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The Role of Nations in Realizing World Peace

1.  America in Crisis—Answer to Watergate: Forgive, Love, Unite  1297
2.   God’s Plan Centered on the United States    1302
3.   God’s Hope for America    1311
   America and God’s Will   1319
   The Foley Square Address   1325
   Challenges and Possibilities for World Peace   1328
   Let Us Become Leading Figures in the Asia-Pacific Era   1334

8.   The Way to World Peace   1341
   The Role of Island Nations in the Twenty-first Century   1351
  The Role of Peninsular Nations in the Twenty-first Century   1358
  The Role of Continental Nations in the Twenty-first Century   1366
  Let Us Open Wide the Era of World Peace   1374

13.  The Direction for the World and the United Nations    1378
  Breaking Down Barriers to Establish World Peace   1387

15.  The Path for America and Humanity in the New Millennium    1401
  The Status of Korea, Japan and the United States from the Providential Viewpoint   1413
  Let Us Perfect the Peace Kingdom through the Peace UN   1423

18.  The Path of Humanity and the United States in the Era of the Peace Kingdom   1436
  The Mission of Ambassadors for Peace at the Dawn of the Era after the Coming of Heaven   1449




The Role of Nations in Realizing World Peace


America in Crisis—Answer to
Watergate: Forgive, Love, Unite

November 30, 1973

A full-page advertisement published in The New York Times and the leading newspaper in each state of the United States

Ever since I was sixteen years old, I have constantly encountered the presence of God. I have been able to share with the world numerous insights He has shown me.

I came to America upon receiving God’s revelation On January 1, 1972, God spoke to me in my prayers. He told me to go to America and speak to the American people about hope and unity. In obedience to God’s call I came and began the Day of Hope tour. In 1972 I took this message to seven American cities. The current nationwide speaking tour began in New York’s Carnegie Hall on October 1, 1973, and will go to twenty-one American cities, declaring a message of hope and unity.

After speaking in New York, I spoke in Baltimore; Philadelphia; Boston; Washington, DC; New Orleans; Dallas; Tampa and Atlanta. The kind welcome I received in these great American cities deeply moved me. I am especially grateful to the mayors and other officials who responded by proclaiming “The Day of Hope and Unification” in their communities.

My travels in America have shown me a troubled land. The moral and spiritual decline is tragic and shocking. Many people are no longer proud to be Americans. The American nation seems mortally wounded in spirit and soul by the tragedy of Watergate. We are witnessing a crisis unprecedented in American history. The situation is very serious.

It is more than a political, social and economic crisis. It is a crisis of the human soul. This is not only the problem of the person in the White House; it is a crisis for all of us.

On November 10, 1973,  I took two weeks out from my tour and returned to Korea. I used that time for prayer and meditation in a desperate search for an answer and new hope for America.

Today we hear so much about America’s troubles—what is wrong and who is to blame, what can be done and what cannot be done. Vicious accusation is becoming a daily staple in the American diet. Hatred and bitterness are killing the human soul. Some people cry out, “Impeach the president!”

Opinion is divided, and the people talk on. Should the president remain in office? Should the president resign or be tried?

America’s crisis is God’s crisis

We were all witnesses to the assassination of America’s president, John F. Kennedy, in 1963. However today, without many realizing it, America is in the process of slowly killing her president once again.

A bullet killed Kennedy, and the nation united in a common feeling of sorrow and repentance.

This time the “bullet” of hatred and accusation is capable of destroying not only the president, but the nation with him. In a war of hatred, no one is the winner.

All thoughtful Americans feel grave concern for the future of their country. Some even believe America has been struck a fatal blow. However, at this critical moment in American history, it is disappointing and inexplicable that no one is asking, “What is the Will of God?” If America was conceived as “One Nation under God,” then the answer must come from Him. Have we stopped asking?

I bend my head and place my ear to hear the heartbeat of America. But I detect no one seeking the solution from above. We keep on criticizing, and the nation sinks; we criticize some more, and the nation falls even further, deep into greater peril. Now is the time for America to renew the faith expressed in her motto, “In God We Trust.” This is the founding spirit that makes America great and unique. God blessed America because of this spirit. Furthermore, America is fulfilling a vital role in God’s plan for the modern world. God is depending on America today. Therefore, the crisis for America is a crisis for God. An answer must come from above, from God, from the One who has the answer. I prayed to God earnestly, asking Him to reveal His message.

The answer came. The first word God spoke was, “Forgive.”

America must forgive. Whatever wrongs have been done, whatever mistakes are being made, America has a noble deed to perform: America must forgive. The Watergate affair is an error—not only the error of a few men but the error of humanity, the error of the American people. The Lord’s Prayer says, “Forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors.” (Matt. 6:12) If we want God to forgive us, we have to forgive each other first.

The Watergate affair is not merely a test of the president. It is a test of America’s faith, of how this nation will stand before God in the midst of moral crisis. Can this nation, which was founded two hundred years ago on the foundation of Christian tradition, uphold that tradition today? Can this nation prove its generosity and mutual forgiveness? Can it love? This is the test for the American people. Long ago, the American settlers on the New England shores made many grave mistakes. But with their trust in God they came through many crises. They could then lead America to prosperity.

Now is the moment we need forgiveness and love The Bible speaks of the time the scribes and Pharisees tested Jesus. They brought him a woman to be stoned. She had been caught in the act of adultery. Mosaic Law demanded retributive justice. But Jesus’ message was forgiveness. “He stood up and said to them, ‘Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.’ - But when they heard it, they went away, one by one, beginning with the eldest, and Jesus was left alone with the woman standing before him. Jesus looked up and said to her, ‘Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?’ She said, ‘No one, Lord.’ And Jesus said, ‘Neither do I condemn you; go, and do not sin again.’” (John 8:3- 11) No one dared to cast the first stone!

Who among you will be the one to cast the first stone? This is no time to cast stones upon your leader. This is no time to cast stones upon one another.

I prayed specifically for President Richard Nixon. I asked God, “What shall we do with the person of Richard Nixon?” The answer came again. The second word God spoke to me was, “Love. It is your duty to love him.” We must love Richard Nixon. Jesus Christ loved even his enemies. Must you not love your president?

What do you do when a member of your family is in trouble? Do you criticize him and tear him apart? Of course not. You guide him. You comfort him. You love him unconditionally. You belong to the American family, and Richard Nixon is your brother. Will you not then love your brother? You must love the president of the United States.

This nation is God’s nation. The office of the president of the United States is, therefore, sacred. God inspires a man and then confirms him as president through the will of the people. The man lays his hands on the Word of God and is sworn in to office. At this time in history God has chosen Richard Nixon to be president of the United States of America. Therefore, God has the power and authority to dismiss him. Our duty, and this alone, is that we deeply seek God’s guidance in this matter and support the office itself. If God decides to dismiss this choice of His, let us have faith that He will speak.

I continued in prayer, and the third and last word God spoke to me was, “Unite.” America must unite.

Let us unite in the spirit of forgiveness. Unite in the spirit of love. Now is the time for national repentance. Love is the power to unite. America once knew how to come together to create a powerful nation for goodness upon the face of the earth. America is a beautiful land to behold, a nation of all nationalities, all races and all religions united together into one working whole. The nation’s source of power has been love and faith in God and in one another.

Crisis in America directly affects the fate of the world

The crisis in America today can be overcome. We must rekindle our faith in God and reunite ourselves in love. America’s destiny is inseparable from the destiny of the world. America’s well-being affects the plan of God. God chose this nation as His champion in His modern-day dispensation. With the bicentennial celebration only a few years away, God is testing America through the Watergate problem. America must demonstrate unity in love and forgiveness. Let us renew our faith in God, for this has been the well- spring of America’s power. America must live the Will of God. She has no alternative.

Who am I to say this to the American people? I am not even a citizen of the United States. I am a Korean, a guest.

However, I do this because I love America as much as my own country. This is a country God loves. And I love God and He is our Father in heaven.

Wherever God my Father dwells, there is my country. Indeed, the Father’s country is also the son’s. America belongs to those who love it most. I am as concerned for America’s well-being as for my own. This is the foundation of my courage to speak out on this issue.

Furthermore, I waited. I waited a long time. I anticipated that an American spiritual leader or evangelist would rally America around God to rise above the Watergate affair at this stormy and depressing time.

However, there has been no American spiritual leader speaking out for unity. I heard no articulate voice in the wilderness crying out to Americans. By this time, God spoke to me again, “Fear not! Remember Jonah in Nineveh. Speak out!” So I obeyed.

And this is why I am doing this.

We will pray for America

As the founder of the international Unification Church, I have declared the next forty days, starting on December 1, 1973, as a period of prayer and fasting by our members throughout the world.

In this we are determined to awaken this nation to its national emergency. America must unite in her Christian tradition of love and forgiveness in the face of the grave crisis created by the Watergate affair. We hereby launch this National Prayer and Fast for the Watergate Crisis as a way to heal and unite this nation.

This is indeed a day of dismay and moral crisis. Yet this is also a great opportunity for America, an opportunity in which the American people can demonstrate America’s true greatness in faith and courage. Historically, great peoples have proved their greatness not during normal situations but in crises.

This is the time the American people must act as a great people who put their trust in God. Then this day will become a day of new hope and unity.

In God We Trust.” In these four words lie America’s key to survival and prosperity. America must live the Will of God—and God’s command at this crossroads in American history is, “Forgive, Love and Unite!”




 God’s Plan Centered on
the United States

December 18, 1975
Senate Caucus Room, United States Capitol, Washington, DC, USA
The second invitational lecture for United States senators
and congressmen

Most esteemed Congressman Ichord, members of Congress, ladies and gentlemen:

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Ichord for his kind words of introduction, and I would also like to express my gratitude to all of you for coming to attend this meeting despite your busy schedules.

It is a great honor for me to speak to you today in this beautiful hall at the United States Capitol. This is the second opportunity I have been given to speak to the eminent members of the United States Congress. The first was on October 8, 1974. And today, about fourteen months later, I stand here in this hall once again.

A subject of controversy

During the past fourteen months, the media in the United States have gradually made me a subject of controversy. Various newspapers across the country have carried feature articles about me, and a few magazines have written cover stories about me with big cover photos. I think some of those pictures have made me look more handsome than I really am. I don’t know how to thank all the media outlets in the United States for making me so famous without my having paid a penny for the advertising.

The focus of the controversy caused by the American media is that they believe I am brainwashing the young people of America. So I would like to ask you wise Americans one thing: are Americans foolish enough to be brainwashed by Rev. Moon? No, you would answer, of course not. And my answer is the same. I respect Americans. And I find it hard to understand why the Americans I respect are criticizing me like this, even to the point of using violence against the Unification Church.

Nonetheless, I did not come here today to make excuses. I have come to pass on the words that God has commanded me to convey. The rest will be judged by history. The tide of my speech today is, “God’s Plan Centered on the United States.”

God’s providence to restore the world to the ideal

For us to know about God’s plan, we first need to know His Will. God is an eternal, unchanging, unique and absolute Being. Therefore His Will must also be eternal, unchanging, unique and absolute. God had a purpose and an ideal when He created human beings, and if that purpose had been achieved, the world would have become united through love; it would be a world where all humanity would live in harmony as brothers and sisters attending God as their Father, with all humankind as one great family.

In a word, our world would be united, with all people united centered on the Will of God. It would be a world where each individual’s body and mind were united, where families were united, where peoples and nations were united, where East and West were united, and where God and humankind were united. To put it another way, the world where God’s purpose of creation is completed would be a world of unity. The task of building this unity remains extremely difficult, yet it is the most important task we face today.

Today’s reality is far removed from this ideal world, and this tells us clearly that something is wrong at a fundamental level. What would that be? Due to the Fall of the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, the Will of God could not be fulfilled. Accordingly, the mind and body of every individual is divided, as are family and family, tribe and tribe, nation and nation, East and West, and God and humankind; we are all living in division and disharmony.

Human beings who are thus divided are in a disordered state, having even lost some of their faculties originally intended by God. This being the case, God’s purpose for the salvation of humanity is to send a doctor who can examine this dysfunctional humankind and prescribe a course of treatment, thus curing all people and restoring them to the state of health they enjoyed before they became sick. Therefore, this providence of salvation can be said to be the providence of restoration. The person who comes as the doctor is the Messiah.

Then the question is, how does God prepare before sending the Messiah, and what does the Messiah come to do? We can clearly recognize through history that God sets up a central religion to achieve His Will, based on which He establishes a central nation of His chosen people, and then He continues to carry out His providence to save and restore the entire world through that central religion and central nation.

That central religion was none other than Judaism, and that central nation was the chosen nation of Israel. The mission of that religion and that nation was to receive the Messiah and complete the Will of salvation for the entire world. It was the mission of that central religion and that central nation to take the lead in fulfilling God’s Will to save the entire world, even if it meant having to face difficulties and bear the cross of sacrifice.

Because He had such a clear and well-planned Will for four thousand years before sending Jesus as the Messiah, God established Judaism and prepared the people of Israel to receive him. The providence of salvation for humankind, which is the Will of God and the will of the people, was supposed to have been completed through the Messiah, Jesus, leading to the creation of a united, ideal world.

Christianity and America are the central religion and central nation Yet what happened when the Messiah actually came two thousand years ago? Judaism and the people of Israel, sadly, dreamed that as the chosen people they would stand in a place of glory, above the Roman Empire and even the world. God expected that they would think first about their responsibility, which was to save the entire world, but they thought first of their own nation and its traditions. From then on, a gap opened between them and the Messiah and God, who were thinking first about the world and carrying out the providence.

Jesus, who came as the Messiah under such circumstances, strove to reform Judaism and the people of Israel, in order to empower their foundation to save the world. Nonetheless, the religious and political establishments opposed him. They stood on their existing traditions and eventually sent Jesus to death on the cross. With the Will left unfulfilled, the chosen people walked a tragic path, and Christianity, centered on Jesus, lost the foundation of the nation. Christians suffered martyrdom amid persecution as they began working for the fulfillment of the Will in the Roman Empire.

What you need to know here is that, when a group of people chosen by God does not fulfill its mission, God finds and establishes another appropriate religious group to fulfill the Will of the central nation. Christianity came to stand in the position of the central religion, working for God’s Will at the next stage of the providence. It eventually went on to claim sovereignty over the Roman Empire, which was at that time a global kingdom.

Thus, the religion of Judaism and the nation of Israel lost the foundation that had taken four thousand years to establish. To atone for this mistake, Christians had to suffer for four hundred years under persecution in the Roman Empire.

God had meant for the Roman Empire to unite completely with the Christian leaders of the time and march forward with them to save the entire world. If the Christian leadership had understood this Will clearly and had marched forward, united with the Empire and undaunted by any sacrificial cross they had to bear, they would have saved the world at that time. However, the Christian hierarchy that arose eventually forsook the Will of God and manipulated nations centered on its own power, seeking to make other nations its subordinates.

Because they walked a path opposite to the Will of God in the Dark Ages of the medieval period, God departed from the Christian hierarchy. The prestige of the papacy and the church hierarchy plummeted because of the institution’s secular behavior. Hence God had no choice but to bring about the Protestant movement to pave once again the path of world salvation. Henry VIII of England took advantage of this trend to justify his divorce. He rebelled against the Catholic Church and moved Parliament to change the country’s laws, and he succeeded in establishing the Anglican Church. Henry VIII was in a position to repent on his own, and to lead the church and his nation to a higher level.

At this time, England had a good opportunity to be recognized as the leader of Protestantism. God’s Will had left the Roman Empire and moved to England. As God laid down the foundation for world salvation there, the small island nation of England expanded its territory. Within two hundred years it became a great global empire on which the sun never set, spanning the five oceans and six continents.

God allowed England to enjoy the height of civilization and bestowed glorious blessings on it, not for England alone but in order to fulfill His Will of saving the world.

If the Puritans, who had come forth dreaming of an ideal nation to fulfill the Will of God, had joined forces with the Anglicans, England could have united under the Will of God with the power to move the world. They would have formed a global nation, a United Kingdom not just in name but also in reality.

However, the Church of England was unable to recognize this important mission and, while enjoying the blessings of God solely for itself, it persecuted the Puritans rather than catching their vision to bring light to the world. So finally God’s Will had to move away.

The Puritans, unable to endure the opposition and persecution, left their churches and their nation behind and set out to escape from the path of suffering and find the freedom to practice their faith. Their land of Canaan was the American continent. The people who crossed the Atlantic Ocean at the risk of their lives, cherishing the Will of God in their hearts, were your ancestors, the Puritans.

Together with the Puritans, the blessings of Heaven moved to the North American continent, and thus an international population of Protestants and other faiths gathered here, united under the Will of God. Eventually they raised an army to fight against England for independence and for religious freedom, and won the American Revolution under the divine protection of God. In this manner, an international and interracial nation was formed centering on Protestantism. This is the history of the founding of the United States.

Here, the United States became the standard-bearer of world salvation centered on God’s Will. It came to shoulder the important mission of harmonizing church and state into one culture. Its mission was to save the entire world by uniting it with His Will, which is the historical desire of God. The founding principles of the United States eventually were articulated as “One Nation under God,” which is not a coincidence, for the country came into existence under the Will of God.

For this purpose, God brought the six-thousand-year history of His providence to a victorious stage, and at the same time, after Israel’s mistake, the United States and Christianity inherited and carried forward the two-thousand-year Christian providence.

Through its two-hundred-year history, the United States brought an end to the internal and external mistakes that occurred during the two thousand years after the time of Jesus. By preparing both a spiritual and material civilization, it became the nation equipped with the conditions to receive the Messiah, who comes again to save the world under the Will of God. You need to know that in this way the United States and Christianity together have become the global nation in the position of a Second Israel, “with the soul of a church,” which will complete the Will of God worldwide.

Americans need to awaken to the Will of God

The American people must not think that the blessings of God that have created the United States of today are only for America. They need to come to the profound realization that these blessings are for the world. They have to realize that the United States must not be a nation that exists for its own sake, but that it exists for all the world’s people. Americans must not refuse any sacrifices or crosses they are asked to bear for the salvation of the world.

Since you have learned that Israel, the Roman Empire and England received the Will of God and did not fulfill their missions, you must make the United States a nation that can fulfill the Will of God. Because it is a nation made up of people of all races, the United States is in the most advantageous position to save the world. Never before in history has there been a nation where the five races have lived together. If not for the divine protection of God, it would already have become divided through racial war and eventually would have perished. Therefore, the fact that it has, on the contrary, been blessed and continued to thrive can be attributed to the amazing Will of God. The American people must now awaken and know the meaning of God’s blessings.

Since the United States has reached the height of its spiritual and material civilization, it can become a nation that can await the returning Lord, just as the First Israel yearned for the Messiah, as the representative nation made ready according to God’s Will. Upon receiving the Lord, it can realize the united world where the ideal of creation is achieved.

It was God who brought about the victories of the First and Second World Wars, and it was the Will of God that guided the United States to organize the United Nations. Originally, the UN was to have become the headquarters where nations of the world, centered on Christianity, could come together in solidarity. The admission of communist nations to the UN was absolutely not God’s Will.

The United States did not manage things well after winning the war. It had the responsibility to protect and supervise both the Allies that won the Second World War and the nations connected with those Allies. So if the United States had understood the Will of God, it would have boldly taken over the Soviet Union, a nation on Satan’s side. It would have brought together the free nations of the world to join the democratic realm, thus restoring the entire world centering on God’s Will. That moment in time was a good opportunity for this to have happened. However, at the time, the United States essentially handed over the dependent nations in Asia and Eastern Europe to the communist realm and brought about the partition of Korea and Germany.

The victory of the Second World War was a result of the blessings of God, who intended to thus expand His territory and expand freedom to the world. However, in the end, America’s inaction caused the bloody sacrifice of the youth who gave their lives in the war to have been in vain, bringing benefit to the communist world, a sworn enemy that denies God. The United States must know that the sorrows and the complaints of the youths who were sacrificed at that time have not yet come to an end.

Moreover, the United States retreated from the holy calling to protect the free world, and this caused the nation of Vietnam, which was under its protection, to suddenly become an unfortunate sacrifice. As a result, the trustworthiness of the United States plummeted internationally, and the cries of resentment continue to rise day by day. The UN has lost its footing and has now become the unrivaled stage of communist nations, a place where Israel, the United States and Korea are outmaneuvered and disparaged. That is not all. Within the United States, alarming problems are growing more and more severe each day. Those problems include not only the matter of racial discrimination but also the problems caused by drugs, the corruption of adolescents, the destruction of the family, and the issue of crime. Every one of these problems is serious; however, the problem of communism is the most crucial.

The churches, which claim to attend God, need to play a leading role in solving these problems, but they are losing more and more young people, so that many churches have begun to look like senior centers. The American people, having forsaken the Will of God—which would have us work for the family, the nation and the world, that is, for the sake of the whole—are now living instead with an extremely egoistic view of life and values. They need to fear the inescapable judgment of Heaven. At this rate, God will leave America, and then this country will be bereft of its blessings and will become wretched. I believe that you must face the fact that this is already starting to happen, and the country’s leaders, including the members of Congress, more than anyone else need to be awakened to work yet harder.

Is God in your heart? Is God in your family, in your neighborhood, in your society and in your nation? And is God in the White House? The most important question of all is whether God is in the churches. At this point, I doubt even that.

Since God is the power that brings things together, only when He is with you can your mind and body become one, and can couples and families become one. When the people become one, the nation becomes one, East and West become one, the world becomes one, and heaven and earth become one; then the united world where God and humankind become one can come about. When such a world is realized, not even the shadow of communism will remain. When God is with you, everything can be resolved. But the day you lose God, you lose everything.

Knowing this, you must clearly understand that you need to find God and all humanity, even if it means having to sacrifice everything and even the entire United States. The United States has to be awakened, and its citizens need to come together and once again embrace the goal of unity, centered on God. A spiritual reform movement must arise, leading the United States toward the world of the providence at a higher level by uniting Christianity and bringing together all religions.

The United States needs to lead the world

Look at how things stand now. The Christianity of the present day is not providing the leadership the world needs. We absolutely need a guiding philosophy that can provide education on a supranational level, empowering the minds of people thoroughly and completely. It will take more than today’s democratic philosophy. A movement needs to arise that can overturn communism and establish a new social order with love and truth centered on God. To achieve this end, America’s young people are being brought together in solidarity in order to awaken the United States. To be equal to this global task, your country needs to be trained and prepared. No one other than the Unification Church is doing this.

The Unification Church has the content, teaching and organization to accomplish this. We are working to reveal God’s Will and teach people about it logically. We are working to connect the material civilization of the West to the spiritual civilization of the eastern nations, centered on the United States, thereby creating a cultural realm connecting the entire world. This will establish on this planet the ideal world, thus completing the purpose of creation, which is the Will of God. Korea is the guard post of Asia, the pivotal point where the Western and Eastern civilizations are connected.

In this regard, you need to understand how important it is for the United States to protect Korea in accordance with God’s Will. Because the United States has not realized its crucial historical mission of connecting the East and the West as it was prepared to do, and is trying to focus only on itself, God commanded me to come and work in the United States to reawaken this country to fulfill its mission.

The task that the United States needs to fulfill under God’s Will on earth will enable it to avoid the fate of Israel, the Roman Empire and England. America needs to return to its founding principles. She needs to bring the church and the state into full harmony in accordance with the formula of God’s Will, and become the nation that attends Him thoroughly and completely. The United States must work together with God to save the entire world, even at the risk of sacrificing itself, to fulfill its mission as the standard-bearer that runs at the forefront until the kingdom of heaven on earth is realized. When it can accomplish this, the United States will have completed the eternal Will of God and will become an eternally blessed nation.

I hope that this occasion and this moment in time will serve to lay down the cornerstone of the united, ideal world that is coming in the future, that is, the kingdom of heaven on earth. I would like to conclude by praying that all blessings be with you, your families, your workplaces and your nation.

Thank you.




God’s Hope for America

June 1, 1976

Yankee Stadium, New York, USA
God Bless America Festival to mark the US bicentennial

Distinguished citizens of the United States and honorable delegates of the world:

I would like to speak to you today on the subject “God’s Hope for America.” But first of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of you for coming today and being part of this record crowd.

Here in this grand Yankee Stadium we have gathered to celebrate America’s two-hundredth birthday. Among this year’s many celebrations, our festival at Yankee Stadium is unique for the following reasons: first, we have gathered together in the name of God; and second, we are having an international celebration. Representatives from all over the world are here for this joyous celebration.

Today we are living in an age when we need to look at every individual and every nation as vital components of the world. In our world, there are basically two ways of life. One is the selfish way of life, and the other is the unselfish way of life, where one thinks beyond oneself and one’s family and lives for the greater purpose of the nation and the world. Throughout history, whether in the East or the West, those who played important roles were public-minded, selfless persons.

The well-being of the family has to come before that of the individual, the nation needs to come before the family, the world before the nation, and God before the world. This is the philosophy of the selfless way of life. The righteous men and women and saints in history were those people who selflessly sacrificed for God and humankind. Jesus Christ is indeed the supreme example of such a righteous man.

It is really God, however, who is supremely selfless, supremely public-minded. When human beings rebelled against Him, God did not take revenge; He forgave. And God has been working tirelessly to raise sinful people up out of sin into salvation. To do this, God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ. Even at the cost of sacrificing His Son, God wanted to save the world. God erected Israel as the chosen nation. The purpose of the chosen nation is also to save the world. And God elevated Christianity for the same purpose—to save the world.

The Bible says in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”

Remember, the world is God’s goal. And just as Jesus willingly gave his life so that the world might live, God wanted all Christians to be willing to give themselves for the salvation of the world. However, today, Christians of the world are not even close to realizing this heart of God.

God seeks to build one family of humanity. Therefore, the family, church and nation that God desires transcend all barriers of race and nationality. The people who are a unified blending of all colors of skin and who transcend race and nationality are most beautiful in the sight of God and most pleasing to Him.

Let us look at America. It is most important that we know whether the United States of America was conceived by God or not. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my firm belief that the United States of America was indeed conceived by God.

There were, however, two kinds of people among your forebears. One kind came to this land seeking wealth. The other kind came to this land seeking God and freedom. They dreamed of building a new nation with God at its center. If the former had become the mainstream of America, there would have been far greater strife, division and struggle between the different races and national groups. The United States would have been filled with unrighteousness and injustice. From the beginning, however, God intervened. Therefore, of all the immigrants, the righteous people of God were to find their proper place as leaders in America. All the different races and nationalities of the world harmonized in this land to create God- centered families, churches and the nation of America. Your forebears set the beautiful tradition of America.

Look at your own families. Most families have the virtue of a distinct international character. If your lineage has been in America for some time, it probably unites many different nationalities. In your bloodstream many kinds of blood are blended together. Nations that used to be enemies have united in your blood. When the individual and families that transcend racial and national barriers gather together to create a church, a society and a nation, that nation will become God’s ideal nation for all peoples.

There is only one nation like this in all of history—the United States of America. It is apparent that this unique nation of America is the creation of God. The people of America have come from every corner of the world. To be an American does not depend upon what race you are, what belief you have or what cultural background you are from. It is only in this nation that no matter where you are from, you can say, “This is my country.” That is America!

America is a microcosm of the world. Transcending nationality and race, America has created a model for the ideal world. God Himself had purposely hidden this land of America from the rest of the world until His time was full, and then upon this land God raised up this model nation. In His providence, God anointed America with oil; He poured out abundant blessing upon this land. In a short two hundred years, God raised this nation to be the mightiest nation on earth.

But blessing always comes with responsibility. If one forsakes the responsibility, one also forsakes God’s blessing. Inevitably the blessing of God will leave, and the nation doing this will decline. Is it not true that the signs of such decline are already apparent in America today? Beloved American people, the time has come for us to repent. We must fear the wrath of God.

In reality, who are the true Americans? True Americans are those who have a universal mind. True Americans are those who believe in the one family of humankind, transcendent of color and nationality as willed by God. True Americans are those who are proud of international families and churches, and a nation consisting of all peoples. In the sight of God, there is no black, there is no white, there is no yellow. We must look at the human race as God sees it. America must return to the true founding spirit of the nation, to the ideals that her ancestors sought to establish with sweat and blood. America must return to Godism, an absolutely God-centered ideology.

God is the motivation, the cause and the foundation of the independence of America. America was born through the providence of God. If we are centered upon God, we will remain united and enjoy prosperity. However, as soon as we turn away from God, we will be divided.

Ladies and gentlemen, if America wants to keep the blessing of God as the leading nation of the world, it must form a partnership with God. Do you have God in your homes? Do you truly have God in your church? Do you have God in your society and nation? God is the cement. With God, America will stay together like concrete. But if God leaves, she will be like sand. When the flood comes, everything will be washed away.

America’s greatness and pride stem from God. With Him, America deserves the blessing and can remain as the mightiest nation. With God, you can preserve your dignity and the leadership of the world. If you allow God to leave America, however, this nation will decline; satanic hands will subjugate it. When this happens, the future of America will be dismal, tragic. America will become a living hell.

When God’s blessing is great, and one forsakes God’s Will, God’s punishment is equally great. In the early 1960s, America seemed to be the hope of the world, and the symbol of America was New York City. Today, however, the world has lost faith in America, and New York City has become a jungle of immorality and depravity. It has been transformed into a city under the attack of evil. Chicago is no different, nor Los Angeles. Throughout all of America, Satan is becoming the master. God has been forgotten in this country, and when forgotten, God can only leave America. Now is the very moment that this is taking place!

When the unifying force of God leaves America, nothing will be able to hold America together. The family will break down, churches will divide and America will become mortally ill because the cells of her body will be decaying. This will be the perfect opportunity for the evil of communism to overtake America. This state of emergency is here now. Someone must do something!

There are critics who say, “Why is Rev. Moon so involved in America’s bicentennial? It is none of his business.” Ladies and gentlemen, if there is an illness in your home, do you not need a doctor from outside? If your home catches fire, do you not need firefighters from outside? God has sent me to America in the role of a doctor, in the role of a firefighter. That is why I have come to America. Good medicine may taste bitter, and an operation may involve some pain, but the treatment must begin at once. Would a patient complain and push away the doctor’s hand when he touches the infected part?

For the last three years, with my entire heart and soul I have been teaching American youth the deepest truth of God. They now have a clear concept of what a God-centered family, church and nation is. They also know the threatening reality America is facing. Thus, they have become determined fighters to bring new life and salvation to America before it is too late. They know the critical state of the nation. They know the grieving heart of God. And they are absolutely determined to turn the tide back toward God. Their enthusiasm is beautiful to behold.

Your dedicated sons and daughters are champions of God crusading for the victory of God’s Will. As God’s front line, they are declaring war against evil. They are courageously fighting this noble battle. We must overcome evil. It is our mission to build the kingdom of God here on earth. Therefore, we must build a model of the kingdom of God right here in America, which God loves and has prepared the most.

Ladies and gentlemen, remember that these young people are working tirelessly. Their hearts are filled with tears and sighs, in order to create a world free of tears and sighs. These young people are struggling, agonizing over their mission to create a world free of struggle and agony. Our battle is God’s battle against Satan. For the sake of God, we will never retreat; we will win, whatever the sacrifice may be.

It is not important whether I am persecuted or not. I am concerned only about the Will of God and the mission God gave me. I am concerned that your rejection of me could result in the rejection of God. I am concerned that without knowing the situation clearly, you may be opposing God’s Will. If what I am doing is not the Will of God, it will not succeed anyway. If, however, what I am doing is the Will of God, then no matter how much some people reject and persecute us and try to block the way, this mission will succeed.

Why has Reverend Moon come to America where he has encountered such tribulation? Am I pursuing my own honor? Is money my goal, or power? No! Never! I came to America because this is the country that God, our Heavenly Father, has chosen. I came to America because I know the heart of God. I know that in spite of America’s rebellion against Him, God will not abandon this country. His Will is to make America an example of a godly nation that the nations of the world can follow. I know God’s Will is to save the world, and to do that, America must lead the way. This is why I came to America. With God you can win; with Satan you will fail.

