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"My husband and I have forgiven the unforgivable and, for the sake of humanity, loved enemies unlovable ... No matter how unjust the persecution we receive, we do not blame anyone, rather we love them. When we overcame ordeals in this manner, blessings that we could not even imagine took place." True Mother

Crown of Glory (Poem written by Rev. Moon when he was 16 years old)


When I doubt people, I feel pain.
When I judge people, it is unbearable.
When I hate people,
there is no value to my existence.

Yet if I believe, I am deceived.
If I love, I am betrayed.
Suffering and grieving tonight,
my head in my hands
Am I wrong?

Yes, I am wrong.
Even though we are deceived, still believe.
Though we are betrayed, still forgive.
Love completely even those who hate you.

Wipe your tears away,
and welcome with a smile
Those who know nothing but deceit
And those who betray without regret.

Oh Master! The pain of loving!
Look at my hands.
Place your hand on my chest.
My heart is bursting, such agony!

But when I loved those
who acted against me
I brought victory.
If you have done the same thing,
I will give you the crown of glory.

Sun Myung Moon
(Written when he was 16 years old)


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"To bring a world of peace, I have spent my life going to the most lowly and secluded places. I met mothers in Africa who could only watch helplessly as their children died of hunger, and I met fathers in South America who lived by a river full of fish but couldn’t support their families by fishing. At first, all I did was simply share my food, but they granted me their love in return. Intoxicated with the power of love I went on to plant seeds and cultivate forests. Together we caught fish to feed hungry children, and these trees were used to build schools. I was happy even as mosquitoes bit me all over as I fished all through the night. Even when I was sinking knee-deep into mud, I was happy because I could see the shadows of despair disappear from the faces of my neighbors."

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Whats so special about the Divine Principle?

Presented by Rev. Dr. Michael Hendrich, Sr.
Transcribed by Airenae Culvy

Prayer is the most important thing to prepare for a learning like this. So, I know I've been praying for this, and I assume you have as well. I believe in the outreach, witnessing and education, the prayer needs to happen before you hit the ground to actually do what you are going to do. That is my belief and philosophy. So, I feel like we are ready. We are armed with prayer and ready to start our program. Because we prayed ahead of time. We prayed yesterday for what we are doing today. I think that is the best in my experience. Aju. So, that is kind of a footnote to the prayer right there.

Alright, so what we want to talk about tonight is:

'What Is So Special About The Divine Principle?'

There are a lot of people young and old; and, in our Movement especially younger people in our Movement who have been thinking that maybe the Divine Principle is not really that big of a deal. It's not important. It is not really valuable to their life. It is just another theology like so many others. Somebody came up with it; and, it's just one choice in the market place of ideas and religions. Religion's kind of funny anyway. Who needs it? So, I think this is the place to start.

One of the reasons that we have this kind of situation is that times have changed; and, in my father's lifetime and before that, many generations, when you had a difficulty in your life, with your marriage, with your family, with your finances, with your teenagers, whatever it was, you went to find the highest building in town, which was the steeple of the church. You talked to the pastor, the priest, the rabbi, the imam; because, they were considered the wisest, most knowledgeable, educated, informed people in town. They were the experts.


Things have changed now; and, people, you know, they recognize that spiritual people, they understand the Bible, they understand their scriptures but people are thinking that maybe real, solid practical, useful wisdom is better found in the hands of psychologists. Maybe beaurocrats, maybe some science, science in general seems to have the answer to everything. If it doesn't have the answer now it will; because wait long enough. It's the new god in terms of answers. It has provided lots of answers, really useful stuff. So, it's good; but, it's put the spiritual leader way down at the bottom of the stack for many people, including many people in our own movement, unfortunately.

Another contributing factor to this or the contributing factor to this is that, when agnostic or scientific-minded people try to figure out answers and solutions and ways of dealing with life, when they looked at the God solution, what they found was a 2,000-year-old explanation about God, you know, the Old Testament God. And it was just so unsatisfying to them. They just couldn't find any meat in it. So, most philosophers and social scientists have tended to kinda push that aside because they can't work with it. So, they tried to come up with answers to our situations without God. That is what most philosophers and social scientists do.

caption: (the weight of) WHAT WE KNOW vs. BELIEFS

And this stress (focus) also affects the religious world; because, in the religious world, we have a situation where they get affected by that stress (the tendency to think that science is the answer for everything). But, they also have a situation where, with us older members who went around the block, we found out that what they know is relatively light and what they believe is relatively heavy. There's a lot of beliefs. You can believe anything you want. We have some beliefs ourselves in the Unification Church.

