Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage


Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon







July 7, 2009

East Garden

Irvington, New York





It is with great pleasure that we present to you to this abridgement of a message given by the Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon on July 7, 2009 to mark the 233rd anniversary of America’s independence. Since Reverend Moon views America as the nation that represents the entire world, he used the occasion to elucidate the direction of world events and on future prospects for peace.

Reverend Moon is not an ordinary minister who focuses only on saving souls; he is also concerned with God’s will as it plays out in the affairs of nations and the world. He advocates reform of the United Nations to bring the higher wisdom of the world’s religions to solve international disputes. He is promoting a Bridge-Tunnel across the Bering Strait to join America and Russia, former enemies, in ties of peaceful commerce.

Reverend Moon has been granted deep insight into human history and the direction of human events. He recognizes that God is unfolding a providence to lead the world into an era of lasting peace. But he is also aware that God’s plans are not fulfilled without the response and cooperative efforts of human beings.  God has given us, His sons and daughters, the privilege and responsibility to be the co-creators of our future. Readers of this booklet will gain new insights into the future direction of humanity, and more importantly, guidance about what we must do to realize the best outcome in these uncertain times.

Central to Reverend Moon’s teaching on world peace is his vision of “One Family under God.” He teaches that it is not enough to live as citizens in a global village; we must join together as one family of humanity transcending race, religion and national borders. It means that we feel in our bones that the people of every nation are our brothers and sisters. This would be possible if we knew that we had the same parent, God. But as a result of the Human Fall, human beings lost their connection to their Heavenly Parent. They separated into warring families, warring clans and so on, where ties of blood became a source of division, not unity. To recover humanity’s original unity, Reverend Moon teaches, we need to re-connect to God’s lineage. When our lineage is of God, then we can readily manifest the divinity within us and recognize the divinity within others. Then no one will be a stranger.

You may find portions of this message difficult to grasp. Please keep in mind that Reverend Moon speaks in Korean, and despite our best efforts, the English translation cannot completely convey his meaning. Where he makes reference to concepts from other speeches or makes a Korean play on words, we have added explanatory footnotes. Despite the difficulty it entails, we believe that if you read this message carefully several times, you will be rewarded with profound insight.

Reverend Moon also makes reference to other publications, notably True Families: Gateway to Heaven, which is well worth reading as a companion to this message.

Our wish is that these words inspire you to draw closer to God and to receive His guidance for your own life.

                                                                                              The Editors

The Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage

Today I will speak to you about where we are in the unfolding history of God’s providence, and what it means for your lives and the lives of your children. What is the time we are living in? You already know that we have left the Era before the Coming of Heaven and have entered the Era after the Coming of Heaven. Now we are approaching the Era of Cain and Abel.

Some of the significant events in this transitional time include: the appointment of Boonbongwang elders to every nation,[1] True Parents’ Golden Wedding Anniversary, the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC), the 110-year benchmark,[2] and the publication of my autobiography. These events have opened the door to a new chapter in history, and we are now entering an important new era.

The World Changes in One Second

Just as we cannot discern the precise moment when day becomes night, and we cannot discern the precise moment when the seasons change from spring to summer, so it is at the change of an era. The environment in which you live does not perceptibly change.

Without the aid of a clock, it is very difficult to tell when one has arrived at midnight and the start of a new day. Yesterday and today continue as though they were the same day, yet at midnight a new day begins. It happens in a single second. In the same way, a new age and a new world has begun, even though we cannot point to the precise moment when the Era before the Coming of Heaven ended and the Era after the Coming of Heaven began.

People tend to believe out of habit that each day is merely a continuation of the previous day. But look at history: when a new age arrives, what happens to the old values that people may have held for tens of thousands of years? No one realizes it at the time, but in that single second a way of life that had persisted for tens of thousands of years is destined to disappear. 

People do not recognize when there is a transition from one age to another. It is the same for transitions in the life of an individual and for transitions in the family. For example, there is a time for parents to be focused on raising sons and daughters, and a time for them to be focused on serving their ancestors. There is a time when the grandfather has the role of a parent, and a time when he stands as a king. There is a time when parents are working things out in their relationship as husband and wife, and a time when sons and daughters are going through the transition to becoming husbands and wives themselves. 

The Era before the Coming of Heaven can be compared to a person exhaling, while the Era after the Coming of Heaven is like a person inhaling. The Era before the Coming of Heaven and the Era after the Coming of Heaven intersect in the time it takes you to blink your eyes. Still, people continue to live without realizing that anything has happened. Do you notice when your eyes are blinking? Do you think about the fact that you are inhaling and exhaling?

The world’s peoples are divided East and West. And just as the North and the South are divided geographically at the Tropic of Cancer (23° north latitude) and the Tropic of Capricorn (23° south latitude), so are the world’s peoples divided North and South. However, because the hemispheres are on opposite sides of the world, most people do not recognize how deep are the divisions between the North and the South and between the East and the West. You must understand this reality.

Within one second, the cosmos[3] could change from the Era before the Coming of Heaven to the Era after the Coming of Heaven. It could likewise change from the Era above Heaven to the Era below Heaven, or from the Era in front of Heaven to the Era behind Heaven. These changes can be represented by the motion of a round ball. In Korean I coined the word won-gu (원구, 圓球), meaning “round ball,” for the title of the Won-gu Peace Cup. Although you may not realize it, the cosmos changed as a result of the Won-gu Peace Cup Cain-Abel Cosmic Tournament. The purpose of the Won-gu tournaments is to unite heaven and earth, which have been divided as a result of the Fall.

We live our lives without realizing that the world can change in a single second. After a man and a woman make love, can you observe any changes in their sexual organs? Even though they may look the same, invisible changes have occurred. Such is what happened at the Fall: the first man and woman changed as the result of their illicit love. In the span of the single second of the Fall, all heaven and earth plummeted down from a level that would not be attained again until New Testament times. Human beings became divided beings, unable to live by absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience.

Today the world is divided between those who use the lunar calendar and those who use the solar calendar. It is one way that the East and the West are divided. How did the first ancestors of humanity come to have descendants who were divided between the East and the West? How did all the separate countries come about? How did people come to be divided into higher and lower classes? How did siblings come to be divided against each other? These questions need to be answered.

The Owner of Peace

Two becoming one: this is the fundamental motive of creation. God was acting from the core of that motive when He created human beings as partners with whom He could become one. But what happened? The Fall occurred. Humanity was to attain one lineage with God as the foundation for establishing His family ideal. But this was not realized. Instead, humanity lost its connection to God.

Life originates from a father and mother, each a distinct substantiation of God’s dual characteristics. By what means do they then become one? Love. People are born from love; their beginning is love. Hence, their purpose must also be for the sake of love. By himself a man cannot give or receive love. That is why he needs a woman. By the same token, a woman needs a man.