Ladies and gentlemen, during the American Revolution two hundred years ago, your brave ancestors in the Continental Army fought in the American War of Independence with faith in God. George Washington knelt at Valley Forge seeking divine intervention, and he and his army were able to win over the formidable British army. Only through divine intervention could he win the war and America’s independence. At that moment, God laid the foundation of land for America.

Approximately one hundred years later when, contrary to God’s Will, slavery and segregation were rampant here in America, God raised up Abraham Lincoln as His champion and brought about the victory of the Civil War, liberating the slaves and affirming equality for all people. By doing so, God laid the foundation of people for America, transcending race and nationality. Yet this was an external test.

Today, a century later, America is undergoing another test. This time the test is an internal or spiritual one. It is a religious, historical and ideological test. On the other side of the world, the God-denying ideology of communism has risen up and is undertaking an all-out offensive against the free world. Destroying America is the communists’ ultimate goal. They know America is God’s final bulwark on earth. More than anything else, this is a test of whether America will stand as God’s nation, or fall.

America cannot win this battle alone. She needs God. In this test you cannot win without God, who is the foundation of all truth and all goodness. A confrontation is inevitable between the two worlds—the God-affirming world and the God-denying world. This is a confrontation of worldviews. Therefore, as a champion of God, America must win over atheistic communism in the battle of ideas on the worldwide scale, on the foundation of the unity of races and nationalities. Our faith in God has to be stronger than communists’ faith in communism. America must win in the name of God. Then God will be able to establish His foundation, a new worldview of a higher dimension.

America’s forebears fled from religious persecution in Europe and came to the New World. In the spirit of building One Nation under God, they established a new nation here in America, which is now at the threshold of her third century. Similarly today, people are fleeing from the communist world of slavery to the free world. Many were persecuted for their religious beliefs and ideological differences. The time has come to unite them to build a new world centered upon God. The free world must unite and liberate the enslaved communist world. This time our task is to build One World under God.

To accomplish this, world Christianity must unite. The church needs to liberate herself from sectarianism. She has to undergo drastic reform and achieve ecumenical and interreligious unity. For this we need a spiritual revolution. We need a new teaching, and this should incorporate Eastern philosophy, uniting the cultures of the East and the West.

This new teaching will also be capable of unifying all the existing religions and philosophies of the world. Therefore, it has to come in the form of a new religious or spiritual movement. The Unification Church movement has been created by God to fulfill that mission. This spiritual movement must succeed first here in America in order to spread throughout the world. The new teaching that the Unification Church brings is Godism, an absolutely God-centered worldview. It has the power to awaken America, and it has the power to raise the model of the ideal nation of God upon this land.

With that done, the rest of the world will follow America’s example and will build the kingdom of God upon their respective lands. Then we shall all truly become brothers and sisters under one Father, God. This will be a world of love, a world of happiness. Our planet will be one home, and humankind will be one family. God’s Will, His long-cherished desire from the beginning of time, will finally be fulfilled. This will be the eternal, ideal world of God. Indeed, it will be the kingdom of God on earth. We will build it with our hands.

This is our supreme mission. It is truly our God-given, sacred mission. God is crying out to the world, and we are His instruments. The world must respond to His call. Listen to God’s commandment. Initiate a courageous march toward the kingdom of God on earth. Whatever the difficulty, let it not stop us. Our march is God’s, and it will go on to the end.

My beloved citizens of America, today let us pledge to God Almighty our loyalty and dedication to the fulfillment of this divine mission. Ladies and gentlemen, in the name of God, let us unite and together build the kingdom of God on earth!

Let us together offer our collective thanks to God. In the name of the people of the world, may I congratulate you on the two-hundredth birthday of the great nation of America. May God bless you, and may God bless America and her third century.

Thank you very much.


America and God’s Will

September 18, 1976

Washington Monument on the National Mall, Washington, DC, USA
God Bless America Festival to mark the US bicentennial

Honorable citizens of the United States and world delegates:

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of you for “Meeting us at the Monument.” Tonight we are celebrating America’s bicentennial in the name of God. For you and me, this is a historic moment.

This evening I would like to speak on the subject, “America and God’s Will.”

God is eternal, unchanging, unique and absolute. If those are the qualities of God, His purpose of creation must also be eternal, unchanging and absolute. In the beginning, God’s ideal was to create one world of unity and harmony.

Today, however, our world has no unity or harmony. Instead there is much division, disharmony, confusion and chaos. Individually, our minds are separated from our bodies, and our families, races, nations and world are torn apart. This reality is in total contradiction to God’s original intention. Clearly something is fundamentally wrong.

Religion has an explanation. It says that this worldwide division is the result of our first ancestors’ rebellion against God, the Fall of Adam and Eve.

In order to save fallen humanity, God sent the Messiah. His purpose was to restore people to their original state before the Fall. Therefore, salvation is the same as restoration.

The human Fall brought about this fallen world. Disobeying God’s Word, Adam and Eve rebelled against Him. This put them in the position to be overpowered by Satan’s lies. And so, finally Adam and Eve united with Satan, receiving Satan’s personality and love instead of God’s personality and love.

To be restored as an original person, we must reverse the process of the Fall. This time we must separate ourselves from Satan, reach out to God whom we have lost, and obey His Word. In this way we can receive God’s personality and His love.

God is supremely selfless and supremely public-minded. Satan, however, is absolutely self-centered and only out for himself.

God’s formula to restore us is for us to become God-like. This means that we must become completely selfless and public-minded. Each of us has to become a person who is able to sacrifice for the sake of others.

Such a selfless and public-minded person will prosper through becoming the image of God. The selfish, self-centered person will decline because such behavior is contrary to God. This is God’s rule.

Central nations were unable to realize God’s Will

Human history has been a history of struggle, a history of war. It has been almost like a tug-of-war between God and Satan, with humanity as the prize. Good and evil have been struggling to win people to their respective sides.

Because human history started with the Fall, evil got a head start. Therefore, in history the evil side has always taken the aggressive and offensive position. Good has been passive and defensive. Yet God is on the side of good. In the end, the good side always wins the victory. The good side is always the underdog, yet it comes out victorious and expands.

For example, during World War I and World War II, the evil sides attacked first, yet they were the ones to be defeated. Today, there is much talk about World War III. This time evil, represented by the communist nations, is challenging the free world, provoking conflicts and war everywhere. But again based on God’s formula, the ultimate victory will surely be on the side of God.

There is another formula in God’s work of restoration. Before God sends the Messiah to restore people, He always prepares a central religion and a chosen nation as the foundation to receive the Messiah.

According to this formula, God established Judaism as the first central religion, and Israel as the first chosen nation. Upon this base, God sent Jesus Christ as the Messiah. God’s hope was that the chosen nation and religion would become one with Jesus and establish the kingdom of God on earth and restore the world to God.

For this purpose, God prepared Judaism and Israel for nearly four thousand biblical years. If they had recognized Jesus Christ as the Messiah and worked with him in a spirit of sacrifice, he would not only have been successful in Israel, but also would have gone on to unite all the Arab nations and Asia, linking the East and West. By unifying the world under the sovereignty of God, he would have established the kingdom of God on earth at that time.

Israel and Judaism, however, did not fulfill their responsibility. Jesus was not accepted as the Messiah, and finally was crucified on the cross. Thus, God’s kingdom remained a promise, not a reality. However, Jesus opened the way to spiritual salvation and started Christianity, which is spiritually in the position of the Second Israel.

The early Christians witnessed and taught in Rome, only to encounter terrible persecution. For four hundred years the blood of martyrs was spilled. Their sacrifice atoned for the loss of four thousand years of God’s preparation for the Messiah. The Christians finally triumphed in Rome and Christianity became the state religion. Thus, Rome came to occupy the position of the Second Israel physically and received the blessing of God.

At that time God expected the papacy and empire to completely unite and unselfishly build the unified world left unaccomplished at the time of Jesus. However, the papacy also did not realize the significance of its mission and often used its power for its own glory. There was abuse and corruption within the church and it departed from the Will and expectation of God. The dignity of the papacy fell.

In reaction, a thousand years later, humanism arose, and Protestantism called for reformation of the Catholic Church. Instead of heeding the call, the papacy and Catholic princes unleashed persecution against the reformers.

During that period, it was no coincidence that Henry VIII, king of England, also revolted against Roman Catholicism. He enacted new laws through Parliament and founded the Church of England. This was actually a golden opportunity for Great Britain to join the Protestant movement of Europe and bring about a new hope for the advancement of God’s Will.

At that time, the British Empire began its path to become the greatest power in the world, inspiring the famous saying, “The sun never sets on the British Empire.” This extraordinary blessing was not for England but for the advancement of God’s kingdom. If Britain had understood God’s Will, it would have supported the Puritans and other reforming movements and tackled the God-given task of world restoration. Through accomplishing that, Britain could actually have built a United Kingdom of God, transcending all national barriers.

However, Britain persecuted the Puritans and was apathetic toward the reforming spirit. The persecuted people had to look for a land of hope. They were united by a common destiny. Transcending race and national barriers and fleeing persecution, they came to the New World, the American continent. Here they established an independent Protestant nation. This is the providential background behind the birth of America.

Today, America and Christianity together must take up the sacred task of world restoration. America must unite the cultures of the West and the East, as well as the Middle East, and create one great, unified culture, ultimately fulfilling the mission of establishing the kingdom of God on earth.

America should shoulder its providential responsibility Judaism was God’s first central religion, and Christianity was the second. The Unification Church is the third, coming with a new expression of truth that will fulfill the final chapter of God’s providence. These central religions must unite in America and reach out to unite the religions of the world.

Judaism, centered on the Old Testament, was the first work of God and is in an eldest brother’s position. Christianity, centered on the New Testament, is in the position of the second brother. The Unification Church, through which God has given a new expression of truth, the Completed Testament, is in the position of the youngest brother.

These three religions are indeed three brothers in the providence of God. Then Israel, the United States and Korea, the nations where these three religions are based, must also be brothers. Because these three nations have a common destiny representing God’s side, the communist bloc as Satan’s representative is trying to isolate and destroy them at the United Nations.

Therefore, these three brother nations must join hands in a unified effort to restore the United Nations to its original purpose and function. They must contribute internally to the unification of the world’s religions and externally to the unification of the world itself.

One World under God is the unchanging, eternal and absolute desire of God. This goal will be realized. Yet, in order to accomplish this goal, the unity of religions is the foremost task. When all people worship one God as their Father, accept one Messiah and uphold Godism, an absolutely God-centered way of life, then the dwelling of God will be with humanity. It will be only a matter of time to see the kingdom of God here on earth.

The United States of America, transcending race and nationality, is already a model of the unified world. The people of the United States must realize that the abundant blessings God has been pouring upon this land are not just for America but for all human beings throughout the world. Upon the foundation of world Christianity, America must exercise its responsibility as a world leader and the chosen nation of God.

Israel did not meet the expectation of God, nor did Rome, nor did Great Britain. Now what about America?

To inspire America to avoid the same mistakes, to inspire America to sacrifice herself for the sake of the world, to inspire America to work toward One World under God, God summoned me to this country to proclaim God’s new revelation. And in particular, God called me to lead the young people of America, the leaders of tomorrow, back to God.

Today, America is plagued with problems: racism, juvenile delinquency and immorality. Christianity is declining. Communism is rising. The menace of communism is everywhere. Of all these problems, atheistic communism is the worst. It is not just America’s problem; it is the problem of religious people and the problem of God Himself.

Ladies and gentlemen, at this crossroads of human history, we must listen to the call of God. God prepared America for two hundred years. This is the time for awakening. America must accept its global responsibility. Armed with Godism, America has to free the communist world, and at last build the kingdom of God here on earth. God has chosen America as the flag bearer. America must rise up today. Tomorrow may be too late.

I not only respect America but I also truly love this nation. I respect and love the United States as a great nation, as a godly nation and as the central nation in God’s providence. America is now at the threshold of its third century. America must not disappoint God. Today let us pledge to God Almighty

that we shall do His Will. We shall never let Him down. Never!

Today in this holy place, let us together lay the cornerstone of the kingdom of God on earth. Let us all join together as the coworkers of God. Let us be the pioneers of His kingdom.

My dear brothers and sisters who long for unity; this is the place of commitment, the moment of decision. If you are willing to give your sweat, your blood and your very lives to the call of God, then in this sacred moment before heaven and earth and before all the people of the world, let us shout it out. We know we can build the kingdom of God here on earth, in His power and with our own hands.

May God bless you and your homes, and forevermore may God bless America.

Thank you very much.


The Foley Square Address

October 22, 1981

Foley Square Plaza, New York, USA
Address outside the US District Court to clergy of diverse faiths and
Unification Church members, following Rev. Moon’s return from
Korea for arraignment under federal charges of tax evasion

My dear friends, I am deeply moved and touched by your support. As soon as I heard the news in Seoul, Korea, I flew back to New York, halfway around the world, to face this historic trial. I must tell you that I am innocent. I have nothing to hide. My life is an open book.

I am not afraid of the trial; on the contrary, I welcome it. I know that through this judicial process, justice will be done and the truth will prevail. I shall vindicate not only myself but also the millions of people who are suffering because of this unfair government persecution.

I have respect for and confidence in the United States judicial system. I have confidence in the judge and jury who will work on this case. America is still the best country in the world for justice to be done. I look forward to encountering my adversaries, my accusers, face to face. My conscience is clear. God is my vindicator. And if God finds my adversaries to be guilty instead of me, I will forgive them.

I also have full confidence and respect for the American system of a free press. I trust that the nation’s fourth estate will convey the unbiased truth to the world. The American media will not be fooled but will see this case as baseless.

I have given everything to America

As I have often said, I love America as I love my own country. Many years ago, on a Korean mountainside I began to beg God to allow this nation to fulfill her providential destiny. Years ago, when I came to America for the first time, I stood on the majestic Fifth Avenue in New York City and literally burst into tears. I reflected on the first weary handful of Pilgrims who stood on the shore of the Atlantic and dedicated this land to God. I wept when I saw what had become of their dream. On that very day, I resolved to strive to bring America back to God. God Almighty is my judge that for ten years I have given my heart and soul, my blood and sweat, for this great nation.

The Unification Church called upon our people around the world to contribute millions and millions of dollars to this end. In 1972 we began a costly evangelical campaign from state to state, culminating in the Washington Monument Rally of three hundred thousand people on September 18, 1976. In the case of the Unification Church, America has been a recipient, not a donor. In spite of severe financial hardships, our worldwide membership persevered to support that crusade in America. They did so only because they love this country and view America as a chosen nation with a providential destiny.

Today I stand before you, accused by this nation. I gave my all to America. I took nothing away from this country. I misused not one penny, following the tradition of Jesus, who taught the way of first thinking of others. If that is a crime, I welcome a verdict of guilty. This is the same burden Jesus Christ had to bear. He loved the people of Israel, he loved the people of the world, he loved God with all his heart, and for this he was condemned and nailed to the cross. If loving America and serving people with all my heart is a crime, then I too will be raised on a cross.

Standing up to injustice and bigotry

I came back to America today not just for my own vindication. I came back as a representative of all those who have suffered government injustice, racial prejudice and religious bigotry. These are the real enemies of America. Today I declare a war against these enemies. I will fight till my last breath for religious liberty and the rights of minorities and the oppressed. We must win together, so that our children can live in a land of true freedom and true equality, what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called the Promised Land.

I would not be standing here today if my skin were white and my religion Presbyterian. I am here today only because my skin is yellow and my religion is the Unification Church. Religious bigotry and racism are the most abhorrent things in this beautiful country of America. God is colorblind. White, black and yellow are beautiful brothers. All religions of the world today reflect only different faces of the same God, our Father.

Do you know that we, the Unification Church, are the only church in America that has been forced to pay taxes on church property? We are paying eight million dollars a year in New York State alone. This unjust burden breaks our church’s back. On the other hand, other churches pay not a penny. Why are we singled out? It is simply because our name is the Unification Church and the founder happens to be Korean.

President Reagan said in a campaign speech, “When the basic rights of any group are threatened, it is not only one religious group that suffers, it is the entire nation.”

My dear brothers and my dear friends, today we prepare to meet any challenge. Let us make this day a day of unity, a day of new commitment. In this fight we are not alone. God Almighty is with us, and millions and millions of people around the world are with us. The Unification Church is an oppressed minority in America, but with God on our side we are a majority. This is a new day for minorities. We are beginning a new fight. Today I am not sad or unhappy or even tired. Today I am creating a new minority alliance for civil rights. Our zeal moves the heart of God. Let my determination and conviction to win this struggle become a beacon to the whole world. I thank Almighty God that He gave me the opportunity to fight this great battle and champion this cause.


Challenges and Possibilities for
World Peace

June 1, 1987
Lotte Hotel, Seoul, Korea
First Summit Council for World Peace

Honorable chairman, former presidents, former prime ministers, members of royalty and nobility, distinguished participants, ladies and gentlemen:

It is a great source of inspiration for me to address this gathering of world leaders joined together in the quest for peace.

It is certainly the case that throughout history, men and women have longed for peace. They have adopted a variety of strategies in their attempts to secure it. In some cases, people have tried to achieve peace through conquests. In others, they have tried to achieve it through surrender.

In this century we have seen two noble efforts made to resolve international differences without resorting to war: the League of Nations and the United Nations. In spite of all these efforts, however, humankind has not achieved peace, and history has continued to be a history of conflict, often erupting in devastating violence. Why has it been impossible until today to achieve peace?

The reason is that the internal struggle that goes on within each individual has not yet been resolved. World conflict is nothing other than the manifestation of the inner conflict of individuals. Contradictions exist between human ideals and human practice, and the focal point of these contradictions is the struggle within each individual between the spirit and the body. The human spirit aspires to lofty ideals. It is the human spirit that reaches up to God. The body is the instrument with which we can practice our ideals, but this requires effort, discipline and self- sacrifice.

We find in human life a tension between the pursuits of the spirit and those of the body. The spirit seeks within the realm of faith, while the body seeks within the world of reason.

Because of this, in human history, two parallel currents have developed. One of these, being more rational and external, has placed emphasis upon the physical body, on physical satisfaction, physical beauty and natural science based on empirical evidence. The other major current in human development, known as the religious tradition, has emphasized values that are transcendent of the human body: spiritual laws, values and revelations from God, which cannot be verified by the natural sciences. These currents in human life are the basis of the two dominant ideologies that are in conflict in our world today.

The democratic world, or the free world, has developed out of the religious tradition. The modern concept of democracy is set forth in the words of the Bible itself: “So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” (Gen. 1:27) That is, the democratic world places value upon the individual person because each one is a child of God. The greatest care must be taken to assure each individual’s liberty and freedom of choice, for without liberty, a person’s actions have no value.

Communism, on the other hand, is an outgrowth of the more external and secular current of human history. Following the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, Karl Marx advocated the use of violence and social engineering to establish by force an orderly human society from which belief in God would be excluded. Marxist social engineering is based on a God-denying view of humankind. But what has been the result? Although today there are many individuals who defend this or that insight of Marx, the fact remains that after seventy years of the attempted practice of Marxism in the Soviet Union and elsewhere, the result is a tragic social failure. It is estimated that 150 million people have been killed in order to consolidate communist power, and the world of justice and prosperity which Marx promised is nowhere in sight.

Today these two ideologies and the nations that have adopted them are squared off in a global confrontation that threatens our world with destruction greater than we can imagine.

In this context, I would like to sincerely offer three steps as a solution in the quest for peace. These steps begin at the very foundation; they are fundamental. They may also appear to be idealistic, but any house standing on a false foundation cannot be restored unless we go down and rebuild the foundation.

My peace plan starts from the level of the individual. First we must find peace with God, then peace with our fellow human beings, then finally we can secure world peace.

I have devoted my entire life to the search for the truth. To find the truth about the origin of the universe and the existence of God, I have suffered greatly. Through arduous personal searching, I came to know the very essence of God. I even experienced many unique encounters with Him. I came to realize that no one can achieve peace on earth without first making peace with God.

God, the First Cause of this universe, has created the world in all its magnificence. At the same time, He is our loving Father. Furthermore, He has carried out this work of creation in order to fulfill a specific purpose. That purpose is the fulfillment of love. God is the source of true love, but even Almighty God cannot enjoy love by Himself. He needs to have an object partner to whom to give his love and who is capable of returning love to Him. That object partner would be the pinnacle and culmination of His creation. That object partner is men and women. Because of this, human life also has a purpose. The purpose of human life is to reach maturity and live in the fullness of the relationship of true love with God for all eternity. This is the foundation for peace with God.

Once we establish peace with God, then we are ready to make peace with our fellow human beings. What is the fundamental relationship that brings peace with others? Again, it is the relationship of love.

Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the other great religions of the world teach that we are one family under God. This means that we are all brothers and sisters. We must understand that every person is made in the image of God; therefore, we are all children of God. The best way to honor and glorify God is by loving His children. This understanding is the foundation upon which we can establish a relationship of true love with others.

Achieving world peace is our long-cherished human dream. Yet the fundamentals of how to achieve it are essentially the same as those for achieving individual peace.

The conflict between the two worlds is real. But it is not simply a conflict between the free world and the communist world. More fundamentally, it is the conflict between two opposing value systems. One is God-affirming and the other is God-denying. The rise of communism is, in a way, a manifestation of the failure of human beings to live by God’s original moral code. In one sense communism is an ideology of accusation. It accuses the God-affirming people of the world of having failed to fulfill their ideals. Because many of its accusations cannot be denied, communism has power. When the ideals of the God-affirming world are realized in practice, however, communism can be overcome. Therefore, the world problem is fundamentally a spiritual problem. The solution must begin with an affirmation of the reality of God.

What our world needs today to save itself is a spectacular spiritual awakening. The world must be awakened to the reality of God and rearmed with a worldview based on God-affirming principles. This worldview is capable of eliminating the confusion in our value system. Of course, this spiritual reality will manifest itself in political and economic strength and military resolve, but the internal dynamic must be the spiritual foundation of faith in God and true love among human beings.

Based upon such an awakening to higher values, the nature of relationships between nations must be transformed. Until now, the driving force behind economic development has often been the desire for profit. In this way, a great amount of human potential has been unleashed, and remarkable world development has occurred. The time has come, however, for the developed nations to move beyond the profit motive. The principle of unselfish love must be applied on the level of international relationships. The developed nations of the world need to feel God blessed them for the purpose of helping others. They must be willing to sacrifice for the developing nations of the world. They must give of themselves to free other human beings from misery. If the prosperous nations adopt this attitude, do you think they will be diminished? Do you think they will experience disastrous decline? Not at all. The opposite is true. If these nations do not think in loftier terms than the desire for profit, their prosperity will slip away in spite of their efforts to retain it.

How can anyone be at peace with him or herself when one’s fellowman is dying from lack of food, ravaged by disease or victimized by the darkness of ignorance? United together, the developed nations can launch a tremendous crusade to overcome the three scourges of humanity: hunger, disease and ignorance.

Finally, on the basis of unselfish relations among all countries, a world community of nations under God can be substantially established. Today, in the latter part of the twentieth century, we cannot help but realize that our world is shrinking every day. No nation is an island. No one can prosper without interaction with others. The world is fast becoming one global village. The survival and prosperity of all are dependent on a spirit of cooperation. The human race must recognize itself as one family of humanity.

Therefore, a world community of nations must be established to increase mutual understanding and respect. Cooperatively, we can protect our environment as we develop it, raise the cultural level of all people and secure freedom, justice and dignity for everyone. What can be the basis of such cooperation? The world community of nations must respect a common value system and certain unchanging and eternal principles that can have their source only in God.

We have a common dream. It is the long-cherished human dream of an ideal world. The prophets have called it the kingdom of God on earth. It is a lofty goal, but it is attainable. It must be, simply because it is the original ideal of the Creator. This is the meaning of securing world peace.

At this time, when we look at the world, the outlook may appear to be gloomy. Yet, I do not dwell on that despair. In the Bible, we find the expression of God’s determination to restore His original ideal in this world: “I have spoken and I will bring it to pass; I have purposed and I will do it.” (Isaiah 46:11) I am a firm believer that the ultimate peace of the world shall come about.

This Summit Council for World Peace is one of the highest-level forums ever assembled for the discussion of world peace. I feel that it is inspired by God. We have embarked together on a sacred and challenging mission for the peace of the world. What we accomplish will be our legacy to our children and to all humankind. You have traveled the long distance to Korea, a far corner of the world, to launch this peace initiative. I have confidence in your experience and wisdom and the combined expertise of your statesmanship. As we take up this task, our hope is that the twenty-first century will be a new era of peace. May God’s glory and blessing be with you as you begin the Summit Council for World Peace.8

Thank you.


Let Us Become Leading Figures
in the Asia-Pacific Era


October 12, 1989
Shilla Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Announcement of the Panda Automotive Industrial
City in Huizhou, Guangdong, China

Dear honored guests and dignitaries from around the world:

Please accept my deepest gratitude for coming despite your busy schedules. Before we start the session about our project to build a large-scale industrial city in China, I would like to speak to you about my work.

Korea in a period of great transition

As you all know, the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union can no longer continue. Phenomena such as glasnost in the Soviet Union, the struggle for democracy in China and reforms in Hungary, Poland and other Eastern European nations constitute a revolution. These events show that the communist system has reached its limits and that the East-West ideological confrontation is ending.

The economic unification of Western Europe that will take place in 1992 is a further example of the changes that are necessary. How can Korea deal with these changes? What direction does it need to take?

Because of its crucial strategic position, Korea has suffered throughout history as an object of empire building by powerful nations. The division into North and South has brought Korea to experience the global ideological confrontation within its own borders. The interests of four major powers—the United States, Japan, the Soviet Union and China—intersect on the Korean Peninsula. Such relationships and global problems historically have always directly or indirectly crossed paths on this peninsula, and so Korea is a microcosm of the world’s problems. Therefore, there is an inseparable relationship between the solution to the world’s problems and the solution to Korea’s problems. Still, the current movement toward openness and harmony in the world does not solve the problems of the Korean people automatically. I believe that the transformation of the divided Korea into a unified homeland, once it takes place, will have a direct bearing on the realization of world peace.

Special devotions for God’s ideal of peace

Dear honored guests, from an early age I was called by Heaven, and in order to realize God’s Will on earth I offered my life. Knowing well that the Korean people are central to the providence of God, I interpreted differently from others the meaning of the sufferings of this people throughout history. I am certain that transforming a divided Korea into the united homeland directly relates to the realization of world peace.

With the sun setting on the communist system and ideology, can we say that the free world is in a position to offer a philosophical alternative? How will we resolve the contradictions of Western countries that adhere to freedom and democracy? I have personally experienced the terrible fate of a divided people through the aftermath of the Korean War. I pledged before Heaven to devote my life to establish a philosophy that would lay the groundwork for North-South unification, and I pledged to prepare a worldwide foundation for it. For forty years I have worked to fulfill these pledges.

Can it be easy for us to mobilize the support of the nations around the Korean Peninsula—the United States, Japan, the Soviet Union and China— for reunification on the foundation of a strong philosophy of freedom and democracy, and thereby achieve peace on the peninsula? Would it not be fortunate if we could come up with a plan that would help Russia and China reconsider what has been their one-sided support for North Korea?

This presentation to announce the establishment of Panda Automotive is not a simple gathering about a company going into China. The project is not motivated by seeking a profit based upon an investment of capital. For thirty years I have offered special prayers and devotions (jeongseong), for the sake of China and the continent of Asia, placing God’s ideal of peace at the center. The process begins by opening doors through positive relationships. While helping China modernize through technical assistance, we have to create good-neighborly relationships.

The International Peace Highway and Korea-Japan Tunnel

In 1981, during the tenth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, I revealed a plan for an international highway. I have made this plan known to leaders of 120 countries. It includes a tunnel designed to run from Japan to Korea, and will connect Seoul, Pyongyang and Beijing. Another branch is to be routed through Moscow and Western Europe, all the way to London. Another will connect to the Middle East and Africa.

In Japan, fifteen hundred members of the academic and business communities organized a tunnel research association in 1982. They are conducting political, economic, technological and geographical research and have already carried out exploratory excavations. The Chinese government is showing great interest and is in the planning stage of a one-thousand- kilometer stretch of highway between Dandong, on its border with North Korea, and Beijing.

Even in this period, when exchange with China has been very difficult, the Unification movement has sent numerous people to the People’s Republic to help with modernization. I established the Yanbian Scientific Technical College in northeast China, and we are sending it scientific equipment worth $500,000 every year. I am helping organize the exchange of visiting professors and also programs for Chinese students to study abroad.

The International Relief Friendship Foundation, which I founded, is sponsoring relief projects and sending American coaches to help the development of Chinese athletes. Also, we are giving Chinese scholars the opportunity to research Unification Thought, thereby supporting their efforts to address difficulties using new ideological perspectives.

Dear respected and honored guests! China is intransigent in its commitment to communism. When the June 4 Tiananmen Square massacre happened, the free world withdrew most of its investment from China. In that situation, I pushed ahead with plans to develop the Chinese automobile industry, and advised the person responsible not to waver at all but to push forward even more actively. On June 27, at the site in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, we had a major groundbreaking ceremony.

By offering a meaningful benefit to the Chinese leadership, which had found itself in a difficult position, I established a relationship of heart that served as a foundation to discuss the bigger issues. This all was to support the larger objective of cooperation in the Pacific Rim era.

Sharing good technology

I have long advocated the equal distribution of technology. Technology is a blessing from God meant to benefit all human beings. It is a great evil when advanced countries monopolize technological power and thereby put less developed countries at a disadvantage. It sows seeds of division and disharmony that undermine world peace. This is the reason I have, for decades, invested considerable resources toward the accumulation of technology. It has been to help the world.

For example, I acquired four large German companies that are unsurpassed globally, and have been developing them. These companies manufacture machine parts and tools, including those applicable to the production of automobile assembly lines.

In addition, I am continuing to support a state-of-the art electronics company in Japan to advance digital communications and creativity. Beyond Germany and Japan, in other developed countries I am expanding this foundation of technology for peace. Had I no such background providing such capability, I would not have been able to work hand in hand with China today.

My investment to build the industrial park for automobiles is more than a simple business venture. It is to educate the highest level of leaders in Beijing and to make a strong partnership with them as we enter a Pacific Rim era in Asia. This is ultimately to have a positive impact upon Kim II Sung in North Korea.

I have never thought of this project in China as having any purpose other than our security and saving the nation. In 1976, after a massive festival in Washington, DC, I proclaimed that I would hold a rally in Moscow. With world-class scholars, religious figures, journalists and artists, I am now laying the foundation for this.

The Soviet Union should come forward to persuade Kim II Sung

At my invitation, one of the top editors of the Novosti News Agency, together with five other leading Soviet journalists, are currently in Korea to see this country’s development firsthand. To assess the status of their communist economies, I asked them to go to Japan and pass through China and North Korea, where they did not want to go. I asked them to do this so they could provide the North Korean leaders with a fresh impression of South Korea and, in that way, prevent a miscalculation by the northern regime.

A film production team making a one-hour documentary on Korea accompanied this group. When they go back to the Soviet Union it will be shown to the whole nation.

This coming November 26, on my invitation, the chairman of the National Broadcasting Company of the Soviet Union, the chairman of Novosti News Agency, and four others representing the Soviet media will visit America. At the beginning of this month, the director of the world-famous Kirov Ballet visited Seoul and promised to assume concurrently the directorship of the Universal Ballet Academy, which I founded in Washington, DC, and to support God’s Will within the Soviet Union.

From October 27 this year, there will be a seminar in Moscow sponsored jointly by the Russian Orthodox Church and the International Religious Foundation on church unity. Twenty religious scholars will attend the conference.

As a centerpiece, we are planning a World Media Association conference in Moscow in support of reforming and opening the Soviet Union.

Our creation of the Huizhou Industrial City in China at this point in time will yield benefits far into the future. It is just the first of four regions to develop general industrial cities in preparation for the Pacific Rim era. The other three regions are China’s Dalian-Andong (Dandong) region, the region connecting the Soviet Union’s Khabarovsk and China’s Harbin region, and the Vladivostok region of the Soviet Union.

We plan that North Korea will benefit from Sinuiju and the Dalian-Andong region, and that the Vladivostok region will benefit both the Woongi area of North Korea and the Yanbian area of China.