You know, if you're a Christian, you belief that Jesus died on the cross and that is a ransom for your sins. You can be forgiven for that. That's a belief. I believe that; but actually, we cannot really verify it or confirm it. So, it's a belief. It's not something we can really know. Maybe when we go to the spirit world, when we go to Heaven, we can find out for sure. We'll be able to know that. But, for a lot of us, including myself, after going around the block a few times and when we found the Unification Church, we found out that the situation was opposite. It was stunning for us, right?

We found out that with the Principle, rational, deductive thinking together with the new explanation of the Bible and so on, and the embracing of science, we found out that our beliefs were relatively light compared with what we could know rationally, logically, deductively was relatively heavy. And that was like 'Woe!'

I remember when I went to my first workshop, not workshop really just the lecture of the evening program, hearing the Principle of Creation. The presentation was kind of simple and disappointing; but, when I heard the Fall of Man, I said, "Woe, nobody has this. You know, I've been around the block. Nobody has this. Not as clear as we had it." So, it was refreshing and stimulating.

So, we are different in this sense. And Divine Principle is not just another theology on the street. It is actually a world view that logically, rationally and, together with science, explains reality in all its aspects. So, it is not really fair to call it just some theology, another perspective just the same as any other (to consider). It is really not that kind of thing.

So, for those of us who are still thinking, "Well, you know, I don't know about this spiritual, religious stuff. Science is really the answer giver. If it doesn't have the answer, it will eventually; so, you know, it's become our god. But, in reality if we step back and look at it, we have cell phones, we have tablets and we have self-driving cars but we really don't even know how to resolve the conflict, the war that goes on with each one of us, within each one of us, between selfishness and unselfishness. We have no idea how to deal with that. Science has not helped us at all. Psychologists haven't helped us at all. They are not even on the track. The problem is, we don't even recognize it as a problem outside of the religious world. So, of course, nobody is trying to solve it. Not really.

In the religious world we call it the war between good and evil, right? If I was in front of a live audience, face to face with you, I would ask you, "How many of you feel that you are evil, that you have evil pumping through your veins?" Well, it's a little hard for me. I grew up Catholic and became a Protestant, a searcher and became a Moonie and all that. I understand evil pumping through my veins; but you know, 'evil,' is such a dark word. It's so hard. So, I find that it is a lot easier to embrace the concept of 'selfishness' vs. 'unselfishness.' I mean, you know, selfishness in its many manifestations and expressions is almost synonymous with evil when you get down to the bottom line of defining it here and there.

So, but the outside world, like I said, it does not even recognize that we have this struggle going on inside of us. They just figure, "It's the way we are. It's just human nature." And the religious people who do recognize that we have this struggle between good and evil, or selfishness and unselfishness inside our self, what have we done? Most religious people have just given up, surrendered to it. "Well, it's my earthly life. It's my earthly body; and, some day when I die and go to Heaven, it will be gone. Jesus will take it away or whatever. We just throw it on him. But, that is not the answer. You know, that, that's what too many religious people are doing with it; and, God is the One Who suffers for it.

Then, there are people who've defined that actually it is just normal. So, for example, like Carl Marx. He looked around everywhere and he saw nothing but conflict everywhere in everything; and so, he decided, "Hey, conflict, that is the way everything is made; so, bring it on." Art revolution, violent revolution in everything; but, (it is) because he did not know the Divine Principle.

And then there is somebody like Sigmund Freud. He looked around and saw sexuality everywhere, in everything, most of it perverse probably or whatever; but so, he just thought, "Oh that is normal; so, let's promote it. Let's encourage it. Let's not try to manage it. Let's just bring it on." So only with the Divine Principle are we going to get some useful, practical perspective about this conflict within each one of us between selfishness and unselfishness. It doesn't give us the detailed, practical answers exactly what to do, but it points us in the right direction as to how we need to address this problem within our self or selfishness and unselfishness. You won't find that anywhere else, nowhere. You have to go around the block and find out.

