this time it requires a second liberation, the reunification of North and South.

What is the nature of the nation to be formed when North and South are united? Because its people have passed through a suffering course in its history, it has to be a nation whose character is capable of becoming one with the principles of restoration through indemnity. It needs to be a nation that is completely united with the Will of God. So how does todayís Republic of Korea need to act in order to become that nation?

To rise to the present standard, it needs to unify the North and the South. The divided North and South of Korea are just like the divided northern kingdom of Israel and southern kingdom of Judah, and they need to be united into one. Like Cain and Abel on the national level, North and South were divided, and if they are not reunited, a single, victorious Israelite nation will not appear.

So in this peninsula, how should we reunite North Korea and South Korea? A new global-level ideology is what is needed to unify them. Unificationism, which is being advocated by the Unification Church, was prepared for this very time. Now we are in the position to do two things: We have to form one nation that surpasses every other nation of the world, and we have to embody a single faith so indomitable that it surpasses every other religion in the world. North and South need to be one nation centered on this teaching. Without doing that, Godís nation, namely, the sovereignty of the heavenly nation that we can proudly proclaim to the world, will not be born. You have to understand that this purpose is our priority on earth today.

If we cannot establish this nation as the original homeland, we will not be a nation that can center on God and surpass the nations of Satanís world. Without such a nation, we cannot chastise the evil nations of the world. We cannot be free of their influence. To do that, we need more than just a religion, more than just the Unification Church. We need a unified nation whose direction is centered on Unificationism. We need to establish it and then move forward. This issue remains to be resolved.

From this point of view, the Unification Church will be like Judaism, in that the thought of the Unification Church will become the mainstream thought of Korea just as Judaism was the spiritual pillar of the nation of Israel. In the future, there will be a time when Unificationism will undergird the spiritual communities of our nation. This is what some people are saying today, even some members of the National Assembly. If the thought of the Unification Church becomes the national ethos, the Communist Party will no longer get any attention.

Our attitude toward the independence of our homeland

Ladies and gentlemen, the people who live for the sake of Heaven today are the secret emissaries of Heaven sent into Satanís world. Although an emissary may be big or small, broad or thin, tall or short, the lifestyle he or she maintains does not deviate, because that person is always facing life-and-death situations. He or she lives in circumstances where even the smallest mistake can impact someoneís eternal life.

If you are to live as an emissary serving a homeland that can support and protect eternal life, your spirit must be hundreds of times stronger than the environment around you. You need to be able to ignore the current situation by thinking of how all the people of the world will rejoice when finally all resentment is erased. You have to look to the glory of the original homeland, even as you create a new history. You need to think that all your efforts will only become known and recognized on the day when the homeland is given birth. Unless you have that mindset, you cannot carry out your mission as Heavenís emissary. In order to overcome all the resentment and execute your mission, your hope for the dawning of a homeland needs to be a thousand times, ten thousand times greater than the influences of the present reality.

If by some chance an emissary were to die due to some unfortunate situation in the line of duty, God can dispatch a new emissary to the same place who can carry out that personís responsibility. Even though he or she has already passed on, people will appear who can become the new emissaryís friends and allies. Even though he or she became a sacrifice, because he or she died as a model, people who were his or her allies will remain. Since those people remain, God can send someone in the emissaryís place on that foundation. However, if he or she was not ready to die in that situation, no matter what he or she may have achieved, it will end with that personís death.

From this viewpoint, what attitude should you have toward this new age? The desire to begin the original homeland must burn in your heart more passionately than anything else. You have to feel pride that you are a leader who is building the homeland for which God has longed for six thousand years. You have to take pride in bearing the responsibility for this incredible pioneering mission, as a member of the elite group standing on the front line. Many people in the past yearned for this mission, but it was not available to them. You are taking on this one-time-only, privileged mission, so you must have a very solemn sense of responsibility.

Every aspect of your lifestyleóeating and sleeping, coming and goingóhas to be for the establishment of Godís homeland. How much do you think God has been longing for you to step forward and joyfully and confidently declare you will carry out this mission? That you accept the role of an emissary dispatched directly by God Himself? Until now, God has been mercilessly pushed aside and heartlessly excluded. Still, He needs to establish the Will of Heaven. The Will that He was never able to unfold, the Will to establish His homeland, only presents its entire contents on the basis of a complete national foundation. It is a Will that He has never been able to fulfill.

Finally, it is possible to establish this homeland, a homeland with sovereignty, land and people. Moreover, there is the lineage of a homogeneous ethnic group connected to that land, which has a history that no other peoples possess. To create this homeland, we need to carry out our mission as emissaries. You need to strive to fulfill your mission sooner than expected so that, thanks to you, the foundation for the dawning of the homeland will be that much closer. Paying the price of sweat and tears today creates the foundation for the appearance of the homeland that much earlier. Thinking like this, you must go out into the world with the determination to fulfill the secret mission of Heavenís emissary. If you donít do it, we will lack the capacity to receive the unprecedented blessing and fortune that God is preparing to give to us.

We have to construct heaven on this earth. To be able to hold up our heads before our Father, we have to establish Heavenís nation on this earth and become one with the center of that nation. Then, as citizens of the heavenly nation, we must live there and die there, always upholding the standard that Heaven hopes for.

Do you have that nation? When you think about the fact that you donít, then you realize that you cannot die even if you want to. If you die, where would you go? How would you avoid a sense of shame and self-consciousness, a feeling of pain? That is why I am so busy. Although the length of my life is limited, I am striving to get everything done while I am alive.