Through this series of activities and enterprises, Chinese and Soviet leadership will improve their understanding of our country and naturally influence North Korea directly and indirectly. By doing this they can realize the ideal of freedom and democratic unity for which we are hoping.

A leading role in the Asia-Pacific era

Honored guests, in ten years we will enter a new century. We have to put the twentieth century, marred by division and confrontation, behind us and enter an era of harmony and understanding in which high morals and values are respected. The era of Russian and American domination is ending and the age of Asia is dawning.

The Asia-Pacific era is beginning. As I have suggested, while it is of utmost importance to create these four industrial regions in preparation for this era, I am not interested in business or in something that one nation or one organization can accomplish. This enterprise requires the stimulus of a world-level foundation together with the unique contributions of multinational corporations. I repeat my assertion that I am the only person who can bring the powers of this world into oneness through a religious philosophy that views world peace as the realization of love.

Even at the sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears, I will push ahead. I hope that leaders in every field will participate and support this on a national level. I want to see Korea maintain a leadership position and go forward in the context of this plan, for it does not subsist on the level of one group or one religion. It will result in the reunification of North and South Korea and world peace. Through it I hope that you will help Korea lead the Pacific Rim era.

Considering the important role of the Korean Peninsula and Asia as a whole in the establishment of world peace, no world leader can casually ignore this area anymore. They have to participate in the development of this area. With a consciousness of history, I have advanced these plans for the Pacific Rim era.

Through the foundations laid in America, China and Russia, I am preparing an East Asia summit conference. A summit meeting of these four nations of the East and West at the Hannam-dong official residence in Seoul will establish the mood of peace in the world. Through that foundation and its afterglow, we will see Kim II Sung take steps on the path toward true peace.

The new era’s guiding philosophy: Godism

Dear honored guests from around the world, humanity faces the task of resolving philosophical differences. On the basis of restored morality and international cooperation, we have to realize the ideal of a global family of love.

A new philosophy to lead the new age has to appear in Asia, which has spawned, after all, great spiritual cultures of the world throughout its long history. The teaching called Godism, which I am advocating and teaching throughout the world, is exactly this new philosophy.

The approaching Asia-Pacific era will be a world in which all people’s lives are integrated with each other, beyond culture and race. In this world, heavenly fortune will take us into an era of harmony. We will no longer view others as enemies, even if only for the sake of sustaining our own existence.

By living based on a proper value system, and having a firm philosophical foundation with God at the center, the Korean people have to become the leaders of the new age. We need to move beyond narrow interests and, with a realistic understanding of international relations, and by showing the power of a people’s unity, take the leading role in the Asia-Pacific era.

I once again thank the dignitaries from home and abroad who have come today. I conclude my remarks with my best wishes for God’s blessings upon your families and everything you do.

Thank you.


The Way to World Peace

August 28, 1991

The Little Angels Performing Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
Inauguration of the Federation for World Peace

Respected present and former heads of state, international leaders from all walks of life, esteemed scholars and leaders of religion:

Today, upon the founding of the Federation for World Peace, I am very honored and pleased by the presence of such distinguished leaders of the world. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for coming and for making this ceremony most memorable.

From the beginning of human history until the present time there has never been a period when people did not long for lasting peace, nor has there ever been a person who did not wish deeply in his heart for true peace during his lifetime. Yet, contrary to the desires of all people and in spite of our great achievements, humanity has yet to secure world peace. Quite the contrary has been the case. At no time has human life been free of war and bloodshed. Why is this so?

In contemporary history humankind has experienced two world wars. In 1914, with the assassination of an Austrian archduke at Sarajevo in Bosnia, the First World War was ignited. Eventually this war engulfed the whole of Europe and beyond. Sixteen nations were involved. In the end at least thirty million men and women were either dead or wounded. It was Europe’s worst cataclysm.

Hopes for the League of Nations and the UN unfulfilled

The inhumanity and severity of this war caused world leaders to acutely realize the need to strive for world peace at all costs, to end all wars. On the wave of this genuine desire for peace and longing for the improvement of human welfare President Woodrow Wilson of the United States spearheaded the founding of the League of Nations. Although the League handled over forty political disputes with varying degrees of success, its inability to resolve major crises between the powers eventually led to its failure. Sadly, President Wilson could not even bring the United States to participate in the League, and his noble dream for peace failed. The world’s ardent desire to put an end to war remained unfulfilled.       

Less than twenty years after the ending of World War 1 humankind faced another cataclysmic war. At that time, World War II engulfed not only the Atlantic region but the Pacific region as well. Many more millions of human beings were the victims of war, suffering injury, displacement and death. Only after the atomic bomb was used against Japan did this most tragic world war come to an end. Once more world leaders were alarmed and anguished. They sought to find a means to prevent the world from again becoming a living hell through war. The fruit of their efforts was the United Nations, whose charter was drafted on April 25, 1945, in San Francisco. The history of the United Nations has thus spanned forty- six years until today.

Yet, has the United Nations been able to alleviate the tragedy of war? Is humanity living in peace? Unfortunately the answer to these questions is no. Even after the founding of the United Nations, wars have continued to break out. There have been more than sixty wars and skirmishes since the end of World War II, including the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Persian Gulf War. The tragic cycle of human destruction continues as before.

Why is peace so difficult to achieve? Today we are gathered together for the inauguration of the Federation for World Peace. Before we proceed, however, bearing in mind the previous record of humankind, we must think deeply and analyze accurately as to why peace is so difficult to achieve. Without knowing the causes of war, without a deep analysis of the past, we may very well repeat past history, and fail to achieve the noble goals and ambitions of this federation.

Peace cannot come without God

Ladies and gentlemen, up until this time people have longed and anguished for peace without having a true philosophy of peace. Without this philosophy of peace, there can be no true methodology for achieving peace. Dear honored guests, the fundamental reason that peace has constantly eluded humankind is rather simple yet profound. Human beings have lost their relationship with God. Because of that, they have lost the ability to attain true peace. Since that time, men and women have repeatedly tried to restore peace, but have met with failure after failure because they have been trying without God. This is the fundamental error humankind has been committing. This is the real reason why we have not yet achieved peace.

God is the source of true love and true peace. Yet in the world, which God created, the inhabitants are pitted against each other in war and mutual killing. This is completely paradoxical. God created man and woman in His own image. Furthermore, God created us as holy temples in which He, God Himself, wants to dwell.

Suppose each individual were a perfected temple of God and that each individual were living every minute of every day with the Spirit of God dwelling within him or herself. In this situation could one person war against another? In the original world of God’s creation people struggling against each other would be something like your right hand fighting against your left hand, or even more, your hand pulling out your own eyes. In other words, in the ideal world of creation it would be impossible to have war. In this world, people would be capable only of loving each other and harmonizing together. The only challenge would be in competing in ways to glorify our Creator better and further.

In such a world there would be no conflict, no misunderstanding. There would only be harmony, cooperation and mutual assistance. There would be unity among people in the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty. This would truly be the world of peace that everyone seeks. This world would reflect the nature of God, whose primary characteristic is unselfishness— unselfish love and peace.

In religious terms this is called the kingdom of God on earth. The basis of such a world is the worldview of Godism, or head-wing thought. If God is almighty, He is certainly capable of realizing a world of peace and happiness for all humanity. If this type of world could not be achieved, then we would be forced to conclude that there is no God. This is the original ideal of true peace envisaged at the creation.

Our separation from God

At the dawn of human history, when God began to realize His world, something tragic happened. Our first human ancestors lost God. God created one man and one woman to be the beginning point of humankind. In religious terms they are called Adam and Eve. Tragically, at the outset of human history they committed sin, and by not allowing God to dwell in them, they were expelled by God from His kingdom. At that very moment, with their departure from God, man and woman failed to achieve their potential, and were unable to become temples of God. At that moment peace was lost. Instead they became the temples of Satan, whose characteristic is selfishness.

Since this occurred at the very start of human history with the very first human ancestors, all their descendants up to the present generations have grappled with the arduous task of finding God. Without the knowledge of God as our True Father and the understanding that all humans are true brothers and sisters, people have become each other’s enemies. Originally if you were to hurt someone else, it would be the same as hurting yourself, since the same God is dwelling in both. But humankind has become spiritually darkened. Under the present tragic conditions, when one kills one’s own brother or sister, one might not even feel any pain.

Furthermore, to make things worse, since people have become the dwelling place of Satan, each person is aware only of the self and not the whole. The natural result is the manifestation of selfishness from the level of the individual to that of the family, society, nation and world. With this limited outlook, when someone’s own interest or profit is violated, he or she is ready to fight. War is thus inevitable. This is the real reason for war on every level.

Then what does God intend to do with this fallen world? God is living and God is almighty. As I said, God is a God of love. God, our Creator, has a Will. That Will is to restore this world into the world of true peace. In other words, He will restore the world of His original nature and ideal by re-creating the present world. For this reason, there is hope for true peace in the future. God’s Will is to eradicate selfishness from each individual, then transform or re-create that person into His own temple, and make all people holy.

For this reason true peace between nations begins not at the national level but with the perfection of the individual. Each person, by becoming the temple of God, is perfected. This is where world peace is germinated. Each one of you, ladies and gentlemen, is the true beginning point of world peace.

Did you know there has been a constant war going on within each of us because of the human Fall? It is an inevitable consequence of the Fall that there is continuous struggle and conflict going on within ourselves between mind and body, and between the desire for good and the desire for evil. Originally mind and body were to be one. The human mind represents God’s mind. The human body is to be a container to accommodate the mind, or a dwelling place for the mind. Separation came between these two when the Fall occurred. The Fall resulted in the body coming under the domain of Satan or selfishness. Thus tragically the human body has become the servant of Satan.

On the other hand, the human conscience is the agent of God in the individual person. One’s conscience does not exist for the benefit of oneself. God plants the conscience for the sake of righteousness. Thus, the conscience always strives toward goodness and unselfishness. Yet the body rebels against this conscience. The body only seeks after comforts and tends to act selfishly, going after carnal desires. The conscience in turn is trying to chastise the body and direct it toward the mind. This is why there is always inevitable conflict and struggle within oneself.

This is the reason the traditional religions of the world unanimously teach the principle of chastisement of the body through fasting, prayer and other disciplines doing things the body does not want to do. Religion is the training ground where the desire of the body is suppressed, thus bringing the body to obey the will of the mind. For this reason religion has been the instrument of God to bring people back into the original ideal.

However, people are not capable of dominating their body without uniting with God within the self. The only power that enables the mind to have dominion over the body is that generated by the unity of the mind with God’s truth and love. Mind is the subject partner and the body is the object partner. God’s love and truth have the power to bring them together into one harmonious person. This is what religion defines as a person of perfection, or a holy person.

Becoming the visible manifestations of God

God-centered men and women in perfection are called men and women of goodness. These good men and women may receive God’s Blessing of marriage and be united as husband and wife. This will be the beginning of one ideal family of humanity on the face of the earth. This model family is what God wanted to have as a building block of the society, nation and world.  

There is an old saying in the East that “once peace is dwelling in the family, everything goes well.” A happy and harmonious family is a family of peace and the foundation of the heavenly kingdom. The dynamic of the family is true love. You must love God first, and then love your husband or wife and your children with truly pure and sacrificial love. This is the manifestation of true love. God created love to be the supreme force in the universe. He has created nothing greater in this universe. True love is supreme. True love, of course, originates from God.

God has invested everything, every ounce of His energy, for the creation of all things and humankind. True love is the only thing that when invested fully, returns fully. When you invest true love, no attrition occurs. It will multiply and prosper. Investing one hundred percent of true love will yield or return one hundred twenty percent. One might think that those who practice true love would become poor and miserable, yet the end result is the contrary. By practicing true love you will acquire prosperity and eternal life.

Such a family of true love becomes the foundation for creating a society, nation and world. That society, nation and world shall be true-love centered, and shall become ideal and peaceful. There you will find harmony instead of contradiction. You will find understanding instead of misunderstanding. You will find unity instead of division. You will find unselfishness instead of selfishness. This is the society, nation and world where sacrifice and good service become the dominant virtues. The realization of the ideal of God is the way to achieve the ideal of true peace in the world.

When the Bible says that God sought to create human beings in “His own image,” this means that the invisible God wanted to manifest Himself into a visible form. In other words, men and women would have become the personifications of God. If the first man and woman had realized the ideal of God, they would have become the first visible form of God and created the first family of humankind. Then God-centered children and grandchildren would have formed an ideal society, nation and world. In this case the invisible God would become the vertical True Parents of humankind centering upon true love, and the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, would have become the horizontal True Parents of humankind centering upon that same true love.

Centered upon these True Parents of humankind, all people would have become one family for eternity. However, the Fall of Adam and Eve meant that humanity lost True Parents. That day we became orphans. Siblings turned into enemies. As a result, nations came to develop antagonistic relationships rather than friendly ones.

In the final fulfillment of human history, therefore, God’s work of restoration is the restoration of True Parents first, liberating humanity from its orphan status. Today this is the central dispensational work of God to bestow True Parents upon humankind, to create the original family of humanity centering on God and true love.

Revolution from selfishness to unselfishness

Ladies and gentlemen, today’s creation of the Federation for World Peace must be different from that of the League of Nations and the United Nations. Most important is that we must found this organization upon the true ideal and philosophy of lasting peace as well as the ideal of True Parents. In the final analysis, peace in God and with God is the newest level of awakening. This is therefore a refreshing new beginning toward the attainment of peace. The exclusion of God from human efforts for peace is the core reason for their failure. Therefore we shall make God the center of this movement and the dynamics of this movement will be true love.

For men and women who are fervently longing for world peace, today’s gathering is historic. There are many presidents and former presidents here today, as well as prominent members of the clergy and leaders from every walk of life. This is truly a rare and extraordinary assembly. Furthermore, there are leaders from the East bloc and the West bloc. Until recently, those leaders were mired in the Cold War and locked in a chilling confrontation. In this auditorium, however, there is no East or West. Everyone is gathered together in one spirit of cooperation and reconciliation.

On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall finally came tumbling down. Ever since that event we have been living in a different world. The world is moving quickly toward reformation, change, mutual understanding and friendship. Everyone today feels acutely that the mood of the world is opening up to the blossoming opportunity of peace.

If you agree that the principles I have expounded are the fundamental criteria for peace, then true peace is reachable and achievable. The industrialized North must reach out to help liberate the South from pervasive impoverishment. The developed nations must reach out with a helping hand toward the developing countries and the new democracies. Each nation’s attitude must be changed from a selfish one to an unselfish one. That by itself is a revolution. Nations can do this when leaders see from the position of parents. The most unselfish and sacrificial love of all is the love of parents. From that perspective, one can see that all nations are brother and sister nations. Then a fresh new vision emerges and new opportunities will open up in front of us.

It has already been announced that in September North Korea and South Korea together will join the United Nations. This is another significant positive development toward the achievement of world peace. Then the number of member nations of the UN will reach 163 countries. What ought to be the priority of those 163 countries in the days to come? The time of colonialism is over, when the powerful nations exploited the weakest ones.

The law of the jungle and Herbert Spencer’s “survival of the fittest” do not apply in our world. The age of the superpower arms race that drove the world and humanity into fear and uncertainty has also passed; humanity ought to be liberated from the devastating threat of nuclear arms. What time is it in God’s timetable? This is the time that the Holy Scriptures refer to as that of “beating our swords into plowshares.” (Isaiah 2:4)

This is the time for developing mutual trust based on a high moral standard. It is a time when all the member nations of the United Nations, with a relationship of mutual respect and love, must jointly declare one final war against our common enemies: the scourges of hunger, ignorance, disease and crime. This is in God’s plan. From this time on, the definition of “my country” will expand. Although everyone has their home country where their family lives, in a larger sense the world now becomes “my country,” because it is where God my Father and my brothers and sisters—all the people of the world—live.

From this point of view, advanced nations ought to seek to share high technology with the developing nations and new democracies. To do otherwise would be a crime against humanity. Things that are good and beneficial must be shared among all nations. When a new discovery is made, it can benefit all nations. If something is good for humanity and the world, we must share it, transcendent of national boundaries. For a long time, I have been fighting for equal access to the use of high technology by all developing nations.

The twenty-first century will be an era of peace

Ladies and gentlemen, your coming to this place is not an accident. Nothing happens by accident. I feel you are ordained to be here. You are chosen by God to be champions of peace.

Just nine years remain until we reach the year 2000. We shall commemorate that year within our lifetime. That year will be history’s new turning point. A new era is unfolding. With the cooperation of God, man and woman together, the twenty-first century will be a century of peace. In order to make that happen we shall work tirelessly together for the next nine years. If we do, we shall be able to eliminate all obstacles that might hinder the attainment of peace.

The twenty-first century shall be a righteous century. In the twenty-first century wealth will not be the dominating factor. Instead the human spirit and human soul shall be dominant. The twenty-first century shall be the era of unity between God and humanity. It shall be the era where a new awakening will come to every person, a realization that one benefits oneself more when one genuinely lives for the sake of others. In the twenty-first century selfishness will decline. Life, honor and glory based on unselfishness shall be triumphant. These are the characteristics of the coming twenty-first century.

The era for peace is approaching. Even the opportunity for the kingdom of heaven on earth is closer. The twenty-first century shall be a hopeful and glorious century. To make this happen, the Federation for World Peace will provide the ideal and philosophy to educate the world’s population. The federation will assist spiritually, intellectually and financially in the development of all nations. The federation will set a high moral standard and take up a dynamic role in building a world of peace.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are the apostles of peace. A bright new hope and an exciting new future are awaiting us. Today we need to feel fervently the desire to fulfill the great mission that is being bestowed upon us.

In order to achieve this sacred duty and the historic responsibility of building lasting peace, we need to dedicate our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor with total commitment. The very first item on our agenda needs to be to invite God into our individual hearts and into our family, society, nation and world. When God is with us, who can be against us?

Respected friends, my beloved brothers and sisters, we are called to this sacred mission, the building of world peace. Our noble march shall begin today toward that glorious future. Let us build a world of true peace together with God.

Thank you.



The Role of Island Nations in the
Twenty-first Century


June 16, 1996

Keio Plaza InterContinental Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Inaugural Convention of the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace
(Given on True Father’s behalf)

Honorable guests from around the world, ladies and gentlemen who are gathered here to attend this global convention of the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace:

I am aware of your daily efforts toward the realization of world peace, for which I am sincerely grateful. I realize that this gathering presents the opportunity to further mobilize our intellect and deepen our friendship and understanding so that we can have the coming twenty-first century as a brilliant era of peace. For me there can be no greater joy than sharing our responsibility and mission, and making an unwavering determination among ourselves for the realization of world peace through this convention.

Allow me to begin, first of all, with my explanation of the history and background with which I have come to propose before you the establishment of an unfamiliar organization named the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace. When we look at the stream of development of civilization in human history, the ancient civilizations, which emerged in river valleys, passed to the Mediterranean Sea, including Greece, Rome and the Iberian Peninsula. Then civilization developed through the European continent, including Germany and France, and bore fruit as a Judeo-Christian culture in the form of the Atlantic civilization centered on Great Britain, an island nation. Afterward, civilization passed westward through the American continent, and presently we have the era of the Pacific Ocean centered on Japan, an island nation. This represents expansion of the Judeo-Christian civilization into Asia.

When we recognize this kind of movement of civilizations in light of God’s providence, we can see that the island nation that has been placed in the center of heavenly fortune today is none other than Japan. At the conclusion of the twentieth century, Japan has come to stand in the limelight of human history in God’s providence. Therefore, Japan’s current prosperity cannot be explained without considering her relationship to the Judeo-Christian providence of God. If Japan has a role in God’s plan, we need to pay attention to the providential mission Japan bears, because the purpose of God’s providence is the realization of world peace. World peace is the very hope for all humankind.

General characteristics of island nations

There can be no better hope for human society than if the island nations around the world get together here and commit themselves to a federation of nations for the creation of world peace. It is with this expectation and ideals that I established the Federation of Island Nations. I cannot but hope that world peace will be realized as the island nations all over the world inherit the heavenly fortune that God gave Japan, and form a group of nations dedicating their collective will to the pursuit of world peace.

What are the characteristics of island nations? The earth’s surface consists of land and ocean. Science today explains that the birth of the first life form took place in the realm of water, namely the ocean. This tells us that the ocean plays the role of mother who conceives and nurtures life. In this way, if the ocean can be regarded as symbolizing femininity, then the land may be considered as symbolizing masculinity.

Therefore, it can be said that island nations located in the ocean symbolize woman, and that continental nations and peninsular nations symbolize man. From a spiritual perspective, one might say that island nations have certain characteristics of woman, such as objectivity, dependability, nurturing, endurance and receptivity. On the other hand, continental nations may be seen as masculine, possessing such attributes as subjectivity, creativity and physical abundance.

Following this comparison, the role an island nation may be described as identical to that of women in human society. Women get married and are traditionally expected to wholeheartedly love and serve their husbands. Women shine and blossom by means of building dynamic relationships of love with their spouse and giving birth to children. As mothers, women have the important responsibility of nourishing children, bringing them up and educating them to be wholesome and virtuous. We can say that island nations have similar roles to play.

History and the heart of God

Looking at the history of God’s providence of restoration, or salvation, we see the existence of central nations and a central religion that take responsibility for God’s providence. For example, in the Old Testament Age, Judaism and the Israelites took responsibility for God’s providence of salvation. In the New Testament Age, the bearer of the responsibility was Christianity, centered on Christians in the Western world. The core of Judeo-Christian teachings, which have been guiding the present civilization, is as follows: First, there is a God, a Creator. Second, the first human ancestors fell from grace by committing sin, and the Messiah is needed for the salvation from sin. Third, the sinful history of humankind will inevitably come to an end and the kingdom of God on earth will be built. Based on such a view of the providence of salvation, or restoration, the history of the people in the Old Testament Age unfolded based on the expectation of the coming of the Savior. Likewise, in the New Testament Age, the history of the Christians advanced centered on the hope and faith that the returning Lord would come to liquidate their sins and build the kingdom of God on earth.

God’s heart and God’s circumstances lie in the background of the providence of restoration. It follows that in order to fully understand God’s providence we must have eyes that can penetrate the signs manifested through the ages.

When World War II came to an end, Christianity worldwide was at an extremely important point in the history of God’s providence of salvation. Christian nations such as Great Britain, the United States and France were in the central positions of the providence at that time. In World Wars I and II, the three major Christian nations of Great Britain, the United States and France fought for democracy as the center of the allied nations.

It was God’s desire to see these three major Christian nations join their forces to practice God’s love in the service of humankind with a sacrificial and serving spirit to actualize world peace, without lapsing into nationalistic ideas centered on their countries. The end of World War II in 1945 saw the opportunity of providing lasting peace for humankind through the establishment of the United Nations. However, the historical reality was not the realization of world peace but the expansion of communism and the numerous conflicts that have come with it, as well as the spiritual decline and moral degradation of Christian nations. Humankind, which has endured the Cold War between the United States and the former Soviet Union for more than forty years, is passing through a spiritual wilderness, which continues until the present.

World peace is rooted in true love

For my part, I have traveled the world to reveal God’s ideals and His providence in order to actualize the vision of world peace on the basis of God’s original plan. To this end, I have established many international organizations, but the path is long and there remains enormous work for all of us to do. What is the providence of God? It goes without saying that God’s providence of creation is to realize a peaceful world. In such a world, there are no divisions or conflicts. It is a world filled with unity, harmony and joy. The greatest and the quickest means to this end is through true love. True love is the basis of unity and the origin of joy and happiness. That is why I would say that the prerequisite of peace is true love.

Then where does God’s true love originate? The settlement place of true love is the family. If Adam and Eve had perfected themselves and established an ideal family through their marriage centered on God, true love would have been initiated there. The family of true love would have become the basis for true global peace. The reason humankind is still unable to achieve true peace is because people are ignorant of true love. Why? The answer, as mentioned in the Bible, is that humankind has separated from God. Since the Fall of the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, who established the first family without God’s blessing, peace has been absent from this world. Instead, divisions, conflicts and struggles have come to rule this world. The struggle between mind and body in the individual, the conflicts between husband and wife at the family level, and the struggles between societies are accepted as normal. It is my conviction that all human problems are caused by the fundamental loss of true love. The Fall of humankind meant the loss of true love. Consequently, Jesus came as the king of true love in order to restore the love Adam and Eve lost. By the same token, the Lord of the Second Advent is coming in order to restore true love. That is the logical conclusion seen from the view of the providence of salvation.

Women’s crucial role in world peace

My life until today and my quest for world peace have been concentrated on the point of how humankind can restore true love. When we look at the moral degradation of the world, we can think of how great God’s sorrow must be. Watching this world decline breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. The harm of immorality and adultery, as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, injures our youth as they tragically fall into the false enticements of so-called “free” sex. The greatest sorrow of God is to see humankind going down this path of irresponsible destruction. However, I am happy to announce there is much hope. This optimism comes from a new and liberated role of women. Women are actively working around the world to save civilization from destruction. In particular, Japanese women are playing an important role. They are active in one hundred sixty nations practicing the spirit of “living for the sake of the world.” This fills me with great joy. Women can save the world at this time of crisis. It is time for us to stand up, respect and recognize the power of women.

Delegates and honorable guests, I would like to state once again my essential thesis. You represent, for the most part, island and oceanic nations. Island nations have in common the characteristics of women and mothers. Therefore, they need to unite their forces and cooperate so that they can fulfill the mother’s mission in front of humankind. Based on these reasons, I proposed and founded the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace.

Looking back on human history, women have played a vital role in both a positive and negative sense. According to the Bible, human history began with the tragic incident known as the Fall of Adam and Eve. It is a matter of fact that we must all shoulder the responsibility for this act and resolve this issue. However, when we look at the passage in the Bible that Eve was the first to fall and begin the history of sin, we can see that the providence requires that an age must come in human history in which women will lead the way to redeem the Fall of Eve. We can see that the ideological trends in the twentieth century, such as the movement of women seeking true liberation, indicate that women are standing up for world peace.

The era of women and the era of the island nations

Because I know that such is the providence of God, in April 1992, my wife and I founded the Women’s Federation for World Peace. This movement of the Women’s Federation for World Peace will develop into the movement of the Family Federation for World Peace in the near future, in which all people may participate. By establishing true love in the family it seeks to construct an ideal world, the kingdom of heaven on earth. The age of women is the worldwide trend of the 1990s and into the twenty-first century. We may say that love and cooperation, and the spirit of resolution and harmony will fulfill a historical contribution toward world peace.

This worldwide age of women means that the age of island nations will bear the characteristics of women. In this way, the age of women and the age of island nations are intimately linked together. The time when women stand up for world peace is the time when island nations must also stand up for worldwide cooperation. Now is the opportunity for island and oceanic nations to fulfill their glorious and historic mission of realizing world peace. Is there a mission of greater glory than this?

Let us look back on the history of humankind in which women played central roles. There were courageous women who established testimonies based on an unbreakable faith in God. Without the perseverance of Abraham’s wife, Sarah, Isaac’s wife, Rebekah, or Jacob’s wife, Rachel, there would have been no history of the Israelites. Tamar, relying only on her absolute faith, risked her life to establish the lineage, recorded in the Old Testament, from which the Messiah later appeared. Like Tamar, Mary, the mother of Jesus, also showed her absolute faith before Heaven in order to give birth to God’s sacred lineage.

The Fall of Eve brought about spiritual death to humankind. Millions suffered under false love, false life and false lineage. The path that Mary and Tamar took was to redeem the Fall of Eve in an attempt to bring about true love, life and lineage. At the tender age of sixteen Joan of Arc saved her country of France from a defeat that was considered inevitable. A sixteen-year-old maiden was able to exert the power that saved an entire nation.

The island nations and world peace

By looking at these few examples, we can see the mark of greatness throughout history in the dedication of these women of determined faith. When the Federation of Island Nations ignites and spreads through the virtues of service and dedication exemplified by these women, the light of hope will burn brightly before the future of humankind. Island nations must inevitably seek the continent. This is based on the same principle that a woman seeks a loving relationship with a man. This might be considered a condition for the survival of island nations. Thus, the various activities for world peace carried out in island nations must inevitably produce a good influence on continental countries. In this way, when the positive effects of the efforts of island nations for the realization of world peace are spread to the continental realm, world peace will take a major step closer toward realization. We strongly desire that the age of the twenty-first century will become a new millennium, which is the brilliant dawn of the kingdom of heaven on earth long awaited by humankind.

I am convinced that the Federation of Island Nations will fulfill a crucial role for peace and harmony alongside associations such as the Federation for World Peace, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, the Women’s Federation for World Peace, the Youth Federation for World Peace and the Student Federation for World Peace. Ultimately, all these organizations will bear fruit as the Family Federation for World Peace. This is because the final base for peace is the family and there is no way to establish global unity other than through rebuilding the family institution.

By thoroughly carrying out the education of youth based on an ideal that transcends race, nationality and religion, the Family Federation for World Peace will be able to perfect an ideal family and attain the historic feat of a one-world family in which people from all corners of the world enjoy true and lasting peace. Your Federation of Island Nations will inevitably make the greatest contribution toward the highest objective of the Family Federation for World Peace.

I would like to conclude my message with gratitude toward everyone for the fact that the dream of a one-world family based on the true love of God is approaching realization through the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace.

May God guide and bless you, your nations and your families.

Thank you very much for your attention.




The Role of Peninsular Nations in the

Twenty-first Century

August 20, 1996

Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel, Seoul, Korea
Inaugural Assembly of the Federation of Peninsular Nations for World Peace

Respected chairman, distinguished guests from around the world, representatives of all walks of life in Korea, ladies and gentlemen:

I truly appreciate your hard work for the welfare of humanity and the realization of a world of peace. I welcome you to my homeland, the land of Korea. It is my hope that a conference held at this time, with the twenty-first century just four years away, will provide an environment for profitable discussions that can give hope for a world of peace. I would like to express my thoughts on the ultimate ideal of humanity and the realization of world peace.

I grew up on the Korean Peninsula and saw how it suffered in agony as the major powers of the world waged a war on its soil over ideology and resources. From a young age, I endeavored to find answers to the fundamental questions about life and the universe. I came to know the living God by experiencing Him, and I also learned that this God is the owner of true love who has continued to be with humanity throughout history. I could not believe that God had planned and intentionally created the world’s sin, contradiction and struggle.

I don’t have the time to talk about the experiences of my adolescence. I will say only that my youth was spent in dedication and struggle to find the truth. Through my struggles and searching I discovered the Divine Principle, which is the thought system of the Unification Church. The Divine Principle was not developed by ordinary means. I found its basis through conversations with Jesus and the sages in the spirit world, through prayer and, most important, by communicating deeply with God Himself. It is the fruit of victory reaped after waging a fierce battle with an obstructionist Satan. By teaching and practicing this Divine Principle, I am devoting every moment of my life, straining myself relentlessly, to guide humanity. The Divine Principle is being taught in 184 nations across the world, and it is changing the lives of people by forming within them life-giving relationships with the living God.

God is a Parent who yearns for love

God created us, so we were born with dreams related to Him and an eager desire for the ideal world. Even in the most wretched of environments, we do not abandon the hope that directs us toward the ideal world of peace. When we talk of the ideal world, the word “ideal” originates from God, the causal Being. God did not create the world for power, glory or wealth—for which He has absolutely no desire. This is because God, who is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, and who is the causal Being of all things everywhere, already possesses every such thing.

Nonetheless, it is not right to think that God has no desires. Though He exists as the original Being of true love, in order for Him to actually experience love, He needs—and therefore urgently desires—an object partner. This is because love is an experience and a joy that is made possible only by forming a relationship with an object partner, that is, by forming a relationship between subject and object partners. No being can feel love if he or she is isolated and all alone, and God is no exception. His motive for creation is true love and His object partners are true people. God created human beings as persons who could give and receive love freely with Him. In short, human beings were created to become perfect object partners of God’s love. Human beings are God’s sons and daughters. God the Creator is the True Parent of humankind.

