European Office & Youth Dept discover some solutions to problems

Here is a letter from Rev An, the director of the European Unification Movement about some developments to help resolve the difficulties that have been on going over the last year between our European Office and the European Youth Department of the UM. It is a relief to see some substantive action has been taken to mend the fracture in relationships. Well done to all involved for seeking for solutions that will, God willing, work and bear good fruit.


FFWPU Europe

07.03.01 (16th April 2013)

Sent to all Nations, Communities and European Members

Important Structural and Personnel Changes within the European Movement

Please inform all European Brothers and Sisters


Dear Regional Leaders, National Leaders and all European Brothers and Sisters,


One of my main priorities since taking on the role of European Continental Director has been to resolve difficulties concerning the relationship between our youth leadership (European Youth Department and the European Second Generation Department) and our European Headquarters. This issue has been causing us concern for more than a year and I know that it has been a source of genuine worry for so many of you. Despite these difficulties, everyone concerned has continued to carry out their missions responsibly, providing staff for the February 2013 Blessing and other educational programmes. The ESGD also produced a full summer programme of educational activities for our young people. I am very grateful to all concerned.


Following a successful meeting in Vienna on 6th April with the ESGD staff and others, I am very glad to announce that a new working relationship between the various parties has been established. This involves some important structural and personnel changes that I want to inform you about here.

These changes will take effect from the date of this letter:


1.         A new department, The Blessed Family and Education Department, will be formed from the merger of the Blessed Family Department and the European Education Department. I have asked David and Kyung-Ja Hanna to be the couple responsible for this area and David Hanna will oversee this new department as BFED Director.


2.         Under this new department, Susan Crosthwaite will take responsibility for the area of first generation matching and blessing. The ESGD will now work as part of this new Blessed Family and Education Department with the ESGD staff continuing in their current roles: Orlande Schenk as director of the team that includes Geros Kunkel, Martin Alexy, Julius Alexy, Patrick Hanna, Sean Greaves-Mann and Joyce Koetsier. Geros Kunkel will continue to take responsibility for the area of second generation matching and blessing, as part of the ESGD team.


3.         Rainer Fuchs has invested a great deal as Director of the Blessed Family Department over the past four years, he will conclude this particular mission but continue to work as the Sub-Regional Leader for East Europe and as a European lecturer. I want to thank Rainer and Chieko Fuchs for their dedication and commitment in having taken responsibility for this most important area.


4.         Under this new structure, it is no longer necessary to maintain a separate European Youth Department, and the EYD will cease to exist. Accordingly, the mission of Sungjong Choi, who was appointed as EYD Director in June 2012, will also change. From now, he will be working as Co-director, together with Dale Rose, of STF Europe.


I sincerely ask everyone to embrace these changes as a way of contributing to the necessary task of healing the past, restoring trust and making a new start. We have so much wonderful work to do, and it absolutely requires good cooperation between our first and second generation – all of our precious family members working together.


Yours sincerely,

Young Shik An

President FFWPU Europe


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