Foundation Day Holy Wine and Special Grace

To be Received February 6-20, 2013 (USA Time)

The Foundation Day Holy Wine was produced according to True Parents’ instructions especially for the occasion of Foundation Day. It is being given as a comprehensive special grace for all couples who participate in the Foundation Day Registration Blessing Ceremony.

True Parents wish to bestow this special grace on the condition that each person will completely repent for his or her way of life and faith with regard to any past mistakes including unresolved issues that are non-principled, thereby being reborn.

All Blessed families and members should drink this wine together while making a new resolution and awakening as they usher in a new age.

The Foundation Day Holy Wine Ceremony will be held beginning from the fifteenth day before the Foundation Day Blessing Ceremony (February 6, USA time) and until the end of the day before the Foundation Day Blessing Ceremony (February 20, USA time).

The Ceremony should be held at a church registered with the Unification Church National Headquarters and officiated by an officially-appointed leader.

An additional important process is required for 2nd Generation who married outside of the church with the submission of a completed “Application Form for Special Grace” form and related documents presented to the leader of their local church prior to or at the time of participating in the Holy Wine Ceremony.

All participants in the Holy Wine Ceremony must be registered by family through use of the Registration Form on the website.