True Mother
Message given at the WFWP Meeting
Cheon Jeong Gung
Date: January 9, 2013)

You have done great work until now. Well done!.
All those who have spoken before me today have said wonderful things, and I want to say to you once again, let us endeavor to make the year 2020 the best year of your lives, working hard for seven years until the day on which we can dedicate this nation to? Heaven.
Will you do so?
God is truly a God of love. Our True Father also spread his great love globally, covering the world like an umbrella.
And, as one of the speakers said earlier, all of Father’s words and lifetime achievements are like rough stones.
They are uncut gemstones. And I wish to make those gemstones into the best in the world and keep them close to me, and always carry them around so that I can love them. How about you? Don’t you feel the same way?

That is why I am working on this first task of reorganizing and arranging Father’s words, hoping in my heart that they will become gems that you can never separate from yourselves until your time on earth is ended, at which time you will go to the spirit world with those gems embraced in your bosom.
The first stage of that work, the Cheon Seong Gyeong, will be completed and be ready for your eyes before Foundation Day.
The fact, however, is that each of the parts will need a lot of work. In precious stones, there are several different types of expensive jewels.
When the uncut stones are cut and prepared, they are worthy of the highest value. No one can change them. No one can meddle with them.
They are eternal, everlasting. For instance, when Father declared the arrival of the era of women, he spoke a lot of wonderful words, emphasizing the importance of women by saying that, when a life is born, it receives 99.9% from the mother, and that the sperm, the seed, only accounts for 0.001%.
You remember this, don’t you? He used this speech for a long time. I also made several world tours using this speech.

However, how much have you, women in the world, in the Unification Church, and in the families, been appreciated by your children or your husbands?
Have you been appreciated or not? There are some who say they have, but I see that the majority is saying that they have not.
That is because you are silly women who cannot even take what you are due. That is why I want to establish you as women leaders who can fulfill the mission of the mother, which is to continue the lineage of future generations who can actually take what is due them.

And you remember my saying that, after Foundation Day, we will dedicate this nation in the year 2020, which marks the one hundredth birthday of Father, don’t you? I sincerely and earnestly ask that you will all become women leaders who can participate in this enterprise and join the ranks of the loyal, the filial, and the pure.
This task needs to be fulfilled before I go to the spirit world. After all, I am not young, am I?

No one knows when I will pass on, but the fact is that you need to join the ranks of the loyal, the filial and the pure while I am still on earth.
If I am not here, who can praise you for being loyal subjects, filial sons and daughters, or pure spouses? Isn’t that so?
There must be an owner. A king cannot be a king without his subjects. That is why we women need to take the lead in nurturing, giving birth to, and multiplying the citizens of Cheon Il Guk. It is not just this nation. Until all the 7 billion people of the world’s population have been given rebirth, you need to risk your lives and give yourselves completely. That’s where these terms come into play. Do you understand? Will you do that? By the way, does seven years seem like a long time? Does it? The history of the Providence is being carried out rapidly at present.

I don’t know if you have all perceived this, but after the Seong Hwa of Father, many works will be carried out, developed and take root. And after Foundation Day, we will spur ourselves on to move forward all the more quickly. That being the case, would it do for you, members of WFWP Korea, to sit still and do nothing when you have been specially nurtured with love by the True Parents? It won’t do, will it? Therefore, you should think about how you can make people into citizens of Cheon Il Guk, whether you are sleeping or awake or whether you are standing or sitting down, feeling that 24 hours a day is too short a time to do so. You should wonder about how you can become warriors who can dedicate this nation to Heaven, not only in words but also in substance, and accelerate the worldwide Providence. Take the example of the people of Israel, which you know so well. They did not know about the history of God’s Providence or about indemnity.

All they upheld was the fact that they were the chosen people blessed by God, and believed themselves to be the special ones. That is why they could not help but let Jesus go in such a pitiful fashion. And what happened to the people of Israel after that in regard to indemnity?
They became a people who were made to wander around for two thousand years. They became subjects without a nation. Amidst it all, it was the mothers who played the role of maintaining their existence. That was the role of the mothers, not the men. That is why I am emphasizing creating an environment. We members of the first generation failed to fulfill the responsibilities of the parents. The first generation did not fulfill their responsibilities to match the grace and the words of Heaven that they had received and the blessings they were given. They failed to create the environment. This is why many of the second generation have gone astray to the outside world. It has been over fifty years since the history of the Unification Church was first begun in 1960, so I looked for many second generation members to appoint them to many positions, and I felt sorry and regretful upon seeing the result. As parents, you have nothing to say. When we fail to fulfill our responsibilities, then the second generation needs to make indemnification.

You don’t know how that great trouble will be manifested, but it will surely take place.
You may realize this from the history of Israel, but we, too, are in the same position. We will be responsible until we have embraced all the 7 billion people of the world’s population of the satanic world. Responsible! Do you understand? When you fail to fulfill your responsibility, then you have to indemnify it. Try to say this.

It cannot be avoided. If you can’t indemnify it, then your future generations will have to. Because you know this, you are not in a position in which you can say, “I am aged and I hurt here and I hurt there, so I want to rest a little.” Is that clear?
So, what should you do? You should risk your lives. We have a nation to dedicate before Heaven in seven years. It is a small nation. In relation to the world, it is small. But it needs to be united first, and we need to steer this nation in that direction.

That being the case, how important is our role as women? Think about it. Moreover, from now on it will be a time when we need to fulfill the mission of the mother rather than the historical era of the daughter. The mother! You need to give birth to life and nurture it. True Father has built a large house for us and we need to organize it and decorate it to make it look like a home. That is our responsibility.

Most of you are over fifty years of age, aren’t you? I saw that there are some second generation members who are over fifty as well. I’m sure you are all in your thirties or forties or older. How long can you confidently say you are going to live?
Even the development of today’s civilization still cannot guarantee longevity. Though medical facilities have been developed and it is said that all cancers can be cured and that we can live for a long, long time, our environment is such that we don’t even know what might happen to us on the street. Recently, there have been many extreme natural calamities. Isn’t that true? Take Japan, for example. In fact, this is true for many places in the world. We don’t know what may happen to us or when. At any rate, you are truly in a blessed position. When you go to the next world after fulfilling this responsibility, who do you think will be the first person to welcome you in heaven?

“Ah, you have come. You have done great work in serving Mother. I remember you.” If Father says this to you, how wonderful would it be? Don’t you think so? Will you all work with such determination? Then, I don’t have anything more to say.
Thank you. Let us, you and me, go all the way to the end together. Someone earlier described me, but the truth is that, after True Father’s Seong Hwa, I cannot sleep deeply without taking sleeping pills. I believe that is just my nature. If there remains work to be done, with my nature I cannot sleep unless I have seen it to the end and put it in order. Looking upon you today, however, I can begin to think that I am not alone.

I can begin to think that there are workers, my younger sisters, my daughters, who can uphold my will and work with me.
So, if you were to ask what is the one thing that only women can do, the answer is that they can embrace everything. The vessel that is named ‘woman’ can embrace everyone: men, women and children. In particular, it is the name of ‘mother’. This is something that no one can change.
As Father expressed it, the existence of the mother accounts for 99.9999%. No matter how many sperm there are, they are useless.
If they don’t meet an ovum, they cannot fulfill their mission, can they? Every day, I am struck with wonder to think that God has truly loved us women so very much. How about you?

Such precious beings, however, have not been appreciated since the beginning of history. Therefore, we need to find our place through the Word and through our achievements. Do you understand? I hope you will all make this resolution, to embrace all the citizens of Cheon Il Guk in the bosom of us women and to witness to many others.