January 24, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Following is an important announcement from the Unification Church World Mission Headquarters regarding the nomination of Rev. Moon-shik Kim as Regional Itinerant Worker for North America 1 and 2 Regions (United States, Bahamas and Canada). He has been a member of our American leadership team for many years and we look forward to working closely with him in his new capacity.


Dr. Michael Balcomb
Executive Vice President, Unification Church, USA


Moon-shik Kim (UTS’01)

11.29 by the Heavenly Calendar (January 10, 2013)

May God and True Parents’ blessings and love be with all regions, mission nations and providential organizations.

This is to announce the nomination of a Regional Itinerant Worker.

Purpose and goals

  1. To educate members in the regions about True Parents’ tradition and teaching and enhance unity in order to foster revival and growth within the mission nation.

  2. To encourage members in each region, to invest themselves completely, to create a victorious foundation in their family, church, nation and region towards Foundation Day and beyond.


  1. Regional Itinerant Workers shall assist the Regional Advisor with special focus on the education of members in the mission nations of each region.

  2. Regional Itinerant Workers are not involved in day-to-day operations of the region, including but not limited to the areas of personnel, finance and administrative decisions.

  3. Regional Itinerant Workers shall submit a monthly report to the National and International Headquarters.

Regional Itinerant Worker Nominated

Moon-shik Kim has been nominated to the position of Regional Itinerant Worker in North America 1 and 2 on 11.20 by the Heavenly Calendar (January 1, 2013).

Unification Church World Mission Headquarters