Rev. An's sermon in Luxemburg (2. May 2013.)

I am very grateful that you came on this snowy day. Snow is a blessing, isnt it? It cleans the past. As Brigitte mentioned, I tried several times to come here when I was itinerary worker for Europe, but I didnt succeed and I apologize for that. So this time I really tried to come. I appreciate your hard work in Luxembourg and I guess you have a lot of challenges to overcome, especially at this time. So I would like to share with you the new paradigm we're facing and what we can do at this time.

What do you think has changed? Many things have changed, as if we were living in the last days. There is much confusion and difficulties that we do not understand. There has been a lot of changes and it is difficult to follow. As Jesus said in the Bible, the last days are a time of confusion where it is difficult to believe. When we think of Jesus' last days, during this time of Easter, we can understand the difficulties that the disciples of Jesus faced to keep their faith. In fact, none of them kept their faith until the last moment of Jesus' life on earth. Many people followed Jesus, but they all disappeared at the end, including the disciples, even the 3 closest ones. Peter denied Jesus three times. So you can understand how difficult it is to keep faith in the last days if we do not understand who Jesus is and if we do not really understand the True Parents at this time.

We see many people who are disappointed, and therefore we must really understand who we are, what time we live in, and what is happening. Jesus' disciples never understood the last days, who they were or what Jesus meant. Jesus said, "It is finished", that he had completed everything, but did they understand this? Even Jesus' disciples did not understand their identity. But in Christian history, who is Peter? He has been greatly glorified. There is no saint in Europe that can be compared to him, but did he understand who he was? Do we understand who we are now? TM said that after Foundation Day you need to understand how much you should be grateful. We do not understand. It is very important for us to know.

What is the difference now? The fundamental difference between now and the past is that True Father has gone to the spiritual world. How do you feel after the passage of the True Father into the spiritual world? True Father was like a rock for us. We were not afraid of anything because True Father was there. True Father was everything for us, but He went to the spiritual world, so now we are a little lost, we feel empty and we are somewhat afraid. We lack confidence. Fortunately, we have True Mother. Some members thought that when True Mother was in charge of the providence, she would be gentle and kind! However, she has become so strong, saying that we must continue without stopping! We think, "How is it that she became so strong? ". True Father pushed us so much and now True Mother pushes us too.

In your family, if your father goes to the spiritual world, your mother takes on the position of the father, doesnt she? Until now, True Father was very dynamic while True Mother was more embracing. Now, True Mother has to take on the position of father and be strong, otherwise what would happen to the children? They will be spoiled. Eventually, even True Mother will also go to the spirit world and we must stand up for ourselves and be the rock in our family.

After his departure to the spiritual world, you expect True Father to be everywhere and appear to everyone. You expect to dream of him as Jesus appeared to his disciples to give them directions. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and, therefore, they were full of enthusiasm and were not afraid to testify. We imagined that it would be like this with True Father but, in reality, few people have had such spiritual experiences. We are disappointed not to have had them. There is much confusion and we thought True Father would appear to us to show us the right path to follow.

However, if True Father appears to tell us what to do and what is right, what will happen next time? If we have problems or difficulties, we still expect that True Father to appear to tell us what to do and we will never be mature. We will always have the expectation that True Father will appear to give us directions. Can we substantially build the kingdom on earth this way? No, it is impossible.

To build Cheon il Guk substantially, we must first change ourselves. Can we change ourselves by a miracle? Can our habits be changed by a miracle? Once, True Father said that Jesus had to go to the cross because he did miracles. You can imagine there was a lot of persecution and Jesus did miracles and everyone was so happy. They believed in him, that he was the Messiah they had been waiting for so long. Therefore, whenever they had problems, they wanted Jesus to do miracles. They should have followed the path of indemnity in order to change. Their way of thinking, their actions and their habits had to be changed. Society had to be changed. Could Jesus force people to change? They were just waiting for miracles from Jesus.

Towards the end, Jesus' actions did not match their expectations. They thought Jesus would free them from the yoke of the Roman Empire, since they were the chosen people. However, Jesus did not and they were so disappointed. They lost their faith when Jesus did not do any more miracles. And even if they denied Jesus, they came to see what he would do on the cross.