So, we have cell phone, tablets and self-driving cars; but, we don't know how to find lasting happiness. Do we? Science isn't helping us. Psychologists aren't really helping us. They don't even have a clue. They are not even on the road to having a clue how to solve the problem of lasting happiness. I mean, I used to work with a big company as financial advisor. I worked with people who had hundreds of millions of dollars. They could buy anything they wanted and did. And I'm happy for it. I like to see a situation where people could have all the money they want. I like that; but, the point is that they could not buy (lasting) happiness. All they could buy was stuff, which is good. But, happiness, you just can't buy it.

How many of you heard the news stories, even today about people killing for no reason at all. A teenager I was reading about today got killed by a friend of his who wanted his cell phone, thought he should have it. And a group of friends (so-called) ganged up on him and killed him. I heard a news story a while back about a man who was sitting with his wife and children watching television; and, he pulled out his gun and shot his wife and shot his children right in front of him. When the police took him down to the station, they asked him, "Why did you do this?" And he said, "I was bored ... I was bored."

So, you know, we have a real problem finding lasting happiness. And a big reason for that is because we don't really have a clear understanding about how life is supposed to work. So, we are just lost like a boat without a rudder, you know. If I have trouble with my car and I bring it to a mechanic and he looks under the hood and says, "Ya, it's not running right." If he doesn't know how it is supposed to work, he can't fix it." But, the Divine Principle gives us a general idea of how human beings and humanity are supposed to work. It is extremely powerful to have even a vague vision of how we are supposed to work; because then we can fix it. It is extremely powerful. We don't really appreciate that aspect of the Principle enough. It's very, very important.

We have cell phone, tablets and self-driving cars, but we don't know God's Heart, do we?

You know, children want to believe that their parent is always happy, always joyful, always carefree. Religious people think God is just unbothered by this world. He is carefree. He is sitting on a beach somewhere sipping Martinis. He can't be involved or affected by this ugly, dirty, icky old world that we live in. He's God. How could He be bothered by all this stuff, He's God? But Rev. Moon found out that God is very much connected, right? and to each one and to all of us and He Feels our situation. He's broken hearted. He crushed. He's just in tears, sort of speak, over the situation we are in. We can't seem to find happiness. We can't seem to find the love that will bring that happiness.

It's a mess. And God feels it all; but, you won't find that (conclusion) anywhere. You can go around the block ten times ... You won't find that Islam. You won't find that in Buddhism. You won't find that in Muslim. You won't find that in Christianity. You won't find that in Judaism. You won't find that anywhere except, only, through Father Moon and Mother Moon, the Divine Principle and True Parents. That is the only place you can find God's Heart; and, that has huge consequences for our lives.

And, not only that, but God 'needs' something. Father Moon explains that God needs something. What does He need. No, He doesn't need love. He has all the love in the universe. In a sense, He does need love; but, in another sense, He has it all. But what He really need is a PARTNER for that love, so that God can EXPERIENCE His Love ... so that He can experience it among us. And it is a huge thing. And who is that partner of love? It is specially you and me. This is huge.

How many people are getting a divorce or committing suicide every day, because they don't see this value in their life. This is a huge thing. The Principle brings this to us. The True Parents bring this to us. You can't find this anywhere, not anywhere else. So, it is another reason we need to be studying the Principle.

We have cell phones, tablets and self-driving cars, but we don't have any idea how to unite our mind and body. You know, we've been working on this for thousands of years. We've tried everything. We've tried self discipline, self sacrifice, yoga, meditation, everything. None of it is getting us where we are trying to go; and, the people who have been investing the most effort for thousands in trying to resolve this conflict of lack of mind/body unity are people like this (captioned skin-and-bones religious man) who basically deny everything about their humanity. They deny their passion, their dreams, their hopes, their ambitions, money, wife, children, sex, love, everything. They just basically deny their humanity; and, this is just completely NOT what God had in mind in terms of mind/body unity.

Father said that mind/body unity is critical, right? ... in our development for perfection. But this is not what God had in mind unity. In fact, what Father has taught us, and what we are going to go over tomorrow is how we can achieve mind/body unity. What was Father talking about. In reality, it is 180 degrees opposite of this. With the mind/body unity that Father is bringing with the Principle, it actually enables us to maximize our humanity, maximize our potential and our expressiveness as human beings, not minimize it like the old model has shown us, 180 degrees opposite. So, we are going to look more into that tomorrow when we look at that part of our presentation.

