Revive your heart that longed for the original homeland

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon
True Mother's words at “Launching Ceremony in Korea for Building Cheon Il Guk” (CIG Year 1 HC 1.11 / Feb. 20, 2013)
Special gathering of Korean National Messiahs, Boon Bong Wang, and senior members

NOTE: These notes are taken from a video clip of 통일교 web page. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Parent's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. - Rev. Katsumi Chion Kambashi

(Special gathering of Korean National Messiahs, Boon Bong Wang, and senior members)If I had a wish, I would like to revive your heart that longed for the original homeland, bring fruits, and let you go forward with me. What do you think?

It has been almost six months since True Father’s Seonghwa. Reflecting on this period, I feel we have been short of heavenly expectations. We could not attend to True Father. I think there will be no way for you to be spared from the accusation by your descendants if you remain still in your position.

I heard that a member, who offerd lots of jeongseong and saw the spirit world, found Father in difficulties because of the Blessed families there. What do you think it means? You know God’s providence of salvation has been passed on with great difficulities, don’t you? True Parents’ history that started in 1960 also has been the providential history of restoration through indemnity. Without establishing indemnity conditions, we wouldn’t have been able to go forward. You know it well, don’t you?

True Parents, engaging as if it is a life or death situation, is opening the era of Cheon Il Guk, carrying all the burdens of the fallen humankind. You were given the last opportunity to be filial towards True Parents whom you couldn’t be so during the period. When you go to the eternal world, your original homeland, you want to proudly go there, don’t you?

I want to put you in the victorious position. I would like to put you in such a position as the Blessed families and senior families. Will you do it? Let’s all become victors. Will you be so? (“Yes.”) (All applauded) Thank you.

참어머님 말씀 (천일국 원년 천력 111/ 양력 2013220) – 국가메시아, 분봉왕, 원로선배가정 특별집회

내 소원이 있다면 여러분의 초창기에 그 본향을 그리워하는 마음을 이제 불살라서 열매를 맺게 해주고 싶고, 나와 함께 가게하고 싶은데, 어때요?참아버님 성화가 6개월이 되어오죠. 지나놓고 보니까 너무 부족해요 우리가. 너무 못해드렸어요. 우리가 그냥 이 자리에서머물면 여러분이 여러분 후손앞에 참소를 면할 길이 없을것 같아요.

정성들이는 식구가 영계를 봤더니, 아버님께서 영계에 간 축복가정들 때문에 너무 힘들어하신다는 것을 봤다고 그래요. 그건무슨 말을 의미하는 것이겠어요. 아담 해와 타락 이후에 하늘의 구원섭리는 힘들게 이어져 내려온 것 알고 있죠? 그리고1960년도부터 시작한 참부모의 역사도 탕감복귀섭리 역사였어요. 탕감을 치루지 않고는 앞으로 나아갈 수 없었어요. 그거잘 알죠?

그래서 우리 타락 인류의 모든 짐을 참부모님이 지시고 사생결단으로 천일국 시대를 열어주고 계세요. 그동안에 부모님께 효도 못 한것 이제 기회가 마지막으로 주어졌는데 우리가 영원한 세계 고향에, 본향에 가게 될 때 자랑스럽게 가고 싶지 않아요?

나는 여러분을 다 승리자의 자리에 세워주고 싶어요. 그런 축복가정들로서 선배가정들로서 세워주고 싶은데 그렇게 하겠습니까? 그렇게 다 승리자가 되자. 그렇게 되겠습니까? ()(일동 박수) 고마워요.