On top of that, Satanís evil environment opposes us. Donít you think our enemies are trying to block our way? If we are to break through it and forge ahead, we cannot avoid the unsettled lifestyle of an emissary.

All our comings and goings need to be for the sake of building Heavenís nation. We have to take up the mission to become true founding citizens who will bring Heavenís homeland to birth. We must receive our orders as Heavenís emissaries, enter the present-day world of evil, and carry out our work accordingly. We must live with these thoughts uppermost in our mind.

Without doing this, you will not be able to establish your dignity and authority as citizens of the heavenly nation that is at hand. Do you want to make a difference as an individual? Do you want to influence things as a family? Nationally? Globally? How do you want to make a difference? Youíd like to make a difference globally, wouldnít you? However, if you want to rise to the global level, you will not be able to do it on your own. You will need a nation. That is why I am asking you, where is your nation?

We need to eat and sleep for the sake of that nation, live day and night for the cause of that nation. Donít you understand that you were born for this? You have to pledge your life before heaven and earth. While you are sleeping, imagine that you are in a room where the beds of millions of people around the world are lined up together and you are sleeping at the very head. When you look at a dinner table, imagine that you are eating with everyone in the world. Wherever you go, imagine you are not sitting alone, but that all the peoples of the world have gathered around you and that you are sitting at the head of them all. As sons and daughters of Heaven, you have to think like that.

Each of you needs to understand that the lifestyle of the sons and daughters of Heaven must surpass the authority of Satanís world and be fit for glory. When God loves His sons and daughters, donít you think this is the kind of son and daughter He wants to love? If He loves sons and daughters who arenít even as good as Satan, He canít really preserve His dignity as the Father, can He? I want you all to keep this in mind and determine that you will live every day of your life marching forward in righteousness, hand in hand with the entire world. As I see it, this is where success in the battle for unity is won or lost.

You need to think, ďEven though I live in the midst of Satanís world, I am an emissary for Heaven. I am the one ambassador of Heaven.Ē Other people do not know your situation, yet you have to push ahead with conviction. You have the mission and authority of an emissary. Just as a king waits for the reports of his nationís emissaries, when you are fulfilling this mission on the earth, God is waiting for your reports and for your requests.

If someone in the position of an emissary sends a request, ďI urgently need such and such,Ē donít you think the king would brave troubles and difficulties from every sector to send it to his emissary? In the same way, if you have the conviction that you are sons and daughters for Godís glory, and you report, ďThis is what I need, Father; please make it possible,Ē then it will come to pass. In this way, you can discover the living God and see Him working.

If you are able to do this, you will be a leader. You will be able to heal the sick. God will help you directly through any difficulty. Through this way of life, you have to learn confidence and conviction so you can break through everything that obstructs your path.

The path for Godís true sons and daughters

Respected guests, what are we looking for? We are not looking for the individual, nor are we looking for the family. Our purpose is to find the nation. Whether youíre a father, a mother or someoneís child, you must do this. If you blessed families in the Unification Church today are complacent within your own clans, saying, ďThe nation? The church? Donít talk to me about that!Ē then you all have failed. This is the reality from the Principle point of view.

You need to seek the nation until the day you die. You need to invest your heartfelt effort. Only then will the day arrive when you can celebrate and sing songs of victory at the dawning of the heavenly nation. Among all of Jesusí teachings, this is what you need to know. I am not showing you two directions, just one. If Jesus were to tell you, ďLetís go!Ē youíd have to go, right? So if he says, ďLeave your husband at home, leave your family, and go!Ē do you have to go or not? It would not be for the sake of the Unification Church. You have to do it for the sake of the nation. If you do, things will work out in your family.

Currently in North Korea, they are tearing up the family registers and redoing them. Do you know why? Satanís world does things first. As Jesus said, you have to be able to put aside your husband, wife, parents, children and everyone you love, and step forward. Otherwise, we cannot establish the nation that we hope for. When that nation is established, you will find your family again. If you canít establish that nation, youíll have to sit and see your parents shed their blood, your wife shed her blood, and your children spill their blood. Is there anything worse than that? Therefore, before we find that nation, we cannot love our wives, we cannot love our parents, and we cannot love our children. This is the path Christians need to walk; so it is also the path the members of the Unification Church need to walk.

You have to be able to deny yourself and live for the nation. No matter what kind of difficult situation you find yourself in, you have to be people who can fight and overcome it, fulfilling the hope your Father has for you. This is what you have to do to be called Godís true sons and daughters.

So what kind of person can build Godís nation? It is someone who can deny him or herself and value Heaven with an aching heart, someone who denies him or herself and lives for the sake of society and the people, for the sake of the nation and the world. That person can build Godís nation. Going one step further, the person who lives for the sake of Heaven, even if it means he or she has to deny the nation and the world, can build the kingdom of heaven. The person who can build Godís nation is a person who feels sorrow over society and the nation, over the world, and even over Heaven, rather than sorrow over him or herself, no matter what sorrowful and painful situation he or she encounters.

Not only that, you must be victorious in the struggle with Satan during the course of establishing Godís nation and achieving His purpose. Then, starting from the individual, you need to unite the family, society, people, nation and world into one. In other words, you have to be able to fight and win over Satan no matter what situation you find yourself in. You have to fight and win over Satan in any environment that society presents you. You have to step forward, take responsibility for that nationís worst problem, and fight and win over Satanís forces.