They thought that Jesus would perform a miracle and come down from the cross, but they saw him die powerlessly on the cross. So they thought that Jesus was not the Messiah. This is why True Father did not do miracles, because if the messiah performs miracles, the providence cannot advance. Therefore, I do not think that True Father will appear to you all the time and tell you what to do. If you go to the spiritual world and then you come all the time to tell your children what to do, they will never grow. This is not the time for such spiritual phenomena. True Parents came to build the kingdom substantially, not spiritually.

Now, True Father is in the spiritual world. What did he do before going to the spiritual world? What do you think True Father did? Before dying on the cross, Jesus said, "It is finished." What did he mean by that? He meant that the providence was accomplished. We understand that Jesus fulfilled the providence of spiritual salvation. What did he do, True Father, before going to the spiritual world? (President AN read an excerpt of the speech entitled True Father, "Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God's Substantial Self" given in 2011. ) This is a very important speech because it is the last public speech of True Father, which summarizes all of the providence. It is true that True Father then spoke at the launching of the Abel Women UN Women, but that speech was very specialized, while this one is a synthesis of all of the providence.

"What I am about to proclaim to you today is part of the course of True Parents" tour that is to proclaim the ultimate conclusion and fulfillment of all aspects of the providence of restoration during the lifetime of the True Parents.” This is the conclusion of the life of True Parents: the conclusion of the whole providence."On 18 April 2011 we celebrated our fifty-first wedding anniversary. On this occasion, I brought to an end the era before the coming of heaven." This is very important. In Korean, it is called "Hu Cheon Shi Dae." Shi Dae means "era", Cheon means "heaven" and "Hu" means after. (So there is a time before and after heaven.) “I brought the era before the coming of heaven to an end."

So there is an era before and after the coming of heaven. "I brought to an end the era before the coming of heaven, marked by sin and indemnity [atonement], and proclaimed the era after the coming of heaven, in which a new heaven and a new earth be realized by returning to true love." True Father also proclaimed the era of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

Now True Father said, and this is very important, "Ladies and gentlemen, last year in Las Vegas, there was a special proclamation centered on God that was given by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind on two separate days"one part at 2:20 AM on the 8th day of the 5th month of the Heavenly Calendar (June 19, 2010) and the other at 3:25 AM, on the 15th day of the 5th month of the Heavenly Calendar (June 26, 2010).

The number 3 from 3:25 AM represents the three eras from the saying "Success comes at the third attempt." It also symbolizes the Old, New and Completed Testament ages. Twenty-five minutes, or the number 25, is a quarter of one hundred. The True Parents have achieved ultimate unity and offered and proclaimed the era of God's full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence upon the standard of perfection, completion and conclusion." On that day, True Parents said that all of the providence is accomplished. The providence is over. It is a special day. Father said he had done it all. The providence is over. It's amazing, isnt it? The problem is that we do not realize it. We do not feel it.

Then we had Foundation day. There were two important things for us, firstly that True Father went to the spiritual world and secondly there was Foundation day. Now that True Father has accomplished everything, what can we expect? What do you think? I think that from now on, we will no longer make any proclamations. Do you think that True Mother will make proclamations? True Father always made proclamations when going over a certain stage of providence. As, for example, if you occupy a piece of land and you proclaim, "This is my land." True Father continually made conquests and eventually occupied the headquarters of Satan, the capital and then the palace of Satan, and then he said that everything was accomplished. Until then, we cannot say that it is finished.

After occupying the headquarters of Satan, what do we do? We need to make proclamations. Then, we must prepare for the coronation ceremony and the beginning of the new kingdom. We must prepare several things, for example the flag, national anthem, etc. Then, we ask all of the representatives to come and the king must have a coronation ceremony and give a name to the new kingdom, namely Cheon Il Guk. This is the day of commencement of the new kingdom, the Foundation day.

