Sisterhood-Nations Chosen in Korea to Advance 2020 Project

May 07 2013

In the near future, U.S. congregations of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification will “adopt” one of 20 providential nations in a sisterhood relationship involving material and missionary support, the News Team has learned.

After the Joint Worship Service May 5, 2013 for the Victory of Vision 2020, all Korean regional churches picked sisterhood nations in two categories, i.e. “strategic nations” and “providential nations”, according to a posting on the Tongil website.

The assignments were based partly on the size of each Korean parish. In each parish, a minister will organize 40 members per nation and will build a cooperative “internal” system through prayer and external support through donations of money, material and missionary visits. See the sisterhood table below.

Parish/ Strategy Nations/ Providence Nations
Cheonbok Gung in Yongsan/ Taiwan/ Russia/ Cote d’lvoire/ Mexico
East Seoul/ The Solomon Islands/ Germany/ Uruguay
South Seoul/ Vanuatu/ Nigeria/ Malaysia
North Seoul/ Democratic Republic of the Congo/ Zambia/ Australia
Incheon/ Paraguay/ England
North Gyeonggi/ Costa Rica/ Switzerland/ Italy
South Gyeonggi/ Moldova/ Israel/ Nepal
Gangwon/ Palau/ Ukraine
Daejeon/ Benin
Chungbuk/ India/ China
Chungnam/ Dominican Republic/ Panama
Jeonbuk/ Burkina Faso/ Kenya
Gwangju Jeonnam/ Thailand/ New Zealand
Haeyang/ Albania
Daegu/ Brazil
Gyeongbuk/ Mongolia/ Canada
Gyeongnam/ Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville)/ France
Busan/ Philippine/ Argentina