The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim - Hoon Mo Nim) from 2013

The Azalea Festival

Dae Mo Nim
May 3 and May 5, 2013 


May 3, 2013: 

"Good morning, everyone. Thank you very much. Are you happy? Aren't the flowers pretty? I attended True Mother and went to America. True Mother bought this dress for the Azalea Festival (a bright pink dress). This is the Azalea Festival. As I began, I really felt that all members could live with the azalea flowers. I planted one million of them. I prayed; what if the flowers bloom early? My prayer was strong, so not many flowers bloomed. Still, some did blossom. Azaleas Festival is a wonderful festival. As I conducted this AzF, I wanted to make the image of Heaven here in CP. So, I put many kinds of flowers here. So, all members, even though you have a difficult situation, among the flowers, we can change to be like a flower, and live life well.

As ancestors receive blessing, I thought about how to make good content. Wish papers were offered. Inside the mind of our ancestors, all past mistakes could be expunged. Their spirit self is so beautiful, like a diamond. Though they are beautiful, as AGS, when living on earth, wrong behaviors and memories still remain. I had to think about how to remove all those things. The image, and their memories of the past, how to remove and put all this in order? Through the purification burning ceremony, they are removed. Heavenly Parents and TPs gave words. The wish papers since the last AzF, and in the burning ceremony, those ancestors whose descendants wrote wish papers, their memories of past sins will be removed.

Also, the ES in us, when the AGS go inside, the ES don't listen, but the ES can see the past of AGS ancestors, so they accuse them. If so, then it is not easy for AGS to remove ES from us. Therefore, those spirits must be cleansed. So, our life in SW as AGS, and helping us, there...accusations from anyone. They come to us so they can work through us, 100% without any accusation. Such AGS will be made today (applause). You may think, they become AGS, so that is the end. The spirits still know how they lived life. You also make more and more an environment of mistakes. Spirits can see your past. So, the life in the PW and in the SW, must be without memory. If they lived not too badly, then they can improve. But if there is un-Principled content, it will be completely removed. During chan yang session, bigger works will be conducted. You in the PW don't know about the content in the SW. You did not offer enough devotions. When you go to SW, accusations are there. You may think, I would have cleaned them.

You have to be very appreciative of Heavenly Parents and TPs. Be a filial son/daughter of Heavenly Father. For ancestors that content will be cleaned. For us, after Foundation Day, we become absolute citizen of CIG together with TPs. But if you see our image. Do we become citizens of CIG? We do not become citizen of CIG. Ancestors of one thousand years ago gave us bad things. TPs said: do ancestor liberation before FD. If all is bad nature, we have to sever. The baby in the womb is connected by the umbilical cord. Like that we are connected with our ancestors. If AGS, things (good and bad) are connected through lineage. Fallen nature, sins, etc., are rooted deeply in us. I, in 24 hours seeing you, can see what your ancestors were like. You have their habits, their life, etc. Their life is connected with us. The connection is severed through ancestor liberation and blessing, and then they will be reconnected with us, and they will become ancestors living in heaven. They will give us Heavenly fortune.

Before FD, we should liberate. After FD, we thought: a new heaven and earth will come. A new heaven and earth will come if we live life in a Principled manner. I don't scold you for not living life beautifully, because the ES inside us are controlling us to live lives of evil. These have these evil contents. Therefore, a new heaven and new earth cannot come. If you live life centering on Principle, a new heaven and earth will come. Therefore, during the AzF time, all angels and AGS will be mobilized to remove ES from us, and suffering, fallen nature, etc. will be removed. Please believe this. As citizens of CIG, Heavenlyfortune is going around. Ask: am I inside that territory, or not? We have jealousy, anger, hatred, complaint, etc. Am I in the realm of CIG? Or am I still in the old territory? If you live life with heavenly fortune and Principle, there is joy and happiness. If you live life immorally, and drink, smoke, sexual immorality, don't go to church, then there is no heavenly fortune for you. We must remove all these things. Even 10 days after SGW of AzF, those things can be taken off. If you have jealousy, etc. you are not yet a citizen of CIG.

During this time period, such things will be cleaned. All the SGW is being directed by TPs. As long as you are in CP, TPs are walking here and there, and you can receive grace. As I walk around, some members are outside, listening to my words from outside. Japanese members are listening. Some Korean members are outside talking with their friends! This is not the way of devotion. During chan yang, hit from head to toe; don't think this chan yang is just removing ES. Bones and muscles will be readjusted. All organs will become healthy. All this will be done during chan yang session. We must not just do during chan yang session. We have to do witnessing activities. Many people are still not doing witnessing activities. Hold up your hands, those who are doing. At the beginning of CP, HPs told me to build the Palace within 5 years. It sounded impossible. At the time of work also, it seemed impossible. Through practice, all can be done. 460 billion AGS is a lot. It is not simple to make. The power and strength of spirits cannot be imagined. Then, how and why to make ES into AGS? Because I can see the SW.

