MEMO: BFM 2013-02-06


Dear District and Local Pastors, Community Leaders, Cosmic Blessing Participants,

Warm greetings from National HQ, and best wishes as we approach the historic occasion of Foundation Day. We would like to share additional details for participants and guests joining the Cosmic Blessing Ceremony on February 17, 2013 in Korea (January 8, 2013 by the heavenly calendar). We have included information on schedules, transportation, accommodations, what to bring and other updates below.

I. The Official Title of the Blessing is:

“Cosmic Blessing Ceremony by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind”

II. Main Cosmic Blessing Ceremony Programs

Cheon Il Guk Matching
February 12-14, 2013 -Cheonga Camp, Cheon Jeon Goong - Registered, Qualified Candidates - Registration begins 02/12 at 11:30 AM

Holy Wine Ceremony
February 16, 2013 3:00 PM - Cheonga Camp, Cheongpyeong - First Generation and Previously Married Couples - Transportation will be provided. Details will follow.

Blessing Ceremony
February 17, 2013 11:00 AM - Cheongshim Peace World Center - Registered Blessing Participants - Participants should be in place by 9:00 AM

A. Registered, qualified candidates for True Parents‘ Cheon Il Guk Standard matching should arrive in Korea by Feb. 11th. Transportation from Incheon International Airport will be announced soon.

B. Cosmic Blessing participants should arrive in Korea by Feb. 15th. Transportation from Incheon International Airport will be announced soon.

C. First Generation Blessing participants and previously married couples should participate in the Holy Wine Ceremony on Saturday, February 16th at 3:00 PM at Cheonga Camp, and the Indemnity Ceremony following the Blessing on Sunday, February 17th (3:30 PM) at Hanhwa Resort near CheongPyeong. Further details will be available soon.

D. A celebration tour to Seoul will be available for USA participants and guests on February 18th.

III. Who Can Participate in the Cosmic Blessing Ceremony

A. Qualified Cheon Il Guk matching candidates who are matched by True Parents February 12-14th.

B. First and Second Generation matched couples registered with the USA Blessed Family Ministry.

C. Previously married couples (including those with one partner in the Spiritual World).

IV. Things to Prepare for Blessing Participants

A. Blessing Attire

1) Grooms: Black or dark-colored suit, white dress shirt, red necktie

2) Brides: Wedding dress, white shoes

3) For those staying for Foundation Day, your Blessing attire is appropriate for the Registration Blessing on Feb. 22nd. Women may prefer to bring a white or light-colored dress for this.

B. Ceremonial Items will be provided (these will be distributed at your accommodations)

1) Men: corsage, white gloves

2) Women: wedding veil, bouquet, white gloves

C. Wedding Rings

Each participant should prepare a Blessing ring. These may be purchased through the Japanese bookstore in New York prior to departure (Phone: 212-302-6216). Rings of various sizes will also be available for purchase at your accommodations on February 16th. The prices at the March, 2012 Blessing were as follows. Please plan for some slight increase:

1) Men: 14K gold 0.33 ounces, [March, 2012 Price: 450,000 Won ($415)]

2) Women: 14K gold 0.26 ounces, [March, 2012 Price: 370,000 Won ($340)]

Inexpensive metal Blessing rings are usually available in the bookstore at the CheongPyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center.

D. Wedding Dresses

You may choose to bring your own wedding dress to Korea. Dresses will also be available for rent at your accommodations in Korea on February 16th. The rental price at the March, 2012 Blessing was 180,000 Won ($165). Further details will follow.

E. Participants should prepare and bring clothing, toiletries and all necessary personal items for the length of your stay. International participants should prepare an FM radio for listening to simultaneous interpretation.

V. Transportation for Blessing Participants in Korea

A. Transportation from Incheon International Airport will be available for international Blessing participants on February 15, 2012, and for Cheon Il Guk matching candidates on Feb. 11th. There may be additional transportation days, and we will announce the details once we receive them.

B. All Blessing participants should have completed the Korea Travel Form at, including your arrival and departure schedule, airlines, flight numbers and times.

C. Arrival and pick-up details from Incheon airport have not yet been announced. We expect that, as usual, participants should pass through immigration and customs, and proceed to a pick-up point at door F-14 inside the arrival lobby. Watch for staff with signs as you enter the arrival lobby.

D. There will be transportation to Incheon Airport after the Cosmic Blessing on February 18th, and possibly other days as well. Details will be announced once we receive them.

VI. Accommodations in Korea

A. Candidates for the Cheon Il Guk Standard Matching will stay from February 11-15 at:

Cheonga Camp- Cheongshim International Youth Center

595 Songsan-ri, Sorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Telephone: 011-82-31-589-1700 website:

On February 15th CIG candidates will move to Hanhwa Resort (see below) to stay with all other US and international couples. Those matched with Korean or Japanese may choose to remain at Cheonga Camp, where their matched partners will be staying

B. Second Generation Matched Couples participating in the Cosmic Blessing will stay at: Hanhwa Resort- Yangpyeoung 141-5 Shinbok-ri, Ogcheon-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea - Telephone: 011-82-31-772-3811

C. First Generation and Previously Married Couples participating in the Cosmic Blessing will most likely stay at Hanhwa Resort. Stay tuned for confirmation.

D. Parents, Family and Guests of Cosmic Blessing participants - Family and guests will also stay at Hanhwa Resort from February 15 – 18 (checkout on the 19th). Accommodations for parents of CIG candidates before the 15th will be announced within 24 hrs.

E. Fees for Accommodations:
For couples participating in the Cosmic Blessing who paid their Blessing fees in full, the costs of accommodation, food and transportation are fully covered for as many as 4 nights (February 15-18). CIG Matching candidates whose Blessing fees have been paid, your costs will be covered for up to 8 nights (February 11-18). Costs for family and guests at Hanhwa Resort are (per person):
· $40/ day for accommodations and 3 meals
· $20/ each way for transportation to/from Incheon Airport and to/from the Cheongpyeong area

These fees must be paid to the USA-BFM staff on arrival at Hanhwa Resort. We’ll see you there!

F. Accommodations for those staying for Foundation Day- participants and guests must check out of Hanhwa resort on Feb. 19, and can move into the USA Accommodations for Foundation Day on Feb. 20th. Available lodging for the 19th night will be announced soon.

All participants, family and guests participating in Korea should have completed the Korea Travel Form at, including your arrival and departure schedule, airlines, flight numbers and times.

NOTE: Family & guests attending the Blessing ceremony should wear a dark suit (men) or white or cream-colored suit or dress (women).

For questions or additional information contact your district office, or contact the National BFM at (212) 997-0055 or We offer prayers for all matching candidates, congratulations to Blessing participants, and warm Foundation Day wishes to our members and Blessed Central Families.