April 24, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please study carefully the following memo from Dr. Chang Shik Yang, our International Executive Vice-President. He is reminding us about a very important event: the 10th anniversary of the first Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI) pilgrimage to Israel in 2003. I well remember how True Father and True Mother waited anxiously at East Garden for news.

It has been my privilege to go to Israel on many occasions and I have found many lasting friendships and deep encounters with God there.

Participation in this pilgrimage is open to all. Everyone is required to pay their own airfare and tour fee, which will be around $900.00 for six days and five nights. If you haven't made this historic journey in the past, I warmly encourage you to consider it.

A registration website with details of the program will be posted soon.

Dr. Michael Balcomb