And what did we do during Foundation day? There were two ceremonies. First the coronation ceremony where True Mother was crowned as the Queen of "Jinseongdeok": the name of the nation is Cheon il Guk and the king's name is "Jinseongdeok" (Jin: true, Seong :sacred Deuk : virtue). True Mother came walking in with the crown, there were seals and a scepter and she proclaimed the new kingdom. Who are the True Parents now after the ceremony? They are the king of kings, both in the physical world and the spiritual world, and this for eternity. True Parents are different from what they were before.

What was the next ceremony? The registration ceremony. What registration? We were registered as the people of Cheon il Guk, the kingdom of True Parents. What did we do before the ceremony? We participated in the Holy Wine ceremony to clean our past. To enter into Cheon il Guk, we must wash ourselves. You cannot enter into the palace if you are dirty. By participating in this ceremony, we became the people of Cheon il Guk.

What is the difference with the time of True Father? In this era of the providence, we had so many rallies, speeches and providential events, but we will probably not have any more, because the providence is over. A month has passed already since foundation day and we are already living in Cheon il Guk. What is the difference before and after? Nothing has changed, right? So we're a little disappointed! We imagined that after foundation day the cosmos would change, the spiritual world would change, our ancestors would visit us all the time, etc., but nothing has changed. We wonder if anything has really changed? We wonder, "what is Cheon il Guk? what is foundation day?".

Why do you think that nothing has changed? You must know that the substance of Cheon il Guk is not yet here on earth. The substance of Cheon il Guk is in the spiritual world. When Jesus said "It is finished," he was referring to the spiritual world and, thus, the people around him never understood what he meant. Afterwards, there was Pentecost which was the foundation for 2000 years of Christianity. Was it through the people's testimony that Christianity developed so much? No. When Jesus died on the cross, the foundation was already established, but the realization came later. The substance had already been created, but the disciples did not understand this.

For example, when True Father declared the end of communism in 1985, did you see communism ended? Do you think True Father says things without substance? In that case, he would be a liar. However, we did not see the end of communism substantially. Where is the substance of communism then? In the spiritual world. Do you think there was communism in the spiritual world? Yes, communism began with the spiritual world. Those who lived as slaves or suffered greatly on the earth meet in the spiritual world and want revenge, because they have so much anger in them. Eventually, this group of people made a communism in spiritual world and affects people on earth with whom they form a common base and they transmit their anger and other inspirations to them. So people who suffered on earth join the Communist Party in the spiritual world. These people express their anger by giving inspiration to people on earth. In fact, Communists are very spiritual people. You can feel this when they express their anger. You can feel that it is a spiritual phenomenon.

But once communism comes to an end in the spiritual world, the Communists on earth no longer receive any support from the spiritual world and lose their spiritual power and communism eventually collapses. We saw this happen. And now, do you see the substantial Cheon il Guk on earth? We saw it through the True Parents, but not in ourselves or our families, our society, our nation and the world. But you can surely see Cheon il Guk in the spiritual world if you open your spiritual eyes.

However, our spiritual senses are not open. This is why we do not sense Cheon il Guk. Mother is very sad, because after the advent of Cheon il Guk, the members do not appreciate it. We do not realize that we live in Cheon il Guk. Throughout history, we waited for this time, foundation day. True Father counted every day the number of days remaining. That day came and a month has passed and we do not feel anything. True Mother said that we should really appreciate foundation day. True Father is really frustrated, because he has given us such an incredible gift, but we do not appreciate it. Why? We need to understand what Cheon il Guk is.

Cheon il Guk is the nation where two people become one. Who are these two people? It is especially True Father and True Mother. It is the nation in which the True Parents become one. So what is the difference? This means that True Father and True Mother become one. Their thoughts and words are the same. This is the culmination of the providence where the heavenly kingdom begins, because Adam and Eve should have been one centered on God; this was the ideal of creation. Now, such unity was established for the first time in history. Why did we have to wait so long? We waited for the coming of Jesus for a long time. He came but could not establish such a foundation and had to return. We waited 2000 years for the Messiah and his return should be welcomed and accepted by the Christians, who had to build the kingdom.