Do you think that Satan, who has resisted God for six thousand years, is just going to quietly say, ďThatís enough! Iíve had it. I think Iíll just give up,Ē and lower his eyes and slink away? No, he will not leave us alone, he will scrutinize us even as we might carefully inspect a lowly washcloth, turning it over and over, before throwing it out. What Iím saying is that Satan will not give up and go away just like that. This is why he keeps putting up such a stubborn fight.

To fight Satan successfully, we have to unite with the center. Even I, Rev. Moon of the Unification Church, will be discarded the day I deviate from the center. If the direction isnít right, we canít make any real progress. The reason we seek the heavenly nation is to be able to find the world, and the reason we seek the world is for the sake of the spirit world. After we do that, what is next? Then we attend our Heavenly Parent on His return to the earth. We will stand in our positions and, with all nations attending God assembled on either side, we will march forward with Him to dedicate and offer Him the glory of victory.

Your mission as a member of the Unification Church calls you to engage in this struggle. Even if our shoes wear out and we go barefoot, we have to march forward to build the eternal homeland. Can we save this nation if we eat our fill and only offer leftovers? Can you spend your energy worrying about what you wear, when youíll eat, how youíll get along? We have to clear the path and pioneer the way with our bare feet and bare hands. This is what we do in the Unification Church.

Are you brave, courageous warriors, heroes who can step forward for the establishment of the homeland, or are you impeding it? When we say yeongsa, ďhero,Ē we mean those who can represent the nation and accomplish things that other people cannot. We do not call just anyone a hero. Other people are mere soldiers. A hero is someone who succeeds when his or her comrades canít do the job and have to retreat. The Chinese character yeong means swift, quick. A hero has to run faster than anyone else, even able to virtually dodge bullets. We canít use the word hero for someone who does what just anyone can do.

The foundation to achieve the independence of our homeland Who can be the hero that stands in the vanguard to pioneer the building of that nation? And where can that nation be established? If you want to establish a nation, you need sovereignty, people and land. Then looking at the challenges centering on the heavenly kingdom, what sites can fulfill the role of the land? They can only be church properties, right? Next, who are the people, the citizens of the kingdom of heaven? They are the congregation, the members. Then who are the public servants? You are. You are the representatives of the village head, the representatives of the tribal head, the representatives of the county head and the representatives of the provincial governor. Have you become such central figures, such subject partners?

When someone attacks with a bomb from Satanís world, you have to be the first in the line of fire. Do you feel you can do that? When you have money, even if it is only a penny, you must use it to develop the church. You need to use it to expand the domain of the nation and to bring the people together. A church director is the representative of the ruler. He or she represents the village chief; he or she stands as a father or mother. You have to establish this kind of tradition and philosophy. We ourselves donít have anything.     

What kind of nation are we going to establish here in Korea? When we start distributing goods in the North and communicating with them, is our intention to set up a communist nation, to keep going as the Republic of Korea, or to pursue a new nation that is neither of these? As we consider these things, we can feel that our time is approaching. If you are Unificationists who have to keep things steady and take responsibility for all this, how deep is your sense of responsibility? How much are you willing to sacrifice for it? Do you have the confidence? We will need to go up north, cross over the thirty-eighth parallel, and prepare our foundations in the towns and counties of the Northís nine provinces.

At this time when we are short of people, you have to think about who is going be responsible for Jeongju up in the North. Are you willing to invest all your effort and prepare for ten or twenty years so that you will be able to take responsibility for the Jeongju area? If you canít accomplish it, then when you die you need to instruct your descendants to study hard, train hard, prepare hard and take responsibility to represent Heaven in Jeongju. This is what I have been thinking about and preparing for up to this day.

Thinking of this, is it okay for young men just to return to their hometowns, smiling and chuckling, with their wives and kids in tow? Is that okay or not? Youíve got to resolve that you will first dedicate your life to establish Heavenís nation and only after that go to your hometown. You must resolve that you will first dedicate your life to build Heavenís nation for your children, and then go to your hometown. Iím telling you that for things to go right, youíve got to make a new determination. You must resolve, ďI will go up there to the Russian and Manchurian frontiers and lock horns with the Communist Party. In the midst of gunshots day and night, Iíll take responsibility. Iíll be a sentry for the border detachment. Even if my country doesnít know, even if no one knows, even if I have to give my life in the process, my heart and loyalty for the heavenly nation will not change.Ē This is exactly what we need.

It doesnít matter if the world ignores you. Everything will be revealed when you get to the spirit world. This is how the universe is set up. To have the proper perspective, you have to understand that we are short of people. We need more people. Even if some scraggly old scarecrow of a man joins us, we can set him up with a trumpet to proclaim the truth or, we can construct some robots and have them go around the North blowing on trumpets. This is what I wish I could do, and this is what God would like to do.

It just doesnít make sense to lament that you canít teach the Principle, when you were born as a person with a mouth and with feelings, and with a mind and body that is twenty or thirty years old. You have to study hard, even if you get so little sleep that your eyeballs fester and sting. You have to prepare for teaching even if you are so hungry that you are only skin and bones. Ultimately, that haggard, skinny bag of bones will be thoroughly capable of receiving the love of Heaven. What Iím saying is, God wants to place all His expectations on you, even though you might be meager and frail.

How shall we achieve the independence of our homeland?

Jesus also came to establish Heavenís nation. If there is no homeland, then the situation will be pitiful. People of faith have always been in a pitiful situation because they had no homeland. If the judgment is to come, the individual, family, clan, people, nation and world must conform to the unchanging standard of the homeland. Then the judgment will be made on the basis of that standard. The homeland is the final hope. The people, the clan, the family and the individual are all included within it.

