Daemo nim's Words - March 2, 2013

DMN spoke to the new students of the Universal Peace Academy which True Mother recently initiated. Here are her words on that occasion:

" Good morning, everyone. It is very nice to meet you. You are too far away, can you move in a little closer? I am sorry I came a little bit late. As students of the UPA, you will begin your progam tomorrow. TPs gave you a chance to be enrolled. All of you wanted to enter, and I thank you for that heart of wanting to enter the Academy. Why did TPs establish the UPA? You have some understanding of that through the lecture you have been hearing. The MC said that my image was the same at the beginning and at the end. When I began, I made a certain promise to HP/TPs. That is why my image has been the same. For you students to fulfill your POR here, to become one in heart, you have to keep these words. First, you have to be sincere. Do what you do based on fact, without falsehood. Act without changing according to your environment. Be sincere, honest, be loving, etc. No matter how big a sin some person may have made, always be loving. Act with dedication and sacrifice, without asking for anything in return. Work without anger, greed, resentment, arrogance, complaint, jealousy, etc. Don't work only during the designated time. Work for HP/TPs, etc. do in the daytime or in the nighttime, and work diligently. For me, to do this way everyday, I am working. I have been working hard, to be told by HP/TPs you are working well. To hear those words I have been workig hard.

CGST, when I first made it, I said we have to understand HP/TPs. We have to understand SW and humanity. Such a school this should be. Students with such a mind. For that I made CGST. To UPA, you have come to this school. In CGST you all will be taught. When you come you first have to understand. Why was this school established? What do they want to teach? Why did TPs establish UPA? To let you know TPs, Principle, humankind, etc. There are many scholars and programs and they are intellectual in nature. They teach and they say they understand God. But, we here. We also teach SW. We are teaching Principled words. This theological school, it is not just an intellectual understanding but I want them to be people who can practice what they learn.

After the fall, 6,000 yeras, but actually much longer. This history was made after the fall of AE; rather than love, it started centering on fallen nature. Human history after the fall of AE was not made centering on the ideal of the creation of God, but centering on fallen nature, and it has totally taken deep roots in us. If you look at your life habits. Centering on fallen nature, we know intellectually, but we have to discard bad habits centering on fallen nature, and inherit all things of HP/TPs/Principle. We need to change our life habits. You have to try so as to let TPs/HPs come inside you. Have a sacred mind and body. So, the professors gave lectures and Principle lectures, as we joined we heard Principle lectures many times. We thought we already understood. We say we understand. But, can we practice that in our life? Did we show such an understanding through our action? If we did not practice it, it is not helpful in becoming a person of character. Even one word we have to practice.

One worry I have about you: that you will become an arrogant person. You may think: "I am receiving direction from TPs," etc. Outside people did not receive the blessing and didn't understand. So, I am in a "high position." We ignore people of other religions, and other people. When we walk with our siblings, etc. they thought they were Satan, and sometimes we use holy salt. This is not right. Now, you need to be careful of even one word, and of your behavior. Discard any arrogrant mind and heart. Think: "I am lacking in many points." After 21 years of CP, I am saying to TPs and to people: "I am lacking in many points." TF told me in the spring of 2012: "I am very appreciative to you. You always stay in the same place." The reason I could do that is because I feel I am lacking in many points. For me to be acknowledge by other people, I have to be careful of each word. When you go to school, students are looking at you. They may have heard: "they are special." They will look at you. You have to have a loving and humble heart. Give such a heart to them. You think: "I was chosen by TPs," so you may have an arrogant mind. So, you must always check yourself. I hope you can become such a person.

Centering on the president and the professors, they have been trained a lot. All of you are representative people of UPA, so you need a mind of AFLO. TPs did not call you just to send out missionaries after a theological education. They looked at your talents, and then they can let you go and work. In the place you go, have a mind that you are the owner, do your POR, and act. In such a way, all cultures can settle. Such a calling is behind you. Please understand this point.

Things will become very busy, so I could not attend the graduation of CGST, and other events. But, from now I will come once each month to check. Please become a humble person. The CP staff first went to 40-day workshop. I educated them intensively so they can become people of character. If I recognize them they sometimes become arrogant, and are then far away from the standard I expect. I gave compliments and care so that a person can become better. All of you, please don't become arrogant. If you live with drinking and smoking it is not good. From now until you go to SW don't drink or smoke. And absolutely don't become lewd. Don't look, touch, talk, absolutely don't. Jealousy, hatred, disatisfaction, complain, etc. If you have these, then please don't have them anymore. We need to become one in heart, shim jung. Satan makes division. HP/TPs of HEH, seek to make one heart, one mind, one body, one harmony. We must stand and settle down before HP/TPs and live lives of true love. Your nations where you come from are all different, so it is not easy to become one, but LFSO, and if you have such a mind, then it can become that way. Do you understand? (yes) I hope you remember these words. If you become such a person, then I will support you a lot, and be together with you. TMother will also support and be together with you. Again, congratulations on becoming a student. I appreciate you very much. Please work hard. Become a filial son or daughter. I will close here. Thank you."

God bless, itn, David Carlson

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