Dae Mo Nim

April 21, 2013:

" Good morning, everyone. I returned from my Japan tour. There were so many new members. But I feel and saw how difficult it is, and that they do not know about spirit world, and the purpose of creation, or the 2nd coming of the Messiah. I explained to them well. As they listened they were very alert. I realize that we have to teach about spirit world. If you feel difficulty in WA, then explain about SW. TF and TM spoke about 2020 and the will which they wanted us to fulfill. I wondered how to help. So, I made conditions. Around TPs 80th birthday celebration, I was told by heaven, and I began CP in 1995. At that time, I was not prepared financially. I was told to build a sanctuary for 10,000 people, and do so by 1999. I had only a small amount of money, and I was told to build such a building. Also, a bath house, and other buildings. All, together with a big sanctuary. I did not know at the time; I understood that several millions were needed. TF's 80th birthday celebration was held, and TF told me that he was the filial son of all filial sons.

They know my heart by looking at my eyes. I wanted to hold TPs 80th birthday party. We prepared sincerely so the 80th anniversary was conducted well. Then, TF became 90 years old. TM's 70th birthday, the same. When TM became 60 years old, positions of FF and FS were laid. The wedding was held, and TM's 70th birthday, and the 90th birthday of TF.

Several months before TF's passing, TF came to this place (training center). He was with only a small group of people. He called me to the Cheongshim tower, and talked with me. The things he told me on that occasion still remain in my heart. TF talked about things that have to be done in SW by the time TF attains 100 years of age. A museum has to be built, and other things. These must be done by the time TF is 100 years old. TF came to ask these things of Hoon Mo Nim, since he felt that I was the only person who could receive such things. He said that the providence of restoration is witnessing. I had said that at one point, and TF said that is correct. The providence of restoration is witnessing. All of us have families, and offer tithing of 24 hours/day. Home church, Tribal Messiah-ship, Tong Ban Kyok Pah (neighborhood breakthrough activities), etc. TF gave us all these conditions. He gave these conditions to us in advance. But we did not do this. TF also talked previously about FD. If members do a lot of WA, then a new Heaven and Earth would have happened, but, we did not fulfill the numbers. We are irresponsible Blessed Family members. From now we have to do our best. Until TF's 100th year, please do such things. These things came to my mind so deeply. Such meaningful words TF spoke to me. When he spoke and said such things, I said yes, yes I will do it TF. Then, TF went to Las Vegas, and then when he returned to Korea, he went to Yeosu, and then he went to the hospital, and then he went to SW.

What TF said to me was an important request in G's providence. Then, TM proclaimed 2020. That is the 100th birthday of TF. TM wants us to offer our accomplishments. TF did many things, and went to SW. By 2020 we have to conclude everything. Re: TM, while she is living in this physical world, we have to make this will of God to go and be accomplished. Later, 2020 was spoken by TM, and also by TF. TF seems, in his photo, to be speaking to me now. Such looking at such a picture, I can feel that TF is speaking to me even now By 2020 we have to release TF's deep sadness and grief. As I attended TPs closely, I have the heart of liberating TPs, and God's deep grief.

The nation of Heavenly Parents is so beautiful. We feel wonderful; Heavenly Parents invested so much in creation. TF spoke in this manner. We tend to offer prayer like a "procedure." TF really wants Heavenly Parents to enjoy food deliciously. TF has that deep heart. TPs have such a mind. They want to liberate God's grief.

They (HPs and TPs) became one. Inside TPs are HPs, and inside HPs are TPs. I said to TF: such substantial words should best be spoken on FD. TF said: there is no time in God's providence; that is why I spoke these words early. TF gave the substantial words proclamation, and the calligraphy writings early, because if he had not done so, then things would have been so difficult. But, TF did everything: covenant ceremony, registration ceremony, etc. TF did everything. For FD he was able to do the substantial words proclamation. Even though we don't understand well, TF did the whole thing. TF resolved all of history, and liberated everything.

We were placed in Cheon Il Guk; what do we do? TP's deep grief was liberated, but Heavenly Parents deep grief was not liberated. We did not fulfill the number of Blessed Couples. TF went to SW, but TM is still on the earth with us. If TM goes to the SW, we will feel like we are all orphans. So, what shall we do? Do spiritual conditions, etc.? What? We will feel difficult. TPs understand this, so they gave us 2020. We can work for that. This is the time we can do. TF went to SW. TPs know totally about SW. TF will help us so that we can settle down in the world of witnessing activities. Such precious members I hope you can all become. Do you understand? (Yes)

In May we will have the Azalea Festival. Wish papers will be burned. We see the fire, but our spiritual sight sees strong power. Our ancestors become AGS, but in their minds, even the memories of their wrongdoings will be expunged. On (May 5) TM will speak, it will be broadcast worldwide. A great time of grace will be there, so please attend. I went to Japan for a 3d course, and I saw you working very hard. By 2020 I hope Korean members and worldwide members can do that, so that you can be seen as filial sons/daughters in 2020. I will close here. Thank you."

God bless, itn, David Carlson