Dr. Michael Balcomb and Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim are inaugurated.

First published on March 7th, Unification News and UTS Alumni

Dr. Michael Balcomb and Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim presented Rev. Moon Shik Kim with an award honoring his work in the United States.

Newly-inaugurated President of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), Dr. Michael Balcomb (UTS ’94 and ’09), has called upon Unificationists to “make all things anew” by preaching and teaching the Divine Principle. Dr. Balcomb spoke at an inauguration ceremony at the Learning Center (4 West 43rd Street) in New York City on March 7, 2013.

“How are we going to make a new America, a new kingdom, when there has been such a long history of suffering and difficulty?” he said. “How does God make all things new? The same way God made things in the first place. According to the Principle and the Holy Book, God made all things through the Word. It is in the Word of God that the universe itself was called into being. Adam and Eve were supposed to be the Word substantiated. Jesus called himself the ‘Word made flesh,’ and Father’s last speech on this earth was the ‘Declaration by God’s Substantial Word.’ The Word of God, brothers and sisters, is the key. It is from that that we can make all things anew.”


After a light breakfast, Mrs. Angelika Selle, president of the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) USA opened the 10:00 a.m. inauguration ceremony for Dr. Balcomb as president, as well as for Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim as the new Continental Director for the United States. The MC, Rev. Phillip Schanker, head of the Blessed Family Ministry USA, together with the Music Practicum from Generation Peace Academy (GPA), led the attendees in the songs, “Song of the Victors,” “Spring Song of Eden” and the “Cheon Il Guk Anthem.”

Rev. Richard Buessing, District Pastor of FFWPU USA District 4, offered an invocation, during which he said: “What [Archbishop Kim and Dr. Balcomb] do is so important for the future of America. We pray for them, we pray for their success, we pray that we could all unite with them so that we can come into this Cheon Il Guk together. Bless them. Give them great power and great strength so that they can lead us forward and that we can have the humble heart to work together, with not only them but all of our brothers and sisters out in the field who worked so hard each and every day. Heavenly father, bless this inauguration and bless this ceremony.”

Dr. Michael Jenkins (UTS ’77 and ’12), Director of the Office of Business Investment and Asset Development, then introduced the new Continental Director of FFWPU USA, Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim (UTS’96) . (See Rev. Jenkins’ speech below.)

Archbishop Kim said during his speech, “To True Parents, [America] is God’s country. No other country can welcome Heavenly Parents and True Parents. God chose this country of America. That is why when True Father came back again and again to America.” (See Archbishop Kim’s speech below.)

Rev. Phillip Schanker retook the stage with the GPA music practicum for a last holy song, “Unified Soldiers,” written by Rev. Moon himself, and then Dr. Thomas Walsh (UTS ’79), chairman of Universal Peace Federation (UPF) International, introduced President Balcomb. (See Dr. Balcomb’s speech below.)

Rev. Moon Shik Kim (UTS’01) was specially acknowledged by Archbishop Kim and Dr. Balcomb for his “many years of dedicated service to God’s providence in America and [his] exemplary standard as True Parents’ representative” and was wished the “greatest success” in his new mission as the National President of Canada.

Mrs. Selle, Rev. Buessing, Rev. Jenkins, Archbishop Kim, Dr. Walsh and President Balcomb then participated in a celebratory cake-cutting ceremony, and Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, chairman of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), provided the following benediction:

“Our Heavenly Supreme Parents, how can we begin to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for having gifted humanity with the substantial presence of the True Parents of Heaven Earth and Humankind, to bring salvation to our world through restoration and creation? You have blessed us beyond all measure that we could be living witnesses of the presence of the Savior, the Messiah and the returning Lord and that we could breathe the same air that they breathe as they come to transform the world and especially, this nation. We feel Your blessing. We experience the true love, the true life and the true lineage that our True Parents have brought to our world, and each one of us is a better person for having crossed their paths. Our destiny has changed, our lives have changed, and our purpose has been birthed anew.

“We thank you for the gift of Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim and Dr. Michael Balcomb, who are pillars of undying love and faith and with such depths of filial piety and devotion, who embodied the spirit of True Parents in this North American Continent in the Caribbean, and in our hearts. Bless them, bless their families, bless each one of us present here as Blessed Central Families, for we bear the seal of the nation of Cheon Il Guk. We are its citizens. We are its front line army. We are the ones who will blow the trumpet and sound the alarm, that the era of Cheon Il Guk is present, and that True Father as the God of the Night and True Mother as the God of the Day are guiding us so that we might complete this journey and that we too might be able to say, ‘It is accomplished, it is completed, it is finished.’”