Has this three-thousand-li-long Korean Peninsula become the homeland? It hasnít, and we need to settle this matter. Every one of us needs to work with single-minded devotion to create the homeland that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit desire.

What is goodness? Goodness is for the individual to sacrifice for the family, the family for the clan, and the clan for the birth of the homeland. All are sacrificed for the creation of the homeland, and when the homeland is built, all individuals become loyal and beloved patriots. If you offer loyal devotion on the national level, leading to the establishment of the national standard, then you will be recognized as having laid the foundation for the clan and the family as well. The standard of this path is absolute, loyal devotion for the sake of God. Then all the elements of your course are recognized.

How do we have to do it to get things right? Jesus said, ďMy Father... not what I will, but what You will.Ē (Matt. 26:39) Here, ďwhat I willĒ is the will of the world, and ďwhat You willĒ is the Will of God. You Unification Church members, what have you done so far? Have you established the path of loyal patriots and stepped forward with actual results in hand? In order to fulfill the path of filial children, you must present actual accomplishments. You have to be resolved to fight on the individual, family, clan, national and world levels. Jesus came with the mission to be an offering.

You have to build the foundation of our people while moving ahead and working on the global level. Youíve got to feel you are endowed with a value equal to that of the Messiah. While I am pioneering the global path, you who follow me have to prepare the path of the Korean people.

Many people died while yearning for the path to liberation. They passed away believing that it would be achieved one day, although they did not know when.

Unificationists have prepared the foundation from the individual level, through the level of the Korean people, up to the national level. Now we have to mobilize all peoples and nations of the world. We have to seek the day of the establishment of our homeland, the day of freedom, peace and happiness, and we have to go forward no matter how difficult that path is. This is the way I look at things, and this is the standard God has. Jesus died while living according to this standard. No matter what the suffering, we have to forge ahead on the course to establish the homeland. We have to take responsibility for Korea. We must relieve the built-up pain and anguish that surrounds the fact that Jesusí homeland, the Holy Spiritís homeland, the homeland of all saints and sages, Godís own homeland, has never been built. If we do not, there is no way we can hold up our heads.

We must find our homeland. In order to find it, we have to live for it. If we do not live for our homeland, we will not be able to build it. How do we live for our homeland? We do this by setting up the world as our homeland and living for the sake of the world. A person who lives this way is capable of creating the homeland. Eating and sleeping, walking on the street, your entire lifestyle and all your actions have to be for the sake of creating the homeland.

This is why we fight, prepared even to repulse the communists should they attack us with swords in broad daylight. If the people of Korea cannot do the job, we are the ones who have to. If the people cannot go forward, we have to do it. To be able to do it, we have to love our homeland more than anything else. What Iím saying is, when you eat, eat for the sake of the homeland. When you marry and go to join your husband, do it for the homeland. Do everything for the sake of the homeland.

Our first purpose is to save the nation

You are the group that will rise up when I give the word, which will mobilize when I give the direction. Yet I am not the sort of man to be satisfied with that. Therefore, I will continue to develop a foundation that will guarantee the birth of the homeland, even if I have to sacrifice the Unification Church foundation to do it. There has to be a religious group, a people and a nation that can receive the messianic family that has been established as the central goal of the six-thousand-year providence of God.

God had originally prepared the foundation for the world to receive His nation, and Godís desire was for everything to be united from the outset. But that foundation was broken and shattered. Now the task to rebuild it remains. To connect everything together, we have to stand on the front line and run forward.

When it gets dark and it is time to rest, you should fall asleep still dreaming of that nation of hope. Of course, that nation does not exist at present. Still, as a citizen, you should go to sleep for the sake of that nation, and when you wake up, you should wake up as one who is working to create that nation. Do not use your senses to see, hear and touch without thinking of that nation. Until the day that nation is born, donít even think of dying. Time is pressing, and we have to overcome every kind of suffering and adversity.

If you have a deadline, you have to get the task done even if it means staying up late at night. So when the only way to establish the homeland is to make yourself a sacrificial lamb for the sake of the providential timeline, it is your responsibility to use your time to shed one more tear and one more bead of sweat to Godís providence. Do you think it is okay to just sleep comfortably and wake up stretching and yawning? Rather, as soon as you wake, you need to bow down and pray, ďFather, I feel the sorrow of this lonely, miserable path that I am walking to establish our victorious nation, to give You the place of rest and security that You have always longed for, and to build a nation through which You can make the world You have always wanted to build. Father, if I feel this kind of sorrow, how do You in heaven feel?Ē

You canít just lie down because you are tired. If you die, you should die for the sake of that nation. Because of this, when I get old and start to feel tired, the one thing I want to leave behind is a last will and testament that says, ďI did all I could for the sake of Heaven. I did everything I could for the sake of Heavenís nation.Ē

Jesus said, ďDo not worry, saying, ĎWhat will we eat?í or ĎWhat will we drink?í or ĎWhat will we wear?í For it is the Gentiles who strive for all these things, but strive first for the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.Ē (Matt. 6:31-33) This shows that the central stream of thought in the Bible is Heavenís nation. The Bibleís philosophy says we must seek that nation. It doesnít say to seek your own happiness.

