May 13, 2013 (HC April 4, 2013)
True Mother's Visitation
Pomnekol Pusan Ulsan Region
Rock of Tears and the First Unification Church

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TMs words on (4.3 by HC) May 13 in Changwon City

A new church is being offered after 32 years, then you all are in your prime time. I felt many things on the way here and seeing long standing senior members gave me the idea of asking more from you all. I assume that all of you have been working hard and making plans with a new resolution and determination with 2020 in mind and that things have been going well. But I think with this offering to heaven of a new church you must be more sincere, dedicate yourselves in front of heaven & be more determined. Korea has been blessed beyond imagination and we must not forget who the owner is.

You are aware of the providential history as blessed families & you sang the CIG anthem that includes our mind-set that pursues freedom peace unification and happiness, didn’t u? Is the world at this moment a world of freedom peace unification & happiness, though we have pursued one world centered on HP?

When we look at what is taking place in the world it appears to be a world that has many issues rather than one that is on the path toward happiness and peace. And the failures, horrors and anxieties make it difficult each day to say what the future will hold. Im sure you are aware of this reality through watching the news and through events that have taken place. There is a wide gap between the country that God desire & the reality.

It is true that as blessed families you have taken a path vastly different from others. It is true that because of the mistakes of humankind’s progenitors the world has become fallen and is on the side of evil. Yet, God is not idle on the sidelines and in each period & in each environmental region, He has led the people & humankind toward goodness through 4 great religions. In particular the Messiah was to be sent to earth thru Christianity.

However did the people of Israel accept the Messiah 2000 years ago after all the planning and preparation that went into his arrival? They sent him to the cross. That’s why after 2000 years of Christianity and because of the hope of his return he came.

What did the people say they would do? They said they would attend the marriage supper of the lamb. What is the marriage supper of the lamb? It speaks of the providence that men alone cant fulfill. We can say that the 4 great religions up until now have been “son religions”.

But what would have happened if Christianity bore fruit, welcomed the LSA & held the marriage supper of the lamb? They are still waiting & are in a world of darkness until now.

TPs restored all of you. You were reborn.

Many children have been born into our 2nd generations. Nevertheless, when looking at reality today, God has given us a great blessing but it was too much to bear.

I cant help thinking about Tongil Industries when coming down to Changwon. Though we cant explain all of Father’s providential history because it involved Father, he created many environments for the future that others had not thought of before. But you must become awakened children who fulfill the will of their parents.

Last week I received a report about Paraguay. Father thought about the future and 60 years ago was concerned with a plan for the world of the future.

Father’s work in South America is just over 20yrs old. There is a river that flows thru Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina & Uruguay. It flows out to the Atlantic. Actually the regions along this river haven’t been developed. They are untouched forests. Father thought about the future there and did much providential work, wishing for the ongoing happiness ofyo ur joyful lives. But people who cant see into the future are destroying much of the environment.

When that was happening Father bought a lot of land in the region and thought about how it was the most impt area for producing oxygen. He thought about the global environment. And he worked to protect hundred of endangered species. At that time the costs of labor was 100$/month. It was then that Father gave instructions.

Farm Leda was established with the help of Japanese missionaries.

He encouraged conservation but also farming and protecting endangered species. There is a fish there called the pacu. It tastes like beef. Have u eaten pacu ribs? They are a delicacy. After eating pacu ribs the research team began releasing young fry back into the river. The president of Paraguay heard that, took part & was thankful.

Father worked hard and invested himself in solving the problem of feeding humankind in the future amidst an environment where dozens of endangered fish species are disappearing off the face of the earth.

Through this one example alone we realized that only the TPs alone can act this way with this parental heart. (TM shed tears this time and pause for few minutes. She said IM sorry, audience applauded)

I keep thinking of the days ahead.

You must tell TPs what you will do with the 2020 goal ahead of us (from this time TM was in tears while speaking). You must be proud of TPs. You must make TPs known.

So as people who are the parents of this country, the chosen people who can welcome God, the responsibility of awakening the people to the glory of becoming God’s Fatherland lies with you.

In particular, Changwon is a place where Father set his sights on the future, established the Tongil Industries and enlightened the country, as u know. By 1960, do you think Korea had a developed machine industry? It was pitiful. You cant be satisfied with the fact that Father incorporated industrial technology developed in Germany to create a future for his country so you can have a nice church here.

You have the responsibility. I heard that there are more than 1M residents here. You must tell them just who it is that developed this advanced community they are living in. Before it is too late… so NOW is the time foryo u to live up to your faith.

Father, TPs are the savior, the Messiah and not just Lord of the Second Advent, but the PARENTS, the TPs of heaven & earth and those children who dont attend their children are disobedient children. I want to lead you all to join the ranks of filial children, loyal citizens and holy saints. I would like to do that someday.

You all should have desperate hearts and put forth your maximum effort filling this church completely so that just one more person only can be aware of TPs.

I hope that you all can do your best to become good generals that can change forth in the front line making this region the torch that can light all of Korea.

May 14 2013 in a small room with Senior members


Yesterday I wanted to speak in depth in Changwon but I was overcome with nostalgia after seeing Father’s efforts unfold before me like a panorama.

I could not contain myself so I left out some of what I wanted to talk about.

I thought about how before your lives are through, as pupils and Blessed Families who have lived at the point in time when TPs are on earth, you all should give back to heaven and be in the position in which you can leave something behind.

At a glance, when the people & TPs come on the day that mankind has eagerly awaited, and that God has anticipated, and complete & fulfill providential history, & when it was said that the new era has begun, I decided that we must build a museum to explain everything at a glance.

In the future, you will truly be blessed. And with the new era & new history of Cheon Il Guk, though you may fall short, you have the special grace to be in the place where your ancestors can stand.

Also how much you followed the vertical standard with TPs, & how you lived your life according to absolute faith, love & obedience will be recorded on earth and in your country. When I think about this, it is not an easy decision.

TPs have pioneered everything because TPs started a new history while on earth.

I remain living after Father’s ascension, so it is my job to polish our tradition so that it shines brightly and organize things from every angle. That is Father’s will and my will. Now you must all make clear just who TPs are.

You must speak and demonstrate how the unification of North & South Korea can take place because of TPs. And we must live exemplary lives that testify to that.

So today must be different from yesterday. In the past the WFWP chairwoman said they had resolved to bring in one new member per month but is one person a month going to be enough? You must be determined to bring one person a day for this nation to be restored. This is what was said. It’s the same with u all.

Save one life each day. Think about it.

You are becoming the people who can represent your ancestors. This depends on whether or not you can take responsibility for the blessed position you have received

As someone living on earth in this era, you are in a position to receive great blessings. What status will you have in this position of having outstanding blessings in front of your ancestors and descendants? Do you understand?

TPs are always centering on you and are with you. This is solid backing. You are not alone.

What kind of offering will u all make in front of heaven for the torch to be lit from the south & spread throughout the whole country making it a country that can fulfill its mission in just 7 years?

Are you determined to fulfill this responsibility and offer this country in front of Heavenly Parents? (YES)

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