Happy 54th True Parents Day...from CBG

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Tomorrow is True Parents' Day. As you know, it is the very first of all holy days to be established by our True Parents, and was one of the vital conditions immediately preceding the Holy Wedding in 1960. True Father shared with us many times about the enormous significance of True Parents' Day, not only for humanity, orphaned by the Fall, but also for God, our grieving Heavenly Parent.

Dr. Tyler Hendricks has collected together some readings from the Cheon Seong Gyeong which you may like to use for your Hoon Dok Hwe and other observances tomorrow, and these are attached.

Personally, I feel that this year's True Parents' Day is even more memorable since it is the first holy day that we celebrate after True Father's ascension. Let's spend a moment in prayer and reflection as we support True Mother on what must be a day of many mixed emotions.

One way we can really comfort and encourage True Parents on this special day is by sharing testimonies of renewal and growth.

I want to invite and urge you to take a few moments today and tomorrow to send me your testimonies of renewed Tribal Messiah activity. These could include witnessing efforts, renewed investment in teaching or learning to teach the Divine Principle, home church efforts and more.

Bishop Kim and I expect to have an opportunity to share your testimonies with True Mother in the next week or so.


Dr. Michael Balcomb



selected from Cheon Seong Gyeong

If Adam and Eve had not fallen but instead had fully matured and fulfilled their portion of responsibility, the Kingdom of Heaven would have been established both in the physical and spirit worlds, creating one world based on love - true love. What day would ultimately have been both the first day and the last day? That day would have been True Parents' Day.

The term True Parents means God as the vertical parent and True Parents as the horizontal parents. God, the vertical parent representing the spirit world, and True Parents, the horizontal parents representing the physical world, are united into one. These worlds are united through true love. The core essence of these two worlds is True Parents. You need to be aware that within the True Parents there are vertical parents and horizontal parents. (248-50, 1996.4.28)

I have established Parents' Day, Children's Day, Day of All Things and God's Day. Having gone through the seven-year course in the 1960s, I was able to establish God's Day in 1968 based on the realm of unified heart. Mother also had to go through a seven-year course from the completion level of the growth stage to the completion level of the completion stage. Without doing so, she could not have stood in the same realm of heart as me. Thus, although I married in 1960, it was only after seven years that I established God's Day, on January 1, 1968. This is according to the Principle.

Everyone must undergo a seven-year course, including the blessed couples. There are no exceptions; everyone must go. If Blessed Families are unable to go through this course, they cannot enter heaven. The paradise realm for the Blessed Families of the Unification Church is emerging in the spirit world. This is all logical. (139-311, 1986.1.31)

The one day that God promised in the Last Days is Parents' Day, the day on which we can serve True Parents. It is the day on which the countless numbers of people on earth who lost their parents through the Fall, can welcome back their original Parents who bring God's blessings.

Human beings can only advance towards God with the purpose of restoration, by passing through the gate of the Parents; prior to passing through this gate they cannot have their hearts connected to God. In this age one race cannot communicate with another through the heart; neither can the religions, or one family with another. To enable such communication, we must know and form a connection to God's heart, through the connecting intermediaries, the True Parents. Only after finding the original True Parents can we be connected to God's heart. (11-59, 1961.1.1)

Today, by us celebrating Parents' Day together, ownership has been connected to you horizon-tally, in this era of God's direct dominion, whereas before it moved vertically from all things of the creation to the children. From this place the seven stages of individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos must be completed and connected to the central line. They are all meant to be connected, seven stages of man and the seven stages of woman. (137-270, 1986.1.3)

With the institution of True Parents' Day, the commemorative Days of True Children, True Family, True Nation, True World, True Cosmos, and the liberation of the True God can be connected. You should understand that in any given era nothing can be connected without association with the True Parents' name.

Your eyes yearned to see true parents before anything else. You have no idea how many tears they have shed. Your noses desired to inhale their scent in their embrace. You cannot fathom how they lamented meeting false parents. Your mouths longed to speak their words and suckle their breasts, but instead learned the false words of false parents and set up a false tradition. Your ears longed to hear the words of true parents. Your hands yearned to touch them and to draw them to you, but they were instead shackled by false parents and the enemy, and instead became hands harboring bitter feelings. They became hands of anguish and sorrow that can neither open nor clench at will.

Our bodies and minds should have begun serving true parents forever, and at the same time inherited a tradition that would never allow their division. United, mind and body should have lived deriving satisfaction from their unity and service, but the reality has been that they contained within them the sorrows of history, wretchedness and bitter anguish. They existed without a path of escape from the realm of lamentation. Every inch of the planet Earth also had its hope: to be trodden upon by true parents and children. (268-164, 1995.3.31)

Beginning from Parents' Day, each day must be a declaration for the restoration of the homeland, and every nation under heaven should become one with this traditional starting point. We must fight this kind of fight. That is what was lost. This is Satan's bait. Then who is the person who has established the foundation for this? Everyone, whether he is Satan or anyone else, must say, "Rev. Moon is the greatest!" As the central figure of love, I have inherited the lineage of God, possessing life from the heavenly kingdom - the homeland, the nation of the Second Advent, and the nation of the savior of love. Through that, I could emerge as the true olive tree and establish the Unification Church as a vehicle to lead our members. I have worked together with our members to cut people off from established Christian doctrines and engraft Christianity to the true olive tree. Yet, they noisily protested the graft. They are noisy because their root is being cut away. Isn't that right? Yet if we do not do that, they will perish. (191-263, 1989.6.25)