I am promoting a philosophy of peace, which teaches that to be an owner of peace, one must first be an owner of lineage.

What is the love of the Alpha and the love of the Omega? What is the love needed as we proceed from the Alpha to the Omega? Love is supposed to grow, but it cannot grow properly unless God’s love is present. Two people may love each other, but if they lose God’s love between them, then in the end they will have nothing to sustain their relationship.

Yet it takes only a crack for air to get in that empty space. It takes only a crack for water to get in. It takes only a crack for sunlight to get in. You need an opening. Otherwise, if you were to stay in an airtight room for an extended period of time, you wouldn’t be able to breathe. Air, water and sunlight are the basic elements of life. If even one of them is missing—if water is missing, for example—life ceases to exist. If air or sunlight is missing, life ceases to exist. Do you think you could live without air, water or light from the sun?

How amazing are the words “One Family under God”! In these words we find God’s lifeline, God’s breath, and God’s rays of sunlight. The roots of spiritual life, the Alpha and Omega, are deeply embedded there. Only when we see it this way can we say, “Wow!” We then will come alive to find our ideal partner of love.

Men and Women Are Inseparable

There cannot be a unified world unless we each find an ideal partner for whom we would not mind to sacrifice everything. There are West Point cadets here, who I believe have been taught to be ready to die for their country. The traditional philosophy of West Point is that a person must be ready to serve his country even at the sacrifice of his love, his family and his clan. But where is that West Point spirit in America today? Are you ready to offer your lives like those West Point cadets? Where can we find such traditional American thought? All we can find is individualism.

The world of individualism will not survive. Not only is individualism doomed, but so is family-ism, nationalism, state-ism, and even world-ism. Even a philosophy that encompasses the world will fall short; the only sure way of survival is the way that transcends the world, which can be termed “cosmos-ism.” The cosmos encompasses all the nations of the world and also the spirit world.

In contrast to individualism, the “ism” of the cosmos is seen in the teamwork and passionate play of the Peace Cup tournament. When individual elements cooperate for a greater purpose, they can encompass the entire cosmos.

There is also a deeper internal meaning of the term “Peace Cup.” It symbolizes a woman’s sexual organ, the receptacle or “cup” that receives a man’s love when a husband and wife become one. The concave and convex parts of man and woman—their sexual organs—are what convey the parents’ lineage to their children. They are so precious! They are the concave and convex parts of God! The concave and convex parts of God are capable of becoming infinitely large or infinitely small.

Refuge from Ever-Changing Fortune

Ladies and gentlemen, what kind of city is Chicago? In Korean, the word “Chicago” sounds like 씩씩하고 [shikshikago], which means, “to be diligent.” While others were fighting, the people of Chicago worked diligently, shedding sweat all year long regardless of the season. They tended to their cattle and farms, and fed the people of the East Coast and the West Coast. But Chicago also became a hotbed of the Mafia, which spread crime everywhere. Therefore, it is not enough for Chicagoans to work diligently, but they must also return their city to God.

Once upon a time, Chicago fed and sustained the East and West Coasts. How was that accomplished? Grain was cheap, so people on the coasts had no problem affording food. One would expect that if the consumers on the East and West Coasts lived well, the farmers in the central part of the country would have lived even better. But instead Chicago became poor. It was left behind, as though given the duty to guard some smelly outhouse.

Do you think the people in Chicago just sat and endured that situation? No! Criminal elements turned to smuggling, while farmers sought profits by selling their food to the Soviet Union and to China. Now, however, because the farmers of Russia and China have learned their methods, America is no longer in the position of the great supplier of grain and meat to the rest of the world. Countries like Brazil and Argentina produce their own meat, so what need do they have of meat from Chicago? Now, the people of Japan and South Korea won’t even buy American beef for fear of mad cow disease.

Recently, the world was threatened by the swine flu epidemic. The swine flu virus mutates and creates new viruses. If a more virulent virus was to appear and spread through the air, millions could die in a short time. So, where can we find a refuge from ever-changing fortune?

The ocean can digest many things; that is why it is so important. The ocean is able to swallow the sewage and debris that pours into it. It could even swallow an entire country, if you were able to drop a country into it. Therefore, the Pacific Rim Era is just this era of refuge.

A Textbook of the Heavenly Way

When it was time for the people of Israel to return to the land of Canaan, God gave Moses His special order, “Go back to the land of your ancestors! Go back to your hometown, to Jerusalem!” Had Moses been able to enter Canaan, he was supposed to gather the thirty-one kings of that area and instruct them to follow the Ten Commandments and revere the Ark of the Covenant. Each of the kings was to understand clearly that if he did not honor the Ark of the Covenant—if he disobeyed the Ten Commandments—then his nation could no longer stand. Moses was to bring the kings—each representing a nation—to unite with him. A mistake on the part of the king of a nation would represent a mistake of that entire nation.

God gave Moses a family-type standard: the deeds of a king and queen, who stood as the father and mother of a nation, would determine the rise or fall of the entire nation. All thirty-one kings of the land were supposed to recognize their responsibility as national leaders and make tens of thousands of bows in front of the Ark of the Covenant as it passed by, in order to repent for the sins of their nations as regards the Ten Commandments. Without proper repentance on the part of the kings representing their nations, their nations could not be allowed to remain. Any group of people that, due to pride and ambition, did not submit to the Ark of the Covenant would cease to exist. Therefore, those nations led by kings who did not submit to the Ark would be scattered.

This shows what was to happen after the Second World War. It was a confrontation between England, America, and France on one side, and Japan, Germany, and Italy on the other. England represented a mother-type nation in relationship to America. What did France represent? France used to be called 불란서 [bul-lan-seo] in Korean, a word which can be interpreted to mean ‘furnace.’ At the time of the Second World War, France was like a furnace full of embers ready to burst into flame at any moment. Japan tried to conquer Asia while opposing the three nations of England, America, and France.

The First World War, the Second World War and the Cold War[4] represent the three stages of formation, growth and completion. The three time-periods in which they were fought represent the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age, and the Completed Testament Age. The purpose of the Three World Wars was to prepare for the settlement of the era of the Fourth Adam. Did you know that was their purpose?

I recently made a textbook which explains the most important things you must know to guide you along life’s course. It is called True Families: Gateway to Heaven. Those of you who are parents should buy copies of this small book for each of your children. If you have twelve children, you should buy twelve copies, one for each child, making a total of thirteen when you include your own book. Then you should educate your children so that all twelve books can be united centering on the parents’ book. Teach them absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. By using this textbook to teach your children, you will raise them to be totally one with God and inseparable from Him.

Suppose you have twelve children. They would each represent one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Also, together they would represent the twelve disciples of Jesus. Standing before his twelve disciples, Jesus represented the number thirteen. However, in Jesus’ day the number thirteen could not be secured. In the end, the twelve disciples, who should have been as loyal to Jesus as sons, instead sold him out. They denied him. They did not protect him from death.

