My Mother' by Ye Jin Moon

In honor of Mother's Day the Unification News Team and the Video Team at Headquarters has illustrated a poem, "My Mother" by Ye Jin Moon published in 1977 in the book Signs of Presence Love, and More by the Unification Theological Seminary. The music is arranged by David Eaton. The video is created by Peter Lewis.

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My Mother
By Ye Jin Moon

My Mother, she brings many presents of love
night after night, like Santa Claus,

Always she is busy but she comes to my room every night.

Sometimes, she scolds me, then we cry together

I love my mother most in the world. Her
beautiful heart which is like the clear sky can't be
compared with anything.

She seems to want to care for every person.

She is more beautiful than any flower.

Her heart opens everybody's heart to the
beautiful and joyful world.

It can't but touch everybody's heart:
I wish to live in her heart forever and eternally.
"My Mother" will be the words I love the most.

‘My Mother’ copyright © by Ye Jin Moon from the book Signs of Presence Love, and More published by the Unification Theological Seminary 1977.