The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim - Hoon Mo Nim) from 2013

Dae Mo Nim
April 7, 2013
Unofficial translation: David Carlson

Good morning. Isn't it cold? No? As the month of April comes close, I always worry because the flowers for the Azalea Festival may not bloom well. This morning it was cold, so I was appreciative. Do you know why I felt that way? I heard that the flowers in Korea open 10 days early, so what if the flowers in CP open early, and then fall down? So, this morning, when the weather was cold, I was happy, because the flowers should bloom beautifully.

As we live our life, we often forget how fast time goes by. Centering on God's will, if life is busy, you can forget about how fast time goes. I saw Hoon Mo Nim's face in the mirror, and it is a grandma's face. Hoon Mo Nim, now has become "an old lady." When Hoon Mo Nim first came here to CP she was age 42; now, she is over 60. Thinking about that, being alive, to live true and die, we have to know. Living life as a young person, we don't think about death. If we are not sick, we don't think about it. The problem is: someday we will die. On earth, we are destined to die. We say seunghwa. Now we know about SW through the works of CP. Even though we know about the SW, and CP works, we prepare a lot, because we understand. But, normal people don't think about dying. They go to SW without preparation.

We have a spirit self and a physical self. Death is physical, but mind and spirit self last eternally. However, as we live life on earth, the world we will live in is eternal. The world we live in, we are born at about 3.2 kilograms, and when human beings grow, we eat food, and our physical body grows, even without thinking. In the same way, our spirit self will grow through our daily lives. If we have a healthy mind and live positively, our spirit self will grow beautifully. If we are short or tall, it connects to our parents' DNA. In daily life, with positive thinking, and eating well, our spiritual self and physical self will grow well. In daily life, if we live life beautifully in every aspect, we grow well. If we look at the spirit self, our whole life is recorded, on how we live. Can we see this spirit self? Why? In daily life, good and evil things of the spirit self, for 24 hours, are recorded, like a painting on the spirit self. Through TV we can see the different colors of different regions. Just like that, there are different colors on our spirit self.

If we live well, on our spirit self, there is a white color. What about if we live immorally? Violent colors. Two days ago, 2 Japanese 2d gen, as I gave DP lecture on the fall, I asked them what is the fruit of the KGE? One of them told me: (ligo?) meaning apple. Immoral behaviors will be painted red on the spirit self. Lewd sins are painted in red. Anger is red. If we steal, there is a black color. In which colors is your spirit self painted? We have to think about that. If we pick up a white color pencil, and if we want white color painting on our spirit. We all want that. People are like that.

This doesn't mean that all colors in heaven are white. Heaven has all different colors. But this white color, with a white color pencil, if we want to write on my spirit self. But, Satan gives us an object to grab. In cys this morning the spirit inside us is damaged. ES and resentful ancestors remain. The color of the descendants is what they want to give us. So, you paint the same colors subconsciously. The era we are living in is dominated by Satan. The time we could go on direct is over. Satan is dominant. We have CP works, those spirits dominate us and give us bad colors to paint with. These spirits we want to remove. If AE had not fallen, we could see our mind and spirit self wrapped by the physical body. But we became ignorant. When we reflect in the mirror, we should see our physical self and spirit self at the same time. I (DMN) can see both when I look at you. I see your self with different colors. The PSelf and the SSelf stay this way. On the day of seunghwa and death is the day of separation. Due to the fall, since this separation occurs, and you become a spirit self, and you can see your spirit self. The Pself returns to the soil. The Sself lives on eternally in the SW.

When is the Sself going to the SW? At the gate to the SW is there someone who will judge you? Or do you go by yourself? You go yourself, and if your Sself is colored with different colors, if the white color is little, do you go to a white place? You go where your spirit self possesses the most color. The place where the same kind of spirits are gathered. For example, if it is angry spirit, you go to the environment of angry spirits. It is like a pit of fire. There is no understanding, there is no yielding. They only think about themselves. Even if the space is small, they want more, and they ask the spirit "can you move?" They will never move. The immoral hell is 300 meters underground below the hell. The thinking, the behavior here is only looking, touching, eating. The spirit thinks this is good. Among ancestors I have to look for tonight, if there are such spirits, they bring hell with them from 300 meters below. Those with lots of jealousy; their eyes cannot look straight. They look at us fearfully, and their mind is filled with pain.