God wished for Adam and Eve to grow up in innocence, centering on true love, and become true people. He created the world and everything in it as a beautifully and delicately prepared environment that would be the foothold for their external, biological growth. In such an environment, human beings would grow to maturity and flourish physically. However, God had the deepest interest of all in the internal nature and loving character of human beings. By experiencing true love, they were to resemble God’s true love and perfect it. He created the power of love to be the strongest of all internal, non-material powers. That we experience the power of love within the love of God and according to the laws of God signifies that we take after God, our Parent.

People can embody the true love of God

For people to become the owners of infinite true love, they need to cherish their sense of responsibility. Human beings can possess flawless character, that is, become the perfected beings of love, only when they have become one with God through true love and come to resemble Him. Herein lies the reason God’s love is the source of the happiness, life and the ideal of human beings. Adam and Eve were meant to become a true man and a true woman within the true love of God, after which they were to become a true couple, by sharing true love with each other. Then they were to have children and become true parents.

Human beings learn the true love of God by experience, through stages. As they go through their lives, people are meant to feel and learn the heart of children by receiving the love of their parents, to feel and learn the heart of siblings by exchanging the love of brothers and sisters, to feel and learn the heart of a couple through the love of husband or wife, and to feel and learn through experience the heart of parents through raising children. The family is the dwelling place of these four kinds of heart and love.

Thus, the family is the base for the love, happiness, life and lineage of human beings. In no place other than the family can human beings learn these four kinds of love and heart. Love is something that can be felt and learned only through experience. The perfection of individual human beings, families, societies, nations and or any other human community is based on the manifestation of true love within the family.

However, what is the reality of the world? In spite of the development of technology and practical conveniences, human beings are now facing a serious crisis leading to the degradation of human nature. Evils such as war, social conflict, violence, crime and drug abuse are arousing apprehension everywhere. What is yet more serious is that the sexual morality of young people is rapidly deteriorating, the divorce rate is dramatically rising, and family breakdown, leaving all too many fatherless children in its wake, is destroying human society.

The quest for peace and why it has been fruitless

People have sought peace and happiness in so many ways, yet they have not achieved satisfying results. After the First and Second World Wars, the League of Nations and the United Nations were created to prevent the reappearance of international conflict. Yet the global activities carried out by these organizations could not bring about a world of peace.

Even the efforts of religious organizations have not realized a world of happiness. And of course the ideal of international communism and the dream of fascism have also failed to realize an ideal world. Highly developed technology and political efforts have failed to bring peace and happiness to humanity. This is all because humankind’s misery and anguish stemmed from disobeying God and thus falling away from Him, and this problem has not been solved at the fundamental level.

By engaging in a premature, selfish sexual relationship, Adam and Eve deviated from the Principle of God, and they had children before they themselves had grown up within true love. Adam and Eve distrusted God and consequently obeyed Satan, thus becoming a false couple, and so human history began with false parents. This resulted in their descendants living in sin, war and agony. Such life has nothing to do with God’s ideal of creation. How sorrowful, therefore, must be the heart of God!

At all costs, God needs to realize the true love and ideal of peace that He originally planned. His providence of salvation is the providence to achieve the original state, that is, it is the providence of re-creation. For this, He established religions and has continually expanded the domain of goodness. The Messiah sent by God is the one who comes with the full responsibility to complete this providence of re-creation. Therefore, the Messiah needs to come as the True Parent and carry out the work of re-creation at the fundamental level.

Jesus, who came as the Messiah, came with the mission of the True Parent. He came to give rebirth to humanity on earth through true love, and to redeem them to be true people and true couples so they could become true parents. Unfortunately, due to the distrust he faced on earth, he died before he could fulfill his will, but he promised to come again. His words suggest that he needs to come once again as the True Parent and completely actualize God’s ideal of creation.

Though Jesus was born in the land of Judea, he did not exist solely for Judea. The will of Jesus, who came in the position of the Messiah and the True Parent, was to realize the ideal of God on earth, which is a world of peace and true love. At the time, Judea was a province of the Roman Empire. Therefore, God carried out His providence hoping that, when the will of Jesus was achieved in Judea, His Will would expand to Rome and be fulfilled across the world.

The shift of civilization to peninsular nations

We know that peninsular nations, extending into the ocean, have given rise to important civilizations in history. Many great religious doctrines and ideologies originated from peninsular nations to guide the world of the human heart. Greek philosophy began on the Balkan Peninsula. Christian culture flourished on the Italian Peninsula. Hindu culture and philosophy arose on the Indian subcontinent, another peninsula. Islamic culture arose on the Arabian Peninsula. Buddhist culture came to fruition on the Southeast Asian Peninsula. Furthermore, the art of navigation came from the Iberian Peninsula, Norman culture from the Scandinavian Peninsula, and there are other examples. As can be seen, peninsular nations have had great influence in the history of world culture.

If you study the flow of the development of civilizations, the ancient continental civilizations that originated in river basins shifted to the peninsular civilization of places such as Greece, Rome and Iberia. European peninsular civilization then shifted to an island civilization in England, which in turn passed to the United States as a continental civilization, and then moved to Japan in the form of an island civilization. From a providential viewpoint, this pilgrimage of civilization will now come to fruition in Korea as a peninsular civilization.

From a different perspective, the ancient civilizations on the shores of rivers such as the Nile and Tigris shifted to the Mediterranean civilizations of Greece, Rome and Spain, among others. This then shifted to the Atlantic civilization extending to England and the United States, and it in turn will come to fruition as the Pacific civilization connecting the United States, Japan and Korea. Since the will of the Messiah was to have borne fruit and become globalized from the Italian Peninsula, it is fitting that a peninsular nation is again to be the center of the providence of the Second Coming of Jesus, that is, of the Second Advent of the True Parent, and that it is Korea.

The planet Earth is made up of lands and oceans. I believe that the sea plays the role of the mother, including giving birth to the simplest forms of life. In this way, we can think that the sea symbolizes the feminine in that it nurtures and embraces, and the land symbolizes the masculine. Similarly, it can be said that island nations, situated as they are in oceans, represent woman, and continental nations and peninsular nations adjoined to continents represent man.

The citizens of peninsular nations have strength and courage arising from a life of defending themselves against enemies from both land and sea. Moreover, they are endowed with a progressive spirit of pioneering and adventuring. They have given rise to resplendent cultures and spread them to the world. Thus, at this point in time when we are on the verge of a new millennium, peninsular nations will play an important role in the providence. The Federation of Peninsular Nations for World Peace is compiling these nations’ meritorious deeds, contributions to world culture, and similar experiences to enable them to play a leading role in realizing a world of peace.

A life of pursuing world peace

Respected leaders, until now I have done more than just teach about the way humanity can live happily in a world of peace. I have also pioneered the way, founding multiple organizations for the realization of a world of peace and nurturing them with unending support while surmounting so many difficulties. I have inaugurated organizations such as the Federation for World Peace, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, the Women’s Federation for World Peace, the Youth Federation for World Peace, the Student Federation for World Peace, the Professors World Peace Academy and the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace for this purpose. I am inaugurating the Federation of Peninsular Nations for World Peace at this time for the same purpose.

There are many obstacles blocking the realization of humanity’s happiness and ideal of peace. There are numerous destructive dynamics, including conflict over political and economic interests. Of these dynamics, the most fundamental has to do with the human condition itself, namely, the conflict and contradiction between mind and body. Through the long course of human history, the conflict between mind and body has never been resolved. The Fall of our first human ancestors brought a result that is this serious and wretched.

As people with inner conflict and contradiction formed families, could those families unite completely as one in harmony? Families are shaken and fall apart when the responsibility to love selflessly is forgotten. Without people gaining the complete experience of heart based on true love, they cannot establish the perfect standard of ethics and morality. When families thus break down, can we expect to see societies of peace, and nations and a world of peace?

From July 30 to August 1 of this year, I hosted the inaugural assembly of the Family Federation for World Peace at the United States Capitol in Washington, DC. Representatives of one hundred twenty nations came together with two former United States presidents, Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush, and former and present heads of state and prime ministers from more than forty countries. The Family Federation can be called the most important organization I have inaugurated. It aggregates the work of multiple global organizations, which are the foundation I have dedicated my entire life to build for the realization of the peaceful world of true love.

The way to peace on earth

The people of today need to recover their original nature by uniting mind and body as one in harmony in the true love of God. Through the Pure Love movement and the True Family Values movement, human beings need to prepare the ground for eternal happiness. To facilitate this, I have founded this organization.

From the viewpoint of God’s administration and the trend of history, all people constitute one great family that needs to live attending God as their True Parent, transcending nationality and race. All people are a community sharing a common destiny and can harmonize and cooperate with one another within the bounds of one global family. We have entered an era wherein we can no longer think that the difficulties of our neighbors and other nations have nothing to do with us.

We cannot just sit back and watch as humankind is engulfed and degraded by war and crime, drugs and violence, environmental pollution and ecosystem destruction, immorality and AIDS. We need to answer before God and history. We human beings, who need to harmonize and unite on a grand scale, need to declare how we can overcome the present reality and usher in the coming millennium with hope.

Furthermore, we need to consider how we can build a world of peace wherein we can think beyond the profits that individuals and nations can reap, and live for the sake of others and trust them. We need to consider how we can establish a new set of values that can maintain this. Rather than standing on the glittering pinnacle of science and technology, wearing the glasses of humanism to filter out our having fallen into a valley of sin, we need to open the door of our original heart and search for answers with humility. If we cannot find them on earth, we need to find the solutions through the voice we hear from Heaven.

It is my hope that the discussions you hold at this time will prove to be most beneficial and rewarding for realizing the dream of a world of peace.

May the divine protection of God be with you and your families always.


The Role of Continental Nations in the

Twenty-first Century

August 30, 1996

Meadowlands Hilton Hotel, Secaucus, New Jersey, USA
Inaugural Convention of the Federation of
Continental Nations for World Peace

Respected representatives of North America, ladies and gentlemen:

I congratulate you on your labors for the welfare of humankind and the realization of a peaceful world. I hope that this conference, convened with less than four years remaining in the twentieth century, can be a fruitful forum of discussion clarifying and expanding our hope for a peaceful world. I would like to share with you my thoughts on the realization of world peace and the ultimate human ideal.

Declaration of the Divine Principle and global mission work

I grew up on the Korean Peninsula, where people suffered greatly as major powers fought over ideology and resources. In my youth, I sought desperately to find answers to questions about life and the universe. I came to know the living God through my experiences with Him, and to know that God is the Lord of true love who has been present with humankind throughout history. I could not believe that God would have planned and created a world in which evil, conflict and war prevail. I do not have time to speak at length about the experiences of my youth. I will testify simply that those days were filled with an intense longing for the truth.

I have revealed the teaching of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, a teaching known as the Divine Principle. It was not easily discovered. Needless to say, I received the essence of the Principle through deep, fervent and prayerful communion with God, Jesus and other saints in the spirit world. Its revelation is a victory gained through a desperate fight with Satan. I am devoting every moment of my life to the teaching and practice of the Principle. Those whose lives it has touched are sharing it throughout the world, in 184 countries. The Principle is transforming people’s lives by bringing them into a new relationship with the living God.

God’s ideal and human perfection

As human beings created by God, we were born with an innate hope to attain our dreams and realize an ideal world in relationship with God. Even under the worst conditions, we never give up our desire for an ideal and peaceful world. When we say ideal world, we need to know that God is the origin of the very concept of the ideal.

God did not create the world for the sake of power, glory or wealth. Being absolute, unchanging and eternal, and being the origin of all existence, He has no particular need for these things, as He already has them in abundance.

However, it would not be right to think that God has fulfilled all His desires. God exists as the embodiment of true love. God needs a partner in order to experience love, just as we do. Love can be experienced only when there is a relationship between a subject partner and an object partner. No being can experience love in isolation, solely by itself.

God created human beings to give and receive love freely in relationship with Him. We were made to be the true object partner of the love of God. He created us as His sons and daughters. He is the True Parent of humankind.

God wanted Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, to mature in purity, centered on true love. He wanted Adam and Eve to become true people. He created this beautiful and exquisite natural world as the environment for their biological growth. Human beings were to grow and develop within this environment.

God’s central concern, however, is with our internal character. By experiencing true love, God intended that we would come to reflect His true love and grow to perfection. God created the power of love to be the strongest of all forces. Through the experience of such a power of love within the realm of Heaven’s love and law, people are to increasingly resemble God, their Parent. To possess unlimited true love, people must first learn to be responsible. When human beings come into oneness with God through true love, they resemble Him and become the perfect embodiment of true love, with wholesome character. Thus we can say that God’s love is the essence of human happiness, life and ideals.

Adam and Eve were meant to mature in God’s love and become true individuals, true husband and wife, and, by rearing children, the True Parents. People experience God’s true love step by step, throughout the stages of life’s growth. Each individual is meant to come to know the heart of children through the love of their parents, the heart of a sibling through the love between brothers and sisters, the heart of husband and wife through the love of a spouse, and the heart of parents through loving children. The family is the foundation upon which we establish these four realms of love and heart.

The family is the basis for love, happiness, life and lineage. We cannot learn and experience these four realms of love anywhere other than in the family. We know love only through actual experience. The true perfection of the individual, family, society and environment has its root in the realization of love within the family.

World peace and the providence of restoration

What is the reality of our world today? Despite advances in technology and the conveniences of modern life, the world is facing a profound crisis: the loss of our very humanity. Disorders and affliction of every kind—violence, crime, drug abuse and war—plague humankind. More significant, the breakdown of the family, including the rising divorce rate, the collapse of sexual morality among youth and the problem of unwed mothers, is destroying the foundation of society.

Even though we have sought peace and happiness in many ways, none of us can be satisfied with the results we have achieved in our lives. After the First and Second World Wars, the League of Nations and then the United Nations were established to prevent further conflict. However, the global work of these organizations has not brought about a peaceful world. The efforts of religious groups also have not led to a world of happiness. The proud ideals of communism and the fascist illusion failed to bring about an ideal world of oneness. Neither highly advanced technology nor skillful diplomacy deliver us peace and happiness. This is because the cause of humanity’s unhappiness and suffering lies in the human Fall and our disobedience to God. The solution of the problem begins by eliminating this root cause.

Adam and Eve defiled true love during their time of growth. They fell away from God’s Principle by having sexual relations and creating children before they reached maturity in true love.

Human history thus began with Adam and Eve’s lack of faith in God, their loving Parent, and their ultimate submission to Satan. By this action they became a false husband and false wife, and false parents. Our inheritance from the original family includes their legacy of corruption, conflict and suffering. This legacy has nothing to do with God’s ideal of creation. We cannot imagine how God’s Heart is broken!

God must, at any cost, restore His original ideal of true love and peace. What we call God’s providence of salvation means His providence of restoration. For the sake of this restoration, He established religions and expanded a sphere of goodness.

The Messiah, sent by God, is the person who comes with the overall responsibility to complete the providence of restoration. The Messiah must come as the True Parent and must rectify everything, beginning at the very root of the problem.

Jesus came as the Messiah with the mission of the True Parent. He came to resurrect human beings on earth. He would thus restore them as true individuals, so that they might become true husbands and wives who would be true parents themselves. Unfortunately, because of the lack of faith on earth, he was unable to accomplish his purpose fully. However, he promised to return. He must return in order to restore God’s ideal of creation.

The development of civilization from the viewpoint of the Principle

Jesus was born in Israel, but he was not born for the Jewish people alone. Jesus came in the position of the Messiah and the True Parent. It was his purpose to realize God’s ideal, that is, a world of true love and peace. At that time, Israel was under Roman colonial rule. If Jesus could have accomplished his purpose among the people of Israel, then God’s providence would have spread his message throughout the world.

In fact, Israel’s location at the crossroads of three continents—Asia, Africa and Europe—led to the transmission of Jesus’ teachings during the first centuries of the Christian era. Christianity spread south into Africa, east into Asia and west into Europe. Christianity attained continental dominion in Europe, western Asia and the Americas. Through Christianity these vast continents each accomplished relative unity. These unified continental powers came to dominate the world in the modern era.

Civilization first emerged on continents, in Egypt, Mesopotamia and China. The center of western civilization then shifted to peninsular cultures in Greece, Rome and then Iberia. These peninsular civilizations gave way to an island civilization in Great Britain. The center of civilization then moved to the continental civilization of North America, and then across the Pacific to an island civilization centering in Japan. It is the view of providence that the development of civilization will bear fruit in a peninsular culture emerging in Korea.

Peninsular cultures have given rise to important civilizations. Great religions and philosophies have emerged from peninsular cultures to guide the human spirit. These include, among others, Greek philosophy that came from the Balkan Peninsula, Catholic culture that blossomed on the Italian Peninsula, Hindu philosophy and culture from India, Islamic culture that arose on the Arabian Peninsula, Buddhist culture that flourished on the peninsulas of Southeast Asia, the art of navigation of the Iberian Peninsula, and the Nordic culture on the Scandinavian Peninsula. These peninsular initiatives took root on continents. Greco-Roman and Iberian culture flourished in Europe and the Americas, and Islamic culture spread across Africa and Asia.

From another perspective, civilizations that developed along major rivers such as the Nile, the Yellow, the Tigris and the Euphrates gave way to Mediterranean civilizations, in Greece, Rome, Spain and North Africa. The center then moved to the Atlantic civilization of North America, France, Great Britain and Spain. Civilization will ultimately bear fruit in a Pacific civilization, linking North America, Japan and Korea.

Major historical religious founders, including Moses, Zoroaster, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Confucius and Jesus, emerged on continents. God’s Will through Jesus, which He hoped to establish in Israel on the continent of Asia, was to reach the western world via the peninsular power of Rome and to reach Asia via the peninsular power of Greece. Today global power resides on the continents of North America and Asia. The Will of God for Christ’s return can be accomplished only when these and all continents invest themselves completely in service to the world, based upon the place where Jesus is to return, that is, where the True Parents are to come, in Korea, which is a peninsular nation.

The surface of the earth is composed of land and ocean. I believe that the ocean, in which the simplest forms of life were born, has played the role of a mother. If the ocean symbolizes femininity because it gives life, nurtures and embraces, then we can say that land symbolizes masculinity. Thus, island nations surrounded by ocean signify the feminine, and continental nations, with the peninsular nations extending from them, symbolize the masculine.

People from peninsular nations in particular have inherited strength and courage by having to defend against enemies from the surrounding seas and continents. Under their pioneering, exploring and adventurous spirit, their brilliant cultures blossomed and expanded. People from continental nations have rugged endurance. They cultivated difficult natural environments over vast distances. Living for generations isolated from cosmopolitan cultures, continental peoples retain the permanent, unchanging values attached to the land. Through the right relationship of island, peninsular and continental peoples, world peace will come.

As we greet the new millennium, the continental nations are called to accomplish a providentially significant mission. They must fulfill a leading role in realizing a peaceful world by combining their power to serve the world, together with their common experiences, into the Federation of Continental Nations for World Peace.

Respected leaders, I have not been satisfied merely to speak about humankind living happily in a peaceful world. I have been receiving tremendous spiritual support for actually creating substantial projects and organizations for this purpose. These projects include the Federation for World Peace, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, the Women’s Federation for World Peace, the Youth Federation for World Peace, the Student Federation for World Peace, the Professors World Peace Academy, the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace and the Federation of Peninsular Nations for World Peace. The Federation of Continental Nations for World Peace is dedicated to this same purpose.

The solution is in recovering our original nature

There are many obstacles blocking the way to human happiness and peace, including political and economic conflicts. Most fundamental, however, is the conflict between mind and body within the individual. Throughout history, the conflict between mind and body has never been completely resolved. This is the serious and miserable result of the human Fall.

Thus, people with inner conflict establish families, which cannot set up a proper standard of ethics and morality. They cannot experience the world of heart based on true love. Can such families achieve complete harmony and unity? Since the family unit has abandoned its responsibility to practice true love, it is now being shaken and destroyed. In light of the breakdown of the family, is peace in the society, nation and world a realistic possibility?

I convened the inaugural world convention of the Family Federation for World Peace in Washington, DC, the United States Capitol, from July 30 to August 1 of this year. Two former United States presidents, Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush, sitting and former heads of state from forty nations, as well as representatives of 120 nations gathered for that historic international conference.

The Family Federation for World Peace will be the most treasured organization, coming as it does on the foundation of the above-mentioned international organizations that I have already set up in the course of investing my life for the realization of a world of peace and true love.

Today, each individual must recover his or her true human nature, by uniting mind and body harmoniously within the realm of God’s true love. Humankind must prepare a realm of eternal happiness through a movement for sexual purity and for the realization of true families. The Family Federation is dedicated to this task.

From the viewpoint of God’s dispensation in the course of human history, humankind is one great family that is to live in attendance to God as the True Parent, transcending national boundaries, race and religious differences. Despite the fact that humankind as a single community is destined to cooperate as a global family, we live in an age when we feel that we have nothing to do with the problems of our neighbors and other countries. We cannot, however, ignore the reality of humanity ravaged by war, crime, drug abuse, pollution, destruction of ecosystems, corruption and the scourge of AIDS.

Today, with the eyes of history upon us, we must answer to God. How can humankind, whose mandate is the realization of complete harmony and unity, overcome the unfortunate reality and greet the coming millennium with hope? How can we realize a peaceful world, in which everyone lives for and trusts others without regard for personal and national interests? What is the new value system by which we shall attain this ideal?

Rather than riding the chariot of science and technology pulled by the horses of secular humanism, we must humbly seek the answers within our original mind. If we cannot find the solution on earth, we must find it through listening to the voice of Heaven.

I sincerely hope your deliberations at this conference can be fruitful in realizing the dream of a peaceful world. May God protect you and your families eternally.


Let Us Open Wide the

Era of World Peace

February 6, 1999
Lotte Hotel, Seoul, Korea
Inaugural Assembly of the Interreligious and
International Federation for World Peace

Distinguished leaders from every walk of life:

It gives me great pleasure to host this inaugural assembly of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP).

The purpose of the various ecumenical and interfaith activities and organizations I have been developing over the past forty years has been the realization of a world of peace that God and human beings have been longing for. A vision for peace is the heart of any interfaith activity.

In the twentieth century humankind has suffered two devastating world wars and experienced confrontation and conflict for seventy years under the oppression of the atheistic communist ideology and the Cold War era. When that came to an end, the world drank a toast in celebration of peace, albeit briefly. All too soon we came to learn that the end of the Cold War era did not lead automatically to a time of peace. Violent conflicts continue to occur throughout the world today. Even now, massacres are being perpetrated in Yugoslavia, the Middle East, Sudan, South Asia and elsewhere. It is common knowledge that many such disputes have behind them deep-rooted religious conflict. These are only some examples that awaken us to the importance of dialogue and cooperation among religious groups.

World peace and the mind-body conflict

Often, in the modern era, religions work toward the realization of their ideals while keeping a certain distance from the realms of worldly power. This is generally accepted as the norm. I believe, however, that it is time for those international organizations that serve the cause of world peace to reexamine their relationship with the world’s great religious traditions.

Perhaps the United Nations, more than any other international organization, serves as a good example. Many regard the UN as the institutionalized organization of the human ideal for world peace, and set their hopes on it. At the UN, representatives of all nations combine their efforts to solve the world’s problems and to promote peace and human prosperity.

However, these efforts by the UN to realize world peace have always met with serious obstacles. While its accomplishments cannot be denied, one can observe that the UN could be improved in many ways. The time has come when a cooperative and mutually supportive relationship among the world’s statesmen and religious leaders is desperately needed.

Originally, human beings were meant to live with their mind and body united, responding to the complete, true love of God. Because human beings were created to be God’s sons and daughters, resembling Him, their mind and body should not fight. Instead, they should create true unity. God’s mind and body are not in conflict. Almighty God could never have any conflict within Himself. The human ideal of unified mind and body is realized when a person fully possesses the true love of God. The words from the Bible, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God,” (Matt. 5:9) are also based on the premise that the ideal of unity of mind and body is to be attained on the basis of a relationship with our Heavenly Father. Due to the human Fall people lost the standard of unity and harmony between their mind and body, and have thus been living in self-contradiction and conflict. Moreover, the battle of the mind and body within the individual has expanded to the level of the family, society, nation and world. Cain’s killing of his younger brother Abel originated from this.

All the conflicts and wars that the world has witnessed since the beginning of history have been, in essence, the battle between the Cain side, which is on the side of relative evil, and the Abel side, which is on the side of relative good. The struggle between the Cain and Abel sides should be terminated and everything restored to its original state. Likewise, the confrontation between our mind and body should be brought to an end, and harmony and unity regained.

We have to apply the principle of individual mind-body unity on the global level. For this purpose, I established the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, representing the world of the mind, and the Federation for World Peace, representing the world of the body. Together, they embrace the total concept of world peace.

Because the problems in human history have not just been political problems at the root, merely social or political solutions have always been insufficient. Most societies are governed politically, but on the other hand, at the official, cultural, and political base, there is religion. In fact, in most people’s hearts religious loyalty has far more importance than political loyalty.

The role of religions in leading the world

It is now time for religion to exert genuine leadership in the world. I believe that religious people should feel responsible for the situation of humankind, and for resolving the various inequities of this age. Profound self-reflection is surely a prerequisite to this.

Religious people have failed to set an example in the practice of love. Now is indeed the time for them to repent for not having exerted themselves fully for the sake of world salvation. Instead, they have been absorbed in the pursuit of individual salvation and denominational interests. Mere belief in love is not enough. It must be accompanied by its practice. God is calling the leaders of society, but in particular the religious leaders. He wants us to challenge the injustices and sins of the world and establish true love in their place. All religious people should become one in heart, representing and carrying out God’s aspirations for all people.

World peace can be realized through a synergy between the statesmanship and measures of politicians, who represent the body and the secular world, and the wisdom and effort of religious leaders, who represent the mind and the world of the spirit. The time has come for us to seriously reflect even on such a matter as restructuring the United Nations.

Let us imagine the UN adopting a two-house structure. We can think of changing the existing United Nations, which consists of national representatives who speak for their own nation’s interests. Consider establishing a religious council or UN senate, consisting of distinguished religious leaders and leaders in fields pertaining more to the heart—for example, culture and education. As a body representing a global perspective, this religious council would have to address the interests of all people, transcendent of regions or nations. Through mutual respect and cooperation, these two houses of the UN would be able to contribute enormously to the realization of world peace. The political wisdom of the world’s leaders could thus be effectively complemented by the wisdom and vision of the world’s most prominent religious leaders.

I am confident that the moral vision and exemplary lifestyle of religious leaders can be a lamp for humankind, not only pointing the way to the world beyond this one, but also teaching the road to genuine happiness and peace on this earth.

Religious leaders should become ideal leaders who not only inherit and pass on the precious and holy wisdom of their great traditions, but also lead lives of unselfish service. Selfishness disqualifies any leader, whether religious or political.

A fund for world peace

Through the regular holding of conferences to bring religious leaders together, I have been striving to carry out true love education transcendent of religious denomination and nationality. Last year, I and other religious leaders worldwide took the lead in suggesting that all religious people donate money of an amount based on the number seven, and thus pioneer the creation of a fund for world peace. Individuals and nations have different economic circumstances. For some, seven dollars would be a large offering; for others, seven million dollars would be possible. If all religious people of the world were united in heart, they would be able to not only raise funds, but also use the money effectively to promote the ideals of true love and the value of raising exemplary families.

Respected leaders, we should work together to implement a system through which the highest expressions of religious wisdom are brought to the table at which the world’s most serious and urgent problems are being addressed. Such a system can be achieved by creating a council of religious leaders within the framework of the United Nations. Today, I would like to ask you to establish the IIFWP as a first step in realizing this goal. In addition, it is my sincere hope that you will generously offer your own experience, wisdom and effort as we work to realize these highest of ideals. Especially, I ask the world of religion to focus on education of true love.

I am confident that the IIFWP will make a decisive contribution to the realization of world peace, and I pray that God will bless you, your families and your work.

Thank you very much.




The Direction for the World and
the United Nations

August 18, 2000

United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA
Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace
Assembly 2000

Distinguished leaders, honored guests, ladies and gentlemen:

Today, in this beautiful and stately building where the United Nations General Assembly meets, I greet you with deep gratitude for the opportunity to express my passionate concerns and views about “The Direction for the World and the United Nations.”

The need to reorganize the UN to realize world peace

The sole purpose of all my undertakings in many areas over the past forty years has been the realization of a peaceful world that is the desire of God and humanity. This longing for a peaceful world has also been the core reason I have dedicated myself to the promotion of interreligious harmony and cooperation.

In the twentieth century, humanity has experienced many severe conflicts and unspeakable acts of violence, especially through the horrors of the two world wars, and through the seventy years of communism and the Cold War. When the Cold War ended, the world had a brief moment of celebration, as if peace had arrived.

But then soon humanity realized that the end of the Cold War did not automatically mean the advent of an age of peace. Even at this moment, fierce wars and brutal massacres are going on in numerous places around the globe. Conflicts arise for many reasons. But one of the primary factors contributing to their emergence is the deep-rooted disharmony that exists among the world’s religions. Therefore, when we witness the many global tragedies occurring around us, we should recognize how critically important it is that the religions come together, dialogue with one another and learn to embrace one another.

In the modem age, religious ideals have come to hold a place wholly separate from the centers of secular political power in most nations, and most people have come to accept this, as the way things ought to be. I believe, however, that it is time that international organizations whose purpose is to support the ideal of world peace reconsider their relationship with the great religious traditions of the world.

On this point, the United Nations, more than any other international organization, can set a good example and lead the way. The world has great expectations for the United Nations as an organization embodying humanity’s aspiration for peace. In the United Nations, the representatives of all nations work in concert to promote peace and human prosperity.

Of course, the conscientious efforts to establish peace, undertaken by these national representatives at the United Nations, often meet stubborn resistance. The accomplishments and achievements attained through the United Nations have been significant. However, there is much room for improvement. I believe there is an urgent need today, within the United Nations and through its many activities, to encourage mutual respect and increased cooperation between the world’s political and religious leaders.

The original ideal for human beings is that we live with our mind and body united in resonance with God’s true love. It is because human beings resemble God as His sons and daughters that the mind and body of each individual can truly unite without struggling against each other. Within God there is no disharmony between internal and external characteristics. This is so because the absolute God has no contradiction or conflict within Himself.

Interreligious and international activities I have carried out

 The human ideal to achieve oneness of mind and body can be realized only when people completely possess God’s true love. The biblical verse, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God,” illustrates this point. (Matt. 5:9) Peacemakers are persons whose mind and body are in unity centering on the true love of God.

As a result of the Fall, we lost the standard by which our minds and bodies could be brought into oneness and harmony, and humanity has lived in internal strife and self-contradiction. The clashes of the mind and body within the individual have expanded and now manifest themselves in the family, society, nation and world. For example, this unresolved struggle between mind and body is what precipitated the elder brother Cain’s murder of his younger brother Abel.

All the conflicts and wars in history have been essentially battles between a Cain camp, relatively tending toward evil, and an Abel camp, relatively tending toward goodness. Humanity must end these struggles between Cain and Abel camps and restore the original state of harmony and love. To do this, each of us must end the conflict between our mind and body, and bring them into harmonious union.

The principle that mind and body must be united should be applied and practiced not only by individuals, but it should be applied on the worldwide level. For this purpose, I founded a number of organizations to achieve world peace. For example, I established a number of interreligious initiatives, such as the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, to promote cooperation among religions, which represent the internal world of the mind. Also, to address the external management of human affairs, representing the body, I have worked to promote harmony among nations through the activities of the Federation for World Peace, the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace, the Federation of Peninsula Nations for World Peace and the Federation of Continental Nations for World Peace. Most recently, signifying the emergence of an era when mind and body, or religion and rational governance, can work together cooperatively, I founded the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace.

At their root, human problems are not entirely social or political, and so social and political approaches will always be of limited effectiveness. Although secular authorities rule most human societies, religion lies at the heart of most national and cultural identities. In fact, religious faith and devotion have far greater importance in most peoples’ hearts than do political loyalties.