We have cell phones, tablets and self-driving cars, but we don't even know what it means to be a human being. You know, we have men trying to be women, women trying to be men, marry anybody you want and ah ... you know... it's just ... And the thing is, being a human beings, we're trying everything under the sun; but, being a human being without fallen nature, that's a huge thing. Only the Divine Principle is talking about that. Only the Principle can give you a clear vision or perspective on being human without fallen nature. True Parents can show you the Example of that and Jesus (Air's added note: As the direct-image Christ, The 2nd Coming of Jesus, all the more True Parents can help us see how Jesus is the Example of that as an individual man). It's a remarkable thing.

We have no idea. We think that nature has all the same rights as we do, of course; and, we are no different than a tree or a mosquito, ya know. I worked in Wyoming for a time and, part of that time, I worked around the city of Laramie. There is a college there in Laramie; and, it is surrounded by lots of open space. I mean, Laramie is in the middle of nowhere, if you ever wonder where the middle of nowhere is, it's there. And on this campus, they wanted to build a new building, on the edge of this campus ... for the children of God, right? And, one person objected to that ... had a lot of guts, I think ... I respect him for that. He said, "Well, you can't build a building on that piece of land. There are edible mushrooms growing on that piece of land. And I thought, "Wah ..." And if any of you have studied any biology in high school or college, you know that mushrooms are basically fungus. So, we have fungus growing on this piece of ground; and I mean, is it going extinct? Is it on the endangered species list? I mean, can we move that fungus over here to another piece of land and build these buildings for these human beings, these children of God.

Well, I believe in (the value) of nature. I believe in caring for the creation more than we have already. I believe in environmentalism; but you know what, they didn't build that building. Gotta give way to those mushrooms, man ... I mean, you know, we need to get some perspective on the value of human beings as God's sons and daughters and not that we are (okay) to abuse the creation at all; (but) I mean that we have a place here too. And this can just get to be ludicrous ... So, we need to study the Principle so we can understand our value as sons and daughters of God. It's the best place to find that out.

We have cell phones, tablets and self-driving cars, but we don't even know why we are here. Nope. The best explanation we have been able to come up with so far is that somehow way back when ... There's two theories, one was that there are these two thermal vents there at the bottom of the deep parts of the ocean and the heat from the earth comes up into the deep part of the water and with the minerals and so on, somehow, the heat must have made riboclinaic acid out of it. (Air's note: ribonucleic acid: any of a class of single-stranded nucleic acid molecules of ribose and uracil, found chiefly in the cytoplasm of cells and in certain viruses; important in protein synthesis and in the transmission of genetic information transcribed from DNA. Compare messenger RNA, ribosomal RNA, transfer RNA.) And all of a sudden there became DNA and light and life.

And the other explanation that we have come up with is that somehow way back when, lightening came down and hit a swamp and that reaction also must have ended up causing the creation of ribonucleic acid, which became life. I'm sorry, you know, I'm sorry. This is way beyond the faith of any believer I know. You know, this is crazy. It's about the craziest ideas you can think of. The fact is that nobody has any idea where life comes from. We have no idea how life came to be. With all of our know-how and all of our technology and our amazing ability, we can't even make one living cell. We have no idea. The fact is that life came only from and can only come from life. We have no idea whatsoever that life can come from anything but life. We have no evidence of it whatsoever.

I was privileged to see an amazing Ted Talks show one time; and, there was a brilliant doctor on there who was talking about conception, human conception. And he talked and showed how the sperm and the egg come together and then the chromosomes divide, two becomes four, eight becomes sixteen and so on and so on. And this brilliant doctor, physicist or biochemist ... I forget what his major was; but, he really knew his stuff. He said, you know, it is so far beyond our imagining ... We cannot even begin to comprehend, he said, begin to comprehend how in the world you can put all the instructions needed to create you in a strand of chromosome like that, every instruction needed to create every tooth in your head, every hair on your head, every eyelash in your eyelid, every cell in your body, everything about you, every instruction, everything in the strand of chromosome. I can't even see it. He said, 'It is just mind-boggling. We can't even begin to understand how to do that.

You know, science is great. it is probably going to show us proof of the existence of God very soon; and, God Bless 'em for all that. But without a perspective that incorporates God into the equation, the scientific community is not only kind of lost but going to rapidly go down a path that we don't really want to go down; because, the capabilities are coming; and, we're going to talk about this in our lectures, about how we're going to really going to destroy ourselves. We are really going to mess up the purpose of our life if people who are not Principled people keep running the show. It's critical that people who know and understand and live the Principle in their lives, need to be the ones to guide science in the future; or, we are in a heap of trouble.

