DMN with Japanese pastors after FD ceremony‏

Dae Mo Nim’s Words:

The following words were spoken by Dae Mo Nim to the Japanese pastors and leaders after attending the ‘The Cheon Il Guk Coronation Ceremony of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind’ and the ‘Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day Registration Blessing Ceremony’ on 1.13 by the heavenly calendar, 1st Year of Cheon Il Guk (Feb.22,2013). (Edited: Education and Planning Team, Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center)

Annyeonghaseyo. Are you happy? (“Yes!”) You are happy because today is the Foundation Day. It seems like the Japanese pastors and leaders have become younger since the arrival of Rev. Yeong-cheon Song, General President of Japan and Rev. Eiji Tokuno, President of FFWPU-Japan. Congratulations to all.

True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind offered much sincere devotion and conditions with much anticipation for this day. The members from around the world also went through hardship to have many results. I believe that we are all proud sons and daughters in front of Heavenly Parents and True Parents. After his Seonghwa, True Father never rested for a day to prepare for the Foundation Day in the spirit world. Also, True Mother prepared many contents regarding the Foundation Day every day and finally welcomed the Foundation Day today since the Seonghwa of True Father.

Grace of Foundation Day and its Great Blessing

I just came down from the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum. True Mother asked me, “How was it today? Was it good?” and I answered, ‘Yes! I am so grateful!’ The robe that True Mother wore for the first part of the ceremony was already prepared a couple of years before. Back then I was suddenly told, “Make a robe with a purple texture with patterns of golden clouds.’ So I prepared immediately. Even at the Seonghwa Ceremony of True Father we made True Father’s clothes visible to others.

We created the robe with clouds which symbolizes victory of True Parents who have completed everything on their path. The clothes for members were also prepared from the spirit world. Normally we would call Yong-po (robe for kings and nobilities) the Hwang-po (robe worn by the king for ceremonies) and this time we put in the pattern of Ten Longevity (10 patterns that symbolizes longevity). With the meaning that everything has been completed we put in the pattern of beautiful clouds. Today, True Father said, “The cloud symbolizes the saints and heavenly parents made the robe centering on the position of saints who serves True Parents.” Don’t you agree that the robe was beautiful?

As we watched over, True Mother shed much tears. Even when I had a conversation with her moments ago she was still in tears. There, True Father was at the background looking over the achievements of True Mother and the blessed families and shed tears of joy for this day of blessing and grace. With a heart of gratitude it made me strongly feel to be a devoted child in front of True Parents.

Cheon Il Guk Era and Indemnity

We say that it is the Foundation Day but what is it? There were members thinking, ‘The Foundation Day is a day filled with heavenly blessings and heavenly fortune, therefore, after the Foundation Day we can live our lives easily without doing anything’. What were we told today? We were told that we were the people of Cheon Il Guk. Our nation is Cheon Il Guk. We entered Cheon Il Guk from today. We are the people of Cheon Il Guk. If that is the case then what kind of life should we be living? As we enter Cheon Il Guk after the Foundation Day there are sides that makes me feel great but there are sides that doesn’t. If we live as people of Cheon Il Guk then we will receive blessing but if we do not then indemnity follows us.

After the Foundation Day it doesn’t mean that we are able to live our lives with heavenly fortune and heavenly blessing automatically but we, once again, must look back at our selves, re-organize our mind and body and be careful of the step that we take and the words that we use and we should constantly check our selves ‘Would Satan and evil persecute me? Am I sufficient enough as the people of Cheon Il Guk or as a public leader?’ And centering on the words that True Parents bestowed to us until now, ‘one heart, one body and one mindset, absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, high-noon settlement, devoted sons and daughters, loyalty and etc.’ we have to be able to live in Cheon Il Guk with such standard. If you lived your life with fallen nature and couldn’t do your best for God’s Will then you have to live your life thinking what you must do to improve.

Blessing bestowed to those who gradually improves

If we were able to live with absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience and have one heart and one body and one mindset with True Parents after receiving the Blessing then we would have lived a much better life than now. God didn’t say to us, ‘If you fulfill your responsibility as blessed families and live a life of absolute love, absolute faith and absolute obedience, I shall bestow blessing’. He will bestow you blessing if you become better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today. However, through the history which was longer than 6,000 years where we couldn’t distinguish the lifestyle of Satan and Evil to good and lived with indemnity unconsciously creating a situation of having pain and sickness in a family. The contents of Cheon Il Guk wasn’t just created but we were already living in such situation after receiving the blessing. True Parents knew this so that is why they told us to do ancestor liberation ceremony.

It pains me whenever I go to Japan. It’s because the ancestor liberation and blessing ceremony have been done so many times but not many pastors and public leaders did this. The reason why True Parents instructed to do ancestor liberation and blessing is so that when we live in a world of Cheon Il Guk we would need absolute good spirits who will stand next to us and support us so that we could live as people of Cheon Il Guk. They say ‘blood is thicker than water’ it doesn’t matter if we have many absolute good spirits your lineage is the only one that can help you so that is why the instruction of liberating and blessing ancestors were emphasized so many times. It was given so that we could live as the people of Cheon Il Guk.

Japanese Leaders standing at the front line of God’s Will

True Mother said that ‘We will complete the providence after 7 years’. True Mother repeatedly said “I want to tour around Japan”. She would say, “I have to visit and tour around Japan. I must give love and blessing.” You know this already but Japan has many responsibilities to fulfill. You must do your best in witnessing until the year 2020. Cheongpyeong will help as much as it can. While True Mother is here you must make sure that the descendants would be settled. What would we do if True Father and True Mother weren’t here? Let us fulfill our responsibility with heavenly parents while True Father is in the spirit world and True Mother on earth. Let us not just say that we will do our best but let’s stand in the front of the providence more than ever and as responsible people of Cheon Il Guk let’s have a new purpose for the year until 2020 and become leaders and pastors who will achieve great results! Do you understand? (“Yes!”)

Until now, we talked about the year 2013 many times. It’s a great feeling now that it is here, isn’t it? I also held many tours in Europe. I went there many times next to Japan tours. You would understand this after some time but General President Rev. Song is a hardworking man. He is a person who could comfort True Parents. Now, Rev. Tokuno is back with us again. Let us have young heart and body and complete our responsibility in this year 2013. Today is 1.13 by the heavenly calendar. Please receive much blessings for the New Year and maintain your health and become people who will fulfill the responsibility of Eve nation as the mother nation of the world whom could make True Parents and humanity happy. Gamsahamnida.

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