Kook Jin Moon Must Step Down Voluntarily

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This post is a burst of light into a situation that members don't have a clue about. For those who want to know what's really going on in terms of True Mother, Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim, I recommend reading this piece to the end. I might not agree with all aspects written, but it goes in depth into the current disobedience by KJN. And there's news about a board meeting of the Tongil Foundation in which KJN's dismissal will be put up for voting. (Note: Translated from Korean original so there may be some small inaccuracies)

Kook Jin Moon Must Step Down Voluntarily 

After Father's Seung Hwa ceremony last year, chairman Kook Jin Moon (KJM) showed tremendously reckless behavior in front of True Mother. The details of his actions and behavior then can't be put into writing. True Mother was in a big shock because of his actions. Ever since, their relationship has been strained to the point which Kook Jin Moon has not talked with Mother for more than 5 minutes and they can hardly sit down for a meal together. 

If True Mother wanted to she could make chairman Kook Jin Moon step down at any moment, but instead she tried every effort to appeal to Kook Jin Moon's heart for him to listen to True Mother's words and follow her directions. Sometimes she gave stern warnings and sometimes she tried offering him positions like being president of Segye Ilbo and chairman of Sun Moon University, so that he could be motivated to better fulfill his duties as chairman of the Tongil Foundation. But, despite True Mother's attempts of good will to make things work out, instead of helping Mother who is fighting this lonely fight Kook Jin Moon has moved all of his children away back to America. And for more than half a year he's spent most of his time in America leaving behind his responsibilities as chairman of the Foundation. 

And despite the fact that Foundation Day was perhaps one of the most important providential events, rather than actively assist in the success of the event as chairman of the Tongil Foundation, Kook Jin Moon participated with an irresponsible and detached manner. As soon as the event was over he left back to America. 

For a long time International President Hyung Jin Moon did not express what he was really thinking; however, when he was recently removed from his position as President of the American church he did not hide his discomfort towards True Mother. During the important Foundation Day event he wasn't showing his face, and right after Foundation Day he chose to send out a letter to the American church members that was not fit for the level of an International President.

In this situation True Mother had to make an important decision because she could no longer continue forward carrying these two Children. On February 28th, during the meeting of the top leaders that took place at the Cheon Jeong Goong, True Mother sent an ultimatum to these two Children. She was telling them that they would have to decide between being absolutely obedient to True Mother or stepping down from all their positions. They were given about one month time to decide.

Immediately after True Mother issued her ultimatum to the two Children, she asked for a board meeting of the Tongil Foundation to be called into order the next day. Four members (Dong Han Lee, Joon Ho Seuk, Jung Ok Yoo, Hyo Yul Kim) of the board which constitute a majority of the total 7 board members (Kook Jin Moon, Hyung Jin Moon, Jin Sun Ahn, Dong Han Lee, Joon Ho Seuk, Jung Ok Yoo, Hyo Yul Kim) officially requested to Chairman Kook Jin Moon for a meeting of the board. The agenda for the board meeting included discussing the Yeouido lawsuit and it contained points about the dismissing of board members. According to the articles of incorporation, when over half of the board members request a board meeting the Chairman of the board has to call a meeting to order within 20 days. This shows how serious True Mother's ultimatum really is and it means that she's not simply giving a warning to Chairman Kook Jin Moon and International President Hyung Jin Moon.

However, last week around March 10th, when Kook Jin Moon was to notify other board members that the board meeting would take place on March 20th, Kook Jin Moon suggested having the board meeting in America instead. He expressed he had no intention of going back to Korea. The agenda points for the meeting included the dismissal of Kook Jin Moon and Jin Sun Ahn from the board, and it had the reappointment of Dr. Joon Ho Seuk as one of the board members because his term was about to finish. When True Mother got a report about what Kook Jin Moon had said she directed that the board meeting take place on the 18th in the Cheon Jeong Goong, and after getting more than half of the board members to agree on it this decision was passed onto Chairman Kook Jin Moon.

However, at dawn on March 12th, International President Hyung Jin Moon's couple suddenly appeared in Korea without any of their assistants or staff. They went to the Cheon Jeong Goong where they met with True Mother and then they took a flight back to America on the same day. It seems like Hyung Jin Nim's couple went to Korea with some kind of unknown determination because when they were leaving they passed by Han Nam Dong and took all their children with them. True Mother asked International President Hyung Jin Moon that even if they choose to take all the children to please leave Shin Jun there. She is said to have difficultly said that Mother and Father raised him as their own son. It is reported that after this took place Mother had no words left to say and she only stood fazed staring at the sky. 

The board meeting for the Tongil Foundation was finally decided to take place on March 18th. However, another variable appeared. Mr. Dong Han Lee who is one of the board members suddenly decided to resign. Within the Tongil Foundation the word is that Jin Sun Ahn (another board member who is close to Kook Jin Moon) recommended and persuaded him to resign. Mr. Dong Han Lee was originally known to be one of Kook Jin Moon's people. But, because in the current situation he also can't go against True Mother's words if a vote is done to decide on the dismissal of Chairman Kook Jin Moon, there is a very high chance that the vote would pass with 4 in favor of his dismissal and 3 against (Hyo Yul Kim, Joon Ho Seuk, Jung Ok Yoo, Dong Han Lee versus Kook Jin Moon, Hyung Jin Moon, Jin Sun Ahn). 

However, if Mr. Dong Han Lee resigns before that, which he did, then the situation changes completely. When they put Chairman Kook Jin Moon's dismissal up for vote it will be 3 versus 3. And in the case of a tie, it is the Chairman who breaks the tie and has the final decision. Therefore, if the Chairman has no intention of stepping down then it means that the vote for dismissal will not be passed. Since the board of the Foundation has to have 7 legally prescribed members, in the worst case scenario it is possible that Chairman Kook Jin Moon doesn't reappoint Dr. Seuk (whose term is finishing) and instead chooses to appoint his own person. Also in the case of naming a board member after Mr. Dong Han Lee's resignation, if the three people Kook Jin Moon, Hyung Jin Moon and Jin Sun Ahn stick together and choose to install a new board member who would follow Chairman Moon's instructions, they can put it up for a vote in which they would tie (3 versus 3) and then the Chairman gets the tiebreaker vote with which he would have the power to assign whoever he wants as a new board member.

In other words, with Mr. Dong Han Lee's resignation there's a fear that the Tongil Foundation could create a situation similar to what some consider happened with the UCI case in the past. If Chairman Kook Jin Moon officially rebels against True Mother's will on the board meeting on March 18th by using his legal authority to maintain his position, then this would be an official act of separation from True Mother on his part. Already Chairman Moon and International President Moon [consider] that True Mother is going against True Father's words and teaching and they started down the road to separate themselves.

The situation in the Unification Movement has become even more complicated and entangled after Foundation Day. Currently, the opinion within the Foundation is divided into two camps. One side claims that they should be obedient to True Mother's instructions, and the other side claims that Chairman Kook Jin Moon should hold onto his position to the very end. In the middle of that Secretary General Sun Pyo Hong holds onto the obscure position that [we] should follow True Mother's will while assisting Chairman Kook Jin Moon. It looks like he's just finding a way to save himself. 

The solution to this problem is simple. Chairman Kook Jin Moon should stop making an embarrassment of the True Family and he should resign. If he were a true son of filial piety he wouldn't make his mother a person that forces him to step down.