Events Leading to Foundation Day 

1. “True God’s Day, True Parents’ Birthday, Coronation of God’s Kingship” (February 10). 

2. “Cheon Il Guk Standard Matching and Education Program” (for Matching candidates),  Cheon Pyeong Complex, Korea (February 12-14).

3.  Programs for  newly-matched couples,  Cheon Pyeong Complex, Korea (February 16).

4. “Cosmic Blessing Ceremony by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind 2013″ (for new Blessing participants) at Cheongshim Peace World Center, Korea (February 17).

5. “Foundation Day Holy Wine Ceremony” for participants in the “Foundation Day Registration Blessing Ceremony” (to be completed between February 7 and February 21).

Events on Foundation Day

“Holy Wedding of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind” and “Foundation Day Registration Blessing Ceremony” (for all Blessed families worldwide), Cheongshim Peace World Center (February 22).

Preparation for the Cheon Il Guk Standard Matching, February 12-14

The Cheon Il Guk Standard Matching is for individuals 17 to 30 years old (as of the date of the Blessing Ceremony). Eligibility requires absolute purity ( never having kissed, dated or made any exclusive commitment), 100% health, absolute faith in the process and public-minded commitment after the Blessing.

Education requirements are the same as for the Cosmic Blessing on February 17. Additionally, candidates must complete a special one-day preparation seminar in the New York area (or via Internet webcast) on January 5, and an interview with a Blessed Family Ministry representative (in person or via Skype).

Candidates will be responsible to search for their own spouse during the matching ceremony with True Parents’ guidance (based on True Father’s education in March, 2012).

Preparation for the Cosmic Blessing for New Couples on February 17

For unmarried first-generation matched candidates, unmarried second-generation candidates matched by their parents, unmarried candidates qualified for the Cheon Il Guk standard matching, and previously-married couples (including those where one partner is in the spirit world).

All candidates must have completed a purity interview prior to beginning their matching process. Those who had not done so, or need to update their confession and disclosure, should do so with their District Pastor or their appointed Blessed Family Ministry representative.

Candidates must also have completed at least a seven-day level of Divine Principle education or its equivalent and a Level 3 “Start Smart” Blessing workshop. The next Level 3 workshop will be held January 19-21, 2013 (Martin Luther King’s Birthday) at the Bay Area Family Church in San Leandro, CA.

Preparation for Foundation Day Blessing for All Blessed Families on February 22

A family-level jeongseong condition is recommended through daily Hoondokhae and 120 bows for 120 days. Members who are ill, who face physical challenges, who are pregnant or who face other disabilities may consult their local church leader for an alternative method, such as offering 120 standing bows, etc. The condition may also be completed on a committed date following Foundation Day.

A Special Gratitude Offering of $130 per family is requested, payable to HSA-UWC through local churches.

Completion of Divine Principle and/or Original Substance of the Divine Principle  education is also recommended through personal study, workshop(s), online presentations or the “Special Education for Blessed Families Worldwide” workshop that was held from July 16-25, 2012 in Cheongpyeong.

Foundation Day Holy Wine Ceremony and Special Grace

A Foundation Day Holy Wine Ceremony will be held beginning from the fifteenth day before the Foundation Day Blessing Ceremony (February 6, USA time) and until the end of the day before the Foundation Day Blessing Ceremony (February 20, USA time).

The Ceremony should be held at a church registered with the Unification Church National Headquarters and officiated by an officially-appointed leader.

The Foundation Day Holy Wine was produced according to True Parents’ instructions especially for the occasion of Foundation Day. It is being given as a comprehensive special grace for all couples who participate in the Foundation Day Registration Blessing Ceremony.

Participation in Events in Korea

Accommodations in Korea for participants in the Cheon Il Guk Standard Matching on February 12 and Cosmic Blessing for New Couples on February 17 will be arranged through the Blessed Family Ministry.

USA Headquarters will help help make arrangements for lodging and domestic transportation for members attending the Foundation Day Blessing on February 22 . Accommodations in Korea are very limited, therefore expected USA attendance is 500-700 members. Recommended travel dates are Thursday, February 21 arrival and Saturday, February 23 departure.

Sightseeing opportunities may also be provided on Saturday, February 23 to areas related to True Parents’ historical foundation. Further information will be announced.

Participation in Events in the USA

Local programs are encouraged throughout the nation at the same time as the ceremonies in Korea. Live webcasts will be provided for the Cosmic Blessing for New Couples on February 16 (USA time) and the Foundation Day Blessing on February 21 (USA time). Exact schedules will be announced.

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