Let’s Bear Abundant Fruits”

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon
3.13 HC in the 1st year of Cheon Il Guk (April 22, 2013)
Cheon Hwa Gung, Las Vegas


(The following is a translation of True Mother’s Hoon Dok Hwe from Tongilgyo.org at the Cheon Hwa Gung in in Las Vegas on 3.13 by the Heavenly Calendar in the first year of Cheon Il Guk, Monday April 22, 2013).

True Mother: What did you talk about yesterday [April 21, 2013] at the Sunday service?

Participant: They [the Sunday Service congregation] watched a video that mostly excerpted True Mother’s talk on Foundation Day. Then he [the Sunday service pastor] explained the main points of the Hoon Dok Hwe speech that Mother gave in Las Vegas [on April 20, 2013. True Mother’s message]. True Father and True Mother devoted the last four years in Las Vegas so the preacher emphasized that we need to bring Americans and seven billon people in the world to True Parents. The preacher emphasized that we here in Las Vegas should be fired up!

TM: Is every member determined to do that?

Participant: Yes, every member is determined to do that.

TM: Then, in order to accomplish this you to need make a plan for every day, did you make a plan?

Participant: Yes.

TM: How many people live here [in Las Vegas]? What is the population here?

Participant: It is about 2 million.

TM: Don’t count the floating population. Leaders have to give specific witnessing methods.

Participant: Yes.

TM: I told Korea and Japan to put lot of second generation on the front line. So, I appointed three people from headquarters as pastors and they sent me a report and it said, “Thank you for the giving us the opportunity to experience the field.” Every morning these pastors conduct an inaugural meeting after Hoon Dok Hwe and set a goal for the day. They appreciated that they were able to meet good people and give thanks for this opportunity. When they went to field they were able to feel True Parents’ love and kindness. Now, members here too should be determined like them.

Is everyone doing Hoon Dok Hwe every morning?

Participant: Yes. Everyone is doing it at home. The people who live near the missionaries gather at the missionaries’ house.

TM: We need to help people to have goals and keep working on delivering the message to new people. What did you feel from today’s sermon? True Parents are the only hope for humankind and God. True Parents! Now there are lots of religions in this world and seven billion people, but they don’t know True Parents. We can’t just stand here idly.

In our daily lives, we shouldn’t live a life such that yesterday was so so, today is so so and tomorrow will be so so. When you say “developed,” it means you are changed. It should be plus not minus. You need to let the local level and world know that I am alive. When you volunteer in Las Vegas, you need to think about what kind of way is the best. Isn’t it?

Everything we do should be guided by Father’s words. God showed everything to us. We can’t ignore the fact that Korea is getting famous in the world. Probably Koreans and other people wouldn’t know why Korea is getting famous and why non-Koreans [are starting to] love Korea. The plan is to preach to the young generation through music and art in order to create a great fortune. So, I’m planning to build a Culture Center in Chyeongpyeong. For the second and third generation, we need to educate those talented children who will spread True Parents’ thoughts as future leaders. When True Father made the Little Angels, our church was very poor. We couldn’t eat three meals a day. But even during that time, we showed people that God is working and alive through the art and culture of Korea as the country that received the Lord.

During the 60th anniversary of the [start of the] Korean War, True Father expressed his appreciation to the 16 nations that participated in the Korean War and even to those who served in medical services. And he embraced war veterans who are alive. This type of appreciative work is even hard for governments of countries to do. But that is what True Parents do. We need to teach them [the world population] the words [of True Father]. Not just the name of True Parents but the True Parents that act upon God’s principles!

You need to get education from that kind of True Parents and have spiritual children; you need to know how miraculous this is. You need to repent. How much did you appreciate True Parents and feel sorry for them? Just repenting is not enough. You need to repay. You need to lead by example even if the leaders don’t tell you what you need to do. Every day, you need to be fired up and think: ‘I need to save one more person; I need to share True Parents’ love.’ All that kind of work is honorable. Those who do this will get respect from their descendants. Is it easy to be parents who are respected by your children? That’s why you need to work with your children in the field. Then you will have your future. You need to live a life with appreciation to God and True Parents and report every day sincerely. And then there will be development.

First, we have a seven year goal [the 2020 Vision]. True Parents worked almost 40 years in the United States. They invested almost a third of their lives here. You owe other countries. You need to know that. Living a comfortable life now is not everything. When are you going to pay back?

In our principle, the words ‘cancelation of debt’ is so precious. You know what cancelation of debt means? If you want to cancel the debt, what do you need to do? We shouldn’t leave debt for descendants. Do you understand?

We should make a specific goal and move. I told you earlier, we need to make a church that is alive and spiritual. Witnessing is very precious. That is why I asked Kwon Jin [True Mother’s fifth son] to help. The most precious thing is witnessing and saving lives. Power and money could go away anytime. But the lives that I saved will go with me forever. Is it that so everyone?

When you see True Parents you are absolutely obedient to them, right? Where is it coming from, those feelings that you want to give 100 percent back to True Parents? It is because you received 100 percent. The phrase, “Humans are the most intelligent creatures” means they are different from animals and know how to distinguish things. When someone accepts a favor, then that person wants to pay it back. If you ignore that feeling, then you are a bad person.

This is the era of women. In the Eastern philosophy book called The Book of Changes it is written, “The 5000 years of Yang period is finished. Now the 5000 years of Yin will start.” Ms. Jeong Soon Cho also said, “The thing that has to come at the end in other religions is mother. In the family, it is the mother’s role to correct and put things back to where it was when things go wrong. “

The Church is the same.

Participant: Mother! Yesterday director Mimi went to church early in the morning and later after dinner worked with other wives. So she [Mimi] shared Mother’s words and embraced the wives to work in the front. She is working so hard. She worked all day.

TM: That is nice. It’s the same for children right? They love friends. When you develop the same way together with others, it will make you happy. You are all happier than me, right? I’m the loneliest person.

Participant: Still, there are blessed families who stand by Mother’s side.

TM: We need to make wives go ahead. Wives need to do good jobs to make husbands absolutely successful. In that sense, Mr. Soo Seong Lee, former prime minister of South Korea, said at the inauguration of Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation, “Behind the Great Rev. Moon, there is his wife.”

Participant: Everyone was very impressed with that. Yesterday, I felt that the new Korean member who joined the church about three to four months ago was moved by the video that we showed.

TM: Of course, they are moved. It actually happened in real life what you couldn’t even imagine in a dream. In the original mind, there are those who desire and hope. These relationships are very precious, so let’s bear abundant fruits.

Translated by Lymhwa Kim.