So, we need to study the Principle. It's that that valuable. Here's a little example. This formation (captioned ... circular with ray-type shapes coming out from center) was spotted many times at the bottom of the ocean. People thought, 'What is that? It must be something from UFO's. It must be UFO's, the symmetry, the geometry in it all. So, some scuba divers went down there; and, instead of snapping a picture of it, they decided to run a film, a time-lapsed footage of this thing. They found out that it is created by a little creature called the puffer fish. He swims back and forth in this little wheel here and creates all these little ridges with perfect symmetry; and, the point is that there is some geometry in nature. We're going to see more evidence of this tomorrow. But, where does it come from, you know. Does this little bumper fish know geometry. Does he know the angles, how to create this kind of thing?

Even the agnostic kind of people, they don't want to say 'G' 'o' 'd,' but they have to admit, they know that there is something there beyond random, accidental mutation. They know it. They just refuse to allow themselves to say the 'G' 'o' 'd' word. (However) we (all) need to study Principle, because we need to guide science and give science the way to bring us to come into oneness with God. It is critical. It is very, very, critical and important. Older theologies just are not there. There just not there.

We have cell phones, tablets and self-driving cars, but we don't know how to love, do we? Nope. We don't know how to love; and, the scientists and psychologists, they are working on this very, very hard. Give them credit. And there are many people out there writing great books and having great love: Craig Bair and the Pope and Rick Warren and Joel Olstein and so many others. There are great people out there who understand profoundly about love. But you know, the most profound things you can read about love and witness about love come from our True Parents. Just read Their Words, read True Father's Words, read Mother's Words, there is nothing like it. The thing about this subject is, again, we're talking about love with the fallen nature filtered out. That is something novel and unique that the world has been desperately hungry for.

When you leave the fallen nature in there because you don't recognize it, or don't know what to do with it, don't have the tool box that that Father gave us to deal with it, then with the fallen nature in there, you can never create the kind of love that is going to satisfy and fulfill us and realize our dreams. It's impossible. So, that's why we need to study the Principle. it is not going to answer all of our detailed questions. It's not going to give us everything we need. As Father said, 'We can't learn love in school.' But, it gives us the basic direction, the compass of where to go without the fallen nature, to create the kind of love that God and True Parents and all of us are desperate to have.

And the other thing I wanted to say about this too is that, when it comes to love, Jesus and True Parents are the King;' because it is one thing to have great love and, (as ) the Dali Lama, say all these things that show it, but only Jesus and True Parents, only The Messiah have these things (fully where) They are virtually killing Themselves to save every human being on the planet, and whoever lived before and in the future. I mean, nobody is doing that. The Pope doesn't live like that, the Dali Lama doesn't live like that, Rick Warren doesn't live like that. Only The Messiah (Parent Personage) is killing Themselves to save and love everybody (with true love) no matter what.

We have cell phones, tablets and self-driving cars, but we don't know how to care. Even in our Unification Church, do we really care? I don't know. Do we really care about the people across the street, that they might go to hell and suffer in hell when they go to the spirit world because we did not share the Principle and True Parents with them. Do we really care? Don't lie to me ...

Do we really care about the Providence of God? Easy to say. I don't know. We live in a generation where caring ... Today, this morning I was driving around and I saw a bumper sticker on a car this morning. It said, "Nobody cares about you." That's very inspiring. I saw a bumper sticker a long time ago on a truck here in Denver that said, "You must have mistaken me for somebody who cares. We don't care. We don't have the heart of caring. We need to research, find out the heart of caring, of caring.

We pretend to care; but, do we really care. We need to study the Principle so that we can capture the heart of caring, what it really means.

We have cell phones, tablets and self-driving cars, but we don't know how to make a marriage last, do we? Even in our Unification Church, we have a few broken Blessings, right? more than a few, we have lots. We should only have a few. It's a real problem. And, you know, not that we are any worse than other people. It is an epidemic problem everywhere; but, we should be doing much better at making marriages last, based on True Parents' Teaching and Example to us of how to love and how to live for the sake of others to be happy. We have to get over this stuff.

It's not a matter of making a marriage last in terms of persevering in faith. This is happening in many Blessings in our church. I see it. (For example people saying) I believe in the Blessing and I don't believe in divorce; so, I'm just going to sit here and suffer. You know? People living this kind of life. Then they wonder why their kids run away; and, they don't want to get Blessed. No surprise, right? Huh, so, you know, that's not the idea of the Blessing. You know? Go through the ceremony, put the ring on your finger, drink the holy wine and persevere until you die. That's not the idea of the Blessing whatsoever, right. But a lot of families doing these kind of things.

