We all have to speak Korean

Dae Mo Nim
March 31, 2013
Unofficial notes: David Carlson

Good morning, everyone. It is nice to meet you. It seems like this is the best time, doesn't it? Now, here in the training center, people from many different nations are here. I usually speak rather slowly and calmly so that everyone can hear well. As I go on, I usually pick up speed, so I hope you can understand me. True Mother often says that she hopes she can speak without a translator. We all have to speak Korean, don't we? If you understand Korean, you become more heartistically connected with SW. Through the Korean language and culture you can connect much better. In SW, when you go before TPs, it is better if you understand Korean. To know Korean is much, much better. After Foundation Day, have you been living well in your daily life? As I meet with TPs, I feel so appreciative to all of you. If we had met FD prior to CP, it might have been very difficult. ES were making our habits so bad. After liberating 210 generations, we met FD. Such amazing works.

We should do well as citizens of CIG, and completely fulfill our responsibility in our life. Today, I saw some members doing the registration blessing, and the husbands for the Four Position Foundation registration. There were not many, but they came. I felt very appreciative. At the beginning, when I told members about the ES in our body, it was not so easy to say that. Many members felt that, once they were blessed, that everything was okay. But, since the blessing, we could not develop as completed members. If we are perfected, we can go to heaven. But, still there are some members who don't come to CP and don't do ancestor liberation. Because they feel they are already blessed. Originally, the blessing was to be given after our completion. Jesus said: I will come quickly. Therefore, to meet the Messiah, we should lay the FF and FS in our mind and in our body. But we did not do that. Later, TPs came on earth and the Christians opposed the TPs. They should have received them and become perfected men and women, having their sins removed, and prepared for the Messiah. TPs looked for them, but no one was there. Conditions had to be laid so Satan couldn't accuse. Thus, TPs prayed so deeply that his clothes were wet with sweat and tears. He would wring his clothes out.

As I conduct the CP works, I can understand a little more about that. The jungsung before CP was not enough. The conditions of ES is so big! I saw I had to make many conditions. On behalf of you I made jungsung. What about Osin, and collective sin, and ancestral sin, etc.? Osin is much bigger than the other sins. Can TPs deal with Osin just right after...? We ourselves who received the blessing, Satan can come and accuse us, because we are not at the standard we should be. If you live a wrong life, we can become one with Satan and evil. TPs made indemnity conditions so that Satan could not accuse. Our blessing is only conditional. If Osin is removed, other sins are more easily removed. In this CP area, in the construction place, there may be one large stone and, if it is removed, other smaller stones are easier to remove. Like that, looking at the jungsung TPs made before Satan, collective sin, etc. can be removed by us, but Osin, without the grace of TPs, we could absolutely not remove Osin. When TPs gave us blessing it was a position blessing! Then, we should have walked toward perfection. Today, better than yesterday; tomorrow, better than today.

Position blessing is next to where we were before, one with Satan. So, we should have principle words, and heart, and practice. We have to move forward. But, after our blessing, instead of uniting around heart to move on, we went to the other side, where Satan and evil are. G and TPs are on the other side. We should have gone there, but in our daily life, we lived centering on fallen nature and jealousy and misused money, and did immoral sins, and disunity with church leaders, then we fell from the position blessing. TF checked to see where we were, and we were in the half-way point. TF called the blessed wives and said: to be embraced by heaven, do a 21-day registration blessing workshop. Then take the holy wine again, and you can receive the blessing. Many blessed wives have not yet done this. Some wives feel down so far, and became women centered on fallen nature, due to habits of life. TF called me (DMN) and said: "since members know the DP, I thought they could rise up, but instead they fell down further. So, it is very difficult for me to give position blessing. Therefore, DMN should do this work." CP works has been to fulfill this, has been fulfilling this. In the time before the blessing, we did not understand Principle, so TPs lifted us up, and we received the position blessing. TPs gave us this registration blessing after the 21-day registration workshop. TPs trusted us. After this, members absolutely should not commit sin. TF believed that.

Then, came Foundation Day. After FD, we are here now in the high position, of FD registration. I can see spiritually that this place is so clear, so clean, so beautiful. If you come here you can receive much blessing, but if you leave this position....I was worried about members. Centering on FD, we really need to live lives without fallen nature. With such thinking I was so worried. Why? There are members who live un-Pr lives even though they know. On TV, there are congressmen; they have meetings; they are sincere [some commotion in the hall interrupted the translation]....When we slander and accuse others, we have to do so with full understanding. Centering on FD, all members, they think, if FD has come, you think that the beginning of a new Heaven and Earth is here, and so all will be done well. But, how are you living? Members should not see, hear, or do bad things! Only love! If someone makes a mistake, go to them quietly and help them not to make the mistake again. As citizens of CIG, we have to become perfected men and women. Then, centering on CIG, we can become citizens of CIG.

The registration blessing is very, very important. One member asked me: do I still have to do the registration blessing (after FD)? We have to do so, because we need to repent and make new habits, etc. We have to do this. We need to do 21-day registration blessing. Don't become arrogant. We are not perfected. As CCIG (citizens of CIG) we need to become more humble. The whole world is now becoming more and more difficult. We have to correct and change our lives. What kind of life? As a Principled man and woman. If we don't this is not good. We have to live in such a way that people of the world will become envious of us. I receive many letters. Only a few letters say: DMN my life is better. Many letters say: DMN my life is more difficult! If your family becomes one in unity, these problems can be solved. AGS want to help us, but even if they work hard, if your life does not change, the AGS cannot help you visibly. Members tell me: "I did 210; why is life still so difficult?"

Re: one member, I told her when I look spiritually at you, in order for you to avoid pain from your mother-in-law, you have to wake up early (she had been sleeping late and not cooking, etc.). Why don't you wake early and make food and help your husband, etc. (The m-in-law had said mean words and the situation had become bad.) I did 210, so why are my husband and m-in-law like this?" I said wake up early and do work. TMother eats breakfast at 6 am. If you do like this, then husband and m-in-law can love you. AGS want to help. If they "don't help" then we may get mad at them, and this is not good. We have to live well. Do WA, and bring a lot of people to our church. By 202 we have to do. This is what TMother said. You, yourself, by yourself. In doing CP works I feel I am the ownerr. As I pass by the Cheong Shim won or by the Palace, I can see everything. I am the owner; I am not just passing by without looking. I look and see how the trees are doing, etc. etc. I can see everything. Staff members say to me: I see by myself what I see, but DMN sees all of it. I can "see" because I am the owner.

I am the "owner" of the Providence. If I go to the church and members are not coming, I have to go see them. I need to do WA. By 2020 many people will come. Let's meet that festival well. May 3-5 is the Azalea Festival. An amazing AzF will be held. Lots have been prepared spiritually. At the PWC we will have service before True Mother. Before Heavenly Parents, we can offer service. Such a precious time we can have. We should not have fallen nature. The chang yang session is being prepared. Today, 460 billion AGS will come. Lots will be done. Today, as we have the registration blessing, it is different from other workshops. Do well from head to toe. Beloved members, than you for coming to CP. I appreciate you. You have been living with God's will. I am very grateful. At CP works we will do our best to help you more and more. Please become precious sons and daughters of Heavenly Parents and TPs. I will close here. Thank you.

God bless, itn, David Carlson