The blessing that is to be given on Foundation Day

Dae Mo Nim
February 3, 2013
Unofficial notes: David Carlson

Good morning, everyone. Are you happy today? I am also very happy and thankful that many members came for the 2-day workshop. TPs, before FD, having been making many conditions of devotion. Regarding the blessing that is to be given on FD, TF said through this blessing there will be given more and more grace and good fortune. TF in SW is preparing for FD and for the providence after FD. We have the mind that TF "has already gone to SW," but TF is working as if he is "still alive." TM, while on earth, and all members, centering on TChildren, all of this can be settled down. TM is one with TF, one heart, one mind, one mindset. 

Every day TF and TM are thinking about 2020. As I meet with TPs, I also wish that we could be more filial sons/daughters. Whenever I meet TF/TM, they are making plans, making conditions of devotion, and preparing for the sake of God's will, and for the sake of Blessed families. The time is too short. We need to make haste and understand the shimjung of TPs. 

For FD, you prepared a lot, with a big mind. But, now the HW Ceremony is being done. Before TF went to SW, he worried a lot and thought deeply about how he could straighten out members' mistakes. When TF gave forgiveness, we thought it so easily. We thought TPs could forgive sins, no matter how big a sin might be. When you hear of the HWC, instead of having a grateful mind, we think: what? holy wine again!?Last Autumn TF said to me: "I have to forgive all members on FD, so you must prepare HW. Hereditary sins, Original sin, collective sin, all have to be cleaned up.

Thus, some members may say: "I don't have mistakes, why do I have to take the holy wine, again?" My thinking is different. We have FN, and Satan is able to do evil; we subconsciously live our life with such FN (jealousy, anger, complaint, etc.). We were unfilial in front of TPs. If we look at our daily life, many things were done wrongly, and others are even worse. FD will be a new era of CIG which TPs are making.  If no forgiveness, but TPs declared FD, then to us, we have collective, and even made mistakes which we did not report. We had children, and even the children made sins, and did not report them. Sins are connected in many ways. An absolute good person is one having a good standard. A person has nobility. Some parts are healed, but other things are hidden. Some parts are not reported. All these things entangle us, and make an evil history. This is not right.

Holy wine, even without our asking, will be given to all of us. After FD, centering on TPs, life centering on the UC, we must live a life of AFLO. If you make such a resolution, holy wine can be given. I felt the value of holy wine. It is provided by TPs. There is no reason for me to talk about holy wine. When I have the ancestor blessing, they become like this (clear glass of pure water). But with Original sin.  After the blessing, they are completely clear without the blemishes of Original sin. Before the HW, at the ancestor blessing, I am nervous. But after the proclamation of the holy blessing, I am so happy. Often, there are 1-2 ancestors who could not come (attend). They are unhappy. After 100 days, they can come. I do holy water one more time for late-comers. 100% of our ancestors can become AGS. When we have the ancestors blessing ceremony, we give 100% grace. When you do the HWC, our spirit self, there is no way to put a percentage on what part is individual sin, what part collective sin, what part is ancestral sin. This is not so clear. 

You may think: I have no sin. But that is not right. You know your sin. Sin leaves a color on the spirit self. You might think: if I die, that will be the end, and when I go to SW, nothing will happen. Spiritually, we became ignorant. Thru death and Seonghwa, the spirit and the physical self are separated. The physical self goes back to the soil, and then you can see your spirit self. When the body leaves, you can see your spirit self. With surprise you see yourself as centered on sin and immoral behavior.The spirit tries to cover all its sins as did AE. You try and cover the parts with the most sins. But this can be seen. In SW everything can be seen. In the HWC, all your sins are forgiven. The biggest sin is immoral sin. This is removed through drinking HW. Things drawn on our spirit self will be erased. Write your confession and give it to the local church. Report to Heavenly Parents, TPs, so that your spirit and physical can be cleaned very well. 

 For this to be done well, in May, at the holy burning ceremony, all this will be cleaned up.  Therefore, before the HWC, write everything centering on your conscience. 

Members ask me: What if the church leader opens this (confession letter)? They won't. So write everything down. During the Azalea Festival time, the burning ceremony will be done. If you haven't done this yet, go to the local church, and do the HWC. Without asking these things to us, TPs will forgive unconditionally. This is such blessing and grace! With the grace and love of the TPs, and with a clean body, we can go to SW. If we live life well, by Principle, it will be a good era for us, with good fortune. But, if you live an un-Principled life, God will not let you live life like that.