We need to find what the Blessing is all about. How many times did Father talk to us about romance, passion, love, skinship, you know? Hugging and kissing in front of your kids, not because you want to impress them but because you feel like it. You know? Don't our kids want to see mom and dad love each other? Sometimes our cultural murrays get in the way of love shining out. If our children really felt the joy and love and the passion and the romance of their parents, they'd be running to us. 'When can I get Blessed?' Right? It's a very different situation. It is not as simple as that. I know there are other complicating factors; but, it's a big one. It's a big factor. We show them the kind of life and marriage and happiness and properity and everything that they want. Of course, we have to live a sacrificial life; but of course, you can only go so far with that ... If they saw the happiness, happiness in their parents ... and we should be the happiest people in the world, they would want what we have. Everybody is looking for happiness.

We have cell phones, tablets and self-driving cars, but we don't know how to make a world of peace. Why do we keep doing this? We're slaughtering people. We just keep on doing it. For why? For what reason? (For what good) Craziness. In World War I, 17 million people died. Numbers are very hard right now, for me. It's a very problematic thing to talk about numbers; because, we live in a world of megabites and gigabites ... and terabites ... so, what's 17 million. World War II, I looked it up again recently. Eighty million people died in World War II. Eighty million. A hundred million people in those two wars; but, we just keep on going, keep on slaughtering people. For what?

Is the United Nations the answer? No! Father told us what the answer is. The answer is within us. Within myself. I have to become a person of peace, a person of Principle, a marriage of peace, a family of peace, which becomes a society of peace, which becomes a culture of peace, which becomes a nation and a world of peace. That is the only way to peace. Talking is worthless. It is not getting us anywhere. So, we have to study the Principle and we have to become the Principle, not just believe it, but practice it, and not only practice it but become it. Then we can hope to see a world of peace. The Principle, where else can you get that? Nowhere.

We have cell phones, tablets and self-driving cars, but we don't know how to prepare for our eternal life. I know that people outside of our faith community, our church, our community, our culture are not preparing for their eternal life. People outside of religion are certainly not preparing for eternal life. My parents, sitting around for fifty years, watching TV, the same game shows they watched for the last how many decades. You know? Nothing has changed in their lives. Certainly, they are wasting their life. As we know, the purpose of our life is to prepare for our eternal spiritual life. They're not doing it.

How many of us in the Unification Church are also kind of wasting our lives to some extent? I mean, we know what we should be doing; but, so many of us are just kind of thinking, "Well, Father's doing it (Mother's doing it); and, we are like cheerleaders with a popup, 'Go for it!.' you know, 'Yeah, Father in the spirit world, Mother here, build that Kingdom! Aju!' It's not going to get us very far. It's not going to do much for us in the spirit world.

You know, Dae Mo Nim told us that there are many seriously resentful people in the spirit world and many of them were devout religious, spiritual people in their physical lives. And when I heard that, I though, "Woe ..." Because I try to be that kind of person. She said, you know, "They did everything that their religion told them to do. They went to confession, they went to Baptism, they said their rosaries, they didn't eat meat on Friday, they did their wish papers and their keung bays, they did their conditions and their ancestor liberation, and they thought, "When I go to the spirit world, I'm going to be at Jesus' feet, I'm going to be at True Parents' feet, I'm going to be at God's right hand. But, Dae Mo Nim said that many people who lived that kind of life and went to the spirit world, found themselves very far away from God, very far away , some people (even) in hell. Father warned us about this. It is a transformation of our hearts. It's not practices and rituals and conditions. You know, when you go to spirit world, nobody's going to to ask you how much money you gave to the ... to the church and how many years you spent on EPA ... Nobody cares ... nobody is going to care about that (in the love reality spirit world). It's all about love. How much did you love? That's what it is all about, very simple.

So, you know, we have to look at ourselves. How much am I preparing for my eternal spiritual life, or am I just a spectator on the sidelines. You know there are a lots of things that we need the Principle for. The world for all their knowledge and science and psychology and everything like that, but we don't know what is good, we don't know what is true. My truth, your truth, it's all relative. We don't know a lot of things. We just take it for granted because we never did know these things; and, we just take it for granted. And we all suffer from it.