The Ways of Sinful Humanity

Human beings are not aware of their sinful lineage, which caused them to make such a mess of heaven and earth. One example can be seen in the history of the Vikings. They began as hunters, but when they were short of food they became Cain-like and went south to conquer the plains and river valleys. They should have become a people of Heaven, but they could not accept their miserable situation, so they fashioned weapons with which to conquer the land.

Those Viking hunters were like thieves. They liked spilling blood. If four people started out on a hunting expedition in spring, sometimes only one would return in autumn. Do you want to know why? Each man knew some good spots to catch animals such as tigers or wolves, so together they would traverse peaks and valleys in the mountain forests to make their kill. Although they may have been four people when they started out on the expedition, perhaps at some point three of them grew suspicious of the fourth and said, “This fellow is going to steal our skins and run off with them. We had better kill him before he has his chance.” In this way, one person might be killed in spring, another in summer, and a third in autumn. The last person remaining would then take everything for himself. He would take the meat and keep it to survive the winter. Once that hunter returned after a long expedition, he no longer cared about sharing his spoils with his friends, children, uncles, brothers, or relatives.

If a hunting party caught something as large as a moose or a grizzly bear, they had to return early. If they returned from their expedition when it was still spring, they would need to plow the land and plant crops to have enough food for winter, but many hunters did not know how to farm. So instead they would set off again to seek higher mountains, higher domains, and deeper fishing places.

Fishing grounds have no owner. During the Flood Judgment at the time of Noah, although all the land animals suffered, fish were not affected. So what happened when those Vikings went out fishing? They became pirates. Did you know that Sweden and Norway were once pirate bases?

Hunters and pirates are always looking for better weapons to give them greater advantage in hunting and when they go to war. That is why Europeans kept developing ever deadlier firearms, finally inventing the machine gun.

Did you know that a type of machine gun was invented in Czechoslovakia? Many scientific discoveries were made there. What used to be Czechoslovakia is now split into two states: the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in a relationship of Cain and Abel. When Czechs took their guns out on hunting expeditions, they used them both to protect and sometimes to kill their fellow Czech brothers, for instance when two hunters dueled over who made a kill.

Who does the actual hunting? Often, hunters get dogs to do it for them. With their keen sense of smell, dogs can tell when there are wolves, bears or elk nearby. On the plains, hunters can use trained hound dogs to track animals by scent. In the Arctic, however, hunters track their prey by following tracks in the snow. Animal tracks are very important for hunters. In warmer climates, when tracks are less visible, hound dogs can recognize animals by scent and track them.

Some animals that live in water are also hunters, among them alligators and anacondas.  The anaconda is so powerful that it can devour large animals such as deer, boar or even jaguars. The snake’s head stays immobile while it wraps its body around its prey and strangles it. An anaconda emerging from the water to devour a large land animal is a reminder of the Flood Judgment in Noah’s time, when the sea devoured everything on land. I am not engaged in some meaningless discourse. You must heed God’s warnings.

All humans are born from the fallen lineage. Therefore, when people in the world talk about Reverend Moon, they think I also belong to the fallen lineage.  However, this is not true. Because of Eve’s mistake, God had to preserve Adam’s lineage in His bosom until a time when Adam could be recreated.

When God carried out the Flood Judgment,  He spared the sea. What kind of conclusions do you think I came to when thinking about this? Where do you think I started in my reasoning, and what do you think my final conclusions were?

We can even see the results of our fallen lineage in the eyes. Due to the fact that human beings have received Satan’s blood, many people can see better with their left eyes, which represent Cain, than with their right eyes, which represent Abel.

The Environs of East Garden is the Most Blessed Area in New York 

What is the name of the bridge near this East Garden property? It’s called the Tappan Zee Bridge. When we say, “Tappan Zee (태판지 [taepanji])” in Korean, it sounds as though it means, “a great bridge between lands.”[5] “Tappan” also sounds like the Korean word for “Pacific” (태평 [taepyeong]), the ocean which divides East from West. Thus, the Tappan Zee Bridge symbolizes a bridge between East and West.

The most blessed area in New York is the area surrounding East Garden. There are a lot of notable properties in the area, including the birthplaces of famous poets and men of literature. There is a lake and there are places to fish. And it is the best area near New York City to breed deer and other animals. It is abounding with natural springs. Bear Mountain and the Catskills are nearby.

So why did I make a headquarters for fishing in New York? In New York you can catch striped bass even in winter. In New York, you can catch fish during all four seasons, and the fish are plentiful. New York could potentially serve as a place of refuge. One sign of this is that in New York there are zelkova trees, which live long lives. Of all trees, the zelkova tree produces the greatest number of seeds.

In New York you will also find Columbia University. I have a son and a daughter who graduated from Columbia and then went on to get their graduate degrees from Harvard. In two more years, at least twelve of my children and grandchildren will be Harvard graduates. Do you know another family, especially a non-white family, which has sent as many of its members to Harvard within three generations?

Harvard, Yale and Princeton are among the eight universities in the Ivy League. Three generations of the Bush family attended Yale University.  If we multiply three generations by eight universities in the Ivy League, we get twenty-four. Twenty-four universities can move the United States.

Democracy is being destroyed by the current trends in America. Everybody is becoming self-centered individualists. We must return to God-centered idealism. God does not let people do whatever they want.

God may be a demanding King, but His goal is to benefit the world. Satan is the evil king, who uses his control over human affairs to destroy the world. Therefore, the King of Heaven has sought to lift up and protect a family on earth that would take leadership over three generations. This was the Bush family. I prayed that George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush would be elected president because I believed that they were especially prepared by God to lead this country.

I also have a dream of the nations of North and South America forming one hemispheric union, as a stage on the path toward establishing one Abel Nation. I was hoping to see the Bush family make preparations for elections, which should have been held by August 15th, to create such a union. But this did not happen. 

The Land of God’s Homeland

The Israelites were unable to protect Jesus, the Savior, from death. In the United States, which in a religious sense represents the Second Israel, there were people who likewise tried to eliminate me, though I came as the Second Coming of Christ. In the past, the CIA and the KGB were mobilized against me. In order to show the CIA and KGB who I really am, I brought seven thousand Soviet students to the U.S. and taught them the truths that God has taught me.

I believe that nothing is impossible if we put our minds to it. Under the banner of the Abel UN, we can and will establish the one true and ideal family—a family that everyone in the world can become a part of.