In this case, it would be sufficient for the returning Messiah to find his wife, raise her up to the same level as himself, and then perform the ceremony to declare this unity. However, since he was rejected, he had to start at the bottom of the ladder and reestablish all of the foundation, to raise both himself and his wife to the level where they could be one with God. True Father could not become one with God right away, because he lost all of his foundation. He had to pay all kinds of indemnity and go through many stages before proclaiming his unity with God. At the same time, he had to raise True Mother to the same level and make a ceremony to declare their unity with God and between themselves.

At this point, their unity becomes the object of God. Until then, God was our Heavenly Father, because He was connected to True Father. True Mother had to go to God through True Father. However, when True Father and True Mother become one, God becomes our Heavenly Parent. The day they fulfilled all of the providence, they could declare that God is our Heavenly Parent. What is the difference between the time before and after foundation day for True Mother?

In the past, when we celebrated the Holy days, True Parents offered a full bow to God. After a certain time, True Father no longer bowed to God. Why? Because True Father became completely one with God and did not need to make such a bow. Also, True Father remained seated and True Mother offered a bow to him. However, from a certain point, True Mother no longer bowed to True Father. Why? Because they had both reached the same level. Now, True Father and True Mother are absolutely one and God and True Parents are absolutely one. Therefore, we can consider that True Mother's words are those of True Father and those of God. This is the heart of Christology and theology. This is what we must understand. If we understand this, we will not be confused. If we do not understand this, we will certainly be confused.

In True Father's speech cited above, the most important phrase is "the proclamation of the word by God's substantial self." The title of the speech was "Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God's Substantial Self" where cosmic refers to the physical and spiritual worlds together. This was the ceremony for the establishment of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. But the most important point is the proclamation of the word by God's substantial self. Who is God's substantial self? True Father is. The words and actions of True Father are those of God.

In Korean it says, malsum [words] shilchae [substantial], which means that the word becomes reality. Here, the word comes first. But True Father said "shilchae malsum," which is a phrase that does not normally make sense in Korean. Father said that this was very important. What comes first, the word or the substance? In this case, it is significant that the substance comes first. What comes first the source or water? The water comes from the well. Here, the substantial self is the well and the word is the water. The substantial self here is True Father. What does the substantial self mean? True Father is the substantial self of God or God himself.

Jesus said He was the Way, the Truth and the Life. So did the word came from him or vice versa? The word came from him. He therefore declared that he was the substantial Being of God. But what happens if Jesus says contradictory things? If Jesus says one day that something is black and another day that the same thing is white, we would say that he's wrong. However, since he is the source of truth, both statements must be true, even if they seem contradictory. We think he does not understand, because we look from our logical point of view. But you should know that the two statements are both true. Why? For example, long ago, True Father said that we should stop our studies and become full-time members and now True Father tells us to study diligently! Did True Father ask the second generation to stop their studies? No. Then, where is the contradiction?

Because time is the fourth dimension. The first three dimensions are the line, area and volume, respectively. All of this represents space and the fourth dimension is time. This space was different there hundred years ago. True Father meant that before we had to stop our studies and fight against Satan, but now it is no longer that time. Before it was the time when he had to survive and we did survive, did we not? This is a miracle. Did Jesus have the foundation we have now? No, and then he died. But True Father survived and, even in Luxembourg, the government cannot declare the Unification Church to be illegal. It's a miracle that we survived. We are not like other religions.

In other religions, we can go to the heavenly kingdom very simply, whereas we want to change everything. Other religions do not have much difficulty to witness, but we want to change the world! We want to change all the philosophies, economic systems, political systems, etc. Therefore, all of the powers tried to destroy us, including the religious, political and economic worlds, the media, etc. But not only did we survive but we expanded to all the nations of the world.

Of course from the point of view of True Parents, we failed, but no other group can be compared to us. If we think of Jesus' time, how many years did his disciples follow him? Approximately 20 and some months. And how long have you followed the True Parents? Did Jesus' disciples believe in him until the last moment? No. However, we still believe, even though many others have left. We have followed True Parents perhaps 10 times longer than Jesus’ disciples followed him and we still believe. Those who followed Jesus saw him perform miracles, but did they do "fundraising"? Did they marry and have difficulties between husband and wife? Many people survived as full-time members, but when they failed when they were blessed and had to found a family. And afterwards, we had our own children, which were even more difficult, and some people were not able to continue.