Proposal for a bicameral UN assembly

The time has come for religion to renew itself and manifest true leadership in the world. People of faith should feel responsibility for the plight, suffering and injustices experienced by the world’s peoples. Religious people have not been good examples in the practice of love and living for the sake of others, and for this reason should engage in deep self-reflection. It is time for religious people to repent for their preoccupation with individual salvation and narrow denominational interests. Such focuses have prevented religious bodies from giving their utmost to the cause of world salvation.

Our age more than any other demands that we go beyond our faiths, and the interests of particular religions, and put our love and ideals into practice for the sake of the world. In particular, God calls upon us leaders, especially religious leaders, in hope that we will stand against the injustices and evils of the world, and bestow His true love upon the world. Hence, all people of faith must become one in heart in order to give full expression, both in words and actions, to God’s passionate desire for humanity’s restoration and peace.

World peace can be fully accomplished only when the wisdom and efforts of the world’s religious leaders, who represent the internal concerns of the mind and conscience, work cooperatively and respectfully with national leaders, who have much practical wisdom and worldly experience about the external reality that houses the physical body. In this light, it is time for us to give serious consideration even to the prospect of restructuring the United Nations. For example, perhaps it is possible to envision the United Nations as a bicameral institution.

The existing United Nations structure, composed of national representatives, may be regarded as a congress where the interests of each member nation are represented. However, I submit that serious consideration should be given to forming a religious assembly, or council of religious representatives within the structure of the United Nations. This assembly or council would consist of respected spiritual leaders in fields such as religion, culture and education. Of course, the members of this interreligious assembly will need to have demonstrated an ability to transcend the limited interests of individual nations and to speak for the concerns of the entire world and humanity at large.

The two chambers, working together in mutual respect and cooperation, will be able to make great advances in ushering in a world of peace. The wisdom and vision of great religious leaders will substantially supplement the political insight, experience and skill of the world’s political leaders.

Construction of peace zones in all border areas

Even at this moment, more and more conflicts are breaking out across the world over disputed borders. As a result, the world is sustaining substantial loss of human life. In addition, the money poured into war-making and peacekeeping runs into the billions of dollars. So many resources and efforts are being wasted. Yet comprehensive solutions have not been fully achieved with respect to any given conflict.

To solve this problem, I would like to make some proposals for your consideration: I propose today that the United Nations and religious leaders join their hearts and work to create peace zones in areas of conflict. Whether the disputed borders pass through rivers, mountains, fields, or the sea, we can create buffer zones or peace zones along these borders.

These zones would be governed directly by the United Nations. People from around the world dedicated to the establishment of peace would be allowed to settle in these zones. The United Nations would be responsible to provide guidance to those living in these areas so that they come to embody the founding ideals of the United Nations and comply with its declarations for peace.

These peace zones would be havens that exist for the sake of peace, prosperity and reconciliation. They would be free of racial and sexual discrimination, human rights violations and war. These areas would also be ecological and environmental havens for the entire natural world.

To create such zones of peace, freedom and ecological harmony, the concerned nations would have to be willing to provide the necessary land. This is not a simple matter, for there will be resistance to the surrender of land, even for a peace zone. I have dedicated much effort toward finding solutions to this problem, particularly as it applies to my native land, Korea.

I have taught that there is a providential significance to Korea, having been a paramount victim of the Cold War. As you know, both the division of Korea and the war that followed were outgrowths of the Cold War. The Korean War, in which the youth of sixteen countries shed their blood under the United Nations flag to protect freedom, was a righteous war unprecedented in history. I remain ever grateful to the United Nations and those sixteen nations. Yet the peaceful unification of Korea remains to be accomplished. For this reason I have continually pondered about the United Nations’ solemn mission for building a world of peace and how this relates to God’s providence.

I sincerely hope that the current mood of reconciliation and cooperation between South and North Korea, which began last June, will continue. I hope the entire demilitarized zone along the 155-mile military demarcation line that crosses the Korean Peninsula can be turned into a peace zone under UN jurisdiction. I believe the United Nations will take the lead in this effort and build exhibition halls, museums, educational sites and peace parks in this zone in order to teach visitors important lessons regarding peace.

I am purchasing almost 1.2 million hectares of fertile land in South America’s MERCOSUR countries to help compensate countries for any land they may lose as a result of the establishment of UN peace zones. I have already notified leaders of North and South Korea that I am prepared to turn over to them portions of that land in South America for their use.

As I make this proposal public, it is my fervent hope that world leaders of goodwill can understand this purpose and join with me. In particular, I hope that they will join me in willingly donating their land and money for use in creating UN-supervised peace zones. These zones, under UN leadership, will give rise to ideal moral societies where nature and people live in harmony.

Preparing a fund to build a world peace zone

In December 1998, I proposed the founding of an international peace fund in an address I gave to religious leaders gathered for an international conference that had as its theme, “Realizing the Interfaith Ideal: Beyond Dialogue into Practice.” All the leaders who participated in that conference resolved to initiate a movement in which the world’s religious people would lead the way in making donations for world peace. We proposed that donations be given in amounts related to the number seven.

Because various individuals and countries face differing economic realities, one person might find it difficult to give even seven dollars, whereas someone else might be able to give as much as seven million dollars.

I believe that if all religious people on earth become one in heart, they will actively participate in this fundraising effort. The fund thus created would be used to establish peace zones and to teach the ideals of peace and the methods to achieve it.

In addition to religious people, the United Nations too could encourage all nations and their peoples to make annual contributions to this fund.

These funds might be donated under the name of the “white cross fund.” Wealthy philanthropists, business leaders and industrialists, leaders in other fields, along with individuals and organizations, would be encouraged to actively participate in the construction of UN peace zones. In this way, they could lead the way in raising the necessary funds and creating an atmosphere of peace.

Furthermore, one of the reasons I founded the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace was to help create an interreligious assembly to serve as a senate or council within the United Nations. To implement this plan, I propose that each nation, in addition to its current ambassador, send a religious ambassador to the United Nations to serve as a member of the religious assembly, or UN senate.

The mission statement of the representatives to this UN senate would require that they have a genuinely ecumenical or interreligious consciousness and that they have the training and ability to teach a universal, transnational ideal of peace. The nature of their purpose and mission would prohibit their promoting the narrow interests of a particular country. Rather, they would carry out their duties for the ideal of peace in the world and for the sake of all humanity in accordance with God’s Will.

The interreligious ambassador appointed as a member of the United Nations senate or council should have a global consciousness and take responsibility to represent the United Nations’ global vision and agenda. In this sense, these persons could be thought of as global ambassadors from the United Nations.

Wherever they go in the world, these ambassadors would promote movements dedicated to the realization of peace and social welfare. Moreover, in all nations, they would serve as conscientious guardians of lofty ideals such as justice, security and peace.

This will provide hope to the citizens of the world, and especially the youth. People will then have the opportunity to see with their own eyes the emergence of young people around the world seeking true love and lasting peace. Those selected as ecumenical and transnational ambassadors will also be able to help guide and supervise various UN-sponsored projects in health, education, welfare and other fields.

I have worked with many groups and organizations to educate people around the world about the meaning and value of true love and true families, transcending religious denominations and nationalities. My continuous investment in this area and ongoing efforts for dialogue and reconciliation over the last decades have demonstrated beyond any doubt that the strongest foundation for the unity of humanity is the universal and essential love generated through the ideal of the true family.

Establishment of an official United Nations commemorative day

Based on these considerations, I urge all the organizations connected to the United Nations to uphold and promote the ideals of true love and true families. For this reason, I would like to make another proposal that the senior decision-makers at the United Nations proclaim, in accordance with existing procedures and regulations, a special day to be commemorated worldwide.

I understand that the United Nations has made proclamations such as the International Year of the Family, and that it has declared various ten-year objectives such as the Decade to End Poverty. Along these lines, I propose that the United Nations establish an official commemorative day to uphold the ideal of the family, so that the world can remember and celebrate this day every year.

Specifically, I propose that True Parents’ Day be established as a day of global celebration. At the same time, I propose that True Family Day be established as a second day of global celebration. By celebrating such a day each year, transcending the barriers between races, religions and cultures, and loving and cherishing one another, we will be able to fully experience our true and common human roots and understand the preciousness of true families. Additionally, we should establish a UN Forces Day so that the sacred mission of the United Nations’ righteousness and its peacekeeping forces can be honored.

Respected world leaders, let us join our hands and hearts to improve our institutions and organizations so that the precious wisdom of religion, along with that of scholars, diplomats and people of insight and knowledge, can be mobilized to solve the serious and urgent crises of the world.

I believe solutions to world problems can come about if we establish the proposed council composed of religious leaders, in cooperation with the political leaders and diplomats of the current United Nations. The Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace will promote this ideal, for religion can offer great service in providing guidance in matters concerning the Absolute Being, the world of transcendence, our eternal life and the spirit world. For this purpose, the IIFWP will make devoted and sacrificial efforts to attain the goal of world peace. It will strive to establish the kingdom of heaven of eternal love and harmony, and the homeland of God, where the United Nations’ efforts for peace are honored and where all humanity forms one universal family as brothers and sisters under God, our Parent.

I believe that the world leaders and officers of the United Nations, who possess knowledge, experience and wisdom, can offer many recommendations for implementing the proposals I’ve presented to you today.

If the United Nations, with its origins as a government organization, cannot fulfill these, then they should be fulfilled through non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or other private organizations. If we work together and make continuous effort, peace and happiness will surely be realized on earth.

I pray that God’s blessing be with your families and your endeavors.

Thank you.


Breaking Down Barriers to
Establish World Peace

August 18, 2000

United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA
Universal Peace Award Congratulatory Banquet

Honorable and distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the Universal Peace Award I have received here at the United Nations, the historic landmark of world peace. Let me use this opportunity to speak briefly on the theme, “Breaking Down Barriers to Establish World Peace.”

The devil lurks in national borders

Ladies and gentlemen, if we could break down all the barriers in this world, world peace would come. However, we have to remember that God is not the owner of barriers. Satan, the devil, was the first to make them.

You have to know that Satan and his followers dwell wherever there are barriers. Satan and the dynamics of Satan lurk around barriers. Satan sits on the barrier between eastern and western civilizations, for example.

God did not create the barriers that mark the antagonism between various cultures, traditions and races. God desires one united world, a world without barriers. God does not even have the concept of barriers. He does not tell us to take revenge on our enemies; if He did, it would imply that He had such a concept.

By loving our enemies and bringing oneness among us, barriers will naturally come down. Thus, God’s strategy and tactic is to have us love our enemies. That is a great strategy. It is unfortunate that throughout history to the present, human beings have not understood the value of the words, “Love your enemies.”

Unification Church members, as representatives of human history, have come to understand this strategy and put it into practice. By exemplifying these words, they have become leading lights that can bring peace to the world.

Reason for carrying out a movement to end barriers What do you think? When our hearts are not happy, when our bodies are not comfortable, when we are dissatisfied with our actions, when we speak angry words, don’t we create barriers? Therefore, unless we unite our mind and body and express that unity through our five senses, we will throw up barriers of many kinds. For this reason, we need to reflect upon how many barriers we are living with in our daily lives. When we say, “Go beyond having enemies. Stop building barriers,” some might think of what Jesus said, that if your eye offends you, pluck it out.

Actually, there are two kinds of eyes. If our eyes do not differentiate evil from goodness, and welcome anything we see simply as good, then enormous barriers will be built. The same is the case with our ears. If we rejoice when hearing the words of goodness or truth, and at the same time listen to the evil words of this world and support them, then our ears will build barriers.

Some Christian denominations have rules against singing popular secular songs, but members of the Unification Church are not prohibited from doing so. The question is not whether the songs we sing are popular or classical, it’s how we digest the lyrics of those songs. Does singing the song create a barrier, or does it break down a barrier? If by singing a certain song or by speaking rough language a person breaks down a barrier and thereby creates a wider and less constricted world, certainly that will please God.

In sum, wherever we maintain barriers, whether through our senses or in our environment, we belong to Satan’s side. On the other hand, if we say, “There are no barriers anywhere!” we can stand on God’s side. If Satan is the champion at building barriers, God is the master of breaking them down. God, the King of kings, does not like barriers at all. He hates barriers the most.

Ladies and gentlemen, look at the Korean Peninsula. Do you think God appreciates a Korean who says that the demilitarized zone (DMZ) at the thirty-eighth parallel that divides the peninsula is a good thing? Of course not! Hence, if someone works hard to remove it, that person will become God’s favorite. If all the seventy million Koreans determine to live for the cause of removing the DMZ at the Thirty-eighth Parallel, the reunification of North and South Korea will arrive without doubt.

That task, however, will not be easy. We must understand that those who want the DMZ at the Thirty-eighth Parallel to continue on the Korean Peninsula are on the side of Satan, the devil. Satan is the master of keeping it, and God is the master of the efforts to remove it. That is why Unification Church members have been leading a reform that will render the DMZ unnecessary.

Ladies and gentlemen, when the day comes that people everywhere want their children to marry their enemies, desiring to have sons- and daughters- in-law from among their enemies, the entire world will be automatically united. This is the gift that I would like to offer to you tonight. Where barriers exist, certainly Satan and his followers reside. God and His people, born of His lineage, dwell where love and harmony abound, without barriers.

The reason Jesus must return

Today, Unification Church members are very interested in developing the leisure industry, which encourages people to travel around the world and live anywhere they desire. This is to envision a future international federation based on the United Nations, established someday in whatever location and by whatever name. When it is established, we would all come together under the banner of this international federation. For this purpose, Rev. Moon suggested to Unification Church members that they generate a special fund, called the Total Living Offering. In the future, we will use this fund to facilitate the development of this international federation of the United Nations.

In the Old Testament, animals representing the creation were sacrificed on behalf of human beings. They were divided into two, which represented two parties struggling against each other, the right side in the position of God and the left side in the position of Satan. Then, as a result of the mistakes of some of the central figures in the Old Testament Age, God and Satan came to struggle over Jesus who, as the Son of God, had a value far above that of the creation. As a result, when Jesus, the Son of God, came to earth, he shed his blood. His spirit belonged to God but Satan killed his physical body.

Because Jesus wanted to recover his physical body, he proclaimed that he would return.

Jesus, the Son of God, was divided between the two realms, and problems have continued to plague the spirit world and the physical world. Further, men and women were divided, and the mind and the body were divided. Continual conflict and struggle have persisted. Therefore, Jesus, who went to the spirit world to restore God’s dominion over that world, has to return to earth in order to restore Gods ownership of the physical world and bring oneness between the two worlds. What then would he do upon returning to earth? He would marry and establish his family.

Satan took Jesus’ body and the physical world with it, while God was able to claim Jesus’ spirit and the spirit world as His. In the spirit world, Jesus has been toiling for two thousand years to lead God’s dispensation centered on Christianity, to guide the hearts of people on earth to move in one direction. However, Christianity also was divided into two: East and West, and then Catholic and Protestant. Christians became enemies to each other and fought each other just as Cain, the elder son, fought his younger brother Abel.

This struggle between brothers has become a fight between Satan’s side and God’s side. The eldest son stood on Satan’s side and the younger son stood on God’s side. Thus human history has developed, constantly creating more barriers, multiplying conflict. We, therefore, have to liberate ourselves from this tradition of engaging in struggle and building barriers.

When the Lord returns, he will unite the heavenly world. Then, to bring oneness between heaven and earth, he will conduct marriage ceremonies, bringing together men and women from tribes and nations that have been divided for thousands of years. He will conduct this providence centered on the realm of Christian unity. This is the vision of the marriage of the Lamb prophesied in the Bible.

Christianity is in the same position as the chosen people of Israel in Jesus’ day. There was a wonderful opportunity immediately after World War II, when heaven and earth could have been united centered on Christianity. At that time, the Christian cultural sphere was united and leading the world. With Jesus playing the leading role in the spirit world, a united Christian cultural sphere prevailed throughout the earth. This was a perfect time for Jesus to return in substance to the earth and marry his bride, the substantial Holy Spirit, and for them to live as true husband and wife. They could have laid the foundation to resolve the world’s problems resulting from the division between mind and body and between man and woman, and could have built the veritable kingdom of peace on earth. I am not talking about something vague and unclear.

The way to break down barriers between nations Who would have been married first from the perspective of God’s ideal of creation? It was supposed to have been Adam and Eve. However, due to their Fall, they created the first human barrier, which was the source of all subsequent barriers. Now, in order to break down those barriers, all men and women have to be restored to the state prior to the Fall and then marry. Then our ancestors and God also will rejoice with dancing. When such a world arrives, it will be the kingdom of heaven on earth.

It goes without saying that such a day has never existed in human history. Instead, human beings have been grieving and struggling in pain, blocked by countless barriers. Accordingly, the starting point of peace in the world requires that human beings find the way to break down that primary barrier. Because the people of the world have not understood this, Rev. Moon has come to this world in the position of the True Parent, giving God’s Blessing to the men and women of the world and showing the world, for the first time in human history, the way to resolve the most fundamental human problems. Even if there are a million barriers, I am certain I can break them down. How can I do it? True love is what makes it possible. To get rid of these barriers, we have to know true love as God knows true love, otherwise we cannot do it. This means that we have to know God one hundred percent.

Ladies and gentlemen, the spirit world includes heaven and hell. If heaven is likened to a world of daylight, then hell can be likened to darkness. If someone is unable to tell the difference between day and night, how can he or she possibly deal with the barrier between the realms of heaven and hell? It is impossible. Only a person who knows the real difference can have dominion over the two worlds. The person who clearly knows the substance of hell can eliminate the darkness. God, who is omnipotent and omniscient, can eliminate the darkness. Someone who knows what God knows can also eliminate the darkness. However, can you say that you know God? How well do you know Him? Is it your understanding that God is pleased with wealth, power or knowledge? Such a God can never bring liberation to human beings.

You must know God fully in order to expel Satan completely and resolve the fundamental problems of this world. Moreover, even if you know God completely, do you also know what it is about God that can bring down all the barriers erected over thousands of years? This is the important thing. God is the master of the universe. Then is there an environment where God can dwell, a neighborhood and a nation where God can dwell? In order for us to know God, we have to restore His nation, a realm that is receptive to His governance.

Still, the earthly environment is strewn with numerous barriers. If those barriers were removed, a world with which God would be happy would result. Wouldn’t all creation like to be governed by God? Indeed, all creation is anxious to be liberated from its groaning, from the pain and exploitation caused by Satan’s control, and from the many barriers that divide it.

The traditions and ideology of the heavenly kingdom

Ladies and gentlemen, most important of all, we need to understand God clearly, and we need to understand the way to build the kingdom of God. Then wherever we go and whatever situation we are in, we will receive answers about how to deal with difficulties among the world’s diverse cultures and traditions.

Surely, God exists in heaven. However, countless barriers block today’s world. How did this happen? It happened because few people know God, His kingdom and the tradition in His kingdom. Once all people clearly know these things, liberation will take place in both the spirit world and physical world. We will even be able to call out, “Depart, Satan!” and he will obey. Then we will come to know the ways through which we can live in unity with God’s heart and with His kingdom, in a culture with heavenly traditions and values. We will be the ones who live with true love for the sake of others.

Therefore, instead of seeking love for our own sake, we need to love others for their sake, making them masters of love and letting them dance with love. Thus, we can become God’s heirs, people who know God and beautify and protect His kingdom. Satan will have no way to interfere with the heirs of God.

If you love your enemies, transcending your anger and hatred even in situations where they killed the ones you love, you will gain dominion over the world of enemies, and Satan will retreat. Eventually, the world of your enemies will respect you. If you live for the sake of others to the extent that you love your neighbors more than your own parents, then Satan will disappear. Whatever you have given, you will receive it back a thousand times over as a reward from God.

Again, what is the secret of knowing God, His kingdom and His thought that will enable us to remove Satan from everywhere? It is to live for the sake of others, die for the sake of others and practice love for the sake of others. When we do that, Satan will certainly flee. And he will not just flee without doing anything. Before he leaves, he will break down all the barriers that he had erected around us. What will happen next? Once Satan is gone, the people who had been headed for hell will be able to rise up and enter heaven by practicing these principles of eternal life. Eternal life will finally become a reality.

People who call on God, the source of love, as their Father will earnestly desire to practice God’s tradition of living for others and will continue to do so for tens of thousands of years. This is how individuals can become the people of eternal life, practicing the tradition of eternal life, endowed with God’s eternal lineage.

The attributes of eternal life and love

Eternal life is essentially an attribute of love. Even God, when He created the universe, adhered to the standards of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. God lives this way, always desiring to invest greater love for the world, even though everything in the world is transient. For this reason, there is no being that cannot help but attend Him as the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal Lord.

We, who are created as God’s children, likewise need to be able to completely invest our own love absolutely and eternally. If we do so, then the kingdom of God will become our kingdom, and God will belong to us. In short, our lifestyle will be the same as that of God, the master of the heavenly tradition. Then we shall surely become God’s sons and daughters, and eternal life and immortality consequently will be ours. That is why the Bible verse, “For whoever wants to find his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it,” (Matt. 16:25) is so true, although it may sound paradoxical.

Ladies and gentlemen, even though God is an omnipotent Being, has He ever been made the owner of love? True love is not something you can have by yourself. What it implies is that you cannot receive love when you are alone. For love, man absolutely requires woman. This is because it is only through the existence of woman that, by earning woman’s love, man can have the right to be the owner of love. These are amazing words.

If a man is without a woman, he cannot avoid living as a bachelor, no matter how great he is. What does the word bachelor mean? It means a man living alone. That is why he is pitiable. No matter how remarkable he is in other respects, a man living alone cannot achieve true love.

God has true love, true life, true lineage and true conscience. The conscience He has is not roughhewn; instead, it is level and smooth. Yes, He has all these things, but what is the one thing through which the value of having them is realized? That value can never be realized when one is isolated and alone.

Why is this so? Even if a man is so remarkable that he is made a prime minister or a president, and he talks grandly, when all is said and done, he is only half a human being when by himself. This is the case for both men and women. Without a doubt, a man is only a half of the whole. Why is a man only half? A man only has the convex and not the concave. In order to attain complete love, you need both the concave and the convex. In order for a man to make up for the concave that he is missing, he needs his other half, which is the woman. Together with the woman, he can finally complete true love.

Yet, when we look into the Fall of our first human ancestors, we see that they were unable to unite their body and mind as one with the lineage of God. Instead, they became connected to the bloodline of Satan. They could have formed three generations, bringing forth the grandchildren of God, but such grandchildren did not come to be.

Descendants of God are multiplied after restoring the three generations through the providence of salvation. They are connected to the lineage of God and are, without a doubt, the seeds of the sons and daughters desired by God and by Adam. Once they are planted, regardless of where it may be, they can feed on the milk of their parents as original sons and daughters, grow up, and live in the kingdom of heaven automatically. Instead, due to the Fall, the lineage of Satan came to writhe in our bodies. That is why we need to do something that will sever our bloodline and drain that blood from our bodies ten times, twelve times. We need to die and come back to life.

Nonetheless, it is difficult to change a polluted bloodline. This is a big problem. Have you ever thought about the state your body is in? It is horrifying to face the fact that that we are wretched people, with the blood of our enemy for countless of generations enveloping our bones and our flesh and writhing within us, and that our bodies have conquered our minds and are ravaging them.

What would have been a north-south connection became an east-west connection, and this was the Fall. Then the question is, how can this ill-begotten east-west connection be righted to become a north-south connection? The treatment to sever the wrong connection and make the right connection is the Blessing of the Unification Church. The marriage Blessing ceremony connects people to the original lineage.

The meaning of the Blessing in the Unification Church Originally, if Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have become the external parents connected by lineage centering on the true love of God. They would have become one with the internal Father, God, and become the spiritual and physical human ancestors living in the absolute true love of God. The point in time when Adam and Eve were to stand at the central focal point was the moment when they were to make love for the first time on the night of their wedding, and thus become one in body in love centering on God. However, through the Fall of Adam and Eve, that was lost. God had planned to plant conjugal love in human beings, yet He was not able to secure a place to plant it. And so He became miserable.

Can God experience love by Himself? Even if a woman is wonderful and beautiful, she still needs someone in the form of a man, even a man of minimal ability and shabby appearance. A woman may have love, life, lineage and conscience in her heart, but they will not be stirred up until a man appears. Until then, love will not be activated and, centering on love, life will not be activated, the lineage will not be set aflame, and the conscience will not stand as the object partner. Similarly, through the appearance of the object partner, that is, through the appearance of a woman, the love, life and bloodline of a man will finally be set aflame.

If Adam and Eve had waited until the age of eighteen, they would have received the Blessing of God and become husband and wife in the proper way. They would have become the true ancestors of humanity. However, they fell because they thoughtlessly played with fire at the age of sixteen.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know why God is a pitiable Being? Though He is the great King of true love, He lost the place where He had desired to become one body with the human ancestors and engage in true love. No matter how much He adored the true love within Him, this love within Him became nothing but the love of a widower or widow. In other words, He became a God with the heart of true love who lost His object partner, and so He is a sad God.

Adam and Eve had the responsibility to become the ideal object partner in the family of God. They were, in effect, to acquire the position of the owners of true love and liberate it. Nonetheless, they were not able to fulfill their responsibility. Their lifelong hope was in God occupying the position of the owner of true love, but they failed.

In the Blessing of the Unification Church, the first condition is for the blessed couple to engage in true love in the position of the bridegroom and the bride of God, and inherit that lost tradition. As long as we do not deny the true love that engages God for tens of thousands of years and forevermore, we will without a doubt be His sons and daughters and His blood relations.

Who makes the position of the owner of true love?

Who can make the place where God can truly love a man and woman? Who can form the position of the owner of true love, wherein He can form the relationship of lineage? The answer is that only His sons and daughters can establish true love and lineage, and no one else.

The place where sons and daughters are born is the place where the dual characteristics of God are divided. You need to know that sons and daughters have equal value. God cannot love the baby in the womb, except through your couple. He can love them from the position of the owner of the son and the owner of the daughter. You can restore this through the baby born in your family.

In this way, God can become the owner of the time of infancy, then the owner of the time of childhood, the owner of the time of brothers and sisters, the owner of the time of husband and wife, and the owner of the time of parents. God’s final ownership is through the birth of grandchildren. God is the first generation and Adam and Eve were the second generation, but their children, who were to have been the third generation, were snatched away by the devil. Now, through His sons and daughters in place of Adam and Eve, God can restore through indemnity the position of the owner of true love.

When this comes to pass, God will recognize His sons and daughters as second parents. He will have the position of Parent, the same position as that from which He truly loved Adam and Eve. Only by setting up three generations in this manner can the grandfather and the father truly love the grandchild of God as the perfected seed for generations to come. Thus, the grandchild can receive true love from the two generations. The grandparent is the representative of the spirit world, and Adam, the second generation, represents of the kingship of the physical world.

The grandchildren are born with the inheritance of the lineage of true love representing those two kingdoms. Therefore, they are the fruit; they represent the future kingship of the earth and the heavenly spirit world. This is how the kingdom of heaven on earth will be governed in the age of the sons and daughters. From the third generation to all generations, descendants will multiply as the fruit. Consequently, religion will be unnecessary, for everyone will be destined to go to the kingdom of heaven as long as they listen to the words of their parents and become one in the practice of true love. This is the original creation, the ideal form of the eight stages of true love.

When that is restored, we can transcend the twelve pearly gates of the heavenly kingdom and the barriers of the earthly world and become members of a united clan. We can open the gates of the liberated world on earth and the liberated world in heaven, that is, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, which are the palaces of unity. The eight stages are the age in the womb, the age of infancy and childhood, the age of adolescence, the age of marrying, the age of bearing children, the age of parenting, the age of grandparenting and the age of kingship. Sorrow is deeply embedded in God’s heart because we did not establish the tradition based on this unchanging model of the eight stages of love on earth.

How can we console the One who holds in His heart this deep sorrow over the failure to realize this eight-stage love? In this world, the eight stages are riddled with holes. Since True Parents have learned these secrets of Satan’s crimes and of the heavenly world and are teaching them to others, providing what has been missing, they can perfect the eight stages.

You can go to the kingdom of heaven by passing through the gate of lineage. Let’s say you are the object partner of the true love of God during your time in the womb, infancy and childhood. You then become the object partner of God at the time of betrothal, and you complete yourself with true authority as the object partner of God’s true love at the stage of husband and wife, parents, grandparents and king. Then your family, part of which is in the visible substantial realm and part of which is in the invisible substantial realm of God, will be one. You will inherit the lineage of the tradition of true love, where the body and mind are united as one. Thus, you will automatically belong to the united realm in heaven and on earth. You will be the citizens and families of the kingdom of heaven. In short, you will be the liberated sons and daughters and the liberated owners of the kingdom of heaven.

Let us become the owners of the eight stages of true love Therefore, men and women need to live with pride as the substantial external form of God. They need to know the importance of lineage, for it connects the way of husband and wife and the way of children to the tradition of ownership, and that tradition is what connects the clan, the nation and the cosmos. This comes through marriage, which is how a man, who is half, meets a woman, who is the other half, and becomes with her a couple that can practice complete true love.

God cannot accept something that is only half of what it is designed to be. Only when a man and a woman come together and become completely one can God establish the tradition of vertical true love. He does so by coming into them in a relationship of true love.

Therefore, you need to respect your ancestors and love your fellow citizens. A king and queen need to be one with their subjects centering on kingship. A king or queen who forgets his or her subjects is a fraud. He or she is an heir of the devil. Such a ruler creates barriers.

Now humanity needs to carry out another revolution. We need to receive the fortune of true love from Heaven, implant it in our families and establish God as the absolute owner of that true love.

In all respects, we are resultant beings, and so we need to carry out the great revolution of attending and following God, the causal Being, with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Only in this way can we achieve perfection.

If two subject beings come into existence, they will start promoting self-centered opinions. This leads inevitably to barriers that block true love. We need to realize this.

Therefore, from now on do not do anything that creates barriers in the path of love. Those who say, “My husband must love only me and not our children; my sons and daughters must love only me and not their father,” will die unhappy. A woman needs to embrace her sons and daughters and receive the love of the original Father.

Raise your sons and daughters as the true love fruit of the sperm, which is the seed of life from your husband, and return them to God. Then you can belong to God. The gates of God’s eight stages of love were destroyed because of the woman, and so women have to do their utmost to re-create their husbands and their sons and daughters. By doing so in blessed families, the ownership of God’s eight stages of love can be perfected in the presence of God.

As we do this, we need to prepare the kingship of true love and its throne. It has to be something of which our family can more than boast, no matter where we may go. We can go to the twelve pearly gates of the kingdom of heaven in this world or the next and boast of it. We can visit anyone, from individuals to families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world and cosmos, in the kingdom of heaven on earth or in heaven, and boast of it. You need to clearly understand that, by gaining the right to do so as the sons and daughters who have perfected the lineage of God, you become the citizens of the heavenly world and the kingdom of heaven.

I want to emphasize this to you again: what we have to bear in mind is breaking down barriers. The task includes the dismantling of national barriers through the work of the United Nations, getting rid of religious barriers, tearing down ethnic and racial barriers, and ultimately destroying the barriers in spirit world by ending hell. Since all these barriers stem from Adam and Eve, the false parents, no one other than True Parents can break them down. God alone cannot do it, and certainly Satan will not do it—he is the one who has been creating them. Who can stop Satan’s conflict with God? Only True Parents can resolve that war, since the false parents allowed it to take root.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you will leave this place this evening with a determination to go out and break down barriers. Bring this message of liberation through true love to all human beings, and you will become the owners of God’s kingdom.

Thank you very much.



The Path for America and Humanity
in the New Millennium

February 25, 2001

Garden of Prayer Cathedral, New York, USA
“We Will Stand!” fifty-state speaking tour in the United States

Respected and distinguished guests from home and abroad:

I would like to express my gratitude to you, the members of the clergy and leaders from all walks of life, who, despite your busy schedules, have convened here today to hear my message. I would like to first return all glory and thanks to God for His constant presence and protection.

Now is the time to complete Heaven’s providence

During the course of my life, I have totally committed myself to the salvation of humankind centered on God’s Will. As a result, I came to realize that God is not sitting on a throne of glory and honor but is a God of agony, grief and lamentation, endeavoring to save His children, who are suffering in hell as a result of the human Fall. Ever since I understood the Will of God and His heart, I have lived my life with single-minded devotion to accomplish His Will, paying no heed to time or space and forgetting everything else.

