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The Victorious Gospel of True Parents

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Cheong Pyeong (Hyo Jeong Cheonwon)

"The Path of Life for All Humankind"

Today the world is lost in great confusion and cries out in agony. We face endless conflict as individuals, in our families, in our nations and in the world. As individuals, we are confronted with inner turmoil between our mind and body. Our families are plagued with the moral decadence of our young people and the breakdown of family-centered traditions. Historical rivalries lead to distrust and even war among our nations, fanning the embers of uncertainty and hopelessness in the world. The solution to all these problems lies in experiencing an ideal love relationship with God.

Parents and Children

The Divine Principle of the Unification Church teaches that energy is produced when a subject and object become one. In a family, parents hold the position of the subject partner and children hold the position of object partner. Once they reciprocate in a relationship of love, they become one entity -- a true family. This entity then becomes a new object, which can enter into unity with a larger subject. If God is that subject, then the parent-child unity becomes one with God. We can also say that when a perfect subject-object relationship is formed with God, centering on His ideal of love, God and humankind can exist in total oneness. When the realm of love between God and humanity becomes a reality, the light of love will shine throughout the universe as bright and constant as the sun.

Not only is each person a life-connecting entity in whom the lives of both parents are brought together as one, but we are also partners in our parents' love. We are one with their love. Furthermore, we are one with their ideals, including happiness and peace.

Each person is connected to the lifeline, love-line and ideal-line of their parents, and no one can sever these lines. Even God cannot sever them, nor can the universe. In fact all the forces of the universe work together to safeguard these lines. This is because the parents are the cause and the children are the result. The parents and children are one, centering on love. Cause and effect become one to form a substantial realm of love. This is a principle of the universe.

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Moving from Personal Salvation to Family Salvation

Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing

All people are fallen due to original sin, and it is True Parents' fundamental mission to save them. The centerpiece of this mission is the providence of the marriage Blessing, which eradicates original sin and fallen lineage. The marriage Blessing is the ceremony through which the evil lineage stained by Satan, is converted to the lineage of goodness rooted in God. It is the important ceremony that restores the order of love with God at the center, and eradicates the disordered love engendered by Satan through the Fall. The providence of the marriage Blessing, under the auspices of the True Parents, is the starting point for realizing the ideal of one family under God.

The reparation to receive the Blessing of marriage is perhaps best done by using thetools Jesus gave us to liberate ourselves from Satan. Jesus taught us The 3 Great Human Virtues for the fallen world to use to liberate us from Satan.

“Love, Forgive & Repent"

Jesus' teachings placed us perfectly at the foot of The Tree of Life. He opened the door to the 1st blessing of individual perfection.

This lifestyle should be pursued by both the man and woman preparing to be blessed in marriage.

It is best if blessing candidates be admired by all people as people of good character. Additionally, they must fulfill basic requirements, such as maintaining purity, receiving education, fasting and offering devotions. True Parents have also said that a couple should commit to one another only after obtaining parental consent.

Originally, if Adam and Eve had reached the perfection stage of the 1st Blessing in the Garden of Eden, they would have received the marriage Blessing from God. However, due to the Fall, the marriage Blessing centered on God was not realized. Therefore, God had to work through 4,000 years of history to raise up the Israelites, to whom He sent the Messiah. He intended to give the marriage Blessing at the time of Jesus. Unfortunately we had to wait until the present day for the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb”

Rev Sun Myung Moon, as a young 15 year old praying on a Korean mountain-top on Easter morning in 1935, was asked by Jesus,to take on the mission of bringing God's 2nd Blessing, the Blessing of Marriage, to humankind. After a long difficult road, he and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon were victorious in assuming the mantle as the True Parents of Humankind.

In 1960 True Parents opened the new chapter in the history of human salvation through the marriage Blessing. The marriage Blessing is of great significance, because it replaces Satan's lineage with God's, and recovers the order of love rooted in God. The Blessing benefits society by offering the opportunity for people to enter into cross-cultural marriages, which contribute to the realization of one world under God by breaking down barriers between nations, races and religions.

The marriage Blessing ceremonies began with 3 couples on April 16,1960. Then the 36 Couples, 72 Couples, 124 Couples and 430 Couples were blessed on the tribal and national levels. Through the next several ceremonies, including the Blessings of 777 Couples, 1,800 Couples, 2,075 Couples and 6,000 Couples, the holy marriage Blessing became an international event. At the 6,500 Couples Blessing, largely between Korean and Japanese spouses, for the first time the majority of the couples were international. From the time of the 30,000 Couples Blessing, the Blessing expanded to a global scale, with the inclusion of simultaneous international satellite Blessing ceremonies.

