Message of “Absolute Good Sex” Stirs Clergy around the Nation

by Taekon Lee on Friday, February 1, 2013

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon first presented his sermon on  “Absolute Good Sex” on December 15, 2012 at the second  nationally-broadcast Original Substance of the Divine Principle (OSDP) Seminar, provoking thought among ministers of different faiths around  the country. Since then, he has delivered this topic at the 17th True  Family Values Banquet on December 29th 2012 and at various services at  the East Garden residence in New York.

In the most recent service at East Garden on January 9, 2013, Rev.  Hyung Jin Moon, together with his co-pastor and wife, Rev. Yeon Ah Moon, he unlocked the coded language of the parable of the mustard seed and  the parable of the yeast in Matthew 13:31 and Matthew 13:33,  respectively, by using the concept of “Absolute Good Sex.” He said that  the tree that emerges from the mustard seed refers to the “family tree  of human lineage, which comes from one seed, one ancestor,” and that the yeast, which makes bread rise, refers to the “male seed that makes the  female stomach rise [in pregnancy].” 


Passage 363, which follows, was one of the many passages the pastor couple read from the Cheon Seong Gyeong, a topical compendium of True Father’s collected speeches: “The sexual  organ is the royal palace of love, a royal palace giving birth to  eternal life, and a royal palace where one receives the blood ties and  lineage that will inherit the heavenly tradition that will never, never  change. It is a royal palace of true life, a royal palace of true love,  and a royal palace of true lineage. It is the most precious place. You  cannot do whatever you want with it. You cannot open it without God’s  official approval. No one can touch it except your husband or your wife, who has received the official approval from God and the universe.”

Cynthia Carodine, a member of the Life Center of the Church of God in Christ, said of Rev. Hyung Jin Moon’s message, “I can't stop thinking  about what he said tonight [during the 17th True Family Values Banquet]; I could really hear Jesus speaking through him. It reminded me about  the holiness of our bodies… That truly is how the enemy trips us up. Now my eyes are more open to the enemy’s attacks.”

“Marie [Mrs. Rouse] and I are joyed by the presence of Rev. Hyung Jin Moon and Mrs. Yeon Ah Moon in the USA,” observed United Methodist  Church Minister Rev. Luonne Rouse in an email to Unificationnews. He  continued, “They model their message of ‘True Love.’ After meeting them  and hearing Rev. Hyung Moon preaching about ‘Absolute Sex,’ I decided it agreed with the sexual ethics teaching on ‘exclusive sex’ that I began  in our church in September. Such agreement inspired me to take it boldly and with confidence to the pulpit. People received it as though hungry  and thirsty for such truth in sexual ethics.

Rev. Walter Millsap, a minister from southern California said, “Rev.  Hyung Jin Moon’s message on ‘Good Sex’ really impressed me. It was very  profound. Sex is a holy thing, and this type of direct understanding  will contribute greatly to my ability to guide my congregation. We need  more insight and understanding into this issue in order to help people  deal with true intimacy. We have to teach clearly the sanctity of  marriage and family.”

Bishop J. L. Briggs, another minister from southern California, said,  “Father has spent his entire life teaching [Absolute Good Sex]. This is what Adam and Eve misunderstood in the garden. They became tainted  before they were mature enough to deal with this whole part of life.  This brings clarity to the whole message Father has been teaching and is very helpful when it comes to witnessing to others about our message.  We have all made mistakes, but we cannot keep wallowing in them. It has  been a real blessing to go to this conference.”

Rev. Tom Cutts, former District Pastor of the Atlanta Unification  Church, pointed out that some ministers had “first admonished us to keep the goal in mind – building the Kingdom of God. If we don’t hammer home the concept of family being the cornerstone of God’s Kingdom on Earth,  the message of ‘good sex’ can be misunderstood. Yet, they felt that  Hyung Jin Moon is on the right track with discussing male and female  relationships. There has been a huge hole in Christian theology in this  regard. “

Concerns about the Message of “Absolute Good Sex”

Rev. Kazuo Takami, District Pastor in Chicago, who assisted in the  organization of the True Family Values Banquet, offered an extensive  testimony that articulated not only appreciation, but also some  “concerns” that Unificationists had with Rev. Hyung Jin Moon’s message.

“Generally, Unificationists are  excited about the subject of  Absolute Sex since we all know that this is the core teaching of True  Parents, yet some people have concerns,” he said. “A typical one is that the message is ‘too direct.’ Members are concerned about the public  reception of the message of Absolute Sex and fear that it might be  easily misunderstood. In fact, both anyone who preaches about Absolute  Sex and his audience have fallen nature, unlike True Father. Therefore,  we may be easily occupied by wrong ideas. People who do not know the  details of the Blessing may adopt an incorrect idea of Absolute Sex and  practice it in their sex life without knowing that receiving Blessing  from True Parents is a prerequisite for practicing Absolute Sex.

“There is the linguistic issue, too. The English term ‘Absolute Sex’  itself has more potential to give a wrong notion than the Korean term  ‘절대’ (Jeol-dae = Absolute) ‘성’(Seong = Sex). The  Korean word ‘성’ does not directly mean sexual intercourse. It can also  mean ‘gender,’ ‘nature,’ and ‘disposition.’ So, if we want to express it in a way similar to that of the original Korean term, it would be  better to say ‘Absolute Sexual Value (or Morality)’ or at least  ‘Absolute Good (or Divine) Sex.’ Also, there is some concern that the  groups who want to attack us may intentionally misinterpret Absolute Sex to dirty our image since sex is already regarded as dirty enough in  this world.

“From a different angle, some members are concerned about widows and  divorced members who may feel left behind. We need to consider their  presence and feelings as well when we speak about it.

“That said, these concerns I have heard from the members are very  minor compared to the amount of appreciation I observed. Members are  quite excited about the message and are thankful to Rev. Hyung Jin Moon. Despite these few points of concern, actually I am very hopeful.

“A couple told me that they are grateful for Rev. Hyung Jin Moon  because before, it was very difficult for them to discuss sex between  themselves although they had a good conjugal relationship. Now, they can talk about the topic more openly. I think there are many couples like  this. Also, the ones who receive a chance to talk are not only husbands  and wives, but also parents and children. In this sense, the Absolute  Sex message is helping to deepen conjugal and family relationships.

“Personally, I believe that this Absolute Sex message will take our  Blessing movement to the next level if we develop it as a professional  program and/or lecture series combined with Blessing education. Absolute Sex is the True Parents' unique teaching: Only the Messiah can solve  the root problem of humankind. Therefore, our church could become the  one and only outstanding institution that can show the proper guidance  on sex to all humanity. If you look at ‘family values,’ you can find  many churches talking about it. However, to my knowledge there are no  religious groups talking about sex so directly. Besides, as Rev. Hyung  Jin Moon mentioned many times, sex is by far the most popular topic  regardless of culture, religion, language, gender, age, etc. By holding a unique teaching on the most popular issue, our church has great  potential to become the most influential religious institution that has  ever existed on earth.”