So, the next thing I would talk about is why, therefore, do we need to continue studying the Divine Principle. Some of us have been around for a long time, decades. "We heard the Principle. We went to Mr. Sudo's workshop. We heard it, you know, 35 years ago. We read the book. We sat in workshop. We heard it. Why do I have to study it some more for? I know it." Well, the problem is that our boats are kind of stuck on a reef because we learned the Principle deeply enough to accept the conclusion that Rev. Moon and Mrs. Moon are the Messiah, and, you know, building the Kingdom of Heaven. We accept that. We accepted that; but, we didn't understand the Principle deeply enough to know how to live a happy life ... living it. And so, we became trapped by the truth, enslaved by the truth, imprisoned by the truth in some cases. And this is a horrible thing; because, we got all wrapped up in the mechanics of our faith.

We do conditions. We do Cain and Abel, we observe that, we understand that in our portion of responsibility. We're doing conditions. We're doing all the things that we're supposed to do; but, many people don't feel like they're really growing, really going anywhere in their faith. Some of us older members who have been around. We heard the Principle. We knew the Principle. Why should we keep studying it? Because some of us became stuck. We became so busy with the mechanics, the mechanisms of our faith that we lost sight of the goal. What's this over here? (in the caption there is a stuck ship and in the horizon, a beautiful sunrise) What's this over here? This sun way over here in the horizon. That's the goal, the destination of this shipwreck here on the reef, the beach, the sandbar.

CAPTION: ship stuck on the beach and it says: P. O. R. (portion of responsibility) campaigns; discipline; Cain-Abel offerings; give and take, conditions, sacrifice - all referring to the 'mechanics' of our faithlife)

What's the goal? The goal is to embody the love of God between us and God and us and each other. That's the goal, right? It's not the mechanics, the mechanisms. But for some of us, we're so busy living the mechanisms that we forgot about the goal, where we're going in our faith. So, we need to go back sometime, dig down into the Principle again and be reminded where we're going with this thing. It's not just the mechanics or the tools. God Bless Father for giving them to us, but it is not the goal. It's the method for getting to the goal.

So, I want to talk about three areas in conclusion. It's where the rubber meets the road in terms of living a Principled life. There are three (there are probably more areas, but I just want to touch on three areas) where we have to live the Principle in order to realize this goal. And one of them is 'growing our love', growing! our love. So, we grow our love through give and take action. You heard about that, right? So, what is it? Give and take centered upon what? Well, when I ask that question, most people say that it is give and take centered upon God. Okay. What does that mean, give and take centered upon God? What does that mean? Is that give and take thinking about God while you are having give and take. Is that give and take for God while you are having give and take? Is that keeping God in mind or is it give and take centered on the four-position foundation, the three-object purpose, yin and yang? What is it? It becomes very ... ah, ya know ... irrelevant to our life. Just a mind game.

But when you really dig into Father's Words and dig and dig and digh and find out what Father is actually saying. He doesn't say give and take centered upon God, not very often. What He is really saying most of the time (you can check it out in the Cheon Seung Gyeong ) He's not talking about give and take centered upon upon The Principle and God, but give and take centered upon God's Love. God's Love. the center of give and take. It's a huge thing. It's completely different. How simple. How joy evoking. How fulfilling. Give and take centered upon the Love of God. That's what Father is teaching us over and over and over and over again. You can see His Words. It's not just give and take centered upon God. So we need to dig back into the Principle and find that.

Okay, so here's a quote from Father about this. He said:

Then, what is necessary for the realization of an ideal family? It is neither man nor woman alone... It is represented by the union of a husband and wife, and the relationship of parents and children with the 'love of God' at the center. Therefore, we reach the conclusion that God's Will is the union of a husband and wife, perfecting a family centered on God's love. (Blessed Family - 298)

Very, very powerful.

Now, another thing we have to go back and look at, where the rubber meets the road and living a life of Principle, being a Principled person is to think about the life elements that we need to receive from God, right? We generate vitality elements by our good actions, living a life for others, and so on; but, sometimes, for a lot of us as you may have noticed, two people can be doing the same vitality element activities but they're receiving a very different amount of life elements.

