UPA(Universal Peace Academy) Founder's Words

by Taekon Lee (Notes) on Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 9:21pm

  I told you that I had established a scholarship foundation. I have said that I was going to sell True Father’s Helicopter and bus to make seed money. I have established a graduate school with 2 years of DP education similar to a military academy which will recruit university graduate students with good score.

   Through this graduate school course, we will center on the Divine Principle and teach all possible liberal art classes that are needed in every aspect. We will also educate them to become substantial leaders through field practices, and we will educate through activities as well.

   Cadets who graduate this course must dedicate themselves for 3 years of public mission. During the process, if one thinks certain work fits him/her, we are going to lead them to work there and train them as a leader in that area.

   Leader! UPA will open the door to train them as leaders for those who want to work in the company where fits for them. It will be more famous than West Point in the US, which is a world-renowned academy. We will train them very hard, and UPA will become a famous place where its students can equip themselves with everything they need to become leaders. It is a graduate school to train leaders. We are going to give them such tough training and make many future leaders. Have hope.

(True Mother’s Words on 6 Nov., HDH in New York)

  Once the students finish 5 year course, I will guarantee ministry through their life. So, please select good and capable students centering on global educational course. Since there are many good students among IPLC graduates, please select them who are good at English and DP lecture. Once they come to Korea, they will learn Korean language and then they will be capable men that world needs.

(True Mother’s Words on 11/11/12 at Cheon Jeong Gung)

  In order to be a leader in Unification Church, first, you need the ability to persuade people. Next, you need diplomatic ability. Thirdly, you must have the ability to support yourself financially.

 (True Father’s words 1994.02.01)

  Training should not be easy. Unification Church is a denomination which prepares a finishing blow through tough and cruel training. It is an organization which represents a matter of thought. We, therefore, should have such pride.

 (True Father’s words 1972.10.15)

  We are going to prepare for leaders who open CIG era as CIG unification cadets to develop their capability through 5 years course, and it will be done at Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology.

 (True Mother’s words 2012.10.20)