Call for Papers to the Opinion Section of

As many of you have noticed, has launched an opinion section, which is open to all members. Fact is, the leadership of the church needs the informed judgments and ideas of the members of all ages and stations in life.

We encourage concerned citizens of Cheon Il Guk to send opinion essays of about 750 words or less on any church-related topic to Doug Burton, web editor, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We encourage contributors to include photos of themselves or photos that illustrate the topic, but this is not required. The News Team will edit for grammar, punctuation and spelling.

But there are some simple rules, and some guidelines.

The rules:

Name calling not allowed, nor is it allowed to insult True Parents, the church as a whole, or particular individuals with pejorative language. The editors reserve the right to moderate blog commentary as needed to keep the exchanges civil. It is allowed to criticize the policies and actions of individuals. You may not disparage their character.


  • The poster should not post long rants that require multiple comment boxes. After posting four or so posts on the site, step back for a day.

  • Please do not engage in tit-for-tat quarrels with other posters on issues unrelated to the story.

  • Please write intelligible comments in English. It is not allowed to post in a private language containing jargon and neologisms known only to the writer.

  • Please write respectfully of them to whom you disagree. Rants that are inveterate, hateful or mean spirited may be moderated.

That said, we implore the dear readers to have patience with the editorial team as we step into a new territory with faith, intellect, courage and – moderation.

Contributed by Douglas Burton, chief editor.