When I reflect upon the eighty years of my life filled with misunderstanding and persecution, it is just amazing that I can be with you today. I believe it is entirely thanks to God. On this day of such great significance, in order to understand human history and the world from the perspective of God’s providence, I would like to speak on the topic, “The Path for America and Humanity in the New Millennium.”

When viewing human history as God’s providence of salvation, the Last Days is a turning point when the evil history of Satan concludes and God’s good sovereignty begins. Accordingly, the Last Days is the time when everything is brought to fulfillment. Thus, in the Last Days individual perfection is to be realized, family perfection is to be realized, and the perfection of a people, of a nation, of the world and finally the complete perfection of the cosmos are to be realized.

In past ages, whenever the time of the Last Days was heralded in God’s providence, God led humanity to a God-centered ideology. However, we failed to fulfill our responsibility to stand in the position of goodness and eradicate evil history. Nevertheless, God is eternal, unchanging, absolute and unique, and God’s Will is also eternal, unchanging and absolute. Therefore, through the true individual, true family, true society, true nation, true world and true sovereignty, God will surely build the world in which He can live, freely traveling and acting both in heaven and on earth.

Then what is the original world for which God is seeking? It is a world that is centered on the True Parents. However, from the very beginning, due to the Fall of humankind, we lost the True Parents of humanity and the true world. Therefore, nothing in the world, not the land where we are living, human ideology or anything else, can connect us directly to the True Parents.

Who will take responsibility for this world?

We ourselves must first be restored to trueness. By so doing, when true parents, true husband and wife, true children, true people, the true creation, the true sovereignty and the true cosmos are born and can communicate with God in heart, the evil world will eventually come to an end. The Last Days are the time when this ideal will be realized. It is the time when the Second Advent will occur. Accordingly, in the Last Days there will be no catastrophic physical phenomena such as a judgment by fire, the destruction of the earth or people levitating into the air. Instead, it is a time when the history of evil that has been entangled with countless tragedies will be untangled.

Thus, it is the time when all these levels that have lost their vertical connection with God will be restored. We have been longing for such a day, and that is the final destination at which we all must arrive.

However, the individual, the family and the nation are estranged. Moreover, all kinds of problems such as air pollution, food shortage, religious struggles and racial conflicts are constantly arising throughout the world, causing disputes and even wars. Who then is going to take responsibility for this world? This is a serious question. Communist countries in the past could not transcend nationalism. Nor can today’s superpower nation, America, transcend the idea of Americanizing the world. When a nation places its self-interest first, it will not be able to lead the world. Therefore, we need a people or a nation willing to sacrifice for a higher purpose and to strive to build or become an ideal nation that embraces the entire world.

With this in mind, I came to this country, the United States of America, in response to the call of God. I have been investing my utmost effort to revive America, by educating the youth of a country faced with a moral crisis and declining Christianity.

The core teachings of True Parents

You might be curious about what I am teaching young people. It is actually simple. First, it is to live for the sake of others. More specifically, my teaching is that the individual is to live for the family, the family for the society, the society for a people, a people for a nation, a nation for the world and the world for God. If we do this, God will be with us.

In the family, parents need to live for their children, children for their parents, the husband for his wife and the wife for her husband. Anyone who lives for others more than for his or her own self will become a central person on the side of goodness.

Second, I am teaching people to “love your enemy.” God Himself sacrificed Jesus, His only begotten Son, for our salvation. Since God did this in order to save the children of His enemy Satan, the devil had no power to exercise any authority before God. Even Satan has no choice but to surrender voluntarily before the God who loves Satan’s children more than His own. Satan’s pattern has always been to strike first, only to lose in the end, and God’s strategy has been to win in the end by taking the first blow and initial loss. Living with faith in such a heavenly law is the very secret explaining how I could lay my foundation, dispatching missionaries to 185 nations throughout the world despite fierce persecution and misunderstanding.

Even when studying the history of Christian missionary activities, we discover that theirs was a path of persecution and martyrdom, beset by enemies. On such a way, during the course of a two-thousand-year history, this trail of blood became the fertilizer of the soil in which a powerful democracy could develop. Today, however, Christianity, which once was the source of power and strength for democracy, is facing a crisis. Christian nations have lost the right direction; they deny God, Jesus and God’s providence. Now we even hear voices asserting, “God is dead” or “God does not exist.” Hearing them, how do you think God feels? His heart has been searching for His children, sacrificing everything He has, with hope that He could see a great day, and hoping it would be today.

God’s providence of salvation and Messianism

Ladies and gentlemen, for whom has God been sacrificing Himself? It is not for America, nor is it for Christianity. It is for each of us—in other words, for you and me as individuals. Likewise, the reason Jesus was crucified was not to save the Messiah, himself; it was to save each one of us, you and me. Since the Fall began on the individual level, salvation must also begin on the individual level.

Accordingly, a representative of all human beings has to come and proclaim, “I will take full responsibility as a representative of all people. I will pay off the debt that humanity has incurred during the entire course of history and I will even become a person to whom God feels indebted.” Without such a determination, restoration is impossible. Our approach to salvation cannot be conceptual or theoretical. Unless we are willing to experience miseries on behalf of God more than anyone who is undergoing suffering in the world, we cannot reach God’s heart.

Have you ever prayed in desperation for the six billion people of the world, with a feeling that your own children are dying? How much of your heart have you invested to save a family, a tribe, a people, a nation and the world, with a willingness to sacrifice yourself for them? Few people are confident to say they’ve prayed and invested like this. However, the Lord of the Second Advent comes to the world to live according to this absolute standard of investment as the representative of all humanity.

God, who has been leading the providence of salvation, found Abraham two thousand years after the Fall of the first human ancestors. God anointed his descendants as the chosen people, Israel, and multiplied them on every level, as a new family, a new tribe and a new people. Based on Abraham’s victorious foundation, the Israelites were called as the chosen people to receive the Messiah. They became the central people to receive the substantial Messiah who was to come in the future.

If you examine the core of God’s providence of salvation, you can understand that the standard and ideology that the first human ancestors Adam and Eve were to have reached and fulfilled needs to be restored. From this comes the philosophy of the Messiah. In it, the believers stand in the position of the bride.

Therefore, the ultimate purpose of Christianity is not to build the kingdom of Christianity or the world of Christianity. Its most important mission is to prepare to become a bride qualified to receive the bridegroom. The people of Israel, because of Jesus’ Crucifixion, could not carry out and pass on this tradition. Although called by God as the First Israel, they fled their responsibility. Christianity, called as the Second Israel, arose to carry out the mission instead. God has led the six-thousand-year providence centered on this one purpose, so Christianity became the bride prepared to receive the bridegroom. We are now in the final stage of the providence.

Messianism is the restoration of True Parents for world salvation Then what is the core of the messianic teaching? It is a teaching to save the world; it is a teaching that can unify the world and build ideal families, and its main purpose is to restore the position of the True Parents that was lost by the Fall of the first human ancestors.

By examining the teaching of the Old and New Testaments, one can understand that the Messiah comes with the authority of the Father, meets a substantial bride who represents the power of the Holy Spirit, and then restores the position of the True Parents. The appearance of the bride and bridegroom at the marriage supper of the Lamb prophesied in the Book of Revelation refers to the process of becoming the True Parents by first becoming a true husband and wife.

Due to the false parents who were influenced by Satan, God lost the ideal family of Adam. God wanted a true family, a true tribe and a true nation, but all these were lost. This is why today He has again sent the Messiah to the earth in order to regain what had been lost. This is God’s providence.

Jesus came with this same mission. However, when he lost his people and nation due to their faithlessness, he offered his life for the sake of the world and the kingdom God wished to build. The path of Jesus suffering on the cross was the same path of tribulation that God Himself walked. In such a situation of trial and tribulation, Jesus desperately prayed, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” Even at the threshold of death, he forgave Rome and the group of people who opposed him, waiting for victory in the future. Therefore, the life of Jesus did not end at the age of thirty-three. With God’s help, Christianity inherited his spirit and became one of the four great worldwide religions in human history.

The development of human civilization and where it bears fruit

Ladies and gentlemen, although America is recognized as the sole world superpower, if it does not stand straight on the providential line of God, it will not continue to prosper. Let us look at the history of civilization.

Ancient civilizations were born mainly in the tropics and subtropics. Examples include the civilizations of the Mayas, Incas, Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China. Had we not fallen, civilization would have begun in the warm zone, corresponding to spring, and then moved to the cool zone, corresponding to autumn. The cool-zone civilization is centered today on the free world and Western civilization. In general, the developed countries of the West, nations such as the United States, England, Germany and others, are above the twenty-third parallel north.

With the end of the cool-zone civilization corresponding to autumn, the cold-zone civilization analogous to winter comes for a short time. This is the appearance of communism. Many intellectuals may think that the Cold War system disappeared after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, but materialism and atheism still prevail throughout the world. They manifest in two major ideologies, democracy and communism, both of which are gradually losing power.

God’s ideal of creation was to have begun in the warm zone akin to spring, but due to the Fall of the original human ancestors, human civilization started in the tropical zone. Now, however, the civilization of the true spring that we have been seeking from time immemorial will appear, overcoming the crisis of tropical-zone civilization and the threats of cold-zone civilization.

Who will be able to melt the block of ice frozen in the heart of God? And how will it be melted? It will not be by power, money, science or knowledge. As we can see from the movement of civilizations to different parts of the globe, centering on rivers and coastlines, the center of civilization is not fixed. Human civilization began to develop around the Tigris, Euphrates and Nile Rivers. The center of human civilization then shifted to the Mediterranean, especially focusing upon Greece, Rome, Spain and Portugal. Then it moved to the Atlantic sphere, focusing upon Britain and the United States. Ultimately it has borne fruit in the Pacific civilization of the United States, Japan and Korea.

Thus, viewed from the perspective of the history of cultures, the Korean Peninsula occupies a most important position. To the north of Korea lie points that link it with the cold-region civilization of Russia and China. To the south and east lie points that link Korea with the cool-region civilization of the United States and Japan.

Thus, it is consistent with the providential viewpoint that Korea would give rise to a warm-region civilization representing the spring season of world history and having the capability to encompass the cold- and cool-region civilizations. From this perspective, solving the North-South problem and the East-West problem can only be described as the culmination of God’s providence. Rev. Moon has come from Korea to dedicate his life to this purpose. In fact, throughout my life I have transcended race, ideology and national boundaries to pursue a movement for one world under God. It is because of God’s providence that I have traveled this path. This is the principle of providential history, not a theory that I artificially devised.

The mission and responsibility of religious leaders

I was enlightened regarding the Will of Heaven, and rather than letting this remain only in my heart, I have worked to bring God’s vision to reality. There is nowhere in the world I have not been active. I have inspired evangelical and oceanic enterprises in Alaska, the countries of the former Soviet Union, the thirty-three countries of Latin America, and throughout Asia and Africa. We are making preparations to solve problems that humanity will face in the coming millennium, especially in the areas of environmental pollution, hunger and disease. In recent years, I have worked in the Pantanal and Amazon regions of Brazil to lay a substantive foundation to protect the environment.

Addressing internal problems, I have worked through the international holy Blessing and the Pure Love movement. Some 430 million couples around the world have participated in these, adding further impetus to the building of the kingdom of God on earth that God has longed for ages to see.

Ladies and gentlemen, up to now countries possessing superior power politically, militarily and economically have controlled the world. However, no country can exist eternally unless it is in line with God’s providence. The fall of the once-glorious Greek and Roman civilizations are good examples of this.

The United States, which today stands tall as a superpower, is in the same position as Rome in the past. The fall of Rome came more from internal moral corruption than from any external pressures. Its moral corruption cut Rome off from heavenly fortune.

In recent history, political forces favoring dialectical materialism and the materialistic view of history went so far as to take control of one-third of the world’s population and two-thirds of its land area, including the former Soviet Union and China. That hegemony, however, could not long remain.

The time will soon come when religious leaders who speak for the Will of God will rise to prominence. Religious leaders are prophets. They are called to stand in the place God wills, declare His Will, and point the way that humanity needs to go. Tragically, the splintering of denominations and the struggles among religious groups that we see today serve no purpose other than to hinder God’s providence.

True Parents embody humanity’s hopes and history's victories This is why I have for years devoted 90 percent of our church’s budget to activities that reach out to other denominations and religions for the sake of resolving interreligious conflicts. I founded the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace for three purposes: to facilitate harmony and unity within and between religions, to resolve regional conflicts in many areas, and to help bring about world peace. Most recently, I founded the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, which has held seven international hoondokhae conferences.

All people need to go beyond racial and religious differences, understand God’s providence to bring His ideal world of creation into reality, and ultimately unite with His heart. In the end, heart is what will realize the faith, hope and love we have been pursuing. We must recover the relationship of heart with God that we lost as a result of the Fall, and we have to recover the positions of parent and child as God originally envisioned them to be.

Thus, the Last Days that God has promised us is the time when True Parents come. In other words, it is the time when the multitudes of people in the world, who lost their Parent as a result of the Fall, will again meet their original Parent. Thus, the True Parents are the final fruit of the desires and hopes of all humanity. They are the final fruit of the victories wrought throughout human history.

The Unification Church has disseminated this tradition throughout the world through the international holy Blessing ceremony. The fact that black, white and yellow people are able to come together as brothers and sisters— beyond their differences of ethnicity, race or nationality—and form loving married couples is among the most significant steps in accomplishing God’s Will. Today, through realizing the blessed family tradition, humanity is beginning to recover the relationships of brother and sister, husband and wife, and parent and child as originally envisioned by God. Ultimately, we need to go even so far as to liberate God, who has been in the depths of sorrow ever since He lost His children. It is only then that the path to true happiness will be opened.

Until now, democracy has called for human freedom and human liberation. But we must also call for God’s freedom and God’s liberation. When we succeed in relieving God’s sorrow, human liberation and the recovery of human freedom will follow naturally. Each of us has to realize that we were born to liberate God and the world.

The United States was built upon the strict Puritan faith

Ladies and gentlemen, there is profound significance to my discussing God’s providence across the United States. In many ways, the United States is a country prepared with God’s blessing. The forebears who built this nation were the Pilgrim fathers and mothers, who risked their lives to practice their religion and who came to America seeking freedom.

For the sake of their search for true religious freedom, these people left behind their parents, brothers and sisters, and homeland. They relinquished their ties to their home country as they crossed the Atlantic Ocean at the risk of life and limb.

When the Mayflower arrived in New England in 1620, it was late autumn. That winter, more than half of the 102 Pilgrims died of cold and hunger.

What was particularly remarkable was that they died refusing to eat the precious seeds reserved for planting the next spring.

The Puritans strongly believed in serving the Will of God in every aspect of life. After taking in their first harvest, they offered thanks to God. They first built a fort housing the church and school, and it was only afterward that they set about to build houses for themselves.

In their pioneering course, the Pilgrims began every activity with prayer. This was true whether it was plowing a field or governing the community. When George Washington was at Valley Forge during the War of Independence, he prayed with great desperation. In that battle fought for the sake of God-given rights, God sided with America. In England, the king and his government were fighting the war, but in America it was fought by God and His sons and daughters. Isn’t this how the United States came into existence as a country advocating freedom of faith?

Even now, the United States Congress opens with prayer. The president, when being sworn into office, places his or her hand on the Bible, takes the oath of office, and receives the blessing of a pastor. America even prints the words “In God We Trust” on its currency. The level of importance the United States attaches to God is unique in the world. This is how the United States, as a Protestant country, came to occupy its position of worldwide influence.

But what about America today? Prayer in public schools is officially banned. Teachers teach the theory of evolution and ignore other viewpoints. The divorce rate of around 50 percent is badly undermining the integrity of the family.

In 1971, I left my family and homeland to come to America, because I heard the voice of God sharing His concern about the current state of affairs here. Upon arriving here, I cried out that I had come as a firefighter to a burning house and as a physician to a sick person. I discovered that God was leaving America even then. It ought to have been possible to find God everywhere in America, yet God was departing from the hearts of the people, from the families and from the schools. It seems like only yesterday that I stood on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and wept openly as I held on to God to keep Him from leaving America. Unfortunately, America has persisted in going the way of moral deterioration, despite my warnings.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to ask you this: Why do you suppose I continue to cry out to Americans in the face of all the opposition and suffering I endure? It is because I know better than anyone the blood, sweat and tears that God shed in the course of establishing this country. During the past thirty years in America, I have not spent so much as a single day in comfort.

America should fulfill its responsibility to build God’s kingdom

Who is the master of America? It is neither white Americans nor black Americans. The true master of America is the person who loves America as God does.

I continue to plead with Americans because God has chosen this country as the first son, the nation representing the eldest-son realm in building the kingdom of God on earth. Even now, Jesus is spiritually present mainly in America and is offering earnest prayers that his purpose will be accomplished in this country.

In 1982, in accordance with the Will of God, I founded The Washington Times in Washington, DC Since then, this newspaper has led American public opinion as a conservative news outlet, showing the path that America must follow. Also, I have made strong efforts for national and world salvation through the True Family Values movement and the Pure Love movement for young people. I have invested in America with the expectation that it would stand upright before God’s providence.

When I visited America in 1965, 1 consecrated an area near the White House as a holy ground, and even today many people gather there and pray for America through the night. I hope each of you will open your heart and that you will be able to hear the earnest voices of the Pilgrim fathers and the many patriots who shaped America’s history.

Ladies and gentlemen, the new millennium that has just begun is the time period in which God’s six-thousand-year salvation providence is to be brought to an end and in which God’s ideal of creation is to be realized throughout the cosmos. This is also the time when the lamentation of creation, which lost its true masters as a result of the Fall, will finally end. This is the time when the long-separated Parent and children will meet again. God, together with us, will establish the new heaven and new earth, where there are no tears. It is an age when there will be free communication between the spirit world and the physical world, and when God’s kingdom will be established in heaven and on earth.

The transition to a new millennium marks the completion of the New Testament Age, the point at which the promises of the Old Testament and New Testament are fulfilled. The future will be a time when God’s realm of direct dominion, including His omnipresence and omnipotence, will become apparent. Centering on the Parents of Heaven and Earth, it is an age when the East and West will come together as “one cosmos under God” so that a great family of humankind is formed on earth. This is the fulfillment of promises of the Old Testament and New Testament and the perfection of the Completed Testament Age.

The Completed Testament Age will fulfill the promises of the Old and New Testaments The time has come. The time has come when America must awaken again. It is time for the country as a whole to create a new movement to establish true parents, true families, a true country and a true world centered on God. In this way, America has to keep God from leaving. You have to again be a society that attends Him. God worked a thousand years to establish America. If He leaves America, where can He go?

If America attends God properly, all America’s problems—the family problems, moral problems, youth problems and racial problems—will be solved naturally. When America becomes a place where people of all races can live together in harmony, it will be a model for the kingdom of heaven on earth.

It is time for us to unite together and open the path for all human beings to travel. It is time for America, as the eldest-son nation, to take the lead in attending God and to complete its mission as the helmsman that can bring the nations of the world to God. I ask you to stand with me in accomplishing this historic task.

Again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you distinguished guests for your presence here. I would like to conclude by expressing my hope for the beginning of a new millennial kingdom overflowing with peace, freedom and justice in heaven and on earth.



The Status of Korea, Japan and
the United States from the
Providential Viewpoint

May 21, 2002

Sheraton National Hotel, Arlington, Virginia, USA Three Nations Conference for leaders of Korea, Japan and the United States

Distinguished leaders of Korea, Japan and the United States, ladies and gentlemen:

I wholeheartedly welcome you to Washington, DC, the capital of the United States. Korea, Japan and the United States are nations of the Pacific Rim. Korea and Japan are each other’s neighbors, and both are allies of the United States. These three nations are linked both internally and externally and share a common goal.

The twenty-first century is the Pacific Rim era

We are now entering the twenty-first century, which can be called the Pacific Rim era. Needless to say, these three nations—Korea, Japan and the United States—will lead the Pacific Rim era. Looking beyond the Pacific region, the world as a whole is going to try to follow your example. Nonetheless, this leadership position is not something you can achieve automatically. You can achieve it only on the basis of strong relations between your nations. In particular, it absolutely requires reciprocal relationships between the leaders of these nations.

Therefore, I hope that at this Three Nations Conference you will be able to discuss the urgent problems you are facing and, at the same time, strengthen ties of friendship with one another, to prepare the foundation to pioneer the twenty-first century that is dawning.

Leaders of the three nations, I am not standing on this podium because I wish to deliver a greeting as a courtesy to the conference participants, including representatives who have come from as far away as six thousand miles.

Based on my personal, real-life experience as a man who has lived his life in oneness of heart, oneness of body and oneness of thought with God, I can say that God is a Being who lives and works through a providence in history and in reality. Therefore, it is very important to understand the status of Korea, Japan and the United States from His providential viewpoint.

God’s ideal of creation was for Adam and Eve to attain complete maturity as His true son and daughter, become True Parents, and form a true family, all guided by His true love. Then human beings, with those True Parents and true family as their origin, were to expand and form true societies, true nations, a true world and heaven and earth, and thus build the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

Tragically, Adam and Eve fell while in a stage of immaturity, due to the false love of the archangel. In the first family, formed by Adam and Eve who had become false parents instead of True Parents, the fruit of sin was manifested in the form of the elder brother, Cain, murdering his younger brother, Abel.

Jesus’ death and the returning Lord, the third Adam

The Savior, the second Adam who was sent to this world, carried out the providence of God to restore the original purpose of creation. The foothold for this providence was the religion of Judaism and the nation of Israel. On that foundation, Jesus came as the Savior.

From this perspective, Jesus came to accomplish the ideal of True Parents and to create a true family in the nation of the chosen people of Israel. From there he was to propagate it to the world. However, the religion and nation did not believe him. They did not recognize that he was the Messiah. In the end, their disbelief went to such an extreme that Jesus had no choice but to walk the path of the cross, leaving behind his promise to come again.

The resurrected Jesus established the foundation for Christianity, the Second Israel, which became a spiritual kingdom that spread worldwide. World Christianity carried out the Will of God in preparing to receive the Lord of the Second Advent, who comes as the third Adam.

The United States is the nation that represents the entire fruit of Christianity—that is to say, it is the eldest son nation of the Second Israel. The faith of the founding fathers of the United States and its founding principles were derived from Christianity. The United States was able to grow into a strong nation in the land prepared by God. You have come to lead the world after a short, historic course, thanks to the providence of God. The purpose of this providence is so that you will prepare for the third Adam, who comes as the Lord of the Second Advent.

A critical event occurred at the time of World War II, when the Allies, centered on the United States, Britain and France, were able to defeat the Axis powers, centered on Japan, Germany and Italy. Thereby the foundation of Christianity reached its peak globally. Equally critical was the fact that the United States served as the principal nation to propagate Christianity on the Korean Peninsula, where the Korean people zealously brought it to fruition. It is not happenstance that sixteen nations dispatched troops under the banner of the United Nations to defend Korea, the Third Israel. They supported Korea at their own sacrifice. Those nations still maintain a special relationship. All this took place in accordance with the providence of God.

If Christianity thus prepared had received God’s teachings through me immediately upon the end of World War II, the world could have fulfilled God’s Will within seven years. Korea, the Adam nation, would have remained united as one, and the worldwide expansion of the communist realm would have stopped there. Unfortunately, Christians aggressively opposed and persecuted me. By going against the central figure of the providence, they turned Christianity toward the path of decline. Compared to the period right after World War II, today’s churches have lost almost everything. They lack the life force wrought by faith, passion and purity.

Britain was to have become the Eve or mother nation, but due to the inability of world Christianity to fulfill its responsibility, Japan was chosen instead. The truth is, Japan was quite distant from the central providence of God in the realm of Christianity, and it has continued to worship the sun goddess. It was never in a position to have been chosen. To have been chosen means that it has reaped a windfall. Having said that, I appeal to Japan to fulfill its new responsibility completely.

Then why is the Savior, who is the center of the providence and sent by God, continually the object of disbelief? Since this is a world blinded by the evil sovereignty erected through the human Fall, it does not welcome the substantial being of goodness. God, of course, worries about this. This is why He established the chosen people of Israel with the religion of Judaism to receive Jesus, and He paved a global Christian foundation to receive the Lord of the Second Advent. Nonetheless, the Savior’s path has been one of suffering, as a result of the chosen people’s ignorance of the providence and self-centered thinking in both the First Israel and Second Israel.

The faithful believed that the Messiah would come on the clouds, but he appeared before them as a man. Therefore, they did not believe him. If you look up 2 John 1:7, you will see that it points out that even after the resurrection, some people denied that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, and such people are called the antichrist. The Old Testament prepared the people to receive a human Messiah. Those who sent Jesus to the cross, and those who later denied his physical appearance, interpreted the scriptures wrongly.

If we examine the Bible, we can understand that it contains dual prophecies. It does so because fallen human beings are fickle. Sometimes, a person who was following God will perform an about-face, pair up with Satan and oppose God. Then again, a person who had paired up with Satan will come back to God and oppose Satan. So prophets present visions of both outcomes, because both are possible.

One reason for the lack of faith in Jesus in his time

When you look at chapters 9, 11, and 60 in the book of Isaiah, you find testimony that the Savior will appear majestically as the Lord of glory. Yet chapter 53 of the same book prophesies that the Messiah will suffer. You need to know that the type of prophecy that would be fulfilled depended on the people. Because the people did not believe in Jesus and receive him, the prophecy in chapter 53 of Isaiah was realized. That which would have come to pass if the people had believed in him was left unfulfilled. That providence was prolonged to conclude at the Second Advent.

Based on the principle of restoration through indemnity, the New Testament also gives dual prophecies with regard to the coming of the Messiah, in exactly the same manner as the Old Testament. In Revelation 1:7, it is prophesied that the Lord of the Second Advent will certainly come on the clouds. First Thessalonians 5:2, on the other hand, says that the Messiah will come like a thief in the night. How can he come like a thief and at the same time come on the clouds of heaven? Some Christians today believe that he will come on the clouds; they ignore the prophecy that he will come like a thief in the night.

Therefore, we have to be wise and learn from the actual circumstances of the Old Testament Age. Although it may be possible for the Messiah to come on the clouds, he could just as well come as an average-looking human being.

Now we need to learn the reason the religious and political leaders killed the Messiah when he came, despite the fact that they were the heirs of a tradition that had long awaited and expected God to send them the Messiah.

The Book of Malachi in the Old Testament corresponds to the Book of Revelation in the New Testament. Malachi 4:5-6 states, “I will send you the prophet Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of parents to their children and the hearts of children to their parents....” We need to take seriously this definitive prophecy, which appears at the very end of the Old Testament.

Elijah was the prophet who ascended to heaven in a chariot of fire nine hundred years before the coming of Jesus. People believed that Elijah, who had ascended in this way, would return in the same way to announce the Messiah. What could they do when Jesus proclaimed himself to be the Messiah, even though there was no sighting of Elijah coming from the sky?

The people naturally asked the disciples of Jesus that if their teacher was indeed the Messiah, where was Elijah? The disciples went to Jesus for the answer, and the scene of their asking him is the gist of Matthew 17:10-13.

It is recorded, “And the disciples asked him, ‘Why, then, do the scribes say that Elijah must come first?’ He replied, ‘Elijah is indeed coming and will restore all things; but I tell you that Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him, but they did to him whatever they pleased.’... Then the disciples understood that he was speaking to them about John the Baptist.”

When they heard this answer, the people of Israel reacted with even greater disbelief. They reproached Jesus, accusing him of attaching the name of Elijah to John the Baptist simply to justify his false claim to be the Messiah. Furthermore, they called Jesus a blasphemer who was going to ruin Judaism and the nation of Israel. John 10:20 testifies that many said he was possessed by a demon.

As can be seen, the standpoint of the people of Israel opposed God’s Will and His providence in sending Jesus. God sent the Messiah for the sake of all people, to fulfill His Will on earth. Because Jesus’ religious community did not support him, he died with such a tangled matter in his heart. Our ignorance of this is tragic—we need to be aware of this wretched history.

Jesus appeared based on the faith of generations of Jewish people who were waiting for the Savior. However, and in fact, the accomplishment of God’s Will through Jesus was to extend beyond their religion and nation to save the entire world. The hopes of the chosen people on earth went in one direction, and the Will of Heaven went in another.

The same situation occurred when the Lord returned. The foundation prepared for the Lord of the Second Advent turned into nothing more than the Christian foundation of faith, that is, their hope for their salvation alone. However, the Lord of the Second Advent comes to achieve the world desired by God, the salvation of all people—nothing less than the ideal world as originally created.

This world is not just a religious realm where you can attain salvation by believing in your religious tradition. The Messiah comes to realize the world of true love through the True Parents, a world that has nothing to do with the Fall. This will be a world where religion is unnecessary, a world that will have graduated from the school of religion.

The essence of the Creator God is true love. True love is the altruistic love of giving and giving again and not remembering it. I have lived my whole life investing and giving myself for the Will of God to establish the kingdom of heaven through this true love.

The three nations at the center of the providence—Korea, Japan and the United States—are in the position to set an example by being models of the ideal world of peace. Only when they live for the sake of the world and the whole, giving magnanimously to others in accordance with the heavenly way, will they attain great prosperity and the infinite blessings of God. If they pursue only their own national profit, they will not be able to maintain their status as the center of the providence, and they will even come to lose what they have.

Life lived by investing for the greater good

I hope you will accept the words I am speaking from my deepest heart, citing lessons from the history of Judaism and Christianity. I know very well that the leaders from Japan in particular may have difficulty understanding me, for they do not have much of a Christian foundation. However, I hope you will realize that today’s Japan is also at the center of the providence. You are quite close to God, even though He has carried out His historical providence through the Christian realm until now.

I have lived my whole life by investing myself for the greater good in order to fulfill God’s ideal of creation on earth and in heaven. From the providential viewpoint I have outlined, I would like to tell you about some of the things on which I have focused my efforts until now.

First, the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the founding of The Washington Times will be held this evening. I want to tell you why I founded The Washington Times and invested an enormous amount of funds in it for the past twenty years. I have not the remotest concern about gaining political influence. I founded it based on my desire to make the United States, a central nation in God’s providence, stand upright and fulfill its global responsibility through the principle that will save the world and save the nation.

The blessings the United States is enjoying as a superpower in terms of political influence, economic development and global military presence are not for the United States alone. If the motto at the founding of the United States was the ideal of one nation under God, from now on it must go further and aim for one ideal heaven and earth under God.

Second, dialogue and harmony among religions are decisive conditions for realizing a world of peace. Though their religious rituals and doctrines may differ, the fundamental teachings of the world’s religions aspire toward goodness and in this they are one and the same. Furthermore, religions were begun within God’s providence to eradicate spiritual ignorance, in forms befitting particular cultural backgrounds. Henceforth, they need to come together under the banner of world peace through ideal families.

I have founded numerous organizations, including the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace; the World Association of Non- Governmental Organizations, a movement networking United Nations non-governmental organizations; and the American Clergy Leadership Conference, leading the True Family Values movement in the United States. Each is contributing to the same global vision. To bring about dialogue and harmony among different religions during the past forty years, I have invested more than ten times the budget of my own Unification Church. I support this interdenominational and interreligious movement because I know it is the Will of God.

Third, I have striven to help the world become a global village living as one great family, where the conflicts between races are resolved and we can live as brothers and sisters under the one God. The races are all children of God standing on an equal footing. Neither skin color nor historical background indicates superiority or inferiority in any way. Realizing the ideal of true families transcending race through the marriage Blessing centered on God is the shortcut to establishing one peaceful world.

Having understood this, I have officiated at international and intercultural marriage Blessing ceremonies transcending race, nationality and culture since the 1960s. In particular, the number of people across the world desiring to wed citizens of your three nations—Korea, Japan and the United States—is increasing. As the world grows closer and closer, the precious value of the international Blessing will shine all the more brightly.

