Translation of True Father’s Spiritual Title

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During the Foundation Day ceremony, True Mother exclaimed “All of humankind in Heaven an on Earth will praise JInseongdeok Hwangje and attend [True Parents] as the parents of eternity.” JInseongdeok Hwangje is one of two titles that True Father had chosen and explained the meaning of June 06, 2006 at the Cheon Jeong Gung in Gapyeong, Korea.


Inscribed on True Father’s coffin during his Seonghwa (Ascension) ceremony were the two titles he had previously written in calligraphy in 2006:

First, Cheon Il Guk Jinseondeok Hwange Okjochangsaen (天一國眞聖德皇帝億兆蒼生 or 천일국 진성덕황제 억조창생) and

Second, Man Seung Goon Hwang Taepyungseongdae Mansahyeongtong (萬勝君皇太平聖代萬事亨通 or 만승군황 태평성대 만사형통).


Father often used existing words in unique ways and coined his own terms.  Dr. Joon Ho Seuk offered a rough translation of the two titles.


Cheon Il Guk Jinseondeok Hwange Okjochangsaen roughly translates to “True Holy Emperor of a Trillion Common People” or "True Emperor of Cheon Il Guk with Holiness and Virtue." (천일국: Cheon Il Guk, Jin: true, Seong: holy, Deuk: virtue, 황제 Hwangje: emperor).


Seong represents the holiness of Cheon Il Guk. Deok means “becoming one heart based on a four position foundation.” It is through Deokjang (general virtue) wherein two people have one heart and can then embrace the whole universe centered on the four position foundation. The Chinese character of deok (virtue) reflects this meaning. In the Chinese character deuk (), Sip (ten) means the great universe. So the word deuk means “two people who embrace the four position foundation,” which refers to the great universe. These two people, who have embraced the great universe with the same heart that is centered on the four position foundation, then become one. This title has every main point about the ideal of the creation.


Cheon Il Guk Jinseondeok Hwange is the title and it means “True Emperor of Cheon Il Guk with Holiness and Virtue” which refers to Okjochangsaen Man Seung Goon Hwang  that means “Emperor of Absolute Victory Over the Whole” which bringsTaepyungseongdae Mansahyeongtong or the “Holy Reign of Peace and Prosperity in Everything.” So, titled bestowed on True Father,Cheon Il Guk Jinseongdeok Hwange, is the one who won everything and achieved absolute victory over the whole, which brings holy reign of peace and prosperity.


Emperor of Absolute Victory over the whole" (억조창생) Okjochangsaeng may be broken down as follows: myriads of people, Man: ten thousand, absolute, Seung: victory, Goon: lord, Hwang: lord).


Then a combined word from the translation of these two titles creates: Taepyungseongdae Mansahyeongtong (太平聖代萬事亨通 or 태평성대만사형통), the “Holy Reign of Peace and Prosperity in Everything."



Translated by Lymhwa Kim and edited by Krista Karjalainen.