Dr. Yong,


Recently Father proclaim “Hundok hwanson - completion side – era”
Father said that now is an era of completion.
This is a proclamation, based on Peace messages. Era of Hdh completion. That means that anyone, without exception can become completed human being. In the past it’s not enough, u needed to pay the price, to go through suffering, but this era is finished. That means u can complete ur spiritual body in ur life on Earth. Amazing era we are living!!!!
Anyone without exception, reading 8 great text books, can reach perfection.
This is how much amazing blessing is. Jesus came 2000 years ago in order to proclaim God’s word. Because of the Fall we lost God’s word. Restoration – through God’s word.
Word is God. Word is God’s love. That is why u need to practice HDH tradition no matter what! This is heavenly order!
If u repeat it many times, u will gain more spiritual power - “Hundok hwanson - completion side – era”
We can do many missions, tribal messiah, … but without HDH it has no meaning.
1) Hundok is redemption.
Through HDH we can remove our original sin and our fallen nature.
2)Hdh is my mission. HDH is my responsibility. Because my responsibility is to complete my spiritual body.
3) HDH is God’s love. Do you want to experience God’s love? Yes or no?
If u truly realize that HDH is God’ s love, ( not intellectually but with all ur heart) then all ur realization is over.
4)HDH is my vertical lifeline. HDH is absolute truth, absolute love, absolute sex
Jesus said – I’m the only truth, way and life. And me also: I , Dr, Yong is absolute, truth, life and sex. HDH is my vertical lifeline.
That is why TF proclaimed 8 great text books. How much grace is to us.
That’s why we really need to be grateful to God and our True PARENTS
Hdh is vertical and physical lifeline.
5)HDH is our eternal spiritual food. Our ph body without food dies. The same is our spiritual body.
6)HDH is everything goes well. Whatever u wish, everything can be achieved.
Do you want to get heavenly fortune? HDH is heavenly fortune!
Now is era of God’s direct dominion.
7) One, who is doing HDH is in God’s direct dominion - having eternal prime time. God use u until u die.
Because God is always eternal prime time, so every time u are doing HDH, u are with God.
So much power!!!!!!!!!!!! So much energy!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing impossible.
8) One, who does HDH receives God’s direct dominion. When I ‘m struggling how to guide members, this or that way, I do HDH and God immediately answer.
No need to rely on ur Abel, parents… Rely on HDH! And God will come to you, give direct inspiration to you.
If u have problems with wife, children, that means u don’t do HDH. Coz HDH is God’s direct dominion.
That is why one sec gen – Bengamin, through HDH recievd God’s message: I love u, I love u, I love u...
9) HDH is multiplication. Anyone, who does HDH, automatically multiply to the other. No need to worry for WT, this is a power of HDH. Means WT. HDH is WT.
So don’t worry for WT. If u full of HDH spirit, u can’t control urself, u want to multiply automatically.
10) HDH is cheong song of cheong song
Quickly finish 1 hour, 3 hour and 10 hour DP
HDH IS EVERYHTING. That is why TF now 1/3 of his time or more spend on HDH
11) Family level HDH is family perfection.
When u come back u can receive many trial, people are struggling, But through HDH God talk to you. Through your conscious.
Family level HDH is family perfection.
And then money come to you. 3d blessing is realized once we did 1 and 2d blessing. Otherwise, if God give us that blessing, it will destroy u.
12) Deny urself. It’s me who is doing – no. Let God work.
If we become the holy temple of God, God will do everything. But if we want to do HDH by our power, we become arrogant. Not by my power, but by God’s power.
If u do HDH, money will come to you. So first is individual perfection, then family perfection, then all will come to you.
I was sitting in a diner talking to my friend today. Many people wonder what the value of TC are. My answer... Tamar.

Tamar was not of the physical lineage of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, but she somehow came to understand how important that physical bloodline was to God. As the story played out, we came to see that Tamar became more faithful to the physical blood lineage that God was working through... She had more faith than the people who were physically connected to that blood line.

So she carries out a deception so that the line of Judah would be propagated. She became one of Jesus' ancestors.

Tamar is an example of a non family member having a greater grasp of who the central family members' identity than the central family members them selves.

This is why I desire to respect the fundamental meaning of the existence of True children. There is no greater victory of the womb of all women-dome than the birth of True Children. Whether or not those children have come to the point of understanding who they are in world history...I know they are not only irreplaceable, but they are essential to the restoration of the world.

Any true child who comes to grasp the meaning of their life will probably do greater works than father. Whereas father was the "construction worker generation", they might advance providence in the next way, but with equal mastery and internal quality.