Providential status of the three nations

At this time, I would like to look into the fundamental relationship between your three nations from the providential perspective. Human history is the history of God’s providence of salvation, and the providence of salvation is the providence of restoration, as it is a project to recover what was lost.

Therefore, the relationship between Korea, Japan, the United States and the world of today can be seen as the global expansion of the Fall. The Fall involved Adam, Eve and the archangel in the Garden of Eden, and Cain and Abel, whose relationship was the first fruit of the fallen family. We have to interpret the international relations unfolding in the Last Days, when the history covering six thousand biblical years is being indemnified, from this providential perspective.

Japan is a nation that by tradition worships a goddess—the sun goddess. That is why male leaders from Japan are representing the feminine, Eve nation at this conference, whereas mostly women leaders are attending from Korea and the United States. Korea is the Adam nation, the father nation in the providence, and so the Korean women leaders need to stand as the fathers younger sisters and make dedicated efforts together with him for God’s Will.

Originally, Christianity stood in the position of the bride before the coming Lord. Accordingly, the women of the United States, which is the representative nation of Christianity, need to fulfill the missions of the daughter, the sister and the bride in the providence of the Second Advent. Japan needs to fulfill the mission of the mature mother nation to indemnify the position of the fallen Eve on the world level. Toward this end, Japan needs to walk the providential path of sacrifice and love for the world in the position of daughter, wife, mother and queen.

Furthermore, for the three nations of Korea, Japan and the United States to be in the central position in achieving the world of peace, they need to constitute one ideal family of love. The way for you to wash away your past enmities and unite is for the young people of Korea and Japan, and of Japan and the United States, to intermarry. The model for achieving a world of peace, based on the teaching of true love, will be created when they become blood relatives by marriage and thus form familial relationships.

Knowing this multidimensional Will of God, I have from early on officiated at international and intercultural marriage Blessing ceremonies that brought together husbands and wives from enemy nations, such as Korea and Japan, and Japan and the United States. As I have said earlier, the mission of the United States is that of the Second Israel and the eldest son nation. It is to stand at the forefront in attending our Heavenly Parent and helping and guiding its brother and sister nations of the world. Hence I say to you that the mission of American women is of great significance.

Anticipating the birth of a new community of three nations Through this conference, I hope you will engage in profound and serious discussions on far-reaching issues influencing the future of humanity, and that you will find common ground. At the same time, I also hope that spending three days together here in Washington will provide you with the opportunity to develop friendships deep within your hearts.

This meeting is an opportunity for the leaders of the three nations to play a central role in laying a new foundation to usher in the twenty-first century. I anticipate the birth of a new community of the three nations, through which your nations can continue to discuss and cooperate with one another in various fields and strengthen your solidarity.

Ladies and gentlemen, these new activities for the solidarity of the three nations of Korea, Japan and the United States will continue with the serious goal of establishing a culture of peace and service on the global level. If we work together, we will absolutely accomplish this. I hope that this conference, begun together with you, will grow to become a meeting that can lead Asia and the world.

May God’s divine protection be with you.


Let Us Perfect the Peace Kingdom
through the Peace UN

October 15, 2003

Little Angels Performing Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
Inaugural Assembly of the Korean Headquarters of the
Interreligious and International Peace Council

Respected and distinguished guests:

Wherever we look today, ahead or behind, left or right, to the east or west, south or north, we see hopelessness coming from war and disease, racial conflict, religious struggle and immorality and corruption. The more than two hundred countries, large and small, scattered throughout five oceans and six continents are struggling against each other. Which among them can possibly solve the problems humanity faces today? What has become of the United Nations, which set out some fifty years ago to be a model for peaceful world governance? It has become a den of selfishness enslaved in political power relationships and the frantic pursuit of self-interest. It has become so crippled that it can no longer take even one step forward. It can bring about neither world peace nor solutions nor hope in response to the totally unpredictable situations confronting the world today.

Ladies and gentlemen, as I stand here today, my heart is filled with excitement and inspiration. Let us all first give thanks to God. A new day of hope is dawning for humanity. The dawning of God’s kingdom of Cheon Il Guk, through which His grace and love will shine on the entire world, is being announced with a great shout that is shaking the earth to its core. Today, I would like to convey to you God’s Word for all people living in this age. The title is, “Let Us Perfect the Peace Kingdom through the Peace UN.”

Humanity at the crossroads of good and evil

More than six billion people are living in the world today, yet no one has clear knowledge about humanity’s origin. To this day, the process by which our history had proceeded is unclear. Whether it was good or bad, we do not know. Because the origin and process are unclear, the future is unclear as well. This is a reason we see continuous disorder and confusion in the world today. If human beings had found the correct path in the beginning, we would have traveled on a direct path to the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven without any confusion or disorder. After losing sight of this path as a result of the Fall, our fate has been one of drifting down the river of history. At times we have been good, and at other times evil. At times we have risen, and at other times we have declined.

Why would people who had been following the way of goodness suddenly turn onto a downward path? We did not want to go downward, but we went down nonetheless. This is the problem. We wanted to continue on the path of goodness, yet we left that path. Why did we decline? The answer is simple. When our lives violate the absolute, fundamental principles of goodness, we will deteriorate.

What does this mean? It indicates that there is an intersection of good and evil. All kings and presidents in this world live without any awareness of when the fortune of their sovereignty will rise or fall. They want things to be good forever, but any sovereignty that is not in harmony with or aligned with the standard of true goodness will certainly be defeated or perish.

Who, then, is in charge of good and evil? We know that even the most powerful royal dynasty cannot control the influence of good and evil by its own authority. No sovereign, on his or her own, can dictate the practice of good or evil according to his or her wishes. We cannot deny that good and evil are determined by an unseen power somewhere in the background.

Each nation has its laws. Laws exist to establish a standard of goodness, and nations establish a constitution for the purpose of safeguarding goodness. They do not establish laws for the purpose of destroying goodness. That is why people who break laws are sent to prison. The problem, though, is that in any given country the temperament of the sovereign can lead to an incorrect application of the standard of goodness. This is the reason humanity to this day continues to languish at the crossroads of two paths, with one path leading to prosperity and the other to ruin.

The universe protects united subject and object partners

People were created with a dual structure. The mind is created to be a plus or subject partner, and the body a minus or object partner. Mind and body were originally intended to form a unified being, but because of the Fall of our first ancestors, this did not happen. Instead, the body attempted to take the position of another plus, and this brought each person into a state of internal contradiction, with the mind standing on the side of Heaven and the body standing on the side of Satan. In effect, Satan conquered the human body. Through the Fall, Satan took over the bond of love and connected humanity to his lineage as people multiplied themselves. This is the problem. This struggle between mind and body has become a chronic ailment more terrible than cancer or AIDS. That is why we must, no matter what the cost, push the body back into the obedient, object-partner position. By the law of the universe, poles with like charges repel each other. But when a subject partner and object partner harmonize as a pair and form complete oneness, they receive heavenly fortune and the universe automatically protects them.

An absolute subject partner gives rise to an absolute object partner

 Where there is an absolute subject partner, an absolute object partner will come into being. This can be seen in the course of my life. America and the entire world opposed me, but since I received Heaven’s command I have lived my life as the absolute subject partner. The side that struck me, the absolute plus, became a minus and was absorbed. This is because the universe protects anyone who receives opposition while on the side of goodness. It is because I knew this principle with certainty that I was able to fight and win in struggles involving individuals, nations and the world.

We see in history that God always proceeded in the direction consistent with fundamental principles, that is, toward the purpose of true love, and that the devil has used force to oppose this. Thus he established himself as an unprincipled enemy force. Satan struck the first blow by causing our original ancestors to fall, and with this as his starting point he came to control families, tribes, nations and the world. Prevented from entering the kingdom of heaven, Adam and Eve, humanity’s first ancestors, became the first people to enter hell. Please understand that after the Fall, the created world immediately was occupied as Satan’s realm.

What, then, is the devil? He is a being who takes God’s people, makes them his own and controls them. He is a shameless criminal who kidnapped a child, convinced the child that he was its father, and then claimed to have legitimate ownership of the child. Today he is worried that his sins will be exposed and that he will lose everything, so he is blocking the way that God, the original Creator, has to go, blocking the liberation of God and humanity. He has occupied the body of each of us, and has completely spoiled love, which is of central importance to God as His primary ideal. The free sex that you see in the world today evidences the problem: the devil first creates confusion on the path of love and then tempts people to act against their conscience. These are two of Satan’s tactics.

Ladies and gentlemen, free sex is Satan’s trap. People in the world work to gain wealth and then those very riches lead them to fall into the trap Satan dug for them. They briefly enjoy sensual pleasures as they are dying. To establish his line of defense, Satan gives material blessings to evil people so that they can never escape from the quagmire of moral decadence. You need to understand that alcohol, tobacco, drugs and free sex are Satan’s four main weapons. Satan uses these to put people into a stupor of carnal satisfaction, and then he has them board the train to hell. I teach people how to leave this tragic parade toward hell, become true people who are not accused by their own conscience, and return to a life of true love. I teach the only way they can bring their mind and body together and board the train for heaven.

Despite indescribable opposition and persecution, I have lived my life of more than eighty years to realize peace through the recovery of true love. I have walked the path of sacrifice, at times at the risk of death. I have never faltered, not even for a moment. Even when Satan threatened to kill me, I maintained an absolute plus position and overcame everything. This allowed the absolute minus to come into orbit naturally. Simply put, it has been a life of following the original and fundamental principles of creation.

The absolute necessity of True Parents

I have lived according to the fundamental laws of the universe. I am a single-minded man who has walked Heaven’s path, absolutely refusing to compromise even in the midst of the worst hardship and adversity. I could do this because I knew with certainty from the outset that if I followed this path to the victorious position, God and all creation would greet me with joyful cheers.

Satan has always mocked Heaven and me, and boasted of his domain of power, saying, My weapons will never fail. Even God, the omniscient and omnipotent Creator, cannot defeat me. See how the side that is focused on the body completely tramples the conscience. Love has been degraded completely, just as I planned. Has this not become a world of frolic, where grandfathers pair with granddaughters and sons with mothers? How can a world of such evil ever be reestablished as God’s ideal world? Who can accomplish such a task?” This is how Satan mocks and boasts.

God has shouted back in this way: “Just a moment, Satan! Isn’t it true that through the active work of Rev. Moon, the True Parent, true love’s realm of influence in the earthly world is increasing? The True Parents are the owners of true love. They are the king and queen of true love. Satan, is it not true that you are helpless in the presence of true love?”

Ladies and gentlemen, how are we to restore true love? This is the responsibility of the True Parents. The True Parents must establish the original world where the conscience is always victorious, that is, the world of absolute goodness that all people will treasure. The secret for accomplishing this is simple. When face to face with the True Parents, and when confronted with true love, true life and true lineage, the false parent, Satan, is completely helpless, no matter how much he may kick and struggle. To align ourselves completely with God’s Will, God and we must form an eternal relationship of subject and object partners, based on true love. Satan has no way to wedge himself into this eternal relationship. When you begin to live by altruistic, true love, you can receive the holy marriage Blessing and be connected to the true lineage. Then your eternal life will be assured. True love, true life and true lineage will expand eternally through your descendants. True Parents are absolutely necessary in this process.

All people without exception descended from the Fall. As a result, we have become people who seem to see but are actually blind. Can the blind lead the blind? Someone sent directly by God must come. This person must be in a position unrelated to the Fall. He has to closely examine the world and gain the ability to save humanity from the path of death. I have come in that precise position. God sent me with His seal as the Savior of humanity, the Messiah, the returning Lord and the True Parent. Humanity needs to restore the absolute realm of the conscience by following the teachings of the True Parent only. Then absolute ownership will also be recovered. The realms of absolute love, absolute life and absolute lineage will also be recovered.

You have to first find the path leading to oneness with God. How is this possible? Where does the foundation of love for the sake of others originate? It originates with your love organ. Your reproductive organ is your palace of love, palace of life and palace of lineage. Until now, people have lived without owning the truth that it is through the reproductive organ that bonds of life are created, love is realized, and the connection of lineage is established. Now we see that no truth is more precious than this. Satan has controlled humanity for tens of thousands of years by means of the reproductive organ. Through it he brought about the Fall, which reversed things 180 degrees.

Inherit the True Parents’ realm of victory and become tribal messiahs

If the Fall had not occurred, there would be no words such as Savior, Messiah and Lord of the Second Advent. Because the True Parents of humankind have come to this earth, we can now be liberated from Satan’s yoke. It is now possible to recover all that was lost through the Fall. Through our original mind we can recover our original value and accomplish a worldwide realm of absolute goodness that will never incline toward Satan.

What does the True Parents’ realm of victory mean? It means that complete victory at the levels of the individual and the family has been achieved in the fight against Satan. Also, there has been complete victory at the levels of tribe, people, nation and the world. It was a steep path that was never easy. However, I succeeded in overcoming every difficulty, and on January 13, 2001, I dedicated to Heaven “The Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God,” which accomplished the miracle of liberating even God. On the world level, I am also the one who is rooting out communism and pouring life into Christianity in America. This is a part of the True Parents’ responsibility. The True Parents forgive with true love and embrace even the collapsed communist countries. I am liberating and pouring life into the communist realm.

Ladies and gentlemen, beginning some ten years ago, I have been guiding all blessed families to become tribal messiahs. This means they have to become the new ancestors of their tribes. All your ancestors throughout history have nurtured the hope and earnest desire to see such families.

The True Parents, who have won all the victories as the Messiah of all humankind, bequeath to you their foundation, and on this foundation you need to become messiahs on the tribal level. Families that have received the holy marriage Blessing from us and have joined the ranks of blessed families now need to become leaders who guide the world and saviors who save humanity as tribal messiahs. You need to become devoted children and patriots who erase God’s grief. God has been waiting for this time for tens of thousands of years. You will work in all countries of the world as the vanguard. You will expand the realm of victory gained by True Parents, who have been victorious over Satan’s vicious opposition and persecution. The True Parents have now bequeathed everything to you. You will liberate the world and establish it anew before Heaven. In relation to the Messiah of all humanity, a tribal messiah is like a branch growing from the main trunk. After leaves sprout and blossoms come out, fruit will ripen on these branch messiahs. That fruit will possess one hundred percent of the value of the original Messiah. You will advance into the realm of protection, where good spirits can guard you.

Refugees who lost their homeland

Ladies and gentlemen, humanity is in the position to recover its homeland. Those who take a short trip can return to their homeland, but those who have lost their homeland cannot return so easily. At the moment history began, we lost our homeland. We were expelled and have lived as nomads. We have not been in a position to return, and we have not even known the way back. We have lived as wanderers without a homeland, roaming aimlessly for thousands of years. Those who come alone from North Korea as refugees and now live as displaced people understand this mortifying and weary life. All your friends, siblings, and even your parents are taken from you. You know your homeland exists, yet it is not a homeland that you can go to anytime you choose. You have lost the way there. You live in extraordinary circumstances of profound sadness, from which you have to start from nothing and build a new life for yourself from scratch. But even if you have the good fortune to become rich and socially prominent during your refugee life, nothing can take away the sad longing, deep in your heart, to return to your homeland.

In the same way, all people became lonely orphans as a result of the Fall committed by the first ancestors. We live in the pitiful position of people who have lost their homeland. God, the owner of our homeland, solemnly waits for our return, even though until now we have lived without even the desire to return. We have become such a shameful sight that we dare not even lift our heads before heaven or earth. During the course of the world’s population rising to more than six billion, people have experienced so much misery in life that they are unable to discern night from day. When God sees the distress of His children, His heart must be in so much pain that He can barely speak. When a child meets with tragedy, no one feels more sorrow and pain than its parents. God created us as His children.

What, then, is God’s heartfelt desire? It is to liberate His children by any means possible, so that we can find our way back to our homeland. Religion is God’s strategy to open this way. Through religious movements, He laid a foundation for people to get together and return to the homeland, to the place where we transcend our environments, languages, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, ideologies, systems and philosophies. He always sees the situations in which each of you lives. He waits anxiously for the day you can return to your homeland.

You must understand that God is the vertical True Parent who has conducted His providence in ways that accommodated the culture of each historical period. He never did this because He preferred any particular religious body or country. It was a manifestation of God’s true love for the sake of your liberation. Building a bridge that would allow you to return to your homeland in freedom has taken effort. So please remember that you each represent your family and also your country and all of humanity. You also represent all your ancestors in the spirit world and all the descendants who will be born in the future. We have to achieve this precious, liberated state and fulfill our responsibilities before Heaven and our human family.

We have deep longing for our homeland because that is the place where love is shared with others. The love of our mother and father, of our older brother and sister and our younger siblings, the love of our wife and children and of our relatives can be found in every corner of our homeland. Here, all these relationships and bonds are connected in altruistic love; we want to embrace them all at once. The traveler who yearns for his homeland longs to return home as a proud, liberated person, so that he can embrace the mountains, rivers, grass and trees, give love to his family and relatives, and sing joyous songs. Since being vanquished and expelled from our homeland, and having lost the connection of heart rooted there, we have been unable to return and have instead been doomed to wander a lonely path through eternity until finally arriving in hell. Now, however, we can be liberated. The path to the homeland, situated deep within our memory and appearing in our dreams, has been cleared. This is surely the day of greatest blessing for humanity. You are going to recover the homeland lost by Adam and Eve.

Families of four generations living in harmony

When you go to your homeland, you do so in the position of the perfected Adam, the perfected Jesus, and the representative of the returning Lord. God will reside in your family. The four generations of grandparents, parents, children and their children will live together in harmony. The grandparents must be attended as the ancestral root. They are the living root of history and the root of the heavenly kingdom that extends into the family. This is a family where the kingdom of God on earth has taken root.

The root of the kingship that will continue forever also will be firmly established in such a family. The grandparents, parents and children represent the roots of the past, present and future, respectively. The root of the past represents the spirit world. The root of the present is a palace representing the present world, and the root of the future is the children living as princes and princesses in a palace of peace representing the two worlds, the spirit world and physical world.

The mission of the tribal messiah is to establish the families of Cheon Il Guk, where four generations—grandparents, parents, children and the children’s children—live as one family attending the eternal God. This is also God’s heartfelt desire. The mission is to establish families that God, were He to go to another land, would long to return to. It is to raise families that God can feel comfortable visiting anytime, just as a parent would visit the home of a child. That is a life of service to God. In such a family, God becomes, vertically, the subject partner of the conscience. Your own mind will follow this vertical subject partner and bring your body to unite, as you yourself become a vertical subject partner. In this situation, parental love, conjugal love, children’s love and sibling love, that is, the four great realms of love, or four great realms of heart, will be completed. This is how a family must be in order to exist eternally through continuous spherical movement that connects up and down, front and back, and left and right as one.

Ladies and gentlemen, why is it necessary to marry? We marry to attain the position of an owner. A man or woman alone is only half a person. That is how it works in God’s creation. That is why God divided the ownership and placement of the reproductive organs, which are the love organs. The husband is the owner of the wife’s reproductive organ, and the wife is the owner of the husband’s reproductive organ. If they are to take the position of their partner’s owner, they have to practice love that is for the sake of their partner. It is to obtain this position of ownership that people marry.

For what purpose, then, do we want to obtain the position of owner? It is because from that position we can occupy God. God is our subject in three great partnerships. As the owner of the cosmos, He is the true love Teacher, true love Owner and true love Parent. These are the three great subject-object partnerships. All these teachings and truths will be realized in the life of true families. When these are expanded, societies, nations and even the world and cosmos can change into the peace kingdom.

The tribal messiah who returns to his or her homeland must have a determined and unwavering demeanor. There can be no complaining. It is our destiny to go this way, even if it brings us to weep bitterly. Those who understand the circumstances of the Heavenly Father, who has waited for His lost children throughout the millennia with a grief-filled heart, cannot travel this path without shedding tears. Fill your steps with hope, as you go out to plant the seeds of love. Once these seeds of true love are planted, no one will be able to steal them. They are the seeds of the heart of true love. The families and countries where these seeds sprout will remain forever in God’s possession. Those families will become distinguished families of Heaven producing God’s representatives, generation after generation. Those countries will become great nations under Heaven.

A time of fruition

Ladies and gentlemen, we have come to a time of great urgency in God’s providence, when we must bring His work for human salvation to a successful conclusion. God’s heart and love for humanity has been the parents’ heart of love for their child. Unable to bear the immorality and wickedness of this world, He finally sent me to correct these things once and for all and to tear down the barriers that have led to war and conflict. In so doing, He gave me the qualification as Savior, Messiah, returning Lord and True Parent who appears in the world as the substantial body of God Himself. Recently, God sent me a message in which He comforted me on my difficult life and offered me encouragement. In addition, many people in the spirit world, including five great saints—Buddha, Confucius, Socrates, Jesus and Muhammad—many prophets and kings who appeared in the course of history, and even notorious murderers such as Hitler and reprehensible communists such as Lenin and Stalin, have received my teachings, repented and sent me messages expressing gratitude.

Looking back on my life, I can say that people who could have attended and served the True Parent, Rev. Moon, properly with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, instead put him through a wilderness course of persecution and suffering lasting some eighty years. I am not the type of person, however, who lets such things discourage me or make me give up. If I were, God would never have sent me to earth as His representative. As I hewed my path through indescribable suffering and adversity, I never once reproached God or turned away from my mission. I always worked to fulfill God’s Will. You who do not know Heaven’s providence have possibly lived only for the purpose of fulfilling your own desires. By contrast, I have lived my life in accordance with Heaven’s Will and as a public person before heaven and earth. Without the slightest deviation I have lived by practicing the true love of a True Parent so as to gain victory in the course of indemnity necessary to save humanity.

Respected and distinguished guests, we have now entered the historic realm in which we need only focus on the future, marching forward resolutely with hearts filled with hope and desire. We have seen the birth of the Abel-type United Nations that will resolve the confusion and helplessness of the existing UN and provide fundamental solutions to the various problems facing humanity today. On October 3 of this year, more than one thousand five hundred leaders from around the world who follow my vision gathered in New York City and founded this historic and providential Abel UN.

An Abel UN is a Peace UN

Thirty-eight years have already passed since I met former United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower and explained to him the necessity for an Abel UN. Because of the ignorance of those in charge, who could not understand the significance of that hour, the fulfillment of that aspect of God’s providence was delayed until today. Now, Heaven can wait no longer. This year, by the demands of the providence, many righteous people who follow me took a stand and rid themselves of their mutual enmity. Religious leaders who had previously refused even to sit down together—Jewish clergy representing the First Israel, Muslim clergy representing Islam and American clergy representing Christianity—gathered in Jerusalem. These traditional enemies joined hands and announced the Jerusalem Declaration.

Next, a large number of religious leaders from all traditions gathered in Washington, DC, the capital of the United States, which represents Christianity, the realm of the Second Israel. These religious leaders in the earthly world proclaimed a resolution that reflects the resolution adopted by leaders in the spirit world, including the five great saints. On the basis of these declarations in Jerusalem and Washington, a third declaration, the Seoul Peace Declaration, was adopted in Seoul, Korea on August 15 of this year. Its Jewish, Muslim and Christian clergy signatories announced it to the world. Please bear in mind that these steps were providential preparations for the founding of the Abel UN.

Abel UN means Peace UN. The existing United Nations is a Cain-type UN, a United Nations of strife. In contrast, the Abel UN will be a structure that guarantees world peace. This is nothing less than the most revolutionary and wondrous event to happen since God created humankind. Now the world will begin to change rapidly. More than 120 billion blessed couples on the side of goodness in the spirit world have mobilized. On earth, tens of thousands of ambassadors for peace and millions of other leaders around the world are carrying the torch of the Peace UN.

Humanity now has the responsibility to work through the Peace UN to build, on the earth, the peace kingdom for which God and all people have longed. Attending God as our King and aligning internally with Cheon II Guk and externally with the nation of the Fourth Israel, it is our responsibility to build a world of peace that represents both the spiritual and earthly realms and that transcends religions and nations.

Realizing world peace through the Peace UN

I want to make it clear to the entire world that I will gladly transfer the entire foundation that I have built with blood, sweat and tears for more than eighty years to the control of the Peace UN. To begin with, the Family Federation, which now has missions in 191 countries, and dozens of other groups and organizations I have founded, will directly serve the Peace UN. All media organizations—including The Washington Times and United Press International (UPI) in the United States, The Middle East Times in the Middle East, Tiempos del Mundo in Central and South America, The Segye Times in Korea and Sekai Nippo in Japan—share the commitments of the Peace UN. Moreover, the missions of Sun Moon University in Korea, the University of Bridgeport in the United States, Sunhwa Middle and High School (The Little Angels School), Sunjung Girls Middle and High School and other educational institutions will reflect the purpose of educating leaders capable of carrying out the noble work of the Peace UN. In the area of sports as well, the Ilhwa Cheonma Soccer Team, a premier team in the Republic of Korea, and Sorocaba and CENE, which are prominent professional football teams in Brazil, will dedicate their energies for world peace.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have no lingering attachments to this world. I received Heaven’s command as a young man of fifteen, and I have pursued this throughout my life to this day, when I am more than eighty years old. I will spare no effort in dedicating the remaining years of my life to God and to fulfilling the heavenly mandate. Working through the Peace UN, I will without fail resolve God’s anguish and build God’s kingdom of freedom, peace, unity and happiness based on true love, on earth and in heaven.

Distinguished guests, please, even now, open the gates to your hearts and accept your call from Heaven with undivided devotion of your heart, body and mindset. Follow the tradition of the True Parents in practicing the life of a true teacher, true owner and true parent. This path will lead you to represent and be heirs to Heaven and True Parents. The path and mission of true love leads to the building of the peace kingdom.

Distinguished guests, I pray that Heaven’s great blessings will be upon your journey as you place deep within your heart the precious bond created today by our sharing these wonderful words from Heaven. I pray that from this time forward you will pioneer a life that is on a new and higher level. With this thought, I will now have my representative read a special prayer and offer this gathering to Heaven.

Thank you very much.



The Path of Humanity and the United States in the Era of the Peace Kingdom

April 19, 2004

New Yorker Hotel, New York, USA
Forty-fourth anniversary of True Parents’ Day

Most respected guests from home and abroad:

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for coming. You are leaders from every field and sphere of life and from all parts of the world, attending today’s celebration and offering your congratulations on this forty-fourth anniversary of True Parents’ Day. In particular, at this time I would like to return all glory to God, who has always been with me and has protected me to this day, and I thank Him from the bottom of my heart.

Now is the age of liberation and freedom

Throughout my life, I have made strenuous efforts to resolve the world’s difficult problems, while maintaining single-minded devotion to realizing God’s ideal of creation. I came to learn that God is not a Being sitting on a throne of glory and honor. Rather, He is a God of sadness, lamentation and anguish, endeavoring to save His children who fell and plunged into hell.

After I came to know about this heart and Will of God, my life has been, in a nutshell, a devotion of all my energies solely to fulfill the Will of God, transcending night, day, season and environment. Now the providence has progressed to the fourth year since the declaration of Cheon II Guk. In accordance with the providence, on May 4 of last year, I made the declaration of the Day of the Great Transition to the Realm of Dominion under the Ideal of Creation. Then on July 13 of the same year, I ended the providence of restoration through indemnity. These activities have lit the beacons of the revolution of indemnity, the revolution of conscience and the revolution of heart.

The efforts to substantiate the nation of the Fourth Israel, proclaimed on August 20, 2003, took shape in the devoted efforts made for peace in the Middle East, which is the realm of the First Israel. They culminated with the Coronation Ceremony of the Kingship of Jesus, which took place in Jerusalem on December 22, 2003. On this victorious foundation, we held the Coronation Ceremony of the Kingship of Peace on March 23, 2004, at the Capitol of the United States, which is the Second Israel. Through this ceremony, the age of true liberation and freedom drew closer to humanity, and we began to actualize the proclamation of God’s Fatherland and the Era of the Peace Kingdom, made at the beginning of this year.

I came to the United States in 1971, in accordance with the command of Heaven. Although I have been subjected to persecution and oppression for more than thirty years, I believe that God has been with me, and that is the reason I can be here with you today.

On this meaningful day, I would like to share with you a speech entitled, “The Path of Humanity and the United States in the Era of the Peace Kingdom,” so that you can understand history and today’s world from God’s providential viewpoint.

From the historical standpoint of God’s providence of salvation, the end of history is actually the end of evil history, the history of Satan’s dominion. At the same time, it is the starting point of good history, the history of God’s dominion. Therefore, the end of the world is the time when we need to complete the entire providence of God. In other words, the end of the world is the Last Days, when we need to complete our individual perfection, as well as the perfection of families, peoples, nations, the world and the cosmos.

The need for an interracial and interreligious teaching

Whenever God ushered in the end times in the course of His providence, He led humanity through His ideological realms. However, people never completely fulfilled their portion of responsibility. Thus, they could not stand in the position of goodness and repair evil history.

Nonetheless, God is an absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal Being and the plan based on His Will is also absolute. Therefore, God will find and establish the world that He can govern both in heaven and on earth, through the restoration of true individuals, families, societies, nations, the world and the true sovereignty, all of which we lost through the Fall. What is this original world for which God is searching? That world is a true world, with the True Parents in the central position.

However, through the Fall, we lost the True Parents of humankind and the true world. The loss was not during the course of human history but at the beginning of human history. As a result, not a single thing can connect us in a direct relationship with the True Parents, be it the lands we live in or the teachings we possess. Therefore, we first need to find out what is true.

On the day we can do so—thus making it possible for true parents, true husbands and wives, true children, true citizens, true things, a true sovereignty and a true universe to communicate with the heart of the true God and be moved by Him and surrender to Him—that day will become the Last Day of the evil world. The moment this ideal is realized corresponds to the Last Days, that is, the time of the Second Advent.

That being the case, at the time of the Second Advent, extraordinary phenomena—such as judgment by fire, the destruction of the earth by fire, or believers rising into the air—will not take place. Rather, it will be a time when we will indemnify the sorrowful history of tangled circumstances and, starting with the individual and going through the family, society, nation and finally the world, everything will be righted, restored and settled.

In other words, it is a time when the individual, family, society, peoples, nations and world, which were lost vertically, are restored and connected horizontally. This takes place by means of substantial, historic individuals, families, societies, peoples, nations and the world. Humanity has lived in hope for this day’s arrival, for it is the final destination that human history needs to reach. However, individuals, families and nations have all lost the way they were meant to go.

Rev. Moon’s life course to save a world in crisis

Global environmental pollution problems, food shortages, conflicts between religions and troubles between races are breaking out everywhere. They turn into major issues that multiply and enlarge all sorts of disputes. Who will take responsibility for this world? It is a serious problem.

The communist nations of the past could not overcome their nationalism. Even the United States, which is a powerful nation today, has been unable to go beyond the concept of Pan-Americanism. When you prioritize the interests of your own nation, you cannot lead the world. This is a time when we need a certain religion or group of people that is united based on the thought of embracing the world and advancing a higher ideal for nations, even at the cost of sacrificing their own interests.

In this respect, after I came to the United States upon receiving God’s command, I have devoted all my efforts to educating its young people. I have been issuing strong warnings that the United States has a moral crisis and is on the way to its downfall, and I have been attempting to revive a Christianity that has hit rock bottom. You may wonder what the essence of Rev. Moon’s teachings is. The answer is simple.

First, it is to live a life of sacrifice for the greater good. The individual lives for the family, the family for the tribe, the tribe for the people, the people for the nation, the nation for the world, and the world for God.

It is in this way that God will eventually come to the individual. Even in the family, the parents must live for the children’s sake, the children need to live for the parents, the husband needs to live for his wife, and the wife needs to live for her husband. The person who lives most for the sake of others becomes the central figure of goodness.

Second, you must love your enemies. To save human beings, who had become children of Satan, the devil, through the Fall, God sent His only-begotten Son, Jesus, and made him walk the path of sacrifice. When people love their enemy more than their own children, Satan submits voluntarily. Satan’s strategy always involves striking first, but he loses in the end. Heaven’s strategy is the opposite: to be struck first and then to take back what was lost. The reason I have been able to establish a foundation of mission work in 185 nations, despite the fact that I have been subjected to constant persecution and suffering, is that I have lived in accordance with this heavenly way.

