Foundation Day Book Chronicles High Points of the Providence

| February 07 2013

Title page of the Foundation Day offering book, "Footprints of True Parents' Providence."

With his sights set on Foundation Day, Jonathan Gullery, print designer with the Media Production Department of Unification Church USA, eagerly anticipates the publication of an historic, illustrative tome chronicling the church founders’ achievements in the United States.

A spread from the first section, "The Early Mission, 1959-71," which includes a photo of the road atlas used by True Father's party as they established Holy Grounds across America.

The captions read "Members flash V for Victory at the post rally celebration" and "True Father holding a replica of the Washington Monument", as chronicled in the third section, "Launching the World Mission, 1975-76."

"Clergy travel first to Rom, then Israel as part of the first MEPI pilgrimage May, 2003."

"We must understand that God's breath is hidden inside a single boulder or a single gust of wind. To care for and love the environment is to love God. We must be able to see each creature created by God as an object of our love. With our spiritual eyes opened we could see that a single dandelion by the roadside is more valuable than the gold crown of kings."--Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

"Las Vegas was a focus for distributing True Father's autobiography."

“In late June 2012, a request came from Unification Church World Mission Headquarters in Korea to produce and offer a 700-page publication that summarizes True Parents’ lifetime achievements and the course of the providence in America,” Gullery told “The purpose of this commemorative book is to serve as educational material for future generations.”

Each continent has been asked to prepare its own volume with a narrative in both Korean and English, according to the memo from Korea.

“This book, called the ‘Footprints of True Parents’ Providence,’ is not an encyclopedia that includes every single event that took place in the United States; rather it highlights all the providential key events,” said Gullery. He continued: “It covers the beginning efforts of the first missionaries Father sent to America in 1959 until those of the present day, such as the National Council Selection.”

Despite the tight deadline, the project was temporarily placed on hold because of the internal restructuring and regrouping that took place in church headquarters in New York City. “It was not until November 2012 that we seriously began the daunting task with only three months to complete it,” said Gullery.

With direction from Rev. Micahel Balcomb, vice-president of UC USA, Rev. David Rendel, director of Operations, and head of Media Production, Koichi Nakai, Gullery and the layout designers, Lee Hee Wolf and Sean Kim, sought to create a “big, coffee-table book lavishly filled with photos.”

“This project was a journey of joyful discovery,” Gullery said, despite moments of headaches while working on the project. He continued: “A difficult part of this project was finding older material, because in the past, even though each department in the church has done its best to archive, it was never a real priority.” As the primary photo researcher, Gullery said, “I had to sift through a photo archive that ranged from well-organized computer folders, to something like the last scene in ‘Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark’ —a room packed with file cabinets and boxes filled with folders of thousands of negatives containing untold treasures."

With 30 years of experience in the publication department, Gullery knew exactly how and what to look for in terms of the materials needed for the project. He followed previous commemorative books such as Footprints of the Unification Movement and 40 Years in America as a guide.

“To leave a historical record for future generation is really a cool thing, and I do believe even though we are in the digital age is it still really important to have a printed record,” he said.

The book is divided into seven sections that represent significant time periods in the American movement: The Early Mission, 1959-1971; A National Movement Emerges, 1972-74; Launching the World Mission, 1975-76; Prolongation of the American Providence, 1977-85; Beyond the Wilderness Course, 1986-92; The Completed Testament Age, 1993-2003; and The Cheon Il Guk Era, 2001-13. Each section and sub-section has its own introductory page, with text written by Dr. Michael Mickler and translated into Korean by Sean Kim, followed by photographs and captions, according to Gullery.

The Foundation Day offering book will be available in a limited edition of 500 copies. Printing is currently in process in Korea. Further information on the price and where and how to purchase the publication will be made available soon, according to Gullery.

“It has been my privilege to work on different publications over the years, and it was a real honor to do this job,” said Gullery. “Working on this project has been a real blessing and sometimes a real nightmare! This was a lot of work and pressure, but I am happy to say that everything has gone according to schedule, which is not always the case. We couldn’t have done this without everyone’s cooperation – that of Mike, Lee Hee and Sean. Everyone worked really hard to get it done.”

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by Krista Karjalainen.