If you are born as a citizen of that nation and you have a husband, then your husband represents that nation, so you have to love that nation before you love your husband. As a wife, you also represent the nation; your husband has to love that nation before he can love you. When your spouse dies, you even have to be able to ask him or her to die with the words, ďI did everything I could; there is nothing more I could have done.Ē It is not good if you die saying, ďI wish I had tried this or that.Ē

For this reason, we must keep on going, even though we may have accomplished a certain amount. If you walk part way down the path, there is no reason not to go to the end. When everyone else is sleeping, you have to go a step further. Youíve got to say, ďHey, Satanís world! Take a rest for the whole day if you like! We are going on to seek Heavenís nation.Ē

Fellow compatriots, all who seek the unity of the North and South, I especially want to say that the mission of women is to restore the young people, and the mission of students is to be true children based upon true education. Even going beyond that, mothers and children have to unite to set the standard in order to raise and educate their husbands to be true sons of Heaven. You must restore the ideal of the kingdom of heaven on earth by attending God and True Parents.

In closing, it is my fervent hope that my words today will help you build a nationwide movement that will bring us closer to the day when the North and the South meet in true love.

May Godís blessing be with you and your families.

Thank you.




Godís Kingdom of Peace Is the Eternal

Home of Our Blessed Families

June 25,2005

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, USA
Four-city speaking tour in the United States


Respected leaders of the United States:

I am grateful that so many of you could gather here today in spite of your busy public and private schedules. Let me begin my address by reading an excerpt from a prayer that I offered forty-seven years ago. The year was 1958 and I was a thirty-eight year old, single man. This prayer is recorded in Cheon Seong Gyeong, a collection of passages from sermons I have delivered over the course of my ministry.

Prayer from the original Cheon Seong Gyeong

"Loving Father, thank you for the grace by which You have protected Your humble son, who has fought since childhood so that Heaven may not suffer humiliation and insult.

Even the finest things of this earth are worthless when measured against the original heart by which You act. Considering this, we need to feel boundless longing to connect to Your heart. A person who encounters Your true love could lose the entire world and not miss it.

Beloved Father, we must now establish the ideal world, our original homeland, where Your love saturates every personís life. During our earthly lives we must prepare for the day when we will make the transition into the next life as Your liberated children, inhabiting a realm of freedom there. Just as a child must be healthy in the womb for it to be healthy during its life in the world, we must lead wholesome lives in the world if we are to be healthy and complete after entering heaven. Yet, the world in which we live today is under the dominion of evil and therefore is full of contradictions. Thus the only way that heaven and earth can support us in our endeavors, and the only way we can harmonize with the dynamic ebb and flow of the universe, is to be victorious over ourselves to the extent that we are ready to give our lives.

Loving Father, You have toiled throughout history to create a new springtime of hope for us. Let us recognize that in order to greet the new spring, our lives must be bound to Your life. We must assimilate ourselves completely into You and be absorbed in You. Allow us to have certainty that this is the only way to receive Your spring and burst forth as Your beautiful blossoms.

Help us to also understand that just as a tree that blossoms in spring must pass through summer and autumn before it bears fruit, so too our lives must pass through a certain process before we can bear fruit. No matter how long it takes, or how stormy the environment, we cannot allow our inner self to be influenced. We must continue a course of steady development. This is the only way we can reach the next spring as a motherís body for a new life, a mature seed ready to be sown in the fertile soil.

Though we may appear shabby and wretched, we must not forget that we are people whose internal form is as a crystal, capable of gathering the infinite life force to be planted as life-bearing seeds in the infinite world. I beseech You that we may always remember, in the face of difficulties, that the more pitiful our external appearance, the more significant and substantial is our internal value.

We know, loving Father, that anyone whose heart is not overflowing with longing to attend You and bow down before You will be unable to bond with You in that eternal world. Let us open our hearts now, so that we may feel Your heart. Let us hear Your voice today as it wells up within us, so that we may establish our lives in Your truth. Let us appreciate with our whole heart the tragic course You walked as You struggled behind the scenes of history to reclaim each one of us. Of our own accord, we bow our heads in Your presence. Amen!Ē

Eternal and unchanging truth

Respected leaders of the United States, what are the first attributes of truth? The first attributes are that truth is eternal and unchanging. If I truly have received the anointing of Heaven as the Savior, Messiah, Second Coming and True Parent, who appears on the earth to communicate Heavenís truth and save humanity from the hell of the human Fall, then the word that I teach must not change. There cannot be even the slightest difference between what I teach today and what I taught twenty years ago or forty years ago.

I received Heavenís call at the#youthful age of sixteen and have dedicated my life of more than eighty years to the task of accomplishing Godís Will on this earth and saving humankind. My teachings do not derive from my own knowledge or personal philosophy. The words that come from my mouth, whether fifty years ago, at this moment, or at any moment in the future, are truth given by Heaven to humanity. They are the heavenly doctrine that humanity should uphold and live by forever. Even if all six billion people on earth were to oppose me, my words are still the eternal and unchangeable truth. Nothing can be added or taken away, not even one iota.

As I prayed forty-seven years ago, so too today I pray that you will open your hearts and experience the heart of God. Please listen to the voice of God that wells up from within the deepest recesses of your own heart. Please do not ever forget Heavenís wondrous Will and love. They guided my footsteps back to America even after I thought I would never return.

God created us to be born in love, raised in love, live our lives in the midst of love, and die in the arms of love. So everything, our birth, our life, and our death, need to be an occasion that gives rise to gratitude.

From birth we find ourselves sharing in the lives of our parents. We become participants in their lives. Our parents conceived us in love; in us they planted the banner of their love. We live our entire lives in accordance with the banner of our parentsí love. We need to wave this banner each moment of our lives by loving our parents and our siblings.