To close the ceremony, Rev. Ki Yeal Lee of the Korean Evangelical Association (KEA) USA led three cheers of Eog Mansei.

Rev. Michael Jenkins’ Introduction of Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim

“In Las Vegas, True Mother was proclaimed by True Father to be perfectly one with True father. In his final address that Father gave more than a thousand times, he made it very clear that a providential moment that occurred in Las Vegas was the perfection of oneness of True Parents. And that perception can never diminish or dwindle. Perfection is forever. Because of that, Mother was at the victorious Seonghwa, and she is now standing as the embodiment of True Father, in Father’s spirit, heart and word.

“With that vision and leadership, True Mother has now called for three primary nations, Korea, Japan and United States, to establish a kind of leadership that has been trained by Father. Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim is now our Continental Director. Michael Balcomb is our new president. We are here for this historic occasion to honor True Parents and True Parents’ leadership and decision to go forward to establish 20 nations that will be central to expanding Cheon Il Guk.

“Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim is a man who is chosen by God for this special moment in history. When we were in Cheon Pa Dong Church with the District Pastors a few years ago, he took us behind the old Cheon Pa Dong church that True Father had first established in Seoul and showed the little quarters, separate from the main house. He said, ‘This is where I lived. My aunt joined as an early member, and I lived here with True Parents.’ That awakened to me why True Father and True Mother feel so close to Archbishop Kim.

“Archbishop Kim was guided by Heaven to come to America, and then went to the seminary under Father’s direction. He became a district director in Philadelphia. He went on to be the national leader of Canada. Then he became the district director of Chicago. It was there that he established the True Family Values Banquet, which True Parents started attending. Then, True Father launched the American Clergy Leadership Conference with Archbishop Kim and Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Archbishop George Augustus Stallings and Bishop Edwards responded to that call. And it was in that vision also that Father launched the 50 state tour in 2001. He called Archbishop Kim first right after the True Family Values Banquet in 2000 and said suddenly, ‘We have to go to all 50 states with the clergy.’ That created a revolution.

“From there, Father called Bishop Kim to be the Continental Director and the chairman of Universal Peace Federation. He was made to be the head of organizations of many dispensations by Father directly. Then Father suddenly asked him to attend Las Vegas. And for three years he attended the Las Vegas providence. So, whether he had a title that gave him global authority or whether he had a spiritual authority, he always served and always obeyed Father.

“It was his lifeline connection to the American movement that allowed us to give many incredible testimonies and reports to Father. Because more than anything, Bishop Kim loves our members. Our first-, second- and third-generations. His testimony is one of giving and forgetting. Living for the sake of others. It was amazing to see how much love he would pour out for people unconditionally, again and again. And I think that is why he is here before us this day.

“Archbishop Kim is the only archbishop ordained by Father with that title. I think that Bishop Kim has that attendance to True Parents centering on absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. His wife and he are one. They are a beautiful example of True Parents’ love. You will see the love is going to flow through Bishop Kim and Dr. Balcomb, and it will flow in a way that will elevate America to the next providential direction.”

Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim’s Remarks: “Let Us Create a Culture of Heart”

“A long way back, when True Parents came to the United Sates, they sincerely dedicated their lives for the sake of this country. True Father said, ‘I came here for one purpose: I will save this country. Why will I save this country? Because the American people are backed by Christian spirit. They have the founding spiriting. A Puritan spirit. With this kind of spirit we can work together and build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.’

“That is why to True Parents, this country that was founded 236 years ago, is God’s country. No other country can welcome Heavenly Parents and True Parents. Many people have said that Korea is the home country, but I don’t think so. What True Parents have told us is that America is God’s nation. God chose this country of America. That is why when True Father came back again and again to America. True Father said, ‘I made a foundation in America. I will bring this foundation back to Korea. I will utilize this foundation for the sake of Korea to become unified once again.’

“Just before True Father went to spirit world, he said, ‘It is completed.’ I figured it out what he meant. He had made a plan to carry on Heavenly Parents’ will centered on the providence here in America. Father said, ‘Now is the time for God’s Fatherland, which I prepared for the sake of Heavenly Parent and all human kind around the world.’

