Family Registration for Foundation Day Blessing

February 22, 2013 (Korea Time)

Completion of this registration form is required for every family intending to participate in the Foundation Day Blessing Ceremony on February 22 (February 21 in the USA).


The Foundation Day Blessing Ceremony is for all Blessed couples worldwide and is different than the February 17 Cosmic Blessing Ceremony for the Blessing of new couples.


1. This form is to be completed as  One registration form Per Blessed Family.


2. Children who have been Blessed should complete a separate form.


3. For single-parent families, choose "Single Parent".


4. For Blessed Children, enter birth date as the date they joined the church.


5. For Blessed Children, enter father's name in place of spiritual parent. Depending on the circumstance, the mother's name may also be written.


6. Your local church pastor will confirm your entry.

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