Throughout Europe we can see great cathedrals which bear the name of the disciples of Jesus. Kings wanted to be buried in these churches. So these disciples were even more glorified than any king. And what will happen to us in the future? We can imagine. There are of course many people who did important things, but lived in a time less important in the providence. But the time in which we can live together with the Messiah is so crucial. We can only compare it with the time of Jesus. Compared to the time of Jesus, we are saints. We really need to understand ourselves. We are the children of God and the people of Cheon il Guk.

Those who live in two dimensions cannot understand the third dimension. If you're lost in the jungle, can you find your way? But someone high above knows which path you should take. He can see beyond the hill, while those on earth cannot. So even if we do not understand the person who lives in three dimensions, we follow in order to be saved. If we go our own way and act according to our own logic, we will get lost. Jesus said not to follow the easy path that is wide and paved, because it will take us to hell. Rather, we should follow the path that is narrow and difficult, because it will lead us to heaven. If you believe that, you will be saved, but if you follow the easy way, you will be lost. It is very important to believe in the person of a higher dimension.

Nowadays, we have a tendency to say that we do not need God, we do not need someone from a higher dimension, rather we will find our way alone. But this is not the solution. In addition to the four dimensions, there is a fifth, which is the spiritual dimension. We do not understand the spiritual world. We do not see it. But if someone flies over these two dimensions and can see both, that person is Jesus, who appeared to contradict himself. He said, "If you want to live you will die, but if you want to die you will live. " If you try to understand this only in the physical dimension, it does not make sense. True Father told us that it makes sense only if we consider our lives in two dimensions, physical and spiritual. If you want to live physically, you will die spiritually and vice versa. Jesus told a living person that he was dead. Does that make sense? This is not true in the physical dimension, but in the spiritual dimension it is true. So if Jesus said one day that something is black and another day that the same thing is white, he is able to say this from the perspective of different dimensions. Both statements are true. Jesus said we should hate our parents and follow him, which is completely immoral, especially for Confucians. But we must understand the perspective of Jesus. In Thailand, where the people are Buddhists, they have difficulty understanding True Father because he does fishing and hunting. They cannot understand the Messiah from their perspective. They must go beyond that and that is why we need absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

True Father often says things that we do not understand at that time, but only a few years later, because we live in three dimensions and True Father in 4 dimensions. Do you think Jesus was speaking only to the people of his time? No, he was even speaking to us today, 2000 years later. That is why I can say that what True Father says is true, whether it seems logical or not, even though his words seem contradictory. Some people say that True Father said something and now True Mother says something else, but this is because we now live in Cheon il Guk. This is what is meant by the word by God's substantial self. If we do not understand, we must realize that it is because of our limitations and that we will understand better in the future. We must have faith.

When we were young, our parents told us that we could not understand! Now we say the same thing to our children. You cannot explain why. It is only when you are a parent that you realize this, only when you reach this dimension. You speak the same language, but you cannot make them understand. That is why you can only tell them, "You will understand when you have children yourself." Do you think they should believe you or not? You want them to follow you, because this way they will not make any mistakes. You cannot explain, but you are very concerned that they will understand. God found himself in the same situation.

So what is our problem? Especially in the Western world, but also in the Eastern world today, people need to understand and make their own choices. They want to be able to decide for themselves without the heavenly Parent. "I will decide what to do; not my parents." Is this correct? No. Is this good? No. That's the problem. This is really a problem. In America, if you ask the children to do something, they always respond, "why should I do this." It is not wrong to ask why, but sometimes your parents cannot explain. However, we must follow anyway, because they will not ask you to do something bad. Jesus will not show you the way to go to hell. If Jesus did not say anything, we would take the wide and easy path. So it is better to believe in his words. The truth comes from above not from below. ("Top down not bottom up.")