There are more than six thousand languages in the world, but in a family only one language is needed. I believe that the best language with which to integrate the world’s languages is the Korean language. The English language needs to be redesigned for computers to be able to recognize and accurately transcribe words and sounds of other languages. But using the consonants in the Korean alphabet—ga, na, da, ra, ma, ba, sa, ah,[6] ja, cha, ka, ta, pa, ha (, , , , , , , , , , , , , )—you can print words used by any language in the world, forwards or backwards. Each letter in the Korean alphabet is an illustration of the shape the vocal organs must assume in order to pronounce the sound represented by that particular letter.

Who were the people of Dongyi (동이족),[7] the ancestors of Korea? They were warriors and skillful archers of the eastern country who won wars using superior military tactics. With thousands of strategies at their disposal, they won every battle. They established the kingdom of Goguryeo, which endured for approximately one thousand years. The spirit of Goguryeo has never died. It is trying to make a comeback in Korea, but China does not want to see Goguryeo reestablished.

Some people used to claim that the world could only be united through the efforts of China and the Soviet Union. However, even if those two nations had worked together, they could not have united the religious realm. The way for China and the Soviet Union to succeed was to become one and act in partnership to serve the religious realm. That is why when I met Mikhail Gorbachev, I urged him, “If you serve God and the religious realm, Moscow will become the center of the kingdom of the unified world.”

However, the kingdom was not established in Moscow or in Beijing. Nor was it established in New York or in Washington, D.C. Where can it be established now? My conclusion is that the only place that remains for the establishment of the kingship centered on God—the fatherland and homeland of God—is none other than my hometown, Jeongju in the North Pyeong-an Province of North Korea. It is True Parents’ homeland. Only through the True Parents can the True God appear. From True Parents there can appear true ancestors, one true people, one true nation and one true world.

Bringing about one united world through engrafting all of humanity onto the true lineage must happen naturally, not by force. Once people know the full value of the Blessing,[8] they will not want to miss out on it. When electing a leader, they would want to vote for a candidate who has been Blessed. People whose lives embody the Divine Principle will win the election every time.

The time will come when people will eagerly listen to what I say and follow my teachings. I will stand at the forefront and proclaim what the nations of the world need to do. If the UN does not listen to me, I’ll say, “See what happens if you ignore me and instead keep fighting amongst yourselves.” The UN currently is at the lowest state of equilibrium—completely ineffective. The Pacific Ocean represents what a healthy state of equilibrium should look like—full of life.

What if, due to global warming, the Pacific Ocean was to rise to its highest possible level? The last island to remain above water would be the island of Hawaii. Do you know the name of the tallest mountain on that island? It is called Mauna Kea. The highest astronomical observatory on the planet can be found on its summit. It is the world’s tallest mountain if you measure its height from the bottom of the ocean. Its peak is about 4,300 meters above mean sea level, but more than 10,000 meters above its base on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. Mt. Everest in the Himalayas is only 8,850 meters above sea level, right? The island Hawaii is like a shoot sprouting from the bottom of the Earth, and its peak is Mauna Kea.

Nearby is Kona, which sounds like “corner.” To me, Hawaii represents the furthest corner of the world. It was in Kona that I established the Hawaii King Garden and Hawaii Queen Garden. Kona produces superior coffee. Do you like coffee? The best product of Kona is its coffee.

It has already been over forty years since I first went to Hawaii. It was in Hawaii that I offered prayers prior to my trip to North Korea, where I would meet Kim Il Sung and overcome him ideologically. While in Hawaii I planned out what I would say to Kim Il Sung.

The name Gorbachev, the leader of the former Soviet Union, sounds like 골고루 좁혀라 [kolgoru jop-hyeora] in Korean, which means “to narrow evenly among all.” So I told him that I am the only one who can actually narrow or widen the world, and urged him to listen to me. Because he did listen to me and allowed religion into the Soviet Union, his nation could be liberated from communism.[9]

The Second World War was a fight between the cultural sphere of Eastern Christianity centered on Soviet Russia and the cultural sphere of Western Christianity. It was a fight between two brothers. The Soviet Union stood in the position of the first son, and Europe, in particular Italy, stood in the position of the second son.[10] The cultural realm of the unified world will stand in the position of the third son. The overall progression of history and all historical events occur in accordance with God’s providence, internally and externally. 

North and South Korea and the Unified Nation

I am a living encyclopedia. I put forth ideas that cannot be found in any encyclopedia. Many of the terms and concepts I have introduced are not in any existing encyclopedia. That is why I prepared the New World Encyclopedia. We have audiotapes of my words that will need to be incorporated into the encyclopedia in the future.

The New World Encyclopedia is needed to create the world of one unified culture. If there were two cultural spheres, there would have to be two encyclopedias. If there were three cultural spheres, there would have to be three encyclopedias. If there were four cultural spheres, there would have to be four encyclopedias each representing a distinct cultural sphere, for example the Soviet cultural sphere,[11] the American cultural sphere, the Islamic cultural sphere and the American Indian cultural sphere.

For the sake of the encyclopedia project, God prepared North and South Korea by allowing English to become the main foreign language in the South, and Russian and Chinese to become the main foreign languages in the North. North Korea relied on support from the Soviet Union and still relies on China. Kim Il Sung inherited everything of Communism, both physically and spiritually, and prepared the foundation on which to challenge the democratic world.

In North Korea, they have now reached the third generation, right? First Kim Il Sung, next Kim Jong Il, and who’s next? At the same time that we held the coronation ceremony in Korea, Kim Jong Il announced who his heir would be: Kim Jung Woon, his youngest son. The Chinese character for Woon () means cloud. Symbolically, this means that he will be floating in the air and unable to land, and that the end of North Korea is near.

If I were to meet and talk with Kim Jung Woon as I did with his grandfather, he would realize that he has nowhere else to turn. If we have the foundation of a UN that can bring lasting peace, I could then say to him, “North and South Korea, in the positions of Cain and Abel, should become one centering on True Parents. If North Korea can unite with True Parents, it can take the position of Abel, and a unified nation can come about through North Korea’s unity with True Parents. So would you like to come into my embrace, or would you prefer to stay in Kim Jong Il’s embrace and in Kim Il Sung’s embrace?” There is no question; he would have to accept my offer.

I could explain things in such a way that the North Koreans could not dispute me. They would have to admit, “We lost. We lost against the teachings of the Old Testament Age, which represents the formation stage. We also lost against the teachings of religions that represent the growth stage.” Although communists have traditionally denied the existence of the spirit world, now communist ancestors in the spirit world are testifying that they are united around me as the Second Coming of Christ. How then could the communists on earth ever think that they could rule over the democratic world, which is based on Christianity?

The Second Generation Are Leaders of Family Hoondokhwe

Raise your hand if you are a second generation Blessed Child. You took part in the Blessing with your father and mother. You represent the flesh and blood of your parents coming together in one boiling concave vessel of love. Neither your mother nor your father is in such a position. You are part of the tradition that has inherited God’s lineage. You need to understand this.

