A Time of Pentecost

Two Testimonies:

1. Awesome Report from Church in NC

Please find an amazing report attached and below. (Photos in the attached report.) One AME church in North Carolina had been praying for 52 days, asking God how to expand their church. On the 52nd day, the UC pastor, Martin Kampitch, visited the church and spoke about Nehemiah rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem in 52 day. The AME church saw that as a sign from God that they should open their church to the UC members.

Earlier Pastor Kampitch had driven by the church and left a note asking if the UC could rent the building for their services. The AME pastor, Rev. Godette, called later and offered the building for free. The AME pastor participated in the Foundation Day live video feed, and now the two congregations have combined...!!

The UC pastor concludes, The Christian churches in America need to be led into the Completed Testament and we need the experience and skills of the Christian church."


Tom Cutts

2. Received this from a Regional Director from a sister in Connecticut. Revival is coming this is amazing, a must read!

On Easter I had a spiritual experience that I would like to share with you. Several members of our family went to Sunday service to the baptist church, that Adrian's grandfather had been a deacon in. It is a lovely church community and through the singing a beautiful atmosphere was created. At one point, when I closed my eyes, I saw True Father in front of me. He was so lively, and beaming with happiness. He wore a light beige colored suit, a white shirt and a light colored tie. He was standing very relaxed, putting his weight more on one hip. Then I saw that True Father was holding hands with Jesus, who was standing to his right. True Father was alternating between embracing Jesus with his right arm, or holding his hand. True Father was so blissfully happy. Even he was surprised by the glory and enormity of happiness of the occasion.

Jesus was dressed in a white cotton gown, with with a red and blue stripe going down from the top to the bottom on each side of his neck. I felt very happy and blessed to be there, and thought, what an opportunity to see Jesus' face. Instead of his face though, there was only a rectangular cut piece of wood. Suddenly from inside the wood a big smiling face appeared. Smiling from ear to ear, brimming with happiness, Jesus' face appeared. He was clean shaven, and it was clear, that this is the way he wants to be seen, with a face fulfilled and blissfully happy. If you want to find Jesus, you have to look for him with a smile on his face. Jesus would also love to have himself portrayed that way in images.

It came to me that this Easter is so historic, because this is the first Easter that True Father and Jesus are together in the spiritual world. Jesus ascended on Easter, and he gave his mission to True Father on Easter morning, when True Father was 16 years old. Now True Father completed his mission and reunited with Jesus on this spectacular Easter. A new era has begun. It was then that I saw that True Father and Jesus were standing on a small hill, with millions of millions of people cheering them on. They were all in a beautiful landscape, and True Father and Jesus could be seen by all.

My heart was filled to bursting. It was incredible. I truly experienced Heaven.It was Christianity's official introduction to True Father.My sense was that most of the participants were not sure who that man was who was standing with Jesus, but they knew two things, that True Father made Jesus so happy, as they had never seen him before, and that they themselves experienced a level of heart and love that they had never known was possible. It was their first experience of heaven. This was my first spiritual experience with True Father since he went into the spiritual world. It was so moving. I could not stop my tears.

This could have been the end of the story, but it was not.

In the afternoon, while I was standing at my kitchen sink peeling potatoes for dinner, I was transported to this realm again. Just out of the blue. Again I saw True Father and Jesus. Now it was time for evening entertainment! The event was indoors, and True Father and Jesus were dancing on stage. Again it was the same feeling of heavenly bliss. There is just nothing to describe it.

I was told three things.
Number 1, that this was a real event taking place, not just my own spiritual experience,
Number 2, that I was there as a function of a witness, and
number 3, that there will be other witnesses around the world.

First I understood witness to mean, that I was there witnessing the event. It took me a couple of days {laying sick in bed) to realize that I was supposed to give witness about this event. This is why I am sharing this with you.

God bless you