Hand in hand with the marriage Blessing, True Parents carried out the pure love movement and the true family movement on an extensive scale. These seek to offer fundamental solutions to the global problems of youth immorality and family breakdown. The ideal world of creation can be realized only when the pure love tradition sets the standard for the order of love among young people and then expands to transcend religion, nation and race. In other words, God's Will can be realized when the marriage Blessing expands, gains popularity and takes root.

True Parents have made it clear that blessed families need to be concerned about and live for their tribe, their people, their nation and the world before their own family. When a blessed husband and wife honor each other as the person who stands in the position of God, they set the example for those around them. As such, blessed families are to take the lead in the restoration of their tribe, their nation, the world, and all of heaven and earth. They need to live together experiencing the love of brothers and sisters. They are to establish the tradition of community life through which all people can live together and love one another, transcendent of nation, race and religion.

True Parents said that through the marriage Blessing, we need to establish the traditions of true husband and wife, true parents, true children and true siblings, with true love at the center. They particularly emphasized that true love incorporates the rights of inheritance, equal status and shared participation. So the ideal of the kingdom of heaven can be realized when people inherit the tradition of the true love of God.


True Parents at Madison Sq Garden

A Celebration with True Parents

True Parents' Advent and the Era of True Parents

Adam and Eve, the first human ancestors, should have obeyed God's commandment, "Do not eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil," and safely passed through the growing period. Had they done so, they would have become perfected human beings, then received the marriage Blessing as the first husband and wife and become the good ancestors of humankind.

However, Adam and Eve were unable to overcome Satan's temptation. While they were still in the growing period before they reached individual perfection, specifically at the completion level of the growth stage, they ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil and committed the original sin. In doing so, they defiled God's lineage. As a result, Adam and Eve could not become the good human ancestors. Instead they begat evil descendants, who formed fallen families, fallen tribes, fallen societies, fallen nations and the fallen world. This brought about hell on earth and in heaven. This was something that God never intended.

To save fallen humanity, God sent Jesus as the Messiah to the Jewish people, whom He had chosen and prepared for 4,000 years. Jesus was God's only begotten Son and the Messiah, who was to fulfill the mission of the Second Adam. If the Jewish people had believed in Jesus and united with him, he would have chosen a woman from among them as the Second Eve to be his Bride. Together they would have received the marriage Blessing and become the first God-centered husband and wife and the True Parents of humankind. Thus they would have fulfilled the work of the providence of human salvation.

Jesus came as the Messiah, and his true significance was that he was the Second Adam. When his path was blocked midway due to the disbelief of the chosen people, God had to carry out the dispensation to send the Messiah again, this time as the Third Adam. The 2,000-year history of Christianity was a providence of spiritual salvation. The resurrected Jesus and the Holy Spirit led this providence by performing the work of rebirth. This work laid the foundation upon which humankind would welcome the Third Adam, the Messiah at the Second Advent.

The Returning Messiah will not descend from the sky; as in the time of Jesus, he will be born of a woman as a baby who is God's only begotten Son. Just as the Jews were meant to attend Jesus, Christians are meant to believe in and attend the Messiah at the Second Advent. The returning Messiah needs to uncover and clarify every detail behind how the first human ancestors came to commit the original sin. In so doing, he must reveal the identity of Satan and remove the root of sin. Then, the returning Messiah must prevail over the realms of the spirit world in a life and death struggle and finally bring Satan to voluntary submission. Based on this accomplishment, he must be recognized by countless leaders and founders of religious traditions as the returning Messiah, the True Father.

Moreover, the Messiah at the Second Advent needs to find the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, God's begotten Daughter who has been prepared as the fruit of the providence of salvation. When he receives her as his Bride, God's Will finally can take root on earth.

What has just been described is how, through the Messiah at the Second Advent, God will fulfill the providence of inaugurating the True Parents. For this purpose God enabled two people to be born on earth. Sun Myung Moon is the True Father; he is the Messiah at the Second Advent and the Third Adam. Hak Ja Han is the True Mother; she comes as the Bride of the Messiah at the Second Advent, the Third Eve and the embodiment of the Holy Spirit.