I have created the textbook, True Families: Gateway to Heaven, to tear down all false leaders and ideologies. Second generation Blessed Children, you should teach your friends and acquaintances about the contents of True Families: Gateway to Heaven, through holding Hoondokhwe sessions with them, together with your parents and grandparents and in the presence of our King, the Almighty God.

When everyone in the world inherits the standard of being a Hoondok family as part of their tradition, the entire world will immediately come within the Realm of the Royal Family of the Heavenly Kingdom. That is the power of True Families: Gateway to Heaven. Who will become the owner of this textbook? Some of your mothers and fathers drink, smoke, have affairs and do all kinds of things, right? Even some of your fellow Blessed Children live promiscuously. How will you save such people?

You must first come to clearly understand the contents of True Families: Gateway to Heaven and become one with True Father and True Mother. Because you received God’s lineage at the same time as your parents, and your life began on the same level as your parents, it is possible for you to rise up and take the parental role in your family. Up until now you have been in the servant’s position, but with this book you can reach the owner’s position. You should be willing to take responsibility to embrace and educate the families of this world, even if your mothers and fathers are unable to. As owners of the True Families: Gateway to Heaven book, you will be able to do so.

Once you have perfected your understanding of True Families: Gateway to Heaven, next you should study the Peace Messages (Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong). Those of you with children should teach your children the contents of Peace Messages when they enter elementary school. After the Peace Messages comes the Family Pledge, and after the Family Pledge comes the Cheon Seong Gyeong. After the Cheon Seong Gyeong comes World Scripture.[12]

The fastest way to learn Korean is to quit your school here in America and attend kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school in Korea. A year in a Korean kindergarten, six years in elementary school, and six years in middle and high school add up to thirteen years. If you graduate from high school in Korea with a full understanding of these textbooks, then you should be able to understand pretty much everything there is to know about the world. Thirteen years should be enough time.

Then you should go to university and to graduate school. There are Cain-type and Abel-type universities you could attend. In order to complete a doctoral program in an Abel-type university, you should be able to reference books in eight different languages. Without such ability, you will not be able to enter the regular doctoral program at Harvard University.

My youngest son Hyung-jin wanted to get a doctorate from Harvard, and in the process he learned to read books in eight languages. So don’t look down on him. He truly invested himself in his studies. When his older brother Young-jin passed away, Hyung-jin determined to accomplish the things that his brother had intended to accomplish. Over the course of seven years he did all sorts of things, even at the risk of his life, in order to fulfill this goal. He learned to speak Chinese while living in China for four months. Why is it taking you so long to learn Korean? If a person fully immerses himself in studying languages and puts his mind to it, it is possible to learn eight languages in eight months.

Children can understand most of what their parents are saying at eight months to one year of age, right? Even for those who learn late, it doesn’t take them more than three years. Within two-and-a-half to three years, most children can communicate in their native tongue. From when they are in kindergarten, children in America should learn the language of the one nation—the one language. People who cannot speak that language, the mother tongue of God’s homeland, will be unable to enter the Heavenly Kingdom.

You should publish these precious books in the original language that True Parents use. The version in the original language is what will last for thousands and even tens of thousands of years. In the future, these books should be printed on paper made with diamonds, gold and platinum. These books set the standard; it is comparable to the meter standard that is housed in the Louvre.

The Louvre is a museum in France that contains the standards of all units of measurements. When I saw them, I asked myself: “Why are they here in the Louvre, and not in Britain or the United States?” When you say “Louvre” in Korean, it sounds like the word ends with the syllable [bool], which means, “to display something.” France displays many things. She collects all kind of things from different cultures and civilizations of the world, and then generates profit by displaying them in fancy museums.

There is a mountain in Germany[13] that has a view of some of the highest mountains in Europe. When I went to its peak via cable car, I could see the expanse of Europe’s mountains. “So this is what it means to be German—so ambitious!” I said to myself.[14] Germans emerged from the mountains in an effort to take dominion over Europe. Germany took all the research conducted by the British and used it to make weapons for their military ambitions. They constructed secret laboratories on mountain summits higher than their monasteries and created weapons to be used by German soldiers as they marched across Europe. This is a chapter of the Cain world’s history.

How do I know that these things happened? Heaven told me. The time of attendance has come, so I must deal with these issues, and in order to deal with these issues, I must know all about Cain. How can anyone fulfill his role as Abel without fully understanding the Cain-type world? Abel needs to be sufficiently informed so that Cain will feel humbled enough to bow his head before Abel and attend Abel as God and the Parents’ representative.

America is now going to ruin because she failed to attend the Second Coming of Christ, although she had the opportunity for the past thirty-four years. I even went as far as to arrange it so that the Third Israel could inherit from the nation of Israel, and then I brought all three Israels into the Era of the Realm of the Fourth Adam.[15] Are you going to boycott that and live according to your own thinking? Many Second Generation youth have come today. How were all these Second Generation born? They are fruits of the Unification movement, which is unique in the history of religion. And the entire Unification movement started from the efforts of one person struggling to fulfill the will of God.

When I look at these Second Generation youth, my worries go away. Although I am leaving America now, these textbooks remain behind. They are textbooks for your mothers and they are textbooks for you. If your mother doesn’t follow their teachings, if she goes against them, then you should have the guts to say, “Mother, you need to repent. There is no way for you to live unless you receive the Blessing again, through me.” With these textbooks, you will be able to re-bless your parents if they have lost their Blessing. Therefore, you must become Hoondokhwe ancestors. The Second Generation must become family Hoondokhwe leaders. If they do not, then no one will.

The Korea-Japan Tunnel and the Bering Strait Bridge-Tunnel

For some time now, communists in the former Soviet Union and China have been uprooted. They have been floating in air, but now they are trying to return to power. If that happens, the Bering Strait will be taken. I initiated the Bering Strait Project ten years ago, but it has yet to be completed. Japan was against the building of the Korea-Japan Tunnel, so the religious sphere and The Washington Times had to take responsibility and publicly announce the Korea-Japan and Bering Strait Tunnel projects.

We will make all the necessary preparations and then dig the Korea-Japan Tunnel. What will we do if Japan does not help? We will dig a tunnel to Tsushima Island instead. A tunnel can be built to Tsushima anytime. Tsushima is a part of Japan’s Nagasaki prefecture. Once the tunnel to Tsushima has been built, Japan will open its doors. The doors to Hiroshima, Osaka, Nagoya and Kyoto will open. Once the door to Kyoto opens, the door to Tokyo will open next, and finally the door to the Japanese government will open.

Building the Korea-Japan Tunnel is so important that the people of Japan should be willing to sell their property or land so that it can be built. Once it has been built, it will not only connect Japan to the Asian continent, but it will also connect Korea to the Pacific Ocean. My leadership encompasses the entire Pacific region. Once the tunnel is built, it will also be easier to travel between mainland China and Hawaii.

