The Words of The True Family from 2013

True Mother's Message at the International Combined Sunday Service and Foundation Day Victory Rally

January 20. 2013
Transcribed by Winny Cayme
Cheongshim World Peace Center
December 9, H.C.



NOTE: The following are excerpts of True Mother's message given at the International Combined Sunday Service and Foundation Day Victory Rally at Cheongshim World Peace Center (HC 12.9/ Jan.20, 2013), translated from the live event and should never be used in the future as a "official" publication of True Parent's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

Loving Brothers Sisters, blessed families all over the world

Members, Peace ambassadors, everyone, on this day, I hope that Heaven's blessing and grace may fill you all who are present here today. How are your preparations getting along as we walk towards foundation day?

In one word, it is the time after the settlement of heaven, however, all of you here, how are all getting ready for that Foundation Day, how are all of you preparing? Are your minds bodies united? And within the environment that you live in, your families, societies, have you been able to become one with your environment, your families and societies, where you are living in right now? Those who have been able to bring about unity, please raise your hands.

And now we have only 33 days until Foundation Day. Today, Dr Yang has indeed given us a very nice sermon. All of you here would have probably thought a lot about it.

In other words, we are actually sinners in front of heaven. Compared with the grace we have received from heaven, we havent been able to return back that grace to heaven, we havent been able to fulfill our responsibilities, nobody! Can anybody stand up here and be proud of saying that I have fulfilled all my responsibilities? Is there anybody who can proudly say that?

Now this is indeed the first Foundation Day that will be celebrated in the history, so indeed it is a blessed day. This is for certain.

However, this time again, what is your attitude, what are your reactions, what are your preparations? Are you just planning on just receiving this grace love, or you gonna receive it as qualified sons daughters of heaven? Please speak loudly. Can anybody say something about this?

Can you make a pledge of your conscience? Is there anybody who can really listen to their conscience or to their original minds?

Again, one more time, thinking of True Father who had gone before us as people who wear sackcloth, we need to repent! We need to repent and without the heart of forgiveness with each other, we cant do it. We need to forgive each other, repent, but how, how (TM is sobbing), how are we gonna do it?

The heavenly parents, when we look at the indemnity providence, even though it was difficult, continuously give things to us without conditions and is hoping that we all become Cheon Il Guk people but the problem is we are not qualified in front of heaven, we are not prepared at all. How are we gonna do it? What are we supposed to do now? Please, everyone here should go to the lowliest place and with the heart of repentance receive the Foundation Day in such a position and only through that I can say that domestically abroad all unnecessary actions should be repented. Everything should be put down and then through Foundation Day make a fresh start again.

And as we prepare to welcome the Foundation Day, all blessed families around the world should be able to become blessed families who can stand proud in front of heaven. Now I have opened all the doors as we approach the Foundation Day so that anyone centered on TPs through absolute faith, love obedience, till the moment we finish our lives without changing, be able to fulfill the path of filial piety and with such determinations and actions and for all of you here today, I have opened all the doors wide open

So if you all can make this determination then our future will have no indemnity. Do you understand? Lets make the CIG era without indemnity. Lets prepare for such era and to do so, responsibilities follow this. Nobody is actually paying or doing our responsibilities I have to do it, you have to do, it we have to do it.

Just as I have said before, we need to make a life-death resolve and completely invest ourselves so these are the words we need actually right now, we dont need an ideal word right? Will you do that? If you promise to do that then please clap your hands so that you can shake the heavens and earth. Clap your hands as strong as possible. Thank you.

Your dedications and conditions will become source of joys to heaven earth and I hope you can all become CIG people who can receive love. Thank you.

Let us all do our best to connect the 7billion people of the world to the Heavenly Parents and to be able to shorten the time and make such determination.

And only through this you can be free and will receive no judgment in the spiritual world . If you dont fulfill your responsibility here on earth go to the spiritual world the judgment will follow you all the way up there. Therefore it is very important that with the heart of love, just as we breath through love, it will be difficult for you to breath when you go to the sp world. So you must remember this and therefore all of you here even though you are old age as long as you are still on earth it is important that you fulfill all your responsibilities on earth and be able to become people who can be free out there in the sp world and who can stand freely proudly in front of the heavenly parents.

I hope you can become proud children in front of our heavenly parents in the sp world so I conclude this joint Sunday Service here. Thank you.

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