Now I'll talk about the second generation. If the parents are thieves, do you think they would ask their children to do the same? No. No parent tells his child he must steal something. Even if they make mistakes, they do not want their children to make the same mistakes. What does a communist parent say to his children? He tells them to be communists. Before joining UC, I was working clandestinely as a communist and my friend was arrested. I sacrificed myself for communism which was destroying the providence. At that time, many people, including some members, were confused and did not understand why we had to fight against communism. They said, "After all, these are people who fight for justice. These are the most righteous people”.We were confused at that time, but now we understand things clearly.

In the past, in America, some people were confused regarding segregation and slavery, but now we clearly know that such practices are not correct. What makes us confused now will become clear in 20 years and the people of this future time will wonder why we were so stupid. It will become clear that the secular ideology is wrong.

If the parents are confused, they give wrong directions to their children. That is the danger. And the second generation? What about your parents? Did they advise you to be communists? Our parents told us to live for ourselves. They did not want us to live for God. They did not know God, so they asked us to have a good position, a good family and a happy life, and this because they loved us. However, they did not know the truth and, therefore, we had to leave and betray our parents. We should not listen to our parents. What then of the second generation? Will your parents tell you to live for yourself? Will they tell you, "Do not live for the sake of others".

Many members complain about the leadership, organization, etc., but was there any person who said that the Divine Principle was false, even among those who left the church? Did anyone say that True Father was wrong or that the Divine Principle was wrong? You should know that the Divine Principle is the truth and, the more time passes, the more you will realize that it is the truth. So, those who understand the truth will not lead you to take the wrong path. The most important point for the second generation is to believe in God and True Parents, but also your own parents; to be one with your parents. And if you follow your parents, you will not make any big mistakes. You do not have to follow your parents on the computer! But in your life. This is very important.

Father said, “Distinguished guests, at this serious and important time, a revolutionary and cosmic change must now take place in your lives. In light of this let us summarize the message Heaven has given to us today. First, do Hoon Dok Hae. Second, Heaven has permitted the grace of the authority of Seonghwa for rebirth and resurrection to be bestowed on the family unit. Here, a requisite condition is the complete unity between parents and children. In other words, you must establish the standard for absolute parents and absolute children, and establish an absolute family”. The unity between parents and children, this is our challenge today. I told European leaders that the members of the first generation were mostly about 60 years old. In seven years, in 2020, they will be 67 years old. This is too old to be leaders. You can be members, but it is too old to be leaders. Do you in the first generation want to work as leaders when you are 70 or 80 years old? It's not possible. Who will take over? The second generation must take over within the next 7 years. Dont you think so? Therefore, we must strive to enable the second generation to take over the leadership. Each department must have members of the second generation, including the departments of education, witnessing, blessing, etc., at least as interns. And we need to support them so they can continue their studies, for example to go to university. The foundation "Wonmo Pyeongae" will help with that, right. We can ask them to provide members of the second generation with scholarships.

If we were not in the church, we would be much worse than we are today. We do not find the members of the second generation who come to the church good enough and we are not satisfied with them, but they are much better than young people in the outside world. We can say one thing, if we think about the second chapter problem, that if I were not a member of the Unification Church, I know what I would have become now.

You know how difficult it is. For almost half of my life after the blessing I was separated from my wife and I struggled so much as a human being and had to overcome these difficulties. It was always like that for members: they have faith, but they had to work hard to overcome their limitations. That is why they are good parents for the second generation. We are not perfect, but we do our best to follow the True Parents. As I said before, the first generation has a lot of problems and we have a lot to do, but we did much better than the disciples of Jesus. I think the second generation must really respect the first generation. If you do not respect your parents, you cannot be a good person.

The first and second generations must unite. Of course there are differences between the two generations, but inside we are the same, and so you must inherit this interior aspect of the first generation. Also, you need to learn. If we take the case of Peter [Staudinger], for example, you know what he does. Someone needs to learn to do this. How long will he continue? Without him, the European headquarters would not function. Someone among the second generation must work with him.

The purpose of our life is to create a foundation for the next world. Jesus always tried to make us understand that there are two worlds and that the spiritual world is more important than the physical world. He tried to make us understand this by telling us that "whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it." If you want to be rich, you will be poor and if you want to be a master you will be a slave in the spiritual world. If you know the truth, you will not be such a person. We need to make a positive contribution to the will of God. We should at least do something for God. This is our life.