Each and every moment is a valuable opportunity to love. The person who ignores the opportunity will lose what is truly precious. Whether we win or lose is determined in a single moment. Every historical victory and every heavenly victory was determined in a moment. Therefore, a great person lives his or her life constantly aware of the precious value of each moment, for every particular moment is uniquely special. Such a person can be included in the ranks of the saints, and even become a divine son or daughter in heaven and on earth.

Living in accordance with Godís Will

From this perspective, it is vital to understand how to live in accordance with Godís Will, in the contexts both of daily personal life and of historical time. Before we talk about our hope that Godís Will be done and His kingdom come, we need to assess the degree to which we are living in oneness with His Will.

The Bible records a four thousand-year providence of restoration that includes Noahís family, Abrahamís family, Mosesí family and Jesusí family. We see that the mistakes the members of those families committed were not events extending more than a decade or several decades. Those who erred did so in a single moment, yet the error in that one moment destined them and their descendants to a path of indemnity extending more than one thousand years, and caused peoples and nations to fall into a bottomless pit of destruction.

That reveals the seriousness and importance of each moment of our lives. Even the eternal kingdom of heaven cannot exist apart from the single moment. Eternity does not begin when a person dies; it begins when a person comes to know Godís Will. If even a single moment is skipped, or if there be even the smallest hole in time, eternity will cease to exist.

As people of faith, while it is good for us to dream of the eternal, it is even more important that we understand how to eradicate evil and advance goodness in the context of our own life in todayís reality. In other words, what you need to fear most is not the judgment that will come in the Last Days; it is whether you are living each moment of your daily life in oneness with Godís Will. You need to be concerned about how your life intersects with the course of Godís Will.

The truth is that the circumstances of our families, societies, nations and world are not as we would like them to be. Therefore, we find ourselves dealing with all manner of difficulties, and we struggle back and forth on the cusp between good and evil. Every single day we prepare and struggle to triumph over our circumstances. Even in terms of our daily schedules, we often experience that we cannot do all the things that we planned to do in the morning. This is all the more the case as we take on a greater public role. We find that we need proportionally greater determination and driving force in order to conclude each day of our lives with victory. The days add up to become months, then years. Ultimately, they add up to form our entire life.

Our life course to establish the original homeland

Ladies and gentlemen, while living on this earth neither we, nor anyone in history can escape the confines of time. Individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world move within one realm of time. Each person has a certain purpose to fulfill during the course of his or her life. A person will strive for ten years, twenty years, or an entire lifetime in pursuit of this purpose. The larger the purpose, the stronger must be the personís internal resolution and dedication. To accomplish it, a person must possess an internal determination strong enough to overcome adversity.

You may not understand about the spirit world. However through Godís special grace, I came to know that unknown world with certainty. Looking at the fundamentals of that world, I saw that it operates on a simple principle. When people cross over into that world, those who lived for the sake of others according to Godís heavenly laws and principles will enter heaven, while those who lived selfishly and only for themselves cannot avoid going to hell.

What is heaven? Heaven is a kingdom of peace. It is where the original ideal of creation that God purposed from the beginning is completed. It is the true homeland all people must seek and find. We are descendants of Adam and Eve, who were expelled from the original homeland as a result of the human Fall. Therefore, it is our destiny to return to and once again enter that original homeland.

Nonetheless, we cannot enter by human effort alone. It is possible to enter only because God has worked through history to enable fallen human beings to go there. God established various religions, suited to each peoplesí diverse cultures and traditions, to guide humanity. Religion, however, only trains people to acquire the qualifications. To actually bring us into this higher dimension, God is now leading humanity above and beyond the cultural backgrounds of the worldís religions, towards a single united religious world.

All religions teach their followers to live for the sake of others because their purpose is to prepare their people to live in the original homeland. Living for the sake of others is the essence of true love. To train us in this way of life, religions give highest priority to the practice of meekness and humility. They teach us to place other people above ourselves and to live for their benefit. They teach sacrifice and service.

Ladies and gentlemen, what is the ultimate goal of life? It is to possess Godís love completely. To reach that final destination, a man and a woman must travel the road together. They may encounter life-threatening situations dozens or even hundreds of times, or even die on the way, yet that is the path of life that leads them back to God.

What is the ultimate human desire? It is to possess Godís love completely. True love is the core of Godís being. You may possess Godís attention completely, yet God will not be your God unless you possess Godís true love. On the other hand, if you completely possess Godís true love, then you will not mind it even if God is not with you. You enter a state where everything that is Godís is yours, and everything that is yours is Godís. Then for the first time, the internal and external will be one. The place filled with such love is the ideal, the kingdom of heaven. Once you reach this state, you will perceive beauty in all beings in the world, and everything in the world will exist for you.

And yet, ladies and gentlemen, because of the Fall of the first human ancestors, all people without exception have inherited Satanís false love and were born with Satan as their false father. Satanís lineage was passed down to you through your mother and father. This is the picture of who we are today. Our beginning was in error because false parents abducted us; therefore, we must go back and begin again in the lineage of the True Parents.

This is how deadly serious our lives are. You have to inherit Godís love, Godís life and Godís lineage. It is possible only through the Holy Blessing Ceremony. This ceremony is not a religious rite of the Unification Church alone; it is grace from God. You were dying because you were pricked by Satanís poison-tipped needle, yet through this ceremony you will be revived.

Godís purpose for creating human beings

Then, let us look from Godís viewpoint at the reasons He created human beings. There are three. First, God created human beings with material form in order for Him to be the Parent of all material existence. God, being invisible and without material form, cannot have dominion over things that have material form. In other words, God needed to exist as a being with form, and that form is the form of a Parent. God wished to become one with Adam and Eve, and through them to act as the substantial Parent to all human beings.