“What True Father and Mother want us to inherit is True Father’s spirit of continuing and carrying on. Now is a ‘portion of responsibility’ era. The era of ‘just following directions’ is over. Let us take ownership as leaders. We all own Cheon Il Guk.

“When I went to English school in Korea, my teacher told me ‘You don’t have to talk so much. You just have to remember one thing, and then everybody will like you. I will share with you this secret, this one sentence you must remember for your entire life.’ I asked him, ‘What is it?’ He said: ‘Thank you!’

“So, I really want to ‘thank you’ for what you have done for the sake of True Parents and for the sake of this country. I will try together with you to cultivate the spirit of prayer and kindness and service. We have to find out for ourselves how precious we are. Let us create a culture of heart.

“Lastly, True Mother mentioned ‘I want to create a new cultural environment with education.’ True Mother said very clearly that we cannot build Cheon Il Guk without knowing Heavenly Parents and True Parents’ plan. That is why she initiated Universal Peace Academy for second-generation in Korea. That is why she said to me many times to ‘go back to the fundamentals of Divine Principle education.’ This education can change us to become great first-class Cheon Il Guk citizens. Think about that culture of heart True Parents have tried to multiply around the world to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Let us move on with new leadership and spirit. I very much appreciate True Parents’ great guidance and spiritual power. I also appreciate Rev Hyung Jin Moon’s leadership, even though it was very short. Thank you to our True Family members who have dedicated themselves for the sake of this country. And once again ‘Thank you!’”

Dr. Michael Balcomb’s Remarks: “The Principle Is God’s Revealed Word”

“One of my favorite Bible verses is from the Book of Revelations, Chapter 21, verse 5: ‘ And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.’

“We’ve heard the word ‘new’ a lot this morning. It’s a short word, but if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, well ‘How?’ How are we going to make a new America, a new kingdom, when there has been such a long history of suffering and difficulty? Even Father himself gave his entire life without actually seeing the full realization of Cheon Il Guk.

“How does God make all things new? The same way God made things in the first place. According to the Principle and the Holy Book, God made all things through the Word. It is in the Word of God that the universe itself was called into being. Adam and Eve were supposed to be the Word substantiated. Jesus called himself the ‘Word made flesh,’ and Father’s last speech on this earth was the ‘Declaration by God’s Substantial Word.’ The Word of God, brothers and sisters, is the key. It is from that that we can make all things anew.

“When I met Mother back in October and again recently, she reiterated her own belief and confidence that in the fundamental word, the Divine Principle and the eight textbooks, is the key to Cheon Il Guk. [Back in October] I didn’t really believe that the Principle had the power to unwind all the difficulties and struggles of history, and Mother kept saying, ‘In the early days, the Principle would be heard in the church at all times, and that’s what I want.’ But when I came back to America, I said, ‘I have to try this.’ If I was going to ask people to believe in the power of the Word, I had better try it for myself. That’s what I’ve been doing these last four or five months. I really encouraged and trained brothers and sisters to have confidence and teach the Principle themselves.

“When Mother asked me to be the voice of the Principle, to preach it and teach it, I don’t think she was talking about just me. I believe she was asking everyone to become new and revived. I can testify to you from my own and recent experience that it works. The Principle is the thing that distinguishes us from all other churches. It is God’s revealed word for the salvation for all of his children. And don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that we’re better than other churches. We’re certainly not the biggest – we’re one of the smallest. I believe God has raised up tremendous champions waiting in all those megachurches and mosques and temples. But he’s given us the special responsibility, the key to unlock the truths of all those traditions and faiths. If we don’t have confidence in what we’ve been given through True Parents, then they will continue to wait.

“Last Thursday, Mother called us one more time to the Peace Palace. She repeated her message that she delivered several times before: ‘We are the luckiest people, the most blessed, because God has seen fit to reveal to us, unworthy though we are, the secret of His providence. That’s a tremendous blessing. But, it’s also a great responsibility. We have to proclaim, we have to practice it.’ We came here because God is calling each one of us to make a new commitment, not in the future but right now, this morning, to be His voice, to speak His truths, to be confident in who we are and who God and True Parents are. If we do that, I think enormous blessing is coming to America. With God, all things are possible.”

by Ariana Moon and Krista Karjalainen.

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