They were both born in Korea, a country with a long history, whose people have maintained its rich culture and traditions. The country's founding principle encompasses heaven and earth, "Benefit all humankind and transform the world with principles." It is a country that has long cherished peace, and its suffering people have revered God.

True Father was born on the 6th day of the 1st lunar month in 1920, in Jeongju, North Pyeongan Province. God raised him through his childhood and youth for His special providence. Then, at Easter time, when he was 15 years old, Jesus appeared to him and urged him to accept God's call to inherit the mission of the Lord at the Second Advent. For the next 12 years, he set out on a bloody path of suffering to clarify the truth. Finally he discovered the Principle of Creation, the Human Fall and the root of sin, human beings' portion of responsibility, and the principles underlying the providence of restoration through indemnity. He also unraveled the tangled course of the history of the providence of salvation.

God sent the Returning Lord as the central figure of the providence of restoration through indemnity. At the same time, He also conducted the providence to restore the Third Eve, who is to come as the spouse of the Returning Lord. Around the time of True Father's birth, a spiritual awakening began in Korea. True Mother’s father and mother also joined and became part of that movement.

True Mother was born on the 6th day of the 1st lunar month in 1943, at the home of her maternal grandparents' in Anju, South Pyeongan Province. True Mother grew up in a family with three successive generations of only daughters—her grandmother Jo Won-mo; her mother Hong Soon-ae (Daemonim), and True Mother—a family that believed that the Returning Lord would be born on earth. Spiritual recognition of True Mother included a blessing on her when she was just six years old, that she would become Heavens Bride. That blessing was given by the mother of Rev. Heo Ho-bin, of the Inside the Womb Church.

Shortly after Korea recovered its independence on August 15,1945, it was divided into North and South. True Father began his public ministry centered on Christianity in South Korea. Because of the disbelief of the prepared spiritual groups, True Father had to go to Pyongyang in North Korea, where he continued to witness. There, however, due to false accusations of the communist party and the jealousy of the established Christian churches, he was sent to prison. True Father ended up going twice through an indescribable path of suffering. Nevertheless, he was able to establish a victorious foundation of restoration through indemnity, both spiritually and physically, by the time he was released from the Heungnam Labor Camp during the Korean War.

Thereafter he headed south and finally, on May 1,1954, founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity in Seoul. In the year in which True Father reached the age of 33, he set the condition to indemnify Jesus' suffering life of 33 years. On that foundation, True Father made a new beginning with an Abel-type religious organization to carry the providence on behalf of Christianity.

After the founding of the Holy Spirit Association, many Christian believers who heard the words of the Principle that True Father introduced were moved and flocked to him. However, other Christian denominations felt threatened and redoubled their efforts to persecute him. Their false accusations even caused him to be imprisoned again. Despite these troubles, his followers came to have even firmer faith in True Father as the Messiah at the Second Advent. Their faith enabled him to set and fulfill the condition for success in bringing the providence of restoration to the completion level of the growth stage.

Hence, on April 11, 1960, 14 years after he began his public ministry following the liberation of Korea, he finally received his Bride. She was True Mother, whom God had specially raised and prepared to be the embodiment of the Holy Spirit while protecting her and keeping her separated from evil. On that day the Holy Wedding of the True Parents was held, which instituted the marriage Blessing. With it, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb foretold in Chapter 19 of the Book of Revelation finally took place. That prophecy denoted the Holy Wedding of the Messiah at the Second Advent, when he would receive his prepared Bride, the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, and they would become the True Husband and True Wife.

That historic day opened the gate to the realization of the ideal of creation that God, the Creator of heaven and earth, had cherished since the very beginning. It ushered in the day when Adam and Eve, as originally envisioned at the time of Creation, could be manifested as True Parents. Finally, it became possible for humankind to receive the grace of rebirth, by which they can completely be rid of original sin.

In 1994, after True Parents had worked for 40 years with the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity to bring unity and restore through indemnity all the conditions necessary to bring Satan to submission, they founded the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification to continue in its place.

Through the Family Federation, True Parents are proclaiming that the ideal world as originally intended at the time of creation will be built through the expansion throughout the world of ideal families, centered on the True Parents, who have come to earth as the true ancestors of humankind.