Hawaii is just south of the Tropic of Cancer and forms something of a border in the oceanic realm. If I could connect the North and the South to Hawaii, then Hawaii could become a gateway. People could travel anywhere in the world, using Hawaii and the Bering Strait as gateways. Our golf course in Hawaii would then become not only the favorite of North and South Koreans, but also of Russians!

Great places for sightseeing in North Korea include Heaven Lake, a crater lake on the top of Baekdu Mountain, and Mount Geumgang. The name Geumgang means diamond, referring to the incredible beauty native to this mountain. Sometimes I think that the presence of this mountain is the reason why the most beautiful women are born in Korea! I predict that three thousand leading Chinese women will visit Mount Geumgang to experience its beauty. When viewing the Korean peninsula as a whole, Mount Baekdu represents masculinity and Mount Halla, on Jeju Island, represents femininity.

If the Korean people only realized that I am working to liberate their fatherland, they would not oppose me. Whenever people come to understand my teaching, they realize that it is the truth. When people come to know for a fact that what I am teaching is true, they will have no reason to oppose the teachings in this booklet.

My teachings transcend communism and democracy. Through application of my Victory Over Communism teachings, communism and democracy can be unified. The walls between North and South Korea could be brought down immediately.

What would happen if Korea could stand up straight as a unified nation? Korea could then become a helicopter kingdom.  We already have a contract with an American helicopter company to produce helicopters and build helicopter terminals in Korea.

All of human history is mirrored in the 4,300-year history of Korea. All of history can be resolved centering on the land of Korea.

Right now China is saying, “We don’t want Goguryeo!” However, we may need the cooperation of China and the former Soviet Union in order to unite the world. If the United States does not accept me, then I may need to push China and the former USSR to the forefront. The Chinese and the Russians say, “Forget about the religious realm! All religions will eventually disappear, so don’t hold onto countries that will become ineffective once religions lose their power. The only way to unite the world is by making everyone leftist. To do so, we must show the power of communist dictatorship and communist ideology. Reverend Moon, there are leftists that trust you on the individual, family, and world levels, so we would like to follow you. We know that you could do greater things with the power of communism behind you than you have been able to do so far in the democratic realm.”

Korea is the absolute mother country and hometown. Even for the Eskimos who live in the midst of ice in the Arctic, the m in “Eskimo” stands for mother country—God’s hometown country of Korea! The Korean word for God is 하나님 [Hananim], the Unique Being.[16] The etymology of this word signifies that Koreans as a people have traditionally believed in one God. This belief will allow the Korean people to remain.

I have founded a Kingdom on God’s behalf and put it in order before coming here. The nation I founded is the nation that God desires. Having a unified blood lineage, it is the liberated Heavenly Kingdom on earth and in heaven, where God can do whatever He wants freely and without any barriers. As citizens of that nation, you too can work as God’s representatives.

The Movement to Rally All Nations

I heard that a group of people recently planted the Unification Church flag on the top of Mount Everest in Nepal. “Nepal” sounds like the Korean words “your arm” ( [ne pal]) or “my arm” ( [nae pal]). People’s arms and hands naturally point outward to serve others. But when people are self-centered, it is as though their hands are only pointing toward themselves. With that kind of thinking, each person is left to fend for himself. Without a true sacrificial way of life that connects people to God, there is no way to move the world. Individualism has no future. There will come a day when husbands, wives, sons and daughters will no longer think of themselves first.

What would happen if people stopped thinking in terms of you using your arm for yourself, and I using my arm for myself? We should use our arms to work together harmoniously in ideal Cain-Abel relationships. Instead of claiming portions of the ocean as their own, nations should cooperate with one another in order to best utilize the ocean for the sake of the entire world.

Likewise, we cannot restore God’s original ideal if we only focus on the oceans while neglecting the continents, or if we only focus on the continents while neglecting the oceans. That is why I am starting with Hawaii, an island that is also a great mountain. Its peak is formed like a pyramid, by joining four triangles. When God’s sovereignty is established on this island, it can expand to the four directions of North, South, East and West. Eventually all will join at the central peak.

When I went to Nepal, the land of the Himalayan peaks, seven parties united in welcoming me. When I went to Hawaii, the oceanic realm welcomed me. What will happen when we can join the mountainous realm and the oceanic realm, both of which welcomed me?

A long time ago my name was Yong Myung Moon. Yong () means “dragon.” At that time I was dealing with the world of clouds, but then I came to the land on the peninsula and changed my name to Sun Myung Moon. The man called Yong Myung Moon fought hard among the clouds, battling with golden, white, and colored dragons to unify the spirit world. I unified the spirit world.

Did you know that gold dissolves in nitro-hydrochloric acid[17]? However, there are alloys that even that acid can’t touch. What metal is used to make alloys stronger than stainless steel? It is cobalt. There are some 600 million tons of cobalt buried in the coastal areas of Ulleungdo Island, Dokdo Island, and Japan. Japan received the UN’s authorization to have exclusive rights to mineral extraction in these areas. Economic sea zones were set at two hundred nautical miles from the coast. Japan is now registered as the nation that can dig up the precious mineral deposits of these coastal areas, which are not expected to run out for a long time. Did you know this?

Japan established an Asian empire, emulating what Britain did in the West. In Asia, Japan is the representative mother nation. Geographically, it is shaped like a woman’s body. Japan is also a representative Buddhist nation, and a land where people revere their ancestors in the place of God. However, despite the fact that the Japanese people attend their ancestors, and therefore attend God through attending their ancestors, Japan is going to ruin because as a nation she failed to help with the work that God entrusted to me. As mother nations, Japan together with Britain should have helped provide funds for missionary activities and members’ living expenses, but neither Britain nor Japan fulfilled that role.

America has a Department of State and a Department of Defense. The Department of State deals with politics, while the Department of Defense enables America to show off her power. Banks and the media can determine life and death in the democratic world, even more than political or military power. We held a rally for the peaceful settlement of the True Parent UN on June 1 of this year, where we advocated that a free press and an independent banking system should be responsible and accountable to the citizens of the nation, rather than just seek their own profits.

We are now unfolding a movement to rally all the nations of the world. When at the time of Noah all things of creation were judged by the Flood, the realm of fish survived unscathed. Therefore, our rallying point is Hawaii, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

I completed the entire course of restoration through indemnity before I began addressing the United Nations in 1999. However, because the UN did not listen to what I had to say, over the next several years world events began to deteriorate. We now have four years left for the world’s economy and politics to begin to function according to God’s intention. Otherwise, the world as we know it will be washed away.