I know people who read Hoon Dok Hae three and four hours a day and don't feel anything, you know? They're not growing and wonder why they don't feel the life elements coming into them from their efforts and their lifestyle. Why do we sometimes not receive the life elements we should be receiving that are generating with how we live our life? Well, in my opinion, one of the big reasons I think we don't is because we don't know myself. Sometimes we don't know myself. Sometimes we look at ourselves and we think, 'Oh, I'm like this. I'm really something. I'm so altruistic and mission-orientated and Principled and giving ... And the problem is that sometimes we think we are like 'this' (caption is a man dressed scruffly looking at himself in the mirror as a man dressed all decked out) but, in reality, we are really not as much like that as we think we are.

What I am trying to say is that every one of us is soaked to the bone marrow with self-centeredness. It's so subtle. It's so subtle. We don't see it many times. We think we've been around the block for thirty or forty years and ... but, we can still find out ways that we need to work on ourself. We didn't see it before ... God doesn't show us everything at once; but, there's so many subtle ways that we express self-centeredness and we don't see it. It's so hard to see it. We don't see it in ourselves. We see it in other people; but, we don't see it in ourselves. Your husband or wife will help you. They will help you. My wife shows me many times how self-centered this German, hard-headed guy is. Sometimes people have to suffer. Sometimes people get hurt; but sometimes it takes a long time to realize who I really am, what I'm really like. I don't see it.

I was in Cheong Pyeong for two and a half years until recently; and, I (see now) that there was a time when I realized that I was annoying every human being I came into contact with. And I thought, 'What in the world is going on with you? Why are you annoying everybody?' And so I tried to listen extra carefully with more than one ear as to what I was saying and why I was annoying everybody that I met and driving them away. And I realized, when I listened to myself that I was always talking about myself. And I thought, 'Man, are you so lonely and unappreciated that you have to talk about yourself? But I couldn't see it. I didn't see it. You'd think I'd be aware of these things by now. Anyway, my point is simply that I think we really need to weed out the subtle forms of self-centerness that are deep within us that we don't even see; because, it's robbing us of the life elements that we should be experiencing from God. I really believe that it is just choking them off; and, we just don't realize why it is that we're not getting more power out of the virtuous life that we're trying to live.

And the last point I want to make in where the rubber meets the road in living a Principled life, that really affects our happiness and fulfillment is getting rid of our fallen nature, right. We've got to get rid of our fallen nature. How do we do that? One of the big mechanisms, Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel, right. Cain and Abel. So, what does Cain have to do?

Cain, he has to: receive God's Word through Abel; humble himself to Abel; he has to multiply goodness through Abel ...

Come on, it's not that mechanical. It's not that mechanical. What do we have to do? What's it all about? We have to learn to see God in one another. We have to learn to love one another. If you do that, you are doing the mechanism of Cain and Abel. Loving one another. Seeing God in one another. How many of us remember having a team leader when we were out and we couldn't ... Maybe the team leader was an idiot; but, we experienced God through that person. Because we put God in the equation and we tried to see God working through that person. Father said that our Abel person could be a tree stump or Satan himself or a rock. It doesn't make any difference. It's how we are seeing God in the other person and loving the other person. That's what it's all about. If we get so caught up in the mechanisms of our faith, we lose the point. The point is so simple. The point is simple. Love. Loving one another. That's where we're trying to go with this whole thing.

So, these are the reasons why I think we need to reconsider or understand the value and importance of Principle in our lives, why we need to study and re-study it and dig more deeply into it. We got these things from Father and Mother Moon. They are just incredible Champions. There is nobody like Them in the history of the world, except Jesus. And you know, we don't appreciate Them enough. Absolutely not. I don't think any of us do. I'm sure They would agree with that. He (Jesus) would agree with that. There isn't any question about that.

Here is something Father said one time, He said: (I gotta read this because it's backwards on my screen here, so ...)

"No one has known how God has suffered in His Heart. Now, through God's appearances in history and the revelations I have received in my profound mission--and which I have shared with you---you do know. Without this, you would never have known. This is a remarable fact. Even Jesus did not fully know this, and even if he had he could not have spoken about what was in his heart. No religious leader has known the hidden secrets of the universe. I have come so that the secrets of the universe could be revealed in the course of history, before the world for the first time." CSG p. 141 (1991.2.17)

So, thank God for the tool box that Father gave us. He showed us how to deal with all these things, how to deal with our fallen nature. It's mind-boggling; but, we have to remember that the tool is not the destination. It's not where we're going. We have to master those tools. We have to use them well in our life and really become the Principle in our life. The tools are not our destination.




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