Through the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship, which was held on January 13, 2001, and the Cheon Jeong Gung Entrance Ceremony and Coronation of True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and on Earth, held on June 13, 2006, True Parents dissolved God’s bitter sorrow by restoring His sovereignty over the cosmos. In this way they laid the foundation for the kingdom of God to take firm root on earth. Finally they established the 13th day of the 1st month by the heavenly calendar, in 2013, as the Foundation Day of the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity (Cheon II Guk).

In the final reporting prayer of his earthly life, 21 days before his Holy Ascension on the 17th day of the 7th month by the heavenly calendar (September 3) in 2012, True Father declared that the providence of salvation had been concluded. He instructed all blessed members to take on the mission of tribal messiahs who can represent their nations, and he proclaimed, "Everything is finished."

As True Father and True Mother together, True Parents perfected the dual characteristics of the incorporeal God in corporeal form. They are the models that humanity needs to emulate and learn from, by studying their lives, their teachings, the traditions they established and their achievements. True Parents are the original root. They are absolute, unique, without precedent, and they will never come again. True Parents' light will forever illuminate the world with the truth and love of God.

God's Beloved Son and Daughter

Throughout history, until now, both Heaven and humanity have yearned for One Center, God. For thousands of years in the history of the providence of restoration unspeakable pain and tears have been shed to restore humanity. Two thousand years ago through the Israeli nation, God sent Jesus Christ and wanted to complete the Providence of Salvation. Heaven worked so hard but with all of its efforts it ended with sorrow and pain and Jesus said 'I will come again.'

All history has been preparing to receive the Second Coming. However they did not know Heaven's eternal Providence and they did not understand who God is. That is why in the history of Christianity, even Communism could emerge from the Christian cultural sphere... Think about it. From Heaven's viewpoint, how painful it was? However, the history of God's Providence marched forward.

At this time Korea faces its greatest crisis. Korea was not known around the world, however, Heaven selected this nation and The Messiah, Son and Daughter were born in this nation. In the world the people who are in the position of leaders, find it is difficult to go to the lowest levels of society.

Think about it, the King of Kings, The Savior, The Lord of The Second Coming came on the foundation of the Christian sphere but Christians did not welcome Them. I am sure you are aware of this. Even though they walked this suffering path, They determined to realize the Will of God.

When you look at the world in 1970 after WWII, America was the representative nation of democracy and moving the world at that time. However, even for them there was a great challenge. On their banknotes they wrote 'In God we trust'. This was a nation ready to serve and follow God but... in the 70s they were facing the crisis of Communism and teenage problems, ideological problems... and the breakdown of the family. However, no one could stand and solve these problems at that time.

Rev. Moon left Korea behind and went all the way to America and said, 'I came as a doctor to treat the ailment of America and like a fireman to put out a huge fire in America'... What does this mean?

For 2,000 years Christianity has been prepared and if this nation and Christianity had helped, the Providence of Salvation would not have been so painful.

From 2006 True Father began to move all the nations to declare that the international highway was needed... Going from major nations and cities of America; True Mother even lectured in Africa from the Cape of Good Hope going through Europe, Asia all way to Korean Peninsula... In Alaska, at the Bering Strait... True Father spoke of a highway across the Bering Strait and through the Korean Peninsula... This is a vision that Rev. Moon gave us. This is historic...

In history today when we look at the strong nations, powerful nations, they all think they are the center and they look after their national interest first... However, the True Parents think of Heaven and how we can all gather together to become one because True Parents are opening the way for all of us to communicate and become one family under God.

One hundred years ago in India there was a person who wrote a poem praising Korea saying that name will become the shining light of Asia. Today when we look at the Korean economy, it is not the light of Asia... The 'Light' symbolizes the Word, the Truth, the Teachings of True Parents. It is this Word and Truth that can stand before all of Asia and this world.

Celebrating A Special Life

An Overview of True Father's Seong-Hwa

1945 - 2012 The Life of Rev Moon (True Father)
and the Fulfillment of True Parents

Saturday November 9, 2013
Los Angeles, California
by Rev. Young Hwi Kim

The Blessing

Realizing the Dream of One Human Family

Where Do We Go from Here?

p> "When you go to the spirit world you will go to different levels of the spirit world based on your life. We must liquidate all entanglements incurred on earth. If you don't clean up things while you are on earth, it will take a much longer time through your descendants.