Second, the invisible God cannot produce children of His perfect image by Himself. A vertical line perpendicular to a horizontal plane cannot act beyond the single point where it intersects that plane. There is no reproduction in the spirit world. The spatiality that is necessary for reproduction to take place is created only when there is a horizontal deployment from the perpendicular axis tracing a circle through three hundred sixty degrees. God needed an organic process by which to produce citizens of the kingdom of heaven, and so He created this horizontal world centered on earth. When a man and woman meet and form unity in conjugal love, they create a sphere through their giving and receiving, and become a channel by which to produce citizens of the kingdom of heaven. Godís desire was to multiply so many people of the kingdom of heaven that there would be more than enough men and women to fill the ideal world He envisioned. This is the reason it is important for husbands and wives to bear and raise many children.

Third, God created human beings in order to establish and maintain an eternal partnership of love. When God created Adam and Eve, He intended that they become His eternal partners of love. However they were not the only ones. Once God had established Adam and Eve in His partnership realm, it was His intention to likewise establish their children and all their descendants in a world where everyone would be His direct partner of love. In this way, God created human beings to maintain the world of loveís partnership for eternity.

If Adam and Eve call God ďFather,Ē then would their children call Him ďGrandfather?Ē No, they would also call Him ďFather.Ē God is the vertical center. From Godís perspective, all the partners of His love are equal. Each partner of Godís love possesses equal value transcending time and space. After all, each is produced when Godís vertical love extends horizontally to meet human love on the same plane. This means the value of perfected love is always equal.

Next, let us look at the process of Godís creation. When God created the universe, first He created the natural environment, and then with that as the foundation He created human beings. In the beginning, God was the center of everything. In the end, He desired that human beings be in the central position by establishing balance and unity throughout the natural world.

The spirit world relates to the mind and the physical world relates to the body. Human beings have a mission to serve as the intermediaries between the spiritual and physical worlds. Look at the world in which we live. It contains two axes, one visible and the other invisible.

Again, look at the natural world. The Earth, as an object partner, revolves around the Sun, its subject partner, and at the same time it rotates on its own axis. Likewise, our body revolves around our mind by following the mindís directions, and at the same time it engages in its own rotational motion that enables it to exist and function. I am trying to illustrate a universal principle, one that illuminates the path of restoration that leads to the salvation of fallen humanity.

Human beings have a body that revolves around the physical mind. The physical mind revolves around a higher center, the spirit mind, and above the spirit mind is yet a higher center, God. Human beings are complete only when they are completely one with God.

A complete human being, though he or she may appear to be an insignificant individual, represents all of history and all relationships in the future. That personís value is equal to that of the entire cosmos. If we wish to fulfill the potential embodied in such cosmic value, we will let our spirit mind lead the way as we go about our life. This is heavenly law. The time has come when Heaven will judge whoever goes against the promptings of his or her conscience, which speaks through the spirit mind.

Life centered on the spirit

We are now living in the Era after the Coming of Heaven. This is an era when your sincerity, your dedication and your sweat will bear fruit. The founders and saints of the great religions, accompanied by myriads of good ancestors, have descended to the earth and are participating in the works of the providence. Now is the time to forsake this world of anxiety, fear and confusion, and follow the teachings of the True Parents to establish Godís peace kingdom on earth. If you, the citizens of the leading nation of the democratic world, cannot do it, God will accomplish His Will nonetheless, even by educating atheists in the former communist countries to do so.

Ladies and gentlemen, how can we become intermediaries who can unite with the Will of God? We must enter a state of resonance with God. In nature, resonance means that two objects are vibrating in harmonic frequencies. Sound waves of harmonic frequency create resonance. The resonating objects no longer vibrate independently; they begin to move around one center. In the same way, when a personís spirit self and physical self resonate with each other and begin to revolve around Godís true love, the personís spiritual cells and physical cells begin to function together. His or her physical eyes, for example, will vibrate in step with their spiritual eyes, and they will be able to see the physical world and the complete reality of the spirit world as well.

For the same reason, when we reach the state where our spirit self and physical self become one by the explosive force of true love, we will resonate with the earthly world, the heavenly world and even with God. What is the force that can move our mind and body into a state of complete resonance? It is not Godís wisdom, productivity or power. Only His true love can do it.

Every person has a dual structure, consisting of mind and body. Each man and each woman has a mind and a body. So when a man and a woman come together, it could be said that there are four entities present. If they are not united, it can be chaos. However, these four become naturally one when they resonate with Godís true love.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a law of the universe that for every particular being or central core, there will always be a second being that revolves around it as its partner. The relationship between God and human beings is an expression of the same principle that causes electrons to revolve around protons. Just like an electron forms a relationship with a proton, the human mind interacts with Godís mind. By this principle God carries out His providence of restoration.

Indeed, as you delve into the words of truth, you will experience how Godís life energy and Godís love commune with one another. As the Apostle Paul taught, it is because God loves us as His children that we shine as lights unto the world.

The truth is eternal and unchanging. Yet how in this evil world can you distinguish between good and evil in order to walk the path of truth? The answer is this: turn away from the pursuit of self-aggrandizement and place yourselves in a low, humble position. The Bible says, ďWhoever humbles himself will be exalted.Ē (Matt. 23:12) The essence of a human being is spiritual. When people die and go to spirit world, they understand much more clearly that human beings are essentially created to live for the sake of others. Nonetheless, we have not been able to escape from selfishness and individualism, because we still are yoked to Satan by the shackles of his fallen lineage.