To prepare for that possibility, I proclaimed Ssang Hab Sib Seung Day[18] and instituted the tradition of Ahn Shi Il every eight days. Eight times nine is seventy-two, isn’t it? As eight times nine is seventy-two, nine times nine, representing the square of Satan’s number, is eighty-one. Ten times ten, representing the square of God’s number, is one hundred. Next comes 101. People might live to be seventy-two or eighty-one or even one hundred, but they don’t normally live to be 101 because we are in the satanic world. That blockage has been removed, now that we have gone over one hundred.[19]

Eight times seven is fifty-six. People used to die around the age of fifty or sixty. At one time forty was considered an old age at which people could die. Then how is it that recently the human life span has increased so much? It happened as part of the preparation for this time, when through following my teachings[20] we will be able to live as long as human beings were originally intended to.

Does it look like I’m going to live to be one hundred years of age, or not? I’m already ninety, so living ten more years is not a problem. I can live as long as I was originally supposed to live. I went through a helicopter accident; should that shorten my life? I know how to fix my body. If people who are over ninety or one hundred years old learn from me, from this textbook, they can live to one-hundred-and-twenty years of age. Just wait and see whether what I’m telling you happens or not.

God’s Homeland and Hometown

Who is in the Cain position? The democratic world, which was the first to research and build a foundation, is in the Cain or elder brother’s position. Suppose Cain trades places with Abel, lifting up the younger Abel as his elder. Then grandfathers will become like grandsons, fathers will become like sons, and elder brothers will become like younger brothers, practicing absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. What will happen to the Cain-type realm that fulfills such a role? Those who exalt Abel higher than their tribe, honoring Abel as if he were God and True Parents, belong to the Heavenly Kingdom. When they donate their national funds and taxes to the Heavenly Kingdom, then they can receive passports. That must happen before God’s homeland and hometown will appear.

Do you think we should seek God’s homeland and hometown, or not? I’m telling you these things, but if you don’t want to take part, you can leave and say, “From this day forth, I don’t need True Parents.” However, the only center that will remain is with True Parents, the King of Kings. God, the One Being, is now able to take His proper position for the first time. Is there any room for complaint? You should attend True Parents as if True Parents were God. We can now take down all the banners of religion and nation.

The textbook, True Families: Gateway to Heaven, has newly appeared to educate your sons and daughters. Do you understand how precious this book is? It contains everything. I put the essence of the 1,200 volumes of my speeches into this book, so think about how precious it is!

Beyond this, I have given you middle-school-level textbooks, high school-level textbooks, university-level textbooks, graduate school-level textbooks, and textbooks to guide you in fulfilling your responsibilities for the nation.

We live in the midst of a world that is quite different from the Kingdom of Heaven. How will we establish the sovereignty of God and True Parents, so that this world will become the original Garden of Eden as it was meant to be before the Fall—the Kingdom of Heaven on earth?  How will we make this world so it is no longer Satan’s palace? When the lineages of the elder and younger siblings are in conflict, the father and mother must work together to bring harmony between them. If the parents cannot do it, then neither can God.

Satan became the bones, the essence of a person, instead of God. Now, however, True Parents have become one with God, and God once again became the bones, enfleshed by True Parents’ body. In this manner, God has taken the position He was supposed to have had in the Garden of Eden.

God’s seed never died. It survived, buried in the bones of God’s chest. It is being planted again on the earth through your sons and daughters who, after they reach seventeen years of age, are coming together in true marriages. Once the heat of their passion rises to forty, forty-three, even fifty-three degrees [Celsius], no viruses or bacteria can survive to infect their offspring.

Parents should do everything possible to prepare their children for that day. They should even sell their property and land, if necessary, in order to provide them with these spiritual textbooks. It may take ten or twenty years for their children to master the textbooks at each stage and go through all the stages, from the kindergarten level to the doctoral level. Up until their children have completed their education, the parents should continue to provide them with the textbooks. When they are well-versed in my teachings and have attained sufficient secular education—whether in kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, university or even at the graduate level—then at whatever level they operate, they can teach my words as representatives of the True Parent, the True Teacher and the True Leader.

The 6.5 billion people on earth who are educated using these textbooks will not need any textbooks in the spirit world. They will be well enough equipped to live as citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom. Anyone who still needs to learn from a textbook can’t enter the Heavenly Kingdom. To raise people who have graduated from needing textbooks, parents and elders should provide these textbooks for their children to study on earth, from kindergarten-level textbooks on up to high school-level, university-level and graduate-level textbooks. So spend your money to buy these textbooks for your children. Have your children read them while they are eating and while they are working.

Ultimately, when the Heavenly Kingdom becomes a living reality, then these textbooks will no longer be needed on the earth. Families that have digested their content will educate all their relatives, so that their entire clan and seven generations of ancestors will all come to embody their teachings. There will be whole nations of such clans, composed of families in whom God delights. This will be the Heavenly Kingdom, where peace will reign for tens of thousands of years, where God and all creation will be liberated, and where everyone will shout “Mansei!”[21]

It will be God’s homeland and hometown, and it will be our homeland and hometown where everyone is manifestly bound together in one blood, one lineage. No one can deny the importance of lineage. That’s why everybody must receive the Blessing. From now, you should understand how valuable the Blessing is.

These textbooks represent your parents. They represent the Unification Church. If you master these textbooks, one day there will be no need for the Unification Church. If in your family three generations—representing God, your ancestors, and your descendants—possess these textbooks, the realm of the Heavenly Kingdom can expand from your family to a nation, world and universe under God’s sovereignty. Isn’t it so? Let lawyers, prosecutors and judges of the satanic world come and try to dispute with me about it, if they dare! In an hour, I can make them all look like foolish people and kick them out!

Uphold the Law of Heaven

Everything that I have described will come to pass. Therefore, we are left with one conclusion. If you welcome it, raise both hands in Mansei twelve times. You need to become free and liberated people who will give up your life if God asks it of you, who will live in His service, and go wherever God asks you to go. You need to be ready to sell everything and relocate anywhere. Are you members of God’s family, God’s princes and princesses? Have you inherited God’s liberation? Are you going with Him to the Heavenly Kingdom, to God’s original homeland? Then you must follow this law. The Heavenly Kingdom can begin for the first time only when people start upholding this law, for it is the eternal constitution of the Heavenly Kingdom.

Buy a copy of this book  [True Families: Gateway to Heaven] today, and keep it in your coat pocket. It should be like a mirror: when you read it, you should find that you are already living in accordance with all the teachings within its pages. There should be nothing about you that differs from those teachings. Once you have determined to live that way, you must not change your mind or change your colors.

Parents should raise their children using this textbook in order that their children will grow up to attend God as His sons and daughters. People who were Blessed but fell afterwards, who committed adultery, drank alcohol, or were promiscuous, cannot say that they have fulfilled the teachings in this book. It is absolute.