The creation is very important. Buddhist monks understand this. Through the creation you can understand the Principle. I'm teaching everything that is correct. If you don't follow it you will have difficulty in the spirit world. Computers are remarkable, however the spiritual world is infinitely more complex and with greater speed and much vaster ability than any computer.

Because Adam and Eve fell True Parents had to be established to restore this. Then True Parents had to establish three generations for completion. You must all have three generations that are blessed before heaven. We must experience True Love on earth to be balanced in the spirit world. There is a protocol and way of tradition before the king. You must know and understand this so that you can relate properly in the Kingdom of Heaven. Our own family is the place where we must build the Kingdom of Heaven. Unless we can do this we cannot go toward the Kingdom of Heaven.

We must build an ideal family. We must inherit three Kingships. All family members should be living together. We have to love God more than we love anyone else. We cultivate our conscience and our heart. We are struggling to bring unity of our mind and body. Our body is pulling our mind. Our mind should lead our body. If we live for ourselves we will go to hell. If we live for the sake of others we will go to the heavenly realm. We must bring unity between the mind and body. Because of the fall our mind and body struggle. God doesn't want to see this. That's why True Parents must teach us the way to unify our mind and body. Then we must practice it and through this our conscience will develop and push us to change ourselves.

When I was young I did all kinds of things to change myself. Depending on the relationship between our mind and body we will be living in heaven or hell. There is constant struggle. We must overcome this. We must have a life of true love and true lineage. The reason we have religion is to subjugate our body. It is to bring about the Children of the Kingdom of Heaven. Being engrafted to the True Olive Tree and go to the spirit world our conscience is true. When you are united with your conscience we can meet God. When we call upon God, he will appear. This is the way of the Kingdom of Heaven.

You should understand how precious the sexual organs are. They are the Palace of True Love. This is the place that decides heaven or hell. There is a Principle in the universe. If it is violated then we become like human trash. We can establish the True Family through the blessing and the union of the sexual organs. That's when the blood is mixed.

This Life, Love and Lineage cannot be established by simply kissing or hugging. It must be through the union of man and woman. That is where life begins, where creation begins and where God can dance. This is the way of True Love, True Life and True Lineage. The love relationship between husband and wife is the most precious thing of all. This is where the lineage can start. This is human beings perfection and God's perfection. Father traveled in the spirit world and through sacrifice found the greatest truth of all. That is that the most precious thing is Conjugal Love centered on God's love. Once we are blessed, the union of Man and Woman is no longer horizontal, but it is horizontal and vertical.

The parents become vertical with God and Horizontal to each other and vertical to their children. The man should become very creative at how to move his wife. That is the place where we can move each other and find so much joy. Isn't God watching how we make love as husband and wife. Not only God but the ancestors are there. God wants to experience the deepest joy through the love of husband and wife. Husband and wife should be living in total intoxication with one another. If you do not have this kind of joy then God cannot be happy. This is the beginning point of True Love. This is an eternal asset that we can inherit. When we go to the spirit world we will go as a family unit. God is representing the parent. God, Husband and Wife and Children must go together. We must go through all the cosmos. We can then realize God's ideal of creation.

The Appearance of True Parents

The Story of True Parents


Know the Time

50 Years of Unification Movement in Europe


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  • A thing to concider When Faith is Failing:

    Rev. Moon talked about it with some small groups when I was meeting with him. Remember all those times that he said, "I've said everything that needs to be said." Everything since then was doing things to get the word out to people and spread the blessing. I feel that Mother is focusing on that point...getting Father's words available to everyone.
    by KMC

    Evolution of the
    Blessing Vows
    July 1, 1982 MSG New York:

    Would you pledge to observe Heavenly Law as an original man and woman, and should you fail, pledge to take responsibility for that?

    Would you, as an ideal husband and wife, pledge to establish an eternal family with which God can be happy?

    Would you pledge to inherit Heavenly Tradition and, as the eternal parents of goodness, raise up your children to be examples of this standard before the family and the world?

    Would you pledge to be the center of love before the society, nation, world and universe based upon the Ideal Family?

    2016 Blessing Vows

    Do you pledge,
    as virtuous men and women
    who will complete the original ideal of
    Heavenly Parent's creation,
    to become eternal husband and wife
    to inherit the tradition established
    by the True Parents'
    of Heaven Earth and Humankind
    and to realize Cheon Il Guk
    as Ideal Families, please say yes.