If not changed, in the future people will be under the dominion of pain, suffering, and evil. TPs see this, so they want to give heavenly fortune to us. Thus, TPs gave words to us early. When 460 billion AGS, what did we do? We sprinkled holy wine on the water, etc. so the people could be considered cleansed. We did that. But, if we had done what TPs asked us to do, home church, tong ban kyok pah (local neighborhood activity), we could make. Now, the time is given us for witnessing activities. But, we don't know how many people we have to bring. We don't know about an individual goal. If we live in a village, "I have to restore the whole village." It is not right to think otherwise. TPs told us witnessing activities. TPs came and took pictures in AzF. TF went to SW, and was not at FD. Now, TMother: do witnessing activities. Our mind must be: the people of the world have to live in happiness and joy. It seems impossible, but without bringing numbers of members, so the providence can go on even without TMother. It seems difficult, but the goal is possible. AGS will be together with us. If you go witnessing, the AGS and even TF will be with us (applause). If TMother is not with us, we are like orphans. TF is with us, but we can't see. What if TMother is not here? TMother has such anxiety. We need AGS to be with us.

Our descendants live life centered on good or bad future? We have to make the culture and environment for blessed children to live life in. When you return home you have to do witnessing activities and change the environment. You have to think you have to offer tithing all 24 hours. You go do work, but you have to live life centering on the family with love and care. This extends to your tribe and your relatives. Give love and care. These people will join to you easily. Tong and pan is smallest area in Korea, like a neighborhood. As we live life...and become one in heart with TPs. Do WA. By the end of 2005, we had the Palace. TPs told me only one time. This is the location, by 2005. Very gently, TPs told me only once. I went there, and the location was sloped. Now it is flat. I prayed: if you want, I will do it, but I am not confident in my ability. Heavenly Parents told me to do it with true, without falsehood, based on true love, persistence and sincerity (DMN's motto). Work 24 hours, etc. I will work, and CP will not be built by you. I will make the Palace. I did according to what HParents said. Then TPs lived there. TF: this is original homeland, and original garden.

Therefore, we need to do witnessing activities to our families, tribes, and neighborhoods. These are the words of Heavenly Parents and TPs. As filial sons/daughters, we have to practice this. Will you do that, everybody? (Yes) This time, ES and fallen nature will be removed, so that you can do witnessing activities. With such an understanding, I hope you can work hard. I am saying what SW has to say. Dr Yang (Chang Sik Yang) will give us the PW content. On the day of TMother's ascension, we have to offer all. Please become such precious members. We are such fortunate people. We have AGS and are attending TPs and HParents. I gave you a lot of responsibility. Always have a smile on your face. Cancer patients become better if they smile. Smile brings life fortune. Your family should be filled with joy and happiness and laughter. We, from the SW, will support you. I will conclude here. If you promise. Your prayer as a promise, can be accomplished. Offer sincere prayer in a loud voice after this. Thank you. (prayer)"


May 5, 2013 - at the conclusion of the Azalea Festival:

"(thunderous applause)...Well, my throat is not good (Hoon Mo Nim was suffering from a rather severe sore throat and could barely speak above a near whisper) so I can't speak well. Please listen well. I am grateful for members to come to CP. You receive much grace. You believed in CP works. I know you came for such blessing; I offered so much devotion so that you could receive blessing. I was afraid you might come and not receive anything, so I made effort. My heart is so warm right now, to you. I think until when do I have to do this to take out fallen nature so deep inside. It must be removed. That is my heart. It seems impossible to completely remove everything. But, I see people removing fallen nature. I feel it is possible. The AGS are truly working to help us. For the AzF, there were many inconveniences for you. Even the chungshim won was opened for you to sleep. We are going to improve the CP training center so you can stay here well. Today, you received TMother's words (TMother spoke earlier in the day to national members at the Peace World Center), and TF's. We must become clan Messiahs. Share Heavenly fortune with everyone; become such members. Let's become victors for 2020. True Father is here. When you sang the church anthem, I was standing up because TF was there. I could not sit if TF was there. When I bow to the photo of TPs, TF is not there, but in SW, but if I bow to the chair, TF is there (here). I told TF: I will tell them you are here. TF: no, don't tell them. TF is happy that you stayed to the end. TF: let's be victorious until 2020 is accomplished. Fulfill your responsibility. TF (to DMN): I will give you 3 days (May 6, 7, 8) (to rest) and then you have to prepare for the summer SGW. So, in 3 days time, I will begin to prepare for the next SGW! Love of TMother: for us to complete our portion of responsibility by 2020. Korean members, please be careful when you drive home. Japanese members, you will be leaving tomorrow. Chan yang team, you did really well this time. Become a son or daughter of filial piety, and an eternal member, eternally un-changing. Thank you."God bless, itn, David Carlson

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