Heaven is a place of love, and living for the sake of others. If a long spoon is given to a spirit in hell, they cannot eat well [a famous image in spiritual lore: because they try to feed themselves and can't because the handle is too long]. If in heaven, they feed each other, and so can eat well. Heaven is such a nice and beautiful place. Those going to heaven must not have fallen nature. Must become like a small child. Hatred, jealousy, anger, complaint, etc. They will go to hell. Do you want to go to heaven or hell? I often have to go to heaven, since TF is there, and I have work to do. It is soooooo beautiful! God/TPs/angels and our AGS ancestors are there! It is sooooo beautiful a world. Since it is a world of mind, we feel everything. If I say "I love you, Father" then that mind can be conveyed. So the AGS are so excited. You received the house for AGS; it is near the place where TF is staying.

At meal time in SW, we have to "eat," but it is not made of matter like in this world, but it is different. The mind becomes real. If TF wants Kona coffee, it is there. As Kona coffee, AGS: I want to drink also! Even if they never tasted in life. When we make hot food, the steam rises. It is just like that. More, mouth, our five spiritual senses. TChildren are attending TF, and TMother offered meals for 40 days. Food is prepared for TF in the SW. TF would eat delicious barley shrimp, and other kinds of food. Spirits don't understand this food, but they order the same food. In heaven they feel the genuine taste. Those ancestors we liberated are living this way. These spirits in heaven are so blessed. When ancestors talk with DMN, they always say: we are so happy due to our descendants! They come to see the flowers in CP, and in heaven if they want to see millions of flowers in CP, then those flowers also gather in heaven.

To go to heaven, we have to live life here beautifully! Even we make mistakes and come to CP. I forgive you with love because this mistake was not by you, but by the ES inside you. Everything can be, and is being, forgiven. After FD, we think "I am perfected," but this is not right. In CP after FD, more people should come to workshop. As those people who should receive blessing, we have to remove ES....people with ES, as I look at their lives, about 100% evil. Because Satan and evil directly dominate those people. So, all of us, for the SW not to dominate us, we have to take the ES out, so that we can live well. As I see Japanese members in 5d/4n workshop; before FD, many, but after FD...After FD, we have to remove more ES, and have to make effort. ES are woking stronger and stronger after FD. We have to live life in a perfect way. A time when we don't need to come to CP will hopefully come quickly. But now is not that time!

Pain, suffering, etc. are with us. Centering on FD, we register as citizens of CIG, and so we should live. But, if we make mistakes, or go back to our old lifestyle, what will happen? Several days after FD, a member came for a lineage problem. Satan does not want to lose their world, so we have to be alert! Our life must connect with Principle, with attending church, etc. All 7 days we have to report, and receive heavenly fortune. We have to create such an environment, and... If you and your spouse are working together. I check members, if they offer donations or not. Some people go to different churches and don't offer donations. When H/W work together, donation needs to be offered. If children receive money, 10% must be offered. Until age 8. The environment for children needs to be established. Seeing, talking about many things, we should not have such an environment. If there is a good environment, a good life, then can live well, and can do WA to tribe, etc.

By 2020 we have to succeed. The goal of the Korean church is 600,000. I was surprised! All people must do WA to reach the goal. With this goal, we have to feel responsible. By 2020, 7 years. How many people in one year? Per month? Each week? Per day? How many do we have to bring? Each person has to bring how many? If this is the goal, we have to fulfill it. Now is April by the solar calendar. This year will pass so quickly. If you put holy wine in say, in the clouds, the providence will be delayed. We need determination and a kind of practice. We need a mind of WA so many hours in a day. So by 2020 the world we want can be established. May 3-5 come, without fail, to CP. After the Azalea Festival the ancestors who received the blessing last year, the wish papers grace will be given to our ancestors. The ancestor color is shining or better. but still they have memory of past wrongdoings. But, with the burning ceremony, this will be erased. We wrote confession papers for FD, and all will be cleansed. So, please come to CP for the Azalea Festival. We will have cys, the ES will be removed from today. The AzFestival will come soon, also the AGS are coming, so this weekend is different from normal.

It is a cold season, so wash your hands well, and wash your eyes well. Don't forget we are children of TPs. Please become members of filial piety. I will close here. Thank you.

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