 TPs: I will have to educate them one by one. If they live life in an un-Principled way, they will get hit by the whip of love, as if they (TPs) were alive. This is all part of the preparation of TPs for FD. As you often hear in my speech, you have to make a true family. You must live with absolute love. Give absolute love, and LFSO (live for sake of others). You have togive absolute love and beauty, so good give-take can be done, seen and respected. Absolutely, there should be no drinking, smoking, or drugs. Not even in business. The matching was done, but if you drink after FD, your business will decline.  Indemnity will be coming on your life.

After FD, there should be no fallen nature. This is difficult. Centering on lineage, after AE, the ancestors lived with FN. This can't be solved in one day. Reduce FN little by little. After FD, don't become immoral. Don't look at immoral books, videos, and don't go to immoral places. If someone is not your husband or wife, then don't look, don't touch, don't eat. If you look, you want to touch, and if you touch, you want to eat. Immoral people go to a terrible hell. Suicides and adulterers go to a place 30 meters below hell, You should not become immoral! Don't look, don't touch, don't eat. There are some people who cunningly escape the Divine Principle, but looking, touching, eating are not allowed. If you do this, indemnity will be made unimaginably! If you look, or touch, or eat, then an even bigger feeling will come. You should, also, not kill others with words. Don't infringe peoples' heart. Don't be as if you know 100%.

When people report to DMN, if the person does not speak something, she cannot say everything. You should report to DMN, and tell everything, and then she can respond. If a member does not talk, DMN doesn't talk. Otherwise, she is infringing on their heart. We often speak even though we don't know 100%. And, the sins on the internet. This is also sin infringing on peoples' heart. After FD, don't look or speak roughly. 

If someone makes a mistake, this can come to me as collective sin. If there is someone and we wish them not to be successful, and if they do wrongly, that can come to me as collective sin. We have to live rightly. 

We cannot misuse public money. Tithing is part of public money. People at CP (staff) do not use public money. Thus, I trust them. In daily life don't misuse public money. Japanese members should tithe. Go to the church without fail. Attend the church pastor and the church leader. We must fulfill God's will by 2020. We have to settle the culture. Witness, and respect and love your seniors, and love your juniors. 

2013.1.13, become one heart, one mind, one mindset. Do you believe me? Then TPs can try to help us. By FD, we have to finish 210 generations.  We need our ancestors' help.

People to whom we witness also need to do ancestors liberation. To have a heavenly future, and to live well, we have to do 210 generations. An ancestor came to me and talked to me about their descendants. They say: this descendant did the registration, this person "came" to CP. Ancestor: please remove such and such an ES from them. The member was in the store and bought a colorful vase. The ancestor: "can they live beautifully like that colorful vase?" I sent the AGS to remove the ES. That person, a young person.  

We wave to our exiting ancestors after the ancestor blessing. They say "thank you" to you when they leave. They come to me and tell me about their descendants. I give a sign to the MC, and nod my head. Some of the ancestors, even after 100 days, are not yet AGS, before they are 100% clean. Until the beginning of the ceremony they ask if they can come. If yes, those who come late, there is HW on the platform, and I give them the holy water, this is how it goes. If we live life according to Principle, heavenly fortune will come to us. If not living by Principle, indemnity will come and life will become difficult.  Do you understand?

Has a good world or a bad world come? Since we have AGS, if we live well, then we have been living according to Principle. If we are not living well, it means that we have not been living according to Principle. If you have such a mind, then you can live well. Centering on CP, ES will be removed. Good husband/wife, beautiful children. FD life with FD content. I hope you can do this. You reported in prayer centering on your conscience. During chan yang session, these things will be cleaned up. Some people drank the HW, the contents that you wrote down, these things will be taken out during chan yang session. You can then live life very well.  After FD, even if we see peoples' eyes, we need to feel love. 

Again, the weather has become colder so take care of your health. Please become filial sons/daughters of God/TPs. I will close here. Thank you very much.

God bless, itn, David Carlson

word acronym guide:

FD foundation day

TPs True Parents

TF True Father     TM True Mother

SW spirit world

HWC holy wine ceremony     HW holy water

FN fallen natures

UC unification church

AFLO absolute faith love obedience

AGS absolute good spirit

AE adam & eve

CP Cheongpyeong

ES evil spirit