Sometimes there are leaders or members who have a good time with public money and we think it is not fair, but Jesus said that if you do something for me, I'll pay you back 70 times in the spiritual world. Father said he would pay us back even 70 x 70 times. If you know that and believe it, you will surely live for others and for God. But even if Jesus and True Father repeated it so many times, we do not realize that the spiritual world exists. There are people who complain that they were members of the Unification Church for 30 or 40 years and now they have no pension and they are very poor and they wonder "what did I do with my life? ". They think they have failed and their children think their parents have failed, but this view is not correct. In your physical bank account you may have ten thousand dollars in the red, while in your spiritual account you have a trillion dollars, and you say you are so poor and miserable. Are you making the right calculation? No, we should not think like that. There are people who have a beautiful house here on earth, but they have huge debts in the spiritual world. Are you jealous of them? No. Jesus spoke about that all the time.

In conclusion, I can tell you one thing. The most important thing is to know what we need to do now. What do you think we should do? Previously, there were a lot of campaigns and events and we have a tendency to wait for instructions from above. But now this is over. Mother even told us that we will celebrate only two major holidays and the date of the next blessing is already fixed. Therefore, we will not make any more proclamations. Instead, we need to complete the construction of Cheon il Guk. True Mother said that we have built the overall framework, but we must finish everything inside. I told the staff of the European headquarters that their role is to support people on the ground and I told the national leaders that they must establish their own plan at the individual and national levels. It's not like before. We must make our own plan. We will establish a European resolution, but you are not obliged to follow it. You can start with a single resolution, e.g. do Hoon Dok Hae for 40 minutes a day. We need this kind of action now and not talking or waiting for instructions from above.

Our mission has become clear: we are tribal messiahs. We should not complain, because each individual has his or her own mission and each of us must find a way to do it.If you need help, you can ask the national or European headquarters, but the headquarters will not tell you what to do. Each individual has his or her own situation and, therefore, you must find the means to accomplish. If you bear fruit, it will benefit yourself and your children. We have no reason to complain. We must determine to accomplish as tribal messiahs and we will bring with us into the spiritual world all we have done on earth. We do not need to compare ourselves with others or complain, we just need to ask ourselves how we can fulfill the will of God and put it into practice.

Every morning we have to ask ourselves what is the best way for us to live today? If we think of the disciples of Jesus, they were greatly glorified, even if they didnt do so much. We should be proud of ourselves, but humble at the same time. But pride comes first and then humility. If we have no pride, we do not have the strength to continue, but if we are only proud, we risk becoming arrogant. Be humble and try to accomplish all of this. This is our commitment for each one of us. You really need to try to accomplish in our lifetime and we dont have much time left, especially with regard to the time when True Parents are here on earth.

We lived with True Father and did so many things. We saved the nation and the world from communism substantially. When True Father went to the spiritual world, we realized that we have not done enough. Father came to be the king of kings and accomplished everything, but we did not glorify him enough. We did not create the environment that God and True Parents asked us to create, i.e. Cheon il Guk, and we did not create a good environment for the second and third generations, especially for the True Children. Mother explained that, because of their mission, they could not take care of their children and, therefore, they lived in a very bad environment. True Parents could not educate their own children and True Mother is now in the process of educating her grandchildren. We need to create a good environment for future generations.

If we establish a common base with Cheon il Guk which already exists in the spiritual world, we can also establish it in the physical world. This is what True Father said. If we do not understand this, we will just think that today is a day like any other. We will not see the difference. We are the only ones who understand what is meant by the last days and the first days. We understand that today's world has come to an end and a new heaven and new earth have begun. The era of the satanic world is over and we are now in the "Hu Cheon Shi Dae " or the era after the coming of heaven. When communism disappeared from the spiritual world, it was still very strong in the physical world, but it eventually collapsed. Now Cheon il Guk is established in the spiritual world and, therefore, it will surely come about in the physical world when we work desperately.

Thank you very much.