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The Victorious Gospel of True Parents

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    Just recently, after my colonoscopy and cancer diagnosis, I had a second vivid and very real dream, that didn't seem like a dream. I was in a big ballroom or gathering room with Father. He was much younger, like in his 50's and waved to me with his fingers down to come to him.

    Then Father gave me a hug and took my hand. We walked to another smaller room hand in hand. When we went in, we sat on the floor together face to face. He looked me directly in the eyes. He asked, "Why don't you believe in me?" It threw me back for a few minutes to understand after forty years of service, what he asked me that for. I looked at Father and I kind of thought for a minute and told him that "I do believe in you and love and miss you. I think of you all the time of how you suffered in this world."

    Father looked at me and said, "When you see me again, look me directly in the eyes." He smiled slightly. We got up and I wasn't for sure what Father meant by everything. We walked to Father's car and he pulled away. That was the end of the dream. But thinking and praying about it a lot, what I think that Father was saying, not only to me but to everyone, was if we really believe in Father's teaching and understand it, then he wants us to act on it and spread it to the rest of the world. When we do die and go to Spirit World, Father wants us to look him in the eyes and report that we have done our missions and everything that we were meant to do. This is the time of Pentecost and all we have to do is to open our mouths to speak and God's word will come out. But if we don't believe it, then we can't change the world.

    What do we really believe?

    My name is Steve. I live in Kentucky. I worked at the World Mission Center for 13 years as a security guard and I love True Parents and True Family with all of my heart. I had a dream of True Father after his passing. I have never been to Chung Pyung before. After Father's passing, within 2 days, I had a dream of True Father. In my dream, Father was laying in the room in Chung Pyung on a bed. We were all in a big room with cherry wood. We were all sad that Father had passed. But suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Father start to move. I was shocked.

    Father rose up and sat on the bed. I started to yell, "Look! Father is alive!" I and two other black brothers were standing there. Father stood and came to us and we hugged Father and he hugged us back. Then Father went into a big room with couches, a desk and a podium. Papers were scattered on the desk and over the room. Father looked around and asked why everything was in such a big mess. He told us to clean everything up now. He was strongly speaking to us about this. Then Ye Jin Nim came down the
    steps from the next room. I was standing there and she greeted me and hugged me. Mother was standing there, and also many of the leaders. All were happy that Father hadn't passed. I take it that it is time for us to clean up the world.


    Rev Sun Myung Moon
    April 15, 1979

    Through prayer you can receive visions into the future and guide yourself accordingly. You will know what kind of difficulty is coming and how to divert it and overcome. If you know how to steer yourself then you can do big things, and prayer alone can pioneer such a path. It is more important than eating. I go out to nature because it gives me a better environment for prayer, and I love nature for that reason. I love the quiet of midnight. I don't say much about the visions I receive, but if you receive them then don't you think I do too? That kind of new world can only be reached through prayer. In that position you can taste love. This world is desert-like, but the world created through prayer has a climate where love can thrive.