Distinguished guests, for whom has God invested and sacrificed all that He has? It was not for the United States, nor for Christianity itself. You need to know that, in the long run, it was to save each person who was lost through the Fall.

Since the Fall began with an individual, salvation must also begin with an individual. Therefore, there is no way to carry out restoration unless a representative person comes forward with the realization, “I will fulfill the responsibility of this age; I will become a person who can settle all the debts that humankind owes God and confidently return what is good to Him.”

Restoration through indemnity can never be carried out in an ambiguous manner. It is not conceptual. One cannot reach the heart of God unless one has a heart that goes beyond the wretchedness of one’s circumstances, no matter how painful, and endure it on behalf of God.

The mission of Christianity

Have you ever prayed for all the people of the world, with such a serious heart that it was almost as if your own children were dying? How much have you sacrificed yourself to save your family, and how much have you devoted yourself to save the tribe, people, nation and world? No one can answer these questions easily and confidently. The person who comes as the representative of such an absolute standard is the Lord of the Second Advent.

God has carried out the providence of salvation ever since the Fall of the first human ancestors. It took two thousand biblical years from the time of Adam for God to be able to find and establish Abraham and select the chosen people from among his descendants, organizing a new family, tribe and people. They were the chosen people of Israel. Because the Jewish people were called based on that victorious foundation to receive the Messiah, they became the mainstream people meant to receive the Messiah in his substantial form. They were supposed to have fulfilled the responsibility of the mainstream people.

If you dig into the core of that mainstream, you will find that we need a standard and a philosophy by which to fulfill the original mission that the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, did not fulfill. This is nothing other than the philosophy we may call Messianism. From the Christian standpoint, it includes the thought of being the bride of the Messiah. The most important mission of Christianity is to be the bride that can receive the Lord as the bridegroom.

Despite having such an important mission, the very people who were expecting the Messiah sent Jesus to the cross. Thus, the Jewish people, who were called to be the First Israel, drifted away, and Christianity, called to be the Second Israel, inherited the mission. Focusing on the one unchanging purpose, God continued to carry out His providence for more than six thousand years, and the present age marks the end of that providence.

Then what would be the essence of Messianism? It is the philosophy to save the world and unite it. It is the teaching by which to restore the position of True Parents and build the original, ideal family, which were lost by the Fall of the first human ancestors.

The teachings of the Old and New Testaments also tell us that the Messiah comes with the authority of the Father to meet the person in the position of God the Mother, who is the substantial form of the Holy Spirit, and restore the position of the True Parents. After the marriage supper of the Lamb prophesied in the Book of Revelation, the bride and bridegroom will pass through the stage of true husband and wife and become True Parents.

Jesus was the one who came with such a mission. Although he lost the people and the nation of Israel due to their disbelief, he dedicated his life for the world and the kingdom of heaven desired by God. The course of suffering Jesus followed as he was nailed to the cross was a path of anguish he walked together with God.

Even when he was suffering on the cross, Jesus beseeched God to forgive the sin of the people. Even when he was dying, he blessed Rome and those who opposed him, and promised his victory in the future.

Therefore, Jesus’ life did not end at age thirty-three. It continued through history with the help of God. Christianity inherited his spirit and became a global religion.

The cycle of civilizations

Distinguished guests, the United States is said to be the most powerful nation in the world. However, if it does not stand correctly in the course of the providence, its strength and prosperity will not last. When we study the history of human culture, we find that ancient civilizations originated mainly in tropical regions. Ancient civilizations—such as the civilizations of the Maya, Incas, Egyptians, Indians and Chinese—were situated in subtropical and tropical regions.

As a matter of fact, if human beings had not fallen, civilization would have emerged from the temperate zone, corresponding to the spring season. Instead, it emerged from the tropics, corresponding to the summer season, and then passed through the temperate zone, or the autumn season. The latter, temperate-zone civilization consisted mainly of the free world, with Western civilization at its center. On the whole, the advanced nations of the West, such as the United States, Britain and Germany, which lie roughly between thirty and sixty degrees north of the equator, make up this civilization.

At the close of the temperate-zone civilization of the autumn season, the frigid-zone civilization of the winter season descended upon the world for a period. This was the emergence of communism. Although many intellectuals believe that, after the dissolution of the former Soviet Union, the Cold War struggle of the postwar period came to an end, materialism and atheism still prevail in various sectors of the world, presenting themselves as alternatives to the incapacitated ideologies of democracy and communism.

At this time, breaking through the crises of the earlier temperate-zone civilization and the threat of the frigid-zone civilization, we need a new temperate-zone civilization, the true spring civilization that humanity has sought since ancient times. Who can thaw the winter season of the frigid- zone civilization? It is impossible to do so through politics, economic development or advances in technology and knowledge.

When we study the cycle of civilizations that started near rivers and oceans, we see that civilizations are always moving. The civilizations that developed near the Nile River and the Tigris-Euphrates river system moved and formed the Mediterranean civilization centered on Greece, Rome, Spain and Portugal. Then this Mediterranean civilization led to the Atlantic civilization, with Britain and the United States in the central role. Eventually, it will bear global fruit as the Pacific Rim civilization realm that connects the United States, Japan and Korea.

From this viewpoint, based on the history of civilizations, the location of the Korean Peninsula is significant. At its northern border, Korea is at the edge of the frigid-zone civilization connecting Russia and China. At its southern-most end, it is at the tip of the temperate-zone civilization that connects the United States and Japan. Therefore, from the providential viewpoint, the historic temperate-zone civilization of the global spring season, which can absorb both civilizations, will be born at this very place.

In this light, consider the fact that Rev. Moon has appeared in Korea. He has dedicated his life to solve the world’s North-South and East-West problems, which remain as unresolved issues. Moreover, he has appeared at the place where the two types of civilizations have met and borne fruit. We can attribute this only to the outcome of God’s providence.

The “One World under God” movement carried out by True Parents

In fact, I would like to tell you that I have been carrying out the “One World under God” movement, transcending race, belief and nationality, all my life. I have been following this path because it is based on the providence of God. It is grounded in principles that undergird providential history and is not just a convenient theory that I made up.

The Will of Heaven is not just a theory, and there is not a single place in all the oceans and continents untouched by the activities I have carried out to realize God’s plans. Through the foundations laid by my multidimensional mission work, we are carrying out enterprises from Alaska to Antarctica, in the thirty-three nations of South America, the nations of the former Soviet Union and the nations of Asia and Africa. I have made preparations to resolve the pollution and food-supply problems that humanity will face in the new millennium. Recently, I established a substantial foundation for the environmental health of this planet centering on the Pantanal region and Brazil’s Amazon River.

At the same time, on the internal level, I have been leading the True Family Values ministry and have continued to perform international mass wedding ceremonies, in which about 430 million couples recently participated. Thus I have accelerated the construction of the kingdom of heaven on earth based on the ideal family, which God has long awaited.

Respected guests from home and abroad, until now, the world has been ruled by those nations that had superior political, economic and military power. However, a nation that does not stand directly aligned with God’s providence cannot last forever. The downfall of the resplendent civilizations of Greece and Rome are good examples. The position of the United States, which is soaring high as today’s greatest and strongest power, is the same as that of Rome two thousand years ago. Please remember that the decline and fall of the Roman Empire was not the result of external invasions, but was in fact due to the loss of Heaven’s fortune. It was a consequence of its immoral culture, which led to a collapse from within.

Until recently, political regimes based on materialism and the materialistic interpretation of history, which exalted factory laborers and farmers, controlled one-third of the world’s population and two-thirds of the earth’s land area, centering on the former Soviet Union and China. Of course, they did not last forever, and I tell you that a time will come when religious believers who speak for the Will of God will gain influence.

Religious leaders are prophets who ought to proclaim God’s Will on earth and guide humanity in the direction it needs to follow. However, the conflicts and infighting that continue among religious denominations discredit them completely. These conflicts are major obstacles blocking the providence of God.    *

That is why for decades I have invested more than half of the budget of the Unification Church into interdenominational and interreligious efforts to resolve conflicts between religions. Furthermore, I founded the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace to bring about peace for humanity through reconciliation and unity among religions. All humanity, transcending race and religious denomination, needs to understand God’s providence for the realization of the world of the ideal of creation. We ultimately need to be in accord with God’s heart.

God’s liberation will open the path of authentic human liberation We need to recover the original positions of parents and children by restoring our relationship of heart with God, which was lost through the Fall. Hence, the Last Days promised by God are the time when True Parents are manifested. In other words, they are the time of hope when human beings, who lost their True Parents through the Fall, can once again receive their original Parents.

Therefore, the True Parents are the fruit of the hopes, desires and victories of human history. The Unification Church has continued to globalize this tradition through the international mass wedding ceremonies. The coming together of black, white and yellow as brothers and sisters to be joined as husbands and wives, transcending nationality, race and culture, is one of the most important works in achieving God’s Will to unite the global population as one family.

As can be seen, the path to true happiness can be opened only when today’s people ultimately liberate God, who lost His children and has continued in lamentation over our plight. We can do so by restoring the lost original ties between brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, and parents and children. Until now, democracy has asserted political liberation and human rights. By contrast, we must henceforth assert God’s liberation and God’s dominion. Once this problem has been taken care of, political liberation and the recovery of human rights will take place automatically.

In various respects, the United States is a nation that has been prepared through the blessings of God. Among the ancestors who founded the United States were the Pilgrims. These people risked their lives to find their way to a land where they could have freedom of faith.

In search of true freedom of faith, they bid farewell to their beloved parents, brothers and sisters and hometowns, and crossed the Atlantic at the risk of their lives. They resolved to forsake even their own country.

The Mayflower arrived at the shores of New England in November 1620. As they endured their first winter, more than half of the 102 Pilgrims who had arrived there died from the extreme cold weather and starvation. What was incredible about them was that they starved to death rather than consume the seeds to be planted in the coming spring.

Saving the United States, which has lost its founding spirit

No matter what happened to them, the Pilgrims stayed true to their faith in living for the Will of God. They thanked God for the harvest of the first year and built their homes only after they had first built a church and school. In their pioneering course, whether they were about to start farming or defend their homes, the first thing they did was to pray.

At the time of the American Revolutionary War, as General George Washington was in dire straits at the now-famous Valley Forge, he offered a prayer staking his life for his country. He dedicated the coming battles for the Will of God, who stood on the side of the United States and brought it victory.

Great Britain, which was then the mightiest power in the world, stood with the combined forces of the king and his people, while the United States stood with God and His beloved sons and daughters. That was how the United States, the nation upholding freedom of faith, came to be established. Even now, the United States Congress opens its sessions with a prayer. It is a nation where the president takes the oath of office by placing his or her hand on the Bible and pledging before God, and then a minister offers a prayer.

What is more, it is the only nation that has the words “In God We Trust” printed on its currency. In this way, the United States became the one nation on earth that, basing itself on the Protestant faith, assumed global stature.

However, what is the United States like today? The courts have banned prayer in public schools. School boards force teachers to explain the theory of evolution and leave out the hand of a Creator. Moreover, the divorce rate topping 50 percent is mercilessly destroying the integrity of the family.

Upon hearing the voice of God, who feared for this very reality, I came to the United States in 1971, leaving behind my homeland and my family. I spoke throughout this nation several times, shouting out, “I came as a firefighter to a burning house, and as a doctor who has come to heal the ailing United States.”

At that time, I discovered that God had all but left the United States. Even though He needed to be everywhere in the United States, He had in fact begun to leave the nation. He was leaving the hearts of individuals, families and teachers. When I look back, it seems like only yesterday that I walked along Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and held on to God, begging Him with endless tears not to leave the United States. Unfortunately, as I foretold, the United States is sliding down the path of moral decline.

The person who loves the United States is its true owner

Ladies and gentlemen, why is Rev. Moon shouting out like this in the United States, while being subjected to opposition and enduring suffering? It is because I know better than anyone the hard work carried out by God with blood, sweat and tears to find His way to the United States today. During the thirty-four years that I have been in the United States, there has not been one day when my heart has felt at ease.

Who is the owner of the United States? It has nothing to do with race. The person who loves the United States as much as God does is its true owner. The United States represents the eldest son position on the world level, the position chosen to establish God’s kingdom on earth. Therefore, Jesus is dwelling spiritually mainly in this land. He earnestly hopes that this nation will fulfill his will.

Meanwhile, in accordance with the Will of God, I founded in 1982. This newspaper which has led public sentiment as a conservative political voice that proposes the true direction for the United States. Also, through the True Family Values movement and the Pure Love movement for teens and young adults, I have continued to support strong movements to save the nation and the world. I have made these investments with a heart hoping for the United States to stand truly in line with the providence of God.

When I visited Washington, DC, in 1965, I dedicated a holy ground near the White House. Even now there are many people who stay up nights and pray there for this nation of the United States. You need to open the doors of your heart, so that you can hear the earnest desires, shouts and hopes of patriots dating back to the Pilgrims.

It is time to restore true parents, families, nations and the world Most honored guests, the fourth year of Cheon II Guk is when the history of God’s providence of salvation, which He has pursued for six thousand years, draws to a close and the ideal of creation, lost in Eden, is realized in heaven and on earth. It is the time when liberation will end the lamentations of all created things, which lost their owner through the Fall, the moment when the long-estranged parents and children meet again. The new heaven and earth, where there will be no more tears, are being realized. The new age, wherein the spirit world and the physical world are united as one and God’s kingdom is established on earth and in heaven, is finally upon us.

This is the age in which the direct dominion of the living God is manifested through His overall, complete, absolute and omnipotent authority. It is the time when the world based on the understanding of humankind as one great family is realized. East and West will become “One Universe under One God,” centering on the Parents of Heaven and Earth. This signifies perfection of the Completed Testament Age, when the biblical promises of the Old Testament and the New Testament are fulfilled. Now that moment has come. The time has come for the United States to wake up once again.

The time has come to carry out a movement for the second founding of the nation, dedicated to restoring the true parents, true family, true nation and true world, with God in the central position. By so doing, you need to bring back God, who is leaving. If God, who found His way here after six thousand years of preparation, were to leave the United States, where would He go?

If you attend God correctly, the problems of the family, the problems of morality, the problems of young people, and the problems of racism will automatically be resolved. The United States, which is a melting pot of five races living side by side, could become a model of the kingdom of heaven on earth. From now on, we need to unite and harmonize in order to open the path for humanity to follow. This is the time when the United States, which is the eldest son nation, needs to take the lead in attending the Heavenly Parents. It must fulfill the mission of the leader who can guide other nations of the world to the presence of God. I ask you to participate together to carry out this historic task successfully.

The advent of the era of God’s direct dominion The enthronement of the Peace King as the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind was held on March 23 of this year at the United States Capitol building in Washington, DC It was a major declaration that substantially secured God’s kingship on earth. Furthermore, the declaration of the ideal Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity, made at the Capitol on the same day, is the historic opening of the age of the federation of Blessed families of the member states of the United Nations.

It is now the fourth year of Cheon II Guk, in which the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven can be established in reality, based on ideal families that are centered on the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Thus, during this period in April, declared on this day, the forty-fourth anniversary of True Parents’ Day, we have ushered in the day of the liberation and complete freedom of the angelic world, the complete freedom of Cain and Abel and, furthermore, the complete freedom of the Parents.

Going a step further, we are approaching the date May 1, which marks the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. On that day, we will usher in the day of national liberation. Now that the age of liberation and complete freedom has arrived, henceforth everything will be entrusted to the overall, complete, absolute and omnipotent authority of God, and the era of His direct dominion will arrive, when He can guide us personally.

Once again, I express my deepest gratitude to you for gracing us with your presence. I would like to close by expressing my hope that a new millennial kingdom overflowing with peace, freedom and justice will begin, both on earth and in heaven.

May the blessings of God be with your families and your nations.


The Mission of Ambassadors for
Peace at the Dawn of the Era after
the Coming of Heaven

December 8, 2006

Korea International Exhibition Center, Goyang, Korea
Ambassadors for Peace Nationwide Rallies for Unity and Peace

Respected ambassadors for peace, ladies and gentlemen:

All of you took a historic step by gathering here today. Since the tumultuous outcry at the arrival of the new millennium, I still hear everyone’s jubilation ringing loudly in my ears. Yet, two years have already gone by since I proclaimed the realm of the Day of the Victory of the Number Ten Combining Two Halves (Ssang Hap Ship Seung II) for the dawning Era after the Coming of Heaven with a new hope for the future. This declaration has given a promise of new hope for a bright future in the hearts of the 6.5 billion people around the world. Indeed, ever since, I am keeping myself busy building Cheon II Guk, spending each day like one thousand years, and one thousand years like one day.

God is calling upon you, as representative leaders of the ambassadors for peace of this nation. You are proud descendants of a long line of Korean people, who were born with the spirit to promote the welfare of humankind. In light of this, as we usher in this precious and significant time in God’s providence, I would like to take this opportunity to convey to you a special message from Heaven regarding the direction and mission humanity must undertake from this time forward. The topic of my speech today is, “The Mission of Ambassadors for Peace at the Dawn of the Era after the Coming of Heaven.”

Human beings are made to live in peace

Ladies and gentlemen, is there a dream common to all people regardless of
gender, age, time or place? Throughout the ages, people everywhere have yearned and hoped for the realization of the ideal of world peace. However, never in history has the everlasting peace been achieved that would bring joy to Heaven. This fact remains the basis of our historical sorrow and anguish.

What went wrong? What brought humankind to descend into ignorance of the ideal that God cherishes for His creation? Perfection cannot be found in ignorance, even if one waits for ten thousand years.

Ladies and gentlemen, God’s creation is indeed profound. Everything He created was to prepare an environment for the perfection and happiness of human beings, whom He created as His children and partners in love.

Consider a flower; it is one of the masterpieces of God’s creation. Hidden within a flower, even in a nameless wildflower blooming in a field, we can easily discover the Creator’s Will and purpose. To see a flower alive and growing to perfection is truly to witness a miracle.

Flowers display beautiful colors and the harmony of yin and yang. Even human beings, the lords of creation, cannot fully replicate their beauty. Flowers continuously give off fragrances that captivate the hearts of the bees and butterflies attracted to their dazzling colors. Flowers can absorb the powerful, brilliant rays of the sun that humans cannot bear to look at. They diffuse their light into natural rays of harmony and peace and utilize them to create and preserve life. Flowers also do not neglect their duty to provide nectar to the bees and butterflies that busily fly to and fro helping them reproduce.

Ladies and gentlemen, the miracle of God’s creation is infinite, transcending and defying any human description. Even a picture drawn by the greatest artist in the world cannot compare to a cluster of living wildflowers. Even in creating a single insignificant flower, God the Creator opens the way for it to realize harmony in itself and contribute to the interdependence and mutual prosperity of the whole of creation. Given that this is so, how much greater is the stature of human beings, whom God created as His children, His eternal partners of love and His heirs?

Each and every one of the millions of different kinds of flowers in full bloom maintains its dignity as an individual embodiment of truth under the majestic Principle of Creation. They create harmony in Mother Nature and abide by the laws of interdependence and mutual prosperity. Likewise, each and every human being has Heaven’s blessing and grace to seek harmony, peace, freedom and happiness, and to find eternal life. Heaven has bestowed on each person the life and characteristics of an individual being.

That is to say, every human being is born with the rights and privileges of an individual embodiment of truth. This means that every person, regardless of age, sex, rank or status, is destined to follow a course of life that is uniquely his or her own and that reflects his or her individual nature.

People were made for true love

Ladies and gentlemen, can you find another person who resembles you one hundred percent? Think about it. Is there anyone else who possesses the same individual qualities as you? Would the lives of identical twins who were born on the same day and time and who may even die at the same time be the same? No person can take another person’s individuality, even if he or she is the world’s most blessed and the other person is the world’s most miserable, because that miserable person is a unique embodiment of truth.

God, the king of wisdom, continually creates eternal, individual embodiments of truth through the process of origin-division-union action, in accordance with God’s Principle of Creation. In this we can discover the standard of absolute value that makes a human being human. As with the interdependent and harmonious relationship between flowers and butterflies, human beings were created to live for one another and share true love. This means that the human standard of absolute value is established only within a life of true love, when the relationship between subject and object partners blooms in harmony.

Ladies and gentlemen, flowers and butterflies form relationships as subject and object partners. They depend on one another and prosper through their give-and-receive action. In the same way, the Principle of Creation defines and predicts the course of relationships between humankind and nature, between people, and between God and human beings.

Thus, Mother Nature is the combined body of all the individual embodiments of truth in creation, harmoniously bound together. Mother Nature stands as an absolute object partner before human beings, her subject partners. Her ordained role is to enable human beings to realize their absolute value.

In the same way, people establish families of three generations and live within that basic framework. There they learn and familiarize themselves with the vertical and horizontal relationships of above and below, left and right, and front and back. This means that each individual seeks a life of harmony and love through give-and-receive action within the relationships of subject and object partners. These relationships enable each family member to attain his or her absolute value as an individual embodiment of truth.

What about the relationship between God and human beings? As the Creator, God’s nature is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. On a closer look, we find that God stands in the subject-partner position as He engages in reciprocal relationships with His creation within the sphere of the Principle of Creation that He established. That is because, although we think of God as the Absolute Being, He cannot feel joy outside of the give- and-receive relationships with His object partners.

Had Adam and Eve, the first human ancestors, not fallen, and instead perfected themselves according to the Principle of Creation as individual embodiments of truth, people today would be manifesting their absolute value. We would serve God above as our Lord with absolute obedience, and we would relate with the creation, the natural world, as our object partners, rejoicing in God’s eternal kingdom of peace. We would live as the citizens of the eternal kingdom of heaven on earth and also in the spirit world.

Humanity’s deviation from God’s peace ideal

Then how did human beings, created as the children of the all-knowing and almighty God, come to fall into such a state of ignorance? The first ancestors, Adam and Eve, followed the false parent, Satan, along the path of the Fall. Indeed, this is the first tragedy and the most dreadful and sorrowful shame in human history.

God cannot forsake humankind. Within His grand ideal of creation, human beings were created to be His children and absolute counterparts in true love. Therefore, God has endured the long years of history with a heart full of bitter pain, grief and anguish. God is the eternal True Parent of humanity, yet He has had to persevere through virtual imprisonment in the shadows of history. No one has known this reality.

Still, throughout history, people have applied their paltry human efforts in pursuit of peace. Consider the confrontation between democracy and communism. Each side strove to achieve peace on its terms, yet they were unable to resolve the core differences between them over questions of human rights, freedom and equality. Yet from the viewpoint of God’s providence, communism and democracy are like children who lost their parents.

The two divided into the positions of Cain and Abel respectively and became entrapped in the chains of fraternal conflict.

Human beings without exception are the children of Satan. Every person is born inheriting Satan’s lineage. Please reflect on your own experience for a moment. In every moment and every aspect of your daily life, are not good and evil at war within you, each trying to gain the upper hand? Since we are imperfect human beings, the peace movements we have carried out throughout history have always encountered limitations and met with failure. This is the why the United Nations, launched with the splendid dream of realizing world peace, today has to confront its inherent limitations and confess that it can no longer give hope to humanity. Simply put, the UN was launched during the era prior to the time in which Heaven could be directly involved with the unfolding of God’s providence in history.

Ladies and gentlemen, by virtue of Rev. Moon’s devotion to the path of Heaven throughout the more than eighty years of his life, a new world is emerging. On this victorious foundation, the revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven has been proclaimed. We are now living in the age of heavenly fortune, an age in which all people can be liberated and delivered from the quagmire of sin. It is the era in which the world of freedom and happiness, the ideal world as originally envisioned at the time of the Creation, can be established.

The reasons God chose Rev. Moon

There are several clear reasons why Heaven designated the person standing before you, Rev. Moon, as the True Parent of humankind, and thereby opened up a new era.

First, I have succeeded in practicing the way of living for the sake of others. That is, throughout my life I have practiced the values of true love, emerged triumphant, and offered that triumph to humanity. All people are born to live for the sake of others. However, because of ignorance resulting from the Fall, people practice the complete opposite, selfish individualism. I revealed this secret of Heaven, and this knowledge has been imparted to humankind for the first time in history. God is fully aware of the path my life has taken through thick and thin.

Second, I have dedicated my life to overcoming all obstacles and laying a victorious foundation. Through the education provided by the actual practice of true love, I have fulfilled all the necessary conditions for recovering and establishing the parent-child relationship between God and humankind. I have opened the way for human beings, who had become the children of the adulterer Satan, the enemy of love, and who have lived as slaves to false love, false life and false lineage, to be reborn and resurrected into the true lineage of God, the source of true love. In other words, I have opened wide the path for people to reach full spiritual maturity as individuals and to establish true families, true clans, true peoples, true nations and a true world through leading lives of true love.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we make our way in the world, we find that, inevitably, many connections and relationships influence our lives. Most of these connections come about as a result of the choices we make and the circumstances in which we find ourselves. We make relationships that can be changed or erased through our own effort whenever we like.

On the other hand, heavenly relationships, which God bequeaths to us from the moment of our birth, lie outside the realm of choice. These fundamental and inescapable relationships are based on connections of blood. Even though you may dislike your parents or siblings, for example, you cannot change them by choice or vote them out of office. This is because they are connected to you through ties of blood. Once you are born into the family with the surname Kim, you have to live forever as part of the lineage of the Kim family.

What is the reason humankind has yet to escape from the snare of sin? It is because people are born with the false lineage of Satan. Yet that inheritance is not an innate blood connection that Heaven bestows in accordance with the providential Will and purpose. It is not based upon the Principle. Rather, it is a connection that came about in violation of the Principle. It was brought about by human error.

Restoration through the cross-cultural marriage Blessing

Although human beings have been reduced to the position of orphans who have lost their parents through the Fall, the fundamental relationship endowed by Heaven remains intact: God is our Parent and we are His children. As a result of the Fall, human beings became ignorant beings, as if living in a vegetative state, unable to recognize their own Parent even though He is right there within them and beside them.

Therefore, all people, regardless of who they may be, belong to the fallen lineage. All people without exception must be born again through changing their lineage. This is the only way we can be restored into the originally intended blood relationship that God has bequeathed to us.

Furthermore, the best way to restore people to the position of children of God through changing their lineage is through the cross-cultural marriage Blessing. This is a revolutionary happening, creating the heavenly lineage on a whole new level transcending the walls of race, culture, nationality and religion. It is an act that severs all links of enmity. It is the sacred rite of the change of lineage through which all can be re-created through the True Parents. They are the King and Queen of Peace, the manifestations of God in substance, who enable Him to exercise His providence in the present world.

Beloved ambassadors for peace, place your hand to your chest and ponder this question quietly in your heart: Is there any other way to deliver this world from the wars and antagonism we see around us? Is there a way more certain to create one global family, where there is no hatred between family members, than through cross-cultural marriages between enemy clans or, going one step further, between enemy nations?

Ladies and gentlemen, you each stand in the position of leaders representing the 1.2 million ambassadors for peace around the world who are spearheading the revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven. You are Heaven’s emissaries who must fulfill the dual missions of the “peace kingdom police force” and “peace kingdom corps,” which are responsible for ensuring the peace and happiness of humankind in the future. Therefore, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus and Muhammad, as well as hundreds of generations of your ancestors, have mobilized to watch your every move. Your mission is now as plain as can be. First and foremost, you need to declare to every member of your clan and to all your acquaintances that the world has now entered the revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven, the era for the establishment of God’s kingdom, which I call Cheon II Guk. You are responsible to educate them about the providence God is carrying out on the global level in this era, centering on the True Parents.

Furthermore, you must teach them without fail that the cross-cultural marriage Blessing is the ultimate means to establish the peaceful, ideal world here on earth and guide the people of your families and clans, and the Korean people, to join the holy ranks of those who receive the cross-cultural marriage Blessing.

A revolutionary new era

Ladies and gentlemen, it is truly regrettable that you cannot sense with your own eyes this precious revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven. It has never been seen before and will never again be repeated. The reason for this is that you are relying only on your five physical senses. I hope that you will open your five spiritual senses as quickly as possible so that you may clearly perceive how the providence of Heaven is unfolding in this era. You live in the era of heavenly fortune, which you have received without giving anything on your part. Yet please bear in mind that the providential timetable, which proceeds according to an absolute standard, will not wait for you indefinitely.

Now the time has come for you to unite into one as the representatives of the ambassadors for peace who have preserved the spirit of the Korean people and the pride of the “white-clad race.” There is no time to waste. What does it matter whether your name is Kim or Pak? Is there any reason for Gyeongsang Province and Jeolla Province not to harmoniously unite? The pro-Seoul Korean Residents’ Union in Japan (Mindan) and the pro-Pyongyang General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chochongryon) each have their roots in the same Korean Peninsula. What of South and North Korea? Aren’t we all brothers and sisters, sharing a common lineage? At this time, we have to bear in mind that we are descendants of the “white-clad race” and of Heaven. We have been raised to establish the lofty ideal of advancing the welfare of humankind, and we are the kinsfolk of a people called, selected and anointed by God to stand at the forefront of building the peace kingdom in this, the revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven.

We need to seek out and establish “God’s kingdom and His righteousness,” for it is everyone’s ultimate destination to live in a nation that serves and attends God as its center. What is meant by “God’s kingdom”? It signifies the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world. It is a nation that resembles the form of a model true family with three generations living together in harmony, trusting, respecting and supporting one another and becoming one in love. In short, it is the nation that humanity has longed for throughout the ages, the utopia where God is sovereign.

Then what is meant by “His righteousness”? It signifies the heavenly way and heavenly rule. Each of us on earth has been commanded to pass judgment, with the heavenly authority of true love, upon this evil world that suffers under scheming, treacherous regimes. It is our duty to establish the ideal, peaceful world of true love, a liberated, free world based on justice and truth.

The role of ambassadors for peace in building the ideal world After all, humanity is meant to become one family. The remarkable advances of modern science are contributing greatly to making this world one global village. The time has come to establish the beautiful kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world, where whites and blacks, and Orientals and Westerners, live together in harmony as one great family.

During this time of transition, the Universal Peace Federation and the Mongolian Peoples’ Federation for World Peace that I have founded will play important roles. The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) will now stand in the Abel position to the existing United Nations. It will not be an arena of competition such as that which exists between the member nations and departments of the UN. Instead, it will carry out a historic revolution for the peace and welfare of humanity on a global and universal level. Unlike the UN, which focuses on slogans and outward appearances, UPF will work on a more fundamental and substantial level to fulfill a messianic mission that is genuinely beneficial to humankind.

Peace-loving ambassadors for peace, the Mongolian race, making up 74 percent of the world’s population, is the largest racial group in the world. We have to inspire all five billion of them and generate a climate of true love on this planet.

You and I were born on the Korean Peninsula; we share the same cultural background. You are the peace ambassadors and special envoys of Heaven who are conveying my teachings and educating others to establish exemplary families through true love, true life and true lineage. You, who have become ambassadors for peace, must now go forward with the conviction and dignity of a prophet who comes with Heaven’s truth, having no fear of the path of death. Go out as Heaven’s special envoys, and God will certainly grant you eternal life.

The Mongolian birthmark, which we all have in common, is not merely a physical mark of the Mongolian race. It is the mark given long ago by Heaven to the ancestors of Korea, the Dong Yi tribes, to function as the sign by which the True Parents would inspire and unite all humanity with the arrival of the revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven. Furthermore, the Korean race, standing at the center of the Mongolian peoples, are the chosen people who stand at the forefront of the 6.5 billion people of the world and who must fulfill their mission to pass on True Parents’ tradition on their behalf.

Please do not forget that the peaceful, ideal world, which God envisioned at the time of creation, and which He desired when He created humankind, is now being built right before your eyes. If this is not a miracle, then what is? All around the world, the couples that were joined in cross-cultural marriage Blessings are putting down the roots of God’s true love. The new heavenly lineage is bearing fruit. The day draws near when this beautiful earth will become the original garden of Eden, where we will enjoy everlasting peace and happiness. Surely innumerable generations of our descendants will shout, “Hallelujah for God’s kingdom of Cheon II Guk!”

May the great blessings and the grace of God be with you, your families and the Korean people.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

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