You need to eat spiritual food. Between spiritual food and physical food, which do you think is the tastier? If you are to survive and stand on the side of God, you must prefer the taste of spiritual food. This means that you ought to prefer a life based on spiritual strength to a life based on physical strength.

It is said that human beings are the lords of creation. Yet a person does not become a lord of creation simply by virtue of being human. To be minimally qualified, a person must not live mainly for him or herself. They are rightly called lords who live for others and serve the whole. God is trying to accomplish His Will through such people. God is not building the kingdom of heaven for Himself. By having selfless people build the kingdom, He wants it to belong to them.

God created human beings to live forever. However if we were unable to cast off the yoke of this evil world during our sojourn of one hundred years or so on the earth, how would our life be superior to that of an animal? We differ from animals only because we are spiritual beings.

It turns out that the reason human beings can be the lords of creation is because our hearts never grow old. Nature is always changing. Even a rock, a symbol of permanence, cannot endure forever the effects of erosion. Only the human heart was created with the potential to remain unchanging for eternity. Hence the title, ďlord of creation,Ē cannot be awarded based upon money or knowledge. It is not based on power. It is only based on true unchanging love, Godís love.

Ladies and gentlemen, what are the ties that will bind original human beings to each other? Original relationships involve sharing joy and exhibiting the values of praise and respect for each other. Above all, they manifest perfect true love within the realm of Godís absolute love.

Thus, original human beings are to encapsulate the harmonious oneness of all relationships in heaven and on earth. This is the very reason we have both an invisible mind and a visible body. If we had preserved the mind-body relationship that God had intended, then the mind and body, though distinct and different from each other in terms of function,

would be eternally united and whole.

Please consider your own life. I donít think you can deny that your mind and body often fight each other. How much longer are you going to allow this fight to continue? Ten years? A hundred years? Or will it not end even when you die? All beings in the universe were designed to display a definite order. This means God did not create us to exist in the imperfect state in which we now find ourselves. Your task now is to empower your mind and subdue your body. The grace of God will be with you in this effort.

In the relationship between the mind and body, the mind is the more important of the two. The body persists for about a hundred years and then passes away, however the mind, or spirit, will live for eternity, transcendent of time and space. You may spend your days on earth eating and dressing extravagantly, yet someday you will die, and then what? You are better off setting a good spiritual standard and then aligning your physical life to that standard. Become a person of integrity and wholeness embracing both spirit and flesh.

Proposal for the World Peace King Bridge-Tunnel

Respected leaders of the United States, we are now entering a glorious age. The kingdom of heaven on earth, Godís ideal of creation, is being established before our very eyes. This is the peace kingdom. In my life of more than eighty years, I have walked a lonely path. God called me to walk that path, soaked with blood, sweat and tears. Now, that effort is bearing victorious fruit for the sake of all six billion people of the world.

In more than 180 countries, ambassadors for peace have inherited Godís Will and tradition. They are working hard, day and night, proclaiming the values of true love and true families. They are moving forward with full force to establish world peace. In the Middle East, one of the worlds tinderboxes, Jews, Christians and Muslims have found the resources in my teachings of peace to engage in a new dimension of dialogue for peace. Unificationism played an important role in ending the Cold War. I am now playing a decisive role to bring about the reunification of my homeland, Korea.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is not enough to satisfy me. I began my lifeís work at Godís command. I have come as the True Parent of humankind with Godís anointing, and I am determined to keep my promise to Him to create a united world of peace.

As I stand here today on this platform, I would like to make a truly important historic declaration to humanity. For thousands of years, Satan used the Bering Strait to separate the East from the West and the North from the South, in particular to separate North America from Russia geographically. I propose that a bridge be constructed over or a tunnel be dug under the Bering Strait, so that it will be able to connect a world super highway starting from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa to Santiago, Chile, and from London to New York, making the world a single community. I would call this, ďThe World Peace King Bridge-Tunnel.Ē Ladies and gentlemen, for this dramatic and historic project to succeed, the United States, Russia, Europe, China, India, Japan, Brazil and all the nations and religions of the world need to work hand-in hand. With the complete success of this project, humankind will be one step closer to the peace kingdom on earth, where there is no more division and war.

God is warning us that we can no longer tolerate separation and division. So let us really bind the world together as one community, tear down the walls of race, culture, religion, and nationality, and establish a world of peace on this earth. This has been Godís fervent desire. There is no other way. Humankindís current course of conflict and selfishness is a dead-end street.

Aligning our efforts with those of Rev. Moon

People are beginning to realize the significance and the hope in my teachings of ďtrue love, true life and true lineage,Ē which are the pillars of world peace. As the power of God sweeps down upon the earth, even countries and peoples that appear strong today will run out of options and will surrender.

The choice is yours. The Will of God does not change. The teaching that I received in prayer 47 years ago is the same as the message I am giving to you who are living in the 21st century. The power and fortune of Heaven gave me the victory. Will you join in step with me as I rise, and work with me to establish true families, true societies, true nations and a true world on this earth? Or will you continue as Satanís captive behind the wall of your religion, the wall of your culture, the wall of your nationality and the wall of your race, and spend the remainder of your life in agony and regret?

Heaven is summoning brave generals who will turn this world of evil upside down and establish a new heaven and a new earth.

Today I have delivered Heavenís message. Please inscribe it deep in your hearts, and become wise leaders who will set new coordinates for your lives.

I pray that Godís abundant blessings will be upon your families and upon your nations.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

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