How could anyone who knows how to distinguish the directions of north, south, east and west, who can guide themselves by the Big Dipper and the Southern Cross, get into the mess of divorce? Marriage should only happen once. This is a revolutionary teaching. America especially needs this kind of revolution. There must be a revolution of true love families. People need to read this book and live according to what it says. If they do, they will certainly go to the Heavenly Kingdom.

This is the standard, testified to and guaranteed by the True Parent, True Teacher, and True Leader, by the man who liberated God Himself. It is the absolute constitution among all constitutions. Its law is recognized by the lawyers of heaven, the prosecutors of heaven, and the judges of heaven. So please understand that there can be no excuse for living contrary to this teaching. You must live your lives in total agreement with it.

I am grateful that you say you will live this way. Now I will return to Korea. Two or three years from now, I will be able to do anything I want in Korea. If the Korea-Japan Tunnel is not built, then Korea will build the Bering Strait Tunnel. I can easily do this alone. If I take charge, it will easily be done. So you don’t believe that I am able to gather the CEOs of Korea’s biggest corporations on short notice? Just wait and see. 

Your Right of Inheritance

When you live in absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, there is no room for personal glory or personal excuses. You did not stem from your own seed or grow in your own soil, so how can you claim anything? There is no way for God to remake you from scratch, is there? So when your parents provide you with collections of my sermons, World Scripture, and the New World Encyclopedia, you Blessed Children should study them.

All the material that can stop the fighting between the communist world and democratic world has been put into these textbooks. They provide us with a foundation to live forever. Just as God does not die but lives forever, so we, the descendents of God, will never die. We will live forever, together with our ancestors in the eternal Heavenly Kingdom. It has always been God’s purpose and desire that everyone without exception will one day dwell in the eternal world of the Heavenly Kingdom. It is a basic rule that we all will become citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom.

Alright! You have been given authority as heirs to the Heavenly Kingdom. You have the right of ownership in the place of your mothers and fathers. God your Father has given you the right of inheritance. When you claim this right, aren’t there things that you can do in the new heaven and new earth without asking your ancestors for permission? In this time, when property has no power and politics has no power, I am telling you to stand in the place of your parents in practicing Hoondokhwe. Once you stand in the position representing the parent, the position representing the teacher, and the position representing the king, everything will become possible.

I have been kicked out of countries, but every time I was kicked out I went to a larger place and considered that I was God’s representative and heir to that place. I can go before the president of any country—even the President of the United States—and say, “I am God’s heir who can act in your place. Have you not failed to become the representative and heir of God, the True Parent of humankind? Then you should sell everything you can, based on your authority, and offer it to God through me!” The laws of Heaven guarantee that I can make this incredible statement.

Having said this, I would like to make a final request. It is something you should remember and put into practice.

We are living in an age when we should not look at things with humanistic eyes. If we look with the eyes of God’s providence, we see that we are living in the most important and serious time in all of human history. It is the greatest transition point humankind has ever faced, a watershed moment. To meet this age, I will introduce several associations. The first will be an association linking the earthly world and the spiritual world centering on God. The second will be an association to link God and human beings in love. The third will be the Association of the Parents of Heaven and Earth (or the Association of Cheon Il Guk).

Humankind will seek out and establish God’s original homeland and hometown, and bring about the Heavenly Kingdom where God and human beings have complete liberation. We have entered an era where we can eternally benefit from God’s blessings and rejoice under the special grace of Heaven.

Therefore, I ask you to please keep yourselves pure in mind and body. Respond to the calls of Heaven, and always live your life with your heart aligned straight up to God, such that your life casts no shadow. If you are determined to live with this entreaty of Heaven in your hearts, please welcome this message with a round of applause.

Thank you.

[1] Reverend Moon has explained that a 분봉왕 [boonbongwang] is a leader that unites people or groups that were previously divided.

[2] Reverend Moon considers the 55th anniversary of the founding of HSA-UWC to also be the symbolic 55th anniversary of the founding of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), since FFWPU took the place of HSA-UWC in 1997. Since 55 is the number of Sang Hap (dual joining), the histories of HSA-UWC and FFWPU can be symbolically reckoned together this year as a period of 110 years, breaking through 100 years for the first time, and signifying the continuation of this movement for hundreds of years into the future.

[3] In Reverend Moon’s teachings, the word “cosmos” signifies the totality of the physical world and the spiritual world. A more familiar English term would be “heaven and earth.”

[4] The Cold War, a global conflict between the Communist nations and the Free World (1948-1989), is understood as the Third World War.

[5] Of the syllables in the Korean transcription of Tappan Zee – 태판지 [tae] can be assigned the Chinese character , meaning large, and [ji] the Chinese character , meaning land.

[6] Here, the sound ah represents the Korean silent consonant (read EE-eung).

[7] Chinese historically classified Koreans as Dongyi people.

[8] The Marriage Blessing, officiated by True Parents and which engrafts people into God’s lineage, is indicated by capitalization. The children of such Blessed marriages are called Blessed Children.

[9] With Gorbachev's permission, beginning in 1989 thousands of Russian students and teachers studied the Divine Principle. Graduates of these programs were among the leaders of the demonstrations that blocked the attempted communist coup d’état in August 1991. The failure of that coup brought about the end of the Soviet Union.

[10] Moscow is the capital of the Orthodox Church, while Rome (the Vatican) as the headquarters of the Catholic Church is the spiritual capital of Western Europe.

[11] In the Soviet era, the Great Soviet Encyclopedia was the standard for knowledge in the USSR.

[12] World Scripture and the Teachings of Sun Myung Moon (New York: UPF, 2007).

[13] The Zugspitze

[14] Reverend Moon may be expressing an impression that Germans were inspired to make their nation into a European power due to the incredible view of Europe they had from the top of the Zugspitze.

[15] The modern Jewish state is the First Israel; United States, representing Christianity, is the Second Israel; and Korea, as the land of Christ’s Second Coming, is the Third Israel. There is now emerging an interfaith Fourth Israel, consisting of people of all religions who accept True Parents. The Fourth Adam refers to Reverend Moon after he restored the failures of history and could begin relating with God according to the original ideal. The Realm of the Fourth Adam signifies a world where every human being, regardless of religious or cultural identity, can fulfill his or her value as a son or daughter of God. 

[16] 하나 [hana] in Korean means one, and [-nim] is an honorific suffix

[17] Also called aqua regia.

[18] Ssang Hab Sib Seung Day means "Day of the Victory of the Number 10 as the Combination of Two Parts." It was declared on May 5, 2004—May being the 5th month representing the vertical, the 5th day representing the horizontal, the double 5s uniting as 10.

[19] This refers to what was said in the opening paragraph about the symbolic attainment of 110 years.

[20] Rev. Moon has given many instructions about leading a healthy lifestyle and techniques for preserving health.

[21] Mansei is a Korean exclamation that literally means “ten thousand years,” and is used in a similar manner as the English “Hurray!”

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