To whom do you belong?

To whom do you belong? You belong both to your parents and your child.

To whom do the parents belong? They belong to both the child and to God simultaneously.

Therefore, first you belong to God, and then you belong to your child. After that, you belong to yourself. When you reach that stage, you will be perfect.

That is why the moral principle of showing respect to parents still remains in human life. The phrase "respect for your parents and love for your child" is derived from this principle.

A person without parents is an orphan. Only after you have the experience of receiving parental love and of loving your children can you distinguish your position in the four horizontal directions and up and down.

Your children should be able to say, "Our parents are the best on earth." The people of the world will come and visit Korea in search of exemplary families. You should have something to show and to say to them at that time.

A father should be the best friend of friends. When a father appears, his son should jump up to be with his father, even abandoning his friends.

A father should also be the teacher of teachers. Hence, a father is to be considered even better than the president, the best and second-best only to God.

Children should think of their father as their best friend and teacher, whom they would never exchange for any other friends or teachers. Sons should be able to say, "I would rather abandon my loving wife than abandon my father."

I always caress the sleeping faces of my children when I come home. It is not easy to be a good parent. Through this, a thought is automatically implanted in the children's minds, "I will also love my sons and daughters as my father loves me."

They should be able to realize that their father is the best in the whole world.

True Father

Hoon dok hwae
Cheon Seong Gyeong